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Special Delivery!

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“Okay, so you’re going to bring this to her, personally,” Keigo instructed his employee, “Take your time too, no rush Izu. But, I’d prefer if you came back by two o’clock.” 

Izuku smiled taking the nicely wrapped present from his Pro Hero boss and part-time lover, Hawks. 

“Will do Hawks-sama!” He saluted him enthusiastically. 

“Good. I expect you to be a good boy , okay?” He walked up to Izuku, tilting his chin up with a finger and pecked him on the lips, “What do good boys get, Izuku?” 

“Rewarded,” Izuku replied breathlessly, the gentle touch has his insides simmering. How a single touch from Keigo can do this to him, is sometimes baffling. 

“That’s right,” he steps back, “Now run along and get that to Mirko, please. It’s important and please handle that package with care and have fun .”

“Okay!” Izuku gauges the pretty box in his hands and turns to leave the agency. 

Checking his watch, he has about three hours till Keigo expects him back at the office. Walking to Mirko’s agency takes about 15-20 minutes at maximum. He’s got plenty of time. 

Strolling through the glass doors of Mirko’s agency, he greets the receptionist who smiles at him and just waves him in. 

“I don’t need a badge?” He asked

“No Deku-san. Everyone knows who you are, I don’t think you need a badge.” 

“Oh, okay! If you’re sure!” 

“Positive! You know where to go right?” 

“Yep, top floor!”

Izuku catches an elevator hitting the number 5 before he starts his ascent to the top. 

Rumi Usagiyama, or better known as rabbit hero Mirko, ranked number three behind Endeavor and Hawks, had recently gotten a new building, the top floor had been renovated to be half housing for her and half her personal office. Izuku admired her dedication to the job.

Izuku knocked on her office door.

The door opened to a very tired looking Rumi. 

“Hi, Mirko!” 

“Deku, what brings you here?” She looked at him confused.

“Ah! Special Delivery!” He lifted the box, “Hawks sent me over with a gift for you!”

“Ha? A gift?” 

“Yes! He said you’d been really stressed out lately, so he asked me to personally deliver this.” 

She eyed the box and then Izuku, taking it from his hands, flipping it side to side, “What is it?”  

“I actually don’t know! You should open it.” 

Rumi moved into her office space, and Izuku followed her in, and closed the door behind him. 

She ripped the paper off the box. Unmarked. Izuku watched with curiosity, as she examined it before opening the top. Her eyes widened and she closed it, red flushing her face as she looked at Izuku. 

He cocked his head, “Well? What is it?”

“Deku, I’m not sure you wanna see.”

“Oh? Now I’m really curious.” 

Is this your boss' idea of a joke? ” Rumi opened the box again and pulled out a harness and a dildo.

Izuku was shocked for a split second, before it clicked in his head and he shrugged. 

He removed his gloves before he started taking off his utility belt.

“Deku!? What are you doing” She exclaimed.

“Ah, my mission! It appears I am a part of this special delivery. Now everything he said to me earlier makes sense.” 

“What did he say?”

“Well, to sum it up he said ‘Be a Good Boy’ and ‘Have Fun’. He also gave me a time limit,” He looked at his watch, “We have about an hour and a half before I need to get back. I’d prefer not to be late. And I’d prefer to not get punished. So, let’s get started?”

Rumi looked at him, with her mouth agape, “Punished? Does—does he send you out to other heroes?”

“Oh, no. It’s not like that!” Izuku laughed as he started to unzip his hero costume, “Hawks-sama only does things he knows I’ll enjoy as well. I must’ve said something in passing about you.”

“Um? Hold on, Izuku. I need to wrap my head around this.” 

“Oh, yes of course,” Izuku stops unzipping his costume. 

“So, we,” she looks at the dildo and the harness.

“YOU are going to fuck me,” Izuku completed for her, “You’re stressed right? You just need a good fuck to get it out of your system!”

“Who else have you done this for?”

“Endeavor,” he states matter of factly.

“....what’s he like?” 

“Oh, he’s big. But if you’d like to know more, you should ask me while we do the thing , I really don’t wanna be late.” 

