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Forced Manipulation

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"GOD DAMN IT MITSUKI!" Masaru's usually soft voice boomed throughout the Bakugou household. "YOU CAN'T JUST SIT THERE AND GLARE AT ME ALL NIGHT WITHOUT TELLING ME WHY!"

Katsuki groaned, putting his pillow over his head as an attempt to block out the shouting. This had been the third fight this week alone. They would always shout like this during the day, whether they were in public or not, if something that Masaru or Mitsuki did pissed one of them off, it was almost guaranteed a shouting match. However, they never seemed to shout at each other in front of Katsuki and the ash-blonde couldn't figure a reason why that was. Could it be to install some sort of false hope that everything was all right? Or did they not want to traumatize him with their bullshit? He honestly didn't know. What they didn't know, however, was the effect their fighting took on Katsuki. The ash-blonde would often lose sleep as he wouldn't be able to sleep due to the loud commotion. Their arguing would also cause him to lash out in school, whether it was him staying up too late or the fact that he might be the reason why they were fighting. Katsuki hasn't been the best student per se, often getting into several incidents with bullying. He didn't want to bully though, for he only did it so that his parents wouldn't take out their aggression on each other and work together to discipline him. At least then the fighting would subdue for a little while. As Mitsuki and Masaru shout at each other, Katsuki slowly lifts up his pillow, curiosity taking over his every move. He needed to know more, he needed to see if they would make up again.




Katsuki sighed, sitting upright in his bed, giving up on getting even the slightest of sleep. His ruby eyes glanced over to his nightstand. His eyes fixated on the half-empty bottle of water that he would keep in case he got thirsty and would be too lazy to get up from his bed. He unscrewed the cap and took a large sip, the water replenishing his thirst. As he continued to take smaller sips, so that he would choke, he continued to listen, curiosity overtaking him, wondering what his father would say.


Katsuki's eyes went wide, inhaling the rest of his sip unintentionally, sending him into a coughing fit. As he coughed, part of him was upset with his father for talking that way to his mother, no matter what she did, he should never call her a bitch, no matter what the reason was. That part of him wanted to stomp down those stairs and cuss his father out in order to stick up for his mom. However, the other half of him was amazed by his father. Usually, he wouldn't call her any names of that extreme whenever they were arguing, while his mother would call him every name in the book, sometimes making words up on the spot to insult him. He had to give it to his father though, he never thought he'd see the day his father would have the courage to say such a thing to his mom. Katsuki braced himself, hearing the audible gasp come from his mother, knowing that a hellstorm was coming soon.

His eyes went wide when he heard a swift, but a loud smack come from downstairs. He shouldn't have been surprised though, for the ash-blonde has said much less brutal insults and received a smack to the back of his head from his mother.




Those eight words caused the entire house to fall silent, other than Katsuki's light breathing. His mom didn't mean that.... right...? They were supposed to love each other... Maybe she was just kidding! Everything was going to be ok, his parents would make up again, they'd still be together, and he wouldn't have to worry about them splitting up!

For the rest of that night, the Bakugou house remained silent, leaving Katsuki to his own thoughts on what happens next. Could his parents be making up as they speak? Were they just going to bed? Katsuki shuddered at the thought of them going to bed. Usually, whenever they fought, Masaru would have to sleep on the couch, often to just avoid Mitsuki until the next morning. Katsuki didn't like that his father would have to spend the night on the couch again. The couch itself was a good place to rest, but not a substitution for a bed.

Katsuki let out a loud sigh, before flopping over to his side. He closed his eyes, finally allowing sleep to beckon him once more.


(Hello everyone! This fan fiction was originally Atreyuniverse but after getting permission, was granted to make this a longer story! So thank you for the permission Atreyuniverse or aka Conan_Sama! You all should read their fan fiction too! It's pretty good!

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Katsuki's eyes fluttered open, his sleep rudely interrupted by the obnoxious beeping of his alarm clock. Katsuki groaned, reaching a hand over to his nightstand, trying to get the alarm clock to turn off its obnoxious beeping. He felt around his nightstand, refusing to take his face out of his pillow. After a few seconds of feeling around, he pressed the clock's snooze button. He didn't want to get up today, he just wanted to stay in bed all day without a care in the world. That reason is because of his parents once more.

Unfortunately, his mother had other plans for Katsuki.

"KATSUKI BAKUGOU!!!!!" Mitsuki's shrill voice shrieked from downstairs, causing Katsuki's eyes to widen in shock. "GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!!!! YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!"

Katsuki groaned slightly. He had completely forgotten that he had school today. He hated going to school, mainly because he saw no point in learning some random shit that he'd probably never use when he was an adult. The other thing that annoyed Katsuki at school, or person per se, was no other than his former childhood friend, Izuku Midoriya. Katsuki HATED Izuku with a burning passion. He relentlessly bullied the poor boy, often picking on him for stuff he couldn't control, like his height or his lack of having a quirk. Whatever weakness Izuku had, Katsuki made it his lifetime goal to rip it wide open. However, Katsuki's hate for Izuku has nothing to do with him having no quirk. It was the fact that he could be so damn happy all the time. No matter what happened to him, he could always put on a toothy smile as if he wasn't even affected by it. Even when Izuku's father deserted him and Izuku's mom when he was six, he never really cried about missing his father, he just could smile it off like usual. Though Katsuki would never admit it, it made him feel a little jealous of Izuku. He wished he could just smile everything off as he did. He knew that if his dad left at that age and never returned, Katsuki would have been in tears, begging his father to stay.

He sighed, sitting up in his bed and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He threw the covers off his lower half and stepped out of his warm bed, knowing well that if he didn't start getting up, he'd be dealing with his angry mother. He slipped off his usual black T-shirt with a large white skull off his chest, replacing it with a white, button-up shirt, followed by a black suit jacket that was given to him by his middle school. Once he buttoned up his jacket, he slipped off his pajama bottoms, revealing his light blue All Might boxers that he received as a birthday present, and would never tell anyone he owned. He tossed the pajamas to the side, replacing them with his matching black dress pants. Once he got the black pants on, he scooped up the pajamas that were laying on the floor and set them in his laundry basket.

He opened his bedroom door and trudged down the stairs, mentally preparing himself to deal with other classmates' bullshit. He sighed. As he reached the ending of the stairs, he could see his mother out of the corner of his eye, cooking what Katsuki assumed to be French toast with scrambled eggs. However, what caught Katsuki's eye was his father. The poor guy was still asleep on the couch, his back turned to Katsuki. He had a small, pale green blanket that barely covered Masaru's body, causing the older man to shiver slightly. Katsuki grimaced at the sight. That blanket looked like one that Katsuki used to use when he was a child. Katsuki sighed again.

"Well? Are you just going to stand there?!" Mitsuki asked, annoyed that her son wasn't doing anything to get prepared to depart for school. "Your breakfast is getting cold!"

Katsuki glanced over to Mitsuki, his eyes turned into fiery slits. He was enraged with his mother. Enraged that she didn't even have the decency to give her husband a proper blanket to sleep? For all he knew, Masaru had to dig through the basement to find that.

"You couldn't even have the decency to give him a damn blanket?" Katsuki asked, pointing to his father.

"Watch your mouth you little shit!" Mitsuki yelled, pointing the egg covered spatula towards the ash blonde. "He chose to sleep there so mind your own damn business! Now get your ass here so you can eat breakfast."

"I'm not hungry." Katsuki scoffed. "I'll eat something at school."

"Oh. Well, get to school then. You're going to be late." Mitsuki said, turning back to the eggs.

"See you," Katsuki mumbled, before going over to his sleeping father. "Bye dad, I love you."

Katsuki planted a kiss on the side of Masaru's head. He scooped up his backpack from its usual place on the ground. Once he made sure he had everything he needed for the day, he left his house and went on to school.


Katsuki walked through the classroom door. The usual classroom chatter filled the room. Katsuki always felt irritated by his classmates, their loud and constant bickering and chattering annoyed the ash blonde to no end. All he ever wanted to be a place of silence, one where he could be alone with his own thoughts. As he peered across the room, seeing his friends chatting with other members of his class. However, one thing caught his eye, that being a certain green-haired boy.

Strange. Katsuki thought, cocking an eyebrow. Izuku is always in class.

Had Izuku got sick? Was he taking an early summer vacation with his mom? Those questions shot through his mind like bullets. He walked through the rows of desks, wandering towards his desk. He set his bag on the desk, preparing himself for the relatively short day of school. One half of him was happy that the final day of middle school was here, as he wouldn't have to deal with his classmates and could just relax at home without a care in the world. However, the other half of him feared the last day of school, because, with no school, he'd have to stay home and have to listen to his parents arguing all day long. The school was a safe zone for him, a place where he would be able to not hear his parents arguing for hours on end along with a place to take his aggression out. Katsuki let out an annoyed sigh, before resting his head on the desk, desperate to catch up on a little sleep before class started.

However, after two seconds, the classroom bell did its usual morning ring, something that irritated Katsuki to no end. He let out a disgruntled sigh, leaning back in his chair and rubbed his eyes to keep himself alert. He heard the familiar click of the classroom door, causing his ruby eyes to glance over to see his teacher.

"Ah!" The teacher said, sitting in his chair. "Sorry I am late, class! I got caught up in the traffic!"

"Good morning, Mister Kaisukuya!" Everyone in the class (except Katsuki) exclaimed, huge smiles illuminating off their faces.

"Good morning students!" Mister Kaisukuya responded, giving the students a smile of his own. "You guys must be excited today! Summer vacation will start tomorrow!"

The entire class cheered at the sound of summer vacation, causing Katsuki to groan slightly. He hadn't been at school for five minutes, and he already was annoyed with everyone.

"Now, what are you all planning to do on summer vacation?"

"My family is going to the beach house we own for the whole summer! It's our turn to have the family reunion, so all of our other family members are coming too!" One girl with long, dark brown pigtails, who was sitting in the front, exclaimed.

"That's cool! What about you, Natsumiki?" The teacher called out, pointing to a relatively shy kid all the way in the back. "What do you plan to do?"

"O-Oh.." Natsumiki stammered, forking his black hair out of his line of sight. "M-My dad is taking me to the S-States..."

Katsuki raised his head in confusion and a little shock. Natsumiki was going to the states? What could he possibly have there?!

"That's very cool! Why is that?"

"It's because my m-mom lives there... She moved there when my parents s-split..."

Katsuki's eyes went wide, his red pupils contracting slightly. He had completely forgotten that he wasn't the only one who's parents had marital troubles. He was tempted to throw some insults towards the poor boy to take his mind off the thought of his parents splitting. However, Katsuki said nothing, deciding to give him a break from Katsuki's constant torment. Maybe he could ask Natsumiki for some advice about his family.

"Oh! Well, I hope you have fun with your mother in the states!" The teacher smiled. "Now, how about one last person to tell the class what they'll be doing during the summer?"

Silence rang out through the room, nobody daring to volunteer. The teacher sighed, knowing that he should have expected that nobody would volunteer.

"Fine, you guys don't have to share. I've got nothing left to talk to you guys so you all can do some free time." The teacher said, leaning back in his chair.

Almost immediately after the teacher finished his sentence, the classroom erupted in laughter or conversations about summer plans. Some students talked about where they were going to visit during the summer, while others talked about beating a video game, and others spoke about training for their hero entrance exams. Katsuki, on the other hand, didn't talk to anyone. His mother's words kept repeating inside his head. His mother didn't love his father...? What if they do divorce...? What was he going to do...?

Suddenly, an idea popped in his head. Natsumiki had the same issues happen to him, maybe he'd know what to do! Katsuki smiled at the thought. He stood up from where he was seated, making a beeline for the timid boy, who was drawing in his sketchbook.

Natsumiki's pale, ocean blue eyes glanced up from his sketchbook to the upcoming ash blonde, causing him to gasp slightly. Whenever Katsuki dared to even look at Natsumiki, it was when Katsuki bullied him. Naturally, Natsumiki backed away, clutching his sketchbook to his chest, not wanting Katsuki to burn it as he did to Izuku's journal. However, something seemed....Off. Usually, Katsuki would have an evil grin on his face and his friends would follow behind him. But Katsuki was by himself and his usual grin was replaced by a subtle frown.

"Would you fucking calm down?" Katsuki asked, beckoning the timid boy to come closer. "I'm not going to hurt you."

Natsumiki raised an eyebrow. Katsuki wasn't going to hurt him? Then why would he come over?

"Y-You're not..?"

"No. I actually need some advice." Katsuki said, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. Gosh, he bullied Natsumiki to no end and now he was asking him for advice. For all he knew, Natsumiki was probably not going to help him, but it was worth a shot.

"Y-You want a-advice?"

Katsuki nodded.

"What a-about?"

That time, Katsuki said nothing. Instead, small tears began to prick the corner of his eyes. The overwhelming sensation of feelings of guilt that somehow, the possibility of his parents splitting was his fault. Maybe if he was well behaved, his parents wouldn't be fighting all the time. Maybe they'd still love-

"U-Um... P-Please don't c-cry!" Natsumiki semi shouted, waving his free hand to grab Katsuki's attention. "I'd be w-willing to help! I-I'm assuming it's a p-personal topic...?"

Katsuki nodded once more.

"Do you want to t-talk about it a-after class?"

"I can't," Katsuki whispered while he shook his head. "My parents want me back right after school."

Natsumiki nodded in understanding.

"That's o-ok! I'm also assuming you don't want others to h-hear about it, so w-we can talk through my s-sketchbook!" The timid boy whispered back, raising up his precious sketchbook.

Katsuki grinned slightly, before wiping whatever tears were left in his eyes before going down to a knee to reach Natsumiki's level. Natsumiki opened his sketchbook to a blank page and took out one of his pencils. He handed it to the ash blonde, to which Katsuki quietly grabbed. As Katsuki began to scribble down on the page, Natsumiki couldn't help but feel curious. What was Katsuki going to write down? Obviously, it was something extremely personal to the ash blonde, as it made him tear up. Natsumiki never thought he'd see the day where Katsuki was about to cry. But a bigger question loomed over the timid boy's head. Why would Katsuki Bakugou pick him? Out of all the people, what made Natsumiki more special compared to others? In Katsuki's eyes, he saw Natsumiki as a loner and a weird kid because he preferred making art over becoming a hero. Maybe Katsuki realized how much of an asshole he was to other students and came to him because he wanted to become better!

"Oi." Katsuki murmured, poking Natsumiki's arm with the pencil. "I finished writing."

Natsumiki nodded, picking up the sketchbook. It wasn't a lot of writing, but Natsumiki didn't mind. His eyes scanned over each sentence, his eyes slowly getting wider and wider.

For about three months, my parents have been bickering nonstop... I'm scared they might split up... I tried to get them to work together by causing trouble, but it seemed to only make it worse... Is it my fault they're splitting up...? Like if I was a better kid, maybe they'd still love each other...

Natsumiki's eyes went wide at Katsuki's writing. Katsuki's parents were fighting and on the brink of divorce?! It all became clear to the timid boy on why Katsuki went to him, he had been in Katsuki's place back when he was in seventh grade. He knew how Katsuki felt about his parents' situation, the constant feeling of self-blame, thinking that he was the reason his parents split up or the eventual feeling of abandonment. Natsumiki knew that Katsuki hadn't reached that feeling yet, because his mother or father hadn't moved away yet. The constant reminder that not everyone was in the house used to seep in Natsumiki's mind. Natsumiki felt bad for the ash blonde, the feelings that he used to go through were brutal and he would never wish those feelings on his worst enemy. He began to scribble down a response;

I'm sorry to hear about your parents. But sometimes it's better for them to split up, like my parents! My mom was going through a deep depression after her mother died, my father did his best to keep her happy, but she couldn't recover from her depression and would often lash out at me and my father. That would spark a bunch of fights at my house and would end in both my parents crying. I often had your thoughts during those arguments, wondering if it was because of me that they were arguing about. Eventually, my dad had enough of my mother lashing out and split up with her. She knew that it was for the better, that things were going to get worse if they stayed together. I remember being devastated during the first month of the divorce. My mom eventually moved out of the house and went to the States. She's doing a lot better now! Well, after talking with both my parents, I learned that I had nothing to do with the divorce. No matter how much you believe you're at fault, you're not. It's never our fault our parents decide to break it off. I'm sure your parents will tell you the same. Though I hope that doesn't happen to you. I don't want anybody else to feel that type of pain.

He flipped around the sketchbook, the pencil sitting daintily on top. As Katsuki read Natsumiki's response, Natsumiki could see Katsuki's eyes glimmer in hope, that hope being that his parents still might stay together! Katsuki also began to smile, not the evil smile that Natsumiki was so familiar with, but one of pure happiness. However, that happiness was cut short as the bell rung once more, indicating the end of class. Both Katsuki and Natsumiki raised an eyebrow. Had class flown by that quickly? The classroom began to empty quickly soon leaving the ash blonde and timid male by themselves.

"W-Well, I guess I should be g-going now..." Natsumiki mumbled, picking up his sketchbook and pencil. "My f-flight leaves in five hours.."

As Natsumiki gathered his belongings and stuffed them gently in his bag and begun to walk out of the room, Katsuki went out in front of him, blocking him from exiting.

"Hey. Thanks for the help, Natsumiki." Katsuki mumbled. "I'm just surprised you actually helped me. I would have thought you'd reject my request."

Natsumiki chuckled lightly.

"As I said before Katsuki, I know how you feel. I don't want other people to feel that type of p-pain. I'm just h-happy that I could h-help you!"

Katsuki also chuckled.

"I'm grateful for that. You have a good trip."

"I will!"

"Oh, can you keep that between us...? I don't want people to know about that."

"Ok! I p-promise!"

And with that, Natsumiki dashed off, determined to make sure he got all his luggage together before having to leave. The ash-blonde also began to walk off towards the school exit. He was happy that the timid male listened to him, allowing him to take the heavy weight off his chest. He didn't doubt that Natsumiki would reveal his secret to anyone as he didn't really talk to anyone, along with the fact that nobody would believe him.

He sighed lightly, before exiting the school and started his journey home.


As Katsuki inserted his key into the door, he mentally prepped himself for his parents screaming at each other. However, when he opened the door, the house had an eerie silence. In Katsuki's mind, that set off a bunch of alarm bells. Were his parents not home?

"Mom?" Katsuki asked. "Dad? Where are you guys?"

"Oh!" Katsuki heard his mother exclaim from the dining room. "Hello, Katsuki! You're home early! How was your last day of middle school?"

"Yeah. The class got out early." Katsuki said, setting down his backpack by the front door. "And it went fine. We just sat around and talked for the class."

"That's good to hear! Can you come here Katsuki?" His mom asked him.

Katsuki did as he was told and headed to the table, where his mother sat at. It was odd, usually, his father would be home around this time. Had he stayed late at work? Or was he on his way home?

"Where's dad?" Katsuki asked, pulling a chair out from the table and sat down.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about..." His mother said, the slightest bit of sadness hinting her voice. "You see... Your father and I decided that our marriage wasn't working out and we filed for divorce. Your father isn't gonna be staying here anymore.."

Katsuki sighed loudly, burying his face in his hands. Everything that he feared was happening. Tears began to well in his ruby eyes, a few tears rolling down and hit the table.

Katsuki didn't want to cry, as it made him look weak. However, it was almost as if his body took control over his mind and in the span of a few seconds, the ash-blonde began to sob loudly. His mother, out of instinct, jumped out of her chair and hugged her child, feeling his body tremble in her arms.

"I thought you guys were gonna get b-better..." The ash-blonde hiccuped, letting out a few more loud sobs.

"I know honey..." Mitsuki said soothingly, rubbing small circles around Katsuki's back. "I wanted to too.. It just wasn't meant to be..."

All Katsuki could do was sob uncontrollably, clutching around his mother's back. He hoped that this would all be a bad dream, that his parents were perfectly fine with each other and still loved each other unconditionally. But he knew that this was no bad dream, no matter how much he wanted to believe it. Why couldn't he see his dad before he left the house?!

"You should probably get ready for bed Katsu..." Mitsuki said, kissing the top of his forehead. "We got to go to family court tomorrow to see who keep you..."

Katsuki nodded, wiped the tears away from his cheeks, and went upstairs to bed. He had no idea why he cried, he thought that venting to Natsumiki would help ease the pain. But it just seemed that it had gotten worse. He didn't even bother to take his uniform off, instead just flopping over on his bed, preparing himself for another stressful day.

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That night, Katsuki couldn't sleep, the pain of his parents finally ending it caused the ash blonde to cry throughout the night. However, to not disturb his mother, he buried his face into his pillow. When his alarm clock rang (about 6 am), Katsuki swiftly shut it off. He rose out of his bed, his usual unkempt hair looked even more disheveled than he had ever seen. He sighed, taking off his suit jacket, folded it, and set it neatly on the bed. He unzipped his pants and set them next to the jacket, leaving his white shirt and All Might boxers on to cover his pale body. He shuffled down the hallway, his socks dragging on the carpet towards the bathroom. He stepped inside the tiny restroom, which contained only a toilet, a sink, and a shower. He shut the door behind him, making sure that it was locked, just in case his mother was up. He unbuttoned his white dress shirt and took his arms out of the sleeves. He dropped the shirt on the tiled floor, leaving only his boxers.

He stared at himself at the mirror, seeing his eyes, which almost matched his pupils from how much he cried. As he continued to stare at himself, he could feel hot, fat tears welling in his eyes, which began to spill down his cheeks. This was it. The official end to the Bakugou family. The happy memories that his parents desperately tried to make for Katsuki meant nothing to him. All the birthdays that the three celebrated would never be the same again... That empty spot at the dinner table, knowing that it will never be fulfilled ever again made the ash-blonde want to burst into another fit of sobbing. He put his hands up to his eyes, trying to shield himself from the emotional pain. He silently cried, still standing in front of the sink. He just wanted to have all this pain to go away, to have his family be complete again. The tears once more dripped from his cheeks and hands, landing on the porcelain sink. Why couldn't they at least tell him before his father left...? Katsuki let out a quiet sob. Was he not worth his father's time...? Did his father even love him...?

These thoughts were cut off suddenly by a soft knock on the wooden door.

"Katsu...?" Mitsuki's voice called out slightly. "You ok...?"

Katsuki was genuinely surprised by his mother's attitude. Usually if she was knocking on the door, it was usually to yell at him about hurrying up and that other people needed to use the restroom. However, this time her voice seemed more sincere, like if she genuinely wanted to know if her child was ok. Katsuki sniffled, roughly wiping the tears off his cheeks.

"I'm fine." His voice cracked slightly, causing him to cringe. He hoped that his mother would believe his shitty attempt at a lie.

"Ok..." His mother said. "Do you want anything to eat...?"

"I'm not hungry."

"Ok... I love you baby..." Mitsuki said, walking away from the door and back downstairs.

Katsuki sighed, looking back at the mirror towards his weakened state. He shouldn't be crying. Natsumiki said it himself! He said that parents divorcing was usually a good thing, that it would end some stress! However, Katsuki had one question that plagued his mind.

If his parents splitting up was a good thing, why did it hurt him so much...?

It felt as if this divorce tore a hole in his heart, sucking away the happiness that his parents gave him, leaving just an empty husk of his former self. But Katsuki couldn't tell anyone how he felt, because they'd probably feel pity for him, or worse, they'd call him a weakling. He wasn't going to let that happen.

He grabbed the shower faucet, turning it to a warm temperature. He took off his boxers and socks, leaving the ash blonde completely nude. He slowly stepped in, not wanting to slip and injure himself. Once the warm water made contact with his body, he immediately began to scrub his body. As he lathered the suds on his body, the memories of his father giving Katsuki a bath made Katsuki smile slightly. He remembered how much fun his father had spending time with the ash blonde.



"Katsuki!" Masaru called out, stepping into Katsuki's bedroom. "Where is my special boy?"

Katsuki knew why Masaru was in his room and made a high pitch giggle. Katsuki never liked bath time as it gave an indication to bed time. Katsuki dreaded bed time to say the least. But this time, Katsuki had a plan though. He was going to hide away in the perfect hiding spot so that he could avoid bath time forever! And he certainly never going to bed!

"Hmm, I wonder where he could be?" Masaru asked aloud, smirking as he glanced towards the large mound under the usual neat All Might comforter. He already knew where Katsuki had been hiding, but he didn't want to make Katsuki think he wasn't good at hiding, so he decided to have some fun with the ash blonde. "Could he be in the closet?"

He opened the closet door and checked it thoroughly, obviously coming up with nothing. He couldn't help but smile when he heard a small, high pitched giggle come from the mound. However, as much as Masaru was having fun, it was getting darker and Katsuki's bedtime was nearing.

"Hmm... could it be possible that he could be HERE?" Masaru grinned, pulling off the comforter. Katsuki's eyes went wide. How did his dad find him so easily?! He was sure that he had the perfect hiding spot a six year old could find! However, before Katsuki could ask, his father scooped him out of his bed, holding him gently in his arms. "Ah! There's my explosive boy!"

Katsuki latched onto his father's shoulders, making sure he wouldn't fall out of his father's arms. However, the ash blonde began to squirm, knowing that Masaru was going to take him to the bathtub.

"Noooooo!" Katsuki grunted. "I don't want to take a bath! I want to play!"

Masaru frowned slightly. He knew that if he were to put Katsuki in the tub, he was just going to get back out. The last thing Masaru wanted was Katsuki running in the house naked and wet, getting everything he touched wet also. He pondered slightly while carrying Katsuki to the bathroom. What would be incentive enough to the ash blonde? A late bedtime? No, Mitsuki would kill him if Katsuki went to bed late, not to mention Katsuki wouldn't want to get up for school the next day and would be cranky throughout the day. Maybe a new toy? No, that would only spoil Katsuki and would have him expect a new toy whenever he took a bath.

Then an idea popped into his head.

"Say, how does this sound Katsuki?" Masaru asked, setting Katsuki on the edge of the tub. "If you are a good boy and take a bath, I'll do the thing for you!"

That caught the ash blondes attention, his eyes lighting up.

"You will?!"

Masaru smiled at the ash blonde's excitement. Whenever Masaru offered this deal, it got Katsuki to do whatever he wanted.

"Only if you take a bath."

"Deal!" Katsuki shouted, nodding his head eagerly.

Masaru ruffled the ash blonde's hair and turned the faucet on, the warm water immediately began to pour out, filling the tub up with water. Katsuki on the other hand had begun to strip down and hopped in, eager for his father to do the thing!

"Would you like some bubbles?" Masaru asked, holding up a bottle of soap.

Katsuki nodded eagerly as he wanted to have as much fun in the bath as he could. Masaru nodded, pouring a small amount of soap into the water. As the water barreled down into the tub, the once smooth and calm surface became littered with bubbles. Once the water had reached Katsuki's ribs, Masaru turned the handle, ending the water's journey to the tub.

Katsuki squealed out of excitement, taking as many bubbles that his arms could carry and tossed it into the air, the suds floating down gently as if it were snowing, landing in Katsuki's hair and shoulders. Masaru chuckled at the ash blondes excitement, memories of when he himself was a child flowed through his mind and he could see his childhood excitement in Katsuki. Katsuki looked up to his father, a toothy grin emerging on his face.

"Look dad!" He threw the bubbles back in the air again. "It's snowing!"

Masaru gave Katsuki a small smile.

"I see that honey. Close your eyes for me please, I have to wet your hair!"

Katsuki nodded, shutting his eyes. Masaru grabbed a cup that had been sitting in the corner of the tub and swiftly filled it up with water. He gently poured the water on Katsuki's head, making sure to avoid getting any suds in Katsuki's eyes. That would be the worst possible scenario for Masaru and Katsuki. He wouldn't want Katsuki's loud screams to echo through the household, disturbing his mother while she was working. Once Masaru emptied the cup of water on Katsuki's head, he grabbed a bottle of shampoo and squeezed some into his hand. He lathered his hands with the shampoo and began to run his hands through Katsuki's ash blonde hair, determined to cover every inch of his hair with shampoo. Pretty soon, the once blonde hair was now a pale white.

"Ok! Now you can open your eyes!"

Katsuki did as he was told, looking into his father's eyes.

"Can you do the thing now?" Katsuki asked, giving his father the puppy dog eyes. "Please?"

Masaru chuckled. "Ok!"

Masaru's hands went back to Katsuki's hair and began to style it. He grabbed two spikes from Katsuki's hair and folded the rest down, keeping those two spikes up. For some reason, Katsuki giggled as he watched his father, the overwhelming excitement began to overtake his small frame. After a few minutes of Masaru styling Katsuki's hair, he had finally finished.

"There we go! Would you like to see?"


Masaru turned around and grabbed one of Mitsuki's mirrors, which was sitting on the sink's countertop. He pointed the mirror towards Katsuki's face and almost immediately saw the ash blonde light up in happiness. Most of Katsuki's hair was pushed down with the help of the soap, while the two spikes that were left untouched stuck up like they were rabbit ears. Those rabbit ears belonged to All Might himself! Katsuki LOVED the symbol of peace, often begging his parents to buy him all his merchandise for his birthday or for Christmas.

"How did daddy do?" Masaru asked Katsuki.

"Great!" Katsuki exclaimed, holding up two thumbs to empathize how good his father did. "I love it so much dad!"

"All right! Close your eyes again for me honey, I have to get that shampoo out of your hair."

Katsuki shut his eyes while his father refilled the cup. Masaru tilted Katsuki's chin up and gently poured the water on Katsuki's hair, cleaning off the shampoo. Once Katsuki's hair was clear of shampoo, Masaru reached into the warm, soapy water. His hand wandered aimlessly towards the end of the tub, eventually finding the small plug. He pulled it out of the hole, allowing all of the water and soap to travel down the drain, only leaving Katsuki and a few suds.

"There we go!" Masaru said, taking a towel off the counter top. "I have your new towel!"

Masaru held the towel up, revealing the symbol of peace in his golden age uniform, the words 'Fear not! I am here!" Were over and below All Might. Katsuki grinned. He had begged his mother for that towel for months and received it for his birthday!

Katsuki stood up in the tub, water dripped off his body, falling back into the tub. Masaru draped the towel over Katsuki and picked him up. Masaru opened the door, shut the light in the bathroom and carried Katsuki to his bedroom. Once he entered the bedroom, he set Katsuki on his feet. He opened Katsuki's closet and pulled out his pajamas. It wasn't that special, just a blue and red shirt with neon blue pants. Katsuki yawned, his eyes began to get droopy due to how tired he was. Masaru lifted Katsuki into his bed, knowing that Katsuki wouldn't be able to make it in his bed in such a drowsy state. He set the ash blonde gently in his bed, wrapping the blanket around him. He kissed Katsuki's forehead lightly, causing the ash blonde to smile, before letting out a rather cute yawn.

"Good Night dad!" Katsuki mumbled, shutting his eyes. "I love you!"

Masaru smiled, before walking to the door and turned the light off.

"Good Night Katsuki. I love you too."


Katsuki sighed, letting the hot water hit his back. He wished he could relive those memories, back when his parents never fought and were happy. After he rinsed the suds off, he turned the water off and grabbed a bright orange towel off the towel rack.

After drying most of his body and his hair, he wrapped it around his waist, keeping a hand on where the two ends connected, not wanting for the towel to fall in the middle of the hallway. His free hand scooped his dress shirt, socks, and underwear, making sure he didn't leave any dirty laundry on the bathroom floor. He knew that he would receive a major scolding about how he was lazy for leaving clothing in the bathroom and how he needed to be less forgetful. He shuddered at that thought. He exited the bathroom and headed to his bedroom.

He opened the door and closed it behind him. However, before he could lock it, his mother burst through the door, startling the ash blonde.

"A-Ah! Mom, what the hell?! Knock first!"

"Oh be quiet!" Mitsuki grumbled, handing him a gray dress shirt with black pants. "This is what you're going to be wearing. You better be ready in ten minutes."

Katsuki nodded, watching his mother walk out of the room and shut the door behind her. Katsuki sighed, locking the door as soon as she left. He opened his dresser drawer and pulled a pair of light orange underwear. He dropped the towel and slipped on the underwear, followed by the pants. He buttoned up his shirt and tucked it into his pants. If the ash blonde had to be honest, he didn't want to go to the courthouse. He just wanted to stay at home and sulk for all of summer.

However, he knew that his mother would kill him if he refused to go, so he had no choice.

He sighed. Once he had finished buttoning his shirt up, he headed downstairs.


"It's about time you came downstairs!" Mitsuki grumbled, wearing a long, black dress. "What were you even doing up there?! You're 5 minutes late!"

"I was getting ready!" Katsuki snapped back, not wanting to deal with his mother's shrill shrieks. "It takes time to get ready!"

"Yeah right. I bet you were just being lazy. You're just like your fucking father, you never want to do shit on time!"

Katsuki's eyes went wide with shock, which turned into fiery slits. His mother had just disrespected his father! No matter what his father did, he still loved him dearly! He was not about to let his mother say such things about him and get away with it!

"Hey, just because dad isn't here doesn't mean you can disrespect him you fucking old hag!"

Mitsuki growled, already fed up with her son's attitude. She stormed over to the ash blonde and swiftly smacked him on the side of his head. He groaned in response, clutching the side of his head.

"Do NOT disrespect me, Katsuki Bakugou! Just because your dad left doesn't mean you can take your anger out on me! Now get your ass to the car or we're going to be late." She said, adding a quiet growl on the last sentence, implying that she was at the end of her rope with Katsuki.

Katsuki gulped slightly. He knew that if he pushed Mitsuki any further, he would send her into a screaming fit, which would often cause him to shout back, earning him a hard smack across the side of his head as a punishment for talking back. If he had to be honest, his mother frightened him a little. However, a small sliver of his mind wanted to push his mother past that point. Maybe he could use that against her in the courthouse. After all, he'd rather be with his father than with his mother. His father always treated him with respect, while his mother treated him like an object, never referring to the name she gave him as a child, replacing it with 'little shit' or 'brat.'

It was almost as if his mother stopped loving him.

He can feel hot tears build up in his eyes, which he quickly wiped away. He couldn't cry now. Not in front of his mom, not in front of anyone. He had to be strong. If that meant submitting to his mother, so be it.

"Y-Yes ma'am...."

Mitsuki smirked, ruffling the ash blonde's hair.

"Thanks for being a good child!" Mitsuki said, walking out to the car.

After a second or two, Katsuki followed her.


Katsuki's eyes glanced upwards at the courthouse as Mitsuki pulled into the court's parking lot. It had seemed a lot bigger than Katsuki expected. He opened the car's passenger door, stepping out onto the pavement. He closed the door behind him, hearing Mitsuki slam her door shut.

Mitsuki motioned for Katsuki to lead the way, an opportunity which Katsuki hesitantly took. He didn't want to do this. He didn't want to do this. He didn't want to hurt his father if he couldn't get custody. If his mom didn't win he could give less of a shit, but he didn't want his father to lose what little family he had. He shuffled his way to the large, wooden door and gripped its brass knob. The knob felt cold to the touch, but not cold enough that Katsuki wanted to pull his hand back. He turned the handle and pulled the door open, the hinges creaking as he pulled it wider. He stepped inside, his shoes tapping against the tile floor. In the center of the courthouse was a large, mahogany desk that held over five receptionists. He stepped up hesitantly, not knowing what to do or say.

"Good morning!" The receptionist said, her bubbly personality overflowing. "How may I help you on this wonderful day?"

"Um... I'm here for a court case with my mom..." Katsuki mumbled as the nervousness wrapped itself around his words like they were snakes constricting their prey. Katsuki felt as if he was being constricted himself, all the stress caused by today had made his entire body ache, the urge to vomit began to rise in his stomach, even though he ate nothing. "C-Can you tell me what room I'm supposed to be in...?"

"No problem! Are you here for the Mitsuki Bakugou and Masaru Bakugou case?"

Katsuki nodded.

"Third door to your left!" The girl chirped. "Have a nice day!"

"You too ma'am..."

Katsuki and his mother headed to where the nice lady had directed them and opened up another door. Katsuki's eyes glanced around the semi tiny room. The room was quite small, unlike the lobby. The walls were painted with a light grey, like it was a place where people were imprisoned. However, seated in the center of the room were six benches, three on the right and three on the left, leaving a large aisle in the center. The rows on the right had a sign on it however.

Press only.

Must be for bigger trials... Katsuki thought, sitting in the center of the first row on the left side. He wondered when his father would get here. How long was this going to take? Did his father forget that he was supposed to come today?

His mother on the other hand, set her purse down on the table to the right and sat down. She immediately opened her phone up, almost as if she was bored and didn't care about the case.

After what seemed like ages, Katsuki heard the door creak open, causing the ash blonde to peer over his shoulder. He saw his father, who had rushed in, sweat was soaking through his white dress shirt. Katsuki could feel hot tears well in his eyes and drip down his cheeks. He got up from his seat and dashed towards his father, almost tackling him to the ground with a giant hug.

"D-Dad..." The ash blonde managed to get out, choking back a loud sob. "You're here..."

Masaru wrapped his arms around the ash blondes trembling frame and rubbed small circles around his back as an attempt to get him to calm down.

"It's ok..." Masaru whispered in his ear. "I'm here now. I'm sorry I had to leave."

Katsuki only quietly sobbed, his tears staining Masaru's shirt. The brunette's warmth felt welcoming to the ash blonde and made Katsuki not want to let go. After what seemed like hours., the two's sentimental moment were soon interrupted.

"All rise for Judge Hadley." The bailiff's deep, scruffy voice boomed through the courtroom, causing Katsuki to flinch slightly. He let go of his father, who darted over to the other empty table. Katsuki followed his father's footsteps, sitting back in the spot he had previously. A few people were sitting in the room now other than the ash blonde and his parents, most of them were family members or friends of Mitsuki and Masaru.

The judge walked in, seating himself at his desk. As soon as the judge sat in his seat, he gave the bailiff a nod, basically ordering him to continue with the case.

"You may all be seated."

Everyone obeyed the bailiff's instructions and say down in their benches.

"Good morning everyone, this is the case of Masaru Bakugou v Mitsuki Bakugou for custody of Katsuki Bakugou correct?"

"That is correct." Mitsuki said.

"What was the reason that you two split up?"

Katsuki heard his mother ramble on and on about how his father always fought with her for little reasons, but he began to tune her out, staring off into space. His eyes glanced over to his father, who was trembling slightly. Katsuki wrapped his arms around his gut, as a large pant of guilt hit the ash blonde as hard as it could. He didn't want to deal with the guilt of picking his mother or father, knowing very well that his decision will just hurt the other person. The urge to vomit began to rise again, making Katsuki's stomach hurt even more. His cheeks began to turn into a sickly shade of pale green and sweat began to roll down his forehead. He swiftly wiped away the sweat with his sleeve. He tried his best to ignore the feeling of nausea and listen to his parents bicker. He tried to think of happy stuff, like him qualifying to UA, or the trio celebrating his birthday. However, these memories did nothing to help the ash blonde, as he could feel the bile rising to his throat, leaving a sour taste in his mouth. His eyes went wide, knowing what was to come next. He got up from his seat and ran down the aisle, almost taking the door off its hinges.

Thankfully, he didn't have to travel far, as the bathroom was right next to the courtroom. He dashed inside, seeing a vacant stall all the way at the end. He ran inside, not even bothering to lock the door behind him. His knees gave out on him as he clutched the sides of the porcelain toilet bowl. He gagged, releasing the contents of what he had for dinner into the toilet bowl. The taste of bile coated his mouth as he let out another quiet gag. After what seemed like the end of his vomiting, he grabbed some toilet paper from the rack and dabbed away the bile that had dribbled down his chin. Tears began to stream down his cheeks, to which he aggressively wiped away with his sleeves. He hated this. He hated being sad all the time. He hated the stress that he had to go through because his parents split. He was going to be a professional hero and have all the fun he could have! He didn't want to sulk all the time but for some reason, the emotions that he tried to hide kept coming and coming, overtaking his body. Katsuki knew this was going to be a losing battle with his emotions, but he sure as hell was going to fight until he dropped. He just hoped that no one would see him fall. He didn't want people to think he was weak. He stood up from his spot on the ground and walked over to the sink. He turned the tap on, seeing all the water flow freely down the drain. He cupped his hands under the stream and splashed some water on his face. He put his hands under a second time, drinking it this time. He gargled the water in his mouth, trying to get the disgusting taste of vomit out of his mouth, before spitting the water out in the sink. He grabbed another sheet of paper towel and wiped the water off his hands and chin. He let out a quiet sigh before walking out of the restroom.


As Katsuki entered the courtroom, he stopped immediately, hearing his father crying, his head rested in between his arms. Katsuki's eyes went wide, his pupils shriveling up to small dots. What could have been so bad that his father would be crying?!

"I'm sorry Mr. Bakugou, but I'm afraid that you will not be receiving custody of your child." Judge Hadley said, his eyes filled with sorrow. "Your home is in an extremely high area of crime for Yakuza and villains to attack. Let me assure you that this is not personal, but for the safety and welfare for the child."

Katsuki felt as if his knees were about to give out on him, the urge to vomit from horror came rushing back to him. He choked back the urge by swallowing. This couldn't be real right? His father wasn't going to have custody of him? No. This had to be just a bad dream! He was going to wake up from this nightmare and see that his father had won and that he would be staying with his father for as long as he wanted.

He pinched himself and felt a large wave of horror encase his body as a small amount of pain travelled up his arm. This was no dream. It was nothing but a real life nightmare for the ash blonde. He was going to be stuck with his mother and his father couldn't see him anymore.

"Sir please..." Masaru hiccuped, before choking out another sob. "Katsuki is my everything... I can't lose him..."

"I have made my ruling. Court is adjourned." The judge banged his gavel against the wooden desk, seemingly ending Masaru's fight for full custody and ending Katsuki's fight of having his dad back.

Mitsuki smiled, being extremely happy with herself for winning her son. She didn't care how it made Masaru feel, as long as she had her son, she was satisfied.

"Come Katsuki." She beckoned to the ash blonde, who was still in shock due to what he saw. "We're going home."

Katsuki nodded, but headed over to his father first. He hugged him as tight as he could, the roles now switched, for it was Masaru crying instead of Katsuki.

"I love you so much dad..." Katsuki whispered in Masaru's ear.

Masaru wrapped his arms around Katsuki, not wanting to let his son go. However, their sentimental moment was once again interrupted by Mitsuki, who yanked her child out of Masaru's arms.

"Goodbye Masaru." Mitsuki said coldly, waving goodbye to her now Ex-Husband.

Katsuki looked back to see his father one final time, but he didn't see his father.

Masaru was gone, instead replaced by a broken man. A man who had lost everything he ever loved in this world. He was slumped in the chair, sulking in his most recent loss.

It was all Katsuki's fault that his father was like this.


(Three days later)

"Hey mom...?" Katsuki hesitantly asked, walking down the hardwood stairs into the living room, where his mother was on the couch, watching the latest soap operas. "Can I ask you for a favor...?"

Mitsuki looked up from her spot on the couch at Katsuki, visibly annoyed that Katsuki interrupted her during her precious television time.

"Depends on the favor."

Katsuki rubbed his neck nervously. He knew that his mom wasn't going to help him with this favor, but he figured it was worth a shot.

"I have some stuff I want to give dad... So that he won't forget me... Could you give me a ride to his house...?"

Mitsuki growled.

"HELL no. There's not a chance in hell that I'm going to drive to that lazy pricks apartment. If you want to deliver something to him, get off your lazy ass and walk there."

Katsuki growled back, trying to think of a snarky remark to counter back to his mother with. However, he kept his mouth shut, knowing that if he were to talk back, all that would result was a hard smack on his head.

"Fine." Katsuki said, running upstairs to grab what he had planned to give.

It wasn't a lot, just a few pictures of Katsuki and Masaru together and an All Might blanket that Katsuki used when he was a child. He didn't want his father to forget about his child, so if Masaru wanted to relive the memories of Katsuki, he could go to those items!

Once he had collected all of his items, which he stored carefully in a duffle bag, he trudged down the staircase.

"Fine. I'm going to walk there then." Katsuki mumbled, waving to his mom.

"He lives in Tokyo, on 4693 Ponagranate street." His mother said, not even bothering to take her eyes off the screen to watch her departing son.

Katsuki sighed, slamming the door behind him. He didn't even receive an I love you from his mom. He shouldn't have been surprised though because his mother didn't truly care for him. He shook his head. He couldn't think about it now, as it would only drag him down. He had a mission, that being to make his father happy. He wasn't going to let some old hag like his mother ruin that.

Katsuki noticed that the sun was setting quite fast. Knowing that he wasn't going to have a lot of time to get there before nightfall, he began to run to his father's apartment.


4691, 4692, Ah! 4693! Katsuki thought as he approached the door. The hike up the stairs made the ash blonde's calves feel like they were on fire, but he knew that it was all going to be worth it. Once he would see his father's face light up in joy, his pain would go away. He excitedly brought his hand up to the door and knocked gently on it.

No answer.

Odd. Katsuki thought. It was only 8 pm, so his father wouldn't have been sleeping yet. He knocked again, this time a little louder, thinking that his father didn't hear him.

However, once again, he received no answer.

Katsuki grew a little concerned. Had his mother given him the wrong address? Was it by accident? Or did she do it just to hurt the ash blonde? He reached out for the doorknob, knowing very well that the door was most likely locked, but figured that there was a slight possibility that the door was open. To his surprise, he turned the handle and the door opened. He took a step inside and took his shoes off, observing the house.

There had been some boxes scattered around the house's floor that had yet to be unpacked. Other than the boxes, the room was stripped bare of furniture. Katsuki felt confused, had his father just moved in? If so, he couldn't be sleeping as he had no furniture to lay on!

"D-Dad...?" Katsuki called out, walking further into the house. "It's me, Katsuki! I have some stuff I wanted to give you!"

He spotted a hallway, noticing that there was a light on in the last room. He figured that his father was there! Katsuki began to smile, he was so excited-

To step into a giant puddle of water. Katsuki groaned, looking down on the large puddle, his socks getting wet.

"Dad! You spilled a bunch of water on the ground! Do you have anything that I can clean it with?" He asked, looking around for any sign of his father.

He turned to his right, seeing that the water was coming from under the door. He knocked on the door, figuring that his dad fell asleep while taking a bath and it began to overflow. He pounded on the door with his fist, thinking that that would wake him up.


No answer.

He turned the knob and rushed inside, desperate to help his father out.

However, when he rushed inside (and almost slipped), he froze at what he saw, his face turning a sickly shade of white.

His father's bloated corpse was floating in the bathtub, the usually clear water was now a crimson red, the water flowed gently from the faucet, like it was a gentle stream on the perfect day. The water was spilling from the tub and onto the tiled floor. Masaru's head was slumped over on his shoulder. What caught Katsuki's eye were the sixteen large, deep slashes in his forearms, eight on the right arm and eight on his left.

Katsuki's eyes were as wide as dinner plates, the smile he once had in store for his father was long gone. He fell backwards, his rear hitting the wet, tiled floor, not caring if his pants got wet. He dropped the handle of the bag, and put two hands up to his mouth in horror. He felt the tears well in his eyes and as if something had possessed him, he began to sob. His father was dead and Katsuki couldn't help him. The stench of his father's corpse and the horror of seeing his father's corpse made the ash blonde want to vomit.

He reached a shaking hand out to his father's corpse, just to see if it was just one big hallucination. These thoughts were soon foiled as his fingers came into contact with his father's ice cold skin, which was turning into a sickly shade of grey. He stared into Masaru's brown, lifeless eyes which didn't stare back.

If his parents hadn't fought... his father would still be alive. If he had fought to be with his father, instead of leaving, his father would still be alive...

If Katsuki hadn't caused his parents to fight, none of this would've happened.

It was all his fault.

Chapter Text

"So my wife came up to me today, and began lecturing me about how eating a ton of rice was bad for me, that it would go straight to my thighs and how I need to be eating less," Fudoki said, sitting in his patrol car with his patrol partner Akira. "So I told her that when she works a thirteen-hour shift and has to run after criminals and villains, then she can tell me what I can and can't eat!"

"Damn, so just a normal argument then?" Akira asked, cracking a smile. "Maybe you should listen to her, maybe then you can catch me when we run!"

The two had been on patrol for a few hours and weren't off until seven AM. While most cops would dread a shift that long, these two loved it. They had been friends since they had applied to the police academy, so the long nights would give them the time to joke around and talk about their families.

Fudoki let out a small chuckle, playfully punching Akira's arm.

"Fuck you dude." He chuckled some more. "I can still keep up with you!"

"In your dreams pal. In your-" Akira was cut off by the loud crackling coming from their radio, indicating that dispatch was about to call through.

"To any officers in the area, a neighbor heard a kid crying on Pomegranate street and they suspect that the child is being abused. They say the guy living there hasn't come out in three days, so they assume he's been doing this for those three days. If you're close, could you check it out?" She said, her voice followed with some loud static, causing the two to cringe slightly.

Fudoki immediately picked his radio up off its hook and put it to his mouth, he knew that they were less than a block or two away and if someone was being abused, he wouldn't want them to suffer more because they didn't respond.

"Dispatch this is Unit forty-one, we're around a minute from the destination. What's the house number?"

"4693 on Pomegranate drive."

"Ten-four," Fudoki said, putting the Walkie-Talkie back on its hook. "Looks like this night is going to be brutal."

"Agreed," Akira said, pushing a button on the center console, which caused the red lights that were sitting on the roof of the car to flash. The familiar red lights flashed, illuminating the vehicle and everything in a forty-foot radius with red.

The two sped down the street, not stopping until they had to turn onto Pomegranate street.

"Hey, turn the lights off," Fudoki said, his green pupils darting side to side, trying to find the house number. "We don't want to let this guy know we're here if he is abusing his child. God knows what he'd do if he thinks the kid called."

Akira nodded as he switched off the lights, enshrouding the vehicle in darkness. The two began to look for the house number, squinting slightly, as their eyes weren't used to the sudden darkness. After a couple of minutes of searching though, Akira tapped Fudoki's shoulder, his eyes not leaving the street.

"Stop the car! I found it!"

Fudoki nodded, pulling into the driveway. He shut the car off, unlocked the doors, and climbed out, Akira following closely behind. They walked up to the front door (which was open), but chose not to enter, as they wanted to see if someone would answer. Fudoki knocked on the door with a balled-up fist.

"Sir? This is the Tokyo Police Department! Come to the door!" Fudoki called out, trying to make sure that whoever was inside could hear him. "We want to talk!"

Akira pressed his ear against the glass door, see if he could hear someone walking towards the door or any sign of someone present inside. However, to his horror, he didn't hear signs of them coming to the door.

The only thing he heard was a child wailing, that was muffled by the glass door.

"Dad... Please.... I'm so sorry that I caused you to do this..." The voice wailed, causing Akira's eyes to go wide. Was it possible that the man knew they were coming and was beating the kid as punishment for calling them?!

"Hey, Fudoki," Akira whispered, causing Fudoki to tilt his head towards the shorter male.


"I think he's beating the kid right now, I heard the kid saying that he was sorry!"

Fudoki's eyes went wide. He pounded on the door again, the glass looked as if it was going to break if Fudoki hit it one more time.

"Sir, this is your last chance to open the door or we will enter your home!"

To neither of their surprises, no one came to the door. Fudoki sighed and gripped the handle. He pulled it open, almost taking the door off its hinges. Akira dashed in but immediately stopped. The air smelled... Foul. Almost like if someone had taken a bunch of eggs and left them out for a week, causing them to spoil.

Fudoki scrunched his nose at the scent, while Akira gagged at the scent. Out of the two of them, Akria has the weaker stomach, not being able to handle such scents. Akira looked towards Fudoki with pleading eyes, almost like he was asking for Fudoki to take the smell away. However, due to previous incidents, Fudoki reached into his back pocket and picked out a box of Vicks vapor rub. He opened the box and handed Akira the tube. Akira snatched it out of Fudoki's hand, applied a tiny amount to his fingertip, and put it under his nose. He took a deep breath, unconsciously smiling at the scent of lavender.

"Thanks." He said, handing Fudoki the tube, to which he applied the rub to his nose too.

"No problem. You take the bathroom and bedroom and I'll cover the kitchen, the living room, and dining room, ok?"

"Sounds good to me," Akira said as he began to walk down the hallway, checking the bedroom. "This is the police department, if there is anyone inside, make yourself known!"

The muffled crying he had once heard from the door had seemed to have gotten louder, coming from the bathroom door. He sighed, opening the bathroom door. His eyes widened at the sight. There, sitting in a puddle of water was a fourteen-year-old boy, his knees tucked against his chest. His ruby eyes looked towards the bathtub, Akira's eyes almost as if they took a mind of its own glanced towards the tub, even though they knew what was sitting there. There lay what Akira presumed to be the boy's father, his body already in the early stages of decomposition. Although he had the Vicks on, the scent seemed to barge through into Akira's nostrils.

However, he couldn't pay attention to the body, for now, he needed to tackle the current issue.

"Hey kid," Akira asked, trying to look through the Katsuki's blonde hair and into his ruby eyes. "Are you ok? Are you hurt?"

Katsuki shook his head.

"Of course I'm not f-fucking okay!" Katsuki said as he choked back a sob. "I'm looking at my dad's corpse! How is that okay?! It's my fault he killed himself! If I had been a better child, none of this would have ever happened!"

Akira cringed at how the ash-blonde degraded himself. He had never been in his situation before, but from what he could see, it didn't feel good. If Akira could, he would wrap the boy up in a giant hug, almost like he was one of his own kids. However, this small train of thought was cut off by the boy sobbing, his small frame trembling. Akira knew that he had to do something in order to calm this kid down, as he could start hurting himself because of what he thought he caused. He crouched down to the boy's level.

"I apologize for your loss," Akira said, putting a hand on his Katsuki's shoulder, gripping his T-shirt slightly. "But I can assure you that this isn't your fault. What your father did was his decision, not yours."

Katsuki looked up to Akira, tears welling his eyes. He desperately wanted to believe that Akira was telling the truth but for some reason, he just couldn't believe him. Katsuki knew that it was because of him that his father was dead. If he didn't cause his parents to fight, then his father would be alive. Hell, he should have been the one that-

"Hey!" Akira said, snapping Katsuki out of his trance. "Let's get you out of here. We can take you to the car and we can call your mom to come to get you."

Akira stood up from where he was crouching and stuck his hand out to help Katsuki stand up. Katsuki eyed Akira's gloved hand nervously, before hesitantly grabbing it, pulling him back to his feet. He felt the water drip from his pants and onto the ground. He put an arm up to his eyes in order to block his sight from seeing the body of his father. They walked out of the house and into the dark night.

Akira glanced over to Fudoki as he was walking Katsuki out, causing Fudoki to glance back.

"Don't worry. I already called for an ambulance." He mouthed.

Akira smiled.

"Thanks. Be sure to call his mom too."

Fudoki nodded as Akira shut the door behind him and set Katsuki in the back of his cruiser. As soon as Katsuki was seated in the seat, he curled his legs back to his chest, reclaiming the form of a ball. The air was eerily silent, other than the sounds of Katsuki's sobs. Akira sighed slightly, feeling pity for the ash blonde. No child deserved this, to see their own mother or father in that type of state, to see them completely drained of life and dead due to their own doing. He knew that any child that did witness such an act would need a lot of therapy. To deal with the nightmares and the grief would often be too much for a child to handle. He made a note to himself to recommend a therapist to his mother as soon as she came. For now, as the two waited for the ambulance to come, Akira decided to make a little small talk, as it would pass the time along with taking Katsuki's mind off of seeing his father.

"So, what is your name?" Akira asked softly, not wanting to startle him. He hoped that the boy would want to talk to him.

"K-Katsuki..." Katsuki murmured, not even bothering to lift his head from his knees, causing his answer to be muffled. "I'm Katsuki Bakugou..."

"That is a cool name!" Akira smiled. "I'm Akira Takahashi! But you can just call me Akira! How old are you?"

"F-Fourteen..." He said, sniffling softly.

"That's nice! What do you plan to do now that you've graduated middle school?"

Katsuki sniffled, his ruby orbs looked into Akira's bright, amber eyes. His eyes were rimmed with tears, a small hint of red began to form due to the amount of tears he had produced. The whole scene ripped a hole in Akira's heart, the father side in him wanted to scoop Katsuki up and tell him that it was going to be ok, that he was going to be safe. These thoughts were once again cut off by Katsuki's soft voice.

"I was planning to go to UA..."

"UA? That's a pretty hard school to get in!" Akira said, cocking an eyebrow. "You must have a lot of confidence in yourself to apply!"

"Yeah..." Katsuki mumbled, nodding his head.

Akira opened his mouth to ask another question but was cut off by the wailing sirens of an ambulance rushing to where they were at. Two paramedics jumped out of the back and gently pulled out a stretcher, a large, black body bag sat neatly on it. Thankfully, Fudoki went up to the two and directed them to where Masaru's body was so that Akira could stay with Katsuki and make sure he was ok. However, a few seconds after the paramedics arrived, a light brown sedan pulled up to the curb calmly. A lady, who Akira assumed to be Katsuki's mom, stepped out of the car and made a beeline for Akira.

"Hello ma'am," Akira said. "Are you the boy's mother?"

"That's correct. What did my son do to get the cops called here?" She asked, glaring at her son.

"I didn't do anything mom..." Katsuki mumbled, not even bothering to look at her.

"He's right. He did nothing wrong. His father had committed suicide and Katsuki had found his body."

"He's dead?"

"That is correct, but I wouldn't be worrying about that. I'd worry about your child, as this incident probably traumatized him. I'd recommend getting him some grief counseling or therapy."

She rolled her eyes.

"Katsuki won't be needing that. He's going to be going to UA high school! Getting him therapy would only slow his progress down. Come on Katsuki, we have to get home."

Akira opened his mouth to argue with Mitsuki, but she had already begun to walk away, leaving her son in the cruiser. Katsuki stood up, his head hanging in shame. He turned around to follow his mother, only to feel Akira's hand gripping his shoulder.

"Hey... Katsuki." Akira said, turning the ash blonde so that he could face him. "Here's my card. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm open anytime every day."

Katsuki gently grabbed the card out of his hand, his ruby eyes glancing over the information. It wasn't much, just Akira's full name and phone number along with the location of his station.

"Thank you..." Katsuki said, giving the officer a small smile.

Akira returned the smile with a smile of his own, finally releasing his shoulder.

"It's no problem Katsuki. Have a good night."

And with that, Katsuki went back to his mother, who began to drive back to the house.


The drive had been silent, Katsuki had tried to stop himself from crying, but he couldn't help but cry. After all, it was his fault, no matter what anyone told him.

"You're not going to that funeral," Mitsuki said coldly, not even taking her eyes off the road. "It will only take your focus off of being a hero."

Katsuki looked up to his mother, his eyes filling with a burning rage. Who was she to tell him that he couldn't go to his father's funeral?! It wasn't like it was a friend's family member, this was his father! The one person that actually cared about who he was, not because of his explosive quirk, but for his personality, (when he wasn't being an asshole). Whenever Katsuki felt nervous or scared, Masaru would would always be there to help him and tell him that there was nothing to be afraid of!

But because of him, he doesn't have those precious memories anymore.

Because of him, he had lost his father.

It was because of him, he would never be able to say goodbye.

Besides, it wasn't like he deserved to say goodbye to the person he caused to commit suicide.

Chapter Text

Katsuki laid on his side in his bed, practically smothered by blankets, the tears still rolling down his eyes. It had been a week since his father passed and he couldn't bear to show his face to the world. The only time he would get out of bed was when he grew hungry or had to use the bathroom. However, Mitsuki was a polar opposite of Katsuki. She had already begun looking for another man, often going to apps like Tinder to find a guy to hook up with. It made Katsuki angry. How could his mother just move on like that?! She loved him for over fourteen years yet she would just throw all of his love away like it was nothing? Katsuki felt as if Mitsuki stopped caring about Masaru and him a long time ago. Come to think of it, why did Mitsuki even fight for him? She didn't treat Katsuki like a normal parent would. Did she only fight for him to spite his father? He wouldn't put it past her, but a part of him wanted to believe that she genuinely wanted to have Katsuki. These thoughts were cut off by Mitsuki barging into Katsuki's room. He didn't even have to look up to see that she was glaring at him frustrated with the ash blonde's state.

"Are you ever going to get up Katsuki?!" Mitsuki asked, looming over Katsuki's covered body. "You've been lying there for a week!"

Katsuki groaned a little, turning to his side. He wasn't in the mood to be talking to anyone. He just wanted to be by himself. However, Mitsuki wasn't with her son's willingness to ignore her.

"God, will you just get over this already?!" She grumbled, going over to his window and ripping the shades open, allowing the bright sunlight to intrude Katsuki's room. Katsuki groaned at the sudden brightness, tugging his blanket over his face, blocking the light out. However, Mitsuki ripped the blanket off of him and stood over his body. "All you've done was lay there and be sad for the past week!"

Katsuki groaned again, putting his hands up to his face.

"It's hard mom..." Katsuki mumbled. "It's hard to not be sad when it's my fault that my dad died..."

Mitsuki rolled her eyes.

"Oh, will you just get over that already?! Your father is dead because he was a coward and couldn't handle not getting what he wanted."

Katsuki felt hot tears well in his eyes, as his mother's words ripped into his now-deceased father. He desperately wanted to argue with her, to tell her that the lies she was saying were false, that his father was a good man that had been broken. However, when he opened his mouth, a lump formed in his throat, stopping him from talking. He shut his eyes, the combination of not wanting to look towards his mother and not wanting to show anyone his weak side took over his body. However, the desperate urge to sob had come barreling through the walls he had set up to hide his feelings of sadness. He felt his entire body tremble as he curled into a ball and sobbed even louder than when he had discovered his father's corpse. His mother just scoffed, annoyed by her son's childish behavior.

"God, I will not talk to you when you're acting like a child. I'm going to the store. Do you want anything?"

Katsuki didn't answer. He sobbed instead, hugging his knees to his chest.

"Fine. Be that way. But when I get back, all this sad shit better be fixed by the time I get back. Got it?"

Katsuki only nodded and with that, Mitsuki left her son. In Mitsuki's eyes, she was leaving to take a break from her child. However, in Katsuki's eyes, it was like Mitsuki had dropped in the middle of an endless ocean which was once dry, but after his parents had split up, that large space soon filled up with his tears, leaving him stranded. As the incidents with his father got worse, Katsuki felt weight grow on his waist and it pulled him down. However, Katsuki knew that if he had let the ocean take him, his father would be disappointed in him. So he fought. He kicked and thrashed in the water so he could stay afloat. He just wanted all of this to end, the sadness, the self-blame, his mother being rude to him, he wanted- no, needed this to end. Otherwise, Katsuki would count the days before he sank. But he wasn't sure how far he could keep staying afloat.

He threw the covers off of him and sat up. His mother was right, he had to get up. He let his feet dangle off the bed, making sure he got used to the cold, hardwood floor. Once he had felt that he was used to the cold, he stood up. He yawned, wiping away the tears he had once shed when his mother was present. He headed over to the bathroom and saw himself in the mirror. His hair was all over the place, making it look disheveled. His eyes were a bright red, which had dark bags under his eyes. He sighed, taking his eyes off of his reflection. He wiped his eyes again, knowing that he would get called a child again for crying. If he had a choice, Katsuki would be in bed until the day he dies, sobbing his eyes out. However, Katsuki knew that if Mitsuki saw him crying, she would scold him about how he needed to act his age. He knew that crying was a good way to release his emotional pain. Now he needed to find a different way.

That's when his eyes came across an alternative.

Sitting on top of the porcelain sink was a small shaving razor. One that he was supposed to use when he had grown facial hair. One that his father had planned to teach him to use, before he and Mitsuki divorced... He had heard stories about how the physical pain of cutting would take away the emotional pain. Better yet, it was an alternative outlet for his emotional pain instead of being a baby. He wondered how much it would hurt him. He wondered how he could cover the marks up. He probably couldn't wear short sleeves anymore if he cut himself. He picked up the razor, feeling the hard plastic in his hand. However, after a few seconds, he set down the razor. He couldn't cut himself now. What if his mom walked in on him? He shuddered at the thought of her walking in on him holding a razor to his skin as the warm, crimson liquid spilled out of his fresh wounds. He could imagine the scolding he'd receive from her and how she better not catch him doing it again or he'll be sorry. Maybe when she was asleep, he would do it. However, he focused on going downstairs, looking for some food. He would probably eat lunch about now and then watch some TV.




Mitsuki strolled through the shop, her cart almost filled to the brim with food and clothes. Life had been good to her ever since she left her husband. It was almost like she had been set free, like a bird being released from its cage, she could finally spread her wings again. However, she wasn't expecting Masaru to do what he did when he found out Katsuki would not be in his custody. She didn't care though, at least he wouldn't be bothering her about visiting Katsuki over the holiday season. Mitsuki was a little disappointed though, her getaway would soon end as she had found all the items she needed and would have to go home and deal with her child again. Maybe she would purchase a couple of snacks at the register, rent a couple of movies and lock herself in her bedroom for the night. Hell, she could even scroll through Tinder and try to hook up with someone.

However, as she was planning her night, she failed to stop her cart from colliding with another cart, which belonged to a man who was holding a jar of pickles, his eyes drawn to the label. The cart bumped into the front of the stranger's cart, causing it to go back and bump the man in the leg. Due to the man being so focused on the jar, the sudden bump startled him, causing him to drop the jar. The jar stood no chance against the tiled floor, shattering as soon as it hit the ground. The combination of pickles, broken glass, and vinegar coated the floor, causing the floor to become slippery.

Mitsuki felt awful, knowing that if she hadn't been spacing off, she would have never hit the cart and caused such a mess. She knew that the poor guy would have to pay for the broken jar. She would not let him pay for it though since she was the one at fault. She just hoped that the man would accept her token of apology.

"I am so sorry, sir! I wasn't paying attention to where I was going! Are you ok?!"

The man sighed, wiping the vinegar off his hands on his shirt. He glanced down at Mitsuki. He was around six foot six and at least two hundred and seventy-five pounds. The man had bright, blue eyes, ones that reminded her of the beach. He had long, charcoal black hair that was tied in a bun. However, as soon as he saw Mitsuki, his eyes went wide.

"Oh my god, Mitsuki?" The man quizzically asked.

"Yes? That's me. How do you know my name?" Mitsuki hesitantly asked, a bit creeped out that a random stranger knew her name.

"You don't remember me?" The man asked, pointing to his chest. "It's me, Jason! You know, from high school?"

Mitsuki's eyes went wide. The stranger she had bumped into was Jason?! She and Jason were best buddies in high school, always finding some way to cause trouble. It was almost like they had felt love for each other. However, before they could confess their feelings, Jason had to move away. His father (who had been born quirkless) was in the navy so that if, god forbid, his son had been born quirkless, he could protect himself and his son from any villains or criminals. He had been deployed in Japan for eighteen years to protect the country. However, when Mitsuki and Jason were seniors, Jason's father had retired from the navy and brought his son back to the United States when Jason was seventeen. Mitsuki remembered being heartbroken that her partner in crime would move away and would probably never contact her again. As the years passed though, she got over it, but still kept a small area in her mind clear for him.

"Oh my god, Jason?!" Mitsuki said as a large smile formed on her cheeks. "It's been so long since we talked! How have you been?"

Jason smiled.

"I'm doing great, I'm glad that I'm back in Japan!"

"That's good to hear! I'm sorry about what happened just now! I'll cover the cost of it."

Jason shook his head.

"No, don't worry about it."

"No! I insist that I pay for it!" She said, opening her purse up, sticking her hand in it to find some money. After a second or two, she handed Jason a small stack of yen.

"It's fine, really!" He said with a chuckle. "I don't mind!"

She huffed slightly, giving the taller male a playful glare. She pushed the money into Jason's chest, determined to make sure he accepted the fact that she would pay.

"You will accept my money whether you like it or not!"

"Ok, ok, you win!" Jason laughed, raising his hands up in defeat. He gently grabbed the money from Mitsuki's hands and stuffed it in his pocket. "I'll accept your payment on one condition."

Mitsuki raised an eyebrow. One condition? What was he going to make her do? Or was he going to ask for more money?

"You free this evening?" He interrupted her thought process.

"Uh... Yeah!" She said, her smile returning to her face. "I'm free! Why do you ask?"

"Well, I was thinking I could take you out for a drink or two. So we could... I don't know, catch up?" He sheepishly asked, a small blush emerging on his cheeks.

Mitsuki's eyes widened. Was he asking her out on a date?! She felt as if this was all just one big dream, almost reaching up to her arm and pinch her shoulder to make sure. However, she didn't do so, just in case this wasn't a dream, she wouldn't embarrass herself in front of her friend. Mitsuki scrambled through her cluttered mind, trying to come up with a coherent answer.

"I- um- Fuck!" She shouted unintentionally, immediately slapping a hand over her mouth. "I'd love to!"

Jason smiled his usual soft smile.

"Awesome! You want to meet at the Izakaya bar in Tokyo at seven today?"

Mitsuki smiled. "Sure!"

"All right. See you then!" Jason waved as he walked over to the register, paid for his items (and the broken pickle jar), and left the store.

Mitsuki let out a happy sigh, her smile stayed on her face unwavering. She couldn't believe it! A date with her best friend! Who knows? Maybe she and Jason could be more than friends and form the perfect couple! She would be esthetic if that were to occur, as she would love spending all of her time with Jason then waste her time with that pathetic excuse of a man named Masaru. However, she couldn't think about that right now.

She had a date to prepare for.

Chapter Text

(Two hours later)

Mitsuki stood in front of the mirror, applying the last bit of lipstick to her lips. She had about a half-hour to spare but didn't want to risk the chance of being late. She would be lying if she said she wasn't nervous. What if he didn't show up? What if she couldn't find the bar?!

"Oi." A voice cut off her panicking thoughts. She turned around to see her son, who had changed into a T-shirt with a pair of light blue jeans, leaning on the doorframe. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Like it's your business!" Mitsuki huffed, grabbing her purse. "But if you desire to know, I'm going on a date."

Katsuki frowned. His mother was going on a date?! It hadn't even been two weeks since they split up, yet she was already trying to find someone to have 'fun' with?! He felt his anger boil deep inside of him, his hands beginning to tremble slightly from anger. However, he hid this by clenching his fists. He felt as if his body had been heating for quite some time, like a kettle that had been sitting on a stovetop for too long. A few droplets of sweat rolled down his forehead. A small piece of him felt envious of his mother, as she could get over such a sad moment so easily. However, the rest of him loathed his mother, as she could throw fifteen good years with a man she supposedly loved away like it was a piece of trash. He wanted to yell at his mother, to shout, to curse, anyway that he could get the anger out of his system. But he knew that he couldn't do that, as he would only receive a smack to the back of his head, which would make the ash-blonde even angrier. He let out quick, heavy breaths as an attempt to push back the anger. He glared at his mom, his glare so strong that it could practically stab her.

"What the hell is that look for?!" She sharply asked, returning Katsuki's glare with one of her own.
Katsuki said nothing. Instead, he stomped off, his footsteps booming loudly inside the house.
Jeez. Mitsuki thought as she walked downstairs. What the hell was her son's problem? Was she not allowed to be happy? She sighed before opening the door. She shouldn't worry about her son being an asshole to her. She had way better things to do than that. Hell, maybe if she was lucky, she wouldn't be going to bed alone tonight!

She smiled at the thought as she grabbed her keys and headed towards the bar.




Mitsuki pulled up to the bar, awestruck by its looks. It wasn't as big as she had thought it was. Instead, it had seemed to be a small building, almost the size of the grocery store that she had been to that day. However, it was lit up with many lights, from neon red to white, almost making it look like a Christmas tree. The thing that caught her eye though, was the fact that it was in Tokyo, yet there were only a few people there. Maybe she could go here often to avoid being home with her crybaby son.

She pulled into a parking space and set it into park. She debated whether to get out of the car and get a table or just wait for Jason, as she had arrived five minutes early. However, just as she had made herself comfortable in her car, she saw Jason walking towards the entrance. She got out of the vehicle and made a beeline over to her friend.

"Hey!" Mitsuki smiled, waving to the ravenette. "I'm here!"

"I can see that." Jason chuckled.

"Did you drive here? Where's your car?" Mitsuki quizzically asked, looking around to see if Jason had a car.

"No. I walked there. It's a few minutes from my apartment!"

"Oh!" Mitsuki said, walking towards the entrance, hoping that Jason would follow. "Come on! We have to catch up!"


"So," Mitsuki started, taking a swig from her Bloody Mary. "What have you been doing ever since you left?"

"Not much," Jason replied, taking a slight sip from his water. "My dad tried to get me in the military, but I chose not to. He got pissed off at me, saying that I need to learn how to fight and that I was just being scared. I left that place and back to Tokyo because I don't deserve that kind of treatment. What about you?"

"I got married. He was an asshole, though. We were married for fifteen years and had a kid. He's fourteen." Mitsuki said, taking another swig. "My husband is out of the picture now. I divorced his ass and kicked him out, and the fucker slit his wrists when he found out his son would not be staying with him. So now I'm just living with my son now. If I knew that he was just going to lie in his bed all day like some baby, I would have never fought for him."
Jason's eyes widened. He wasn't expecting such an answer from his friend.
"Damn... I'm sorry to hear about that." He said. "You have a kid though? What's his name?"

"His name is Katsuki Bakugou," Mitsuki said, finishing her glass. "Say, enough about him, you haven't even had a drink yet! What kind of alcohol do you like?"

"Hm? Oh, no I don't feel like drinking. I might have to drive you home if you keep guzzling Bloody Mary's like that." Jason said, pointing to the already empty glass. "I didn't know you were a fan of the heat!"

Mitsuki laughed. "Ha Ha. Hilarious. Last time I checked, you still have the record for the most Sake shots in an hour."

"Really?!" Jason's eyes glowed slightly. "I would have thought someone in our friend group would have broken that record!"

"Nope! Eight shots of Sake is still the record!" Mitsuki said, spotting a waitress behind her. "Oi! Another Bloody Mary, please!"

The waitress nodded and went over to make the drink.
"Say, when was the last time we had a drink together?"
"I think the night before you left!"

"Damn. So over twenty years?" Jason said, taking another sip of water. "However did you manage without me?"

"I still party, just not as much," Mitsuki said, seeing the waitress coming back over with her Bloody Mary.

"I see," Jason said, looking over to the waitress. "Oh, fuck it, a drink or two couldn't hurt to have."

Mitsuki's eyes lit up.

"That's the spirit! What do you want to drink?"

Jason looked up to the approaching waitress who had Mitsuki's second Bloody Mary in her hands.
"Could I have a Jack and Coke on the rocks, please?"

"Sure thing! The waitress chirped, setting Mitsuki's drink on a napkin before going back to the bar.

After only a few seconds, the waitress returned, holding a small glass of Jack Daniels and Coca Cola. She set the glass down gently in front of Jason, making sure that there was a napkin to catch the moisture.

"Thank you, ma'am."

The waitress smiled.

"It's no problem! Call me if you need any more drinks!" She said, heading back to the bar.

Mitsuki smiled softly and raised her drink in the air.

"Hey, let's make a toast to our undying friendship and hopefully much more."

Jason smiled.

"To friendship."


(An hour later)

The bar was filled to the brim with the high pitched and deep pitched laughter of Mitsuki and Jason. The two had been drinking alcohol nonstop for the past hour. The two were drunk. Jason had done his best to contain his laughter in order for the other customers to not be disturbed, but Jason still let out a few quiet snickers. Meanwhile, Mitsuki did not keep her laughter in, her earsplitting shrieks of laughter echoing throughout the bar, making everyone inside the bar give the pair odd looks. However, the duo didn't care, as they were having too good of a time to notice. The thing they were laughing about? Jason had revealed the fact that he was no longer a virgin and Mitsuki could not believe it.

"There is-" She hiccuped mid sentence. "No fucking way that you aren't a virgin! The last time I saw you, you were.. You were an antisocial kid who couldn't even say hello to someone!"

"I'm telling you!" He giggled. "I'm not a.. I'm not a virgin! I lost it like... Hmm..."

Mitsuki began to drunkenly laugh as Jason counted on his fingers. The sight of her best friend, who had been a smart kid back in high school, having to resort to a method that a kindergartner would use amused her. Despite the humor she felt watching Jason, she could feel another feeling brewing in her body. Almost instantly, she had recognized the feeling.

She had feelings for Jason. Not as a friend like throughout high school, but as a lover. She had a hunch that Jason felt the same way, but the liquor covered up the telltale signs. However, the last time she felt this feeling with him, he left before she had the chance to confess. She would not let that happen a second time. For once, she would be -

"Fourteen years!" Jason shouted unintentionally, slamming his hands against the table. "I haven't been a virgin for.. for fourteen years!"

"Oh y-yeah?" Mitsuki asked, the alcohol preventing her from producing a coherent sentence. She was a little annoyed that her little fantasy of who she hoped would get together with her was interrupted, but she set it aside. "Who was it then?"

"Fuck if I know," He laughed. "We were only married for a week. But she got... Oh, what's the word... Pregnant during that week!"

"Oh? Does the child know that you're their father?"

Jason shook his head.

"Nope. Since I left while he was in the womb, his mom just wanted to have his stepfather be his actual dad. I still visit, but I am just an 'uncle'."

"Damn, that must be rough seeing your child raised by another man. What's his name?"

"I believe they named him Natsumiki. But I could be wrong."

Mitsuki raised an eyebrow. That name sounded familiar to her, but it probably was just a coincidence. She would not distract herself with that. She took another sip from her Bloody Mary, pondering about how she would go about confessing. After a minute of coming up with nothing and noticing that an eerie silence had risen between them, she had decided to just wing it.

"Soooo..." Mitsuki said, twirling her straw in her drink as a faint blush formed on her cheeks. "There is something I must confess to you."

"Hmm?" Jason asked, his bright, blue eyes staring into Mitsuki's red eyes as he took another sip from his drink. "What is it?"

"I... I love you Jason... I've loved you for so long... But I never got the chance to tell you..." Mitsuki said, her eyes batting down to the table as her blush darkened. She couldn't believe that this was happening! She was confessing her love to Jason! However, she couldn't bring herself to look into Jason's eyes. What if he rejected her? What if she just ruined their friendship?!

"Hey, Mitsuki." Jason said as he reached across the table and tilted her chin up so she could look at him. "What is wrong?"

She sighed, knowing that she had ruined her friendship.

"I did something stupid... I don't even know why I did it... it probably just ruined our friendship..." She didn't want to say that to Jason, for it would probably make him feel awful. She closed her eyes, making sure she wouldn't have to see Jason's reaction.
She braced herself for Jason's reaction. Knowing her luck, he would probably laugh at her and reject her in front of everyone. She felt a wave of nausea travel through her body, but she couldn't tell if it was because of the alcohol or the anxiety of Jason's answer slowly rising in her body. She took another sip from her drink, hoping that the alcohol would calm her nerves more than they already were.

To her surprise, Jason did not laugh like she thought he would. Instead, she heard nothing come from her childhood best friend. That was until she felt something soft touch her lips. She opened her eyes to see what was touching her, only to see Jason in front of her, lips connected with hers. Her ruby eyes shot wide open, not expecting for Jason to kiss her. As he kissed her, she could feel her entire mind crash. This was happening. She couldn't believe it! The connection between them had finally been filled! She hoped that the kiss would continue into a more passionate kiss and then they could have a little fun in her bedroom. She felt Jason's tongue enter her mouth, his tongue exploring every nook and cranny in Mitsuki's mouth. Mitsuki let out a small, high-pitched moan as her tongue battled Jason's, doing her best to win the battle and enter Jason's mouth. However, Mitsuki's tongue was no match for Jasons, his tongue pinning hers down as he continued to explore. The way Jason kissed her and how he slipped his tongue in so easily made Mitsuki feel a different feeling.

She could feel herself getting aroused from how rough Jason was with kissing. Almost instantly, her mind wandered, wondering about what Jason would do to her. She wondered if he had a small cock or a big one. God, she really hoped that he was big, as she had already had to deal with Masaru's small cock for over fourteen years. She hoped that Jason would be the opposite of Masaru. Whenever she and Masaru had sex, he would go as slow as a snail. She figured that Masaru was teasing her by going slow and quickening his pace to catch her off guard, but that never came. Whenever Masaru has sex with her, it would always end with him finishing first, while Mitsuki was nowhere near climaxing. In order for her to be satisfied after these sessions, she would usually resort to one of her special 'toys' to help her climax.
If she was lucky tonight, she would never have to use those toys ever again. She hoped that Jason would plow her in the bedsheets, so hard that she would have trouble walking the next day.

Eventually, she and Jason separated for air. Their breath hit each other in the face, reeking of alcohol, but they didn't care.

"That... was the best fucking kiss I've ever had." Jason panted, adding a small smirk. "I've felt the same way about you ever since we were kids. I wanted to tell you I loved you for so long, that i wanted to treat you like the princess you deserved to be. I was going to tell you the night before I left, but I got too nervous."

Mitsuki raised an eyebrow.

"That's why you were so nervous?!"

She remembered on Jason's final day in Japan, when they had snuck out for the last time together, he seemed a lot more nervous than his usual self. Had she been that ignorant? God, she could remember it like it was yesterday. She remembered how they spent a portion of the night on the hood of Jason's car and drank booze that he had somehow persuaded someone to buy for him. She remembered how they listened to one of Jason's tapes that he received from his dad from when he used to live in the states and stare up into the moonlight.




(January 29th, 1999)

Jason sat patiently in his car, the engine rumbling quietly as it idly sat next to the curb. He checked his watch.The clock read ten forty-five PM. He let out a quiet sigh. He only had two minutes left before Mitsuki could sneak out. A part of him was nervous and hoped that Mitsuki would forget the time she planned to meet up with him. However, the other part of him knew that it was necessary that she came, as it was his last day in Japan. He knew that she would be heartbroken, that her best friend of four years would leave her and would probably never see him again. He hated being the harbinger of bad news, but she deserved to know. Jason was grateful though for the time they had spent together. He was grateful that Mitsuki chose him as a friend. He was more of a loner in class and the scapegoat for class bullies, while Mitsuki was the star volleyball player and your average popular girl in high school. He knew that when Mitsuki asked to be her friend, she would risk her status in high school, so he declined it. However, Mitsuki was a girl that wouldn't accept no as an answer and eventually persuaded him into being her friend. He remembered the parties Mitsuki used to throw, whether it was after homecoming or for one of her friends' birthdays, or just for fun, he and Mitsuki would always have fun, often incorporating alcohol in the party.

He sighed again. He would miss those memories. Maybe when he was older, he could move back to Japan and be with Mitsuki for the rest of their lives!
His thoughts were cut off as he heard the familiar thud on the grass. He looked up and saw Mitsuki running out to his car, her short, bright red school skirt bouncing as she ran. He smiled at the sight of her, as her usual, white button-up shirt flowed gently in the wind. God, the sight of her almost made him forget that it was his final day in Japan. Once Mitsuki got over to the side of Jason's car, she stuck her head in to greet her best friend. Her usual sweet smile beamed brightly in the moonlight.

"Hey Jason!" She whispered, opening up the passenger door. "Sorry if I kept you waiting!"

"It's fine! I got here late, like around ten-thirty? I'm surprised your dad didn't spot me from out there!" Jason laughed, taking the car out of park and starting his journey down the road.

"Yeah, the old man can't see shit without his glasses! I could have walked out of the house through the front door and he wouldn't be able to spot me!" Mitsuki snickered, looking towards the black haired male with a smirk. "So, where are we going that you begged me to come with to?"

Jason sighed.

"We are going to the White Cliffs."


"So, Jason," Mitsuki said, diving back into Jason's back seat. "What are we going to do at the White Cliffs?"

Jason pulled up near the edge of the cliffs, making sure that he was at a far enough distance from falling off the cliff, but was close enough to see the beautiful view. He set the vehicle in park and reached over to the passenger side, digging through the glove compartment, pulling out a couple cassette tapes.

"Oh, you know," Jason said, opening up his door. "The usual. I just wanted to drink and talk if that's okay."

"You won me over at drinking!" She smiled. "What kind of alcohol did you bring?"

"The good stuff!" He exclaimed, popping open his trunk, revealing a couple small bottles. "One of my dad's friends kids from the states shipped over four or five bottles of different alcohol! We have vodka, rum, bourbon, whiskey and gin! Pick your poison!"

"Get me a bottle of rum!" Mitsuki said, climbing out of Jason's car. "Are we sitting on the front of your car? Or are we just sitting on the edge of the cliff?"

Jason nodded.

"Unless you want to risk falling to your death while you're drunk, we drink on the top of my car. The last thing I want to witness is my best friend falling to her death. Here, catch." He said, tossing the ash blonde a bottle of rum.

Mitsuki caught the bottle in her hands, but to Mitsuki's disappointment, the bottle was no bigger than a bottle of hand soap, much unlike the usual bottles they would drink at their parties, which contained more alcohol than they could ever imagine. She groaned slightly.

"That's it?" She asked as she hopped up onto the hood. "That is a small bottle! Why didn't you get the bigger bottles?"

"Because," Jason started, closing the trunk and joining Mitsuki on the hood. "We still have to drive home and the last time we got drunk, I almost crashed! I know that we won't get as drunk as we usually do, but it'll still be fun!"

Mitsuki cracked open her bottle, trying her best not to spill the precious liquid. However, before she could take a sip, it was almost like her eyes were forcefully pulled off her bottle and towards Jason's hand. She wondered what he was holding, for it seemed to take his attention off of everything, almost like it was his entire world, and if he lost it, his entire world would end. The item seemed so familiar to Mitsuki, but she didn't know off the top of her head.

"Hey, are those cassette tapes?" Mitsuki asked, finally breaking the silence.

"Hmm?" He looked down to his hand. "Oh yeah! My dad let me borrow them! They are a bunch of seventies songs that he used to have in the states!"

"Really? Which ones?"

"Hmm," Jason mumbled, flipping the tapes over to see the names, which were written in thick, black sharpie. "I have Hotel California by Eagles, Piano Man by Billy Joel, Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock You by Queen, and Staying Alive by the Bee Gees."

"Oh. I will not lie, those sound lame as hell." She chuckled. "Couldn't your dad have given you music like The Backstreet Boys?"

"I don't know, he says that they were good, so I borrowed them. You want me to play them?"

"Maybe on the way back, Jason." Mitsuki said, looking out on the cliff. "I don't want to take the risk of someone I know seeing me. Let's just drink!"

Jason grinned, opening the bottle of bourbon that he had gotten from his trunk. He raised his bottle towards Mitsuki. Almost immediately, Mitsuki raised her glass, clinking her glass with Jason's.

"Bottoms up!" She grinned, bringing the bottle's neck to her lips, guzzling the liquid. She cringed slightly. The burning alcohol singed the back of her throat and the roof of her mouth. However, she seemed to taste something... Sweet. The burning liquid was overpowered by a sugary taste, causing her eyes to glow at the taste of toasted sugar. She continued to sip the liquid, savoring the sweetness. Knowing her luck, this would give her a major sugar rush and she wouldn't be able to go to sleep for the rest of the night. She didn't care though, as she didn't have to worry about volleyball season anymore. God, she loved volleyball, and she was sad that her final season was over. Yet, she felt a giddiness run through her body. She could finally do whatever she wanted now and not worry about the consequences! She didn't have to worry about sneaking out too late, mainly because she had to get up for volleyball at five AM. She didn't have to worry about someone from her school seeing her, rat her out to the principal and cause him to give her a season long suspension. That would be bad for the team though, as Mitsuki was their star player and if she got suspended, the team would fail. But now none of those worries affected her anymore. She could finally be free to do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and wherever she wanted. However, in her thoughts of being free, she had guzzled all the alcohol in the bottle.

Jason stared at Mitsuki, his eyes as wide as dinner plates.

"How the hell did you drink all of that?!" He chuckled, still holding the full bottle of bourbon. "I didn't even get a sip of my drink! You just guzzled all of that!"

"It was sweet! I didn't really feel any burning like with the booze in Japan." Mitsuki shrugged.

Jason rolled his eyes, a small smirk emerging on his face.

"Maybe you're just used to booze, or it's just weak booze."

Mitsuki let out a dramatic gasp, smacking him playfully on his shoulder.

"You calling me a sissy?! I can handle strong booze!" She giggled. "Take your sip and see if it is weak!"

"Hmph. Challenge accepted." He huffed, bringing his bottle to his lips, taking a swig of the American drink. From what his friend had told him, bourbon tasted like fresh caramel, with a slight hint of vanilla. However, right as the booze hit his tongue, he immediately felt the burning sensation coat the back of his throat. The taste that his friend had told him about seemed to be nonexistent. It felt like his mouth had been full of gasoline and someone had thrown a match in, setting it ablaze. He almost spat the drink out. However, he knew that he couldn't do that, knowing that he would never hear the end of it from Mitsuki. He swallowed the liquid quickly, letting out a loud fit of coughing. He clutched his chest, feeling small tears well in his eyes as the fiery liquid went to his belly. However, as he was coughing, he could hear a familiar noise to his right. He looked to his right, seeing Mitsuki laughing up a storm, laying back on his windshield.

"OH MY GOD!!!" She shouted, snickering towards Jason. "That was the funniest thing I've ever seen! I thought you got better with alcohol!"

"My fucking friend lied to me," He grumbled, wiping his mouth clean of alcohol with his sleeve. "He said it would not be that strong, that it had a caramel and vanilla taste to it."

"Maybe he was wrong?"

"I guess so."

Mitsuki hopped off the hood of the car and made a beeline for the trunk. Jason stayed on top of his car. The small, bright stars twinkled brightly in the inky, midnight blue sky while the moon seemed to shine brightly. The moon illuminated some sky, along with reflecting off the bright blue ocean. The sounds of the waves tumbling over each other, almost as if they were racing to see who would reach the sand first. The ocean air made its way to Jason's nostrils, giving him the familiar salty scent that he would find whenever he visited the beach. To be honest. Jason loved the beach. It gave him memories of when he was a kid, his father would always take him once a week to the beach where Jason would swim and play in the water for hours on end and would usually end the day sitting next to his father, who would play his guitar, as the two watched the sun set.

Jason sighed. He wished he could relive those happy times.

"So," Mitsuki said, hopping back onto the hood, startling Jason. "You never invite me to drink alone with you unless you have something to talk about. What is it?"

Jason gulped.

"W-Well... My dad is retiring from the Navy..." Jason mumbled, looking out into the sea.

Mitsuki tilted her head in confusion. His father was retiring? Wasn't that a good thing? Why did he not look happy?

"Isn't that a good thing? He'll get to be with you more often!"

"Yeah, it'll be awesome to spend more time with my dad..." He sniffled, unconsciously hugging his knees to his chest. "But..."

Jason felt his lip quiver, but he bit it slightly, not wanting Mitsuki to see. However, Mitsuki wasn't a fool. She could tell when Jason was close to crying. She immediately wrapped an arm around him and pulled him close to her.

"It's ok, Jason..." She whispered soothingly into Jason's ear.

"M-My dad is moving back to the States... And he's taking me with..." Jason hiccuped.

"Oh..." Mitsuki mumbled, feeling a few tears well in her eyes. Her best friend was going to move away? She couldn't imagine the sadness he must've felt, to go to a brand new country, where he knew absolutely no one, other than a couple people. Along with not knowing many people, Jason wouldn't be able to experience their final festivals as students. It was a shame really, as Jason loved the annual festivals! Whether he was marching down the streets while waving the country's flag for National Foundation day or playing Tsunahiki (Tug of war), whatever festival it was, it always seemed to break Jason's usual timid shell, exposing the competitive side of him. But now he won't be able to finish those final festivals. "I'm so sorry, Jason... That must really suck..."

