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„You know I remember you really liked to get fucked and I thought you surely miss that so I want to help you out.“

Hae-il new that his former group leader’s smirk meant nothing good and he turned away from Sister Kim to hide his embarrassment with Lee Joong-Kwon’s words.
One of the guys held him down, pushed up his robe, and opened his pants to take them off of him.

The concrete floor was cold and rough against Hae-il’s skin and he tried to get away but was reminded again why he should not fight them.
He stopped his struggles and took a deep breath to calm himself when he saw the toy the other guy took out of his bag.

“You fucking... you won’t get through with this.” Hae-il cursed while he watched the guy between his legs lubing up the toy.

“Oh but I am.”

Lee Joong-Kwon grinned and Hae-il bit his lip hard enough to bleed when the other guy pushed the toy inside of him. He did not want to give them the satisfaction to scream.

“Relax Hae-il that’s just the first round.”

Hae-il pressed his lips together, tasted the copper on them when the toy started to vibrate, and was pushed deeper inside of him. He leaned his head back and saw the guy holding his hands down grinning at him dirtily.
They had served together before and Hae-il knew what a sadistic asshole this guy was.

He leaned down and whispered against his ear. „I would have fucked you too but unfortunately we’ve got someone else for that. The boss doesn’t want us to accidentally leave DNA. Too bad I did not take your ass back when Lee offered it to me.“

„You’re such a hypocrite Hae-il. A priest.“ Lee Joong-Kwon spat out disgusted. „Not only how many people you have killed but how many of us have fucked you within the years huh?“

Hae-il could not get himself to look at sister Kim, not wanting to see the shock and disappointment on her face and he closed his eyes and tried to fight the old familiar pleasure spreading through his body from the moving toy inside of him.

„You offered me to them.“

„Did I? But who came to me first? Rubbing himself against my leg like a bitch in heat?“

Hae-il could not hold back the cry and arched his back when the toy was pushed into him at the right angle.

„I just offered you to others because I could not handle you alone.“

The memories were foggy, Hae-il might have been good at his job but it never sat well with him to take a life. He had made the stupid mistake - how Lee Joong-Kwon had called it - to attend a funeral of one of his victims once and even though the man himself was causing a lot of pain the faces of his children when they were saying their farewell, were something he could only forget after the right amount of liquor or even other numbing drugs his bosses offered him before even mentioning therapy.

The drugs helped, especially combined with being fucked into oblivion. Hae-il did not even care by whom and his fighting skills made sure he was still respected during their missions.

„Let’s make some exchange. I don’t want our poor sister here to faint from all the ungodly sights she has to endure.“

While being glad that Sister Kim would not have to watch any longer. Hae-il got a bad feeling. Lee Joong-Kwon was not a caring guy and if he did that there was a reason behind it.

Hae-il, still not able to meet Sister Kim’s eyes heard shuffling and the opening of a door. Sister Kim gasped surprised and he did not pay much thought to it until Lee Joong-Kwon spoke again and Hae-il’s blood instantly froze with his words.

„Hello Father Han.“

His heart beating fast, Hae-il opened his eyes wide and stared at the other priest. He was flushed dark red, sweat running down his temples, and was panting hard. Hae-il felt a flash of panic mixed with anger when he realized what they had done to him. What they had given him and especially why.

„We’ve got someone else for that.“

These fucking assholes. Hae-il started to struggle but Lee Joong-Kwon only laughed and held a knife to Father Han’s throat.

„Remember Hae-il, if they are hurt or not is fully on you.“

„I’m going to kill you.“ his voice was calm and full of hatred but Lee Joong-Kwon only laughed.

„Yeah, do that. Then every one of your friends can see what a fucking hypocrite you are.“

Lee Joong-Kwon nodded his head and the man holding Han dragged him over. The guy between Hae-il’s legs pushed the toy deeper inside of him and pulled the level of the vibrations up. Hae-il could not hold back a moan slipping out of him and his body shuddering with the toy having the perfect form to stimulate his prostate.

He threw his head back and tried to hold the sounds inside but was failing badly because breathing alone was hard enough. His body would not stop trembling and he pressed his nails against his palms and arched his back tried to push the toy out but it was held in place by the guy who was sitting next to him now.

They made Han knee between his legs and opened the younger priest’s cassock and pants. Han was whimpering and sweating his face flushed. His cock was already hard when they took it out of his pants.

They withdrew the vibrator and Hae-il took deep breaths, trying to calm down. When his legs were grabbed and put on Han’s shoulders he tried to get away but stopped as soon as he heard the sound of Lee Joong-Kwon playing with his jackknife.

Han tried to struggle too but his resolve was weak due to the drugs they induced him with.

„Hae-il, why don’t you help him guide his clock in?”
Lee Joong-Kwon was kneeling down next to them and smirked dirtily while he held his phone up with one hand.
Hae-il stared back at him, hate openly displayed on his face but did as he was told when one of his wrists was released and reached for the other priest’s cock.
Han shuddered when Hae-il’s hand wrapped around him and moaned desperately. Their eyes met and Hae-il tried to reassure him with a smile while he lined him up against his entrance.
Before Han could react his hips were shoved forward harshly and both cried out when he was suddenly seated inside Hae-il balls-deep.

The guy that had dragged Han into the room was sitting behind him now, hands tightly grabbing his hips and guided him back out only to slam them back in forcefully.
He started a hard and fast rhythm and Han fell forward, his hands next to Hae-il’s head and when something wet dripped on his face the older priest noticed the other was crying.

