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"Listen here fishy"

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"pathetic, couldn't have gotten her if she were blind...OH WAIT!" The Witch let out a laugh as she followed the Feaster to his room. "The best part was when she even managed to hit you with that pathetic board! I saw it from my own followers eyes!"

"must you keep reminding me..." Hatsur grumbled as he shut the door behind then as soon as the half snake lady slithered in.

"It was humorous!" she said with a grin.

"And what about how many times the survivors got out of your grasp" He said as he crossed his arms.

"Oh if only I hadn't filled up all the chairs nearest~"

"at least I play my matches and strike with my bare hands, but of course your to delicate to" he said as he took the woman's hand in his and held it up for his multiple eyes to examine.

"Let me go fishy, I'm to powerful to strike a survivor with my bare hands!" she said as she snatched her hand back from him.

"Mhm" though he had no face the witch was sure that he meant it in a smug way.

"Watch yourself, I could easily take you on" she said as she crossed her arms. "We just barely managed to win, I hope I never have a duo with you again, why'd you suggest we even do it in the first place"

"I just thought it would be fun to hunt with you" he said as one of his tentacles extended to wrap around her tail in the slightest. "was it not?"

"of course not, hunting with you was frustrating" she said with an eye roll soon after taking her blindfold off. Hatsur was the only one she really felt comfortable removing her blindfold around as if it were nothing.

"Yidhra..." The man said in a low mutter as he grabbed her by the wrists, and along with his tentacle already wrapped around her tail he forcefully pulled her closer to him. "weren't you just laughing at my failure to capture a blind girl?"

The witch had gone a bit silent aside from the small grunt she let out when forcefully jerked closer to him.

"Sounds like you had fun to me...I think it's something we should do more often...but of course there are other ways we could entertain ourselves in eachothers presence if you no longer wish to match with me" he said in a tone that would send shivers down anyone's spine.

Yet the witch seemed unphased until more of his tentacles extended and began coiling around her body and slipping under her shirt and cloth she wore as a skirt as he tightly held her hands behind her back.

"F-Fish, Stop" she grumbled out as she began loosely fighting against her restraints.

"You know I adore when you put up a fight for me" He whispered in her ear, causing it to twitch in the slightest.

"Unhand me now!"

"or what?"

"Listen here, rotten squid, I won't hesitate to take and hide your eyes!" she hissed out.

"I have more, and if not I'm sure you wouldn't mind me borrowing yours?" he said with a chuckle. "I'll let you go if you say you'll duo with me again..."

She growled softly refusing to agree, soon she felt one of his tentacles brush over a sensitive part of her tail causing her to let out a soft moan. "Fine! Fine!"

He chuckled and let her hands go, his tentacles retracted from round her only for her to wrap her tail around him and pull him closer. This hadn't been the first time they'd "play" like this.

"get off of me you dirty reptile" he said as he grabbed her waist forcing her closer to him til there was no longer any room between the two.

"dirty? In all your years of being on this disgraceful world you haven't learned how to treat a woman?" she said with a grin wider than her usual.

"Your more than just a woman" He said as he pushed the witch down and against his bed.

"mm...then what am I?"

The Feaster was silent before looking down at the witches lower body then back up at her. "seriously? Look at you...Have you not looked in a mirror lately?"

The witch was silent, disgust was written all over her face as she stared up at him for a great moment. "GET OFF OF ME YOU ROTTEN PIECE OF FISH!!" she soon yelled out as she pushed the laughing Feaster off of herself and sat up off the bed.

"Just being honest! You asked me what you were!"

The snake hissed and turned to the door. "Don't sit next to me at dinner, nor breakfast!"

"for the day?"

"FOREVER" she loudly hissed out as she slithered to the door, the sounds of the man laughing still audible dispite her being out his room now.

Hatsur didn't care for her last statement, he'd still sit next to her anyways, he always did, even on days he threatened for her not to so much as glance at him, she still did, she always did and just like she annoyed him, he planned to do the same.

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The Witch stood face to face with the other gods door. She took a bit of a soft breath before turning the knob and slithering in. "Sushi Roll...?" she muttered softly as she entered the room, taking her blindfold off in the process.

"What is it rep-...tile...? Is something wrong?" He asked almost immediately after he looked up from what seemed to be just a tiny book and saw her lips that were curled down into a frown, something no one had ever saw, yes he'd been the special one and seen her furious and give a bit of a frown, but this was different than her usual pout, she seemed genuinely upset and that was something he'd never thought to see.

Especially since things were usually the other way around, he'd get mad at something and hold it in all day until he got the chance to go to the witches room or somehow get her to come to his room just so he could rant as the witch poked at his eyes inthe floating mist in his hood with her tail coiled around him. She'd usually tease that the only reason he was mad was because he didn't understand, and on most cases, she was right.