Jason sniffled.

"It really does..." He mumbled. "I wanted to graduate here... Not at some random school with a bunch of people I don't know..."

Mitsuki nodded in agreement.

"When does your dad plan to leave?"


"Oh..." Mitsuki wrapped her arms around Jason's lanky body and hugged him tightly, almost like a boa constrictor taking its prey. "I will miss you... So fucking much..."

"I will too, Mitsuki..." Jason started, trying to develop some courage. "I have something I need to tell you before I go..."


"I..." He stammered, trying to find the right words to use. God, he thought his nerves would be calmer by now, now that the booze had set in. However, it seemed to be the polar opposite. He could feel himself get more and more nervous. The urge to vomit from the tension had risen in his stomach. No. He couldn't throw up now, especially not in front of Mitsuki! He.. he didn't have the courage.. "Never mind..."

"Oh, ok!" Mitsuki chirped, smiling brightly. "Let's drink now, like it's our last!"
Jason smiled, before taking another sip from his drink.

"Hey," Mitsuki whispered, nudging Jason's shoulder. "Let's make a toast. A toast to promise that no matter what, we'll find each other again and party like we haven't left."

Jason smiled.

"I like the sound of that..." He said, clinking his bottle against Mitsuki's. "A toast to our friendship."

Mitsuki smiled.

"To our undying friendship."




(5,107 Words!)

Chapter Text

“Heh,” Jason chuckled, letting out a drunken giggle. “I was such an emotional teenager back then.”


Mitsuki giggled as well.


“But that's what was awesome about you!”


“Thank you.” He said, a faint blush beginning to form on his cheeks. “That means a lot to me.”


Mitsuki smiled brightly.


“I’m glad it does!”


The two sat in silence, both occupied with staring into each other's eyes. The newfound couple couldn’t help it. It was like they could see their past selves in their eyes once again. As Jason looked into Mitsuki’s eyes, he saw the bright, energetic girl that he had once known in high school! And when Mitsuki looked into his eyes, she saw the timid, yet brave young man she had known. However, it seemed like that person was snatched away, and replaced with a bigger, better version of him! If she could be honest, she hoped that they would do more than just drink booze and recollect the past. She wished that she could take Jason home with her and see if Jason could handle having sex with her! If he could, she wanted to make sure that he touched every inch of her body! She bounced her leg under the table in anticipation, giving the ravenette a lusty smile, licking her lips in anticipation. Jason, (who was drunker then he ever was as a teenager), blushed a deep red, taking Mitsuki’s hint of lust.


“U-Um...” Jason mumbled, trying to come up with the right words. “Do you want to take this to your house..? Or mine?”


“My house!” Mitsuki chirped, letting out a drunken giggle. “It's around eight, so Katsuki is already asleep! That means we can do whatever we want without bothering him!~”


Jason could feel his face get even redder somehow, almost to the point where he felt like spontaneously combusting. Was this an invitation to have sex?! Was she even aware of what she was asking?! Was she too drunk to consent?! Hell, was he too drunk to consent?! He opened his mouth slightly towards the ash-blonde, as he attempted to come up with the right words.


“U-Um… Sure!” He eventually got out, smiling towards Mitsuki. “I’d love to do that!”


Mitsuki grinned, standing up slowly from her seat, never breaking eye contact with Jasons. She gripped the ends of her dress, almost as if she was going to take it off right there and then and have sex on the table. Jason blushed once more, also standing up very slowly, as he tried to not fall out of his chair. He took his wallet out to pay the tab, only for Mitsuki to slap her hand on it. Jason looked up to her, confusion plastered all over his face.


“There's no way in hell that you're paying!” Mitsuki grinned. “I’ll pay!”


“No! I want to pay! You paid for the jar, let me pay for our drinks!” Jason fired back, returning Mitsuki’s grin with a wholesome smile.


“Well… Fine! I'll let you pay!” Mitsuki giggled. “Only if you can repay me in bed.~”


“All right, you’re on!~” Jason exclaimed, before paying the bartender their debt, and hoisted Mitsuki over his shoulder. “Onwards! To your house!~”


Mitsuki grinned widely. All of this dirty talk made the ash-blonde tremble in excitement! She couldn't wait until they got home, especially if Jason was going to fuck her!


This was going to be the best night ever.






Jason swung the door open loudly, nearly taking it off its hinges. He drunkenly stumbled inside, giving the door a small kick in order for it to shut.


“Nice house.~” Jason said, looking around the rather large room. “It’s way better than my apartment.~”


“Oh, hush you!~” Mitsuki giggled. “Soon, it’ll be your place too!~”




“Yes!~ Now hurry up!~ My room is all the way upstairs and the last room to the right!~” Mitsuki commanded, pointing to the way.


“Um..~” Jason hesitating, a small amount of nervousness coating his words. “Are you sure that you want to do it there? Like I get that you wanna fuck, but I’m not sure if it’s ok for us to have sex in a bed that a dead man was once in!”


Mitsuki growled in frustration. There was no way that Jason was going to bail now, was he?! She hopped off his shoulder, and glared slightly into his conflicted eyes. She had gotten this far with him, and she didn't want to be disappointed now!


“Don’t you dare start getting cold feet with me!” Mitsuki slurred slightly, poking rather hard into Jason’s chest. “That dead man is no longer on this planet! It’s just you and me now!~ Besides, what’s Masaru going to do? Haunt us from the dead?~” She added a chuckle.


“Well...Fine.” Jason said, taking mere seconds to ponder the options. “Let's do it!~”


“That’s the spirit!~” Mitsuki grinned, latching onto Jason’s hand and began to pull him up the stairs. Although Jason was taller and larger than the ash-blonde, somehow, she was able to pull him all the way to her room, all while intoxicated! If Jason was honest, this sudden form of dominance turned him on. The thoughts of her taking control during their hook up made him blush a deep red, as his pants began to tighten around his crotch. This was really going to happen. He was going to fuck his best friend!


However, as they stumbled through the hallway, Jason couldn't help but bring his eyes towards the opposite side of Mitsuki’s door. There, right across the hallway, was another room. The door had a bunch of stickers on it, some of them were of All Might, while the others were of skulls, all ranging in size. The door seemingly looked like it was meant to stay shut, and if he were to open it, it would be like opening Pandora’s box. He glanced over to Mitsuki, whose eyes seemed to ignore the door, almost as if the door wasn't meant to exist, and was told to ignore the door. Jason felt that if Mitsuki was ignoring the door, he should too, even if curiosity wanted desperately to find out what was behind it.


“Well, we are here!~” Mitsuki lustfully grinned, opening the door gently, only closing it as soon as Jason entered. Mitsuki grabbed Jason by his shirt and pulled him down to her level. Mitsuki grinned at how red Jason had become, knowing very well that Mitsuki is now in charge of Jason.


She pulled herself closer to Jason, smashing her lips against the raveonettes. Unlike the last time they kissed, it was Mitsuki’s turn to be dominant. She moaned into the kiss, closing her eyes in pure bliss. On the other hand, Jason seemed to feel as if he was going to spontaneously combust right in front of Mitsuki. The erection he managed to hide from the ash-blonde seemed to arrive again, his pants began to tighten again as it throbbed underneath the cloth. After a minute, Mitsuki separated from the kiss, a small trail of saliva connecting the two. Mitsuki panted slightly, her ruby orbs seemed to glow slightly in the dark as they travelled slowly down Jason’s body, eyeing the raveonettes erection. She grinned slightly, before reaching out and grabbing it gently. Jason’s blush darkened as he let out a quiet moan. Mitsuki’s grin widened, as she gently rubbed her thumb along the tip through his pants.


“Oh,” Mitsuki moaned slightly as she wiped away the drool that had begun to form in her mouth. “You feel so big..~ Way bigger than Masaru.~ I wonder what that’s going to feel like once it’s inside of me...~”


Jason, (Who was attempting to sound like he wasn’t flustered) gave the ash-blonde a lusty smirk.


“Let’s strip down and find out together!~” Jason proposed, unbuttoning his dress shirt.


As Jason slipped his shirt off, revealing his toned chest, Mitsuki could feel herself getting more and more aroused by the second. She wanted to feel his delicate muscles, to feel how it was to have a real man in her life. However, her eyes continued to wander down to Jason’s crotch. It was almost like it was a large magnet for her eyes. She could feel her mind begin to wander around inside of her head, hundreds of thoughts going through her mind. How big was Jason? From what she had felt, it felt pretty long, but she couldn’t be too sure! However, she hoped that Jason’s cock would be nice and thick, enough for her to remember it in the morning! These dirty thoughts were soon cut off by the familiar sound of a belt buckle hitting the ground. As she glanced back to the raveonette, her eyes went wide, as her cheeks flushed a deep shade of red.


Jason was bigger than she could ever imagine. He had to have been at least eight inches and it was thicker than her forearm! God, just looking at his cock made the ash-blonde shiver in excitement. It looked as if it was about to burst through his underwear! Jason took notice of Mitsuki’s sudden flusteredness and gave her a wild grin.

“I can see this is arousing you.~”


Mitsuki nodded vigorously.


“You're goddamn right.~” Mitsuki smiled. “I never saw a cock that big in my life!~”


“Good.~” Jason smirked, crossing his arms. “Now, it’s your turn to take your clothes off.~”


Mitsuki nodded in agreement and teasingly began to remove every garment of clothing. She began to undo her zipper to her dress, letting her arms slip through the straps. Underneath the short, midnight blue dress, exposed Mitsuki’s undergarments. It wasn't much, just a lace bra that seemed like it was barely holding onto Mitsuki’s breasts, almost as if a simple poke would cause them to spring out. However, the thing that caught his eye was her undergarments. Her undergarments were not much, but it did show off her curves, whether Mitsuki wanted it to or not. The black panties seemed to compliment the paleness of her skin, making both her skin and the underwear stand out.


Mitsuki giggled slightly, refusing to break eye contact as she sat on the bed, all while removing her lingerie. She beckoned him, almost as if she were a siren would to her prey, commanding him to collect his treasure.


“W-Wait!” Jason stammered. “I didn’t bring a condom! I don’t want to accidentally get you-“


“No!~” Mitsuki purred. “I’m thirty-eight, Jason. I don’t mind you finishing inside of me.~ Besides, it’d be nice to share a child with you! We’d raise it and make sure it’s the best the world has ever seen!~ Now,” Mitsuki leaned back and spread her legs, revealing the heart of her femininity. “Are you going to fuck me or not?~”


Jason nodded eagerly, hopping onto the bed and kissed Mitsuki gently. The two began to kiss passionately, trading saliva along with the fizziness of the Jack and Cola and the spiciness of the Bloody Mary. Jason moaned slightly in the kiss, running his hand through Mitsuki’s blonde hair. She moaned as well, wrapping her legs around Jason’s waist, almost as if she was giving Jason the ‘go ahead’ symbol. He parted from the kiss, his eyes never breaking away from Mitsuki’s.


“You ready, Mitsuki?~” He panted slightly, a small smirk rising from his lips.


“Ready as I’ll ever be.~” Mitsuki replied, returning the smirk with one of her own. “Are you ready?~”


Jason nodded, adjusting his cock to align with Mitsuki’s pussy, and plunged himself in, kissing Mitsuki in the process. Mitsuki’s eyes went wide, the combination of pain from a cock entering her aggressively and pleasure from the feeling of being filled caused a loud moan escaped her lips. Jason smirked at the cute noises Mitsuki made. Here she was, the girl who was usually a loudmouth girl Jason had known throughout highschool, now laid underneath him, taking his cock! He wasn't going to lie, he could feel a large wave of dominance rush over him. The feeling of being in complete control made Jason’s cock throb inside of her.


However, unbeknownst to the two lovebirds, a certain ash-blonde hadn't been able to sleep tonight, and was very much wide awake.






“AH!~ AH!~ FUCK!~ GO HARDER JASON!~” Mitsuki’s loud moans echoed through the household. Katsuki groaned loudly, knowing well that Mitsuki wouldn't be able to hear her. He wrapped his arms around his ears as an attempt to block the noises out, but this effort was in vain. He felt hot tears well in his eyes, eventually spilling down his cheeks.


He wished that his father were here, so that he could hug him, to show all the love in the world for him. If it wasn't for him… his father would still be alive… and his parents would still be happy… He tried to blink the tears away, but his efforts failed to stop his sadness. He didn’t deserve love. Why should he deserve it? Maybe if he put up a bigger fight… He and his father would be living together…


Fuck…. Katsuki thought as he wiped his eyes. Stop fucking crying… You don’t want that old hag to see you crying…


He rose up from his bed, and took his shirt off, not wanting to spill any blood on it. He couldn’t express himself through crying, so, with the help of his new method, he would be able to hide those emotions. As he travelled out of his room, (all while hearing his mother's moans) he made a beeline for the restroom, making sure that he didn't cause too much noise. He shut the door quietly, making sure to lock it as well. The last thing that Katsuki wanted was for his mother to enter the bathroom completely naked while he was cutting. Knowing her, she’d scold him harshly and slap him across the face for daring to embarrass her in front of her date. He wrapped his hands around the mirror and slid it open, revealing all sorts of hygiene products. Katsuki’s eyes looked through the travel size bottles of soap and medication, immediately finding the small razor he had seen earlier. He clasped his fingers around the top of it, making sure to not break the razor itself. He twisted it gently and popped it out of it’s holder. With a shaking hand, he clasped the razor between his fingers and pressed it against his wrist. Was he really going to do this…? He knew that his father wouldn’t be proud of him for doing this, but what other choice was there? He didn't deserve his father's attention, after all, it was his fault that his father was dead.


I’m sorry dad.. He thought, pressing it harder against his delicate skin. He winced, before stopping. If he were to cut, he needs something to distract himself from the pain. He reached into his pocket, pulling out his cell phone. Maybe if he could play some music, he couldn't hear his mom! He turned on his phone and scrolled onto Youtube, and clicked a random song. Once the music began to play, he let out a nervous sigh. He pressed against his wrist again, once again wincing in pain. After a second of hesitation, he slowly slid the blade across his wrist, the blade slicing through his delicate skin almost as if he was cutting butter.


“F-FUCK!” Katsuki cried out unintentionally, nearly dropping the blade in the process. Almost immediately, blood began to drip out of his wrist, dripping into the porcelain sink. Tears immediately welled in his eyes, the pain in his wrist felt as if someone had set it ablaze and was watching his pain as a sick form of entertainment. He took a shaky breath, as he tried to listen to the music. The singer wasn’t very loud, but it seemed that she was talking about how she stepped off the Golden.


However, the music seemed to have a sort of calming factor over Katsuki. It made him seem like he wasn't alone with these feelings. Maybe he would be able to find someone that he could talk to about his feelings? But… What if they don't believe him? Or worse, what if they tell his mother? He shuddered at the thought. He knew that he would get in serious trouble. She probably would refuse to get him help, justifying that he was just an attention seeker, and probably did it because of his father. Maybe she’d pull him out of UA with the threats of him not getting his act together. He shook his head at that thought. There was no way in hell he was going to let his mom ruin his dream for him. He was supposed to be the number one hero! If he couldn't go to UA, he wouldn't be able to become a professional hero, and if that couldn't happen, then he truly was worthless.


He guessed that cutting would have to do for now.


After a couple of minutes of slowly cutting his arms, the sink was covered in crimson blood, the several slash marks seemed to flow nonstop out of his arms. Katsuki grew worried at the sight. He had never cut before, had he cut too deep? Was he going to bleed out?


Was this what his father felt before he died…?


Katsuki looked up and looked at himself in the mirror. His eyes were almost as red as his pupils from how much he had been crying, the tears still streaming down his cheeks. Gosh… he really was a failure… A failure that caused hell wherever he went. He could feel himself trembling, before letting out a quiet sob. He bit his lip, knowing well that he couldn't cry in the bathroom, surely that would get Mitsuki’s attention. He opened the mirror back up and rummaged through it, making sure to not get blood all over the cabinet. He pulled out some gauze and bandages, and placed it over the cuts. He winced again as he wrapped the bandages around his cuts.


Well, I guess I can’t wear short sleeves anymore… He thought as he turned the sink on, causing the blood to go down the drain. After making sure all of the blood was down the drain, he shut the light off and snuck back to his room.


As he shut the door behind him, he laid back down in his bed, looking towards the nightstand to see what time it was. His eyes, however, landed on something else. It was a picture of him and father, back when Katsuki was nine. The two of them were hugging each other, their smiles larger than any smile in the world. Katsuki felt a tsunami of sadness rush over him, and soon the room was filled with his loud, violent sobs, snatching the picture and clutched it to his chest. He didn't care if he interrupted Mitsuki’s session anymore.


All he wanted was his father’s love...


But he didn't deserve his love, for all he was worthy of was suffering.






“AH!~” Mitsuki moaned, wrapping her arms around Jason’s neck. “YOU'RE SO FUCKING AMAZING!~”


“HAH!~” Jason panted, thrusting himself back deeper into Mitsuki. The room was filled to the brim with a familiar slapping noise with every thrust, almost as if someone were to take a wet towel and hit it against the ground over and over again. “GOOD!~”


They had been having sex for over an hour now, (something Mitsuki never experienced) their sweaty bodies colliding together as Jason quickened his pace. The room itself reeked of sweat and sex, something that drove the two even crazier with lust. However, Mitsuki could feel Jason's cock throb inside of her as he quickened his pace. Mitsuki moaned again, as she was very aware about what was to come, and couldn't wait for it.


“A-AH!~” Jason moaned in Mitsuki’s ear. “I’M GOING TO-”




Jason let out a loud cry of pleasure, before cumming inside of her, completely filling her with the warm, white, sticky liquid. Mitsuki also let out a cry of pleasure, one that she had never expected herself to ever make. Once Jason had finished orgasming, he pulled out of her, his cum leaking out of Mitsuki’s womanhood. He pulled his sweaty body off of Mitsuki’s body, flopping next to Mitsuki. Both of them panted hard, as they tried to process what pleasure had overcome them. However, Jason fell asleep almost immediately, his arm wrapped around Mitsuki’s chest, leaving the ash-blonde to her luscious thoughts.


After managing to catch her breath, she turned over to face Jason, as she looked at his sleeping body. She kissed his forehead gently, her ruby eyes fluttering shut. It was then she had come to a conclusion.


She needed to marry this man.



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Chapter Text

Jason was the first to wake up that morning, rubbing his head as he let out a quiet yawn. Gosh, the night before had been awesome for him! He was able to have sex with the girl he had loved since high school! He smiled slightly, looking at Mitsuki’s sleeping frame. If it were up to him, he would snuggle with Mitsuki all day long, leaving her son to do whatever he liked all day. However, right as he laid his head back down to nuzzle Mitsuki, his stomach growled loudly, like a predator in the wild. He groaned. This was the only regret he had while drinking. While most people would rush to the toilet or deal with a pounding headache for the day, Jason was different. Jason’s version of a hangover was nothing of the sort. Instead of the cursed headaches and constant nausea, Jason would be punished with an unsatisfiable famine. It would often haunt him during the school year, whether it was his stomach growling in the middle of class, or the multiple items he bought at school lunch. Hell, even his father grew concerned about his eating habits, often questioning if he was binge eating! Jason remembered the utter lie he had scrambled to come up with, saying that he had begun working out once a week, every Friday night, and eating his heart out to gain muscle.


Jason chuckled at the memory. God, his father really was an idiot for believing that bullshit lie! However, his recollection of memories from his high school days was interrupted once again, the loud rumbling of his stomach echoing throughout the room. He sighed, knowing well that Mitsuki would eventually become annoyed by Jason’s stomach, as she slept off the alcohol. In his opinion, Mitsuki was probably the luckiest girl on the planet, as she never seemed to be affected by alcohol the next morning. No matter how much she drank the night prior, she’d still be the same bubbly girl that she was every day! He sat back up, stretching his arms. He gently moved the covers off of his nude body and went to get off the bed. However, Mitsuki, who was still asleep, decided that it wasn’t time for Jason to get up, and had wrapped her arms around Jason’s waist.


“Mmm...” Mitsuki moaned sleepily, refusing to let go. “Where are you going, baby…?”


“Hmm?” Jason said, looking back to the ash blonde. “Oh, I'm just going to make some breakfast! Do you want anything?”


“Noooo….” Mitsuki sleepily mumbled. “Stay here with meeee..”


“Mitsuki, as much as I want to, you know how I am, I’ve got to eat something, otherwise I’ll be hangry!”


Mitsuki huffed, letting Jason’s waist go from her grip.


“Now, do you want anything to eat?”


“...French Toast.” Mitsuki said, burying her face back into the pillow. “With bacon and scrambled eggs.”


“You got it, baby!” He grinned, planting a gentle kiss on the back of the ash blonde's head. “I’ll call you once it’s done, ok?”


Mitsuki did not respond, other than a small moan of approval. Jason chuckled lightly, grabbing the clothes he had discarded the night prior. The last thing he wanted was for Mitsuki’s son to see a grown man naked in his house, cooking breakfast in his kitchen. He pulled his underwear and pants up to his waist. After doing so, he walked silently down the hall, making sure to not wake Katsuki up.


Man, this life was great for Jason! He got to have a new son, a new house, and the woman of his dreams.


He could finally start anew.






(10 minutes later)



Katsuki’s eyes slowly peeled open, the bright sunlight shined through his window and directly into his eyes. He groaned slightly, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. To his surprise, the bandages he had poorly wrapped around his wrists the night prior stayed on for the whole night. He gripped the corner of the soft fabric hard and jerked it, exposing his cuts to the world. He cringed slightly as he looked at his handiwork. God, his arms really stung, almost like someone had forced his arms into a hive of angry wasps. Maybe he shouldn’t have done that last night. He wiped his eyes as the tears welled in his eyes. He hated this. The feeling of all the pain he caused him and his father constantly weighed down on his shoulders. It made the ash blonde feel as if he was just a burden, a thing that nobody would ever want again. Maybe… Maybe he’d be better off dead. At least if he died, he would be with his father for eternity! But he had already applied for U.A.. and was waiting on his letter to see if he was placed in the hero course. If he was placed in the U.A hero course, he’d be just wasting a spot that someone else deserved more. Katsuki sighed, looking at his wrists in shame. He should probably head downstairs, surely his mother was up by now and probably wondered where he was.


He sniffed the air, taking in the scent of eggs. He shoved the covers off of his body and grabbed a hoodie. The hoodie wasn’t very special, just a black hoodie with a giant skull in the center. That should be good enough to hide the cuts and have no questions asked for it. He slowly made his way down the stairs, making sure to not cause a ruckus. He wondered what food his mother would be making. He groaned at the thought. He knew very well that Mitsuki couldn't cook, even if she tried her hardest. Usually, it was Katsuki’s father who was the cook in the family, and he was the one that taught Katsuki, all while his mom watched. However, every time she cooked, it was undercooked, and would make Katsuki sick if he took one bite, or it was overcooked to where it would be inedible.


His socks slid across the hardwood floor, the boards creaked gently under his feet. As he made his way downstairs, his mind wandered. He wondered what he was going to have to explain to his mother if she were to ask him about his hoodie. Since it was June, there seemed to be no reason to wear a hoodie! Maybe he could tell her he was trying to lose weight to become more fit? No, Katsuki was a little underweight, and it could cause Mitsuki to ask him a bunch of personal questions. Or worse, she’d try to pull the jacket off of him, and irritate his cuts. He shuddered at that thought. However, as he pondered about making his alibi, he realized he had already made it down the stairs, and was halfway through the hallway towards the kitchen. Gosh, the scent seemed to waft through the house, almost as if it were pulling Katsuki closer. Maybe his mom got better at cooking! However, as he walked into the kitchen, his mother was nowhere in sight. Instead, there was a rather large man in the kitchen, humming a light tune as he jostled a pan full of eggs. Katsuki’s jaw nearly hit the floor. Who was this man?! Was this Mitsuki’s date?! Jeez, the man was so tall, almost as if he were just as tall as All Might! After what seemed like hours to Katsuki, the tall man turned around to find a plate, his eyes widening as well.


“O-Oh!” Jason said, setting the pan on the stovetop. “Heh, I thought you were your mother! You’re Katsuki, right?”


Katsuki opened his mouth, trying to come up with a response. He debated whether to curse the man out for keeping him awake, or to just shut his mouth and make his own breakfast. However, the right words just aren't coming to him.


“Are you ok?” Jason asked, his eyes filled with concern for the ash blonde. “Do you want me to make you some-”


“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!” The ash blonde’s loud, booming voice echoed through the house, causing Jason to flinch back. Katsuki’s eyes were filled with rage, the combination of a stranger in his house and the lack of sleep caught up with him.


“I’m Jason! Jason Caldwell!” Jason cheerfully said, offering a hand. “Nice to meet you!”


Katsuki glared daggers at Jason, not even taking a moment to look at his hand. Instead, he pointed towards the front door, his eyes narrowing.




“I, um, I beg your pardon?” Jason asked, giving the ash blonde a nervous chuckle. “I’m in the middle of cooking breakfast!”


“Are you fucking deaf?!” Katsuki asked, his tone reaching a dangerous level. “I don’t give a shit if you're cooking! You don’t belong here, so get the fuck out!”


“Ugh…” Mitsuki yawned as the duo heard her footsteps going downstairs. “What the hell, Katsuki?! Why are you being so damn loud?!”


Katsuki turned on his heels to face Mitsuki, his hand pointing to Jason. Jason simply raised his hands in the hair, almost as if he were surrendering. He gave Mitsuki a nervous chuckle, his eyes practically screaming for help. Mitsuki gave his eyes a reassuring glance, before giving Katsuki a fiery glare.


“Make him leave.” Katsuki coldly said, returning Mitsuki’s glare. The tension between the two seemed to only rise higher and higher. To Jason, it seemed like it was right out of a scene from an action movie he had seen from the states. This was just like a final battle between the villain and the hero. However, these thoughts were cut off by Mitsuki’s shrill voice.


“I will do no such thing! Jason will stay with us!”

“Yeah!” Jason said, putting an arm around Katsuki’s shoulder. “C’mon, let’s do something together today! We can go see a movie, go shopping, or even eat out! You pick.”


Katsuki shoved Jason’s arm off of him. The glare he had for Mitsuki was now targeted towards Jason.


“Get your fucking arm off of me!” Katsuki shouted. “I’m not doing a damn thing with you!”


“Oh, come on, Katsuki!” Mitsuki huffed, crossing her arms. “He’s super sweet! You’ll love him!”


“Yeah!” Jason agreed. “I’m a super awesome guy! I know teen stuff pretty well!”


Katsuki huffed, rolling his eyes. Clearly anybody who said that cheesy shit did not know how to take care of kids. All Katsuki wanted to do was eat, watch some tv, and go back to sleep. If it were just him and Mitsuki, he’d barge through Mitsuki and lock himself in his bedroom.


“Mhm! He’s very fun to be around! I think you would really like him!”


Katsuki cringed.


“Yeah, I know you think he’s ‘fun’.” He grumbled, throwing in some air quotations to emulate his sarcasm. “Did you guys honestly think I didn’t hear your disgusting asses?”


Mitsuki’s eyes went wide, the combination of fury and shock that her child would dare talk to her like this, especially in front of her lover. She would’ve backhanded Katsuki by now, in order to shut him up, but she didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of her newfound love, or worse, cause him to leave her! She swallowed her pride before glaring towards Katsuki.


“Katsuki Bakugou..” She said with a hiss. Her aura gave off an ominous vibe. “You better watch yourself.. Or you’re going to have hell to pay.”


“Y-Yeah, I’m sorry that you had to hear that,” Jason mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. “I didn’t know you were up, your mother told me you were sleeping!”


“That’s because she’s stupid.” Katsuki scoffed.


In an instant, Mitsuki’s usually pale skin turned a bright red, her eyebrows furrowing in rage. Katsuki had gone over the line. He dared to embarrass her in front of Jason. Well, he was going to pay the price.


“KATSUKI BAKUGOU,” She shrieked, almost as if she was screaming at Masaru once again. “IM GOING TO FUCKING-”


“Relax!” Jason said, stepping in between the raging blonde and her disinterested son. “Tell you what Mitsuki, how about after breakfast, Katsuki and I will leave the house for the day, and you can relax all day without a worry!”


Mitsuki, who had miraculously calmed down at the thought of relaxation, gave Jason a wide grin.


“Really?!” Mitsuki eagerly asked, almost as if she didn’t believe it, like this would all be a big dream! “I’d fucking love that!”


“Awesome!” Jason asked, turning to face Katsuki. “Is that alright with you, Katsuki?”


“No. Why would I want to spend time with you?”


“I am so sorry for his attitude, Jason,” Mitsuki said, grabbing Katsuki’s shoulders tightly. “May I borrow my son for a quick minute? You can continue cooking, love!”


“Seems all right with me! Don’t take forever though, or the food will get cold!”


“Thank you.” Mitsuki mumbled, before tightly grasping her disobedient son by his ear and pulled him with it, all while Katsuki screamed that she release him from her hold. Jason smiled, before turning to plate the eggs. Katsuki seemed like he had some issues involving his temper. Gosh, he was a near perfect match compared to Mitsuki. But he could handle the rowdy ash blonde. It shouldn’t be that hard, right?


“YOU CAN GO TO HELL, YOU OLD HAG!” Katsuki’s loud voice echoed, causing Jason to flinch. “I'M NOT SPENDING A SINGLE SECOND WITH HIM!”




“YEAH, YEAH, WHATEVER, YOU CAN’T FORCE-” Katsuki’s tirade was cut off loud, yet swift slap. “OW! STOP HITTING ME!”










And just like that, the ash blonde stormed past the kitchen and up the stairs, giving Jason a powerful death glare. If Jason were to be honest, Katsuki reminded him of his father! The overaggressiveness that the ash blonde had reminded Jason of when his father would lecture him for his grades, or if he stayed out past his curfew. A part of his mind missed those memories! They hadn’t spoken to each other in years. For all he knew, his father was dead and six feet under by now, his old age catching up with him. However, he knew his father had constantly insisted that Jason join the military as soon as he turned eighteen, and it got more and more consistent as the dreaded date got closer. When that day finally came, his father didn't even bother to get him a gift, instead, he demanded that he and Jason drive down to the local base to register. That just dwindled into an all out fight, the two constantly trading blows with their words, with Jason proclaiming that he would never join the military, that he didn't believe in violence. His father was quite the opposite, and believed that if Jason would not join the military, that he had lost his one and only child. Jason huffed at the memory. He hoped Katsuki wouldn’t end up like him, cutting his mom out as soon as he turned eighteen. However, if he didn’t do that, he and Mitsuki may have never reunited, and he would probably be forever alone.


However, these thoughts were cut off by Mitsuki, who had made her way into the kitchen. She let out a loud sigh, leaning up against the wall, clearly embarrassed by her son's actions.


“Jason, I am so sorry that you had to hear that.” Mitsuki huffs. “Katsuki has anger issues, and he can’t control his outbursts when he snaps. Masaru and I tried to get him on medication, but he flat out refused to take them.”


“That’s not good, why doesn't he want to take them?”


“Because he claims that it ‘doesn't work’. He accused me and Masaru of treating him like a guinea pig. It isn’t my fault he can’t control his anger. Gosh.. Sometimes I just wish that he would be like Inko’s kid,” She noticed Jason’s confused look at the mention of Inko. “She’s a neighbor of ours, her son is my son's friend. Her son just acts so much better to her, he’s almost like an angel, while my son may just be the fucking Antichrist! I just wish that Inko and I could switch children, even for a minute! I want to see what it feels like to have a good child! A child that will actually respect me. A child that I would actually want. Oh gosh, that makes me seem like a bad parent, doesn’t it?”


“Nah, I don’t blame you, I’m sure our parents thought about switching us all the time!” He adds with a chuckle. “But in all seriousness, you shouldn’t hit your son if he has anger issues. Hitting him could fuel his rage and cause him to do something he regrets. Just let him cool off before talking to him.”


“Yeah, yeah.” Mitsuki rolled her eyes. “What are you planning to do with Katsuki?”


“Oh, you know, I have some boxes I have to bring over, and Katsuki would be a big help! Then after that we’ll probably go out to eat! I know a small restaurant near the edge of town. The owners there are really nice, and their food is great! I think Katsuki might like it a lot!”


“Oh! That sounds wonderful!” Mitsuki cheered, the thought of her son and hopefully, her future husband getting along made the ash blonde smile like a kid in a candy shop.


“What about you?” Jason quizzically asked. “What do you plan to do?”


“Oh, not much. My favorite soap opera is coming on today, so I figured I may just lay on the couch while watching it, and bury myself in a blanket!”


“Heh, sounds like a good day!”


Katsuki, who had just got back down the stairs, his attire appropriate for a day out, leaned on the wall as he watched the two plot out Jason’s day with Katsuki. It made the ash blonde want to gag. This wasn’t right. He shouldn’t be here! If it were up to him, Jason wouldn’t even step a foot in his house, let alone go near his mom! However, as if Mitsuki knew Katsuki had entered the room, she leaned in and pecked Jason on the lips. He growled softly, almost like a predator giving its prey a warning. He clenched his fists, his powerful rage nearly engulfing him.


“Oi.” He said, choking back the urge to curse the two out. “I don’t have all day.”


“Hush!” Mitsuki growled. “You will wait as long as I want you to! Now once we’re done eating breakfast, I expect you to be on your best behavior when you’re with him. Jason is a sweet angel, and I don’t want you to upset him! Am I understood?!”


Katsuki simply nodded.


“That’s what I like to hear!” Mitsuki grinned. “Now, Jason, did you finish making breakfast?”


“Mhm, although I didn’t know what Katsuki wanted to eat, so he’s kind of on his own.” He chuckled sheepishly. “Sorry about that.”


The ash blonde rolled his eyes. He should have known Jason wouldn't make him anything to eat.


“Whatever.” He huffed. “I’m not hungry, anyway.” He made his way towards the door, barely taking the time to look back at the two. “Don’t take forever.”


“I’ll do my best!” Jason smiled.


Katsuki rolled his eyes once more, before exiting the house, leaving himself alone with his thoughts.






Katsuki sat on the porch, his head resting in his hands. He had been waiting for over a half an hour for Jason to come outside. Jeez, how long does it even take to eat breakfast?! He huffed. Why did he even have to spend time with Jason? He just wanted to go back to sleep and forget about the world. To forget about all the bad things going on in his life. The sunlight shined brightly, the birds chirping their obnoxious calls in the air. He stood up from where he was sitting, and was about to head back inside, regardless of what his mother wanted. However, right as he was about to turn around, he spotted something. Something that made tears prick the corner of his eyes. It was a family, enjoying their day going about the neighborhood. The mother looked no older than thirty, her long, almond brown hair tied up in a neat ponytail. The father looked to be in his late thirties, his midnight black hair gently flowed with the wind. In between the two was a happy, little girl that was no older than five. He watched as she bounced with excitement, her smile lighting up the world. Instead of taking in the happy sight, he quickly looked away.


She’s so lucky… He thought. She has parents that love her to death… I wish I could have what she has...


“Whoops!” Jason intervened, derailing Katsuki’s train of thought. “I didn’t know you were out here! I would’ve hurried up if I knew!”


“Yeah, Yeah.” Katsuki grumbled as he walked down the steps. “Just tell me where we’re going.”


“Well, to start, we’re going to go get my car, and then to my apartment, and we’re going to put my stuff in some boxes, which isn’t a lot since I had just moved back to Japan. Then I figured we’d go over to the Battered Yam for dinner!”


Katsuki rolled his eyes again. He didn't want to spend the day moving shit that he didn’t care for and then going to eat with someone he didn’t know. Hell, he’d rather spend time with his mother than do this! However, Katsuki knew that if he were to oppose Jason, he’d most likely cry to Mitsuki about it, insinuating a very pissed off Mitsuki. He shuddered at the thought.


“Ok, sure. Sounds fun.” He lied. “Let's just get this over with.”


“All right!” Jason grinned as he began walking. “Follow me!”


And with that, the two began the journey for the day.




“So, Katsuki,” Jason started, opening the door to his mint green Chevrolet Camaro and entering it. “Are you from Musutafu or another part of Japan?”


“Tch,” Katsuki scoffed, entering the car and slamming the door shut. “What kind of stupid question is that? Of course I’m from fucking Musutafu!”


“Whoa!” Jason said, taken aback from the ash blonde’s aggressiveness. Jeez, all he did was ask where Katsuki was from! “No need to snap at me! I’m just trying to get to know you!” He said, as he sped off. “I’m from Musutafu as well! But I had to move away, because of my dad retiring. But before then, I actually knew your mother! We were great friends in high school, and we’d drink booze on the hood of this car!”


Katsuki remained silent, instead, watching as they sped past cars and people walking on the sidewalk.


“So, um, where are you going to go to school at?” Jason asked, glancing over to Katsuki.


“U.A.” Katsuki grumbled. “I got my acceptance letter a few weeks ago. I’m just waiting to see if I am in the Hero Course now.”


“Wow!” Jason exclaimed, almost as if he was surprised that Katsuki could accomplish such a feat. He clenched his fist, the rage rising dangerously high, threatening to spill over. How dare Jason doubt him?! He was going to be the number one hero! “That’s amazing, Katsuki!”


“Yeah, yeah.”


“Anyway, I heard about your dad, and I wanted to say that I am sorry for your loss.” Jason said, glancing over to Katsuki again, his eyes filled with sorrow. “I can’t imagine what that must feel like. How much it must hurt you. However, I think you should use it to motivate you! It could make you a better hero!” He rambled. “Though I had something similar happen to me, my father and I, we got into a big fight on my eighteenth birthday, and I haven’t talked to him since. Hell, I don’t even know if he’s still alive, and I know he doesn’t give a rat's ass if I am alive. I try to not be like my dad. I want to be a caring man, and an excellent father. So, we’re kind of in the same boat when it comes to dads!”


Katsuki’s eye twitched from anger. Jason and him were not in the same boat. Hell, they weren't even in the same ocean! No matter what, Katsuki would not let him try to ‘relate’ to Katsuki over his situation. However, he was more upset towards his mother, for spilling such private information to some stranger! He shouldn’t have to know about how his father died!


“Well, I’ll be damned!” Jason exclaimed, finally bringing the car to a halt. “We’re here quicker than I thought!” He opened the car door, before rushing over to Katsuki’s side, opening it for him. “C’mon, Katsuki!”


Katsuki sighed.


Fuck my life. He thought, as he walked with Jason to his apartment.


He could only hope that this day would go quickly.


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Chapter Text

"And, bam!" Jason exclaimed, setting the last box in the trunk. "That's everything!" He offered his hand to Katsuki for a high five. "Good job!"


Katsuki hesitated, before gently giving Jason a high five. It wasn't like he deserved a high five, for Jason did jack shit except talk about himself and occasionally yell at Katsuki to be careful with the expensive stuff. Needless to say, Katsuki did not like Jason, not one bit.


"So, you're going to like the Battered Yam, Katsuki!" Jason cheered, closing his old apartment door. "I came there when I first moved back to Japan, and my God the food was amazing! I got to get you to try the Katsudon! The spices are immaculate-"


"I'm not hungry." Katsuki lied, hoping that Jason would buy it. "I just want to get back to sleep."


However, as if his body was against him, his stomach rumbled, louder than Katsuki had ever heard before! Katsuki blushed slightly out of embarrassment, pulling the hood over his face.


"Heh, it's five minutes from here, so, we can walk there!" Jason chuckled. He couldn't lie, it hurt him a little that Katsuki didn't want to spend time with him, and would even lie to his face about it. He thought that they had made a significant bond. However, it seemed that their relationship was quite the opposite, Katsuki's hatred for him gave the ash-blonde a dark aura. To be frank, it kind of terrified Jason a little. He knew that over time, hell, even after a meal, maybe he'd warm up to him!


"Fun," Katsuki grumbled, not even trying to hide his sarcasm as he walked away.


"Hey!" Jason called out, running after the ash blonde. "Wait up! Damn, you're fast." He mumbled the last part as he caught up with Katsuki.


"Tch. Just keep walking and show me where it is."


"Will do!"


And with that, the two began their journey to the Battered Yam.






"Aha! Found it!" Jason proudly smiled as he pointed to the tiny building. "See? Doesn't it look nice?"


Katsuki sighed. Jason wasn't wrong. The place looked rather nice, it was just a small, white building that had been through many years of aging and the elements. However, the thing that caught Katsuki's eye was the large, neon orange sign of a yam. Underneath, with large, neon red letters that seemed to illuminate the sky reading;


The Battered Yam! Open seven days a week!


The two walked up to the door, Jason jumping in front to open the door for Katsuki. The ash-blonde didn't even bother to thank Jason as he walked into the restaurant. The restaurant was rather small, most of the seats filled with couples going out on a date, friends going for a bite to eat for fun, hell, he even saw a couple of families celebrating their birthdays. The small, bright red lanterns hung above each table, the beautiful artwork painted on its sides, barely illuminating the small room. The soft music that played in the room was barely audible, engulfed by the loud conversations. Katsuki could barely hear himself think, To be honest, it felt like home to Katsuki! He looked around, the aromatic scent of cherry blossoms, combined with the elegant scent of food made Katsuki's stomach growl with anticipation. Almost immediately, a short, skinny woman with long, charcoal black hair that was tied up neatly in a bun swiftly walked up to the two, a large smile on her face.


"Hello, boys!" The lady gleefully exclaimed, resting her hands on her hips. "How are we today?"


"We're good ma'am!" Jason smiled. "Can we get a table for two?"


"Of course!" She said as her smile widened. "My son will show you the way! Eijiro, honey!"


The two watched as a teenager walked up to the lady, his black hair getting in the way of his eyes. The woman sighed, before forking his hair out of his eyes, whether he wanted her to or not. However, he put on a smile and turned to face Katsuki and Jason.


"Right this way!" The boy known as Eijiro said before he walked away, holding two small menus in his hand. The two followed the shorter male, to a small booth. They sat down on the fancy, bright red leather seats, Katsuki rested his elbows on the table, his head slumped in his arms. On the other hand, Jason looked up to Eijiro, his eyes filled with warmth and love. "Welcome to the Battered Yam! My name is Eijiro and I'm going to be your server today! Can I start you two off with some drinks?"


"I will have Diet Pepsi please!" Jason smiled.


"Alrighty! And for you?"




"Ok! I will be right back with your drinks!" Eijiro said, dashing off to retrieve their beverages.


Once Eijiro had left, Jason's eyes glanced over to Katsuki, who seemed to be disinterested in talking to Jason. "See?" He asked in an attempt to grab the ash blonde's attention. "I told you that this place was awesome! I'm going to get the Donburi! It looks super intriguing! What about you? Maybe you and I can split a plate of spicy edamame! What do you think of that?"


Katsuki shrugged. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, Eijiro reappeared, their drinks in his hands. He set them down on two tiny napkins, making sure that the condensation does not leak on the table. After he did that, he took out a small notepad and a pen, specifically, a Crimson Riot pen.


"All right, what would you guys like to eat?" Eijiro asked, looking at the two.


Jason started to talk. "I'll take the.." He trailed off, his eyes drifting off to Eijiro's shoulder. "What the hell is that?"


Katsuki's eyes wandered over to where Jason's eyes were. Once he saw what Jason saw, his eyes widened in shock.


On Eijiro's shoulder, sitting clear as day, was a button that had the rainbow colors on it that was all too familiar to Katsuki. Katsuki looked away once more. It was an LGBTQ+ pin, like what one would get if they went to a pride parade or online. However, as he glanced over to Jason, it seemed that he had no idea what the pin meant, yet his eyes showed confusion and hate. How on earth could Jason hate something he knew nothing about?!


"What?" Eijiro asked as the confusion grew on his face. He looked over to his shoulder to see what Jason was staring at. "Oh! My pride pin! It represents who I am as a person and who I am attracted to!"


Jason's eyes narrowed. "What is that supposed to mean? That means you're gay, right?"


"U-Um.." Eijiro hesitated as he could feel the tension rising. "Yes, that is correct sir. I intend to become one of the first heroes to be openly out!"


Jason groaned.


"Since when did they start allowing queers like you into hero programs? You're just going to waste a spot that a perfectly fine straight student could have. I bet you don't even care about saving people. You just want to convert people to have your disgusting preference. Gosh, I can't believe they even legalized gay marriage here. They need to lock people like you up and throw away the key until you can like girls like a normal human. Tch, and to think I supported this restaurant, only to discover they support fucking queers." He stood up from his seat, disgust coating his form. "C'mon Katsuki. We're leaving. There isn't any way I'm going to support this place financially."


However, Katsuki refused to stand up, hell, he didn't even look at him! His whole body shook from rage, the temptation to punch Jason in front of everyone floated dangerously to the edge. How dare he shame that poor kid?! If anything, Eijiro should've been praised for being so brave! Katsuki looked over to Eijiro, the poor boy's eyes were filled with tears, as he tried to hold them back, perhaps as an attempt to not make a fool out of himself!


"Katsuki!" Jason barked in an attempt to get the ash blonde's attention while trying to not cause a scene. "I'm leaving. Are you coming with or not?"


Katsuki shook his head.


"Fine, be that way," Jason said as he turned for the door. "You can walk your ass home."


As he began to walk to the door, Katsuki didn't hesitate to throw up a middle finger towards Jason while his back was to him.


"I-I'm so sorry about that, m-mister.." Eijiro mumbled, his voice cracking slightly. "D-Do you want to make your order...?" He asked, taking out his notepad.


"Not right now." Katsuki groaned, putting his head in his hands. "I'm super sorry about him."


"No, it's fine.." Eijrio mumbled, looking away from the ash blonde. "It's my fault... I shouldn't be wearing this stupid pin.." He moved his hands towards the pin and began fumbling with it as he tried taking it off. "It'll just cause more trouble for me...!"


"Hey, it won't cause you trouble, I promise you that. Here," Katsuki motioned towards the open booth. "Sit, let's talk."


Eijiro stopped fumbling with the button and looked around, almost as if he was unsure about the ash blondes' offer. It was almost as if Eijiro had pictured it to be a trap! Katsuki couldn't blame him though. After all, he just went through someone berating him over his attraction to men. However, as Katsuki thought about this, Eijiro let out a quiet sigh, before plopping himself in the booth across from the ash blonde.


"Fuck it... You two were the last customers we had for tonight, so I don't need to wait tables anymore.." He huffed, rubbing his eyes. "I'm sorry again... I shouldn't be crying in front of the customers...!"


"It's fine. You don't have to apologize because his homophobic ass thought that you're disgusting. You can cry if you want to, I'll be fine with it."


Eijiro huffed slightly, finally allowing the tears to fall down his face. In an instant, Eijiro began quietly sobbing, muffling his cries with his hands. Katsuki winced at Eijiro's pain. He didn't even know him personally, yet he wanted to hug Eijiro tightly and absorb all of the pain he was going through. A kid like him didn't deserve to go through such a thing.


"There there." Katsuki soothingly said, reaching across the table and rubbing Eijiro's back. "It's ok, I promise. What's been bothering you?"


"I don't even know why I'm crying..! I haven't even come out to my parents yet, but I'm so fucking scared to do it... I don't even know why I'm scared, my parents are lesbians..!! I guess I don't want them to hate me for it... Gosh, that sounds so stupid!"


"No, you aren't stupid for being afraid," Katsuki said, sipping his water. "You're a human. Every person fears rejection, no matter the circumstances. I actually think you're really brave for wearing that pin. In fact, I think it makes you extremely manly."


Eijiro's eyes glanced up to Katsuki's, his eyes filled with doubt and uncertainty. Was this guy telling him the truth? Or was he just lying to him to get his hopes up, and destroy them, like the man he was with did? However, as he studied Katsuki's eyes, he recognized that the ash-blonde was not lying. In fact, he could see that he had compassion in his eyes!


"You... You really mean that?" He asked unsurely, even though his gut was practically screaming the answer. "You think it's manly..?"


"No, I don't think that. I know that."


Eijiro smiled.


"Thank you, sir... It means a lot to me."


"It's no problem," Katsuki said, drawing his eyes back to the button. "That button is super neat. Where'd you get it from?"


"Oh, this? I got it at a pride parade!" Eijiro said, the sadness seemingly disappeared from his face, replaced by his beaming excitement. "It was super awesome! I even have a picture from it!" He stuffed a hand in his pocket, pulling out a small, worn-out, black leather wallet. The words 'Crimson Riot' along with a small design of the hero were etched into the leather. Katsuki cracked a smile. This kid seemed to love Crimson Riot, almost like how Izuku loved All Might! "Ah, here it is! It was my first pride parade and one of my friends helped me with the face paint! It was super fun!" Eijiro exclaimed, handing Katsuki the photo.


Katsuki took the photo gently, looking over every detail. It was a picture of Eijiro, along with Crimson Riot, standing side by side, both holding up peace signs. He chuckled at the sight of Eijiro, the boy looked like he couldn't stand still from his excitement, his grin practically shining like the sun, almost as if he had won the lottery! Crimson Riot, on the other hand, seemed to have a calmer demeanor as he held up a peace sign as well.


"It seems like you had a lot of fun."


"Hell yeah! I mean, at first, I was nervous to no end, but once we got there, oh, it was so much fun!"






"Ah! Mina, that tickles!" Eijiro chuckled as Mina slid her finger across Eijiro's cheek. Today was a special day for the two of them! Today was Japan's annual pride parade! The two had finally gotten the opportunity to go to the parade while balancing their school work! However, Eijiro was a little nervous about such an event. After all, it was his first time doing something like this, and he was scared that he would do something wrong. "How do I look?"


"See for yourself!" Mina said, pulling up a small mirror and handing it to Eijiro. "I think I did a great job, wouldn't you say?"


Eijiro peered into the mirror, completely awestruck by Mina's handiwork. It wasn't much, just the pride flag streaked across his cheeks. But to him, it meant everything! It represented who he was! It represented what his sexuality was and who he was attracted to!


"Whoa.." Eijiro mumbled, completely awestruck by Mina's work. "That looks awesome! Thank you so much, Mina!"


"Oh, it's no problem! I enjoy doing that sort of thing!" Mina exclaimed, getting up from her chair. "C'mon! We should try and get there early so we don't miss anything!"


"Hey, Mina, can I ask you a question..?"


"Hmm? Go ahead!"


"I know this is going to sound stupid, but what if we see someone we know there, and they make fun of me..? Gosh, I don't know if I can do this Mina...! I don't want to be-"


"Hey!" Mina interjected, cutting Eijiro's worries off. "I know that this sounds super scary for you, trust me, when I went to my first pride parade, I was just like you! I was scared that someone I knew would see me there, and tell my parents! However, when I got there, I saw so many people celebrating their sexualities, and them being proud of themselves, no matter who watched them! I guess that gave me a huge motivation boost, and it gave me the courage to come out as pansexual to my parents!" She gleefully said, throwing on a black hoodie that she picked up from the floor, one that had a hot pink, a lemony yellow, and a cyan blue frying pan on it. The words 'Yes, I am literally attracted to pans, thank you for asking!' Was etched into the fabric, the letters slowly getting worn out from the years of wear and tear. "Yeah, it certainly was scary to come out, but the reward is so worth it! I've met your parents before Kiri and I know that they'd love you for who you are! Besides, even if we do run into someone we know, I doubt that they'd make fun of you for being gay! And if they do, well, I'm going to hit them with some acid!" She giggled, making a pose as if she were Spider-Man. "But in all seriousness, it'll be lots of fun! Who knows, we may even run into a few pro heroes!"


Eijiro smiled at the thought of seeing some famous heroes at the parade.


"Yeah!" He exclaimed. "What are we waiting for?!"


Mina chuckled, standing up from her seat and headed to the door, beckoning Eijiro to follow.


Their fun was just about to begin!






"Whoa!!" Eijiro looked around, completely awestruck by the number of people on the streets. If he was being honest, he thought that there'd be a few hundred people roaming the streets, waving their flags in the air while playing some music. However, his supposed prediction on the number of people was completely off the charts! There were thousands, hell maybe almost all of the people from Musutafu seemed to be out on the streets! Some people wore rainbow flags as capes, while others held up flags with sticks, almost something someone would get on the internet! Hell, he even saw a few families out on the streets, supporting their children for being openly out! "This is amazing!"


"Mhm! I told you so! Aren't you glad I convinced you to come?"


Eijiro nodded excitedly.


"Heh, I'm going to go get us a souvenir to remember this, I'll get some pins for us, ok?"


"Have fun!" Eijiro shouted, waving towards his departing friend.


He breathed a happy sigh, looking around the street. He instantly noticed a float that had two large pride flags on its corners, as it swayed gently in the wind. In the middle of the two flags sat a large speaker, playing whatever song was popular that month. However, Eijiro could barely hear the music, over the cheers and happiness from the crowd, but if he had to guess, they were playing Lady Gaga or something like that. However, as he glanced around some more, he could see a teen, one that looked no older than fourteen, walking silently by himself, wearing only black, almost as if he were mourning someone. his long, black hair seemingly covered his eyes as he walked down the road. Curiosity began to take Eijiro's mind over. What had happened to him? Did he come out of the closet, and had to deal with rejection? However, as the boy neared closer, he could see that his hoodie had a picture on it, along with some text on top and bottom of it. The picture depicted two boys, one with short, almond brown hair, while the other had white, curly, medium-length hair that barely reached his eyebrows. The two of them had large smiles on their faces, their heads leaning against one another. However, as he brought his eyes to the words, his curiosity turned into shock and horror. The words: 'Rest in Peace Hinata Watanabe and Daisuke Ichikawa. May you both live in peace in the afterlife.'


Eijiro let out a shaky sigh. Had those two committed suicide? Was the guy one of their friends? The constant questions ran through Eijiro's mind like bullets. However, as he glanced around, trying to distract himself from what he just saw, his eyes came across a shorter boy, no older than fourteen, and had long, blonde hair, with a small patch of it dyed black. However, what stuck out the most to Eijiro was the bisexual flag wrapped around his back. The flag barely covered his chest, which had the bisexual flag on it, along with the words, 'I just came out to my parents, and now they tell people they have a Bi-son!' Eijiro snickered at the awful pun. While the other kid had an angsty aura, this kid seemed like he was a polar opposite! In fact, Eijiro could tell that this guy had a warm aura, almost like he was always welcoming someone into his life!


He sighed again. He wished that he could have that sort of confidence. However, his mind was quickly taken off of the mystery blonde, his focus going back over to Mina. Speaking of which, where was Mina? Shouldn't she be back by now? Were the lines really that long? Maybe he should go looking for her, and keep her company while she waits. However, she would probably scold Eijiro for worrying about her instead of enjoying himself at the parade. But a part of him didn't care if Mina scolded him, he just wanted to see if she was all right! He began walking in the direction she went in, glancing around at the parade. However, as he was walking, he was unaware of the man he bumped into, sending himself towards the ground.


"Umph!" Eijiro exclaimed as hit the ground. "I am so sorry about that sir! I wasn't looking where I was going! Are you..." His frantic questioning was cut off as he looked up to see who he had bumped into. His eyes went wide and his jaw gaped open.


Standing before him was none other than Crimson Riot. Eijiro had no idea what to think! Why was THE Crimson Riot here?! Was he just supervising the parade just for the slim chance that a villain attacks? Or was he here for himself?


"Heh, I should be asking you that. You took the brunt of it!" Crimson chuckled, offering a hand to Eijiro. "Are you ok?"


Eijiro took his hand, pulling himself up to his feet, still looking up at his idol.


"I'm fine, sir!" He chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. "I didn't know that you'd be here!"


"Of course I'd be here!" Crimson smiled warmly. "May I ask where you were headed to? The parade is going in the opposite way."


"O-Oh! My friend went that way, but she's been gone for a little while, I don't want her to miss out!"


"Oh!" Crimson Riot exclaimed. "If you want, I could walk with you and help you find your friend!"


Eijiro's eyes went wide. There was no way that Crimson Riot, his idol ever since he was a little kid was offering to help him! He was tempted to pinch himself just to be sure that this wasn't just all one big dream. However, this was no dream, and he was really talking to Crimson Riot! He could feel his smile widen at the thought of spending time with his idol.


"I would love that!" He exclaimed, his joy seemingly beaming off his face.


Crimson Riot smiled as well, beckoning Eijiro to lead the way.


"So, Mr. Riot," Eijiro asked, glancing over to the pro hero. "Would you mind if I asked a few questions while we search?"


"Go right ahead!"


"What made you come here?" He quizzically asked, hoping that he didn't offend him with such a question. "I mean, it's ok that you're here!" He exclaimed, waving his arms around nervously. "I just... I just want to know if you're celebrating pride with us or if you're just on the job."


Crimson Riot frowned slightly, causing Eijiro to panic slightly. Had he offended him with his question? Gosh, his idol probably hated him for asking that. Perhaps it was a personal question and Eijiro crossed the line!


"It's kind of both, I guess." He said, looking to the side. "A part of me goes to make sure that these people are protected against the people who want to hurt them, while another side of me goes because... I'm gay."


Eijiro's eyes went wide. His idol was gay?! Eijiro couldn't help but smile at the sudden news. However, he kept a straight face, just in case Crimson took his smile the wrong way.


"Y-You are?"


Crimson nodded.


"I didn't really know it for a while, until a year ago. I was just curious to see what it was like at first and it turned out that I loved it! Of course, I'd go without my hero clothes on, so it's harder to spot me, but I met a bunch of nice people there. So, yeah. I come to both celebrate and protect people."


"Wow... That is amazing!" Eijiro exclaimed, smiling brightly."You are so inspirational Mister Riot! I hope I can be just like you when I'm a pro!"


Crimson smiled.


"I can't wait until you are a pro. I know that you'll do great things for people. Good luck in your-"


"There you are, Eijiro!"Mina exclaimed, interrupting Crimson's sentence. "Sorry I took so long, the line to get pins was enormous! Oh, I see you made a friend!"


"Heh!" He chuckled nervously, before leaning into Mina's ear. "That's Crimson Riot! I met him while finding you!"


"Oh!" Mina exclaimed, looking towards the pro. "It's nice to meet you, Mr. Riot! I'm Mina Ashido!"


"The pleasure is mine." He said, offering his hand to Mina, which she eagerly took. "I take it that you and he are friends?"


She nodded, wrapping her arm around Eijiro.


"Yep, Eijiro and I have been friends since middle school! We actually are planning on going to UA high for the hero course!"


"That is magnificent! I can't wait until you both are heroes!"


"Aww, that's sweet!" She smiled wholeheartedly. "I appreciate it! And I know Eijiro appreciates it as well, after all, he is your number one fan! I think he has all of your merchandise! This must've been a dream for him, I'm sure that he won't forget this-"


"T-That's enough, Mina!" Eijiro exclaimed, a small blush forming on his cheeks as he waved his hands around nervously. Gosh, Mina did love to embarrass him a lot. However, he didn't have a big problem with it, because he knew that she would never do it to spite him, just as if he's like a sibling to her! "Excuse me, Mr. Riot? Would you mind if you and I took a photo together? You know, to cement the moment?"


"Of course, Eijiro."


Eijiro nodded, before handing Mina his phone and standing next to Crimson Riot. Gosh, this had to be the best day ever for Eijiro! He got to go to a pride parade for the first time, he's spending more time with Mina, and he got to meet his idol!


"By the way, that face paint on your face looks stunning. Whoever did that is very good at it!" Crimson said, pointing out Eijiro's face paint, causing Eijiro to smile wildly.


"That would be yours truly!" Mina grinned, pointing to herself. "Now, smile for the camera!"


The bright light shined as the photo was taken, cementing the experience for Eijiro.


"Well, I guess this is where we have to say goodbye. I have a date I need to go to. It was a pleasure to meet you, Eijiro!" Crimson waved, as he began to walk away. "I'll keep an eye out for you when you are a pro!"


"Thank you, sir!" Eijiro exclaimed, waving back towards Crimson. "It was an honor to meet you!"


"So, I see you made a friend!" Mina said, raising an eyebrow to Eijiro. " Oh! And here!" She said, taking out two pride buttons, one that had the pansexual colors on it, while the other had gay pride colors on it. They were no larger than a coin, nevertheless, Eijiro took one, and stuffed it in his pocket.


"Yeah, I'd like that!" Eijiro said, flashing Mina a toothy grin. "Oh, and Mina?"


"Hmm? What's- Umph!" Her question was quickly cut off, as she was suddenly attacked with a hug.


"T-Thank you for taking me, Mina..!" He sniffled. "I am so appreciative of this experience!"


"Oh, Eijiro," She giggled, returning the hug, rubbing his back gently. "I'm glad you had fun! Now, what do you say that you and I go and get some ramen?"


"Awesome!" Eijiro smiled, before walking away with Mina.


Today he got to meet Crimson Riot, celebrate his first-ever pride parade, and better yet, he got to experience who he truly was!


This was truly the greatest day in Eijiro's life.

Chapter Text

"Wow, that must've been awesome." Katsuki smiled slightly, handing the picture back to Eijiro.


"Yeah, it really was," Eijiro chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. "You know, I made a promise to myself after meeting Crimson Riot that I was going to come out to my parents as soon as I made it into U.A, but here I am, a month away from my first day, and I'm still in the closet," Eijiro mumbled. "I guess we are too busy with the restaurant or I'm just too nervous to do it."


"That's understandable. That would be a big moment in your life."


"You know what? I'm going to do it today. But could I trouble you for a favor? "


"Go ahead."


"Do you mind staying with me while I do it..?" He mumbled once again, forcing out a nervous chuckle. "Just in case things do go bad..." He rubbed the back of his neck. "Sorry, I'm just really nervous..."


"Again, it's fine," Katsuki said, slumping back into his booth. "That homophobic piece of shit isn't going to pick me up, so I got all the time I need."


Eijiro smiled. "Thank you, sir! Now, all we have to do is wait for everyone to leave."


"Well, we might as well make small talk while we wait," Katsuki said, sipping from his water. "You said you made it into U.A?"


Eijiro nodded eagerly.


"Mhm! I got accepted last week, I'm just waiting to see if I'm on the hero course or not!" Eijiro gleefully exclaimed, flashing a toothy grin. "What about you? Are you going to U.A as well?"


"Yep. I got mine two weeks ago, just waiting like you." Katsuki said, seemingly without excitement, causing Eijiro to raise an eyebrow. How could he not sound excited?! After all, the school has a point two acceptance rate, and thousands of kids from all over the world apply!


"Heh, maybe we'll be in the same class!"








"Have a nice night!" Katsuki watched as the shorter lady waved to the last of the people in the restaurant. "We hope that we can see you again soon!" As soon as the door shut, she slumped her shoulders, relieved that she was finally done for the night. "Finally..."


"Hey," Katsuki heard another woman's voice call from the kitchen, the only thing separating the two was a set of two, large, wooden doors that would swing back at you if he pushed hard enough. "Everything all right, Misaki?"


"I'm fine, Yasu!" Misaki called back, wiping the sweat from her brow. "I'm just super exhausted."


"Aww," Yasu teased, as the door suddenly swung open, revealing another woman, one that was slightly taller than Misaki, but not as tall as Eijiro. Her short, raven black hair was tucked under a trucker hat, the words 'Number One Mom' was etched into the fabric. "You'll be fine, love." She walked over to the shorter woman, before wrapping her arms around Misaki in a hug. "I love you, honey!" She planted a kiss on top of Misaki's head.


"Aww, you're a sweetie." Misaki cooed, before returning the kiss to Yasu's lips. "I love you too!"


Eijiro looked towards the ash blonde, his cheeks turning a faint pink.


"I'm sorry about them.." He covered his eyes sheepishly. "They tend to do that often." He stood up from the booth, wiping the hair from his eyes. He walked over to the pair, who were still hugging each other, his eyes practically glued to the ground. "Uh... Hi, M-Ma." He said, stuttering slightly. "S-S-Sorry to interrupt you two, but do you need help cleaning up in the b-back..?"


"Hmm? Nope! All that's left is mopping, nothing I can't handle!" Yasu chuckled. "Are you ok, love? You sound nervous!"


"What? Me, nervous? N-Nope!" Eijiro mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. "I'm not nervous at a-all!"


Yasu raised an eyebrow at Eijiro's attempt to lie.


"You sure?"


"I.." Eijiro stammered, refusing to meet his mother's gaze. "I'm not fine, Ma..."


Almost immediately, Misaki squirmed her way out of her lover's arms and gently gripped her son's shoulders. She could see the tears welling up in her son's eyes, his dark, ruby red eyes refusing to make eye contact with Misaki.


"Eijiro, honey, what's the matter..?" Misaki asked, wiping away Eijiro's tears. "Is someone giving you trouble at school? Did you and Mina get into a fight again? You know you can tell us, right, Eijiro?"


Eijiro tried to blink the tears away.


"No... Nobody is giving me trouble, and Mina and I didn't fight again..." Eijiro tearfully said. "I need to tell you guys something..."


"Oh? What is it?" Yasu asked, raising an eyebrow to her child. "Do you want to sit down?"


Eijiro shook his head. "N-No... I want to do it here." He took a deep breath. "L-Look... This is going to sound stupid... But here goes... I l-love you both from the bottom of my heart, no matter what...H-Hopefully you two will still l-love me...! B-B-But... What I want to tell you... Oh jeez... This is a lot harder t-than I thought... I... I'm g-gay...!"


Misaki's eyes widened, as did Yasu's. Eijiro looked away once more, not wanting to meet their gaze. He should've known that this was going to be bad. Gosh, how could he have been so stupid?! However, he was surprised to feel a pair of arms wrap around the back of his neck. He glanced back, seeing that it was his mother hugging him.


"Oh, my baby.." She whispered soothingly in his ear, rubbing his back gently. "I always knew ever since you were a little boy..."


Almost instantaneously, Eijiro wrapped his arms around her small frame, the tears falling from his eyes, dripping on her shirt.


"There, there my love.." She kissed the side of his head. "Yasu and I still love you, Eijiro! No matter the situation, it is never up for debate!"


"Yeah!" Yasu intervened, hugging her son as well. "We love you no matter what Eijiro! We'd never hate you, or any of that!"


Eijiro tearfully nodded, letting out a quiet sob, the combination of him being nervous and the joy of being loved overtaking his emotions. His grip tightened against Misaki's back, nearly causing his quirk to activate.


"I love you both...!" Eijiro said, giving the pair a tearful smile. "So fucking-"


"Ah!" Misaki booped his nose, stopping Eijiro mid-sentence. "Watch your language, Mister! Just because there are no customers here doesn't mean you get to swear!"


"Right," Eijiro chuckled lightly. "Sorry about that, mom. Oh! You guys have to meet this guy I met! He's the one that gave me the courage to come out! I think you guys will really like him!"


"Oh, is that right?" Yasu asked, flashing a small grin. "Are we meeting your boyfriend?" She playfully teased. "Are we going to have to cater the wedding?"


"Moooooom..!" Eijiro pleaded, his cheeks turning a dark red. "You're embarrassing me!"


"Oh honey, I'm only kidding!" Yasu chuckled, ruffling Eijiro's hair. "Let's meet this kid!"


"Sorry to shit on your parade," Katsuki's voice barged in, as he walked past the trio. "But I have to get going."


"Oh! Have a nice night!" Misaki waved. "Do you need a ride home? Yasu or I can drive you!"


"No," Katsuki said, closing the door behind him.


"Well then." Yasu raised an eyebrow. "He's interesting. He seems rough around the edges."


"I swear he wasn't like that when I talked to him!" Eijiro confusingly exclaimed. "He seemed so nice and caring! He listened to what I had to say!"


"Who knows? You may see him again soon!" Misaki smiled, ruffling Eijiro's hair. "Did he say he was going to U.A?"


Eijiro nodded.


"Well, that's great!" Yasu said, walking back over into the kitchen. "C'mon, it's getting late! Let's get this done so we can go home!"


Eijiro chuckled, before following his mother. However, unbeknownst to the three of them, Katsuki was standing across the abandoned street, the tall, midnight black lamp post dimly lit the ash blonde, along with some of the ground. His hands were tightly clenched in a fist, his nails digging into his palms. The bitter feeling of envy towards Eijiro coursed deep inside his veins, traveling over every crevice of his body. Why couldn't he have that love? He had all of the accomplishments that a fourteen-year-old could ever have! He made it into U.A, he was at the top of his class academically, hell, he may very well become the number one hero?


So, why couldn't he have any love..?


His fists seemed to tighten even more as the small, hot tears began to prick from the corners of his eyes. Those small tears seemingly found their way down Katsuki's cheeks, whether the ash-blonde wanted them to or not. He brought his sleeve up to his face, desperately trying to wipe the tears away. He couldn't let anyone see him cry. What if they laughed at him and called him weak? What if they told him that he'd never become a hero because he was jealous of someone he never met before for receiving love? What if someone he knew saw him, and they told the old hag?! Surely she'd be furious towards the ash blonde for daring to show his emotions and would blame his father for the reason Katsuki was the emotional, self-centered, egotistical teenager, that he is today. However, it seemed that the tears refused to stop, almost as if his tears were like raging rivers escaping a dam, with no way to stop the flow. He choked back a sob.


What does he have that I don't...? The thought loomed over Katsuki. What made Eijiro's parents love him? Was it because he was a good kid? Yeah, it had to be that! Maybe if Katsuki was a good child, he'd have what Eijiro had! Maybe if he hadn't become snappy and aggressive, he'd still have his mom and dad!


Katsuki let out a tearful sigh, for he knew that he was only lying to himself. He knew the true reason why his parents split up in the first place.


The reason why his father and mother split up and the reason why they were fighting in the first place, was because he was gay.


Almost immediately, as if a switch had been flipped inside Katsuki's mind, the tears increased, barreling down his cheeks. The urge to burst into sobs came teetering close to the edge, his knees trembling slightly as he could feel them about to buckle. However, he wiped the tears away from his face once more, as he swiftly walked away, just in the off chance that Eijiro or his parents spotted him.


As he made his way down the sidewalk, he couldn't help but remember what happened that fateful night, whether he wanted to or not. It was almost as if his mind wants to torture him with all these grim thoughts. It was like he could remember it as if it had happened yesterday, how he spent the night before watching videos and reading articles on how to come out. He remembered how he stood in front of the mirror, assuring himself that he could do this. That he was brave enough to come out. However, when he finally did gain the courage to do it, he unknowingly had torn his loving family apart. He shook his head. He couldn't, no, wouldn't allow himself to remember those wretched memories.


His heart began to race as he could feel himself tremble and tense up, the burning anger overflowing him. His mouth began to feel dry, and he could feel sweat slowly fall down his forehead. It was all Jason's fault. If he hadn't opened his fucking mouth, none of this would've happened! He wouldn't have to listen to Eijiro rant or come out, and he wouldn't have to fucking walk home while remembering the day he came out! If he could, he would take his aggression out on Jason and leave him in a puddle of blood. Hell, he could feel the tiny pops in his palms as he continued his walk home, imagining what harm he could do to him. All of these thoughts latched on to him as he made his way back to his house, the hell-storm coming closer and closer.






"There you are, Katsuki!" Mitsuki fumed, as she turned towards the door, revealing the ash blonde. "Where the hell have you been?! It's almost ten!"


"I walked home," Katsuki grumbled, rolling his eyes. "What the fuck does it look like?"


"Don't talk to me like that! Jason told me that you left while you guys were at the restaurant! Why?!"


"I did not!" Katsuki snapped back. "He left me! He made a kid cry, mom! I was just making sure he was all right!"


"That is a fucking lie!" Mitsuki shrieked. "How could you do that to him?! He's been so nice to you! He even offered to spend the day with you!"


"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Katsuki grumbled, waving off Mitsuki. "Where the hell is he?"


"He's eating dinner at the table because he didn't feel like eating at the Battered Yam after you abandoned him! Are you that big of a brat?! He even offered to buy you dinner, and your ungrateful self blew him off!"


Katsuki ignored Mitsuki's lecture, his focus set on Jason, who was sitting at the dining table. In front of him was a small, light blue porcelain bowl, which was filled with ramen. Jason looked up to the ash blonde, his eyes filled with relief.


"There you are, Katsuki! I was starting to get wo-"


"YOU." Katsuki bellowed, slamming his hands on the table. "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"


"Huh?" Jason said, swallowing the noodles he had in his mouth. "What are you talking about?!"




"What are you-" Jason questioned before the realization hit him. "Oh, that kid. Did he seriously start crying? All I did was tell him the truth. If I'm being honest that kid needs to grow a pair." Jason scoffed, causing Katsuki to growl slightly, almost as if he was a wild animal. "Being serious, if he can't handle that, then he has no place in becoming a 'hero'!" He ended the last sentence with an emphasized air quotation. "Lord knows we don't need any more of those queers in the hero courses." He mumbled the last part under his breath, slurping up some more noodles.


Katsuki opened his mouth to retaliate back towards Jason, however, Mitsuki beat him to it.


"Katsuki Bakugou!" Mitsuki barked, causing the ash blonde to snap his head around, glaring daggers towards her. "That is enough! You've already fucked up this nice day! Gosh, I thought you loved your mom and wanted me to be happy! He was having fun with you until you had to ruin it! And he had to unload all of those boxes all by himself!"


"ARE YOU REALLY THAT FUCKING DEAF?! HE'S LITERALLY BEING HOMOPHOBIC!" Katsuki shouted. "AND BOO FUCKING HOO! I WAS THE ONE WHO PUT ALL THOSE BOXES AWAY IN THE CAR! ALL HE DID WAS SIT ON HIS FUCKING ASS AND SAY 'Oh, lift with your legs, Katsuki!' 'You're doing That wrong!' 'Stop! You're going to break that!'" Katsuki said, his voice seemingly mocking Jason's deeper voice.


"That's not true, Katsuki!" Jason intervened, as he tried to get the ash blonde's attention. "I was the one that did all the lifting, you put one box away and then declared you were done for the day!"




"Hey! Don't fucking talk about Jason that way! Just because your father slit his wrists doesn't justify you to take it out on us! God, Why can't you ever act like Izuku?! He acts like a saint towards Inko! He treats her with respect and even does chores! And what do I get?! I get a fucking demon child who doesn't do jack shit around the house! Why don't I deserve your respect?! Gosh, no wonder why your dad slit his wrists! He didn't want to deal with a problem child like you! Hell, I don't want to deal with you sometimes! Sometimes, I wish that I didn't keep you, knowing what I know now, I wish I had! Maybe if you acted better, I wouldn't have to think about that!" Mitsuki rambled, her eyes never breaking eye contact with Katsuki as she shouted every word. "Why can't you even give him a chance, Katsuki? He's doing his best to be a good guy!"


Katsuki growled once more, opening his mouth to retaliate once more. How dare she talk about his father like that?! And.. she didn't mean that right? Had she really considered getting rid of him..? He closed his mouth, feeling the hot tears well in his eyes. However, he quickly blinked them away.


"Are you seriously going to cry?!" Jason asked, clearly noticing Katsuki's tiny tears. "Gosh, and you want to be in the hero course! Hell, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that you're on the same level as that queer at the Battered Yam. Hell, only sissies cry. I should just start calling you Katsunee instead of Katsuki until you can man up."


"RAGH!!!!!" Katsuki yelled from anger. "FUCK THIS SHIT! I'M GOING TO BED!" Katsuki stormed away from the two, stomping up the stairs.


"YOU KEEP THAT ATTITUDE UP AND YOU CAN KISS U.A GOODBYE!" Mitsuki shouted back, groaning softly as they both heard his door slam.


"Goddamn," Jason huffed, setting the bowl of noodles aside. "That kid has got problems."


"Tell me about it!" Mitsuki sighed, sitting in the empty chair across from Jason. "I swear, I have no idea where he gets that temper from! Like, I had some anger issues as a teen, I'll admit to that, but I never acted like that!"


"Me too, my dad would've kicked my ass if I talked to him that way." Jason chuckled.


"Heh, yep." Mitsuki chuckled with Jason. "I blame this all on Masaru, you know? The reason why Katsuki is an arrogant asshole is that Masaru let him walk all over him! Now you can't tell the kid no unless you want to deal with one of his teenage temper tantrums!"


"Right. Oh, has he tried anger management to control his anger?"


To that, Mitsuki burst out into laughter. "Yeah, fucking right! I couldn't get him to take medicine! Who knows what kind of hell he would bring if I tried forcing him to go to anger management? Heh, he'd probably say that I was kidnapping him!"


"Hey, going off-topic for a bit, what did cause you and Masaru to divorce?"


"Oh, don't even get me started on that! All of that was because of Katsuki!"




"You see, back in March, Katsuki came out as gay to me and Masaru!" Mitsuki huffed.






(March 10th)



"M-Mom. Dad." Katsuki softly mumbles as he enters the living room. Mitsuki and Masaru were laying on the couch, the loud, blaring music coming from the TV.


"Yes, my love?" Masaru asked, looking up towards the ash blonde. "What is it?"


"I need to tell you guys something," Katsuki said, rubbing the back of his neck. "Can you pause that?"


"Of course!" Mitsuki exclaimed, grabbing the remote and pausing the show. "Did U.A send you the news if you'll be in the hero course? What class are you in?"


"No, I didn't get the news yet." He looked down.


"Well, then what is it?" Masaru asked, sitting up.


"I.." Katsuki started, the urge to vomit edged its way closer. Katsuki gulped. He was so close to freedom, it was only a word away! He could feel sweat drip down his forehead, as he started towards his mom and dad. He could feel his heart going a thousand beats per second, as his breathing increased. "I'm... g-gay."


Silence filled the room, almost as if Katsuki hadn't said it yet! The temptation rose for Katsuki to say it again, just to make sure his parents understood him. He wiped his forehead. However, it did feel amazing for him to finally say it aloud! It was almost like a large weight was taken off of him. He opened his mouth again but was cut off by Mitsuki.


"I'm sorry... You're what?"


"You heard me, mom..." Katsuki mumbled, looking down at the ground. "I like guys...not girls."


"Oh! That's wonderful, Katsuki!" Masaru exclaimed, beaming a large grin. "I'm so happy that you could tell us! "


"No, it's not!" Mitsuki's shrill voice intervened. "Masaru, he's gay! How the hell will he be a pro hero if he's gay?!"


"Mom, I can apply to several agencies without telling them my sexuality!" Katsuki reasoned, trying to calm his mother down. "I don't have to tell them! "


"No pro agency will want a gay kid as a hero! They wouldn't even want you as a sidekick! Or even as a support hero! How else will you be able to give us money?!"


"Mitsuki, honey," Masaru tried to intervene. "You shouldn't be worrying about that! We should be celebrating the fact that our son is out of the closet!"


"Oh, don't even call him our son!" Mitsuki growled. "He'll humiliate our family name! And how exactly do you plan to have grandchildren?!"




"Ok, everything will be ok, Katsuki's just a little sick in his head! I can find someone online that's willing to help fix Katsuki!"


"Mitsuki!" Masaru suddenly shouted, shutting up his wife. Katsuki flinched at this, as he had never heard his father shout before! If he was being honest, it kind of scared him! "How could you say those things about our son?! We shouldn't care if he likes men or women! We should care if he's happy! What gives you the right to tell him who he is supposed to like?!"


"Uh, I don't know, maybe because I birthed him?! Gosh, why do you even care?! You're supposed to be on my side, Masaru!"


"Honey, you're shaming your own flesh and blood because he doesn't like women! Can't you understand that what you're saying is extremely hurtful?! I mean, it takes a lot of courage for him to come out! You shouldn't be shaming him! You should be loving and accepting towards him!"


"Why?! So he can bring over boys to fuck from U.A?! Absolutely not! No son of mine is going to be a fucking QUEER!" She shouted, the last word ripping into Katsuki's heart.


"THAT'S ENOUGH, MITSUKI!" Masaru's voice boomed, causing the two to flinch once more. "Katsuki honey, would you mind going up to your room so that your mom and I can talk? Thank you for coming out to me, Katsuki. I'm glad to know that you can tell me these things!"


Katsuki nodded and swiftly went upstairs, and into his room. He shut the wooden door gently and leaned against it. He hugged his knees against his chest, trying to drown out the muffled sounds of his parents arguing. It was all his fault. Why did he even say it?! He thought it was supposed to lift a weight off his shoulders, to free himself of the pain of keeping his secret! Well, it seemed as if he had taken his pain, and threw it on his mother and father. And.. did his mom really think that of him..? Was he nothing but a stupid queer to her..? He sniffled. At least his father had the decency to side with him.


However, Katsuki couldn't help but feel a burning hatred deep inside of his heart. Except, it wasn't for his mother!


It was for himself.


If he hadn't said anything, his parents wouldn't be arguing. They'd be sitting happily on the couch, watching whatever program was on that time. If he hadn't said anything, his mother wouldn't tell him such awful things. Gosh, it wasn't his fault he can't control who he loves. However, deep down, he knew that this was nothing but a lie. One that a person down on their luck would tell themselves to give them a false sense of good luck. That everything would get better soon, and they'd be living the dream!


All of this was his fault. He just hoped that he could put the pieces back together so that his family could live happily.






"Wow. Your husband is a fucking moron." Jason laughed, downing the rest of his broth from his noodles. "I'm surprised you stayed with him as long as you did!"


"Yeah, he wanted 'to try and fix us' but honestly, I didn't care one bit about that! And look where it got me! Here, with my new boyfriend!" She got up from her seat, and walked over to Jason, planting a kiss on his lips. "God, I love you so much."


"Aww, that's sweet." Jason grinned, pulling her closer as he kissed her again. "I love you too, honey." He yawned. "Well, it's getting late, I think I'm going to hit the sack. You coming with?"


"I will, I'm just going to clean up first!" She walked away, taking Jason's bowl with her.


Jason couldn't help but smile as he got up from his chair, and went upstairs towards her


In only two days, Jason had already made up his mind.

This was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.


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(Brief warning for chapter 10, shit will go DOWN.)

Chapter Text

(Hello everybody, I don't usually do this, but I am going to warn you all that some violent shit is going to go down. Read at your own risk, hope you enjoy it!)



(One month later)



Jason walked around the large jewelry store, his hands resting on top of the immaculate, clear glass countertop. Today was the day. Today, he was going to ask Mitsuki to marry him! A part of him felt anxious, the dreaded feeling trying to take over Jason's body. What if Mitsuki said no? That thought carved its way into his head, only for him to shake his head. Mitsuki wouldn't say no to him! They were practically head over heels in love! They were practically made for each other! He already had a plan for how he was going to do it, he would take her out to a nice restaurant, which was originally going to be the Battered Yam, but since they support queers, he could cross that off his list. He shouldn't worry though, if all goes to plan, he and Mitsuki will be the happiest couple in the world!



"Good afternoon, sir!" Jason's thoughts were promptly interrupted by a short woman, her short, maroon-colored hair was tied in a tight ponytail. She had bright, rosy cheeks, and a smile that nearly resembled Mitsuki's. She had on a midnight blue, cashmere suit jacket, and a white button-up shirt. "Have you found everything all right?"



"Good afternoon, ma'am," Jason said, returning the smile. "I'm looking for a ring to propose to my girlfriend, would you mind helping me out?"



"Ooh!" The girl squealed from excitement, her smile seemingly getting wider. "I'd be happy to help you, sir! What kind of stone would you be looking for?"



"I don't really have a clue," Jason sheepishly chuckled. "I haven't picked out a ring in a long time. What would you suggest?"



"Well, that can be a little difficult, there are just so many good options!" She giggled. "When is your soon-to-be fiancé's birthday?"



"December first, which would be a turquoise, correct?"



"Mhm, I believe we have some turquoise rings that you may find to your satisfaction!"



"Well, what other precious stones do you have?"



"Well, we have diamond, ruby, emerald, yellow and blue sapphire, garnet, pearl, cat's eye, and coral rings!"



"Isn't garnet just a fancy way of saying ruby?" Jason questioned. "And what's cat's eye?"



"Actually, there is a difference! You see, a garnet can show hints of orange or pink, while ruby is a vivid red, with blue or purple hues! As for the cat's eye, it's a chatoyancy stone or an opalescence stone also known as cymophane! It's a rather beautiful stone, in my opinion, it often reminds me of my cat's eyes!" She gently opened up the case and picked up one of the rings. "See how the line goes directly down the center?"



Jason nodded.



"Heh, from what I've heard, I heard the cat's eye is supposed to bring good luck and fortune! Would that be up your alley?"



"Unfortunately, no," Jason chuckled. "I'm not much into superstitions, although I think you may have given me an idea for a ring though!"



"Oh, what would that be?" She asked, cocking her head slightly.



"I think I'm going to go with ruby because it matches her beautiful eyes!"



"Aww!" She squealed again. "That's so cute! All right, pick whichever one you want? Is there a specific limit to how much you want to spend?"



Jason nodded once more, taking out his small, almond brown, leather wallet.



"Anything around six hundred bucks."



The girl's smile fell slightly.



"Well, there isn't much to work with, unfortunately," She let out a sheepish chuckle. "Most ruby ring prices average from over two grand to ten grand, so there's only two that would fit your price range, sir!" She explained, pointing out two ruby rings sitting near the back of the case. The one on the right had a white gold band, the tiny ruby sat daintily in the center. However, the thing that caught his eye were the two bright, sparkling white sapphires, each sitting next to the ruby, almost as if they were protecting the ruby from any sort of danger. However, the one on the left also had a white gold band, the vibrant, oval, natural ruby sat dead center, encircled by small, round diamonds, that seemed to sparkle when the light touched it. The diamonds seemed to travel all around the ring itself, only stopping where the ring curves. However, there was something about this ring that Jason loved. It seemed to captivate him into its beauty! He grinned slightly, as he tapped the glass hovering over the ring.



"That one." He looked back up at her.



"Well, you're in luck! Originally, this was seven hundred dollars! However, we're having a sale, and now it's only five hundred and fifty-nine dollars! So, that's right in your price range!"



"Perfect!" He opened his wallet and took out his credit card. "Do you guys accept credit cards?"



She nodded eagerly.



"So, I bet you're pretty nervous about proposing to her!" She chuckled, attempting to make small talk as Jason paid.



"Nah, I'm not really nervous, to be honest, I love her to death, and I know she's the same! However, there is just one problem with it."



"Oh? What would that be if I may ask?"



"She has a son, who despises me for no reason! You see, she brought me in a month after her divorce, and her son has the worst rage issues I've ever seen! So, breaking that to him is not going to be pleasant. But I love the kid with all my heart, hell, he's practically like my son already! I just want to get his approval before I do it, just to know that he's onboard, you know?"



She cringed slightly.



"Yikes, well, I wish you luck with that! I'm sure he'll come around and approve!"



Jason chuckled, before removing his card. "One can only hope."



"Well, here you are!" She reopened the case, snatching the ring from its place gently, before heading to the back, probably going to find a box to contain the ring.



Gosh, how was he going to break it to Katsuki? Would he lose his shit as he did after the Battered Yam? Or worse? Maybe... maybe he should try and help Katsuki control his anger once he and Mitsuki got married! However, these thoughts were once again cut off by the cheerful woman, who was now holding a small, blue, seemingly flat box.



"Ah, you're back!" Jason chuckled. "Isn't that box a little flat though? How will the ring fit?"



"What's cool about this box," She opened the box suddenly, revealing that the box contained an LED light, almost as if it had become a spotlight for the ring, showcasing it to the world. "It has a light in it!"



"Oh!" Jason exclaimed, seemingly awestruck. "That's.. really cool!" He took the ring from her. "Thank you for helping me, ma'am, but I should get going, I have a proposal to do!"



The woman smiled again, giving Jason a gentle wave.



"Good luck, sir! I hope she says yes!"






"Back so soon honey?" Mitsuki asked, looking up from her spot on the couch. "How was shopping?"



"Ah, it went all right, the mall didn't have the shoes that I like, so I'm going to look for a store that has them tomorrow. Are you ready for our big night out?" Jason asked, closing the door behind him.



"Yep! What did you say we're doing again?"



"I already told you!" Jason laughed, laying next to Mitsuki. "We're going to the movies first, I hear they're re-showing the original Predator, then we'll go out to eat, and then there's a surprise!"



"Oh, a surprise?" Mitsuki asked, raising an eyebrow to Jason. "What kind of surprise?"



"You'll find out!" Jason snickered. "I have to talk to Katsuki first, why don't you get ready for the night, our movie is in an hour!"



"All right," She pecked Jason's cheek before getting up to go to their bedroom. . "I can't wait!"



Jason chuckled to himself, before getting up from his spot. He let out a loud sigh. Now, came the hardest part of the day.



Telling Katsuki.



He moved slowly up the stairs, seemingly delaying the inevitable hellfire tantrum that Katsuki was eventually going to throw. However, he knew that telling him now was for the best. If Mitsuki had declared it when they got home, Katsuki was probably going to ruin their perfect night and piss Mitsuki off! He couldn't, no, wouldn't allow that to happen! He would rather take that hellfire head-on than let Mitsuki take it on with him. He loved her too much to let her deal with him on her special day.



Eventually, he had reached the ash blondes door, the familiar skull and all might stickers remained on the door. He brought a fist up to the door, before hesitantly knocking on it.



"Who's there?!" Katsuki barked from behind the door.



"It's Jason, I need to talk to you. I have news." He tried to open the door, revealing that Katsuki had locked it. "Open the door, son."



"One, don't ever call me your 'son' again. Two, what news? Are you finally leaving the fucking house and my mom?!"



"Haha, very funny." Jason unenthusiastically grumbled, rolling his eyes. "Just open the door."



Katsuki groaned, before getting up from his spot on the bed, before opening the door slightly.



"...Fine. Come in."



"Thank you very much!" Jason happily said, entering the ash blondes room. He made a beeline for the ash blondes bed, which was neatly made, and sat on it.



"Hey, don't sit there! I just made that!" Katsuki growled.



"It's fine, Katsuki. I'm only going to be here for a short while! I actually need to tell you something very important!"



"Oh yeah?" Katsuki rolled his eyes. "What would that be?"



Jason gave the ash-blonde a determined smile, before reaching into his pocket, and pulled out the blue box. Katsuki's eyes widened, immediately recognizing what the box represented. There was no fucking way he planned on proposing to his mother already! They had only been dating for a month! However, there the box sat, almost as if it were mocking him. Katsuki let out a shaky breath, his eye twitching from anger. He could feel his heart racing in his chest, almost as if someone was slamming a bass drum in his chest. He stared at the box, even though he wanted to rip his eyes away from it! His hands shook as he clenched his hands into tight fists, his nails digging into his skin. Hell, he could feel a little blood coming from his palms, trickling down his hands.



"I uh.." Jason struggled to find the right words to deliver to Katsuki. "I had been planning this for a week now, and I made my decision;" Jason popped the box open, revealing the ring. "I'm going to ask your mom to marry me tonight. The reason why I'm telling you this is because I want your approval!"



Almost immediately, Katsuki burst into shrill laughter, clutching the side of his dresser that he had been leaning on for support. Jason really had the audacity to ask him for his permission to marry his mom! If it were up to him, Jason wouldn't be here after the Battered Yam! Hell, he wouldn't even be allowed near the property if he could allow it! He suddenly stopped his laughter, looking Jason dead in the eyes.



"Are you being serious?!"



"Of course, I wouldn't joke about that, Katsuki!" Jason answered, closing the box and putting it in his pocket. "I want to be your new dad! A better dad than your old father! Trust me, I can be! Hell, I love you like my own son!"



