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all of us were there

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Thursday, 7:09 am


“we lived bitch”


Sunken Treasure: on a coffee run, do either of you want anything?


Tubed: you’re what


Sunken Treasure: please don’t make me type it again :/


Waterfelled: Talk to us, Martin . What happened ?


Waterfelled: You seemed fine sitting with Jon, but then you suddenly left ?


Sunken Treasure: it’s nothing, just needed some fresh air


Sunken Treasure: so should i pick up anything while i’m out or?


Tubed: no, we’re good bud


Sunken Treasure: okay.


Sunken Treasure: um. has he woken up yet?


Waterfelled: Yes ! We were about to tell you .


Tubed: yeah the boss was super disoriented at first,, tbh it would have been sort of funny under other circumstances 


Tubed: but then he started piecing together what happened


Tubed: he remembered finding leitner and just,,,Knowing it was leitner, but not really caring that the guy happened to be living under the institute? to jon it felt like,, somebody with a story, and that’s all he was thinking about at the time


Tubed: apparently the rest of it was sort of a blur for him. i mean, understandable, since he didn’t have a torch or anything,, he was just walking around in the dark. then eventually i came along, and he didn’t even know it was me, he just sort of,,,sensed it was another Person with Trauma, and he acted on that


Tubed: marto, when he remembered..,he couldn’t even fucking look at me


Tubed: you picked a damn perfect time not to be here, like you’ve been spared the awfulness that is watching jon slowly hate himself more and more


Waterfelled: Right now he is in his office reading the statement you found for him . He said he’s going to stay in there until he’s certain that he has it all under control, which is not unreasonable . Still, Tim and I have been doing our best to keep an eye on him through the window, just to make sure he doesn’t go back into the tunnels or do something stupid .


Waterfelled: He asked about you, right when he woke up . He asked where you were, if he had done something to you .


Tubed: obv he was super relieved to learn that you were fine, just out on an errand or whatever, but uhh. still might be good for you to text him yourself and let him know you’re good? he’s in a weird headspace and maybe it would help him


Sunken Treasure: yeah, maybe. thank you both for letting me know.


Tubed: np ;)


Waterfelled: Of course .


Tim to Sasha


Tim: hey wtf was that 


Sasha: I have no clue .


Sasha: What I wouldn’t give to have Jon’s ability to Know things right now !


Tim: like what could possibly have happened?? we were both across the room so that they'd have some space, bc we’re polite, and martin seemed perfectly happy to sit with jon, but then?? he just left??


Tim: it’s not like jon said something,,,he was unconscious??


Sasha: Unless he said something in his sleep ? Although I think we would have heard it . It’s not like we were far away .


Sasha: I guess we’ll find out whenever Martin’s ready to talk to us .


Tim: good in theory, except that i am Impatient


Sasha: I know .


Tim: im going to subliminally bug him until he breaks,,, im sending him my thoughts,,,Tell Sasha And Tim Why You Are In A Panic!


Sasha: Surely that will work .


Tim: 5% of the time, it works 100% of the time ;)


Sasha: Impressive statistics !


Sasha: Also, have you broken into Elias’s office yet ?


Tim: yeah, he hasn’t updated his locks because he thinks we’re still quaking in fear of his all-mighty mind powers 


Tim: like,,,joke’s on you, loser, the only thing we’re afraid of is water, tight spaces, isolation, abandonment, clowns, spiders, the Fears that run our world, and also pretty much everything else


Tim: everything EXCEPT our twink double-boss


Tim: still, we’re going stealth this time,,,and ngl i thought that subtlety wouldnt be fun but i was sO wrong


Tim: i cant stop thinking about how he’ll find this little origami man labeled “Bad Spooky Boss” in his cabinet, and later he’ll find a pen that isn’t his, and a little scrap of paper from a magazine, and he’ll gradually lose his mind trying to figure out what all this random shit is and what it all means 


Sasha: It’s about time we tried something different ! Variety, and all that .