But to see the witch there and clearly upset as she shut the door behind her, he wasted no time getting up and making his way over in order to grab her and coil one of his tentacles around her tail and mutter. "Talk with me, surely you didn't come all this way just to-" the man was clearly shocked by the female suddenly lunging forward and hugging him. "-call me" he sighed softly and picked the snake up, she was pretty heavy, but not to her, same was he wasn't that heavy to her.

He laid her down against the bed and laid down next to her, wrapping one arm around her waist to hold her close while his tentacles coiled around her and her tail.

It was clear that unlike him, ranting didn't seem to be her thing, she instead silently buried her face in his cloak. The silence was painful, but knew by the witches strong grip on him that this was what she wanted, and who was he to deny that.

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While attending dinner the two gods sat next to eachother like usual, they didn't need to eat yet we're there anyways chatting amung themselves. The two didn't regularly talk to anyone other than eachother, this led many to believe that they were possibly friends....

"your tail..."

"what about it"

"reptile I'm giving you 5 seconds to unravel your tail from around my tentacles"

"or what..."

"You know what I can do to you..."

Or...more than just friends...And today was no different from how they usually acted.

"stop touching me you rotten tuna roll" the witch muttered softly with an irritated smile as the feaster continued toying with her ears.

"Their rather useless to be flattened like this, what good do these do ya hm?" he asked with a bit of curiosity that only sounded like teasing to the witch.

"What good does having multiple eyes do ya!?" she taunted as she reached in and snatched one of his eyes.

When the two were alone they acted as much as anyone would assume a presumed god who's been around for years would. They were mature, seemed to always know what they want and how to get it and we're more than intemidating.

Yet when they were together they acted almost like children who were trying to seriously play grownup around everyone else, they could only imagine how much they faught behind closed doors...

"Mhm...Do you intend on staying the night in here again Fishy?"

"Is it an issue if I choose to?"

"It wouldn't be your first time, just don't touch me, the beds big enough for us to stay on our own sides yet I always wake up with tentacles wrapped around me!""

...Two gods arguing over anything was a bit interesting, let alone fighting, its what some rumored they did when alone...

"I could- ngh~ stop here if you insist on me not touching you"

"Ah~ Ahh~ N-No no you can't, I-If you do I won't let you live it d-dow- ahhh~!!!"

...It was a sight some would've liked to see while others knew it was something they'd probably never. They were only left with their wild imagination as to what two gods possibly did when alone.

"shall we take our leave" Hatsur said as he stood holding his hand out for Yidhra to take.

"Of course, there's nothing better happening right now" She said as she took his offer to help her stand from her seat.

"have a pleasant night" the feaster said before walking off with the witch slithering close behind.

"this is my room" she softly hisses out when the feaster followed her into her room.

"I'm aware, I'd like to speak with you"

"Speak quickly, I'm busy"


The witch was silent before turning to him. "what is it?" she asked as she crossed her arms.

"It's Fiona"

"that little- YOUR little follower?" she said with a slight grin. "what of her?"

"she's so tiring to deal with" he grumbled rather angrily as he sat down on the witches bed.

"Do as I do with my beloved followers!" her grin soon became wide and sadistic as her tail suddenly flung back and struck her follower down. "And punish them when they do bad!"

"Uh, yea no" he said with a bit of an unphased eye roll as most would find this sudden change into her true sadistic like personality scary.

"Well simply avoid her" she said as she dropped back into her 'normal' state worryingly fast.

"Suppose it's a bit hard to but believe me I've tried, but that's not the issue, she plans on getting her hands on one of the pets"

"those pathetic little things? So what!"

"It's the one of me"

The witch was silent before muttering. "there...there's one of- BWAHAHAHA"

Hatsur sat there clearly annoyed as the witch laughed.

"I got it, I got it dont- don't worry" she managed out through her laughs.

"good" he said as he flopped down on her bed.

"Mhm...Do you intend on staying the night in here again Fishy?"

"Is it an issue if I choose to?"

"It wouldn't be your first time, just don't touch me, the beds big enough for us to stay on our own sides yet I always wake up with tentacles wrapped around me!" she hissed out as she slithered atop of him and coiled her tail around his waist.

"alright alright, I promise" he said before reaching in the females shirt.

"what are you doing" She uttered, seemingly unphased by him suddenly digging around in her shirt.

"Looking for my, mm, here" he soon pulled an eye out from between the females breasts. His eye, the same one she snatched from him and didn't give back at dinner.


He put his eye back after examining it then grabbed her waist and flipped them so they were now laying on their sides, facing one another. "we both know you didn't intend on giving it what are you going to do with the little being"

"get rid of it of course..."

"and if they restock?"

"I doubt it and if so I don't mind getting rid of them all aswell..."

"And what do you want in return for your ser-" He was silenced by the witch's tail moving down to stroke a few of his tentacles.

"I'm quite bored fishy..."

