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One Surprise After Another

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"Kuro. Hey, man, wake up. It's time for lunch…" Miyabi stated dully, lazily kicking at his friend's leg to try and wake him up. Miyabi was a young man with short, slightly spiky white hair and yellow eyes. He wore the standard male school uniform, although he had the collar remain unbuttoned. This usually got him to butt heads with the student council president over it, but he made no moves to correct it.

"I don't know why you don't just leave him…" Imu commented, adjusting his glasses. Imu had green eyes and dirty blonde hair with parted bangs that showcased his most prominent feature: his large forehead, which Kuro loved to tease him over. He was Miyabi's friend from childhood and always seemed to follow him wherever he went.

One more kick to his friend's shin and Miyabi heard a disgruntled groan coming from him. Kuro had a head of messy black hair that somehow manages to frame his face and blue eyes. He raised his face from the desk in annoyance and grabbed his bag, yawning as he stood up from his seat; "Alright, already. I'm up. I'm up…"

Kuro pinched the food between both of his chopsticks, guiding them upwards towards his mouth. The enriching flavor of fish spread among his taste buds as he let out a pleasured sigh. He was now sitting on the rooftop of the academy for lunch. This time, Imu hadn't been with them as he had to go check on his younger sibling to make sure he wasn't trying to skip the afternoon classes again. The dark haired boy was so immersed in enjoying his food that he didn't notice someone taking some of his food until it was too late.

"W-wait! Hold on…" he looked to his left to see Miyabi holding one of his shrimp between his chopsticks. "What the fuck, Meebs?!"

"Always protect your food, Kuro. You're slipping…" the white haired boy teased, mockingly waving Kuro's shrimp in his face. This prompted Kuro to set his lunch box aside and leap at Miyabi, which initiated a small wrestling match between the two. Each time Kuro had Miyabi in a grip, the other boy always managed to slip out of it with the skills of a martial artist. On the plus side, Kuro weighed more in muscle and that ultimately won him the match as he had pinned his thieving friend on the floor of the roof. His victory was short-lived as he noticed that the shrimp he fought hard for was gone from Miyabi's chopsticks… and was currently in his mouth. How did he even…?

As if reading his mind, the white haired boy finished eating the stolen seafood and chuckled; "You were so focused on me, you forgot what your main objective was in the first place."

Kuro let out a low growl of annoyance, but he had yet to release Miyabi from his grasp. Numerous times he has said to his friend had a bit of a tomboyish face; that, if he tried, he could definitely pass off as a beautiful girl and everyone would be none the wiser. Of course, it was in jest, but he could've sworn that he saw Miyabi blush a few times when he said it.

"Dude… Can you, like, get off of me, now?" Miyabi asked, but it was more of a command. Without waiting for a response, he pushed Kuro away; although, that did nothing to do away with the red hue adorning his cheeks.

"S-sorry. I spaced out for a minute…" Kuro apologized and heard a grumble that vaguely sounded like an "I noticed…"

As if to prevent even further awkwardness between the two, the bell rang for classes to resume. The boys shared a glance with each other and quickly gathered their belongings and bolted for their next class.

The rest of the day went by in a flash, just like it usually did. Today was a Wednesday, which were the days where Kuro and Miyabi would beeline for the arcade after school. However, the dark haired boy noticed that his partner in crime was running late. Not wanting to go off schedule, he heads back into school grounds to search for him. Miyabi was a member of the kendo club, so he instantly went for the boys' changing room. Without thinking, Kuro opened the door and looked around.

Someone was indeed in there, but it wasn't Miyabi. Or at least, not the Miyabi he knew.

There was a person of the same height and build, with the same hairstyle and color, and the same golden yellow irises that bore right into his own with a look of shock and mild horror. Although, the two large and well-formed breasts on their chest made it apparent that the person in the boys' changing room was not a boy.