"OH HELL NO!" Katsuki's voice suddenly boomed, almost as if Jason had flipped a switch in Katsuki's head. "THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY YOU ARE GOING TO BE MY DAD! MY DAD WAS A GOOD MAN THAT THE OLD HAG RUINED! YOU ARE NOT 'BETTER' THAN MY DAD! MY DAD KNEW HOW TO LOVE SOMEONE! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A HOMOPHOBIC, RUDE, LAZY, MOTHERFUCKER! YOU WILL NEVER BE MY DAD, AND YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO CHANGE MY MIND!" He walked over to his bedroom door and ripped it open, nearly taking it off the hinges as he gestured for Jason to leave his room. "NOW, GET THE FUCK OUT!"



Jason clicked his tongue. "Man, I'm sorry for making you this upset, Katsuki. I was really hoping that you would approve of this." He mumbled, making his way to Katsuki's door.



Suddenly, as if Jason had snapped, he slammed the door shut and grabbed Katsuki's throat, pinning him against the wall. The ash blonde's eyes shot open, the feeling of confusion, shock, and a hint of fear showed in his ruby eyes. His hands went up to Jason's wrist, attempting to pull him off of his throat. What was he doing?! Did he honestly think that if he choked Katsuki out that he'd be on board with him marrying his mom?!



"You ungrateful little shit!" Jason growled. "I have spent a whole month effortlessly trying to win you over, by treating your mother nicely, buying the both of you stuff, and this is how I get treated?! I bust my ass every day to make sure that you and your mother are taken care of, and you treat me like I just killed her!"



"Get your fucking hands off of me....!" Katsuki managed to say, tears welling in his eyes as Jason's grip seemed to tighten. The lack of air started to turn his face a bright red as he frantically looked around for something, anything he could use to defend himself! He put a hand up to Jason's face, bracing himself for the giant explosion he was going to have.



However, that explosion never came! Katsuki's eyes only seemed to widen more. Something was extremely wrong! He should've been able to fire off an explosion by now! Were his hands not sweaty enough?! No, that can't be! Even if his hands weren't sweaty enough, he would still have at least had a smaller explosion! Jason began to chuckle slightly, much to the ash blonde's horror. Had he done something to his quirk?! Did he permanently take it away?!



"Oh, how dumb do you think I am?" Jason chuckled, holding back the urge to burst into laughter. "I never told you my quirk, did I?"



Katsuki shook his head.



"Well, my father was quirkless, but he made up for it by joining the military. My mother, on the other hand, wasn't quirkless! In fact, she was a pro! Her quirk? She had the ability to erase anyone's quirk if she said their name and had the person's face in her mind. When she had me, I inherited her quirk. You see, all I have to do is think about a person and click my tongue, and the same if I want to release my quirk. So, I'd like an apology for how you have been treating me!"



"N-Never!" Katsuki growled as he tried to squirm out of Jason's grip.



"Oh well," Jason scoffed. "My father taught me some stuff about defending myself, like how it takes the average person seven to fourteen seconds to pass out from strangulation." His grip suddenly tightened around Katsuki's throat and lifted him in the air by his throat. Katsuki's eyes bulged slightly in fear, as he struggled against his hold, kicking his legs to try and get Jason to drop him. He clawed at Jason's hand, his nails digging deep into Jason's forearm. The small glimmer of hope that he could hurt him enough to let him go was fading, as his vision slowly turned to black.



His grip is so tight...! He's going to break my neck...! Katsuki thought, his face turning a deep red. His heart, which was once racing, was now beginning to slow. His lungs felt like they were on fire, was this how he was going to die?!



"I'm sorry!" He wheezed. "I'm sorry for disrespecting you! Are you happy?!"



And just like that, Jason dropped Katsuki, his knees buckling from under him. Katsuki let out a loud, raspy gasp of air, the room filled with Katsuki's violent coughs as he took in big gulps of air.



"Now then, thank you for apologizing," Jason said, looming over Katsuki's body. "Do you finally give me permission to marry your mom?"



Katsuki let out another loud cough, before finally getting up to his feet, facing his attacker. He wiped the drool from his lip and the tears that had formed away with his sleeve.



"Absolutely not!" Katsuki growled. "You're not getting my damn permission! In fact, I don't think my mom will be saying yes to you! I'm going to tell her what you did and she'll kick your ass out of the house!"



Jason's eyes widened. Was Katsuki being serious?! Surely she'd believe him though, and not Katsuki! Hell, she'd probably accuse Katsuki of lying again! But.. What if she did believe her son? Surely he'd be kicked out of her house, the proposal offer going out of the window. Hell, maybe she'd call the police and get him locked up! He tensed up, letting out a sigh. He was going to have to shut Katsuki up.



"Get the fuck out of my way!" Katsuki growled as he tried to go around Jason.



However, to Katsuki's shock, Jason grabbed Katsuki by his hoodie and pulled him to him.



"What the?!" Katsuki exclaimed. "Hey! Let me go!"



Jason smirked, before tossing Katsuki onto his bed, his stomach hitting the mattress.



"Umph!" Katsuki groaned, looking back at Jason. "What the hell, dude?!"



"Since you don't like keeping your mouth shut, I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" He grabbed the back of Katsuki's neck, pinning his face down on the mattress. "Keep your head straight, understand?"



Katsuki could feel Jason climb on top of him, his legs pinned by Jason. What was Jason doing?! Was he going to choke him again?! Was he going to hit him?!



"Hey, what the hell are you doing?! Are you going to choke me again?!" He asked, looking back towards Jason.



"Nope.~" Jason cooed, his eyes glancing down to Katsuki's ass. "I'm going to teach you a different lesson.~ And keep your fucking head forward! Gosh... You look just like your mother..~" He mumbled the last sentence under his breath.



"Hey, let me go, I'm sorry! I'll give you permission! I promise!" Katsuki begged, not liking where this was going. "Please!"



"Too late for apologies!~" Jason sneered, undoing his belt, signifying to Katsuki what lesson Jason had planned. Katsuki immediately began to squirm, using his arms to try and pull away, desperately trying to get away from Jason. He couldn't allow him to do this! He had to fight back! However, much to Katsuki's dismay, he felt both of his arms get grabbed and pinned against his back. With one hand, Jason kept Katsuki's hands behind his back, Katsuki could feel Jason's other hand reach down to Katsuki's pants, ripping both his pants and underwear off.



"H-Hey! S-S-Stop!" Katsuki pleaded, shivering slightly at the sudden hit of coldness on his nether regions. "I don't want this! Please...!"



Jason ignored the ash blonde's pleas, instead, he pulled down his pants, freeing his member from its prison. Katsuki winced as he prodded it against Katsuki's hole. This wasn't how he wanted to lose his virginity! He wanted to do something but for some reason, his body was paralyzed with fear! How was he supposed to be a hero and save people if he couldn't even save himself?! Suddenly, much to Katsuki's pleading and begging, Jason thrust without warning or lubing up deep inside of Katsuki.



"AGH!!!!!!!" Katsuki screamed, the burning, white-hot pain coursed down his lower half. The tears he had been holding back came crashing down his face. The pain was unbearable, almost as if he was being ripped in half! He could feel blood trickling down from his hole and onto his bedsheets. However, the thing that horrified him... Was the erection he was getting. He couldn't understand, why was he getting hard?! He didn't enjoy this one bit! However, it seemed that Jason enjoyed watching the ash-blonde in such a painful state! What kind of sick pervert was he?!



"Damn, you're tight, like your mom!~" He moaned slightly. "Are you hard?~ You're enjoying this aren't you?!~"



"S-STOP! JASON, PLEASE! PULL IT OUT! IT HURTS SO MUCH!!!" Katsuki cried out, hoping to change Jason's mind on punishing him, and hopefully to get the attention of his mother! His attempts at getting help were stopped abruptly by Jason's large, powerful hand, covering the ash blonde's mouth, muffling any pleas the ash-blonde had. "MMPH!"



"There we go!~" Jason grinned, before going at a rather rough pace, stretching Katsuki with every thrust. Katsuki let out a muffled whimper, closing his eyes tightly. He hoped that this was all just one big nightmare, and when he woke up, his parents wouldn't be divorced, and Jason wouldn't be even near Japan! Eventually, after what seemed like hours, Katsuki couldn't stop his emotions from pouring over. He let out loud, muffled sobs, the combination of pain and shame consuming his emotions. "Why are you fucking sobbing?! I know you're gay! You love this kind of thing!~"



"Fuck..!~ You sobbing turns me on!~ " Jason chuckled, his sweaty body thrusting deeper into Katsuki. "Are you going to cum, son?~"



"N-NO! NOT INSIDE! PLEASE!" Katsuki's muffled pleas fell on deaf ears, as he felt a tingling sensation in his crotch. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, as he felt his cock twitch. He let out a muffled, tearful moan, before cum shot out of his cock, landing on his comforter. He let out a defeated sob, closing his eyes once more.



"I KNEW YOU LIKED IT!~" Jason exclaimed, grinning wildly. "Now, my turn!~"



Katsuki shook his head, his tears falling off his cheeks and onto Jason's hand. However, that did not stop Jason, as his thrusts got more and more violent. He let out a mighty cry, thrusting deep inside of Katsuki one last time, his back arching as he came inside of the ash blonde, Jason's disgusting, sticky, and warm sperm filled up the ash blonde. Jason promptly let go of Katsuki's face, letting his face hit the mattress. He pulled out of Katsuki, the combination of blood and sperm leaking out of Katsuki. However, he ignored that, instead, he grabbed the ash blonde's hair, forcing him to face him. The ash-blonde had tears running down his cheeks like rivers and snot dripped down his nose as he sobbed quietly. Jason, on the other hand, had a powerful grin on his face, his eyes filled with power.



"I'm sorry that I had to punish you, Katsuki." He whispered. "But I had to teach you a lesson, you were being very naughty! Now, I'll ask you again, Katsuki. Do I have your permission to marry your mom?"



"Yes..." Katsuki whimpered. "You can..."



Jason smiled, before ruffling the ash blonde's hair.



"That's a good child! Now, I have to go propose to your mom, and when we get back, there's going to be some new rules around this house! But I won't tell you them just yet! I've got to go now, you should probably clean yourself up." He chuckled, pointing to the mess that he had made. "Do I make myself clear?"






"Good. Bye-Bye!" Jason cheered as he clicked his tongue, before walking out the door, closing it gently behind him.



Once Jason had closed the door, Katsuki began to sob, burying his face into his pillow. He wished his father was still alive so that he could hold him, to assure him that everything was going to be ok and that he was safe now. Gosh, how could he have been so stupid?! If he had just said that it was ok for him to marry his mom, Jason wouldn't have had to punish him! He wouldn't be laying on his bed, almost fully nude, and bleeding. He wouldn't have felt so dirty... So violated... Slowly, he pulled his legs up to his chest, clutching them tightly. He knew that what happened was extremely wrong and that he should tell someone!



But who would believe him?



If they were to question him and Jason, surely they'd take Jason's side! Hell, he'd probably tell them that Katsuki had an issue with lying and that he just wanted Jason out of the house! Knowing his luck, they'd scold Katsuki for causing trouble, leaving him with Jason. Katsuki shuddered at the thought. He wouldn't allow that to happen! He would be a good child!



"Bye, Katsuki!" Mitsuki called out from downstairs. "Jason and I are going out! We'll be back in a couple of hours!"



Once Katsuki heard the front door slam shut, he finally got up from his bed. He just felt so dirty, he needed to get himself clean. However, as soon as he tried to take a step, he could feel his knees buckle, and he collapsed to the floor.



"Ow..!" Katsuki mumbled, rubbing his head. Did he really hurt me to the point where I can't walk..?!



"Fuck..." Katsuki groaned, the tears pouring relentlessly down his face as he began to crawl on his hands and knees towards the bathroom, which wasn't that far away. Once he made it to the bathroom, he quickly shut the door behind him, for the slim chance that his mother came back, claiming that she had forgotten something, he surely didn't want his mother to see him in this state, a sobbing teenager that had just been violated by his stepfather! He locked the door, before crawling over to the tub. He turned the faucet on to the hottest level and watched the water come barreling down, as the hot steam rose. Katsuki dipped his hand in, just to see how hot the water truly was. He instantly recoiled his hand back, waving it around to cool it down. However, once the water raised to about the ash blondes waist, he shut off the faucet. He let out a heavy sigh, ripping his hoodie off, along with several band-aids over his healing scabs. He leaned on the side of the tub, his arms trembling slightly as he pulled himself up to his feet. As soon as he did, he climbed into the tub, the hot water engulfing the ash blonde, the steam still rising higher and higher. The ash-blonde bit his lip as he closed his eyes, trying desperately to bear the searing heat of the water. After a minute, he slowly opened his eyes, his ruby orbs glancing around to find something, anything to make him feel clean once again! To his surprise, sitting next to him was a white, oval-shaped bar of soap. The words 'Dove' carved into the bar. He swiftly grabbed it, squeezing it gently in his hand. He dipped it in the water and began to scrub violently, his nails digging into his skin as he brought the soap along his arms, unknowingly ripping his scabs off. He shut his eyes, for he didn't want to look at his disgusting body. However, unbeknownst to him, his newly reopened cuts had begun to bleed, the deep, crimson liquid seeped down his wrists, and into the scalding hot water. Katsuki winced as he continued to scrub and scratch at himself. However, he didn't care, he just needed to be clean!



After what seemed like hours, Katsuki finally decided to stop scrubbing at himself. He slowly opened his eyes, nearly dropping the soap as he realized what he had done. The water around him had turned a light red, his wrists still oozing blood. He closed his eyes tightly. Vivid memories of his father in the tub flashed across his eyes.



"No... No... No..!" Katsuki whimpered, tugging at his hair, almost as if he was trying to wake himself up from an awful nightmare! He could see his father's blood all over again, flowing freely from the bathtub, hitting the tile floor.



"AHHHHHHH!" Katsuki suddenly screamed in terror, opening his eyes. Almost immediately, he began to sob, the tears seemingly never-ending. This was all his fault. If he never confessed that he was gay, none of this wouldn't have happened! His parents would've never argued and divorced, his father wouldn't be laying six feet underground in god knows where, his mother would've never met that asshole, and he wouldn't have been violated and sitting in a bathtub full of his blood!



However, little did the ash-blonde know, his hell was only getting started.



(4,840 words!)

Chapter Text

“Wow!” Mitsuki exclaimed as she leaned her head on Jason’s shoulder. “This is the best date I’ve ever gone on!”

“Heh, yeah!” Jason chuckled, kissing the top of Mitsuki’s head. “It was surprisingly good for a sci-fi movie from the ’80s!”

Mitsuki smiled warmly. This date was by far the best she had gone in years! Jason had taken her to a beautiful restaurant in downtown Japan, where they both got wagyu steaks! She had never even been offered such an expensive steak before! It was her dream to be out here, especially with the love of her life! However, one question did linger in her mind as they walked down the sidewalk, towards Jason’s Camaro. Jason had mentioned earlier that he had a surprise for the ash-blonde!

“Hey, where are we going?” Mitsuki asked, entering the car, closing it behind her. “You said that you had a surprise! What is it?”

“If I tell you, it would ruin the surprise!” Jason chuckled, entering the car as well, and turned on the engine. “I’ll give you a hint though! It is a place where we used to hang out as teens!”

“Hmm...” Mitsuki pondered, tapping her finger against her chin. What was Jason talking about? She barely remembered half of the stuff she did in high school, whether it was because she was constantly hammered during the night, or practicing for volleyball! After a few minutes of thinking, she let out a defeated sigh. “I give up, I have no idea!”

“Well then,” Jason chuckled, shifting his car into drive as he gazed into Mitsuki’s beautiful eyes. “I guess you’re going to find out when we get there!”

And with that, Jason sped off, his soon-to-be fiancé in tow.



Mitsuki slowly opened her eyes as she felt the car roll to a stop. Her ruby orbs glanced around, taking in the beautiful view. All of this seemed very familiar to her! She could see the beautiful moon beaming down on them, illuminating the ocean below! As she slowly regained her senses, she immediately recognized where Jason had taken her.

“Jason..” She mumbled, her eyes growing wide. “Is this..?”

“The white cliffs? Yep! I figured we could relive some old memories back in high school!”

Mitsuki smiled.

“Hell yeah!” She exclaimed. “I can assume that you brought drinks?”

“Mhm! They’re in the trunk! I’ll go get them!” He said, opening up his door, and stepping out onto the cracked concrete. He walked over to the trunk, before popping it open. He let out a quiet, yet nervous sigh, stuffing his hand into his pocket, and pulled the ring out. “Ok, Jason…” He mumbled under his breath, looking towards the box. “You can do this.”

He grabbed two bottles, one containing vodka, while the other contained brandy. He walked over to Mitsuki’s side, and opened the door, keeping the bottles in one arm.

“Oh,” Mitsuki chuckled, stepping out to face her boyfriend. “Thank you, my kind gentleman!”

“Pick your poison!” Jason said, holding up the two bottles. Almost immediately, Mitsuki snatched the vodka from Jason’s hands. “Whoa! Didn’t have to deliberate much, huh?” He chuckled.

“God, I need this, Katsuki has been a pain in the ass lately. Always throwing his hissy fits about how ‘it isn’t right that you’re here!’ What does he want me to do?! Sit around and mope? I’m allowed to be happy!” She unscrewed the lid, bringing her lips to the bottle, and took a small swig. “God that is so fucking good!”

“Well, I’m glad you like it!” Jason smiled warmly. “Sorry that we couldn’t go to the Battered Yam, their food was so good, but I can’t support a place that has fruitcake employees.” He chuckled nervously, his free hand rubbing the back of his neck. “And I’m not willing for them to ruin our night.”

Mitsuki paused mid-sip, swallowing what was in her mouth before caressing the taller male’s cheek, a light blush tinting her cheeks.

“Hey, that’s ok!” She smiled. “I don’t care where we go, as long as you’re with me, it’s perfect!”

Jason blushed slightly from the ash blonde’s compliment.

“Well, I’m glad to know that you liked tonight. But the night isn’t over yet!” He grinned. “I’ll be right back!” He said as he jogged around the car, leaning into the driver's seat, to which Mitsuki saw Jason pop something into the cassette player. Almost immediately, a song began to play softly. The sweet, majestic voice of Elvis Presley echoed from the speakers, filling the peaceful, inky black sky with his song, singing about how only fools rush in, while he couldn’t help but fall in love. Mitsuki giggled softly as Jason rushed over to her, hugging her gently.

“Well, you seem excited!” Mitsuki laughed, returning the hug. “What’s got you in a romantic mood tonight?”

“Well, I am just a little nervous...” Jason mumbled, forcing out a nervous laugh. “Fuck it, I’m going to give you your surprise now!”

Before Mitsuki could open her mouth, Jason immediately fell to a knee, his hand stuffed back into his pocket. She gasped, the bottle falling from her grasp, shattering on the ground, causing shards of broken glass and vodka to spill on the concrete. She covered her mouth in shock, was this really happening?! Was Jason actually proposing to her?! She instantly teared up, the overwhelming joy of her finally being proposed to by someone she loved rushed through her body. Hell, she didn't even feel this with Masaru! Speaking of him, why didn’t she feel that feeling? The feeling of security is something that she never felt with Masaru! If she had never met Masaru, she would have never given birth to such a demon child, like Katsuki. She would've been perfectly happy, living her best life with Jason! She watched as Jason pulled the small, velvety, midnight blue box.

“Mitsuki...” Jason let out a nervous sigh, his light blue eyes, which were filled with confidence glanced up to Mitsuki’s teary, ruby eyes. “From the moment I saw you, I was awestruck by your beauty. I mean, I was just a scrawny high schooler, in a new school, and I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to make friends. But then you came in, and it was like you lit up the classroom with your beauty! I still remember Mr. Sayonana lecturing you on being late!” They both snicker at the memory. “But, it was almost like you were one big, bright star, illuminating my world! And when I heard your beautiful voice for the first time, apologizing to the teacher with your usual giggle, it made my heart melt on the spot! When you sat next to me and introduced yourself to me, it made me forget all about the nervous feeling I had in my gut that day! Your angelic voice was like a drug to me, I just couldn’t get enough of it! Every day we talked, I felt the soothing calmness run through my body, forgetting about everything else in the world! Hell, I think I even failed a test or two because I couldn’t get your voice off my mind.” He snorted. “But… Then I had to leave.” He looked down, blinking away the small tears welling in his eyes. “It pained me so much to have to abandon you, and all the partying we did throughout high school. However, I could practically hear your voice all the way from America, even though I was over six thousand miles from you, your voice kept me going! It was like you made me whole! You brought out a side of me that I didn’t even know existed! I always thought that you were the one for me, no matter what the circumstances were, and those thoughts were confirmed when you and I went out on a date. Mitsuki, I love you so much, I can’t see my life in the future without you by my side! Mitsuki Kinishinai, will… will you marry me?” Jason asked, opening the small box. The LED light shined slightly, making the ring sparkle, almost as if it was a star in the inky black sky.

Mitsuki blinked, the tears of joy spilling down her cheeks. Was this actually happening?! Was she about to marry the man she desired?! While her mind went haywire, she couldn’t help but stare into the sparkling gem. It was almost like it was hypnotizing her!

“So,” Jason smiled. “What do you say?”

Mitsuki nodded eagerly, practically tackling Jason in a hug.

“Fuck yes!” She shouted, kissing Jason’s face multiple times, her arms wrapped around his neck. “Yes, of course, I will marry you! I love you so fucking much!”

Jason giggled at the ash blonde’s excitement, wrapping his arms around her back, planting a kiss on her cheek. He couldn’t believe it! Mitsuki actually said yes! Words couldn’t even describe the excitement he had in his heart, knowing that he could truly be happy with the love of his life!

“Wait,” Mitsuki paused, stopping herself from kissing Jason to look at her fiancé. “What will Katsuki say? God, I am not going to put up with his temper tantrum when he finds out you proposed!”

“No need to worry!” Jason exclaimed, beaming a triumphant grin. “I already discussed it with Katsuki, and he gave me his permission to marry you!”

Mitsuki’s eyes widened.

“YOU DID?!” She asked, dumbfounded at the fact that her fiancé managed to get her demon child, who despised him to approve! “HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?!”

“Oh, I have my ways!” Jason grinned. ”I was thinking about assembling some rules in the household to keep Katsuki in line! I can’t have my beautiful angel stressing over her child, now can I?”

Mitsuki laughed. “If you want to make rules, go right ahead, but I doubt he’ll follow them!”

Jason chuckled, a big chunk of his mind knew that after what he did, Katsuki would never disobey him, unless he wanted Jason to ‘teach’ him a lesson. However, he put that thought away as he lifted himself off the ground, dusting off the tiny pebbles that were stuck to his pants. He gently grabbed the ash blonde's hand, and gently slipped the ring on her finger.

“Wow…” Mitsuki stared in awe, watching the ring sparkle. “It’s beautiful!”

“It matches your beautiful eyes!” Jason smiled, intertwining her hand with his. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

She nodded eagerly.

“Thank you, Jason, I love you so much!” She once again said, hugging her new fiancé tightly.

“Heh, I love you too!” Jason said, letting out a quiet yawn. “We should probably get going, it’s getting late!”

Mitsuki nodded, standing up from her place on the ground, dusting off the pebbles from her short, silk dress. To her surprise, Jason hoisted her up and cradled her in his arms, like she was his child! She giggled at the thought, nuzzling her fiancé’s chest.

“Heh, you truly are adorable, my love,” Jason whispered in Mitsuki’s ear, kissing her cheek softly. “I love you, Mitsuki Caldwell.”

Mitsuki smiled once more.

“I love you too, Jason Caldwell.”

And with that, the two began their journey home, happy as they could ever be, for they had both won each other’s hearts.

(1,885 words)

Chapter Text

(The next morning)



Katsuki was unable to sleep the entire night, the combination of the pain in his ass constantly aching after he was violated by Jason. However, he also was in a state of fear and panic, fearing that during the nighttime, when his mother was sleeping, he would enter the ash blonde’s room and hurt him again. He wouldn’t even be able to defend himself, god, he was so weak! Why couldn’t he defend himself?! How the hell was he supposed to be a pro hero if he couldn’t defend himself against one person?! He could feel himself shake, as he brought his knees to his chest, hugging them tightly. He didn’t even want to leave his room at all! The fear and anxiety that if he were to so much take a single step outside of his room, Jason would hurt him once more! Even though it was his room where the unspeakable deed took place, Katsuki felt as if this were his safe area. A place where he could hide from all the evil in the world, whether it be villains roaming the area, Jason preying on him, or himself. He loathed himself for allowing Jason to do that to him. He should’ve fought back… He should’ve tried harder to squirm free, to free his hands and punch Jason in his stupid face. Why the hell didn’t he do something?! He felt as if he was just a weak, frail little boy all over again. No matter what he could do, Jason would always overpower him! Katsuki wanted, no, needed to tell someone what Jason did to him! But… What if they didn’t believe him? What if they scolded him for making it up and he lost his place at U.A? That would mean he would have to be home all day until he could find another high school that would be willing to teach him. Or worse;


What if they told Mitsuki and Jason..?


Katsuki let out a soft whimper, his lip quivering slightly as he seemingly tightened his grip on his knees. He tossed the blanket over his head, almost as if it was a safe barrier for the ash-blonde as if he was a little kid again. His breathing increased drastically, but yet he felt like he was being choked! The overwhelming sensation of dread, that Jason would punish him again loomed over his head. He began to tremble at the thought, what would Jason do to him?! Would he choke him again?! Would he beat him? Or worse.. would he violate him again..?! Gosh, he could already feel himself being choked, yet there was nothing to choke him! He felt his stomach churn as a giant wave of nausea engulfed him as he wept silently, his face buried in the pillow. He didn’t want to go outside of his room, to face him again. He wanted to sleep this all off, to pray that this wasn’t just one, really fucked up dream!



Much to Katsuki’s dismay, his mother had other plans for the ash blonde.



“Katsuki Bakugou!” Her shrill voice echoed, snapping Katsuki out of his current state. “Get your ass down here! Jason and I need to tell you something!”



Katsuki sniffled as he rose from his bed, wiping away whatever tears that had formed on his face.



“I’m c-coming!” He stuttered, rushing to get up from his bed, and threw on a random hoodie. He limped slightly as he rushed down the stairs, he saw that his mother and Jason were sitting at the dining room table, sitting rather closely, their hands intertwined between each other. He quickly looked away as his mother beckoned him to sit down.



“Come, sit!” Mitsuki gleefully exclaimed.



Katsuki nodded slightly, taking a seat across from the couple, wincing slightly as he sat down. He looked towards the two, his eyes showing a slight bit of pain. He already knew what they were going to announce to him, and he dreaded that. However, it seemed like Mitsuki didn’t even notice that her son was in pain (or she chose not to care), for her vision was clouded with bliss. He let out a quiet sigh, his eyes looking towards Jason. However, Katsuki was met with a fiery glare, almost as if he wasn’t allowed to look him in the eyes. He quickly averted his eyes from Jason’s, as he didn’t want to make him angry.



“So, Jason and I have an announcement!” Mitsuki gleefully said, earning a quiet nod from Jason. Before Katsuki could open his mouth to talk, Mitsuki stuck her hand out, showing the ash-blonde her ring. “Jason proposed to me last night! We’re going to get married!”



“That’s… That’s great...” Katsuki mumbled, forcing a slight smile to make his mom happy. “I’m h-happy for you...”



“What was that?” Jason asked, raising an eyebrow. “Speak up, son.”



“Y-You heard what I said…!” Katsuki said, his voice rising slightly. “I said I’m happy for you guys...”



“That’s what I thought.” Jason smiled. “Now, we are going to make some changes in this household!” He laughed. “There’s a new sheriff in the Caldwell household!”



Mitsuki snickered at her fiancé’s cheesy joke.



“That’s right. Your new father and I agreed on some rules to put your ass in line!” Mitsuki announced. “I know he’ll do a much better job than your fucking father!”



Katsuki let out a shaky sigh. His mother knew that he hated her talking about his father like that, so why did she do it…?! He wanted to argue with her, that his father did an excellent job raising him, and that it was her fault for him acting the way he did. However, he knew that he couldn't say such a thing, for Jason would jump to her defense and do god knows what.



“That’s correct!” Jason agreed. “You are going to be the most well-behaved child the world has ever seen, got it?”



Katsuki nodded.



“All right, let’s start with rule number one.” Jason started, his hands resting on the table as he stared towards the ash blonde. “You are not allowed to curse under any circumstances. I’ve seen the way you go, ‘oh, fuck this! Fuck that! Fuck you!’ et cetera towards your mother, and it pisses me off. If I had said even half of what you say to your mother daily, I wouldn’t be alive. You are fourteen years old. Only adults can use curse words.” He sternly said. “If you break that rule, I won’t hesitate to slap you across the face, understood?”



The ash-blonde nodded once more, terror streaking through his body not knowing what would happen if he were to disagree.



“Good. Onto rule two. You are not allowed to argue with adults. If Mitsuki or I tell you to jump, your answer shouldn’t be why, but how high. The number of times I’ve seen you backtalk to your mother in the month I’ve lived in her house is appalling. Your mother tries to be nice to you, but you don’t give a shit about her! You would just simply sit in your room, sulk, and argue with her! You need to show your mother some respect and appreciation for all she’s done. Hell, isn’t she the one who can pull you out of U.A? I’d show some damn gratitude if I were you! If you decide that you want to argue, the same punishment goes for if you curse. Understand?”



Katsuki nodded once more.



“Speak up!” Jason suddenly barked, causing the ash blonde to flinch back. “How the hell can you call yourself a hero if you can’t even say yes to a question?!”



“Y-Yes!” Katsuki stuttered out, shrinking back into his chair. “I understand..!”



Jason smirked.



“That’s more like it! This brings me onto rule three, you won’t be able to hide in your room all day, because now, you’ll have chores.” Jason stated, wrapping his arm around Mitsuki’s shoulders. “That one your mother created.”



“Damn right!” Mitsuki exclaimed. “I bust my ass every day to keep this house clean, and your lazy ass never does your part! It’s about time that you learn how to clean this house!”



Jason nodded in agreement. “That’s right, so every day, we will give you a list of chores to do over the day, and we expect them to be done before the day is over. Failure to do so will result in you not partaking in dinner. Understand?”



“Y-Yes…” Katsuki said. “I understand…”



“Good!” Jason exclaimed. “I understand that you may think you can get around rules one and two by the fact that you have a severe anger issue, therefore you are unable to control what you say! However, you would be sadly mistaken. I heard that you used to take medication?”



“Y-Yes, but it didn’t work, it just-“



“Just a yes is fine, Katsuki,” Jason said, interrupting the ash blonde's sentence. “I don’t care if it ‘didn’t work’, you probably were faking it so you wouldn’t have to take it. You will be an obedient child from now on! You will be taking your medication twice a day, once in the morning and the other when you get home from school.” He looked towards Mitsuki. “You still have the medicine?”



“Yep!” Mitsuki happily exclaimed, a large smile on her face. “It should be in my medicine cabinet! I’ll go get it when we finish!”



“Perfect,” Jason smiled, pecking Mitsuki’s cheek. “You understand, Katsuki?”



“Uh-huh..” Katsuki nodded.



“The next rule for you will be your bedtime! Every night, I can hear you playing your depressing music every night, and it drives me insane! So, to prevent your mother and me from losing our sanity, you will be going to bed at eight pm, no ifs, ands, or buts. Punishment for not doing so will be administered by me. Got it?”






“The next rule Mitsuki and I made is going to be about your crying. I get annoyed by your whiny ass, always sobbing at the slight mention of your fucking lazy ass, crybaby father.” He sternly said, rolling his eyes at the thought. “And besides, how on earth do you expect to be a professional hero if you cry? Real men do not cry, Katsuki. Real men are supposed to be stoic, strong, straight, and non-emotional. They don’t just sit on their asses and cry! You are not allowed to cry in this household, got it? If I do catch you crying, I’ll assume that you are not able to become a pro hero and pull you out of U.A. I think at this point you should just cut your dick and balls off, call yourself Katsunee, and enter an all-girls school, cause that’s where sissies like you go.” He growled, leaning forward towards the frightened ash blonde. “Am I understood?”



“I… I understand…” The ash-blonde whimpered slightly. He didn’t want to agree to any of these rules! But… he was terrified, no, petrified of what would happen if he said no. What did Jason plan on doing to him if he did disobey?! Would Mitsuki even allow Jason to discipline him? The thought of what Jason could do to him caused the ash-blonde to shrink back into his chair, almost like a little kid being told off by their parents.



“Now, for the next rule, it involves your precious U.A. I know that you’re excited to go to such a prestigious school, even though a fucking useless queer like you doesn’t deserve to be there.” He mumbled the last part under his breath, knowing damn well that Katsuki would be able to hear it. “Well, I know that people will try to talk to you, but that would only take your time away from doing your chores and being a good child to your mother and me. That’s why your mother and I expect you to be home five minutes after school.”



“B-But U.A is t-ten minutes away…! What if someone in my class n-needs me…? What if they want to hang out with m-me..?” He interjected, bracing himself for punishment. “W-W-What if a teacher needs me to stay after..?”



“Oh, honey,” Mitsuki snickered. “In order for someone to hang out with you, you need to be friends with them! Lord knows you can’t keep a friend to save your life.”



“Besides, who would want to be friends with such a useless, weak, and sensitive sissy like you?” Jason scoffed. “And it’s your job to make sure that you won’t put yourself in that situation. Oh, and you better sprint then. If you want to be a pro, then you must be fast. Am I understood?”



He nods quickly. “I understand…!”



“Good. Onto the final rule.” Jason started. “My father used this rule with me, so, I’m going to use it with you. From now on, you are going to refer to me as sir, and your mother as ma’am. Along with any other guests that come into our house, you are to show your utmost respect towards them. Is that clear?”



“Crystal…. Sir.” Katsuki hesitated. However, it seemed to make Jason happy to see Katsuki finally obeying.



“Good! Hopefully, I won’t have to punish you though! Because if you actually love me and your mother, you will follow these rules with no error! Now, go to your room, your mother and I need to talk.”



“Yes sir...” Katsuki said, getting up from his seat, and scampered up the stairs.



“Wow, I still can’t believe he’s actually following the rules!” Mitsuki exclaimed. “You are the best!”



“Damn right,” Jason smirked. “You won’t have to worry about him, Mitsuki, I’ll make sure he doesn’t get out of line.”



She leaned up to her fiance, planting a kiss on his lips, a large smile plastered on her lips. Jason was able to control her son in mere months, something Masaru would never be able to do. If her ex was still alive, he would probably try to reason with Katsuki, only to give up midway through! Well, that was never going to happen as long as Jason was with her. However, she shook her head at the thought of her ex-husband. She didn't need to think of him!



She had a wedding to plan with the love of her life!



(2,366 words!)

Chapter Text

"Ok, honey," Jason smiled, leaning back in his chair. "I'd say you and I are entitled to some celebrating, now that we are going to be married!"


"Uh-huh!" Mitsuki exclaimed, returning her fiance's smile with one of her own. "What should we do? I can run to the store and get some wine if you want! We could drink and watch a movie, and we could have Katsuki make us dinner!"


"That does sound like fun..." Jason pondered. "Hmmm... Oh! Hey, do your parents know that we're getting married?"


Mitsuki raised an eyebrow.


"No, they don't." She said, "Why do you ask?"


"I had an idea, what if we call them over, and we can throw a little party? Katsuki can help your parents get settled and make a big meal for the four of us! That would be fun, right? And we could surprise them with our marriage!"


Mitsuki's eyes widened, joy quickly taking over her face. This was a perfect idea! She could show off the glamorous ring that Jason had bought for her and flaunt her newly disciplined child off to her parents! They'd be so impressed by Jason, how he was able to wrangle such a demonic child in the matter of months, something her ex couldn't dream of doing! She knew that her parents despised Masaru, for, in their eyes, he was too soft on Katsuki, and that he was nothing but a big pushover to the ash blonde. Her grin only got wider as she took a trip down memory lane when Jason had met her parents for the first time! Gosh, she could remember it like yesterday! Especially how he had a faint blush on his cheeks the whole time he had been there! However, it didn't seem to faze her parents. In fact, they adored Jason! They thought that he was such a kind, gentle, and caring boy, who would be perfect for their daughter. If they saw what Jason had grown into, the tall, skinny teenager with long, black hair covering his eyes being replaced by the huge, muscular giant, they'd probably accuse him of eating the teenager! She snickered at that thought, before diving in on her lover's side, wrapping her arms around his waist. Jason chuckled, before returning the hug.


"Oh, honey!" Mitsuki exclaimed. "That's a perfect idea! I'll call them right now! Maybe we can even try to get your father to come! I'm sure he would want to!"


That caused Jason to fall silent, his happy mood dropping to a saddened mood. Mitsuki raised an eyebrow, did she say something wrong?


"I... I doubt it." He somberly said, looking away from his fiancé. "I told you already, he hates me. To him, I'm just a fucking failure in his eyes. I doubt he'd come, but if you want to try, here's his number. I don't think it's the same number from twenty years ago, but have at it." He said, grabbing a napkin off of the table and wrote down the number. "I'm going to go, I got to let Katsuki know to start getting the house ready."


"Oh, ok! Have fun!" Mitsuki smiled.


"You too." He waved, before heading up the stairs, to Katsuki's room.






Jason groaned as soon as he reached the end of the hallway, his eyes plastered on the stickers that littered the ash blonde's door. The door reminded him of Pandora's box, oh so gently tempting him to open it, for even if it was only cracked open, the hell behind the door would be unleashed onto the world. However, Jason knew that the hell that the ash-blonde once caused behind that door would never rear its ugly head if Katsuki knew what was good for him. He brought his hand up to the cold, brass handle, before opening the door abruptly. Katsuki, who was sitting on his bed, flinched backward, for the sudden intrusion on his safe place startled him. Once the ash-blonde recognized who had entered the room, he began to tremble slightly. No, Jason wasn't here to hurt him again, right?! He hadn't done anything to deserve a punishment! His eyes quickly flooded with tears, the combination of fear and anxiety taking over his body. However, he quickly blinked them away, praying to god that Jason did not see them, for he would then have a reason to hurt him!


"Oh, would you fucking stop that?" Jason rolled his eyes, snapping the ash-blonde from his panicked state. "You're acting like a baby. I'm only up here to let you know what's going to happen later tonight."


"O-Oh..." The ash-blonde mumbled, standing up to face his future stepfather. "Sorry, sir..."


"Now, your mother and I will be having some guests over soon, so you will clean this house from top to bottom. Also, I expect you to be on your best behavior when they're here, otherwise, I will punish you, and I don't think you want that to happen, do you?" He growled slightly, grabbing the ash blonde's lower jaw, forcing Katsuki to look him in the eyes. "That includes all the sad shit you've been doing. I don't think you would want to embarrass your mother in front of her parents, would you? That would make me really upset to see my future wife be upset because of you." His grip only got a little tighter, almost as if he was putting the ash-blonde in a vice grip, causing him to whimper slightly. "Am I understood?"


"Yes sir..!" The ash-blonde slurred out, the grip in his jaw preventing him from forming a coherent sentence.


"Good." He released Katsuki's jaw, before turning to leave his room. However, he stopped and turned to face the trembling ash blonde."I don't want to hear a single word about what happened yesterday. Nobody will ever believe you anyway, but if you do," He seemingly got closer to the ash blonde, his dark aura illuminating the room, striking fear in the ash blonde's heart. "I will have to punish you again, you wouldn't want that, right?"


"I-I-I won't say a word...! I promise, sir..!" Katsuki stuttered out, shrinking back as Jason came closer.


And just like that, the dark aura seemingly vanished from Jason and was replaced by a large smile.


"Good!" He smiled as he gave the ash-blonde a gentle pat on the top of his head. "I'm heading back downstairs to help your mother plan for our guests, so take a shower. Also, I want those stickers off the door, they're so embarrassing to look at, I don't want our guests to see them. Got it?"


Katsuki nodded, although every fiber in his body wanted to oppose Jason's orders! Those stickers meant the world to the ash blonde, for it was one of the last gifts his father had given him for his fourteenth birthday! Hell, his dad even helped him put them up! If he knew that he would never see his dad again... He would've appreciated spending time with his dad more. However, if he dares to refuse to do such a thing, he would for sure get a punishment!


"Yes sir..." He quietly said, looking down towards the ground.


"Good, I will see you downstairs!" Jason exclaimed before rushing out of the ash blonde's room, the door slamming shut behind him.


The ash-blonde let out a quiet sigh, the tears he had once tried to hide immediately began to run down his cheeks. He collapsed to his knees, the tears in his eyes dripped from his face and onto the wooden floor. He hated this, he hated the fact that his mother was going to marry a new man. He hated that he had to live in fear that no matter what he did, he would have to deal with the terrifying anxiety that Jason would punish him once more. He hated that he couldn't even be in control of his own life! He just wanted his father, or anyone to hug him, to let him know that he would be safe with them and that he would never have to see his mother or Jason ever again. However, he knew that would never happen. He didn't deserve anybody's help. Why would they even help him? He practically did nothing but terrorize his classmates and boost his ego, so why would they even believe him? What if they shamed him for allowing Jason to violate him? After all, he is a U.A student! If the school found out that he had been in that situation, and wasn't able to fight his way out of it like a good pro hero would do, they would probably take him out of the hero course, or worse, they would expel him! Katsuki shook his head at the thought, a soft sob escaping his lips. He couldn't let them find out! Even worse, what if the kid from the Battered Yam found out? Or worse.. what if Izuku found out..? Oh god, he could practically hear them cackling at him, while they hurled insults about how the strong kid who always talked about being number one was nothing but a weakling, and how he didn't even deserve to be a pro hero! He began to breathe quickly, his hands clutching his hair tightly. No, they could never find out!


He let out another quiet sigh, before standing on his feet. Jason had commanded him to take a shower, and he sure as hell wasn't going to find out what happens if he refuses. He walked to his dresser, pulling out all of the clothes he needed for his outfit. It wasn't much, just a light blue t-shirt, the white words 'Future U.A Student arriving soon!' were etched into the fabric, causing the ash blonde to tearfully sigh. He remembered getting this shirt with his parents once he had discovered he was accepted into U.A. That was before Katsuki ruined their relationship... However, before the tears could return from the memories of what used to be his relationship with his parents, he stuffed the shirt under his armpit, before grabbing a pair of black sweatpants and a pair of admiral blue underwear, which had the words 'I am here!' stitched into the waistband. He quickly tucked them all under his arm, before exiting his room. Right as he did, he couldn't help but stare at all the stickers all over his bedroom door. He didn't want to peel them off, he loved them! To him, each sticker represented a memory the ash-blonde had with his father! And if he removed those stickers, then the memories would be gone. But deep down the ash-blonde knew that he had to do this, otherwise Jason would have to do it himself, then punish Katsuki! In an instant, he began to slowly peel away the stickers on the door, making sure that no evidence that the stickers ever touched the door existed. It pained Katsuki to peel them off though, for each sticker that he had peeled off, a memory was taken away from the ash blonde.


And he hated every second of it.


After only a few seconds, he had already peeled the stickers off, his bedroom door finally looking like a normal door. However, the ash-blonde didn't care for it, he was too busy crumpling up the stickers in his palm, before putting them in his trash can. Once he did that, he rushed over to the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He tossed the clothes he once had in his hands onto the ground and into a corner. He quickly took off his shirt and pants, before gripping the sides of the sink tightly, his knuckles turning white from how hard he was grabbing the porcelain. He looked at himself in the mirror, his eyes slightly red from the tears he once shed. But he could care less about his eyes. All he saw in the mirror was a failure, and it made him angry.


"You fucking failure..." The ash-blonde murmured, his eyes never leaving his frail state. "How could you just allow that..?!" Before opening the cabinet door, he looked around and grabbed a razor, the same razor that he had used the first time he ever cut. He quickly popped the razor out of its protective guard and pressed it against his wrist. "You're trash..." He sliced slowly across his wrist, the white-hot, searing pain shot up his arm, and the familiar feeling of blood flowed down his wrist, staining the white porcelain. He whimpered quietly at the feeling, making sure that Jason would not hear him crying. "You're so weak and dirty...! You would never make a good hero...!" He pressed the razor on another section of his arm and sliced again. "Nobody would believe an ugly slut like you, you're nothing but a bully...! Nobody would want to help you..!" He whimpered, cutting himself once more. "You don't belong at U.A...! U.A doesn't need a monster there...!" He cut himself once again. "You don't deserve to be loved..." He weakly said, the tears running down his face once again as his emotions teetering towards him breaking down into tears. "It's your fault your dad's gone...!" As soon as Katsuki said those five words, he instantly began to sob quietly, not because of his father's death, but that he was right. It was his fault. If he never came out, his dad would still be alive, watching his son proudly as he rose to be number one! But now, he was just a useless child to Masaru, a useless child that could never fight for himself. He watched as the blood ran down the porcelain, and down the drain. He stifled a sob, before turning the water on and watched the blood quickly go down the drain. Once he had made sure all of the blood had disappeared, he (while making sure to not get blood anywhere else) cleaned the razor off and put it back into the guard. He quickly stepped into the shower while trying not to drip blood onto the bathroom floor, and turned the water on. The scalding, excruciatingly painful water hit the ash blonde's body harshly, yet he didn't even flinch.


The pain may have been hurting the ash-blonde constantly, but it was nothing to what he felt inside. He began to sob quietly again, the risk of Jason overhearing him diminishing due to the noise of the shower overpowering his tears. He hated himself for allowing it, he hated himself for not being able to protect himself, he hated himself for having to cry only when he's taking a shower!


All of these feelings and fears made the ash-blonde want to die, and he had no idea how much more he could take.





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Chapter Text

"Mom! Dad!" Mitsuki called out to her parents as they walked up to the door. "You're finally here! How was the drive here?"

"Hello, darling!" Her mother called back, feebly walking towards her daughter. "The drive up here was fine, it's been so long since we talked! You've grown so much! How is my grandson doing?"

"Oh, Katsuki is fine!" Mitsuki smiled as she rushed to her mom, giving her a tight embrace. "How's dad doing?"

"Oh, he's still the same stubborn old bastard that he was when you were in high school!" She snickered.

"I heard that!" Mitsuki's father shouted as he hobbled his way towards his wife and daughter, his cane clicking on the pavement. "I may be seventy-two but I can still hear you, Uma!" He stopped himself, looking towards his daughter, a large smile on his face. How's my darling princess doing?"

"I'm doing well!" Mitsuki smiled as she hugged her father. "You guys need help with your bags?"

"Oh, that would be lovely!" Uma smiled. "Hajime and I didn't pack much, but it's all so heavy nowadays!"

"That's no problem! I can get Katsuki to do it, let me go get him!" Mitsuki grinned, before rushing back inside. "KATSUKI!"

Katsuki, who had been sitting on the couch, flinched at his mother's sudden yelling.

"Y-Yes ma'am?" He hesitantly asked, fearful of upsetting his mother.

"Your grandmother and grandfather are here, now go greet them and help them with their bags!" She demanded, pointing towards the door.

Katsuki nodded quickly, rising from his place on the couch and out the door. However, before he could open the door, he felt his mom grab the back of his shirt, yanking him towards her. He cowered slightly, expecting his mom to slap him across the face, even though he was doing as told. To his surprise, the slap never came. Instead, she brought him into a hug, her arms tightly wrapped around Katsuki's back. His eyes widened slightly at the sudden affection. His mother never hugged him! Usually, it was his father to hug him or show affection to him, while his mother usually scolded him for his attitude! Hell, the last time his mom gave him affection was when she told him she and his dad were going to be divorced. However, it felt like Katsuki had to pull teeth for his mother to tell him that she loved him! So, why was she hugging him? It took everything in his body not to start trembling, the fact that someone put their hands on him without his consent made the ash-blonde very uncomfortable, the nonconsensual touching reminded the ash-blonde of the incident. However, he knew that he couldn't push Mitsuki away from him, as he would be disobeying her.

He raked his mind desperately, trying to come up with some sort of answer to satisfy himself. However, his mother stopped him by planting a kiss on his forehead.

"Be happy when they see you, Katsuki, they haven't seen you in over a year, they don't want to see their grandson being sad!" She smirked. "Got it?"


Katsuki nodded quickly, not daring to oppose her. He quickly forced a smile, which made Mitsuki's smile grow wider.

"That's the spirit! Now then, go greet them! You don't want to keep them waiting, do you?"

Katsuki shook his head, before scampering out the door.



"Katsuki!" Uma exclaimed, raising her arms to hug Katsuki as soon as her grandson came into her sight. "How is my grandson doing?"

"I'm all right, Grandma," He quietly said, looking towards the older woman. "How are you and Grandpa doing? Did you guys get here all right?"

"Oh, we're quite all right, son!" Hajime said, interjecting himself between Uma's and Katsuki's conversation. "It's been so long since we've seen you! Come hug me!"

Katsuki shakily sighed, before hugging his Grandfather. He softly whimpered at the feeling of his arms being restricted, as if he was being constricted by a boa constrictor, the feeling that no matter what he could do, he would never be able to fight back rushed through his body. He wanted to fire off an explosion, but when he tried to, it didn't work! That couldn't be, Jason released his quirk! Or at least he thought he did! Katsuki's breathing quickly increased, as his grip got tighter against Hajime's back. If he had no quirk, that meant he couldn't get into U.A as a hero! Even if he tried getting into the general education section, they'd most likely decline him! After all, they wouldn't want a disgusting, dirty, and useless queer to roam their halls. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Hajime released Katsuki from his vice grip, a large smile on his face, completely unaware of how uncomfortable his grandson was.

"We don't have much in the car, you can handle it right?" He asked.

Katsuki nodded.

"Of course, sir," Katsuki said. "I'll see you two inside."

Hajime and Uma smiled and nodded before heading inside the house. Katsuki sighed as his shoulders slumped. It pained him to sit there and bottle up all of his feelings, the feeling of self-loathing, dirtiness, and anger for himself rumbled deep inside of his body. He wished that someone, anyone would see through the fake mask he is forced to wear and help him, even if he didn't deserve it. Come to think of it, there was someone that could help him! He still had the card the kind officer gave him the night he found his father! Maybe he could call him! After all, he could protect him from Jason! Then he would never have to see him again! But he couldn't do it now, otherwise, Jason would know that it was Katsuki who called, and god knows what Jason would do to him when the officer leaves. He grabbed both of the suitcases from the trunk, groaning slightly at the weight of them.

Gosh... what did they do, pack fucking weights in here?! He thought as he lugged the suitcases.

And with that, Katsuki forced a smile on his face, the mask he dreaded wearing forced back onto his face. All he could do was smile and be a good child, all while his anger built up inside of him.


(1052 words!)

Chapter Text

"There you are, Katsuki!" Mitsuki exclaimed as her son entered the house, lugging the suitcases behind him. "What took you so long?!"


"I'm sorry, ma'am," Katsuki huffed slightly, yanking the suitcases in front of him. "They were heavier than I thought..." He looked up to Mitsuki. "Couldn't Jason help me with the- Mph!" His question was cut off by Mitsuki, who slapped a hand over his mouth.


"Shhh!" She whispered. "They don't know that he's here! You better not ruin the surprise. Got it?"


It took everything inside of Katsuki to not flinch backward, the feeling of his mouth being caused tears to well in the ash blonde’s eyes, teetering to fall down his cheeks. Memories flashed back to that dreaded day, the day the ash blondes muffled screams falling onto deaf ears as his soon-to-be stepfather violently snatched the only innocence he had left. He gripped the handles of the suitcase tightly, preventing anyone from seeing his hands shake. He nodded hesitantly, hoping that would be a good enough response for his mother. She smiled brightly, before letting go of his face.


"Thank you, Katsuki!" She exclaimed, ruffling the ash blonde's hair. "Why don't you get those suitcases up to the guest bedroom while your grandparents get settled?"


"Yes, ma'am." He said, nodding quickly before dragging the suitcases in tow.


"You know," Uma started, looking at the wall, studying every picture hanging up. "Your husband should be helping Katsuki with the suitcases! Where is he at?"


"Who?" Mitsuki quizzically asked. "Oh! Masaru and I aren't married anymore!"


Uma gasped, her eyes bulging slightly as her jaw fell slack.


"You did?!" She practically screamed, almost as if she didn't believe the words she heard.


"Yup!" She grinned. "I broke it off with him a few months ago!"


"I always knew that pansy was never good enough for you!" Hajime triumphantly exclaimed, almost as if he had solved a mystery. "He was always way too soft towards your son! He'd always let Katsuki walk all over him!"


Mitsuki sighed, crossing her arms.


“Tell me about it, even without his father, he still throws his little temper tantrums, like he is still the little kid he used to be!”


“Sure, you had your occasional fits, but nothing like that demon child! However do you manage to handle him by yourself? Does your husband at least visit?” Uma asked.


Mitsuki scoffed.


“I wish! He’s dead.”


Right as she had uttered those words, silence had overtaken the three of them. Hajime and Uma were shocked, Masaru died?!


“That’s awful!” Uma said, reaching to rub her daughter’s back gently. “How did it happen?”


“You won’t believe it, I took that incompetent asshole to court and won what was rightfully mine! He was such a sore loser about it, crying and blubbering in front of the judge about how ‘Katsuki was his everything and how he couldn’t lose him!’ And three days later, he killed himself!” Mitsuki grumbled. “He left me the burden of dealing with the hellspawn he calls a son!”She huffed slightly, leaning up on the wall. “The past month has been hell, constantly having to put up with his hissy fits and his backtalk! It honestly makes me regret being a mother!”


“Oh, honey,” Uma said, letting out a light chuckle. “That’s the difficult part of being a mother. The constant arguing because he couldn’t get his way, or if he failed a test, hell, I still remember when you and Katsuki got into a screaming match at our family reunion!”


Mitsuki shuddered at the sudden reminder of the memory, remembering it just like it had happened yesterday. It was near the end of Katsuki’s second year of middle school. She could still remember how embarrassing her son acted, arguing and shouting about how he wanted to go home and finish the homework that was assigned to him.


Most of all, it was the first time that she had smacked Katsuki.


Granted, she hadn’t meant to slap him as hard as she did, but he was pushing and pushing every single button she had, and it drove her insane! So much to the point where she snapped!




“I’m telling you, I can’t wait to see Katsuki go to U.A!” Masaru beamed a large smile on his face. “We’ve already toured the campus and I adore it! I think Katsuki will flourish there!”


“That sounds like fun, it’s always been his dream to go to that prestigious school, right?” Kaori said, snickering at her older brother’s excitement.“You mentioned that the school is remarkably difficult to enter! Does he know if he made it in the school or not?”


“Not yet! But Mitsuki and I do know he was accepted into the entrance exams, and he’ll be eligible to do the test in his final year at middle school! I have faith that the school will place him in the hero course!” Masaru exclaimed, earning a few odd looks from the family members around him. He blushed slightly, looking down towards the ground. “What I’m saying is, Katsuki has this type of raw athleticism that a true pro hero would have! He’s got self-confidence that he will be the best and will be the number one hero! Now, he may have a bit of an ego, but I hope that U.A will break that, and turn him into the kind, caring child that he used to be! His motivation to push himself beyond the limits is remarkable and I’m sure that motivation will drive others to be great just like him! His competitive spirit is extraordinary too, it’s like he never stops thinking of winning the number one spot!" Masaru finished, his smile was unwavering. “I guess what I’m trying to say is that this school will be perfect for Katsuki’s skills and they will shape him to be the greatest professional hero there is since All Might!”


“You must have a lot of confidence in him!” Kaori smiled. “I’m glad to see that he has parents who have faith in him!”


“Heh, I don’t care what that school does to him, so long as he stops being the obnoxious brat that he is and helps us financially when he becomes a pro! I mean honestly, that brat owes us something for what he puts us through every day!” Mitsuki intervened, not even bothering to look up at the duo.


Kaori huffed slightly.


“Correction, at least Katsuki has one parent that cares about his well-being.” She flashed an angry smile towards Mitsuki, (who was far more interested in her phone for her to notice). Kaori despised Mitsuki, ever since her brother had brought her home for the first time. Her whiney attitude annoyed the hell out of her, constantly begging Masaru to ‘treat her like a princess’ even though her bitchy attitude made her seem like a demon rather than a princess. However, it seemed that whatever spell Mitsuki cast blinded her brother from seeing who Mitsuki truly was. She did her best to talk Masaru out of dating this girl, that there were plenty more fish in the sea, those who weren't like Mitsuki! But alas, she was disappointed to hear when Masaru burst through the door, gushing about how he was officially engaged to the love of his life.


“Come on, Kaori,” Masaru smiled nervously, “Mitsuki is a little tougher on Katsuki, but it’s just to fix his ego. Right, Mitsuki?”


“Mhm,” Mitsuki answered in a singsong voice, once again not even bothering to look up towards her husband.


“Hey, Mom, Dad?”Their conversation was interrupted by a certain ash blonde, who was leaning on the door frame.


“Oh, hello, Katsuki!” Masaru smiled, looking towards his son. “I didn’t see you there! What’s up?”


“Would it be all right if I borrowed one of your guy’s house keys?” Katsuki asked. “I want to go home and work on my project, it’s due tomorrow.”


“O-Oh! Yeah, that’s fine,” Masaru exclaimed, stuffing a hand in his pocket. “I’ll give you mi-”


“No!” Mitsuki intervened, putting a hand on her husband’s hand. “Absolutely not!”


The ash-blonde frowned.


“Why not?!”


“Because I said so!” Mitsuki growled. “You should be spending time with your cousins, not locking yourself away in your room doing some stupid project! You can’t just wait until the last minute to do your projects if you want to be successful in U.A you know!”


“I have been hanging out with my cousins for two hours! I didn’t even want to be here! You know that!” Katsuki growled back. “I wasn’t ‘waiting until the last minute’ to finish the project anyway! I have been working on that project for four days straight! It’s for my final exam!”


“That’s exactly the point!” Mitsuki exclaimed, her voice getting louder and louder. “You need to socialize with other people like a normal person and not lock yourself away for god knows how long!”


“U-Uh… Mitsuki, I think it would be best if we just gave him the keys… it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to be here! We don’t want to cause a scene!”


“Shut up, Masaru!” Mitsuki exclaimed, whipping her head back to her timid husband, causing him to flinch “I am being a parent, unlike you! Katsuki’s attitude is because of you!”


“Hey! Don’t talk to my brother like that!” Kaori snapped, glaring daggers towards her sister-in-law. “Just because you pulled the wool over Masaru's eyes doesn’t mean you get to treat him like shit!”


“Oh, butt out, Kaori!” Mitsuki snapped. “I’m trying to parent my child, so don’t you dare try telling me how to parent!”


“Says the one who’s forcing their kid to stay! He obviously doesn’t want to be here! Are you that fucking dense?!”


“Uh… Mitsuki, Kaori, you two shouldn’t be fighting like this, we’re family!”


As his wife and sister continued to bicker, Masaru drew his eyes upon Katsuki. It was evident that the ash-blonde was getting angrier and angrier, his fists tightly clenched. He could tell that his son was close to blowing up, and that would be bad for everyone. However, before the brunette could stop the ash blonde, Katsuki was finally pushed over the edge.




And just like that, the room was filled with silence, the family members that were in the room were overtaken with shock. Did that just happen?! Katsuki usually never cursed like that towards his parents, unless they pushed the ash-blonde far enough. On the other hand, Mitsuki looked as if she was about to blow a fuse with Katsuki!


“What did you say, Katsuki.” She growled through clenched teeth. She stood up from her place at the table and headed towards the fuming ash blonde.


“You heard me!”


Almost immediately, as if she had lost control of her body, she brought her hand up and brought it down on Katsuki’s face. The deafening twack caused everyone to look towards the Bakugou’s. Katsuki’s eyes widened. He brought his hand to his cheek, the stinging sensation slowly creeping along his cheek, like a fire, slowly consuming anything in its path. He could feel crimson red blood trickling down his cheek, to which he instinctively wiped. His mother had just slapped him! She had never done that to him before! Sure, when he was little, he’d receive a spanking, but she never went as far as to slap him, let alone cut his cheek!




“Well then go adopt Izuku!” Katsuki yelled back, a look of hurt coating his face. “If you hate me that much, let me move out and I’ll find a mom that loves me!”


“You know what?! Fine! You’re right! I. HATE. YOU.” Mitsuki shrieked, causing Masaru to gasp. “I hate your ego, you act like you’re the greatest hero since All Might, although you prance around with your attitude, ridiculing others! You refuse to socialize with others, claiming that ‘you don’t need friends’ and that makes you a loser. You don’t deserve the attention you’ve gotten from others! You don’t deserve to be in such a prestigious school with that type of attitude! Hell, you don’t deserve any of the praise! If you honestly think a useless brat like you can be better than All Might with that attitude?! Hell, the only thing you’ll ever be known for is why birth control exists!”


“M-Mom!” Katsuki exclaimed slightly, taken aback by his mother’s sudden onslaught as small tears welled in his eyes as he desperately tried to keep his composure. “Please stop! I don’t-”


“You don’t what?!” Mitsuki interrupted. “You don’t want to hear the truth! Well, too fucking bad! That’s life! Unlike your father spoiling you, the world will hit you hard! And then what?! Are you going to come crying to mommy and daddy about how unfair the world was! You’ve already wasted half of your youth being the cocky little shit you are, mumbling and grumbling about how you’re the best and how no one can touch you! Maybe if you acted like your cousins, where they actually can back up their talk, you wouldn’t have to act like a dick to everyone! I mean, Haru is about to be a professional hero, and a lot of people love his kindness and upbeat attitude! And Tanaka, his IQ is over a hundred and sixty at thirteen! He’s planning on going to Harvard so he could challenge his abilities and learn in a different environment! Can you do that? Oh wait, you’re too stupid to do that! You struggle with probability and statistics! A third-grader can do that! Hell, Tanaka was doing advanced calculus by the time he was ten! Both of Kaori’s kids bring honor to her and her husband’s name, but your father and I don’t get that right to brag about our kid! Who would want to brag about a kid who has anger issues and struggles with his academics! Had I known that I would be giving birth to such a demon, I would’ve given you up for adoption the second you came out of me!”


“That’s not fair, Mitsuki..!” Masaru said softly, trying to get between his son (Who was teetering on sobbing in front of his family) and his raging wife, who was deciding to show her true colors to the rest of the family. “Haru is twenty-two and has been training for most of his life to be a professional hero, Katsuki just tends to do stuff by himself and doesn’t rely on anyone’s help, unlike Haru! As for Tanaka, he knows that his skills are great, and he takes advantage of them to improve them! He was blessed with an incredible IQ, but Katsuki is smart as well, after all, he leads his class in grades! And his athleticism is amazing, which I think was his gift from birth! Even Haru said he could barely keep up with Katsuki whenever they spar and said that he was willing to recruit him as a sidekick to start Katsuki’s hero career! I think you’re going too far honey, this will shatter Katsuki’s self-esteem! Whatever you think you’re doing, you will just end up doing more damage than good!”


“I am not damaging Katsuki!” Mitsuki barked, causing her husband to shrink back slightly. “I am humbling him! Which neither you nor his teachers refuse to do! I bet you’re just going to waste a spot at U.A, because once you see how hard the work is there, you’re going to come crying to us, begging us to pull you out of the school and how you can’t handle that amount of pressure! To be honest, I can’t wait to see that. I can’t wait to see your ego and dreams crash to the ground, as your cockiness crumbles beneath you.”


“STOP IT!” Katsuki shouted, the tears flowing down from his cheeks, dripping onto his shirt. “YOU’RE RIGHT, OK?! YOU WIN! I’M SORRY THAT I’M A FUCKING DISAPPOINTMENT TO YOU BOTH!” He put a hand up to his face, shielding both himself from the world, and all of his family from staring at him, along with preventing them from seeing him cry. He let out a few quiet sobs, each one a bullet to Masaru, striking his heart over and over again. “I’m sorry I’m a failure…!” He choked out.


“Oh, no… Katsuki...” Masaru said, trying desperately to get the ash blonde’s attention. “That’s not true..! Come here..” He reached out to hug him, only for Katsuki to shove his hand off of him.


“Get off of me!” Katsuki sniffled. “I just want to go home..!”


“Ok, honey..” He reached into his pocket and handed Katsuki his house key. “We’ll meet you at home, ok?”


Katsuki only nodded and snatched the keys, choking back another quiet sob. He stuffed the keys into his pocket, before rushing out of the door. Masaru sighed, before turning to face his wife, who had directed her anger from her son to her husband.


“What the hell, Masaru?! You just caved in! We have to teach him that he can’t always get what he wants! Now he knows that all he has to do is be a big crybaby to get his way!”


“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Kaori suddenly interjected, looking furiously towards Mitsuki. “What the actual fuck is wrong with you?!”


“Watch it, Kaori!” Mitsuki barked. “This has nothing to do with you!”


“But it does! You just made your kid cry in front of his entire family!” Kaori roared. “And you compared him to my kids! Don’t you know how much you’re damaging his mental health?! I should call CPS on your abusive ass and get your kid taken from you!”






“OH, FUCK OFF!” Mitsuki growled, before turning to her husband. “Masaru, let’s go. That fucking brat ruined the whole night for us!” She grumbled, before storming out of the house.


Masaru sat there in complete shock. How was he supposed to react?! His wife just went on a long rant about how much she hated her son and his son had a mental breakdown in front of the family!


“That bitch has some serious problems!”Kaori huffed, sitting back in her seat.


“She’s a good person… I swear, she just had a bad day… I have to go help them fix this..!”


Kaori looked towards her brother, a look of shock in her eyes. Was Masaru insane?! It was almost like he didn’t just witness his son get attacked by his wife! “Are you kidding me?! Masaru, you have to leave her! For the sake of your son! It’s obvious that she does not give a shit about Katsuki! All she cares about is whether she keeps control over Katsuki and makes sure he makes enough money to keep her lazy ass from working! She never takes his feelings seriously, and yells at him because he scores a ninety-five on one of his exams! It’s obvious that she doesn't take his best interests to heart! Please… You know that you and Katsuki can stay at our house until you can find a place of your own!”


Masaru sighed before standing up. He hated having to put his family between the love of his life and his son. He knew that Mitsuki was in the wrong for what she did, but he needed to help fix this relationship between Mitsuki and Katsuki. If they were to split up, right before Katsuki’s final year of Middle school, it could cause him to despise Mitsuki for ruining their marriage! Or worse, it could affect Katsuki’s grades and he wouldn’t be eligible to achieve his dream. He could also take his aggression out on his classmates, which could make him a target for bullies and would tank his self-confidence! He began to walk towards the exit of the house and join his wife.


“Masaru!” Kaori shouted, stopping her brother from taking that final step. “If you walk out that door, don’t ever contact me or my family again!”


Masaru somberly sighed, looking back to see his sister one final time, before walking out the door.


All of the special memories he had with his family seemed to die as he entered the car with Mitsuki, and drove off with her, to go to their house.


However, along with all the memories of Masaru’s family died, both of them knew that the tumultuous relationship that they had was near the end of its course, like a flame slowly dying out.


Masaru knew and hated how close it was coming.


Mitsuki, on the other hand, loved it, and couldn’t wait for it to come.

Chapter Text

“Gosh…” Uma started, shaking her head at the thought. “That place was so tense when you guys left, you could cut it with a knife!”


Mitsuki lightly laughed.


“Sorry about that, but hey, look at the bright side! At least we never saw that bitch Kaori and her brats again! And, I haven’t hit Katsuki as much! My new fiance has been keeping his ass in check!”


Uma raised an eyebrow. New fiance? She hadn’t mentioned anything like that! Was that the surprise she promised to give them?


“You didn’t tell us you found another person in your life! Congratulations!” Hajime applauded. “Hopefully he’s a better pick than that sissy you call your ex!”


“Don’t worry, Dad!” Mitsuki grinned. “This man is a way better catch and is twice the man Masaru ever was!” She leaned into the kitchen, grabbing Jason by his arm, and pulled him into the living room. “Mother and Father, my fiance, Jason!”


Jason hesitantly waved to the elderly couple, seemingly towering over the two.


“Uh... Hello Mister and Mrs. Kinishinai, it’s a pleasure to be able to talk to you again!”


Hajime’s and Uma’s eyes widened at the sight of their daughter’s fiance. This was the guy she was marrying?! Memories flashed back to them when their daughter had brought Jason home, for them to get to know her newly acquired friend! They remembered how nervous he was, how he wouldn’t even look Hajime in the eye! But when they asked him what they thought of their daughter, it was like he could go on and on about her, like how energetic she was and how it helped him come out of his shell! Along with that, they saw through his semi-long, raven black hair, was a small tint of pink on his cheeks whenever Mitsuki talked about his personality! To them, it was obvious that their daughter loved Jason and vice versa for Jason! However, they were overtaken by sadness when they discovered that Jason moved back to the United States, and felt awful for their daughter, (who locked herself in her room whenever she got home from school) crying about how she never had the chance to shoot her shot and confess her feelings for Jason. But now, it was like fate had pulled them back together!


“Oh, Jason, sweetie!” Uma cooed, looking up to the taller male. “You’ve grown so tall! I still remember when I was able to look you in the eye!”


Jason chuckled.


“Yeah, I remember too, I hit a growth spurt a few weeks after I got back to the States, I went from five foot ten to about six foot six!” He said, leaning down to hug his future mother-in-law. “How have you both been? Are you still living in Musutafu?”


“Mhm, it’s still a peaceful place, no villain attacks our area!” Hajime confidently said, “How about your dad? How’s he doing?”


“I have no idea. I haven’t talked to him in nineteen years.” Jason said, rolling his eyes slightly. “He cut contact with me because I didn’t want to live the life he tried forcing on me.”


“I’m sorry to hear about that, son,” Hajime said sympathetically, rubbing Jason’s shoulder. “We’re glad to see that you’re back in Japan! We both missed you!”


“Hey, what caused you and Masaru to divorce?” Uma inquired.


“Oh, don’t even get me started!” Mitsuki groaned, leaning onto her husband’s side. “When Katsuki was in his third year of middle school, he came out as gay to me and Masaru! All I did was voice some concerns about Katsuki’s future, and Masaru had a problem with that!” Mitsuki huffed, while Jason nodded in agreement. “Well, it’s not my fault that Katsuki wants to throw his life away to live such a disgusting lifestyle!”


Almost instantaneously, Hajime and Uma’s smiles disappeared.


“He’s what?!” Uma exclaimed with a look of shock coating her face. “Ugh, I thought he was better than that! Now he won’t be successful!”


“That’s just fucking great,” Hajime grumbled. “I’m going to have to disinfect our room, I don’t wanna catch whatever ruined my grandson’s potential!”


“Tell me about it,” Jason snorted. “That fucking queer always whines and bitches about how his mother and I think! If he doesn’t like what I’ve got to say, he can leave!”


“You see that Mitsuki, that’s what I love about Jason!” Hajime smiled. “He’s not like your doormat of an ex, he’s willing to stand up for his beliefs!”


“And that’s what makes him the best!” Mitsuki grinned.


Unbeknownst to the four of them, as they continued to bash Katsuki, the ash-blonde was sitting on top of the stairs, trying desperately to keep himself together. He hated how he couldn’t go downstairs and tell his grandparents that they shouldn’t be judging him for his lifestyle! After all, it was his life, they didn’t have any say in who the ash-blonde loved, as long as it was legal, and that he was happy! He could feel the hot tears welling in his eyes, as they spilled down his cheeks (much to the ash blonde’s dismay). It shattered the ash blonde’s heart, However, he knew that he could never say these things to his grandparents, for he would have to deal with Jason and his ‘discipline’. He shuddered at the thought. If he acts good, then Jason wouldn’t have to discipline him! Then he wouldn’t deserve it… Right?


He quickly wiped away the tears from his cheeks, before heading down the stairs.


“Oh, speak of the devil!” Jason laughed. “We’re just talking about you!”


“Hello, sir…” Katsuki mumbled, looking down at the ground.


“Say, Mom, Dad, Mitsuki and I were going to head to the store so that we can get some food to make a meal! We’ll be out for an hour or so, Katsuki can keep you both company while we’re gone!” Jason smiled, leaning down to Katsuki’s ear. “Isn’t that right?”


Katsuki nodded quickly.


“O-Of course! I’ll do it, s-sir!” Katsuki exclaimed slightly, his voice cracking slightly as the fear wrapped around his words.


Jason smiled, ruffling the ash blonde’s hair.


“Good!” He clicked his tongue softly, causing the ash blonde to grimace. He was leaving the ash-blonde completely helpless. What if a villain attacked, and took advantage of him?! He started to breathe heavily, the overwhelming sense of dread overtook his body. He didn’t do anything wrong, so why was his quirk erased?! Unless… No... Jason wasn’t planning on disciplining him later, right..? He could feel himself tremble at the thought, and he hated it, he hated it so much! He didn’t want Jason to make him feel like a dirty piece of trash, sitting in the bathtub, consumed by scalding hot water, scrubbing away the dirtiness that would never go away. He never wanted to feel that way again! His thoughts were cut off by Jason, who tightened his grip on the ash blonde’s shoulder. “Hey, would you calm down?! You don’t want to embarrass yourself and your parents in front of your grandparents, do you?”


The ash-blonde nodded again.


“Sorry, sir...”


“It’s fine, I think it’s time for you to take your meds, why don’t you go do that.”


The ash-blonde nodded, before walking towards the bathroom.


“Gosh, that kid acting like his fucking father.” Hajime taunted as he rolled his eyes. “I thought he was much tougher than that.”


“I blame it on him being gay,” Uma huffed. “It took away all his potential to be a professional hero, nobody would want that to be a part of their organization.”


“Well, we all can discuss this at dinner! Mitsuki and I should get going now, we’ll see you later!” Jason smiled, before walking out the door, his fiance in tow.


Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Katsuki stood in front of the sink, staring at what he used to be. The confident, overzealous teenager was no longer there, instead, all he saw was a weak, dirty, and disgusting queer standing in front of him. He despised the person standing in front of him. He slowly opened the medicine cabinet, hiding his reflection, and grabbed the bottle of pills. Gosh, he could still remember when his parents first brought the medication to him, begging him to take it to calm down his anger. Much to their dismay, the pills never worked, instead, they did the opposite, giving the ash-blonde insane headaches, nausea whenever he ate, and it caused him to not be able to sleep, which affected his studies. It only took a week of taking these awful medications for Katsuki to declare to Mitsuki and Masaru that he would never take these meds again, no matter what. Yet, here he was, holding the pill bottle in his hands.


He brought his hand up to the blue cap, fumbling with it for a second before popping the lid off. He poured out a capsule, the small, white and green pill sat daintily in his hand. His thoughts were practically screaming at him to pour the rest of the bottle in his hand, and take all the pills at once. Then, he would be free! Free from the clasps of homophobia that his family forced on him, free from the constant fear and anxiety that whatever he did, it may be punished by Jason, and better yet, he’d be with his father again… He shook his head, before setting the pill bottle on the kitchen sink, and popped the pill into his mouth. He quickly swallowed it and grabbed a small, disposable cup that was sitting on the right side, filled it with water, and drank it, making sure that the pill would stay down there.


He let out a quiet sigh, before exiting the bathroom, and back to the living room, where his grandparents resided. A part of him wanted to just camp out in the bathroom, free from all the judgment that he was sure his grandparents would give to him, but the other part of him knew that he would have to put up with the judgemental looks because Jason told him to spend time with them. As he came into his grandparents' view, he put on a fake smile, giving them a small wave.


“Come, sit!” Uma commanded, pointing at a chair across from them. “We want to ask you some questions!”


“Uh… Ok.” The ash-blonde said out of confusion, before taking a seat. What were they planning to ask him? “What do you want to know..?”


“How long ago did you decide to live this disgusting lifestyle?” Uma asked, flashing the ash-blonde a fake smile.


“I... I didn’t choose to be gay… I was born this way… I knew that I was gay ever since I was six..!” The ash-blonde mumbled, trying his best to remain respectful, while also trying to keep himself from showing that they were hurting him with their words.


“Sure, you can!” Hajime interjected, leering towards the ash blonde. “There are camps that fix people like you! Perhaps I can convince my daughter to send you to one of them! Then you can live up to your potential!”


Katsuki’s eyes widen slightly at Hajime’s threat. Was he being serious? Katsuki had heard horror stories about those types of camps, how they viciously beat the poor kids who were forced by their parents, who couldn’t possibly live with the fact that they wouldn’t be having grandchildren. He knew that the children were treated like trash, often being forced to pray away whatever was causing them to be gay, and if they refused to comply, they were beaten viciously. Hell, he even read a story once where they strapped down a kid to a table, put on gay porn, and tased his manhood every time he got erect. And he knew that there were only two options that most kids choose; they either succumb to the therapy to satisfy their parents or… commit suicide because they thought that dying would be better than complying. If Hajime did convince Mitsuki to send him to a foreign country in order to ‘fix’ him, he wouldn’t know what he would do! If the therapy didn’t work, and he didn’t commit suicide, then he would have nothing. Surely Mitsuki wouldn’t allow him to stay home, and he would probably have to drop out of U.A. He let out a shaky sigh. He hated thinking about that sort of thing.


“I can live up to my potential, I don’t have to tell people…”


“That’s beside the point.” Uma jeered. “You aren’t going to fall in love with your stepdad, right? There's no reason for you to be a homewrecker, after all, you are a disappointment, no need to cause other people problems!”


“I-I-I’m not into my-”


“Please, why would he be interested? He’ll be going to U.A and practically begging for all the boys to rail him!” Hajime taunted, almost as if he was trying to trigger a reaction from the ash blonde. “Would you be the guy or the girl in the relationship? You know, would you receive or give?”


Katsuki frowned.


“There is no guy or girl… it’s just two guys… And I don’t feel comfortable with telling you guys about my personal life...”


“But you are such a handsome man!” Uma griped. “You don’t even seem like the type that would be gay! Like, I can’t tell with you! But after all, you did change from the sweet little boy into this disgusting thing!” She pointed towards Katsuki, circling around his body.


Katsuki just remained quiet, knowing that any argument he provides will be futile. All of these questions were making the ash-blonde really uncomfortable, especially since it was coming from his own grandparents. It seemed to them that he had transformed into another person, one that they despised. It made the ash-blonde feel like shit. And worst of all, he couldn’t even defend himself properly in this argument! If he could speak freely, he’d truly show his grandparents that being gay was completely natural, and in fact, quite beautiful! But he couldn’t stand up to his family’s hate, because he’d be disobeying Jason, and he would never disobey him.


“And what about my daughter?! It’s been her dream to become a grandparent! But noooo! You just had to be selfish and ruin my daughter’s dream!” Hajime snapped, getting the ash blonde’s attention. “What do you have to say for yourself?!”


“I...” Katsuki frowned slightly, trying to come up with the most respectful response he could. “I can still have kids… There's always adoption... Or I can get a surrogate...”


“I think you may be jumping to conclusions, Hajime! In order for Katsuki to start a family, he has to actually find someone who actually likes that bratty personality of his!” Uma laughed, her husband following suit.


The ash-blonde sighed.


“I’m sorry...” Katsuki said softly. “I’m sorry for ruining your lives...”


Hajime opened his mouth, as if he was about to throw another insult towards the ash blonde, however, before he could, the door swung open, revealing Jason and Mitsuki, each carrying bags of food!


“We’re back!” Mitsuki smiled, closing the door behind her. “Aww! Look at that, you guys are bonding!”


Uma nodded, letting out a small chuckle.


“That’s right! Katsuki has been telling us how excited he is to go to U.A! Isn’t that right, Katsuki?”




“Well, sorry to cut your conversation short!” Jason said, shoving the bags onto Katsuki’s lap. “But Katsuki is going to make us a big feast! Isn’t that right?”


The ash-blonde nodded, knowing fully that he didn’t have a choice in the matter. He stood up from his place on the chair and went to the kitchens, the bags in tow.


He had a feast to prepare.



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Chapter Text

"God, I remember when Katsuki was in middle school, a month or so before his entrance exam at U.A, he was walking home with his 'friends.'" She snickers, throwing that last part in air quotations, causing Jason to nearly burst out laughing. "And apparently, he came across this can! His dumbass chucks the can onto the ground, and low and behold, it's a villain! You'd figure that since he's been talking about how he'll be the number one hero one day, he'd be able to fend off the villain and make his parents proud!" Mitsuki stifled a laugh, doing her best not to erupt in laughter. "Right?! Nope! The little shit just sat there in shock and let that creature take advantage of him! It even took over his quirk and started causing mayhem in the city! The pros couldn't even help him! Izuku had the biggest balls in the whole city by running in there! Saved Katsuki's life and everything! I still remember picking up that little shit at the hospital! The doctor said that he wanted to make sure Katsuki's lungs weren't affected, because the slime was suffocating him. That brat was trembling the whole ride home, while Masaru wouldn't stop hugging him and crying about how it'll be ok! I mean, c'mon! If he thinks that's bad, then he shouldn't become a hero until he can grow a pair!" Mitsuki exclaimed, erupting into a fit of laughter, almost as if she was using her child's traumatic incident as a way to make everyone laugh.


"The kid can't even defend himself against some measly villain?!" Hajime grumbled. "Then he shouldn't be going to U.A! He'd just be wasting a spot that another kid with higher potential could have!"


"I know, right!" Jason laughed. "I would've made him sleep outside, if he wants to allow himself to get abducted, then he doesn't deserve to get a nice and cozy bed until he can earn it back!"


"He's such a weakling, I remember Mitsuki telling me about how Katsuki couldn't sleep that whole week, and if he did, he had nightmares about the sludge monster! God, what is he, a little kid?!" Uma chuckled. "He is such a baby!"


As the four continued to laugh and embarrass Katsuki, the ash-blonde was stuck in the kitchen, subjected to listening to all the insults and embarrassing stories. He shuddered at the thought of the sludge monster. How it completely overtook his body in a split second, engulfing him in the gooey sludge. It almost felt as if Katsuki was floating, the overwhelming feeling of the slime made Katsuki completely helpless as it tried to force its way into his body. The creature wrapped its thick, green, and sticky body around Katsuki's body, and covered his mouth and nose. He remembered how scared he was, clawing desperately at the sludge, fighting for that sweet gasp of air. But at the same time, he was petrified. If he dared open his mouth, the monster would force itself down his throat, and overtake the ash-blonde from the inside. Hell, if it wasn't for Deku rushing in to cause All Might to save them both, he would've suffocated! However, if he knew what the future planned for him, he would've let the sludge monster suffocate him. Then he wouldn't have ruined his parent's relationship, his father would still be alive, and his innocence would still be intact. Sure, he'd be dead, but who would miss him?


He looked over to the countertop, the plastic bags containing what his grandparents, mom, and stepdad would eat for dinner. He opened the bag hesitantly, seeing that they contained the ingredients for katsudon. Katsuki huffed slightly. He wasn't huge on katsudon, mainly because the dish wasn't spicy enough, (unless the ash-blonde drowned it in hot sauce). He remembered when his father used to make katsudon for the ash-blonde when he was a kid! The crunchiness of the pork mixed with the eggs and rice made the dish amazing. But... his father wasn't here anymore. He would never be able to see how good Katsuki was at making katsudon.


"Wait, you're letting that fruitcake cook for us?!" Uma barked, looking towards her daughter with wide eyes.

"Mhm, is that a problem?" Mitsuki asked.


"Yes, it's a goddamn problem!" Hajime growled, banging his fist on the table. "His gayness will get over all our food! It will ruin our evening!"


"I know but would you rather him be with you guys while I cook?"


Hajime huffed, before shaking his head.


"Fine. He can cook for us." Hajime grumbled. "Only because I don't want that fruit you call a son to be near me and Uma."


"Excellent!" Mitsuki smiled warmly. "KATSUKI! DID YOU HEAR THAT!" She shouted, although her son was clearly in earshot.


"Yes, ma'am!" Katsuki responded.


Mitsuki smiled, before turning back to her parents and fiance.


"As I was saying, I don't even know how many times I had to change Katsuki's sheets that week! All because he kept having nightmares! I mean, he's supposed to become a pro hero! What kind of pro hero wets the bed?! Oh, and let me tell you about the media! They fucking swarmed Katsuki until we took him to the hospital, asking him all these questions, like what did the slime monster do to him, how did he find it, and if it would affect him being a pro hero! And the pros' couldn't stop themselves from practically begging Katsuki to join their agency when Katsuki got his license! If I'm being honest, Katsuki didn't deserve an ounce of positivity towards him after that, instead, he should've been criticized and scolded for allowing that creature to take advantage of him!"


Jason nodded in agreement.


"Did that sissy really wet the bed?" Jason managed to get out as he did his best not to erupt in laughter. "He's fourteen! What kind of kid does that?!"


"Mhm! Every night! I wanted to discipline him for it, but Masaru wouldn't let me! He said that we needed to make sure Katsuki felt safe or whatever bullshit he said!"


Uma rolled her eyes.


"That's why Katsuki is the spoiled little shit that he is!" Uma huffed. "Nobody's ever beaten the kid, then he wouldn't act so bitchy all the time!"


Hajime sniffed the air, hearing the loud sizzling coming from the kitchen, the scent of pork frying wafting through the air. He smiled slightly, leaning back into his chair.


"Man, as much as I hate him for being gay, that kid can sure cook!"


"That's the only redeeming factor about Masaru!" Mitsuki huffed. "Other than that, Masaru has no redeeming qualities! He's the opposite of Jason!" She smiled warmly, before planting a kiss on her fiancé's cheek. Jason smiled as well, kissing Mitsuki's cheek in return.


Hajime smiled.


"Aww, you both are perfect for each other!" Uma gushed. "May we see the ring? I want to see how spectacular it is!"


Mitsuki nodded quickly, sticking her hand out to her parents, the ruby ring shining slightly.


"Oh, wow.." Hajime said, grabbing his daughter's hand as he took a closer look. "It's beautiful!"


"It is! It matches your beautiful eyes!"


"Tell me about it," Jason smiled. "It only matches the color, but the beauty of your daughter's eyes outmatches any ring I could buy! I could get lost in her beautiful eyes for days!"


Mitsuki blushed at the sudden compliment, while her parents giggled, almost like schoolchildren.


"Oh, yeah. He's perfect for you!" Hajime smiled.


"Here's dinner..." Katsuki interrupted, setting the bowl of katsudon on the middle of the table, the steam rising from the plate. "I hope you enjoy it..."


"Ugh! What did you expect us to do?! Eat off the table?!" Jason growled, clenching his fist. "Go get us some plates!"


Katsuki frowns, before letting out a quiet sigh, anger overtaking his actions. However, he knew he couldn't express that anger, for the punishment would be severe. He grabbed his feelings before they could escape and shoved them back into the bottle in which his other feelings were contained. All the shame, self-hatred, and sadness that lingered in the ash blonde's body, all in a small bottle. He could feel the anger enter the bottle, all the other feelings welcoming the overwhelming feeling, almost as if they were throwing a party. He could feel the bottle inside of him crack slightly, knowing that the bottle wouldn't be able to hold up for long. He quickly nodded at Jason's request, before heading back into the kitchen.


I was planning on getting plates after I drop off the food, you idiot... Katsuki thought to himself as he grabbed five small, red and black, porcelain bowls from the cabinet, and grabbed five sets of chopsticks as well. He walked back into the dining room, setting the bowls in front of his mom, Jason, and his grandparents. Almost instantaneously, the four of them grabbed the bowls and tore into the katsudon, their chopsticks clinking against each other as they fought for the precious pork, almost as if they were warriors fighting to the death. Katsuki hesitantly reached into the bowl, his stomach growling at the scent of the pork. To his surprise, Jason slapped his hand away!


"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Jason asked, a scowl plastered on his face as he looked towards the ash blonde.


"Uh... getting my dinner...?" The ash-blonde tentatively asked.


Jason shook his head.


"No, you're not. Queers don't deserve to eat with normal people. You can have what's left, am I understood?"


The ash-blonde let out another quiet, yet angry sigh, the bottle inside of him, containing all of his anger and shame cracking just a little bit more. He nodded.


"Ok, sir..." He mumbled, before heading back into the kitchen.


It's not like you'll leave anything for me to eat anyways... Katsuki thought to himself, leaning up against the counter. Why do I have to do all the work... Yet I can't even eat my hard work..?


"Oi!" Jason barked, causing the ash blonde to flinch as his train of thought derailed. "Make us some sencha tea while you're at it!"


"Yes sir.." Katsuki grumbled, reaching under the sink, pulling out a small kettle, the heavy, stainless steel object shining brightly in his hands. He put it under the faucet and turned it on, the water barreling into the kettle. He set it on the stovetop and turned it on.


As he waited for the kettle to boil, he couldn't help but think of what his past self would think of him. The seemingly confident and cocky middle schooler the ash-blonde once knew would probably hate what he had become. He despised himself for what had happened to him, for what he allowed to happen to him! If he knew his past self well enough, the ash-blonde would make it his goal to target him as much as he could.


But the worst part was... He was right.


The ash-blonde had grown much weaker than he used to be in middle school. If he was being honest, he hated himself for how weak he's gotten. How was he supposed to be a pro hero if he doesn't even love himself..? He sniffles lightly, blinking away the tears that were forming in his ruby eyes.


Before the ash-blonde could deprecate himself anymore, the loud screeching of the kettle sounded through the air, causing the ash blonde to flinch, the sudden noise catching him by surprise. He reached out to grab the kettle without thinking, just to get it to stop whistling so that Jason wouldn't get angry with him. However, he failed to realize that there was no handle to protect himself from the scorching hot metal, and his hand made contact with the metal. The sickening sizzle of Katsuki's flesh on the metal was all he could hear. He quickly yanked his hand back, his hand already a bright pink.


"Ow! Fuck..!" The ash-blonde instinctively whimpered, before slapping a hand over his mouth, the horror setting in from what he had just done.


"What was that?!" Jason called from the dining room. "Did you just curse, you know you're not allowed to curse, you little queer!"


And just like that, all the anger, self-hatred, and depression he had for himself overtook his body, the bottle that desperately tried holding his feelings back shattered.


"I'M FUCKING SORRY!" The ash-blonde shouted, unaware of the hellfire he was about to cause. "I BROKE YOUR PRECIOUS RULE! I JUST BURNED MYSELF!"


Uma's eyes widened at her grandson's sudden outburst. How dare he talk to Jason that way! He should be treating him with respect, instead, he was disrespecting him in front of his family! She looked towards Jason (who had a look of anger on his face).


"Are you just going to let him talk to you like that?!"


Jason shook his head, getting up abruptly from his seat.


"I won't. I am going to discipline his ass."


Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the ash-blonde began to tremble at the thought of Jason disciplining him. What was he planning to do?! Was he going to have his way with him then and there?! He could feel his breath quicken at the mere thought of that. His heart raced, almost like it was a freight train, bustling down the railroad. He made Jason angry, now he was going to have to deal with the consequences of what he did. How could he have been so stupid?! He could feel his body tremble as Jason's footsteps got closer. Jason stepped into the kitchen, looking down towards the ash blonde, his eyes filled with the fiery rage that Katsuki once had. Katsuki cowered at the sight of him, instinctively covering his head with his trembling arms.


"What part of 'don't embarrass your mother and I' do you not understand?!" Jason growled, getting closer to the ash blonde, causing him to shrink back even more. "I warned you what was going to happen!"


"I-I-I-I'm sorry, s-sir!" Katsuki managed to get out. "I didn't m-m-mean to..! I s-swear!"


"I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!" Jason suddenly shouted, causing Katsuki to flinch, his trembling seemingly getting worse. "YOUR FUCKING EXCUSES DON'T MEAN SHIT TO ME!"


"I-It won't happen again...! I p-p-p-p-promise...!"