He flipped them once more so that he was now hovering above the Dream Witch. "Understood..." a mist overtook him and soon a face formed and leaned out of the hood to lock lips with the witches.

He'd had a human form much like how the witch had an outfit in which she formed legs for. Yet much like the witch and her blindfold he only took this form when around her and only her, yet it was rare that he did.

The witch didn't hesitate to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him back as his tentacles began wrapping around her.

Things were getting hot as usual between the two when they grew bored, the only difference was the Feaster being in his human form. His tentacles fondled her breasts under her shirt and massaged sensitive parts of her tail, soon one of his tentacles found its way under her cloth and slowly pushed its way in her entrance.

"Mmm, deeper" Yidhra broke the kiss to mutter.

As she said he grunted softly as he pushed it in deeper til the witch threw her head back and let out a moan. "Mm, do you...You remember earlier at dinner what you say" he said through his soft grunts as he began thrusting deeply in her, quickly beginning to pick up the pace.

"Ahh~ Ahh~ I-I said a lot of things, b-be specif- ah~ specific" she spoke out through her moans.

"When you, you said to stop touchin you..."

"mmm- mhm, wh-what ahhh~ what of it"

He suddenly grinned down at her and leaned down to whisper in her ear. "I could- ngh~ stop here if you insist on me not touching you"

"Ah~ Ahh~ N-No no you can't, I-If you do I won't let you live it d-dow- ahhh~!!!" She could hardly concentrate on anything but the unhumanlly fast pace she adored him going at.

"That's, ah, what I like to hear" he said with a breathless chuckle before forcing the witch into yet another deep kiss.

"Hatsur, Don't stop...I-Im ah~ about" the witch softly moaned out after about an hour or so, an hour of blissful pleasure.

"Good, good, I won't I-I promise" he grunted out, and before soon she let out a loud hiss he knew meant she'd reached her peak, and her reaching hers is what forced him to meet his.

"ah...mmm..." he flipped them so she was now laying ontop of him once again. "It's always nice mating with you" he said with a slight chuckle.

"It's not mating, I won't be reproducing with anyone, especially someone like you" she muttered in disgust as she laid her head on his chest and coiled her tail back around him.

He let out a low groan and wrapped one hand around her waist when he felt the female gently begin stroking the corners of the eyes that were scattered over his body. He liked it, especially since it was just the corners of the lids instead of the direct eyeball.

"Is that so?" he muttered as he reached up to gently scratch behind the females ears knowing that was something she liked, and the twitch of her ears was confirmation.

"of course...give me your cloak..." him now scratching behind her ears made her let out a soft hiss of satisfaction and approval.

At the mention he wasted no time taking his cloak off and letting the witch slip it on before leaning down and forcing the woman into another kiss that she gladly returned.

"My Lord!!! Are you in h-"

At the sound of a familiar voice they knew all to well, the two gods turned with a pissed off glare to none other than Fiona, peeking in through her portal she placed on the door.

Though they were long done with their "fun", the fact that the kiss was lasting longer than that of a quick peck made it seem like they intended on going another round, just because they could.

"Fiona!" Hatsur called out, sitting up and quickly setting the witch aside so that he could change back to his misted form, appearing in yet another cloak and approach the priestess.

"My lord! I-I uh had no idea you could take such a form you-"

"that's enough, this isn't my room nor is it yours! You have none the right to place a plate down here and peek in!" he scolded.

Yidhra had no shame in being in one of the fastest cloak, she would've given the woman an ear full and probably tried to strangle her but seeing the feaster scold her was more entertaining.

After about what seemed like forever the witch groaned in annoyance, something that caught the feasters attention. "Oh sushi roll...I'm getting bored of this...either-"

"yes yes, give me a minute, snake stew" he called out as he opened the door and forced the priestess out of the room.

After about a few more minutes Hatsur finally came back in only to see Yidhra coiled up and asleep. He let out a soft sigh of defeat as he knew once the witch choose to sleep it was best not to wake her, so he crept into the bed with her and like she hated to wake to, he wrapped his tentacles around her.

The next morning the female woke up covered in the man's tentacles both wrapped over his cloak and underneath, around her bare skin, like usual when they slept together in her room. "Hatsur let me go..." she softly hissed out as she slowly sat up.

"mmph..." he pulled the witch down against his chest causing her to let out a growl of disgust. "HATSUR!!! You don't even SLEEP!!! I know your faking!"

A deep chuckle came from the man as he sat up, moving the witch in his lap in the process. "Good morning to you too...stay...let's just stay like this a bit longer.

"I have an early match today get off, I need to change..."

"change? Why? You look amazing as is" he said as he slowly began unraveling his tentacles from around her.

She looked down at the cloak she was wearing then looked back up at him. "as if...but I will take your offer into consideration..." she said before laying back down and against him, allowing him to rewrap his tentacles around her. "just for a little bit..."

"just a little bit...