Still, he was a normal and healthy teenage male, and right in front of him was a naked girl. A beautiful, busty, naked girl… who just so happened to look a lot like one of his best friends…

Well, Kuro could feel his boner subsiding a little bit…

"C-c-close the door, you idiot!" she shouted, covering her chest with a face that rivaled tomatoes. Gods… she even sounded like Miyabi, just noticeably less gruff than Kuro was accustomed to hearing.

Anyways, he obeyed the command and moved to leave, but he felt the girl yank him back inside the room. She quickly closed the door after making sure that nobody was around and let out a deep sigh. The young man heard her mumble some things and her shoulders were trembling a little bit. He wanted to say something - anything - to her, but couldn't find the words. That was when she huffed and turned her head to look at him.

"Kuro, I-I…" she began, but halted.

"Hold on… Meebs? Are you…? You're a…?" Kuro spoke, but took frequent pauses as his brain was working overtime to process what he was witnessing.

"…Y-yeah…" Miyabi could smell the gears in his head grinding to a halt before turning in the other direction as he processed what had been revealed to him; that the "guy" whom he had been good friends with and had made jokes about passing off as a girl actually was a girl.

"Meebs… if you were a girl this whole time, why didn't you correct me whenever I said 'he, him, his, dude…' and all that?" Kuro was fighting hard not to stare at his friend's - his female friend's - body as she was still topless in front of him.

"L-look, it's not that simple. If I could have told you why, I’d have done it a long time ago. I just… It was easier back then since I barely knew you. Now that we've been… friends for a while, I can't… I just felt so comfortable around you that my disguise was beginning to fail. And… with the way I've started feeling about you, I…" Miyabi lamented and began rambling. She felt put on the spot, so she became flustered, which was a stark contrast to the prideful and fearless demeanor she assumed while in her male persona.

Despite being a little freaked out by the situation, the young man hated seeing someone he cared about so upset, regardless of circumstances. As such, he closed the distance between them and placed his hands on her shoulders. He ran his thumbs across them, taking note of how soft her skin was. Miyabi was surprised by it, but didn't have any objections to it. Her face grew warm at how close he was; doubly so when she remembered that she was still topless.

Kuro turned her around to face him, her still having her arms crossed over her breasts. Her eyes met his just as his right hand moved upwards to rest on her face. The longer she stared into those vibrant blue eyes of his, the more she felt herself wanting to be closer to him. In response to her feelings, Miyabi began inching her face in his direction. Kuro noticed, and was about to ask what she wanted, but his words died in his mouth just as hers gently touched it. The sudden assertiveness was a surprise, but a welcomed one as he felt no urge to pull away. He found himself enjoying what was now his first actual kiss with a woman. Both of them obviously were amateurs at this as they had never kissed anyone before, but they did the best they could.

Sadly, right before things could progress, the young woman quickly backed away. Her face was a mixture of shock, mortification, and… pleasure? He couldn't tell and, granted, neither could Miyabi herself. Her face was a deep crimson over doing something so brazen so soon. In her honest opinion, those online advice forums on how to let the person you like know you like them weren't very clear on what to do afterwards. Her rumination was interrupted when she felt Kuro gently guide her face back in his direction, grabbing both sides of her hair and pulling her towards him. Miyabi's arms went slack, dropping down to her sides, which opened her breasts to his viewing pleasure.

She pushed against him, silently asking for him to sit on one of the benches in front of the lockers. Without taking his lips off of hers, Kuro complied and found a seat, Miyabi doing the same on his lap. Her arms quickly wrapped around him, over his shoulders and around his neck.

The silverette wriggled about a bit on his lap as if unable to contain the burgeoning feeling of excitement over what was obviously about to occur. This had the unintentional side effect of rubbing her butt against his crotch. Kuro twitched, but said nothing. Yet, it quickly became hard to ignore, her soft rear rubbing against him with such insistence that it made him shudder. Whether she was doing it on purpose or not, he couldn't tell but his lower body didn't give a damn as his manhood slowly hardened, forming an obvious tent in his pants. Miyabi, at first, hadn't noticed it. Although, he eventually hardened to the point of poking against her that she had no choice but to notice.