"SHUT UP." He grabbed the ash-blonde by his hoodie, yanking him towards him. "I thought you wanted to be a good child and make your mother and I proud, but you can't even do that! You're nothing but a fuck up, aren't you?"


The ash-blonde remained silent.


Jason sighed. "Which hand did you burn?"


"U-Uh... My right one..."


To Katsuki's surprise, Jason snatched his hand, gripping it rather roughly.


"O-Ow..! You're hurting me, sir...!" The ash-blonde winced in pain. "What are you doing...?!"


"Teaching you a lesson you'll never forget." Jason grabbed a towel that was hanging from the oven door and used it to grab the kettle. He slammed Katsuki's hand onto the countertop, the scalding hot kettle hovering dangerously over the ash blonde's hand. Katsuki desperately wanted to pull away from Jason's grasp, for he knew what Jason was going to do. However, he knew that he couldn't fight back, in fear of what would happen if he disobeyed his soon-to-be stepfather any further. He bit his lip. "Don't you dare cry."


Suddenly, Jason brought the kettle down on Katsuki's hand, the scalding hot metal sizzling on the ash blonde's hand. Smoke began to rise from his hand, and he could practically feel the blisters forming on his hand as his eyes widened, before letting out a loud, painful scream. Tears flowed freely down his face as Jason continued to keep the kettle on his hand, a sadistic grin on his face. The scent of burning flesh wafted through the air, causing Jason to frown. He put a hand over Katsuki's mouth, muffling the ash blonde's pained cries. After another minute of the kettle sitting on Katsuki's hand, Jason pulled it off and tossed it into the sink, the scalding hot water splashing all over the place. He let Katsuki's hand go, to which the ash-blonde yanked it away, protecting it from any more harm, almost as if he were a wounded animal. He looked up to Jason, his tears seemingly never stopping.


"Tch." Jason frowned. "I told you not to cry. You're lucky I can't discipline you now, so you can say goodbye to your dinner for tonight. Got it?"


He nods.


"Good. Now go up to your room."


The ash-blonde quickly nods, before scurrying up to his room. Jason huffed to himself. What was he going to do with that demon child? He left the kitchen and sat back in his chair, wrapping an arm around his fiancé.


"There, it's all taken care of now."


Mitsuki smiled, kissing his cheek.


"Thanks, baby!"


"Wow, I'll say!" Hajime exclaimed, beaming a smile of his own. "Not only does he treat you well, but he's also able to discipline your hellion child! Unlike your idiot ex-husband! He'd probably apologize for making Katsuki mad!"


Uma nodded in agreement.


"Mhm, I heard him scream in the kitchen! Did you hit him?"


Jason chuckled.


"Something along those lines!"


"Well, it serves him right. He should know better than to talk back to you!"


"I appreciate the compliment, ma'am. But I was just doing what was right. Nobody is going to talk to me or my wife that way, ever."


Hajime laughed.


"That's what I like to hear!" He stuck his hand out towards Jason, to which he took it without hesitation. "I'm going to be so happy to call you my son-in-law!"


"Same to you!" Jason smiled. "Say, it's a pretty nice day out, we should have a fire out in the backyard!"


"Yeah!" Mitsuki agreed, her smile seemingly getting bigger. "That's perfect! We can burn the pictures of Masaru! There's no use keeping that around!"


"Well, I sent Katsuki to his room, so I'll clean up the table and put the plates in the sink, then I'll meet you three out there!" Jason said, standing up from his chair. "Capeesh?"


"Mhm!" Mitsuki chirps, standing up as well. "C'mon, mom and dad!"


And with that, the three walked out of the dining room, and out the back door, leaving Jason all alone. He quickly grabbed what was left of the katsudon, and put it in the fridge. He sighed slightly as he shut the door. The meal wasn't bad, but knowing that his queer stepson cooked it made him feel sick to his stomach. However, he continued to stack the bowls and set them in the sink, leaving the task of cleaning them to Katsuki.


Once he finished cleaning the dining room table, he turned to leave for the backyard. However, right as he was going to leave, the doorbell rang.


Who the hell is here?! Jason thought as he headed towards the front door. You're taking time away from my beautiful wife!


He gripped the doorknob, practically yanking it off its hinges, ready to yell at whoever dared to interrupt his special time. However, his eyes widened as he saw who was standing behind it. Behind the door was a man nearly as tall as Jason, his hair neatly trimmed and pinned under a tattered, navy blue baseball cap. His scraggly beard was a light grey, reaching down to his chest. Jason didn't even know how to respond to the sudden intruder. After what seemed like minutes of him trying to come up with something, anything to say, he blurts out the first thing that came to his mind.






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Chapter Text

“What are you doing here?!” Jason asked, crossing his arms at the sight of his father. “How did you even find me?! I thought you lived in America!”


“Your fiancé told me, and I do, but I was in Musutafu, so I decided to stop by and pay my son and his fiance a visit.” Jason’s father sheepishly said, forcing out a laugh. “Congratulations on getting engaged, I know you found a keeper in Mitsuki.”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah. If that’s all you came to say, you can stick it.” Jason grumbled, before shutting the door in his father’s face. To his surprise, his father managed to stop the door with his foot.


“Wait! If you’re willing to listen, I want to tell you something!”


Jason stopped in his attempt to close the door. What was his father going to tell him? Would he just tell him how much he loves him, or some bullshit like that? He could still remember all the hurtful words his father called him because he didn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps. How all his father thought of him was a scaredy-cat who didn’t want to honor his country. He remembered snapping back that it was his life, and that his father had no say in what he wanted to do for a career. That was the last Jason remembered of his father, other than the burning hatred he had for the older male. However, Jason couldn’t help but feel curious about what his father was going to tell him. He let out a quiet sigh of defeat, before pulling the door open.


“Fine, say whatever you want to say.” Jason rolled his eyes, leaning against the front door. “Make it quick though, I want to spend time with my future in-laws.”


His father let out a loud exhale, his sapphire blue eyes glancing towards Jason’s.


“First, I want to apologize for how I treated you on your eighteenth birthday, that was notably wrong of me to do. Your eighteenth birthday was supposed to be a special landmark in your life, where you take that first step into adulthood, and I let my selfishness get the best of me. I robbed the precious memories that you’ll never get back. While I won’t be able to tell how much you hate me because of what I did, I can understand that forcing you out to fight for yourself because I couldn’t get you to follow the path I took was by far the worst thing that I had ever done to you. I didn’t know what I was thinking, leaving you out there all alone, in this big, scary world. You could have died from a villain, and I would’ve never forgiven myself for it. I know Misato would have been disappointed in me for how I treated you, she never liked it when I used to bicker with her...”


Jason huffed slightly. He never got to meet his mother, as she had passed away from childbirth, and while Jason’s dad helped protect Japan, his mother’s grandparents would tell him all sorts of stories about his mother while they babysat him. From what he remembered in the pictures they showed him, she was absolutely beautiful. Her long, raven black hair seemed to just flow with the wind, while her electric blue eyes seemed to hypnotize those who had fallen for her. According to his dad, she had the most beautiful smile, one that would light up the room, and no matter how exhausted his father was when he was finished for the night, she was always there to cuddle with him and make him smile. Jason remembered how sad his father got around the time their anniversary came along, knowing that the woman he would have in his arms would never be with him again. Usually, when the fateful day came, Jason wouldn’t see his father for the whole day, for he had locked himself in his bedroom, getting plastered with a bottle of scotch. He could remember after the day had passed, curiosity got the better of him, and asked his father what the point of drinking was. He never forgot what his father told him (when he wasn’t vomiting on his porcelain throne). He told him that the reason he drank was to fill the hole that his Misato once filled.


“However… It seems that you’re living a good life, you live in a great house, you have a great wife! I do take responsibility for my actions that may have hurt you in the past along with the pain I brought along with it. But I know that a measly sorry won’t do anything to fix our relationship. You deserve a lot better than that. I want to try and fix our relationship over time! But I’ll understand if you aren’t willing to fix that bridge with me. All I can say is that I want to have that father-son relationship that we once had. Are you willing to try and build a relationship..?” His father asked, offering a hand.


Jason looked down towards his father’s hand. Should he accept his father’s offer? Or should he continue to live his life, with the people he loved? He let out a sigh, before grabbing his father’s hand. His father smiled warmly at the sight.


“Thank you, son.”


“It’s fine,” Jason said, returning his father’s smile with one of his own. “Let me introduce you to my family! KATSUKI!” Jason called up the stairs. “Get down here! There’s someone I want you to meet!”


In a matter of seconds, the spiky-haired ash blonde was down the steps, his hands tucked deep in his hoodie. He looked towards the older male as curiosity and fear overtook his body. Was this one of Jason’s friends? Were they going to punish him together?!


“Katsuki,” Jason started, snapping Katsuki out of his panicked mindset. “This is my father. Dad, this is my future stepson, Katsuki. ”


“Nice to meet you, son!” Jason’s father exclaimed, smiling wildly. “I’m Hank! Hank Caldwell!” He offered a hand out to Katsuki.


“I’m Katsuki… Katsuki Bakugou...” He tentatively said, hesitantly reaching out to shake his hand.


Hank shook Katsuki’s hand, his grip like an anaconda’s on Katsuki’s hand. Katsuki mewled slightly as he felt Hank’s thumb dig deep into Katsuki’s burn. Hank noticed how much Katsuki was in pain, and looked down to see his hand, letting out a quiet gasp.


“Oh god,” Hank said as he gently pulled the ash blonde’s hand to him, analyzing the wound. “What happened to your hand, kid?”


The vibrantly red-eyed boy shamefully looked away.


“I… I burned it while cooking...” He lied. “I accidentally dropped a pan on my hand...”


“Jesus! You burnt this while cooking?!” Hank said, concerned for his future step-grandson. “This is a serious burn! It’s at least a second-degree burn! We have to get this wrapped up before it gets infected!”


“Nah! He’s a man, he can handle a little pain! Right, Katsuki?” Jason asked, flashing the ash-blonde a grin.


“Y-Yes, sir…” Katsuki stuttered out, looking away from Jason’s eyes.


“Nonsense! He can get sick if he leaves the wound open like this, it’ll only take me a couple of minutes!” Hank exclaimed, walking up the stairs. “Where’s your first aid kit?”


“U-Uh... All the way down-“


“He wasn't talking to you!” Jason intervened, cutting the ash-blonde off mid-sentence. “Don’t speak unless you’re spoken to!”


Katsuki flinched slightly at the taller male’s sudden outburst. Hank looked back to his son, before looking back at Katsuki.


“I was actually asking Katsuki, Jason.” The silver-haired male corrected, before looking back at the ash blonde. “Don’t pay any mind to him, Katsuki. C’mon, let’s go!” Hank reassured the frightened teen, motioning for Katsuki to lead the way.


As the two made their way up to the bathroom, Katsuki felt dread with every step of the way. He didn’t want to go back to that bathroom, for it contained all of the ash blonde’s pain and suffering. He shuddered internally at the sight of the bathroom, for he could remember everything that took place in that damned place. He remembered how hard he wept in front of the mirror the day his parents divorced. It was almost like his tears would never end, like the pain and suffering wouldn’t allow those feelings to be contained. All the blood that was shed at that horrendous spot. He could still feel the burning in his wrists when he decided to harm himself, the blade cutting through his once-perfect skin. Then… there was the tub. He still remembered the scalding hot water burning his built, pale body, as he did his best to scrub the filth away from his disgusting body. Yet, no matter how hard he scrubbed, the filth remained. Goddamnit, they just don’t make water hot enough!


“So, Katsuki,” Hank asked, shutting the bathroom door behind him, before heading over to the medicine cabinet. “Are you from here?”


The ash-blonde nodded.


“That’s cool, my son, Jason, is from here too!” The silver-haired male hummed, rummaging through the cabinet, before picking out a small roll of white gauze. “Let me know if I’m hurting you, ok?” He began to wrap it around Katsuki’s hand, making sure to try and not touch the burn directly. Despite his efforts though, the pain was unbearable.


“O-Ow…!” Katsuki whimpered softly, looking away from his future step-grandfather. He looked down towards his hand, realizing that he was trembling, the combination of pain and utter terror coursed deep towards his core. He shouldn’t have whimpered, for it was against the rules! Was Hank going to punish him?! Or worse, was he going to tell Jason?! “I’m s-sorry..! I didn’t mean to do that…!"


“Whoa! No need to panic!” Hank reassuringly said, gently patting the ash blonde on the back. “I get that it hurts, you’re allowed to react to pain! Trust me, I saw some bad injuries back when I used to serve! You know, you’re taking this much better than some adults, I know a few that would be in tears if they sustained your injury! You’re pretty brave, kiddo!”


Katsuki gave Hank a small nod, relaxing slightly.


“Say, how about I tell you a story about myself while I finish wrapping this?”


“Go ahead, sir...”


“All right!” Hank smiled. “I’m going to tell you the story of how I met my beautiful wife!”






(December 24th, 3295)


“And…Done!” Hank joyfully exclaimed as he finished wrapping gauze around a wounded soldier’s arm. “You’re good to go now, Paul! Next time though, don’t try and pick up a stray cat!” He snickered.


Paul rolled his eyes, running a hand through his short, dirty blonde hair.


“Ha, Ha, Ha.” He sarcastically said, covering up the gauze with his long, army green sleeve. “I didn’t know it was a stray, I was just trying to return it home!”


“I’m just jostling your chain!” Hank laughed, slapping Paul on the back. “You headed to bed now? It’s almost eight o clock.”


Paul laughed.


“Hell no!” The blonde exclaimed. “Didn’t you hear what Sarge said?!”


“I haven’t,” Hank said, raising an eyebrow. “What’s he going on about?”


“Dude, he’s letting us go out and about on the streets of Mustafu today!” Paul said with a wide smile. “A bunch of my mates is going to the bars and celebrate Christmas! You want to come with me?”


To Paul’s surprise, Hank shook his head. His eyes widened at the black-haired male’s response. Why would he turn down an invitation to celebrate and leave the base for once?!


“It’s a tempting offer, but I don’t drink. Besides, I’m not in the mood to get a massive hangover!”


“Oh, yeah?” Paul crossed his arms. “What do you plan to do then?”


Hank shrugged, leaning back into his chair.


“I don’t know, I’m probably going to go eat some food from here, then go to bed.”


“Dude,” Paul groaned. “You got to do something! I mean, at least go out and celebrate the holidays!”


“I don’t know, we’ll see.” Hank yawns. “Go have your fun.”


“Suit yourself!” The blonde exclaimed, before walking out of the room.


Hank let out a long and heavy sigh, leaning into his chair. Gosh, Paul was right. Although he wasn’t much of a holiday person, even back home in Wyoming, while his parents and siblings decorated the whole house with colorful lights. The overwhelming scent of the giant pine trees, that his parents forced him to drag in, getting pine needles all over their fluffy, crimson red carpet. He could still remember his sibling's overzealous behavior as they rushed down the stairs, pushing and shoving to see who could come down the stairs first and see what Santa got them! As they did that, the black-haired male quietly walked down the stairs, avoiding the chaos that his siblings were causing.


However, a part of him missed those memories. Seeing their faces light up when they open their presents and got what they wanted. He missed the fact that he couldn’t go home during the holidays, because the villains of Musutafu tended to attack during the holidays when everybody was least expecting it. He stood up from his seat and left out the door. A walk outside couldn’t hurt, right? Hell, it might even give him a bit of nostalgia, seeing all of the Christmas lights hanging outside!


Maybe for just a second, he could feel at home again.



Hank shivered slightly as he ambled down the icy sidewalk. It was way colder than he ever thought it would be! Hell, it was probably warmer in Wyoming than it was here! He snickered at the thought. He never expected such a beautiful country to be as cold as his hometown! He glanced around in awe, studying the area around him. It was like all of the city had gotten together and decorated as a family! All the rainbow lights hanging from the light posts and trees twinkled brightly in the night sky, He smiled to himself as he continued his journey down the road, passing dozens of signs, one sign promising shoppers fifty percent off on whatever they purchased, or wishing those who passed by a Merry Christmas. The overly loud music from inside the stores came out onto the streets, crawling into Hank’s mind. It was almost as if he was inside the store, the dreaded tunes getting lodged inside his head. In his opinion, he didn’t mind the signs hanging up on the store windows, but the music, that goddamn music drove him crazy. Those fucking songs would always get stuck in his head for days on end, to the point where that would be the only thing he could think of!


Unbeknownst to Hank, as he was clouded by his hatred for Christmas songs, he didn’t realize that he was about to run into a girl, who was walking opposite of him. The two collided with each other rather roughly, causing both of them to fall on the icy ground with a loud thud.


“Agh!” Hank groaned, rubbing his back. “Fuck… Are you ok? I didn’t mean to run into you!”


The girl whimpered slightly, taking her mitten off, revealing a semi-large cut on her palm, the blood dripping down her delicate skin and fell onto the concrete. Her electric blue eyes filled with tears, causing Hank to grimace at the sight. If he were paying attention, the poor girl wouldn’t have gotten hurt! He (while trying not to slip) crawled over to the girl, looking her up and down for any more injuries.


“I’m fine… I think...” She nervously said, her majestic voice enchanting the black-haired male. “It’s my fault, really… I should have been paying attention!” She let out a nervous chuckle.


“No, it’s mine, I was the one who wasn’t paying attention. I think the blame can go both ways.” He looked down towards the mysterious girl’s hand. “That cut looks bad, do you want me to patch it up?”


“N-No! You don’t have to!” She smiled slightly. “It looks worse than it is!”


“Well, at least let me walk you home, then I can at least bandage it up!”


“Oh... Well, ok!” To his surprise, she leaned closer towards Hank’s ear. “Could you walk me to my parent's house..? That’s where I’m headed anyway...”


Hank smiled.


“You got it!”


He stood up from the ground, holding out his hand to the kind girl. She smiled as well, taking it.


“Lead the way!” He laughed.


She nodded, going down the street, right past the signs that he had just passed. He laughed at the irony of the situation, before running after her.


“I don’t think I caught your name!” Hank exclaimed, finally catching up with the mysterious woman. “My name is Hank, Hank Caldwell!”


“It’s nice to meet you, Hank!” She smiled warmly. “I’m Misato! Misato Takeda if you want to be formal!”


He smiled. “It’s nice to meet you, Misato.”


“I take it you aren’t from here?” She quizzically asked, looking at his camouflage uniform. “I mean, going off your outfit!”


“You would be correct! I am from Wyoming!”


Her eyes sparkled as she looked towards him.


“You’re from America?!” She exclaimed. “That’s amazing! I never met anyone from America! What are you doing here in Musutafu?”


“I am serving under the U.S Military as an army medic.” He said, looking up into the dark, night sky. “I just make sure the soldiers stay safe and help civilians if they get hurt.” He laughed slightly. “It’s not the prettiest job, but I’m good at it. Besides, it’s kind of nice to meet new people.”


“That sounds incredible! I work at a marketing place all the way downtown!”


“Oh? What do you do there?”


“I set up meetings with our customers and test their products out to see if we want to market them!”


“Oh! That seems neat.”Hank smiled.


As they continued talking about their jobs and their personal lives, the air seemingly got colder, and small snowflakes began to fall from the sky. Hank shivered, while Misato shuddered, stuffing her hands into her puffy, magenta jacket. On the other hand, Hank rubbed his hands together, even going as far as exhaling into them, just for the desperate feeling of warmness.


“Hey, can you do me a f-favor?” Misato stuttered, her shivering seemingly getting worse.


Hank looked down towards Misato, his eyes seemingly beckoning her to go on.


“Could you hold me..? It’s really cold out...” She mumbled, looking down. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, though.”


Hank opened his mouth to respond, but almost as if his body overtook his actions, he reached around to her shoulder and pulled the shivering girl to his side. He smiled slightly at the sight of her, quietly nuzzled up against his side as they walked down the quiet street. Eventually, after what seemed like a thousand years of them walking, while holding each other in their arms, they finally reached Misato’s home.


“Ah, we’re here!” She smiled, releasing her hold on Hank’s side (Much to his dismay). “Thank you for bringing me to my parent’s home!”


“It’s no problem, Misa!” He smiled, while Misato blushed at the sudden nickname that Hank gave her. “Your parent’s place is actually on the way to my base, speaking of, I should probably get going back to my room, it’s almost nine.” He said, looking down at his watch.


Misato frowned slightly, grabbing the medic’s hand.


“No, please, stay!” She pled. “Let me repay you with a meal! My parents won’t mind the company!”


Jason sighed slightly. He felt as if he wasn’t going to get out of this. He sighed once more, before giving in to Misato’s antics.


“Fine, you win.” He smirked. “I surrender. On one condition! I get to bandage your hand.”


She smirked.




And with that, she pulled Hank inside the warm, cozy house.


However, unbeknownst to the two of them, this would be the start of a long and loving relationship.


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Chapter Text

“And that’s how I met my beautiful wife!” Hank warmly smiled as he finished wrapping the ash blonde's hand. “Hopefully I didn’t bore you!” He laughed.


“Not at all, sir,” Katsuki said as he looked toward his now bandaged hand. “Thank you for bandaging it…”


“It’s no problem! I know it’s not my best work, but it should be good for tonight! Make sure to apply ointment on it before you go to bed, ok?”


Katsuki nodded.


“Ok, sir.”


“You don’t have to address me as sir, Katsuki!” Hank smiled warmly. “You don’t have to be so formal!” He let out a laugh. “I feel like I’m back in the military with the ‘yes sir, no sir’ stuff!”


The ash-blonde nodded in response.


“That’s the spirit!” Hank exclaimed, slapping Katsuki on the back. “We should probably get downstairs, we don’t want to keep your family waiting!”


“You go, I’ll be right there, I just got to use the bathroom…” He lied, hoping that it would make the older male go away. Thankfully, Hank bought the lie.


“All right!” He exclaimed, exiting the bathroom. “I’ll be down in the backyard if you need me for anything!”


Katsuki nodded slightly as he closed the door, the former medic’s footsteps slowly fading away. How could he be so stupid?! He could have told him what Jason did to him! Knowing his luck, Jason and his grandparents are probably filling Hank in on Katsuki’s disgusting lifestyle. Then he’ll hate him, just like how Hajime and Uma did. He’d be all alone, forced to deal with his demons and family and their homophobia. He put his hands up to his face, desperately hoping that he could fire an explosion or something! Anything that would take this unbearable pain away! However, the cruel aspects of life seemed to laugh in the ash blonde’s face, for the explosion never came. He let out a quiet sob, as Jason’s quirk still had its hold on him.


“Come on..!” The vibrant red-eyed male pleaded, slapping his face over and over again, trying to get that explosion he oh so desperately desired. Unfortunately, no matter how hard the ash-blonde slapped himself, he couldn’t get the explosion to come. “Please…!”


He let out a tearful sigh, letting his hands drop. He couldn’t bring himself to look in the mirror, to see the shell of what he used to be. All he saw now was a disgusting, weak, and useless child in the mirror, the tears he was forbidden to release barreled endlessly down his face, falling into the sink. How could he be strong if he was allowing himself to be brutalized like this? How could he be a pro hero if he couldn’t even protect himself against his stepfather? No agency would ever want him to even sidekick a hero! Even if he tried telling someone, they wouldn’t believe him and accuse him of just seeking attention, or worse, they would believe him, and tell him that the ash-blonde wanted it to happen, on the account that he was gay.


He sniffled softly, wiping his tears away rather roughly.


Nobody would ever believe him or what Jason did to him.


The ash-blonde was truly alone.




“Hank!” Hajime called out from his small, dark green lawn chair as the former medic stepped out on the patio. “How the hell have you been?”


“Hajime, it’s been a while since we’ve talked, I don’t think we spoke since I moved back!” He exclaimed, returning Hajime’s smile with one of his own. “I’ve been good, just visiting the area!”


“That’s good to hear.” Uma smiled. “What took you so long though? Jason said that you arrived five minutes ago!”


Before he could answer, Mitsuki jumped up from her seat and rushed over to the former medic, wrapping her arms around the taller male.


“Thank you for coming, Mr. Caldwell!” She smiled. “It means a lot to me, and I know it means a lot to Jason.”


“It’s no problem, sweetheart.” Hank smiled. “Oh, nothing special,” Hank said to Uma as he sat down in a big, baby blue and ivory white chair. “Katsuki had a nasty burn, and I figured I’d help him patch it up real quick!”


“…You what?” Uma asked, almost as if she hadn’t heard him right.


“I patched his hand up! I didn’t want it to get infected!”


“Why on earth would you do that?!” Hajime asked, completely awestruck at his friend’s actions.


Hank raised an eyebrow. Why were Hank and Uma acting as if he had just broken the law? All he did was patch up Katsuki’s hand! What was wrong with that?


“Uh… Because I used to help people?” Hank gave the couple a confused smile. “Your memory isn’t going is it?” He forces a chuckle.


“No, we remember what you used to do, but why would you help him?!” Hajime growled, almost as if he had to force himself to finish the sentence. “That queer doesn’t deserve your help!”


“Why doesn’t he?”


“Well, duh!” Uma rolled her eyes. “He’s gay!”


Silence filled the area, as Hank stared at the two in complete awe. That was the reason they were treating him like he contracted the plague?! After what seemed like hours of the taller male staring towards the couple, he opened his mouth to speak, his voice calm and relaxing.


“So?” Hank asked, leaning back into his chair.


“So?!” Hajime growled, his eyes turning into dinner plates.


“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?”


“Everything is wrong with that boy!” Uma groaned. “Don’t tell me you support that queer!”


“Hey, there’s no need to use such words,” Hank said, furrowing his brows. “It’s uncalled for.”


“Why the hell would you throw your life away supporting him?!” Uma asked. “He chose to throw his life away when he came out of the closet!”


“Being gay is not a choice, Uma. You don’t just wake up one day and decide that you’re attracted to men!”


“Sure you can!” Hajime intervened, flashing a triumphant grin. “It’s just as easy as leaving homosexuality!”


“Again, it’s not true. Some people are born gay, while some are born straight, like you and I. Some people may not know that they are gay until they see the one they truly love, like a gay awakening!” He sighed slightly, seeing Hajime and Uma’s confused expressions. “A gay awakening is when falls for someone of the same gender for the first time, the person loses all control and it’s scary, yet, it’s a wonderful feeling. Your version of love is now redefined, as this is the person you’ve been waiting for.”


Uma snorted.


“That’s a load of bullshit!” Hajime shouted, leaning forward towards the former medic, only to be held back by his wife’s hand. “If people are supposedly ‘born that way’, then why are there cases where people quit being gay?! There are camps in the United States that convert kids back to being straight! Surely you aren’t that dense, right?”


“First of all, those camps are banned in most of the United States, since I’ve been born. Second, those camps don’t ‘convert’ children to be straight. Most of those kids are forced against their will by their idiotic parents who can’t fathom the fact that they won’t be grandparents or that they are brainwashed by other people who tell them that their children that they suffer from a disease called Same-Sex Attraction! Those kids are tortured with electricity, given false memories about them being molested to explain how they experience the behavior of a homosexual and they continue to feed those false memories with even more memories to the point where the kid believes that the event happened! They force kids to take several types of pills that they don’t need. Hell, there was a story I found where they showed a kid gay porn and gave him Ipecac, which induces vomiting. Those ‘camps’ force kids to ‘pray the gay away’ and pin their ‘participants’ down and scream in their faces for the gayness to get away for hours on end. Another kid had to write down an entire essay about why he was going to hell for being gay. They perform ‘exorcisms’ on children with holy water while trying to get whatever demon supposedly possessed them. The fact that you dare to bring that disgusting topic is appalling. I thought you were better than that, Hajime.” He huffed. “Did you know that over seven hundred thousand members of the LGBTQ+ have experienced conversion torture therapy and forty-two percent of the youth who experience Conversion Torture report suicide attempts? While only seventeen percent of the LGBTQ+ youth who have not experienced conversion torture attempted suicide. The risks for people going to conversion therapy which is greater for youth are depression, guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, shame, social withdrawal, and suicidality. And what’s scary? I can tell from Katsuki’s body language that he suffers from half of these! Please tell me that you haven’t sent him to those dreaded camps.”


“Ha!” Hajime laughed. “I fucking wish! But I think I could convince Mitsuki to send him to a camp so that he can become a decent pro hero! Trust me, no agency would want a fruitcake as a sidekick!”


Hank’s eyes seemed to darken at Hajime’s threat, the aura from the army medic displayed as if he was going to pounce on Hajime as if he was a wild animal and rip him apart.“Don’t you fucking dare. If I ever hear a word from Jason about your sorry ass sending him to those camps, I will do everything in my power to make sure Katsuki is far away from you. Once I do get Katsuki to safety, I will teach you a lesson you won’t forget.” He growled.




“All right, all right!” Mitsuki said, stepping in front of her father. “Dad, you have to relax, he isn’t worth it!”


“That’s a damn lie! He’s sitting here telling lies!”


Hank rolled his eyes.


“Seriously!” Mitsuki groaned out of frustration. “Don’t ruin this for me!”


Hajime sighed. “Fine. I apologize for the outburst, honey.” He mumbles, pulling his daughter into a tight hug.


She smiled. “Good. Do you want some beer? We have some in the fridge!”


Hajime nods, a wide smile plastered on his face from the mention of booze.


“Hell yeah!”


“Excellent! Hank, do you want one as well?”


He shook his head. “No thank you, I don’t drink anymore.”


“Ah!” She smiled slightly, going back to the backyard door. “Jason, want to come with to help me?”


Jason grinned as well. “Coming right now!”


And with that, the happy couple ran off, leaving their parents in their dust.


As Hajime heard the door slam behind them, his scowl returned, turning back to the former medic.


“What is your problem?” He growled. “Why are you trying to embarrass me in front of my kid?”


“You think I’m embarrassing you?” Hank scoffed. “Trust me, you’d know if I was embarrassing you. I was just stating facts.”


“Oh yeah? Where did you learn such information?”


“Through years of research,” Hank said.


“Wait what?!” Hajime exclaimed, erupting into a fit of laughter. “Why the hell would you research that?!”


“I have to agree with Hajime,” Uma said, chuckling softly as her husband continued his maniacal cackling. “Why waste your time with that? Why would you do that?”


Hank sighed.


“Because my son-in-law was gay.”


Hajime’s eyes widened. “You mean to tell me you were related to one of those freaks?!”


“Yes, I met him when he was a second-year in high school.” He nonchalantly said, closing his eyes as he rubbed his hands on his face. “He was a great kid.”






Hank nervously sighed as he made his way up the porch steps that he had become accustomed to. However, no matter how many times he walked up to the porch, he could always feel a sense of nervousness deep inside his stomach. Today, he will be spending the whole day with Misato! It was quite the rare opportunity for Hank to have the day off, and when he did get the freedom of not being bound to his station, he’d spend it all with his girlfriend. As much as they had been accustomed to their personalities and going on several dates, they still had the giddy feeling that they once had for each other when they had met that glorious evening. As he finally made his way up to the large, oak door, it took everything in his power to knock on it.


As he continued to think about his feelings for her, he could hear the door swing open, and felt a pair of arms wrap around his chest, snapping him out of his thoughts. He looked down in surprise and saw Misato, her head buried in his chest.


“Hi, Hank!” She grinned, looking up to her lover. “Thanks for coming! I’ll only be a few minutes! You can come inside if you want!” She looked him up and down, noticing that he wasn’t wearing his usual camouflaged uniform, instead, he was wearing nothing but a long-sleeved shirt, the words: U.S.A were stitched into the fabric. Each letter had the symbolism of the American flag, one letter having red, and so on. With that shirt, he had a pair of baggy, navy blue jeans that seemed to blend nicely with his shirt.“Where’s your uniform?”


“Oh?” The medic asked, a bit puzzled by her questioning. “Oh, that! Well, I figured that we’d be on our feet most of the day, so I figured I wear something a bit comfier!” He laughed slightly. “I can go back and change back in my uniform if you want!”


She laughed.


“No need, you look good in it!” She smiled. “Here, come in now, before the bugs get you!”


Hank nodded, stepping inside the household, making sure to take off his boots before stepping on the wooden floor.


“Ok, you can sit on the couch while I get ready!” She smiled. “I should be done in fifteen minutes!”


Hank smiled warmly. “Take all the time you need, love. I’m all yours for today!”


Her smile seemingly widened as she dashed back to the bathroom. Hank, being curious, walked around the room, looking for anything interesting Misato had. Other than hundreds of magazines and books littering her table and bookshelves, it wasn’t that bad of a place! He looked towards the large, stone fireplace, where several pictures were resting on top of the mantle. He smiled slightly as he grabbed one. The picture displayed Misato and her family on a soccer field, the stands bustling with people, waves of blue and purple jerseys sitting in the stands. However, Hank couldn’t help but stare at Misato and her family. All of them had triumphant smiles on their faces, especially the boy in the middle. He was practically covered in grass stains, his persian blue jersey covered with green streaks. The boy was none other than Katsurou Takeda. Profoundly known for his incredible leadership and skills on the field, according to Misato, her brother was like the perfect brother. It seemed that the photo was taken after one of his soccer games, as the black-haired male was drenched in sweat, his medium length, straight, raven black hair was stuck to his forehead. Hank smiled at the sight. He wasn’t able to meet Katsurou that Christmas eve, as the black-haired male was at a soccer match. However, that did not stop his family from making Hank watch Katsurou while he played, roaring in cheers as if they were in the stadium with everyone else whenever their son scored, (and eventually won).


However, unbeknownst to the medic, he was unaware of the door opening, and the sudden thud of a soccer ball hitting the wooden floor. Hank quickly turned around to see who had rudely interrupted his reminiscing. To his surprise, it was none other than Katsurou. The smaller male was panting like crazy, his upper half bent over he tried catching his breath. His jersey was once again covered in mud, this time, his charcoal black shorts had mud stains as well, almost as if it had rained for a few hours, and Katsurou spent most of the practice rolling around in the mud. Hank watched as the black-haired male took off his small, tattered baby blue duffel bag and tossed it to the ground next to the door. Katsurou let out a quiet sigh untying his cleats before setting them next to his bag. Once he finished that, he stood upright as he forked his hair out of his eyes.


“Misato?” Katsurou called out, his monotone voice echoing as he looked around for his sister. “I left my key at Mom and Dad’s! I used your spare, is it cool if I just hang here?”


No answer.


“Misatoooooooooooooo!” He called out once again, looking around the house, eventually landing on Hank, who was awkwardly standing there holding the photograph. “....Oh. You are not my sister.”


Hank let out a nervous laugh. This was not the way that he wanted to meet Katsurou.


“You are right.”


“Who are you?” He asked he glared in the medic's direction. “Why are you in my sister’s house?”


“I am Hank Caldwell, your sister’s boyfriend!” He exclaims, offering a hand towards the soccer player. “You’re Katsurou, right?”


He nodded, before taking Hank’s hand.


“Yeah, that’s me.” He smiled slightly, his suspicious mood seemingly disappearing in mere seconds. “So you’re the guy who my parents were gushing about. I heard about what you did, that was nice of you.”


“Oh, right!” Hank laughed slightly. “It was no problem!”


Katsurou’s eyes glanced over to Hank’s hand, which was still holding the photograph. He smirked, before snatching it away from the medic.


“I take it you like it?” He mumbled, looking at the picture. “Ah, this was a good one.” He set the photo back onto the mantle. “That was during my first year at Habia Josana High. We were playing Mahana Seijoh Academy, who were our rivals, and we were down two to nothing. Our captain was acting like a tyrant, and I didn’t see the field for forty-five minutes.” He rolled his eyes at the mere mention of his former captain. “He kept yelling at all of us for not putting effort in the game and how we all suck. Eventually, our coach grew tired of the captain’s brattiness and stripped him of his captain badge. He gave the badge to me, because everyone seemed to trust me, and I went out there and scored all three goals to win three to two. It was my first ever time starting for my high school, but it was amazing. All the Habia Josana students and fans rushed the field after the match was over, and congratulated us, all while nearly trampling me to death! We took that photo once everyone started leaving, you know, when the field was accessible.”


“That’s awesome!” Hank exclaimed. “You know, I got to watch you play, it was certainly a sight to see!”


“Thank you, Hank. I appreciate-”


“All righty, I’m all done! Don’t tell me you-” Misato exclaimed as she walked into the living room. “Katsurou?! What are you doing here?!”


“Duh. I told you already.” He rolled his eyes. “I left my keys inside mom and dad’s house. Is it cool if I chill here until they come back?”


“Ugh, again?! This is the third time this month! Look at you! You’re all muddy!” She whined slightly, pointing at the soccer player’s clothes.


“I already have clothes, no need to worry.” He grumbled. "I was in a rush and forgot. Will you pleeeeeeeeease let me stay until they get home?"


“...Fine. But I won’t be here all day, so you better shower and change your clothes! I don’t want to come home to see mud all over my stuff!”


“Don’t test me, I won’t hesitate to do it if left alone.” He smirked.


She growled, before pinching his ear. “What was that? You’ll do what?”


“Ow! Ow!” He whined slightly through laughs. “Ok, ok! I won’t do it, I promise!”


She smirked as she let her younger brother go.


“That’s what I thought! Now go shower!” She shouted as Katsurou scurried away as if he were a cockroach exposed to the light. “Now that he’s out of the way, shall we begin our magical day?”


Hank smiled as he gently grabbed her hand.


“Let's go then!”


And with that, the lovestruck duo dashed out the door, hand in tow, as they couldn’t wait to spend the entire day in each other's arms.



(Apologies for the slow update, I was battling a cold while writing this DX, but I hope you enjoyed this update!)


(3,432 words!)

Chapter Text

“That kid sounds like he’s a fucking pussy!” Hajime grumbled as he glared towards Hank. “And to think that he’s wasting his soccer talent to be such a disgusting person!”


“Don’t you dare start with that.” Hank growled, returning Hajime’s glare with one of his own, one that was much fiercer than the old man could even fathom. “Katsurou was an amazing person. You would have loved to talk to him. The way he could pique your interest with just a simple fact about soccer, which he used to pull you into a long conversation about the sport itself was amazing. And I know that if he saw you two and your ignorance, he would feel bad for you two.”


“Well, call him up then!” Uma smirked. “We’d be happy to teach him that his ways are wrong!”


Hank shook his head. “You can’t. Even if you could, I wouldn’t let you.”


“Aww, what’s the matter?” Uma taunted. “Afraid he can’t handle the truth?”


Hank sighed, leaning back into his chair.


“You want to know why?” He asked, not even bothering to hear their answers. “Fine. Buckle up, I’ll tell you the story.”






(July 21st, 3296)



Hank hummed to himself as he packed away the last of his medical supplies. Today was a great day! His Sargent had given him the rest of the day off due to him getting all his work done early! He was rather excited, as the World Cup was on and Japan had made it in! So, Misato’s family invited the medic to join them to watch the game! He couldn’t help but smile at the thought, the thought of Misato and her family all dressed up in Japan jerseys, watching their team play the beautiful sport (while Katsurou took notes). The thoughts rushed through his head as he made his way to the exit, a gleeful smile plastered all over his face. It hadn’t even been a year into their relationship, yet he felt as if Misato’s family was like a second family to him! If he ever felt homesick, he always went over to their house, where Misato’s mother would prepare a nice meal for the taller male, while her husband discussed a plan to meet for the next soccer game. Perhaps he should reward them! Hell, there was a flower shop nearby, maybe he could purchase some flowers for them! Maybe he could find some red and white ones so that he could associate them with Japan! Yeah, that would be great!



“Oi!” Hank heard a familiar voice call from behind him, right as he was about to exit the building. “Where are you going? The World Cup is going to be on in an hour! You’re watching it with us, aren’t you?”


Hank turned around, revealing Paul, who was a few feet away from him. “Go Japan, right?”


Hank nods.


“Yup! But I’m not watching it with you guys, this time!” He smiled.



“Oh? Then who are you going to watch it with? Your girlfriend?” Paul tease, letting out a hearty laugh as he watched his friend turn a deep shade of red.


“As a matter a fact, I am,” Hank stated, covering his blush with his hands. “Her parents invited me to come to watch with them, and I accepted.”


Paul laughed again, walking over to the blushing male, slapping him on the back.


“You know, I never expected you to get a girlfriend before I did! Based on how awkward you were during basic training, I thought you never had a shot with the girls or guys!” He exclaims, wrapping an arm around Hank’s shoulders. “Congratulations! I’m proud of you, bud!”


“Thanks.” Hank smiled. “Good luck in your quest for love.”


“You have fun! Better hurry though, the game starts in an hour! I sure wouldn’t want you being late to your girlfriend’s party!”


“Yeah, yeah, bye!” Hank waved as he walked out the door.






“Oh, wow...” Hank said in awe, looking at all of the beautiful flowers. As his eyes glanced around, the magnificent colors overtaking the bleak atmosphere. It was a rather easy journey to the flower stand, as most of the people traveled up to Tokyo to watch the big game, or they were busy partying before the game started. He couldn’t lie, it was a bit creepy, walking down the empty street in the middle of the day. Yet, it was surreal! He didn’t have to worry about squeezing past people, waiting in the long lines, and worrying about whether the villains attacking or not.


“Hello, sir!” The florist exclaimed, her emerald green eyes staring deeply into Hank’s sapphire eyes. Her long, black hair was tied into a messy bun, bits of hair sticking out of the bun. “How may I help you today?”


“Morning, miss.” Hank smiled, giving her a small nod. “How are you today?”


“I’m doing good!” She chirped, returning Hank’s smile with one of his own. “What can I help you with today?”


“I am looking for a bouquet that has the colors of the Japanese flag! You know,” He laughed slightly. “The World Cup is today and I want to give a gift to my girlfriend’s parents a gift! You can help me, right?”


“You got it!” The florist smiled, flashing the medic a thumbs up. “Let me see what I have!” She dove under the stand, rummaging through the bouquets, trying to find the perfect one. Eventually, after a minute, she popped back up, holding out a rather large bouquet. The bouquet contained a gorgeous crimson red, its limbs like tentacles, swaying ever so gently in the wind whereas the white flowers looked like a poofy pillow! “This was the closest thing I found, there’s nothing better to represent Japan than a Red Spider Lily and a white chrysanthemum!”


“Ah, that’s perfect!” Hank smiled, taking the flowers. “How much do I owe you?”


“Oh, don’t worry about it! It’s the World Cup, consider it on the house!”


“Oh! Are you sure?”


“Mhm! Have a nice day!”


“You too!” Hank smiled, before walking off.






“Hank! You’re here!” Misato’s mother called out as the medic walked up the stairs. “You’re early!”


“I got out of work early!” He laughed, pulling out the flowers from behind his back. “I had some time to kill, so I got you and Kai this!” He said, handing the older woman the flowers. “What do you think?”


“Aww, Hank, you shouldn’t have!” She blushed slightly, letting out a light chuckle. “They’re so beautiful!”


“It’s no problem! Consider it a gift for treating me like family!” Hank exclaimed, pulling the older woman into a hug, causing her to gasp softly.


“Oh, you’re a sweetheart, Hank! I’m sure your mother must’ve adored your kindness!” She smiled.


“Thank you, Azami! I know she would agree with you!”


“Oh, that’s enough about us! Let’s get you inside, Kai has been so excited to watch this game with you! Although Misato will be a little late for our party, her job is keeping her for another half hour, so she won’t make it for the first fifteen minutes. But you’re welcome to come inside! I think Katsurou would love to see you again! I’m sure he’s excited as well to watch the World Cup! He’s been acting a bit grouchy and moody and keeps himself locked in his room, only coming down to eat dinner! He also wasn’t paying attention to the semi-finals, which is surprising, because he loves watching soccer! He always takes notes of his favorite player’s style, so that he could use them for his soccer practice! Although I’m sure he’s just nervous for the World Cup, Japan hasn’t won it for a long time, so he just wants his team to win! Maybe when he sees you, he won’t be as tense!” She smiled, beckoning the medic into their house.“He’s been locked away in his room all day, he’s got his headphones in and is taking notes about the game! He told me not to bother him until the game was going to be on, so, would you like to get him?”


“Sure thing!” He said, taking his boots off while entering their household.


“There is the man of the hour!” Kai exclaimed, hopping up from his chair, rushing over to Hank, practically tackling the poor guy in a hug. “How the hell have you been?!”



“Gosh, you’re like a puppy!” Hank laughed, returning the hug. “You remind me of my siblings. I am good though, even though you saw me last week for the semi-finals!”


“I know, I know!” He finally released the medic. “Aren’t you excited?!”


He nodded eagerly.


“Excellent, would you mind getting Katsurou?” The older male asked. “I’ll save you a spot on the couch and Azami will finish preparing the snacks!”


“Sure thing!” Hank exclaimed, smiling at the couple as he walked up the creaky stairs, eventually reaching the soccer player’s door. “Katsurou?” Hank called out as he rapped on Katsurou’s door. “You awake?”


To his surprise, there was no answer.


Damn, that kid is a heavy sleeper! Hank thought as he knocked again, this time a bit louder. “Katsurou!” He called out again. “C’mon! Get up! We got to watch the World Cup!”


Once again, there was no answer. Katsurou was by far the heaviest sleeper that he had ever met!


“Hey, bud! I am coming in there whether you like it or not!” He said, grasping the cold, brass handle, before yanking the door open. He expected to see the Katsurou laying on his side, watching his usual soccer videos, or perhaps he would be studying his film, so he could improve for the next match.



Oh, boy was he wrong.



(Hehe, I'm gonna leave this on a little cliffhanger >:3 If you want to know what may happen, reread the book, there may be something you missed!)

(1,585 words!)

Chapter Text

To Hank’s horror, Katsurou was not laying on his bed, as the soccer player usually would.


He was hanging from the ceiling fan, an extension cord wrapped tightly around his neck. His lifeless corpse swayed ever so gently, almost as if he were a fucked up version of a wind ornament. He could feel his jaw go slack, his body seemingly frozen in time. Why couldn’t he move?! He had to do something! He could still save Katsurou! The soccer player’s head is slumped over, his long bangs covering his lifeless eyes. His cheeks were stained with tears as his arms dangled lifelessly, swaying with his body.


For once, Hank did not know what to do. Should he call an ambulance? Should he run and get Kai and Azami?! But what if Katsurou had a chance at survival? Goddamnit, why could he not move?! What caused Katsurou to do such an act? He didn’t seem depressed...right? He scanned his mind with a fine-toothed comb, desperately trying to recover a memory that displayed signs of depression. Then it hit him.


“He's been acting a bit grouchy and moody and keeps himself locked in his room, only coming down to eat dinner! He also wasn't paying attention to the semi-finals, which is surprising, because he loves watching soccer! He always takes notes of his favorite player's style, so that he could use them for his soccer practice!”


That’s right… Katsurou had been showing signs all along, indicating that he had been dealing with depression. How long had he been dealing with it? How...How long did he have to fight the cruel monster also known as depression by himself? He wanted to pinch himself and wake up from whatever fucked up nightmare this was!


“Hank?” Azami called from the bottom of the stairs. “You get lost up there?”


Oh no. Don’t come up the stairs, please..! Hank pled to himself, trying desperately to break his shock-induced state. “I...Uh...” He stammered, his eyes glued on Katsurou. “D-Don’t come up here!” He exclaimed, breaking free from his shock-induced state, rushing out the bedroom door.


Azami cocked her head slightly.


“Why not?” She asked, giggling slightly as she walked up the stairs, much to the medic’s dismay. “Is he sleeping or something? I can wake him up if you don’t feel comfortable with it!” She made her way up the stairs, only to be stopped by Hank.


“I really don’t think it’s a good idea.” He whispered, desperately trying to get Azami away from her son’s room. She didn’t deserve the trauma of seeing her youngest child hanging from the ceiling fan.


“Nonsense!” She joyfully exclaimed, slipping under Hank’s arm, unaware of the horror she was about to discover. “KATSUROU TAKEDA, I SWEAR YOU BETTER BE UP BY THE TIME I-” She bellowed as she stormed towards her son’s room, only to stop in her tracks. Her eyes grew wide as her eyes came across her hanging son. “K-Katsurou..?” Hank could see the tears well in her eyes, as she watched her usually happy and upbeat son hang dead. She let out a quiet sob. Then another. And then another. Until the air was filled with her loud wails as she rushed into the room, trying desperately to get her son down. All Hank could do was stand there, his eyes wide with shock. Why the fuck was he unable to do anything?! It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen a corpse before, he had seen several throughout the years of being a medic, taking care of others when the villains attacked. So, what was different? He had never seen a suicide victim before, especially one that was close to him.


“Azami?!” Kai shouted as soon as he heard his wife’s loud sobs.“What’s wrong?!”


“K-KAI..!” She managed to force out, her voice breaking slightly. “K-KATSUROU HUNG HIMSELF…!”


“WHAT?!” Kai shouted, rushing over to the stairs, skipping several steps to reach his wife, shoving past Hank. He only made it into the doorway, before collapsing to his knees. Hank could hear the older male sob quietly, for his son was gone. “Oh, g-god…! No, Katsurou..!”


The air was filled with Azami’s loud wails and Kai’s muffled sobs, as they stared towards Katsurou. However, as if a switch flipped in Hank’s head, he had finally come to his senses. He dashed over to Azami and immediately pulled out a pocket knife that his mother had given him for Christmas, just in case he ever needed to defend himself. He slowly lowered Katsurou’s body down to the ground, his lips a light shade of blue.


“Azami...” He stammered, trying to get the sobbing woman’s attention. “Take you and your husband outside of the house and call an ambulance. Then call Misato. I’ll stay up here and provide medical attention to Katsurou.”


She sniffled, before letting out another loud sob.


“O-Ok..!” She nodded. “Please save my baby, Hank…!”


Hank nodded.


“I promise.”


Once Azami managed to convince her husband to leave the room to let Hank concentrate, the medic immediately got to work. He put his ear near the younger male’s ear, hoping that he would hear at least a small breath. Not to his surprise, he didn’t hear it. He put his lips on Katsurou’s, breathing two breaths of air into the soccer player’s lungs. However, it didn’t seem to help. He placed his hands on the center of Katsurou’s chest and began to do compressions. His thoughts were going all over the place while he tried desperately to keep his fast pace.


One. Two. Three. Four. Five.


Why were his hands so shaky?!


Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten.


Sweat began to drip down his forehead as his breathing got faster and faster.


Damn it..! He thought as he desperately pressed down on Katsurou’s chest. Breathe..! Breathe for me, Katsurou!


Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen.


He could feel tears well in his eyes as he continued to compress, blurring his vision. He can’t be crying. He shouldn’t be crying! How is he supposed to focus if he can't see?!


Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Twenty.


He couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of dread rushing throughout his body. Was he too late? Was Katsurou going to die..?


Twenty-one. Twenty-two. Twenty-three. Twenty-four. Twenty-five.


“Come on, Katsurou!” Hank yelled into the air as he continued to push on the younger male’s chest. “You’re so much stronger than this! Don’t you fucking give up on me!”


Twenty-six. Twenty-seven. Twenty-eight. Twenty-nine. Thirty.


He stopped the compressions momentarily, leaning towards the soccer player’s face while pinching his nose, and blew two rescue breaths. However, he couldn’t feel Katsurou’s breath. He let out a quiet sigh, before sitting back, his back hitting Katsurou’s desk. Deep down, he knew Katsurou wasn’t going to make it. He let out a quiet sob and looked away from Katsurou’s body, almost as if he hadn’t deserved to look at him. Unbeknownst to the medic, he didn’t hear the footsteps of two paramedics making their way up the stairs. He could feel them practically push him away from Katsurou, as a short, dark purple-skinned woman put two fingers against Katsurou’s neck, seeing if he had a pulse. When she didn’t, she picked up where the medic had left off, counting softly to herself.


“Hey, sir?” The other paramedic asked, who was a tall, lanky, soft-spoken gentleman. His short, almond brown hair seemed to match nicely with his bright, baby blue uniform. “Stay with us, what’s your name?”


“H-Hank.” The medic managed to get out. “I was doing C-CPR on him before you came in… I don’t know how long he was hanging, though…”


“Maiano!” She called out. “We gotta get him to the ambulance, now!”


“Right, right!” Maiano said, getting down to the soccer player’s legs. “On three, Asuka! One, two, three!” He shouted, lifting the frail teenager onto the stretcher. Hank could only watch as they dashed off with Katsurou in tow.


“FUCK!” He shouted in the air, kicking Katsurou’s bed. Why did Katsurou do it?


He let out a few quiet sobs, as he brought his knees to his chest. Why was he crying?! He had never cried whenever helping someone, regardless if they died or not! He sniffled as he tried desperately to wipe away the tears barreling down his cheeks. He stood up from his spot, his knees threatening to buckle as he looked around.


That’s when he spotted something, sitting neatly on Katsurou’s desk. He squinted, seeing that it was a packet of papers. He quickly grabbed one and noticed that it was directed to his parents. He could feel that the paper was slightly wet, noticing that it was stained with tears. The paper was directed to his parents.


He quickly grabbed the other papers, seeing if they were dedicated to anyone else. Not to his surprise, there were four more letters dedicated to other people, each one no longer than a page. He quickly grabbed the letter.


To my parents,


I am sorry that you are going to find me like this. I am sorry that you are going to lose your son. It is not your fault that I decided to do this, nor will it ever be your fault. I am sorry that I have lashed out at you two, and rarely spent time with you near the end. The reason why I am doing this… is that I’m gay. I discovered that I had feelings for boys this year, while at soccer camp. I know that I’m supposed to be a strong kid, one that’s supposed to be filled with bravery and will always prevail, with his team in tow…Yet I never dared to tell you both about how I truly felt. I hated myself for not being able to tell you guys. I hated that I never dared to tell either of you. I felt as if I did tell you… You’d be ashamed of me and I would be tarnishing our family name. I love you both so, so, so much. You both were the greatest parents I could ever ask for. So please do not blame yourselves for what I decided to do.


Love, your son, Katsurou.


Hank let out a tearful sigh, letting the paper fall from his trembling hand. The reason why he did it was that he was gay..? Hank didn’t know what to think, for his sadness blocked whatever thoughts came to mind. However, he continued to read the notes, this one is labeled to Misato.


To my joyful sister,


I know that we fought occasionally, but I don’t want you to remember me for being an angry teenager or what you will eventually see me as. Instead, please remember me as the happy, brave boy you used to know. Also, please take care of mom and dad, they’re going to need you. I am sorry for leaving you sis, but I am sure I will see you again. I love you so much.

Love, Katsurou.


Ps. Hank is a keeper. I hope you two marry soon.


Hank let the letter fall onto the ground, his sight blurred with tears. He didn’t want to continue reading the notes, but at the same time, he felt like he had to. The third note rested in the medic’s palm, the frantic scribbling indicating that the letter was meant for him.


To Hank,


I may have only known you for a few months, but I know that you will be perfect for my sister. From the moment we made eye contact, I knew that you were a strong individual and would be perfect to protect my sister from evil in this world. I’m sorry that I have to give you the position of giving my family comfort. Please… Protect my family.


From Katsurou.


He let the note fall once again, allowing the fourth one to reveal itself.


To my team,


Thank you all for the time we spent together, whether it was going out to eat after a long practice, or celebrating our wins at the arcade. It was an honor to lead you guys into games. I hope you will not wallow in the loss of your captain, instead, prevail in my memory. I know all of you will overcome all your insecurities and weaknesses to achieve greatness. I’ll be cheering from above!


Love, your captain.


He let the note fall to the ground, joining the other notes in their sad, little pile. He stared at the final paper in his hands. This one felt more…different. He quickly scanned the paper, feeling that it was certainly wetter than the others. Along with that, it was directed to someone he hadn’t known. Was this letter directed to a cousin? A friend of his?


To my beloved, Kiyoshi Takahashi.


The medic’s eyes went wide. Katsurou had a lover?!


I am so sorry that I am going to be leaving you, Kiyo… I still remember the first time we met face to face, at that training camp. For some reason, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you, whether it was during a practice match or just watching you practice. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. It made me feel nervous to play against you, not because you were on a rival team, but I was afraid of making you sad. I just wanted to be with you, on and off the field. It made me scared, but at the same time, I was excited! Little did I know, that was my gay awakening. I remember how nervous I was coming up to you after a long practice match and you were somehow energized, even though it was ten pm. We agreed that we would meet up the next day, just to hang. It was there when we learned a lot more about ourselves… and eventually kissed. You were the first person I ever kissed, but it felt amazing. I hope I can eventually feel that feeling with you again.


I love you…


From, Katsurou.


Hank let out a tearful sigh, before letting the final note fall to the ground, his knees buckling as well. He couldn’t help but let out some quiet sobs, covering his eyes with his hand. He hoped Katsurou would survive, but deep down, he knew he was too late. Maybe if he had gotten there quicker, he would have stopped Katsurou.


But for now, all the medic could do was pray that Katsurou wouldn’t die.

Chapter Text

“Right as I was about to leave the building, Hinata so happen to be there, and began pleading for me to stay an extra hour! And of course, I have to say yes, because he’ll cut my hours if I say no!” Misato groaned, leaning back into her chair. “I can’t wait to quit this stupid job and find someone who actually will use my talent! I’m sick of being there for ‘reviewing’ products, I want to actually make my own designs! Don’t you, Matawari?” She asked, looking towards her coworker.


“Tell me about it!” Matawari nodded, taking a sip from her coffee. “Hinata is such an asshole! He tells us that we’re doing stuff wrong and then begs us to stay late when we finish our stuff!” She huffed. “I know I like collecting the overtime, but I actually want to get home at a decent time! I can’t even tell you how many times I got under five hours of sleep! It feels like I close my eyes for a minute and then boom! It's six am and I have to go to work!”


Misato looked above Matawari towards the clock, before letting out a loud groan. It was half-past five, meaning that the game had already started. She promised her brother that she would try her best to come home early so that they wouldn't miss anything. But nooooo. Her boss had to be a dickhead and force her to stay late. To make matters even worse, Hank was leaving his job already! She felt bad for him, for he would have to go by himself to spend time with her family without her. It wasn’t that her family was bad, though! But she knew deep down that the medic enjoyed events more with the love of his life in his arms. She huffed.


“Goddammit! The World Cup has started! I promised my family and Hank that I'd be there!”


“REALLY?!” Matawari exclaimed, her eyes growing wide. “Of course the game started! No wonder why Hinata wants us to stay late! That asshole is like he’s on antifun patrol! I got invited to this big party for the World Cup, but now I can’t go because of Hinata!” She groaned. “I don’t understand why he even opened up today! All the other businesses are closed for the day because of the game!”


“I know, right!” Misato exclaimed, downing the rest of her coffee. “Well, I have to get back to work, my break is over.”


“Have fun! I still got ten minutes!” Matawari waved. “Tell Hank I say hello!”


Misato smirked to herself as she tossed her styrofoam into the small, blue waste bucket. She exited the tiny break room, making her way towards her desk. Right as she was about to sit down and continue her work, she saw her phone buzzing. She quickly picked it up, thinking it was another client, asking about how their product was. Yet, when she opened her phone up to view the notifications, she realized that they weren’t from any companies! They were from her mother.


“Why is mom calling me? And why are there over sixty calls?!” She asked herself, staring in awe at the number of missed calls. “Is she mad because I can’t make the game..?” She mumbled before the phone began to buzz in her hand again. This time, she answered the phone, putting it against her ear. “Hello, mom?! I can’t come home yet! Hinata won’t let me leave just yet, I’ll be home soon!”


“O-Oh..! Finally..! Baby… you have to come home now..!” Azami cried out, her voice already hoarse from how long she had been sobbing. Misato’s eyes widened at the sound of her mother’s sobbing. What is making her mom cry like that?! She never heard her mom cry, let alone openly sob!


“Mom?! What’s wrong?!”


“It’s Katsurou..!”


“Katsurou? What about him?”


“Oh, dear..! He hung himself!” She heard her mother cry out, before letting out more sobs.


Misato’s eyes widened as she tried processing what her mother had just told her. Her phone nearly fell out of her hand. Katsurou hung himself..? Why would he do that? He seemed so happy and lively. Had he been hurting all this time and they were too dense to realize it? She could feel hot tears well in her eyes, slowly falling down her cheeks.


“Misato..?” Her mother’s barely audible voice called out, derailing Misato’s train of thought.


“I-I’m sorry..!” Misato mumbled. “Is he ok..? Where is he..?”


“They took him to Labanala Hospital! Your father came with the paramedics, they won’t tell us if they resuscitated him or not! I’ll meet you at the hospital! Hank is still at our house, take him with you!” And Just like that, she quickly hung up the phone.


Misato grabbed her purse, stuffing her phone into it. She dashed towards the exit, nearly knocking Matawari over as she was done with her break.


“Hey, what gives?!” Matawari glared, her face turning from anger to confusion once she recognized that it was Misato. “Misato? What’s the matter? You’re crying!”


Misato shook her head, wiping the tears away from her eyes.


“I’m fine, I just need to get home..!” She tearfully mumbled. “I’ll explain later, ok..?”


Matawari nodded, before leaving for her cubicle. Misato, on the other hand, continued making her way towards the lobby, where the only thing separating herself from the outside world was a door. However, as if life despised her, she had come face to face with Hinata. The shorter male glared daggers towards the taller female, his coal-black eyes staring deep into Misato’s electric blue eyes. His usual wavy, almond brown hair was slicked back with an obscene amount of gel. He stood in front of the crying black-haired woman, being the only thing in the way of her and the door.


“Hey, Misa!” He barked, his nasal voice echoing in the lobby. Usually, whenever the shorter male spoke, Misato and Matawari would struggle to erupt into laughter. Whenever Hinata got angry, his voice got higher and higher, nearly rising to a pitch that only dogs would hear! However, she wasn’t in the mood to laugh or deal with his bullshit. “What do you think you’re doing?! It hasn’t even been an hour yet! Get back to work!”


“I’m sorry, Hinata, I really am, but I cannot stay tonight. There’s a family emergency going on at my home at the moment, and I have to be there.”


Hinata rolled his eyes.


“You expect me to buy that?” He asked, folding his arms. “I call bullshit. You just want to go home and watch the World Cup, don’t you?”


Misato shook her head.


“I swear, I’m not lying!” She exclaimed, growing more and more frustrated, something that was rare for Misato to do. “Let me through!”


“Absolutely not! You work for me, not the other way around! Now get back upstairs and finish your shift before I cut your hours by half again!”


“My brother is in the hospital right now because he tried to kill himself!” She said, her nostrils flaring slightly. However, she made sure to whisper it, because she did not want anyone else to hear her business.


To her surprise, Hinata didn’t step aside. Instead, he erupted into a fit of laughter, his shrill, high-pitched laughter echoing through the lobby.


“That’s a great lie, I’ll give it to you!” He exclaimed, gently slapping her shoulder. “But that falls under not my problem. You see, I don’t care whether your attention-seeking brother tried hanging himself, shooting himself, Hell, even electrocuting himself! If I tell you to work, you do as you're told!” He pointed towards the staircase leading to the office. “Now. Go. Back. To. Work.”


Her eyes widened towards her boss. How dare he talk that away about her brother?! Katsurou meant the world to her! She would die if it meant that Katsurou could live! She could feel her hands tremble as she clenched them into tight fists. Her face contorted into a face of anger, one that no one had ever seen before. Her heart began to race, the combination of adrenaline and anger overtaking her body. It felt like the room was closing in on the two, everything else seemingly fading to black, leaving only Hinata in her sights. She could see Hinata, (who had taken notice of how angry she was growing), was slowly backing away, only for his back to hit the doorframe. He opened his mouth to speak, probably to try and calm down Misato, but she couldn’t hear him.


“What did you say, Hinata?” She asked through clenched teeth, her quirk inadvertently taking over.


“Y-You know what? Why don’t we all just calm down? You can take another thirty-minute break, and then we can d-discuss it in my-“


The shorter male could not get another word out, Misato raised her hand up, almost as if she were possessed by a hellbent monster. She brought it down rather harshly on Hinata’s, the loud slap echoing throughout the lobby, causing the others around the area to gasp. Hinata gasped as well, the rising, stinging pain began to grow in his cheek. Did Misato just do that?! Did she just slap him?! How dare she! Doesn’t she know who she works for?!


“How dare you!” His shrill voice shrieked, growing louder than ever before. “Don’t you know who I am?! You just slapped your boss! I could have you fired! Better yet, I could have you arrested! You know what, consider your hours cut in half! You won’t get scheduled for months! Nobody will hire you once word gets out!”


She scoffed, before walking around him.


“Do what you want!” She shouted, the tears streaming endlessly down her cheeks as she took off her ID badge. “I QUIT!” She shouted, tossing the meaningless badge to her now former employer.


She had other things to do than listen to her stupid boss.


She had to make sure that she would see Katsurou one last time.


She just hoped that she wasn't too late.



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Chapter Text

"Hank?!" Misato cried out, her voice cracking slightly as she frantically looked around the house. "Where are you?!"


As she continued to look around the living room, she had the rising suspicion that her boyfriend was not in the house! Had she heard her mother wrong? Was Hank at the hospital with them already? Did Hank go back to his base?! Her eyes widened slightly as she heard a muffled sob come from upstairs. Those sobs specifically came from Katsurou's room. She dashed up the stairs, almost falling in her haste. She needed to make sure the medic was ok. Was it him who had found Katsurou?!


"Hank!" She shouted as she scrambled towards her younger brother's room. To her surprise, Hank was on his knees, pieces of paper scattered on the floor. Her eyes widened at the sight. Was... Was he crying?! Hank never cried! Even if he lost a person, he never shed a tear, let alone sob! The strong man she had grown to love was now on the floor, sobbing his eyes out! She dashed towards her lover, wrapping him in a hug. He buried his head into her shoulder, his muffled sobs going into her shirt. "Shhh..." She whispered into Hank's ear. "It's ok... I'm here..."


"I c-couldn't save him...!" He sobbed. "I couldn't save Katsurou... I'm so sorry, Misato..!"


She bit her quivering lip, fighting the urge to cry as well. She knew she had to be strong, like how Hank was whenever she was sad. Whether it was her ranting about how big of an asshole Hinata was or her having a bad day at work. Hank would always be there for her, often wrapping her up in a tight, warm hug. He would comfort her, almost as if he shooed away all bad things to ruin Misato's day and make it his goal to replace it with a good day! But...She never did it for Hank. Hank usually never cried in front of people, but he would be upset on some occasions. She remembered one day, where a bunch of villains attacked the city and a bunch of people died, he came to her the next day, his eyes filled with sorrow and worry. All she did for him was lay his head in her lap and pet his hair gently as they watched one of Hank's favorite movies, to comfort him.


But... This was different.


She had no idea what to do, what to say! What could she say?!


"No... It's not your fault, hon..." She tearfully whispered. "It's nobody's fault..."


"I'm supposed to be able to tell someone's mental health...!" His lip quivered. "I failed him... And now he's dead!"


"Hey, no..." She lifted her boyfriend's head off of her shoulder, making him look at her. "Katsurou made his own decision to do this... Knowing him, he wouldn't have changed his mind no matter what you did. But we can still see him." She tearfully laughed. "He's at the hospital now, my mom wanted me to pick you up..." She stood up, offering a hand to the American, to which he took. "Let's go, I'll drive..."


Hank sniffled, before following his lover.






As Misato and Hank ran into the hospital waiting room, the electric doors slowly slid open, they scanned the area, looking through the crowds of sick and injured people. The nurses ran back and forth, beckoning the people to enter their specific rooms, separating each one with a mere sheet of cloth. The antiseptic scent seemed to waft through the air, causing Hank to scrunch his nose as he scanned the crowd, his tears constantly blocking his vision.


"Oh..!" Azami cried out, standing up from her small section in the back, her usual neat, raven black hair was extremely disheveled, almost as if she had not slept at all for a week! Almost instantly, Misato ran up to her mother, wrapping the sobbing woman into a tight hug. "My baby..! Your father is with him now, but he isn't answering his phone..!"


"I know he'll be ok..." Misato smiled through her tears. "Katsurou is a strong fighter. He won't lose this battle."


Her mother nodded in agreement.


"I know my baby is strong..."


"MISATO! AZAMI!" A familiar voice called out from the hallway, before stumbling into the waiting room. It was none other than Kai. The older male (while trying not to knock over any nurses or patients) panted as he ran into the waiting room. Almost immediately, the three of them dashed towards Kai, looking at him for any answers about the soccer player.


"There you are!" Azami let out a small sigh of relief. "Why weren't you answering your phone?!"


"I didn't have it!" He said between breaths. "I left it at home!"


"How's Katsurou?!" Misato asked, fearing the worst for her younger brother.


"They...They got his pulse back!" He smiled, looking up to his wife and daughter.


Misato let out another sob, this time out of relief. As for Azami, she couldn't help but sob, the overwhelming sense of joy overtaking her body. Her baby was alive! Her baby was the strongest fighter she knew and he had beaten this!


Meanwhile, Hank let out a quiet sigh of relief, as he stared at the three celebrating the fact that their son/brother would not be dying today. He swiped at the tears, an overwhelming sense of relief and joy overtaking his body.


"Ah, you must be the Takedas." A short, stout man walked over to the four of them, his long, white coat barely touching the ground. He looked up to them, pushing his thick, dark blue glasses further up his nose.


"Yeah, that's us," Kai said, wiping away the stray tears from his cheek. "What's up?"


"I will be Katsurou's doctor. I have come to tell you that his pulse is very strong and I'm confident to say that he will eventually wake up. But," He sternly interrupted their cheers. "I must warn you, there may be some long-term damages to Katsurou's brain or body."


"W-What kind of damage..?"


"Well, due to trauma to his neck, he could have suffered ischemia of the brain, which is a lack of blood supply to his brain. This type of external injury to the carotid and vertebral arteries may lead to long-term damage." He rambled, looking down to his clipboard occasionally. "Types of external consequences would be weakness in his body, vision loss, difficulty speaking, coordination problems, memory impairment, behavioral changes, and the inability to walk. I can't tell you that he will have any of these issues, but I can't tell you he won't. I will take you, your wife, daughter, and son to see him."


"Oh!" Hank said. "I'm not his son, I'm her boyfriend." He points to the electric, blue-eyed girl.


"Oh, in this case, I cannot take you with me, only family is allowed. You are welcome to sit here and wait though."


"Oh..." Misato said, looking at her boyfriend. "Would that be all right, love?"


"I'll be fine here." The medic said, staring at the pile of clothes in the older male's hand. "Do you want me to hold on to those, sir?"


Kai smiled slightly, handing the taller male the pile of clothes. "Be careful, his phone is in the pocket. I'll get you as soon as Katsurou wakes up."


He nodded.


And with that, the three followed the shorter male, leaving Hank all alone in the waiting room. He quickly sat down, avoiding the gazes of all the people. The neon red t-shirt sat in his lap, along with a pair of khaki shorts, the small weight of the phone weighing the shorts down. He closed his eyes, trying to get at least some form of sleep. However, as his eyes remained shut, he couldn't help but see flashes of what happened on this hellish day. He couldn't shake the image of Katsurou's lifeless corpse hanging from the ceiling fan. His blue lips seemingly matched his royal blue eyes. Hank quickly opened his eyes, the sight of Katsurou fading from his memory. He let out a quiet sigh, leaning his head onto the wall. He guessed sleep wouldn't be an option.


He sat in the chair quietly, twiddling his thumbs, which were sitting on top of Katsurou's clothes, to keep himself distracted. It seemed to work for a bit, keeping his attention focused on his fingers, making sure to keep his quick pace up. However, his distraction was cut off by a loud buzzing coming from Katsurou's pocket. He quickly stuffed a hand into the soccer player's pants pocket, yanking out the younger male's cell phone. He quickly read the screen, making sure that it wasn't just some random notification. His eyes widened as he stared towards the screen.


Incoming call from Kiyoshi Takahashi


He stared in shock at the phone. That name... Wasn't it the same kid written in Katsurou's note? This was supposed to be his lover?! He debated whether he should answer it or not. He didn't know if it would be right to answer Katsrou's phone for him, but the overwhelming sense of guilt took his body over. Whoever Kiyoshi was, he deserved to know what happened. He pressed the tiny, green button, the word 'accept' hovering over it. He quickly put the phone up to his ear, plugging the other one to block out the noises of the waiting room. Almost immediately, he could hear a muffled whimper come from the other side of the phone, figuring that it was Kiyoshi.


"Oh, thank fucking god..!" The medic heard the younger male curse. "Katsurou, what the fuck..?! You gave me a concerning message about giving up on your battles and how sorry you were going to leave me! Then you wouldn't answer my phone calls!" He exclaimed slightly, causing Hank to flinch. "Talk to me, baby... You're really scaring me..!"


Hank opened his mouth to respond, but closed it, for he didn't know what to say. Should he be upfront about it? Or should he tell him to come so he could explain face to face?


"Katsurou..?" Kiyoshi asked. "Let me help you, love..."


"Uh..." Hank finally managed to get out. "I take it you're Kiyoshi..?"


"Yeah, this is him! Who the hell are you?! Why do you have my boyfriend's phone?! Put him on! I need to talk to him!"


"I'm sorry... But I cannot do that."


"What do you mean you can't?!" He shouted into the phone. "Where do you live then?! I'll go see him in person!"


"I don't know how to tell you this, kiddo..." Hank whispered, feeling the tears reemerge in his eyes. "But Katsurou tried hanging himself today. He's ok now from what I hear, though."


Kiyoshi went silent, seemingly trying to take in what Hank had just told him, yet he didn't want to believe him. Did Katsurou really hang himself...? Or was this just a really sick joke? No... Katsurou would never do that! He had no reason to! ...Right? Oh god, what if it was his fault? Had he been overbearing? Was Katsurou letting on that he may do something like that, and he was too dense to get the hint?


"N-No..!" Kiyoshi said, letting out a quiet sob. "You're lying..! This is just some sick joke...!"


"I would never joke about something like that, if you want to come, come to Labanala hospital."


He heard the younger male sniffle before the phone hung up. Hank let out a quiet sigh, dropping the phone back into his lap. He felt so bad for Kiyoshi, having to hear over the phone that his lover had attempted suicide, without as much as to tell him why. However, he was grateful that it wasn't Kiyoshi that had found his lover. He shook his head at the thought. No child deserved to go through the trauma of finding someone they love like that. As he continued to think about Kiyoshi, a thought hit him full force, almost as if he was hit by a train.


Katsurou's parents didn't know he was gay.


His eyes widened slightly, as he rested his face into his hands. What if they weren't ok with him being gay, let alone have a boyfriend? He hadn't thought about this, and now Kiyoshi was going to be coming to the hospital. What would Katsurou's parents do to him when they found out he had a boyfriend?! Would they disown him? Then whatever self-confidence Katsurou had would be thrown away! He picked the phone back up, the urge of temptation overtaking him to tell Kiyoshi not to come, to protect whatever confidence Katsurou had left. However, he put the phone back on his lap. This was Katsurou's boyfriend, it would be wrong on so many levels to push him away, after telling him his lover tried committing suicide. He let out a quiet sigh, leaning his head against the wall once more as he waited for Kiyoshi.





Shit! Shit! Shit! Kiyoshi thought to himself as he finally ran up to the front entrance of the hospital. As he got closer to the door, he stopped himself, panting heavily. He knew he shouldn't have run to the hospital, as his house was nearly an hour away! But he had no other choice! His mom was working all day and his dad was in Korea for a month on business! He gasped for air as sweat fell from his forehead and onto the pavement. His medium-length, almond brown hair dangled lifelessly, before he pushed it back. If it were during the off-season, he probably would have died if he had to run that hard and long, due to him not working out as often. Thankfully, he was still in shape. His calves burned as he bent over, struggling to catch his breath. He could feel his chest tighten as he wheezed. Shit, he knew that this wasn't a good idea! Ever since he was a little kid, he had been battling asthma. His mother never wanted him to do sports, in fear that Kiyoshi would be held back by his asthma. Yet, If his mother knew that he had run such a distance for that long, she'd murder him. He quickly stuffed a hand into his maroon shorts, pulling out a small, dark blue inhaler, with a green tip. He shook it vigorously, before wrapping his lips around the hard plastic, and pushing the button. He held his breath as the medicine came into his lungs. After a few seconds, he exhaled, his breathing seemingly getting easier. Now that he could breathe properly, he walked into the clinic, tears welling in his eyes, the combination of fear and exhaustion overwhelming his body. He quickly scanned the area, even though he had no idea who to look for.


"Sir?" Kiyoshi heard a nurse call out to him. "Are you needing assistance? Or are you here to visit someone?"


"Y-Yeah..." Kiyoshi mumbled, putting a hand up to the back of his head. "My boyfriend is supposed to be here... His name is Katsurou Takeda..! What room is he in?!"


"Sir, I can't let you go back there, Mr. Takeda is currently in the Intensive Care Unit, and only family members are allowed. If you want, you can wait out here until he wakes up." The nurse stated.


"What?!" Kiyoshi shouted, his voice unintentionally growing louder. "He's my boyfriend! You have to let me see him!"


"I'm sorry, sir," She said. "I would if I could."


"You..." Kiyoshi glared daggers at the poor nurse, tears streaming down his cheeks. All he wanted was to see his boyfriend, to make sure that his boyfriend would truly be ok. But noooooo. It seemed like he wasn't allowed to see who he loved. However, he managed to bite his tongue and turned on his heels, walking in the opposite direction. "Fucking bitch..."


He quietly sat down on a chair, unknowingly sitting next to Hank. He bent over in the chair, his chest parallel with the chair. He buried his face into his hands, letting out loud, muffled sobs. All he wanted was to see Katsurou, to shower him in kisses, to let him know that everything will be ok, that they would fight this battle together. As he continued to sob, (earning him a few stares from the other people waiting in the waiting room), he felt an arm wrap around his back. He jolted upwards, looking for the person who touched him.


"Why the fuck are you-"


"Oh, you're Kiyoshi, right?" Hank asked, looking towards the crying male. "I'm the guy that answered your call."


"...Oh, right." He grumbled, looking down at the ground. "Shouldn't you be in there too? You're his family, right?"


"No, I can't be," Hank said, shaking his head. "Not related yet."


"Oh, sorry..." He stared towards the small pile of clothes, sitting in the medic's lap. "Are those... Are those his clothes..?


He nodded.


"Do you want to hold onto them?" He asked, to which Kiyoshi nodded. He quickly handed him the shirt and pants, making sure to hold onto his cell phone. He watched as Kiyoshi held the shirt in his hands, almost as if he didn't believe he was holding it. He quickly pulled the shirt towards his chest, hugging it tightly. He let out some quiet sobs as he hugged it tightly, for it was the best thing he had at the moment. He wished he could just hug Katsurou in person, just to feel the taller male's heartbeat. He wanted so badly to be able to hold his lover, protecting him from whatever evil lurked around his boyfriend. He couldn't help but hug the t-shirt even tighter, Katsurou's scent getting on his shirt. He sniffled softly, he could still remember how much Katsurou smiled whenever the two hung out, or whenever they FaceTime each other, rambling about how their day at school went and how practice went, along with helping each other understand their homework. Oftentimes, their FaceTime sessions often ended late in the evening, usually with either one falling asleep. The sight of Katsurou sleeping was rather adorable for Kiyoshi, his quiet snores echoing on his speakers. He always looked so relaxed, Kiyoshi couldn't help but squeal in his mind. He was so adorable, and it would always be painful to hang up on Katsurou, after giving him a virtual kiss and a wish that he slept well. But now he couldn't. What was Katsurou going to do if his parents find out he had a boyfriend? He and Katsurou had been hiding their relationship from his parents for months, and it had been working! Had the guilt of having to hide his sexuality been too much for Katsurou to handle? Could he not trust Kiyoshi enough to talk about his problems and decide that this was the only way to solve it? Was he... Was he not enough for Katsurou..? These thoughts made their way into Kiyoshi's brain, his sobbing seemingly getting more and more intense. Hank, on the other hand, couldn't help but feel sorry for the kid, the urge to give him a hug overpowering his body. He pulled him into a tight hug, resting his head on top of Kiyoshi's. Kiyoshi's muffled sobs seemed to get louder, his tears staining Hank's jacket, but Hank didn't care. All he was worried about was calming down this poor kid.


"Hey... There, there, let it all out, kiddo..." He said, rubbing Kiyoshi's back gently. "I'm here for you..."


"I'm s-sorry for c-crying..!" Kiyoshi muttered through sobs. "I just... I want to see him so badly... I want to tell him how much I love him...! But now I can't even do that..!"


"Don't worry, he'll wake up soon... Then we both can see him..."


Kiyoshi nodded slightly, trying (and failing) to keep his composure. He looked up towards the medic, his chestnut brown eyes staring up into Hank's sapphire eyes. The tears endlessly streamed down Kiyoshi's face, with no sign of it stopping anytime soon. He quickly looked away, nodding in agreement.


"Say, it might take a while for Katsurou to wake up, why don't we try to find the cafeteria and get something to drink? My treat!" Hank offered as he stood up, smiling slightly.


"Sure..." Kiyoshi mumbled, standing up from his seat. "I could kill for a hot chocolate."


Hank smiled, before making his way towards the cafeteria, Kiyoshi following close behind, the shirt still clutched to his chest.



(I am once again splitting this chapter up lol, the flashback will probably end in chapter Twenty-five.)

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Chapter Text

"Mmmm..." Kiyoshi moaned slightly as he took a small sip from the styrofoam cup. "Thank you, sir..."


"No problem, kiddo," Hank smiled, taking a sip from his water. "My name's Hank, by the way."


"Nice to meet you, Hank... I take it you're Misato's boyfriend?"




"Heh," He let out a tiny chuckle. "Katsurou mentioned you a couple of times while we were on FaceTime. He likes you a lot and thinks you're right for his sister."


"Heh, well, I'm glad he approves." Hank laughed. "How did you meet Katsurou?"


"Oh, well, we knew each other due to matches, and people liked to call me Katsurou's only weakness because I never lost to him." He snickered slightly. "Although we actually never talked to each other. Eventually, our coaches decided to sign our teams up for this soccer camp during our spring vacation in Tokyo and we finally got to talk to each other! He was so nice, unlike what the media portrayed him. They portrayed him like he was this cold, emotionless soccer player that was a good leader, but he's so much more than that!"


"Mhm, he was nice to me when we first met as well, he was talking about his first year and how his team won a match after their captain got demoted."


"Oh, yeah!" Kiyoshi exclaimed, his eyes sparkling slightly. "He told me about that, he and that team are something else! I'm glad his coach made him the captain!"


Kiyoshi smiled warmly as he reminisced about him and Katsurou talking, all while he took another sip of his hot cocoa. He could remember meeting Katsurou for the first time, how they seemingly noticed each other in the locker room, changing after a long day of practice. Amidst the number of their teammates changing in the locker room, throwing off the muddy clothes, and replacing them with new, fresh clothes, they still managed to see each other. Yet, it wasn't a cold glare, like the two would have on the field, this look was one full of curiosity and interest. It was like Katsurou wanted to go up to the slender male and talk to him, but he didn't have the courage to do it. Hell, it was Kiyoshi who had to make that first move, when Katsurou was alone in the locker room.






(March 3rd, 3296)



"Man!" Minato groaned as he slammed the door open. "That practice was so tough! Coach made us run so many laps! I think my legs are going to fall off!"


"Oh, you'll be fine, Minato," Kiyoshi grinned, putting his inhaler back into his pocket. "Coach made us run because we weren't in sync. You know that."


"Still! We won though!" Minato said, looking down to his captain.


"And? Just because we win doesn't mean there aren't any kinks to fix in our system! That's how we get better and keep our undefeated streak against Habia Josana High! I'll admit it, I need to work on my footwork a bit more, and hopefully, I will at this camp!"


"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Minato rolled his eyes as his teammates and Habia Josana's team came in.


Katsurou grinned, taking off his grass-stained, maroon red jersey. Today was a decent day at practice, as they had a practice match against one of their biggest rivals. However, as their captain, they still had some issues with communication, causing them to not play up to their full potential. Even though it sucked to have to run all those laps, at least they weren’t the only ones who had to run. Almost half of the players from Habia Josana were on their knees, completely out of breath. Kiyoshi couldn’t help but snicker at the state of his rivals. This was supposed to be one of the best teams in the country? He had to give it to them, they could walk into anyone’s field and shut their rival team out with their potent offense and their smothering defense. Yet, they could never beat Misbiya Haina Academy! It was almost like the energy that they brought to every game seemed to just dissipate. Was it because they were scared of Kiyoshi’s team? Or were they too confident and didn’t realize they were going to be playing a superstar team? Kiyoshi smirked at the thought, he figured after the first ass-kicking he gave to Habia Josana, they would have learned to take Kiyoshi’s team seriously.


As he continued to think about what caused their rival team to do so bad, he winced slightly as he stretched his arms. He looked down to his stomach, his eyes slightly widening. He had a large scratch going halfway across his stomach, yet it wasn’t bleeding. It stung like crazy, almost as if he had gotten stabbed! He poked it slightly, wincing once more. He must’ve slid across a rock when he dove for a ball!


Damn… He winced once more. He would tend to it later.


“Ugh, I’m sooooo tired!” Kiyoshi heard one of Katsurou’s teammates exclaim. “I swear I rolled my ankle while we were running!”


“Go get it looked at, Daisuke,” Katsurou responded as he untied his cleats.


Kiyoshi let out a quiet sigh, turning back to his locker, untying his cleats. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do for the rest of the evening. He knew that most of his team would be going out into the city, as most of them had never been to Tokyo before! However, he didn’t feel like going out with his team, for his entire body was feeling sore from the amount of work he was putting in. However, as the almond brown-haired male continued to change out of his mud-stained clothes and put on fresh clothes, he could feel a pair of eyes watching him. It wasn’t like the casual glance from one of his teammates, no, he felt as if someone was full-on staring, keeping their attention fully on him. He quickly looked to his right, his eyes making contact with Katsurou. The black-haired male’s eyes widened, before looking away, for he had known he had been caught. Kiyoshi’s eyes widened as well, his cheeks turning a dark shade of red. The person who was staring at him was Katsurou?! Why would he be looking at him?! They were supposed to be enemies! Was he just worried about his injury? Was…Was he crushing on him?! The blush on his cheeks only seemed to get darker, the thought of Katsurou Takeda, one of the most feared soccer players in Japan, having a crush on him! He had no idea why on earth Katsurou had a crush on him, didn’t he hate Kiyoshi? After all, he could get any girl or guy he wanted! Why would he pick his biggest rival? Yet, he could feel the butterflies rising in his stomach, the feeling of giddiness overtaking his senses. Was he falling in love? He continued to think about whether he had feelings for the popular soccer player or just Katsurou showing concern and nothing more. However, as he looked around for his teammates, they were nowhere to be seen! His eyes grew wide as he looked around for somebody, anyone to be there! Had he been so distracted to the point where he couldn’t tell his surroundings?! As he continued to scan the locker room for any people from his team (or the rival team), he noticed that one person was in the locker room with him.


It was none other than Katsurou Takeda.


The black-haired boy was struggling to take his other cleat off while keeping his balance, a crimson red blush plastered all over his face. Kiyoshi let out a quiet sigh. They were alone after all. Nobody would know if the two decided to talk, breaking whatever rivalry there was between the two. He quickly put on a pair of shorts and a clean, dark green t-shirt, before making his way towards Katsurou.


“Hello there.”


“Ah!” Katsurou flinched, for he had not seen his rival coming. “Oh! Sorry about that! What’s up?”


“Why were you staring at me?” Kiyoshi asked, looking at Katsurou with a stern look. “Don’t even try and tell me you weren’t, I know I made eye contact with you.”


“U-Uh...” Katsurou mumbled, his cheeks once more turning a dark red as he tried to put together an answer. “I don’t have an answer, to be honest.” He laughed nervously. “I was just thinking.”


Kiyoshi raised an eyebrow.


“What about?” The shorter male asked, leaning against the lockers.


“Our supposed rivalry,” Katsurou started, looking into his eyes. “You know, we never really make it look like a rivalry, you know? Usually, when I see rival teams playing each other, they get into these huge arguments with each other, even going as far as to fight their rivals! But whenever we’re playing each other, we don’t even trade a nasty glare! It just doesn’t feel like a true rivalry!”


“What? Do you want to fight right here to make it a rivalry?”


“No! Not at all!” Katsurou exclaimed, letting out a small laugh. “I didn’t mean it like that! I meant like, the media portrays us to be this big rivalry, like we want to kill each other! But… I don’t even know a thing about you, only your name!”


Kiyoshi frowned. That wasn’t true, right? Surely he had to know something about Katsurou, other than statistics in soccer! Yet, when he raked his mind, searching for any memory of Katsurou that didn’t relate to soccer, he could find nothing.


“Huh... I guess you’re right.”


“And I was thinking, since you weren’t going to go with your teammates, and I wasn’t either… Do you want to get to know each other? It can’t hurt to get to know your rival, right?”


“Sure!” Kiyoshi smiled unintentionally. “I’ve been to Tokyo before, for other soccer camps, so I know a few places. There’s a ramen place not too far from here, it’s a five-minute walk.”


“Ooh!” Katsurou smiled. “Well, it’s going to be night by the time we’re done, maybe if the sky is clear, we can lay on the field and stargaze!”


“I’d love that.”


“We can go as soon as I get changed!” The taller male smiled, finally managing to get his cleat off.


“Fine by me,” Kiyoshi smirked, before walking out the door. “Don’t keep me waiting!”






“Sorry, sorry!” Katsurou exclaimed, running out of the locker room. He had on a pair of khaki shorts, ones that barely reached his knees. With that, he wore a bright, baby blue t-shirt, the words Habia Josana stitched into the fabric. The dark blue words have since faded, only having a slight amount of color. “It took me forever to find a clean shirt!”


“It’s fine.” Kiyoshi grinned, looking Katsurou up and down. “Interesting outfit!”


“What? Do you not like it?” Katsurou asked, putting a hand up to his chest, pretending to be offended.


“Oh, I’m only kidding!” Kiyoshi laughed, walking off. “Come on, we better hurry!”

“Right, right!” Katsurou laughed, jogging to catch up with his rival. “So, I never got to learn your full name! The damn media never even referred to your full name! Usually, they just ask me if I’m ready to take you on or label you as the screamer!”


“God, I fucking hate that nickname! I don’t like nicknames if I’m being honest. Nicknames are just some bullshit excuse to be lazy, you know? I think if someone will be talking to me, I want them to refer to me by my name, not some nickname where the names are chopped off and shortened to the point the full name is hardly used anymore. I mean, people can give each other nicknames, but like, my name is Kiyoshi Takahashi. It’s not the ‘screamer’ or the ‘shrieker’ or whatever bullshit you hear from the press. The only nickname I would accept is Kiyo. But that’s only if it’s someone close to me, like my parents or very close friends. The only time my parents don’t call me Kiyo is when I’m in trouble, you know?” He added a small chuckle to that last bit.


“Yeah, I got you, it can be annoying,” Katsurou nodded in agreement, rubbing the back of his neck. “I don’t let them bother me.”


“Anyways, I think we’ll be reaching the restaurant soon. It shouldn’t be that busy, I’ll treat?” He asked, pulling his black, leather wallet.


“No need, I can pay! I mean, it was my idea to get to know you!”


“Heh, you sure?”


“No ifs, and, or buts! I am paying!”


“Man,” Kiyoshi snickered, putting a hand up to his mouth to stifle his laughter. “You really are stubborn!”


“Ah, I get that from my mother! My dad always tells me that I’m like a replica of her!”


