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An Indescribable Feeling

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Jimin was on stage when he felt it. A warm, comforting feeling, like someone had wrapped their arms around him in a hug. He glanced out into the crowd. They must be out there. Jimin could barely control his excitement and focus on his performance.

It was the second half of the concert and all the members were spread around the stages, interacting with ARMY. Jimin debated whether he should inform the other members of his discovery, or if he should wait until they are backstage again.

He forced himself to move on from this section of the stage and he felt the warmth fade. As he crossed paths with Suga he gestured for him to remove his earpiece before whispering in his ear.

“I can feel them. Somewhere over there.”

Suga raised his eyebrows and gave Jimin a nod before heading over to where Jimin had been. He tried not to react as a feeling of peace washed over him. A relaxing, content feeling, as if all his worries had disappeared. He too searched the crowd. I will find you. Yoongi almost forgot he was meant to be giving a performance until someone nudged him.

Yoongi looked round to find Jin beside him with a concerned expression. He gave him a nod to show he was fine and watched a Jin’s expression changed to one of shock. Jin felt it too.

Jin was staring a Suga who had seemed distracted when a feeling of joy overcame him, and he could’ve sworn he heard a faint laugh echoing in his ears. Suga nodded at him and walked away as Jin looked out into the crowd. I can’t wait to make you laugh. The sudden absence of music brought him back to reality and Jin realised that the song had ended.

The other members are going to be so excited.

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Anna had been waiting for this day for what felt like forever. Today was, finally, the day of BTS’s concert in London. It had been a whole year since the concert had originally meant to have taken place. At the time Anna had only been an ARMY for a few months, but she fallen hard into the BTS universe and was devastated when they had to postpone their tour.

Of course, it was understandable. The whole world had gotten sick and it took a long time before anyone realised why. The sickness seemed very random at first, no one under 30, unusually people who were single, but sometimes some who were married. Eventually someone figured it out: soulmates. It was affecting people over 30 who hadn’t met their soulmate.

Soulmates always seemed like a dream. A beautiful tale. However, when tattoo like rings began appearing on people’s ring fingers that was the most obvious sign. A sign of a fated love. As time passed it was realised that when you are near your soulmate you will feel a unique feeling, which was a symbol of your connection to your soulmate. Then when you kiss your soulmate unique rings will appear like tattoos on your ring fingers.

After it was announced that those who have yet to meet their soulmates by the age of 30 were at risk of getting the sickness many people were panicked and the search began.

Luckily, Anna was only 25, she didn’t feel the need to panic yet. However, she was a little worried for certain members of BTS. Jin was 28 and had yet to find his soulmate. Anna was sure they would announce it because many ARMY were worried about him and about Yoongi who is only a few months younger.

Anna pushed these thoughts and her worries aside. Today was a happy day.

A month before she had gotten an email from BigHit which included a questionnaire they wanted her to fill out as someone who had a ticket to one of BTS concerts on this world tour. The email was rather vague on what they would do with the information they gathered from the questionnaires, but Anna glanced over the questions and they looked harmless. There wasn’t many questions and she doubted they wanted an essay, so she began to answer the questions.

  • How did you become a fan of BTS?

I became a fan of BTS after watching them on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. I remember hearing Jungkook sing his solo part in ON and I thought who is the beautiful one singing those stunning high notes. After that I watched their performance of ON in Grand Central Terminal on Jimmy Fallon’s show and was blown away by their dancing and I've been ARMY ever since.

And proceeded to watch every BTS video on YouTube. Anna thought. At times she felt a little guilty at some of the stuff she watched, as if it was invasive to study the boys lives like that, but she rationalised that she probably wasn’t any different to any other ARMY. In fact, sometimes Anna wasn’t sure she should call herself ARMY. I still haven’t listened to some of their old mixtapes. That was something she felt particularly bad about, but she justified it with the fact that there is so much BTS content. Or watched a lot of their old V Lives. Bad ARMY. Shaking her head, she moved onto the next question.

  • Who is your bias and bias wrecker?

I would say Jungkook is my bias, but then Suga, Jimin, Hobi, V, Namjoon and Jin are my bias wreckers. Jungkook was the member which made me ARMY, but I fell in love with each member individually.

This was something Anna struggled with, when she first became ARMY honestly there wasn’t a single member who real stood out to her. Other ARMY’s said it would become apparent with time, but for Anna it didn’t. Instead she always goes with the order that she fell in love with them, therefore making Jungkook her bias, or sometimes Anna says she is OT7.

  • If you could send a message to the members, what would you say?

Don’t hurt yourselves trying to make a perfect performance for ARMY. You are already perfect to us. If you mess up, to us it is proof that you are human and not Gods or Angels. It would only make you more real to us and make us love you more. We understand why you do it but seeing you all in pain because of us only makes us hurt too.

This was something Anna thought about after seeing the backstage videos of the members collapsing after performances, or sometimes almost on stage. She couldn’t understand why they would think ARMY would want them to hurt themselves like that. Performances for shows were different, they were for everyone, but concerts were for ARMYs and ARMY loves BTS no matter what.

  • Have you ever studied music or played an instrument?

I studied music at GCSE and A-level (up until age 18). I played the flute at school in orchestra and wind bands. I love to sing and have joined choirs, but I have never had lessons.

Anna sighed. She truly loved to sing, and she wished she had the confidence to pursue it as a career.

  • What does music mean to you?

Music is feeling. What I love most about BTS’s music is the emotion they convey. Without knowing Korean or looking up translations of the lyrics, I can still understand the meaning of the songs. Music means everything to me.

Anna's favourite thing to do was to turn on some music nice and loud and just sing her heart out.

  • Do you speak Korean?

I have been teaching myself Korean for the past year, but I am not fluent.

Anna frowned at this question. She did French for six years in high school, but she could never put together a sentence. She obviously wasn’t meant to speak more than one language. Why do I have to suck at languages?

  • Have you found your soulmate?


Anna paused at the last question. Why are they asking about soulmates?




All the members of BTS were relaxing in their dorms lounge. They were enjoying their day off after working so hard the past few weeks. The three youngest members were sitting together when they all nodded at each other before turning towards the rest of the room.

“So, what’s the plan?”

The older members looked at Jungkook. Jin and Namjoon shared a glance after noticing the maknae’s determined expression. Hoseok looked at the maknae line with a furrowed brow before turning to the others to see if they knew what Jungkook was asking about. He saw Jin and Namjoon’s glance. So, they know what this is about. Yoongi was curled up in one of the armchairs, appearing to be asleep, but no one was surprised when he spoke up.

“My plan is to enjoy a day of peace and quiet.”

Jin cut off the youngest three before they could start grumbling.


Jimin and Taehyung perked up at the question before answering.

“The plan, Hyung.”

“To find our last soulmate.”

Jin knew this conversation was going to happen at some point, but it wasn’t one he was excited to have. The fact that his age could be their downfall, that he was causing the rest of the members to worry, sometimes the guilt kept him up at night.

Yoongi was the one to answer. He always seemed calm and cool headed; it was as if he had been expecting this question.

“We’ve got two years to find them.”

“Hyung, it's been nine years since we became seven. We haven’t found them in the past nine years, and you think they will magically appear in the next two without us doing anything?”

Namjoon as the leader, generally was level-headed too and used to being mediator.

“Watch your tone Jungkook.”

“Sorry Hyung.”

“However, Jungkook has a point. We need to be proactive about this. I'm not certain if our Idol status will help or hinder our search, but either way the world is a big place. We should start looking now.”

He looks at Jin sitting next to him, who gives him a small smile. Namjoon takes his hand and gives it a squeeze before addressing the room again.

“Does anyone have any ideas?”

Namjoon looked around the room, all the members had thoughtful looks on their faces. How do we even begin our search? The room was silent for a few minutes before Hobi suddenly perked up.

“Our tour! We have our world tour starting in a few months, perhaps we can use that in some way.”

Some of other members nodded at this suggestion. It was a place to start.

“A questionnaire.”

Everyone turned to Tae with question marks on their faces, while Yoongi speaks up.

“Can you elaborate, Tae?”

“We could ask the ARMY’s who will be attending our concerts to fill in a questionnaire designed by us. Music is our special connection, so we use that to narrow it down. Then for the chosen one at each concert we declare they have won a meet & greet with us.”

The room was silent as the other members pondered over Tae’s idea. Jimin jumped on Tae, wrapping his arms around him and giving him a kiss on the cheek.


“Thank you Jiminie.”

While the older members looked on at the pair’s cute moment, Jungkook leaned forward eagerly.

“What questions should we ask?”

The members began to think seriously about what questions they should ask to find their soulmate and then Yoongi smirked before answering.

“What does music mean to you?”

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As the lights shone down on them, they tried to keep smiles on their faces. This is what they loved most, performing in front of ARMY. However, they couldn’t keep their minds from drifting to one thought. We haven’t found them yet.

They were already halfway through their tour and almost finished the North America section, but so far, they hadn’t had any luck finding their final soulmate. They only had Europe and Japan left before they returned to Korea to end the tour.

After the latest concert, all the members were backstage removing their mics and getting ready for another meet and greet. Tae was sitting on a couch waiting as he was ready first. He glanced down at his hand, more specifically his ring finger. As he ran his thumb over the tattoo like mark there, he couldn’t help but feel bad. This was his idea, if they didn’t find their soulmate by the end of the tour it would be all his fault.

Gazing down at the mark Tae remembered how it appeared.

Namjoon and Yoongi were the first members to meet back when they were trainees. It took them a little while to realise that the strong feelings they felt around each other were because they were soulmates. Namjoon felt stronger around Yoongi, as though the older boy was supporting him, always ready to help if needed. Meanwhile, Yoongi felt companionship around Namjoon. The two rappers understood each other and their mutual love of music and words.

So, at first, they thought they were bonding as members, until one day they realised it was more than that and after they kissed the number 6 appeared on both their ring fingers. A number was unusual for a soulmate ring, but they didn’t think any more of it.

When Hoseok joined them, Namjoon and Yoongi, were confused. They couldn’t understand why they felt this way around Hoseok when they already had each other. Hoseok was confused as well. He got a strong feeling of calm around Yoongi, which counteracted his normal hyper-ness. However, he also felt a sense of solidarity around Namjoon. Being a man of action, he decided to test this theory and kiss the two boys. Despite the shock, all the three boys were smiling after wards as the number 5 appeared on all their fingers.

Jin was the next member to join them. Although the other three boys had some idea now that they had more soulmates, there was no way they could predict that the next boy to join them would be one of them. They were all shocked when they first met, Jin especially because he was overwhelmed with three strong feelings: respect, companionship and similarity. Namjoon took charge this time and kissed Jin as the other two watched the number on their finger change to a 4.

It was only a few days later when the four members knew that Jungkook would be joining them. This time they planned for the possibility that this boy could also be their soulmate. Instead of all four of them meeting him at once, only Namjoon welcomed the boy. When Jungkook met Namjoon all he felt was an overwhelming amount of admiration, which made sense since he idolised the older boy. Namjoon was filled with a warm compassion as he met the young boy, who he immediately knew was another one of his soulmates, but he was also shocked at how young he was.

It became apparent to Namjoon that this young boy hadn’t recognised their soulmate bond and he called in the others. Jin and Yoongi both felt a kind of protectiveness when they met the wide-eyed young boy who was their fifth soulmate. Hoseok approached the boy, but instantly changed his initial plan when Jungkook looked terrified. The older four recognised that they would need to take their time with the boy.

It took a while for the boy to open up to them. Jungkook had been confused and scared at the feelings he felt around his hyung’s and didn’t understand what was happening to him. One day the older boys realised they need to explain their connection to Jungkook and sat him down to have a talk. Afterwards, the young boy cried in relief at finally understanding what he was feeling and happiness that he had found his soulmates. Jin wrapped the boy in a hug and gave him a small peck and all the boys watched as the number 3 materialised on all their fingers.

When Taehyung joined them, he brought feelings of excitement, giddiness and playfulness. The boy’s openness surprised but pleased the members. Taehyung bounced straight over to Yoongi to give him a kiss before looking down at his ring finger to see the number 2 had appeared. The other boys chuckled at the boy’s enthusiasm while Yoongi seemed a little shocked at the sudden and unexpected show of affection from their new soulmate.

When Taehyung announced that he wanted to be the first one to greet their last new member, the others couldn’t deny him. So, when Jimin walked through their front door he was flooded with a feeling of mischievous encouragement and the sight of Tae bounding over to him with a cheeky grin on his face. Jimin stunned Tae by beating him to the punch and all the members watched as the number 1 emerged on their fingers.

All the members felt elated that they had found each other so easily. Finding your soulmate was difficult if you had one but having seven should have made the search impossible. They all knew that they were lucky, but as the years passed, they were left with the constant reminder that there was one more soulmate for them out there, somewhere.

Tae was knocked out of his thoughts by a hand covering his own, stilling his actions. He looked up to see Hobi had joined him on the couch. Hobi squeezed Tae’s hand and gave him a smile.

“Don’t lose hope.”

Tae turned his hand and linked his fingers with Hobi’s before raising them up and shaking their joined hands.

“I’ll hold on tight.”

Tae grinned as Hobi let out a loud laugh.




Later that night in bed Jungkook also got lost in thought. He was worried about his hyung’s. He was sure that the fact that they hadn’t found their soulmate yet must be affecting them. Did we ask the right questions? They had spent a lot of time thinking of what questions they should ask; specifically, what questions would make their soulmate stand out. Jungkook thought back to their discussion about it.

It had been a few weeks since their meeting about finding their final soulmate and they had all been busy thinking up questions and devising strategies on how to narrow down the list of possibilities. It was their final meeting to put all their ideas together before submitting the questionnaire to management to be approved and sent out to their ticket holders.

“Let’s ask who their bias is!”

“But they shouldn’t have a bias if they’re meant for… Oh, clever Kookie.”

Jungkook preened at Namjoon’s praise, pleased that he had contributed to their efforts. Namjoon proceeded to go over the proposed questions and the reasoning behind them.

“Okay, so first the ‘do you have a soulmate’ question which will rule out the ones who definitely aren’t our soulmate. Then for the bias question the answer should be all of us. I imagine that will allow us to dismiss a lot as well. And finally, the music questions to show if they share our special connection.”

All the members nodded along as Namjoon spoke. When he had finished, Jimin spoke up.

“I think we should also ask if they speak Korean. We could assume that our soulmate would be inclined to learn our language even without knowing we are their soulmates.”

After considering his reasoning they agreed.

“You have a point. That might narrow it down further.”

Then Hobi added his thoughts about other questions. ARMY wouldn’t know what this questionnaire was for, so they had to add some more general questions as well.

“Oh, and of course asking how they became fans and what they would like to say to us, just out of interest.”

“They could also give us more insight, if the other questions don’t narrow it down enough.”

Jin included his thoughts to the discussion, before Jungkook spoke up again but with a small voice.

“Anyone else worried we could end up with hundreds of meets and greets?”

“No, we have to trust that fate will lead us in the right direction. Just like it did with the seven of us.”

Namjoon tried to reassure his youngest soulmate.

“Well fate has been taking its time these past, oh only nine years!”


Namjoon sighed as Yoongi shrugged and the maknae line looked troubled.

Jungkook took a deep breath and snuggled into the covers. He wished he wasn’t sleeping alone tonight; he could use the comfort of one his soulmates tonight.

As if by magic the door to his room opened and a figure shuffled in and made their way towards Jungkook’s bed and joined him, wrapping his arms around him.


“Shh. Go to sleep. Everything will be okay.”

Jungkook quickly drifted off to sleep in the comfort of his soulmate’s arms. Just before the darkness overtook him, he couldn’t help but wonder whether Yoongi was trying to comfort Jungkook or himself with his words.

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Anna was a romantic. She loved watching romantic movies and reading romantic books. She loved love, but the closest she had ever come to experiencing it herself was in her imagination with her favourite fictional characters. That was, until she discovered BTS.

It was almost like any of her other obsessions. She could watch them for hours, she could read stories about them, just like her beloved fictional characters. However, they were different. The members of BTS weren't fictional, they were real. After over a year of watching them only through a screen, it was a little daunting to think she would be seeing them in the flesh. Anna wasn't sure her heart would be able to handle the shock.

Over the first few months after she discovered BTS, Anna felt as though she finally knew what falling in love felt like. For each member it was different. With Jungkook it was love at first sight. It was usual for Anna to think of someone as beautiful so quickly. Attraction was something that came after she got to know their character. She first realised it when she watched a movie. At the beginning Anna didn't think much of the leading man’s looks, but by the end his kind personality made him appear handsome to her. Of course, she found people good looking without knowing them, but it was those with good personalities that were beautiful to her. Jungkook only became more beautiful the more Anna learnt about him. It was almost unreal how a hardworking and talented young man with such a kind and humble heart could exist in real life.

Yoongi was someone Anna admired. His talent for music inspired her, while his quiet and introverted personality made her feel connected to him. Anna remembered the moment she declared him her bias wrecker. It was during Bang Bang Con. It was perfect timing for Anna. She hadn't been a fan long when it happened, so she hadn't listened to most of their early music. She remembered being shocked at Tae's growl and she remembered Suga's performance of First Love. It had been one of her favourite songs anyway, but watching his performance made something click in her and she fell for the talented rapper with the warm heart wrapped in a cold exterior.

Anna could never find the words to describe Jimin, perhaps it was because he was whatever was needed. To her he seemed to be someone who always tried to cheer up the other members, he comforted them, made them laugh, he was always there for them. To ARMY, a big part of Jimin was his insane duality. One minute he was acting cute and doing aegyo and the next he was teasing them by flashing his abs on stage. At first Anna had thought Jimin was the picture of pure innocence, but it wasn’t long before she had to admit she might be wrong. However, she knew he had a pure heart.

She hadn’t been a fan of J-Hope in the beginning. When she first started looking for BTS content to watch, Anna started with their interviews in America. J-Hope always came on very strong, but as time went on, she realised he was purposely over the top in those interviews and Anna came to know the real Hobi. She couldn’t help but think she could use a bit of Hope in her life. He had dedicated himself to be a source of hope, positivity and energy for everyone around him and Anna couldn’t help but wonder if he had someone to lean on when he was feeling drained.

Tae was somewhat of an enigma to Anna. It wasn’t until she watched more of their early stuff that she felt like she got to know him a little. He had the aura of a mischievous boy when they first started out, but then he suddenly grew up and at times appeared almost expressionless. She wondered if perhaps he wasn’t comfortable with the attention he received. Anna could see that Tae had a unique perspective of the world. He seemed to find beauty in the little things. To Anna it seemed almost if he had spiritual awareness. He was obviously a very deep and thoughtful person.

Anna felt as though she purposely kept her distance from Namjoon. She didn’t want his ability to speak English to influence her feelings. As if being the only one she could understand without subtitles would somehow make her biased if she liked him. However, she couldn’t deny that she found him both handsome and cute. In fact, she often thought he was the cutest of the members. Especially when he would get shy after doing aegyo. Of course, his intelligence was evident. Anna thought that he always spoke eloquently, almost poetically, even in English. Namjoon’s high IQ was a well-known fact, but it wasn’t until Anna watched his episodes on Problematic Men that she became in awe of how his brain worked. She had never found intelligence so attractive.

Jin was the last member that Anna fell for. She wasn’t sure why it took her so much longer with Jin than any of the other members. Maybe she found his confidence intimidating or perhaps she hadn’t seen enough content of him to feel like she knew who he was. It took time, but eventually Anna warmed up to Jin. It began with her being able to imagine how nice it would be to have Jin as an older brother figure. Those thoughts only lasted until Anna finally watched the music video for Boys In Luv. She definitely didn’t see Jin as a brother figure after watching that. In fact, she become a bit Jin obsessed afterwards, probably unconsciously making up for how long it took her to love him. Jin was an amazing person. He gave himself the job as the funny one in the group, always doing silly things to make everyone laugh. As the oldest he also took on the role of carer, especially of the youngest members. Anna hoped he had someone looking after him sometimes too.

Anna liked to believe that she wasn’t being ridiculous by considering her feelings to be love. Or selfish by imagining herself with all seven of them. She could picture it so clearly: cuddling with Tae, going for bike rides with Namjoon, cooking with Jin, dancing with Hobi, playing games with Kookie, looking after Suga when he gets caught up in his work and laughing with Jimin. It made her heart ache when reality caught up with her and she was reminded that it was only a fantasy.

Anna was worried that this concert could do more damage than good. What if she couldn’t handle it when the evening ends and they say goodbye. But she couldn’t miss this chance of seeing them in person. She had already waited a year, who knows when another chance would come.

Forget about that and focus on enjoying the moment. You’re going to see them in the flesh, be excited and enjoy yourself!

With a renewed determination Anna finished getting ready for the concert. She wasn’t sure what to expect, so she decided to dress comfortably, or at least as comfortably as she could since it was July and rather hot. Anna didn’t have much BTS merch and since her BTS sweater wasn’t weather appropriate she had to go with her ‘Tae, Suga, Kookie’ t-shirt. She would’ve preferred something that included all the members, but the t-shirt was her favourite because even though she accidentally bought a size too big it was super comfortable. She paired it with some denim shorts. Anna preferred leggings, but she also didn’t cope with the heat very well, so shorts it was. She knew she might have looked a little odd wearing her heeled boots in the summer, but they were her most comfortable shoes. She wore her hair half up and only put on a little bit of makeup and her favourite pair of earrings, which had BTS and their logo on the end of a long chain. After putting her ARMY bomb in her handbag and double checking she had her ticket, she was ready to go.

Anna was attending the concert by herself. None of her friends had even listened to BTS and had no interest in going to the concert. To be honest she only asked because her Mum wasn’t comfortable with Anna going by herself, even offering to come her, but Anna preferred going by herself. This was her thing; she didn’t want to share the experience with anyone else and she was used to doing things by herself.

When Anna reached the venue, it was busy and very loud. There was a buzz of excitement caused by the thousands of ARMYs who were also there for the concert. Usually large crowds would make Anna feel uncomfortable, but here she almost felt at home. And instead of the buzz of noise making her anxious, she felt as though she had been wrapped in a reassuring hug. A surge of happiness overcame her.

Relaxed with huge smile on her face, Anna made her way inside the venue, showing her ticket and having her bag searched when asked, before heading to take her seat stopping at the merchandise stand to buy a t-shirt on the way.

Wow. Anna was shocked when she found her seat. Maybe she shouldn’t have been since she bought the most expensive ticket she could, hoping she would be close enough to see the expressions on the boys faces. Anna inwardly squealed and clapped her hands together, she felt giddy with excitement. Now I’ve just got to wait for the concert to begin.

Chapter Text

The American section of their tour had ended and now they were in London to begin the European stretch. This meant they were over halfway through their tour and they hadn’t had any luck finding their soulmate so far. Because of this, emotions were high within the group.

The members were at the London venue having a stage rehearsal the morning of the concert. The tension was causing the usually in sync group to be all over the place. Hobi was forgetting the choreography, Jungkook couldn’t hit his high notes and Namjoon’s rap had no rhythm. After they had gone over just one section of one song at least ten times, it was Jimin who finally decided that enough was enough.

“Stop! Enough!”

“What do you mean enough, we’ve only got an hour to sort this out.”

Jimin ignored Hobi. He walked to the front of the group and turned to face everyone.

“Sorting this out is exactly what I'm going to do. We all know what our real problem is, and practice isn’t going to fix it. So, let’s talk about it.”

Namjoon and Hoseok shared a glance as group leader and dance leader. Namjoon sighed and ran a hand through his hair before nodding his head.

“Jimin is right, but let’s take this somewhere more private.”

The members followed their leader backstage as they made their way to their dressing room. Once they had privacy, they all sat around in a circle. There were a few minutes of silence while they all waited for someone else to start the conversation. The boys all seemed anxious: Jimin and Tae had their hands clasped tightly together, Hobi was rubbing the back of his neck, Yoongi was fiddling with his rings and Jungkook’s leg was bouncing up and down. It was Namjoon who finally broke the tense silence, much to the shock of the rest of the members.

“What if we don’t find them? What if we went about this the wrong way? What if we asked wrong questions? Why if my strategy…”

Namjoon tirade was cut off by Yoongi taking Namjoon’s head in his hands and smashing their lips together. When Yoongi pulled away Namjoon was staring at him with wide eyes.

“What happened to having faith in fate?”


Namjoon was cut off again by Yoongi’s lips on his.

“But nothing.”

“He’s right Hyung. I wouldn’t worry.”

Namjoon turned away from Yoongi and towards Tae.

“Why not Tae?”

“I have a feeling.”


Hobi asked, looking around at his fellow members to see if they understood, or were just as confused as he was.



Jimin gave Tae a nudge.

“I think they need a little more than that Tae.”

“I have a feeling…”

They all leaned towards Tae in anticipation.

“…that we shouldn’t worry.”

“That’s it?”

All the members looked at Tae incredulously while he just grinned. 

“I like London.”




A couple hours later BTS were on stage and luckily their focus seemed to be back to normal. Perhaps it was their faith in Tae’s ‘feeling’ or maybe they had all developed their own feelings.

J-Hope didn’t miss a single step while he danced. Ever since he stepped on stage, he had identified a faint feeling of hope building within him. It was enough to help him forget his worry and focus on performing. Similarly, Jungkook was back to hitting all his notes, a feeling of joy lingering underneath the normal emotions he had when performing for ARMY. Namjoon was back to his normal self, a rap god, after a deep sense of caring washed over him as he stepped on stage.

They weren’t the only ones. If they had all communicated there and then they might have realised sooner what it was that they were all feeling. Yet, it wasn’t until later near the end of the concert, when they broke off individually to interact with ARMY, that a discovery was made.

Jimin was on stage when he felt it. A warm, comforting feeling, like someone had wrapped their arms around him in a hug. He glanced out into the crowd. They must be out there. Jimin could barely control his excitement and focus on his performance.

It was the second half of the concert and all the members were spread around the stages, interacting with ARMY. Jimin debated whether he should inform the other members of his discovery, or if he should wait until they are backstage again.

He forced himself to move on from this section of the stage and he felt the warmth fade. As he crossed paths with Suga he gestured for him to remove his earpiece before whispering in his ear.

“I can feel them. Somewhere over there.”

Suga raised his eyebrows and gave Jimin a nod before heading over to wear Jimin had been. He tried not to react as a feeling of peace washed over him. A relaxing, content feeling, as if all his worries had disappeared. He too searched the crowd. I will find you. Yoongi almost forgot he was meant to be giving a performance until someone nudged him.

Yoongi looked round to find Jin beside him with a concerned expression. He gave him a nod to show he was fine and watched a Jin’s expression changed to one of shock. Jin felt it too.

Jin was staring a Suga who had seemed distracted when a feeling of joy overcame him, and he could’ve sworn he heard a faint laugh echoing in his ears. Suga nodded at him and walked away as Jin looked out into the crowd. I can’t wait to make you laugh. The sudden absence of music brought him out of his trance and Jin realised that the song had ended.

The other members are going to be so excited.




When they were all together backstage getting ready for the encore Jimin asked Yoongi if he had felt them. The older member broke out into one of his signature gummy smiles before replying.

“Yes. Yes, I did. Hyung?”

“You mean, you both felt something too? I was afraid I was dreaming it.”

Jimin reached over to Jin and placed his hand on the side of his face, his thumb rubbing Jin’s cheek and smiling up at him reassuringly.

“It wasn’t a dream.”

Jin’s whole body sagged in relief and his head fell forward so he was resting forehead to forehead with Jimin. He took a shaky breath and closed his eyes in an attempt to keep the tears at bay. I can’t believe we really found them.

“What wasn’t a dream, Hyung?”

“We felt our soulmate, Kookie. We have found them.”

Jungkook’s eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped in shock for a second before a giant bunny grin took over.


Not looking for an answer the youngest member began jumping around the room, like the bunny he was often described as, hugging, shaking and hitting his hyung’s in excitement.

“We found them! We found them! Hyung’s, we found them!”

Namjoon, Hobi and Tae looked to the other three members for confirmation.

“2 minutes!”

At the staff members call, the members were brought back to the task at hand.

“Right, so after out encore we’ll be meeting our soulmate. I realise this might be hard, but until then focus on the performance. Remember they will be watching, so let’s make sure they enjoy themselves. Okay?”

“Namjoon Hyung, is the meet and greet all organised?”


“I have a feeling you should check.”

All the members now had full faith in Taehyung’s ‘feelings’, so Namjoon immediately approached one of their managers to ask. The other members watched anxiously as Namjoon frowned and then began to gesture wildly while talking to the manager. After he made his way back over to them, they all gazed up at him expectantly.

“Someone messed up. No one told our soulmate about the meet and greet when they arrived.”

There was a pause while all the boys just stared at Namjoon in disbelief.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!”

Everyone watched as the one member who never lost his cool or raised his voice began his rant. Jin didn’t even reprimand Yoongi for his language.

“How many concerts have we done so far with no problem? Why did they have to mess up today, of all days why today?!”

Tae walked over to Yoongi and wrapped his Hyung in a hug.

“What happened to your faith in fate?”

Yoongi’s lips twitched as his own words were repeated back to him and he ruffled the younger boy’s hair.

“10 seconds!”

“They promised to fix it.”

“They better.”

Yoongi muttered as all the boys dashed off to get on stage.

Wait for us.

Chapter Text

Anna was sure she was dreaming. From the moment they stepped out on stage she felt as though she had been in a trance. Everything was better than she ever could have imagined. She had read reports that all the members were even more handsome in real life than any of their photos portrayed, but Anna was still shocked when she first saw them. They were like Gods on stage. Their passion radiated from them as they danced, and their voices rang out with emotion. To Anna they appeared to glow from within.

Anna couldn’t remember the last time she had so much fun. It was almost as if she was having an out of body experience. The other ARMYs around her were blurred and muted and all she could see and hear was them. Anna waved her flashing light stick as she danced and sang along to all the songs. Usually she would feel embarrassed and self-conscious to dance in public, but instead she felt free.

It was nearing the end of the concert when the members separated and spread themselves across the stages so that they could interact more closely with ARMY. Anna wasn’t sure where to look until she spotted Jimin getting closer and closer to her. She stared wide eyed as he stopped on the stage right in front of her and begin sending out finger hearts. Anna could have sworn her heart skipped a beat, when Jimin smirked whilst lifting his shirt slightly to reveal some skin, after someone screamed his name.

Anna suddenly realised that she felt wanted, as though this is where she was meant to be. As she watched Jimin, she noticed him pause for a moment, his eyes wide, before he started looking out at the crowd as though he was searching for something. What is he looking for? She observed as he frowned slightly and then started to walk away to another part of the stage. Don’t go.

Anna eyes followed Jimin as he walked away from her, she barely noticed her chest aching and that the feeling of want gradually faded away. She was so focused on Jimin that she didn’t even notice Suga until Jimin was whispering in his ear. Anna watched as they both glanced in her direction and then at each other, then as Suga gave Jimin a nod before walking over to the spot on the stage where Jimin had just been. 

The closer he got the more Anna felt a desire overcome her. She wished she had something that she was passionate about, in the way that Yoongi was about music. The thought made her feel wishful. Anna stared at Yoongi as he looked out at the crowd, just as Jimin had. They are looking for something, or someone. She noticed Jin approach Suga and nudge him out of his trance. Jin looked at Suga worried until Suga gave him a nod and then his whole expression changed. He looked shocked; his eyes wide as he turned to look out at the crowd a faint smile on his lips. A wave of confidence washed over Anna, and in that moment, she felt as though she could do anything, it was as if someone was behind her offering her support. Jin continued to gaze out until the song that had been playing ended, and he joined his members before they left the stage.

Annas confidence left her. It was nearing the end; she knew they gone to get ready for the encore and then it would be goodbye.




And then it was over.

Anna didn’t move from her seat. Her irrational mind telling her that if she didn’t leave then it wasn’t really the end. She could still hear the music of the last song and their voices ringing in her ears. As the ARMYs around her started to leave, Anna was in such a trance that she didn’t notice the eyes on her.

