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Keigo pushes you gently up against the nearest wall. You feel your breath stutter. Even the most basic stuff like this is enough to make your face flush with needy desire. Keigo’s hands are dry and cool as they slip under the edge of your shirt. You meet his eyes, which are calm and full of fondness. He smiles suddenly, a little goofy. “Hi, how are you,”

“Uh, great,” you feel your cheeks heat up as he probes the skin of your waist with curious fingers, “just peachy.”

“Peachy, huh?” He leans in close to you, his breath fanning over your lips. He smells like spearmint. “That’s nice.”

Keigo grips your hips a little tighter and pulls you even closer, forcing your bodies to come flush together. You feel his dick against your thigh and look away to keep yourself from looking like a deer in the headlights, but nothing gets past Keigo, especially you being embarrassed. “Aw, now don’t be shy,” Keigo says, pausing for a second. “Can I kiss you?”

You nod, your lips parting slightly out of instinct. Keigo kisses you softly, but the hands he has on your hips start to knead firmly at your skin, pressing all the desire he has for you right into your body’s most pliant spot.

Kissing, the two of you didn’t have a problem with, and you certainly did a lot of it. It was the one thing you had under your belt that you were confident with – a few times within the past week, you’d even gotten Keigo so worked up that he had to leave the room to cool down. You’d felt a little bad, sure, but he only did it out of respect for your own boundaries. You’d never been with anyone before sexually, and, even though you were loathe to admit it, being with Keigo marked your first serious relationship. He’d been surprised when you told him this, but you could tell he was privately a little pleased. You couldn’t say for sure, but you thought you could understand – it was exciting for you to be experiencing all this with someone for the first time, and you’re sure the thrill went both ways, since Keigo got to be the one to introduce all of it.

And he was quite intent on doing it right.

You gasp quietly as Keigo nips at your lower lip, shifting slightly from your mouth to begin a trail of soft bites at your neck. Your heart is pounding. This itself isn’t new, but the intention feels different today.

“Um, Keigo?” Your voice has gone a little squeaky.

Keigo doesn’t stop kissing your neck, which is making speaking all the more difficult. “Hmm?” The questioning sound vibrates against your skin.

“What’s your plan today, exactly?”

He freezes in his ministrations and after a second pulls away from you. You make a tiny noise at the loss. “Man, sorry (Y/N). I got kind of caught up there. I was thinking, uh, maybe we could try some new stuff today? If you’re up for it?”

You swallow. The look on your face must not read well, as Keigo backtracks a little. “Only if you’re okay with it! Seriously, we don’t have to. I don’t mind.”

You shake your head. “No, I–I want to. Um. What were you thinking?”

“I kinda wanted to try going down on you, if that’s okay?”

You can practically hear your brain freeze; it sounds a lot like someone knocking a stack of kitchenware onto the ground. “Oh. That’s fine.” You manage.

Keigo lights up. Wow, and now in addition to your brain freezing you have your heart freezing right alongside it. He’s gorgeous like that – so happy and sweet-looking, with a lopsided grin and his hair falling into his face. His expression turns slightly more serious. “I’m glad you’re trusting me with this,” he leans in closely again, and, against your lips, murmurs, “I promise you’re gonna love it.”

Keigo sweeps you up into a deep kiss, his tongue swiping against your bottom lip before dashing softly against your own. He tastes like spearmint, too, and the faintest hint of artificial sugar. His favorite gum. Your brain supplies, weakly, he’s been planning for this.

You bring your hands up to his hair and pull him in even closer, scratching your nails down the nape of his neck. Keigo moans into your mouth, and you’re suddenly feverishly aware of the hot line of his dick branding your thigh. You dig your nails into the sensitive skin of his neck, unthinkingly using it as an outlet for your sudden burst of desire, and Keigo moans againGod, that’s hot.

Keigo pulls away for a second, beginning to steer you towards his bedroom. “Babe, you’re killin’ me a little here.”

“Sorry,” you murmur, letting him push you down to sit on the bed. He stands between your thighs.

“It’s all right,” he pushes you back so you’re laying down, and brackets your head with his forearms. “You know I love it.”

He gives you a sloppy kiss on the cheek which makes you squeal happily before moving down to your neck again, this time on side opposite to the one he was giving attention earlier. He nips at the skin under your jaw, “Can I leave a mark or two?”

Your breath hitches. “Yeah.”