“Damn, my mom tells me that I’m like the polar opposite of my father. Whenever I see him, he’s always so uptight, constantly paying attention to his work. I, on the other hand, am the opposite! He doesn’t like the fact that I wait until the last minute to do my schoolwork and believes that I should put my school work as my first priority! But like, I still finish the homework and pass with flying colors! He doesn’t even bother coming to my games! My mom makes sure she’s there at every game I have, regardless of whether we win or lose! But with my dad, he always travels a lot. Yet, even if he is home from his business trips, he doesn’t even make the effort to come to my games! It… It kind of hurts you know? He doesn’t believe that I should be playing soccer and that I should quit soccer to focus on my studies to have the same life he is living. But I don’t want to do what he does! I just want him to be proud and support my dreams of being a professional soccer player!” He huffed. “God, am I rambling? I’m sorry about that!”


“No need to apologize,” Katsurou reassured, giving Kiyoshi a warm smile. “Have you told your dad this?” He asked, to which Kiyoshi shook his head. “Well, I think you should sit your dad down and tell him what you told me. If he knows how you feel, he might understand and be less harsh with you, and help you not feel that way!”


“T-Thank you for the advice!” Kiyoshi exclaimed, smiling unconsciously. “God, you are so much nicer than what the media portrays you to be.”



Katsurou shrugged.


“My mom tells me to be kind whenever it’s possible. Whether it’s just listening to someone ranting or helping someone learn new strategies at practice, so it’s always possible to be kind! I’m only serious for when the reporters are interviewing me.” He looked up, seeing a small, neon green sign of a bowl of ramen, the words 'Bowl Bar' glowing brightly into the air as the sun slowly set. “Say, is this the place you were talking about?”


Kiyoshi tilted his head upwards, the lights shining off his face.


“Oh, yeah! We’re here!” He smiled. “You’re going to love this place!”


And with that, the supposed rivals walked into the building, their brand new friendship unknowingly developing into something more.


And the two couldn't wait for it to happen.


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"So," Katsurou asked, leaning his head against his palms as he stared towards Kiyoshi. "How long have you played soccer?"


"Pretty much all my life!" Kiyoshi triumphantly said, leaning back into the wooden chair, the wood creaking slightly. "Ever since when I was a little kid, my mom saw that I had potential in soccer! She was the one who signed me up for all these camps! That's actually how I know my way around Tokyo!" He chuckled.


Katsurou smiled as well, staring into Kiyoshi's chestnut brown eyes as he continued to ramble about his love for soccer. He hadn't even truly known Kiyoshi for a day, yet he couldn't help but be drawn into his story! He couldn't stop staring towards him, the butterflies in his stomach growing larger and larger. It seemed that no matter what the chestnut-haired male was talking about, it was like he was hypnotizing the black-haired male. It was like he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Kiyoshi and protect him from any harm that came his way. Whether it be against Kiyoshi's father or the rude press. He smiled unconsciously at the thought. To be together with Kiyoshi and his upbeat personality sounded like the perfect life. Wait, how would that be possible? He had no idea if Kiyoshi was attracted to him, let alone guys!


"Hellooooooo," Kiyoshi asked, waving a hand in front of Katsurou's face, snapping him out of his train of thought."Earth to Katsurou! Am I boring you?"


"Ah!" Katsurou exclaimed unintentionally, jolting backward into his chair. "Sorry, sorry!"


"Oh, what has gotten the great Katsurou Takeda so distracted?" Kiyoshi teased as he leaned forward, a smirk drawn on his lips. "Are you thinking about me?"



"H-Hehe!" He nervously chuckled, a faint blush forming on his cheeks. "Let's talk about something else!"


Kiyoshi let out a small laugh, before leaning back once more.


"Fine, fine. Let's talk about you. When did you start soccer?"


"I wasn't really into sports when I was little, I only got into it my second year of middle school!"


Kiyoshi's eyes widened in awe. Katsurou has only been playing soccer for three years?! But the way he managed to lead a team, to strike fear into his opponent's hearts with his majestic playing, it seemed like he was playing soccer forever! He couldn't lie, whenever he watched Katsurou play, he always gave him a large amount of respect.


"Wow, based on how you play, I would've thought you started when you were little!"


"Thank you!" Katsurou smiled, before seeing that their food was arriving.


The waitress came and sat the two bowls in front of them. Katsurou stared toward his bowl in awe, a large smile on his face. Kiyoshi, on the other hand, snickered at Katsurou's behavior.


"It looks good, right?" Kiyoshi asked, to which Katsurou nodded. "My mom took me here when I was a kid, their spicy ramen is to die for! You sure you don't want some?"


Katsurou shook his head.


"Yeah, I'm good, my quirk would kill me if I did!"


"Oh? What is your quirk, if I may ask?" He asked, tilting his head in confusion as he slurped the noodles up, their fiery taste going to every crevice of his mouth.


"My quirk amplifies my sense of taste," Katsurou said, slurping his plain ramen noodles. "For example, if I ingest something bitter, it's amplified to the point where I feel sick! The same goes for spice, sweetness, saltiness, and so on."


"Oh! That's neat, it must suck to only eat bland food."


Katsurou nodded.


"What's your quirk?" Katsurou asked.


"Ah, that's a secret!" Kiyoshi teased. "If we have a good time, I'll let you know!"


"Fine, fine." Katsurou smiled, slurping more of his noodles.


After what seemed like hours of them eating, talking, and laughing, their bowls were empty. Kiyoshi let out a satisfied groan as he leaned back into his chair, patting his full stomach.


"Man, that was amazing!" Katsurou grinned. "This is by far the best ramen joint I've ever been to!"


"Tell me about it! Nobody wants to believe that this place has the greatest ramen in Tokyo! It's cheap, delicious, and is the perfect place for a filling meal! Thank god you agree with me!"


Kiyoshi laughed, before standing up from his seat. Katsurou did the same, taking out his wallet, setting a small wad of cash onto the table. He began to walk out of the restaurant, signaling for the chestnut-haired male to follow him. Kiyoshi smirked, before jogging over to the black-haired boy. So far, this day was going way better than he had ever thought it would! Who knew Katsurou would have been so kind? However, as he thought about how kind the famous soccer player was, he hadn't been paying attention to his surroundings. Needless to say, he was surprised by a sudden warmth in his hand. He glanced down, noticing that Katsurou was holding his hand. He blushed heavily, instinctively pulling his hand away from the taller males.



"Oh, sorry!" Katsurou sheepishly chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. "If that made you uncomfortable, then-"


"No, no!" Kiyoshi exclaimed, earning the couple a few odd looks. "It's fine, I just... didn't expect it!"


He lied. He expected Katsurou to try and hold his hand. After all, Kiyoshi's quirk was practically screaming that he was the one. You see, Kiyoshi's quirk could tell anyone's soulmate, right above their heads, almost as if they were being labeled. He let out an internal laugh as he reminisced on how he discovered his quirk. He had woken up one fateful day and stared into the mirror, and saw bright, neon blue letters hovering over his head. The words 'Katsurou Takeda' was what he saw, shining like they were stars in the sky! He remembered dashing to his mother, pointing upwards to see if she could see what he was seeing, but was immensely disappointed when he found out she couldn't. However, she explained to his younger self that he finally had a quirk and that was all it took for the chestnut-haired boy's disappointment to disappear.


He was almost one hundred percent sure that Katsurou Takeda, once his rival, was now his soulmate!


However, there was just one issue!


If he were to tell Katsurou that he was his soulmate, he was sure that their status as soulmates would disappear, almost like the love keeping together would just fade to dust. What if he didn't say anything and his soulmate found another lover?!


"Oh, that's fine!" Katsurou said, looking forward. Kiyoshi raised an eyebrow. It seemed like Katsurou was hiding something from the shorter male, but he wasn't sure on what.


"You ok?"


To his surprise, the usually confident Katsurou didn't respond, instead just looking down the road.


"I... I don't know."


"Do you want to talk about it?"


The taller male nodded.


"Go ahead, I won't judge!"


"Ok, here goes..." He said to himself, before stepping in front of the chestnut-haired boy. "I love you, Kiyoshi Takahashi."


Kiyoshi's eyes widened, his cheeks turning red once again. That's what Katsurou was hiding from him?! He was shocked, yet on the inside, he was overjoyed!


"You...You do?"


He nodded, a faint blush appearing on his cheeks.


"Uh-huh. But you're not attracted to boys, are you?"


"Yeah, I am!" Kiyoshi triumphantly said, looking up to Katsurou. His bright smile lit up the dullness around the world, in which Katsurou smiled as well. "Are you?"


"I...I think so."


Kiyoshi's smile seemed to grow wider as he reached out for Katsurou's hand. Katsurou smiled as well, taking Kiyoshi's hand as well.


"So..." Katsurou started, his face turning a dark shade of red. "What are we..?"


"Would you like to be my boyfriend?"


"I'd love that."


Katsurou smiled, before planting a kiss on top of Kiyoshi's head. Kiyoshi smiled as well, standing on his tiptoes and kissing him on the cheek. Both of them had large smiles on their faces, as Katsurou rested his head onto Kiyoshi's.


The former rivals were now officially lovers.


And they couldn't be happier.



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(And now, back to the present!)

Chapter Text

"Wait, that fucking fairy boy survived?!" Hajime huffed, letting out an angry sigh. "I thought he was going to die! That queer can't even do that properly!"


"Hajime!" Uma exclaimed, gently slapping her husband's shoulder.


"Ow! What was that for?!"


"Let Hank finish his story!" She growled slightly, before turning back to Hank, a small smile on her face. "Go on."


"As I was saying," Hank said, clearing his throat. "Kiyoshi and I continued to talk about their special day together. Along with that, he shared some memories from their soccer games. Katsurou woke up a couple of hours later and they finally allowed the two of us to see Katsurou." He laughed slightly, wiping his eyes. "I never saw Kiyoshi smile that bright before. To hear that his lover was now conscious and able to talk too. It just seemed to brighten his world. Of course, we gave Katsurou some time to talk to his parents and Misato about it, I remember hearing them all crying, as Katsurou apologized profusely for what he did and the secret he desperately tried to keep. Thankfully, unlike yourselves, Katsurou's parents were accepting of their son being gay, may their souls rest easy." He glared towards Hajime, in which the older male glared back. "When Kiyoshi and I finally got access to see Katsurou, Kiyoshi practically pounced on Katsurou, showering him in kisses."


Hajime groaned.


"I'm just surprised that the doctors allowed that queer to enter the hospital! Don't they know that they could carry whatever illness that makes people gay and infect their kids?! Do I have to beat that in your head?!"


"Oh, shut up about that," Hank growled. "You're won't do a thing to me because Mitsuki isn't here, if she was, you'll still do nothing because you'll just hide behind her."


Hajime snarled, opening his mouth to retaliate against Hank, only to have Uma put a hand on his shoulder.


"That's enough, dear." She whispered. "He's not worth it. I apologize to you, Hank," She said, turning her head towards the former medic. "He tends to get a little riled up on this topic. Unfortunately, you are so uneducated on this subject. I hope you can learn one day. Though I do feel bad for Katsurou," She huffs slightly. "I may think he's disgusting for what he does, but I don't think he should die."


Hank let out a quiet sigh, disappointed that he wasn't able to show Hajime and Uma why they were wrong and help them correct their wrongs. But yet, they were so blinded by their hatred! Why couldn't they just listen?!


"Say, speaking about Mitsuki," Hank asked, looking towards Uma. "Where is she?"


"Oh, she's getting pictures of Masaru so we can burn them!" Uma grinned.


Hank raised an eyebrow. He hadn't heard that name in years! He could remember how Masaru, Jason, and Mitsuki all used to hang out when they were in high school! The three of them would hang out at Masaru's house after school, mainly because Masaru's parents were never home. If he was being honest, he wasn't surprised that Masaru and Mitsuki married once Jason left back to the States.


"Oh. But why burn them? I mean, he is Katsuki's biological father! Does he still visit? I'd love to say hello to him!"


"Thankfully, you can't!" Hajime laughed. "He's dead!"


"....Oh," Hank mumbled, his eyes widening. "Damn...It's hard to lose a parent."


"No, he deserved it! He was an asshole and a pushover! He's the reason why Katsuki is such an egotistical maniac!"


"Well, I've never seen him act like that."


"Trust me, you will."


The two continued to bicker back and forth over whether Katsuki was in fact what Hajime described him to be, all while waiting for Mitsuki, Jason, and Katsuki.








Katsuki quietly cracked the bathroom door open, the hinges squeaking slightly as his ruby orbs stared out into the dark hallway. He didn't want to see Jason standing in the hallway, waiting to discipline him more for what he did at dinner. Katsuki could feel himself tremble at the thought. He wouldn't have Hank to protect him anymore. He couldn't even defend himself against Jason! Sure, he still had his strength, which not many people could amount to. But Jason was twice his size and he had Katsuki's quirk taken from him. Hell, Katsuki couldn't even get Jason to be afraid, no matter how much he shouted, yet when Jason slightly raised his voice, he couldn't help but flinch.


Was he that weak..?


He looked to his right, seeing his bedroom door cracked ajar. The temptation to run from the bathroom and hide in his room for the rest of the night slowly grew in his body. Although Katsuki would be safe in there, where Jason would not be able to harass him, he couldn't bring himself to move. He would have to go into the room where it all happened. Where everything that he caused to happen. His legs trembled as the memories came rushing back to him from that dreaded day. The white-hot, burning sensation traveling down his lower half, his sobs and pleas muffled by Jason's large, overpowering hand. He felt the tears well in his eyes, before falling down the ash blonde's cheeks. He didn't want to relive this again, the constant scrubbing and scalding hot water covering his entire body. He didn't want to be taken advantage of again for something he caused.


He didn't want to feel worthless again.


"Oh, there you are!" Katsuki's train of thought was derailed by his mother's shrill voice, a large, cardboard box held tightly to her chest. "You finally decided to come out of the bathroom!"


"Yes, ma'am..." Katsuki muttered, his eyes drawn to the box. "What are you doing, ma'am..?"


"Oh, this?" She looked down towards the box. "I'm gathering pictures of Masaru so we could burn them!"


Katsuki's eyes widened. His mom was going to burn the pictures of his father?! How could she do that?! Those pictures were the only things he had left of him, and she was going to get rid of them?! A shaky breath escaped his lips, as he fought back tears. He couldn't let her do this! How was he supposed to remember his father without them?! He clenched his hands, the usual small pops that would emerge from his hands refused to come. Mitsuki, on the other hand, glared towards her son, the fact that he was crying was beginning to ruin her mood.


"Hey, what did Jason tell you?!" She dropped the box, landing with a loud thud, and made her way over to the ash blonde. She raised her hand and brought it across Katsuki's cheek. Katsuki let out a quiet whimper, his usually pale skin already turning a bright red. He clutched his cheek, the tears endlessly streaming down his face, whether he wanted it or not. "No. Crying! Do I have to go get Jason to teach you a lesson?!"


He quickly shook his head.


"Please don't, ma'am..!"


She grinned, before grabbing her son's ear, her nails digging into Katsuki's skin. The ash-blonde mewled as she yanked him to the side.


"Listen, Katsuki," She smirked as she watched her son squirm in her grip. "Unless you want me to go get Jason to discipline your sorry ass, you're going to help me collect all the photos of that worthless piece of trash you call your father, got it?"


"B-But ma'am-"


"Aht aht aht!" She barked, her grip growing tighter. "What could you possibly say that would be note-worthy?!"


"He's my dad, ma'am..." The ash-blonde mumbled, his teary, ruby eyes looking up to his mother's. "At least let me keep one, ma'am..."


"Not anymore, he's not! That piece of shit will never be your father again! Your new father will be so much better! He has the balls to keep you in line! And no, you can't keep one! I'm getting rid of his filth once and for all!" She smiled, releasing Katsuki from her vice grip.


"I..." The ash-blonde mumbled as he rubbed his ear, awe taking his body over as he tried to articulate a response while taking in his mother's lack of care. "I miss him, ma'am...!" He said. He had to have something. Otherwise, the only face he would be able to see was Masaru's dead-eyed, bloated face from his corpse. He shuddered at the thought.


She growled, her anger quickly taking over. "Seriously Katsuki?! Why do you even like that coward! He never loved you, he just lied to you! Nobody would ever love that!" She made a circle around Katsuki. "Who would love an egotistical asshole like you?! Honestly, if you hadn't come out of the closet, to admit that you're just a disgusting, dick-sucking queer, maybe then you wouldn't have caused Masaru to commit suicide! Gosh, why do you have to take the fun out of everything?! Life was so much better before I gave birth to you! You know, if you miss him so much, why don't you join him?! At least then you won't be a bother to me and Jason! But you probably wouldn't even be able to do that right, can't you?!"


"Maybe... MAYBE I WILL!" The ash-blonde unintentionally shouted as he was pushed over the edge, his anger getting the better of him. "Don't talk about my father like that! He loved me more than he loved you! He actually cared about me! It was your toxicity that drove him away from you! If you didn't care about me, why did you even fight for me?!" His eyes widened as he realized what he was doing. He was breaking the rules! That means... That meant he was going to get disciplined! No, no no...! What had he done?! He looked up slightly to Mitsuki (whose eyes were filled with rage), his eyes filled with fear and regret, hoping that he could somehow find a way to convince her to not tell Jason! "W-W-Wait, m-ma'am..! I'm so sorry, ma'am..! I didn't mean to snap at you, p-p-p-please forgive me, m-ma'am..! I'll h-help you b-burn the pictures, I s-s-swear, ma'am..!"


She raised her hand to slap the ash-blonde once again for breaking the rules, which caused him to flinch. However, as he raised his arms up to cover his face, he hadn't calculated how far away he was from Mitsuki and hit her square in the nose. She let out a loud gasp, her back colliding with the wall. Almost immediately, she could feel a warm substance run down her nose, dripping onto her lip. She quickly put a hand up to her nose and looked down at it, her eyes only growing wider as she saw her palm was covered with blood. She couldn't believe it, Katsuki hit her! He was her son!


"JASON!" She shrieked, causing Katsuki's eyes to widen as well. "GET UP HERE!"


"Mitsuki?!" Jason called from the bottom of the stairs. "What's wrong?!"


"Just come here..!"


Jason nodded to himself, dashing up the stairs to save the love of his life from any trouble. His eyes grew wide as he saw his fiance, who had blood trickling from her nose. His eyes turned from Mitsuki towards Katsuki, who had begun to tremble at the mere sight of Jason. Katsuki's hoodie sleeve covered the lower half of his face as he stared at Mitsuki. He quickly turned back to Mitsuki and walked up to her.


"Hey, love, what happened?!" He frantically asked, taking out a small pack of tissues from his pocket. He gently tilted her chin upwards, before putting pressure onto her nose to stop the bleeding. "Keep pressure on that, the bleeding will stop soon!"


"MY DAMN SON IS WHAT HAPPENED!" She screamed, her voice turning nasally due to her nose being pressed. "All I did was ask him to help collect photos for the bonfire, and he threw a hissy fit! I threatened to slap him and he sucker-punched me in the face!" Tears welled in her eyes, as she looked up to her fiance. "Oh, Jason... What if he broke my nose..?! God, then we'll have to postpone the wedding, and it will all be ruined!"


"Katsuki did what." He asked, a small hint of fury taking over his voice as he glanced behind him. The ash blonde's trembling only seemed to get worse, as he knew that no matter what he did, Jason wouldn't believe him.


She nodded.


"He sucker-punched me! Please handle him!" She whimpered, cowering behind her fiance.


"Just keep pressure on your nose, it doesn't look broken. The bleeding will stop soon, once it does, just clean up and head outside, I'll make sure Katsuki will apologize by then."


She smiled, pecking Jason's cheek.


"Thank you, love!" She said as she walked into the bathroom.


As soon as the door shut, Jason quickly turned around, facing the trembling ash blonde. He grabbed Katsuki by his hoodie, yanking Katsuki towards him. Katsuki let out a rather loud whimper, Jason's furious, ocean blue eyes seemingly burning holes through Katsuki.


He was going to teach Katsuki a lesson he'd never forget.


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Chapter Text

(Warning: Some violent shit is going to go down. Read at your own risk, hope you enjoy it!)









"You stupid little shit!" He growled through clenched teeth. "How fucking dare you hurt your mother like that!"


"I-I d-d-d-d-didn't mean too, s-sir...!" Katsuki whimpered. "I w-w-was just c-c-covering my face...!"


"YOU'RE A LIAR!" Jason shouted, causing Katsuki to shrink back. "I GAVE YOU ONE RULE AND YOU COULDN'T EVEN FOLLOW THAT! Well, now you're gonna get punished."


"W-W-W-W-W-WAIT, P-P-P-PLEASE, SIR....!" Katsuki desperately pleaded with Jason, the thought of being punished shook the ash blonde to his core. "I-I-I'll be good, I swear..!"


"It's too late for apologies!" He released Katsuki from his grip and grabbed Katsuki's burnt hand. Katsuki let out a pained cry as he felt Jason yank him forward. Jason shoved the ash-blonde into his room, he stumbled slightly, landing on his rear. Jason walked up to the ash blonde, his presence towering over Katsuki. He swiftly closed the door behind him, locking it to ensure that no unwelcome visitors came while he disciplined his stepson. On the other hand, Katsuki could feel himself begin to tremble, harder than before, putting a hand up to his face as if it was a way for him to protect himself from what was to come. Jason laughed at how scared Katsuki was as he unbuckled his belt. "You're a fucking pussy, you know that? Going around throwing your hissy fits, then getting scared when you have to get punished!" He let his pants fall to his ankles. Katsuki's eyes widened in horror as he saw Jason's erection, throbbing slightly in his underwear, the thin fabric was the only thing that was holding his erection from being free. "Take off your shirt."


"P-P-P-P-P-Please s-s-s-sir..." Katsuki stammered, forcing out every word from his throat. "I-I-I-I'm begging y-y-you... I'll h-help out...! I'll even b-b-b-burn the photos myself..!"


"DID I ASK FOR YOUR EXCUSES?!" He bellowed, causing Katsuki to shrink farther back. "TAKE YOUR FUCKING SHIRT OFF!"


He flinched, before doing so, shivering slightly as the cold air hit his toned chest. He didn't want to do this, but he was petrified of what Jason would do to him if he rebelled. He had already made the older male angry, he didn't want to make him any angrier. Maybe if he obeyed now, Jason wouldn't hurt him as much! However, the ash-blonde only grimaced as Jason crouched to Katsuki's level. He gave Katsuki a confident grin, staring towards his chest.


"Damn, you have a good pair of tits." Jason teased, licking his lips. He reached out and squeezed one of Katsuki's pecs. The vibrant red-eyed boy blushed, as he didn't expect Jason to do that. He winced as Jason's grip seemed to tighten around his chest. God, he had worked hard to have a good upper body for hero training! Although having a great upper body was great for being a hero, it did earn him a couple of kids, who teased the ash blonde for having the tits of a girl. Katsuki would usually put an end to the bullies by exploding their faces. All though he wouldn't dare try and explode Jason's face, whether he had a choice or not. "Must run in the family! I know your mother has an amazing pair of tits! What do we say, Katsuki?"


"T-Thank you, sir..." Katsuki mumbled, feeling disgusted with himself for having to thank Jason.


"Lay down," He pushed the ash blonde's chest, causing Katsuki to fall back. He slowly wrapped his fingers on the edge of Katsuki's sweats. Suddenly, he yanked them down, practically ripping them off of his legs, leaving only his pair of All Might underwear, barely covering his nether regions. He shivered once again, instinctively closing his legs, which was only a weak attempt to rebel against Jason. Jason growled as he grabbed Katsuki's knees and forced them open. Jason smirked, almost as if he had found a long-lost treasure chest, gently licking his lips as he stared at the near-nude ash blonde. Katsuki felt a wave of disgust rush through his body as Jason continued to gawk at his body.


"Man, that underwear makes you look good.~" He grinned. "You have your mother's body, which I guess makes you look fuckable."


He grabbed the underwear, much to the ash blonde's silent pleas, and ripped it off of his body, thus leaving Katsuki nude. Katsuki whined slightly, the urge to close his legs rose high in his body. He didn't want to be stared at and idolized as if he was some painting at an art museum. But he knew it was useless to fight back. After all, Jason had his quirk and beat him in strength. How could he stop him?


"God, you whine like a slut, it turns me on.~" He laughed, pulling down his underwear, his erect cock finally free from its cloth prison. "Heh, now for the fun!~"


Katsuki let out a nervous sigh, knowing well that Jason would be the only one having fun disciplining him. He could feel his legs being hoisted onto Jason's shoulders, the tip of Jason's cock angled perfectly against Katsuki's entrance.


"I wonder if you'll still be as tight as before!~" Jason stated, prodding Katsuki's hole. "And don't even think about screaming like last time.~ Your mother is still in the bathroom, I don't need her hearing you."


The ash-blonde bit his lip, preparing himself for the white-hot fire he had felt before. He couldn't, no, wouldn't give Jason the satisfaction of crying out in pain like before. As he continued to think about not breaking in front of his stepfather once again, he felt Jason thrust deep into the Katsuki, deeper than last time with no warning or lubrication. All of that prepping for the immense pain that was to come was thrown out the window. The ash-blonde forced out a rather harsh cry, putting his good hand over his mouth and bit down on it, his teeth sinking deep in his hand in order for him not to let out any loud cries. Tears instantly welled in his eyes, which caused Jason to cackle at the sight. The mere sight of his stepson, who was constantly throwing hissy fits over that bastard he used to call his friend, was now laying on the ground, taking his cock once again. All while his mouth latched onto his hand to keep himself from whimpering and had tears endlessly streaming down his face. He watched as Katsuki slowly removed his hand from his mouth, a small trail of saliva connecting them. The imprints of where his teeth were quickly faded away. Jason cocked an eyebrow as Katsuki tried to form a sentence, all while he tried processing the burning pain in his ass.


"What the fuck are you staring at me like that?!" Jason said, a look of disgust on his face.


"J-J-Jason... I MEAN, SIR...!" Katsuki flinched as Jason raised a hand to slap him for once again breaking another rule. "P-P-P-P-P-Please take i-i-it out...! It h-h-hurts so much..!" The ash-blonde could feel himself begin to sob, the overwhelming urge to do so finally pouring over. His soft sobs escaped his mouth, the combination of the pain in his rear and the overwhelming sensation of shame overtaking his emotions. To his dismay, Jason just snickered.


"You think this hurts? Imagine how your mother and I feel all the time, having to be embarrassed by your stupid ass because you don't want to act like a good child! I mean, I gave you one job today! Be fucking good while our parents are here! AND YOU CAN'T EVEN DO THAT!" He shouted that last part, causing Katsuki to flinch. "So, to answer your fucking question, I will not be pulling out, you need to be taught a lesson for acting like a bad child!"


Katsuki closed his eyes as Jason began his rapid pace. His sweaty, older body collided with Katsuki's, the burning sensation increasing. He had to distract himself from the situation at hand, to take himself away from this wretched place mentally.


C'mon, Katsuki...! Think of your happy place... The ash-blonde thought as Jason continued to thrust. The all too familiar slapping reminded Katsuki of constantly throwing a wet towel on a hardwood floor. Yet, as much as he tried to think of that happy place, a place that would sweep him away from the evil that was currently inside of him. He began to sob quietly once again, the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness slowly set in. He felt worthless. But Jason made sure he knew it. He desperately wanted Masaru, to hold onto him and like he used to as a kid. But he couldn't have that, and it was his fault that he didn't have his father. Hell, it was his fault that he was in this situation to start with! If he hadn't talked back to his mother, Jason wouldn't have to punish him for being bad!


"Fuck, you must be enjoying this!~ You're as hard as a rock!~" Jason panted, pointing to Katsuki's erection. "Heh, regardless of whether you like getting punished or not, you still have to learn a lesson!"


"Y-Yes, sir..." Katsuki whimpered slightly, closing his eyes as he waited for all of this to be over. Eventually, he got his wish, hearing Jason moan slightly, his cock throbbing inside of the ash-blonde. Katsuki let out a quiet groan, his cock throbbing before the familiar, warm, sticky fluid shot from his cock, landing on his chest. On the other hand, Jason let out a rather loud moan, thrusting one last time into Katsuki. Katsuki winced as he felt Jason's warm cum fill him up once again. Jason let out a shaky sigh, wiping the sweat from his brow.


"There. Now you've been disciplined." Jason said, pulling out of Katsuki, his cum slowly oozing out his entrance. He quickly pulled up his pants, looking down at the trembling ash blonde. "Don't you even think about just laying there for the rest of the night, I expect you to come outside and apologize to your mother for hitting her in the face. Am I understood?"


"Y-Yes, sir..." He mumbled, wincing slightly as he sat up. "I'm sorry for being disrespectful..."


"That's good, you learned a lesson," Jason smirked, looking back at Katsuki. "Maybe if you act like a good child and learn to keep your mouth shut, you'll be good in our eyes. Oh, and I have a new rule for you. You don't deserve such an amazing quirk, so, I won't be giving you your quirk back until you start at U.A. But as of now, consider yourself quirkless. You'll be nothing but a useless, quirkless, queer. Am I understood?"


Katsuki's eyes widened. He was taking away his quirk?! How could he do that?! What if a villain attacked the ash-blonde while he was home alone?! No, no, no... What if the villain would take advantage of him, just like Jason did? He could feel his legs curl to his chest, to which he tightly pulled them closer. He felt like the walls were slowly closing in on him as he trembled horribly. His chest ached, almost as if someone was wringing his heart out over and over again. He choked out silent, yet painful sobs but at the same time, he couldn't breathe. His eyes darted around the room but never landed on anything. As the room continued to close on him, he could feel the room begin to spin. He quickly grabbed his hair and tugged at it violently. He hated this feeling so much. It felt as if he was going to die, but that sweet relief of death never came. To sweep him away from any more torture from Jason and his mother. But he wasn't worth death's time. He deserved all the pain that he was getting. He was nothing more than a worthless-


"HEY!" Jason's sudden, booming voice echoed in the ash blonde's room, causing Katsuki to shrink further into a ball. "AM I FUCKING UNDERSTOOD?!"


"C-Crystal, s-sir..!" He whimpered. "C-Can I please c-clean up first, sir...?"


"No, get fucking dressed, now," Jason growled. "That is unless you want to get disciplined again.~" He teased, making a motion to take his pants off. Katsuki's eyes widened as he darted up from his spot on the ground and scrambled to throw on his clothes, the fresh thought of another round of discipline was burned into his head. He quickly stood up, his legs trembled as he tried to keep his form. He looked towards Jason, his eyes filled with tears and desperation. "WHAT?!"


"S-Sir... I can't walk properly..." He winced slightly as he took a step forward. "C-Could you help me please, s-sir..?"


Jason shook his head.


"No!" He shouted, glaring towards the ash blonde, seemingly disgusted with Katsuki's proposal. "You're a man! Act like it! Walk down to the backyard now, or else I will punish you."


Katsuki grimaced.


"Yes, sir..."


"Good, at least you can fucking listen, see you at the backyard," Jason grumbled, opening the door and quickly slamming it behind him, the loud noise causing the ash blonde to flinch. Then, the horrifying realization hit him like a freight train.


He had allowed it to happen again.


Tears instantly began to roll down his cheeks, the overwhelming sense of shame wafting through his body. He had sworn to himself that he would never allow his stepfather to take advantage of him again. Yet, here he was, his clothes were disheveled on him. His black shirt was inside out, while his dark, navy blue sweatpants were barely pulled up past his waist. His desperation to get dressed outweighed his urge to stay tidy. He looked down at the ground, his tears dripping down his face, and onto the carpet. He felt so...dirty, so disgusting that he caused this to happen again. He provoked Jason into disciplining him. If he hadn't protested to his mother collecting the photographs, none of this would have happened. Hell, if he had just manned up, like how Jason tells him to, his mom wouldn't have been injured. Yet, for some reason, he felt awful for her. He hadn't meant to hurt her, but there she was, blood pouring down her face as she cowered behind her fiance.


He...He was a monster... Wasn't he?


The villain he so desperately tried not to become was all for naught.


He choked back a quiet sob, putting a trembling hand up to his face as he roughly wiped the tears away. He couldn't cry. Good children don't cry, only bad children cry. He didn't want to be a bad child in front of Jason. Better yet, he didn't want to get punished.


"God... I'm just a monster...!" He cried out, knowing that nobody was inside. "Why can't I just be good...?!" He felt his knees buckle as he collapsed to the floor, his quiet sobs filling the room. Thankfully, Mitsuki wasn't able to go into his room, so the photo that Katsuki had left under his bed, the one where Masaru and the ash-blonde were hugging each other tightly. He quickly grabbed it, hugging it to his chest. He missed Masaru so much, the familiar warmth that his father would bring to anyone's life. No matter how bad of a mood Katsuki would be in, regardless if it was because of school or if Mitsuki was on his case about his grades, he would always be there for the ash blonde and give him a warm, tight hug. A hug like that would always cause him to melt in his father’s arms. But... Now he couldn't have that. The hugs he once loved from his father he could never have again. He wouldn't be able to see his father's warm smile when he got home from school, always asking how his day went. His quiet sobs soon became loud wails, as he curled into a tight ball. "D-Daddy...." He whimpered as he asked aloud, his lip quivering. "I don't know what to do... I don't want to be bad... I want to leave so badly...! But I have nowhere to go... I can't go with Deku, I bullied him for so long..! He'd probably laugh at me anyways... I mean... Who wouldn't laugh at me..." He choked back a sob. "I don't want to live like this...! I...I'm sorry for disappointing you, sir..."


After what seemed like hours of him sobbing loudly while hugging the photograph, he stood up from the ground, his legs feeling like jello with every step he took. He stepped out into the hallway, noticing that the cardboard box Mitsuki had dropped earlier was no longer sitting on the floor.


He let out a quiet sigh before he slowly went down the stairs.


He had an apology to give.







“THAT LITTLE SHIT DID WHAT TO YOU?!” Hajime’s loud, booming voice echoed into the night sky as he stared towards his daughter, rage and shock plastered all over his face. “HOW DARE HE?!”


“Hajime!” Uma said as she set her arm on Hajime’s back. “Please, calm down! People will think the wrong idea if you keep shouting like that!”




“I already took care of it, Mister. Kinishinai!” Jason smiled, leaning forward, getting closer to the fire. “The second I heard about what Katsuki did to Mitsuki, I made him regret being born! In fact, he should be coming out any second to apologize!”


“You see, that’s why I think he’s perfect for you! He can keep your devil son in line!” Hajime smiled.


As Hajime continued to praise Jason for standing up to Katsuki, the sliding door slowly slid open. All of their eyes turned to Katsuki, who was waddling slowly to exit the house. Hajime was the first to meet his eyes, his fury caused the ash blonde to shrink back.


“YOU,” Hajime growled. “WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?!”


“Hey, come on!” Hank exclaimed, finally done with Hajime’s shouting. “Let the kid talk, for God’s sake!”


Hajime frowned, glaring towards the former medic. Yet, he obeyed his command.


“Go ahead, son,” Hank said, glancing towards Katsuki.


“T-Thank you, s-sir...” Katsuki started, biting his quivering lip as he turned towards Mitsuki. “M-Ma’am… I am so sorry for hitting you...I r-realize my mistake was extremely w-wrong...” Tears began to well in his eyes as he struggled to force each word out. It took everything in his body not to gag, as he could feel Jason’s cum slowly slithering down his leg like it was a snake. He just wanted this to be over, so he could go back inside and clean up, then go to bed to forget this day ever happened. Thankfully, Mitsuki smiled brightly, seemingly accepting the ash blonde’s apology.


“Thank you, Katsuki!” She looked down at her watch. “Oh! It’s quarter to eight! Time for you getting ready for bed!”


“Yes, ma’am...” Katsuki mumbled, before slowly stepping inside.


Hajime yawned.


“Say, it’s getting late, I think Uma and I are going to go to sleep now! Being old makes me so exhausted! I’ll see you guys in the morning!” Hajime smiled, slowly rising from his chair. “I am impressed that got him to obey you like that! I can’t wait till he becomes obedient! ”


“Yes, Hajime and I will see you in the morning,” Uma said, before walking into the house.


Mitsuki grinned, leaning onto her fiance’s shoulder as she picked up a few photos from the box. She quickly tossed them in, the embers consuming the pictures, thus erasing every she had of Masaru, each one of them fading away in smoke. Jason smiled as well, resting his head on his lover’s. On the other side of the fire, Hank couldn’t help but stare towards the fire, watching as the smiling Masaru was slowly consumed by flames. This...wasn’t right. This was Katsuki’s father after all! Just because Masaru had divorced Mitsuki and shortly died, it just wasn’t fair to Katsuki!


“Hey, uh…Mitsuki?” Hank asked, causing Mitsuki to glance at him. “May I ask you a question?”


“Go ahead!”


“When did Masaru pass..?”


“Oh! He passed away a little over a month ago!” She smiled.


Hank’s eyes widened in shock, almost as if she had just told him she murdered someone in cold blood! No wonder why Katsuki was acting all sad and angry! He was still grieving and judging by how his family acted, it was likely that Katsuki didn’t have anyone to talk to!


“I… Holy shit…” Hank mumbled, resting his face in his hands. “Mitsuki… I think I know why Katsuki is angry.”


“He was angry even before we divorced! Besides, he’s got a new father who is better than he is!”


“That doesn’t mean he can still miss him! He probably blames himself for what happened and is taking that aggression and self-hatred he has for himself out on you guys!” Hank explained. “Look… There’s this therapist I know, back in Wyoming. He’s an excellent grief counselor, I used to go to him all the time to help cope with Misato’s death. The army gave me a year off to cope with the loss of my wife, he practically saved my life! I could take Katsuki to Wyoming with me when I go back, and you two can pick him up at the end of your honeymoon! I assume you’re going to America to celebrate?”


“Yeah, we are!” Mitsuki grinned. “But I will never let Katsuki go to something as stupid as grief counseling. He just needs to cheer up! God, I can’t even tell you how many times I caught him crying in his room! He’s just being overdramatic! I’m sure when school starts, he will be the angry, selfish little shit he is! Except now he’s just in his attention-seeking mode, which will hopefully pass soon before he starts U.A!”


“At least give it a shot, please?” Hank pled. “I am terrified that he may try and end it to end the pain permanently.” He looked towards his son and future daughter-in-law. “It will only be a week, I promise.”


Mitsuki opened her mouth as if she was going to reject his idea immediately. However, Jason rested a hand on her thigh, which made her glance over towards her fiance, confusion painted all over her face.


“Think about it,” Jason said, grinning at the thought. “Katsuki will be able to finally be the good child you always wanted! Then he can make us money when he becomes a pro as repayment! Plus, think about it, we could have a good time with the peace and quiet!”


“Hmph… Fine. If Katsuki is ok with it, then I guess I’ll be fine with it.” Mitsuki huffed.


“Thank you,” Hank said, giving the couple a warm smile. “If it’s all right with you, I’d like to take him shopping for a tuxedo, my treat. I just need to know what color you want me to look for.”


“Midnight blue!” Jason and Mitsuki exclaimed at the same time, letting out a chuckle.


“All right!”


“When do you plan to take him?”


“After your wedding! Hopefully, that’s an ok time!”


“Well, I’m going to start getting ready for bed,” Jason said, standing up from his chair.


“I’ll be up in a bit!” Mitsuki smiled, looking up to her fiance, pecking him on the lips. “Don’t wait up!”


Jason smirked, before re-entering the house, leaving his father and fiance in the backyard. The embers slowly floated up into the air, the crackling of the glass and wood echoing softly in the air as the flames consumed it. It brought a sick sense of joy to the black-haired male, and he absolutely loved it. Gone was that pathetic excuse of a man who he had once considered his friend. Masaru was nothing but a coward compared to Jason. Jason would never allow Katsuki to do all of the stuff Masaru let happen.


He was going to be a better father than Masaru ever would be.




“Ow...” Katsuki winced as he gently rubbed the burn cream onto his hand, just like Hank instructed him to. The stinging feeling that traveled up his arm had since faded away, but the fire seemed to reignite whenever he touched it. The fiery tendrils of pain would shoot up his arm, triggering a wince or a whimper. He couldn’t complain about it though, after all, he did force Jason to discipline him. If he hadn’t opened his big mouth again, Jason wouldn’t have had to burn him! It wasn’t Jason’s fault that he couldn’t be good!


“Hey,” Katsuki tensed up as he heard a familiar voice come from behind him. He quickly turned around, noticing that it was none other than Jason. “What the fuck are you doing?”


“U-Um… I’m a-a-applying bu-burn ointment to my h-hand, sir...” The ash-blonde murmured, his gaze falling to the ground. “Your dad t-told me to apply it before I go to bed...”


“Oh, well, you can continue.” He grinned, leaning against the door frame. Katsuki turned back around, continuing to dab the cream on his hand. He could feel Jason’s eyes staring towards him, not even wanting to turn around to see where he was staring. To his shock, he felt a strong hand grab his ass, tightly squeezing it. The ash-blonde let out a silent gasp, grimacing at the feeling. “You know, you should be more grateful, Katsuki.” He whispered, his chin buried in the crook of Katsuki's neck as his grip only getting tighter, in which Katsuki began to quietly while.


“P-Please, sir...”


“Aht, aht, aht,” Jason smirked. “Don’t beg. I could do so much to you, you don’t even know. After the shit you pulled today, your mother would be so proud of me for disciplining you.”


Katsuki remained silent.


“Well, you know the rules. I’ll see you in the morning.” Jason smirked, releasing his hold on Katsuki’s ass.


Katsuki sighed, before finishing up his work, and went back to his room, switching off the light. He closed the bedroom door behind him, letting out a shaky sigh. He opened up his underwear drawer, the several pairs of All Might underwear standing out. He looked at them, a look of disgust growing on his face. He quickly grabbed the pairs of underwear and threw them into the small, black, wire trashcan. He remembered how Masaru had bought those pairs for his birthday and how much he had grown to love them! But… He had to get rid of them.


Jason loved it when Katsuki wore All Might underwear.



And Katsuki felt disgusted wearing them.



(4,413 words!)

Chapter Text

Katsuki’s eyes shot open, the faint buzzing from the fluorescent light woke him up from his trance. He quickly glanced around, taking in all of his surroundings. This area seemed so familiar to him, yet he couldn’t remember where. He looked in front of him, noticing a large, wooden door. He looked down, realizing that he was still wearing his black skull t-shirt and his tight, midnight blue sweats which hung at his waist.


The numbers four, six, nine, and three were carved into the wood and had been plated with rusted gold.


“What the…?” Katsuki mumbled, raising a hand to the numbers, his fingertips brushing against them. “These numbers...”


He reached out for the thick, bright yellow, brass door handle. However, as soon as he wrapped his hand around the handle, he stopped himself. What was he doing? He had no idea where the door would lead him! What would be waiting behind the door? Could this be some villain hideout? If it was, he had to be careful! He didn’t have his quirk after all. He slowly turned the knob before violently yanking the door open, ready for whatever villain or monster that was lurking behind the door, ready to attack him. To his surprise, there was nobody there! As his ruby eyes scanned the area, all he saw was a few boxes scattered around the room, stacked against the wall.


“H-Hello?” The ash-blonde called out in confusion, wondering if anyone was even home. This wasn’t Jason’s apartment, right? He let out a shaky sigh. It had to have been before he had moved in, hell, he might have not even reunited with his mother yet! Maybe… Maybe he wouldn’t get hurt! “S-Sir..? I don’t mean to intrude… Your door was unlocked..!”


As he stepped inside the apartment, making sure to take his shoes off, he heard a faint noise come from down the hall. It was extremely muffled, throwing the ash-blonde off on what it was. He walked cautiously down towards the kitchen and peered into it. It hadn’t even looked like it was used yet! The multicolored tile floor seemed to be spotless, whereas the stovetop and the counter had begun to collect dust. He quickly swiped his hand over one of the burners, cringing at the amount of dust that resided on his hand. It was almost like Jason hadn’t even used this kitchen! Had he been just spending money at restaurants? He glanced over to the trash can, seeing that it was overflowing with empty cans and bottles of beer! Katsuki gawked at this, nearly picking one of the bottles up in case he wasn’t hallucinating. How much was Jason drinking a day?!


“Sir..?” Katsuki asked the air, the muffled sound getting even louder. It sounded like…Crying? The ash-blonde raised an eyebrow. He had never heard Jason cry before! He never had a reason to cry! Jason was tough, what caused him to cry like this?


As he continued to make his way down the hallway, he could feel an urging sense of dread running deep through his body. This felt wrong. Yet, he couldn’t stop himself from gripping the door handle, like his body was compelled to do it! He fumbled the doorknob, before cracking it ajar. He dared not to peek in, in case he was going to see something that might scar him.


“Sir..? I'm going to enter the room, pardon me for my intrusion..!” He quickly pushed the frail door, expecting to see Jason sitting on the floor, crying his eyes out.


To his shock, Jason was nowhere to be found! As he peered into the room, he was surprised to see an older man hunched over the toilet, sobbing quietly to himself. Meanwhile, the bathtub was running, nearly filling to the brim. Katsuki quickly recognized the man to be none other than his father!


“Oh, Katsuki…!” Masaru’s slurred sobs echoed inside the tiny bathroom. “I’m so sorry you have to stay with that bitch…!” He quickly plunged his head back into the toilet, letting out a loud gag, before the beer erupted from his mouth. The combination of bile, alcohol and Masaru’s spit splashed into the toilet, causing Katsuki to look away. He was never good with that kind of stuff, even listening to someone gag would send him into a whirlwind of nausea. On the other hand, Masaru let out a loud groan, wiping away the vomit from his mouth with his hand. He reached up to the top of the toilet, quickly flushing away the nasty fluid residing in the toilet.


He stood up from his spot on the ground, nearly toppling over in the process. He walked over to the sink, seemingly ignoring Katsuki’s presence, and quietly took off his black, thick glasses. He, with a somewhat shaky hand, set them onto the countertop of the sink. In return, he quickly grabbed a razor blade, popping it out of its protective case. He turned back around and walked to the bathtub.


It was now that Katsuki realized what he was about to watch.


“D-Dad!” Katsuki cried out, trying desperately to get his father’s attention. Maybe if his father could recognize his son’s voice, he’d stop! “No, wait, give me that!” He reached out to grab the razor blade, not caring whether he cut himself in the process or not.


To his horror, his hand faded through Masaru’s. Katsuki’s eyes widened, seemingly frozen in place. No, this couldn’t be real, right? This all had to be one big, awful dream, right?!


“D-Dad..! Please stop..!” He pleaded desperately, his pleas only falling on deaf ears.


Masaru let out a quiet sigh, his tears dripping off of his face. He looked nervous, but the alcohol seemingly took that effect away from him. He carefully stepped into the already filled tub, the water overflowing and spilling onto the tile. Masaru let out another quiet sob, slowly twirling the razor between his fingers.


“I’m so sorry, Katsuki…” He mumbled, gently pressing the razor against his forearm. “I hope you have an excellent life, but I would rather be dead than live in a life without you.”


And with that, he began to slash, the water turning a dark, crimson red almost immediately. The ash-blonde tried his hardest to look away, yet, he couldn’t pull his widened, horrified eyes away from his father. Slash after slash, Masaru let out quiet whimpers, the booze seemingly helping him not feel most of it. Once he had made eight slashes in each arm, he dropped the razor blaze into the red, murky water. Katsuki gagged, the overwhelming metallic scent caked the room, he could practically taste it! He, while trying to avoid touching the bloody water, ran to the toilet, gagging louder than his father, and began to vomit. The bile splashed into the water as his father continued to bleed out. Katsuki felt tears well in his eyes, the thought of his father dying right in front of him and that he couldn’t do a single thing to save him overwhelmed the ash blonde.


“No…No..!” Katsuki murmured to himself as he paced around the tiny room as he continued to avoid the bloody puddles. He looked down, not wanting to meet Masaru’s fading gaze.“This isn’t real, Katsuki! This has to be all one bad dream! I have to wake up..!”


He looked up.


“MOM, JASON, ANYONE! PLEASE WAKE ME UP!” He shouted into the air, letting out a quiet whimper. “PLEASE!”


Katsuki let out a shaky sigh as his pleas fell onto deaf ears, before hesitantly looking back at the bathtub. It was like his morbid curiosity took over, and he had to look. The light flickered slightly, as he prepared himself to look. However, when he finally managed to look, Masaru’s body wasn’t there! He blinked as staring towards the tub. Maybe he had just blocked it from his vision? It was evident that Masaru had been in the tub, the crimson water still overflowing.


So where the hell was his body?


The lights flickered again, before turning off, enshrouding the ash-blonde in darkness. His breathing hitched, his eyes darting around for a way out. He felt his heart race, so hard that he thought it would explode. To his horror, he could hear something in the darkness, like a raspy breath.


“Katsuki...” His eyes widened as he heard his father’s soft, raspy voice call out to him, mere inches away from Katsuki’s face. Everything in Katsuki’s frail body was telling him to run, to escape the monster coming for him. “My son...”


“This isn’t real, Katsuki…!” The vibrant, ruby-eyed male plead with himself, almost as if he was trying to convince himself that this was nothing but a dream. He could feel himself tremble as he covered his ears, blocking out his father’s voice. Tears began to well in his eyes, before spilling down his cheeks. He was so scared, scared of what his father was going to do to him, to say to him.“Wake up, wake up, wake up!”


The lights flickered back on, the bright, fluorescent light illuminating the room. Katsuki quickly looked down, for he dared not to look up. He felt a hand wrap around his jaw, forcing him to look up. He closed his eyes, his breathing getting more and more frantic. However, The scent of rotting meat radiated from his father’s corpse, making the urge to vomit once more rose in Katsuki’s stomach. He kept his eyes tightly clenched, as he refused to see the horror standing in front of him.


“Look at me, son...” He felt Masaru’s hands rise to his eyes, instinctively wrapping his arms around his father’s bloated wrists. However, his struggles were useless, as Masaru’s grip got tighter. His thumbs pried Katsuki’s eyelids open, forcing the ash blonde to look. “Look at what you caused...”


Katsuki hesitantly glanced towards Masaru’s wrists, each cut oozing blood, the dark fluid dripping like it was sludge. Katsuki let out a quiet gag, waves of nausea hitting his body over and over again. Yet, he couldn’t move. It was like Masaru was forcing a poison into Katsuki’s body, paralyzing him with fear. The worst part about it was that his father was right. Katsuki did cause this. He is the reason why his dad did what he did, and is resting six feet under in God knows where. It’s his fault that any of this is happening!


“I-I-I-I’m sorry, dad...” He managed to get out, his lip quivering as he stared into Masaru’s cold, lifeless eyes, practically bulging from his sockets. His pupils were clouded over, the once clear, loving eyes Katsuki had grown to love were now murky, filled to the brim with hatred. “I d-didn’t want you to die..!”


“Well, I am…” Masaru’s raspy voice whispered, sending shivers down his spine. “Now, you must join me.”


“J-Join you…?” The ash-blonde questioned, raising an eyebrow. “W-What do you mean- ACK!”


Katsuki’s sentence was interrupted by Masaru, who quickly wrapped his large, thick hands around his neck, squeezing as tight as an anaconda. Katsuki’s eyes widened, his hands darting up towards Masaru’s desperately trying to pry them off of his throat. He didn’t want to die, not like this! However, his struggles were for naught, as his vision slowly began to fade to black.


He deserved it though, after all, it was his fault.


“I’m…sorry…dad…” He gargled before he passed out.








“AHHH!” Katsuki shouted as he jolted up in his bed. He wrapped his hands around his neck, his loud, heavy breaths filling the room. He felt tears well in his eyes as he tried to compose his breathing, and failed horrifically. He looked around, praying that the evil that tortured him in his dream hadn’t followed him to the real world. It wasn’t real, it was just a dream. A fucked up one, but it wasn’t real. He flopped back onto his bed, his back landing on the cool mattress. He felt his sweaty chest, his heart racing quickly. “C-Crap…” He murmured, closing his eyes. He didn’t feel like getting up, the burning sensation in his ass prohibited him from walking normally. A small part of him wanted the dream to be real so that he could finally die and be with his father once and for all.


He just wanted to be happy.


“KATSUKI!” He groaned slightly as he heard his mother’s shrill shrieks. It was clear that his mother had other plans for the ash blonde. “GET DOWN HERE! IT’S TIME TO GET UP!”


“C-Coming, ma’am..!” He called out, sitting back up in his bed. He ripped the covers off of his lower half, bracing himself to be walking. However, before he could throw his legs over the ledge of his bed, he noticed something in between his legs.


It was a large, wet spot, which soaked his pants.


His eyes widened as he sat there in shock. He…He wet the bed! Was the nightmare that terrifying?! God… What was he going to do?! If he brought his pajamas and bedsheets downstairs, surely he would be shamed. Hell, he was terrified of what Jason would do to him if he found out he pissed himself! He didn’t want Jason to punish him once again, or worse, make him sleep outside. A part of him didn’t even want to take his sheets and pants down to the laundry room. He didn’t want to be ashamed more than he always was, and didn’t want to risk the punishment for not being a man. However, the logical side of him took over. How would he be able to hide the sheets? Surely his mother would notice if he was sleeping without his sheets! And the stench… he had a better chance at quietly sneaking down to the laundry room than keeping it hidden.


“KATSUKI!” Mitsuki’s voice seemingly got louder. “DON’T MAKE ME COME UP THERE!”


“S-Sorry, ma’am!” He replied. “I’ll be down in a minute!”


He quickly got up from his bed, taking off his soaked pajama bottoms and underwear, along with his sheets and cover. He quickly threw a new set of white underwear, along with a pair of black, ripped jeans. He held a large amount of dirty laundry in his arms, desperately hoping that he wouldn't drop any of them. The last thing he wanted was to leave an article of clothing soaked in piss for his family to find. He let out a quiet sigh, opening his bedroom door. It wasn’t that far, just right before the kitchen! He swiftly ran down the stairs, smiling slightly as he saw that his grandparent’s door was shut. However, to his dismay, he hadn’t counted on Mitsuki being at the bottom of the stairs, the two nearly colliding together.


“AH!” She bellowed as glared towards her son, causing him to shrink back, even though he had no idea if she was actually glaring towards him. “WATCH WHERE YOU’RE FUCKING GOING!”


“S-Sorry, m-ma’am...” He mumbled.


“Why the hell are you washing your sheets?!” She asked, raising an eyebrow. “Wait… DID YOU PISS YOUR BED?!”


The ash-blonde remained silent, shame overtaking him. Mitsuki on the other hand erupted into a loud fit of laughter.


“OH MY GOD!” She shouted between laughs. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You’re fifteen years old, for God’s sake! Do you want to be wearing diapers, you big baby?! Only babies pee their pants! Does the big baby want to sleep with his mommy? How do you even expect to make friends, if you can even manage to do that?” She teased. “Ugh, it smells disgusting! You smell awful! Go get into the shower once you put your sheets in, you big baby! ”


“Y-Yes ma’am...” He sighed, before walking past her and into the laundry room


His mother was right, after all. He was almost in high school! Surely if he interviewed his future classmates if they had pissed themselves from a nightmare at the age of fifteen, he’d become the laughing stock of U.A. Nobody would be his friend regardless of his villain-like behavior. They’d take one look towards the ash-blonde, before erupting into a fit of laughter. They would label him as a problem child, one that couldn’t keep his big mouth shut or keep his anger in check. One...One that was gay. He could practically feel the insults being thrown at him, how he didn’t deserve a spot in the U.A hero course. Hell, he knew Deku had made it into U.A and would tell everyone what Katsuki had done to him throughout middle school. God, he could hear the insults that the green-haired male would say to him. How Katsuki was nothing but a spoiled brat and a bully. He felt fat, hot tears well in his eyes, as he leaned over the washing machine, waiting for it to fill up. Izuku didn’t deserve to go through that. Izuku didn’t deserve to go through any of that! He already had to deal with the burden of being quirkless and his father not being in the picture. Why did he have to take his aggression out on Deku?! He had been nothing but kind towards Katsuki, even when he had told him to jump off the rooftop. Katsuki shuddered at the thought of him uttering those words. How could he have said something so awful? What if he had listened to what the ash-blonde told him, Deku would be six feet in the ground, leaving his grief-stricken mother all alone. Maybe he should apologize to the green-haired male, one on one. Hell, it was a five-minute walk, two minutes if he ran there! But… He wouldn’t be able to do such a thing. Deku wouldn’t want to talk to him, not after what he put him through. He’d probably kick the ash-blonde out before he could get a word in. He couldn’t blame him though. If he were in Deku’s shoes, he would be the same way. He probably hates him by now, not even wanting to look him in the eye. However, even if Deku let him come to apologize to him, he knew that it would never happen. Jason would never let him go to the green-haired male’s house, the assumption that the ash-blonde was going to his house to have a date would be all over his mind. He didn’t want to know what the punishment of going to a boy's house would be, regardless of whether he was going to date them or not.


He let out a tearful laugh. Was this life’s way of punishing him for what he did? By having his father die? By giving him an abusive stepfather who rapes him daily? By having him hate himself every single day of his pathetic life? Well, he deserves it. He could never keep his mouth shut. He felt so much hatred for himself, all the bad stuff he had done looming over his shoulders.


He caused so much pain to the innocent people in his life and he couldn’t even gain the courage to apologize for it.


He jolted slightly as he felt the washing machine buzz, indicating that it was ready. He stood up, opening the lid and putting in his soiled sheets and pants. He softly closed the lid, hearing the machine whir. He walked out of the laundry room, going back up to the bathroom, the bathroom he dreaded going to. He quickly closed the door, locking it behind him. He took his shirt off, tossing the T-shirt onto the ground. He could barely look at himself, the overwhelming sensation of disgust overtaking him. He opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed the bottle of Prozac from the top shelf. He popped open the lid with ease, the white and green pill falling into his palm. He didn’t want to take them but didn’t have a choice in the matter. He didn’t want to anger Jason again, in case the black-haired male had a plan to discipline him once again. He quickly downed the pill, gulping down a sip of water with it. He shut the medicine cabinet door once again, avoiding looking at himself in the mirror. He took the rest of his clothes off, tossing them into the same pile his shirt was. He turned the shower on to its hottest temperature possible, the scalding hot water barrelling down endlessly. The thick, hot steam began to rise from the floor as Katsuki stepped in. He winced as the water made contact with his body. He sniffled softly as he lowered his head. He felt those cursed tears return to his eyes. The tears that were forbidden to come. Before the ash-blonde knew it, he was quietly sobbing, as the shower muffled his crying.


It was like the shower was his only safe space to cry. The one place where he could let out his tears, without facing the repercussions.



It was the only place where he could show emotion.



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Chapter Text

“Ah, there you are, Katsuki!” Hank smiled as Katsuki slowly trudged down the stairs. He glanced over to the former medic, his hands stuffed into his charcoal black jeans, several areas of the fabric having rips going from his thighs to his kneecaps. He had a big, baggy sweater on, with a large cat stitched on. The cat had a large, bright red bandana wrapped around its neck, a large cigar in its mouth, and a military helmet on. If Katsuki was being honest, he loved wearing the sweater! He didn’t remember where it came from, but he would always wear it when it was cold out, snuggled tightly in his covers as he watched videos of All Might.


“That’s what you’re going to wear?!” Jason growled as he stared towards the ash-blonde from his seat on the chair. “You can’t be serious!”


“What’s wrong with it?” Hank quizically asked, raising an eyebrow. “I think it looks fine! Now, Katsuki, you and I are going to go on a little trip for the day!”


“A t-trip, sir..?”


“Well, we’ll still be in the city, but yeah, we’ll be traveling around the city!” Hank smiled, standing up on his seat on the couch. “We better get going! It’s not that far away!”


Katsuki nodded. He opened the door, allowing Hank to leave the building. However, before he could join the former medic, he felt a hand grab the back of his neck, yanking him back. He let out a quiet whimper as he felt Jason’s grip tighten. What was Jason going to do to him?! Did Mitsuki tell Jason about him wetting the bed? Was he going to be punished again?! No, he couldn’t! Hank was waiting for Katsuki, surely he’d go looking for the ash-blonde if he didn’t turn up!


“I want you to be on your best behavior today, Katsuki.” Jason sternly stated, narrowing his eyes towards Katsuki. “If I hear one word from my father that you decided to misbehave like you did last night, I will discipline you. Am I understood?”


“Y-Y-Yes, sir…” Katsuki said, nodding frantically.


Jason smiled.


“Thank you.” He said as he released Katsuki’s neck.


And with that, Katsuki scurried off, not wanting to keep Hank waiting.






“S-So…” Katsuki mumbled as he walked down the sidewalk, glancing over to Hank. “Where are we going..?”


“Oh! I should probably explain what we’re doing!” He exclaimed, letting out a small chuckle. “To start, we’re going to an old friend of mine, he makes tuxedos for cheap prices! Then I figured we could get some lunch! There's this small restaurant I know, it’s called the Battered...Oh, what was the name..?” He pondered.


Katsuki’s eyes widened slightly. Could Hank be referring him to the Battered Yam? Gosh, the memories came barrelling towards the ash blonde, how Jason ruthlessly bullied the owner’s son, just because he was gay, causing the black-haired male to cry. Would he even remember Katsuki? If he did, maybe he could help him!


“Uh… Do you mean the Battered Yam..?”


“Ah!” Hank exclaimed, snapping his fingers. “That’s the name! The owners there were great people! I used to go there with my wife on our anniversary! Ah yes, Asahi and Himari were excellent owners! Hell, I even remember their Yasu, going back and forth from helping her father in the kitchen or helping the waitresses with their tables! She was such a kind girl! It is a shame though, they ended up retiring a few years ago! Although Yasu did inherit the business from them! Anyways, after we go eat, I want you to meet someone. I know that you have to deal with a lot, with those homophobic pieces of trash which are unfortunately your grandparents. Does that seem cool?”


“Uh-huh...” He nodded. “It’s cool…”


“Perfect!” Hank smiled. “It’s a plan then! The guy who makes tuxedos is a nice guy! All he needs is your measurements and he will whip you up a nice tuxedo! You know, his quirk is that he can always put together the perfect outfit, based on the customer's personality! Like with my wedding, he made this beautiful, chocolate brown, mohair suit!” He grinned, reminiscing in his memories that he yearned to live again. “Surprisingly, it’s extremely expensive! It comes from Turkey! It’s not as itchy as regular wool, and it feels very luxurious!”


Katsuki grimaced at the thought. To have someone he barely knew measure his disgusting body made him feel uncomfortable. However, what if Hank told Jason that Katsuki refused to get his tuxedo? Surely he would get punished for that!


“Hey,” Hank said, his voice hinting concern for the ash blonde. “You ok? You're shaking!”


“H-Huh?” Katsuki looked down, noticing his trembling hands. “Oh!” He quickly crossed his arms, stuffing his trembling hands into his armpits. He winced, the fabric rubbing against his fresh cuts. He had forgotten to cover them up, the combination of his terrifying nightmare along with the overwhelming fear of upsetting Jason filled his mind to the brim, causing it to slip his mind. “S-Sorry, it is pretty cold out…”


He slapped himself internally, how could he come up with such a terrible lie?! It was the middle of July! It was hotter than the Sahara desert! He glanced over to Hank, who had a slight frown on his face.


“You’re cold?” He said with a chuckle. “It’s ninety-five degrees out! I’m practically boiling out here! I got to give it to you, kiddo, I wouldn’t be able to last long wearing all black! But if you’re nervous about my buddy measuring you, it’ll be really quick! He’ll just measure your neck for your collar size, your chest, your arms for sleeve size, your waist size, your inside and outside leg, which would go from your area to your ankle, along with your center back length.”


Katsuki’s eyes widened, the mere mention of someone being even near his crotch sent the ash-blonde into a whirlwind of emotions, his trembling only getting worse. He could practically feel it happening already, the binding feeling of having a measuring tape wrapping itself around his frail body, leaving him helpless. He didn’t want that. He didn’t want to be helpless once again, just like how he felt with Jason. However, if he did refuse to go get a tuxedo designed just for him, Hank would surely tell Jason! Then he would have to get punished again! He didn’t want to be punished, he wanted to be a good child, one that would never need discipline and would get praised by Mitsuki and Jason!


“Hey, you sure you’re alright?” Hank asked again.


“I...I’m sorry, sir...” Katsuki instinctively said, looking down from his gaze. “B-But I don’t want to go to him… I don’t want people touching me...”


“Oh!” Hank said, his eyes full of sympathy. “I understand, I won’t press into why you don’t want that! I’m sure we could find something that would be perfect for the wedding! You have dress shirts, right?”


Katsuki nodded.




“D-Don’t tell Jason...” He mumbled, looking up to Hank. “He can’t know that I was a wimp...”


“Eh..?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “What does he mean?”


“I... I have to man up… Because that’s what men do...”


“Katsuki,” Hank said, stepping in front of him. “Look at me.” Katsuki’s eyes glanced up, looking into Hank’s eyes. “Being a man to me means being unapologetically you. It means not being afraid to show the world who you are, exactly as you are. Being a man is never being afraid to show your emotions, cry, and ask for help when you need it. If you ever want to cry, you can, don’t let my son tell you otherwise. Do you understand?”


Katsuki nodded once again, tears threatening to spill from his eyes once more. He wanted so badly to tell him what his son did to him, but the words refused to come to him. How would Hank take such an accusation? To hear that his son, the one who he had just gotten back into contact with, had brutally raped his fifteen-year-old stepson twice! Besides, what could Hank do? If he had begged the former medic to take him with him to wherever his home was, Mitsuki would just call the police, and demand that he was returned to her custody. What if Hank didn’t believe him? Worse, what if he got angry with the ash-blonde?! Then he’d lose the only person who cared for him! Even if he managed to escape his mother’s care, he would probably have to live in another country! To move to a new country in such little time, nobody would want to talk to him! He didn’t even know what their schools were like? Worse, what would they do to gay kids, like him…? He had no idea what the laws were in America, but he didn’t want to be punished for loving who he desired. He didn’t want Hank to get punished for keeping someone like him in his household.


“Do you want me to help you, Katsuki? I can talk to my son, to make sure he is a bit kinder, and set him straight on what being a man truly is!” He smiled. “How’s that sound?”


“I...I don’t need you to...” Katsuki mumbled. He knew he was lying. He, oh so desperately, needed Hank’s help. But he was terrified of what Jason would do to him when the inevitable came. When Hank had to leave. “Thank you for the offer...”


“Very well. We should get going! You know, I could call the person I want you to meet over to the restaurant so that you two could get to know each other! I won’t attend lunch though, I have to be somewhere. Would that be all right with you?”




“Cool! Let’s get going though, we don’t want to be late!” He exclaimed. “Oh, by the way, I am sorry about your loss, Katsuki. I thought it was messed up on what your mother did. I can tell that it still affects you. You know, I was in the same spot as you were, when my wife passed while giving birth to my son, it caused me to spiral into this deep, dark depression. I couldn’t tell you how many times I cried myself to sleep, feeling the ice-cold side of the bed that my precious Misato used to lay on. It got so bad, with the overwhelming pressure of taking care of my son alone along with my job and the sudden loss of my wife, I had to pursue grief counseling back in Wyoming. He practically saved my life and helped me move on from her death! I’d love to take you with me, just for a week! I think he could help you! Your mother already gave me permission to take you, but I won’t force you if you don’t want to. I know that traveling to a new, big place can be scary, so I won’t judge!”


Katsuki froze in his tracks. Was Hank being serious?! A trip to Wyoming, free from any troubles that plagued the ash-blonde in Japan. More than that, he’d be free from Jason’s grip for a whole week! He could feel the joy overwhelming his sensations. He wouldn’t have to be punished, he wouldn’t have to feel like he couldn’t cry or express his emotions! He could feel like a normal kid, again!


Or would he?


What if this was nothing but a big old trap? Surely if Hank was taking him to his cabin, he would have to give his parents updates on his situation! Even worse, he would have to deal with Jason, who was probably going to punish him for going altogether, let alone seek professional help! Plus… what if Hank was just as bad as Jason, and was putting up a facade of him being nice, just to lower Katsuki’s guard? Those dreaded thoughts combated with the joyful thoughts, battling to see which thought would power through. Ultimately, his fears overtook his mind.


“I’m sorry… but I don’t think I want to…” He mumbled. “Sorry for disappointing you…”


“It’s all right! Let me know if you ever change your mind!”


The ash-blonde nodded, before continuing his journey to the Battered Yam, Hank quickly following behind. He wasn’t even hungry, the giant knot in his stomach only seemed to tighten. Yet, he didn’t have the heart to tell Hank.


He glanced back, noticing that Hank had stopped in his tracks, his eyes glued to his phone.


“Ah, dammit!” Hank cursed, stuffing his phone back into his pocket.


“W-What’s wrong, sir..?”


“Nothing, nothing,” Hank said. “Just that the person I wanted you to talk to couldn’t show, his kid has the flu, you know how crazy that can be.” He laughed. “And I’m guessing that you don’t want to eat alone, do you? I can’t bring you with me with the thing I was planning on doing while you were eating, so I have to take you back home. Sorry about that, I thought this day would be a bit more exciting!”


Katsuki nodded.


“W-Who was planning on talking to me..?”


“Oh, my brother-in-law and his husband! I figured that it could cheer you up, listening to stories about their relationship! They are super nice people, both former professional soccer players and married for over twenty years! I think their kid is around your age as well!”


Katsuki nodded once more. His luck must’ve been against him that day, he would’ve killed to talk to them! They seemed so nice from what Hank described them to be. Yet… Katsuki couldn’t have it. Once again, life decided to taunt the ash blonde, by dangling the feeling of happiness over his head, before taking it away.


It was evident in what life was telling him.


Katsuki Bakugou didn’t deserve any happiness.



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Chapter Text

(Two weeks later)



Katsuki let out a quiet sigh as he straightened his charcoal black tie, his gaze staring intently into his reflection. Today was the dreaded day, the day that Jason and Mitsuki would profess their love for each other. If Katsuki was being honest, ever since the pair had announced their wedding date, he felt the overwhelming sense of dread take his body over. Although these two weeks were decent for him, Jason hadn't touched him at all! Other than Jason and Mitsuki yelling at him for no apparent reason, earning constant praises from Hajime and Uma, and a look of concern from Hank. And all through that, he never once used his quirk. On account of the new rule, Katsuki wasn't allowed to have his quirk. He felt so useless, knowing the one power he had idolized was now taken away from him. It was like he was born quirkless. Was this what Izuku felt whenever the ash-blonde bullied him? To feel completely useless, while all of the people he knew making insults for him and stomping on whatever dream he had? To feel disappointed in himself that he couldn't amount to society? To constantly be shunned by eighty percent of the nation, just because he didn't have a quirk? Or worse, to constantly be told to jump off the rooftop in hope that he would get a quirk in his next life? He let out a quiet sigh as his shoulders slumped. God, he was an idiot for saying that. If it was up to him, he didn't even want to watch the ceremony. He just wanted to stay in his room and hide away from all of this. But he knew deep down he didn't have a say in the matter. If he dared to oppose watching his mother get married to his soon-to-be stepfather, he would have to deal with one of Jason's punishments. He was on a good path. He wouldn't let himself get punished like that again. Even if he could avoid Jason's punishment because it was his special day, he wouldn't be able to hide in his room, as the black-haired male was on the opposite side of the church with his father. Meanwhile, his mother was occupying the bathroom, along with his grandmother. They shut the door, making sure to make any last-second adjustments to her makeup, ensuring that she would be perfect for her special day. He was surprised that they were even allowed to enter the church, as they hadn't been there in three years. Hell, the last time they were there, they had gotten into a shouting match in front of the innocent congregation, while Masaru tried to break it up. The trio never went back to church, the shame of what they had done prevented them from returning.


However, Katsuki had a plan.


Today was the day he would tell Mitsuki what Jason had done to him.


He let out a shaky sigh as he paced back and forth in the spacious bathroom. God, how was he supposed to go about this? How would he manage to tell Mitsuki that Jason raped him on the day she was supposed to marry the love of her life?! He could feel himself begin to shake at the thought, the devastating sensation of mortification overpowering him as he described every detail of what her soon-to-be husband did to him. The knot in his stomach seemed to get worse. The waves of nausea crashed into him over and over with no signs of ever stopping. He leaned over the sink, his hands tightly wrapped around the porcelain sides. He didn't have a choice in the matter. Someone had to know the truth! However, he heaved, the urge to vomit rising quickly up to his throat. Before he knew it, he retched, the contents of what he had for dinner from the previous evening erupted from his mouth and into the porcelain throne. He coughed and grabbed some toilet paper wiping away the bile from the corner of his lips. A part of him was practically screaming that this was a terrible idea, that Mitsuki wouldn't believe him. That part of him screamed that she would call him a liar, that her soon-to-be husband would never do such a thing! He wouldn't even have chosen to tell his mother, had it not been for Hank being with his son, he would have been the first person he told! However, as part of him was telling the ash blonde that this was a terrible idea, the other side was telling him that she would believe him. Sure, she despised him, but she is his mother after all! If she did believe him, surely she would kick Jason out of the house, leaving the two of them all alone once again. He'd be free once and for all. Sure, he'd probably have to follow the same rules, but it would beat having to face Jason's punishments again.


It was a long shot, but he had to take it.



He stood up straight, flushing the toilet in the process, and washed his hands. He could do this. He had been gaining the strength to tell someone about the pain and suffering he had been through, there was no way he could back down!






"And... Perfect!" Uma smiled as she dabbed on some final touches of blush to her daughter's cheeks. "You look amazing!"


Mitsuki grinned.


"I do! Thanks for the help, mom!"


"Anything for my daughter," Uma happily said, her smile seemingly growing wider. "I can't wait to see what children you and Jason will have! Surely their quirk will be outstanding! Unlike what your spineless ex gave you, leaving the burden of taking care of his mess, you and Jason will keep your child in line!"


"Mother!" Mitsuki whined, her cheeks turning a bright shade of red.


"Oh, honey," Uma smiled warmly, gently wrapping her arms around Mitsuki's neck. "I'm only teasing, take your time with him!"


Mitsuki opened her mouth to respond to her mother but was cut off by a gentle knock on the door. The gentle taps on the other side of the door echo into the spacious bathroom. Mitsuki reached out to open the door, only to have her mother push her hand away.


"I'll get it for you, dear!" She smiled. "You just sit there!"


Mitsuki smiled, obeying her mother's command. The older woman turned around, gently pulling the handle to reveal who was behind the door.


"Hajime, you can't come in here! Your daughter needs to finish getting ready, you'll see her dress when you walk her down the- Oh, it's you." She glared, realizing that the culprit had not been her husband, instead, it was Katsuki. The ash-blonde stood there, clutching his arm nervously, tightly grabbing onto the fabric of his shirt. He unintentionally let out a small, nervous laugh, looking up to his grandmother. "What are you doing here?! Go wait inside the church!" She went to close the door, only for Katsuki to lodge his foot in the frame, stopping it from closing.


"W-Wait, ma'am!" He pleaded, peering into the room. "I need to talk to my m-mom!"


"I don't care! It can wait after the wedding!"


"Mom! It's fine, you can let him in. We're already prepared with a bunch of time to spare!"


"T-Thank you, m-ma'am..." Katsuki nodded. Meanwhile, Uma groaned, before opening the door wide enough for the ash blonde to squeeze in with ease. "I need to talk to you alone..."


"Absolutely not!" Uma grumbled. "Whatever you have to say, you can say it to both of us!"


"P-Please... I have to talk to her alone, ma'am..."


"Ugh, mom, just leave for five minutes!" Mitsuki groaned as she walked over to her mother, setting a hand on her back. "I'll call you when Katsuki leaves!"


"Ok, love." Uma smiled, her mood seemingly changing with the flip of a switch.


Honestly, it was kind of scary how his mother and grandmother's mood can go from a raging bull, constantly yelling and shrieking at Katsuki, pushing every button the ash-blonde had before they pushed him over his limit. Of course, whenever he had enough of their antics and snapped back at his mother or grandmother, it would earn him a swift, yet hard smack upside the head. However, unlike the incident at the family reunion, the slap wouldn't put him in a state of shock, it would only anger him more. He couldn't help but get angrier, all the poking and prodding made him feel like a wild animal in a cage, Mitsuki and Uma standing on the outside, poking him with a stick. Yet if he were to even let out a snarl, they would punish him over and over again until he complied with their demands. It was only then they would stop with their antics and give the ash-blonde a bright, happy smile. Almost as if they were displaying that they had done nothing wrong and it was all in the ash blonde's head. He hated the fact that he had to bottle up his emotions while everyone else could release theirs.


However, his train of thought derailed as he heard the bathroom door slam from behind him, leaving him and his mother alone in the bathroom. He looked up to her, noticing her fiery glare. He shrunk back slightly, the knot in his stomach growing tighter and tighter. Oh, he was regretting this. He just wanted to run away from the bathroom and hide from everyone. The nauseous feeling returned to his stomach, the overwhelming sense of doom looming over his body. He could feel his heart race, pounding so hard, he thought it was going to burst out of his chest. He looked up to his mother again, noticing her long, white, satin dress which barely reached to her shoes. Her vail was sitting on the countertop, the fabric dangling off of the countertop.


"What could you possibly want?! I'm about to be married to the love of my life!" She growled. "What is it?!"


"U-Uh..." Katsuki stammered as he wiped away the sweat from his brow, trying his best to form a sentence. "I-I'm sorry, m-ma'am... B-But you c-can't m-m-marry h-h-him..."


Mitsuki groaned.



"Oh, here we go again! Why can't you even give him a shot?! He's such a good man, he keeps you in line, unlike your father, and still loves you!"



"M-Mom... He...He's not good..." The ash-blonde mumbled as tears instantly began to run down his face. "T-The day w-we went to e-eat and help move J-Jason's stuff... He b-bullied a kid f-for being g-g-gay...! He m-m-made him cry a-a-a-and I h-had to c-comfort h-him b-b-because it a-a-affected him...! T-T-Then he just a-acted like he did nothing...! B-B-B-But... On the d-d-day he p-p-proposed to y-y-you... H-He came to my r-room..." He choked back a silent sob, as the memories became barreling in, the searing hot pain flaring once again between his legs. How he was uncontrollably sobbing, his pleas for Jason to stop, that he would allow them to be married being muffled by his soon-to-be stepfather's large, powerful hand. "H-He told me h-he was going to p-propose to you and how he was going to be a b-better father than D-Dad ever was... I r-reacted poorly to it... and I t-t-t-told him how he would never be a better father and t-that he was nothing but an h-homophobic man... I t-t-t-t-told him to leave... and he grabbed me by my throat... He t-t-told me I was an ungrateful shit, how he was doing his best to provide for us and how much he cared for us... He was going to k-kill me unless I apologized..! A-And I refused to accept that he was going to propose to you... S-S-S-So he t-t-threw me onto my b-bed... I thought h-he was going to ch-choke me again... But then he r-ripped my p-pants off... T-T-Then he.... Then he... thrusted in me..." He whimpered as he began to bawl. He wanted so badly to stop talking, to forget all of this happened. But deep down, he knew he had to keep going, to save both himself and his mother from Jason. "It h-hurt so much... But he ignored me... I tried to s-s-s-s-scream for y-y-you... B-B-But he covered my mouth... It hurt so m-m-much... B-B-But he didn't care... He just kept going harder...and harder...and harder... He told me that s-since I was gay, t-that I s-should enjoy it... He a-a-already done it twice already... I... He's an awful person...! Please, mom... Don't marry him...!" As he finished, he could feel all the strength in what little mental health he had left collapse, as he began to sob uncontrollably. His mother, on the other hand, stared at him with a blank expression as she tried to process what her son had just said. Her soon-to-be husband raped Katsuki?!


"Oh, Katsuki..." She said as she rested a hand on Katsuki's cheek, wiping away the tears.


The ash-blonde looked up to his mother's eyes. Did she believe him? Was she finally going to leave Jason? Oh gosh, he was so nervous to see his mother throw Jason out of the house! But he would finally be free! He wouldn't have to-


"Do you expect me to believe such a terrible lie?" She growled, giving her son an intense death glare. He cowered slightly, as he feared what his mother might do to him. "I know why you'd lie about such an abhorrent thing. You just want Jason out so you could live your precious fantasy without him. Well, you listen here..." She got close to Katsuki's ear. "I don't want to hear a word about any of your lies. I expect you to be on your best behavior and have fun. Otherwise, I'll pull you out of your precious U.A and you can say goodbye to your dream of being a hero. Am I understood?"


"Y-Yes, m-ma'am..." He gulped.


"Good, don't you dare tell anyone the lies you told me. You will not be ruining my special day!" She patted the ash blonde's back. "Now, run along."


And with that, the ash-blonde ran off, the tears still endlessly streaming down his face. He should have known this was coming. He began to let out quiet sobs, not caring about whoever was watching. His mother didn't believe him! Does his mother not love him at all..? He could feel the nauseous feeling return to the pit of his stomach, but he didn't care. After all, she was going to marry the one person Katsuki was terrified of! And the worst part?


There wasn't a damn thing he could do nothing to stop it.


Mitsuki was going to marry the love of her life.


While Katsuki's worst nightmare was becoming reality.


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Chapter Text

“Ah, jeez…” Jason let out a shaky sigh as he stood at the altar. He looked to his left, to which Hank was standing there. “Is it normal to be this nervous? “Fuck, maybe I shouldn’t have cut my hair,” He rubbed the back of his head. He didn’t want to cut his hair, for he looked good with long hair! However, his father managed to convince him to trim his luscious locks for they looked like out-of-control tendrils. Now, his hair was a little past the back of his head, instead of down past his shoulders, to which he would tie in a bun. “Were you nervous too when you married mom?”


Hank let out a small chuckle, patting his son on the back.


“Of course I was nervous! Everyone is nervous on their wedding day! I remember that day! I wasn’t allowed to see Misato for a whole week before our wedding! I could barely sleep that whole week, especially the night before! But once I saw her walking down the aisle, my heart melted! She was so beautiful, standing right in front of me, smiles plastered on our faces. Although the wedding wasn’t long, it felt like ages just staring into her beautiful eyes, waiting for the moment where I could finally kiss her. This day will be the best day of your life, son!”


“Uh-huh,” Jason nodded. “I’m excited to see her, unlike my ex, Mianota.” He shuddered at the mere mention of her name. He only met her because he was drinking at a bar and spotted her sitting at a table all alone, crying her poor eyes out. He remembered stumbling to her table, asking if she was all right. He could remember them talking all night long, how her boyfriend had just dumped her while she was on her getaway trip to America and that she was just here to drink their sorrows away. He comforted her throughout the night, reassuring her that she was a good woman and that she’ll find the right man! God, if he had known just how psychotic she was, he would have left her and her issues at that table.


“Oh!” Hank grinned, hearing the church bells ringing. “The wedding is starting!”


Hank glanced towards the entrance, noticing the ash-blonde sitting near the back. He couldn’t help but notice that tears stained his cheeks while he looked down on the ground. He felt sorry for the poor kid, having to see his mother marry a man that wasn’t his father. But deep down, he knew that Katsuki would eventually get used to Jason. However, he was worried that his son might be going about parenting Katsuki the wrong way. All the constant yelling, it must be awful for him to deal with it, along with the loss of his father.


However, his train of thought was cut off by the loud, wooden door creaking open, revealing Mitsuki and her father. The loud, out-of-tune organ began to play as the two walked down the aisle, their arms linked. Jason unconsciously smiled, finally able to see the love of his wife. Her face was covered with a veil with tiny roses stitched into the see-through fabric. Yet he could still see her beautiful, ruby-red eyes, staring towards her soon-to-be husband. The black-haired male couldn’t help but tear up at the sight of his bride. She was just so beautiful and he couldn’t believe he managed to snag such a pretty girl. The beautiful, pearl white dress draped down on the ground, dragging behind her on the carpet. She held a large bouquet of white roses. Eventually, they got up to the steps, causing Jason to walk down the small flight of stairs, standing in front of Hajime and Mitsuki. He offered a hand to his soon-to-be bride, taking it gently. Before he could do that, Hajime grabbed his hand.


“Hey,” Hajime said, giving Jason a wide smile. “You better take care of my daughter. Keep Katsuki in line too. I know you’ll be able to do that, right?”


Jason nodded.


“I will do my best to take care of your daughter, sir.” He smiled. “I promise.”


“That’s the answer I like to hear!” He turned to Mitsuki, kissing her cheek. “I love you, sweetheart. You found a good man.”


“Thanks, dad!” Mitsuki smiled as she broke away from her father and stood next to Jason.


“Good morning, everyone!” The priest called out, stepping away from the altar and between Mitsuki and Jason. He was a tall, lanky elderly man, his short, grayish hair neatly combed over. His long, bright gold vestments twinkled in the church. “We are brought here on this blessed day to celebrate the marriage of Mitsuki Kinishinai and Jason Caldwell! Mitsuki and Jason, today you enter as individuals, but you will leave here as husband and wife, blending your lives, expanding your family ties, and embarking upon the grandest adventure of human interaction. The story of your life together is still yours to write. All those present have come to witness and celebrate your love and commitment this day, eager to write a part of the story that has not yet been told. When it comes to love, love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hope, always perseveres. remember to treat yourselves and each other with respect, and remind yourselves often of what brought you together. Take responsibility for making the other feel safe, and give the highest priority to the tenderness, gentleness, and kindness that your connection deserves. When frustration, difficulty, and fear assail your relationship, as they threaten all relationships at some time or another, remember to focus on what is right between you, not just the part that seems wrong. In this way, you can survive the times when clouds drift across the face of the sun in your lives, remembering that, just because you may lose sight of it for a moment, does not mean the sun has gone away. And, if each of you takes responsibility for the quality of your life together, it will be marked by abundance and delight. Now, I understand that the two of you wrote your vows?”


They both nodded.


“Ok, we shall start with the bride!”


Mitsuki smiled, pulling out a sheet of paper from behind the flowers. “Jason, from the day I stumbled into homeroom and made eye contact with you, I knew I had fallen in love. I remember all the times we spent hanging out, guzzling down alcohol in the night while watching the sunset, blabbing about our high school struggles!” She laughed slightly, wiping away a stray tear. “I couldn’t tell you how sad I was when you had to go back to America, to see the one person I loved dearly going away for good. I made a few mistakes along the way, like marrying someone I deeply regret. But I know I don’t regret this. Jason, I love you. You are my best friend. Today I give myself to you in marriage. I promise to encourage and inspire you, to laugh with you, and to comfort you in times of sorrow and struggle. I promise to love you in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it seems hard, when our love is simple, and when it is an effort. I promise to cherish you and to always hold you in the highest regard. These things I give to you today, and all the days of our life.” She smiled, earning herself a round of applause from her parents and Hank.


Jason smiled as well, letting out a tearful laugh. He pulled out a small, tattered piece of paper and unfolded it. “Mitsuki, I cannot tell you how many days have passed that I have thought of you, to be standing in front of you, hand in hand, and marry the love of my life. I have made mistakes in my life as well, I constantly fought with my dad, I married someone I regret marrying as well. But I like to think that life intervened to bring us back together, well, more like a jar of pickles.” He laughed. “For the past month and a half, I have been living my best life with you and Katsuki. I know that he and I have had some rough times together and he may not like me for now. But I have been learning to be a good parent and I know that I will be making mistakes along the way, But I know deep down that I can be the best dad Katsuki will ever have in his life. Mitsuki, I promise to love and care for you and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love. I will always be honest with you, kind, patient, and forgiving. But most of all, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you. I love you.” Jason finished, earning another round of applause from Hajime and Uma, along with his father giving him a nice pat on the back.


“All right,” The priest said, waiting for the applause to die down. “May we have the rings?”


Hank took a step forward, stuffing a hand into his pocket, and pulled out two golden rings. He handed them to the priest, who handed one to both Mitsuki and Jason. Jason gently grabbed her hand and slipped it on. Mitsuki did the same thing, the smile on her face seemingly impossible to erase.


“This ring you give each other is a token and pledge as a sign of your love, loyalty, and devotion. With this ring, you are wed. So, I shall ask, Mitsuki Kinishinai, do you take Jason Caldwell to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; until death do you part?”


“I do!” Mitsuki grinned.


He turned to Jason. “Jason Caldwell, do you take Mitsuki Kinishinai to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; until death do you part?”


“I do.” Jason nodded.


“ By the power vested in me by the country of Japan, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss!”


And with that, Jason gently grabbed Mitsuki by her hips and gently leaned down and kissed her. Mitsuki closed her eyes as she wrapped her arms around Jason’s neck. Amongst the cheering from Hajime, Uma, and Hank, the two couldn’t help but giggle as they continued to passionately kiss, their tongues entering each other’s mouths. This was truly happening. They were officially married! From being best friends in high school to husband and wife, all of this seemed to be one big dream!


But deep down, this was better than any dream they could ever think of.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Mitsuki and Jason Caldwell!”


However, in the back of the church, amidst all the joy and happiness, Katsuki only began to quietly sob into his hands. He wished that this was all just one dark and fucked up nightmare. Yet no matter how hard he pinched himself, he knew that this was reality.


It was official.


Jason Caldwell was officially Katsuki’s stepfather.



And he failed to stop it from happening.



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Chapter Text

(Later that night)





“AH!~ FUCK!~” Mitsuki moaned as Jason continued to thrust into her. “GO HARDER!~”


Jason let out a laugh as he continued to thrust into his now-wife.


“You sure love it rough, don’t you?~” He asked, grinning widely. “Well, you get what you ask for!~”


She let out a loud moan, feeling her husband’s cock throbbing inside of her, indicating that he was close to finishing. She wrapped her legs around Jason’s waist and her arms around his neck. She pulled his head towards hers, giving him a sloppy kiss. She had lost track of how many times she had kissed the black-haired male, but it was like he was a beacon for her, for she couldn’t seem to take her lips off of him! Jason lowered his head and buried it into the crook of Mitsuki’s neck, kissing and sucking on it. He brought his hands from their place on the mattress and onto her chest. He squeezed her breasts rather gently, emitting another loud moan from Mitsuki.


“F-Fuck!~ You’re so perfect, baby!~” Jason moaned, biting his lip slightly. “I’m so fucking close!~ Want me to cum inside, Mitsu?~”


“Do it!~” She pulled her legs towards the bed, forcing Jason deeper.


She let out another moan, arching her back as she began to climax. Jason also let out a loud, powerful moan, arching his back as he came, cum shooting out of his cock, filling his wife up. Mitsuki let out a quiet gasp, her legs falling off of Jason’s hips. Jason quickly pulled out, his cum instantly leaking out of her pussy. He flopped next to his wife, wrapping an arm around her.


“God, I fucking love you.” He smiled, kissing her cheek.


“I love you too, Jason!” She smiled. “Especially with your new hairdo!” She ran a hand through his sweaty hair, letting out a small giggle. “It makes you look even hotter!”


As the two continued to snuggle, a thought came to her mind. Katsuki told her that Jason raped him! Come on, how could he do something like that?! Jason wasn’t even gay! Yet, as she continued to think about it, it made sense. Jason did spend time with Katsuki when she was preparing for their special date. And Katsuki did tell her that Jason did it a second time! He went into so many details on what happened that it began to eat away at her mind. What if he was telling the truth? Should she kick Jason out? If she did, and it turned out that her son was lying, her relationship with Jason would surely be ruined!


“You ok, Mitsu?” Jason asked, staring into Mitsuki’s eyes. “You seem to be a little conflicted!”


“Yeah, I am…” Mitsuki mumbled, sitting up in the bed, pulling the blanket over her exposed breasts. “Jason, can I ask you something?”


“Hmm?” He asked, resting his head on his arm. “Go ahead, love.”


“Did… Did you rape Katsuki..?”