Meanwhile, the staff were sighing in relief as the girl they were ordered to catch before she left the concert stayed in her seat.

“Excuse me?”

Anna was startled out of her daze by someone wearing a staff shirt approaching her. It was then that she realised the last of the crowds were trickling out of the stadium and she was the only one left. They probably want me to leave. Anna picked up her bag.

“Sorry. I’ll leave. Sorry.”

She only took two steps before the staff member called out to her.

“Wait! Are you Anna? Seat number A22?”

The questions made Anna pause and turn to the staff member. How do they know my name?


She watched as the staff member look relieved before smiling at her.

“There’s been a bit of a mistake.”


“Yes. You see you were meant to be told this when you arrived, but…well… Anyway, you have won a meet and greet with the members after concert!”

Anna just stared at the staff member blankly. What did they just say?

“So, if you follow me, I’ll take you backstage.”


Wait, what? The members?

The staff member looked at Anna gently, seeing the obvious confusion on her face.

“You are going to meet BTS.”

Annas jaw dropped.

“Right now.”

Her eyes grew wide. She wasn’t sure whether it was with shock or fear.

Seeing that Anna wasn’t responding, the staff member motioned for her to follow.

“Come with me.”

Annas legs did as they were told, while she tried to wrap her head around what had just happened. After they had been walking for about five minutes, Annas mind was a bit clearer.

“How…? Why…?”

The staff member smiled at her.

“You won a competition. One fan at each concert was chosen to meet the boys.”

Anna nodded along. Wait.


“Do you remember filling out a questionnaire a few months ago?”

Anna nodded.

“They used that to choose you.”


“The boys.”

“You mean BTS read my answers to those questions?”

Oh no. What did I write? I never thought they would read it!

As they closer to wherever the staff member was taking her, Anna felt her heart race and her palms sweat. Oh my god! I'm going to meet BTS! Oh, I'm going to meet BTS, I don’t think I can do this. Annas excitement soon turned to dread. She stopped walking.

“Anna? Are you okay?”

“I can’t… I can’t meet them.”

“Of course, you can.”

Anna shook her head. Of course, she had always wanted to meet the boys who brightened up her life. The ones who made such beautiful music and never failed to make her smile. But she was intimidated. They were everything she wished she could be. They were passionate and talented and beautiful and not afraid to follow their dreams. She was shy around people anyway and wasn’t good at making conversation. I can just imagine the awkwardness.

But then she thought about why she was here. Namjoon. Jin. Yoongi. Hobi. Jimin. Tae. Jungkook. She couldn’t give up her one chance of meeting them, the boys she loved.

“I promise they are really friendly.”

Anna took some deep breaths and nodded.

Thirty seconds of bravery can change your life.




The room was full of a mix of nervousness and excitement.

Tae and Hobi were almost jumping with anticipation. They could hardly wait for their soulmate to arrive. Namjoon and Jin were masking their nerves with their confidence. Suga was trying his best to hide how he was feeling. Jimin was outwardly anxious as he bit his lip and wrung his hands together. Meanwhile, Jungkook was practically vibrating, most likely from both nerves and excitement.

When they heard a knock on the door, they all leapt out of their seats and stood in their usual formation as the door opened. They all held their breath as the staff member stood aside and gestured for someone to enter the room. Someone gasped as a girl stepped into the room. She’s beautiful. Namjoon immediately led them in their group greeting.

And then they watched in horror as their soulmate dropped to the floor.

Chapter Text

Jungkook had rushed forward to catch the girl before her head could hit the floor. As he held her in his arms for the first time, all he could think was that he never wanted to let go. She’s perfect. He felt harmonious, balanced. As though she was the yin to his yang. That she would be the calm to his eagerness and the strength behind his worries.

“JK, put her on the sofa.”

Jungkook carefully lifted her up and carried her over to the sofa, setting her down gently before letting her go, reluctantly.

All the boys gazed down at her worriedly while Jin looked her over.

“Is she okay Hyung?”

Jimin was clinging onto Namjoon’s arm, but at his words Namjoon wrapped his arm around the younger boy and held him tight. Tae had his head buried in Yoongi’s neck and his arms wrapped around the smaller boy’s waist and Hobi had grabbed Jungkook’s hand.

Jin looked up from the unconscious girl to the worried eyes of his soulmates and smiled reassuringly.

“Don’t worry. She’s fine. She just fainted.”

“I knew she was nervous, well, kind of scared actually, but I didn’t think she would faint!”

The staff member suddenly had seven pairs of eyes on her.

“She was scared.”

“Of us?”

“Umm, yes, there was a minute where she wasn’t going to come and meet you.”

The boys looked at each other as they all wondered why their soulmate was afraid to meet them.

“Okay, thank you. We’ll look after her.”

The staff member nodded and turned to leave.

“Wait! What’s her name?”


The staff member smiled and bowed before leaving the room. There was a moment of silence while they all mulled over their thoughts.

“I expect she fainted, not because of shock or nerves, but because of the soulmate bond. Seven different emotions are a lot to handle all at one time, especially when you're not expecting it.”

“I should have thought of that. I remember when I met three of you, it was a lot to process.”

“That was almost ten years ago Jin Hyung. It's been so long since we first met each other, we forgot how disabling it can be at first.”

“It’s no one’s fault. First things first, Anna, can’t wake up to all of us being here.”

“You should stay Namjoon. She said she wasn’t fluent in Korean and she will probably find it hard to focus enough to hold a conversation at the moment, let alone translate.”

“I think Jimin Hyung should stay as well.”


“Yeah, no one could find such a cute face scary.”


The boys laughed as Jimin pouted at Jungkook’s joke.

“Okay, Namjoon and Jimin will stay and when Anna wakes up and is more comfortable, we can come in one at a time, so we don’t overwhelm her.”

As the other five boys reluctantly left the room there was one particular thought going through all of their minds.

Why was she afraid of us?




When Anna woke up, she was surrounded by the warm, exciting feeling of being wanted, and she vaguely remembered having a similar feeling during the concert. She also felt happy. Why am I waking up happy? Maybe I had a good dream. It was then that Anna realised that the last thing she remembered was being at the BTS concert. Oh no. It all came rushing back to her. When she stepped into the room to find seven pair of eyes staring at her, she had felt a rush of emotion, or rather emotions. She frowned. What happened?

“Hyung, I think she’s waking up.”

Anna froze as she heard someone whisper in Korean next to her. That sounded like… She slowly opened her eyes to find a stunningly beautiful man staring back at her. After what felt like minutes, but was only a few seconds of staring, Anna realised that this was real. He really was in front of her.


Anna watched as Jimin’s face lit up and his eyes squinted as he smiled of her. Did I just say that out loud?


Anna eyes darted away from Jimin and towards the sound of her name. She blushed when she saw Namjoon sitting on a chair next to her with an amused expression. As Anna sat up on the sofa, she didn’t notice Jimin’s hand hovering over her as she did.

How do you feel?

Uh, I'm fine.

Anna glanced at both of them to find them watching her intently, so she ducked her head down to look at her hands in her lap as she started playing with her fingers.

Umm, I’m sorry… for causing you trouble. Thank you… for looking after me. I’ll, um, leave now.”

Anna stood up and gave an awkward bow of her head, but before she could leave a voice stopped her.

Do not… go.

Anna looked up at Jimin and was instantly disarmed at the expression on his face, which could be described as puppy eyes.



He gestured for her to sit back down on the sofa before sitting next to her. Jimin was smiling so wide that Anna couldn’t help but smile too.


Anna felt herself blush again and she turned away from Jimin and looked down at her lap again. This must be a dream. Jimin did not just call me beautiful! Anna decided to pinch herself to make sure.

No! No. Do not… don’t hurt yourself!”

Anna was surprised at Jimin’s outburst and didn’t catch what he said in Korean, so she looked to Namjoon for translation.

He said, don’t hurt yourself.

Huh? Oh! I, uh, I thought I was dreaming.

Namjoon chuckled at her confession and Anna hid her face in her hands. She could hear Namjoon to Jimin, most likely translating to him what she had said.

Not…Not… Namjoon Hyung, what is the word for dream?”


Suddenly Anna felt warm hands on her wrists gently pulling her hands away from her face. She almost gasped when Jimin held one of her hands in his, linking their fingers together, and her eyes darted up to look at him.

Not dream.

All Anna could think about was that as soon as Jimin had touched her, the feeling of being wanted had washed over her. Overwhelmed she retracted her hand from his hold and frowned as the feeling numbed slightly. Full of curiosity, she reached over and put her hand on top of Jimin’s again and the feeling came back at full force. What the hell? She looked up from their hands to look Jimin in the eye. Is he feeling this too? Anna focused on the feeling. It wasn’t something she was used to feeling, wanted. As if this was where she was meant to be. Like we are meant for each other. Anna froze.

No way. It can’t be… You can’t be my…


Anna stared at Jimin, but she wasn’t really seeing him. Her mind was buzzing. This was her dream come true; she had found her soulmate. It was something she had dreamed about since she was a little girl. She should be elated, excited, happy, but instead she was just shocked. Park Jimin from BTS was her soulmate, she just couldn’t wrap her head around it. He was beautiful and kind and simply just perfect, while she was just plain, boring Anna.

She was brought out of her thoughts by a hand on her cheek and she realised she had been crying and Jimin was wiping away her tears. She didn’t know why she was crying, were they happy tears or was it sadness, or perhaps a bit of both? But as she sat next to Jimin with her face in his hands and his eyes looking at her full of emotion, Anna decided to push her negative thoughts aside.


Jimin burst into giggles and Anna couldn’t help, but join in.

Chapter Text

Namjoon studied Anna as Jimin interacted with her. She was cute. The way she got hypnotised by Jimin and pinched herself because she thought she was dreaming. She was obviously shy and nervous, but he could sense that she was brave at heart. This made him smile in relief, she would need to be brave to be their soulmate. Their world wasn’t easy, and not always the most pleasant, but he would do everything in his power to shield her from the worst of it.

It wasn’t immediately evident to Namjoon what he was feeling in Anna’s presence. It should have been, the difference was immense, but not at all what he was expecting. For the first time since he became leader, he felt free, unburdened, as if the weight that was constantly on his shoulders had been removed. Once Namjoon realised it, he couldn’t help but stare at his new soulmate. Amazing. He knew she was special, and they were very lucky to have found her.

Seeing that Anna was now giggling with Jimin, Namjoon thought she might be ready to meet the others, who he was sure were waiting impatiently with their ears pressed against the door.

Are you ready to meet the others?




Outside the door, the other members were waiting, as Namjoon guessed, impatiently with their ears pressed up against the door with Jungkook in the prime position. Of course, no one was going to attempt moving their muscle bunny out of the way.

“Can you hear them?”


“I bet he can’t.”

Jungkook glanced round to glare at Tae and Jin.

“Of course, I can’t when you two are talking!”

After a few more moments with his ear to the door, Jungkook looks as though he heard something.

“I think she’s laughing… oh, no, that’s Jimin-Hyung.”

The others chuckled.

“Wait! It is her, well, both of them. She has a beautiful giggle.”

Jungkook sighed as he thought about those precious moments when he held his new soulmate in his arms. While Jungkook was distracted, the other boys decided to use this to their advantage. They wanted to hear their soulmate giggle. Unfortunately, they underestimated their maknae, but it was still four against one and a struggle ensued.




Am I ready to meet the others?

Anna was about to answer when the door suddenly opened and a crash of bodies landed in a pile in the doorway. At the bottom of the pile was Jungkook who just looked up at her with his signature bunny smile.


Standing behind the pile of bodies was Yoongi. He stepped over the boys on the floor and walked into the room. Yoongi paused beside Anna and looked down at her. Anna could feel her heart pounding in her chest as another emotion she had felt during the concert rushed over her. As she looked back into Yoongi’s eyes she felt longing. Yoongi let the feeling of peace wash over him, before he moved to sit on the sofa opposite Anna.

While Anna and Yoongi had their moment, the boys on the floor had scrambled to get up so they could get to meet their new soulmate first. Their stampede was halted by Namjoon raising his hand to stop them. He held up one finger, indicating that they should approach one at a time.

While the others glanced at each other, Tae walked straight over to Anna, who watched wide eyed as he sat down next to her. Instead of freaking out at having another member of BTS so close to her, Anna felt strangely relaxed. In fact, she was sure she had never felt so relaxed in her life.

As he watched her tense body relax, Tae grinned his signature boxy grin, before wrapping his arms around her shoulders and burying his face in her hair. The rest of the members looked on in dismay, wondering if Anna will freak out, but were shocked when she relaxed into Tae’s hold.

Anna closed her eyes and let herself sink into Tae’s hold. She felt safe and at home in his arms. It made her completely forget where she was and who she was cuddled up to, not to mention that she had never been this close to a man before. After a few moments Anna opened her eyes, only to find all the other boys staring at her. This knocked her back into reality and she tried to escape Tae’s hold.

Seeing her struggle, Hobi intervened.


Tae turned towards his Hyung with a pout, but Hobi just jerked his head towards Yoongi. Reluctantly, Tae let Anna go and shuffled over to the other sofa and latched onto Yoongi instead, who grumbled, but didn’t push the younger boy away.

Hobi perched on the edge of the spot Tae had just vacated.

Hi Anna.

Hi Hobi.

Anna watched as Hobi’s face lit up with a wide grin. He was delighted at her use of a nickname for him. She couldn’t help, but smile back, he was infectious. Anna felt reassured in his presence and she knew she could always rely on Hobi, for comfort and encouragement. However, when he leaned in closer, she still froze, unsure what he was going to do. But all Hobi did was whisper in her ear.

I think, Mister World Wide Handsome is feeling shy.

Anna looked around and spotted Jin looking unsure whether to approach. Although Jin was known for his bold confidence, it wasn’t something that always came easily to him. At this moment, he was about to meet his final soulmate, the one he had been waiting so long for, and a lot of thoughts ran through his mind.

But nothing else mattered when he saw Anna approach him. She looked so small and unsure, but brave. He just wanted to wrap her up in his arms and never let go. Just like Tae did. As she stood in front of him, the joy he felt earlier on stage filled him again.

Hello Jin.

Anna had felt a wave of confidence as she was walking over to Jin. Up close she felt tiny. He was a lot taller than her and his broad shoulders made him look as though she would disappear if he hugged her. As she looked up at him, she saw a sparkle of mischief in his eyes as he looked down at her.

Jin reached forward and took one of Anna’s hands gently in his. Anna seemed to be watching in slow motion as Jin leaned down, while raising his hand and hers, before placing a soft kiss on her knuckles. He was acting just like a gentleman out of the Jane Austen novels had Anna loved as a teenager.

It’s nice to meet you, Anna.

Anna was surprised she didn’t faint again right then. She gazed into Jin’s eyes, shocked and speechless. Somehow, she managed to spit out a reply.

You too?

Jin straightened up, letting go of Anna’s hand, and chuckled. She’s adorable. Anna continued to gaze up at him. I like seeing him laugh.

“Jungkook? What are you still doing by the door? Don’t you want to meet Anna?”

Anna noticed all the boys looking at something. As turned to that direction she saw Jungkook was standing by the door, as if he hadn’t moved since he got up from the floor earlier. At that moment he looked firmly Kookie, he seemed nervous and unsure, and Anna knew how he felt.

All his excitement from earlier had gone and now Jungkook felt shy in front Anna. He knew it was a well-known fact amongst ARMY’s that he was scared of girls, but he just didn’t know how to act around them. He was at war with himself. As much as he wanted to be close to his new soulmate again, his insecurities overtook him. How do I act? Can I be myself? Will she like me? As he watched her meet his Hyung’s his anxiousness grew and grew. He stood there, fidgeting, lost in thought, until suddenly he felt balanced and calm.

Hi JK.

With the confidence from Jin, Anna had walked over to the guy who looked as nervous as she had felt earlier when she learnt she was going to meet them all. She looked at the boy who was as beautiful as his voice. A voice which had captured her heart from the first time she had heard it.

 After hearing her greeting, Jungkook looked down at her with wide eyes, before whispering back.


Anna felt giddy at his response. So cute! Feeling a strange amount of excitement, Anna decided to try speaking Korean for the first time.

“Do you… with me… sit?”

She regretted it as soon as she started, and she hoped they weren’t too offended at her terrible attempt of speaking their language.


Anna proceeded to find her shoes very interesting. Oh my god. That was so bad. How could they get stuck with a soulmate who can’t even speak their language! Anna was distracted from her disparaging thoughts by a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye. Raising her head slightly, she saw Jungkook crouched in front of her with his face cupped in his hands and a bunny grin. He held out a hand to her.

I would like to sit with you.

In shock, Anna took his hand and let herself be led back to the couch. She sat back in her original spot next to Hobi with Jungkook on her other side as Jimin had moved to the other couch to sit next to Tae. The excitement and giddiness she was feeling was overpowering. Anna let go of Jungkook’s hand and they dimmed to more reasonable level. With a strange sense of déjà vu, Anna touched Jungkook’s hand again briefly. Wait… Then she turned to Hobi and did the same. No way…

All of you!

Anna looked around the room, all the boys looked back at her knowingly.

Yes, Anna. All seven of us are your soulmates.

Chapter Text

Anna should have expected it would be like this. She had always considered herself to be a realistic person. Not pessimistic, just realistic. She imagined that there were many people out there who wished they were the soulmate of a member of BTS. And why wouldn’t they? They are beautiful, kind and funny guys.

Anna was backstage. They were in Japan at the last concert of the first venue. She had been on the road with BTS for three weeks. After meeting them for the first time they invited her to join them for the rest of their tour before going home to Seoul. Of course, Anna said yes. She had just met her soulmates and she didn’t want to part from them so soon. She also had nothing to keep her in the UK.

If she had thought about it a little longer, she might have realised what it would be like. She might have taken the time to properly pack up her life, instead of leaping on a plane with them. Anna understood. The boys were always busy, rushing around for rehearsals and meetings. This tour was important to them. They had gone so long without performing for their fans that they wanted their performances to be perfect. Anna understood, but she couldn’t help but feel out of place as she waited to catch them for the few minutes they could spare in between their schedules.

Her rational mind told her that things would be better after the tour had finished, but at that moment she had never felt more alone.

Anna left the green room she had been waiting in and wondered around backstage to look for a manager. When she found one, she told them that she was going back to the hotel. The manager insisted that she let him find someone to drive her. Although Anna had protested that she didn’t want to bother them, inside she was relieved, happy that she didn’t have to find her way around a place where she didn’t even speak the language.

When she arrived back at the hotel, Anna went to her room and curled up on her bed. They hadn’t been able to book extra rooms, so Tae had given up his room for her. At first, he wanted to share it with her, but the others convinced him to share with one of them instead.

Anna settled down with her iPad and decided to watch something. Needing cheering up, she chose something that had never failed to make her smile. BTS.

Lost in the endless stream of YouTube videos, hours must have passed without Anna noticing because someone suddenly joined her on the bed.

What are you watching?

Anna jumped slightly. She had forgotten that Hobi’s room was connected to hers.


She felt him hover over her shoulder.

James Corden! Carpool Karaoke!

He sounded so excited that she couldn’t help but turn her head to look at him.

It’s my favourite video, because it led me to you.


“Really. I knew your names, but not who was who, so I tried to guess…


I thought you were Jungkook?

Anna hesitated when she said it, but she was relieved when Hobi burst out laughing. Seeing him laugh, Anna couldn’t help but smile. I did that.

I didn’t think it was that funny.

Hobi stopped laughing at Anna’s words and looked down at her. She had a gentle smile on her lips and her eyes seemed to radiate warmth as she gazed back at him. She looks so beautiful. Hobi raised his hand and cupped Anna’s face, caressing her cheek with his thumb. As he leaned in, he noticed her eyes widen and her body tense slightly. Hobi watched as Anna’s eyes would look anywhere but at him and her cheeks turned red. Hobi dropped his hand from her cheek.

What happened next?


Anna was surprised at the question, thinking they had moved on from that. Maybe Hobi wasn’t going to do what I thought.

How did you become ARMY?

Oh, I, uh, well, I looked up who was who, realised I was wrong and then I heard Jungkook sing.

Glancing up and seeing that Hobi was still smiling at her, Anna continued.

Then I searched YouTube, saw you perform ON and I was ARMY.

Just like that?

Just like that.

What did you like about ON?

The dance. I thought your dancing was amazing. Dance is something I wished I had learnt.

I teach you.

Oh, no, you don’t have to.

Anna shook her head, but Hobi grabbed her hands in his.

I want to.

But you don’t have time, I don’t want to bother you…

I make time, for you.

It must have been the most romantic thing any one had ever said to Anna.

Oh… okay.

Hobi studied Anna.

Are you happy?

Of course, I…

Anna stopped at the sight of Hobi frowning.

Don’t lie. You left early. The maknaes were worried.

I'm sorry. I didn’t think any of you would notice.

Why would we not notice our soulmate was missing?

Because you were busy?

She watched as his frown deepened.

It’s okay! I understand. It has been two years since your last tour, since you performed for ARMY and ARMY is important to you. I get it.

You are important to us too.

Anna hummed in agreement, but she couldn’t help but think that they didn’t know her, so how could she be important to them?

Hobi wasn’t satisfied with Annas response. He decided that he needed to talk to the others, they obviously needed to do something to show Anna they wanted her with them.


Because he said it in Korean it took her a minute to translate. He was about to repeat himself in English when he could tell she had figured out what he had said. Anna hesitated, but she was starved for human contact, so she nodded her consent. Hobi wrapped his arms around her gently, but firmly, basking as the feeling of invincibility washed over him. After a few minutes Anna relaxed in his embrace and snuggled into his chest. She had fallen asleep.





After leaving Anna asleep, Hobi had messaged all the members of BTS to meet in his room. They needed to talk. Namjoon and Tae were the last to join the group. Namjoon had to practically dragging Tae into the room and to the sofa. Apparently, he had already been asleep when Hobi messaged them.

“What is this about Hoseok?”

“Yeah, Hyung, I'm sleepy.”

Tae was snuggled up against Namjoon. He had almost fallen back asleep already.

“I think we’ve been neglecting Anna.”


Numerous cries of indignation and disagreement echoed the room.

“Hyung, how could you say that?”

“Because, Jimin, she didn’t even think we would notice that she left the concert early this evening.”

Those words shocked the other boys into silence.

“She really thought we wouldn't notice?”

“I'm afraid so, Jin Hyung. Those were her exact words. She thought we were too busy.”

Sniffles broke out from somewhere in the room.

“JK, are you crying?”


“Oh, come here you overgrown bunny.”

Yoongi wrapped his arm around the maknae and stroked his hair fondly.

“She must feel so alone!”

Yoongi gave the youngest a kiss on the top of his head.

“Don’t worry. We will fix this.”

“Yoongi Hyung is right. We can fix this. I think we’ve never had this problem before because we spend all our time together anyway, so we have never needed to make an effort to do so. With Anna it is different. She is not apart of our work, so we must make an extra effort to keep her included. The next three weeks are busy with the Japan concerts, but afterwards we should have some time. We can plan something nice for her.”

“And in the meantime, we can do little things.”

“Good idea Jimin.”

“Like making sure she never has to eat alone.”

“Greeting her good morning and wishing her good night.”

“Doing something with her that she likes.”

This idea made them all pause.

“Umm, what does Anna like?”

They all glanced around at each other. Namjoon put his head in his hands and groaned.

“We are such bad soulmates!”

Chapter Text

Anna was woken by a knocking at her door. Somehow, she managed to drag herself out of bed and make her way to the door. She looked through the peephole to see who it was and was shocked to see one of her soulmates.  Oh god, I must look such a mess, but I can't keep him waiting. With her soulmate waiting outside her door there was no time for Anna to shower or even change out of her pyjamas. Running her fingers through her hair, Anna took a deep breath before opening the door.

"Good morning Anna!"

"Hello Jin."

For the first part of their plan Jin had decided to invite Anna to have breakfast with him. When she opened her door, he couldn't help but think about how cute she looked, obviously she had just gotten out of bed.

"Sorry, I wake you?"

"It's fine."

Anna looked up at Jin expectantly, wondering why he was knocking on her door first thing in the morning. When Jin didn't say anything, she decided to ask.



"Um, did you need something?"

"Oh! Food!"


"Have food with me?"

"Oh, breakfast! Sure, okay."

Jin stood at Anna's door smiling at her, while Anna fidgeted nervously. She had always felt a special connection with Jin because he was the last member of BTS that she fell in love with. Anna remembered when she first discovered BTS, she didn't think Jin was particularly handsome. Over time she began to see him as a friend, or perhaps an older brother figure, but it wasn't until she saw the Boy In Luv music video that her view of Jin completely changed. Wow, he's so handsome. 

"Uh, do you mind if I shower and get dressed first?"

"Oh! I will order, you come to my room when you ready?"

"Okay, thanks. See you soon."

Anna watched Jin head back to his room, which was just across the hall, before closing her door. She pressed her back against the closed door, her mind reeling. This would be her first prolonged one on one time with one of her soulmates and she was nervous. What would they talk about? Anna wasn't a good conversationalist and she wasn't one for small talk. What if I don't like the food? She was also a picky eater. I get to spend time with Jin! In a mixture of nerves and excitement, Anna ran to the bathroom to take a shower. When she was dressed, Anna left the room and crossed the hall.

As she stood outside Jin's door with her fist poised to knock Anna hesitated. Spotting movement out of the corner of her eye, Anna looked to the side to see Jungkook about to enter the room next to Jin's. It looked as though he had just come back from a workout. As he smiled his signature smile at her, Anna felt hypnotised. He made a gesture of knocking on a door and Anna copied him, knocking on Jin's door. Jungkook gave her a thumbs up and waved before entering his room. Anna was still looking at Jungkook's door when the door in front of her opened.

"Anna! Come in!"

Anna entered Jin’s room to find a large spread set up on the table.


Anna sat in the chair Jin waved at while he perched on the edge of his bed.

I not know what you like. So, I order lots.

For the next few minutes, Anna felt like she was watching a live version of Eat Jin as Jin went through each of the different foods he had ordered and made comments about them.

What you like?

What would you recommend? I mean, you choose for me.”

Jin must have understood either her English or her attempt at Korean because he began to suggest foods. As he did, he brought each item up in front of Anna and fed them to her. Anna had seen him feed his fellow members this way in videos and it had seemed natural. However, it felt very intimate to her and she hoped the heat rising in her cheeks wasn’t as visible as it felt. As they ate Jin asked her questions about herself.

Favourite morning food?

Pancakes are my go-to breakfast food. Or croissants with Nutella.

Pancakes good. Favourite… always food?


Pasta! Italy! Pizza!”

“Ice cream!”

They both laughed and Anna felt a bit more relaxed. She had wondered if when she met her soulmate, she would instantly feel comfortable in their presence. Apparently, that wasn’t to be the case. It wasn’t that she felt uncomfortable being alone with Jin, but her usual nervousness that she felt around all people, outside her immediate family, was still present. Just more proof that life isn’t a fairy tale.

Jin was very happy and relieved to see Anna laugh. There were so many questions he wanted to ask her. Was she happy that they were her soulmates? Was she happy he was? Was she prepared for their lifestyle? Would she be able to cope with the lack of privacy? Could they make all of it worth it? Could they make her happy? Instead, he decided to keep the conversation and the mood light.

You go there before?

“Yes. Good food.


Not yet.

You want to?”

“Yes. I planned to go in the future. But I also wanted to visit China and New Zealand. I love Bon Voyage.

You like Bon Voyage? What favourite part?

I liked the part when you split up and had to find your own way from the airport to your accommodation all using different routes. That was funny. You were very good at that.



Anna watched as Jin became embarrassed at the small compliment, his ears turning red.

New Zealand was very fun. Very beautiful mountains.

“Yes. Very beautiful.”

You Korean is good.

“No. Thank you, but its not. My pronunciation is bad. Korean is very hard.

You learn for us?

Um, yes and no. You gave me motivation to learn. Not everything has subtitles and I wanted to be able to sing your songs properly.

You sing?!

Kind of. Anyway, I was going to learn Chinese because I watched a lot of dramas, but their writing is complicated. Hangul is cool and simple. I think I can read more that I can speak or understand. But Chinese and Japanese are definitely easier to pronounce than Korean.

Anna watched a crease form between Jin’s brows as though he was concentrating very hard. Anna suddenly realised that what she said may have been a little too much for Jin to follow and translate.

Sorry! I mean, I'm sorry. I watch film China. I want to learn China. Difficult. Hangul cool. China and Japan speak easy. Korean hard.”

Afterwards, Jin looked as though he was attempting to hold back his laughter, so she hid her face in her hands. That was so embarrassing. Why do I continue to attempt speaking Korean? Anna knew why. She wanted her soulmates to know that she was making an effort, that she didn’t expect them to speak English all the time for her. After all, it was one against seven.

It was almost a case of déjà vu when Anna felt a hand pull on her arm. She brought her hands away from her face slightly to find Jin was no longer sitting across from her.


Anna was startled when a voice came from right next to her. She jumped and looked to see Jin kneeling on the floor next to her chair smiling at her. Immediately Anna raised her hands again.

No! No hide.

Anna shook her head. She couldn’t concentrate with him so close. If she looked, she would probably end up doing anything he asked.

When she suddenly felt hands at her waist, she didn’t have time to react before she was suddenly being assaulted. Jin was tickling her. Of course, it was a brilliant tactic. Anna instantly brought her hands down as stopping the attack was more important than hiding her face. Obviously, Anna was no match for Jin. She decided her best defence would be to try and avoid his attacks. Unfortunately, Annas excessive wriggling caused her to fall out of her chair. Fortunately, Jin caught her.

The were in that typical movie moment pose. If they were standing it would look like they had been dancing and Jin had dipped her.

Anna was frozen in Jin’s arms. She watched as he gazed down at her. With his free hand he brushed away her hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. Anna was mesmerised. If she had been looking at a picture, she would have wondered what Jin’s skincare routine was that his face was so flawless. But this was reality and that was the last thing on her mind right then. Perfection. How can this perfect man be my soulmate?

Their moment was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Hyung! I'm heading over to the venue now. Can you make sure Taehyung gets up?”

Chapter Text

It was Namjoon who asked Jin to make sure a certain member of the maknae line got up in time, while he, as the leader, went to the venue early for meetings. They had their first concert at the new venue tonight and that meant a new stage that had to be set up and prepared in time for rehearsals later in the day.

“Yah, why does being the oldest mean I have to be the responsible one!”

Anna didn’t catch every word that Jin said, but she thought she got the gist of it.

I can help, if you want?

Jin glanced down at her with a thoughtful expression. Anna wasn’t sure whether it was because he didn’t understand what she had said, or if he was just considering her offer.


Apparently, Tae was in the room adjoining Jin’s, so they could get into the room that way instead of knocking on the door and hoping he got up and answered them. Jin opened the doors for Anna.

Good luck! I will go and check the others are up.”

Anna watched Jin leave his room wondering why he thought she would need luck. Cautiously she entered the room Tae was in. She spotted him immediately. He was wrapped up in the duvet, facing towards her, fast asleep. Anna made her way over to the bed. Aww, he looks so peaceful. She didn’t really want to wake him, but she didn’t want to be the cause of her soulmates being late for work.


Anna leaned over tapped him on the shoulder. After getting no reaction she decided to shake him instead.

Tae! Time to get up!

She paused to see if that had been enough to rouse Tae, but he showed no sign of waking. Anna was too gentle. She perched on the edge of the bed to rethink her strategy. Glancing down at him she couldn’t help but reach out to brush his long fringe out of his eyes. This led to her running her fingers through his hair. How shall I wake him up? She imagined the other members pouring water of him and all sorts to get him up, but she couldn’t bear to do such things to him.

Suddenly Anna found herself lying on the bed with a pair of arms wrapped around her tightly. Tae had managed to grab her around the waist and roll over taking Anna with him so that he was spooning her. At first, she was panicked, but she felt so safe in his arms that she soon relaxed into his embrace. Anna had never been spooned before, but she began to feel so comfortable that she found herself drifting off.