She pulled back from him and looked down. Kuro felt embarrassed that Miyabi could see him popping a boner. Yet, instead of being disgusted, she suddenly started rolling her hips against him, prompting a small groan from him. The guttural sound made her stop for a moment and look up at him.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Y-yeah, I'm good," Kuro responded. His earlier shame was slowly dispersing as he was receiving the intimate attention from this oh, so lovely young woman.

"Then… do you wanna keep going?" as soon as the question left her lips, her heart began pounding against her chest even harder; so hard that she was worried that she might keel over due to cardiac arrest, or something. Her eyes were alight with barely restrained lust and the target of choice only needed to say the magic words for it to be released upon him.

"W-wait, here? Like right here in school?" he asked in disbelief. Truthfully, he's all for going to pound town with a girl as hot as Miyabi, but the rational part of his mind wouldn't stop listing off the reasons why doing it here was a terrible idea.

"I mean… that's the idea. It kind of takes a while to fully bind these for… obvious reasons," she explained. "If we wait too long, the mood’s definitely gonna be long dead. So, are you going to fuck me here or not?"

There it was. There was the straightforwardness that Kuro had expected from her. As such, he simply shrugged his shoulders as if saying "sure, why not?" and flipped their positions, causing Miyabi to let out a small yelp.

His eyes were brimming in desire as his piercing gaze bore directly into her eyes. Judging by his expression, his inhibitions were completely gone. Now, there was only the desire to take her, right there and then, without compromise or stopping.

The young man began by reaching down and groping her breasts and Miyabi nibbled on her lip to fight back against the moans that followed. His hands then proceeded to massage the sizable mounds, starting in an alternating pattern starting with light, gentle caresses before shifting to rough, hard strokes with his thumbs pressing down on the perked nipples on the centers. All the while, Miyabi's breathing grew faster and more ragged with each motion, unable to stop the moans, sighs, and screeches of pleasure that easily drowned out all else from her mind.

What immediately followed was Kuro moving his head forward to the breast that was in his left hand. Miyabi sighed her approval once his lips were on the nipple of that particular breast, lightly nibbling on it and causing her to excitedly growl even more. She brought her hands over to his head to grip his hair as he helped himself. Miyabi looked downwards and noticed the thick bulge in his pants. She was giddy enough to want to tear his pants to shreds and yank his dick out of its confines, but she wanted to savor Kuro's treatment of her breasts, first.

Kuro took things one more step further and slithered his hand down from her breast to beneath the boxers she was wearing, which looked oddly sexy on her. Miyabi's breath hitched, then picked up the moment his finger brushed up against the top of her entrance as they started stroking it slowly.

His fingers went lower and pinched together at the nub of her clitoris. At the same time, his suction on her breasts intensified, causing Miyabi to audibly howl in ragged breaths. She then brought her left hand up to her mouth in the form of a fist and bit down on it to try and prevent further screaming. She couldn't help it, but she also didn't want anyone walking in on their moment. It was around the time that the young man slid his two main fingers into the folds of Miyabi's vulva, setting her off.

“Oh, fuck! ” she cried out in orgasmic bliss when the combination of Kuro's breast sucking and fingering had proved too much for her. Her back arched and her body trembled fiercely as she rode out her high.

“Oh, god…” Miyabi breathed as she came down from her high and noticed that his covered erection still needed tending to. With haste, she gripped the hem of his shorts and yanked them down. Then, she saw it: his naked penis. It was nothing like how she imagined it would be, slightly longer and thicker than she thought.

First, she stuck out her tongue and dragged it slowly from the base to the tip, all the while she looked up at him trying to gauge his reaction. Miyabi repeated the action and that earned her a shudder from him and his hand now rested on her head. She licked the head of his erection teasingly before sliding her mouth over it, her lips wrapping around him. She stayed at his head for a bit, letting her jaw relax.

Feeling her jaw as relaxed as it would get, she slid down his length, then back up, over and over, until she slid all the way down him, the head of his cock in her throat as her lips were wrapped around the base. A low moan slipped from her throat, moving along his length as she let her throat muscles clench and release along his length. One hand came up and gently played with his balls.

