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Haeil could not sleep.

Every time he closed his eyes he saw those children, saw that girl holding the grenade in her hands.

It was the reason he was roaming the streets now, looking for that place a friend had told him about, discreetly.
The place was nothing you were able to find without knowing someone who was already going there regularly.
It was that kind of place you did not talk about outside and everything that happened there would stay inside.
His friend had told him often enough it was a little rougher in there too.

Exactly what Haeil needed.

From outside it looked like a normal bathhouse that only allowed men inside. Even inside it gave the simple feeling of being nothing more at first glance.
He paid a little higher fee than he was used to, stored his things in a locker, and went to the showers.
Haeil cleaned himself in the shower and went into one of the pools, sighing when the hot water relaxed his muscles.

His friend had told him that this club was a rather small one and did not offer many different rooms but enough for what Haeil had in mind.

He noticed a man, about ten years older than him on the other side of the room looking at him and his skin tingled under his hungry gaze.
Another man entered the bath and gazed at him, while he lifted his towel and revealed his thick semi-erect cock.

Haeil felt his body react when he sat down next to him, their legs already touching but other than that they stayed silent.

There were about a handful of other men still in the bathroom when Haeil felt a hand on his thigh that moved up higher. He leaned back and spread his legs a little.

„The steam room here is really nice.“

The man next to him mentioned almost occasionally.

Haeil looked at him, he was a little older too, had broader shoulders than him and something about that guy screamed that he would be anything but gentle and considerate.
Normally Haeil would stay away from guys like him but for today it was perfect.

„Show me.“

The man grinned and gripped his thigh painfully hard before getting up, cock fully erect, right before Haeil’s face. It was a little more than average length but really thick.

Haeil gasped surprised when a hand against the back of his head pressed his face into the other's groin. He could feel the heat against his cheek and opened his mouth to lick over it but the stranger pulled him back on his hair and he looked up at him, eyes tearing up with the painful grip in his hair.

„You’re greedy little whore aren’t you? Can’t even keep your mouth off my cock for long enough to go there.“

He spoke loud enough to let everyone hear, pulled Haeil up, and pushed him forward out to go out of the bath.

Haeil held his head low, his cheeks burning with embarrassment and covered his crotch going out of the bath, he heard the water move from the other side of the pool and wondered if the other guy would follow them.

Excitement mixed with arousal and he could feel his pulse get faster, something he had not felt for months.

The steam room was already occupied by a few other men and the heat was not as hot as Haeil was used too from others. A leg against his knee from behind made him fall down in the middle of the room and he almost wanted to fight on instinct but forced the urge down, while adrenalin was rushing through his body.

The man from the bath stepped in front of him and grabbed his head again.

„Open your mouth.“

Haeil did and the other shoved his cock inside all the way, making him gag but he did not move back again. Tears running down his face, Haeil forced himself to relax and stay calm and finally the other moved back a little allowing him to inhale the much needed air, before he drove his cock forward again, this time Haeil was more prepared and had fewer problems taking him down his throat.
The guy started face-fucking him rough and Haeil felt other hands starting to roam his body, some were reaching for his hands and held them together against his back, others pinched his nipples and groped his ass and cock. More bodies surrounded him and hands spread his thighs, cupped his balls and a finger rubbed over his hole.

Haeil moaned around the cock in his mouth, eyes closed and the guy took it out and slapped it against his face.

„You like that, don’t you? Being used by all of the men around here.“

He shoved his cock in again and Haeil felt two lubed up finger thrust into him. They were shoving into him roughly and he felt an uncomfortable pull but pressed down against them either way.

Two more fingers followed the other and he cried out around the cock in his mouth with the mix of pleasure and pain shooting up his spine.

Haeil wanted more of it. The feeling of almost suffocating because of the thick cock sliding down his throat mercilessly, all those hands on his body, forcing his legs a apart, gripping him, pinching him, the fingers inside of him loosening his hole.
He felt like he was only there to be used and it was all he was good for after what he had done.

