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Phantom Lady In: The U-Boat Escape

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PHANTOM LADY! The courageous, tenacious, and vivacious super-heroine fighting against Germany on the parallel world of Earth-X! Phantom Lady- who in reality is the beautiful high society gal Sandra Knight- combines her athleticism and assets with her wits and technological know-how of her signature "black light" projectors to protect America, her peoples, and all of her ideals. Now, we bring you another adventure starring this daring woman, as she battles both humans and nature and straddles the line between life and death, as she attempts The U-Boat Escape!

Part 1: A Stowaway Under the Sea

As the sun set over the horizon, the tranquility of the calm sea was broken by a black behemoth. The proper name of this thing was U-4004, but it was called by both its crew and the public at large as SS Tyr. It was the largest and most powerful submarine of the Nazi fleet, and the one they were most proud of. Its size dwarfed all other ships, and it could outrun any of them too. The ship was not just the flagship of the fleet, but also its lynchpin. Onboard was the main naval headquarters for the regime. Every maneuver, every ship change, every naval plan of attack was directed through this ship. All of this information was contained within the “Codex”, a module used in the computer system deep inside the ship. Because of the importance of the ship, the SS Tyr had massive defensive capabilities. It could also stay out at sea for many months without having to replenish its supplies. It only docked at bases unknown to all but the highest levels of the military. It had been years since the ship was seen in public. Yet, it had been seen by many enemy ships and resistance fighters, as the ship would launch massive torpedoes from seemingly nowhere. These vicious torpedo attack were exceeded in barbaric cruelty when the few survivors were gunned down in the water or lit on fire by the Nazi sailors. The Tyr was nowhere to be found, and yet could be anywhere. The Nazis were able to rule the sea thanks to this technological monstrosity.

But all of that was about to change. Deep within the bowels of the ship, in the storage areas, there was an innocuous locker of ammunition lying on the floor. But this locker held something far more dangerous to the Third Reich than to the resistance fighters. Sandra Knight, a.k.a. Phantom Lady, opened the small metal cabinet.

Heavens, she thought as she stretched her back. Had I been in there any longer, I would have done some permanent damage to my body.

She sat up and got her legs out with some difficulty. After another big push, Phantom Lady lifted the middle of her body out of there. Weeks ago, the Freedom Fighters had gathered some intelligence that said where the Tyr would dock for reloading. They knew this would be the only shot they would get in a long time- possibly ever- so they had to act. It was decided that members of the team would infiltrate the dock, and then make their way onto the sub. Once onboard, they could take whatever intelligence they found and then destroy the sub from the inside. However, a major attack would naturally draw attention and ruin their plan. Thus, it was decided that only Phantom Lady would go on the mission. Having one person would be enough, and Phantom Lady was very skilled at infiltration and espionage.

On the ship, Phantom Lady looked back into the locker to go over what she had brought with her. She took out her black light projectors, which she mounted on her wrists. Her signature weapons, these projectors allowed her to blind her opponents. They also produced set holograms, and special “black lights” that negate the light from any other source. Phantom Lady also took out a small package wrapped in brown paper. She unwrapped it to reveal what it was. It was a small device, cylindrical in shape, with a few wires connected between the two circular ends. One end had a clock on it, while the other had a glass window inside. The window showed that the cylinder contained a glowing thin sheet. This thing was a piece of the Human Bomb’s skin that was cryogenically frozen and placed within the cylinder. This device was a bomb that Phantom Lady would use after she got what she came for. Phantom Lady set the timer.

10 minutes should be more than enough. I’m not here to sightsee.

She planted the bomb against the inside hull and placed a box in front of it. Having set the bomb, Phantom Lady proceeded out of steerage.

The SS Tyr was a dense ship, with many crisscrossing hallways and passages. New sailors to the submarine, including those with previous sailing experience, were known to get lost easily. Fortunately, Phantom Lady had been studying schematics of the ship for the past week, so she had a perfect idea of the ship and where she needed to go. She climbed up the stairs into one of the main hallways, checking to see if there were any sailors on her path. Despite being nearly three times the size of any other submarine, SS Tyr only needed a crew of a normal sub. This meant that there were many places where a person could walk and not be found. Phantom Lady walked toward her main target: the command center. She stepped silently, taking care not to be heard. Approaching an intersection, Phantom Lady crept around the corner, trying to see if someone was there. She heard a pair of soldiers standing and talking to one another. Both of them were turned mostly towards the intersection.

Darn, thought Phantom Lady, I can’t just sprint pass these guys. They might see me, and I can’t risk that.

Here, Phantom Lady turned to her projectors. She took one off of her wrist and placed it on the ground. She pointed one end of it towards the back part of the intersection, and then focused on the top lens. She adjusted it so that it would be pointing towards the front part of it. Once she knew she had the projector in the right position, she pressed a large green button on it to turn it on. The front lens started to emit light. It was a perfect image of the back of the intersection.

Perfect, thought Phantom Lady, now I can walk though without anyone noticing.

Phantom Lady started to walk, but just as she did, she felt the ship lurch. Sirens started going off, and an announcement soon came on. Phantom Lady wasn’t fluent in German, but she did know enough to figure out what was going on.

The ship is diving now?! That wasn’t part of the plan! This is going to make my escape trickier.

Phantom Lady looked back at the projector and her eyes opened wide. The ship’s submersion had caused the projector to become misaligned. Instead of showing the continuing hallway, the projector was pointed against a wall, with the cape of Phantom Lady showing. Phantom Lady sprinted to the other side of the intersection, but it was too late. The two guards saw the odd scene before them and decided to check it out.

Phantom Lady hid around the corner.

If they see my projector, then the whole operation will be exposed, along with me. Drats, it looks like I have no choice but to take them out.

She leaned up against the wall, hoping to hear how close they were. Just as soon as the soldiers crossed her field of vision, she attacked. Phantom Lady took her remaining projector and projected some of her famous “black light”, blinding the two guards. With them dazed, Phantom Lady grabbed one of the guns from the guards and swung it to knock the butt of it into his head. The other one soon regained his sight and tried to ready his aim, but Phantom Lady ducked and kicked out his legs. She mounted him, attempting to silently strangle him. However, her back was turned to the previously knocked guard. He roughly pulled Phantom Lady off of his comrade and held her arms behind her. Phantom Lady was quick though and used what limited mobility she had to punch the guard in the groin. The guard let go and Phantom Lady went after the other guard standing before her. She chopped him in the throat, which caused him to drop his gun. Phantom Lady grabbed his head and rammed it into the wall. She did it again, and again, until he fell down unconscious. Phantom Lady turned back to the first guard. With a high kick, Phantom Lady sent the guard flying back. She walked up to him to deliver a finishing blow. However, just as soon as she tried to stomp on him, the guard grabbed her foot and pulled her down. The guard kept control of her foot as he got back up. Phantom Lady flailed around, until she was able to sit up and grab the guard’s wrist. She leaned back and used her body weight to pull the guard down. As the guard laid face down next to her, Phantom Lady drove her elbow into the back of his head until he stopped moving. Phantom Lady stood up, her heart still racing, her chest still heaving from the fight. She looked around at her situation.

No time to dispose of these fellas, she thought, I need to get the Codex and go!

She grabbed her projector from the floor and went on her way.       

The mission has just started, and already Phantom Lady is behind the eight ball. Not only has she had to knock a few guards around, the submarine is now under the sea. Phantom Lady has a long way to go before she can claim victory. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this epic, as Phantom Lady ends up "In the Belly of the Beast".