Hearing her name, Anna opened her eyes to find Jungkook peering down at her. Why is he here? His hair was wet as though he had just had a shower. Oh! Anna mind began to put things together. She had forgotten that she had seen Jungkook entering the room next to Jin’s. That paired with the fact that she was in Tae’s room so he would be bunking with someone, now it made sense. Wait, Jungkook was in the shower! Anna tried not to dwell on that fact.

What are you doing here?

Oh, I was supposed to wake Tae up.

“Oh! Okay. Have fun!

And with that Jungkook left the room leaving a bewildered Anna still locked in Tae’s grip. Have fun? Anna wiggled, but his hold on her didn’t loosen. All she managed to do was to turn around so that she was facing him instead.

Tae? Tae!”


Finally, Anna got a response from him, but instead of letting her go Tae snuggled closer into her neck.

Umm, it's time to get up. Uh, wake up.”


No, Tae…

Anna was shocked when Tae began placing kisses on her neck.

“Five more minutes.”

Anna was frozen as Tae kisses began moving upwards, along her jaw, but when he reached her cheek Anna immediately turned her head away from him. His lips missing his target must have woken Tae up.

“Huh? Anna?”

Anna glanced at him from the corner of her eye to see a confused look on his sleepy face.

Hi Tae. Can you let me go? Uh, let go.”

“Oh! Sorry.”

Tae immediately Anna go. She sat up before getting off the bed and standing up.

Umm, I was sent to wake you up and now you are, so I’ll be going now.

Anna started walking towards the door, but she stopped and turned back at Tae’s call.



I'm sorry Anna. When hyung’s wake…

You can speak Korean Tae.

Okay. When hyung’s wake me, I distract them with kisses. I didn’t realise it was you in bed with me! I'm sorry!”

“Its okay. I was trying to wake you and you pulled me into bed with you.

“Are you okay?”

Anna smiled at him and nodded but didn’t look Tae in the eye. Tae wasn’t convinced so he got up and walked across the room to where Anna was standing near the door. When she didn’t distance herself from him, he took her hands in his.


“I am okay. I promise.


Anna couldn’t stand Tae looking all sad and pouty. So, she took a deep breath of courage before reaching up and placing a quick peck on his cheek. She could feel herself turning red as he stared at her with wide eyes before his signature boxy grin appeared.

You should get ready. I think we’re leaving soon.

Tae continued to grin as he watched Anna rush out of the room. She passed Jungkook who must have just entered. Jungkook stood still in shock and looked between Anna running away and Tae wearing a giant grin.

“What did I miss?!”




Back in her room, Anna’s heart was racing. I can’t believe I just did that! Her mind was a whirlwind of flashbacks to that moment with Tae in the bed and how close he came to be kissing her. She knew she needed to have a conversation with her soulmates about physical intimacy. But the thought of telling all seven of them at once was slightly overwhelming. Do I really want to repeat myself seven times though? Anna groaned in frustration. She wasn’t very good at communication.

She was broken out of her thoughts by a knock on her door. She didn’t look to see who it was before opening it, knowing that it must be one of her soulmates telling her it was time to go.

It was Hobi. Her face must have told him everything as he opened his arms to her.

Talk to me sweetheart.”

Anna hesitated before letting herself fall into his embrace. He began stroking her hair, comforting her. Anna felt a little closer to Hobi after their late-night chat a few nights ago. He walked them into the room and sat them both down on the edge of Anna’s bed.

What is wrong?

Nothing’s wrong…

Hobi broke their hug and looked at her with an eyebrow raised in disbelief. Anna looked down at her hands which were now in her lap and began fiddling with her fingers and twisting her hands anxiously.

Its just that I…I mean Tae, he… I just…uh!

Hobi took her hands in his and smiled gently at her when she looked up at him.

What happen with Tae?

He… he tried to kiss me.

You not want…

It’s not that I didn’t want to. It’s… I just… I… I'm scared!

No need to be scared.

I know, but I’ve never…

Never what?

Anna closed her eyes before blurting it out.

I've never been kissed!

After a moment she peeked at Hobi to see his reaction. He was still smiling at her. When she opened her eyes, he squeezed her hands.

No worries. We go slow. Okay?


Hobi stood up bringing Anna with him and gave her a hug. He was proud of her for opening up about something that was bothering her.

Good girl.

Anna smiled at his words and then she felt him kiss her on the top of her head. She was sure her cheeks would be permanently red around her soulmates.

Hobi released her and then took her hand.

Let’s go.

Chapter Text

Anna was wondering around backstage at the new venue. The boys were spread out all doing different things. Some were watching the others practice on stage and others were discussing styling and costumes with the staff. She found it interesting to see what it was like behind the scenes.

Anna would you mind helping out?

Anna was taken by surprise when Namjoon called out to her. He was standing on the stage talking to a few members of staff, so she timidly made her way over to them. How could I be of help? Sensing her shyness, Namjoon smiled warmly at her. When Anna reached his side, he put his arm around her so that his hand was hovering behind her back, comforting but not touching.

How can I help?

They want to test out the lighting for Jimin’s solo, but he still dealing with a costume emergency.

You mean the fact that all his tops defy gravity?

No! His jackets are too heavy, so they keep falling off his shoulders!”

Anna turned to see Jungkook sitting out in the audience and she giggled at his comment while Namjoon chuckled at the both of you.

Right. So, we need you to fill in for him.

Fill in?

Anna looked at Namjoon in shock.

Yeah, just walk through Jimin’s performance so we can see how it looks with the light effects.

You are the one closest to hyung’s height!

While she burst out laughing at Jungkook’s teasing, Anna missed the way her soulmates looked at her as she laughed. Jungkook was proud of himself for making her laugh and Namjoon swore he would find ways to make Anna smile like that every day.

Okay. Okay. So, Anna, start centre stage, then walk over to the left-hand side, then the right and then head down the walkway about halfway before coming back again to centre stage. Got it?

Anna stared up at Namjoon with wide eyes and nodded. Luckily, she had watched all their performances a lot over the past few weeks or she would have been lost. Did Namjoon really think that explanation was enough?


As she stood in the center of the stage Anna couldn’t believe she had agreed to do this. Just walk around the stage. I can do this.

Woo! Go Anna!

She glanced over at Jungkook who was cheering for her with a huge grin on his face. Anna couldn’t help but smile back. He’s so cute! She nodded to herself. With her soulmate cheering her on she could do this, and she would do her best to make them proud.


On the side of the stage Jin had joined Namjoon.

“Why did you ask her to fill in? Anyone could have done it.”

“I thought maybe it would help her feel more included.”

“So, you decided to put our shy, nervous, new little soulmate on stage?”

Jin stared at Namjoon with raised eyebrows. Seriously? Namjoon smiled back at him sheepishly.

“Ah, well, when you out it that way… But she didn’t say no.”

“Do you really think she would have said no to you asking her to help out?”

“If she really didn’t want to do it, then yes, I think would have said no. I sense an inner strength in her.”

Namjoon looked at Jin with a serious expression. Jin stared at Namjoon for a moment before nodding.

“She is definitely special.”

The both of them watched their new soulmate closely as the music started.


When the music began Anna pictured Jimin’s performance in her mind. They played the version with Jimin singing, so she couldn’t help but sing along. There was something about BTS songs that always made Anna get lost in them and she couldn’t help but sing and dance along. When the backup dancers surrounded her, she tried to copy their movements as best she could. She obviously didn’t dance full on, but she made small similar movements.

She was doing well and all her soulmates who were watching were pleasantly surprised at her performance. However, when she got to the part where she walked down the walkway reality seemed to hit Anna. It felt as though she had left the comfort of the stage with its walls and ceiling and dancers surrounding her and now, she was out in the open, exposed.


Backstage Jimin had just finished his meeting with wardrobe and was walking by when he noticed Namjoon and Jin watching something from the side of the stage. He went up behind them.

“What are you two watching?”

“Namjoon asked Anna to fill in for you.”

Jimin heard his solo song playing and nodded. Hold on, did he say Anna?!

“Wait, did you say Anna?”


“In my defence she was doing really well.”


Jimin peered around his hyung’s to see Anna standing alone on the walkway. She looked as though she had frozen. He couldn’t bear to see her looking so uncomfortable and lonely. He glanced at his hyung’s in disbelief.

“Are you seriously just going to watch?”

Jimin didn’t give them a chance to answer.


From the audience, Jungkook watched as Anna got more and more uncomfortable. She was barely singing along anymore and wasn’t doing the dance she was doing before. He had thought she looked so cute doing her little matching movements to the dancers. Instead, she had wrapped her arms around herself, to Jungkook it looked as though she was holding herself together.

He was ready to jump up on stage and save her, when he noticed a figured dashing down from the stage towards Anna.


Anna was lost. She knew this would happen. She wasn’t made to be on stage, it wasn’t where she was supposed to be. Her shy personality meant that she could never be a performer, that she would never be good enough.

A figure slammed into her and would have knocked her over if they hadn’t wrapped their arms around her to stop her falling. If her heart hadn’t been racing already, it would have been then. Anna turned her head to see Jimin’s smiling face hovering over her shoulder.

Jimin started by singing in her ear and swaying them both as he held her in his arms. Then he held her arms and began to move them, as if she was a puppet and he was pulling the strings, making her dance. When she began laughing at his antics, he spun her around, grabbed her hand and then began to run back to the main stage dragging her behind him.

When the reached the main stage for the last chorus, Jimin started doing the proper choreography. As Anna stood on that stage and watched Jimin perform, she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like, performing, singing, every day, for a living.

It wasn’t the first time the thought had passed her mind. Since becoming a fan of BTS it had crossed her mind more and more often. Some days she thought she could do it, others she told herself she was being ridiculous. Sometimes she found it hard to watch BTS living the dream that she knew she could never fulfil herself. She would quickly dismiss those thoughts, they deserved it. Her soulmates were some of the most talented people she knew. They had worked hard to achieve their dream.

Slowly Anna backed away from Jimin, before turning and leaving the stage. Sending Namjoon and Jin and small smile of reassurance as she passed them by.

What she didn’t know was that one of her soulmates had seen the longing in her eyes.

Chapter Text

As Anna walked around quickly backstage, she wasn’t sure what she was looking for at first. After a few minutes she realised that she was looking for Hoseok and she slowed down. The thought had made her pause, she felt as though she shouldn’t keep going to one particular soulmate for comfort. Hobi had already done that this morning, so it wasn’t fair to go to him again.

Instead she came across an empty room and went in closing the door behind her. She walked over to the sofa planning to curl up on it but found that it was already occupied. It seemed she had come across Yoongi’s napping room. Turning around, Anna began to tiptoe out the room, knowing the rapper didn’t like to be disturbed when he was sleeping.


Anna turned back to see Yoongi still lying on the sofa, but with his eyes partially open looking her way.

Don’t go. You can stay.

It’s okay. I don’t want to disturb you.

You won’t. Stay.

It sounded more like an order than a suggestion, so Anna obediently sat down in a chair. Anna had always thought that she would find Yoongi intimidating if she met him. Although it wasn’t unusual for her to find someone intimidating. Out of all the members of BTS, Anna knew she felt a strong connection to Yoongi because his personality was the most similar to hers. He was quiet, an introvert and he wasn’t fond of cameras.

As he lay there in front of her with his eyes closed, Anna couldn’t help but take the moment to stare. So beautiful. She also knew he wasn’t as confident in his looks as some of the other members. Which was something else they had in common. However, Anna thought that he, and the other members, shone with an inner beauty. He was genuine and had a pure heart and nothing was more beautiful than that in her eyes.

“I can feel you staring.”

Anna knew she was caught staring when Yoongi opened his eyes and raised an eyebrow. Anna quickly looked away as she felt her face heat up. She looked down at her lap and began fiddling with her fingers.

What were you thinking about?

Umm, nothing.

Nice try. Tell me. It’s only fair that you tell me since you were staring at me so intensely.”

Anna looked over at Yoongi to find him staring back at her, a smirk on his lips.

I was thinking… that you’re beautiful.

It was Yoongi’s turn to blush this time and Anna couldn’t help but feel a little victorious at the sight. Her soulmates were always making her blush, and it was nice to be able to turn the tables on them.

Before he could respond, he was distracted by an insistent buzzing in his pocket. Frowning Yoongi took his phone out to check it. He glanced up at Anna before going back to reading the screen.

“Anna, why is everyone asking where you are?”

Oh, umm, well, I, uh, I might have run away.

You ran away?

Anna nodded before looking down again. She heard Yoongi get up and walk over to her. He crouched down in front of her so he could look up at her face.


It was too much. I just needed to… to…

Get away.


Yoongi nodded and stood up. He held his hand out to her.

“Come on.”

Anna looked up at him and saw no judgement in his eyes. As she took his hand and stood up, she thought about how strange it felt to her to be holding someone’s hand. It wasn’t something she was used to, but with her soulmates it felt like the most natural thing in the world. Nevertheless, Anna couldn’t help but blush at the physical contact. Yoongi squeezed her hand and grinned at her.

This is so you can’t run away.

Anna giggled at him ducking her head at his teasing. She glanced up at him as they left the room. Maybe Yoongi’s not so scary after all.




After Jimin finished his dance he glanced around looking for Anna. Where did she go? He thanked the backup dancers as he made his way to the side of the stage where Namjoon and Jin were still standing. As he approached them, Jimin noticed they seemed to be discussing something very intensely.

“Should we go after her?”

“She might just need a minute alone.”

Jin and Namjoon both stopped talking and turned to Jimin as he reached them.

“Hyung’s? Where did Anna go?”

“She ran away?”

“What do you mean she ran away?”

“While you were finishing your song, she ran off the stage.”

“Well, she walked very fast.”

Jin and Jimin stared at Namjoon for at moment after his comment.

“Okay… Where did she go?”

Jin and Namjoon shared a glance before answering Jimin.

“We don’t know.”

“We were just debating whether to follow her or give her a minute alone.”

“I don’t think what she needs is to be alone right now, but either way you’ve given her a minute. So, let’s go find our soulmate.”

The trio headed backstage to look for Anna when Jungkook came running up to them with a panicked expression on his face.

“I’ve looked everywhere, and I can’t find her!”

Unlike his hyung’s, Jungkook ran after Anna as soon as he saw her leave the stage. Unfortunately, since he was so far away, by the time he had made it backstage there was no sign of her. He looked around the near by rooms but had no luck in finding Anna.

While the younger two shared a similar state of anxiousness, Jin and Namjoon both wondered if they had underestimated the seriousness of the situation.

“Let’s see if we can find the others. Maybe they have seen Anna.”

Hobi and Tae hadn’t seen Anna and Suga was nowhere to be found.

“He’s probably found a quiet place somewhere so that he can sleep.”

“Yeah, I'm pretty sure he was up all night working again.”

“I think he has been feeling inspired recently.”

They all glanced around at each other knowingly.

“Someone send Suga a text so that he knows what is going on.”

“Hyung, are we going to look for Anna?”

Jungkook looked at Namjoon expectantly. He was worried about Anna. He was the only one who had really seen what she had looked like earlier on the stage.

“She’s not lost.”

“Are you having another feeling Tae?”

Taehyung just grinned at Jimin.

“Tae is right. She can’t have gone far, so she will find us when she’s ready.”

“I think we need to have a group talk, but with Anna there too. I know she has something she wants to tell us all and I think it would be good for her to see how we talk things out.”

“I agree with Hoseok.”

“Okay, if she can stay up, we’ll have a post-concert talk altogether.”

Namjoon looked around at the other members who were all nodding, agreeing with his decision.

“Hobi-Hyung, you said you know that Anna has something to tell us, does that mean she has told you it already?”

“Was it about what happened this morning, Hyung?”

Hobi looked over at Tae, who was wearing a worried and guilty expression.

“Partly, yes Tae. She’s just scared.”

“Of me?!”

“No, no. This is all very new to her and that is without factoring in that there are seven of us. I think she is just overwhelmed and perhaps a bit lost.”

The maknae line looked sad at the thought that Anna was struggling.

“Then we need to work harder to help her find her way.”

“And we will Kookie, starting with discussing this all tonight.”

The youngest nodded, he was still feeling down about the situation, but now he was also filled with hope and determination.

They all sat in silence for a few minutes as they were lost in their thoughts.

“Hey guys, did you lose something?”

Everyone’s heads turned to the door as Yoongi walked in. Half hidden behind him was Anna, still holding his hand.


Anna peeked out from behind Yoongi and waved at the maknae line who had immediately jumped up upon seeing her. It didn’t go unnoticed by her that they seemed to be restraining themselves from running over to her. It made her sad that they felt the need to this. Taking a deep breath of courage, she stepped out in front of Yoongi to face her other soulmates.

“I'm sorry.”

Apparently, they couldn’t contain themselves any longer because the maknae line burst forward and surrounded Anna, all giving her words of reassurance.


“It’s okay.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for.”

Okay. Okay. Backup puppies, you’re crowding her.”

Jin walked over and swatted the younger boys away. Anna smiled up at him and in turn was greeted with a pat on the head. She felt her cheeks turn red once again. Her last two soulmates made their way over as well. As she looked up at Namjoon and Hobi she began to bite her lip in anxiousness.

If you can stay up, we are having a group meeting after the concert tonight and we want you to be there.

Anna guessed her face must have shown her inner panic at Namjoon’s words, as Hobi tried to reassure her.

Don’t worry. We have one most nights. It is just a chance to talk, all of us, together.

She nodded at them hesitantly.

“Now let’s eat before we have to start getting ready for soundcheck.”



Anna giggled as she watched Jungkook and Jin race to get to the food first, letting herself be distracted from the thought that her soulmates wanted to have a talk with her.

Chapter Text

Anna was in the dressing room curled up on a sofa looking at her phone. The members had finished their rehearsals and sound check and now they were getting their hair and makeup done for the concert. Usually she did some work while the boys were busy, but today Anna didn’t feel like she would be able to concentrate enough to be productive. So, instead she was reading.

She was reading BTS fan fiction. The thought had crossed her mind that she probably shouldn’t be reading this sort of stuff anymore. But it had basically been her life for the past two years. Even before she was ARMY, she came across some BTS fan fiction and that was how she learnt about the boys. So, she already knew that Namjoon was clumsy, Jin like to cook and Jungkook was a bunny who loved banana milk, before she had even known them in real life.

Now that she has met the boys in real life and they are her soulmates, she probably shouldn’t be reading at least certain kinds of fanfiction about them, if any. However, in some way Anna doesn’t real consider the boys in real life, her soulmates, to be the same as the ones she reads about. The boys in the fan fictions are part of a fantasy in her mind, and while she may know the boys in her imagination, she can’t assume she knows the real boys of BTS.

“What are you reading Anna?”

Jimin made Anna jump when he appeared behind her peering over her shoulder. It took her a minute to translate what he had said. She immediately hid her phone screen.


Jimin narrowed his eyes wondering why Anna was acting so suspiciously, but he didn’t push her for an answer.

Looking over the back of the sofa, Anna noticed that Jin was getting his makeup done. She watched curiously. She was often fascinated watching other people apply makeup. There were a few people she followed on social media, though she often wondered why because she never tried out any of the looks on herself.

Anna couldn’t really see what the makeup artist was doing from where she was sitting on the sofa. Noticing an empty chair next to Jin, she made her way over to it.

“Do you mind… I watch?”

Anna addressed the makeup artist making gestures to the chair and Jin at the same time, hoping she would understand.


“Thank you.”

Anna moved the chair far enough way so that she wouldn’t get in the artists way and angled it to face away from the mirror and towards Jin. She didn’t want to have to look at herself in the mirror.

“She just wants an excuse to stare at my handsome face.”

Anna didn’t understand exactly what Jin said, but she could guess from in tone and the way the makeup artist rolled her eyes, that he was teasing her. The staff member was obviously used to hearing such things from Jin. She stared at him for a moment, unsure how to reply.


It made Anna smile when Jin started laughing. This caused the artist to lightly scold him because she couldn’t do his makeup while he was laughing.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I like watching other people.

You not need makeup.”

“No, I am lazy.

"You wear when we first see you."

"That was a special occasion."

The conversation had begun to make Anna uncomfortable, so she untucked her hair from behind her ears, so that it curtained her face. Of course, they would notice when she was and wasn't wearing makeup, but having Jin say it outright like that made her think about it. Should I wear more make up around them? Anna had made a lot of progress in this department over the past few years. She used to always wear foundation, to cover up her flaws and redness, but then she started focusing on her skincare. Her aim was to clear up her skin so that she didn't feel the need to cover up anymore. She had managed to make her skin look good enough that she felt she could go with foundation. Korean sheet masks were now her best friend.

Anna was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't see Hobi approach her, until he was tucking her hair back behind her ears. She looked up at him, getting lost in his gaze and he caressed her cheek with his thumb before dropping his hand from her face.

"Do you want to watch the concert?"

"Huh? I always watch the concert."

Anna pointed at the small screen in the room which showed the camera feed of the stage.

"Not from here. Come with me."

Hobi took her hand and pulled her out of the room with him. Where is he taking me? He led her to a member of staff and then let go of her hand.

Have fun!

Anna just waved back at him as he walked away.

Apparently Hobi had organised for her to enjoy the concert from the audience. For this venue the floor tickets were standing, so the staff member let her through the barricade and left her to find a spot to enjoy the concert.


The concert was a great distraction from her thoughts and Anna lost herself in the music. As Anna stood in the crowd of fans, it was almost as if she forgot they were her soulmates and she just saw them as the performers she loved to watch almost every day for the past year and a half.

During the second half of the concert Anna couldn’t help but watch as BTS interacted with the audience, sending their love to ARMY. She wondered if she could still be apart of ARMY now that she wasn’t just a fan. When they said their goodbyes, Anna listened as they each declared their love for ARMY and Namjoon finished with their message.

Army remember what we say. Love Yourself. Love Myself.

They all love their fans so much. Anna smile faded. Will they ever love me as much as they do ARMY?


After the concert ended Anna wasn’t sure what to do. So she waited until everyone had left and headed towards the area where the staff member had let her in earlier. Fortunately, the same staff member showed up to let her out and take her backstage again. Anna thanked them once they had reached the dressing room.

She sat down on the couch and got comfy. She knew it would take a little while for the boys to be ready. The events of the day must have taken a toll on Anna because it wasn’t long before she had dozed off.

She woke up to someone gently shaking her shoulder.

Wake up, sleepyhead.

Anna sleepily opened her eyes to see Jin standing over her.

Someone woke me up early this morning.

Jin laughed as she got up off the sofa.


On the way back to the hotel, Anna sat in a car between Namjoon and Jungkook. She rested her head on Namjoon’s shoulder. Apparently, Anna loses her filter when she is tired because otherwise she probably wouldn't have admitted what she said next. Although, it was a question she had often thought about.

Namjoon? You said to be loved by others we must first love ourselves?


Do you really believe that?

Umm, yeah. I think its important to love yourself.

Oh dear.

Namjoon glances over at Jungkook, who had furrowed eyebrows, before looking down at the half-asleep girl on his shoulder.

Why do you ask?

Because, that means no one can ever love me.

They almost didn’t hear her whispered reply as Anna drifted off to sleep as she said it. Namjoon and Jungkook shared a glance over her head. Jungkook had tears in his eyes.

“Hyung, does she mean…?”

Namjoon just nodded to Jungkook in reply. He stroked Anna's hair and bent down to place a kiss on the top of her head. What he really wanted to do was to wrap his arms around her tightly and make sure she knew she could be loved, but he didn’t want to wake her, so he didn’t, for now.

Anna was still fast asleep when they reached the hotel. Namjoon went to shake her awake.

“Don’t! I’ll carry her, Hyung.”

Jungkook picked her up carefully and carried her to her room and placed her on the bed. She looks so beautiful and peaceful when she’s asleep. He leaned over and was tucking her hair away from her face when her eyes opened.


Anna looked around with a frown.

How did I get here?

I carry you.

Anna was sure she was blushing again. She sat up, running her hand through her hair and rubbed her face.

Umm, where are we having the…the you know… talk?

“You are tired. We can do it another time.

It’s okay. I'm awake.

Go back to sleep Anna. It can wait.

No. You guys stay up no matter how tired you are for stuff like this.


Kookie. Please, if you put it off, I’ll just get more anxious about it.

“Okay. You know there is nothing to worry about, right?

Anna smiled at Jungkook, but she wasn't sure it was very convincing.

"You want to get ready for bed first?"

It was probably a good idea in case she fell asleep again. However, since her pyjamas consisted of shorts and a tank top, she decided it would be best not to get changed.

"Yeah, I'll just wash my face. I'll be quick."

"Okay. I wait here."

When Anna came back out of the bathroom, Jungkook held out his hand to her. She took it and he gave it a squeeze in reassurance.

"Let's go."

Chapter Text

"Are we having this conversation in Korean or English?"

Anna caught Korean or English from what Jin said and answered while the others were still pondering.

"You can all speak in Korean."

"No. Tonight is about you, Anna. So, I think we should try our best to speak English."

"But it's seven against one..."

"Then we could argue that our English is better than your Korean."

Anna couldn't disagree with that.

"Apart from Jimin-Hyung."


They all laughed as Jimin gave Jungkook a smack on the arm. The older members regarded Jungkook proudly, they knew the maknae was trying to get Anna to relax. They had all noticed how she looked as though she was about to walk the plank.

Earlier they had discussed what they wanted to talk to Anna about tonight. Namjoon went first.

"First of all, we would like to apologise to you Anna. We haven’t been taking very good care of you these past few weeks."

Anna was shocked. This was not at all what she had imagined they were going to say.

"What? No. Don’t apologise! You don’t have to take care of me."

"Anna, you left your whole life behind, everything you knew and decided to come with us after just meeting us. You are travelling to a country you have never been to, where you can't speak the language and you won't know anybody apart from us."

Namjoon took one of Anna's hands in both of his. As usual, she was stunned by the physical contact and stared down at their combined hands.

"We are very grateful that you have done this, but it must be scary for you."

"I, uh, I guess I've been trying not to think about it too much. Besides, everything scares me, so I'm used to it."

Namjoon’s words really touched Anna, so at first, she was lost for words, but then she started to ramble.

"You make it sound as though I dropped my old life for soulmates I barely knew, but you aren't exactly strangers to me. However, I am a stranger to all of you.

She looked around at all seven of them.

I knew when I decided to jump on a plane and follow you for the rest of your tour, that you guys would be busy. Perhaps I should have waited and joined you when you got back to Korea..."


"We want you here."

Anna smiled at their words and looked down at where Namjoon was still holding her hand and focused on his ring finger.

I’ve been meaning to ask, why do you all have a 1 instead of a ring mark?

We still have one more soulmate to bond to.

Oh. How did you know that is what it meant?

“Every time another one of us joined the group, the number went down. When we met Jimin it changed to one.”

As she thought about it, Anna realised something.

But that would mean…

We have been waiting for you for a very long time.

Wow. Well I hope you aren’t disappointed.”

“Why would we be disappointed?

"Umm, perhaps I should tell you some things about myself. I’m shy and I’m quiet. I’m uncomfortable in large groups…

Anna glanced around at the group of seven men sitting around her and cleared her throat. Fate must be laughing.

…and I don’t have a lot to say unless I’m particularly passionate about the subject. I’m not used to physical contact and I’m afraid of pretty much everything."

They tried to be discreet about it, but Anna noticed all their eyes turn to Namjoon hoping for a translation.

"I’m sorry you’re stuck with a soulmate who can’t even speak your language!"

"Don’t say that!"

"Yeah, don’t worry Anna, they need the extra motivation so that they can finally learn English themselves."


Anna’s lips twitched up into a small smile at Namjoon’s teasing and Jin’s classic reply.

Namjoon proceeded to translate for the rest of the members.

Why do you say quiet and shy are bad?

Yeah, Yoongi Hyung is quiet.

Anna looked from Yoongi to Tae. She had already considered this.

But Yoongi is badass. He has a quiet confidence. I'm just quiet.

Silence is underrated.

Yoongi looked at Anna as he spoke. He understood why she felt that way. It was difficult being a quiet person in this loud world.

And Jungkookie shy, not bad.

Jimin wrapped an arm around Jungkook’s shoulders and ruffled his hair.

No, Jungkook is pure goodness.

Anna smiled down at Jungkook, who looked back up at her.

Noona is good too.

It took Anna a second to realise what Jungkook had said. It was her first time being addressed that way and so also Jungkook’s first time calling her that. She struggled not to think of all the ARMY gossip about Jungkook’s preference for older women.

I think that only time will convince you that it doesn’t matter if you are quiet or shy and it certainly won’t make any of us like you less.

They all knew that loving yourself wasn’t something that just happened overnight. It takes time and all the members knew that they would there to support Anna the whole time.

Namjoon glanced over at Jin and nodded for him to go next.

"Let’s talk about what happened on stage this morning."

Anna inwardly sighed. This is the conversation she had been expecting.

"You know you can say no if I ask you to do something, you’re not comfortable with, right?"

"Yes, but to be honest I had no idea I would react that way. I thought I would be fine."

"Why did you?"

Why did I what?

React like that.

Honestly, Anna didn’t know. Not being able to answer the question made her anxious.


"Because you want it."

"How do you know that Kookie?"

"I saw it. When Anna was up there, I saw myself 10 years ago."

Anna raised her eyebrows in disbelief at Jungkook’s statement.

Kookie… I'm not… You can’t compare me to you.

Jungkook stared at Anna very seriously.

You love to sing?


Would you rather do something else?


Me too. Passion is most important.


We were trainees for years to be ready for stage. You have no training.

Kook and Hobi are right. Don’t let what happened today put you off.

I think it’s a bit late for me to become a trainee, but thanks.

Music is our connection. You know?

As an ARMY, Anna knew that they could always rely on Jin to lighten the mood.

I think one more thing to discuss. Tae?

Anna looked from Hobi to Tae and then it clicked. She had almost forgotten about this morning, it felt like so long ago.

I want to make sure that Anna not scared of me.

Anna froze. Tae looked so distraught at the thought that he had made her so uncomfortable, that she was now afraid of him.

Very sorry for this morning. I promise not happen again.

Anna threw herself off the sofa and knelt in front of Tae on the floor.

No, no, no. It’s okay. I'm not scared of you. I promise.



You sure?

I'm sure.

But Hobi say you scared.

Umm, yes. There’s something I need to tell you all.

Anna got up and sat back on the sofa. With all eyes on her, nerves took over and she couldn’t seem to get any words out. She felt a hand take hers, linking their fingers and she was filled with encouragement. She turned her head to look at Hobi beside her.

Take your time.

You know how the longer you put off doing something the scarier it becomes? Well, I've never been kissed, so it’s been built up as this huge deal in my mind and that’s why I was so freaked out this morning.

Namjoon had to do a bit of translating for the other members, before turning to Anna.

“You said earlier that you’re not used to physical contact, is that because you don’t like it?

Umm, no. In fact, I used to love hugs, but…

What is it Anna?

My mum got annoyed and told me that if I wanted to hug someone that I should find a boyfriend to hug instead.

Well, I'm sure you know that we all love hugs here, especially our maknae’s.

Come to me for hugs.”

No, me!”

I will give you all the hugs you want Noona!”

Anna laughed at Tae, Jimin and Jungkook.

I’ll be sure to spread my hugs around to everyone who wants them.

She glanced around at the other members. Hobi and Jin were eagerly shaking their heads, while Yoongi and Namjoon just nodded normally.

As for kissing, Anna, there’s no pressure. Whenever you’re ready.

Anna nodded at Namjoon.

End with group hug?

Everyone agreed with Jin’s suggestion, apart from Jimin who raised one of his hands.

Wait, I have question Anna.

Yes, Jimin?

"Why not say what you read before?"

Anna covered her face with her hands. Does nothing get past these guys?

"Is it really that bad?"

"No, it’s just... I was reading fanfiction."


"BTS fanfiction."

Anna whispered, so only Namjoon and Hobi heard what she said. Namjoon started laughing.