“WHAT THE FUCK?” He shouted in surprise, bolting up from his spot in the bed. “OF COURSE I DIDN’T!”


“Ugh, I fucking knew it!” Mitsuki sighed in relief, flopping back onto the bed. “I’m so sorry, baby. But I had to know! I couldn’t stop thinking about it!”


“Hey, it’s ok!” Jason reassured, scooting over to hug his wife. “Who told you such a lie?”


“Oh, my idiot son!”


Jason’s eye twitched. That little asshole told her what he did to him?! He thought Katsuki would have learned his lesson the second time he had disciplined him. Gosh, how was he going to discipline him now? His blood began to boil as he continued to think about what he would do to the ash blonde, to make sure that he would never tell anyone again.


“Did he now?"


“Mhm! He came to me in tears about how you choked him because he refused to accept the fact that we were getting married! Then apparently you pinned him down and ravished him on the spot! I didn’t believe him though, because he wanted you out of the house!”


“Oh, I see. Well, I do have a confession to make. You see, when I did try and tell Katsuki that I was going to propose to you, he…He tried to come onto me. You know how queers like him are, the second they see a man, they pounce on them trying to suck their dicks!”


“HE DID WHAT?” Mitsuki asked, her eyes growing wide in shock.


“Yes, he did. This is what truly went down, Mitsu.”






“Katsuki!” Jason called out, knocking rather loudly on the door.


"Who's there?!" Katsuki barked from behind the door.


"It's Jason, I need to talk to you. I have news." He tried to open the door, revealing that Katsuki had locked it. "Open the door, son."


"One, don't ever call me your 'son' again. Two, what news? Are you finally leaving the fucking house and my mom?!"


"Haha, very funny." Jason unenthusiastically grumbled, rolling his eyes. "Just open the door."


Katsuki groaned, before getting up from his spot on the bed, opening the door slightly.


"...Fine. Come in."


"Thank you very much!" Jason happily said, entering the ash blonde’s room. He made a beeline for the ash blonde’s bed, which was neatly made, and sat on it.


"Hey, don't sit there! I just made that!" Katsuki growled.


"It's fine, Katsuki. I'm only going to be here for a short while! I need to tell you something very important!"


"Oh, yeah?" Katsuki rolled his eyes. "What would that be?"


Jason gave the ash-blonde a bright grin, stuffing a hand into his pocket, pulling out the rectangular box. He presented it to Katsuki, making sure that he understood what Jason planned to do. Katsuki’s eyes widened at the sight. Jason was going to propose to his mom?! Why would he make such an awful decision?! Katsuki bit the tip of his thumb, letting out a small chuckle. Jason tilted his head in confusion. Was the ash-blonde ok with him proposing to his mother? Or did he oppose it?


“Uh, Katsuki?” Jason asked, causing Katsuki to snap his head towards the older male. “I just wanted to tell you that I am planning on proposing to your mother. I just wanted to let you know about my plan and hopefully, you can give me your blessing!” He smiled.


“My blessing?” Katsuki snorted. “What am I? A priest?”



Jason shook his head.



“No, but I’d like to keep a more traditional approach, so, do you give me your blessing or not?”


“Heh,” Katsuki chuckled once again, taking off his hoodie. “You know, you’re making a big mistake marrying my mother.”


“Why is that? I love her to death and I want to spend the rest of my days with her!”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah. But she’s so old!” Katsuki snickered. “You need a real lover!” He got closer to the black-haired male, his face mere centimeters from his face. “Why don’t you let me show you a true lover, I can show you what my body can do.~”


Jason’s eyes widened at the ash blonde’s comment, pure shock taking over. Was he being serious?! He was coming onto him?! He wanted to stand up and get away from him, to just go out on a date with Mitsuki and propose to her! Yet here he was, sitting on Katsuki’s bed while his soon-to-be stepson made advances on him! This was wrong on so many levels! He knew that he couldn’t hook up with a man because it was wrong! However, as Jason speculated on what he should do, he felt a sudden weight on his lap. He glanced up, seeing that the ash-blonde had decided to perch himself onto Jason’s lap, sitting right on his crotch. He felt Katsuki’s arms wrap around his neck, holding him in place. Katsuki smirked.


“See, how hard was that?~” He leaned in to look into Jason’s eyes. “Let me show you all the things we could do while that hag is getting ready.~” He grinned, his grin growing wider as he felt something poking his ass. ‘Oh, look at that! A friend has decided to join us!~“


“No, get off of me!” Jason growled, pushing the ash-blonde off of him and onto the floor.


“Agh!” Katsuki groaned as he landed on the ground with a thud. “WHAT THE FUCK MAN?”


“I’m not going to fucking hook up with you! I don’t like guys! I am going to marry your mother whether you like it or not!”


Katsuki let out a quiet growl, shooting daggers towards the black-haired male.


“Fine. If that’s the game you want to play, that’s ok.” He stood up off of the ground. “I’ll make sure you never get to marry my mom! Now get the fuck out!”


“Fine, do your worst!” And with that, Jason left the ash blonde’s room, slamming the door behind him.








“No, don’t kill him,” Jason mumbled as he sat up and exited the bed. He reached into a drawer and pulled out a pair of underwear, quickly putting it on. “I’ll have a little talk with him, you won’t have to worry!” He bent down, scooping up the shirt he had tossed on the ground in the peak of his lust. He swiftly put the shirt on as he made his way to the door. However, before he exited the room, he turned back to Mitsuki, seeing her lying in the bed, the blanket covering up her slender figure. He smiled at the sight, before opening the door. “I love you, Mitsu.”


Mitsuki smiled.


“I love you too, Jason!”


Jason smirked before closing the door behind him.


He was going to make sure that Katsuki learned that he would never tell anyone their little secret ever again.





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Chapter Text

Katsuki sniffled softly as he sat in his bed, putting his hands over his eyes. He hated this. He hated that every bad thing that happened in his life was his fault. It was his fault that his parents were divorced. It was his fault his father committed suicide. It was his fault he couldn't behave. It was his fault Jason raped him because he couldn't even be good for a day. Yet, he couldn't do a thing to stop it from happening. Even when he did try and tell Mitsuki that Jason had raped him, she didn't believe him. Hell, she probably told Jason what he told her! Oh no... Why did he have to tell her out of all people?! He should've known that she wasn't going to believe him! God, he was so stupid! Nobody would ever believe him! It was then that a horrifying thought came to Katsuki's mind.


What was Jason going to do to him?


He instantly began to tremble at the thought. Was he going to rape him again?! Was he going to beat him?! Or worse... was he going to kill him..?


These thoughts were cut off, as he heard his bedroom door slam open, revealing his new stepfather.


"YOU," Jason growled, making a beeline for the ash blonde. "YOU STUPID, USELESS, FUCKING QUEER."


"S-Sir?!" Katsuki whimpered, shrinking back slightly. "W-Wha-"




Katsuki felt his blood turn to ice. His mother did tell Jason... He could feel himself begin to tremble, harder than before. This was it. He was going to die today. All the things he wouldn't be able to do. He would never get to go to U.A and be the number one hero he oh so desired to be. He would never be able to graduate from school. He never got to experience true love, even though he never deserved it. All of these precious memories that he had yet to receive would never come, all because he opened his big mouth.


"WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY?" Jason growled louder as he grabbed the ash-blonde by his shirt and yanked him towards him. "HMM?!"


"I'm s-s-s-s-sorry, s-s-s-sir..!" Katsuki whimpered, tears welling in his ruby eyes. "I d-d-d-don't know what I was thinking...! Please don't hurt me..! I won't do it again, I swear..!"


"Oh, you won't do it again?" Jason smirked, letting go of Katsuki's shirt. "I'll make sure you won't. Take off your shirt."


"S-Sir..? P-Please... I don't want to be-"




The ash-blonde nodded quickly, taking off his shirt as fast as he could. Was Jason going to punish him again? If he was, he surely deserved it for opening his mouth! However, as he expected Jason to grope his chest once again, comparing his pecs to his mother's breasts, it never came. He looked up to his stepfather, tears streaming down his face as the overwhelming fear overtook him. Jason, on the other hand, smirked at the sight, for he knew that the fun was just getting started. Oh, the things he could do to Katsuki were endless. He could yell at him until he was blue in the face and his vocal cords in shreds. He could beat him till the ash-blonde nearly died, for he knew his mother wouldn't intervene. Hell, he could rape the red, vibrant-eyed male for hours, just to make sure that he got the message. However, a light bulb went off inside of his head, causing him to grin.


"Face the wall," Jason commanded, pointing to the wall behind Katsuki. He shakily nodded, turning away from Jason.


"N-Now what...?"


"Raise your arms above your head and place them on the wall." He watched as the ash-blonde slowly raised his hands above his head. "HIGHER!" His voice boomed as Katsuki's arms shot up. "That's more like it. Don't you dare let them fall," He turned to the ash blonde's drawer and began to rummage through it.


Meanwhile, Katsuki had no idea what Jason was looking for. What was he planning on doing to him? Why was he forced to hold his hands on the wall?


"All right," Jason said, pulling out a thick, leather belt from the ash blonde's dresser drawer. He quickly shut the drawer, letting one end of the belt hit the ground. "Here's how I'll know you'll never tell anyone again. I am going to beat you with this belt and your job is to count how many times I hit you. If you lose count, we restart. If your hands move down, we restart. If you make me restart three times, I will punish you again. Am I understood?"


Katsuki gulped.


"Yes sir..."


"Good," Jason smirked, before bringing the belt down on Katsuki's back, the sickening crack as the leather made contact with his back echoing in the room. Katsuki let out a pained scream, his hands instinctively falling. "Already failing? I thought I told you to keep your hands up!"


"I kn-know, sir..."


"SO WHY ARE THEY DOWN?!" He brought the belt down again, causing the ash blonde to scream again. "KEEP THEM UP!" He smirked as he watched Katsuki's arms shoot back up. "I'd ask if you were ready, but frankly, I don't give a shit."


Katsuki whimpered again as Jason brought the belt back down on his back, the burning sensation overwhelming the ash blonde. Tears welled in his eyes as he could practically feel the welts forming on his pale back.


"Well, what are you waiting for? Count!"


"T-That was t-three, sir..."


He brought the belt down again.


"AGH!" Katsuki whined as his back arched. "F-Four, sir..!"


He brought it down once more.


"F-Five, sir..!"


Again and again, Jason brought the belt down onto Katsuki's back, every ounce of rage and aggression nailing Katsuki in his back. His once pale skin was now a dark red, several welts littering the areas where Jason had hit him. Katsuki wanted to lower his hands down, to protect his back from getting any more damage. However, he knew that was an awful idea. If he did disobey, Jason would only reset the number of times he will hit Katsuki. Or worse, Jason will punish him again.


"How many was that, son?" Jason asked. "You better have been keeping track."


"T-Twenty-fi- AH!" Katsuki mewled midsentence as he felt Jason's hand press into his welts, the burning sensation overtaking his body again. The pain was so bad that he nearly dropped his hands to slap away Jason's. However, as much as he wanted to, his hands remained plastered to the wall, determined to not get the punishment he dreaded.


"Sorry, what was that?" Jason smirked as he pressed harder into the ash blonde's wounds. "Couldn't quite hear you, bud! You'll have to be louder than that!"


"T-TWENTY FIVE, SIR!" The ash-blonde shouted at the top of his lungs, tears endlessly streaming down his face. "Y-You hit me twen-twenty-five times, sir!"


"Good, at least I know you can do something right. You can let your arms drop now."


Almost immediately, Katsuki let his arms drop, his knees nearly buckling as well. He sniffled quietly, wiping away the tears that were streaming down his cheeks. Yet, the punishment wasn't over yet, as he felt Jason's hand move up to the back of his neck and squeeze it tightly.


"S-S-Sir..?" Katsuki hesitantly asked, terrified of what his stepfather had planned next. "W-What are you doing, sir..?"


"God, you're such a crybaby! You're lucky I had sex already, otherwise, I'd discipline your ass! I want you to apologize to your mother for telling her such a lie in the morning, am I understood?"


Katsuki nodded.


Jason smiled, releasing the ash blonde's neck.


"Thank you, now go to bed."


And with that, Jason walked out of Katsuki's room, leaving the ash blonde to wallow in his pain and suffering.






"Ah, you're finally back, love!" Mitsuki smiled as she watched her husband enter the bedroom. "What did you end up doing to Katsuki?"


"Oh, nothing much," Jason huffed as he flopped next to Mitsuki. "He and I had a long talk about why he was telling such a lie. He chose to talk back, so obviously I had to deal with that. You don't have to worry about him, Mitsu," He kissed her cheek. "He won't be lying to you anymore."


Mitsuki smiled before leaning in to kiss Jason, causing Jason to smile as well.


"I love you, so fucking much! I don't know what I would do without you."


"I love you too, baby," Jason mumbled, wrapping his arms around his wife. "I'm happy to call you my wife."


Mitsuki smiled once again.


She was lucky to call Jason her husband. To have someone who is able to handle Katsuki and actually make him behave!



She was so happy that fate had brought them back together once again.



Thank you to @Bakugousasscheek for suggesting this idea!

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Chapter Text

(The next morning)



Katsuki’s eyes slowly peeled open, the bright sunlight interrupting what little sleep he got. He groaned slightly as he put a hand up to cover his eyes. He hadn’t gotten much sleep on account of the amount of pain that was running through his body. It was almost as if Jason had thrown lighter fluid all over the ash blonde’s back, set it ablaze, and left him there to burn. Katsuki let out a quiet sniffle, before rolling out of his bed, making sure to be extra careful so that the pain wouldn’t return. He shuffled over to his dresser, pulling out a large, bright orange, worn-out sweater, which was loose enough to not cause any more damage to his back. However, as he struggled to put it on carefully, he winced at the feeling of the fabric dragging down his back. God, it hurt so much, he was tempted to just go downstairs shirtless to avoid the pain of putting a shirt on. Maybe then his mother would finally see just how awful Jason was to him.


Deep down though, he knew that she wouldn’t care about what her husband did to the ash blonde. Hell, she would probably yell at him to put a shirt on, that her house was not a barn and how he had to dress ‘appropriately’. Jason, on the other hand, would probably stare at him, due to the fact that he was shirtless, where he could admire his handiwork.


He sighed again.


He had the opportunity to go away from Jason once again, yet it slipped through his fingers. All because he was afraid of what Jason would do to him. As the ash-blonde continued to ponder about how screwed he was, a thought came to his head.


Hank was still in the country, right?


Katsuki’s eyes sparkled at the thought, sure, it’d be scary going to a new place, but maybe he could adjust there. He had done some research on the area to see what life would be like living in the United States. And it turned out that it wasn’t as bad as he thought! Maybe he could adjust to life in the United States! Although if he were to leave Japan, he would never be able to get to apologize to Izuku for all the things he did to the green-haired male. He knew that Izuku wouldn’t forgive him for what he did, but he had to at least try and clear the air between them. Maybe he could go over to their house before he left with Hank? Would Jason even allow him to do that?


He guessed there was only one way to find out.






“Oh, look who finally decided to wake up!” Jason exclaimed as he took a small sip from your coffee. “It’s eight am! Why didn’t you get up?!”


“S-Sorry, sir…” Katsuki mumbled, looking down. “I didn’t get much sleep…”


“I don’t want to hear your excuses! You know the rules!”


“Is he downstairs?!” Mitsuki asked, her head peering out of the kitchen. “YOU!”


Katsuki flinched at his mother’s harsh tone. Why was his mother angry with him?! Was she that upset he got up late?! His heart began to race as she barrelled towards the ash blonde, her death glare burning holes through the vibrant red-eyed blonde. A chill ran down his spine as fear overtook his senses. He wanted to back away from her, to prevent whatever anger she was going to take out on him, yet when he tried to move backward, he was paralyzed by fear. She raised a hand up and brought it down on Katsuki’s face, making sure it was her ring hand. Katsuki winced as he felt the familiar burning sensation return to his cheek, turning it bright red. He could feel blood trickle down his face from where her wedding ring made contact with his face. She rose her hand up again and brought it down, harder than before.


“YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT!” She shrieked, slapping the ash blonde over and over again. “HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!”


“O-Ow!” Katsuki whined as her bombardment gave him no time to answer her question. “D-Do what, ma’am?!”




“W-WHAT?!” The ash-blonde asked, his eyes growing wide. “I DID NOT, MA’AM!”




Katsuki opened his mouth to defend himself against these absurd accusations, however, Jason beat him to it.


“Yes, don’t you remember, Katsuki?” Jason asked as he took another sip from his coffee, not even bothering to look back at his stepson. “We agreed that you would apologize to your mother for lying to her and for trying to ruin her special day. Unless you want to get the same punishment like you did last night. Would you like that to happen?”


“...No, sir…” He mumbled, looking up to his mother. “I’m sorry for lying to you and trying to ruin your special day, ma’am…”




“And f-for trying to hook up with your husband…” He mumbled that last part, too disgusted with the fact that Jason would even come up with such a lie just to save himself. “P-Please forgive me, ma’am…”


And just like that, Mitsuki’s anger disappeared immediately. She pulled the ash-blonde into a tight hug, a quiet hiss escaping his lips as she did so. The fire that had eventually burnt out on his back seemingly reignited while Mitsuki hugged him. Mitsuki raised an eyebrow, as she felt something wet on her son’s back, seeping through the thin fabric. She lifted a hand up to see what was exactly on her son’s sweater, in which her eyes widened.


Her hand was covered in blood.


“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Mitsuki shrieked, pushing her son off of her. “WHY THE FUCK IS YOUR BACK COVERED IN BLOOD?!”


“I… I dunno…” He mumbled a lie, quickly looking down. “I must’ve scratched it up…”


“Let me see.”


The ash-blonde shook his head. He didn’t want to take his shirt off. He didn’t want Jason to stare at him, he didn’t want anyone to look at his disgusting body!


“That wasn’t a choice! You can either take your shirt off or I’ll get scissors and cut it off myself!”


Katsuki let out a shaky sigh.


“F-Fine… B-But not in front of Jason, m-ma’am…” He pled quietly, causing Mitsuki to groan.


“Are you serious?! Whatever happened to your back seems serious! You can show both of us! We can’t risk you getting too injured, how else will you make us money?” She grumbled as she grabbed his sweater rather roughly, ripping it off against his will. She grabbed his shoulders and forced him to turn around, his chest pressed up against the wall. Her eyes widened at the sight. The ash blonde’s back was littered in large cuts, some leaking blood and dripping down his back, whereas some had already stopped bleeding, but had begun to inflame since he decided not to cover the wounds up. “Jesus Christ…What the fuck happened?!”


He remained silent, for if he were to tell Mitsuki the truth, he would only get punished more, not only from Mitsuki but Jason as well.


“Ugh, whatever, go change your shirt and bandage your back! There should be some bandages in the medicine cabinet! But don’t you dare get blood on my carpet!” She growled as she watched her son scurry off, her death glare still locked onto him to make sure he didn’t spill a drop on her precious carpet. Once Katsuki had gotten out of her sight, she quickly turned around, glaring daggers at the back of Jason’s head. Jason, (who felt Mitsuki’s glare without looking back), downed the rest of his coffee before looking towards his wife.


“Why are you staring at me like that?!” Jason asked, looking at his wife with a look of confusion.


“I thought you said you were going to have a little talk!” Mitsuki grumbled as she leaned against the wall, crossing her arms in frustration. “You lied to me!”


“I did not! I told you that we talked, then he decided to talk back, in which I dealt with it!” Jason responded, furrowing his brow.


“Yeah, I thought you were going to slap him around, not beat him half to death! Jesus, Jason, you tore his back up! That’s going to need stitches! What if it gets infected?! What if he dies because of it?!”


“You’re worrying too much! Katsuki’s a man, he can handle getting his ass beat! Hell, I got my ass beat like that when I was his age for talking back!” Jason growled, his anger slowly taking over. “You said you wanted him to be a good child, right? Don’t tell me you're changing your mind and want him to act like the demon he was when I got there!”


“Ugh, of course not! That’s not what I meant and you know it! I don’t want my son, who will make us a shit ton of money when he becomes a pro! As much as he acts like a damn brat, he does have talent! So be fucking easy with him! What if one day, you go too far in disciplining him and you kill him?! What do you plan to do then?!”


“Easy, nobody would miss that fucking queer!”


“Yes, people would!” Mitsuki growled, her eyes widening at how her husband was acting. “I would miss him! What if Hank or any of Masaru’s relatives start asking questions?! Hell, even his school would ask questions on why Katsuki isn’t showing up!”


“So? We’ll cross that bridge if we get there! Jesus,” He stood up from his place at the table. “You’re acting like I killed Katsuki! I haven’t done such a thing! Masaru’s relatives don’t even give a shit about Katsuki, if they did care, they would’ve been snooping around, trying to find a loophole to get Katsuki away from us!”


“Ugh, fuck!” She groaned, putting a hand on her forehead. “Are you that stupid?! What if someone sees the marks on his back and he tells them that we did it?! Then we’ll go to jail and we’ll never get to see the money that Katsuki will give us! Knowing our luck, Katsuki will just run to Kaori and show him what you did to him! Her son is a professional hero, you know! He’ll arrest the both of us and probably let Katsuki stay with that bitch Kaori!”


“Then I’ll deal with him if he comes around!” He growled. “I’ll make sure he never gets involved in our lives. If that’s what you want.”


“Ugh, I don’t even know what I want anymore! Katsuki’s got me all stressed out, I just wish he would act like a good child! I don’t want us to keep fighting! I just want us to be a normal family, so that I can actually be happy, unlike my relationship with Masaru!”


“I know, baby.” He huffed. “Katsuki has been causing us a lot of stress, with all the lies he’s been telling. I don’t like how it causes us to fight. Maybe we should take a vacation? I know we agreed that we weren’t going to have a honeymoon, but I think we should have one! It’ll get us away from Katsuki and hopefully decreases the amount of stress that he’s giving us.”


She smiled.


“God, you’re fucking perfect.” She smirked, before walking over to her lover. “It’s why I married you! But who is going to babysit Katsuki? I don’t want to trouble my parents with babysitting him!”


“Oh, that’s easy!” He grinned. “My dad hasn’t left for Wyoming yet, I’m sure he won’t mind babysitting him for the week!”


“Oh, that’s great then!” She pecked his lips. “Where do you want to go? The Bahamas? Paris? Hell, even Tokyo?”


“No, I know the perfect place!” He exclaimed. “How about California?”


Mitsuki’s eyes widened at the thought. “OOH! That’s really interesting! Why California?”


“My ex lives there! So I figured we could visit my son there and you can meet Natsumiki!”


“Sounds great!”






“Ow…” Katsuki whined as he dabbed some Neosporin on his back, the fiery sensation rushing through his body with every poke and prod. It hurt so much, to the point where he thought he would pass out from the amount of pain he was going through. Yet, even with the scalding hot pain on his back, it was nothing to the amount of pain of listening to his mother argue with her husband. As much as his mother hated him and everything about him, he still loved his mother and didn’t want to see her get hurt. He didn’t want a repeat of what happened with his father. But at the same time, he didn’t want to be with Jason any longer.


Then, an idea came to his head.


He was related to a professional hero! His mother even mentioned him to Jason! Surely he would help the ash-blonde in his situation, right? At least he would make sure that Jason wouldn’t lay a hand on him again! He smiled at the thought as he stuffed a hand into his pocket, pulling out his phone. Gosh, he still remembered when Mitsuki and Masaru came home from that dreadful reunion, Mitsuki was screaming about how much she hated Kaori and how she never wanted to see her again. He remembered how Mitsuki pestered him to delete all of his contacts from Kaori’s family, including Haru. He silently thanked himself for not giving in to his mother, instead, he just lied to her by saying he deleted their contacts. After a minute of scrolling, he finally found Haru’s contact, the familiar emojis of ocean waves planted before and after Haru’s name. He let out a quiet sigh, before typing;


King Explosion Murder: Hey, Haru?


Oceana: KATSUKI? Bro, how has it been?! I haven’t talked to you in almost a year!


King Explosion Murder: Well… It hasn’t been good. How’s Aunt Kaori handling the loss of her brother..?


Oceana: She’s been taking it day by day, you know? I mean, we all miss him! How have you been handling it?


King Explosion Murder: Not too well, I suppose… I have some stuff I need to talk to you about.


Oceana: About what?


King Explosion Murder: I’d rather not discuss it here… Could you come to our house? I know it’s far and all, but I’d really appreciate it if you came…


Oceana: Sure thing, anything for my favorite cousin! Be there in a few hours!


Katsuki smiled, shut off his phone, finished putting the cream on and wrapped it in bandages. He stood up from the ground and quickly went into his room. Haru lived three hours away from him, it’d be enough time to go apologize to Izuku!


He was finally going to be free, with the help of his cousin.


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(Three and a half hours later)




Haru stood at the bottom of the staircase, his bright, amber eyes locking onto the large, pearl white door. He was hesitant to enter the estate, as he hadn’t been there ever since he was in middle school. Gosh, all the memories of when he and Katsuki were little and when they used to play video games together. However, Mitsuki would always yell at the ash blonde, which would always make him cry, in which the teal-haired male would have to comfort him. He never liked Katsuki’s mother, even when he was a little kid! She was just so mean, so determined to make everyone’s lives hell! Hell, he wouldn’t even be near this awful place if Katsuki hadn’t asked him to come. Speaking of Katsuki, he still had no idea why the ash-blonde messaged him but based on how his cousin was acting, it had to be serious. In one swift motion, he jumped to the top of the stairs, before knocking on the door roughly. In mere seconds, the door opened, revealing Jason. Haru’s eyes widened as he looked up to the taller male. Had he forgotten the address? Had it been so long that Mitsuki and Katsuki moved away to a different town? No, that wasn’t possible, Katsuki was supposed to go to U.A!


“Can I help you?” Jason asked as he stared towards the professional hero, crossing his arms and leaning against the door frame.


“Oh, sorry, sir!” Haru chuckled slightly. “I must be at the wrong house! My name is Haru Wakatoshi, aka professional hero, Oceana!”


“Oh!” Jason chuckled as well. “Well, it happens to the best of us! Whose house are you looking for? Maybe I could help you find it!”


“Baby?” Mitsuki’s voice called from the kitchen. “Who’s at the door?”


“It’s a pro hero!”


“Oh, so I am at the right house!” Haru smiled. “May I speak to Mitsuki, sir?”



“...Why do you want to talk to my wife?” Jason asked, his tone seemingly going from upbeat to ominous. “Who are you?”


“Baby, you ok?” Mitsuki asked as she walked towards the door, noticing her former nephew. “Whose at the- Oh, it’s you. What the hell are you doing here, Haru?”


“Uh, hello, Mitsuki. I need to talk to Katsuki, can I come in?”


“Absolutely not!” She shook her head. “Why would I let you into my house?! So you can brainwash my son?”


“Brainwash?” Haru asked, raising an eyebrow. “He messaged me a while ago and wanted to talk!”


“Oh, that little shit called you?!” Mitsuki growled. “Well, I’m sorry to waste your time, but he won’t be talking to you!”


“Well, I’d like to hear him say that, with all due respect.”


“Hey!” Jason growled as well, stepping out of the doorframe and towards Haru. “You heard my wife, you’re not seeing Katsuki. Now get the fuck off of my property!”


“Sir, please calm down!” Haru reasoned, holding his hands up. “Back away from me!”


Jason grinned before pushing the teal-haired male, nearly pushing him off of the stairs. Haru’s eyes widened slightly as he tried to keep his balance. Who was this guy?! Why was he being so rude?


“What are you going to do about it? Are you going to cry? Fight me like a man!” He pushed him again.


“You don’t want me to fight you! I would rather not embarrass you in front of your wife!” Haru said as he went down the stairs to prevent himself from getting hurt. “So, I suggest you back off!”


Jason gave Haru an evil grin, before throwing a punch towards his head. However, what he didn’t expect was for Haru to grab his arm rather roughly and throw him over his shoulder. Mitsuki gasped as she watched in shock as her husband traveled through the air before making contact with the hard concrete. Haru bent Jason’s arm back, to the point where it was about to break and held Jason still.


“AGH!” Jason groaned as he laid there trying to catch his breath, fighting desperately to free his arm.




“Look, I told you I didn’t want to fight!” Haru said, eventually releasing Jason’s arm and taking a step back from the situation. “I’m sorry that it had to come to this!”




“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Haru rolled his eyes. “Tell Katsuki I’ll be spending the night at Hanakasaki Inn, if he wants to meet me, he can.”




Haru ignored her, for he knew that she was not worth arguing with. Once the teal-haired male was out of earshot, she rushed down the stairs and to her husband. Jason was sitting on the pavement, holding his left arm.


“Jason, honey, are you ok..?” She asked, crouching down to help her husband.


“I’ll be fine, that fucking punk just knocked the wind out of me!” He coughed. “Fuck, that kid is stronger than he looks!”


“Let’s get you inside, sweetie…” She mumbled as she helped Jason up from the ground. “You rest on the couch, I’m going to go have a little talk with Katsuki. Then I’ll get you an ice pack!”



“Ok, love. I love you.” Jason smiled.



“I love you too, see you in a bit!” Mitsuki smiled, before walking up the stairs.






“KATSUKI BAKUGOU!” Mitsuki’s shrill voice boomed as she stormed into the ash blonde’s room. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!”


“W-What, m-ma’am..?” He hesitantly asked, looking up to his mother from his place on the bed. “W-What do you mean..?”


“YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!” She shrieked, raising a hand to slap her son, causing him to flinch. “WHY WOULD YOU CALL HARU?!”


“I…” Katsuki mumbled, trying to come up with an answer that would not get him hurt. “I just wanted to hang out with him, ma’am…”




“B-But ma’am… I need my p-phone..”




Katsuki’s eyes widened at the thought. Jason probably would murder Katsuki for causing him to be embarrassed. He couldn’t afford to have that happen! He quickly stuffed a hand in his pocket, before handing the cellular device to his mom.


“Thank you.” She growled. “You will not be getting this back until I can trust you. Am I clear?”


“Y-Yes, ma’am…”


And with that, she left the room, Katsuki’s only way of freedom sitting in the palm of her hand. Gosh, how could he be so stupid? He shouldn’t have asked Haru to come to the house, how was he supposed to come in contact with him now? He should have just asked Haru to meet him at the park, a coffee shop, hell, anywhere but here! But now he couldn't come in contact with anyone!


It was his fault that he wasn’t able to be free.


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"Ow..." Jason winced as he laid on the couch, his left arm being coddled with his right hand. He couldn't believe it. How could he be humiliated by some puny boy! God, he was so angry and he knew why Haru was even here in the first place! He growled in frustration, his good hand clenched in a tight fist. God, he wished he could punish the ash blonde so much, for daring to even contact his dead father's family to help protect him. Katsuki is supposed to be a man! Real men don't need to have their families protect them when things get tough! He felt so embarrassed to face Mitsuki after receiving such an ass-kicking. He groaned. What would Katsuki think of him now? Would he laugh at him and make fun of him for getting his ass kicked? Or worse, would the ash-blonde and that teal-haired prick that dared to come on his property to spread what had happened! He winced slightly as he sat up, contemplating what he should do. Should he punish the ash-blonde until he messaged Haru into leaving his family alone? No, that would only give Katsuki more proof to show Haru. Plus, Mitsuki would probably get annoyed with him again, just like the last time he punished Katsuki. Yeah, he had to go a little farther to get his point across. "AGH!" He winced as he lowered his bad arm towards his pocket, before pulling out his phone. He quickly opened up his phone, hesitantly typing Haru's full name. He wasn't expecting to see much, just a few photos of the teal-haired professional hero and a couple of articles about the good he had done for his community.


However, to his surprise, he was greeted with thousands of pictures of Haru! Dozens of them practically contained Haru with hundreds of people, their bright smiles illuminating the pictures! In the center of the pictures, laid none other than Haru Wakatoshi. Out of all of the people in the pictures, his smile was the brightest, while his arms were wrapped around his fans' shoulders. God, everything about him made Jason want to puke. From his stupid smile to his shitty costume which looked like he was a fucking scuba diver. The skin-tight, pale blue wetsuit was seemingly stuck to his body. And that little headband, that fucking pathetic headband. It looked like it was a small crown, the thick, black headband keeping his teal hair from getting into his eyes. Jason's eye twitched slightly as he exited the photos, seeing the articles dedicated to the teal-haired hero. From what he saw, Haru was well-liked amongst his community. He constantly helped the community get better while protecting them from villains!


But the worst part?


He stumbled on an article, his eyes widening as he read the title. The anger that was building inside of his body was beginning to teeter as he let out a quiet growl.


'Local Pro Hero Oceana attends pride parade, offering hugs to those who want it!'


"No wonder why Katsuki called his ass!" Jason growled as he threw his phone onto the table. "That fucker is a queer too!"


"You ok, love?"Mitsuki sighed as she walked down the stairs. "I can hear you yelling from downstairs!"


"It's nothing, love!" Jason smiled. "Where is Haru staying? I heard him mention he was staying at an inn, but I don't remember which one!"


"Hmm... I think he said that he's staying at the Hanakasaki inn, why?"


"Oh, no reason," Jason said as he stood up from the couch. "I feel bad that he had to deal with that, so I figured I'd treat him to dinner, in the form of an apology!"


"Aww, you don't have to do that! Haru is nothing but a self-entitled brat! If you apologize to him, you'll only inflate his ego! I say we just sue the hell out of him and take every penny he has!"


"Trust me, baby, I have a plan!" He smirked, before kissing her. "Ok?"


She smirked, before kissing him again.


"Ok, baby. I love you!"


"I love you too, Mitsu." He smiled, before heading up the stairs and towards the bathroom. However, right as he was about to go upstairs, he turned back around to look at his wife. "Oh, by the way, is Haru gay? I googled him and there were a few pics of him at that disgusting pride parade."


Mitsuki rolled her eyes.


"I heard Masaru celebrating the fact that his nephew came out of the closet as bisexual when he was eighteen, so probably. I'll tell you, he used to be my favorite, but since he wanted to live that disgusting lifestyle, I can't even look him in the eyes without feeling nauseous! You know, that's probably how Katsuki 'discovered' he was gay! He probably got whatever disease Haru had!"



"Thank you, love," Jason smirked, before going back up the stairs.


He was going to deal with Haru once and for all.






(5 hours later)



"Once again, thank you for letting me stay in your inn on such short notice." Haru smiled as he took the key from the innkeeper's hand. "I know that you are busy, especially now with it being summer and all."


"Oh, it's no problem, sweetheart!" The old woman smiled back, before hopping off of her stool. "It's not common for us to have a professional hero staying at our inn! What did you say your hero name was?"


"Oceana!" Haru grinned as he picked up his old, weather-beaten, olive-green duffel bag. "That's my professional hero name!"


"Such a beautiful name! May I help you with your bags?"


"Oh, this?" He held the bag up. "That's ok, ma'am! It's got nothing but my hero costume and a set of clothes for tomorrow! Where is my room though? Could you take me to my room?"


"Not a problem!" The old woman smiled. "Right This way!" She began to walk to the right side of the counter, the teal-haired male following close behind. "So, where are you coming from?"


"Oh, I was born in Tokyo, but I moved to Hosu to work as a professional hero! The people there are so nice, everybody knows each other there!"


"That's nice, what do you do in Hosu?"


"A bunch of stuff!" Haru smiled. "I mainly help with the fire department in extinguishing fires, due to the fact that my quirk is controlling water and generating some of my own! For example, if there's a house burning near the beach, I can use the water from the ocean to help put the fire out! If I'm not helping them, I'm usually down by the shore to make sure no villains attack or if a person swims too far! Although I can't drown, on account of my quirk!"


"You can't drown?" The woman asked, her eyes widening in shock as looked back to Haru. "How is that possible?!"


"I don't know, my family discovered this because I went too far out into a lake. Gosh, my mother nearly had a heart attack and my dad was panicking that I might have inhaled a bunch of water! Surprisingly, when they called the paramedics, they found no water in my lungs! And that's when everyone discovered that I can breathe underwater! It's kinda like I'm Aqua man, but I can't talk to fish!"


"I see..." The old woman pondered, before stopping abruptly in front of a large, wooden door. "Well, we have reached your room, Oceana!"


"Oh, thank you! You don't have to call me Oceana, I'm not on the job right now!" He chuckled slightly. "Just call me Haru, ok?"


"Ok, Mister Haru, this is where you will be staying! Check-out will be at ten AM. Breakfast will be served from six am to eleven am, lunch will be served from eleven-thirty am to five pm, and dinner will be served from five-thirty pm to nine pm! I hope you enjoy your stay here at Hankasaki Inn!"


"Thank you very much, ma'am!" He smiled as the older woman walked off. He slid the key into the lock, fiddling with it slightly, before turning it. He quickly opened the door, letting out a loud sigh. The room wasn't too huge, a small, oak wood desk sat in the corner. In the center of the room sat a large, king-size mattress, the frame in the shape of a seashell. He couldn't help but laugh at that, before dropping his bag onto the vibrant, pearl white carpet. He walked over to the bed and flopped onto it. He moaned slightly, due to how comfortable the bed was. It felt as if he was laying on clouds! God, he was so exhausted, he had been going around Musutafu, seeing all the sights there was to see! Along with that, he was constantly swarmed by curious bystanders, pro heroes in which were desperate to meet him, along with his fans! Man, as much as he loved talking to his fans and encouraging them to become whatever they want to be! He closed his eyes, desperate to catch some sleep. However, right as he was about to drift into the endless valley of sleep, his phone began to buzz. He groaned, before sitting up in his bed, stuffing a hand into his pocket, and pulling out the small, cellular device. As he read to see who had dared to interrupt his sleep, his face changed from annoyed to overjoyed as soon as he discovered who the mysterious caller was.


Incoming Facetime from Hinami Wakatoshi (Aka Wifey!)


Without any hesitation, he answered the phone call, revealing his beautiful wife. Her face was covered with a face mask, which was hiding her dark, navy blue skin. Hell, the green paste covering nearly her entire face, other than her lips and eyes. Her long, dark brown hair was tied up in a messy bun, a hairstyle that Haru loved. He smiled widely at the mere sight of his precious love, which was returned with a smile from Hinami.


"Hello, love!" He grinned, his bright smile shining brightly.


"Hello, Haru," She chuckled. "How is Musutafu going?"


"It's going great! It's been a while since I've been here! I wish you could have come with me, it's truly a beautiful city!" He sighed slightly.


"Oh, honey," Hinami reassured her husband. "You know I would come with you in a heartbeat, but our baby girl has been giving me a bit of trouble!"She chuckled slightly. "Speaking of our baby, did you have any ideas on a name? I came up with a few if you want to hear!"


"Hmm...I may have one..." Haru pondered. "What about Akua? I think that means the water! I say since our quirks both involve the water, it's a perfect name for our baby girl!"


"Ooh!" Hinami exclaimed, her smile seemingly growing wider. "That's a perfect name! It will certainly go on my list! But I think I'll show you my list when you come home, ok?"


"I can't wait!"


"Also, did Katsuki ever tell you what he needed?"



He sighed. "So, you remember my bitch of an aunt, Mitsuki?"


She nodded.


"Yeah, apparently, she married a new man after my uncle died. The guy tried to fight me because I wanted to see my cousin! Of course, I had to deal with him! I was going to message Katsuki and ask if he wanted to try and sneak out to my room at the inn! But I fear that Mitsuki may have taken his phone because him messaging me was the only way that I could have come to Musutafu. I would go back to the house, but the guy she married was huge! I mean, he was at least six foot six and two hundred and seventy-five pounds! Hell, I was only able to take his ass down because of luck! So, I don't want to risk getting anything happening to me, especially if it means me being decommissioned for God knows how long it would take for me to be in full health. I don't want to risk you and our baby's safety! I should be back by tomorrow!" He blew a kiss towards Hinami. "I love you so much, my beautiful angel!"


"I love you too, Haru." She smiled, returning his kiss with one of her own. "I hope you have a good rest."



"Will do!" He smiled once more, before hanging up the phone, completely unaware of the events that were going to transpire this fateful night.


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“Hello, sir!” The old woman called out from behind her desk as she made eye contact with the approaching guest. “Welcome to Hanakasaki inn! How may I help you today?”


“Hello ma’am,” Jason smiled slightly as he entered the inn. “I’m sorry to intrude, but I’m looking for a friend. I would have called, but I didn’t want to risk getting my phone damaged, you know? It started downpouring!”


“Oh, that’s not a problem at all! Would you like a towel to dry off?”


“Yeah, that would be great!” He smiled.


“Ok, I’ll be back in just a minute!” The short, elderly woman exclaimed, before hopping off of her stool once again and into the backroom, presumably where the towels would be. Jason quickly looked around, making sure that no one was around before pulling out a small, ziplock bag from his pocket. His grin seemingly widened as he stared at its contents. In the bag was a single Rohypnol pill. However, as soon as he took the bag out of his pocket, he immediately stuffed it back into his pants pocket. He couldn’t risk getting caught with such a thing. Hell, even he was surprised that he was able to obtain such a drug in such a short time! Thankfully, he still knew Musutafu as well as he did when he was a teenager! But deep down in his mind, he couldn’t help but think;


Was he truly capable of committing murder?


He let out a quiet sigh. He had to protect Mitsuki and Katsuki from Haru, no matter what. But even with that… Haru was a decent person. After all, the articles did say he was a great person. Yet, if that stupid teal-haired idiot kept his nose out of his business, none of this would have happened! Even if he couldn’t convince the teal-haired male to come with him to dinner, he had other ways of making him…comply.


However, before he was able to conjure up more reasons to justify killing the professional hero, the elderly lady walked out of the backroom, a big, fluffy, green towel resting in her arms. She set the towel onto the counter, before hopping back onto her stool. Jason smiled, before taking the towel, wiping away the water from his face and hair.


“There you are, now, who are you looking for, sweetie?”


“I’m looking for Haru Wakatoshi’s room. He’s a very good friend of mine, and I’d like to have a word with him!”


“All right, let me have a look!” She grabbed a pair of small, ruby red reading glasses off of the counter and planted them on her face. “Haru Wakatoshi…” She typed it in on the computer, the large device looked as if it looked older than Jason. The keys from the keyboard rattled as she quickly typed in the teal-haired pro hero’s name. “Nope, I’m sorry, his name isn’t coming up!”


“I see. Maybe try Oceana? It’s his pro hero name.” Jason said, internally cringing at the name.


“Oh, yeah! We have him! He’s in room one hundred and three!” She exclaimed, pointing to the right, in which there was a small hallway. “His room will be on the right-hand side!”


“Thank you, ma’am.” Jason smiled, before walking down the hallway. “Have a good night!”


“You too, sir!”







Haru yawned slightly, as he sat up in his bed. Gosh, this day did do a number on him! All he wanted was to go to sleep, so he could see his beloved wife once again. However, right as he was on the edge of falling asleep, a loud pounding at the door boomed throughout the room, causing Haru to nearly fall out of his bed from surprise. He groaned out of annoyance. Who was at his door at this time?! All he wanted was to go to sleep! However, as much as he wanted to ignore the person knocking, he knew he had to answer it. Who knew? It might be Katsuki, finally able to escape whatever hell his mother had forced his cousin to endure. He quickly walked over to the door, stretching his arms. He looked through the peephole, curious to see who was on the other side. His eyes widened, however, when he saw a familiar figure on the other side. A figure that was not Katsuki. What the hell was he doing here?! Was he going to try and fight him again?! Had he followed the teal-haired pro here? These questions shot through his mind like bullets as he ripped the door open, anger overtaking his senses.


“Ah! This was the right room!” Jason grinned, looking down on Haru. “Hello again, Haru!”


“What the hell are you doing here?!” Haru demanded. “How did you know I was here?! Did you follow me here?!”


“Not at all!” Jason exclaimed, raising his hands in a surrendering motion. “You mentioned that you were going here, so I figured I’d visit you! You know, to see how you’re adjusting to the area!” He looked over the shorter male, seeing the rather empty room. “Oh, is there anyone in here? I figured you’d have a girlfriend or boyfriend here!”


“Why would I?”


“Look at you! You’re a professional hero! Surely you can hook up with a few ladies! They must love you.”


“EXCUSE ME?” Haru’s eyes widened in shock, as he let out a quiet snarl, a look of disgust plastered on his face. “I HAVE A WIFE AND I AM EXPECTING A KID! I WOULD NEVER EVER CHEAT ON HER!” He let out an exasperated sigh. “I think you should leave. I don’t want to cause trouble. Now, unless you’re bringing Katsuki over to talk, I don’t want you here.”


“Look,” Jason huffed slightly, resting his good arm in the doorframe. “I apologize, I didn’t know you were married! Tell you what, let’s get a bite to eat, Hell, I’ll even drive you to my place! I’ll even let you have a conversation with Katsuki if all goes well!”


Haru’s eyes squinted towards the black-haired male. How could he tell if this man was telling the truth? What if he was just spewing up one big lie, only to kick him out before he could see Katsuki. He folded his arms and gave the mysterious man a fierce glare.


“How do I know you’re telling the truth?”


“Look at me! Would I lie?”


Haru raised an eyebrow. Was that a legitimate question?


“All right, all right!” Jason chuckled nervously. “I know we got off on the wrong foot, but believe me, I’m a nice guy! How does this sound; I’ll let you talk to Katsuki beforehand, ok?”


Haru sighed.


“Fine. I’ll meet you there.”


“Excellent!” Jason smiled, before walking away. “See you then!”


Haru, (once Jason was out of earshot), let out a quiet sigh. He was going to have dinner with the people who despised him. What could go wrong? At least he could finally talk to his cousin! Maybe then he could finally get to the bottom of this.


He just hoped he wasn’t too late.









(Meanwhile, at the Caldwell residence)



“M-Mom..?” The ash-blonde hesitantly asked as he peered down the staircase. It had been quite some time since Haru made his presence known, causing both of his parents to go into a massive fit of anger. A fit of anger that caused Katsuki to lose his phone for an indefinite amount of time. He was honestly petrified to go downstairs, in fear that Mitsuki would take that pent-up aggression out on the ash blonde. If it was like the attack she bombarded him with this morning, he would be certainly fucked. However, he knew he had to talk to his mother.


He wanted to leave the house and needed his mother’s permission to go.


Normally, before his parent’s divorce, he wouldn’t even ask his parents if it was ok if he left the house. He would just declare that he was leaving and when he would return, all while his mother was screaming about how he needed to ask first. In hindsight, that was a stupid thing for him to do. What if he got kidnapped? What if he got hurt and his parents didn’t know that he was gone? However, he wouldn’t dare try and leave without permission, in fear that Jason would ‘discipline’ him again.


As the ash-blonde continued to think about how he was going to go about this, his thoughts were cut off by Mitsuki, who had walked over to the staircase.


“Ugh! What the hell do you want now?! You already embarrassed your father by calling your abusive cousin! Now what?! Are you going to embarrass us some more?!”


“N-No, ma’am… I’m sorry about that…” He mumbled, his eyes glued to the ground. “May I go outside…?”


Much to his dismay, Mitsuki began to cackle, her shrill laughter echoing through the house.




“Please..! I’ll be fast, I promise, there’s someone I want to visit!”


“What?! Your girlfriend?! Oh wait, you don’t have a girlfriend, because your brain is fucked up and you like men!” She growled. “I don’t know why I’m letting you go to U.A! It’s such a prestigious school, it doesn’t deserve to have its reputation tarnished because a fucking fairy boy went there! I bet you’re hanging out with villains, sucking all the villain cock so you can boost your ranks in the villain hierarchy! That’s all you’ll ever be, you know! A worthless, pathetic, no-good, villain! I should just pull you out of U.A right now, after that little stunt you pulled! God, you’d probably last one semester there before you start crying like a little bitch, telling me and Jason how much you hate the school and how much you want to leave! Hell, you’re nothing but a burden to Jason and me! If you disappeared, I would be so ecstatic, you wouldn’t even know! I can’t wait till you become a pro though and you make us a bunch of money! After that, I don’t give a shit about what happens to you! You could die from a villain’s hand and I wouldn’t shed a tear for you!”


He refused to look at her, for most of what she said was true. He was nothing but a burden to his mother and step-dad. Hell, he already knew he was a villain, why did she have to rub it in? Hot tears began to well in his eyes, threatening to spill over once again. No, he couldn’t cry. Not now. Not in front of his mother. Gosh, what would she have to say? Would she get even madder? Would she continue her barrage of insults? Or worse… Would she call Jason to deal with him? No… He couldn’t handle getting disciplined by Jason again. His legs began to tremble at the mere thought of Jason punishing him again, how Jason hoisted Katsuki’s legs up in the air and punished him till he was full-on bawling. He could still feel the burning sensation in his rear and the pain of walking and sitting. The panic attacks he suffered before and after he was disciplined, how whenever he thought about Jason, it felt as if he was going to die. He hated thinking about Jason and his discipline, yet, it always found a way to claw inside his mind and corrupt all of his thoughts. He hated having to constantly bathe in scalding hot water after his discipline sessions, scrubbing away at the filth that never seemed to go away. He promised himself that he would never cause Jason to discipline him like that again. Nobody was going to hurt him like that again.


“ARE YOU SERIOUS, KATSUKI?” Mitsuki’s eye twitched as she spotted the tears, which were now spilling down Katsuki’s face. “What’s the matter?! Can’t handle your mommy yelling at you? God, you are such a baby! You’re just like your fucking father! Except your father could do something right in his life and rid himself from the world! You know, if he loved you, then maybe he would have put up a bigger fight! But in reality, nobody loves you! I don’t even love you! Hell, I even think Inko hates you! And she loves everybody! Nobody loves a crybaby! Do you understand that you little shit?!”


“Y-Yes ma’am…”


“Good, at least you can fucking listen. Not much else you can do other than that. Who the hell were you even planning on visiting anyways?”


“M-Miss Midoriya…” The vibrant red-eyed boy mumbled. “I wanted to visit her…”


“Oh!” She exclaimed, her bitchy attitude seemingly disappearing in seconds. “Well, why didn’t you say so?! Tell her and Izuku I say hello!”


“Yes, ma’am…” He nodded as he walked down the stairs and out the front door.


“You better be home by dinner!” Mitsuki called out from the front door, catching the ash blonde’s attention. “Otherwise you won't eat!”


He nodded, before continuing his journey to the Midoriya’s, silently praying that he would get hit by a car on the way there.








Katsuki gulped as he stared towards the door of the apartment, the seemingly innocent door staring back at him. This was none other than He knew this was a bad idea, but deep down, he knew he had to do this. Hell, he was barely able to convince his mother to let him go out after what he caused! He shakily brought a hand up to the pearl white door and was about to knock on it, when a thought hit him.


What if the Midoriya’s were on vacation?


He sighed slightly, letting his hand drop. If they were in fact on vacation, he would look really stupid. Not only would he have managed to convince his mother to let him go outside for nothing, but it was also beginning to get dark out. He knew that the time villains struck the most was during the nighttime. Normally, he would have been fine with walking home during the night, as he had his quirk to defend himself if any trouble decided to come at him. However, since he had no quirk, he was terrified to walk home alone. To be helpless and powerless with no way to protect himself sent shivers down the ash blonde’s back. Any villain could do whatever they want to him and Katsuki wouldn’t be able to defend himself.


And that scared him.


Maybe if he was quick, he could get home before it turned to dusk! He brought his hand up again and gently brought it down on the door, hoping to god that someone would answer.


“Just a minute!” Katsuki heard Inko’s voice call from behind the door, causing the ash blonde to let out a sigh of relief. Thank god she was home… Katsuki braced himself as he saw the door slowly creak open, revealing the green-haired woman. However, the smile she usually had when she greeted her guests seemed to falter slightly. It was like she was expecting someone else to be at the door. “..Oh, hello, Katsuki!”


“Good evening, ma’am,” Katsuki said. “Is Izuku home by any chance? I need to talk to him.”


“....Izuku isn’t home right now.” She said, her once happy mood seemingly disappearing. “He won’t be returning for a while.”


“Oh, that’s ok! I can wait here if that’s ok!”


“No, he won’t be returning for the summer, I’m sorry. He will be back in time for school, so you can talk to him then!” She smiled slightly, almost as if she was hiding something from the ash blonde. “I’m sorry that you came all this way, would you like something to eat?” Inko offered, opening up the door a bit more. “Or even some tea?”


“No, thank you for the offer though…” Katsuki mumbled as he looked down. “Have a good night, Miss Midoriya…”


“Oh, ok! Have a good night as well!” Inko exclaimed, closing the door.


Katsuki sniffled softly, wiping his eyes. He couldn’t even apologize for what he did! Tears began to well in his eyes once again, the overwhelming feeling of guilt overtook his body, engulfing his frail body in a pool of despair. He felt so stupid, so worthless. For all he knew, Inko knew what he did to Izuku throughout middle school, and didn’t want the monster to go near her child. He couldn’t blame her though, he treated Izuku like shit throughout their lives. Hell, Izuku probably hated the ash blonde, more than he hated himself! God, maybe his mother was right… Maybe he was better off dead. At least he wouldn’t bother anyone else with his villain-like behavior and tarnish U.A’s reputation by bringing a villain into their school.


He let out a quiet sob. Then another. And then another. Soon enough, Katsuki was quietly bawling his eyes out as he walked down the staircase.


He was nothing but a monster and there was nothing that he could do about it. All the pain and suffering that he caused to everyone in his life weighed heavily on his shoulders.



With every day, the weight and burdens got stronger and stronger.


And with every day, the urge to commit suicide got stronger and stronger in Katsuki’s head.




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Chapter Text

Katsuki had underestimated how fast the sun was setting. The ash-blonde thought he had at least a half-hour before dusk took over the sky. However, his calculations were proved wrong, as everything around him was consumed in darkness. He wouldn’t have even dared to walk home, for he would have called for a ride. However, Mitsuki had taken his phone, preventing him from getting any safe way of getting home. He let out a shaky breath, as he continued to walk down the barely illuminated sidewalk. He crossed his arms as the gentle breeze blew by him, his bright, ruby orbs darting around, trying to take in his surroundings. He shrunk slightly as he heard a loud cackle echo from down the street. God, he just wanted to go home, where it was safe. Well, not safe. He still had to deal with Jason, who was probably conjuring up some twisted punishment for all the trouble he caused today.


He shuddered at the thought.


He flinched slightly, quickly turning around as he heard footsteps echo from behind him, only to see no one there. He let out a heavy sigh. Was his mind playing tricks on him? Was his paranoia taking over his senses? He looked down to his watch, grimacing slightly as it read five o’clock. It was nearly dinner time and he hadn’t eaten anything at all that day. He spent his entire morning in the bathroom, trying to patch his back up from what Jason had done to him, then the rest of the time in his room, where he was terrified to face his mother and her raging storm of anger. It was only five minutes away from Izuku’s house to his, but to Katsuki, it felt like an eternity. Whether it was to constantly look about to see if anyone was following him or to try and not have a panic attack on the spot.


However, due to him being lost in his thoughts, he was unable to see that he was about to bump into a random stranger. He gasped, as he made contact with a random stranger, sending the ash-blonde stumbling backward. He landed on his rear with a loud thud. He looked up towards the stranger to apologize, only to freeze, the words freezing in his throat. He stared in horror as the figure stared towards him, as the street lamp barely illuminated the figure. His long, black hair that barely touched the back of his neck was the only thing he could tell about the male. His breathing hitched in his throat, as his heart began to race. The man leaned down, almost as if he were taking in every detail about the ash blonde. In Katsuki’s eyes, he saw Jason, staring at his body, licking his lips in anticipation, knowing that he could do whatever he wanted to the ash blonde and not get caught. Sweat poured down his forehead, he wanted to scramble away before the stranger could do anything, but no matter how hard he tried to move, his legs wouldn’t respond. His heart began to race as he felt his throat tighten. He whimpered softly at the familiar feeling, memories flashing back to that fateful day. The feeling of Jason’s large, powerful hand wrapping around his scrawny throat, bringing him in and out of consciousness made the ash-blonde sick to his stomach. He could feel his chest tighten, yet, it wasn’t like the other times. It felt as if his heart was being attacked by a boa constrictor and it was squeezing his heart until it stopped.


Was this what a heart attack felt like?



He knew that he had to be careful, as the possibility of him having a heart attack due to his quirk was very high, but he didn’t have his quirk. The stranger tilted his head in confusion.


“Dude, you ok?” The stranger asked, rubbing the back of his head in confusion. “Sorry about bumping into you,” He chuckled. “I guess I should watch where I’m… Hey, what’s wrong? You’re shaking!” Katsuki watched in terror as the figure reached out for him, his arm being exposed by the light. The figure had tan skin, with a weird abnormality on his elbow. Katuski flinched slightly as the figure waved his hand in front of his face, seemingly trying to snap the ash-blonde out of his panicked state. However, it only made his panicked state intensify. What was this guy going to do to him?! Was he some crazy villain?! Was he going to do something to him?! Worse… Was he going to do what Jason did to him?! The feeling seemingly overwhelmed him with dread, looming over his body and attacking it at its own free will. No, he couldn’t allow it to happen again! He stuck his hand out, to fire an explosion to defeat whatever intentions this person had in store for the ash blonde. However, he forgot that Jason had taken away his quirk, so it ended up looking like he was trying to gently push the figure away. Tears immediately began to pour down his cheeks as he backed away, choking back several loud sobs.


“N-No..!” He hiccuped. “G-G-G-G-Get a-a-away! D-D-Don’t hurt me..!”


“Eh? If you didn’t want my help, you could have just said so!” He retracted his hand and began to walk off, leaving the ash blonde on the ground. “I wasn’t going to hurt you, but I don’t blame you for reacting this way! Sorry for bothering you, have a good night! I hope you get home safe!”


As soon as the figure was out of earshot, Katsuki gasped for air, the cool air traveling down to his lungs. He laid back onto the pavement, his quick, short breaths increasing in the process. Who was that person?! Were they a villain? He sighed quietly, covering his eyes with his hands. He quietly began to sob, the sounds of his short, ragged gasps quickly filled the inky darkness. God, he was fucking pathetic. He used to be so strong and so powerful, but now, he was laying on the ground, having a panic attack in the middle of the evening in God knows where. He brought his hand up, checking his watch. The familiar symbol of hope sat in the middle of the device, his arms symbolizing the arms of the clock. He sighed, seeing that it was five fifteen. A part of him was astonished that only fifteen minutes had passed, but to the ash blonde, it felt like years! He sat up, glancing around to see if anyone was watching him before rising onto his feet. If he had any plans of eating that night, it was best that he got going.


And with that, the ash-blonde began his journey back to the place he once called home. But… he couldn’t call it that anymore. All the abuse and trauma that transpired made Katsuki tremble as he continued to walk down the dimly lit sidewalk.


However, the ash-blonde couldn’t help but think about his cousin, the happy memories he and the teal-haired male had before his father passed away. He remembered all the long talks they had, whether it be about their favorite pro hero or how Katsuki was doing in school. Haru was incredibly smart, not as smart as his other cousin, but regardless, he was still smart! Whether it was him helping the ash-blonde with studying for his written exam for U.A, to his daily tips about quirks and pro heroes that Katsuki had never known about. Surely Haru can see that Jason is not a good person and get him out of his home! Haru will save him from Mitsuki and Jason’s hateful wrath! He won’t ever have to deal with their problem or withstand any more of their punishments! He could feel tears well in his eyes once more, but this time, it wasn’t out of despair, but with joy. He would be able to accomplish all of his dreams and not worry about suffering Jason’s ‘discipline’ anymore! Hell, maybe if Izuku comes home, he’ll finally be able to apologize for all the things he did to the green-haired male!



He was finally going to be free of all of his pain!








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Chapter Text

“Oh, look who finally decided to come home!” Mitsuki growled as she heard the door open, revealing her son. “Do you know what time it is?! Inko’s apartment is only five minutes away! It has been over twenty minutes! Where were you?!”


“S-Sorry, ma’am…” Katsuki mumbled, glancing towards his mother. “I got lost…”




“P-Please don’t…” The ash-blonde softly whimpered, shrinking back into his hoodie. “I-I’m telling the truth, ma’am…! I haven’t been over there in months…”


“IS THAT BACKTALK?!” Mitsuki growled louder, her right eye twitching in anger. “WHAT DID WE SAY ABOUT BACK TALKING?! TELL ME!”


“T-T-That I’m not allowed to argue with adults…” Katsuki stammered. “I...I’m sorry for arguing…”


“God,” Mitsuki huffed, rolling her eyes. “You’re lucky I can't smack you across the face right now!” She sternly grumbled with clenched teeth. “Don’t think that I won’t, if it weren’t for our fucking dinner guest! God, I don’t even know why Jason convinced that teal-haired, self-centered prick to come to our house!”


Katsuki’s eyes widened slightly. Haru was actually at the house?! He thought that he was still at his inn! Maybe he can be free! Did Haru put two and two together and was here to rescue the ash blonde?


“Where is he, ma’am..?”


“Right here, Katsuki!” The familiar voice exclaimed as his cousin came into the ash blonde’s sights from behind his mother. “How have you been, little guy?!”


“I’m g-good!” Katsuki responded as he forced a smile. “W-What about you?”


“Eh, the same as last time we talked!” Haru grinned. “How were your exams? I hope I was able to comfort you, help you calm down, and cram for them!”


“Oh, yeah…” Katsuki grimaced. He remembered that awful night before his exams, listening to the barely audible bickering from his mother and father as he tried to study as much info as he could. But for some reason… none of the information could stick to his mind. Hell, he spent most of the time studying one fucking page!








“Baby! You know we can’t fucking do that!” Masaru exclaimed. “You know Katsuki has been working his butt off to get into that prestigious school! He’s already aced the written part and the physical test! Pulling him out now would be cruel! You know that! And by the way, you’re putting way too much pressure on the poor kid! I can’t tell you how many times that he was crying in his room, because of you!”




“Ugh, you’re not getting the point! Why does everything have to be about you?! We should be supporting our son, not worrying about ‘ruining our image’! Look, we can’t be fighting right now, Katsuki has final exams tomorrow! I don’t want to interrupt his studying!”




As the two continued to bicker about whatever bullshit they decided to argue about, their son was locked away in his room, the wooden door blocking out most of their words. The ash blonde’s floor was scattered with papers. The fronts and backs were covered with equations and the occasional scribbles that Katsuki had done in frustration. God, final exams were always so stressful! The overwhelming pressure of passing loomed over his head, and he hated every second of it. How the hell was he supposed to study if his parents were fighting?


“If x equals seventeen and y equals fifty-five,” Katsuki mumbled as he chewed on the eraser of his pencil. “Then if I multiply them together, z should equal nine hundred and eighty-five…” He flipped the page over, revealing the answer, which was nine hundred and thirty-five. He let out a loud groan, flinging the paper onto the floor. “GODDAMN IT!”


God, what was wrong with him today?! He knew these answers, yet he couldn’t get a single one right! Tears began to well in his eyes from how frustrated he was getting. Was his struggles because of his parents fighting? What would they be like if he failed his exams? Gosh, that would only give his mother more ammunition to pull the ash-blonde out of his dream school. If he failed, then he would have to repeat the year and he would be forced to drop out of U.A. Then he would be stuck at home, searching for a high school to accept him while his parents continued to fight about him. He reached behind his back, pulling the large, bright orange pillow that he was using to support his back. Pressing the pillow to his face, he let out a scream, the pillow engulfing all of the pain and anger that was plaguing the ash blonde. It felt like ages for Katsuki, releasing all the anger he had in his body and trapping it into the poor pillow.


God, this was all so stupid!


He slowly lifted his head from the pillow, tossing it to join with the pile of papers he discarded. He could feel the hot tears fall down his cheeks which landed on his shirt. He began to let out quiet, muffled sobs as he brought his knees to his chest. All of this pressure for him to pass was truly getting to him. Yet, he couldn’t talk about it to his parents. If he tried telling his mother about it, she’d go on a long rant about how she was right about the ash-blonde, how she knew he wouldn’t be able to handle it and would plan on taking him out of U.A. However, if he told his father, he would have a long talk about how strong he was and that he had all the faith that Katsuki would pass. Knowing his luck, Mitsuki would somehow overhear the conversation, starting yet another argument between the two. He let out a quiet, shaky sigh, choking back yet another sob.


“Maybe… Maybe Mom is right…” He mumbled to himself, wiping away the endless amount of tears streaming down his cheeks. “Maybe I should drop out… I don’t deserve it…”






Katsuki lowered his head, surrendering himself to succumb to his parent’s constant fighting. He hated every second of this. He hated that it was his fault that they were fighting. Worst of all? He just wanted to open the window and just… leave. He had no idea where he was going to go, but he could cross that bridge when he got there. He could go to a few of his friend’s houses, maybe they could help him out! He quickly shot that thought down though, none of his friends have spoken to him since the slime incident. He had no idea why they stopped talking to him, he thought they were friends! Was… Was he that unlikeable? He could try and contact Izuku and see if they could have a mini-study session! However, deep down, he knew that the green-haired male probably despised the ash blonde. He couldn’t blame him, he’d hate the person who tortured him for most of his life. With that, he could cross out another name on his mental list of people he could trust and go to if he needed help. Was there really no one he could talk with to help him through this hard time?


Or was there?



Katsuki’s eyes widened as he reached over to his nightstand, grabbing the small cellular device. He knew the perfect person to call! He sniffled softly as he began scrolling through his contacts, his eyes finally landing on Haru’s. He unconsciously smiled at the contact photo, remembering the beautiful day like it was yesterday. He remembered how he, Tanaka, and Haru went on a small trip to Hosu for a whole day! He couldn’t help but adore the city, from how many professional heroes he had seen from the news in person to all the tiny shops, selling all sorts of knick-knacks. However, before the three of them went to the inn to spend the night, the teal-haired had Katsuki take a picture of him on a red bridge. Hovering over the bridge was a spring blossom tree, the beautiful orbs dangling around Haru, occasionally drifting down to the ground.


He smiled at the memory. Although, as quick as that smile came to the ash blonde, it quickly went away. He knew he wasn’t allowed to talk to any of Masaru’s family after what happened at the family reunion. What if Mitsuki heard him talking to him? Would she yell at him again? Would she take away his phone? He didn’t have a choice! Haru always knew what to do to calm down whenever the vibrant, red-eyed boy was in one of his moods. If he was correct, Haru was currently at home, due to it being his day off. He let out another shaky sigh as he tried to keep his composure before calling Haru. Before he could stop himself, he clicked the large, green button, his body seemingly taking over. Almost instantaneously, Haru answered the call, his usually cheerful voice wasn’t there. It was replaced with a sleepy voice echoing through the phone.


“He…Hello?” Haru groggily asked. “Katsuki?”


“H-Hey, Haru…” Katsuki mumbled, closing his eyes.


“What’s up? You don’t usually call until later in the night!” Haru exclaimed. “What’s up?”


“This is going to sound so stupid…” The ash-blonde started as he felt tears well in his eyes once again. “But can you drive down here and pick me up..?”


“Eh? Pick you up? I would, but I live three hours away, plus I have work in the morning! Sorry, Katsuki!”


“O-Oh…” The ash-blonde mumbled. “Sorry…”


“Why do you want me to pick you up?”


“I… I can’t do this anymore…” He mumbled, finally releasing a few quiet sobs.


“Hey, hey, hey!” Haru exclaimed, trying to get his cousin's attention. “What happened? Do you want to talk about it? You know I’m here for you, right?”


“I know…” He sniffled. “I just can’t handle it… My parents keep fighting while I’m trying to study and I keep fucking up on stuff that I already know!” Katsuki choked out. “I’m… I’m not sure that I’m ready for this life…”


Silence filled the room, other than the occasional quiet sob coming from the ash blonde. Haru grimaced at the sound, each sob ripping into his heart. Was this what Katsuki was going through? To deal with his parents constantly fighting, tearing apart his mental health?! Was it his fault that Katsuki’s parents were fighting? After all, he was the one that convinced Katsuki that it was ok for him to come out! He remembered the long talk the two had and how Katsuki asked the teal-haired male for advice on how to go about it! Was that the breaking point between Mitsuki and Masaru or was it during the family reunion that they began to argue?


“Look, Katsuki…” Haru whispered, catching the ash blonde’s attention. “I know it may seem hard, especially with your parents being assholes. But I can assure you that you are ready! You’ve shown that you are going to be an amazing hero, even against all odds! But… if you don’t want to go through with it right now, that will be ok as well! Every person needs a break, including myself! Hell, if us heroes didn’t get a break every now and then, we’d all go insane!” He added a small chuckle. “Just know that auntie, Tanaka, my dad, and I will always be proud of you, no matter what decision you come to, ok?”


The ash-blonde nodded.


“O-Ok…” Katsuki sniffled softly, a small smile appearing on his face as he listened to Haru’s kind words. “Thank you so much, Haru…”


“Well, here's what you should do!” Haru exclaimed. “Why don’t you take a break from… what exam are you studying for?”


“My math exam. It’s the last one I have to take.”


“Ok, how does this sound? Why don’t you take a break for twenty minutes, then call me again, and I can help you study!”


“Yeah, that sounds good.” Katsuki smiled. “Thank you, so much, Haru…”


“It’s no problem, that’s what family is for! See you in twenty minutes! I love you!”


“I love you, too” Katsuki said, before hanging up.


Katsuki grinned as he leaned his head back on the wall, a newfound sense of hope rushing through his body. He was going to pass his exam and prove to everyone that he could do it!


Most importantly, he was going to prove to himself that he was capable of doing this.


And that was all he needed to keep himself going.


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Chapter Text

“Heh,” Haru chuckled slightly as he glanced towards the smiling ash blonde. “We spent so much time going over math formulas that I woke up speaking the Pythagorean theorem! But I missed you so much, Katsuki!” He engulfed the vibrant, red-eyed boy in a tight hug.


“A-AGH!” Katsuki cried out, arching his back slightly as Haru’s arms squeezed Katsuki’s welts, sending the ash-blonde into a whirlwind of pain.


“Whoa!” Haru said, shock engulfing his voice as he let his cousin go. “Sorry about that, I didn’t know my hugs were strong enough to hurt you!”


“Oh, no… that’s not it… I just-“


“He fell, isn’t that right, Katsuki?” Jason growled softly, glaring towards Katsuki, almost as if he was telling him to keep his mouth shut on how he truly hurt his back or he would face the consequences.


“Y-Yeah! I fell while I was jogging!”


“That’s right, you’ll be more careful next time, right, Katsuki?”


“Y-Yes, sir.”


Haru narrowed his eyes. Why was Jason answering his questions for the ash blonde? Was this just a way of them hiding the truth from him? Did… Did something more sinister happen to the ash blonde? If so, what? If he could get Katsuki alone, away from his mother and Jason, maybe he could finally get to the bottom of this!


“Hey, Auntie,” Haru asked, diverting his attention to his aunt. “Do you know when dinner will be ready? I have to start thinking about going back to my inn.”


“Ugh! Can’t you have any damn patience?! It will be about forty-five minutes! I swear, you’re just like Katsuki, the second you hear the mention of food, you just can’t wait to devour it!”


“Whoa,” Haru said as he raised his hands in a surrendering motion, shocked by Mitsuki’s sudden outburst. “All I did was ask when dinner was going to be!”


“It won’t be ready for a while!” She growled before storming off to the kitchen. “Just go hang out with Katsuki! I will let you know when it’s ready!”


“Thank you. C’mon, Katsuki! Let's go to your room!” Haru exclaimed as he ran up the stairs.


“C-Coming!” Katsuki responded, making his way towards the stairs. However, before he could go up the stairs to join his cousin, Jason grabbed the ash-blonde by his arm, yanking him back. “Agh!”


“Before you go upstairs, you and I need to have a little talk.” Jason grinned. “Understand?”


Katsuki shakily nodded.


“Wh-What about, sir..?”


“About what you’re going to tell that little pipsqueak you call your cousin.” He wrapped an arm around Katsuki’s back, his thumb digging into the ash blonde’s wounds. Katsuki let out a quiet whimper, the fiery sensation slithering down his back. “You better not say a word about anything that I did to you, got it?” Katsuki shut his eyes as he felt Jason’s hand slowly travel to the ash blonde’s hindquarters, squeezing it slightly. Katsuki cringed at the feeling, his knees on the verge of buckling. “You don’t want me to have to punish you, right?”


“R-Right, sir…” He whimpered softly as Jason smirked.


“Good, I’ll be listening in on your conversation with Haru, so don’t even think about telling him in private,” Jason whispered as he finally released Katsuki’s rear from his grip. The ash-blonde looked back towards Jason, seeing the black-haired male make a motion for him to move along, which he did. “Oh, Katsuki? Have some fun!~” He slapped his ass rather roughly causing the ash blonde to gasp. “Heh, your ass still feels nice. Well, I won’t bother you anymore for now. I don’t want you to keep your cousin waiting.”


Katsuki nodded, before slowly walking off, the overwhelming sensation of disgust engulfing his body, just like how the slime villain did to him. Was he nothing but an object to Jason? An object where his stepfather could do whatever he wanted to him, regardless of whether he wanted it or not, and Jason would never get in trouble. However, he suppressed these thoughts as he came to face his bedroom door. He quickly grabbed the doorknob and stepped into the room, seeing that his cousin was sitting on his bed.


“Ah, there you are!” Haru exclaimed, patting the spot next to him for Katsuki to sit. “Did you get lost or something?” He chuckled slightly.


“N-No… My stepdad just wanted to talk to me…” He mumbled, looking away to the side. “Sorry about that…”


“No, no need to apologize!” Haru smiled. “You said you wanted to talk in person, right? What was it that you wanted to talk about?”


Katsuki remained silent.


“I…I can’t tell you…” Katsuki whispered, his barely audible voice breaking slightly. “He’s l-listening…” He pointed towards the door. “And you won’t believe me…”


“Well, you can trust me, I promise!” He whispered back as he glanced towards the door. “Do you want to use paper? Or we could use sign language! I’ve been practicing my sign language lately and your stepdad won’t hear a word!”


The ash-blonde nodded. He had completely forgotten that Haru knew sign language! The memories of him going to his cousin, letting him know how his doctor told him that he would eventually go deaf on account of his quirk and how he was supposed to be a hero if he couldn’t hear! It was Haru who had suggested learning sign language because it would help other heroes understand him if their quirks affected their hearing as well!


“So,” Haru signed. “What’s wrong?”


“It’s…” Katsuki signed, before pausing. “It’s my stepfather… He isn’t nice to me…”


“How so?”


“He hurts me…. A lot…”


Haru’s eyes widened. That bastard was hurting his cousin?! How dare he! Sure, Katsuki tended to snap at others when he was angry, whether he wanted to or not, but he didn’t deserve to get hurt over it!


“Ok, I need to ask a few questions if that’s ok with you.”


“Go ahead…”


“How does he hurt you?” Haru signed, concern filling his eyes. “Does he abuse you physically?”


He nodded.




He nodded.




He nodded.


“Ok, this one might make you uncomfortable, you don’t have to answer it if you don’t feel comfortable. Does he sexually abuse you..?”


Katsuki felt his breath get caught in his throat, the question he dreaded the most was now in the air, waiting for his answer.


“How many times..?”


He held up two fingers, indicating to the teal-haired male that it had happened twice already. Haru could feel hot tears well in his eyes as he gasped. That sick fuck already hurt his cousin twice?! He should have tried to get his cousin earlier, much against what his mother and aunt commanded him to do. Maybe if he did try to get Katsuki out of his aunt’s arms, he wouldn’t have gotten violated like that. If his mother


Meanwhile, Katsuki felt tears well in his eyes as they dripped down his cheeks. He wanted to cry so badly, but if Jason was truly outside, what would he do to him? Would he end their session right then and there? Would he kick Haru out of the house and punish him? Was Katsuki making a mistake doing this? Was Haru going to react the same way his mother did? Would he call Katsuki a liar and abandon him once again? However, as these thoughts shot through his mind, he suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around his neck, avoiding his back.


“I’m so sorry, Katsuki…” He tearfully whispered. “I am so sorry that I didn’t try convincing my mother to go and get you… God, I’m so sorry…” He repeated the phrase over and over into the ash blonde’s ear, his voice breaking with each apology. “I’m going to get you out of here… I promise.”


“You… You will?” Katsuki asked, his bright, ruby orbs staring into Haru’s amber eyes. He choked back a sob, the familiar tightness in his chest returning. He began to let out short, shaky breaths, his hands beginning to tremble horribly. He couldn’t risk escaping! What if they were caught?! What if Jason decided to hurt Haru as well?! Or worse… What if Jason hurt Haru the same way he hurt him? He wouldn’t be able to live with himself!


“N-No..! You can’t..! I don’t want you to get hurt..!” He choked out, looking away from his older cousin.


“Hey, Katsuki,” Haru muttered, catching Katsuki’s attention. “Look at me, ok? Can you do that?”


Katsuki hesitated slightly before doing so.


“Tell me five things you see.”




“Just do it, I promise it will help you calm down!” Haru reassured.


“U-Uh… I see your headband… The wall… My All Might pillow…” He pointed out on the ground, the poor pillow sitting face down on the carpet. “Uh… I see your shoes and your socks with waves on them…”


“Good, good!” Haru smiled. “You’re doing great! What are four things that you can touch?”


“My hair, your arms, the ground, and the bed…” He mumbled.


“What are three things you can hear?”


“I can hear my mom talking… your voice and me sniffling.” He chuckled softly.


“We’re almost done, I promise! What are two things you can smell?”


“I can smell the meal that my mom is making and your ocean breeze shampoo… You really like that stuff, don’t you?”


“What can I say? It’s a great scent!” He laughed. “Final question, what is one thing you can taste?”


“I can taste my toothpaste from when I brushed my teeth this afternoon.”


“Good, you aren’t trembling anymore, in case you didn’t notice!”


“I’m not..?” He asked, looking down at his sweaty hands. To his surprise, Haru was right, the trembling he had mere minutes ago was gone! He glanced up to Haru, his eyes wide with astonishment. “How did you do that?!”


“My beautiful wife taught me that!” Haru exclaimed, beaming a bright smile. “You know how she was studying to be a therapist, right?”


Katsuki nodded.


“She taught me that method in case I found a civilian that was needed to calm down, you know, like helping someone calm down after they have been attacked! I didn’t have anyone to use it on yet, I’m glad that it worked with you! I’m truly sorry for what happened to you though. Although you may not believe that I will get you out of here, I will give you my hero promise!” He got on his knees in front of the ash blonde, his hands holding his younger cousin’s clammy hands. “Katsuki Bakugou, I promise you that I will get you out of this hellhole and make sure that you will live a good life. I hereby promise this on my hero name, Oceana.” He got up, pulling the ash-blonde onto his feet. “There, I have given you my hero promise!”


“Thank you… But how will we escape..?” Katsuki asked, tilting his head slightly. “Jason won’t let me leave the house just like that and they’re going to be expecting us downstairs…”


“Easy! Although we will have to put up with your mother’s antics for dinner because I don’t have my car on account of Jason driving me here. Although, when he takes me back, I’ll drive back to the house around nine-ish and you can sneak out the window! I’ll take you to Hosu with me and contact the proper heroes to take care of your Jason! Wait…” Haru paused, before turning to his younger cousin.


“Does your mother know about what Jason did to you?” Haru signed, in which Katsuki nodded.


“I told her on her wedding day… Jason found out and beat the hell out of me… That's what happened to my back…”


Haru nodded.


“Right, I’ll make sure that they suffer the consequences they deserve.” He signed


“BOYS!” Mitsuki’s shrill shrieks echoed from the bottom of the hallway. “DINNER IS READY!”


“It’s already time to eat?! Well, hooray for that!” Haru smiled as he glanced back towards Katsuki, beckoning for him to walk with him. Katsuki smiled, obeying his cousin’s command. Haru grabbed the door handle, gently opening the door, revealing nobody there.


“Huh!”Haru gasped, looking around to see if Jason was lurking. “I guess that sicko was bluffing!”


“I guess so…” Katsuki mumbled as he traveled down the stairs, his cousin closely following behind.


Their plan was going to work!



Katsuki was going to be free!


(2,025 words)

Chapter Text

(Warning, there will be some SA and talk of miscarrying. Read at your own risk!)



“Ah, there you two are!” Mitsuki hollered at Katsuki and Haru, who had made their way down the stairs. “Take a seat,” She set down a large bowl of rice with a few small, fried pork cutlets sitting on top. The scent practically wafted into the air She immediately took a seat. On the other side of the table, Jason was sitting there, knife and fork in hand. He licked his lips slightly as he stared at the meal.


“Can’t Haru and I sit together, ma’am..?” Katsuki hesitantly asked, seeing that the only empty chairs were the ones on Jason’s right and the other on Mitsuki’s left.


“Absolutely not! The last thing I need right now is for you and Haru to cause trouble! Go sit next to your father!”


Katsuki’s eyes widened slightly. His mom wanted him to sit next to Jason?! Surely she was joking! However, as he gaped towards his mother, completely dumbfounded by her command, he grimaced as he realized that his mother wasn’t joking. He quickly looked down, his eyes refusing to meet Mitsuki’s.


“Now, come on, Katsuki.” Jason grinned, patting the seat next to him. “You don’t want to be throwing a fit, right?”


Katsuki shook his head.


“What was that? Speak up!” Jason barked, causing Katsuki to shrink back in fear.


“N-No, sir… I won’t be throwing a fit…”


“Then have a seat,” Jason said, his eyes narrowing.


Katsuki quickly walked over to the black-haired male the fear of what Jason would do to him in front of Haru plagued his mind. He pulled his chair back and sat down, scooting the chair towards the table. Haru, on the other hand, felt his eye twitch. He so badly wanted to shout at her, for daring to associate Jason as Katsuki’s father! How could Mitsuki call that sicko Katsuki’s father! All four of them knew damn well that Masaru was Katsuki’s biological father! Was this her way of getting rid of his uncle for good?


Breathe, Haru… Haru thought as he took a shaky breath. Just keep your cool, for now, then Katsuki will be free!


“Well?! Are you going to sit down or not?! The meal that you were begging me to finish is finally done! And you better not say it’s bad either! I spent all day making that meal!”


“Right…” Haru mumbled, sitting down next to Mitsuki’s chair. “Sorry.”


“So,” Jason said as he peered towards Haru, his head resting in his arms. “How long have you been a professional hero?”


“Around a year and a half,” Haru said as he crossed his arms. “It’ll be two years on October ninth.”


“How much money do you make?!” Mitsuki interjected, staring at the pro hero. “I want to know how much Katsuki will make when he becomes a pro hero!”


“It all depends on how you’re ranked if I’m being honest. I’m ranked in the high nineties, so I’m making around five hundred thousand to one million yen, whereas pro heroes in the top ten make well over fifty million yen, and the top two pros, All Might and Endeavor, make somewhat along the lines of over a hundred yen per job. Katsuki would probably start with a sidekick job in an agency. Sidekicks only make around ten percent of what pro heroes make. So, logically speaking, he would probably start in an unranked heroes agency, which would make ten to twenty thousand yen, so he would receive anywhere from one thousand to two thousand yen per job. That all depends on how he does at U.A though, in which I have faith that a bunch of professional heroes will want to have Katsuki as a sidekick until he can afford to start his own agency!”


“So, wait, you’re telling me Katsuki won’t be making tons of money after he graduates U.A?!”


“....No? He will eventually, but not right after he graduates!”


“Well then allowing Katsuki to go to U.A was a stupid decision!” Mitsuki grumbled as she rolled her eyes. “How is Katsuki supposed to give us his money if he’s only making a thousand yen?!”


“Well, who said that he was going to give you the money? It’s his money that he will be earning, it should be his choice on what he will do with it. What makes you think you’re entitled to have Katsuki’s money?”


“Duh, I’m his mother! After all the hell he’s put me through, it’ll be considered a thank you for raising his worthless ass!” She groused. “Although I don’t see it happening, no hero is going to take in a gay hero! Honestly, I don’t even know how you got a job as a hero!”


Katsuki sighed as Haru and Mitsuki began to bicker. He glanced to his left, seeing that Jason was staring intently at his mother while cutting into his pork cutlet. Jason stabbed a piece of his cutlet that he cut and shoved it into his mouth. Eventually, Jason began to feel Katsuki’s stare piercing the side of his skull. He turned to face him, his ocean blue eyes glaring into Katsuki’s ruby eyes. The ash-blonde quickly looked away, feeling the anger radiating from Jason’s aura. God, Jason was already angry with him?! Was he still angry about Haru hurting him?! Was he going to take that aggression out on Katsuki?!


“I-I’m sorry…” Katsuki mumbled, catching everyone’s attention as he stood up from his place from the table. “I’m not feeling too good, I think I’m going to go to bed…”


“No, you’re not!” Jason snarled as he grabbed the back of Katsuki’s neck and forced him back into his seat. “You are going to stay here until everyone is done eating! After that, you will wash all the dishes! Am I understood?!”


“Y-Yes, sir!” Katsuki exclaimed as his fearful eyes frantically looked towards Haru’s, almost as if he was begging Haru to help him.


“Good, now apologize to your mother and your cousin for interrupting their conversation.”


“S-Sorry, Haru… Sorry, ma’am…”


Jason smirked.


“Thank you.”


“Well, anyway, who the hell do you think you are, trying to tell me that I am not entitled to get the money I deserve!” Mitsuki shouted.


“You don’t deserve a cent of the money that Katsuki is going to earn!” Haru shouted in response to his aunt’s anger.


Once again, the two began to quarrel, leaving Jason and Katsuki to watch. Jason glanced over to Katsuki again, noticing how uncomfortable the ash-blonde was getting. He smirked.


“Heh,” He leaned over towards Katsuki, whispering in his ear. “What’s the matter? Family fighting hit a little close to home?”


“I…I…” Katsuki mumbled as he tried to come up with an answer. “N-No, sir…”


“Why don’t I comfort you then?” Jason grinned, his hand traveling underneath the table. Katsuki gasped through his nostrils as he felt Jason’s hand gently grab his knee. “You’re so tense. You know?”


“S-Sir…please…” Katsuki begged, hoping that Haru would hear him and put a stop to Jason’s antics, but no avail.


“Oh, man up, Katsuki,” Jason said, his grin seemingly growing wider. “I’m just showing you a way to relax! You know, whenever I got stressed out, I masturbated! After a stressful day at school, when my father was away, I’d drop my pants and just go to town! It always worked like a charm! Tell me, have you ever masturbated, Katsuki?”


The ash-blonde felt his face heat up at his stepfather's question. Why would he ask him that?! That was none of Jason’s business! Although he couldn’t lie, he had tried pleasuring himself before, not because he was bored or in the mood, but merely out of curiosity. However, he never got to finish, on account of his parents always interrupting him. He shuddered as Jason’s hand slowly made its way up Katsuki’s thigh and between his legs. Katsuki bit his lip, the blush on his face growing a darker red. He could feel Jason’s hand slowly slide into his pants and wrapped a hand around his cock. As much as Katsuki hated it, he could feel the blood rush to his penis, making it fully erect. Almost immediately, Jason began to pump his hand, keeping his eyes on Mitsuki and Haru. Katsuki, on the other hand, held back a moan, the warm sensation that was wrapped around his cock made him want to cry out in pleasure. It felt so good, but he didn’t want this! He didn’t want to be sitting next to the one person who he feared the most. If he could only cry out for Haru so that he could stop Jason from touching Katsuki. However, he knew that would only cause more problems between his mother and cousin. Somehow, Jason would manage to paint that as Katsuki’s fault and find a way to discipline him once Haru left. He let out a quiet, shaky sigh. He could feel the overwhelming pleasure overwhelm his body as sweat began to drip down his forehead. Jason smirked as he increased his pace, feeling pre cum come from the tip of Katsuki’s cock.


“Jeez, you’re already close?~” Jason teased in Katsuki’s ear. “Gosh, I can see why you chose to go after men. You wouldn’t have been able to please a girl with a penis that small. They’d probably just sit there and laugh at your size whenever you take your pants off! Is that why you chose men, so you don’t have to do an ounce of work while you get fucked senseless? You’re so fucking pathetic. You think someone would love you and your bratty personality, but no, they wouldn’t. They just want to use your fucking body.”


“S-S-Sir, please..!~” Katsuki softly moaned out as he bucked his hips slightly into Jason’s hand. “J-J-Just finish, plea-AEUGH..!~” The ash-blonde cried out as he came, the white fluid shooting out of his cock and onto his underwear. His arms shot out towards the sides of the table, gripping onto the edge. However, he didn’t see the glass of water sitting next to the edge of the table. Jason’s eyes widened as he saw the glass fall, water spilling all over his lap.


“OH, FUCKING HELL!” Jason exclaimed as he stood up, a large wet spot forming on his pants as the water dripped onto the floor. “WHAT THE HELL KATSUKI?!” Jason growled as he grabbed Katsuki by his shirt, yanking him towards him. Katsuki’s eyes widened in fear, seeing the “WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT, YOU LITTLE SHIT?!”


“Hey, chill!” Haru exclaimed as he stood up as well. “Get your hands off of my cousin!”


“OH, BE QUIET!” Mitsuki shouted as she glared at Haru. “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK TO MY HUSBAND THAT WAY!”








“ENOUGH!” Jason barked, causing the teal-haired pro and Mitsuki to turn their heads towards the black-haired male, all while his grip was only getting tighter in Katsuki’s hair. “IF YOU’RE GOING TO TALK TO MY WIFE THAT WAY, GET THE FUCK OUT!”


Katsuki’s eyes widened. If Haru (the only source of protection that Katsuki had) left the house, then Jason could do whatever he wanted to him! Especially after what Katsuki did to him, Jason would probably force himself onto Katsuki, just like the other times!


“You’re kicking me out?!” Haru exclaimed, taken aback by the black-haired male’s actions. “She was being disrespectful to me and wouldn’t defend her son from you! Gosh, the only reason why I was here was to make sure my cousin was doing all right!”


“Well, he is all right!” Jason exclaimed as he pointed towards the door. “Now get out.”


Haru growled slightly.


“Don’t you even dare say anything to my husband!” Mitsuki growled before bringing her hand down on the back of his head.


“Ow!” Haru cried out as he rubbed the back of his head. “Ok, ok, I’m leaving! I will see you later, Katsuki!”


“No, you won’t!” Mitsuki growled. “You won’t ever see him again! Go live your pathetic life in your pathetic town!”






“I…” Haru mumbled as his eyes grew wide. Did she really just go there?! He could feel hot, wet tears welling in his eyes, just like his cousin not too long ago. Why would she bring that up?! “What the fuck is the matter with you…?!”


“Oh, what’s the matter, are you going to cry?! Get over it, that happened a year ago! Besides, Hinami would have been an awful mot-”


“DON’T YOU SAY A FUCKING THING ABOUT HER!” Haru snapped, the tears that had formed began to spill down his cheeks. “YOU DON’T GET TO SPEW THESE LIES ABOUT HER! YOU CAN TEAR ME DOWN ALL YOU WANT, BUT DON’T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT MY WIFE!” Haru began to walk towards the door and ripped it open, practically taking it off of the hinges. However, before he walked out of the house, he turned around to face Katsuki and his parents. “Thank you for having me, but I think that it’s time I leave. Don’t worry about giving me a ride. I’d rather walk than spend a minute with either of you.” He glared towards Mitsuki and Jason, before slamming the door behind him.


“M-Ma’am..? You didn’t have to talk about that… You know it bothers him…”


“So?! The kid needs to grow a pair!” Mitsuki growled as she dashed over to the door, quickly locking it. “Don’t you even think about backtalking either! I won’t hesitate to slap you across the face, you little brat!”