Keigo laces his right hand with your left and pins it above your head, using the leverage to hold you down as he sucks a mark into the skin over your harshly beating pulse. The sensation of his teeth on your skin drives a spike of fresh need into your gut.

“Oh, fuck,” you moan.

Keigo’s hand pulses around yours in quick squeeze. His own breath stutters right next to your ear and it makes you shiver. “God, I love it when you sound like that,” he says, “don’t hold back on me, okay?”

You nod dumbly. Keigo pushes up your shirt and helps you pull it over your head. He sits back on his haunches, admiring his handiwork for a second. “You’re gorgeous.”

You manage a weak smile as your blush spreads down your neck. “Thanks, babe, not so bad yourself.”

Keigo laughs quietly and comes to lean over you again. He skates his fingers down the curve of your ribcage, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake. His face has gone slightly dark and serious with poorly disguised want. You’re working up the courage to ask him what’s wrong when he leans down to start peppering your chest with sweet kisses, trailing them down until he’s resting between your thighs. His scarlet wings are raised high above the two of you, arched and primed as though ready for flight.

Keigo pops open the button of your jeans one-handed. “This okay?”



He undoes your zipper and helps you out of your pants. Your heart is pounding, blood rushing to fill your ears, and it’s getting harder to concentrate by the second. Everything seems muffled and quiet. Keigo seems to pick up on this, likely honing in on the sound of your heart, and passes a soothing, callused hand over your now-bare thighs. “It’s okay to be nervous,” he says, “but I’ll try to make you relax best I can.” He flashes a smile. You melt a little at the sight of it; it is a hero’s smile after all. It’s meant to bring calm to nerve-wracking situations.

But, at least for the moment, it isn’t a hero’s smile at all. It’s just Keigo’s smile. And Keigo is yours. All yours.

Keigo noses at the hair dusting your navel. “Stop me anytime, okay? We’re not gonna do anything you’re not okay with.”

“Okay,” you pause, and add, relieved, “thanks.”

Keigo hums, tickling your skin. Your thighs twitch closed slightly for just an instant at the sensation. He makes quick work of your panties, and you throw an arm over your face to hide the worst part of your blush. You’ve never felt quite so exposed, and you’re not sure you like it. You can hear Keigo’s wings rustle, the sound of them rubbing together, and take a peek down at him through the crook in your arm. His wings have folded down to hug his back, and he glances up at you with darkened eyes. He keeps his eye contact with you as he nuzzles into the juncture of skin between your thighs and your hips. A light blush has spread across the bridge of his nose.

You bite your lip, averting your eyes once more. You’re not sure if it just started up, or if you just hadn’t noticed, but you feel yourself throbbing with arousal. Your heart is starting to slow, beating at its normal pace, pumping a desperate heat through your veins.

Keigo starts out slow, just licking and leaving gentle bites along the inside of your thighs, but he soon works up to licking broad, strong stripes up the lips of your pussy.

“Keigo…” you murmur. He glances up at you, giving you a devilish grin.

“Yeah, baby? What is it?”

Your face burns. You just shake your head, unable to make the words please, I want you come out of your mouth. You slide your fingers into his hair and push gently down on his head instead. He smirks at the suggestion.

“Alright, alright. I got you.”

Keigo uses his wrists to nudge your legs open further, and, true to his promise, doesn’t waste any more time teasing; he delves straight in, spreading you open with his thumbs, and licks firmly, but carefully, at your clit. Your hand tightens in his hair. You don’t mean to be pulling quite so hard, but you really can’t help it. The sensation isn’t what you were expecting – you’d masturbated plenty of times in your life, but your fingers couldn’t compare to the warm spread of Keigo’s tongue. It was overwhelming and not enough all at once, part of you was dying to squirm away at the onslaught of sensation, but the other part of you couldn’t imagine going another moment without Keigo between your legs.

Mm, Keigo – you can… a little faster,”

He chuckles against you and you let out another desperate little sound, your thighs threatening to close around his head. He obliges your request, getting a little sloppy with his tongue and god, fuck if that doesn’t feel fucking amazing.

Keigo pauses for a second and you whine impatiently. “Are fingers okay?” He asks, “Have you ever done that before? To yourself, I mean.”

Your face must be beet red by now. You have no clue how Keigo can just flat out ask that kind of stuff without floundering on his words. You just nod, but you realize that that’s a bit vague. “Um, fingers are fine,” you squeeze out, “I’ve – yeah, a couple times.”

Keigo’s wings seem to get a little fidgety. “Alright. I’ll just do one to start, okay?”

