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the world is but a stage for the two of us

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Lan Feng thinks it’s a bit unfair that he’s one of the junior disciples on duty tonight. Usually, the seniors only employ three or four, but tonight is special. Because tonight, disciples from various sects have arrived for the year-long lecture.

So Lan Feng is on duty even though his next shift should be a week from now. It’s just his lucky star to be chosen. 

But then, there is one disciple who volunteered for tonight’s shift.

And the whole cultivation world will be shaken if they found out who it is.




If people ask Lan Feng what he has seen, nobody will believe him.

His mouth falls open as he sees Lan Wangji, famed for being cold and untouchable, vault over the veranda of the observation tower and land on the roof. There, the mysterious figure (a young man in purple robes... A disciple of the Jiang sect?) visibly perks up, raising both arms as if inviting Lan Wangji in for a hug. 

For. A. Hug.

Gulping, Lan Feng watches the next scene, riveted. Now, he doesn’t claim to know the Second Young Master as well as his immediate family, despite being in the same generation as him. But he swears; Lan Feng’s never seen Lan Wangji look as happy as he does. 

Before he knows it, Lan Wangji strides toward the mysterious man and—Lan Feng swears he’s not seeing things—accepts the hug. To his horror, Lan Wangji cups the face of the mysterious man and leans forward.

Their silhouette looks so romantic and sweet. If only Lan Feng didn’t know one of them belongs to the immaculate Second Young Master.

Lan Feng rubs his eyes as if doing so will get rid of the images in front of him. He’s absolutely sure he’s not on patrol for this.

Plausible deniability. Yes, that’s the only thing that’ll save Lan Feng’s sanity.

He absolutely refuses to acknowledge seeing the Second Young Master and his mysterious beau fly down from the rooftops as if they are descending angels. 

He absolutely does not see the mysterious beau (indeed wearing the Jiang sect’s signature purple robes) grab the Second Young Master’s hand and run with him, as if running isn’t one of the sacred rules of the Cloud Recesses.

And lastly, he absolutely does not follow them to witness the Second Young Master and his beau enter the Jingshi with murmured words and soft laughter.