Anna’s face felt like it was on fire, while the other members looked confused at why Namjoon was laughing and Anna looked embarrassed. 

Anna clung to Hobi’s arm and buried her face in his shoulder.

"Hobi, Joonie’s being mean!"


“So cute!”

Chapter Text

The day after their talk was BTS's last concert at that venue. The next and final concerts of their tour weren't for another three weeks. So, they were going home.

For Anna, it hadn't really sunk in yet. Although she had been travelling around with her soulmates for a few weeks now, it had almost felt like a dream, full of hotels, aeroplanes and concerts. Even as she stepped through the doors of her new home, it still hadn't hit her that this was where she would be living from now on. 

It was easy to forget that BTS were rich, they were always so humble and down to earth. However, as Anna stood inside their apartment she just looked around in amazement. Wow!


Anna turned to face Jungkook who was holding her suitcase.

"I will show your room."

She followed him into a room with one bed, which obviously wasn't a guest room.

"Kookie, who's room is this?"


Anna looked up at him with raised eyebrows.

"It's yours isn't it? I'm not stealing your room."

"Noona, not steal. I give. Okay?"

"But... Okay."

She couldn't think of a suitable alternative and Anna wasn't one to argue anyway. It was worth it when Jungkook lit up with a signature bunny grin.

"Awesome. Bathroom is there. You share with Jimin and Hoseok. Their room is other side."

Anna looked through the bathroom door to see another bedroom through the door on the other side. Jimin and Hoseok were in their unpacking, or rather Hoseok was unpacking and Jimin was lying on his bed on his phone. He noticed Anna and waved enthusiastically at her. She smiled and waved back. How are these guys so cute? When she turned back, Jungkook was going through the wardrobe.

"I make space for clothes."

"Oh, you don't have to do that now..."

Anna sighed and decided just to let Jungkook do what he wanted. There was no stopping him once he set his mind to something. 

She was still standing in the doorway of the bedroom, her room, and she didn't know what to do now. Being in a new place and feeling unsure made her anxious. Before her nerves could overtake her, a distraction appeared at the door.

"Anna want play game with us?"

She followed Tae to the living room where Jimin was waiting. Apparently the two boys had been without a proper gaming system for too long. They allowed her to choose the game, so Anna chose the only one she had played before.

"Mario Kart?"

"Yeah, that’s the only one I know."

"Anna win?"

"Oh, no! There’s a reason why I don’t drive... in real life I mean."

Tae and Jimin didn’t seem to quite understand what she meant.

"I'm very bad. Let’s play and you’ll see."


A few races later and as predicted Anna wasn't doing too well. Not that she minded. Anna wasn’t a particularly competitive person, but she wasn’t sure whether that was a good or bad thing considering how competitive her soulmates were.


Jungkook had just walked into the room when Anna took him by surprise by calling out for him.


Jungkook walked over to Anna and sat down beside her whilst looking at the screen. He tried his best to help, but between Anna not understanding his instructions quick enough and him struggling to think of the English words, they got nowhere.

Eventually Jungkook must have got frustrated because he wrapped his arm around Anna and put his hands on the controller, while Anna was still holding it, and began to play for her. He must have been so focused on the game that he didn’t realise how close he was to Anna, but she did. His front was pressed against her back, his arms on either side of her and his head beside hers, hovering over her shoulder. Anna wasn't sure if it was Jungkook's body heat or just his proximity that made her face heat up. 

She didn't even notice when the race finished, but she knew Kookie must have done well when she heard him cheer in her ear. Anna turned her head slightly to look at him. He had a satisfied smile on his face. Jungkook turned towards her and their faces were inches apart. He jumped back dropping the controller and Anna was sure he was blushing as he rubbed the back of his neck.

I won game for Noona.

“Kookie's acting cute for Anna!”


Anna smiled as she watched Jungkook and Jimin start play fighting. Some things never change.


Later that night when Anna was alone in Jungkook's bed, it hit her. She had truly entered the unknown. A different country with different customs and just a different way of living. She began to think of all the little things. She was someone who always shopped at the same places. Here she would need to find new shops, new skincare brands, new everything and all in Korean. All these thoughts were over whelming. Namjoon was right. It was a scary thing she had decided to do. Can I do this? Anna felt a few tears runs down her cheeks. Nothing was scarier than the unknown.

Meanwhile, Tae had wondered through the apartment to the room where Anna was. For some reason he felt like he should check on her. He peeked his head round the door of her bedroom which wasn't fully closed. First, he listened to see if she was awake and he heard sniffles.


Anna sat up. Tae's unexpected voice had made her jump. He walked over to the bed and cautiously sat down on the opposite side to where Anna way laying. Instead of asking her what was wrong, he just opened his arms. Anna immediately threw her arms around him. She needed the stability of something she knew right then. Tae wrapped his arms around her, resting his head on top of hers.

After a few minutes Anna pulled away, but before Tae could move, she grabbed his arm.


He pulled back the covers and laid down before pulling Anna into his arms.

"Sweet dreams Anna."


Tae was woken by someone tapping him on the arm. Annoyed, he flung out his arm to hit whoever it was.

“Taehyung! Did you forget Jungkook wasn’t sleeping in here? What if Anna wakes up to find you in bed with her? Taehyung!”

Hoseok had been doing his morning routine in the connected bathroom when he thought he would just check on Anna. He definitely wasn’t expecting to see Tae in bed with her. He whispered to Tae, trying not to wake Anna up,

“Anna knows. I came to check on her last night and found her upset. She asked me to stay.”


“I think being here, in our home, it finally hit her that this is real.”

“Ah, yes, it will be a big change for her.”

“Anna needs pampering today. We need to make her feel at home.”

“Ooh! I’ll run her a bubble bath!”

Hobi, that’s not whispering.

Both boys turned their attention to Anna to find her awake and sleepily peering up at them.

“Anna! Morning!

Morning Hobi.

It was then that Anna realised she was curled up against Tae’s side.

Oh, hi.

She made to move away from him but he kept his arms around her and rolled onto his side so that they were facing each other, nose to nose.

This… okay?


Tae regarded Anna for a moment, before leaning in and rubbing their noses together in an Eskimo kiss. Then he settled back and closed his eyes.

Anna stared at him. What are these boys doing to me? She took this moment, being so close to Tae and his eyes being closed, to study him. He truly was the definition of sculpted by the Gods.

“Your bath awaits, Princess.”

She was startled by Hobi coming back into the room. Anna watched as he did an over the top bow and motioned towards the bathroom. She had no idea what he said, but she untangled herself from Tae’s hold, who reluctantly let her go, and walked into the bathroom to see a mountain of bubbles. She looked at Hobi.

"Too much?"

Chapter Text

By the time Anna had collected her toiletries and a change of clothes, the bubbles had died down enough that she could actually get into the bath. But first she needed to choose what music to listen to. Would it be weird if I listened to BTS, or would it be weirder if I didn't?  Anna sighed; at this rate the water would be cold by the time she had decided. So, she put on her BTS favourites playlist.


Meanwhile, her soulmates were discussing the plan for the day while watching Jin and Yoongi cook breakfast.

"First, should we take Anna out or stay in?"

"Practically, we can't go out. It needs planning in advance, especially if all of us are going out together."

Hoseok nodded at Namjoon’s words.

"Another day then. We could go out for dinner and book a private room somewhere."

"So today we are staying in?"

Jimin looked around at the others for confirmation.

"I think Anna will appreciate just being at home, all of us together."

"I agree with JK. Suddenly exposing her to lots of new things might overwhelm her too."

"Exactly Jin. I'm sure we all want to show Anna our favourite places, but we've got time. The next few weeks before the tour ends our schedule is fairly light and then after the final concert in Tokyo, we have some time off."

"Whoop whoop!"

"Yay, holiday!"

The maknae’s cheered at Namjoon’s mention of time off. Although they all couldn’t wait for this tour, it had been exhausting and they were ready for a break, especially now they had their final soulmate to spend time with. Namjoon shook his head at his younger soulmates’ antics, before continuing.

"I know we hadn't planned to do anything in particular, but now we could ask Anna if there's anything she would like to do or anywhere she wants to go."

"She told me she wanted to visit New Zealand and China and here of course."

Hobi perked up at the new information Jin had provided.

"New Zealand? Bon Voyage?"

"Yes, Anna said watching Bon Voyage made her want to go there."

Jungkook frowned in confusion.

"So why China?"

"She watches a lot of Chinese dramas."


"Do you think..."

"Think what Jimin?”

"Do you think she is a fan of any Chinese Idols?"

"Why would it matter? We can't expect her to only be a fan of us. ARMY may be devoted to us but many of them are fans of other groups as well."

"I know, but what if she likes them more?”

“Jimin Hyung, what if Anna’s ultimate bias is not one of us!”

“She did say she thought about learning Mandarin before she chose Korean.”

Jimin and Jungkook looked at each other in horror before they turned to Namjoon.


“But she chose Korean.”

Hoseok tried to calm the younger boys down, but Jin was having too much fun.

“Only because she thought Mandarin was more difficult.”

“Jin, stop winding them up.”

"Yah, I thought they were joking!”

“You two are being ridiculous. Are you forgetting that she is our soulmate?"

Yoongi words put an end to the silly turn the conversation had taken. The room was quiet for a moment after his scolding.

"I wouldn't worry too much."

"Is this another one of your feelings Tae?"

"No. Anna is currently listening to BTS, while she's in the bath."

All the boys went silent for a minute, trying to hear if what Tae said was true, but they couldn't hear anything from the kitchen. Jimin stood up from the table.

"Yah, Jimin! Where are you going?"

"I’m just getting something from my room!"

Jimin went to his room and stood outside of the bathroom door. From there he could clearly hear Anna's music playing and she was playing BTS. Wait, why does it sound different? With furrowed eyebrows he pressed his ear against the door and listened carefully. It sounded as if there was an extra part in the background. Jimin almost jumped out of his skin when someone spoke right behind him.

"Hyung, what are..."

Jimin quickly put one hand over Jungkook's mouth and put a finger to his lips, gesturing for him to be quiet. After removing his hand, he motioned for Jungkook to listen. At first Jungkook was confused and slightly hesitant to listen at the door knowing Anna was having a bath on the other side. It didn't take him long to realise what his Hyung wanted him to hear. Anna’s singing!

The two of them were so focused on Anna's singing that they didn't hear Yoongi join them.

"What the hell do you two think you are doing?"

Jungkook looked like a deer in headlights after being caught by Yoongi. Jimin hid slightly behind him and gave him a nudge to make him answer their angry Hyung.

"Listening to Noona's singing."

"Oh, well, I'm sure she'd be very happy to know you were listening in outside the door while she's taking a bath!"

The two younger boys practically ran back to the kitchen, but before Yoongi could take a step a sound caught his attention. That voice. It's perfect.


By the time Anna had finished her bath and dried her hair, she was feeling a lot better. Apart from being freshly clean, listening to BTS had always had a calming and comforting effect on her. She was quietly humming to herself as she made her way to the kitchen. Hobi had mentioned breakfast would be ready after her bath. As she entered the kitchen, all her soulmates were there already and suddenly all their attention was on her. Anna waved timidly at them.

"Anna! Come sit."

Jin who had been setting things on the table, came over and guided Anna to the table.

"Did you enjoy your bath?"

She smiled at Namjoon as she sat down.

"Yes. It was a nice surprise. I can't remember the last time I had a bath. Thank you Hobi."

"You are welcome, princess."

Everyone was sitting down apart from Jin and Yoongi who were bringing plates of food from the kitchen. 

“Breakfast is served!”

Jin placed a plate in front of Anna.


You say pancakes your favourite.

So, you made them for me?

Of course!

It may have been a usual occurrence for them to do nice things for each other, but for Anna it was odd. No one had ever done something special for her just because they wanted to. No one had ever cooked for her, apart from her parents. No one has ever made me pancakes before…

“Thank you!”

Anna looked so happy. Her soulmates were surprised that just pancakes could make her this happy.

They were all rather quiet while they ate. Anna could only think of a hand full of times in her life that she had eaten with a large group like this. It was strange to her, especially thinking about how they were all eating together in their home. Our home? Anna glanced around the table. I can’t believe I get to live with these guys, and spend time with them, for the rest of our lives. This is so surreal.

Once everyone had finished eating, Yoongi cleared his throat and looked pointedly at Jimin and Jungkook. Ever since she had sat down, Anna had noticed that Jimin had been unusually quiet and Jungkook wouldn’t even look at her.

I'm sorry Noona.”

“Sorry Anna.”

Anna briefly glanced at Yoongi out of the corner of her eye.

What? Why are you sorry?

By this point Jungkook had an obvious redness to his cheeks and ears and he couldn’t look up at all. Anna’s heart hurt a little at seeing him look so sorry for himself. She was also a little nervous at what they could have done that would make him act this way.

“We were listening to you sing while you were in the bath.”

Anna took a minute trying to decipher Jimin’s words. She understood listening and sing, but she wasn’t sure about the last bit. Listening to me sing? Does that make sense? But when would they have…


They all waited with bated breath to see what Anna’s reaction would be.

I'm sorry you had to hear me butcher your songs with my Korean.


Jungkook looked up in shock. That was not the response he was expecting.

“No! Noona is good at singing in Korean! Noona sound amazing!

Anna sat there smiling at Jungkook.

“Thank you. I was just trying to get Kookie to look at me.

Jungkook covered his ears with his hands. So cute!

But no more secretly listening outside the bathroom please. Okay?

Anna looked at Jimin and Jungkook were nodding vigorously in agreement.

“So, what is the plan next?”

“I'm going to the studio.”

“Yoongi Hyung, I thought we were spending the day together?”

“You can’t help when inspiration strikes.”

“But it’s Anna’s first day at home.”

“And because of that I stayed for breakfast. I’ll only be a few hours. I promise.”

“Fine, say goodbye properly then. You might say a few hours, but you know once you get going time runs away from you.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes and gave Jin his goodbye kiss, but before he could leave, the others had got up and formed a line.

“You lot act as though we don’t spend all our time together.”

“Jin’s right. Once you're in the studio we don’t know when we will see you again.”

Anna almost laughed at their antics.

Tae pulled Anna up off her chair so that she was at the end of the line. When Yoongi got to her she was sure he could sense her nervousness. While she was sure she wouldn’t receive a kiss like the others, she wondered if he would give her one on the cheek, or a hug, or perhaps nothing at all.

It was none of those things. Yoongi gave Anna a pat on the head. When she thought about it later, Anna remembered that a pat on the head was always big deal on all the cute Asian dramas she watched. However, at the time she felt a little disappointed.

“I'm leaving the only other sensible one in charge. Okay princess?”


Hearing the others cries of indignation Anna tried to translate what Yoongi said as he left. All I caught from that was something about leaving. She turned to the others.

What did he say?

Chapter Text

After Yoongi left, the rest of them gathered in the living room. Anna ended up on the big sofa between Namjoon and Tae, Jungkook and Jimin sat on the floor in front of them and Jin and Hobi on the little sofa beside them.

Jimin and Jungkook started nudging and whispering to each other.

“You ask her!”

“No Hyung. You want to know, you ask!”

“You want to know too!”


Anna looked at Tae. She was a little nervous. She knew her soulmates had the day off to rest from all the travelling and she wondered what the plan was. So, Anna waited quietly for someone else to say something.

You like Chinese Idol?

Do I like Chinese idols?”

Tae nodded. Jungkook and Jimin stopped bickering at Tae’s question and waited for Anna’s answer.

Umm, I suppose there’s one that I follow, yeah.”


Wang Yibo?

Tell about him.

He’s an amazing dancer. Actually, he’s kind of good at everything. He’s similar to you Kookie. Quiet, hardworking, became a trainee at a young age. You're the same age actually.

You really like him.

I find him inspiring, but also a bit intimidating.


Yeah, he has no time for anyone who doesn’t give 100%. He’s like all of you. An impressive individual. You know what you want, and you work hard to succeed. I used to think about which one of you I thought would be most intimidating to meet.



Umm, I think I decided on Namjoon in the end.

Me? You find me intimidating?

All of you are to be honest. Then again, I find most people intimidating.

Namjoon looked worried at Anna’s words and she felt the need to get Namjoon to smile. She wrapped her arm through his, rested her other hand on his arm and leaned against him.

I also think that you are the cutest one in the group, Joonie.


“Anna how could you say that!”


Jin and J-Hope joined Anna in laughing as the maknae line pouted at her.

Suddenly Anna realised she was still hanging on Namjoon’s arm, so she started to let go and move away. She knew some people found it really annoying. Her mother had always told her off for hanging onto her.


Before Anna could move very far, Namjoon stopped her by placing his hand on hers.

“You’re fine.”

Their position suddenly felt very intimate and Anna noticed how Namjoon’s arm felt under her hand. He must still be working out.

I have a thing for biceps.

I'm glad to hear it.

Anna's eyes widened in shock. She had not meant to say that out loud. She quickly changed the subject.

Do you want to watch some of Wang Yibo’s dances? I don’t know anything about dance, so you could give me your professional opinion, J-Hope?


Cute or sexy?


Anna’s lips twitched at the unanimous response.

This is my favourite. He was a mentor on Produce 101 and he performed the theme song.

Anna glanced around at the others, curious at their reactions as they watched the clip.

“Kookie could do it cuter. Get up and show Anna how cute you are!”

Jungkook looked as though he didn’t know whether to be annoyed at Jimin or embarrassed.

“Yah! I am worldwide cutie guy!

Jin got up and a cute dance. Not one to lose a competition, Jungkook also got up and did a cute dance. After he finished Jungkook sat down and covered his ears.

“I told you!”

Jungkook gave Jimin a whack on the arm for his teasing.

Guys back home would never do anything like that. I swear I never even used the word cute until I started watching Asian dramas. It’s so different here.

Good different?

“Yes. Definitely.

So, you like when we act cute?

I think you guys are cute without even trying.

What is your favourite?

Umm, off the top of my head, War of Hormone music video and 21st Century Girl dance. Oh, and Anpanman!

All of them immediately struck a superhero pose, making Anna giggle.

Another video Anna?

You sure? We don’t have to. I could go on forever if you let me.

If this is something you want to share with us, then we will happily watch as many videos as you want to show us.

Anna looked up at Namjoon before looking around the room at all the others to see if they felt the same.



“Thank you.”

No need to thank.”

Anna looked down at Jimin and saw the sincerity in his eyes. She felt touched by their words. Her soulmates watched as she ducked her head, a shy smile on her lips.

They continued to watch a few videos that Anna choose.

Okay, just one more: After School Club.

The video showed Wang Yibo performing the dance to UNIQ’s song EOEO. The dance involved body rolls, hips thrusts and a show of abs, but Anna didn’t foresee her soulmates reaction. Suddenly, she couldn’t see. When she was allowed to see again, she found out it was Tae who had covered her eyes with his hands.

Don’t worry I don’t want to see his abs.

No, she prefers arms.

Namjoon did a bicep curl pose, which had everyone laughing and Anna hid herself in Tae’s shoulder.

Tae tell them to stop.”

“Yah! Stop… stop teasing Anna. Only I can do that!”

Tae tickled Anna’s side but didn’t expect the strong reaction he got. Anna was very ticklish.

Anna moved away from Tae and noticed a mischievous glint in his eyes. Before he could reach her, she had jumped off the sofa and hid behind Jungkook. She put her hands on his shoulders and peeked around him to see Tae and Jimin approaching with matching devious grins.

Save me Kookie!”

The afternoon was full of laughter and Anna couldn’t remember the last time she had so much fun or felt so much at home.


They had almost finished watching Beauty and the Beast when Jin and Hoseok got up to start on dinner. Once Jin found out Anna’s love for Disney, the rest of their afternoon had been spent watching Disney Princess movies. An unexpected reward to this plan was that they got to hear Anna sing. At first, she was just mouthing the words, then she whispered them, but as the hours passed, she was now belting them out along with the rest of them.

In the kitchen, Jin and Hobi talked quietly to each other as they worked, glancing over at the others in the living room every so often.

“We really needed this. Anna has gotten a lot more comfortable around us.”

“I agree. As long as Yoongi makes it in time for dinner, I will forgive him for been absent this afternoon.”

“Do you think he will back in time for dinner?”

“I sent him a text to remind him that he promised he would only be gone a few hours.”

“Yes, but you can’t blame him for suddenly being inspired.”

“I suppose not.”

They watched from the kitchen as the ones in the living room started waltzing along with the movie, each taking a turning with Anna.

“Wow! Is Anna a dancer too? She’s not confident, but I can tell she’s got rhythm.”

“I think we have a lot more still to learn about our new soulmate.”

They continued to watch as Namjoon took his turn and ended up almost knocking Anna over in a moment of clumsiness. However, this didn’t deter her. Instead, Anna encouraged him to try again, not noticing how her other soulmates smiled at the sight.

Hoseok wasn’t the only one impressed by Anna’s dancing. Namjoon was too. He was also thankful with how she dealt with his clumsiness, he had a habit of sitting out in such situations so that he couldn’t hurt anyone or break anything. He appreciated her encouragement.

How do you know how dance the… uh this type of dance?

The waltz? Oh, um, I’m a Harry Potter fan.

They had timed it perfectly so that dinner was ready when the film ended.

“Are we waiting for Yoongi?”

“I sent him a message, but he hasn’t replied yet. So, who knows how long he will be.”

As they debated, the front door opened.

“Sorry I'm late. I picked something up on my way back.”

Yoongi came in carrying a box and placed it on the kitchen counter.

“Ooh, what's in the box?”

“Strawberry cake to celebrate Anna's first day in our home.”


Strawberry Cake?!

Anna came over to Yoongi practically bouncing with excitement and surprised them all by giving Yoongi a hug. Before he could gather his thoughts and hug her back, she had already let go. Her soulmates watched as she went all shy and embarrassed.

“Sorry… I love strawberry cake.”

After a moment of them all cooing over how cute Anna was, it was time to eat. They all sat down at the table and Jin and Hoseok brought over big bowls of food. Anna gasped when she saw what was for dinner.

Pasta? That’s my favourite!

The boys all shared glances before bursting out laughing, while Anna looked confused. Why are they laughing?

Chapter Text

On Anna’s second day in Korea the members had to go into work. Although they invited her to tag along, Anna choose to stay home. She hadn’t even unpacked yet. The members left early, so they were already gone when Anna woke up. It was weird being there without them.

“Okay, first job: unpack.”

Anna looked into the suitcase which she had been living out of for the past month.

“I should probably wash these first…”

Although she had made use of the washing facilities at the hotels they had stayed at, most of it needed washing again, so there was no point putting away in the wardrobe yet. Anna carried her washing to the laundry room. You can do this Anna, I'm sure washing machines in Korea are the same as in England… Anna had forgotten about one small detail.

“Apart from being in Korean… Crap. Of course, it’s all in Korean.”

Anna fetched her phone and opened Papago while she sat down in front of the machine. Thank god for translation apps. Anna continued to murmur to herself as she started typing the words into her phone. I really should have asked Kookie how to work it. I bet he would have offered to do my washing for me though, and what would I say…

“Sorry Kookie but I’m not ready for you to touch my dirty underwear yet.”

Anna grimaced. So embarrassing. She sighed. Translating was hard work. This is going to be my life from now on. Anna was worried. Languages were definitely not her forte. She had learnt French at school for six years and yet could never put a sentence together. What if I can’t learn Korean? It was something Anna had thought about before. When she was just a fan it didn’t really matter if she could never speak Korean as she had never expected she would need to. However, as BTS’s soulmate, it definitely mattered. Surely fate wouldn’t give them a soulmate who was incapable of learning their language, right? Anna just needed to trust in fate.

“Hey! I'm just like Kookie in Bon Voyage!”

Anna laughed. It wasn’t long before Anna collapsed in defeat. She had translated everything, but she felt none the wiser to what settings to use. Maybe I should wait until they get back? And tell them I couldn’t even work a washing machine?

“Nope. Let’s wing it!”

After praying that her clothes would be okay, Anna went back to her room. I still feel bad for kicking Kookie out of his own room. Anna sighed. What else can I do? She had already put her toiletries in the bathroom. Anna looked at the time. Either she had got up really late or working out the washing machine had taken her the whole morning, because it was already lunch time.

“Next up, figuring out the kitchen.”

Anna ended up having ramen. Quick, easy, and relatively safe.

After lunch Anna got out her Korean vocab book and sat at Kookie’s desk.

“Okay, let’s practice while they aren’t around.”

She spent the next few hours going over some vocabulary and reading along with some recordings.

Anna groaned in frustration, putting her head in her hands. Why is my memory like a sieve? She was lost. She had made some progress at recognising written words, but even after a year of studying she struggled recognise them verbally.

Deciding it was time for a break, Anna made her way into the living room when she suddenly remembered her washing. After moving it into the dryer, she sat on the sofa in the living room. It may seem silly, considering how she now lived with the real-life versions as her soulmates, but she turned on YouTube to watch BTS videos.

The performances she mentioned to the boys yesterday, Anpanman and 21st Century Girl, never failed to make her smile.

Something caught Anna’s attention out of the corner of her eye. RJ was sitting on the other sofa. I wonder how many RJ’s Jin has? I'm sure he won’t mind if I borrow this one. She picked RJ up and cuddled him in her arms while she watched some of her favourite music videos, starting with Blood, Sweat & Tears. I love those outfits.

Boy In Luv had just started playing when she heard the door open and the boys enter. Oops, is it too late to pretend I wasn’t just watching videos of them? She put RJ back in his spot. Tae immediately ran over and sat down next to Anna resting his head on her shoulder. Jimin was right behind him but froze when he realised what was playing.

“What you watching?! No, bad, off, turn off!

Anna laughed as she grabbed the remote and hid it from Jimin.

I like this one. Jin became my bias wrecker after I watched this.


What about me?

Namjoon translated.


Who bias?

Anna paused at Jimin’s question. How should I answer?


Jungkook looked down shyly, but Anna could see his big bunny grin.


At first, Yoongi tried not to react, but Anna was sure she saw a glimpse of Yoongi’s signature gummy smile before he turned his head away.


Jimin did a discrete fist pump.


Hobi sent Anna a finger heart.


Tae snuggled closer into Anna’s side.


Namjoon cupped his face in his hands but became embarrassed at his cute act and covered his face instead.

And Jin.

Jin sent Anna his signature flying kiss.


At dinner Anna listened as her soulmates chatted about their day. This was one of those moments where she felt overwhelmed in a group and therefore, she didn't say much. That was, until Namjoon asked her about her day.

"What did you do today Anna?"

"I unpacked... Oh, my washing is still in the dryer."

"Do you need more space for clothes?"

"Umm, Kookie, my clothes won’t even fill half the space you emptied in the wardrobe."

"Why so little?"

"I could only bring one suitcase with me."


Anna watched as Tae, Jimin and Hobi all started talking rapidly. She turned to Namjoon who was sitting next to her chuckling and shaking his head at the others excitement.

I think you have a shopping spree planned for your future.

I had a feeling.

So, the next two days we will all be in and out at different times, but then we all have a day off. We need to go to the Soulmate Registration Office, get you registered so you can stay in Seoul and then we’ll set you up with a Korean bank account, phone number and everything you’ll need since you’ll be living here now.

Living here. In Seoul. Indefinitely. Anna had to admit it was nerve racking that this would be her life from now on.

And then we can go out for dinner to celebrate after.



“Whoop Whoop!”

Anna wondered if they had noticed that she doesn’t drink alcohol.


That night Anna was getting ready for bed. She was planning to put on a sheet mask, but she couldn’t find any. I must have used them all. She knew Hobi and Yoongi were avid sheet mask users. I could ask Hobi for one. Anna walked over to the bathroom door that lead to Hobi and Jimin’s room but hesitated before knocking. Should I ask? I don’t have to do a sheet mask tonight; it can wait until I have bought myself some.

While Anna was having an internal debate, Jimin opened the door.


Hobi! Umm, is Hobi in there?

“Hobi Hyung, Anna’s asking for you.”

Jimin motioned for Anna to enter their room where Hobi was.

You want something Anna?

Yes… Umm, do you have any face masks? I know you use them a lot, or you said so once…

Hobi scrunched up his face as though he was thinking hard.

“You’re right, but I’ve ran out. None left. Let’s ask Yoongi-Hyung!”

Hobi took Anna’s hand and lead her upstairs to Yoongi and Jin’s room. Yoongi was lying on the bed, seemly asleep. Anna didn’t want to disturb him, but Hobi had no such reservations.

Go. Ask.

As Anna stood next to Yoongi’s bed she felt weird looming over him. However, she didn’t feel comfortable sitting on his bed either. So instead, she knelt down beside his bed and took a deep calming breath as the saying never wake a sleeping dragon came to mind, before she gently tapped his arm.


He made a sound of acknowledgement but didn’t move.

Do you have any face masks?”

Chapter Text

Anna was sitting on her bed thinking about all the things she left behind in the UK. After the boys asked her to join them for the rest of their tour she didn’t have long to pack. She had mainly brought clothes and electronics, as anything else was easily replaceable. Apart from her books and DVDs, the only other thing she was really missing were her craft supplies.

When it came to art, Anna didn’t consider herself to be anywhere near Jungkook's level. She never really got the chance to develop her skills. As a student who was good at maths, she had always been pushed in that direction. It didn’t matter if she was good at art and music as well. Society considered them hobbies and not a serious study path, especially if you were good at maths or science.

Where would I find a Korean craft store? Google it? No, they use Naver here right? Anna tried searching for an art and crafts shop in Seoul, but quickly realised that this would be a long process considering everything was written in Korean. I think going to a physical shop is the best solution. Anna sighed. 

"Do you need help Anna?"

Anna jumped at the sound of Jungkook's voice right next to her. She held her hand against her chest as she turned to look at him. Jungkook was staring wide eyed at her and looked very apologetic for scaring her. 


"Are you shopping for art supplies?"

"Yes, well trying to anyway."

"I can help you?"

"Oh, that's okay. I decided it would be easier to go to an actual shop."

"What is it that you want to buy?"

"Umm, nothing in particular. I was just thinking of all the things I didn't have room for in my suitcase."

"Did you leave a lot behind?"

"Nothing that can't be replaced."

This made Jungkook think. From what he had gathered Anna had only packed essential clothing, there must be so much that she didn't bring. Looking around the room, he realised that it still looked like his room. She must feel like a guest. Obviously, Anna had no personal items. No bedding, cushions or plushies. No pictures, ornaments or any kind of belongings. I need to do something about this. How can I make this our room?


When Anna went to bed that night, she noticed a box of face masks on the bed. Picking them up, Anna thought about what happened last night. 

Yoongi opened his eyes and searched around for Anna until he noticed her kneeling by his bed. He patted her on the head and then got up. 

“You want one too Hoseok?” 

“Yes, please Hyung.” 

While Yoongi was getting the face masks Anna had stood up. He handed her two packets. 

“Thank you.” 

When she didn’t leave straight away, Yoongi watched, waiting for her to say something else. Anna was internally debating again. 

Are you not joining us?”

If Anna hadn’t been looking directly at Yoongi at the moment she would have missed the slight look of surprise on his face at her question. 

Okay. I’ll come down in a minute.”

Anna and Hobi made their way back downstairs to wash up before putting their masks on. They stood side by side at the twin sinks as they washed their faces. 

That Korean!?

Anna looked at her toner which Hobi was pointing at. 

Yes. Korean skincare is the best. I’m almost out. I might need some help buying skincare products?

Don’t worry. I will take care of you.

Anna was sure Hobi had no idea how his words made her feel. 

Once Yoongi joined them the three of them spent the next twenty minutes lying side by side on her bed. Anna was in the middle and she was glad the mask was concealing her blushing cheeks as she tried not to think about the fact that she was so close to two of her soulmates. 

Even the next day Anna’s heart was beating a little faster just from thinking about the night before. She hugged the face masks. Are these from Hobi or Yoongi? She decided to thank whoever it was in the morning. 


Anna saw Hobi first in the morning, but the masks weren’t from him. She should have guessed. Hobi would have just given the masks directly to her, it made more sense that Yoongi would have just left them for her to find. 