You nod. He ducks his head back down, giving your aching clit another few licks before teasing a finger at your entrance. He pushes into you slowly out of courtesy, but really you’re so wet that he slides in without a hitch. He fingers you while lapping at your clit and god you had no idea fingers could go in so deep.

Oh, fuck me.”

You have no idea where that came from, but Keigo groans, almost miserably, and fucks his finger into you faster. At some point, he must add another finger because you feel the slight stretch of it against you walls. You whine, desperate. Every sound you’d usually bite back or hold onto in your throat is thrown out into the open, as you’re too absorbed by the shock of Keigo’s fingers every time they hit the deepest spot they can reach.

Keigo leans back, and you glance down when you lose the sensation of his mouth on your clit. His face is flushed, lips glossy with your slick and his own spit, and his hair is wild. The only sound is the explicit, filthy, squelching sound of his fingers fucking in and out of you, mingled with your soft, punched-out moans.

God. You’re gonna be the death of me, babe,” Keigo says.

You have no idea how to reply to that, but Keigo seems to decide for you by adding a third finger to the other two. Your back arches off the bed.

“I–oh. Keigo, I–I–”

You don’t have to finish articulating your message for Keigo to get with the program. He swears under his breath. “Yeah? Oh, babe, you have no idea how much I wanna see you come,” he ducks back down, breathing hotly over your skin, “I can’t wait to taste you.”

You shudder and cry out when he starts to tongue at your clit again, his motions coming and going in-tune with the sounds you’re making. You feel your orgasm burning a hole in the pit of your gut, and you reach down to grab a fistful of Keigo’s hair. He moans against you, and that’s it, that does it.

“Oh, god. Keigo!

You curl up over him, your other hand also finding its way into his hair and keeping his head right where it is, with his tongue rolling languidly against your clit as you ride out the waves of your orgasm. His wings flutter gently, tickling your face, as you breath raggedly over them. You wonder, idly, if Keigo can feel that.

You whimper and fall back onto the mattress, breathing hard. Keigo rather unceremoniously wipes his hand on the sheets before coming to lean over you. You spread your legs a little more to accommodate him, but not before you feel his still-clothed dick bump into you.

“Oh, Keigo, you’re still…”

He shrugs. “I’m all right, don’t worry about it.”

You reach down and rest your hand on his hip. You’re suddenly struck with the realization that he’s fully clothed and you don’t have anything left on except your bra. It seems you still have enough blood in your face for it to make you blush wildly, as you feel your cheeks burn at the realization.

“Are–are you sure? I mean, I feel kinda bad, leaving you hanging like that…”

Keigo smiles at you. “You’re sweet, little bird. But really, don’t worry. I want to do this at your pace. We already did our big thing for the day, I don’t wanna push you, or anything.”

You chew your lip. Your body seems to move on its own, and you watch yourself reach down to palm his dick through his pants. Keigo’s breath hitches.


He’s so hard. You fit your hand around him and give his cock a squeeze. His hips buck into your hand, and he gasps, surprised. You’re still blushing, and your heart is picking up something fierce, but you can feel the vestiges of your arousal tugging at you again. If anything, the fact that Keigo just gave you an orgasm for the first time is making you a whole lot less nervous about the intimacy involved in this whole situation, and a whole lot more curious about returning the favor.

“I kinda want to… do something for you.” You murmur.

Keigo sucks in a breath. “Are you sure? I mean, you really don’t have to, it’s okay if you wanna stop here – oh.” Keigo’s words are ended abruptly as you give his dick another firm squeeze. You hear the sheets crinkle under his hands as he fists them tightly. “(Y/N), you’re sure?”

You nod, but then freeze up a little. “Um. It can be something small, right? We don’t have to… to do the whole thing?”

“Anything you’re comfortable with isn’t small. We can do whatever you want.”

You realize that Keigo is starting to sound a little frantic. His wings are puffed up behind him, the smallest feathers standing on end, giving him the appearance of being slightly frazzled. I did that, you think. It gives you a rush of confidence.

“Lay down?”

Keigo obeys, settling back carefully on his wings. You prop yourself up on one elbow and trace your hands down Keigo’s chest, which is rising and falling rapidly. You let your fingers follow the grooves of his muscles under his shirt until you reach the waistband of his pants and seem to get stuck there, just tracing your fingers along the exposed strip of skin where his shirt has rucked up. Keigo exhales sharply. You startle a little, eyes snapping up to his face to search for any signs of annoyance, but the only sight you’re greeted with is Keigo with his lips parted, brows gently furrowed, eyes trained on your hand as it moves over his skin.