“Umm,” Rumi starts.

“Are you nervous? It’s okay, here. I’ll lead.” 

Half undressed, Izuku makes his way to Rumi. It’s almost satisfying that he's slightly taller than her, but shivers thinking about the power that's compacted in her small frame. Ah, Izuku thinks, I really do love strong heroes.

He sees the tension that Rumi is holding in her shoulders. Carefully he held her chin in his hand tilted her face up to meet his. He glanced down at Rumi’s lips and back to her eyes. She gave a nod and Izuku leaned down and started to kiss her. When her lips started to move against his he wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her flush against him. His hands run down her back down her butt, fingers grazing her fluffy tail. She moaned into his mouth, they broke apart, and suddenly the ever confident Rumi was looking embarrassed and shy. 


“Ah, a little?” she replied bashfully, unable to look at Izuku. 

He smirked tilting her head up again, whispering against her lips, “Your secret’s safe with me,” before diving back in. His fingers danced around her tail, she continued to react, arching into Izuku, whimpering into his mouth. He picked her up and carried her over to the couch, gently pushing her to sit down. He kneeled one knee onto the couch, towering over her as they made-out. 

His hand moved from her waist, his fingers gently touching her lower stomach through the thin fabric of her leotard. She gasped when they slid down her mound and across her slit. Izuku hummed when he felt her thighs parting to give him access. His fingers rubbed over here back and forth, she slid down the couch, panting against his lips.

“You’re so wet,” Izuku said lowly. Rumi could only bite her lip, unable to reply. 

He sank to his knees between her legs, hooking her thighs over his shoulder he pulled her lower down the crouch. She groaned when Izuku’s hot breath ghosted over her. He mouthed over her covered sex, she let loose a more comfortable moan, the tension in her body starting to loosen. 

Izuku’s fingers pulled her leotard to the side, her slit glistening with arousal. 

“You must really be pent up if this is just from kissing,” he said inhaling her scent as his tongue slides over it from bottom to top; Rumi’s legs shake from the sensation. His tongue repeats the motion, slipping past her folds, dipping deeper and pulling more of her wetness to the surface. 

His tongue and mouth alternate from licking and sucking her. Izuku glances up at her red eyes, watching him intently as he eats her out. Her hands comb through his hair tugging him closer to her. He hums as he sticks his tongue into her pussy, thrusting it in and out of her.

She moans and pants quietly, biting her lip when Izuku’s tongue slides up to her clitoris, applying gentle pressure on it, passing his tongue over it again and again and sucking on it. Her thighs shake around his head, heels digging into his back. She lets out an uninhibited moan followed by “Fuck, you’re too good at that.” 

Izuku pulls back with a smirk, and says, “We’re just getting started.” 

He grabs the box, dragging it down to the floor with him, dipping his head back between her legs, his tongue continues to tease her clit as he rubs two fingers across her slit smearing her juices around and spreading her open. 

She grabs a fist full of green hair when shes feels something thick pushing into her. Chancing a look down she sees the purple dildo penetrating her as Izuku continues to play with her clit. 

“Oh, fuck, that’s—shit!”

Izuku sinks the dildo all the way to its base. Her back arches off the couch, whining, “Oh, I can’t. Wow. Give me a moment.” 

But he doesn’t listen as he starts to pull the dildo back out and in, setting a nice steady rhythm that has her writhing, hips bucking, seeking more friction. 

“Oh, oh, I’m—I’m,” she cries. 

Izuku continues until her thighs clamped around his head, locking him into place, as she orgasms. Her wetness floods over the dildo and Izuku continues thrusting the dildo and licking her through it and pulling a second powerful orgasm from her. 

“Holy fuck,” she breathes out as she comes down from her euphori. 

Izuku sets to work, attaching the dildo to the harness, and slides it up Rumi’s legs, and strapping it into place. She’s still stunned in place, immovable as she watches him strip the rest of his clothes off. 

He climbs up the couch, straddling her hips, hovering over the dildo still glistening with her slick and starts to sink down. 