However, when Anna asked if Yoongi had left already, she was told that he had only got home a few hours ago and was sleeping. He must have sneaked out because later on she learnt that he had gone. I think I better message him in case I never catch him to say thank you. 

Thank you was easy enough to type in hangul, but she had no idea how to write ‘for the face masks’. After using Papago, she went in search of one of her soulmates to double check her translation before she sent the message. She was surprised to find Namjoon sitting at the kitchen table. He looked busy, surrounded by paperwork. Anna hesitated instead of asking him. One because he was obviously in the middle of something and two because she knew he was used a lot by the others to translate things. Why don’t I just put Thank you? Yoongi will know for what. Before Anna could leave Namjoon in peace, he had noticed her standing there.

Were you looking for me Anna?

Umm, I was hoping someone could check this makes sense? But if you’re busy it doesn’t matter.

I’m never too busy for you. What did you want to say?”

Thank you for the face masks. I translated it, but you know translation apps aren’t always quite right.

She showed Namjoon what she had translated it to.

It must seem silly asking for help with such a simple sentence.”

Not at all. Learning a language is hard. Korean and English are very different as well. Have you learnt Hangul?

Yes. My reading isn’t too bad, just slow, but I don’t understand what I’m saying. I’ve been focusing on increasing my vocabulary, but I just can’t seem to remember what anything means.” 

Why did you decide to learn Korean?”

So, I could sing your songs?"

Namjoon raised an eyebrow at Anna but kept a gentle smile on his face. 

"No seriously. At first, my goal was to be able to pronounce the Korean in your songs. It's very important to me to be able to sing them properly. After that the goal was to be able to understand what you say. So, for lives and stuff I wouldn't need to wait for subtitles. I'll admit that I never thought I would actually need to be able to speak Korean."

"Living in Korea should help a lot with that and we are all here to help you. You know that, right?"

Anna smiled sheepishly at Namjoon. She should know that she could always rely on her soulmates for help. However, she had always had a bit of a problem with asking for help. She wasn't certain why, but she guessed that she didn't like to rely on other people. 

Looking down Anna remembered that Namjoon had been busy before she had joined him. 

"Oh, sorry! I'm distracting you from your work. Thank you for your help."

"Anytime, Anna."

Namjoon smiled as Anna walked away. He was happy he got to have a little chat with her. For one, it was nice to have a conversation in English that wasn't work related. And two, he enjoyed the one on one time with her. I'll have to plan something for my next day off. A date with Anna? 


After lunch Jin asked Anna if she wanted to watch a Disney movie with him.  Of course, Anna was more than happy to. 

The others not watch Disney with me.”

Anna gasped dramatically, covering her mouth with her hand as if she was shocked. 

What’s wrong with them?”

Yes! You understand!

The two of them burst out laughing. 

But seriously, anytime you want to watch Disney just ask and I will be there.

Okay, which Disney movie you know best?

Anna thought about it while Jin flicked through the selection. 

Umm... Lion King!

It Korean. I put English subtitles.”

It’s okay. I know it so well I will understand without them.

You sure?

“Yes. If Namjoon can learn English watching friends, maybe I can learn Korean watching Disney.

Jin looked at Anna to see if she was serious and laughed. Anna was pulling a face, scrunching up her nose, as she knew that was not going to happen. 

I wish it was that easy!

I help you learn.

“Thank you. But for now, press play!

While Jin started the movie, Anna grabbed RJ from his spot on the other couch and sat back with it in her arms. She noticed Jin was watching her. 

RJ wants to watch too.

He didn’t say anything, but Jin smiled to himself. She’s so cute. A girl after my own heart, treating RJ right. He was surprised but delighted that Anna sang along to the songs in English. Especially parts such as Timon and Pumbaa in Can You Feel The Love Tonight, because she acted them out just like characters. It was silly and not something he would have expected her to do, but it showed she felt comfortable with him and that made him happy.

Anna wasn’t kidding when she said she knew the Lion King well. It was one of her favourite Disney movies and although she may not remember it word for word, she knew the gist of what they were saying. She wasn’t sure if she learnt any Korean from watching it though. 

That night Anna found RJ on her bed. Did I bring him with me? She went into the living room to check, but the other RJ was still on its spot on the sofa. Another gift? Is it normal to give each other gifts randomly? What do you give to the boys who have everything?

Chapter Text

It was BTS's day off and it had been heavily suggested to Yoongi that he shouldn't be sneaking off to his studio today. 

Instead they had made an appointment at the Soulmate Registration Office. While it wasn't a legal requirement for soulmates to register themselves, if one of the soulmates wasn't a citizen then they would need a Soulmate visa to live in the country permanently. The Soulmate Registration Office would also set up these soulmates with local bank accounts, SIM cards and anything else they may need as a non-citizen. 

They were sat in an office at the Soulmate Registration Office. Anna, as the soulmate who needed a visa, and Namjoon, as the leader and translator, were sat in the front of the desk, while the other members were sitting behind them.

"First let me assure you that your details will be kept private. Soulmate registrations are not public records, so you have nothing to worry about."

"Thank you. That is comforting to hear."

"Now to begin with, I will assume that your soulmate is foreign and therefore needs a Soulmate Visa?"

"That is correct."

"I will need some sort of identification, such as a passport, as well as to see proof of your bond."

"Proof of our bond? That will difficult. We haven't bonded with her yet."

"Ah. In that case, I can only issue you a temporary stay visa for a maximum of thirty days. By then, you will need to show proof of your soulmate bond or she will have to leave the country."

Anna had been listening to the conversation between Namjoon and the SRO worker, but she hadn't managed to grasp what they were saying. However, she could tell that something was wrong. She watched as Namjoon sighed and nodded at the worker before turning to face her. 

"She said that because we do not have proof that we are soulmates, you can only be issued with a temporary visa. If we do not have proof within thirty days, you will have to leave Korea."

Proof that we are soulmates? How do we... Oh. Anna looked down at her lap, anxiously wringing her hands. One kiss and this wouldn't have been a problem. Now she had a deadline to kiss her soulmates and complete their bond. No pressure.

"Sorry. This is my fault. I've made things difficult."


Anna looked up as a hand covered her own. Jin was staring at her with a usually serious expression on his face.

"Jin is right. Don't worry about it. Okay?"

She turned her head to face Hoseok who was sitting behind her. He rested a hand on her head before leaning forward to place a kiss on her forehead. Hobi went on to stroke her hair, while Jin held her hands. Anna felt her face heat up under the attention of two of her soulmates. 


Anna's attention was turned back to Namjoon when he called her name. In his hands were two items, which he handed to her.

"Here are your Korean sim card and bank card. They also offer a tutor service here. If you wanted to, you could sign up for Korean lessons."

"Oh wow, they have everything! I suppose lessons are a definite yes."

Namjoon listened as the woman told him about the lessons, before he translated for Anna.

"There is a class starting in a few weeks, which will be two evenings a week, or they offer one-on-one tutoring?"

Anna debated between the two options. One on one tutoring would probably be more productive than a class, but it would also be a lot more expensive. Can I even afford lessons? 

"Tutoring would allow for more flexibility, considering our schedule, but I don't want to assume you will want to follow us everywhere all the time."

"Ah, that's true."

She pondered over Namjoon's last words.

"If you want me with you, I will be there."

"Noona be with us always!"

Some of the members giggled at the maknae’s cuteness, while others smiled fondly at him.

So cute!


It was a few hours after they had arrived that they left the Soulmate Registration Office. Anna had her temporary visa and her first tutoring session booked for next Monday morning. Her soulmates had insisted on paying for her lessons, arguing that she only needed to learn Korean because of them, and she decided not to fight them on it. Anna was someone who chose her battles carefully.

As they reached the cars, Jimin and Tae stood either side of Anna.

“We are stealing Anna for a bit.”

“We will be back in time to get ready for tonight.”

“Where are you taking her?”


Apart from her name, Anna had struggled to follow the conversation until the two boys both called out one word. Did they say shopping? The other members watched as she was led away looking slightly confused, but still waved goodbye to them before getting in the car.

For the next few hours, Anna was dragged from store to store. In each one, Jimin and Tae would select a few items each, get her to try them on and show them how they looked. They would then discuss before deciding if the item was a yes or no. Luckily, she was also able to pick out a few things herself.

When they went to pay of the chosen items in the first shop, she realised that although she had her new bank card, she hadn’t put any money into it yet. However, when she went to use her UK card Jimin stopped her.

New card.

But there’s no money on it. No won?”

“No. New card. We all put money in for you. Okay?

Even though she was still confused, Anna did as the boys told her and used her new card and it worked. What Anna didn’t know was that all the boys had put some money each into her new account already.

As they went from shop to shop and designer to designer, Anna tried not to look at the price tags and she started to wonder exactly how much money was in her new bank account. A few times she had put her foot down and refused to buy something that was obviously obscenely expensive and that she would probably never wear. Anna wasn’t oblivious to Tae’s pouts when she did that.


Shopping with her fellow 95er’s had taken longer than anticipated. By the time they made it back home they didn’t have long to get ready for tonight. Anna headed straight to her room. She needed to decide what to wear. While she was thinking, she began unpacking what she had bought today. In the last bag was something unexpected.

She lifted out the garment and held it up. It was the designer dress Tae had said was perfect for her, but which she had declared too expensive. How did…? He seriously bought it behind my back?! Anna shook her head and decided this was another fight that she wouldn’t win. It is a very pretty dress. Anna put the dress on before doing some light makeup and tidying up her hair. After putting on some earrings and her heels, she timidly left her room. This would be her first time dressed up in front of her soulmates.

As soon as she saw them all gathered in the living room, Anna froze. She was about to leave and change into something more casual when her soulmates noticed her. First it was Kookie, who gaped at her with wide eyes before hitting his Hyung who was next to him, who then turned to see why the maknae had hit him. This went on until all of them were staring at her. The only one who was not shocked was Tae, who instead was grinning.

“You wore the dress!”

Umm, I think I'm overdressed. I’m just going to change…


Namjoon reached Anna before she run away and grabbed her hand.

You look beautiful.


“So pretty!”

By then all her soulmates had gathered around her and were giving her compliments. This caused Anna to bush deeply.

Thank you.

Let’s go celebrate!

Do you really still want to go out and celebrate? Even though it’s not official?

Tonight, we celebrate you living with us in Korea.

“We will have something else to celebrate when we become official.”

Anna’s heart was racing as all her soulmates eyes were on her. There was something about Yoongi’s gaze particularly, that sent a shiver up her spine. Although she hadn’t understood his words, she could make a guess from the look in his eyes. Apparently, they are all looking forward to becoming official. Why did I turn this into such a big deal again?

Chapter Text

Her soulmates took Anna to a Korean restaurant where they had booked a private room. It was her first time in a Korean restaurant. The only ones near where she lived in the UK had been in London and Anna hadn’t managed to visit one yet. She was excited to try some proper Korean food. Although she had tried cooking her own, some ingredients were hard to find, such as glass noodles for Japchae. At least she had practiced her chopstick skills, so she was able to use them, but that didn’t stop her from being self-conscious that she wasn’t holding them correctly. The only thing she really had to worry about was the spiciness. Anna couldn’t handle spicy food.

Anna, why do you watch Taehyung?

She looked up at Hobi with a I’ve been caught look on her face.

Umm, I'm watching what he eats because I know it won’t be too spicy.

 As the others laughed Tae wrapped an arm around Anna.

Don’t worry. We stay together. They mean.

“Anna has an excuse since she isn’t used to it, but you grew up with spicy food!”

While Jin and Tae bickered, Namjoon turned to Anna.

What is your tolerance level?

I'm not really sure, not very high? I'm better than I used to be, but I tried, umm, I've forgotten what they’re called, cold noodles?


They were instant ones from packet. They were really nice, but they were so spicy that I couldn’t eat them.

The meal continued with the boys explaining what the dishes were and Anna trying the ones they deemed safe enough.

“Soju, Noona?”

“No thank you.”

“Anna doesn’t drink alcohol.”

“How did you know that, Hyung?”

“At the post-concert meals, didn’t you notice that she never drank?”


“Anna, why?”

Why don’t I drink? Umm, a few reasons, I guess. For one, I don’t like the taste. And two, I don’t like the idea that it would affect the way I would act.”

She looked around the table before stopping on Jimin.

Basically, I don’t want to.”

The boys shared glances with each other as they had noticed the firmness in Anna’s words.

I imagine a lot of people have tried to convince you have a drink before?


Anna sighed as she thought about all the times the topic of her not wanting to drink alcohol had come up in the past. Friends made jokes about slipping vodka in her water and had repeatedly tried to convince her just to have a drink, no matter how many times she said no.

You don’t need to justify yourself to us.

We respect your choice.

Anna looked between Namjoon and Hobi, before glancing around the table to see the rest of her soulmates nodding along. 

"Stop nodding Jimin Hyung. You have no idea what they said."

"Yah! I thought we had grown out of you picking on me maknae!"

"But it makes Noona smile."

Jimin looked over at Anna to see her smiling as she watched them.

"Anna like JK hurt me?"

Jimin pouted and Anna knew he was trying to make her feel bad. On one hand it was working, but she also wanted to tease him. So, she put on a sad face and lowered her eyes before whispering.

“I'm sorry. Anna bad.”

No, no, no!

Anna kept up her sad expression, but Jin had noticed the smile she was trying to hold back and decided to play along.

“Yah! Jimin how could you accuse Anna of such a thing. Our sweet, innocent, kind soulmate.”

Sorry Anna.

None of them could hold it in any longer and they all burst out laughing, leaving Jimin confused.

“Huh, what?”

It’s okay Jimin. I forgive you.

Jimin watched Anna was she smiled sweetly at him. Did she just play a joke on me?

They didn't tell her where they were going after dinner, so Anna had no clue until they arrived. Thinking about it, she should have guessed. How many K-dramas had she watched? She had always found this part of Korean culture, or Asian in general, interesting. Although it existed in the UK, it wasn't nearly as popular, and it certainly didn't have dedicated places catering just to that activity.

Once they arrived, it didn't take Anna long to realise what they would be doing, and she was instantly filled with anxiety. Her soulmates, who were professional singers, had taken her to a Noraebang. Now of course Anna loved to sing but singing along and singing karaoke were two very different things. Besides, she had never done karaoke before.

The boys were as excitable as usual, especially the maknae line, but Anna put their extra hyper activeness down to the soju they had consumed at dinner. To her young people only drank to excess, which caused their actions to become unpredictable. Her judgment probably came from an old friend of hers who acted the complete opposite drunk as she would sober, and often ended up doing silly or dangerous things that then couldn't be remembered the next day.

Anna paused at the entrance to their room until Yoongi came up behind her.


She gave him a smile and nodded. The way he looked at her made Anna feel as though he could see straight into her soul. Yoongi gently took her hand and lead her into the room. They sat down on the sofa, while the younger boys argued over who would get to sing first. 

“Maybe we should let Noona go first.”

"No. She's nervous let her get comfortable before you make her join in."

Anna’s heart rate spiked when Jungkook’s gaze turned her way, but she was comforted by Yoongi rubbing his thumb against the back of her hand.

“You two can go first!”

Taehyung willingly gave up his fight to go first and instead bounced over to Anna. He plonked down beside her, threading his arm through hers as he leant against her. Yoongi felt her relax a little at Tae’s touch.

Anna happily watched as her soulmates took turns choosing songs one after the other. They made her laugh with their antics, the same way they did when she watched them through a screen. Until eventually her anxiety about singing herself had faded away.

Anna, sing with me.


She was startled by Tae grabbing her hand and dragging her out of her seat. As she stood at the front of the room, Anna could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Suddenly she found herself with a microphone in her hand. She looked up to see Tae standing in front of her.


I’ve never used a microphone.

He smiled at her and used his hand to guide her hand, which was holding the microphone, up towards her face.

You got this.”



Go Noona!


As the music started, Anna was staring wide eyed at the rest of her soulmates who were cheering her on and at Hobi who was giving her a thumbs up. Hearing Tae start to sing, she instantly praised his song choice. Not only did she know the song, but it was one she was fairly confident she could sing well. Despite this, Someone Like You wasn't the easiest song to sing as Adele has a rather wide range.

Reaching the bridge Tae encouraged Anna to join in. She began to quietly sing along with him. However, it wasn’t until they reached the second chorus that Anna decided to go for it. These were her soulmates she was singing in front of, she didn’t need to feel scared or embarrassed with them. So, she took a deep breath and sang her heart out as though she was alone in her room.

When she had finished singing and the room had come back into focus, there was a moment of silence as the boys stared at Anna in shock. Then the chaos began.

“Noona sing with me next!”

“No, with me!”

“I want to sing with Anna!”

“I'm the oldest so I get to go first!”

The only one of her soulmates who wasn’t arguing was Yoongi. He was rolling his eyes at the others’ behaviour. When he heard Anna giggling, he smirked before walking over to her.

Sing with me?

Chapter Text

Anna had tried not to think about it the whole weekend, but now she was at the Soulmate Registration Office for her first Korean lesson, she was very nervous. Rationally she knew there was nothing to be nervous about. It was not as though her teacher would be expecting her to know everything. However, Anna thought of this as the beginning, the start of a journey where she would find out if she would eventually be able to speak Korean. It felt like a lot of pressure. Ideally, she had to learn, and she needed to do it as fast as possible.

At the moment, she wished nothing more than having one of her soulmates with her, perhaps Hoseok’s reassurance or Taehyung’s powers of relaxation. I think I need Tae attached to my hip at all times. I'm such a stress head. Anna took some deep breaths to calm herself.

Anna? I’m Tom.”

She looked up to see a young man smiling at her. Anna nodded and followed him into an office where they sat down either side of the desk.

“Hello, I will be your teacher. It is nice to meet you.”


Don’t worry. Don’t look so panicked. That was just a little test. So, do you know what I said?

Umm, hello, I am your teacher?

Not bad. Hello. Hello. I will be your teacher. I will be your teacher. It is nice to meet you. It’s nice to meet you. Okay, so you know a little Korean already?

Not really. I’ve been trying to teach myself, but with little success.

Why did you start learning?

Oh, I’m a BTS fan, so I wanted to understand them without subtitles, but it wasn’t essential and now…

Now you need to learn because your soulmate is Korean.


The rest of the lesson was spent with Tom assessing what Anna knew, so that he could plan their future lessons. Although her teacher was nice, she came out of the lesson feeling overwhelmed, as though she had just sat an exam that she wasn’t prepared for.

Since she was already out, Anna had decided that after her lesson would be a good time to venture out and go shopping. She had already done her research so she knew where she was going and how to get there. The Soulmate Registration Office also issued travel cards, which was convenient.

When she reached the shopping mall, Anna wandered around until she found the skincare section. The weeks on tour had left her almost out of all her skincare products, so this was an opportunity to change to Korean products. She was also rather excited. Anna had high expectations for Korean skincare. However, as she looked around the department she was overwhelmed. There was too much choice.

“Can I help you?”

A shop assistant had approached Anna; her need for help must have been obvious. Seeing that she was someone who worked there, Anna could assume that she had been asked if she needed help.

“Yes. Umm…

Anna started to panic; her mind was blank of any possible words which would be helpful.



I speak a little. I help?

I need… everything.

All new products?



Anna was sure she had never felt so grateful to someone before. The shop assistant asked her questions about her skin while leading her around and selecting products for her to try. As Anna paid for her new skin care collection, she thought about the conversation she had with Namjoon over the weekend about the mysterious money that was already on her new card.

"Umm, Joon?"

"Yes Anna?"

"I was just wondering if you knew where the money on my new card came from?"

Namjoon smiled sheepishly at her while rubbing the back of his neck. He had been slightly anxious about this conversation, not being sure how Anna would react.

"Yeah, we were going to tell you about that... think of it as a welcome home gift."

"So, you decided that transferring money into my account without telling me would be a good gift."

"Well when you put it like that..."

"Don't worry I'm not going to argue with you about or anything, especially since Tae and Jimin made me spent quite a lot yesterday."

He sighed in relief; the last thing he wanted was for her to be upset with them. However, from her words, he had a feeling that she hadn’t discovered exactly how much money was in her new account.

Before Anna could leave, Namjoon called out to her.

Anna? I’ve got the afternoon off on Wednesday, would you like to spend it with me?

Of course I would.

I was hoping we could go for a bike ride, if you would like to that is.”

I look forward to it.

Later on, Anna had been setting up her online banking when she saw how much was in her account for the first time. It took her a few minutes to convert it from won into pounds, so that she had a better idea of how much it was.


Anna assumed she had messed up her calculations, so she tried again and then once more to be sure.

What! They can’t be serious… what the hell!

As Anna gaped at the screen, she couldn’t help but think that she should have made a bigger fuss with Namjoon earlier.

At hearing her shout, Jin and Jungkook had appeared at Anna’s bedroom door to make sure she is alright.

Noona okay?”

Why is there almost 5 million pounds in my bank account?”

Jungkook’s eyes widened before he pushed Jin into the room and disappeared, leaving Jin alone with a panicked expression on his face. He tried to cover up his anxiousness by laughing.

Ha ha, it funny, you know… It was Hoseok’s idea!”

The memory made Anna smile.

Now she had her new skincare, next she needed to buy a pair of trainers and some suitable clothing for her bike ride with Namjoon. Will it count as a date? I’ve never been on a date before. After asking the very helpful shop worker for advice where to go, Anna found some sportswear suitable for cycling.

By this time Anna’s nerves couldn’t take anymore. Between her lesson and the shopping trip it had been a long morning full of new experiences. She couldn’t bear the thought of going back to the empty apartment, she needed her soulmates. So instead Anna somehow found herself travelling through Seoul until she was standing outside the BigHit building.

Now she was there, Anna hesitated. Should I really be bothering them at work? Will I even be allowed in? How many ARMY have stood out here hoping to see them? While she was lost in thought she didn’t notice someone approaching her.


Startled, Anna realised it was one of the managers as she recognised them from the tour. They motioned for her to follow them. As she was led through the building, Anna barely took notice of where she was, instead she was focused on the fact that she would be seeing her soulmates very soon.

When they finally stopped at a door, the manager opened it and motioned for Anna to enter. Inside BTS were in the middle of dance practice. She stood against the wall by the door and just watched. Watching BTS dance had always fascinated her. After a minute she unintentionally caught Jimin’s eye in the mirror and although it was very subtle, she saw that her appearance had almost thrown him off, but as the professional he was, Jimin carried on without missing a beat. If anything, it looked as though he was dancing with renewed vigour.

Once the song had ended, Jimin immediately called out her name while walking over to her. This of course caught the attention of her other soulmates, who had a mixture of surprised and happy faces upon seeing her. Jimin reached her first and Anna surprised even herself by throwing her arms around him. At the feeling of his arms wrapping around her in return, she felt the stress that had built up over the course of the morning trickle away.


I missed you.

Without questioning her any further the boys gathered around and added themselves to Anna and Jimin’s embrace. Anna peered over Jimin’s shoulder to see Yoongi standing nearby, but not participating in the group hug. She reached out towards him and he took her hand in his with a small smile. Satisfied at having some kind of contact with all of her soulmates, Anna snuggled back into Jimin’s chest with a contented sigh.

This is where I am meant to be.

Chapter Text

Anna had spent some time trying to think of things she could do for her soulmates. After her found out about the ridiculous amount of money they had given her, they had discussed it. The boys had insisted that to them it was only a small amount of money. Jungkook had mentioned how she had left most of her belongings behind. She argued that she wasn’t paying any rent, or for anything, at the moment. Also, she had always lived frugally so she had an adequate amount in her savings.

Since it was one against seven, Anna eventually gave in and instead decided that she would just have to pay them back in a different way. However, she soon realised that this wouldn’t be an easy task. First, she thought she could do all the house chores. As her soulmates worked long hours, they must not have the time or the energy to keep up with the cleaning. Alas, Anna hadn’t considered that they already had a solution for this in place, as she discovered they had a cleaner who came once a week.

Her next idea was cooking. Home cooked meals seemed to be a rarity for the boys and Anna considered herself a semi decent cook. She just needed to ask Jin or Yoongi if they had any recipes she could follow, as she hadn’t cooked many Korean dishes before. In the meantime, she hoped they would like the dishes she was used to. Wait, don’t they have special diet plans?


It was Wednesday and Anna was not so patiently waiting for Namjoon to come home so that they could go on their bike ride, just the two of them. That morning Anna had been to her third Korean lesson. Tom had scheduled her to come in every weekday morning for the next two weeks. After that Anna wasn’t sure what her schedule would be, as BTS had their last concerts in Japan as well as Jungkook’s birthday. When she got back Anna had changed into her cycling clothes so that she would be ready whenever Namjoon finished work.

Although she knew she should go over this morning’s lesson, as she didn’t know if she would have time later, instead she sprawled across her bed. Her head was still spinning with Korean. So, Anna did something that had become a rare occurrence since discovering BTS, she turned on some music that wasn’t theirs.

Singing was a release for Anna. She often played music just so she could sing her heart out. As much as she loved BTS’s songs, and of course she tried her best to sing along to them, she still struggled with the Korean pronunciations. Although she had seen an improvement after she started learning Korean, frustratingly for Anna, it wasn’t enough for her to be able to sing a whole song, or even entire verses. Therefore, when it got to the point where she needed a good singing session, she had to turn to songs in English.

This was how Namjoon found her; lying on her bed, wearing sports clothes, passionately singing along to the loud music that was playing. She was so lost in the music that she didn’t even notice him standing in her doorway. He smiled fondly at her. Although a small part of him felt like he was intruding by watching her, he also couldn’t bear to leave. He felt happy, and also relieved, to see his new soulmate this way. As the leader Namjoon was often at work more than the others and he had been worrying whether Anna had been settling in okay. It was nice to see her relaxed enough to feel free to be herself in their home.

When a new song came on, he vaguely recognised it as an old Eminem song featuring Rihanna. However, Namjoon was shocked that when it got to the rap verse Anna joined in. Although her breathing needed work, she had good rhythm and feeling. It was a whole new side of Anna. When the song finished Namjoon couldn’t help but clap and cheer, which startled Anna out of her singing trance.

Whoa! Anna, that was awesome! You didn’t say you could rap as well?

What? Oh, umm, I can’t really, just that one song.

You don’t know any other raps?

No… before BTS I didn’t really listen to rap.

By this time Anna was sitting cross legged on the bed. Namjoon walked over and perched on the edge in front on her.

What kind of music did you listen to?

Umm… well back then I used to say I listen to pretty much anything apart from rap, but honestly I listen to a lot of soundtracks. So, generally I don’t listen to a lot of music by one artist. Other than that, I would say alternative rock pop? Imagine Dragons, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, stuff like that?

Wow. How did you end up liking our music then?

Good question… I guess you guys were too cute for me to resist.

Namjoon chuckled at her teasing.

Okay. Are you ready to go?


Once Anna had grabbed her bag, she turned to see Namjoon holding his hand out to her. It was still strange for Anna that she had someone who wanted to hold her hand. Although she had gotten better with physical contact with her soulmates, sometimes she still found herself holding back from initiating it. If she allowed herself, Anna would probably spend every minute she could cuddled up to one of her soulmates. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but feel that they would end up finding her too clingy and annoying. As Namjoon’s large warm hand enveloped Anna’s, she wished that he would never let go.

As Anna expected they spent the afternoon cycling along the Han river. It was well known that Namjoon enjoyed riding along the river whenever he got the chance. It was peaceful. At some point they stopped and just sat on the ground next to each other to admire the scenery.

I feel kinda bad that I've been in Korea for just over a week now and this is the first time I've really been out and seen… anything.

Didn’t you go exploring the other day? You went shopping after your lesson.

I wouldn’t say I went exploring. It was a focused mission, purely to buy things I needed. I didn’t look around the city or anything. Honestly, it was one of the scariest things I've ever done.

Scarier than moving across the world?

A small smile graced Anna's lips as she gazed out at the river.

But I didn’t move across the world alone. I had faith that my seven soulmates would look after me.

When her hand was engulfed in a larger one, Anna looked up at Namjoon. He had a serious expression on his face, and she was sure her heart skipped a heart he regarded her so intently.

We will. I will.

It was possible that Anna stopped breathing when Namjoon’s other hand came up to caress her cheek.

You can trust me to look after you. I will do everything in my power to keep you safe and happy.

For a moment Anna wondered if she was dreaming. Those were the kind of words that appeared in fictional romances, or dreams. She never ever thought that she would hear such words spoken directly to her.

Overwhelmed, Anna’s vision blurred with tears which she rapidly blinked away. As a few escaped and rolled down her cheek, Namjoon’s thumb was waiting to brush them away. During her loss of vision, he had leaned in closer and now Namjoon’s face was just inches away from Anna’s.


Anna took a deep shuddering breath and Namjoon smiled gently at her. He’s so handsome. While tended to use words such as pretty, stunning or gorgeous to describe the other members of BTS. She had always regarded Namjoon as the most handsome. While the others could look more boyish, especially with what she would always describe as their Bieber hairstyles, Namjoon was all man.

Her heartbeat was pounding in her ears as he moved even closer to her. She felt a flash of panic, or possibly excitement, before Namjoon placed a kiss on her forehead. Then he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close. Anna didn’t know whether to be grateful or frustrated that her soulmates were so respectful of her. Either way, at that moment she decided to take full advantage of the embrace and wrapped her arms tightly around him.

The pair stayed like that for a while. Eventually Namjoon stated that they should start heading back if they wanted to make it in time for dinner. Anna had never disliked a bike so much as at the moment, as it kept her at a distance from her soulmate. However, it wasn’t long before they were back home, hands entwined as they walked through the door. Anna tugged on his hand to stop him in the entrance way.

I had fun today.

Before she had time to think about it and chicken out, Anna stretched up and gave Namjoon a kiss on the cheek. As she pulled away, she looked down feeling her cheeks heat up at her boldness and she shyly whispered to him.

Thank you.

Before he could react, they were interrupted.

“Perfect timing! You guys just made it back in time for dinner!”

Chapter Text

Ugh! Why do I find this so hard?

It was Anna’s last Korean lesson of the week and she felt as though she hadn’t made any progress. She was frustrated.

You’re doing fine Anna. Learning a language is hard and it takes a long time, but you are making progress.”

I just feel bad. My soulmates are trying really hard to speak as much English as they can for me. But they work so hard and then they have to come home and try to translate everything they say… It’s not fair on them.

I’m sure they don’t feel that way. Would it be fair on you for them to expect you to speak Korean all the time? You’ve only just started having lessons this week. Think of it as practice for them.

Namjoon did say the others needed the practice.

Anna gasped. She wasn’t sure if her tutor was aware who her soulmates were, so she had tried to be very general when speaking about them.

Don’t worry. I already know who your soulmates are. As I work for the Soulmate Registration Office, I’m under a strict confidentiality agreement.

Oh. Good.

Seven soulmates are a lot. It seems like there are more and more, larger soulmate groups appearing.

I think it’s so that it is easier to find your soulmate. You have a higher chance of finding one of four or one of eight, rather than just finding one single person.

That makes sense. Now that fate has given us a time limit, we need as much help as possible.

 After the lesson Tom walked Anna out into the foyer.

Now don’t forget to review everything we’ve done this week. It will help you complete your homework.

Anna laughed.

It’s strange to be getting homework again. It’s nice though, kind of makes me miss school! You didn’t need to give me so much though…

Tom chuckled.

It’s for your own benefit… and your soulmates.

I know. You’re right. Thank you. See you next week.

See you on Monday Anna. Bye.


Jimin had a break in his schedule today, so he decided to surprise Anna by picking her up from her lesson and taking her out for lunch. He didn’t expect that when he arrived, he would find her laughing with another man.

Jimin felt strange. What he was feeling was so unfamiliar that it took him a minute to recognise what it was; jealousy. It wasn’t something that he had ever felt with his other soulmates. Their bond had always been strong, so he had never had any reason to doubt. As he watched Anna talk with the man, he realised it wasn’t just because their bond wasn’t complete that he was feeling this way. It was also the fact that she could converse so easily with this man, whereas he could barely form a single sentence in English. Maybe I should ask Namjoon for some lessons.

