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Burnt Edges

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A hand was heavy and warm on Anakin's cheek. He turned into the touch, mind fogged by sleep, grumbling to himself. He was cold, on the brink of waking, and another body settled alongside his, pressed to his back – strong and unyielding and comforting.

He felt a brief spark of confusion before sleep dragged him back under and he dreamed of Obi-Wan, indecent, wonderful dreams of emotion and impression that faded as quickly as they came.

When Anakin woke, it was a cold shock. He sat straight up, eyes sharp and mind alert as he put his back defensively to the wall. He remembered. A snarl curled his lips, eyes narrowing. Oh, yes, he remembered. Grievous and his cowardly tactics. He'd endangered an entire settlement of Dugs just to draw out the famous Kenobi and Skywalker, then waltzed away to let Ventress handle the battle herself.

And even she hadn't bothered to meet them honorably in combat, choosing instead to dose both of them with … something. Something that left a wretched hangover, Anakin thought with disgust. He restrained the urge to cradle his head in his hands.

"Well, at least we're together," he said into the darkness of their cell. Obi-Wan did not reply, though Anakin could sense his wakefulness. "How's Ahsoka?"

"She got away."

Obi-Wan's voice sounded tight, strained.

Anakin frowned into the darkness. He could just make out Obi-Wan's form along the furthest wall of their cell. Which wasn't far, really. Just enough to hide Obi-Wan and keep him out of reach.

"You saw what happened?"

Anakin didn't remember anything but Ventress laughing as she sprayed a fine mist of some kind of incapacitating agent directly into his face. He reached out in the Force and felt it hum around Obi-Wan, snapping back at him with violence that belied Obi-Wan's careful, distant posture. He sat up straighter in shock.

"I mean," he put in slowly. He moved his head to the side, as if following motion, but there was none from Obi-Wan. He had curled his arms around his knees, holding them fast to his chest – which Anakin could see was rising and falling rapidly. "I'm not mad. I don't blame you for saving her instead of me, Master. It was the right thing to do."

The sound Obi-Wan made could not rightly be described as a laugh.

"I'm glad you approve, Anakin."

Something was very wrong.

"Master, what did she do?"

Anakin probed again in the Force, more carefully this time. He did not follow his training bond back to Obi-Wan; instead he followed alongside its path, edging up to Obi-Wan to look in at him. And what he saw was a mess.

Obi-Wan's restraint be damned, Anakin was on his feet and then kneeling before his former Master in seconds. His hands reached out, but did not touch, held just nanometers from where Obi-Wan's own hands held his knees in a white knuckle grasp.

"What did she do?" Anakin asked again, voice harsh over the sound of Obi-Wan's ragged breathing. "Master, tell me!"

Obi-Wan opened his eyes and they were a blaze of fury, bright even in the dim light that peeked in from the cell door. Anakin tried not to flinch.

"It seems that she drugged me."

"She drugged us both," Anakin argued. There was a snap in the Force telling him just how wrong he was. He'd been knocked out. He'd felt something – but it was clearly very different.

He swallowed deeply, meeting Obi-Wan's gaze almost unwillingly. It was disturbing, focused with intent in a way he'd never seen from his Master before, but compelling. It promised.

"Did she? Because I don't see you – I don't feel you suffering like..." Obi-Wan choked off his next words.

"Suffering?" Anakin shifted closer. "Master, how are you suffering? What can I do?"

"Anakin, do not ask me that."

Because he was fully aware of what Anakin felt from him, his control barely leashing the violent need Ventress's drug had provoked. This close, Anakin could make out the tiny shivers coursing along Obi-Wan's body, the flush on his cheeks and the sweat beading along his brow.

"Master, she knows the Jedi," Anakin began softly. "She knows the things that can break us."

That awful sound again, unlike any laugh Anakin had ever heard, but breathless this time, broken off at the end with a groan as Obi-Wan closed his eyes, pressing his face to his knee.