“Yes, ma’am…” Katsuki mumbled, biting his tongue.


“Say, it’s getting pretty late,” Jason said as he looked towards the clock, seeing that it read seven twenty-four. “Katsuki, start cleaning these dishes and put the food in the fridge, then get ready for bed. Understood?”


“Yes, sir…”


Katsuki stood up from his place at the table, collecting all of the bowls that were practically untouched, other than Jason’s. He carried the dishes to the sink, groaning internally as he saw that the entire sink was full of dishes. How many dishes did his mother use to make dinner?! He walked towards the table again, grabbed the large dish, and stuck the lid on top of it, covering up the food. He slowly walked towards the fridge, carefully holding the dish in his hands. He quickly opened the fridge and set the container onto one of the shelves. He gently closed the door and began to do the one chore Jason had commanded him to do.


As he began to scrub the pot that Mitsuki used to cook the rice in, he couldn’t help but smile. He couldn’t believe it, Haru was going to save him from this hellhole! He would never have to see his mother or Jason ever again! Hell, if he was lucky, he could still go to U.A as well and finally accomplish his dream to be a professional hero! But… Where would he go? He was sure that Kaori wanted nothing to do with him, yet she was still his aunt! He could live with them and try to get his temper under control! Plus, he could hang out with Tanaka! Sure, he was a year older than him, but the two got along well whenever they hung out with each other!


“Son, what the hell are you doing?” Jason asked, causing the ash-blonde to flinch. He quickly turned around, his arms holding onto the edge of the countertop to face the black-haired male, who was leaning against the fridge. “You’ve been scrubbing the same dish over and over again!”


“S-Sorry, sir…” Katsuki laughed nervously. “I must’ve been lost in space..!”


“Oh, your mother decided to go to bed and I decided to be a nice guy today and get you your medication.” He held out his hand, which contained one tiny, green and white pill. However, on Jason’s other hand, he had a small, plastic cup of water. “Even got you a glass of water!”


“T-Thank you, s-sir…?” Katsuki mumbled, taking the pill and cup of water into his hands. Why was Jason being so nice all of a sudden? Wasn’t Jason mad? After all, he did call Haru over to help him, which caused Jason to get hurt! Even if he wasn’t, he still spill a glass of water onto his lap! Wasn’t he going to discipline him again? The thought of Jason’s punishments loomed over his head, he stuffed the pill in his mouth, drank the water from the cup, and swallowed the pill. He grimaced slightly. The water tasted…salty? It wasn’t much, but still, why was it salty?! “Bleh…”


“Hey! Don’t be whining like a big baby!” Jason shouted. “Unless you want a punishment!” He grinned, in which the ash-blonde quickly shook his head. “That’s what I thought. You’re probably wondering why your drink tasted salty, right?”


Katsuki nodded.


“Well, you must’ve thought that I was really stupid to not hear about your little plan? About how you plan to escape my house with Haru at nine pm? I slipped some medication into your water that will knock you out for a couple of hours.”


Katsuki’s eyes grew wide. Jason drugged him?! He should have known that Jason was being suspicious! If Jason knew about Katsuki’s plan to escape… What was he going to do with Haru?! He couldn’t let Haru get hurt because of him! However, before the ash-blonde could think of a way to prevent his cousin from getting hurt, he could feel his eyelids grow heavy. The overwhelming feeling of drowsiness quickly took over his body, to the point where Katsuki was about to collapse. He fell to the floor with a loud thud. Jason grinned as he looked down on Katsuki’s limp body.


“P-P-Please…sir…” Katsuki slurred, not even bothering to lift his head off of the ground. “Don’t hurt…Haru… it was… It was my idea… Punish me…”


“Oh, believe me, I will punish you.” Jason coldly said as he picked Katsuki up, hoisting the ash-blonde over his shoulder. “Just know this, whatever happens tonight, it’ll be your fault. I didn’t want to have to do this, Katsuki…” Jason said, shaking his head slightly. “But you made me do this. Now you’ll have to deal with the consequences.”


And that was all the ash-blonde could hear, before his vision faded to black, the drugs quickly taking effect.



Please be safe, Haru…



(This next chapter is going to hurt.)

(3,207 words!)

Chapter Text

(Warning, there is a miscarriage scene in here. Read at your own risk.)


(Meanwhile, at the Hanakasaki inn)


Haru let out a tearful sigh as he zipped up his backpack. God, that whole trip was a shit show. He had to deal with Mitsuki and her pterodactyl-like shrieks, arguing with her and her new husband, and how much pain he felt, knowing that his cousin had been putting up with this while his father’s side of the family refused to help him. He sighed at the thought. He knew that he wasn’t innocent in practically ignoring Katsuki and his bitch of a mother though. Had it not been for his family’s stubbornness, they could have gotten to Katsuki and made sure he was out of Mitsuki’s toxic, vice-like grip she had embedded on his neck. Maybe they would have gotten to him before that sick fuck named Mitsuki’s husband came along and ruined his cousin. Hell, it was like Jason forced Katsuki to go through a massive change in his life, converting the once-proud, raging teenager into a scared, depressed husk of what the ash-blonde used to be. He felt so ashamed of himself for not going to talk to Katsuki when his father died. He should have disobeyed his mother and gone over to Katsuki’s home, making sure that Katsuki was safe in his eyes. However, he knew that he was going to save Katsuki tonight! He was going to make it up to Katsuki for not helping him!


Although… He couldn’t stand to deal with Mitsuki, especially with her comments on his wife. He knew that she never liked Hinami, probably because Hinami was cool and content, no matter how much Mitsuki pestered her. He snickered slightly, as the memories of his wife and aunt meeting for the first time came rushing to him. He wanted Hinami to meet Katsuki before they got married, but whenever Haru tried to call Katsuki over, Mitsuki would stop him, insisting that Hinami focused on her, not her brat of a son. He remembered how Hinami couldn’t stop ranting about how Mitsuki exhibited every sign of being a narcissist and how bad she felt for Katsuki. Gosh, that felt so long ago, yet it was only a year ago. He also remembered that the two of them were expecting a child… A topic that Mitsuki visibly hated. Whenever his uncle ever asked how Hinami was dealing with her pregnancy and if the two needed tips on parenting, Mitsuki would let out a loud groan and whine about how they should talk about something else. When it finally came to the time where Haru tearfully explained to Masaru that they will not be having a kid, on account of a miscarriage from an incident at her job with one of her patients, Mitsuki nearly sent herself into a fit of laughter, asking if they can host a party to celebrate Hinami’s miscarriage.





(July 12th, 2346)



“So, Satori, how are you doing today?” Hinami asked from her seat in her chair, her leg folded over the other, a large, wooden clipboard resting on her thigh. She smiled slightly, her bright, lavender eyes staring towards Satori. The tall redhead sat quietly on the black, leather couch, his knees tucked to his chest, while his bright blue sneakers sat on the carpet. “It’s been a few weeks since we last met.”


“I’m all right…” The redhead muttered, his eyes glued to the floor. “I’ve just been focused on school.”


“That’s good to hear!” Hinami chirped as she scribbled something down on her clipboard. “How are things at your new school?”


“Decent, the teachers are cool…” Satori said as he looked up to Hinami. “Although the kids at my old school were cooler.”


“I think you’ll be a great fit at Yokosuka High! Have you thought about joining clubs there? I know that you were in a whole bunch of clubs at your old school!”


“I don’t intend to join any clubs this year. I want to adjust to my new school before I do extracurricular activities.”


“Mhm,” She scribbled another line onto her clipboard, her eyes casually glancing up to Satoris. She was so happy to see that Satori was improving his mental health! She could still remember the first time the two had met each other, after the redhead tried to commit suicide, she couldn’t help but notice how shy he was, especially how quiet the redhead was. However, after a few minutes of poking and prodding, she finally got to hear Satori talk! His usual shy exterior seemed to disappear whenever he talked to her, almost as if the redhead was a caterpillar who had gone into its cocoon phase, representing his shy exterior. When he finally broke free of his cocoon, it revealed Satori’s true colors, which was that he was one of the sweetest kids she ever met! However, today seemed off with Satori. He seemed a bit more distant, unlike the other times they talked. Had something happened to him in between sessions that caused him to regress into the cocoon once again? Or was it something in the room? She knew that Satori had an issue with unorganized rooms, as they made him uncomfortable. As she glanced around the room, her eyes landed on the wall which had pictures that she received from her other patients, but they were perfectly straight. She glanced over towards the bookshelf. Perhaps the books were unorganized? However, they were perfectly organized too!


“Sorry if I’m not acting the way I was in our last session, Missus Wakatoshi…” The redhead mumbled, his bright red eyes glancing up from the floor. “I learned some news yesterday and I don’t know what to think…”


“Oh, you did? Do you wish to talk about it?”


Satori nodded.


“What happened?”


“My…My dad wants to be a part of my life again… He came to my house yesterday, begging to see me… My foster father chased him off, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I know he’s my dad and all, but he walked out of my life after my mom died… I… I don’t want to live through him leaving me again though… I’m not sure if I can take it.” The redhead whimpered as he wiped away the tears that were welling in his eyes. Hinami reached to her left, where a small box of tissues sat, and handed it to Satori. “Thank you…” He dabbed the corners of his eyes. “I’m just…confused, you know?”


“I completely understand, Satori.” Hinami nodded sympathetically. “On one side of the coin, he is your father, but on the other side, he abandoned you when you needed him most. I’m not telling you to forgive him or to not forgive him for what he did. That is something that you need to decide for yourself. Do you want to forgive him and let him be a part of your life?”


“...I’m not sure. I want to know why he left me. I want to know whether it was my fault that he left. I’m not even sure if he actually wants to be a part of my life, or if he’s just saying that to get my hopes up…”


“Hmm… Tell you what, why don’t you talk to Shirou and Satomi about how you feel about the situation. If they approve of it, maybe the three of you can talk to your father and talk about how you feel to him!”


Satori slowly lifted his head from his knees, a small smile plastered on his face which caused Hinami to smile as well. She opened her mouth to wish Satori luck, however, she was interrupted by her phone buzzing in her pocket. She looked down towards her watch, seeing that it was already five o clock. Their session was already over?! It felt like they had only gotten started!


“Uh, Missus Wakatoshi?” Satori asked as he hopped off the couch. “My ride's here, I assume our session is over?”


“Yes, it is! I feel like we made good progress today! I cannot wait until the next session we have! Do you want me to walk you out?”


“No, but thank you! I practically memorized this place already,” He snorted slightly. “Thank you for helping me out though. I truly appreciate it.”


“Thank you, Satori!” She smiled. “I’m glad I can help you! Have a nice night!”


And with that, Satori left the room, leaving the aqua-skinned woman in her office all by herself. She waddled over towards the door and quickly shut it, rubbing her stomach in the process.


“I know, princess, we’ll be going home soon!” She chuckled slightly as she grabbed her bag. “Oh, I wish we could come up with a name for you, although I know you’ll be perfect!”


She quickly shut the light off before walking out the door.









“Ah! Hinami!” Hinami heard a familiar voice call from behind her. She quickly turned around, revealing that it was none other than the secretary. “Heading out already?”


“Yeah, Satori was my last patient, and I finished all the paperwork I had to do during my lunch break! What about you? Are you planning on leaving too, Mikana?”


“That’s great!” Mikana smiled. “And no, I don’t intend on leaving just yet, there are still some other patients coming through!”


“Ah, I see!” Hinami smiled. “How’re your kids?”


“They’re doing great!” Mikana smiled. “Daisuke took them to see the national soccer team play! They even got to sit next to Katsurou Takeda and get his autograph!”


“Ah, I wish I could have seen that game! But my little princess was giving me issues in the morning, along with my work, so there was no way that I was going to be able to watch it.”


“That’s understandable, how far along are you?”


“Around four months! Haru and I haven’t decided on a name yet! Got any ideas?” She asked. “I’m sorry that I have to cut this short, but I really should get going!”


“Unfortunately, I do not!” She laughed sheepishly. “Sorry about that, maybe we can discuss this tomorrow? When will I see you again?”


“Probably tomorrow!” Hinami said. “I’ll see you then!”


“Goodbye, Hinami! Have a good day! Oh! You can’t take the elevator, the repairmen never came to fix it!”


“Ugh!” Hinami groaned. “I thought they were supposed to fix it today?!”


“Nope, the man who was supposed to come got sick with a stomach bug. He said that he should be good by tomorrow!”


She sighed.


“Well, the stairs are my only option, aren't they?” She grumbled as she walked towards the set of large, wooden doors leading to the staircase. “Have a good night!”


“You too!”






“Stupid…Fucking…Stairs!” She huffed as she began to descend down the staircase. “Why did I pick today of all days to work on the third floor?!” She stopped on the last step on the second floor, the familiar set of doors standing in front of her. She panted slightly, her upper half slouched over as she tried to catch her breath. Man, being pregnant sucked. But deep down, she knew it would all be worth it in the end. After all, she was planning on spending the rest of her life with her beautiful husband and having a family with him!


However, while she fantasized about her perfect dream, she wasn’t able to see that she was in the way of the opening doors. The large, wooden door swung open at a fast pace, nearly clobbering into the pregnant woman.


“Whoa! What the-“ She took a step back, looking towards the door to see who was responsible for nearly hitting her. Her eyes widened as her eyes fell upon none other than Tatsumi Kiyokara. The short, slender male looked down towards Hinami, who was still struggling to catch her breath. She didn’t even have to look up towards her patient to know that he was glaring at her.


“Oh, hello, Hinami.” Tatsumi nonchalantly said, his black hair with small, lavender streaks covering up his grayish pupils. “I thought you were on the second floor today.”


“No, I’m only on the second floor on Tuesdays! Why are you here? Your appointment isn’t until next week!”


“Oh, it is? Well, since I’m here, I figured we might have an early session. There is something I have to tell you.”


“I’m sorry, but we can’t do that right now. If you want, I can book you for a session first thing tomorrow!”


“No. I don’t want to wait for tomorrow.” He glared, his voice turning into a quiet growl. “I want to tell you now.”


“O-Ok,” She murmured as she took a step back, not wanting to make Tatsumi angrier. “What do you want to tell me?”



“Excellent!” Tatsumi smirked as he took a step towards the aqua-skinned female. “I have decided that I am going to stop coming to you.”


Hinami frowned.



“Tatsumi… You know you can’t stop coming to me. It’s a condition of your sentence.” She stated. If she had the choice in whether to have Tatsumi as a patient, she would have declined to counsel him. The only reason why she accepted him in the first place was due to the fact that she was ordered to. She could still remember the time she and the black and lavender-haired male met. She couldn’t help but keep her eyes glued on the male as she slowly counted the seconds away until their appointment was ready. If she hadn’t read his file, she would have considered the boy to be a true gentleman. Tatsumi was sitting in the corner of the waiting room, discretely hidden from all of the other patients. His leg was crossed over the other and his head rested on the brick wall. However, she knew that Tatsumi was not as innocent as he depicted. The reason why he was forced to attend counseling was that he was nothing short of a psychopath. Tatsumi had constant incidents in and out of school between him and other classmates, most of which got him suspended or expelled from three different middle schools. Yet, each time nothing legal would be done against him, due to his parents coming in and saving their son from punishment. This incident, however, was a different situation. From what the prosecutor told her, Tatsumi tried to stab a classmate in the neck with a pair of scissors, because the classmate accidentally bumped into him and spilled his drink onto his schoolwork. According to the witnesses who had seen Tatsumi do it, they described Tatsumi’s mood to change into another person: one that was hellbent on taking out those who wronged him. She heard that the usually weak teenager had a sudden feat of strength as if he had channeled the powers of All Might and Endeavor! If it was up to her, she would have thrown Tatsumi into a mental institution and thrown away the key to protect the rest of society from Tatsumi.


“So? I have been good, don’t you think?”


Hinami remained silent.




“I know you may think that, but there are still some issues that I think we need to fix before I can safely say you have been treated!”


“You think just because you stare at me during our ‘sessions’ and write shit on your fancy clipboard makes you think that you know me?! HA!” He snorted. “It’s fascinating to me that you thought you were in control of our sessions. But you thinking that you could fix me? That’s the funniest part!”


“O-Ok, I think you need to calm down, Tatsumi…” Hinami quivered as her efforts to hide the fear in her voice failed. “Why don’t we take a walk back to my office and we can talk about having more sessions?”


“No, frankly, I’d rather have it here.” The black and purple-haired male grinned as he reached into his pocket, pulling out a large switchblade. Hinami’s eyes widened at the sight. Where did he get such a thing?! What was he planning to do with it? Was…Was he planning on using the knife on her, just like how he tried to use the scissors on his classmate? She couldn’t allow that, for her baby’s sake!


“Tatsumi… Put that knife away… You know you’re not allowed to bring weapons here…”


“No, I don’t think I will!” He stepped closer to Hinami which caused her to take a step back, unaware of how close she was getting to the edge of the staircase. “What’s the matter, are you afraid that I’m going to give a suicidal kid the tools to rid themselves of the world? Knowing them, they’d probably thank me!”


“Tatsumi! That is not something to joke about!”


You want to know what I noticed about you?” He ignored Hinami’s scoldings. He grinned towards his therapist as he opened his mouth again, not even waiting for Hinami to respond. “I noticed that you seem to be pregnant.” He pointed the knife towards her belly, the tip dangerously close to her baby. “Either that or you just couldn’t keep the fork away from your mouth! And the picture of you and your husband that you keep on your desk is now facing the ground? Is it because you’re insecure about the fact that your body will never be the same as it was before? Or is it the overwhelming sensation of his judgment as he stares towards your body while you work? No, I know why you keep the picture facing the ground! You probably hooked up with another man, didn’t you? Was your husband too boring for you? Did you simply fall out of love? I think I know why you slept with another man! He couldn’t get it up, couldn’t he? He couldn’t get it up, so you had to have another man fuck you until you got pregnant!”


“Don’t say that about my husband!” Hinami snapped slightly as she unknowingly fell into Tatsumi’s mind game. “I can assure you that I never cheated on my husband!”


“Is that so?” Tatsumi chuckled. “Why don’t we put that claim to the test?”


“W-What do you mean…?”


“I mean, let me cut your belly open so we can see if the baby is truly his.” The black and purple-haired male sneered. Hinami gasped as she covered her belly protectively, which caused Tatsumi to snicker. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? It’s not like I’m going into this without any experience! You can ask the other doctors who treated me before. The best thing about pregnant stray animals is that nobody will care about them while I perform my experiments on them. What do you say, huh?” He pushed the knife a bit closer, the tip gently poking her hand. “Unless you want to go another route.”


“What route would that be?”


“Well, did you know that ten to fifteen percent of women who are pregnant tend to miscarry?” He grinned. “And you’re teetering on the edge of the staircase! It would be a shame if you had to take a ‘tumble’.”


Before the aqua-skinned woman could say anything, she felt his hands violently shove her, her body plummeting down the stairs. She cried out in pain, the unforgiving edges battering her body, especially her stomach. She fell onto the ground with a loud thud, her stomach hitting the ground first. She groaned as she touched the side of her head and glanced at her hand, seeing that it was covered in blood.


“You know, this was all your fault!” Tatsumi chuckled as he bounced down the stairs, seeing the small puddle of blood that formed below her head. “You should have just let me do my test! Oh well, I’ll see you for my next appointment! Bye-bye, Missus Wakatoshi!”


That was all Hinami managed to hear before his vision went to black.







“I’m here, I’m here!” Haru shouted as he dashed through the hospital doors. He instantly saw his mother and father sitting on a bench, his wife’s parents sitting right next to them. His panicked thoughts only seemed to get worse as he saw hot tears streaming down their cheeks. His father-in-law had his wife wrapped in a hug, their quiet sobs filling the rather quiet room. “I came as soon as you called me! What happened to Hinami?!”


“Oh… Honey…” Kaori’s voice cracked as she engulfed her panicking son in a hug. “Hinami had a fall… She’s hurt pretty bad…”


“How hurt are we talking?! Broken ribs?! Broken arm?! Damaged organs?! A head injury?!”


“Son, you have to calm down,” Haru’s father said as he stood up and rested a hand on Haru’s shoulder. “She’s got a concussion, but the doctor told us something before you came. You see… When Hinami fell down the stairs, she fell on her stomach… The doctor checked to see if the baby was all right…” His father felt tears well in his eyes as he continued to explain to his son. “They couldn’t save her, Haru…”


Haru’s eyes widened. No, this couldn’t be true! He felt fat, hot tears welling in his eyes which immediately began to fall down his cheeks. He choked back a sob as he stared at his father, hoping and praying that this was all just one big, sick joke, that Hinami was just fine and they can go home. However, as he looked into his father’s eyes, he could tell that this was not a joke. Haru took a shaky breath.


“Oh… Oh no…! No, no, no, no..!” He began to sob uncontrollably as he covered his eyes. “I… I… Oh god..!”


“I know…” Kaori whispered in her son’s ear as she tightened her hug. “I know this is difficult for you… I’m so sorry that you lost your baby…”


He couldn’t even speak, the words refusing to leave his mouth. Instead, he tightened his grip on his mother as he sobbed into her shoulder. His loud, muffled wails ripped into each of his parent’s hearts. Never in their lives have they seen their child, one who never cried, break down like this!


“Ma..May I say something?” Hinami’s mother said as she stood up from her seat on the bench. Haru glanced over to her, his eyes already turning into a bright red from how hard he was crying. He gave her a quiet nod, indicating her to keep going. “Haru… I know it hurts… a lot. Hinami is going to need you She doesn’t know yet. I know you are feeling sad, which you are entitled to do so! Just… Make sure that you both are taking care of each other. If you do need to talk to someone, all of us are a call away.”


He nodded.


“I will, Mesana. I promise.” The teal-haired male mumbled as he walked toward a large set of doors, pushing it carefully and walking through. With each step, the burden of telling Hinami seemingly increased on his shoulders.















“Ugh…” Hinami groaned as she opened her eyes, the bright, fluorescent light shining in her eyes. She put a hand up to her face to shield her eyes. Where was she? How did she get here? God, her head hurt so bad, it felt like she had a jackhammer going into her head, the constant throbbing only made her head hurt worse. She glanced around to observe her surroundings before her eyes landed on her husband, who was sitting by her bedside. His hazel eyes glanced up as he felt his wife’s movement in the bed.


“Hinami! You’re up!”


“Haru..? What happened..?”


“You took a fall, remember..?” He tearfully asked. “Your mom said that you fell down the stairs…”




“But… Look… There’s something else I have to tell you…” Haru whimpered softly as the tears returned to his eyes.


“What..? What happened…? Oh god… my stomach…” She put a hand on her stomach, her eyes growing wide as she couldn’t feel the bump that used to be there. “Where…Where is she..?!”


“Baby… I’m so sorry… They couldn’t save her…”


To Haru’s surprise, no tears came out of Hinami’s eyes. She let out a quiet, yet saddened sigh. She looked down, her beautiful eyes glued to her blanket. Hinami wasn’t the person to cry, hell, she rarely showed any forms of emotions! Hinami reached out for Haru and grabbed the teal-haired male’s hand, squeezing it tightly. Haru let out a quiet sob as he squeezed her hand back in return.


“Hey…” Hinami whispered as she rubbed her husband’s hand. “I know… It hurts a lot… But we still have each other. We will get through this together, I promise. Although I might have to take a month or two off until I’m fully healed…”


“T-Then I’ll be there with you, I can take a break from work as well!”


“That’s sweet…” She smiled slightly. “Thank you, Haru.”


“It’s no problem, Hinami. I love you, so fucking much.” He kissed her hand.


“I love you too.”


The two smiled once again, Haru’s head resting on her thigh. Sure, this loss was brutal to the two of them. But that wouldn’t bring them down!


As long as the two were together, nothing can stop them!



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Chapter Text

Haru let out a tearful sigh as he wiped the stray tears from his eyes. That memory was so painful, merely mentioning it still brought tears to his eyes. However, as painful as the memory was to the teal-haired male, he knew that the event seemingly brought the two even closer! But he couldn’t be thinking about that now! Only one crucial thing needed to be in his mind.


He had to save Katsuki.


It had only been a half-hour since the ash-blonde had revealed to him about the hell he was forced to endure, making Haru hold back all of his anger to not strangle Jason right then and there. He wanted to protect his cousin from whatever his stepfather had planned as a punishment. What would that sick fuck plan on doing to punish him? Was he going to sexually abuse him again? Or was he going to mess the ash blonde’s back up some more? Regardless of what his cousin’s stepfather was planning on doing to punish him, he couldn’t allow it to happen again! He was going to do what his family refused to do! He was going to protect his cousin! He stuffed the remainder of his stuff into the bag, put his headband on, and threw the bag over his shoulder.


He was going to rescue Katsuki, even if it killed him.


He opened the door to his room, his bag in tow. He glanced down to his watch as it read that it was a quarter till nine. His eyes widened slightly as he gawked at his watch. Had he been reminiscing for that long?! The inn was fifteen minutes away from Katsuki’s home! He rushed down the hall while trying not to trip, however, he managed to stop in time, as the elderly lady who was running the front counter was in his way.


“Whoa!” The elderly woman laughed slightly, seemingly unfazed that the teal-haired male nearly hit her. “Careful there young man! Don’t get yourself hurt due to your recklessness! Are you going to check out? I can’t check you out until ten am!”


“Oh, right,” Haru mumbled. “Then I’ll be back to check out tomorrow morning. You have a good night and stay safe!”


“You too!”


And with that, Haru walked out through the inn’s front doors, the inky black sky taking over the world. The beautiful, bright moon sat in the center of the sky, providing just the perfect amount of light for the teal-haired male, say for the occasional set of headlights passing by the inn. Silence filled the air, other than the occasional cricket chirping into the night air. He let out a quiet sigh as he walked to his car and tossed his bag in, shivering slightly as the cool wind blew on his back. How was he going to go about this? Should he text the ash blonde to let him know to be ready? Or should he wait until he was at Katsuki’s house to text him? No, that was stupid. That would only give Jason and Mitsuki time to see him and chase him off!


He stuffed a hand into his pocket and pulled out the small, cellular device. Logically, the best choice would be to message Katsuki now, so that they can escape and get the hell out of here!






“Ugh, Jason!” Mitsuki called out to her husband from upstairs.


“Yes, my love?” Jason asked as he stopped scrubbing the dishes that his stepson had left behind.


“Haru keeps texting Katsuki’s phone! Can you handle it, please?!”


“Sure thing, love!” Jason exclaimed as he began to walk up the stairs. He walked down the hallway and past his stepson’s door, the now bare wooden door shut tightly. He grabbed the handle of the door and opened it, the bright light entering the ash blonde’s room. Jason snickered at the sight. Katsuki’s body was practically sprawled out on his bed, the covers barely covering his body. His legs were spread in a way that was seemingly beckoning for Jason to punish him! He shook his head as he erased the thought from his mind before a tent formed in his pants. He continued to walk down the hallway until he reached Mitsuki’s room. “I’ll handle this, love!” He took the phone from her hand and kissed her cheek, causing Mitsuki to smile.


“Thank you, darling.”


“It’s no problem!”


He walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. He turned on the ash blonde’s phone, seeing that the professional hero did in fact message his stepson. He groaned as he saw the ash blonde’s message name. What kind of kid calls themselves King Explosion Murder?! Was that supposed to be his hero name?! If that was, they were royally fucked! Not only would nobody want the kid because he was gay, but they would also probably look at Katsuki and think of him as a villain! He let out a loud groan, before typing his answer;


Oceana: Hey, I’m going to start getting ready to leave the inn right now, be ready to leave when I get here.


King Explosion Murder: On second thought, we can’t meet at my house right now, Mom and Jason are pissed at you, is there any way we can meet near the white cliffs? It’s pretty close to your hotel, right?


Oceana: I think so.


King Explosion Murder: Good, I’ll meet you there at ten. I have to wait for my parents to go to bed.


Oceana: Will do, I’ll see you there!


Jason smirked as he turned the ash blonde’s phone off and tossed it to the side. With that, he had plenty of time to prepare to handle Haru. But in the meantime, he had all the time to punish Katsuki. He stared towards the ash blonde’s chest, his shirt barely covering his stomach, as Jason didn’t bother to pull his shirt down. He slowly pulled Katsuki’s shirt up, revealing the ash blonde’s abs and pecs. This was great! He didn’t have to deal with Katsuki’s whining and begging for him to stop! He didn’t have to listen to the ash blonde sob as he punished him. Sure, it was always nice to the black-haired male whenever he knocked Katsuki off of his pedestal and made him feel like absolute trash afterward, but he could kill for some time to punish him without resistance. However, he couldn’t take his eyes off of Katsuki’s chest, specifically his pecs. How can Katsuki even call himself a man when his body was that of a woman’s? He quietly slithered his hand into Katsuki’s shirt, like a snake exploring its vivarium.


“Oh, Katsuki…” Jason grinned as he squeezed the ash blonde’s chest rather roughly, noticing the tent that was forming in the black-haired male’s pants. “I know you can’t hear me, but if only you acted like a good child, I wouldn’t have to force these punishments on you.~” He cooed, his voice no higher than a susurration. “Maybe now, you can actually learn your damn lesson.~” He pulled the ash blonde’s shirt off of his chest. “You’re so lucky that I have other plans, otherwise, I’d punish you like I did the day I proposed to your mother.” He stood up from his spot next to Katsuki’s bed, his large frame seemingly towering over Katsuki. “That doesn’t mean I won’t let you off easy, though.” He grabbed Katsuki’s sweats and ripped them off as well, tossing them to the side. He stared at the sight once more as he could see most of his stepson’s body, other than his private area, which was covered by his underwear. “If you think that'll be your punishment,” He pulled the underwear off as well and tossed it to the side, the pair of plain, white underwear landing on top of Katsuki’s sweats in a nice pile. “Then you’re sadly mistaken.”


“Nnh…” The ash-blonde moaned in his sleep, tilting his head to his left.


“God, even when you’re sleeping you still like to whine!” Jason scoffed before he walked to the door. “Maybe if you learned how to stop acting like a baby, I wouldn’t have to do stuff like this!”


And with that, Jason closed the door behind him, leaving the ash-blonde alone in his room. He couldn’t help but snicker as his plan began to form. Katsuki should be waking up in a couple of hours from now and would probably think that Jason punished him again. God, he couldn’t wait to hear the ash-blonde panic about how he allowed Jason to punish him again. However, he knew that this punishment was far from over. He knew that merely making his stepson have a panic attack was preposterous. Come to think of it, Mitsuki did tell him that she wanted to get rid of all evidence of Masaru. And Katsuki did have his father’s hair. Maybe he could get Mitsuki to give Katsuki a little haircut.


Although, he couldn’t be thinking about ways to punish Katsuki right now. He had to deal with a bigger issue.


He had to make sure that Haru didn’t tell a soul about what he did to his cousin. Whether it was him leaving the city for good or a more sinister way of making sure he was quiet, he knew one thing for certain.


He was going to make sure that Haru Wakatoshi would never talk to Katsuki and the things that he did to him.


And it would all be Katsuki’s fault.


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Chapter Text

(One hour later.)





“Fuck… Where the hell are you, Katsuki…?!” Haru mumbled as he looked at his watch, seeing that it was ten-fifteen. What took Katsuki so long?! Was he running into trouble with Jason?! This was a bad idea. Why did he agree to meet him here?! The teal-haired pro once again glanced toward his phone to see if he had gotten a message from his cousin. He groaned slightly, as there wasn't a message explaining why Katsuki was running late.


Ten more minutes… Haru thought. Then I'll come to his house.


As he pulled his phone out to set the timer, a bright set of headlights illuminated the surrounding area. Haru groaned as he put a hand up to shield his eyes. Was this Katsuki?! How did he manage to get a car? Did he steal it from Mitsuki?!


“Katsuki?” Haru called out as the car shut off, the headlights still shining brightly. Haru watched as the door swung open, and the figure stepped out of the car, revealing it was none other than Jason. Haru's eyes grew wide at the sight. What the hell was he doing here?! “Oh, fuck off,” He rolled his eyes. “What are you doing here?!”


“Jeez, sorry that I'm a little late, the main road got closed on my side. I see you got my messages, though.”


“What messages?! You never texted me! I don't even have your number!”


“Yeah, duh. I had to use Katsuki's phone. You would have never met me here if I didn't use his phone. But that's beside the point. I wanted to have a little discussion with you, face to face, as men.”


“What do you want to talk about?! I'd rather not talk to someone like you.” Haru growled as he crossed his arms, glaring daggers at the taller male.


“Trust me,” Jason said as he paced back and forth in front of the teal-haired male. “You'll want to hear me out. You see, here's the deal. I heard every single word of your little plan, on how you plan to take what's rightfully mine and Mitsuki's away from us. I know that he's your cousin and that you care for him. But you have to know where your place is. You don't have the right to intervene in how I discipline my son. Whatever that fucking queer told you was a damn lie. He's mad that he doesn't get to walk all over me like how he did to your uncle. Now, I know your wife is pregnant, so you have to think carefully. Do you want to see your baby live without their father? If you don't want that, I'd suggest you go back into your car, go back to wherever you live, and forget about this entire thing. Am I understood?”


Haru snarled. How was he supposed to turn his back on the little family he had left?! Especially because he'd be leaving his cousin in the hellhole he begged him to rescue him from! No, he couldn't, no, wouldn't, leave his cousin again. After all, he's a professional hero! If he didn't save Katsuki, he'd be breaking every moral code he made himself follow!


“What?! Are you being serious?! You expect me to leave my cousin after he told me all the things you did to him?! To forget about the once loving person I used to know, because of you?! I don't think so! Unlike you and your bitchy wife, I would do anything to make sure Katsuki was safe. If that means me having to arrest you on the spot, so be it.”


Jason clicked his tongue.


“You know, I'm disappointed in you, Haru. I thought you were smarter than that.” Jason said coldly as he slowly crept over to Haru. “Oh well, I guess your kid will not be having a father.”


Before Haru could react, Jason grabbed the teal-haired male by the throat. His vice-like grip began to tighten, like an anaconda wrapping around his scrawny neck. Haru's eyes widened in horror as the breath got forcefully snatched from him. No, what was he doing?! Jason couldn't be serious, right?! Was he going to kill him?! He couldn't allow Jason to do such a thing! He could use his quirk to help him! After all, they were at an ocean. He reached his arm out in the direction of the ocean. He hoped that he was able to manifest a small amount of water, to distract Jason enough for him to escape. Yet, the water never came to his hand. Jason let out a loud laugh as the realization overtook Haru. Why wasn't his quirk working?! Was he too far from the sea?! No, he'd still be able to make his own water! Why wasn't he making his own water?!


“You must think I'm really stupid,” Jason growled as his grip got tighter. “I did my research on you. Your quirk is powerful, I'll give you that. But it won't save you now. My quirk is powerful too.” He towered over the pro hero, which caused his knees to buckle. His grip was so powerful, Haru couldn't make himself do a thing. This was how he was going to die, to be strangled because he wanted to help his cousin escape the hell he was enduring. His small hands tried wrapping around Jason's, in hopes that he could pry them off. His face was already turning to a bright red as his eyes bulged. He dug his nails into Jason's wrists, weakly clawing at them. Haru slowly began to see black splotches in his eyes, as he felt his body hit the cold, hard ground. Jason's grip never eased as he climbed onto Haru's chest. Haru opened his mouth, to scream for someone to help him. Yet, all that came out was a barely audible, strangled cry. He tried to squirm away from the black-haired male, but the weight that was on Haru's chest forced him to stay still. He thrashed his legs, causing the rocks and dirt to go flying into the air. “Oh, you stupid motherfucker! I didn't want to do this! Why couldn't you just stay away?!” He cried out as he pressed his palms harder into Haru's throat. Haru felt the energy and adrenaline fade from his body as his arms slowly began to drop. A tear escaped from his eye and dripped down his cheek. He remembered his wife, his family, and especially his daughter. He would be leaving them, just like that. Most importantly, he would be failing his promise to Katsuki. He couldn't imagine the guilt the ash-blonde would feel, knowing that he had caused his cousin's death. He hoped that he wouldn't beat himself up too much over it, for he knew that deep down, he would do this all over again. He would do this because he knew that someone needed his help, and he was willing to save them. Yet, as he began to fade, all the important events in his life flashed across his eyes. He remembered how he saved Hinami from the claws of a villain, making sure she was safe and sound. He remembered that after he dropped her off, she offered to make him dinner as a form of repayment. It wasn't much, just some shrimp tempura with some cold soba. But to them, it was the start of a loving relationship. They went out on countless dates and enjoyed each other's presence time after time. It came to no one's surprise that they ultimately got married. Along with that, he remembered all the stuff he did with Katsuki and his little brother. He remembered how he gave the ash blonde tips on how to be an excellent professional hero. He remembered all the times he and Katsuki sparred and how it all ended with Katsuki on top. He remembered how he would stick up for his younger brother whenever he got bullied! All those precious memories, memories that he saved in the back of his mind, taken away, just like that.


I'm so sorry, Katsuki... Haru thought as he felt himself slip away. I failed to keep my promise.

He closed his eyes, as he felt the little energy he had left slip away. A loud, raspy exhale escaped his lips as his head flopped onto the ground. And just like that, Haru Wakatoshi was dead. Jason let out a loud, shaky sigh as he released the former pro hero's throat. He did it. He actually did it! He got rid of the problem! He gently lowered his head onto Haru's chest, just to make sure that he wasn't faking being dead. His grin grew wider, for he couldn't hear Haru's heartbeat. He let out a quiet huff, wiping the sweat away from his forehead with his arm. Now came the easy part, which was disposing of Haru's corpse. It was a shame, really. He hoped that Haru would have taken Jason's advice, but alas, he left him no choice.


He stood up from his spot on the ground, his eyes locked onto Haru's blank, lifeless eyes. He wondered how Katsuki would react, to know that the only help he had was gone. He snorted at the thought. That baby would probably sob his eyes out and beg for him to tell him that he was joking. All the black-haired male would do was laugh at him, insinuating that Haru was indeed dead. But he needed proof. He stared towards Haru's body, looking at him up and down. What could he take from him? He didn't have much on his body, besides his clothes. Then a thought hit him. The headband on Haru's forehead would be good enough proof for the ash-blonde! It would be perfect.


He leaned over and grabbed the headband, ripping it away from his hair. He stuffed it into his pocket, before turning his attention to Haru's body. After taking a minute to plot out what he was going to do, he grabbed Haru by his legs and dragged him over to the edge. If he threw Haru into the ocean, there would be no way that anybody would find him. Nobody would even know that he murdered Haru! They would think that he committed suicide and think nothing of it. He let out an exhausted sigh, before pushing Haru off of the cliff. Jason peered over the edge as fast as he could, watching the former pro hero's body plummet down into the ocean. Jason smirked as he heard the nauseating splat echo throughout the ocean. He couldn't help but watch as the waves engulfed Haru's body, slowly pulling him out to sea. He let out a small chuckle as he walked towards his car.


He finally got rid of the problem.



Nobody was going to intervene with his family ever again.


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Chapter Text

(The next morning)




“Ugh…” Katsuki groaned as he slowly peeled his eyes open. What the hell happened last night? He couldn’t remember much that night. The stuff he did remember was the fact that his cousin came over, had a fight with his mother, and stormed off in tears. He sighed. He would have to text him whenever he gets his phone back to apologize for the trouble his mother caused. However, before he could think about it more, he felt his body shiver. Why was it so cold? He sat up in his bed. Right as he did that, he realized why it was so cold in his room. “What the… Where are my clothes?!”


He frantically looked around, hoping that he had just accidentally taken them off while he was sleeping. Yet, as his ruby eyes frantically looked around his bedroom, they quickly fell upon the small pile of his clothes. His phone sat right next to his clothes, the screen facing the ground. His eyes widened at the sight. There was no way he could have thrown them across the room if he was in a deep sleep! That means… Jason entered his room while he was asleep. His stomach churned at the thought. Did Jason have his way with him while he was unconscious? Was that his punishment for calling Haru? Did Jason use his phone to message Haru? Waves of nausea hit the ash-blonde over and over again as if he was in the ocean. If Jason had his way with him, what did he do to Haru? He could feel the intense feeling of dread overtook him, causing the nauseous feeling to increase. The thought of Jason having his way with him and Jason possibly talking to Haru bounced around in his head. However, as he continued to think about it, the nauseous feeling in his stomach only got worse. He put a hand up to his mouth as he felt the bile rise to his throat. The mixture of the horrifying realization of what he thought Jason did to him and the possibility of what he did to his cousin lingered with him. He quickly threw himself out of his bed and dashed towards the discarded pile of clothes. He did his best to put on his underwear and pants with one hand, while his other hand covered his mouth. Once he was able to get some form of clothing on, he rushed out of his room and into the bathroom. He quickly shut the door behind him, his face turning into a pale green. He hovered over the toilet, letting out a loud gag, before the contents of what little he had for dinner spewed out of his mouth. He was so disgusted with himself. Not only did he allow Jason to ravage his body once again, but he also allowed his cousin to get hurt. He let out a loud, raspy cough as he reached over for some toilet paper and wiped the bile from his lips. He didn’t want to believe it. He didn’t want to believe that Jason would violate him while he slept, but at the same time, he already hurt him twice. What would stop Jason from doing it when he slept? He straightened himself up as he fought back the urge to cry. He couldn’t let himself break down, again. Jason had to be lurking around the house. It was almost like he was a predator, seemingly waiting for the ash blonde to break one of his rules and give him a reason to punish him.


He let out a tearful sigh, before opening the bathroom door. He figured it would be better to just come downstairs on his own, rather than having his mother or Jason yell for him. Right before he went down the stairs, he quietly walked back to his bedroom and grabbed a clean, bright orange t-shirt. He winced as the fabric brushed against the welts on his back, but deep down, he knew it was for the better. He couldn’t allow Jason to stare at his body. He wouldn’t allow Jason to ogle at his chest, just like he did before he married his mother. He let out a loud, shaky sigh before he opened the door and traveled down the stairs.




“Well, look who decided to wake up,” Jason said as he took a swig from his cup of coffee. He didn’t even bother to look at Katsuki. “How was your sleep? You were pretty tired, weren’t you? You zonked out almost immediately after you went to bed, last night!”


“Good morning, sir…” The ash-blonde started as he glanced around. His eyes slowly traveled over to the kitchen. As his eyes finally landed on the kitchen, he expected his mother to be while she prepared breakfast. To his surprise, she was nowhere to be found! Was she still sleeping? Or was she doing something upstairs? “Where’s my mom…?”


“She’s still sleeping, I was just going to let her sleep in,” Jason said. “What are you doing?”


“I don’t know, sir… I was probably going to fix myself some breakfast if that was ok with you.”


“Actually,” Jason started as he set his coffee mug onto the table. If he was correct, Katsuki wasn’t going to remember a single thing after he gave him his drink. “That’s not ok. I need to talk to you. Come sit at the table, please.”


The ash-blonde froze in his steps as he heard Jason’s response. Why did he want to talk to him? Did he want to brag about all the things he did to him while he was asleep? Or worse, was he going to brag about what he did to Haru? As much as he wanted to disobey Jason’s command, the fear of what Jason would do to him overtook him. It was bad enough that he already embarrassed him in front of his wife, what would he do if he was disobedient now? He quietly walked over towards the table, sitting in the chair diagonal from Jason. His once bright, ruby eyes glanced up towards Jason’s ocean blue eyes. Jason’s usually happy, optimistic filled eyes were nowhere in sight. Instead, they were filled with despair and woe. Katsuki tilted his head slightly, confused by his stepfather’s actions.

“So, you remember how Haru was visiting yesterday?”


Katsuki nodded.


“Well, I have bad news about him.” Jason paused as he glanced down towards the table. “You see, I left after you went to sleep to find Haru and apologize for what transpired during dinner. I went over to the inn he was staying at, but the lady who worked there told me he left. So, I went looking around the town for him and eventually… I found his car. His car was sitting at a cliffside with the door wide open. But… he was nowhere to be found. I think the stuff your mother said to him pushed him over the edge, and he took his life. I’m so sorry, Katsuki. He seemed like a nice person, but I guess everyone has their breaking point.”


Katsuki’s eyes went wide with horror. Haru took his life…?! No, he couldn’t have! Haru was supposed to save him from the claws of his parents, and take him to freedom. He could feel the tears return to his eyes. He did his best to wipe them from his eyes before Jason could see. He couldn’t risk him seeing that he was breaking one of his rules. To his surprise, he felt Jason’s hand reach across the table, resting on his shoulder. He looked back up to him, his eyes wide with shock.


“I think I can make an exception to this rule,” Jason mumbled as he pats Katsuki’s shoulder. “Just don’t tell your mother about this.”


Almost immediately, as if Jason flipped a switch in Katsuki’s head, the ash-blonde began to sob quietly in his hands. His hushed, muffled sobs echoed into the dining room. The combination of grief and how he wouldn’t be free overtook his frail body. Why did he have to call him?! If he didn’t call him, he’d still be alive! Jason, on the other hand, couldn't help but grin. He couldn’t believe that Katsuki was actually falling for this! However, as tempted as he was to laugh at him, he still reached out and patted the sobbing ash blonde on the back.


“There, there, Katsuki.” Jason softly said as he cringed. It almost made him throw up, hearing Katsuki’s loud sobs. He should be acting like a man! Not acting like some big baby because his cousin died. “Let this be a lesson to you, son. The next time you think about needing help, think about this moment. This should teach you to deal with problems on your own, like how a man should. Am I understood?”


“Y-Yes sir..!” Katsuki sputtered through sobs. “I understand..! D-Did he leave a note…? Did he say why…?”


Jason shook his head.


“As I said, the car door was wide open, Katsuki. I think a villain just took the note to sell it because it is a professional hero’s. Although he did leave something that I think he would want you to have.”




Jason reached into his pocket, pulling out a small, ziplock bag. Katsuki’s eyes widened once more. Inside the bag was none other than Haru’s headband. The familiar thick, black headband, with the crown sitting in the center of it. Almost instantaneously, he reached out to grab it, only for Jason to pull it back.


“Aht, aht, aht!” Jason smirked. “Do you really think that I’m going to give it to you so easily? You must be crazy! After all, you did embarrass me in front of your mother. I think I will be holding onto this until you prove to me that you deserve it. That is if you can make it until then. Based on how your father and cousin both decided to off themselves, I’m just waiting for the time you decide to kill yourself. You got that, you worthless fuck up?”


Katsuki nodded.


“Good, now go clean yourself up before your mother sees you, you look like a slob.”


“Yes, sir…” Katsuki mumbled, before slowly trudging back up the stairs. As he finally made it into the bathroom, he shut the door behind him and locked it. He clenched the sides of the sink as he let out more quiet sobs. He slowly opened his teary eyes, seeing that Jason was right.

He is a worthless fuck up.


It was his fault that his cousin was dead.


And he didn’t deserve to have any memory about him.


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Chapter Text

“Ah, good morning, honey!” Jason called out as he heard his wife walk down the stairs. The stairs creaked with every step, getting closer and closer to the black-haired male. “How did you sleep?”


“Mmm, morning, honey,” Mitsuki smiled as she planted a kiss on top of Jason's head. “I slept fine, what about you?”


“Oh, you know, I had some trouble sleeping, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle!” He smiled. “Did you want anything to eat for breakfast?”


“Yeah, I can help you if you want!” She smiled as well. “You can pick what we eat!”


“Hmm…” Jason pondered. “How about some pancakes? I'm sure we have some frozen ones in the fridge!”


“Ooh, yes!” Mitsuki cheered. “After that, we should start planning our honeymoon! I already looked up the prices for tickets last night, we can get two for tonight if that's ok with you!”


“Sounds good to me!”


“Did you tell Katsuki? Or should I?”


“Damn, I forgot to do that!” Jason groaned as he set his coffee cup onto the table. “If you want to call him down here, we can tell him together!”


“Sure thing!” Mitsuki smiled. “Is he still in his room?”


“Nope! He was in the bathroom, last time I checked.”


“Ok,” Mitsuki started before she turned towards the staircase. “KATSUKI, GET DOWN HERE!”


“A-Ah?!” Katsuki yelped in surprise, as he didn't expect his mother to scream at him first thing in the morning. “I'm coming, ma'am!” He called out, wiping away whatever tears that remained on his cheeks. He didn't want his mother to see how weak he truly was. Knowing his mother, if she found out that Haru took his life, she would make it her goal to celebrate it. He knew he wouldn't be capable of handling that. Whether it was him snapping at Mitsuki, begging for her to stop her antics for once in his life. It was either that, or him breaking down into tears, once again. Jason would probably punish Katsuki for not being a man, again. He had to contain his anger and sadness, for Jason still had Haru's headband. If he accidentally snapped towards his mother or Jason, who knows what he would do with it? That was a risk he was not going to take.


He eventually managed to get down the stairs while doing his absolute best to not burst into tears. He quickly looked away from Jason, who had a grin plastered on his lips. Mitsuki, on the other hand, had her arms wrapped around Jason's neck. She glanced over towards Katsuki, her smile still stuck to her face.


“Morning, Katsuki!”


“G-Good morning, m-ma'am.” Katsuki stammered as he forced a smile. “How are you…?”


“I'm good! I'm having a conversation with your father!” Mitsuki said. “Come, sit down at the table!”


Katsuki nodded as he walked over to the table and sat right across from Jason and Mitsuki.


“So, we have a surprise!” Mitsuki beamed. “Jason and I are going to be going to America for our honeymoon!”


“O-Oh!” Katsuki said, his eyes growing wide with shock. Mitsuki and Jason were going to be out of the country?! That could have been his chance to finally escape the hell he was enduring! He could have the chance to escape to freedom while they were away! “T-That's nice… how long will you two be gone for…?”


“We'll be gone for around a week!”


“You won't be alone, though, so don't even think about doing any stupid shit,” Jason growled as he folded his arms. “That's why we're going to be getting you a babysitter.”


Katsuki's eyes widened. A babysitter?! He didn't need a babysitter! He was fifteen years old! Who was even going to take care of him?! Was his mother going to drop him off with her parents for the week?! God, that would be the worst thing for him. He knew that they would subject him to all of their homophobic questions and taunts. The worst of all? They knew he wouldn't be able to snap back at them without fearing the consequences. He looked down, his thoughts overtaking him. What would they do to him? Would they beat him, like how Jason did to him? Would they force him to be their maid, cleaning everything around the house, and ridicule him?


“Hey!” Jason barked, snapping the ash blonde's train of thought. Katsuki flinched, his back hitting the back of the chair. “Look at us when we're talking to you!”


“S-Sorry, sir…”


“Like I was saying before you decided to be rude to us,” Jason started as he leaned against the back of his chair. “My father is still in the country, so he will be the one babysitting you. Is that clear?”


“Y-Yes, sir.”


“Good, now, I have a rule for you when he's staying here,” The black-haired male said. “You ready for them?”


Katsuki nodded.


“You are to be on your best behavior when my father is in this house. If I hear that you were being a little shit, I will punish you. Also, you have to do whatever he says, no matter if you don't want to. If you tell him any of your lies, he will tell me, and things will be very bad for you. You got that?”


Katsuki nodded again.


“Good,” Jason grinned as he tilted his head up, kissing Mitsuki's forehead. “Now then, I think you and I need to start packing our bags! What time does our flight leave, Mitsu?”


“Seven P.M!”


“All righty, let's get upstairs, so we can prepare!” Jason exclaimed, rising from his chair, and beckoned Mitsuki to join him. “C'mon, honey!”


And with that, the two dashed up the stairs, leaving the ash blonde at the table. Katsuki couldn't help but smile at the thought of Hank coming back to stay with him for a week! Hank was so nice to him, it will be a peaceful week for them both! Maybe he could even tell Hank what his son had done to him. Perhaps he would actually believe him, unlike his mother! Hank cared about him as he would his son!


Maybe this time, he would be free.



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(Warning, the next chapter will be heavy.)

Chapter Text

(Five hours later.)


“Hank, thank you so much for volunteering to take care of Katsuki!” Mitsuki smiled as she hugged the former medic. “I know he’ll probably be a pain in your ass, so I must give you some kind of reward!”

“It’s no problem, Mitsuki,” Hank stated as he returned the hug. “I’m happy to help you! I hope you two enjoy your honeymoon.”


“Aww, thank you!” Mitsuki exclaimed before releasing her father-in-law. “Let me have Katsuki grab your bags! KATSUKI!” She shrieked. “COME HERE! HANK NEEDS YOU TO TAKE HIS BAGS!”


“Actually, I don’t need his help,” Hank said while he lifted his suitcase off of the ground. “I can carry my bags without any help. Where will I be sleeping? Is there a guest room that you guys prepared for me?”


“Seriously, I insist!” Mitsuki smiled. “Katsuki is more than willing to do it!”


“I appreciate the offer, but I’m going to decline.”


“Fine.” Mitsuki frowned as she saw her son finally arrive towards the three of them. “Oh, look who finally decided to come! What took you so long?! You should have come here when I called you!”


“I’m sorry, ma’am… I didn’t mean to disobey you. I didn't hear you call-”


“I didn’t ask for your excuses!” Mitsuki scolded, raising her hand as if she was going to smack Katsuki. The ash-blonde flinched and closed his eyes as he braced for what was to come. But, to his surprise, the slap never came. He opened his eyes and noticed that Hank was standing in front of him. The elderly man's arms stuck out in front of the ash blonde as if he was a scarecrow.


“Don’t even think about hitting him.” Hank bellowed. “I won’t sit here and let you hit your kid because he didn’t come immediately.”


Mitsuki opened her mouth to answer back to her father-in-law, anger coating her face. How dare he tell her how to discipline her child?! He didn’t have to live with him! Hell, Katsuki deserved it from the way he treats her and Jason. Yet, before she could get a word out, she felt a hand grab her shoulder. She turned her head, seeing that it was her husband.


“Honey, let’s not fight right now,” Jason said as he gave Mitsuki a warm smile. “We don’t want to miss our flight, right?”


“Right, sorry,” Mitsuki said out of embarrassment. “Let’s get going. Be on your best behavior, Katsuki!”


“Yes, ma’am…” Katsuki mumbled as he watched the two walk over to the car. He cringed as he watched them chuck their luggage into the trunk. Right as they were about to pull out of the driveway, Hank promptly shut the door.


“Golly,” Hank huffed as he set his suitcase back onto the floor. “Does your mother always act like that?”


Katsuki nodded.


“She says if I act like a good kid, she wouldn’t have to hit me…”


Hank nodded. He was going to have a discussion with Mitsuki on how to properly discipline kids. Sure, he may not have been perfect in the past, but that didn’t mean he could redeem himself.


“I see, how have you been doing, kiddo?” Hank smiled. “It’s been a while since we’ve hung out! It was after your mother's wedding, right?”


“Mhm… I’ve been doing fine…”


“What would you like to do today? Want to go out to eat? We can go to the Battered Yam if you want!”




“Are you sure you’re ok? You seem like you’re on the verge of crying! What happened, if I may ask? You know you can tell me.”


“It’s…” The ash-blonde sniffled, hot tears welling in his ruby eyes. “Sorry… A family member close to me took his life…”


Hank’s eyes widened. Another member of Katsuki’s family took his life?! That would be the second one on Katsuki’s side to do it! He couldn’t imagine the guilt and self-blame Katsuki must have for himself. Hell, even he wouldn’t be able to deal with that sort of issue alone. Yet, here Katsuki was, on the verge of tears, yet, not breaking under the feelings of guilt and sorrow. He wanted so badly to offer him a hug, to give him a person to whom he can cry and release his feelings to. But, he had no idea how Katsuki would react to it. Yet, the more he watched the ash blonde, the more he felt bad for him. Katsuki was letting out quiet sniffles and vigorously wiping the tears from his eyes. He watched as Katsuki’s chest rose with each shaky breath as he tried to compose himself. Yet, as if he had no control over his body, he felt his arms wrap around Katsuki’s back and pulled him into a tight hug. Katsuki let out a quiet whimper as Hank’s hands pressed into Katsuki’s wounds. Yet, Katsuki didn’t oppose it. It had been so long since someone hugged him, ever since his father passed away. Since then, he’s had nobody in his corner. He’s had nobody tell him that they loved him and how much they appreciate him. Katsuki wrapped his arms around Hank’s lower back, squeezing him tightly.


“You can let out your emotions…” Hank soothingly said as he rubbed the back of Katsuki’s neck. “You don’t have to worry about it.”


“I’m… I’m…” He began to sob, his loud wails were muffled by Hank’s shirt. “I just feel so guilty…! If I had fought harder to stay with my dad, he would still be alive…! And with Haru… I caused him to take his life because I invited him…! My mother said these horrible things to him, and that caused him to take his life…! It’s all my fault…”


Hank closed his eyes. All of this was far too familiar to him. It reminded him of that fateful day when he was hoping and praying that Katsurou would pull through. Specifically, when he and Kiyoshi were sitting in the waiting room together. He remembered how the Kiyoshi sobbed into his shirt, worrying if his lover was truly going to be ok or not. It was a moment that, no matter how hard he tried to forget, stuck into his mind. Come to think of it, he had not talked to Kiyoshi in an extensive amount of time. The last time they talked was when Hank visited Japan to pay his respect to his wife and her family’s graves. He remembered how Kiyoshi invited him inside his house to sleep there, rather than have him pay an absurd amount of money for a hotel. He reminisced on how Kiyoshi introduced his children to him, and all of the interesting stuff about them. Maybe Kiyoshi could help Katsuki! After all, he still had Kiyoshi’s contact information!
“Hey, Katsuki, may I ask you something?” The silver-haired male asked, causing the ash blonde to look up. The tears that he tried to hold back streamed endlessly down his cheeks, dripping onto Hank’s shirt. “W-What…?”


“I’d like for you to meet someone, they’ve been through your situation, and I think they could help you!” Hank smiled. “Would you like to meet him?”


He nodded.


“I’d like to meet him, but not right now…” Katsuki sniffled. “I don’t want to go out right now…”
“Oh, that’s fine! How about at seven pm? That way you guys can have dinner!”


Katsuki nodded once again.


“Excellent! For now, do you want to watch a movie to pass the time? Unless you would like to hear a story?”


“Uh…” Katsuki pondered. “Tell me a story, please… The last story you told me was superb…”
“Ok, sit on the couch, and I’ll think of a story!” Katsuki nodded once more before he walked over to the couch, and plopped himself right in the middle. What story was Hank planning on telling him? Was it going to be another cute story about him and his wife? His leg bounced out of excitement as Hank wandered over to a large, bright red love seat. He bent over, his elbows resting on his knees. After what seemed like an hour of awkward silence of Hank pondering on what story to tell, he lifted his head.


“I got one!” Hank smiled brightly. “ It’s a story about my brother-in-law and how we met his husband and his family! It was a very fun memory other than how it ended.” He grimaced slightly, as the ash-blonde tilted his head in confusion. “We discovered a thing about my brother-in-law’s husband that day, but I’ll explain that later. So, sit back and relax while I explain!”





(This is a flashback, I don't know how to work Italics in AO3 yet-)


“Thank you so much for agreeing to meet, it’s an honor for you to let us into your house!” Azami smiled as she sat down on the large, floral couch. “I was so excited for when we would meet! My name is Azami, and this is my husband, Kai!” She pointed to her husband, who was sitting next to her on the couch, her hand intertwined with his. “I’m sure you know who Katsurou is, right?” She chuckled. “And the two sitting on the floor are my daughter, Misato, and her boyfriend, Hank!”


“It’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am,” Hank smiled as he gave her a gentle wave. “Thank you for allowing us into your house.”


“It’s no problem, my name is Reo,” Reo smiled, her long, wavy blonde hair tied into a long, beautiful braid. “I was excited to meet you as well! Kiyoshi has been bugging me all day about what time you guys are coming!”


“Mooooom!” Kiyoshi blushed as he raised the back of his head off Katsurou’s lap. The two of them were sitting on the opposite side of the room. The black-haired male’s elbow was resting on the armrest of the couch. Whereas Kiyoshi was laying on the couch. The shorter male’s legs were dangling off the armrest, and his head was resting on Katsurou’s thigh. The two of them had been dating for quite some time now, but they were openly dating for a few months. Ever since the incident during the World Cup, Kiyoshi hasn’t left his side! He was with him practically twenty-four hours a day! Hell, he learned a lot from Katsurou's family, and they treated him as if he was their second son! It was a shame that they wouldn’t be able to play against each other for a while, though. After the incident, the doctor ordered Katsurou to take a break from soccer. The damage to his neck could cause permanent damage if he was too reckless. Yet, besides all that, Katsurou didn’t mind it. Hell, he and Kiyoshi convinced Katsurou’s coach to let Katsurou manage the soccer team. Even Kiyoshi convinced his coach to let him take a couple of months off as well so that he could help Katsurou heal! “That’s so embarrassing!”


“It’s rather cute, I must say,” Katsurou said as he let out a soft chuckle, before leaning down and planting a kiss on Kiyoshi’s forehead. “I think anything you do is cute.”


“Aww,” Misato teased. “You two are so adorable!” She leaned her head onto Hank’s shoulder as she stared at her younger brother and his lover. “Do you have any other siblings, Kiyoshi?”


“Nope!” Kiyoshi exclaimed as he shook his head. “It’s just me! Although sometimes I wish that I had a little brother or sister so that I can teach them all the skills I have for soccer!”
Misato chuckled.


“Forgive me for asking,” Hank started as he crossed his legs. “But is Kiyoshi’s father coming home? I’d love to meet him as well!”


Reo’s smile fell. “I… Uh… He’s…”


“He won’t be coming,” Kiyoshi interrupted as he sat up from his lover's lap, and glanced toward his mother. “He’s on a business trip in Korea, so he won’t be coming home for a couple of months.”


“Ah, I see.”


To everyone’s surprise, everyone heard the jangling of keys coming from behind the front door. Kiyoshi and his mother’s eyes widened in fear, striking confusion in Hank and Katsurou’s family’s faces. Who was at the door that made them so afraid? It was almost as if whoever was there flipped a switch in both of their heads. The usually vibrant, chestnut brown-haired male’s mood turned into one of a scared child. Kiyoshi’s breathing began to quicken as fear overtook him. What was he doing here?! He thought he had a few more hours, at least! Oh god, what will happen now?! He quickly scrambled off of Katsurou’s lap, cornering himself on the other side of the couch.


“Hey, honey?” Katsurou asked as the concern about his lover took over his words. “Are you-”
Before Katsurou finished his question, the door swung open, revealing none other than Kiyoshi’s father. The man let out a heavy sigh before tossing his house keys onto the floor. Katsurou and Hank’s eyes widened at the sight. That was Kiyoshi’s father?! The man was at least a foot taller than Kiyoshi and Katsurou, nearly rivaling Hank’s height! God, was he drunk?! Based on his appearance, how his shirt was tucked halfway in, the other side dangling down his leg. His shirt wasn’t even buttoned right, which exposed his collarbone and chest. He practically reeked of alcohol, which made Katsurou scrunch up his nose slightly. Yet, Kiyoshi’s father didn’t even realize that he had company!


“Eh, hello, honey,” The man slurred out as he stumbled towards Reo. He reached out towards her face, to which she flinched. “Why are you flinching?”


“M-Matawari!” Reo said through a forced smile. “I just … didn’t expect you to be home so early!”
“Yeah, the bar cut me off.” He turned his head towards Kiyoshi. “Heya, buddy,” He stumbled over towards his son and ruffled his already messy hair. “How’s school?”


“School was fine, D-Dad.”


“Who the fuck are all these people?!” He bellowed as he looked around, finally noticing Katsurou and his family. “Why are you in my house?!” He glanced back to Roa. “Are you hosting some sort of fucking intervention?! Who are you guys?!”


“Dad,” Kiyoshi started. “Calm-“


“DON'T TELL ME TO FUCKING CALM DOWN!” He bellowed, causing him to flinch. “NOW, ANSWER THE QUESTION!”


“I… I… I… They’re just friends of Kiyoshi’s!” Roa stammered as she tried her best to come up with a lie. She couldn’t risk her husband finding out that her son is attracted to men! God knows how he would react to that.




“Hey!” Katsurou shouted as he stood up from the couch, putting most of his weight on his arm. “Don’t talk to my -”


“Sir, with all due respect, You should calm down,” Hank interjected as he rose from his spot on the floor, getting between Matawari and Roa. “Frankly, you shouldn’t be talking to your wife the way you are. She’s a kind woman that doesn’t deserve your harsh words. So, why don’t you just walk away, drink a coffee and try to sober up?”


“Oh, shut your fucking mouth!” Matawari scoffed. “I don’t even know who you are, yet you’re trying to tell me how to treat my wife and kid?! HA! I want everyone that is not my wife and son to get the fuck out of my house!”


“Dad! Seriously, stop it!” Kiyoshi begged, but to no avail. “I won’t let you ruin this!”


“Ruin what? The fact that I want to spend some time with my wife and son?! Hey,” Matawari said, his eyes squinting towards Katsurou. “I recognize you! You’re that soccer prodigy from Habia Josana High! They were talking about you and your little attempt, on how it was a shame that you were sitting out for most of the year. In my opinion, you should have just finished the job.”


The room went silent. Everyone’s eyes were wide with shock, other than Matawari’s. Kiyoshi couldn’t believe it. Did his father say that?! He didn’t know what to say! However, the thing that cut through the silent air was the quiet sniffles coming from Katsurou. Kiyoshi turned around, seeing his lover's face buried in one of his hands, as he did his best not to burst into tears. Kiyoshi knew that this topic was extremely sensitive for Katsurou. Whenever people brought it up to torment or make him cry, Kiyoshi would feel his blood boil.


Nobody would hurt Katsurou and get away with it.


“HEY!” Kiyoshi bellowed as he stormed to his father. “DON'T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT KATSUROU LIKE THAT!”


“Who the fuck do you think you’re yelling at?!”




“Why are you even defending this kid?! Is he your boyfriend or something?!”




“You’re… You’re fucking WHAT?!” Matawari bellowed, his eyes filling with a fiery rage that Kiyoshi hadn't seen in a while. “PLEASE, TELL ME YOU ARE KIDDING!”


“I'M NOT KIDDING, DAD!” Kiyoshi shouted back, his eyes filling with tears. “You want to know the truth?! Fine! I’m gay, dad! I’ve been out of the closet for over five months! And I’ve known since I was twelve! But you wouldn’t know that, because you’re too busy working or drowning yourself in booze! If you paid attention, I wasn’t home for the past month, because I was helping Katsurou and his family! They appreciate my help, whereas you just berate me if I make a simple mistake in a game! They actually want to know things about me! I love him from the bottom of my heart! I knew he was the one when we finally met at the training camp in Tokyo! If you can’t see that, then you are truly blind! I’m so sick and tired of you! I’m tired of you always treating my mother and me like shit! If I had a choice, I would move in with Katsurou if it meant my mom would be safe! Even if I had to take my life, to ensure that my mom and Katsurou would be safe, I would do it! That is how much I love Katsurou. So please, with all due respect, leave my mom, Katsurou, his family, and me the fuck alone!” He began to let out quiet, hushed sobs. Katsurou looked toward him in shock. He had never seen Kiyoshi get this emotional! Even when the brown-haired male lost in a tough match and would vent about it on FaceTime, he always brushed it off! He hesitantly got up from the couch, walking towards his lover. Yet, when he reached out to hug him, he was met by Kiyoshi shrugging it off. “I’m sorry, Katsurou, but I need to be alone right now…!” And with that, the chestnut brown-haired male walked off towards his room. his quiet sobs following close behind. However, before he could reach the stairs, he felt Matawari’s hand grab him by his shirt.


“ABSOLUTELY NOT.” Matawari snarled as his grip tightened on his shirt. “NO SON OF MINE IS GOING TO LIVE IN MY HOUSE AND HAVE A BOYFRIEND!”


“Let me go, you asshole! I don’t want to talk to you!”


“WHAT DID YOU SAY?! I'LL TELL YOU WHAT!” He brought his large hand up into the air and brought it down on Kiyoshi’s face. Reo gasped as she covered her mouth with her hands.


Hank frowned, his anger on the verge of snapping. He knew he had to step in. He couldn’t let this son of a bitch hurt anybody else! What if the next person he hurt was Katsurou? If he seriously hurt Katsurou, he could never forgive himself! He couldn’t just look and let Kiyoshi and his mother deal with this! It was killing him to just sit there! Before he knew it, he was on his feet and rushed over to Matawari like a raging bull. He grabbed the drunk man by his shoulders, making sure he had a tight hold on him.




To everyone’s surprise, Hank threw him to the ground, his head nearly hitting the living room table. He climbed on top of Matawari’s chest and began to punch him repeatedly. Again and again, the sickening crunches as his fists made contact with Kiyoshi’s father's face were the only sound inside the room. It didn’t take long before the blood began to spill, both from Hank’s knuckles and from Matawari’s face. He was so fucking angry. He was so blinded by rage couldn’t even hear Misato and her family, along with Kiyoshi’s mother, begging for him to stop.


“Stop it, please!” Reo begged as she let out a loud sob.


“Hank, you’re going to kill him!” Misato shouted.


“Hank!” Katsurou exclaimed as he grabbed Hank’s shoulder, hoping that it would snap him out of his anger-fueled trance. “Please, stop it! I don’t want you to go to jail because you may accidentally kill him! My sister loves you so much, it would kill her if you got put away!”


Hank let out a shaky sigh. Katsurou was right. This would hurt Misato a lot if he killed him. Yet, he grabbed Matawari by his face, pulling him up, so he could look at him.


“Listen here, sir. Here’s what you are going to do. You’re going to get up from the ground and leave this house. You’re not going to go get your stuff or find a place to live before you go. Hell, you’re not even going to collect your stuff! If I ever hear that you are trying to contact Kiyoshi or Reo, I will not hesitate to finish the job. Do you understand?”


“Ghk…” Matawari gurgled.


“DO YOU?!” He tightened his grip on Matawari’s face.




“Good, now get the fuck out of here!” Hank growled as he stood up from his place on the ground and pointed towards the door. “NOW.”


And with that, Matawari rose from his spot on the ground and darted out of the door, for he feared what would happen if he didn’t listen.


“Hank, Jesus Christ!” Kai exclaimed as he pointed to Hank’s knuckles. “You’re bleeding a lot!”
“Hmm?” Hank asked before looking down at his knuckles. His eyes widened slightly as he saw tiny rivers of blood flowing down his fingers, dripping onto the tile floor. Was he really punching him that hard?! “Oh.”


“Oh?! That’s all you have to say?!”


“Well, it doesn’t hurt. But that must be because of the adrenaline coursing through my body right now. I’m sorry that you had to see that, Misato. I should get to the bathroom though, do you mind helping me, Kai?”


“It’s fine, Hank! I’m glad you stuck up for Kiyoshi and his mom!”


“Of course!” Kai exclaimed as he darted in the way where he thought the bathroom was, Hank following close behind.


“Misato, would you mind helping me with Reo? I want to make sure she is safe upstairs.”


“Uh-huh!” Misato replied as she, her mother, and Reo walked toward the stairs.


That only left two people in the room, Katsurou and Kiyoshi.


Kiyoshi collapsed to his knees, the quiet, ugly sobs that he released against his father had simmered down to quiet sniffles. Katsurou sniffled as well, before sitting on the tile floor next to Kiyoshi. He slowly wrapped an arm around the shorter male, pulling him into a hug. Kiyoshi let out a quiet, tearful laugh as he returned the hug.


“How long has your father been like that?”


“A few months… I swear, he wasn’t always bad… His job has been stressing him out, so he turned to alcohol… Oh, god… You’re going to leave me…aren’t you…?” Kiyoshi sniffled.


“Hey, no! I would never leave you! Why would I?” Katsurou asked, genuinely astonished that Kiyoshi would think that.


“I wouldn’t blame you… You don’t need to deal with an issue like mine… ”


“Kiyoshi, look at me,” Katsurou asked, causing the shorter male to look up at him. His royal blue eyes stared into Kiyoshi’s teary, chestnut eyes. “I will always love you, no matter what. You were with me when I was at my lowest! Hell, you even took time off of the sport that you love the most just to make sure that I was going to be ok! If I were to leave you after all the things you did for me, it would be hypocritical of me! You are absolutely perfect, my love, I wouldn’t trade you for anything.” He smiled.


Kiyoshi blushed slightly, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink. He really found a gem, didn’t he?


“Man, I really love you, Katsurou.” Kiyoshi smiled slightly as he gave Katsurou a gentle kiss on his lips. “Thank you so much for coming into my life.”


“I love you too, Kiyoshi, and thank you for being there for me.”





“Wow… That was… Really sad…” Katsuki mumbled, wiping away the tears that began to form in his eyes. “I couldn’t imagine being in his shoes…” He lied. He knew very well about being in Kiyoshi’s shoes. Hell, he has to go through it every day!


“Mhm, I haven’t gotten that angry in a very long time.” Hank nodded in agreement. “It wasn’t a fun situation to be in. To have to watch your girlfriend's little brother’s boyfriend get abused by his father. But it did have a happy ending. Hell, by the time Kai and I got back from bandaging my knuckles in the bathroom, they were still on the floor together! They were hugging while professing their love for each other through kisses. They were an amazing couple.”


“They sound like it,” Katsuki mumbled as he gave the former medic a small smile. “Thank you for telling me that story. Whatever happened to Matawari…?”


“It’s no problem, kiddo!” Hank smiled back. “As for Matawari, Kiyoshi and Reo filed a police report against him. The mark on Kiyoshi’s face, along with all our statements, was enough evidence for the police to arrest him. We helped Reo file the divorce papers and got the house as a settlement from Matawari’s lawyers. I believe Kiyoshi still lives over in her house after his mother left it to him in her will. I think he died, but I can’t be too sure about it. Whatever happened to him, he deserved it.”




“Now, if you don’t mind, I have to make a quick phone call.”


“Go ahead… I’ll be right here, sir…” Katsuki mumbled.


Hank nodded, as he stood up from his place on the chair, and walked out the front door. The ash-blonde let out a loud, nerve-racking sigh as he buried his face in his hands. He wanted so badly to tell Hank about all the torture and pain that his son inflicted on him. After listening to the story about Matawari, it was evident that Hank would at least hear him out. One half of his mind wanted to tell him, right after Hank returns from his phone call. Yet, the other half, the one with all the paranoia and anxieties, slowly overtook him.


It wasn’t like he didn’t trust Hank, though. It was like a good chunk of him was afraid. He was afraid of what Hank would do to him if he didn’t believe him. What would he do to him? He probably would think that he was lying, like how his mother thought on the day of her wedding. Worse, he might call Jason and tell him about the lies he was telling him. He shook his head at the thought. He couldn’t let Hank say anything to Jason, for the punishment was too much for him to handle.


“Dammit…!” Katsuki mumbled into his hands as tears welled in his eyes. “Why am I so weak…?!”


Maybe… Maybe he should give up on life. After all, he did cause his father and cousin to commit suicide. Why should he get to live if the people who loved him died? Katsuki sighed once again. He just felt so fucking worthless. Yet, the more he thought about it, the more scared he got.
He didn’t want to take his life, but he didn’t want to keep living this awful life.






“Come on, Kiyoshi… Answer your phone!” Hank said as he pressed the phone against his ear. He had not spoken to Kiyoshi since the last time he visited Japan. Although, he had no idea if Kiyoshi changed his number, making his efforts for naught. However, as he continued to wonder if Kiyoshi changed his phone number, he heard a click come from his phone.


“Hello?” Kiyoshi’s voice echoed from the phone, causing Hank to smile. “Hank? What’s up? Isn’t it like… Three in the morning for you?”


“Nope! I’m back in Japan!”


“Oh, but I thought you already paid your respects to Misato? What brought you back here?”


“Ah, you see, my son got married a few days ago! They’re currently out on their honeymoon, so I’m babysitting my daughter-in-law’s son. I don’t know why she needed me to babysit him, though. The kid is fifteen years old!”


“Oh, that’s great!” Kiyoshi beamed. “And really? I was able to take care of myself when I was twelve!”


Hank snorted.


“Well, I’m getting sidetracked. I need a favor from you.”


“Hmm? What would that be?”


“I need you to meet up with my step-grandchild. The kid has gone through so much pain, right now. I’m not going to go into details on what transpired, but I think you’d be the best person for this situation, since… You know…”


“Mhm,” Kiyoshi nodded. “How many people…?”


“The same amount as you,” Hank muttered, grimacing as he heard Kiyoshi’s short, hushed gasp. “And about a month apart. So, are you willing to meet up, so you can try to help?”


“Of course, I would!” Kiyoshi exclaimed. “Where do you want to meet up? What time do you want to meet up?”


“How about the Battered Yam around seven, it’s not too far from your house, right?”
“Nope, that’s a perfect spot! Their hot chocolate there is so fucking good! Although I might be a little late, Miku has soccer practice, and her coach has the flu. So, I’m going to be taking over until she gets better. Hopefully, that’s ok!”


“Perfect! I’ll see you then!”


And with that, Kiyoshi hung up the phone. Hank smiled widely as he stuffed his phone into his pocket.


Whether Mitsuki liked it or not, Katsuki was finally going to get some help!


He just hoped it would be able to help him.



(5,135 words!)

Chapter Text

(One and a half hours later)





Kiyoshi smiled as he came across the restaurant sign, the neon letters echoing into the night sky. He couldn’t foresee himself making it to the Battered Yam on time, yet, here he was! Hell, he was almost a half-hour early, way before the time Hank, and he agreed on. He let out a tired sigh. Man, the practice took a toll on him today! The only reason why he took the role of emergency head coach was to keep himself involved in the game. It wasn’t like he could play for the world team anymore, after all, he is in his fifties. It seemed to appear that Japan's world team needed an athlete of his caliber. He wasn’t even practicing, though! Was his age taking a toll on him? The mere sight of the girls' soccer team working out managed to wear him out. All of the girls shouting commands about where to go and what to do reminded him of when he was still playing. But, that was all in the past. The friends that he once made from soccer all graduated, splitting up in all sorts of directions. Some traveled out of the country to go to college. Whereas some stayed at home, working themselves to the bone in their local businesses. Kiyoshi remembered all the good memories he had with his team, all the wins they celebrated in the town. Hell, he even remembered when he and Katsurou would go out on their weekly date! It wasn’t anything special, though. The two of them would usually just have a quick bite to eat and how they performed in their games. But to Kiyoshi, they meant the world to him! He would give up anything in the world to get one more date with Katsurou! Yet, as much as he dreamed and fantasized about being in his husband’s arms, he knew that he would never get to relive it. It was four years ago, today, that Katsurou took his life. He could remember it as if it was yesterday. How he was going for a jog when he got the phone call from their son, whom they adopted nearly ten years ago. If he knew that Katsurou had those thoughts again, he would have never left his side. He would have made sure that Katsurou knew that he and his kids loved him and cared about him! Yet, he wasn’t the one who found Katsurou’s body. Their son, who had gotten out of school early, went to their house to get a snack before he went to practice. What he didn’t expect to see was Katsurou’s corpse lying on the bed, a forty-five caliber pistol resting in his hand. The heavy, metallic scent wafted through the air, while the crimson red liquid splattered all over the walls. He couldn’t imagine how his son must've reacted, seeing the father figure that he looked up to, dead on the bed. After all, their son and Katsurou were together most of the time. The black-haired male gave him several tips on how to get better at soccer. Hell, with their help, he would have been better than the two of them combined! But after that dreaded phone call, hearing his son’s screaming made Kiyoshi’s heart stop. He remembered how desperate he sounded, begging for Kiyoshi to come home and help him. He couldn’t remember much after that. But he did remember how fast he had gotten back to their house, sprinting to the point where he nearly had an asthma attack. He recalled how he hugged his son close to him, doing his best to shield him from the carnage.



But, he couldn’t keep thinking about it. He still had to help someone who was in the same situation as he was four years ago. He grabbed the door handle and pulled it open. The familiar scent wafting over to his nostrils. God, he missed this.



“Kiyoshi?” The brunette turned his head, to see it was none other than Misaki Kirishima. “Is that you?”



“Misaki!” Kiyoshi grinned as he opened his arms up, offering her a hug. “How have you been? I haven’t seen you in ages!”



“Yeah, it has been!” She exclaimed as she walked up to the former soccer player and hugged him. “How’s Miku and Rika doing? Yasu and I were watching Miku’s match against Yamashina with Eijiro! He was so happy to see Miku score! But I haven’t heard anything about Rika! I wanted to treat him and his team to a free dinner! You know, to cheer them up after their loss to Itchai Fukadorishai. I know it must have been tough for them.”



“Yeah, it was tough for them, especially on Rika,” Kiyoshi sighed. He remembered that fateful day as if it was yesterday. How he and Rika had a conversation minutes before the game started. How he had given the red and black-haired male a small pep talk before he ran out there with his team. He remembered how excited Rika was, to finally prove himself to be one of the best soccer players in his school! He was excited to finally win his school a championship for the first time in history! Granted, he already proved that he was one of the best to ever do it. He took his team, which averaged a record of two and thirty-two. The two wins that they did have were against smaller schools that could barely have enough players to form a team. But, when Rika and Miku entered the school, the teams seemed to change, just like that! Their competitive spirit seemed to boost everyone else’s! And once they started to win more than two games, the other students lined themselves out the door! It seemed that they all wanted to see Rika and Miku lead their teams to victory! But, during that championship match, Kiyoshi couldn’t help but feel nervous for him. He recollected how anxious he felt when his team made it into the title match against Katsurou’s team. The nauseating feeling as he waited for the match to start, all while trying not to stare at Katsurou. However, he still had faith in his son, no matter how hard the opponent was! After all, it was his third year. He could hardly hear himself think as he and Miku cheered Rika on, as the match remained scoreless. It ultimately came down to penalty kicks, after two hard-fought battles in overtime. Kiyoshi could only hope and pray during each kick, hoping either his son's team scores or that the other school would miss. On the final kick, Itchai Fukadorishai managed to trick the goalie and scored. It all came down to their last kick, which was going to be Rika. Kiyoshi felt his heart practically pounding out of his chest, as he watched his son set himself up to kick. He watched Rika nail hundreds of penalty kicks, so it shouldn’t have been an issue! But, for some awful reason, Rika slipped and fell, sending the ball to the left of the goal. Kiyoshi didn’t even need to be on the field to see the pain and anguish on Rika’s face. He wasn’t surprised to see that he wanted to be alone after the loss, despite Miku and Kiyoshi’s attempts to comfort him. He should have seen the signs. He should have noticed how depressed and isolated Rika made himself after losing. He should have noticed how often Rika stayed in his room, only leaving when he needed to use the bathroom, or needed water. It worried Kiyoshi, to see his son look so miserable. Even when he did come downstairs, he never grabbed much to eat, other than a granola bar and a bottle of water. He even refused to collect his awards at their feast to honor the third-year students. Yet, when Miku and Kiyoshi ever asked how he was doing or offered to go someplace with him, he would refuse. Even when his friends came around and asked if he wanted to hang out, he was quick to decline. Hell, he even began to snap quicker towards Miku and him, something that the red and black-haired male never did. “You see, I… I wasn’t able to tell how bad his mental health was, which is shocking, I suppose, because of Katsurou.” He let out a heavy sigh, causing Misaki to nod in agreement. “Well… A few days after his championship game, I was cheering Miku on during one of her matches. I asked Rika if he wanted to come with us and go out to eat after her game. He refused. I remember we fought the night before because I discovered he was skipping school and going god knows where.” Misaki tilted her head in confusion, causing Kiyoshi to let out a soft chuckle. “Don’t worry, I wasn’t stalking him. I got a phone call from his principal telling me that he hadn’t shown up for any of his classes. We argued for what seemed like the whole night, just back and forth and back and forth. It got heated fast, and he stormed away in tears, claiming that I would never understand the pain he was in. But, we did talk later on in the night. We both gave several apologies and discussed getting someone for him to talk to. But, even though we agreed on it, we couldn’t go through with it.”



“Hmm? Why is that?”



“Well, I have no idea what happened, he never explained it to me, but something set him off. I would have been home when he came running home, but Miku had one of her games. I thought Rika would be fine by himself…” Kiyoshi sniffled as small, hot tears began to well in his eyes. “He tried to call me during the game, and I missed it. I didn’t even notice that he called me until halftime, to which I was grabbing a snack. I tend to think that if I answered that call… Maybe he’d still be alive.” Kiyoshi closed his eyes as the memory came rushing back to him. Misaki gasped in horror. Rika committed suicide?! Oh god, that’s why he hasn’t been around! If she knew that, she would have never brought it up! She wrapped her arms around Kiyoshi’s back once more, her vice-like grip seemingly getting tighter. “Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to start crying in your-”



“No need to apologize, I’m sorry that I brought it up!”



“It’s just that… He told me he was sorry, for failing both me and Katsurou. He told me he hoped I forgave him for what he was about to do, and how much he loved me and Miku. Then, he hung up. I couldn’t tell you how fast I was driving, to make up for the lost time. But… I was too late. I found him in the bathtub with an empty bottle of painkillers next to him. I cradled him in my arms, as I begged for him to stay with me. But, the paramedics pronounced him dead on the spot. It’s been a few months since I lost him, and it hurts a lot. But I’m doing my best to prevent other teens from taking their lives. I want to prevent other parents from feeling the way I felt when I lost Rika.”



“Oh, honey… I’m so sorry for your loss,” Misaki said, her voice soothing Kiyoshi’s ears. “Let me get you a meal, don’t even worry about paying, it’s on the house!”



“No, thank you,” Kiyoshi mumbled, giving the shorter woman a tearful smile. “I’m not hungry, but I will settle for a cup of hot cocoa. It’s still as good as it was five years ago, right?”



She nodded.



“It’s still the best in town! Do you mind if my son gets you a table, would you like a booth or a table?”



“A table, preferably one that’s more isolated,” Kiyoshi said as he pointed in a random direction. “I’m going to be meeting with someone, so I don’t want any fans coming up and interrupting me.”



“Not a problem!” She smiled. “Eijiro! Get off your phone and come over here!” She turned around and shouted toward her son, who was standing near the host stand. The black-haired male flinched, nearly dropping his phone in the process.



“Sorry, mom!” Eijiro said before stuffing his phone into his pocket. “What do you want me to do?”



“Take this gentleman to a table near the back! I’m sure you know who he is?”



“Whoa…” Eijiro’s eyes widened in astonishment. “You’re Kiyoshi Takahashi, right?”



“Correct,” The brunette smiled, sticking a hand out towards Eijiro. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Eijiro. Your mother told me so much about you! I knew her back when I was a teenager when Yasu’s parents still owned the place!”



“Really?! Wow, that’s cool!”



“It really is, can you please take me to my table?” He chuckled. “I am expecting someone to come to join me.”


“Right away, sir!” Eijiro exclaimed, walking ahead of Kiyoshi. “Follow me!”



Kiyoshi smiled before following Eijiro. He couldn’t wait to meet up with Hank and his step-grandson!



He may have failed to save Katsurou and Rika from the grips of suicide, but he was damn sure that it wasn’t going to happen to Hank’s step-grandchild.


(2,233 words)

Chapter Text

"Ah, Kiyoshi!" Hank called out as he walked up to the brunette's table. Kiyoshi smiled as he set his cup of hot chocolate down on the table and rose to meet Hank.


"Hank!" Kiyoshi exclaimed as he embraced the former medic. "I'm glad to see you!"


"You came way earlier than I thought! Didn't you say you had to coach Miku's practice? Shouldn't you be coaching right now?"


"Nope!" Kiyoshi beamed. "We finished earlier than expected! Is this who you were talking about?" He tilted his head to the side as he saw Katsuki. He held onto his arm as he glanced around. It seemed like the ash-blonde didn't want to be here, rather, not anywhere near this place. "Nice to meet you, buddy! I'm Kiyoshi! What's your name?"


"My name is K-Katsuki..."


"That's a nice name!" Kiyoshi said before looking at Hank. "I assume Katsuki and I will be alone for this?"


"Right," Hank nodded. "It wouldn't be my place to listen to you two talk about private stuff. I'll be right down the street to get some dinner for myself. I'll be back in a half-hour, ok?"


"Ok, sir..."


"All right, see you then!" Hank said as he began to walk off. "You don't have to worry, Katsuki. Kiyoshi's a very nice man! I'm sure you'll like him!"


And with that, Hank walked off, leaving the brunette and the ash-blonde alone. Katsuki forced a small smile, as he stared at Kiyoshi.


"I know, you've probably never heard of me, I was married to Hank's brother-in-law. I used to know him before he married Misato!" He beckoned Katsuki to sit. "Here, sit!"


"Thank you, sir..." Katsuki said as he sat down, his chair sitting right across from Kiyoshi's spot.


"No problem," Kiyoshi said as he returned to his seat. "I didn't know what to get you for a drink, so I hope you don't mind water."


"I don't mind, I was probably going to get water anyways..."


"Ah! Well, good!"


"So, you used to know Hank...?" Katsuki asked as he took a sip from his water. "He told me a story about you, a few hours before we got here..."


"Did he now?" Kiyoshi asked. "Which one?"


"The one with your father," Katsuki mumbled. "When he and your husband's family met your mom..."


"Oh. He told you that story! Yeah, I remember that like it was yesterday. That awful day brought me and Katsurou closer together. I honestly thought he was going to leave me that day, but he didn't. He was there for me when I needed him most. It's just a shame that I couldn't help him when he needed me most. You know why Hank called me, right?"


Katsuki shook his head.


"I see... You see, four years ago, I lost my husband. He was dealing with a bunch of issues before we married. He... tried to use a permanent solution to a temporary problem when we were teenagers. But, I can't judge him. After all, I couldn't know what was going on inside his mind. He eventually was able to feel happy again, and after high school, we got married. Hell, we even adopted two kids! But, when he was in his forties... He got hurt during a soccer game. It was horrible. You see, When he eventually woke up from his attempt to take his life, he injured his neck. The doctor told him that he had to take it easy because his neck injury could cause more damage. Low and behold, it did. He had to retire early from the soccer team, and I guess the feelings he had when we were teenagers returned. I wasn't there when he took his life, but if I was, I would do everything in my power to make sure he was safe. My son, Rika, was the one who found him. Now, I don't think he planned on having my son find him, as he was supposed to be at school. I remember how he called me, sobbing and screaming for me to come home. He didn't tell me what happened, just that something happened to my husband, and that he didn't know what to do. Granted, I think it was just the shock and panic taking over his body, but that doesn't matter. Rika and I had to get counseling after that so that we can overcome the trauma of what happened. The poor kid was only fourteen when he found him. I had no idea how he could have dealt with something like that at his age. Miku did her best to help us, I don't know what Rika and I would have done without her. Granted, I didn't tell her to do it. She was just a kid, she shouldn't have to be the one to be comforting us. She is supposed to live her life! Yet, when I tried to help Rika, he pushed me away. He and I never had the same bond as he had with Katsurou. Thankfully, with the help of his family and counseling, he finally overcame his demons. But... Then came his championship match during his third year. They fought so hard to get there, they even had to heat a bunch of big schools! I had to give my son a pep talk before the game, you know, because he was nervous." Kiyoshi chuckled softly. "He told me, right before he ran out there, that this win would be for Katsurou. I don't know what made me freeze like that, as he smiled and ran off. I should have stopped him and reassured him that no matter what, whether he won or lost, his father would still love him. They... They ended up losing after several overtimes. I could tell that he was hurt, but he wouldn't open up to me. The loss went to his head, I suppose. He began to be more...distant. I tried to help him, but he just kept pushing us away. He even began to skip school and refuse to hang out with his friends. A day before he... took his life, we got into a fight over school. I found out he was skipping school and going god knows where, something in me just snapped.  We argued for what seemed like hours. But, the only part I remember from it was him screaming that I would never be able to understand how he felt. I... I won't lie. I brushed it off. In my mind, I thought he was just saying it, just like any teen would. Little did I know, I became the one thing I promised myself I would never become, since Katsurou's death. I became an awful parent. I made him feel like I was against him, breaking whatever bond that he had left with me. We eventually talked about it, before I went to bed. We agreed to talk about it more in the morning, but we never did. Miku had a game that day, and I was planning on going. I recall asking Rika if he wanted to join me, and after the game, he and I could go out to eat. He didn't answer, so I just... told him I'd give him space. If I knew what was going to happen, I would have never said that. Because he called me during the game... and I missed the call. I didn't know I had even gotten a call until halftime when I was trying to get a snack. He apologized for all the trouble he caused me and how I wouldn't have to deal with him ever again. I couldn't tell you how fast I was going, all while I was on the phone with emergency services. Yet, when I got there, I was far too late." He stopped to wipe the tears that were streaming down his cheeks, the memories being far too much for him. "I'm sorry, I'm probably rambling, aren't I?"