“A-are you okay?”

Keigo blinks. “I’m fine, baby. I just really want you.” He says, soft and airy, his words carried on a desperate breath.

You gape for a second and then turn your head away, unable to meet his gaze. He wants me. Bad. Holy shit.

You unbutton his pants with the surge of confidence brought on by that thought. They’re loose at the waistband, so you just push them halfway down his thighs. His boxers are a deep green color, with a small patch turned slightly darker at the tip of the bulge formed by his aching cock. You skim your fingers over it curiously and Keigo’s hips buck up. You pull your hand away out of surprise.

“Fuck, sorry, (Y/N), you’ve got me really worked up.”

“I do?”

Yes, holy hell. I loved going down on you. You sounded so hot.”

Later, when you’re done blushing your brains out, you’ll remember that statement as Keigo likes the way I sound. Filed under: in bed.

You lift the waistband of his boxers and push them down gently, exposing the flushed skin of his cock. This isn’t the first time you’ve seen a penis before, but it is the first time you’ve seen one in person, and you have to say, it’s a little intimidating. You wrap your hand lightly around the girth of it and Keigo’s thighs flex with the effort of staying still. You squeeze it more tightly and pull up towards you, and realize that Keigo is uncircumcised, as what must be his foreskin rolls up to cover the head of his dick.

Keigo lets out a tiny, breathy sound.

This seems too easy – just stroking him like that, up and down. There has to be something to it. Something he likes. You’re suddenly enamored with the thought of finding out. “Um. Tell me what to do?”

“Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’. And you can squeeze tighter. I’m not gonna break. Promise.”

You follow his instruction, squeezing his cock slightly more, and he grunts, the aforementioned organ twitching slightly in your hand. Your eyes widen a fraction. You didn’t know dicks could do that.

“You can go faster,” Keigo’s voice sounds strained, and he adds, quickly, “if you want.”

You go faster.

Mmm, yes. And– go down more, like–like this,” Keigo’s hand wraps around yours. He pushes your joint hands down further, so that at the bottom of each stroke your pinky bumps against his balls, “yeah.” He takes his hand away. “And squeeze real hard when you get to the tip, just like – oh, fuck.”

Keigo sounds gorgeous. So hot. You understand what he’d meant when he’d said the same about you earlier. Keigo groans and you’re brought out of your thoughts.

Baby. This is – god, this is kind of embarrassing, but you’re gonna make me come,” your hand stutters a little. Keigo’s hips chase your palm. “J-just don’t stop. Don’t worry about where it goes, I’ll just–” he pulls his shirt up to his chin, exposing his stomach and chest, “I’ll just make a mess.”

You turn your head to face him. His eyes are closed, and his head is pushed back down into the mattress. His mouth is hanging open. You stroke him faster, to see his reaction more than anything else, and a long, strung-out whine escapes his throat.

Yes. Just like that. (Y/N), fuck, don’t stop please.”

You couldn’t stop even if you wanted to.

You press your face into his neck, and, following his example from earlier, suck a bruise into the patch of skin underneath his ear.

Keigo makes a strangled sound. “O-oh, (Y/N)!

You find yourself gasping alongside him when you feel the first spurts of his come coating your hand. It’s hot, like, temperature-wise, much more so than you’d been expecting. Keigo makes the cutest hiccupping moans as you work him through his orgasm, and, as he predicted, he makes a mess all over his chest and his stomach, just narrowly missing his shirt where he has it tucked underneath his chin.

You continue to stroke him until he’s squirming with oversensitivity. He whines and pulls your hand away. “E-easy there. Guys get really sensitive after they come.”

You’re fully aware. You wanted to see how long he would let you have your naïve moment before he couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

Your hand is covered in spunk, and you hold it stiffly, unsure of what to do. “Um. Cleanup?”

“You got it,” Keigo sends a feather off into the adjacent bathroom. It returns with a washcloth, which you use to wipe down your hand and his torso. He uses the same feather to guide the dirtied towel back into the bathroom.

You look at the mark you left on his neck. It’s sprouting quickly into an angry purple splotch. “Was that okay?” You’re thinking more about the hickey than the sex overall, but a part of you does want to know just what Keigo thinks of the whole event.

More than okay, holy crap,” Keigo chuckles, “you’re a fast learner, ain’t ya?”