Tim: truly


Tim: how’s jon doing?


Sasha: He seems to have finished reading the statement, and is now pacing . It’s hard to tell through the window, but I think he looks a little better . He seems more lucid, but also more worried .


Tim: i guess i’ll hold off on joking in front of him ;))


Sasha: Joking about what ?


Tim: so glad you asked


Tim: joking about the fact that i’m now a boss-certified snacc ;)


Sasha: Oh my god .


Sasha: I’m not even drinking anything and I STILL choked .


Sasha: Why, tim ? Why are you like this ??


Tim: i just say it like it is ;))


Sasha: Sometimes….I wish you wouldn’t .


Martin to Jon


Martin: are you feeling any better?


Jon: Yes, I think so.


Jon: I’m still going to remain in the archives until I’m more confident, however.


Martin: sure, if you think that’d be best


Jon: Martin, I need to apologize.


Martin: you don’t, jon. this isnt your fault.


Jon: I mean about my texts earlier. It was wrong of me to communicate like that, and I’m sure it caused you a lot of undue stress.


Jon: I was terrified that I would hurt you, so I wrote what I thought was necessary to write before leaving.


Martin: i understand


Jon: Good. 


Jon: I mean, that’s good to hear.


Jon: Do you think you’ll be back soon?


Martin: probably


Jon: Ah.


Jon: Well, I’m glad.


Jon: See you then, I suppose.


Sasha to Martin


Sasha: I never thought I’d ask this, but are you being mean to jon :(


Martin: what? no!!


Martin: i mean im not trying to!!


Martin: it’s just. it’s hard to talk to him right now i guess


Martin: wait, why do you ask??


Sasha: I saw him stop pacing to text somebody (I’m assuming you, since he was very quick to grab his phone) and now he’s slumped at his desk, looking sad .


Martin: oh no


Sasha: Look, I want to give you space to process things, but really, Martin . What is going on ?


Martin: ok. um. 


Martin: it’s pretty ridiculous, mind you.


Martin: im not entirely sure where to start


Sasha: You can start at the beginning ! :)


Martin: ha! very insightful thanks :))


Martin: ok so um. you know when jon and i went on that walk the other day? and i was going to tell him how i felt?


Martin: well, i did! and actually, he did too!


Martin: which was. wow, it felt completely unreal, like he felt the same way?? about me??


Sasha: That’s amazing, Martin ! I’m so happy for you !


Martin: thanks :) but yes, so we decided to start (secretly) dating, and i know it’s only been a few days, but it’s been an absolute dream


Martin: anyways, um


Martin: i told you that he messaged me this morning about leaving, that he was feeling out of control


Martin: but i didnt tell you all of it. he also said that it would be a bad idea for us to continue seeing each other. so.


Martin: i guess that was his way of trying to neatly end things? if he never came back?


Martin: except that he is back, and at first i assumed this meant those texts were um. negated? because he’s okay now? and he’s here? which means we’re still together?


Martin: but now im thinking


Martin: maybe he really did mean it. in the texts.


Martin: maybe he realized that it was a mistake. agreeing to a relationship with me. maybe, i dont know, back when i confessed to him, he got caught up in the moment and “confessed” to me too?


Martin: i mean, when the water park happened, jon wasn’t sure if he was ever going to see any of us again. and as far as i know, we’re his closest friends? so it would make sense that he’d latch onto that connection, and maybe rather than tarnish it, he’d say he liked me back. or even worse, he’d say it as a sort of pity thing. because like. i was drowning, for a week. and i almost did drown, near the end. and how can you reject someone who has just been through something like that?


Martin: i shouldnt have told him so quickly. it was stupid of me to put him in such a position. and now i just wish he would drop the act, because it’s worse when i know that he’s pretending to care about me. i would rather him hate me honestly. it would hurt so much less.


Sasha: Martin, I think you need to take a step back and look at this from an outsider’s perspective . Because, yes, all the little bits and pieces of your theory fit together . But that doesn’t necessarily mean it's true .