Katsuki's eyes widened as he stared at Kiyoshi, his jaw practically on the floor. Kiyoshi had someone that committed suicide?! Was that why Hank wanted Kiyoshi to meet him?! As he continued to ponder on what else he had in common with Kiyoshi, the memories of his father slowly began to slither into his mind. How he discovered his father's bloated corpse, laying in the crimson red water for Katsuki to discover. Then there was Haru, who was god knows where, floating aimlessly in the ocean. It was all his fault that they were dead. He closed his eyes as the memories came rushing back to him. Little to his knowledge, tears began to fall from his eyes, dripping onto the tabletop.


"Hey, are you ok...?" Kiyoshi intervened, snapping the ash blonde's train of thought. "Is this getting too much for you? Do you want to take a break? We can talk about something happy if you want!"


"N-No..." Katsuki sputtered. "I'm sorry... I'm just remembering some old memories..."


"I see, Hank told me about that, what happened if I can ask?"


"M-My father.... I lost him a little over a month ago...  He and my mom got divorced because I came out of the closet... And he lost custody of me in family court... Three days later, I found his body in the bathtub... T-Then... My cousin just took his life yesterday... It's all my fault...! I should have fought harder to be with my dad, and I should have never invited my cousin to come to my house...! If he didn't come, then he'd still be alive...!"


Kiyoshi gasped.


"Oh my god, Katsuki... I'm so sorry..." He softly said as tears began to well in his eyes. "Nobody deserves to go through that. I remember thinking that as well. I thought that when my husband died, it was my fault for not noticing. Then, my son died as well, and the thoughts amplified in my head. I failed to save both of them. That was something that I hated about myself. I felt as if I should have known that they both were on the edge of suicide. For Katsurou, I thought I would have been able to tell when he was feeling that familiar feeling. As for my son, I thought he was feeling down. And for Rika, I thought he was just sad that he failed his father and his team. I failed to recognize the signs in both of them, and I hated myself for it. In the time that I blamed myself, I found myself imperfect. I was telling myself that I could have prevented my loved one's suicide. I kept thinking that if I had done something different, maybe they'd still be alive. Like if I had asked Rika or Katsurou if they were ok, or if they needed to talk. I kept telling myself that I should have known since I was there for Katsurou's first attempt. I kept repeating that it was my fault that they died, because of my ignorance. I couldn't forgive myself for what happened, for being so ignorant, regardless of what my mother or Miku would tell me. I know, though, that if I began to spiral, just like how Katsurou and Rika did, they would be disappointed in me. They would want me to continue fighting and make sure that Miku and I lived our best lives. Although, I had to make some revelations. Think of grief like this: It's like walking hip-high in mud, the mud depicting the loss of your father and cousin. As you slowly trudge through it, the end nowhere near in sight, you feel yourself get pulled down by the self-blame you have. The blame that if you could have done something, they'd still be alive wrapped around your lower half, pulling you deeper and deeper. You don't see the happy stuff in life, but just the grief and self-blame, pulling you down into a state of despair and depression. But, the more you realize, the looser their grip is. You have to remember, that condemning yourself can build an illusion of control. Your grief and self-blame cover up the terrible facts of our situation."


"W-What facts would those be...?" Katsuki asked as hesitation and desperation fought to wrap themselves around his words.


"We can't change what feelings overtake our families' minds," Kiyoshi started as he took another quiet sip from his drink. "It wasn't your doing, or my doing,  that pushed them to take their lives, instead, it was the suicidal forces that overtook their actions. We both suffered an unfathomable loss, and as much as you could turn back time, to do everything over, we cannot. It's ok to cry about our losses, that's just how humans act. But we have to eventually rise from that before the depression and self-blame latch themselves to our backs. But, sometimes we need someone to help pull us out of that pit. That person, for me, was Hank. He was so helpful to me. He listened to me ramble, he held me whenever I needed to cry, and so on. I'm sure you will find that person for you. Whether it's a friend, a family member, or even a teacher would work! You know what I mean?"


Katsuki nodded.


"Good! I'm glad that we can have this conversation!"


Katsuki smiled. He was glad that he could talk with Kiyoshi, to hear it from someone who was in his situation. He trusted Kiyoshi. Could he be the person he could come to whenever he was sad? Could.... Could he tell him what Jason did to him? After all, Jason was in America, how would he stop him? As long as Hank wasn't around, he had a perfect shot! He opened his mouth, the urge to start bawling grew with every second. However, right as he was about to open his mouth, right as he was about to confess to Kiyoshi about all the stuff that happened to him. He was interrupted by a familiar voice.




Kiyoshi grinned, as he saw Eijiro approach their table. "Ah, how can we help you, Eijiro?"


"My mom wanted to know if you guys wanted to order food and- Hey, I remember you! You hung out with me around a month ago! How have you been? It's been a while since we talked!"


"Oh, you know him, Eijiro?"


"Mhm! I met him and another gentleman here a month back! The guy with him was an asshole," He whispered the last part, in fear of his mother hearing him. "Well, he was homophobic to me, and this guy," He motioned towards Katsuki. "Comforted me for the whole night! He even helped me come out to my parents!"


"Hehe... Yeah, I remember that." Katsuki reminisced, giving the black-haired male a small smile. "That was a lot of fun."


"Do you want to hang out later today? My shift is going to be done in a couple of hours and I want to repay you for helping me! I would love to introduce you to my best friend!"


"Uh..." Katsuki pondered, glancing back towards Kiyoshi, almost as if he was looking at him for approval.


"You can go if you want!" Kiyoshi smiled as he glanced down at his watch. "It's just about time Hank would be returning! I'll let him know that you're going to be hanging out with a friend!"


"I would like to, but I can't. Thank you for the offer."


"Oh, that's ok!!" Eijiro smiled, before walking off. But, he stopped abruptly and turned back to face the ash blonde and the brunette. "Oh! I almost forgot! Are you going to order food?"


"I don't think so," Kiyoshi said. "I'm planning on making dinner when I get back home. What about you, Katsuki?"


"S-Sorry, I'm not very hungry..."


"Oh, that's fine, just call me if you need anything!" Eijiro exclaimed as he left the two to talk some more.


Katsuki groaned softly, not audible enough for Kiyoshi to hear. Why did he reject him?! He wanted to tell Eijiro, in private, about what happened to him, but, how would he understand? He looked like he was younger than him, who knows how he would take it? Would he laugh at him, assuming that the ash-blonde was joking? Or would he think that Katsuki was weak? The person Eijiro once looked up to was nothing but a weak, useless individual. Knowing his luck, Eijiro would probably tell everyone about what he would tell him. The school would expel him for what happened, claiming that they don't want a kid who couldn't fight back against a man. Who would want a kid who couldn't defend himself?


"Ah," Kiyoshi said, his eyes glued towards the door. "There's Hank!" He exclaimed as he saw the silver-haired male walk through the door. Before he got up to meet him, he grabbed the small cup and downed the rest of his hot cocoa. He grabbed a small, black napkin and dabbed his mouth, making sure that there was no hot chocolate on his face. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Katsuki!" He stuck his hand out. "In all seriousness, I'm glad we could talk. I'm glad that I could try to help you heal from your losses."


Katsuki smiled as well, before shaking his hand.


"Thank you, sir."


"No problem! If you ever want to have a conversation again, check out Nakasi High, I'll probably be there coaching!"


"Will do," Katsuki said, before walking off towards Hank. "Hello, sir."


"Heya, kiddo!" Hank exclaimed. "Did you enjoy talking to Kiyoshi?"


Katsuki nodded.


"That's good!" Hank smiled. "Kiyoshi and I will be going somewhere, so, have my keys." Hank stuffed a hand into his pocket, handing the ash-blonde the set of house keys that Jason gave him. "Get home safe, ok?"


"Yes, sir," Katsuki said as he walked out of the door.


But, from the corner of the restaurant, amidst all the people in the restaurant, Kiyoshi's eyes glanced above Katsuki's head. His quirk quickly took over, the bright, neon blue letters hovering over Katsuki's head. His eyes widened slightly, as he recognized who Katsuki's soulmate was.


Eijiro Kirishima.


Kiyoshi smirked.


That's cute. He thought as he pushed his chair in. He quickly walked towards the door, meeting Hank midway.


"So, how was Katsuki?" Hank asked.


"He was great! It sucks to see him deal with all of that pain, though. We both know that I was barely able to take care of myself after the loss of Rika and Katsurou!" He chuckled softly, causing Hank to chuckle as well. "He's strong for dealing with this. Has his mother helped him cope with it?"


"Not at all," Hank shook his head. "I tried to get Katsuki into grief counseling, you know, the one that I went to after I lost Misato. But she shot it down instantly and called him an attention seeker. She's going to kill me if she finds out I took him to see you," He snorted. "But in all seriousness, thank you for helping him. I knew that this may bring up some old wounds, but I didn't know who else to turn to."


"It's all good, I'm just glad to help! Also, that's fucked up that she wouldn't let you help. I mean, her son has feelings too! Does she know what that could cause? I would kill for a second chance to be with my son and husband, yet, she's willing to throw his life away?! If I saw her, I'm sure that I'd rip her a new one." Kiyoshi huffed. "Sorry, I know that I shouldn't do that."


"No, this time, I agree with you. She needs someone to rip her a new one. God knows her parents won't do it. Anyways, I'm planning on visiting Misato's grave. Do you want to come with me?"


"Sure!" Kiyoshi said as he wrapped an arm around Hank's shoulders. "Do you want to visit Katsurou and Rika's?"


"Sure," Hank replied, as he walked towards the door, holding it open for the brunette.


And with that, the two began to walk off in the direction of the graveyard. Kiyoshi was happy that he was able to prevent Katsuki from using a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Meanwhile, Hank was just happy that the ash-blonde finally got the help he deserved.

All in all, both of them cared for the ash blonde, and that was the best they could do for him.

Maybe now, Katsuki could actually start healing.


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Chapter Text

"Phew, here we are!" Hank huffed as he and Kiyoshi finally came up to the Hakaba's entrance. "The Hakaba was quite farther than it usually was, right?"


"No, I don't think it has. Maybe it's because you've gotten older!" Kiyoshi snorted, which caused Hank to smack Kiyoshi's shoulder. "Ow!" He laughed as Hank sent him a playful glare.


"Hey, I may be twenty years older than you, but I'll still kick your ass!"


"Sure, whatever you say!" Kiyoshi said as he walked through the gate. "Which way is Misato's grave, by the way? I kind of forgot the direction it was in!"


"No, let's go to Katsurou and Rika's grave first. It's closer to us."


"Are you sure? I don't mind walking the distance to her grave first!"


"Yeah, I don't mind walking with you to Katsurou's grave!" Hank gave the brunette a soft smile. "You can lead the way if you want. But after that, I'm going to head to Misato's grave by myself. We can meet back at the entrance if that's ok with you."




As the two began to walk in the direction of Katsurou and Rika's grave, Hank couldn't help but feel...tense. Wasn't there supposed to be a good amount of people here? Surely people were visiting their friends and families here! It wasn't that late, was it? Other than the two of them, the whole area seemed to be like a ghost town! The eerie silence overtook the two of them as they walked through the path, passing all the other graves. The countless number of names cut into the stone, except for the occasional graffiti painted over the names. Hank sighed as he looked away from one of the graves, an expletive drawing sprayed on the name. It disgusted him to see random delinquents desecrating someone's grave. A person that they didn't know. If it was up to him, he would catch these people in the act of their crimes, and knock some sense into them. Yet, all he could do was think about it while he walked with Kiyoshi. Hank couldn't help but glance around, hearing the birds chirping in the air. He usually never heard them due to the number of people talking to their dead relatives. He would rather hear them talking, rather than listen to a combination of the birds chirping and their shoes slapping against the concrete. He had no idea if it was because he had grown accustomed to listening to them whenever he visited the Hakaba, or just because it made him feel less alone. All in all, it creeped the former medic out, and he had to break the silence.


"So, Kiyoshi," Hank asked, finally mustering the courage to break the awkward silence that built between them. "How is Miku doing?"


"She's managing it pretty well," Kiyoshi started, looking back at his deceased husband's brother-in-law. "Based on the circumstances, you know?"




"I make sure to keep in touch with Miku, to check in on her mental health. I still go to my therapist, she's been helpful with me moving on. You've been helping me a lot, too! She told me I was beginning to go paranoid about it, though. Like, I'm obsessing over preventing this from happening a third time. Thank you for recommending her, Hank."


"It's no problem, Kiyoshi," Hank smiled. "That's what families do for each other. I know you would have done the same for me."


"Ah, here we are!" Kiyoshi said as he walked up to Katsurou and Rika's grave. "Heh, the flowers that I left on their grave are still on here." He murmured as he crouched down and picked up the small bouquet of red and blue roses. "Katsurou and Rika always loved roses..." Tears began to well in his eyes as he set them back down and sat on the ground.


"Do you want me to stay? I can be there for you if you need it!" Hank offered as he crouched down to Kiyoshi's level, resting a hand on his shoulder.


"No, no," Kiyoshi quickly replied as he wiped his eyes. "I'll be fine on my own, I promise!"


"Ok, I'll be heading to Misato's grave then, I'll see you at the entrance," Hank said as he walked off, leaving Kiyoshi to face Katsurou and Rika.


Kiyoshi's eyes glanced up to the gravestone, his eyes beginning to well with tears. He couldn't help it, as he saw the pictures he had sitting in the stone. The one on the left was of Katsurou and Kiyoshi at their wedding, the brunette wearing a beautiful, silk, white tuxedo. Meanwhile, Katsurou was wearing a black tuxedo, his hands interlaced with Kiyoshi's. Kiyoshi smiled at the picture. He could remember the day as if it was yesterday. After Katsurou finally proposed to him while they were celebrating making the world cup, they decided that they didn't want some big and fancy wedding. After watching Misato and Hank get married, the crowd immediately swarmed them with their congratulations. It was a bit too much for them, to say the least. So they decided to just run away together and get married by themselves, without anyone there to congratulate them. He remembered how they traveled to a remote part of Japan and got married, where only the two of them could be. Kiyoshi smiled at the memory. Meanwhile, to the right of the gravestone, there was a picture of Rika with his entire team. They had just made the finals, after a hard clash with their rivals. All Kiyoshi could feel was a sense of happiness as he took the photo, his son, and his teammate's faces had smiles plastered on them. He remembered how overjoyed they all were, happy that they finally made it to the finals, after years of disappointment.


"H-Hey..." Kiyoshi mumbled as he quickly looked down. "I miss you both... So much... I hope you two are resting peacefully, Miku and I are doing our best to carry on without you. Hehe... I still remember when we adopted you, Rika. I remember how nervous you were, meeting two famous soccer players. You were such a sweetheart, though, how you wouldn't leave unless we adopted your best friend as well. I would do it all over again just to see your precious smile." He chuckled softly. "I regret not saying anything to you, before your big game. I should have told you that it didn't matter whether you lost or not. You were such a good kid, academically, socially, and athletically! No matter what happened, Katsurou and I would have been proud of you! I wish I could tell you that, to your face, so that you could understand that we would never be upset at you. I love you, your father, and Miku more than life itself." He paused as he choked back a pained cry, before turning his attention to Katsurou's side. "Katsurou... from the moment we met at that training camp, I always knew you were perfect for me. I miss you as well. I miss the goofy laugh you would have whenever I cracked a joke. I miss the long FaceTime sessions we had, where you could barely keep your eyes open as you tutored me. I couldn't lie, the main thing I loved about FaceTiming with you was hearing your voice. Even though you were a few miles away, it felt good to hear it. It may not have seemed like that, but trust me, it did. Even when we played each other, you never seemed to be affected when you lost to me. I know if I was in your shoes, I would have been a little ticked off. But we always made up for that by going out to eat and bonding with each other. I miss that, so damn much. Although, I hope you're resting easy now. I even got to help someone, by the way. He was dealing with the situation I was in, and I think I got through to him! I think he'll be able to feel ok again!" He leaned forward, wiping some leaves off of the grave. "I love you both, so very much. I hope one day, Miku and I can reunite with you both." He stood up and glanced up towards the sky, seeing that the sun was about to set. "It's getting late, I'll be back to visit in a week."


And with that, the brunette walked back to the entrance, as he waited for Hank to join him.






(Meanwhile with Hank.)



"Ah..." Hank let out a quiet, tuckered sigh as he sat on the ground. "Hello, honey. It's been a couple of crazy weeks. I know you probably wouldn't approve of the fights your son and I had, and I apologize for that. But, the good news is that I got back into contact with him, and now we're having a good relationship. He's grown to be so big, he's even taller than me!" He laughed. "I wish you could have seen him, Misato..." He could feel hot tears well in his eyes as he began to reminisce about his wife. He remembered how he paced the waiting room, minutes after she had given birth to their son. An overwhelming sense of fear as nobody would tell him what was happening, as the doctors and nurses ran into her room. Unbeknownst to him or her family, that would be the last time they would ever see Misato alive. He could barely remember what exactly caused Misato to die, other than it being a complication from her giving birth. Needless to say, her death broke him into a million pieces. He didn't know what to do without her. "He got married a few days ago, to one of his best friends. She has a kid, too. I think you would have loved him. His name is Katsuki. He's such a kind and respectful individual, and I think he will be a great student. Hell, I might even move back to Japan so that I can support him. Yet, I still miss you, with every day I've lived after you passed away. But I'm thankful for the time we spent together, whether it was celebrating Christmas with your parents or going on a walk throughout the town, just you and me." He sniffled softly. "God, I'm sorry, love. It's been the hardest thing in my life, living without you. At first, I couldn't handle it at all. I fell into a spiral, often just drowning myself in liquor. But... I'm past that. I quit drinking, and I'm living my best life in your honor. Heh, I still have the picture we took when I proposed to you." He reached into his pocket, pulling out a tattered, leather wallet. He flipped it open, revealing a picture of the two of them. He was touring the base for her, as she had never seen it before! With the help of his comrades, he was able to propose to her. He could remember her reaction, how she was practically sobbing as she said yes. He remembered hugging her so tightly, all while his comrades cheered in the background. It was, for sure, the happiest moment in his life. "I'm going to keep fighting for you and Jason, my dear. I hope that one day, we can be reunited, so I can hold you in my arms once again." He smiled as he patted the stone. "I have to get going, Misato. I don't want to leave Katsuki home by himself. I'll see you soon, I promise."



He groaned as he stood up from the ground, brushing off the pebbles off of his pants. He began to walk back to the entrance, desperately holding back the tears that were forming. He missed her so much and would do anything for a chance to reunite with her.



But, he wasn't able to turn back time.



All he could do was wait for his time to come.







"There you are!" Kiyoshi waved as he saw Hank walking towards the entrance. "How did it go?"



"Eh, it went all right. Some old scars reopened, but that's neither here nor there. What about you?"



"Well, I'm glad you got to talk to Misato. Mine went well, as well."



"I'm glad," He looked up to the sky, seeing that the sun was quickly setting. "Well, I must get going, now. Katsuki is probably wondering where I am right now!" He chuckled. "Take care, Kiyoshi. Tell Miku that I say hello." He asked before embracing Kiyoshi.



"Don't worry, I will!" Kiyoshi smiled as he returned the embrace.



And with that, the two began to go their separate ways. Today was a good day. They got to help Katsuki out with his problem! Yet, as Hank continued to walk down the sidewalk, he began to ponder about Katsuki's situation. Since the loss of his father, he didn't seem to be enjoying life, like how he should be. It didn't help that his mother and Jason weren't making his life any easier. All the time he watched Jason and Mitsuki berating Katsuki for the most minor things, while his Hajime and Uma laughed and supported them. Yet, he couldn't bring himself to intervene, and that angered him. The most he could do was give the ash-blonde a concerned look! Maybe it was time to treat Katsuki with the respect that he deserved. After all, there were plenty of fun things to do in their town! He grinned at the thought.



It was settled, he was going to make sure that Katsuki was going to have as much fun as he could.


(2,288 words!)

Chapter Text

(The next day.)



"Ah, Katsuki! You're finally awake!" Hank exclaimed as he saw the ash-blonde trudge down the stairs. The ash-blonde rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he made it down the stairs. Katsuki smiled slightly, as he gave Hank a gentle wave.



"Good morning, sir," Katsuki muttered as a big, energetic grin formed on his face. For once, he got a good night's rest. He didn't have a single nightmare of his father tormenting him, which was something he hadn't had since the death of his father. To be honest, it was strange. But at the same time, it gave him a sense of peace and tranquility. Maybe that talk with Kiyoshi did more than he thought. He grabbed the back of the chair and pulled it back, sitting across from the silver-haired male. "How was your sleep?"



"I slept well. I can see you slept in, though," Hank snorted. "I hope you slept well. It's nearly ten AM, I was going to wake you, but I felt like you should sleep in. I mean, who hasn't slept in before? Anyways, I hope I didn't wake you up when I got home. I know I got home pretty late, I didn't know if I was being loud. I hope that didn't disturb your sleep schedule."



"Not at all," Katsuki said. "I didn't even know you came home."



"Oh, that's good!" Hank smiled. "I put it upon myself to make us some breakfast. I don't know much about preparing Japanese meals, so I made some food that I would have in Wyoming! Does bacon, eggs, toast, and hash browns sound good? My mother used to make that for me when I was your age!"



Katsuki nodded.



"Thank you, sir."



"It's no problem! It's sitting on the counter for you! Oh! Can you do me a favor, Katsuki?"






"Can you go and get the mail for me? I heard the truck come by, but I didn't feel comfortable getting it."



"No problem, sir!" Katsuki said as he made his way to the front door. “I'll get it right now!"



"Thank you, son!"






The sun shined brightly as the ash-blonde walked off the porch, shielding his eyes from the bright sunlight. It truly was a beautiful day outside. He hadn’t seen a day like it for a long time. Or did he? He couldn’t remember the last time he saw the sun shining this brightly, mainly because of the fact that he kept himself locked in his room for most of the time. As he continued to think about the last time he experienced such a beautiful morning, he finally reached the mailbox. He grabbed the small, metal door and pulled it open. There wasn’t much in the small box, other than a few envelopes, probably from his mother’s friends, congratulating her for getting married.



Yet, as he reached into the mailbox to grab the mail, he could feel another envelope. This envelope was way bigger than the rest of them. He raised an eyebrow as he slowly pulled it out, fearing that whatever was inside was fragile. But, when he carefully pulled it out, he nearly dropped it. His eyes grew wide as his eyes quickly scanned it. He recognized the familiar, admiral blue envelope. The large, golden ‘UA’ is stamped into the center of it. Katsuki instantly knew what this letter contained. He remembered when he got this same exact envelope a couple of months ago, where All Might himself declared that Katsuki made it into UA! However, All Might did tell him that they were still deliberating on who would make it into the hero course and that he would be receiving another letter on whether he made it in or not. This had to be the letter he was talking about! Yet, as he held the envelope in his hands, a sense of worry began to claw its way into his mind. What if he didn't get in? What would Mitsuki do to him if she found out he didn't make it? Would she kick him out and call him useless?


Well, there was only one way to find out.



He quickly slammed the mailbox shut, holding the large envelope close to his chest as he ran back to the house. He was so excited to show Hank, to have him with him as he discovered whether or not he was in the hero course. If he made it, it would probably be the best thing that ever happened to him. If he didn’t make it in, at least he would have Hank to help him.






“Whoa!” Hank exclaimed as the ash-blonde burst through the door. “Easy there! You just about took the door off of its hinges!”



“Sorry, sir! But I got something really important!” Katsuki exclaimed, setting the large envelope onto the table, right in front of Hank. “A few months ago, I applied to a school called UA, it’s one of the most prestigious schools for a student who’s looking to become a professional hero! I got a letter back a couple of weeks after the exams, telling me I got into the school, but not if I got into the hero course! This letter is going to tell me if I got into the hero course or just general education!”



“Oh!” Hank said, his eyes widening in surprise. “Well, open it up, I want to see if my grandson will be able to get into the hero course! I know in my heart, though, you’ll make it in!“ He smiled.


In an instant, the vibrant, red-eyed male ripped into the envelope, pulling out a large piece of paper. He quickly scanned it, making sure that it was indeed, determining that it was for the hero course.



To Katsuki Bakugou,



After careful consideration on whether or not to place you in the hero course, we have finally come to a decision.


After looking at your written and physical exam, we feel as if it would be cruel to not put you into the hero course. You already exhibit the intelligence and athleticism of a professional hero. We will be placing you in Class One-A, along with a select nineteen individuals. Your class schedule will be given to you by your homeroom teacher, Shouta Aizawa.


We hope that UA will be a perfect fit for you!


Classes will begin on August twenty-ninth, we hope to see you there!



Katsuki’s eyes widened as finished reading the letter. He had finally done it. He made it into UA! He could feel tears well in his eyes, once again. But this time, they weren’t tears of sadness, they were from joy. Hank grabbed the sheet of paper from the ash blonde. The large sense of wonder about what was making his grandson cry overtook him as he scanned over the paper. His eyes widened as well, before turning his attention to Katsuki.



“Oh, congratulations, Katsuki!” Hank smiled as he wrapped his arms around Katsuki. The vibrant, red-eyed boy also wrapped his arms around the former medic, letting out several quiet, joyful sobs. “I’m so proud of you, kiddo. I knew you would make it into the hero course! I know you will be the best professional hero in your class!”



“I know…!” Katsuki sputtered as he wiped away the tears from his cheek with his sleeve. “I just wish my dad could be here to see it…”



“We can go to his grave if you want! I’m sure it’s not that far from here!”



“T-That’s the problem…” Katsuki sighed. “I don’t know where it is…”



Hank's smile fell.



“What do you mean? Weren’t you there when they buried him?”



Katsuki shook his head.



“My mom wouldn’t let me go… She said that it would take away my focus on being a hero…”



Hank’s eyes darkened. Was his mother that much of a bitch to not even let Katsuki see his father be buried?! Oh, when she and Jason land in America, he was going to give you an earful. But for now, he should be spending time with Katsuki.



“So, Katsuki, why don’t you and I celebrate? Whatever you want to do, we’ll do it, in honor of you making it into the hero course!”



“Well, there is a place that I want to go to… But it’s pretty far from here…”



“Lay it on me! I’m quite curious to hear what you want to do!”



“You may not know of this, but there's a museum that is about Studio Ghibli that I wanted to see, but I never had the time for… It’s an animation company that produced a bunch of terrific movies.”



“Oh, I heard of those films! One of my brothers used to collect them!”



Katsuki chuckled.


“I’ve only watched a couple of them if I’m being honest.”



“Which ones did you watch?” Hank asked, releasing the ash-blonde from the hug.



“Uh… Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, and Spirited Away.”



“I see! Where is the museum?”



“It’s in Inokashira Park in Mitaka,” Katsuki started. “It’s about an hour or two away…”



“Ah, well, let’s get ready to go then! You can head outside, I’ll meet you there!” Hank smiled as he gently patted the ash blonde on the back. “I’m just going to clean up a little before we go.”



“Ok!” Katsuki smiled before walking out through the front door.



Hank let out a quiet sigh as he stood up from his place at the table. God, he was excited to spend some more time with Katsuki! If he was being honest, he never knew that Studio Ghibli had a museum! But he was excited to see what they had in store!



However, before he was able to walk over to the kitchen, his phone began to buzz. He let out a quiet groan, stuffing a hand into his pocket to see who was calling him. He sighed, seeing that the person who was calling him was none other than Mitsuki. She was probably calling him to let him know that she and Jason landed. Yet, he was tempted to just send her to voicemail, so that he wouldn’t get upset from her being an asshole. He wanted to rip her a new one, especially with the information he just learned. But, for Katsuki’s sake, he didn’t want to spoil his special day. He quickly shut his phone off and walked into the kitchen to put the plate of food he made for Katsuki in the sink. After a few minutes of washing the dishes he used to make breakfast, he walked out towards the front porch.



Now that he was ignoring Mitsuki, they could actually have some fun!



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Chapter Text

(Meanwhile, with Jason and Mitsuki in America)




"God, what the hell?!" Mitsuki growled as she heard Hank's voicemail for the third time. "Why the fuck isn't Hank answering?!"



"I have no idea, love," Jason started as he tugged the big, neon yellow suitcase behind him. "It's my dad, he probably doesn't know how the phone works." He snorted. "Let's find Mianota and Natsumiki before we worry about calling people." The black-haired male said, doing his best not to hit anyone with his suitcase. "Remember, not a word about me being Natsumiki's father. He doesn't know yet, and his bitch of a mom won't let me tell him."



"Fine," Mitsuki rolled her eyes as she stuffed her phone back into her purse. "I must say, though, California is a beautiful city." She smiled. "What city is this, again?"



"San Francisco," Jason replied. "Don't you remember? I pointed out the Golden-Gate bridge when we flew over the San Francisco bay!"



"Yeah, that's right, sorry," Mitsuki yawned as she rubbed her eyes. "We've been flying for so long, I think jet lag is starting to catch up with me!"



"Don't worry, we'll get to bed soon, we just have to- Oh! There they are!" Jason exclaimed as he spotted Mianota and Natsumiki. "Hey! Natsumiki!"



"Uncle Jason!" The shy boy called out as he walked up to the couple, giving Jason a tight embrace. "H-How are you? I h-haven't s-s-seen you since last year!"



"Yeah, how have you been? How does it feel to be in your final year of middle school?"



"He's already done with middle school, Jason. He'll be attending Hanakashi academy to pursue an art career when he returns to Japan." Mianota coldly said, glaring daggers at her ex. "Isn't that right, honey?"



"Mhm!" Natsumiki nodded. "Hanakashi Academy says that they're the best school for those who are looking to be an artist! I already submitted my drawings, and they loved it!"



"Wow, that's awesome! Where is Doug at? I figured that he'd be here for this."



"He's at home, he decided that he didn't want to come with," Mianota grumbled as she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. "How have you been holding up?"



"I've been holding up well," Jason grumbled as he glanced toward his ex. "I would be doing way better if someone would let me see my son." He whispered the last part, making sure Natsumiki didn't hear it.



"Well, maybe if you were around, you would get to see him more often." She whispered back.



"Are you-" Jason nearly shouted, before stopping himself. "Whatever, I'm not going to argue with you."



"Fine by me," She turned to Natsumiki. "Let's get home, it's starting to get late."






"Hey, I remember you, you were in my son's middle school, right?" Mitsuki asked, tilting her head towards the shy, black-haired male. "My son's name is Katsuki!"



"Oh!" Natsumiki exclaimed, the realization hitting him like a car. "You're Katsuki Bakugou's mom!"



"Correction," She held her hand up, revealing the large, ruby engagement ring, the gold wedding ring sitting above it. "It's Missus Caldwell now!"


"Oh?" Jason raised an eyebrow. "You two know each other?"


"Of course we do!" Mitsuki laughed. "I can't tell you how many times my ex and I had to get called to the school because Katsuki kept tormenting him!"



"Oh, is that so?" Jason frowned, his anger returning to his body. Katsuki was bullying his son?! How dare he?! Oh, if Katsuki wanted to be a bully, he would show the ash blonde that he could be a bully as well. "Well, I'm sorry that he was doing that to you. I'll make sure to correct him on his behavior and have him apologize to you."



"O-Oh! You don't have to!" Natsumiki smiled. "I forgive Katsuki for what he did! He was going through some of his own issues and took them out on me. He and I both know that it was wrong, but I'm sure he's getting better soon! Although, I didn't know you got married, uncle!"



"Well," Jason chuckled as he ruffled Natsumiki's hair. "I wanted to keep it a surprise for you, kiddo! I think I did a pretty good job, don't you think?"






"All right, let's stop the celebration and start heading to the car," Mianota said as she began to walk off, Natsumiki and her ex-husband following behind.



"Come on, Mitsuki," Jason said as he beckoned for Mitsuki to follow them. "Let's get going before we get lost!"



"Coming!" Mitsuki exclaimed as she darted forward. "Hey, I'm starting to grow worried about Katsuki, you think he's doing ok?"



"I'm sure he's fine, Mitsuki. We'll call my father once we get situated. You shouldn't be worrying about Katsuki, remember? The whole point of this vacation was to keep him off of our minds."



"I know, but I can't help it! Mother's instinct I assume," She laughed slightly. "So, how long will it take to get back to the house?"



"One hour, if we're lucky," Mianota grumbled, letting out an exasperated sigh as she saw the large amount of traffic that had begun to form. "Goddammit!"



"M-Mom! P-Please relax..." Natsumiki pleaded as he knew fully what would happen if his mother got too mad.



"Right, right, sorry," She said as she ran a hand through her long, wavy, brunette hair. "Just help me find the car, please."



The three of them nodded as they set out to find the car, eager to finally go home and get to sleep. Yet, as Jason searched, he couldn't help but think. It wasn't fair that he had to keep Natsumiki oblivious to the fact that he was his father. Sure, Doug was a good person, but he and Natsumiki don't share blood! In fact, he was surprised that Natsumiki never questioned the fact that he didn't look anything like him! Hell, Jason and he have the same color hair and eyes! It pained him to lie to the shy boy, yet, whenever he brought up telling Natsumiki the truth, Mianota lost it. She would always rant that Natsumiki didn't need to know that his actual father was a deadbeat, who thought that coming once a year was enough to sustain them. Hell, the last time he brought up telling Natsumiki the truth was before he started middle school! The two of them got into a screaming match, which ended with her threatening to cut all contact with him if he ever suggested it again. But, who was she to tell him what to do?! He didn't want to wait until Natsumiki was eighteen, who knows what kinda lies she would put in his mind. Hell, he was tempted to go behind her back and tell him, yet, he didn't want to deal with her psychotic antics. He let out a quiet sigh. Maybe he could finally work something out with his ex so that he could finally be a part of Natsumiki's life.



If she didn't, then he would have to deal with it another way.










"Ah, finally! You four made it home safely!" Doug exclaimed as he rose from the couch, his tall, lanky frame nearly towering over Jason. "Jason, how have you been? It's been a long time since we met up!"



"We met up last year, don't you remember?" Jason yawned as he stuck his hand out for Doug. Doug gave the black-haired male a wide grin as he took his hand.



"Just because it was last year doesn't mean it wasn't long ago! It was fun having you around!" His dark, charcoal black eyes glanced over at Mitsuki, filling with curiosity. "Oh, who is she?"



"That's my wife, Mitsuki! She used to be a good friend of mine during high school."



"Ah, it's a pleasure to meet you!" Doug said, offering his hand to the ash blonde. "My name's Douglas Anderson! But I'd prefer it if you called me Doug!"



"Nice to meet you, Doug!" Mitsuki smiled as she took his hand. "You seem nice!"



"Thank you!"



"Hehe, well, I'll leave you four to bond, I have a phone call to make!" Mitsuki said as she walked up the stairs, leaving the others in the large, spacious living room. The room seemed to be emptier than Jason recalled. It seemed like the room had the bare necessities, like a couch, a TV, and a coffee table.



"Natsumiki, do you mind giving your parents and me some time to chat? I don't want you to get involved in our conversation."



"Mhm!" Natsumiki smiled as the three of them watched him run up the stairs.



"What do you want to talk about?" Mianota asked as she crossed her arms. "Why the hell did you decide to come here of all places?"



"Because it's been a while since I've been to California, plus I wanted to show Mitsuki how great this place was! Is that too much to ask for?" Jason asked. "Also, I decided that I wanted to tell Natsumiki the truth, I figured I would do that here, to kill two birds with one stone. I was hoping to gain your approval."



Not to his surprise, the brunette began to spiral into a fit of laughter. On the other hand, Doug raised an eyebrow at Jason's request. Jason rolled his eyes, already tired of hearing his ex-wife's bullshit.



"Oh, you were being serious?" She asked as she wiped a tear from her eye that had formed from her laughing too hard. "Absolutely not!"



"Why not?!" Jason barked as he did his best to keep his voice down so that Mitsuki and Natsumiki wouldn't hear. "He's my kid too! Just because I wasn't there doesn't give you the right to smother his father's identity!"



"I would rather not have him know who his actual father is! Things have been well with Doug! He's been a better father than you will ever be! He cares about Natsumiki! He was willing to sign the adoption papers to make Natsumiki his son! Doug treats Natsumiki nicely all the time! You don't even know what year Natsumiki is in school!"



"Oh, fuck off with that!" Jason groaned. "It was a simple mistake! At least I don't act like a psycho bitch all the time! I'm surprised Natsumiki hasn't been able to tell that he wasn't Doug's kid! I mean, look at him," He pointed to Doug. "The man is taller than me, and Natsumiki is only five-nine! How do you think Natsumiki would feel if he found out on his own that his mother and the man who he thought was his father lied to him all this time?!"



"As if he would want to live with you! I'm sure he'd rather die than live with you!"



"Really?! Well, let's go-"



"Hey!" Doug shouted as he finally intervened between Mianota and Jason's argument. "Can the two of you act like adults for five seconds?! You both shouldn't be fighting, for fuck's sake, you have a kid in the house! What if he hears you? Are you willing to deal with that if he finds out through your arguing?! I get it, Jason, you want to tell him because you want to be more involved in his life. There's nothing wrong with you trying to start a new chapter in your life. But you have to remember, you treated her like shit when you two were married, how is she supposed to know that you won't treat Natsumiki the way you treated her? And for you," He turned to Mianota. "If Jason wants to put his effort into helping with Natsumiki, I say give him a shot. I know that you and he did not get along, but please, for Natsumiki's sake, don't fight this week. Just have a conversation like two adults! Am I the only one that cares about Natsumiki's well-being, and not arguing?"



"No, you're right, we shouldn't be fighting," Jason huffed. "I'm going to try my best to not argue with you, are you willing to do the same?"



"...Fine," Mianota growled. "As long as you keep your mouth shut about this. I will decide when you tell Natsumuki, got it?"



Jason nodded.



"Now then, I'm headed to bed," Mianota yawned. "Doug, you know where the guest room is, right?"



"Yup," Doug smiled, as he began to walk in the direction of the stairs. Yet, before he did, he patted Jason on the back. "It was good seeing you, Jason. I hope you sleep well, pal!"



And with that, Mianota and Doug went up the stairs, leaving Jason alone to his thoughts. He scoffed, seeing that they were both out of earshot.



"Fucking bitch, trying to tell me what to do!" Jason laughed. "As if I'll listen to her."



With that thought in mind, he had begun to formulate a plan. Since Mitsuki never visited California, perhaps he can convince Mianota and Doug to show Mitsuki around! He was sure that he could come up with an excuse not to join them!



He was going to tell Natsumiki the truth, whether or not it was with Mianota's permission.



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Chapter Text

(Meanwhile, with Mitsuki)




“Ugh, goddamn you, Hank!” Mitsuki growled as her call went to voicemail once again. She had been spamming the former medic’s phone for god knows how long. All she wanted was to talk to Katsuki and let him know that she landed safely. If she was being honest, she felt bad for Hank at first. Katsuki was an awful child, and he would have to put up with him for over a week! But now, whatever pity she had for the silver-haired male was long gone. How was she supposed to contact him if Hank wouldn’t answer her calls?! She pressed the small, green button again, putting the phone up to her ear. She wasn’t expecting Hank to answer her call, after all, he hasn’t answered the dozens of calls and texts she sent to him. Yet, to her surprise, her call didn’t go to voicemail!


“Hello?” Hank asked, causing Mitsuki’s eyes to widen in shock.


“That’s all you have to say?!” Mitsuki shrieked. “You have been avoiding my calls ever since we landed! How was I supposed to come into contact with you in case something bad happened?! How am I supposed to trust you to babysit Katsuki when you can’t even pick up the phone?!”


“Whoa, take it easy, Mitsuki. I had my phone on silent for the day. Katsuki and I were celebrating today!”


“Do not tell me to fucking take it easy!” She growled, the wall that was holding her temper back instantly snapped. “What if you were hurt, and I couldn’t reach Katsuki?! God, you are an awful person! I don’t know why I asked you to babysit, my father would have been better at wrangling Katsuki than you are! What the hell were you even celebrating anyway?!”


“We were celebrating the fact that Katsuki made it into the Hero Course. It was a pretty big deal for him, so I figured it called for some celebrating. He and I were at the Studio Ghibli museum up in Inokashira Park in Mitaka all day. He was extremely happy throughout the day as he learned all about the other films. Hell, we even got to purchase some movies from the gift shop! He actually got to have fun, something I haven’t seen him have in the two weeks I was there before your wedding!”




“I was planning to tell you when you got back from the states, I didn’t want you to ruin his good mood. Besides, I didn’t know you actually cared.”


“Let me talk to Katsuki, now.” She growled. “I’ll show you how much I care!”


“Can’t do that, ma’am,” Hank calmly stated, fueling the ash blonde’s fury. “He’s asleep right now, I won’t wake him up so that you can scold him.” He said. “I’m glad that you landed safely, but I don’t think Katsuki deserves to be yelled at by you, just because he and I were celebrating. Goodbye, Mitsuki.” He said, before hanging up the phone.


“HEY, DON’T JUST - UGH, YOU FUCKER!” She shouted as she tossed her phone on the bed. “Who does he think he is?! I’m Katsuki’s mother, he doesn’t get the right to tell me I can’t talk to my kid!” She shouted into the air. Maybe she should call her father to babysit Katsuki! God, why did she call Hank to babysit?! All he did was interject about how he was worried about Katsuki and that yelling at him wasn’t helping! Who was he to tell her how to parent?! She didn’t have to call him, if she knew that he would be such an asshole, she would have never called him to come to visit his son! “I’ll show him! God, he’s such an asshole!”


“U-Uh… Are you ok…?” Mitsuki quickly turned around, revealing that it was none other than Natsumiki. The shy male was practically hiding behind the bedroom door, his head poking into her room. Mitsuki let out a quiet gasp. She hadn’t expected Natsumiki to be there! How long had he been standing there?! How much did he hear of their fight?!


“Natsumiki! Jeez, haven’t you ever heard of knocking?!” She exclaimed as she glared daggers at him, causing the black-haired male to shrink back. “What the hell are you doing here anyway?!”


“W-Well, I h-heard you shouting… I w-w-wanted to see if you were a-alright.” He stammered. “May I e-enter…?”


“Yeah, sure, whatever,” She groaned as she rubbed her temples. “Just don’t be a goddamn nuisance like my son, I already have a lot on my mind. I don’t need you being a fucking brat like he is.”


“K-Katsuki isn’t a b-brat, Aunt Mitsuki… He’s just going through a lot… S-Sure, he may have g-g-gone about releasing those emotions wrongly, but he isn’t a brat…” Natsumiki stammered as he stepped into the room, sitting on the edge of the bed. “I m-may not have gotten along with him, b-but I s-still helped him when he needed it… He was s-so worried about d-disappointing you… I couldn’t help but feel bad for him, he was practically begging the teacher to round up his g-grade, in fear of what you would do…”


“Oh, shut the hell up!” Mitsuki growled. “He should be afraid! He knows that I expect perfect grades and that I won’t take any grade lower than an A+! My son should expect to be held to these expectations if he wants to be a professional hero!”


“B-But that’s n-not good for his m-mental h-he-health…” Natsumuki muttered, his eyes glued to the comforter. “K-Katsuki s-shouldn’t have to l-live in fear of n-not impressing you…”


“God, since when did you become a parent?! You’re only fourteen years old! Unless you have a kid that nobody knows about, which I doubt because no girl would want to talk to you, don’t fucking lecture me on how to parent!”


“I’m n-not lecturing y-you!” Natsumiki shouted, which was rare for him to do. He almost never raised his voice! But Mitsuki was pushing him beyond the limit, and he could feel his temper slowly breaking. “I-I’m just trying to get you to see that K-Katsuki isn’t a brat!”


“Oh, is that right?! Why are you defending him?! He treated you like shit, how many times did we have to come to the school because he beat you up or harassed you?! You should be hating him! What could that little shit have done to win you over?!”


“B-Because he c-came to me on the final day of school, looking for my help! It was because of you and Katsuki’s dad that he was acting up! The arguing was too much for him, so he came to me for some advice! I did my best to help him realize that it wasn’t his fault! It’s c-clear that you don't care about him!”


“Well, it is his fault! The reason why his father and I divorced was that he’s gay! If he wasn’t gay, none of this would have happened! Masaru couldn’t see it from my perspective on how disgusting and sick Katsuki was! But nooooo! He couldn’t understand, even if his life depended on it! In fact, he couldn’t even understand now, because he’s dead! It seems that anybody I tell this to, they all say I’m an asshole! Masaru’s nephew said so, but I don’t care! They’re all fucking blinded by this! Well, I hope you're proud that you defended a queer! Perhaps you can use that information to get revenge on him, yeah?” She nudged the teen.


Natsumiki’s eyes widened at that. The reason why Katsuki’s parents divorced was that he was gay?! How can she even say all of that horrible stuff with a straight face?! He didn’t even know what he should say, what he could say! He suspected that he wouldn’t be able to convince her that her way of thinking was wrong, yet, his inner self was practically screaming for him to lecture her about it! Yet, he could feel his temper being pushed to the brink of him snapping, another feat that he never expected himself to see. He never lost his cool, yet, when he was talking to Mitsuki, she seemed to just push him to the brink so effortlessly.


“Hello?” Mitsuki asked as she waved a hand in front of Natsumiki’s face. “Are you there? Don’t tell me you support what that little shit does!”


“As a matter of fact, I do!” Natsumiki snarled as he hopped off the bed. “Frankly, it isn’t my place to judge others for who they are attracted to, as long as it’s legal. You were supposed to be his mother, and you treat him like he’s a monster?! And for what, just because he doesn’t like girls? That isn’t wrong!”


“Yes, it is! I already stopped loving him because of it! I’m just waiting for him to make us money or die so that the hero cooperation can give us money to compensate!”


Natsumiki’s eyes darkened.


“Wow, I thought that you were somewhat a decent parent. But now, I know the truth,” The teen sighed as he walked back to the bedroom door. “You are an awful person.” He grabbed the doorknob before pulling it open. “G-Goodbye.”


“God, I figured that you would be like your father, at least he knows that what Katsuki is doing is wrong!”


“Hey!” Natsumiki barked as he turned on his heels to face the ash blonde. “My father isn’t like you! He’s a good man! He would never hate someone because of who they are attracted to!”


Before Mitsuki knew it, she opened her mouth to respond to Natsumiki.


“He’s not your fucking father, Jason is!” She blurted out before slapping a hand over her mouth.


Natsumiki’s eyes widened. No, that couldn’t have been true! Jason was his father? There was no way! He froze in place, trying to process what Mitsuki just blurted out.


“W-What…” Natsumiki asked, his question no higher than a whisper. “M-My uncle is my father…?!”


“...Yes,” Mitsuki said as she nodded her head, seeing no point in lying to the black-haired male. “He is, Natsumiki. I didn’t mean to tell you, I was supposed to keep it a secret… But he wanted to tell you, so badly, but your mother wouldn’t let him. I’m sorry that you had to find out this way, Natsumiki…”


Natsumiki let out a quiet, hushed sigh, before walking out of the room, as much as Mitsuki’s opposed it. He could hear her calling out for him, begging him to come back so that they could talk. He closed his eyes when he heard Jason and his mother arguing echo from the living room as he walked down the hallway. The all too familiar feeling returned to the black-haired male as he used to hear his mother and Doug arguing back when they were still together. The thought of Jason being his biological father stuck in his mind. She was just lying, right? It was all just one cruel prank, right?! Those thoughts bounced around his mind as if his brain was just one large pinball machine. He had no idea what to believe! If Jason truly was his father, why didn’t his mother tell him the truth? Why didn’t Doug say anything? But at the same time, Jason and his mother never really got along, often arguing while he was upstairs as if they were exes at one point. He let out a shaky breath as he closed the door behind him, locking it. All of these thoughts were too much for him as he laid down on the bed, burying his face into his pillow. Who should he even talk to?! If he talked to his mother, she would likely freak out and ask Natsumiki over and over about who told him that information. If he asked Doug, he was most likely going to deny the fact and claim that he was his father. That only left one person. Jason would be the perfect person to ask! He and Jason used to talk all the time whenever he visited! He needed to know the truth! As he slowly drifted off to sleep, the only thought that lingered in his mind was whether or not he would get the truth.



After all, he did deserve the truth, right?




(Warning, the next chapter will be heavy as hell.)

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(The next morning.)




That night, Natsumiki had trouble sleeping. The constant thought of whether or not the man who he considered to be an uncle was his father remained in his mind. Every time he drifted off to sleep, the thought seemed to grab him and pull him back to reality. It had been over five hours since Mitsuki had spilled the beans about his mother’s secret, yet the shock of it all made it seem like it had just happened minutes ago. Come to think about it, it seemed to make sense. He and Doug didn’t look alike, but he and Jason looked as if they were carbon copies! Even with the time he had to ponder about it, he still couldn’t make sense of the situation. Why would his mother keep that from him? He let out a sigh as he lifted his head from the pillow. He reached out for his nightstand, grabbing a small, charcoal black alarm clock, the bright red numbers jumping out at him. His eyes widened slightly as he saw that the time was a quarter until ten AM! He jolted upwards and tossed the blanket off him. How could he sleep in so late?! His mother usually kept him on a strict routine, regardless of whether or not it was summertime. He would never even think about breaking his mother’s routine, for the consequences of doing so were awful. Natsumiki knew that his mother’s temper had a tendency to get the better of her. Even before her mother died, she often snapped at the little things, taking it out on the man who he used to think his father was. But now, he had no idea what to think. Just how much did his mother keep from him? What else was she lying about? He braced himself, ready to hear his mother shriek for him and how they have a bunch of stuff planned. If Natsumiki was being honest, he enjoyed it more when he was with Doug, at least Doug cared for his wellbeing. Hell, his mother was against the fact that he wanted to go to a school that was primarily for art. She thought it was pointless and that he should pursue a school that would give him an actual career. Yet, it was Doug that stuck up for him, telling her that Natsumiki shouldn’t have to sacrifice his happiness to go after a job because she wanted him to have, but instead, have one that he will enjoy for the rest of his life. Yet, as he reminisced, he realized that his mother wasn’t shouting for him. He raised an eyebrow. Was his mother not up yet? It seemed strange that she wasn’t awake, as she was usually the first one to wake up.



“Mom?” Natsumiki called out as he stood up and walked to the door, stretching as he did so. He began to walk down the stair, expecting all of the adults to be awake, conversing as they ate breakfast. But, to his surprise, the only adult sitting at the table was Jason! It seemed as if he was too absorbed in looking at his phone while he drank his coffee. Hell, he didn’t even think he heard Natsumiki call out for his mom. He slowly began to trudge down the steps, each step causing a loud squeak from under his weight. Jason quickly turned around while trying to keep himself from spilling his coffee, his eyes locking with Natsumiki’s.



“Oh, hello!” Jason smiled. “I didn’t hear you get up, how was your sleep? You must’ve been exhausted, huh?”



Natsumiki nodded before yawning slightly.



“Uh-huh… I still a-am…” Natsumiki sleepily mumbled as he sat down at the table, resting his head in his arms. “Where's m-mom and dad…? And Aunt Mitsuki…?”



“Oh, they’re heading into the city,” Jason said as he took a quick sip from his coffee. “Mitsuki mentioned that she had never been to the states before, so your mom and dad set up a little trip for the day. They should be returning near the evening, so we got the whole day to ourselves. What would you like to do? I assume you want to keep sleeping?”



“Mmm…” Natsumiki groaned as he lifted his head, his hair seemingly sticking up in every direction from how he slept. His sleepy, barely open eyes glanced over to Jason, who unintentionally snorted at the sight.



“Jeez, you look like you’ve gone through hell,” He pointed out. “Maybe you should just go back to sleep, it seems like you need it.”



“N-No…” Natsumiki stammered as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “I n-need to a-ask you a que-question.”



Jason tilted his head.



“You do? What’s up, bud?”



Silence overtook the room, as Natsumiki tried to come up with the right words. How should he go about this? Should he be blunt? Or should he ease his way in? Was Mitsuki telling him the truth, did Jason actually want to tell him that he was his father? Or was that just a lie so that Mitsuki can save face and make him feel better. He let out a loud huff. There was no point in beating around the bush, he would have to take this issue head-on.



“Are you my father?”



Jason nearly choked. Where did Natsumiki come up with such a question?! Who told him that information?! Did his mother decide to finally come around and tell him? That bitch forbade him from telling Natsumiki who his father was, yet she went behind his back and told him herself? God, he was right about her. She probably was spouting lies into Natsumiki’s ear, just to make him look bad. He cleared his throat, before taking another sip of coffee. He wiped the sweat from his brow before turning to his son.



“W-Who told you that information?” Jason asked as he let out a nervous chuckle.



“Please… D-Don’t lie to me…” Natsumiki begged, his voice breaking slightly as his ocean blue eyes welled with tears. “I j-just want to know the truth…”



Jason looked away as he felt small tears prick his eyes. He always hated it when Natsumiki cried. Not because of the fact that he wasn’t being a man, but because it hurt his inner self watching his son break down. He was such a good kid, yet, here he was, suffering from issues with his parents and school. He didn’t deserve to go through that sort of pain. He sighed as he set his coffee mug on the table. He reached for Natsmuiki’s hands, practically engulfing them with his own. It was time that he was honest, no matter what Mianota said.



“Yes, I am your father,” Jason mumbled. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell you sooner.”



“W-Why… Why couldn’t you tell me?! Wh-Why did you lie to me?”



“Natsumiki, I didn’t lie to you! Because your mother wouldn’t let me tell you, and she kept shooting the idea down. Hell, she even shot it down yesterday.”



Natsumiki remained silent as he felt the tears stream down his cheeks, dripping down onto the table. So, Mitsuki was telling the truth.



“Do you have any questions?” Jason asked. “Anything you want, I’ll try to answer it the best I can.”



“H-How did you and my mom meet…?”



“Well… We met in a bar fifteen years ago. She was sitting at a table by herself, crying her eyes out. I sat down with her and asked her what was wrong, and she explained that her boyfriend broke up with her that day, and she was drinking the pain away. We kind of just sat there for a while, as I listened to her vent. It seemed to the both of us that we clicked. If I knew who she was going to turn into, later on in our lives, I wouldn’t have sat with her. But I’m glad I did because it brought you along.” He smiled. “Your mother didn’t want me to tell you, supposedly because she wanted to keep that secret hidden from you until you finished high school. Who told you this information, by the way? I know I didn’t tell you this, so did your mother tell you? Or Doug?”



“A-Aunt Mitsuki…” Natsumiki muttered, causing Jason’s eyes to widen with shock. Mitsuki told him that?! She was supposed to keep that a secret! God, if Mianota finds out that he told Natsumiki the truth, surely she would blame it on him. Why would Mitsuki tell him that? When she got back from her trip with Mianota and Doug, she would hear from him. “S-She told me w-while we were arguing…”



“Don’t worry, kiddo,” Jason huffed. “I’ll have a talk with Mitsuki. You won’t have to worry about it. Why don’t you go upstairs and get some more sleep while I fix you some breakfast? I know I can’t cook as well as Doug does, but I think my food is good. What would you like?”



“I d-don’t really care…” The shy male muttered as he climbed back up the stairs. “I’m not hungry, anyways…”



“Oh, ok,” Jason said as he downed the rest of his coffee. “Hope you sleep well. By the way, can you keep this a secret from your mother? I think she would either kill me or have a heart attack if she found out I told you.”



Natsumiki scoffed slightly. How was he supposed to keep this a secret? He couldn’t just contain the fact that the man who he thought was his father was indeed not his father. He needed to know from his mother why she would keep such a secret from him. He needed to know if his mother was keeping anything else from him, in order to ‘protect his mind’.



No matter how hard Jason and Mitsuki begged for him to keep this sudden confession a secret, he would discover the truth.


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(Ten hours later)

“Ah, finally, we’re home,” Mianota sighed as she opened the door. “And we beat the storm, too!”



“Hehe!” Mitsuki laughed as she entered the house, seeing her husband sitting on the couch. His head was resting against the wall as if he was sleeping. “Jason, we’re home!”



Jason opened one of his eyes and gave the ash-blonde a grin. He sat up and opened his arms for Mitsuki, beckoning for his wife to come to him. Mitsuki’s smile only seemed to grow wider at the offer, before she practically jumped into her husband’s arms.



“Hello, love,” Jason cooed as he wrapped around Mitsuki’s waist. “How was your trip?”



“Oh, it was amazing!” Mitsuki exclaimed. “Mianota took us on this tour of the Golden Gate Bridge, then we went hiking in the Redwood forest! The trees were so big, I never thought that they could be that big!”



“Heh, well, I’m glad you had fun.”



“Where is Natsumiki?” Mianota asked as she looked around. “He should be up by now! You better not have let him sleep in for this long, he’ll never have a normal sleep schedule!”



“Relax!” Jason snapped back. “He’s been up in his room, if you want to go check, you can! God, you’re such a controlling asshole!”



“Oh, fuck you!” Mianota snarled.



“Again, can you guys not fight?!” Doug interjected. “We just had a fun day out in the city, let’s not end the day with an argument!”



“Fine, fine,” Mianota grumbled, before making her way to the stairs. “NATSUMIKI! Come down here! You better not be sleeping!”



“Ugh… C-Coming…” Natsumiki groaned as he walked down the stairs, seeing his mother sitting at the bottom of the staircase. “Y-You’re finally home… How was your trip…?”



“It was fine, Mitsuki seemed to have a lot of fun. Are you ok? It looks like you were crying! What happened?”



Natsumiki huffed softly as he wiped his eyes. He wasn’t hoping that he would have to let her know that the secret that she had tried desperately to keep from him was officially out. Yet, he didn’t want to ask her to come to his room, who knows what would happen? She’d probably blame him somehow, and make it seem like it was his fault. It seemed that it would be safer to ask her in front of his relatives, as she had a tendency to not blow up as bad as she did when they were alone.



“I…I have a question for you, Mom…”






“How l-long were you planning on lying to me…?”



Mianota raises an eyebrow.



“Lying to you? What could I be lying about?”



“Y-You lied to me… About who my actual father was.”



Everyone’s eyes widened as the words escaped Natsumiki’s mouth. Mianota looked around, seeing that Doug and Jason were both awestruck, seemingly baffled that Natsumiki knew this information. However, amidst the silence in the room, she noticed Mitsuki, who hadn’t even moved off her husband’s lap. Her eyes were wide in fear, to the point where she thought she could see a tear or two well in her eyes. She had to have been the one to tell Natsumiki! How dare she! She didn’t even want to take them into her house, as she didn’t want to be within a city’s length in his direction. Yet, it was Natsumiki who convinced her to let them stay! She glanced back over to Natsumiki, seeing that he was staring at her, seemingly expecting an answer from her.



“I, uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about! Natsumiki, Doug is your biological father!”

“N-NO HE’S NOT!” Natsumiki shouted, causing everyone to flinch. “I’M TIRED OF THE L-LIES! I ASKED JASON ALREADY, AND HE TOLD ME THE T-TRUTH! I JUST WANT TO KNOW W-WHY…! What did I do to not deserve the truth…?”



Mianota’s head quickly turned in Jason’s direction, her eyes filled with anger and hatred. Jason shrunk back, knowing very well that she was about to snap. She quickly sped over to the couch and slapped him across the face, the loud twhap echoing throughout the living room.



“AGH! What the hell was that for?!” Jason exclaimed as he rubbed his cheek.






“Hey, Mianota, calm-“



“SHUT UP, DOUG!” She snapped. “HOW DARE YOU GO BEHIND MY BACK AND TELL HIM?! WHERE DO YOU GET OFF?!” She shrieked, her voice going higher than Mitsuki’s whenever she would go on one of her tirades. She raised her hand once again and brought it down on Jason’s face.






“Yeah, stop hitting my husband! I was the one who told him! I didn’t mean to tell him, so I’m sorry for that, but please try and control yourself!”



“So, it was you then,” She growled as she glared daggers at Mitsuki. “I gave you this big, fancy tour, and this is how you repay me?! Tch.” She scoffed. “I should have known better than to trust you. I SHOULDN'T HAVE EVEN INVITED YOU GUYS TO MY HOUSE!” She shouted, her temper finally taking over. “WE WERE DOING FINE UNTIL YOU AND YOUR PIG OF A WIFE CAME IN! GOD, IF I KNEW THAT YOU WERE GOING TO BE SUCH AN ASSHOLE, I WOULDN’T HAVE DARED TO EVEN LET YOU SIT AT MY TABLE! HELL, I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN RID OF NATSUMIKI IF IT MEANS YOU’D BE OUT OF MY LIFE! I SHOULD’VE DONE IT WHEN I HAD A CHANCE!”



Silence once again took over the room, as everyone tried to process what Mianota just said. Did she really want to get rid of Natsumiki?! Why would she say such a thing?! How could she say such a thing?! She was his mother, she was supposed to love him no matter what! Yet, here she was, declaring that she would get rid of Natsumiki in a heartbeat if it meant that Jason wouldn’t be in her life. Natsumiki couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Did his mother hate him that much, because he looked like her ex-husband…? Tears began to well in his eyes, quickly dripping onto the staircase. He didn’t know what to think. He began to let out small, shaky breaths as he felt his emotions take over. He needed to get out of the house and away from everyone! But, as he was about to run down the stairs and out of the house, it seemed that his mother managed to process what she had just said. She glanced up to her crying son, her eyes wide with horror and sadness.



“Natsumiki… I… I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to -“



“I- I’m really sorry, b-but I can’t stay here…!” Natsumiki cried out, letting out a quiet sob as he ran past his mother and Doug.



“Hey, Natsumiki! Wait!” Doug called out as he tried to stop the black-haired male, but his efforts were for naught, as the teenager slammed the door behind him. He remained silent as he turned to Jason and Mianota.



“Ugh, what the hell is wrong with you?!” Jason snapped. “I may not have been a great father, but I would never say such a thing! You are such an awful mother!”



“Oh, don’t even go there!” Mianota growled. “If you and your bitch wife never opened your mouths, none of this would have happened!”





“Doug! Calm down!” Mianota begged as she had never seen her ex-husband get this angry!






“I d-didn’t mean to!” Mitsuki stammered. “It just came out!”



“AND JASON, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU TELL HIM THE TRUTH, WHEN WE JUST AGREED TO TALK ABOUT IT YESTERDAY?! Fuck, it’s not worth arguing with you guys, it’s clear that you don’t care about Natsumiki, you only care about hurting each other.” Doug huffed, before grabbing a large, crimson red umbrella that was resting against the wall. He grabbed the small, brass doorknob and opened the door. The storm that they had been racing to beat finally caught up with them, as the rain stormed down onto the ground.



“Where are you going?!” Mianota asked.



“What do you think?! Someone has to find Natsumiki, but you two can continue arguing, I’ll be back.” He slammed the door behind him. He began to make his way down the road, hoping that was the direction that Natsumiki went. He didn’t blame Natsumiki for running away, hell, he probably would have done the same if he was in Natsumiki’s shoes. God, he needed to find Natsumiki! He knew that the area was awful at night because villains had a tendency to lurk around when the sun would set. He let out a shaky breath as he looked left and right, hoping that Natsumiki was just hiding out near a friend's house or a safe place.



Yet, as he continued to search for Natsumiki, he couldn’t help but feel a nervous feeling deep in his gut. It was almost as if it was telling him something awful was going to happen.



That feeling alone was enough for Doug to increase his pace as he frantically searched for Natsumiki.



He had to find Natsumiki before something awful happened to him.



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(Warning: There will be mentions of nonconsensual sex, read at your own risk.)


Natsumiki let out a tearful sigh as he sobbed on a park bench. The dark, army green planks were soaked due to the rain, making Natsumiki’s clothes soaked. But he didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything. All the pain and anguish he experienced was all he could think about. Why would his mother say such harsh things? What could he have done to deserve that? He sniffled softly as lightning danced across the sky, the thunderous boom quickly followed behind. He flinched slightly at the sudden noise, before returning to his fit of sobbing. He had no idea what to do! He didn’t want to go home, who knows what kind of arguing his mother and father would be having. He wiped the mixture of rain and tears from his eyes as he thought about what to do next. Where would he go? He didn’t have many friends, and the ones he did have wouldn’t be able to take him in on such short notice. He cursed himself mentally for not bringing his phone with him. Maybe there was a place he could sleep until the sun rose, or at least until his clothes dried. He stood up from his spot on the bench, wiping away his wet hair from his face, and began to walk. He had no idea where he might end up, but it was better than being at home. Yet, as he began to wander in the random direction his body took him, he couldn’t help but remember what his mother indirectly told him. Did she really want to get rid of him because it would get rid of his father? Did… Did she hate him? If she did, how long has she been keeping that feeling oppressed? Maybe he should just cut ties with her and stay with Doug. It seemed that he was the only one who actually cared about him. Hell, he was the only one who tried to stop him from running outside the house while his biological parents argued. At least then he would have someone who actually cared about him. He stopped in his tracks, the water splashing against his shoes. He looked up to the sky as the endless amount of droplets poured onto his face. He growled softly before letting out a loud, and powerful scream. All the anger he had toward everyone that he was forced to contain was finally released, going up into the night sky.


He sniffled.


If all his mother thought of him was a copy of her ex, did she even love him in the first place…?


As the thought of his mother not loving him bounced around his head, he was unaware of the person standing amidst the trees. The man was watching the black-haired male, a devilish smile creeping up his lips. He had been prowling the streets for quite some time, looking for the perfect victim. His long, greasy, cyan blue hair draped down his face as he stared toward Natsumiki. While most of it was covered by his black hoodie, it was the only thing that was noticeable about the male, as darkness enshrouded him. What kind of parent leaves their child out in the rain, while it was nighttime? He licked his lips as he looked the black-haired male up and down, idolizing all of his features. He looked as if he was fourteen, which was fine for him. He liked his victims young, not too young though, just young enough for them to comprehend what was happening to them, but too weak to stop him. As he continued to observe him, it seemed that he didn’t look like he was from the states. That was also ok to him, he always liked testing new waters. If he wasn’t from here, then he would have no idea just how evil he was. The temptation to just run up to the kid and hurt him right then and there began to rise and rise, but there was an absurd amount of pro heroes walking the streets, all because some petty criminals ran around the city and threatened to burn the city down. He clicked his tongue softly. Although he couldn’t get too mad at them, after all, they did take the attention off of him. If a pro saw him walking down the streets, they would arrest him immediately and put him in prison for the rest of his life. If he did end up attacking him from behind, surely he would scream for help, and as much as he loved it when they fought, it would only wear him out and cause him to make mistakes. But if he was going to persuade him to follow him, maybe he could in fact do what he did to all of his other victims. He let out a sigh, his smile grew wider as he began to reminisce about what he did to his last victim. She was such a beautiful girl from Louisiana, her long, wavy, charcoal black hair waving gently in the wind. What was her name again? Oh, it was Jade! He remembered how much she squirmed and cried, begging how she wouldn’t tell a soul about him and to let her go. Yet, the more she begged, the more aroused he became. He remembered how he met her at the edge of a bridge, her long, magenta scarf wrapped around her neck as if it was a noose. The thought of him doing it again was so arousing, he could feel his pants getting tighter and tighter as he thought about it. The feeling he felt as he used the scarf she planned to kill herself with to strangle her felt amazing. It had been months since he was able to rape and kill again, and he needed to feel that feeling again. However, he wouldn’t miss his pale, snow-white skin being ripped apart as his victim perished. He lost track of how many victims he had, but looking at the number of scars on his forearm, it had to have been at least twenty-five. He pulled his sleeve up, the scars that littered his once pure skin illuminated by the moonlight. His quirk caused a long, straight line to form on his forearm with each victim he murdered, glowing slightly in the night. He thanked whatever god there was for not allowing his quirk to shine through clothing so that he could remain stealthy in the night without being seen. His eyes scanned his arm, as he quietly began to count in a singsong voice. From the looks of it, it would be his thirtieth kill if he succeeded with this stranger. His grin grew even wider, as he slowly snuck out of the woods, making sure to avoid anything that would reveal his position.


“Hey, kid!” The man called out as he ran out of the forest, as he made it seem like he was jogging down the path. “Wait up!”


Natsumiki glanced back, his eyes still filled with tears.




“Are you ok? What are you doing here out at night? Don’t you know that there are villains out?”


“I know… I just got some s-stuff at home…” Natsumiki mumbled as he looked away. “I just needed to g-get out of there…”


“Oh, damn, I’m sorry to hear that,” The man sighed as he pushed a lock of hair behind his ear. “Want to go for a walk? We can keep each other safe, and we can talk about your issues. My name is Matthew, what’s yours?”


“N-Natsumiki…” He muttered.


“Nice to meet you!” Matthew smiled. “Come, let’s walk, we can talk on the way to a spot that I know! It’s peaceful and secluded, so you can get everything off of your chest without any interruptions.”




“I’ll lead the way!” The blue-haired male exclaimed as he walked towards a hidden trail, the black-haired male following closely behind. Yet, as he followed Matthew, he couldn’t help but feel a nauseating feeling reside in his gut. It was like something was telling him that he needed to get away, that Matthew was not who he seemed to be. But he pushed that feeling aside and followed the man into the woods.





“See, I told you it was a nice spot!” Matthew sighed heavily as he sat down on a large rock. “Don’t you think so?”


“Mhm…” Natsumiki huffed. “It is r-really nice…”


“Have a seat,” He motioned for Natsumiki to sit across from him, the second rock even bigger than the one Matthew was sitting on. “Let’s talk about your issue, what’s been going on at home?”


“Well,” Natsumiki started as he sat down on the rock. “I just discovered th-that my father was really my un-uncle…” He sniffled. “My mother flipped out when she found out.. and she told him that she would rather get rid of me if she had the chance if it meant he wouldn’t be around…!” He managed to get out, before he erupted into a loud fit of sobbing. Yet, as the black haired male sobbed to his heart's extent, Matthew could feel that familiar grin creep up to his lips. It was so amusing to the cyan haired male. Even before he would hurt them, seeing them sob their eyes out as they explained their problems to him amused him. Hell, they were so vulnerable, they wouldn’t know what was coming before it was too late. He began to think about all the things he could do to him. He still had the rope on him that he purchased from a local market, surely it was enough to keep him still. Hopefully he still had enough duct tape to keep him quiet, god knows how loud he would scream. Yet, he was sure a threat to end Natsumiki’s life would be enough to keep him quiet. He knew that he had to keep his psychotic tendencies contained, otherwise Natsumiki would probably leave. He put a hand on Natsumiki’s shoulder and rubbed it. His big, psychotic grin disappeared within seconds, replaced with a sympathetic and soft smile.


“Damn, I’m sorry that happened to you, kid,” He said. “I know what it’s like to have a shitty mom. My mother was awful to me when I was twelve.”


Natsumiki looked up, his ocean blue eyes making contact with Matthew’s dull, olive green eyes. His mother was awful to him as well?! Maybe they had a bit more in common than he thought.


“Y-You did…?”


“Mhm,” He started as he stared off into the distance, watching the large river flow endlessly through the horizon. “My father left my mother when I was eleven and she never was the same. The sweet, caring mother that I once knew died once my father walked out the door, suitcase in tow. She became a very bitter person after that, snapping at every little thing and blaming me for stuff that she never got mad at me before. But by the time I turned twelve, things turned different. She became very nice to me, saying how much I looked like my father and how I was perfect. I didn’t understand what she meant at first, but then she came into my room the same night. It was like something in her changed, her eyes filled with a feeling that I would have never expected to see. She told me that she was going to teach me how babies were made, and she began to strip down. I had no idea what to do, what to say even. All I could do was sit there and let her rape me. After it was over, she kissed me on my forehead and told me to rest well. That continued almost every night for six years.” He sighed. “I forgave her for what she did, maybe you should forgive your mother as well. But I’m not going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.” He lied. He knew exactly what had happened to his mother. He remembered how she screamed as he tore her open with a large kitchen knife, her blood and guts splattering on the kitchen floor. He remembered how she begged him to stop and that she was his mother. It didn’t matter to him, she lost the right to be his mother that fateful day. And he would never forgive her for what she did to him.


“I… I don’t know…” Natsumiki pondered. “I want to talk to my m-mom… I want to know if she truly meant what she said or if she just said it in the heat of the moment…”


“Mhm, why don’t we change the subject?” Matthew asked, clearly done with Natsumiki’s venting. “How old are you?”


“F-Fourteen…” Natsumiki answered. “I turn fifteen in a few m-months.”


“Oh, that’s cool. I’m twenty-six.”




“Say, why don’t I help cheer you up? I can think of a few ways to help make you relax!”


Natsumiki tilted his head.


“It’s in a nice place! We can get you new clothes there too! I’m just traveling through on my journey to Washington! I got a nice hotel room that you can spend the night at! What do you say? It’ll beat spending the night out here in this weather! What do you say? You want to come with me?”


“I.. I don’t know…” The black haired male mumbled. “How far is it…?”


“Not too far! Just a few blocks away! I can rent you another room if you feel uncomfortable!”


Natsumiki pondered. It was down pouring rain, surely if he stayed out any longer, he’d catch a cold and be sick for days. It seemed like Matthew was trustworthy and seemed like a nice man! Yet, even though he felt as though he could trust him, he only knew him for ten to fifteen minutes. But, he didn’t want to go home. He didn’t want to be screamed at by his mother and be told how she never wanted him in the first place. He didn’t want to listen to his biological father argue with his mother, rather than try to fix the broken situation. He glanced up to the blue haired male, a small smile plastered on his face.


“I’ll take you up on t-that offer.”


“Excellent!” Matthew beamed. “Follow me!”


And with that, the two stood up from their places on the rocks and walked back down the trail.


Natsumiki was finally happy that he had a friend to trust.


Matthew was just happy that Natsumiki fell into his trap and his little game can finally begin.




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(Also, a whole lot of violent shit is going to go down. All I can say is, Poor Natsumiki.)

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(Warning: The following is going to be in this chapter: Rape, Mentions of rape, and a gun. Read at your own risk.)




“Ah, here we are,” Matthew smiled as he swung the flimsy door open, allowing Natsumiki to walk in. He closed it behind him, making sure to lock it behind him. “I didn’t know that we were the only people renting a room tonight. I could have sworn I saw some other families renting a room! I’m sorry if the room looks like a mess, I haven’t had a chance to clean it.”


“Mhm…” Natsumiki mumbled as he paced the room. The room looked awful. There were stains littering the carpet, only God knows what the stains were. He looked around the room as he tried to find a place where he could safely stand. No wonder why they were the only people that booked a hotel room, it looked as if this place was run down way before they came here! God, the scent, it smelled as if there was a shit ton of mold and rotten food here, the nauseating scent made the black-haired male want to vomit.


“Say, you seem tense!” Matthew smiled. “I can help you relax if you want!”


“H-How so…?”


“Well, we can start by getting you dressed in some dry clothes,” Matthew said before pulling the dresser drawer open, seemingly ignoring all of the creepy crawlies escaping from the drawer. He reached inside, rummaging around for what seemed like forever. He finally pulled out a large, yellow shirt, one that was nearly as tall as Natsumiki! Natsumiki cringed, causing Matthew to frown. “What’s the matter, you don’t like it?”


“N-No! It’s not that,” Natsumiki exclaimed as he waved his hands nervously. “Don’t you have anything smaller than that…?”


“Nope! This is one of my shirts! You don’t have to wear it, though. I don’t judge if you want to wear nothing at all.” He smirked as he saw Natsumiki’s eyes widen. “Oh, would you relax? I was just joking with you!” He laughed. “You should have seen your face!”


Natsumiki let out a nervous chuckle before sitting down on the bed. Matthew looked him up and down again, his smile growing. He couldn’t do anything now, after all, he just got out of the storm! He grabbed the edges of the hoodie and ripped it off. His pale, slender body was exposed, causing the black-haired male to look away out of instinct.


“Do you mind waiting here?” Matthew asked as he tossed the wet hoodie onto the ground. “I’m going to take a quick shower, then we can do whatever you want. You can watch TV if you want, cool?”


Natsumiki nodded.


“Great! I will be right back!” Matthew exclaimed, before walking into the bathroom and shutting the door behind him.


Natsumiki let out a loud, shaky sigh. Something was off. The way Matthew spoke to him, his demeanor was all off to the black-haired male. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to come with him after all. As he began to think about how he could escape without sounding rude, a thought came to his mind. When Matthew returned from his shower, he’d tell him that he needed to return home, because his mother called him and convinced him to come home. It might not be the most plausible excuse, but it needed to work.


But for now, all he could do was wait, the overwhelming sensation of nervousness continued to rise in his gut.







“All right, I’m back!” Matthew smiled as he walked out of the bathroom. A large, pearl white towel was wrapped tightly around his waist. His long, cyan hair was tied back into a ponytail, still dripping with water. He glanced over to Natsumiki. “I hope I didn’t make you too bored waiting here!”


“N-No, you didn’t…” Natsumiki mumbled as he stood up, slowly inching his way over to the door. “B-B-But I think I’m going to s-see myself out… It was nice t-talking to you, t-truly! My m-mom called me, she wants to patch things up with m-me…”


“Seriously?” Matthew asked, his smile falling. “I thought you were going to stay the night! You just got here!“


“I know, I know…! But I changed my mind…!” Natsumiki stammered as his back hit the door.


“No, you’re not leaving just yet!” Matthew growled before storming over to the door and slamming his hand, inches from Natsumiki’s face. The poor kid flinched heavily as he reached for the knob, the horrifying realization hitting him as he jiggled the knob, realizing that the door was locked. Oh god, what has he done? Why did he go with him to this hotel room?! God, he was so stupid for doing that! He had no idea whether or not this man was a villain, yet he chose to follow him?! Damn it, his mother always said he was too trusting! As he continued to think, he was unaware that the grin returned to Matthew’s face. “Oh, you are such an interesting person… Do you know what I plan to do to such a pretty boy like you?”


Natsumiki shook his head, the rest of his body paralyzed with fear. Matthew’s grin widened.


“Oh, you’ll see…~” The cyan-haired male purred. “Why don’t I show you?~”


“N-No, s-sir, I think I’m g-g-good…!” Natsumiki stammered.


“No, I don’t think you are,” Matthew said as he licked his lips. “Why don’t I help you out?~” He dropped his towel, revealing the rest of his nude body. “You can look, hehe.~” He grabbed Natsumiki’s jaw and yanked him down, forcing Natsumiki to look at his cock. Natsumiki blushed and quickly looked away out of embarrassment. The realization of what Matthew was going to do to him was clear now.


Today, Matthew was going to take his innocence.


“You like it? It’s not too big, last time I checked, it was about five and a half inches. It gets the job done though.” He smirked. “Now then, I’d suggest you start taking those wet clothes off now, otherwise you’ll make me angry. I'm sure you don’t want that, do you?”


Natsumiki shook his head. God, why is he going along with this? He needed to fight, like how they taught his class in middle school. He remembered that day, how several professional heroes came in to educate them on sexual assault and harassment, and how it can happen to anyone. He remembered the tips they were told, how if they were ever in a situation like this, they were to fight back until they were able to escape. Yet, as much as he wanted to fight, his body wouldn’t let him. It was almost as if Matthew injected him with a paralytic, forcing him to stay still to his liking.


“You know, you’re not the first one I’m going to do this to,” Matthew taunted, causing Natsumiki to raise an eyebrow. “I mean, come on, I thought you were smart! What do you think these scars represent?” He pointed to his arm. “I’ve been traveling the United States for quite some time now, picking and choosing who my next victim will be. This one?” He pointed to a large, jagged scar. “I got this one in Tennessee from a sixteen-year-old boy who was going for a run in the woods, his name was Tom. Tom was sweet and athletic, along with some daddy issues. He was fucking perfect. We talked for a bit, then we finished his mile run together. It was worth it, he was too worn out to fight back when I violated him in the Tennessee wilderness. As much as he screamed and cried for someone to help him, he didn’t stand a chance. I crushed his fucking skull against a rock when his body lost its purpose to me. I believe they’re still looking for his body, but you know how they feel about quirkless kids. Nobody ever looks for them when they go missing.” He beamed, his cock throbbing slightly as he reminisced. “Whereas this one,” He pointed to another scar, this one being a lot smaller compared to the others. “This was a special time for me, I got it in Iowa. I was stalking this loner girl for quite some time, whether it was following her as she walked home or peering through her bedroom window while she slept, the mere feeling of watching someone without their knowledge was arousing. How I ultimately got to her was probably my most clever approach. I broke into her school by saying I was a substitute teacher, and they just let me by!” He laughed loudly, his laugh nearly turning into a cackle. “What kind of school just lets a stranger in without even checking to see if he was assigned there? Anyways, I’m getting sidetracked. I went to eat lunch with her down under the staircase, the fucking lonely bitch didn’t even sit in the lunchroom with her peers! I couldn’t torment her too much though, I wish I could’ve, but I didn’t want one of her teachers to discover us, so I killed her quickly after I came inside her. That was one of the few times that I didn’t throw my victim in the water, thankfully, that’s what condoms are for!” He snorted. “The cops there ruled it a suicide, and that she and another student must’ve had sex before taking her life. I made sure to keep my appearance hidden, so they had no idea I was even there. Now, time for my favorite scar,” He lifted his arm, revealing a large scar, the edges more jagged than the first one. “Do you want to know how I got this one?~”


Natsumiki nodded hesitantly, for he knew that no matter how he answered, he didn’t have a choice.


“I got this one from killing my mother,” He grinned, while Natsumiki’s eyes grew wide. “I never forgave my mother for how she treated me, that was all just a lie to get you to come with me. In reality, on my twenty-fifth birthday, I visited my mother, and all of the hatred I had for her was brewing deep inside me. I gave her some food and water before I tied her down to her bed. I couldn’t resist getting some well-deserved revenge for all the times she forced herself onto me. I tortured her for days. She kept screaming for me to stop and how sorry she was for ruining my childhood. But I didn’t listen to her, she didn’t deserve the right to tell me to stop. Over and over again, I shoved my cock into her mouth and ass, making her remember all the torture that she caused me. Eventually, she outgrew her use for me as well, so I smothered her with a pillow. How she thrashed and kicked to get free made it all the more worth it. After she finally stopped breathing, this giant scar formed on my arm. I’m at twenty-nine scars now, you’ll be my thirtieth.” He sneered. “If you’re good, I may not kill you.”


Before Natsumiki could say anything to convince Matthew just to let him go, he felt the cyan-haired male’s hand slither to his neck, gripping it as tight as he could. Natsumiki whined softly as Matthew pulled him towards the bed, pushing him to the ground, his back hitting the edge of the bed.


“Here’s what’s going to happen,” Matthew stated as he stroked his cock, the tip leaking pre-cum already. Natsumiki closed his eyes. “HEY! OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES!”


Natsumiki flinched again before doing so.


“Here’s what’s going to happen, before you so rudely interrupted me! You’re going to suck my cock to get me warmed up, you got that?” He asked, the tip of his cock nearly touching Natsumiki’s lips. Natsumiki cringed slightly as the scent wafted to his nose. God, it was like Matthew never even showered, even though he showered today!


“What’s the matter?~ Have you never seen a cock before?~'' Matthew teased as he poked Natsumiki’s lips with the tip of his cock. “Don’t just sit there, open up.~ And I better not feel teeth! If you even think about biting me, I’ll thrust into your ass without lube, got it?~”


Natsumiki nodded, yet he didn’t open his mouth. Matthew's face contorted to a look of pure rage, angry that Natsumiki dared to defy him. He poked Natsumiki’s lips again, this time, a bit harder, making it even clearer that he wanted Natsumiki to open wide. Natsumiki opened his mouth, fearing that if he didn’t, Matthew would go with a more forceful way to get what he wanted. Almost instantly, Matthew stuck his cock into the black-haired male’s mouth, the tip resting on Natsumiki’s tongue. It took everything in his power not to gag on the spot, the salty taste overpowering his mouth. On the other hand, Matthew let out a quiet moan, the warm feeling of Natsumiki’s mouth engulfing his cock made him shiver with pleasure. Something was different about this kid, he wasn’t like the others. He barely even put up a fight with him! He let out another quiet moan as his hands caressed Natsumiki’s hair, his long, stick-like fingers making their way through Natsumiki’s short, black hair. Natsumiki whined slightly as he desperately wanted to shrink away from Matthew’s grasp. To his surprise, Matthew suddenly tugged Natsumiki’s head towards his pelvis, the tip of his cock hitting the back of his throat. Natsumiki gagged slightly, tears already welling in his eyes.


“Man, you’re so good at this! I should take you along with me, where you can please me whenever I want! I can’t wait to take that precious flower of yours!“


Natsumiki closed his eyes and let the tears stream down his cheeks. He did his best to breathe through his nose, for he didn’t want to choke and give him the satisfaction of him fucking his face. However, that only seemed to make Matthew want it more, as he pulled his cock back and thrust it back down Natsumiki’s throat, causing him to gag once again. Over and over again, Matthew thrusted in and out of Natsumiki’s throat, practically abusing the back of the black-haired male’s throat. Drool began to fall down his chin, but he couldn’t wipe it. All Natsumiki could do was gag helplessly, as tears endlessly streamed down his face, dripping onto his soaked shirt. His hands were practically glued to his thighs, occasionally squeezing his shorts as Matthew’s tip hit the back of his throat. This was disgusting, the urge to vomit from how much his gag reflex was being tested went higher and higher with each thrust he took. He couldn’t even bite down and run away. His back was pinned against the bed frame, so if he tried to bite and run, he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.


Finally, after what seemed like hours of the blue-haired male forcing his cock deeper and deeper down the black-haired male’s throat. All of a sudden, Matthew rammed his cock back down Natsumiki’s throat, forcing every inch in his mouth. Natsumiki’s eyes widened as he felt his nose touch Matthew’s pelvis. Natsumiki let out a muffled sob, his hands shooting up to try to push Matthew off, he needed to breathe for fuck's sake! However, as much as Natsumiki tried to claw and push Matthew off of him, Matthew’s grip only seemed to get tighter. Eventually, Matthew released his grip from Natsumiki, pulling his cock out of Natsumiki’s throat. Natsumiki let out a loud gasp, before erupting into a fit of coughing, nearly falling over as he tried to catch his breath. But Matthew had other plans. The shy male could feel Matthew grab his hair and yank him back up, his free hand stroking his cock rather quickly. The cyan-haired male let out loud moans as he angled his cock towards Natsumiki’s face, the shy boy closing his eyes as he prepared for what was to come. To his dismay, Matthew let out a loud moan, before ejaculating all over Natsumiki’s face, thick strands of the older male's cum landed all over him.


“Phew… Fuck!” Matthew huffed as he released Natsumiki’s hair. “That was fucking amazing! Who knew that you were great at sucking dick?”


Natsumiki didn’t say anything as shame overtook him. What would his mother say about him now? She would probably laugh at him for not even bothering to fight back. God, he’s only proving her point. She should have gotten rid of him!


“Hey, kiddo? Are you ok? I didn’t go too hard on you, did I?” Matthew smirked as he glanced at Natsumiki's face. “Man, you look good with my cum on your face. And I’m not even through with you!” He exclaimed. He motioned for Natsumiki to stand up, to which he did. Matthew grabbed Natsumiki by his shirt, nearly ripping it in half as he took it off. The same went for his shorts and underwear, leaving Natsumiki completely nude in a hotel room, with a stranger that had just forced him to suck him off in the middle of god knows where. Natsumiki let out a shaky breath as he watched Matthew chuck his clothes to the side, his eyes locked onto Natsumiki.


“Man, I could only visualize what you looked like without your clothes, I didn’t expect you to look like this! You look so amazing, I knew I picked a good one! Now then, why don’t I make this more interesting?~”


Natsumiki tilted his head slightly as he watched Matthew walk over to the dresser and slide one open. He could only speculate on what Matthew was going to pull out of that drawer. Was he going to pull a weapon out? Was he going to pull something out to violate him? The thought of Matthew violating his innocence made him want to die. He wanted to run, to run far away and report him to a pro so that he could just go home. Why did he have to run away? Why couldn’t he just stay home and lock himself in his room? Unbeknownst to him, he didn’t hear Matthew let out a loud ‘Aha’ as he finally found what he was looking for.


“I found it!” Matthew beamed as he turned around, hiding whatever it was that he found behind his back. He looked so giddy. It was as if he was a child on Christmas. “Want to see it?”


Natsumiki didn’t respond.


“Oh, well, you’ll like it!” He exclaimed as he put his arms forward. Natsumiki’s eyes widened at the sight.


In Matthew’s hands was none other than a large, semi-automatic pistol.


A thousand thoughts rushed through Natsumiki’s head. Where did he get that? How did he get that? Was he planning on using that on him? Jesus, was he going to die?


“Here’s what will happen,” Matthew purred as he turned the safety off. “You’re going to lie on the bed on your stomach.” He motioned for Natsumiki to lay on his stomach. Natsumiki did as he was told, for he didn’t want to risk dying by rebelling against Matthew. But, as he was laying on the bed, he was unaware of the view that Matthew had. The cyan-haired male couldn’t help but stare at the shy boy’s ass. He couldn’t help but think about all the stuff he could do to him. He surely needed to have this. He could feel his cock harden as he climbed onto the bed, his cock resting on top of Natsumiki’s ass. Natsumiki grimaced. This was wrong, yet he knew that there was no point in begging. To his horror, he could feel cold steel press into the back of his head. His blood ran cold as he could feel his body begin to tremble in fear. “If you do a good job, I may not kill you. If you do a bad job, you can say goodbye to your life, got it?”


Natsumiki hesitantly nodded.


“Good! Now, don’t scream,” He teased as he angled his member against Natsumiki’s entrance. “If you scream, I’ll blow your brains out.” With no warning beforehand or any form of lubrication, he thrusted about halfway into Natsumiki. It took everything in his body not to scream in pain as he could feel himself get ripped apart. It burned so badly, like a white-hot pain slowly entering his body. Matthew let out a loud moan as he felt Natsumiki’s walls clench around his cock. “Ah!~ This is amazing!~”


“Pl-Please, Ma-Matthew…” Natsumiki whimpered as he clenched the bedsheets. “Let me g-go…! I want to go ho-home…!”


“Aww, sorry, I can’t do that for you!~ You know that!~'' Matthew sneered as he slowly began to thrust in and out of Natsumiki, the pain only grew for the black-haired male. He hated this, he wanted to fight! He wanted to do whatever it took to get free and away from this hellish place! Yet, as much as he wanted to, he knew that it would cost him his life.



All he could do was take it and pray that Matthew wouldn’t kill him.



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