Anna almost didn’t see Jimin as she left. He looked lost in thought with a furrowed brow and she wondered why he looked annoyed. She approached him cautiously.


Upon hearing her voice, he looked directly at her and for a brief moment Anna though she saw a hint of sadness in them. Jimin smiled at her, his eyes disappearing.

Hello Anna.

There was a short pause where he seemed to be searching for the right words.

“I'm here to take you out for lunch. Surprise!”



Jimin was grateful Anna had understood what he had said. His confidence was wavering as he suddenly realised how difficult it was going to be to communicate with just the two of them present. But his worries all but disappeared when another hand took his.

After her date with Namjoon Anna had been trying to initiate more physical contact with her soulmates. With this in mind, she reached out and held Jimin’s hand as they walked. The contact seemed to almost startle him as he looked down at her in surprise, before a large grin took over his face and he gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.

The trip was mostly in silence and Anna didn’t question where Jimin was taking her. She imagined she would follow him anywhere. When they arrived at a café, Anna looked at the outside curiously. Is this what I think it is? As she stepped inside, she discovered that Jimin had taken her to a somewhere she had only seen in Asian dramas, a cat café.

Anna knew that Jimin loved animals. One of her favourite videos was BTS’s Buzzfeed interview with puppies. Jimin had spent the whole time cuddling with one of the puppies and it was so cute. When they sat down at their table, a cat immediately jumped on the table right in front of Anna.

Oh! Hello!

The cat ducked its head and Anna dutifully gave it a stroke and a scratch behind the ears. However, when she stopped, the cat nudged her hand until she resumed stroking.

Ha ha. I see, I'm not allowed to stop.

Watching Anna laugh and talk with the cat caused a warmth to bloom in Jimin’s chest. She’s so cute, so kind, so beautiful. He had always thought that how a person treated an animal was important, and a good judgement of their character. If he hadn’t known it already, then this moment confirmed that Anna was good person with a kind heart.

A waitress brought over menus for them and Anna looked it over with dread. Glancing over at Jimin to make sure he wasn’t looking her way, she tried sounding out some of the words to see if she could guess what they meant. Unfortunately, she didn’t have much luck. She knew some of the words, but not enough to confidently know what she would be ordering. Anna felt herself start to panic.

Anna okay?

After choosing from the menu, Jimin had looked up to see Anna looking distressed.

I don’t know… I can’t read…

Anna gestured to the menu and Jimin realised that she was having trouble reading the menu. He sympathised with her as he knew the feeling well from their trips aboard.

I order? I choose?

Yes please.

Jimin watched as Anna looked relieved and he felt proud that he was looking after her, even if it was in such a small way. We really should be helping her acclimatise more.

By the time their food arrived, Anna’s new friend had moved to sit directly on her lap, and she was having trouble eating.

No… I don’t think this is cat friendly food.


Anna looked up at Jimin who was pushing a small plate of treats across the table.

“… cat.”

They’re for the cat?

Anna picked up a treat and gave it to the cat on her lap.


“Cat treat.”

Jimin was pointing to the plate of cat treats he had just given her. Anna repeated after him.

“Cat treat. Cat. Cat treat.”



Jimin carried on teaching her the words for the things around them and then asked Anna to teach him the English word. The rest of their lunch consisted of laugher, mainly at each other’s pronunciation and at the cat who showed its dislike at Anna’s attention being diverted away from it.

I… I work. You home?

Umm, can I come with you?

You work?

Is that okay?

“Yes. I have a vocal lesson, but hyung’s should be free.”

When they reached the BigHit building, Jimin led her to a different part to where she went on her last visit.

Here hyung’s… studios. I’ve got to speak to Namjoon-Hyung and then I've got vocal practice, but Yoongi-Hyung and Hoseok-Hyung should be in their studios. Okay?

Jimin let himself into Namjoon’s studio, who spun around in his chair, not looking particularly surprised at his entrance. Namjoon was used to the other members dropping in whenever they left like it.

“You okay, Jimin?”

“Hyung, I need English lessons.”

Meanwhile, Anna stood awkwardly out in the hallway after Jimin disappeared. In front of her was Yoongi’s studio. She couldn’t believe she was standing outside the Genius Lab. This is where the magic happens. However, as much as she wanted to, she couldn’t bring herself to disturb him. What is it about Yoongi that makes me so nervous?

She must have been lost in her thoughts because she jumped when her name was suddenly called.


J-Hope was walking down the corridor towards her.

Hi Hobi.

“How did you get here? Uh, why you here?

Jimin. Is it okay that I'm here? I can go…

No, no, no. Stay. I go dance now. You come with me?

Anna nodded and Hobi grabbed her hand with a grin. I hope he doesn’t expect me to dance too.

Chapter Text

Anna was in a dance studio with Hobi. After watching him stretch he had begun dancing and she just watched him in amazement. She had always wished she could dance, but she was convinced that she looked like an idiot whenever she tried. Without realising it she started to dance along from her position on the floor. When she realised what she was doing she stopped herself just in case anyone saw her. Unfortunately, she had forgotten that the mirrored walls meant that Hobi could see her too.

Anna dance with me?!

Umm, I'm okay, thanks.

He bounced over to her and held out his hand. She looked up at him.

I can’t dance.

“Even if that was true, I teach Namjoon and Jin-Hyung. You? Easy.

Somewhat reluctantly Anna took his hand and stood up. After getting her to do a few stretches, Hoseok moved to stand behind her and tried moving her arms for her like a puppet.

“You’re so stiff. Relax.

He put his hands on her shoulders and started to massage them, but Anna jumped away.

Sorry. I mean, sorry. No one has ever… never mind. Go ahead.

Hoseok placed his hands back on her shoulders for a moment, before changing his mind sliding them down so that he was holding the tops of her arms instead. He gave Anna a squeeze before letting go and moving to stand next to her.

Follow me.

He took her through some simple moves, one step at a time.



Simple, but important. Now, something more hard. You know any of our dance?

Anna wasn’t sure how to answer that. As an ARMY of course she had tried to learn a dance to one of their songs. However, she didn’t want to raise his expectations by telling him about it. In the end it didn’t matter, her hesitation to answer told J-Hope everything he needed to know.

Yes! What song?

Umm, ON. Just the chorus and not at full speed!

Whoa! Go Anna. Ha ha, don’t worry, we do something easy today.

Anna watched him as he searched through his phone to pick a song. Something about his words gave her the feeling that this wasn’t a one time only dance session. Although she would be ecstatic to have dance lessons with Hobi, she couldn’t help but be worried that she would fail and end up wasting his precious free time.

Let’s have fun! I choose some easy dance songs. I maybe not remember how it goes, but we have fun. Yeah?

It took a while, but with J-Hope’s encouragement Anna began to enjoy herself.

Suddenly Anna had a clumsy moment and tripped over her own feet, but before she could fall Hobi had grabbed her wrist and pulled her up. The momentum of his pull caused her to fall into him instead. Anna felt dizzy as she found herself pressed against Hobi’s body, her hands resting on his chest, their faces only inches away from each other. Anna was breathing heavily, her body not used to the workout that even this short dancing session had provided. She no longer knew if her heart was racing for the same reason or because of the sudden closeness of her soulmate.

Anna raised her eyes to his. He was looking down at her with an express that she couldn’t decipher. She always felt as though she was at a disadvantage. While she struggled to read other people, she had been told many times that she was an open book.

It was true. It was hard for Hoseok, having his new soulmate this close, as he had to restrain himself from pulling her in even closer. He managed only because of the hint of fear he could still see in her eyes. He took note that it was a lot less than it had been before. Perhaps it wasn’t so much as fear, but nerves now and he was glad that she was getting more comfortable around them.

Yet, Anna did notice as Hobi’s face went soft and a gentle smile appeared. It wasn’t like the big bright grins she usually saw, especially on camera. It was a calmer side of the flashy dancer and it made her feel faint to think that this smile was just for her. She was so lost in his gaze that she didn’t even notice when he reached up and tucked some hair that had come loose from dancing behind her ear.

Then without warning Anna found herself being spun around. When she stopped Hobi grabbed both her hands and began dancing with her, swinging their arms about. After a while he wrapped one arm around her waist dropped her into a dip. He loved how cute she looked when she was surprised, wide eyed and blushing. Anna was shocked. For some reason this wasn’t a move she would have imagined Hobi doing, it seemed like more of a Jimin move. Now she felt like he had done this on purpose, as if he was trying to make her flustered.

Anna was distracted by movement across the room. Looking towards the door she saw that the vocal line had just walked in and she didn’t like the expressions on their faces. She felt as though she had been caught doing something she shouldn’t and so panicking she tried to stand up out of Hobi’s hold. Unfortunately, Hobi had noticed something had caught Anna’s attention and had turned his head away to see what it was. So, when Anna struggled in his hold, he was unprepared and dropped her. Whilst trying to catch her he ended up falling on top of her instead.


Hobi immediately rolled off of her and the others ran over to her.

Are you okay?

Anna smiled at Jungkook as he helped her sit up.

I’m fine.

Sorry Anna.

It’s okay Hobi. It wasn’t your fault.

“What were you two doing in here? Anna’s looks sweaty and out of breath.”

“Don’t tease her! It took me ages to convince her to dance with me.”

“Anna was dancing with you?!”

“Anna can dance?! I want to dance with Anna.”

“Are you sure you were just dancing? We didn’t interrupt anything?”

Hoseok frowned at Jin, but before he could reply, and a new voice came from the door.

“You really shouldn’t talk about her in front of her like that, just because you know she can’t understand what you’re saying.”

Anna looked between her soulmates around her and Yoongi who had just arrived, wondering what was going on as she noticed the tense atmosphere. It was then that Namjoon walked in, who immediately noticed something was up.

“What happened? Anna why are you on the floor?

Oh, umm, well you’re not the only clumsy one Namjoon.

She started to get up and Kookie took her arm to help her.

Thanks, Kookie.

Anything for Noona.


Anna was about to get ready for bed that night when Jungkook knocked on the bedroom door.

Noona, I have a… present for you?

A present?

Yes. I was going to surprise, but I thought you like to have a say.


He produced some brochures, the top one being paint colours.


Yes! Paint!

But isn’t this for…

Room! We paint this room new colour and get new bed sheets and cushions and things. So that Noona feels at home.

Anna was touched by his words. She wouldn’t have admitted it, but she did sometimes feel like a guest staying in Jungkook’s room.

That’s very thoughtful Kookie, but it’s your room, you don’t have to change it for me.

Not mine, ours. Our room, together.


No! If Noona does not choose, I will!

How does anyone ever say no to him?

Okay. Paint first? Purple?


They both laughed as they said the colour at the same time.

When will we do it?

They come when we in Japan.


What’s wrong?


Noona, tell me. Please?

I usually paint my rooms myself.

You paint room?

He looked surprised; he hadn’t considered that idea before.

Yep. But it’s okay, you probably won’t have time anyway. It’s fine.

How long would it take?

For us to paint the room ourselves? We could probably do it in two days?

I am not working this weekend. Let’s do it!

Anna just stared at Kookie as he grinned and clapped his hands together in excitement.


But we don’t have any equipment?

Chapter Text

When Anna woke up the next morning the room was filled with painting supplies.


“Anna! What do we do first?

Jungkook knelt on the bed, already dressed in overalls and looking very excited.

Well, first I'm going to wake up and take a shower.

He pouted at the thought of waiting.

First we need to move the furniture into the middle of the room and cover everything in sheets. Then we wash the walls.

Anna barely got off the bed before Kookie was pulling it away from the wall. She shook her head as she chose some clothes to take into the bathroom with her. When she came out all the furniture had been moved and covered with sheets.

“Noona! I wash the wall.

Great job! Let’s have breakfast while it dries.

After breakfast they started on the ceiling.

"Shall we put some music on?"

"Yes! Noona can decide."

Anna went through her music but couldn’t make a decision.

Do you mind listening to your own music?

My music?


No. Go for it!

They spent the next few hours painting and singing along to BTS songs.

You know, your Korean is good.

Ha ha you joker guy.

“Okay, not good, but sound Korean even if words are wrong.

Really? Thank you.”

By the time they finished the first coat it was lunch time and they needed to wait a few hours before they could do the second coat anyway. After eating they looked through the brochures and at websites for things that they both liked to go in their room. Jungkook took note of everything Anna said she liked.


At dinner Jin shared his concerns about Anna sleeping in her room, which RM translated to her.

"Jin doesn't want you sleeping in your room because of the paint fumes."

"Oh, I don't think it’s that bad."

"He's rather insistent."

Anna looked over a Jin who was staring at her with an unusually serious expression.

"You sleep my bed."

"Oh no, I can't steal your bed as well. I can just sleep on the sofa."

"No. I sleep Yoongi bed. You sleep my bed."

She had never seen him so intense and it was slightly intimidating. This Jin was not someone who took no for an answer.

"Umm, okay, if you insist."

"Good girl."

Anna looked down in a failed attempt to hide her blush caused by Jin’s words, who was smirking at her reaction.

Wait, what about Yoongi?

He’ll crash with Jin for the few hours he’s home.

She felt silly for asking. Of course, they share each other’s beds all the time. You’re the one making it awkward. Things had been surprisingly PG-13 and Anna had started to wonder if they were holding back in front of her.


That night when Anna was asleep in Jin's bed she had a dream. Someone leant over her whilst she slept and pulled the covers up around her shoulders, tucking her in.


The second day Anna and Jungkook started painting the walls. This time Jungkook put his playlist on, but just quietly in the background so that they could talk easily.

Which is how they ended up spending the whole day, chatting about anything and everything, in between singing along to songs. They discussed their likes and dislikes. His love of banana milk and her aversion to onion. Their favourite subjects at school. How neither of them could seem to decide on a hairstyle. How fortunate Jungkook was that he found the other members so young and how they broke him out of his shyness. How Anna wished she could have been so lucky.

By the end of the day Anna had never felt so close to another person before. It always seemed as though she never knew any of her friends very well. While she would struggle to remember their favourite things or their birthdays, they could remember things she didn’t even recall telling them. Maybe she just didn’t care about them enough, maybe she wasn’t a good friend, maybe she was selfish. But when she was with Jungkook she didn’t have to force herself to concentrate on what he was saying. She didn’t find herself bored whenever he started a rant about something that he was passionate about. Maybe Kookie was special or maybe it was because he was Anna’s soulmate. Perhaps it was both.

After they had finished painting the two of them looked at each other and laughed. They were covered in paint splatters.

"I didn’t notice it yesterday because it was white, but these overalls were a brilliant idea."

There is paint in your hair.

Yours too!

Anna reached up and tried to pick the paint out of Jungkook’s hair. When he went to do the same for her, they smiled at each other. Anna couldn’t remember when she had ever felt this way before, happy, hopeful and at home.


That night she had a similar dream to yesterday whilst sleeping in Jin’s bed again. This time her hair was brushed away from her face and she felt the warmth of a kiss on her forehead and the sound of a familiar whisper before she fell asleep.

"Sweet dreams."


The next day while Jungkook was at work Anna saw their finished work in the daylight. She opened the window to try and air out the room and then began to tidy up. Although she tried, she couldn’t move all the furniture back by herself. Luckily Jin and Jimin were going in late today and help her when they saw her struggling.

Throughout the day a number of packages were delivered, all addressed to Anna. This confused her as she hadn’t ordered anything, but after opening the first few she started to see a pattern. These were all things she had liked when Kookie and her were looking for things for their newly decorated room. He was so sweet that she could barely find it in her to be annoyed at him for buying all this stuff without asking her first. With a sigh she put the finishing touches to their room. She changed the bedding, hung the new painting on the wall and when Kookie got home late that evening he found her amongst a mountain of cushions on the bed.

Looks good, right?

Uh huh, Kookie when did you buy all this?

You said you like it.

You can’t just buy something because I like it.

I like too. My room too.

He keeps saying it’s his room too but is it really when he only keeps some of his stuff in here.


Night Noona.

Anna watched Jungkook walk towards the door and decided to take a leap.

Kookie wait!

He stopped in the doorway and turned around to face Anna.


Do you want to stay in our room? I mean, would you like to sleep here, with me?

Sleep? Noona, you don’t have to…

It’s your room too. It’s okay. I'm okay with it, but only if you want to.

Jungkook was conflicted. Of course, he would love to sleep in the same bed as Anna. The thought of holding her as she slept and waking up to see her in the morning was something he had been longing for. However, he didn’t want her to uncomfortable in any way. Although they had grown closer and more comfortable around each other after spending the weekend together, he was still surprised that she would suggest this. Regardless, he was patient and could wait as long as she needed.

Never mind. Goodnight Jungkook.

He looked over at Anna. She looked sad and embarrassed. He didn’t want her to be sad.


Chapter Text

Anna woke up suddenly, gasping for breath, her heart pounding as she sat up in bed. It wasn't often that she had nightmares. In fact, she rarely remembered her dreams. Sometimes they were just a faint picture in her mind that she couldn't quite reach. She took deep breaths and the hand she had against her chest felt her racing heart as it began to calm. She glanced over at Jungkook wondering if had woken him. However, her youngest soulmate was still dead to the world. She had forgotten that nothing could wake him up. Anna smiled fondly at him. Although she could only faintly see his face in the darkness, he was still cute. She laid back down next to him so that she was facing him. It had been a long time since she had shared a bed with someone, back at sleepovers with friends as a teenager. This was different, very different and Anna was surprised that she felt so comfortable. It wasn't long before she drifted off to sleep once again, with a smile on her lips as her mind was filled with thoughts of the soulmate sleeping next to her. 

When Anna woke up later that morning, she found herself in the opposite position to her first night here. This time there was a heavy weight resting on her chest. Jungkook was using her as a pillow. Anna was frozen, not moving at all in case she disturbed him. She wasn't sure what to do. So, she started running her fingers through his hair. This was fine for a while, until he started nuzzling her. Anna squealed in surprise. 

"Kookie! Wake up! Jungkook?

"Anna? Are you okay?" 

Jimin's voice came from the other side of bathroom door. 

"Yes! I'm fine. Okay!

Anna knew that she would never be able to wake Jungkook up like that, but she was reluctant to use physical force. She tried gently rolling him over with little luck. However, as his movements began to make Anna uncomfortable, she sat up in her panic, pushing him off her at the same time. She grabbed the covers and pulled them up so that she was covered from the neck down. Then she glanced over at Jungkook. The sudden movement seemed to have woken him up slightly, but it wasn't until he saw Anna through his half-closed eyes that he truly woke up. 

"Noona?! What's wrong? Err, what’s wrong?


Anna had no clue how to answer that question. She could still feel the heat of his body lingering on hers and there was a part of her that wanted to reach out and bring him in close to her again. 


While she was at war with herself, Jungkook had shuffled towards her until his face was right next to hers. The call of her name brought Anna's eyes back into focus, only to find a pair of doe eyes staring back at her. Time seemed to pause as they looked into each other’s eyes, each finding a range of emotions being reflected there. Their gaze did not waver as Jungkook reached up to tuck Anna's hair behind her ear, letting his hand hover next to her cheek. Anna used one hand to grab hold of his raised arm. Jungkook waited to see if she would push him away, but instead she just held his arm in place. He took that as encouragement and let his hand hold the side of her head while his thumb caressed her cheek. Something about the movement soothed Anna and she found herself closing her eyes whilst leaning into his hand. The spell was shattered by a knock on the door. 

"Time to wake Jungkookie up!" 

The interruption startled Anna so much that she jumped out of Jungkook's hold. 

"Oops! Morning Anna.

"Morning Hobi.

Anna looked anywhere but at the two of her soulmates who were in the room. Seeing her awkwardness, Jungkook sent a glare towards his Hyung who looked already looked very apologetic. It was obvious to Hoseok that he had just interrupted something. 

"I just came to wake Jungkook up. Sorry." 

After Hoseok had left, closing the door behind him, there was an unsure atmosphere left in the room. 

Anna didn't want Jungkook to feel bad in any way, so in a show of reassurance and comfort, she slowly reached out towards him. Jungkook stayed very still, as if he was dealing with skittish animal that he didn't want to scare away. He thought his chest might burst from the warmth and happiness he felt when Anna wrapped her arms around his waist before resting her head against his shoulder. He noticed she felt tense as he wrapped his arms around her. He brought one hand up to stroke the back of her head, while the other held her tightly, and he almost sighed in relief when her body relaxed against his. 

They stayed like that until Jungkook could hear the others moving about and he knew he had to get ready for work. He kissed Anna on the top of her head before unwrapping his arms from around her. 

"I have to get up now. Sorry." 

However, instead of letting him go, Anna just held on tighter and shook her head against his chest. Her actions made Jungkook smile. 

"I'll be back soon. Promise.

After a moment Anna sighed before reluctantly letting him go. Jungkook couldn't help but laugh when he saw her pouting. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek. 

"Wait for me."

Ana watched him and he walked into the bathroom and as soon as the door closed, she hid underneath the covers where she had to suppress a squeal. 

She spent the rest of the morning anxiously anticipating Jungkook's return. It was as if she couldn't decide whether she was nervous or excited. Would he want to talk about what happened this morning? Was he planning on continuing from where they left off? 

Anna was sitting at the desk in their room when Jungkook got home. He came in and collapsed on their bed. She tried to discreetly look at him, wondering what he would do next. He looked over at her and smiled, opening his arms wide. 


Shyly, Anna made her way over to him, crawling across the bed to lie beside him. He rolled onto his side so that they were facing each other and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in so close that his lips were almost touching her forehead. She waited for him to say something, but when he didn't, she instead focused on the feeling of being in his arms again. She had never felt so warm, so safe, so loved. 

"How do you feel? Can you tell me how you feel to be with us? To be with me?

For others this might seem like a fairly simple question, but Anna had always struggled with her feelings. She found it hard to identify what she was feeling and even harder to put it into words. That was probably, in part, why she enjoyed singing others’ songs so much. It gave her chance to express her feelings. 

She must have been silent too long because she felt Jungkook move back slightly to look down at her. 

"I don't know... I'm not very good with words.

She glanced up at him. 

"Then use someone else's. Sing for me.

Of course, Anna's mind went blank of any and all songs. She tried to think of moments that might express similar feelings. Suddenly a song from one of her favourite musicals came to mind. 

"Perhaps I had a wicked childhood. Perhaps I had a miserable youth. But somewhere in my wicked, miserable past, there must have been a moment of truth. For here you are, standing there, loving me. Whether or not you should. But somewhere in my youth, or childhood. I must have done something good.

Whilst she sang, Anna had grasped Jungkook's top in her hands, as if she was afraid that he would disappear. After she had finished, he gave her a lingering kiss on the forehead before tightening his hold on her. I will never let you go. 

Chapter Text

Anna thought about all the time she had been spending with her soulmates since she arrived in Seoul. Apart from Yoongi who seemed to always be at his studio, she realised there was one person she hadn’t spent any alone time with: Taehyung. So, she decided it was her turn to make an effort with her soulmates. Anna knew Tae was off today, so she went around the apartment looking for him. She found him in his room he shared with Namjoon, but as she stood in the doorway her confidence left her and her insecurities took over. Maybe he’s busy? Would he want to spend time with just me? What would we even do? I'm so boring.


Apparently, she had been lost in thought so long that Taehyung had noticed her presence.

Hi Tae.

There was a pause while he waited for her to speak.

Umm, do you… I was wondering if… are you... would you like to… I mean…

Watching Anna stumble over her words caused Taehyung to study her closely. Why does she look so nervous?

Are you busy?



Although she wanted to spend some time with him, Anna didn’t have any ideas of what they could do. She looked around the room for inspiration and spotted some photos.

These are nice photos.

You like? I take this photo.

All of these?

All. Yes.

You’re a good photographer.

You take photo?

Not really. I wish I could.

Taehyung contemplated this for a moment before walking around his room and getting his camera out. When he handed his camera to Anna, she took it with a confused expression.

I show, I teach you.

Oh, I didn’t mean, you don’t have to…

You no want?

Tae was looking at Anna with the saddest expression. I bet he knows exactly what he’s doing. Nevertheless, she couldn’t say no to that face.

Yes, I do want to!”

“Are you sure?

Tae? Will you teach me to take photos? Please?


Anna couldn’t help but smile as his face broke out into a boxy grin.

They ended up going outside to a small garden area in between the blocks of flats. Tae showed her how to line up shots and did his best to explain how to get the best lighting. They spent the afternoon taking photos together.

However, Anna did notice that Taehyung was careful never to get too close to her. It puzzled her because he had no problems giving her hugs when they were around the others, but now they were alone he kept his distance. Is he still thinking about that morning in the hotel room? Honestly, looking back Anna feels like she may have overreacted. She now thinks of that morning in a very different light, looking forward to sharing a moment like that with Tae in the future when she’s ready.

Now, I photo you.

Huh? No, I don’t like having my photo taken.


Tae brings out the puppy dog eyes and once again Anna can’t say no.

Okay, fine, but you have to tell me what to do.

And he did. He put her in different poses. He made her smile and laugh by doing silly things and acting cute. He told she was doing a good job and he told her how pretty she looked, which made her blush and shake her head in denial. They carried on until the sun started to set and they took a few last pictures in the waning light.

Afterwards, Tae dragged Anna back to his room so that they could look at the pictures on his computer. The photos she had taken weren’t bad and she was satisfied with the results of her first lesson. Will there be more lessons?

When they got to the pictures of her, at first Anna had her normal reaction to photos of her. She didn’t like them. She looked awkward and fake. However, she started to notice a difference the longer they went on. By the time they reached the last photos in the sunset she was amazed.

Is that really me?


Did he just say… no, he couldn’t have?

Suddenly Namjoon entered the room and dropped his bag on the floor next to his bed. He looked stressed and worn out. Seeing Anna was in the room with Tae, Namjoon walked over to them and wrapped his arms around Anna. He held her tightly and buried his face into her neck. She was a little startled at first, but Anna returned the embrace, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

You’re home early, everything okay?

Yeah, I just needed to see you.

Anna felt his breath against her neck as his whispered his reply. He needed me? She rubbed one of her hands across his back in a comforting motion, while the other reached up and stroked his head. Anna felt the tension leave him as he relaxed in her arms.

After a few minutes he pulled back, giving Anna a kiss on the cheek, before leaning down and giving Tae a kiss. This surprised Anna the most, as she hadn’t seen any of her soulmates show each other much physical affection, at least not in front of her.

“Hyung are you okay?”

“Yes. Just ready for some time off.”

Taehyung pulled Namjoon onto his bed so the were both lying down. Seeing Anna awkwardly standing next to the bed, Tae gestured for her to join them. Namjoon was lying on his back, while Tae and Anna were curled up against him on either side. Although, while Tae was practically lying on top of him, Anna was just laying close to Namjoon’s side.

“That reminds me. Anna, do you know the schedule for next week?

No. Actually, I've been meaning to ask you about that.

Okay. So, the concerts are Tuesday and Wednesday. We have an early flight to Japan on Tuesday morning and then we fly back early Friday morning.

What’s happening on Thursday?

We’ve planned a surprise for Jungkook’s birthday.

Oh no!

What’s wrong?

I haven’t got Kookie anything for his birthday!

Don’t worry. We found you. That’s the best present we could have asked for.

Anna decided to ignore Namjoon’s words, although he didn’t miss the roll of her eyes.

Do you know where I can buy some craft supplies?

What kind of supplies?

Patterned card and paper mostly. I like to make birthday cards.

Namjoon asked Taehyung, who immediately started searching on his phone. When he had found what he was looking for he showed Anna.

Yes, perfect.

She noted down the name of the website so that she could have a proper look tomorrow, while her soulmates were at work.

The next day Anna received a parcel of craft supplies. Who? Taehyung!

Chapter Text

Anna got a text from Namjoon saying that they would all be staying late and not to wait for them. She looked around at all the food she had spent the afternoon cooking. For a moment Anna was disappointed and at a loss for what to do, but then it hit her. If they can’t come home for dinner, maybe she can bring dinner to them. She texted him back asking if they had eaten yet. When he replied no, she told him not to order anything, before quickly looking for containers to put the food she had made in.

When she arrived at the company, she messaged Namjoon again asking where everyone was. Luckily most of them were in the lounge taking a break before going back to work. Instead of wondering around the building aimlessly searching for the correct room, Anna told Namjoon she was here, and he sent Jungkook down to fetch her. When she walked into the break room it was surreal. They had done a lot of lives in this room and it was weird to be there in person.

“Noona brought us food!”

Jungkook held up the bags that he had insisted on carrying for Anna.

You didn’t need to do that… wait, did you cook all this?


Anna hesitated; she didn’t want to admit that she had spent all day working on this, searching for recipes, planning what order to do everything, preparing the ingredients. She didn’t want them to feel bad.

I wanted to practice cooking some Korean dishes.

Jin looked at all the different dishes Anna had prepared.

“This must have taken all day.”

“And we couldn’t make it home for dinner.”

Sorry Anna.

Why are you sorry?

You went through so much trouble and we couldn’t come home.

Don’t worry. It’s fine. This is the life of an idol, right?

Her words made them all feel sad. Taehyung couldn’t stop himself from throwing his arms around Anna in a big hug.

Is Yoongi in his studio? I’ll take him some food.

That’s okay; we can take it to him.

No, no. I can do it. You eat.

Anna didn’t want to admit that she wanted an excuse to go inside the Genius Lab. They gave her instructions of where to go and she soon found herself outside Yoongi’s studio, ringing his door bell. She was filled with nervous excitement as she waited for the door to open. I hope he won’t mind me interrupting. What if he’s taking a nap? He will be annoyed and grumpy! Her thoughts kept her distracted enough that when the door did open, she didn’t see Yoongi’s frown. However, as soon as he saw it was Anna at his door, his expression softened.

“Anna? Come in.”

I brought food.

“Thank you. I’m starving.”

Yoongi dug into the food.

Where did you get this?

Oh, um, I made it. Is it okay?

You cook this?

Anna nodded. At this point she couldn’t tell whether he liked it or not. 

It good.

If anyone had been looking at her at that moment, they would have seen her beaming. While Yoongi tucked into the food, Anna slowly sat down on the sofa behind him, trying not to catch the producer’s attention. Although, she was sure that if he didn’t want her to stay he would tell her. She wasn’t going to miss her chance to spend time with him. 

As Yoongi started working again, Anna watched in fascination. It was so cool watching the genius work. She leaned forward so she could she the computer screens better, scooting forwards until she was perched on the edge of the seat. Anna was concentrating so hard that accidentally slid off the sofa and fell on the floor with a thump. She held her breath as she waited to see if Yoongi noticed. 

He swung his chair around and looked at Anna with raised eyebrows. He stood up and held out his hand towards her. She was so embarrassed, as he pulled her up off the floor. Embarrassment changed to surprise as he guided her to sit in his chair. 

You want to listen?

Anna was in shock, so she just nodded vigorously in response. 

Yoongi smirked. He found Anna’s reactions so cute. 

He leant over her as he fiddled about with the computer and for a moment she couldn’t help but stare. He was so beautiful and so close, that it made her heart race. She turned her gaze away when music started playing. Of course it wasn’t finished, but it was amazing nevertheless. It was on the slower side, perhaps a ballad.

Wow, it’s beautiful! Pretty.”

Yoongi saw Anna analysing the different parts on the computer screen. So, he went through all the different parts and did his best to explain how he put it all together. Anna thought it was really cool and Yoongi was glad she found it interesting.

Amazing! Thank you for showing me. Uh, thank you.”

Anna gave Yoongi his seat back and sat on the sofa behind him instead. He continued to work on the song, but left it playing out loud so that Anna could hear it as well.

After hearing the song on repeat for a while, Anna began to hum and sing along to herself. It was something a friend pointed out to her once, when she didn’t even realise she was doing it. That was the case here. As, if she had known she was doing it, she would have stopped to make sure she didn’t distract Yoongi while he was working.

Yoongi was distracted. He had heard Anna unconsciously singing, but he didn’t find it annoying. In fact, it inspired him.