Your cheeks heat. “I–I guess?”

Keigo plants a sloppy kiss on your cheek. “And I’m damn glad. I love you, (Y/N).”

Fondness blooms in your chest. You nuzzle your nose against Keigo’s and meet his eyes. They’re warm and honey-gold. “I love you, too.”

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Keigo hums against your neck. You’re laying between his legs on the couch, his laptop balanced on your thighs, as the two of you catch up on some crappy reality shows. Keigo has been absentmindedly rubbing his stubbly chin over the junction between your neck and shoulder, his breaths tickling your skin, and it’s starting to get you a little riled up. There’s nothing sexual about the situation, but there’s something warm about the way you can feel Keigo’s chest rising and falling against your back and his lips against your skin.

You pause the video and shut his laptop, setting it gently on the ground beside the couch. He makes a quiet, questioning noise behind you. You turn around in his lap, settling down so that you’re straddling him.

Ooh,” Keigo teases, grasping your hips, “what’s all this?”

You feel your face heat up and you turn your head to the side, pressing your cheek into your raised shoulder. “Nothing much.”

Keigo chuckles, parroting your words back to you. “‘Nothin’ much’ she says. Come here, you.”

He slides his hands up the back of your shirt and pulls you towards him and you go down easily, using the arm of the couch that’s supporting Keigo’s neck to balance. Keigo runs his hands up and down the plane of your back and looks up at you fondly, his eyes half-lidded and sparkling with contentedness. His gaze is sweet, but it makes you want to hide nonetheless, as you’ve still no idea how to accept Keigo’s affection with the grace that he accepts yours. For the moment, though, he seems to decide for you by pulling you down further for a kiss.

You moan into his mouth and you feel Keigo’s fingers twitch against your ribs in turn. The glide of your lips together is soft and easy, and it fans the fire in your groin up to a slow, rolling burn. Keigo’s tongue prods at your lips and you meet him halfway, meshing your fingers into his hair for good measure. His hands drop lower and squeeze your ass gently over the fabric of your lounge shorts, making you gasp with surprise.

You pull back and sit on your haunches, biting your lip. Of course it’s this moment that you notice Keigo’s half-hard dick under your ass and the blush that had mostly cooled down comes back with a raging ferocity.

Keigo hums, prompting you, “What’re you thinkin’ about, baby?”

“Um,” you start. You rest your cheek in your palm to try and hide your blush. “I–I kinda wanted to like. Do the whole thing. Tonight.”

Keigo makes a small oh sound without meaning to, his lips dropping open in surprise. His wings rustle where they’re pinned underneath him, and you feel bad for a second. They were probably falling asleep at being kept like that for so long.


You just nod, still not managing to meet Keigo’s eyes.

“We probably should be somewhere nicer than the couch, then. What d'you think?”

You glance at him from the corner of your eye. He’s grinning widely, and for the first time you notice that he’s blushing; there’s a soft, pink haze over the bridge of his nose. Your heart flutters at the sight. That’s so cute.

“That sounds… nice.” You admit, ducking your face down.

Keigo sits up and you shift to accommodate him, squealing when he hugs you tightly and, with a flap of his wings, sets you both up to standing on the couch.

“I would carry you to the bedroom but that seems a little forward,” he says. He steps over the back of the couch and hops down, using his right wing to gesture towards his bedroom. “You comin’?”

You nod dumbly, copying his action of jumping down from the couch. Keigo offers his hand to you and you take it, just holding it lightly by his fingertips.

Keigo stands at the edge of the mattress and pulls you close into his chest. “It’s your show today,” he says, softly, “what d'you think?”

“Are you sure that’s the best idea?” You ask. You wrap your arms around his waist.

“Trust me on this one.”

 You’ve never been the initiator in your relationship, but you can appreciate that Keigo is trying to give you as much power as possible. You look to him. His eyes are patient and there’s an amused tilt to his mouth.

“If you say so. But…” you bite your lip, “I might ask you to take over. If that’s okay?”

“Anything’s okay.”

You swallow down your nerves and lean to kiss Keigo again, pressing your body against his and using the leverage to back him up to the bed. You push him down and he falls, letting out a little ‘oof’ when he hits the mattress. You crawl over him and sit yourself down over his hips, lining your groin up with his. He’s fully hard now, his dick pressing up insistently into the space you’ve made for it between your legs. You bracket his head between your arms and kiss his cheek sweetly before moving down to his neck. You use one hand to trace idly down his side, the soft cotton of his shirt skating smoothly underneath your fingertips. You nip at the skin under his jaw and feel him shiver. One of his hands comes to rest on your hip and kneads at the soft flesh there.