Cautiously, Anakin traced his fingers over the back of Obi-Wan's hand, and even such a small thing provoked a response. Obi-Wan snapped his head back up, glaring viciously at Anakin even as he opened his hand up under Anakin's touch. He just barely held it still as Anakin traced the lines on his hand, the calluses left by decades of lightsaber practice. He trailed his fingers down to Obi-Wan's wrist, feeling his racing pulse.

"But it won't break us, Master. We're better than that."

Obi-Wan gave a halting nod. His lips parted, eyes slightly glazed. Anakin wasn't sure he was even listening. But that was fine, better than fine, even. If Obi-Wan wasn't thinking anymore, he wasn't convincing himself that he needed to hurt to be a proper Jedi.

Anakin ran his hand up Obi-Wan's arm to his neck, curling it under the other man's jaw.

"It's the Jedi way," Anakin murmured. He leaned in, close enough to kiss. Obi-Wan's gaze followed him, all his emotions laid bare, burning in his eyes the way they did in the Force. "We have a mission to complete. This is another obstacle."

It was the permission Obi-Wan needed. He pushed forward, hands tugging on Anakin's tunics to draw him into a deep, rough kiss. His beard rasped uncomfortably against Anakin's skin, mouth opening against his as he pushed his tongue into Anakin's mouth.

Anakin groaned at the feeling.

Obi-Wan kissed him raggedly, biting, one hand moving up from Anakin's tunics, still balled into a fist and crushed against Anakin's cheek. Anakin didn't try to slow him down, knew how foolish that would be. Instead he readjusted his position, hands on Obi-Wan's hips pulling him closer. Obi-Wan cursed, slow, small movements giving way to a sudden, violent tackle as he threw himself down onto Anakin.

Anakin's head hit the deck and his vision went white. Obi-Wan's hand threaded through his hair, pulling hard as Obi-Wan dragged him into a kiss Anakin could barely focus on. And then Obi-Wan was gone, sliding down Anakin's body, parting his legs. Anakin blinked rapidly, feeling like he'd suddenly lost track of what was going on.

Anakin struggled to sit up, glad at least that his dizziness was passing, even as his confusion multiplied. There was a dark look on Obi-Wan's look when he caught the other man's eye. He was sitting back on his haunches, hand skimming along Anakin's belt. His fingers hooked into it, under the tunics, hot against Anakin's skin.

"Master?" Anakin's mouth had gone entirely dry. "I thought... we need to help you."

Obi-Wan looked briefly amused – caught in a moment between hard, barely restrained lust and what Anakin swore could not be a threat. Obi-Wan would never look at him so.

"You will," Obi-Wan said.

And his fingers went to work on Anakin's belt – helped by Anakin because whatever else, he was so hard it hurt and he wasn't going to say no at this point, not with Obi-Wan's hands on him and his breath so teasingly hot against his stomach, beard scratching skin as he kissed and licked his way down.

Anakin arched into him as Obi-Wan took him into his mouth, head cracking again against the deck and he was honestly going to give himself a concussion here. He was blearily aware of that as Obi-Wan pulled back, licking a long, wet stripe up Anakin's cock. He stopped for a moment, face against Anakin's thigh and Anakin clenched his fists against the deck, gulping down air.

"You can, uh, keep going. If it helps."

Obi-Wan responded with a hard bite to Anakin's hip, making him jump and yelp in shock, before ducking his head back down and swallowing around Anakin's dick. Anakin stared up at the ceiling as Obi-Wan sucked his length, trying to figure out what the actual kriff was happening here. Obi-Wan paused to suck on his own fingers and Anakin tried to repress his sound of protest. It didn't go so well.

"Do you want this to hurt, Padawan?"

Anakin squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lip. He kinda did.

Obi-Wan gave a low chuckle, catching the gist of the thought, either in the Force or the twitch of Anakin's cock. His slick fingers pushed into Anakin's entrance and, apologetically, he kissed Anakin's flagging erection as he worked Anakin open. The intrusion was an odd feeling, fingers stretching him, pumping in and out. Anakin found himself moving against Obi-Wan's hand, a desperate sound caught in his throat. He didn't know what he wanted, but he wanted more of it.

"Good enough," Anakin panted.