As it got later and later Anna knew she should have gone home. However, she had always struggled with leaving and saying goodbye; she was just very awkward. So, instead she gradually sunk further and further into the sofa, as she struggled to keep her eyes open. Anna wasn’t sure she would ever be able to adapt to BTS’s odd working hours. She had never been one to stay up late.

Yoongi took a break from his computer screens and spun his chair around where he saw Anna asleep on his sofa.

He went to check the time on his phone, but found that it had died. Oops. He plugged it in and once it turned on he saw he had multiple missed calls and messages, mainly from Jungkook. He had got home, found Anna missing and was checking that she was with Yoongi. He phoned the maknae back to reassure him.

“Hyung! Why haven’t you been answering your phone? I was getting ready to come over there!”

“My phone died. Anna’s here with me, she fell asleep. I’ll bring her home now.”

“She’s asleep? Don’t wake her Hyung!”

“How do you suggest I get her home without waking her?”

“RM Hyung stayed behind. He could help!”

“We’ll be home soon.”

“Okay. Bye Hyung!”

Yoongi put his phone down on his desk, before kneeling down in front of Anna. He was glad that she felt relaxed and safe enough to fall asleep around him. He brushed her hair away from her face and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Let’s get you home.”

He went next door to Namjoon’s studio. Luckily he was ready to go home and agreed to help. He carried Anna through the building to the car.

“You’re almost as muscular as Jungkook.”

Namjoon laughed at Yoongi’s teasing.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be on Jungkook’s level, Hyung. Although, Anna did say she has a thing for biceps.”


“You have nothing to worry about. She also said that she didn’t find Jin Hyung handsome at first and thinks I’m the cute one. So, obviously she doesn’t have traditional tastes.”

“How do you read my mind like that?”

Yoongi muttered under his breath, but Namjoon still heard him and chuckled.

“Did she really say she didn’t find Jin Hyung handsome?”

“Yeah. Only at first though, so he didn’t take it too hard.”

“A bit of humility is good for him every so often. Otherwise he would go around giving himself the title of most handsome… oh, never mind, it’s too late.”

Namjoon sorted at Yoongi’s teasing. Jin’s bold confidence in his looks was a long term topic for teasing among the boys.

“Still, it’s hard to believe that someone wouldn’t find him handsome at first sight.”


When they arrived home Namjoon carried Anna to her and Jungkook’s room. The maknae in question had been waiting up for them. Namjoon placed her on the bed before saying goodnight and leaving Anna in Yoongi and Jungkook’s care. Yoongi began to remove her shoes.

“Hyung, will she be comfortable sleeping in her clothes?”

“You think she would be comfortable with us removing her clothes whilst she’s asleep?”


“She’s not wearing jeans, so she’ll be fine. She might be too hot in that cardigan though.”

“Yeah, she doesn’t like to wear much to bed.”

“Excuse me?”

“Uh, I mean, she only wears shorts and short sleeved tops, or tank tops.”

“You’ve gotten very close.”

“We spent the whole weekend together painting our room. I think she just needs to spend a lot of time with someone to get comfortable around them.”

Jungkook’s words didn’t reassure Yoongi.

“Right. You hold her up and I’ll take her cardigan off.”

Very gently, so as not to wake her, the two boys managed to make Anna comfortable. They were amazed she hadn’t woken up yet.

“She sleeps like you, Jungkook, like the dead.”


It was then that Anna moved in her sleep. She grabbed Yoongi’s arm and hugged it to her chest.

“Ha ha. Guess you're sleeping with us.”

“Shut up.”

Yoongi didn’t want him to tarnish this moment. Ignoring the fact that she didn’t know who she had grabbed onto in her sleep, Yoongi’s heart hurt thinking that Anna wanted him to stay. He laid down next to her.

“Sweet dreams, Jagi.”

Chapter Text

It was the day before they left for Japan for the last concerts of their tour and Anna had lots to do. It was Jungkook’s birthday in two days and Anna hadn’t had a chance to make his card or sort out his present. After her Korean lesson that morning she planned on doing this while Jungkook was at work. She realised it was hard keeping a surprise from your own roommate. However, when she came out from her lesson someone was waiting for her.



Jin was there to take her out to lunch. While they ate, they talked about the upcoming trip and Jungkook’s birthday.

Do you think Jungkook would like if I made him cakes for his birthday?

Cake? What cake?”

Well, my favourite is banana and Nutella.

“Banana? Jungkookie like banana.

So, you think it’s a good idea?

“Yah! You cook it, Jungkook love it.

Do you want to help me make some?

Yes! Let’s go!

Jin and Anna spent the rest of the afternoon together. In the kitchen they had fun baking together. Baking wasn’t something Jin had done a lot of. In fact, he barely had time to cook dinner very often because of their schedule. It was nice to have this rare afternoon off to spend in the kitchen and even more so to spend it with his soulmate.


“Yes Anna?”

Can you… can you teach me some Korean?

And you teach me English? Okay?



“Butter. Butter.

Butter. Sugar.”

“Sugar. Sugar.”


They went through all the ingredients, a few times as Anna forgot them as soon as they moved on and then the equipment as well. Anna appreciated Jin wanting to learn with her as learning together made it more fun. It also made her feel like less of an idiot when she struggled to remember the new words, as he struggled too.

While the cakes were in the oven, they decided to do a final test. Jin did well in remembering the English words, however Anna failed.

Okay last one.

At this point Anna was disappointed in herself and her poor memory, but then Jin pointed to himself. She was rather confused as he continued to gesture to himself.

“Kim Seokjin?”

“Yes! Go Anna! Your pronunciation is so cute!”

Jin held out his hands for Anna to high five and then ruffled her hair affectionately. Anna laughed as he acted over to top by celebrating her correct answer. She knew he was trying to cheer her up and she felt warmth in her chest at his kindness.

After they took the cakes out of the oven Jin asked Anna what she wanted to do now.

I need to make Jungkook’s birthday card?

Oh, okay.

Do you want to make one too?

Anna gathered all her craft supplies and brought them out to the kitchen table. As she sat down at the table, she realised she had never made a card for a boy before. She usually went for floral designs. Would Jungkook like a flowery card? Anna knew Jungkook liked cameras, so she searched Pinterest for inspiration like she usually did.

There was more than she expected. Pop-up camera cards and 3D camera cards, but due to her time constraint Anna decided to go with something a little simpler. A picture of a camera on a normal card with a little pull out polaroid picture. Once she had decided what she was doing, the hard part was over.

“What should I do?”

Anna looked over at Jin who was just staring at a blank piece of card in front of him.

You could do RJ?


Yeah, RJ holding some balloons.

Ba..bawoons? What?”

Anna took a piece of paper and quickly drew a sketch of RJ holding a bunch of balloons.

“Oh! Balloons! Anna good drawing.

Thanks… I mean, thank you. Jungkook is a lot better than me though.

“Yah! Anna good!

Yeah… we should hurry up before Jungkook gets home.

Jin watched Anna as she started making her card. He had gathered she had low self-esteem and confidence from what he had seen and what the other others had told him, but he found it hard to understand. In his eyes Anna was beautiful, kind and talented. She had no reason not to be proud of herself, to love herself, but of course Jin knew it wasn’t always that easy. He just wished he could help.

They worked in silence for a while, both concentrating on their drawings. After Jin finished his, he looked over at Anna and noticed that she was doing something on her phone.

Anna, what you look at? 

Umm, what is ‘Happy Birthday’ in Korean?

“Why? I know.

Jin wrote it down a piece of paper and handed it to Anna.

Need help? Ask me. Okay?

As Anna caught Jin’s gaze, she got the sense that he didn’t just mean in the current situation. She smiled at him and nodded.


Jin continued to watch her as she went back to working on her card. He watched his new soulmate fondly. She reminded him of Jungkook when he first arrived, shy and nervous, needing someone to help and guide them. Just like with his Jungkookie, Jin was sure that in time Anna would blossom into her full potential.

Ta da! What do you think?

Anna showed her finished card to Jin.

Wow! Amazing! Jungkook will…”

“Honey we’re home!”

Anna and Jin turned to the hallway in alarm. If the rest of the members were home, that meant Jungkook would be too. They needed to hide their cards from him.

“Anna distract Jungkook. I will hide this.”


You go Jungkook no see.

Jin waved his hands at Anna in a shooing motion and then started to gather all the art and craft materials. Anna ran over to where Jungkook was about to walk in.



Anna placed herself so that while Jungkook was facing her his back would be to where Jin was hurriedly tiding up the evidence.

Umm, do you want to hear what I learnt in my lesson today?


“How was your day?”

“It was busy. We were preparing for tomorrow. How was your day?”

Oh, uh, I haven’t learnt any answers yet… I like chocolate.”

“Me too.”

“I like singing.”

“Me too.”

Jungkook looked slightly amused at Anna’s random sentences. As she looked over his shoulder, she saw that Jin had got J-Hope to help carry her things and watched as he looked at something.


Jungkook went to turn around to see why J-Hope had shouted, so in her panic she threw her arms around Jungkook’s neck.

“I missed you.”

Jin and J-Hope quickly, but quietly, ran up the stairs to Jin’s room to hide the cards and art supplies. Meanwhile, because of their height difference Jungkook wrapped his arms around Anna and lifted her up so he didn’t haven’t to bend down anymore. Anna squealed in surprise as her feet left the ground. She felt him place a kiss on her neck before whispering in her ear.

“I missed you too.”

Anna’s heart was racing as Jungkook burrowed his face in her neck. This boy is going to be the death of me. Just as she relaxed into his embrace, Anna suddenly remembered something. The cakes were still on the kitchen counter.

Chapter Text

Even if Anna could have kept the cakes from Jungkook’s sight, she couldn’t have stopped his sensitive nose from smelling them. She supposed it was better to eat them now when they were fresh, even though she was sure such things weren’t on their pre-performance diet plan. It also meant she didn’t need to find a way to transport them to Japan. Can you take food through airport security?

They had gotten up extremely early the next morning for their flight and when they arrived in Japan, they went straight to the venue to start rehearsals. Although the boys told her she could go and rest in hotel for a bit, she declined. Anna would rather be close to them, than in a hotel room all alone. The first concert went well, the boys feeling recharged after a few weeks without performing.

That night Anna discovered that although they booked a room each in the hotel, she supposed it was for appearances sake, that didn’t mean the boys kept to their rooms. She knew this when after a knock on her door she opened it to find Jungkook asking if he could sleep in her bed.

But its your birthday tomorrow, wouldn’t you rather wake up with one of the others?

On my birthday, I want first thing I see is Anna.

The next morning consisted of cuddles and breakfast in bed, where they were soon joined by the others as well. When Anna gave him the card she had made, he was amazed at her creativity, but she thought his reaction was a bit over the top.

Soon the birthday celebrations were over, and the boys had to get back to work. They were a little sad that this was the last concert of their tour but were also determined to make sure they did their best. As she had done before, Anna was lounging around in the room backstage while the boys got ready. It was then that she realised something.

It had been twenty days. Anna could barely believe it when she had counted the number days since her appointment at the Soulmate Registration Office. She had ten days left until she would technically be living in the country illegally.  She had ten days to buck up the courage to kiss one of her soulmates. It sounds so simple. Why can’t I do it? Could I do it?

Anna was knocked out of her thought by the sound of her name being called.

“Anna can do it. She watched me before as well as last night.”

“But that doesn’t mean she can replicate what you did!”

“There isn’t anyone else!”

Since they were speaking so fast Anna barely caught more than her name from the conversation between the make up artist and another member of staff. She looked over at Namjoon who was standing nearby. He looked her way and smiled at her before beckoning her over.

What’s wrong?

We need you fill in as a makeup artist.

What! Me?

Apparently you like watching us have our makeup applied.

Well, not you guys specifically...

“I can’t do all seven of them on my own!”

“Fine! Do whatever you want!”

Namjoon watched the other staff member leave with narrowed eyes, while Anna looked at the makeup artist.

Anna, you will do Jin’s, Suga’s and J-Hope’s makeup, okay?


“Great! I organised it all for each member and there are reference pictures. Good luck!

Anna watched the makeup artist with wide eyes as she left, dragging Namjoon with her, presumably to do his makeup. Then she looked down at the makeup supplies. Oh my god, are they seriously trusting me with this? Anna looked around the room for one of her three victims and sighed when a sleeping Yoongi was the only one she could find.

He was curled up in a chair. Anna started by calling his name, just in case he was only resting his eyes, but he didn’t wake. She knelt down beside him and tried to think of the nicest way to wake him. She decided to try stroking his hair.

“Yoongi. Yoongi. Suga. Min Yoongi. Lil Meow Meow. Kitty…”

It was then that Yoongi opened his eyes, giving Anna an odd look. She moved her hand away from where it was still stroking his hair and smiled sheepishly at him.

I have to do your makeup, please.

He wrinkled his nose in protest of have being woken up, but luckily for Anna he got up without any protest. He followed her over to her makeup station and sat down on the chair in front of her.

Now it was time to start, Anna just stared at the items in front of her, overwhelmed. Where do I start? I don’t know what to do! She was starting to panic when she felt a hand cover hers.

You got this.

Anna stared at Suga, taking in his calm confidence. It was reassuring. And then he suddenly broke out into a gummy grin and she couldn’t help but smile at the sight. The members of BTS had never failed to make her smile.

After that Anna carried on with her task, somewhat confidently. She was so focused that she didn’t notice how close she was to her soulmate. However, he did.

Yoongi had felt euphoric when he made Anna smile earlier, but now he was finding it hard to have her so close to him for such a long period of time. There were so many moments when he could have just leaned in and brushed his lips against hers. It was only thanks to his immense self-restraint that he didn’t. Although, he still clenched his fists every time she leaned in particularly close. I don’t remember our usual makeup artists getting this close.

Once she had finished, Yoongi had never got up from a chair so fast as he did then. He gave Anna a thumbs up to tell her she did a good job before walking away and sending Hoseok over as he passed him.

Once J-Hope was sitting in Anna’s make up chair, he looked up at Anna expectantly.


Makeup, make up, makeup. What’s the word?! Hobi, having worked out what she was trying to say, whispered the first syllable.


“Makeup! I makeup… do.”

She supposed two out of three words wasn’t too bad.

 “Woo! Go Anna!

As she focused on her work once again, Anna couldn’t help but smile. Hobi cheering her on made her feel as though her soulmate was proud of her. She decided then and there that she would try harder to speak as much in Korean as possible, even if it was very broken.

After his makeup was finished, Hoseok walked over to where Yoongi, Namjoon and Jimin were sitting, their makeup already done as well. When Suga saw the expression on Hoseok’s face he started laughing.

“Suga Hyung, why are you laughing?”

Yoongi couldn’t respond so he just pointed at Hoseok, who knew exactly why he was laughing.

“Anna just did my makeup.”

“No fair! I want Anna to do my makeup!”

“But why is he laughing? She did a great job.”

“Because he knows my pain.”


“You try being that close to her for so long. It was torture! I just wanted to kiss her the whole time!”



“She looks so beautiful when she smiles, but then she kept biting her lip as if she was trying to suppress her smile and all I could focus on was her lips!”

“Shh, shh. It’s okay.”

Jin was now the one sitting in Anna’s makeup chair.

Close your… eyes.


“Eyes. Close.

Jin closed his eyes for a moment.

“Eyes. Open.

He opened his eyes, although he was confused as he hadn’t felt her do anything.

All done!

Luckily Jin burst out laughing, having got the joke and hearing him laugh made Anna laugh too.

Ha ha, joker! Worldwide Handsome Jin no need makeup!

By the time Anna was doing Jin’s makeup, she felt more confident having completed the process successfully twice already. As she was more relaxed, she started to notice exactly how close she was to her soulmate while she worked. Had it been the same for Yoongi and Hobi? How did I not notice?

Now that Anna had noticed her physical closeness to her soulmate, she started having flashbacks of other moments. Such as the breakfast in the hotel room all those weeks ago, where she had fallen off the chair and ended up in Jin’s arms. Anna’s cheeks heated up at her thoughts and the fact that she couldn’t hide it, only made her blush worse.

As Jin watched her blush, he wondered if he was imagining the look in her eyes. As the oldest he would pride himself on having the most self-control. However, he was also used to getting whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it. Therefore, he ended up needing to stop himself once or twice, when he found himself leaning forwards towards Anna. The longing look in her eyes, coupled with her rosy cheeks and red bitten lips made it almost too hard to resist.

Once Jin left the make up chair he grabbed the first of his other soulmates that he came across and dragged them away to somewhere more private to release his frustration. At least he had six other soulmates he could kiss for now.

Chapter Text

In her panic to find a present for Jungkook, Anna had forgotten that Namjoon had mentioned that they had planned a surprise for his birthday. So, it ended up being a surprise for her too, when the day after the final concert they all ended up in Disneyland Tokyo.

Her soulmates had never seen Anna so excited. She was practically jumping up and down when she realised where they were. They hadn’t been sure whether she enjoyed rollercoasters, but Disneyland had enough variety that they knew it wouldn’t matter if she didn’t. Hoseok and Jimin would happily joy her on the smaller rides if that was the case. In fact, Hoseok had been secretly hoping he would have an excuse to sit out the big rides.

Unfortunately, he soon found out that wasn’t the case when they started discussing what rides everyone wanted to go on. Known for being an adrenaline junkie, Jungkook’s priority was Space Mountain, the fastest rollercoaster in the park. Meanwhile, Hoseok was suggesting they start small with something like Peter Pan’s Flight.


Anna had been watching the boys in amusement, as they could not agree what ride to go on first. Apart from being a fan of Disney and rides, she was particularly excited to be in Disneyland Tokyo, as she had only been to the Paris one before. She looked up at Yoongi when he called her name.

“What rides do you want to go on?”


You choose.

Oh! Umm, Pirates of the Caribbean.

He nodded and grabbed her wrist as he started walking off, Anna guessed, in the direction of her favourite ride. Once he knew she was following him, Yoongi released his hold on her. She was a little disappointed at the loss of contact, before she remembered that they were in public and they needed to be careful, especially when it came to her.

Suddenly, she realised that they had yet to discuss when, or if, they would be going public with their soulmate bond. She guessed that it would at least have to wait until they had completed the bond. In other words, until she had kissed one of them.

“Yah! Where are you going?”

“Guys stop running we’re supposed be discreet!

“Then stop shouting!”

Anna heard what sounded like a stampede of elephants running up behind her. A pair of hands grabbed her on the shoulders making her jump, and a grinning golden maknae appeared beside her. Seconds later, another body ran into the back of her, an arm wrapped around her shoulders and Tae’s boxy grin appeared on her other side. Of course, these two were never without their third partner in crime. When a third body ran in the back of Anna, she would have gone flying if not for the hold Jungkook and Taehyung still had on her.

“Whoa! You okay Anna?


“I okay.”

“You three should be more careful.”

“Sorry Hyung!”

The collision had caused them to pause, which allowed the others to catch them up.

“Where are you going?”

“Pirates of the Caribbean.”

“Why not Star Wars?!”

“Anna chose it.”

“Pirates it is!”

After riding Pirates of the Caribbean, they took turns choosing what ride to go on next. However, a few rides later they noticed that they were beginning to attract attention.

“I think we need to split up.”

Since it was Jungkook’s birthday, they let him choose and he picked Jin, Namjoon and Anna. The four of them had a fun afternoon together. They went on Space Mountain at least twice, so that Jungkook was happy. Now they were waiting for others to join them so that they could eat together. They had just been on the Buzz Lightyears laser blast ride and Jin and Jungkook were arguing about their scores.

As they waited, Anna’s thoughts had wondered back to a topic that seemed to always be lingering in the back of her mind recently. Now that the time limit was looming, completing her bond with her soulmate was always in her thoughts. She had grown closer to the boys and felt as though she was starting to get to know them as real people, rather then celebrities on a screen.


Namjoon calling her name brought her out of her thoughts.

Are you okay? You’ve been spacing out all day. Is something wrong?

How do you choose?

How do I choose what?

Between seven soulmates. I can’t… I mean, how do you… choose?

Why do you have to choose?

First times… you can only have one first time.

Ah. Well, first of all, we have been together for a decade now and in that time, we’ve come to terms with what having multiple soulmates means. We’ve worked through any jealousy issues, or disappointments, and realised, does it really matter who was first? In a way, we are all connected, we are one and we are happy for each other. If you are happy, we will all be happy for you. What’s important is that it feels right.

Anna just stared up at him in wonder.

What? Why are you staring at me like that?

You’re so eloquent. When you speak… it’s as though you are reciting poetry. Just… amazing. You’re amazing.

Anna could only smile when Namjoon went all shy from her words. He was saved by the other half of their soulmates appearing. While they ate, they all shared what rides they had been on so far. The table was full of excited voices and Anna felt content as she looked around at her soulmates.

She had never felt so cared for as she watched how the seven boys acted around her. How Jin and Yoongi would keep adding food to her plate, or even feed her directly. How Namjoon would make sure she was able to follow the conversation and Hobi always included her. How the maknae line would act silly and make jokes just to see her smile.

They mixed up the groups after eating and continued to have fun around the park until the sun went down and it was time for the fireworks display. To avoid the crowds, they all met back in one of their hotels rooms which happened to face into the park and had a balcony. From here, they would be able to watch the fireworks without worrying about being recognised by the other visitors. 

As the fireworks lit up the sky Anna looked up at Jungkook who was standing beside her. Her youngest soulmate was watching the show in the sky with childlike wonder in his eyes and a bunny grin on face. Anna couldn’t help but stare as the fireworks caused reflections of coloured light to dance across his face. He was so beautiful, and she felt so lucky to have him as one of her soulmates.



This time he looked at Anna when she called his name. Something about her expression told him that this was a serious moment and his smile faded away. They turned so that they were facing each other. She reached up rested her hands on his chest and she was surprised that they weren’t trembling with nerves.

Her eyes travelled up his body until they were staring into his eyes, but he felt too far away. So, she raised herself onto the tips of her toes trying to get closer. Unbalanced, she wobbled and Jungkook wrapped his arms around her to steady her and pulled her firmly against him, causing Anna to gasp in surprise.

Taking a deep breath of courage, Anna raised one hand to Jungkook’s cheek. As they stared into each other’s eyes, Anna no longer felt afraid. Instead, she felt safe, happy, and cared for. This was her soulmate; this was where she belonged, and she would claim him as hers.

Finally, their lips met. Anna could hear her heart pounding, as warmth rushed through her body. She swore she felt their souls connect as her body melted into his. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced and better than she had ever imagined.

The moment was almost cliché as the fireworks continued around them.

Although it had felt longer, the kiss they shared had only been a peck. So, when they pulled away, it was only a moment before Jungkook leant back in and connected their lips once more. And just then, Anna never wanted him to stop.

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As the fireworks ended, Jin’s attention was drawn elsewhere. He noticed that Namjoon was focused on something beside them, something which was making him smile. Jin turned to face the same direction as his leader’s gaze. What he saw was his youngest and his new soulmate locked together in their own passionate bubble. His heart warmed at the sight, as this meant that Anna finally felt safe and comfortable with them.

Excited he looked down at his right hand. For ten years he had only had a number on his ring finger and now he was excited to see what the ring representing their bond would look like. However, when he looked, the number one was still present instead of a ring.

“Jin? What’s wrong?”


“What is it?”


They both stared at Jin’s hand for a moment before Namjoon raised his hand as well only to see the same thing. Their strange behaviour caught the attention of their other soulmates.

“What are you guys looking at?”


Now they were all staring at their left ring fingers in confusion.

“Hyung, why hasn’t it changed?”

If this were a perfect fairy tale, Anna and Jungkook would have carried on being oblivious to the world around them, but instead the constant whispering drew them out of their bubble. Anna stared up at Jungkook in a daze wondering if she was dreaming. After a moment Jungkook broke out into a big bunny grin and Anna couldn’t help but smile back. It was such a beautiful sight that it took his breath away.

Eventually, they looked towards their other soulmates who were still whispering to each other. That was when Jungkook and Anna noticed the looks on their faces. Something was wrong.

“Hyung? What’s wrong?”


“Look at your hand.”


Jungkook lifted his right hand.

“Your left hand Jungkook.”

“Oh! Why? What’s…?”

What’s wrong? What are you all looking at?

Once Jungkook realised what the others wanted him to see, he grabbed Anna’s left hand. It was bare.

“No! It can’t be… what… why…? Namjoon Hyung?!”

It was then that it hit Anna, they were looking at their soulmate bond marks. Theirs which hadn’t changed from a one into a ring and hers which hadn’t appeared at all. Her soulmate mark which should have appeared when she kissed her soulmate.

Why didn’t it appear? The mark always appears when someone kisses their soulmate. Unless… No! Could we have been wrong?

Anna stumbled back away from the boys. The only thought that was racing through her mind at that moment was ‘I’m not their soulmate’. She had to get away. Somehow, she managed to walk inside the hotel room and into the bedroom where she collapsed on the floor beside the bed.

Meanwhile the boys outside were trying to make sense of what had just happened.

“Hyung? Why hasn’t our mark changed? Why didn’t Anna’s mark appear?”

“I’m sure there is an explanation why nothing has happened… yet.”

“Yes. Maybe it just takes a little time…”

“But for the rest of us they appeared or changed straight away! As soon as we kissed!”

“I think we all need to calm down and not jump to conclusions. Okay?”

“Yes. Don’t worry, okay Anna? Anna?

The boys looked around and realised Anna wasn’t standing with them anymore.

“Where did she go?”

Taehyung and Jimin found her. They immediately sat down on either side of her. She had tears streaked down her cheeks, her breathing was uneven, and her eyes were glossed over.

“Anna? Are you okay?

“Jimin, go and get the others, something is wrong.”

While Jimin ran out of the room to fetch the others, Taehyung pulled Anna into his lap and started stroking her hair to comfort her. When the others rushed in, they all stood in front of Tae and Anna.

“Is she okay?”

“Her breathing is uneven and it’s like…”

“Like what Tae?”

“Like she is trapped inside her own mind.”

Hoseok knelt down and looked closely at Anna.

“I think this is the beginning of a panic attack or maybe an anxiety attack. Tae, turn her around so her back is against your chest and breathe in time with me, okay?”

Hobi took one of Anna’s hands and held it against his chest, covering it with his own.

“In and out. In and out.”

Eventually they got her breathing back to normal, but she was still lost in her thoughts.

“What do we do?”

“Sing to her?”

“What do you mean Yoongi Hyung?”

“I think Jungkook should sing to her.”

They all turned to the maknae, who was almost in tears himself at seeing his soulmate this way.

“Why me?”

“Because your voice brought her to us to begin with, maybe now it can bring her back to us.”

He sat down next to Tae and took Anna in his arms, holding her tightly.

You are the cause of my euphoria.

While Jungkook sang, Tae took her hands in his rubbing the back of them with his thumb. The others all watched anxiously. Luckily, Yoongi was right. The sound of Jungkook’s voice broke through the dark thoughts that were repeating throughout Anna’s troubled mind.

As her eyes came back into focus and her mind back to reality, the first thing Anna saw was the handsome face of Taehyung looking at her worriedly. Then she realised she was leaning against a firm chest and was being held by the strong arms which were wrapped around her.


“Is she okay?”

“Anna, how many fingers am I holding up?”

“Yah! What do you think you are doing?”


I'm fine. What…?

Suddenly it all came back to her. She took Jungkook’s left hand in hers and stared at the number one on his ring finger.


We’re not sure, but I have a theory. We are all connected.

We are all connected.

Do you mean…?

You need to bond with all of us before our marks will appear.

But, what if… what if you’re…

Anna couldn’t bring herself to voice the thought which had been plaguing her mind.

None of us believe that is a possibility. You are our soulmate. Of that we are certain.

Anna looked up at Namjoon and wondered how he could have so much faith. She wished she could have his confidence, but the past two months had already felt like a dream. She had done nothing to deserve these seven wonderful boys as her soulmates.

“Oh, shall we stand in a line and then she can get it over and done with?”


“What are you thinking?”

“Don’t you dare suggest that to her!”

“Hyungs, it was a joke! Stop hitting me!”

Anna gave a small smile at the familiar chaos. She felt Jungkook hold her tighter in his arms before he gave her a kiss on the top of her head and whispered just so she could hear.

“I love you.”

Anna relaxed back against his chest but gripped the loose fabric of his sweatshirt in her hands. She hoped Namjoon was right because she didn’t know if she would be able to let these boys go.

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They took an incredibly early flight back to Seoul the next morning. When they got home, everyone went to bed to get some more sleep. Anna had never able to take naps once she was awake. She also had so much on her mind that she was struggling to fall asleep, despite being tired from the early start. So, after cuddling with Jungkook for a while, she got up and left the bedroom so that she wouldn’t disturb him. Yet, she was surprised to find that she wasn’t the only one still awake.

Jin was in the kitchen, it appeared he was preparing to make himself something to eat. When he noticed Anna had entered the room, he stopped what he was doing and stared at her. She was just standing there awkwardly in the doorway, as for some reason she felt nervous. Whether it was nerves of worry or nerves of anticipation, she was unsure.

Suddenly Jin reached out and grabbed Anna by the arm, pulling her towards him. He trapped her against the kitchen counter, his arms caging her in on either side. As some who was always making jokes, Jin’s serious face had always slightly intimidated Anna, and at this moment he was just staring down at her with a humourless expression. Anna wondered if he was troubled by the bonding situation. It was most serious for him, because if they were wrong, he wouldn’t have long to find their true soulmate before he started getting sick.

After a few long moments without a word spoken, Jin stepped away from Anna to go back to cooking. However, Anna couldn’t bare it, and reached out to grab his arm.

“Jin, please…”

She wasn’t even sure what she was pleading for: for him to look at her, talk to her, or even kiss her. Jin’s large shoulders had tensed at her touch, but then sagged at her words. He thought back to that moment on stage when he had first felt her presence, when he had felt an overwhelming sense of joy and heard her laughter echoing in his ears.

He backed Anna against the counter again, but this time one hand tangled in her hair, holding the back of her head. He touched his forehead to hers, closing his eyes briefly. When he opened them again, he was gazing down at Anna’s closed eyes, watching her eye lashes as they fluttered along with her heart.


At the sound of his voice her eyes shot open. This time Jin stared down at her with a warm expression, before closing those last couple of inches of space between them.

He kissed her softly. Seeing his very confident demeanour, you might expect he would act the same way with intimacy. However, Anna was only slightly surprised by the eldest member’s gentle peck-like kiss.

Jin was hesitant. He didn’t was Anna to think that just because she had kissed of them, that now it was open season for the rest of them. Although he couldn’t resist kissing her, he managed to restrain himself from overwhelming her.

On the contrary, Anna had no such tentativeness. The unexpected drama of last night paired with the early journey home this morning had prevented any further kisses with Jungkook. The gentle peck from Jin had left her wanting more, but it also filled her with confidence. When she looked back on this moment later, Anna would be shocked at her actions.

She reached up with both hands, grabbed Jin’s face and gave him a kiss which was a bit more passionate. Although he was momentarily stunned, Jin wasn’t one to deny his soulmates. He wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her body as close as possible to his as he responded to Anna’s passion.

Anna was glad when Jin took back control, as once the initial courage wore off, she realised that she had no idea what she was doing. This was only her fourth kiss after all.

When they broke away from each other they were both breathing heavily. As he looked down at her wide eyed, breathless and red lipped, Jin had to take some deep breaths to calm down. If he didn’t stop now, he may not be able to stop at all.

After he had regained some of his self-control, Jin gave Anna a kiss on the forehead and a smile. He took her left hand in one of his and rubbed her ring finger where her mark should be.

"Please don't make me wait too long."

Anna’s heart hurt a little at his words and she wanted nothing more than to comfort him. So, when Jin wrapped both his arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder, she held him tightly and hoped she would never have to let go.




Apparently her fellow 95er’s had no worries about overwhelming Anna. Later that day when Jimin had woken up he had asked her to go for in a walk in the park with him, while Taehyung claimed he wanted to take her out that evening.