The finger withdrew and he felt open and empty. Then hands grabbed his hips and lifted them and the cock in his mouth slipped out when another thrust harshly inside of him. Haeil cried out loudly and his head was jerked back, his own saliva ran down his throat and was spread by a hand wrapping around it, causing a slight pressure against it that caused another wave of arousal.

The stranger from the bath gripped Haeil’s chin hard. „Look at me.“

Haeil opened his eyes and shuddered under the other’s dark gaze.

„You want to be fucked by each and every one of us?“

The grip on his chin got harder when he did not answer immediately and Haeil whimpered and closed his eyes again.

„I asked you something.“

„Yes.“ He moaned weakly and was yanked up, crying out when the cock slipped out of him.

The guy from the bath had his arm in a tight grip and left the steam room through a different door they had entered, pulling him along and the in comparison cool air against his sweaty skin made Haeil shudder.

The light in this room was more dimmed and Haeil could see other people in the room and hear moans and the sounds of skin slapping against skin. The man brought him to a sling made out of leather hung up by chains and pushed him down onto it. Some other hands grabbed his legs, spread them wide, and fastened them with restraints.
Others grabbed his wrists and brought them to their cocks. He took them into his hands and jerked them as good as he could and when the thick cock of the guy from the bath thrust into him hard he moaned and let his head fall back into his neck.

Another guy took that as his chance to shove his cock down Haeil’s throat and he moaned around him.

Again hands were all over him, tracing every bit of his body, along his thighs, squeezing his cock but not jerking it. The sling did not allow him much movement but he arched his back, trying to get the cock fucking him to rub over his prostate but he other guy only laughed and held his hips still and kept thrusting into him in a way he would mostly avoid it.

„You still need to take a lot more of us, we can’t let you come too quickly.“

The guy who had his cock in his mouth stepped back and the other slammed into him hard, while pushing his hips down and Haeil screamed.

„And don’t forget you’re here for our pleasure.“

The man from the bath was still the only one talking to him and Haeil wondered if the other guys knew him already with the way they let him lead without question. Another cock slipped into his mouth and suddenly there was a different guy fucking him with fast thrusts.

Hands where all over him and cocks were brushing against his legs or any body part they could reach but no one touched Haeil’s cock anymore and he arched his back desperately and felt his own cock twitch against his stomach, precome dripping on his sweaty skin.

The guy who was fucking him slipped out and shortly after he could feel hot come spill over his balls and cock and he let out a weak moan that turned into a gasp when another cock entered him without giving him much of a break.
Haeil felt another shot of hot come hitting his chest and the someone else forced his cock into his mouth, quickly followed by another and he struggled to take them both in at once.

He felt a hand brushing over his throat, squeezing down for a hot second and he knew it was the guy from the bath, who had talked to him. Haeil’s cock twitched and he heard his deep laugh and his thumb brushed over his Adam’s apple. Haeil swallowed hard and felt the pressure of his thumb even more clearly.

The cocks slipped out of his mouth and Haeil was breathing hard, his neck hurt from the position and his saliva seemed to be everywhere.

„Close your eyes.“ The familiar voice ordered and Haeil did only to be hit by two loads of come directly in his face.

And then a hand in his neck pulled him up and his legs suddenly were free from their restraints.

He blinked surprised and stood up on weak legs, almost unable to support his own weight. The leading guy brushed his hand almost lovingly over his cheek and along his swollen lips, spreading the cum on his face and Haeil shivered under his gaze.

Haeil only concentrated on him and only slightly noticed the crowd that had formed around them. The way the other looked at him and followed his own hand down Haeil’s body with his eyes made him shiver and he knew that guy was not done with him yet. Haeil looked down and saw his still hard, condom-covered cock.
He realized in a short clear moment, that he had not even cared about that. The only thing he wanted was getting fucked and forget.
The guy grabbed him by his legs and lifted him up and Haeil felt more hands supporting his weight and holding him, while he was lowered onto the man’s cock, moaning lowly when his own hard length was brushing against the other's stomach.

„What a needy whore you are, my cock is not enough for you isn’t it?“

The man bit into Haeil’s ear shell and lifted him up until he slipped out almost completely.