He wasn't sure what to do, feeling raw and vulnerable in this position. He wanted Obi-Wan. Wanted to fuck him, but he had no idea what to do – and yet images were starting to bleed over from Obi-Wan, through his threadbare shields and forceful touches. The edges burnt by emotion, but when Anakin closed his eyes he thought he could already feel it happening.

"Do you want –" He stopped, licking his lips to start again. "Should I move?"

Anakin opened his eyes. Obi-Wan leaned back pulling roughly at his own clothes. He'd already pushed down his trousers and his cock was hard and straining, barely visible in the dim light of the cell. Anakin stared at it, feeling his cheeks flush.

"That would be –" Obi-Wan didn't finish the thought. He had already forgotten.

Anakin had the feeling he was beyond speaking.

Wordlessly, he turned over, getting onto his hands and knees. Obi-Wan covered his body with his own, cock already pushing into Anakin. He didn't stop until his hips were flush against Anakin's ass, length fully seated inside him.

Anakin frowned, forehead pressed down against his forearms. It wasn't bad or anything. It wasn't anything he'd ever been prepared for, anything he'd thought about deeply and – Obi-Wan started to move and he sucked in a breath, eyelids fluttering as Obi-Wan thrust back in, hitting just in the perfect spot to send a shudder of pleasure up Anakin's spine.

Obi-Wan muttered something unintelligible, hauling Anakin's hips back against him. His hands were bruising on Anakin's skin as he fucked hard into him, mouth grazing sharp bites across Anakin's back.

Anakin's arms trembled as he held himself up. He could make out the sound of his own panting against the unbelievable sounds Obi-Wan was making. He pushed up against Obi-Wan and then swore, reaching down to stroke himself as Obi-Wan thrust. It didn't take much and then he was coming, the rush of orgasm singing back across their bond to Obi-Wan and he felt Obi-Wan jerk, coming inside Anakin with harsh suddenness.

Obi-Wan slumped against his back. Anakin prodded at him in the Force, afraid he'd find the other man unresponsive, and he was surprised to be greeted by lethargic joy instead. Anakin tilted his head to the side, hiding a smile in his arms.

"Just shut up," Obi-Wan muttered into his neck.

"I didn't say anything," Anakin said, but the smugness snuck into his voice.

Obi-Wan disengaged from him and rolled onto the deck, one arm thrown over his face. Anakin decided that sacrifices sometimes had to made and stripped off one of his tunics, doing his damnedest to clean up, before pulling his trousers up. He took care of Obi-Wan as well, pleased with himself for the thought. He patted Obi-Wan's clothes down and then settled next to him on the deck. Obi-Wan didn't resist when Anakin picked up his arm and snuggled down underneath it.

"That was stickier than I expected," he told Obi-Wan conversationally.

"Really?" Obi-Wan's embarrassment was fading. That was definitely a good sign. Amusement crept into his voice as he continued dryly, "Do I want to know what your previous encounters have been like?"

"Not as sticky."

For him, personally, at least. Anakin suddenly worried that Padme disagreed. Of course, it hadn't been bad, so she presumably agreed on that front. She certainly never took issue with it and –

Anakin decided he was going to stop thinking about Padme. As long as Obi-Wan was pleasantly relaxed in his arms, it was just disconcerting and distracting.

"I cannot believe that worked," Obi-Wan added after a long moment.

Anakin hadn't been paying attention to his line of thought. He turned slightly, face pressed to Obi-Wan's shoulder.

"What worked?"

Obi-Wan passed his hand through Anakin's hair fondly.

"Sex," he said lightly. "I think the effect of the drug has largely worn off."

The drug. Anakin blinked. Right.

Obi-Wan stretched underneath him and then casually batted him away. He rolled to his feet, peering down at Anakin.

"You certainly look a mess."

Anakin glared back up at him. If anyone had made him a mess, it wasn't Anakin. Obi-Wan was already blithely ignoring him, shields firmly back in place. He rubbed one finger over his upper lip, frowning at the locked cell door.

"I think it is high time we made our escape."

"Oh, I don't think that'll be difficult," Anakin replied.

He suddenly felt very much like smashing something, after all.