Starting at the hollow of his throat, you lick a gentle stripe up the side of Keigo’s neck and he groans quietly, his hand at your hip seizing and giving you a harsh squeeze. “Oh, yeah, babe.”

His reaction spurs you on and you press your groin down against his and nuzzle your face into his neck. You roll your hips experimentally, dragging your clothed sex over his dick. Keigo’s breath hitches. His other hand comes up to grab your other hip, and he pulls you, makes you rub yourself over him again.

You make a soft sound into his neck. The friction isn’t enough to be more than teasing, but judging by the steadily increasing pressure of Keigo’s fingers digging into your skin, he’s really liking this. You nudge your hips down harder, matching the pressure Keigo is giving with his hands, and nip at the shell of his ear.

Fuck,” Keigo says, “god, (Y/N), I said you learn fast but this is like, light-speed.”

His fingers slip under the hem of your shorts to squeeze your ass and simultaneously rub your pussy over his dick faster. You’re starting to feel too hot in your sweater, and you let Keigo control the movement of your hips for the moment as you lean back and pull it over your head, tossing it to the side. 

Keigo’s face.

You’re not sure you were ready to see him looking quite so… messy. His hair is sticking up oddly and his lips are parted.

“Aw, babe, you’re gonna kill me before we even get to the stuff,” Keigo moans.

“I–I am?”

The friction against your clit is starting to get to you, too; you keep with the pace Keigo’s set and lean over him, your hair falling over him and tickling his cheeks.

Yes, god.”

Your pussy throbs as you suddenly imagine the hiccupping moans Keigo makes when he comes. You swear softly.

“Keigo? You can, uh, maybe take over now.”

Keigo doesn’t hesitate. He grips your hips tightly and switches you onto your back before burying his face into your neck and peppering it with kisses. His hands sneak up to the waistband of your shorts and he tugs at them.

“Can these come off?”

You nod, and he pulls your shorts off. He seems to be stunned for a moment, as he just sits there on his knees staring at you. You gather your arms over your chest self-consciously.

“Um, what’s up?”

Keigo blinks. “It’s nothing, little bird. You just… you look real nice.”

You blush. You can’t imagine how nice your old t-shirt and faded cotton panties look, but you’ll take Keigo’s word for it, given that he looks like he’s about to eat you alive.

He leans down to kiss you and slips a hand under your shirt to massage your breasts. You’re just wearing an unlined bralette, and the warmth of Keigo’s palm through the fabric makes you moan a little desperately. You’ve never felt this worked up just from kissing him before, and you find a little heart in you to feel guilty about all the times Keigo has had to leave the room to cool off after the two of you had gotten frisky. Because right now you’re burning up, and if he doesn’t get his hands and mouth on you within the next two minutes, you’re going to explode.

“Keigo,” you murmur against his lips, “I–can you… touch me? A little? Please?” Your last words come out as a squeak, your embarrassment getting the better of you.

“Oh, I absolutely can, angel.”

You shiver. Angel. That’s a new one. And it rolls off of Keigo’s tongue so well that you can’t doubt for even a second that he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Keigo pulls off your panties and rucks up your shirt so your belly is exposed and the bottom band of your bralette peeks out just the slightest. He kisses down your neck and chest, rubs his rough chin into the skin of your stomach, and settles down comfortably between your thighs. He quirks an eyebrow at you. “This okay?”

“Yeah, it's… it’s good.” Your words are breezy and quiet. Keigo nods and kisses your inner thighs, which makes you whine. He keeps at it, working torturously closer to your aching pussy. Has this always gone so slowly? You’re sure it has, but for some reason right now you can’t fathom waiting another second.

Keigo…” you reach down and run your fingers through his hair, pulling gently.

He swears under his breath. “I got you, angel, don’t worry.”

With that, he spreads the lips of your pussy with his thumbs and dives in with his tongue, giving a few messy, wet, initial strokes just to get your skin wet. Oh, fuck yeah. You tug at his hair harder, and Keigo groans into your flesh, the vibrations traveling in a pleasurable shock up your spine. He doesn’t go slow anymore, instead he sucks at your clit, sloppy, making all sorts of lewd sounds that you’re too distracted to be embarrassed about. Your back arches, forcing your clit deeper into his mouth, and you turn your face, squishing your cheek into the pillows.