„You’re lucky we have enough eager ones to help.“

It was all the warning he got before he was lowered down onto two cocks that were pressing into him.
Haeil gripped the leading guy’s shoulders hard and cried out, breath coming in hot puffs. He felt the pull of being stretched so much further than ever before and his legs trembled violently. Someone kissed his shoulder but he hardly felt anything but the pull between his legs and the pleasure when his prostate was finally brushed by one of them.

A hand wrapped around his cock while he was being fucked by two cocks and it took not much for him to come. He whimpered when both cocks slipped out of him and thought they were done but he was carried over to a table and shoved down with his chest on it and the leading guy pounded into him again.

Haeil felt tears spilling over his cheeks and his body reacted on his own, tried to move his hips away. The word stop almost slipped out of his mouth but he bit his lip instead and let the guy take him harder, hands gripping his hips hard while he opened his mouth for another guys cock who started fucking his face in the same rhythm the other took his ass.

He felt the guy fucking him slip out and another taking his place and wondered if the leading guy came when he replaced the guy in front of him and slipped off the condom. He grabbed Haeil’s hair again and lifted his head, forcing him to arch his back. Haeil whimpered weakly and looked at him.

„I want you to swallow my come.“

Haeil swallowed thickly and nodded, feeling the pull against his hair, he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue.

The guy lowered his head and thrust his cock into his mouth and Haeil hummed around him and hollowed his cheeks.

The guy only needed a few more thrusts and Haeil felt his cum shooting down his throat and tried to swallow all of it with the other’s cock still in his mouth.

Slowly the guy stepped back and Haeil was taking big gulps of air.

The guy looked into Haeil’s eyes and both were breathing heavily. Then the guy smirked.

„Keep going. I’m done with him.“
He ordered and simply walked away and Haeil gasped when hands grabbed him and turned him on his back. His legs were lifted on someone’s shoulder and he realized the guy fucking him now was the one eyeing him from the other side of the bath when he went in.

He leaned his head back and looked around seeing about six other guys jerking themselves off around him.

Someone wrapped his hand around his still sensible cock and he jerked his hips, trying to get out of the grip but was held down by another pair of hands. Haeil looked down and saw the guy fucking him was stroking him back to hardness, then he gripped his thighs instead and pulled him closer over the edge of the table and started fucking him for good, brushing over the bundle of nerves with each trust and Haeil fell back heavily and moaned hoarsely. He gripped the table but one of his hands slipped away because of all the cum already covering it.

Another guy’s load hit his face and he could feel it running down his cheek and throat.

The other guy kept fucking him while most of the guys around him covered him in their cum and there was a finger slipping through some of it on his stomach and chest and moved higher over his throat and chin to his lips and Haeil shuddered. He opened his mouth and took the cum covered digits inside and sucked them in knuckle-deep, tasting the mix of all their different loads. He moaned around the fingers when the guy fucked him harder at the sight.

Haeil felt the tension in his body built up again and he that the guy’s thrusts became more irregular. The guy pulled out of him and took off the condom to come over Haeil’s cock and it was enough for him to hit his second orgasm that night.

Haeil rolled to the side to signal the guys around him that he had enough and tried to catch his breath. His limbs felt heavy and his hole sore and open. He felt dirty and his skin itched with all the cum over it, even in his hair. The crowd around him loosened up and he noticed that the guy who was eyeing him in the bath and fucked him last was still there.
The man offered him a hand but Haeil shook his head and stayed on the table.

People occasionally came by and stroked over his leg and side but when they noticed he was already done they left. Haeil was glad but also a little disappointed as if he almost wanted to be used again even though his body would be hardly able to take some more at that point.

At some point, Haeil managed to get up and drag himself to the showers. After the shower, he went back to the bath and just lay in there spent until his skin was wrinkled. Someone notified him that the bath was about to close because it was almost 6 am and he heaved up to get out.

The feeling in his limps came back way too soon and with it the guilt.

He roamed the city aimlessly until he ended up in a restaurant.

The thugs coming in were a welcome distraction and he took it.