He tilts his head back as he eases himself down and moans. Rumi’s hands settle on his hips as she looks up at the freckled young hero. 

“Don’t you need lube?”

“YOU were the lube.” 

“Oh, fuck, that’s...holy shit Izuku,” she breathes out as Izuku starts to ride the dildo, “no wonder Hawks fuckin’—ah!” She jolts as Izuku slams his hips down.

“Mirko-san, please fuck me. I really need you do fuck me. I need it harder.”  

Izuku removes himself from her lap, kneeling on her couch, arms laid across the armrest as he presents himself, arching his lower back and popping his ass up.  

She follows, kneeling behind him, hands resting on his ass giving it a testing squeeze.

“Damn, I mean, I knew you had a really nice ass, but...I think you and I should workout on leg day together or something.” 

“Oh! Yes, I’m all for that, now hurry up. We don’t have much time left!” 

Rumi starts to press the dildo in tentatively, “Are, are you okay?” 

Izuku looks over his shoulder, “First time pegging?” 


Izuku waved her off, “Don’t worry, I was built for this. Go as hard and fast as you want. I’ll tell you if I need you to slow down.” 

Rumi nods as she starts to press in. Izuku dips his head low, moaning as he is filled again. Her hands grip at his waist as she sets a pace, thrusting slowly to get a feel for it, teasing Izuku before dragging it all the way till its just the tip and slamming it all the way in. 

Izuku whines and cries in pleasure, as Rumi experiments fucking him. She starts to moan too whenever she slams into him, Izuku figures the dildo’s base is giving her the pleasure she needs as it rubs up against her.

“Ha—harder! Faster,” Izuku cries and Rumi delivers, her hips start going faster, Izuku twists back gripping her forearm as her powerful thrusts slam into him, pressing his prostate, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. 

“Ah!” He cries, “Yes, right there! Yes!” He shouts. Rumi slams into him one more time; a guttural scream is ripped from him as his body goes taught. He comes untouched, across her leather couch. 

Rumi sits back on her heels panting heavily, before falling back onto the couch, completely spent. 

Izuku straightens up exhaling a breath, “Damn, that was, real good. He flops into a seated position, patting Rumi’s leg, “You okay?”

“Yeah. Shit, I—I feel so much better now.” 

“Good!” exclaims Izuku, “Glad to hear it! You can call me whenever you need to let off some steam! If this is something you think would help?”

She hums in agreement, the back of her hand resting on her forehead as her breathing evens out, “I might take you up on that.” 

“Awesome,” he stands up, “I should start cleaning up, I have a little over 30 minutes to get back now.”

Rumi sits up rolling her neck, Izuku hears the small cracks of her bones adjusting, “Nah, I got it. Get dressed before you get in trouble with Keigo.” 

Izuku sends her a bright grin, “It’s okay, I can help.” 

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it’s a pain to have to clean up all by yourself!”

“Hmm,” she eyes him curiously, “Are you trying to purposely be late?”

Izuku smirked, “Maybe? Who knows?”

Rumi laughs at that, “Wow, you and Keigo are quite a pair. Never would’ve guessed you two were into kinky shit like this.” 

Izuku looks off dreamily, “Yeah, I really love our arrangement,” quickly he cleans up Rumi’s couch of any fluids and helps her wash up the dildo and places it back in its packaging. He hands the box over to her again, “I hope you enjoyed your special delivery!”

“Oh, I sure as hell did. I hope I get another one sometime soon. Now run along before you get punished.”

“Aye aye!” he salutes, leaving Rumi to her devices as he walks off. 

As soon as he’s on the street, he uses one for all to get to the top of buildings, hopping from building to building, cutting down the time to get back to Hawks’ office. 

Surprisingly he finds Keigo perched at the edge of the building awaiting his arrival. He walks up to him with a smile and sits next to him, “Hi.” 

He looks at his watch, “Perfect timing, even five minutes early!” A gloved hand ruffles Izuku’s curly hair, “Did Mirko have fun?”

Izuku nodded, “Mission accomplished.”

Keigo smiles standing up and offers his hand to Izuku, “ Good boy , let’s get you your reward.”