Apparently, judging by the way his eyes closed and his face scrunched up, she was doing just fine. However, Miyabi herself wasn't sure if she was fine with Kuro ejaculating in her mouth, but she knew he wouldn't last much longer and something in her made her not want to withdraw from the blowjob she was currently giving him.

Then, she felt both of his hands on her head, clenching tightly on her scalp. It was hard enough to not hurt, but ensure that she wouldn't go anywhere. She felt him twitch and pulsate, then a warm, thick fluid began to pour from his rod and down her throat. Miyabi's eyes widened and she attempted to ingest as much of his sperm as she could. Although, she could not get all of it and it began to spill out the sides of her mouth and down her chin. She retreated after a bit and went into a bit of a coughing fit with Kuro asking if she was okay.

'I couldn't get it all. And it tastes so weird. But it looks like he enjoyed it well enough,’ she thought. Miyabi then pulled him towards her as to where he was situated between her legs, his still-hard cock pointing straight at her glistening sex. She could count on him to figure out what she wanted without her having to say it this time, right?

They had both decided that it was now time for the main act. Kuro took hold of her inner thighs and forced her legs apart. As he quickly did away with her boxers, Miyabi's heart rate went faster as she knew what was to come. Despite her lustful state, she felt a pang of nervousness at his approaching member. She bit her lip in anticipation and her face stretched into a pained grimace as he slowly buried his shaft into her, making her grunt in both pain and pleasure. Kuro himself let out a low groan as the suffocating feeling her damp flesh closed in on his length. He steadied himself as he buried his cock into Miyabi's cunt straight to the hilt.

"Ohh, fuck~!" she cursed, arching her back in response to the painful, yet satisfying feeling of losing her virginity. In order to take her mind off of the pain, the young man kissed her again. She didn't mind this at all. In fact, she was all for it. Her arms wrapped around his torso as their tongues danced wildly against each other. She withdrew from him momentarily so that she could speak. "Make it good… or else~"

There was the green light that Kuro was waiting for. He leaned forward and recaptured one of Miyabi's breasts in his mouth, eagerly sucking on the mound and flicking his tongue around the nipple. He firmly grasped the unattended one with his free hand and ran circles around it. Miyabi was panting, feeling like her chest was burning up. She had never enjoyed being touched like this before. Was he that good? Or maybe it was the fact that it was him who was touching her that caused all these feelings to come to light? She couldn't tell and honestly couldn't care enough to try and find the answer to that right now. Especially not after he sucked really hard again and pulled away. The suction was so strong that it pulled her nipple before it popped out of his mouth, making her mewl. Miyabi quickly closed her mouth with both of her hands. She had never made a sound like that before.

Kuro, however, used one of his much bigger hands to grab both of her wrists and hold them above her head, his other hand landing on her hip. His lust took control over his body again, his pelvis rocking against hers. The young man started gradually going faster and hitting her harder with his, making her entire body tremble, her breasts bouncing with every movement. Loud smacking noises began to follow with Miyabi feeling his length pistoning into her pussy in a steady yet impassioned pace. The white haired woman was now basically pinned against the lockers with Kuro ferociously undulating into her womanhood.

Miyabi’s eyes closed, her mouth open and releasing a constant stream of pleasured cries. Her cheeks squished and smacked repeatedly into his waist with his member scraping every sensitive erogenous area inside of her formerly virginal love canal. Sweat started to coat their bodies as their intense lovemaking progressed. Her head whipped backwards against the lockers at a particularly hard thrust. The mild discomfort paled in comparison to the immense euphoria that Kuro's man meat had beset upon her.

"Hoooaaahh~! H-hold on a second!" Miyabi protested, but it was clear as day that she wanted the exact opposite. 

'He's hitting places that even I couldn't reach! I've always imagined that he was big, but this is more than I had expected!' she panicked in her mind. No matter how good it felt, this was still her first time having sex. And despite his performance telling a different story, she knew that it was his first as well as she had poked fun at him for it back when he wasn't aware of her true gender. The dramatic irony wasn't lost on her; the fact that the guy she picked on for being a virgin is the same guy currently rutting into her like a wild animal. 