“Ah, Keigo,” you grab his wrist and squeeze it, hoping your message gets across.

I want your fingers in me. Right now.

“Fuck, fuck, alright.” Keigo’s voice is hoarse. He licks his fingers in a cursory manner and teases one at your entrance before pushing in.

You moan, both relieved and with a mounting sort of desperation.

Keigo goes back to lapping at your clit, timing swift, firm, motions of his tongue with each thrust of his fingers.

Fuck,” you whine, “yeah.”

Keigo slips another finger in and the stretch feels so goddamn fucking good right now. Your back arches helplessly to meet it.

“Yeah?” Keigo asks, his voice slanted with a desperate tone, “feels good? Want another one?”

You just nod.

“Ah, shit, alright, angel,” Keigo adds a third finger, “god, you’re doing so well, look at you.”

The praise makes you shiver. Keigo curls his fingers roughly and you cry out, unable to muffle it even a little, and feel a blush rage down your chest. But, for once you find yourself not giving even a single fuck about being embarrassed. There’s no time to be embarrassed.

“I–Keigo,” you stutter, “I–I want… I’m okay, I t-think.”

Keigo’s fingers pause and your breath hitches at the loss.

“You’re sure?”

“I’m sure.”

Damn, you got it, babe.”

Keigo leans back and pulls off his shirt and undoes his pants. You’ve seen him naked a handful of times before, but not like this.

He reaches into his nightstand and resurfaces with a condom and a bottle of lube. He sets them down next to you for you to inspect as he works on getting out of his pants and boxers. You pull off your shirt and bra, too, in the meantime and blush when your eyes finally meet his.

He smiles warmly at you, something of a stark contrast to the fact his dick is so hard it that it looks downright painful. “You’re still good?” He asks.

“I’m still good.”

Keigo reaches for the condom but you catch his wrist in the process.

“Uh, actually, I kind of wanted to…”

Keigo just blinks before yielding to you. You tear the packet open with slightly shaky hands. Keigo turns the slick piece of latex so that it’s right-side up and leans back a little, his cock poking out obscenely from the otherwise flat, angular plane of his body.

“I’m all yours.” He says, jokingly. Your lips quirk up in a smile involuntarily.

You place the condom on the head of his cock, and he pinches the little well at the tip as you roll it down over him. He hisses, his hips pushing into the friction. It feels like the little thing is on there tight, which, you’re sure is a good thing but you can’t imagine its all that comfortable. But either way, Keigo does not seem to care; he grabs the bottle of lube and opens it, drizzling a bit on his cock and smoothing it all over.

“We need that?” You ask.

“It’s always good to have,” he answers. He takes the discarded condom wrapper and bottle of lube and tosses them onto the floor by the bed, “I don’t wanna hurt you, not even a little, 'kay?”

You nod. Keigo places his arms on either side of you and pushes you back down into the mattress with a kiss. He pulls back and looks at you seriously, his eyes filled with a hazy mix of arousal and affection. “You tell me if it hurts and we’ll stop, okay? But I promise it’ll feel really good.”

You reach up and cup his cheek in your hand. He leans into it happily. “I trust you.”

That seems to be what he wanted to hear. His wings splay open behind him for balance as he lines up his cock with your entrance. He glances up, his mouth opening slightly as though he’s going to ask if this is okay one more time, but he stops upon seeing the look on your face – you’re biting your lip, and you’re sure your eyes are dark with lust, focused solely on the movements of his body.

Keigo pushes the head of his dick inside of you and slowly, slowly slips further in.

It does burn, just a little. You make a face at the stretch but don’t dare make a sound for fear of Keigo thinking you want to stop, because that’s about the last thing you want right now. Keigo bottoms out with a soft moan.

“Y-you still good?”

Keigo’s face is flushed, and his wings are spread wide behind him, trembling slightly with what you’re guessing is the effort to stay still.

“I’m still good,” you repeat. You clench around him just to see what happens, and Keigo falls forward, losing his balance.

Fuck, baby, you feel so good, damn it.” He sounds slightly hysterical. The sheets under his palms creak with the strength of his grip.

“You can, uh… you can move, babe.”

Keigo blinks at you. “Yeah. Yeah, okay.”

He grabs one of your hands and pulls it over your head, pushing your twined fingers into the pillows. He rocks his hips gently, just slowly pulling out and pushing back in once. You shiver with it; that slight stretch is still there, but you don’t hurt. You give Keigo an encouraging nod and he gives another thrust, sharper this time, and the two of you groan together.