Sasha: You don’t know what Jon meant by those messages . It’s safe to say he wasn’t entirely clear-headed when he sent them .


Sasha: Also, to be blunt, it seems like quite the stretch for Jon to fake interest in you ? I mean, you didn’t even ask him out, did you ?


Martin: no, i told him how i felt, and i said it was okay if he didnt feel the same. i just needed to tell him.


Sasha: Exactly ! Which means he wouldn’t have “rejected” you by saying he didn’t share those feelings; you weren’t asking him for anything .


Martin: i guess :/


Sasha: I just think you need to talk to him . You need to trust that he’ll tell you the truth .


Martin: id rather do it later :/ i dont want him to even think about me right now


Sasha: Why ? :(


Martin: ...well, ive noticed that when he thinks about certain people or things, he’s more likely to accidentally Know things about them.


Martin: and um. assuming that he meant it when he said that we shouldn’t be together


Martin: i dont want him to think that i just ignored that?


Sasha: Wait, I feel like I’m missing something here ? What don’t you want him to Know ?


Martin: um. so.


Martin: you know i was sitting with him, when he was asleep


Martin: and, well, i assumed we were still together


Martin: so i kissed him on the forehead :(


Sasha: And this is...a bad thing ?


Martin: yes, because if he Knows i did that, he’ll think i wasnt respecting his wishes to break up :(


Sasha: Martin .


Sasha: Are you telling me that All Of This stems from you going into an internal panic about giving your boyfriend a kiss on the forehead ?


Martin: we dont know that hes still my boyfriend :((((


Sasha: Okay - meet me at Rosewater Café, we’re getting tea and some breakfast, and we’re going to have a chat .


Sasha: This is not optional !


Martin: um….ok :/


8:28 am


Tim to Jon


Tim: hey boss, how are you holding up in there?


Jon: I’m fine, surprisingly enough. 


Jon: And I should be the one asking you how you are doing.


Tim: im good. id be having more fun if i werent playing cooking mama by myself in the break room….


Jon: Tim, I attacked you a few hours ago. I’m not going to risk it.


Tim: aw 


Tim: and you didn’t attack me, you /tried/ to attack me, there’s a difference ;)


Tim: plus it wasn’t really you, you know? it was like if you were possessed by an eyeball demon


Jon: Ah. Right. An important distinction.


Tim: just putting it out there - i dont blame you, jon. ik you probably want me to, because that would make things more straightforward, but too fucking bad,,,,you’re not going to stop being my friend? just because you’re an eldritch terror? lmfao


Jon: I don’t understand how you are so unaffected by this.


Tim: practice ;)


Jon: Hm.


Jon: Ah, it seems Sasha has left the building?


Tim: yeah she wanted me to tell you she’s getting breakfast with marto but they’ll both be back afterward


Jon: ...And you didn’t want to join them?


Tim: leaving you alone at the institute, especially in this condition, is against the squad rules!


Jon: Oh. I apologize for making you miss out.


Tim: nah it’s fine, i got the sense there was something sasha wanted to talk to martin about in private anyway


Jon: Martin has been fairly elusive this morning, it seems.


Jon: I was wondering if you knew why that was?


Tim: god i wish, sasha and i realized he was being weird the moment he said he was going out on a “coffee run” and my life hasnt known peace since then


Tim: i bet sash figured it out, and thats why she’s off with martin. pretty rude not to share that info with the rest of the class if you ask me


Tim: have any theories, Fear Google?


Jon: Unfortunately, yes.


Tim: oh,,,do tell?


Jon: I think it’s rather obvious. Martin is afraid of me.


Jon: Now that he understands what I have become, he wants nothing more to do with me. He probably feels tricked.


Tim: tricked into what, like,,,being your friend?? 


Tim: and by friend i mean…. ~friend~ ;)




Tim: oh come on it’s obvious you two are a thing


Jon: Were.


Tim: were??????