„I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.“

Han was mumbling, his voice pitchpoling and sobs and moans interrupting him.

„It’s ok, father Han.“
Hae-il tried to soothe him and cursed that the guy that had taken both his wrists in a bruising grip again after he had lined up Han’s cock. He wanted to hold Han and brush his tears away but all he could do was trying to talk to him and calm him down.

„Look at this cute little priest, who would have thought he would break his vow like that. What are you doing to all your fellow colleagues Hae-il? First us now him, only because you are such a slut for cock.“

Hae-il tried to swallow down the hate about the other’s words and concentrate on calming Han instead.

„Han, look at me.“

Han sobbed and opened his eyes.

„I’m so sorry father Michael. I… I should have more control over my body I-“

„No, it’s not your fault. They drugged you. It’s not you.“

„But it feels so good.“

The words were whispered so quietly Hae-il almost could not understand them but the guilt covered face filled in the gaps.

„It’s normal, you’re human. I feel pleasure too.“

Han moaned loudly when the guy pushed his hips in harsher and then the movements suddenly stopped and Hae-il realized that the hands were gone. The other priest looked down at him unsure and bit his lips and Hae-il could see the restraint in his face. His body started trembling with the inner fight to hold back but the desire to keep going and chase his release.
The drug alone must make it almost impossible for the father Han to stay still.

„It’s ok, move. They won’t allow you to stop either way.“

Lee Joong-Kwon only laughed.

Hae-il slipped his legs from Han’s shoulders and wrapped them around his waist. He moved his hips up against Han before Lee Joong-Kwon would get impatient, and started fucking himself on the other’s cock.

„See how needy your fellow priest is? Fucking himself on your cock like the desperate whore he is.“

Han moaned and gave in, he moved his hips forward and both of them moaned louder.
The younger priest avoided Hae-il’s eyes and kept his own closed but he seemed to finally have lost all his self-control and pounded into him with steady fast thrusts.

His neck and face were flushed red and his lips were parted, cheeks still damp from the tears spilling over them before.
Hae-il cried out hoarsely when the tip of the vibrating toy was suddenly brushing along his cock. He arched his back and gasped in surprise. The guy next to him laughed and kept pressing the toy against his cock and balls and Hae-il could not hold himself together any longer.
He came with a suppressed cry, spilling over his own and father Han’s cassocks. Han cried out too and the heat spreading inside him told Hae-il that he had come too.

Han fell into his arms heavily and finally, the guy behind Hae-il let go of his wrists and he instantly wrapped his arms around the younger priest who started sobbing again and had buried his face against Hae-il’s neck.

Hae-il reached between them to get the toy away from his oversensitive cock and rubbed soothing circles against his back, while mumbling against his ear that he did nothing wrong, that he had no other choice.

Lee Joong-Kwon and his men left, their laughter still sounding when they were already gone.
Hae-il stayed were he was together with Han, who kept crying against his shoulder. Only the hurriedly steps of someone else and the shocked gasped of Sister Kim, reminded him that they better got away from there.

„What… what happened?“

She stuttered but Hae-il ignored her words and told her to please wait outside instead. She nodded and quickly walked to the door. Hae-il hoped that Han’s robes were hiding most of what they did from her view.


They ate in silence once they were back at the church and Han could not meet Hae-il’s eyes. He cast them down on the table all through dinner and excused himself after eating only a small portion. Hae-il was sure he would not even have eaten that if he would not have been taught that waisting food was a sin when others died of hunger.

Hae-il was worried about him.

When a week passed and father Han hardly showed himself he walked up to his room and knocked on the door. Father Han opened him and silently let him in. He sat as far away as possible when Hae-il sat down on his bed and sighed.

„I’m sorry you were pulled into this because of me. I understand if you want me gone.“

The way Han almost shouted the word startled Hae-il and for the first time since what happened their eyes met again.

„I…I don’t want you to leave.“ Father Han said softer and the way his voice broke made Hae-il’s heart ache.

Before he could think about it he got up and pulled the other priest into his arms.

Father Han held tight onto him and started sobbing and Hae-il brushed over his back and whispered against his ear.

„It was not your fault. And you did not break your vow, neither of us did, they forced us. Lee Joong-Kwon is sick and he loves to do these things, he did it with me before. I know it’s hard but don’t give him the satisfaction of having power over you.“

Father Han nodded and held tighter onto him. Hae-il waited until he calmed down a little and tucked him in like Father Lee did with him, after he had woken up screaming from one of his constant nightmares.

Hae-il brushed through the other’s hair and waited until he had fallen asleep.


The awkward gazes, however, continued and Hae-il noticed that often enough Father Han was jerking away when they got too close. He also saw the guilt in the other’s eyes when he looked at him.

It was more a coincidence that he found out what plagued the other so badly. He had stumbled over father Han’s journal lying on the floor in the hallway, not knowing what it was, at first. When he turned it around, curious, he froze with the words that he could make out at first glance.

Quickly he closed it again and when he went to have breakfast with Father Han and Sister Kim he quickly slipped it into the other priest's bag where it must have fallen out.

The written words were still clear in front of his eyes.

… liked him more than I should already before that and now I get hard every night thinking a…


The photos Lee Joong-Kwon took arrived a few days later in their mail with a friendly reminder that Hae-il should no longer disguise himself as priest.