“Feels good?” Keigo grits out,

“Yeah,” you murmur, “yeah, keep going.”

“You got it, angel,” Keigo gives your hand that he’s holding a squeeze and picks up the pace.

And, damn it all, you realize very quickly there’s no way you’re going to be able to keep quiet. The drag of Keigo’s cock inside of you feels so good, and at the end of every thrust you’re met with a shock of pleasure so intense that you can’t help but cry out.

“O-oh shit,” you start, “oh, my godKeigo.”

“Yeah, baby?” Keigo is panting. “Want some more?”

You whine, your back bowing up towards him. You’re crushing his hand in your grip. “Yes.

Keigo growls, his wings flapping aggressively behind him, before he pounds into you. Oh, shit, if you were loud before, you’re twice that now, crying out desperately and babbling a whole lot of nonsense that at any other time would have you passing out from the sheer embarrassment. You pull your hand out of Keigo’s hold and reach up to his back, dragging your nails down the skin surrounding the base of his wings. Keigo buries his face into your neck and moans like he’s dying.

Fuck, (Y-Y/N) if you keep touching me like that I’m gonna come.”

Your eyes roll back in your head, a spike of arousal shooting through you. “Oh, god, Keigo, t-that’s fine holy shit,” You run your fingers as carefully as you can manage around the base of Keigo’s wings. You’ve touched them a handful of times before, but it was usually accidental or in passing. “Can I—nnn—can I touch them?”

Please,” Keigo chokes out.

You burrow your fingers into the feathers closest to his shoulder blades. Later, you’ll think about how soft they were against your skin, but right now, the only thing you can focus on is Keigo absolutely losing it on top of you.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he swears, “—(Y/N), I’m gonna—fuck—you’re gonna make me come—”

His thrusts are getting erratic, but at the same time they’ve got so much power to them that you feel lightheaded with pleasure.

“T-that’s okay,” you stutter. Keigo’s breaths are shortening into your neck, turning suspiciously into those soft, hiccup-like sounds he makes when he orgasms, “come for me, Keigo. Come for me, baby.”

Keigo seizes up, burying himself deep inside of you before going still and weakly crying out your name. His cheek is pressed up against your neck, and the tiny, broken-up ah sounds breaking free of his throat are sung sweetly into your ear. His wings slouch suddenly, blanketing the two of you in feathers, and his body follows soon after.

You can tell he’s trying his best not to just crush you under his weight, and it seems like he’s about to lose that battle just before he straightens up and pulls out with a weak sound. He slips out of the condom and ties it off, throwing it with an amazing precision into the wastebasket at the other end of the room. He turns to you, grinning softly, before settling on his belly between your legs.

“Uh, Keigo…?”

He licks a stripe up your clit, smearing your arousal all over his chin.

“Oh, fuck, Keigo.” You moan. He pushes two fingers inside of you, and although it feels like next to nothing now, it feels oh-so right in combination with his tongue playing with your clit. You reach down and grab his hair. Your body is already tense – you’re not going to last long after all that.

Keigo hums and pushes his tongue inside you for a second alongside his fingers. Fucking hell, if you weren’t desperate to come before you sure are now.

“Oh, god,” you babble, “Keigo—my clit—now. Please.”

He’s not one to fuck around when you sound like that. He spreads his tongue flat, uses the whole, broad, surface of it to glide over your clit and you whine, your thighs threatening to close around his head. Blood is rushing in your ears, and you hear yourself, as though through a pane of glass, calling out his name as your orgasm punches into you. You throw your head back but keep your hand in Keigo’s hair, forcing him to stay locked in place as you ride out the final moments of your high, only releasing him when his tongue becomes too much to handle.

You shiver with it when Keigo pulls away. He’s grinning, and the entire lower half of his face is shiny with lube and your slick. You lay still, breathing heavily and not really able to move.

Keigo crawls up and collapses by your side. “Somebody’s lookin’ like they're… good-good.”

You push at his chest jokingly. “Uh-huh. And you’re looking like a cat who just got the cream.”

He licks his lips, a mischievous glint in his eye. “And didn’t I?”

You giggle helplessly and Keigo is thrown into fits beside you. Once the two of you settle down, he bumps his nose into yours. His eyes are alight with happiness.

“Hey,” he says, “I love you, angel.”

Your heart threatens to burst, and you smile back at him. “I love you, too.”