Tim: boss i stg youd better not tell me you broke up with marto. because there’s no way he broke up with you


Jon: Well, I suspect he wants to now that he’s seen me. So I’m assuming we’re through.


Jon: That’s part of why he’s avoiding me. He has finally recognized how dangerous I am, and he is acting accordingly. Not that I blame him. It is in his own best interest, after all, seeing as I could so easily ruin his life.


Tim: ok im losing my fucking mind


Tim: jon, do you know the first thing martin said after finding out what you were? the very first thing?


Tim: he said “I’m so scared for him.”


Tim: FOR him. 


Tim: the moment the three of us were back in the archives, martin started looking for a statement that you could read as soon as you woke up. even though he was exhausted and sick. and not because he was afraid of you, but because he wanted to help, and he didn’t know how, so he did the only thing he could think of


Tim: all martin wants to do is take care of you, jon. because that’s the kind of person he is. and because that’s how much he likes you. 


Tim: look, i dont know why he’s being weird right now, but i can tell you it has nothing to do with him being afraid of you. that’s just not a thing.


Jon: Oh.


Tim: yeah


Tim: whenever he gets back, you two need to have a conversation. as in, face to face, not hiding behind your phones. yes, that means you need to be in the same room. and no, sasha and i are not going to supervise to make sure you dont get spooky, because believe it or not, we all trust that you’ll know whether or not youre going to lose control


Jon: I should be fine, in theory. I just took a live statement, as well as a written one. That should be enough.


Jon: Still, it doesn’t prevent me from feeling anxious about the notion of letting myself near any of you.


Tim: let’s fix that ;)


Jon: What.


Jon: Tim, do not come in here.


Tim: but boss, i havent gotten a high-five from you in ages ;))


Jon: Tim, I’m being serious. Do not come near me.


Jon: Please don’t come near me.


9:21 am


Tim to Sasha


Tim: guess what


Sasha: What?


Tim: no you have to guess


Sasha: The secret race of technologically advanced amphibious jellyfish that live underground have risen to claim human civilization as their own ?


Tim: pff. you wish


Tim: no, jon gave me a high-five. the second one ever!!


Sasha: How did you convince him to do that ??


Tim: literally the exact same as last time,,,i cornered him, held out my hand, and said i wasn’t leaving until i got that sweet, sweet high-five


Tim: the method is tried and true, works like a charm ;)


Tim: i also gave him a big hug because he looked like a wreck and it was making me sad


Sasha: Aw, I’m glad you did :’)


Sasha: And it was okay for you ? Hugging him ?


Tim: actually yeah. i think it was because i was doing most of the hugging, so it didnt feel very restrictive. also the boss is Small


Sasha: That makes sense !


Tim: i have leveled up to Lite Hugs ;) im speedrunning trauma-induced claustrophobia ;)))


Tim: how’s the spontaneous café date with marto going?


Sasha: It’s going okay . I think Martin is just working through a lot right now, but he’s making progress .


Tim: damn,,,good for him


Tim: i hope he’ll be down to talk to jon when he gets back, because ive been chatting with the boss,,,and i feel that if some communication doesn’t happen between then soon, there will be a lot of really unnecessary distress


Sasha: Don’t worry, after the conversation we’ve just had, I’m fairly confident that talking to Jon will be the first thing Martin does !


Tim: oh bless


Sasha: Also if you want to talk about anything that’s been bothering you (including the events of this morning) we can definitely do that, too .


Tim: i mean,,, we could


Tim: but also, ive been sitting here, playing cooking mama,,,


Tim: and it’s no fun when you’re just playing it by yourself, sash


Tim: flipping virtual crepes does not fill the void in my soul


Tim: especially since i suck at it, and i keep burning the batter and hearing that little disapproving jingle of failure before mama dropkicks me out of the game


Sasha: I guess we could play a few rounds :)


Sasha: I won’t go easy on you, though…


Tim: oh of course


Tim: i wouldn’t have it any other way ;)