By chance, Kuro's cock managed to hit at a precise enough angle to land a critical blow on her G-spot. Miyabi's eyes widened, her pupils dilated, and her back arched as she was sucker punched by her first orgasm. 

"Gyaaahhh… HAAAAAAAHHH!! " her cry bounced off the walls of the room, shocking Kuro into stopping briefly and darting his eyes towards the door to see if anyone was going to barge in. However, the vice-like constriction of Miyabi's pussy during her climax was swiftly pushing him closer to his. Kuro tried to hold on, but he was dangerously close now and tried to pull out. However, Miyabi crossed her legs around his waist.

"Don't you fucking dare! Do it inside! Cum inside me!" her speech was slightly slurred due to her tongue having slipped out of her mouth, but she still got her message across. 

Seeing as how she had him in her grasp, Kuro simply grabbed her hips and violently pounding his member into her sopping wet hole, the sounds of her clapping pussy rang and bounced off the walls of the room. He was in the home stretch. He could burst at any second. The young man thrust forward sending tremors through her whole body as he buried himself as fear inside her as he could go with all the strength he had. He then pulled out and repeated that powerful thrust several more times. Miyabi felt her body go numb from cumming so hard and she could only cry out as Kuro used her body to his heart's desire. Then her body began to convulse and her love canal squeezed down on his shaft like a vice grip, that's when she left out a fierce scream and he felt her love nectar wash over his buried tool from deep within her once again. 

'A-already?!! This is too much!!' the suddenness of her second orgasm caught her by surprise as she gripped the bench that she was sitting on tightly; so hard that her knuckles turned white. 

That was all he could take, Kuro began blasting his cum into her like a shotgun. Both of their bodies shook uncontrollably as he and Miyabi finally climaxed together. 

Her body was the first to go limp, then his followed suit as they rode out the orgasmic high. He collapsed on top of her, they were like a pile of sweaty flesh. They laid there for a moment before Kuro finally found the strength to roll his body off of hers. She turned her head to look at him as he lay beside her. Miyabi just stared at him, red-faced and panting, both trying like hell to catch their breath. 

After about five minutes or so, they cleaned up and Miyabi had donned her male disguise again. However, she was walking a little funny and he had to stop at a few points to allow her to re-balance herself. Kuro did feel a little sheepish at that, considering that this was pretty much his fault. When the two got to Kuro's house, he let her in first and they went upstairs to his room, Miyabi closing and locking the door. 

"You don't have to lock the door, y'know. Ma and Pop are over in England for their wedding anniversary, so it's just me here," he told her. Miyabi hummed in acknowledgement while simultaneously undoing her chest bindings from under her shirt. She figured since now that he knew that she was a woman, she didn't need to don her disguise anymore.

"Y'know, looking at you while knowing what I do now, I'm sort of beating myself with a rusted metal pipe over how I could've not seen it…"

"You always were pretty slow…" Miyabi quipped, letting out a sigh of relief once her breasts were freed. She helped herself to whatever shirt of Kuro's that she could find before slipping out of her uniform and into the shirt, keeping the boxers she wore underneath on. "Move over." 

"Huh?" he asked dumbly. Miyabi rolled her eyes and pushed him down on the bed,, laying down on top of him and snuggling up against him. He had to admit, she looked pretty adorable right now, which was a contrast to how she usually portrayed herself as. Kuro hoped to see more of the sweet side of her in the future. 

"I'm tired. Let's take a short nap, and then I'll tell you… what you need to know…" she stated, pausing in the middle of her sentence to yawn. She snuck in one last kiss on the lips before resting her head against his neck. He was a bit weirded out, but he felt he had no right to say anything negative about it since he was no longer a virgin and the person responsible for that was using him as a body pillow. The pleasurable feeling of her breasts on his chest was the icing on the cake, so he simply wrapped his arms around the small of her back and let her sleep.

Besides, he was a little tired as well…