Jimin and Anna were walking in the park when it started to rain. Jimin grabbed her hand and ran until they reached a small shelter. Luckily, they didn’t get too wet from the rain, but Anna watched as Jimin ran his fingers through his damp hair and her heart fluttered. She still wasn't used to how stunning he was up close.

Jimin wondered if Anna knew how obvious she was being, or if she was even trying to hide her staring at all. Either way, he smirked, enjoying the way she looked at him. He turned to face her ad almost cooed at how cute she looked. Strands of her hair were plastered against her forehead and a few were across her face. His hand reached up and brushed them away, tucking her hair behind her ears.

Anna felt emboldened. She didn't know whether it was getting caught in the rain, or the look in Jimin's eyes, or even the feeling of being wanted that she felt somewhere deep inside, that made her so. She stepped forward so that she was inches away from him and reached up, putting her hands on his chest. She slid them higher and higher until her arms were wrapped around his neck.

Jimin watched her with interest, curious as to how much she would initiate on her own. After putting her arms around his neck, she paused and bit her lip. That one action broke Jimin's mask and he pounced. His arms wrapped around Anna tightly, bringing her body as close to his as possible, before descending his lips onto hers. To Anna it felt like the Jimin she was with now was his stage persona. He was smooth but passionate, and a total tease.

After they broke apart, they both stared at each other for a while, almost unbelieving of what had just happened. Noticing that it was still raining, Jimin had an idea and stepped away before offering his hand out to Anna.


Usually Anna’s sensible side would have protested against dancing in public and getting wet. However, as her mind was dizzy and she felt as though she was on a high still from kissing Jimin, she eagerly agreed.

At first, they acted silly, spinning around and laughing, but then Jimin pulled Anna in close and gave her a sweet and gentle kiss. Anna wondered if he knew that dancing and kissing in the rain was on every girl’s bucket list. Either way it was very romantic, and Anna felt so happy.

Originally Taehyung was going to meet up with Anna and Jimin to take Anna somewhere special for the evening, but when he saw them, he decided to postpone his plan.

“Jimin! What did you do to her? Why are you both soaked through?”

Taehyung took off his jacket and wrapped it around Anna’s shoulders.

Let’s go home.

Once she was dry, Tae had wrapped her up in a blanket and snuggled up with her to watch a movie. For Anna it was the perfect, and relaxing, end to a heartening day.

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Anna was lounging on her bed reading a BTS fanfiction. Recently she had stopped reading them, feeling a little weird now that she knew the real boys, but today she couldn’t resist. She was so wrapped up in the story that she didn't notice the tall leader standing in the doorway.

"What are you reading?"

She was startled by the unexpected voice so much that she actually jumped in surprise and dropped her phone on the bed in front of her.

"Namjoon! I thought you had left for work?"

"I forgot my phone.


Of course you did.

Namjoon was intrigued by Anna's reaction and walked further into the room, glancing down at the unlocked phone which had landed face up on the bed. Anna tried to be discreet as she grabbed her phone and locked the screen, hiding what she had been looking at from his view.

"Still reading BTS fanfiction?"

"I, uh, yes. Sorry."

"Why are you sorry?"

"Well, doesn't it bother you?"

"It depends, why do you read it?"

I, uh, I…

Namjoon kept leaning towards Anna who in return kept leaning back. She hadn't noticed what was happening until suddenly she found herself on her back. Now she was lying on the bed with Namjoon on top of her, holding himself up on his arms either side of her.

"Do you think I don't know what kinds of things ARMY writes about us?"

"I...I don't know wh...what you mean."

"You don't? You mean you only read the innocent, pg13 stories then?"

He leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"Don't lie to me Anna."

By the time he started kissing her neck, Anna's mind was foggy. Having him so close, acting in such a way and with that voice, he had her heart racing. He continued his trail along her jaw until his lips were giving just above hers.


For some reason Anna couldn’t help but admit her sins to him.

"Not always innocent."

She could practically feel him smirk, his lips being so close to hers.

"You don't need to hide these things from me Anna."

And then he descended upon her. It was different than any of the kisses she had experienced so far from her soulmates. Namjoon’s kiss was full of passion and need. At first Anna felt as though she was struggling to keep up, but then it was as if something was unleashed within her and she matched his desire.

As it started to get rather heated, a phone rang. The sudden unexpected noise made the pair jump, which caused them to bang foreheads and ended up with Namjoon falling off the bed.

Namjoon! Are you okay?

I'm fine. I'm used to it by now.

Umm, your phone?


It took a few minutes for him to find it, as it had somehow ended up under the bed.

“Ah! I'm late!”

Namjoon looked at Anna still sitting on the bed. She looked so cute with her swollen lips, flushed cheeks and messy hair. But she also looked vulnerable as he watched her twist her fingers together, a nervous habit he had noticed.

Do you want to come to work with me?

Anna thought she might want time alone to process what had just transpired, but she also knew being left alone with her thoughts was rarely a good idea. Besides, she couldn’t resist the need to stay close to her soulmate.

Can I?

In the car Namjoon started to feel worried.

Are you okay? I hope I didn’t push you too far earlier.

What? No, I'm fine.

Are you sure? I didn’t mean to get so carried away… and it was our first kiss, our bonding kiss, it should have been romantic. A beautiful memory for you.

Anna put her hand on his arm.

Namjoon. Don’t worry. It was definitely memorable.

Namjoon smirked.


Anna blushed went to move her hand away, but as she did so Namjoon grabbed it. He brought it up to his lips, kissing the back of her hand, before linking their fingers together.

After a few minutes Namjoon spoke up again.

I have been meaning to talk to you about something and since it was brought up earlier, perhaps now would be the right time?

Anna wasn’t sure what Namjoon was referring to.


It’s about what you were reading earlier…

Anna panicked, now knowing what Namjoon wanted to talk about.

I am so sorry. I won’t read stuff like that anymore. I've been trying to stop…

Whoa, Anna. Calm down. Its okay. I just wanted to ask you about it. Why are you apologising?

Umm, I don’t know. I thought it would make you uncomfortable?

It is a little weird to know that people are reading fictional stories where I am a character. However, I want to know, why do you read fanfiction?

BTS fanfiction or fanfiction in general?

So, you read others?

Yeah… Let me start from the beginning. I don’t remember how I discovered it, but when I was around thirteen, I think, I started reading Twilight fanfiction. Don’t judge. Then I moved onto Harry Potter and those were the main two I went back and forth between, but I have also read stories based on some of my other favourite books, movies and tv shows.

Anna paused for a moment and Namjoon smiled at her encouraging her to keeping going.

So, over two years ago I discovered Asian dramas and I wanted to read fanfictions based on them. Sadly, they were very hard to find, but I think that’s where I came across my first BTS fanfiction. I believe I recognised the name BTS and knew that you were a boy band from Korea, but that was it. Despite not knowing anything about you, I read a few more stories based on BTS. I must have really liked the characters.

After that, I watched The Untamed and I read nothing but fanfiction based on it, until I saw you on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. You caught my attention and I remembered I had read fanfiction about you before, so I decided to go back and look for some more. Then I started listening to your music and watching your videos and I haven’t stopped since.

Interesting. So, you read stories about us before you became a fan?

Yeah, so I knew your names and things like you are accident prone and Jungkook likes banana milk.

You learnt stuff like that from reading fanfiction?

Of course, you can’t take everything as fact, but when a lot of the stories have the same traits… I guessed it must have come from somewhere.

Namjoon nodded in understanding.

I'm sorry I teased you earlier about reading fanfiction.

No, its okay! Before it was fine because everything I read was based on fictional characters, but you guys are real people, so I understand that it’s kind of weird.

You said earlier you we’re trying to stop reading?

I haven’t read any for a while, but…

But what?

If… if this doesn’t work, if you are wrong about our bond… Then it might be the only way I can still stay close to all of you.

Namjoon wasted no time before wrapping his arms around Anna and pulling her against his chest. Anna’s doubts worried him. Did she have so little faith in their bond? However, he neglected to bring it up as he decided that what she needed right now was comforting, not a lecture.

He pulled back and held her face in his hands, using his thumbs to wipe away the few tears that had escaped.

It’s going to be okay. We are going to be okay.

Namjoon couldn’t resist giving Anna a peck on the lips and was relieved when she broke out into a small smile. He grabbed one of her hands.

Come on. We’re here.

He led her through the BigHit building. Unfortunately, he had a meeting first, but he didn’t want to leave her by herself. She obviously didn’t want to be alone, or she would have stayed at home. He sensed she was feeling emotional and a bit clingy since their make out session.

I have to go to a meeting first, but Hoseok is in the practice room already.

Namjoon took Anna into the dance studio where Hoseok was warming up.

Hey Namjoon! Anna!

“Hi Hoseok. I've got a meeting. Can you look after Anna? She’s feeling a little fragile and I don’t want to leave her alone.”

Hoseok didn’t pry into why Anna needed looking after and just nodded.

“Of course.”

Okay. I will leave you in Hoseok’s capable hands.

Namjoon wrapped an arm around Anna, giving her a squeeze, while he placed a kiss on her forehead.

Bye Anna. Hoseok.”


Anna watched Namjoon leave until he was completely gone from sight, before turning back to face Hoseok. She was feeling shy and didn’t know how to act around him.

Hoseok decided to treat Anna normally and held out his hand to her.

Dance with me?

As they had gotten interrupted last time, he wanted to dance with Anna again.

First, he did some silly fun dances with her, hoping to cheer her up, until she was laughing and happily dancing with him. When a slower song came on the dance started off similar to last time, until Hobi spun Anna out before bringing her in closer than she was before, a lot closer.

Still worked up from earlier, Anna couldn’t look Hobi in the eye. All she could think about was the feel of his body pressing against her. A pressure on her chin caused her to look up. He had her chin lightly gripped between his fingers. His face was serious, but his eyes were soft and kind.

This okay?

Anna couldn’t think straight as she stared up at Hoseok’s handsome face. She was overwhelmed by his presence: by his body heat, the feel of his heartbeat, even his breath against her skin. He surrounded her, and she liked it.

Anna? Answer please. Is this okay?


The kiss was firm, but gentle and it made Anna’s heart flutter. She was surprised and a little disappointment when he pulled away, but he gave her a peck on the lips before preceding to cover her whole face with kisses.


His heart soared when he heard her start to giggle. He placed a last kiss on the tip of her nose before pulling back to grin down at her and she beamed back.

When the other members walked in later, they found the pair wrapped up in each other’s arms. Anna feeling reassured that everything would be okay, or at the very least she would make the most of her time with the boys.

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It was early in the morning when Anna was woken up. When she opened her eyes, she found Tae standing over her.


Want to take you somewhere. Please.

One glance at Tae’s pouty expression and fluffy bed head and Anna couldn’t say no to him.

When they reached their destination, Anna let out an excited squeal. She recognised where they were from k-dramas. They were at the bottom of the cable car for the Namsan Tower.

I can’t believe I'm here!

Jiminie recommend. Anna happy?

“Yes. Very happy. Thank you.”

The place was deserted, and Anna realised the reason Taehyung had woken her up was so that they could get here before it opened. She had noticed that the members of BTS generally tried not to use their idol status and money if they could help it, but obviously their fame had gotten to a point where sometimes they had to if they wanted to have a peaceful outing.

In the cable car Anna marvelled at the view as they got higher and higher above Seoul. Tae stood next to her and pointed out some famous landmarks and places he thought Anna might recognise. When they reached the top, they went for a walk around the grounds.

Anna couldn’t help but notice as they walked that Tae kept his distance. She thought about reaching out and taking his hand, but she wondered if it was because they were in public that he was holding back. She hadn’t been sure before if she was the type of person who would enjoy public displays of affection, but at this moment she knew she wanted at least to hold hands.

It made her think. Would they never be able to do such things in public? Would she never be able to hold her soulmates hands or be close to them outside of their home? Is this what being the soulmate of Idols meant?

At some point Tae had taken out his phone and begun taking pictures. At first it was just of their surroundings, but then he started pointing his lens towards Anna. Once she noticed this, she started trying to hide her face from him, laughing as Tae playfully continued trying to out smart her and catch her out.

This then turned into a game, Anna running away and Tae chasing after her. It didn’t take long for him to catch her, but as he reached out and grabbed her, they both ended up tumbling over each other onto the ground. Luckily, they landed on the grass, but with Anna on top of Tae.

Raising her head, Anna found herself inches away from Tae’s face and she couldn’t help but stare. How can someone be so beautiful? How can someone so beautiful be hers? However, Tae was hers, at least for now, and so Anna decided to take what was hers for once in her life.

As she moved in closer Anna looked into his eyes, searching for any sign that Taehyung didn’t want this, but she found none. All she saw was love, happiness and desire. A flicker of nervous panic rushed through her before she felt Tae’s hands on her back, one rubbing up and down in a comforting motion and she relaxed. She was safe here in his arms.

As she pressed her lips to his, the rest of the world just disappeared. Any other thoughts left her mind as she focused on the feeling of Tae beneath her until it overwhelmed her. Desire took over and Anna never wanted to stop, she couldn’t.

Taehyung’s arms tightened around her before she suddenly found herself with her back to the ground and Tae looming over her. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Anna was impressed that he managed to reposition them without breaking their kiss.

He continued their passionate embrace until they had to break for air, but his lips never left Anna. Instead he kissed along her jaw to her neck only pausing to whisper in her ear.


Hearing Tae’s deep voice growling her name made Anna gasp. It was utterly sinful. As she clenched her hands into the ground below her, it was the dirt she gathered under her fingers that reminded her exactly where they were: out in the open.

“Tae! Stop!

What wrong?

Anna motioned to their surroundings. Tae shrugged before resuming leaving kisses on her exposed skin. He did a good job of distracting her, but Anna managed to regain her focus.

“Tae. You can’t get caught rolling around in the dirt with some mystery girl! Let’s go.



“Not some girl. My soulmate.

On the way down in the cable car Anna sat next to Tae cuddling his arm and leaning her head on his shoulder. However, once they got low enough that she could see people she pulled away and stood up to move away from him. Suddenly, she was pulled backwards and landed on Tae’s lap with his arms holding her tightly in place.


Back at the dorm, Namjoon was trying to gather all the other members for a group meeting while Anna was out.

“Come on guys, Anna will be back soon!”

“Don’t worry Hyung. Tae is going to take her out for breakfast afterwards as well.”

“Who dared to wake me up?!”

“Yoongi Hyung, I'm sorry, but we need to talk about tomorrow and if I am not mistaken you are a key part of it.”

“What’s happening tomorrow?”

“I booked an appointment at the Soulmate Registration Office to confirm our soulmate bond and get Anna’s soulmate visa and afterwards we will head off on our one-week holiday. All eight of us.”

“But Namjoon Hyung, we haven’t bonded yet.”

“Yet. Who here has yet to kiss Anna?”

“Okay, okay. I get it. I’m the last one and you are giving me a deadline. Thanks. That really relieves the pressure of the situation.”

“Yoongi, we already had a deadline. Anna’s visa is only until the end of the week. We have just moved it up a little. Think you can manage it?”


“Great! With that settled, Anna doesn’t know about the holiday, it’s a surprise. So, we need to pack a bag for her.”

“As her roommate I can do that.”

The rest of the morning was spent with the boys packing.

That night Anna was curled up on the sofa in the living room. It was very late, but she couldn’t sleep. She had kissed all but one of her soulmates and she was anticipating the final one with both excitement and trepidation. However, this particular soulmate was currently hiding out in his studio, again.

Alone in the dark her mind wondered. She imagined the bond mark not appearing. She imagined finding out that she wasn’t BTS’s soulmate. She imagined having to leave the boys and this place which has started to feel like home.

She didn’t even notice the tears running down her cheeks until someone was wiping them away. After blinking away the tears which were blurring her vision, Yoongi appeared, crouched down in front of her as he wiped away her tears.

You’re home?

Anna wiped away the remains of her tears herself, while Yoongi moved to sit next to her.

What’s wrong?

Usually she wouldn’t spill her thoughts so easily, but it was late, so she was tired as well as emotional.

What if we don’t bond? What if we were wrong and we’re not soulmates and I have to leave you? I don’t want to leave you. I don’t know if I could cope!

It hurt him to see her like this, but it made his decision easy.

“Shh. Calm down. It okay.

But how do you know that?

It not matter.

What? But if I'm not…

I don’t care!

He took her face in his hands.

I choose you, Anna. No matter what. I choose you.

Then he kissed her, and all her doubts and all her worries faded away. In that moment, whatever the outcome, it didn’t matter because they chose each other.

Chapter Text

Upstairs Tae was still awake too. He had been gaming and now he was on his phone looking through Weverse at ARMY's comments. He was trying to distract his mind, but all he could think about was his morning spent with Anna.

He had run his left hand over his face and groaned in frustration when he noticed something. There was something black on hand. Pulling his hand away he looked at it and his eyes widened. On his ring finger was proof of their completed soulmate bond.

He squealed loudly before covering his mouth with his right hand. Should he wake up the others to tell them? He was so happy he felt that he would burst of he didn't share this moment with someone.

Then he realised Anna and Yoongi must be awake. He ran out of his room and downstairs. Looking around he spotted them on the sofa in the living room. With a massive boxy grin, he began to run over to his two soulmates when he realised something was wrong.


As they broke away from each other Anna kept her eyes closed. She couldn't look. Was her whole life about to change again?


"I can't look!"

Yoongi looked down at his hand and ran his thumb over the mark on his left ring finger. He thought it was a perfect symbol of their connection.

"Anna look."

She shook her head. She could feel her heart racing as of it was trying to pound its way through her chest. Then she was startled by a loud noise echoing through the flat, causing her to open her eyes instinctively.

Yoongi grabbed her left wrist with his left hand and held them up in Anna line of sight. This way she could see both of their marks.

She stared at them. A patchwork of musical notes surrounding their ring fingers.

"It's beautiful."

She whispered and as relief flooded her body the world faded into darkness.

Yoongi watched in horror as his final soulmate’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. He managed to catch her and gently guide her so that she was lying down on the couch.

It was then that Tae rushed over, kneeling on the floor beside the couch. 

"What happened?!"

"She fainted. Go wake up Jin Hyung."

"Why did she..."

"Now Taehyung!"

He scrambled up and ran back upstairs to Jin and Yoongi’s room. Instead of jumping on his oldest soulmate, which was his usual way of waking his fellow members up, he shook him awake.

"Tae? Baby, what's wrong?"

"Good news and bad news."


"Look at your left hand."

Still half asleep Jin didn't realise what Taehyung's words meant until he looked at his left and saw the mark. He sat up suddenly holding his left hand in front of him so he could admire what he had been waiting so long for. A tear of pure joy escaped his eye.

Jin turned to Tae who was watching him fondly. He grabbed the younger boys head between his hands and gave him a big kiss.

"I can't believe it. Our bond is finally complete!"

Then he noticed Taehyung's expression change.

"Wait, did you say there's bad news too?"

"Anna fainted. Yoongi Hyung sent me to get you."

At his words Jin threw back the covers and raced downstairs.

"What happened?"

"I think she was just overwhelmed. She..."

"Go on."

"She really thought this was going to end badly. Hyung, she was terrified."

"Now the bond is complete hopefully she will never feel that way again."

He sighed, Jin couldn't say that he didn't wish Anna had a bit more faith in them, but he also understood. Sometimes he felt as though his life was a dream he had yet to wake up from. He could only imagine how Anna felt after suddenly finding herself living in their world.

"I think she's fine. We should let her sleep. Let's put her back in bed."

As Jin lifted Anna up into his arms, Yoongi couldn't help but wish he was the one holding her. Although his shoulder was much better after his operation, he wasn't yet at a point where he could lift the weight of a person.

As they walked into Anna and Jungkook’s room they were presented with a problem. In Anna’s absence, Jungkook had spread out and overtaken the whole bed, not leaving enough room for them to comfortably put Anna.

"I guess Anna will have to sleep somewhere else tonight."

"With me. She can sleep with me."

"Aww, but Yoongi Hyung I want to sleep with Anna!"

Jin observed Yoongi for a moment. Their soulmate had fainted on his watch and Jin recognised that Yoongi needed the reassurance of having her close so that he could make sure she was okay.

"Taehyung don't whine and go back to bed."

The young boy pouted but obediently followed his Hyung’s instructions, while they brought Anna to their room. Yoongi pulled back the covers on his bed and Jin gently placed Anna down.

"Goodnight Yoongi."

"Night Hyung."

The next morning when Anna woke up, she realised she wasn't in her bed. Looking next to her she found Yoongi curled up on the other side of the bed.

"Morning Anna."

Anna turned around to see Jin, but she quickly diverted her eyes which made him chuckle as he finished getting dressed by putting his shirt on.

"I go make food. Okay?"

Anna nodded. Before he left the room Jin paused and turned back to face Anna.

"Yoongi like cuddle but he far away to respect you."

After Jin had left, Anna turned back to look at Yoongi. She slowly shuffled towards him until she was lying behind him, her front against his back. She leant up on her arm so she could see his face. Sometimes she could hardly believe that this was the same guy known for spitting fire when he raps. He looked so cute when he was asleep.

Laying back down she snuggled into his back and wrapped her arm around him. Although she had spent the least amount of time with Yoongi, it didn’t mean they had any less of a connection. So, it was nice just to be this close to him.

The feel of another body against his roused Yoongi enough from sleep that he turned over and wrapped his arm around Anna. Not expecting a body smaller than his to be cuddling up next to him, he opened his eyes in surprise.


“Jagi. Feel better?

Yes. Yes. Thank you.”

“You’re so cute when speak Korean.”


Yoongi gave Anna a gummy smile. He took her left hand and kissed the mark that represented their soulmate bond.

Go see others.

Anna smiled at him and nodded. She felt so happy that everything had finally fallen into place. Excited to see her other soulmates she gave Yoongi a quick peck before jumping up to go see them.

First, she went next door to Namjoon and Taehyung’s room. Deciding to let the hardworking leader sleep a few minutes longer, Anna went to Tae first. She took a leaf out of Tae’s book and laid on top of him. Her cuddly bear of a soulmate wrapped his arms around her, turning them so they were lying on their sides face to face. He nuzzled into her neck.


Okay. I guess I will have to wake up the others by myself then.

No go.

But I want to see everyone’s soulmate mark.

At the mention of the soulmate mark, Taehyung pulled back so he could look at Anna’s face. He brought his left hand up in between them and grinned at her. Anna noticed he wasn’t surprised.

You’ve seen it already?

I see last night.

But the others haven’t.

Let’s go.

The pair got up and jumped on either side of Namjoon, who blearily opened his eyes.

“Tae, how did you convince Anna to become your partner in crime?”

“Hey! It was her idea!”

Well, this was a nice way to wake up, Anna.

Namjoon looked between his two younger soulmates and noticed they were both grinning madly at him.

Okay. What’s going on with you two?

Anna held up her left hand and Tae followed suit.

It’s official!

I never had any doubts.

I know you didn’t. Isn’t it pretty!

It’s perfect.

Namjoon gave them both a kiss on the forehead before cuddling them both.

Next Anna went down to Hoseok and Jimin’s room. Knowing Jimin was hard to wake up she went to Hobi’s bed first and sat down on the edge.

“Hobi. Wakey wakey.

“Anna? What time is it?”

He sat up groggily, rubbing his face.

Something wrong?


He looked down, puzzled for a moment before he saw it.

Wow! Anna! I am so happy!

He laughed as he wrapped her in a hug.

Okay! Big day today. Time to wake Jimin.

Don’t worry I’ll wake him up.

Hobi gave her a big kiss on the cheek before heading to the bathroom to get ready.

Wait, what’s happening today?

Hobi just grinned at her before shutting the door.

Anna laid down facing Jimin and started running her fingers through his hair.



It’s time to wake up.

Jimin buried his head further into his pillow.

Don’t you want to see our soulmate mark?

He turned his head slightly and opened one eye to look at her.


She waved her left hand in front of him. His eyes widened and he grabbed her hand to get a better look at the mark.


“Jin Hyung says breakfast is almost ready! Are you all up? Oh, there are you Anna. Can you wake up Jungkook? For some reason he prefers it when you wake him up.

Okay Namjoon. No problem. He was my next stop anyway.

After Anna left the room, Jimin narrowed his eyes at his soulmate standing in the doorway.

“Hyung! Did you have to take Anna away from me?”

“Are you forgetting we have the next week alone with her, with no other commitments?”

Jimin perked up at Namjoon’s words.

“I'm glad that we’re going back there again. I hope Anna likes it there too.”

Meanwhile in Anna and Jungkook’s bedroom, she had jumped on the bed where he was still sleeping.

“Kookie! Wake up! Jungkooook!”

Anna was taken by surprise when Jungkook grabbed her and pulled her down onto the bed, hovering over her.

You are happy this morning Anna.

We’re soulmates!

Jungkook smiled down at Anna and leaned down to rub their noses together.

I know that for a long time.

Chapter Text

It was like déjà vu of a few weeks ago when they were last sitting in this office and she was told she had a deadline to have her first kiss. To Anna that felt like a lifetime ago and so much had happened since then. The closeness she had developed with her soulmates in such a small amount of time was almost unimaginable.

“On behalf of the Soulmate Registration Office we congratulate you on completing your bond.”

“So, Anna can stay now?”

“Yes. Here is her soulmate visa which allows her to live in Korea with you. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to let us know.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you for your help.”


As they left the office Anna was practically beaming. Everything was finally falling into place and she had never felt happier. Her chest felt light, as if a weight she hadn’t noticed she had was gone. For once her thoughts were free of any negative influence and instead were focused purely on the joy and reassurance her completed soulmate bond had brought her.

Anna! You’re back!

Hi Tom. Sorry I haven’t contacted you about my lessons.

Don’t worry about it. I can imagine things can get pretty hectic when your soulmates are idols.

Ha ha, yeah, but I can resume my lessons this week.

“Actually, Anna won’t be able to come to her lessons this week, we’re taking her away. It’s a surprise.”

“That’s okay, just let me know when she’s available again.”

“Although, she could do virtual lessons. We won’t be travelling around this week.”

“That works for me.”

“Great. Starting tomorrow at the usual time then. Thanks Tom.”

“No problem Namjoon. Bye Anna!

Huh? Bye?

Anna was a little confused as she was dragged away by her soulmates.

The boys felt like spies as they worked to keep their plans a surprise for Anna. While the older members kept her distracted, the younger ones had fun sneaking around. After packing for Anna as well, they had put everyone’s luggage into their cars, so Anna wouldn’t notice the suitcases lying around the dorm.

Somehow, she had missed the suitcases in the back of the car on the way to the SRO and hadn’t questioned why they took three cars. Anna could be so oblivious sometimes.

She was led to the front passenger seat of one of their cars, while Namjoon got in the back and Jungkook took the driver’s seat.

Anna, you can be our DJ for the drive.

Namjoon words made Anna very happy. She loved to be in control of the music on car journeys.

As long as you don’t mind singing along the whole time.

Jungkook got excited and bounced in his seat.

Sing? Yes! Sing!

I think you are forgetting who you are in the car with Anna.

Ha, true. I just know it annoys some people.

No way! Who would be annoyed by singing?

Anna stayed silent. She wished she hadn’t mentioned it at all.

Anna? Who?

My parents.

Anna reluctantly whispered the answer. There was a pause as the boys pondered on her reply.

You don’t mention your parents often.

No, I don’t.

The car was filled with an uncertain silence for a few minutes. Anna flicked through her phone putting together a playlist for the journey.

So, are you going to tell me where we’re going?

No, we surprise you.

Music flowed through the speakers, but Anna didn’t start singing along straight away. However, after a few songs she quietly began to sing and then ‘We are Bulletproof: the Eternal’ started playing. Anna remembered the first time she heard this song. Even before she became an ARMY it brought tears to her eyes. So now she couldn’t stop herself from singing along.

Jungkook kept stealing glances at his singing soulmate as he drove. There hadn’t been many chances for him to hear her sing like this. He knew she loved to sing, but she was also shy about singing in front of them, especially their own songs.

He knew it was because she struggled with the Korean and he understood how she felt. He loved singing English songs, but he remembered how frustrated he would get when he found something hard to pronounce. Sometimes he still did.

Despite the flaws in her Korean, he was impressed. Jungkook was especially known for adding in lots of ad libs and harmonies, but Anna had him beat. It showed her proficiency in music and singing that she could listen to the music, go with the flow, and just sing form the heart. He hoped she would sing with him one day.

Although Namjoon had heard Anna sing before when he walked in on one of her singing sessions, they had only been English songs. Sometimes he forgot how hard it was to speak another language. In the past he had gotten frustrated at how little progress the other members had made with their English studies, but he knew how hard they tried. Having Anna here had shown exactly how much they had all improved.

All of them were always been so impressed when they heard international fans singing their songs in Korean. However, after seeing Anna struggle with learning Korean he realised just how impressive it was and he felt even more love and pride for their fans.

Your voice is beautiful Anna.

Anna wasn’t sure how Namjoon could say that when Jungkook, their main vocalist, was sitting beside her, but she decided not to comment on it.


Anna’s singing is amazing!

“Thank you Kookie!”

Looking out of the window, she noticed that they had driven out the city and Anna could see mountains in the distance. Huh, so this is what Korea looks like. She wondered where they were going. It had only been a few weeks but living with idols had Anna feeling as though she never knew what was going on. Each member’s schedule was jam packed. Sometimes they were all together, and sometimes they were working on things individually. They worked odd hours and most of the time Anna had no clue whether they were coming or going.

Wait! Didn’t Namjoon mention they were getting some time off after they finished their tour? But we can’t be going away somewhere, I haven’t packed anything. So where are we going?

For the rest of the drive Anna wondered where they were going as she carried on singing along to her playlist. Jungkook and Namjoon joined in singing to the songs they knew, and Anna giggled when Namjoon did his over the top, purposely bad, singing voice.

Eventually they started driving up into the mountains and Anna curiously focused her attention outside the window as Jungkook navigated the winding road.

It’s a little different to Seoul, isn’t it?

Yeah. I mean I've seen glimpses on your shows, but to be honest I had no idea what Korea really looked like before I got here.

Are you a city or countryside kind of girl?

Realistically I would have to say city because shopping, but I do love the countryside. My favourite place to go on holiday in England was the Lake District: mountains and lakes.

I understand. I love nature, but you can’t really do my line of work outside of the city.

“Namjoon Hyung, we’re nearly there.”

We are nearing our destination.

Anna leaned forward in her seat looking out for any clues of where exactly their destination was. A stretch of water had appeared on their left, but Anna wasn’t sure if it was a lake or a river. A few minutes later she saw something that looked familiar. Where have I seen this before? As they got closer, something was definitely familiar to Anna.

Oh my god! No way! Is that?

“A space we are in together.”

Chapter Text

As she stepped onto the grass Anna couldn’t believe she was really there: In the Soop. It was just as peaceful and beautiful as it had looked in the show, with the house by the river, surrounded by trees. The perfect place to just get away and spend time together, without any interruptions. Actually, it made Anna feel a little nervous. So far, they hadn’t spent an extended period of time all together like this. It would be a true test to see how well she fits in with the group as a whole.

“Anna? Tour?”

Although she probably knew her way around from watching In the Soop, Anna smiled at nodded at Taehyung. He looked so excited as he grabbed her hand and started showing her around. They went into the floating house where Jungkook had stayed and Jin had gone fishing. They went to the upper house where Jimin had slept and Jin and Taehyung had played video games. Finally, they went to the main house where they had all played card games, built Lego, and sang songs. It was surreal seeing the place in real life.

After the tour they all gathered in the main house for a meeting.

“So, what is the plan while we’re here? We don’t have all the toys this time.”

“I thought we were each bringing something to do?”

“I brought my music equipment.”

“Of course, you did.”

“I don’t think that was quite what we meant Yoongi Hyung.”

Anna eyes flickered between the boys as they talked. She was concentrating so hard that she had narrowed her eyes and had furrowed eyebrows. However, it was useless. They spoke so fast that she had no hope of understanding what they were saying with her still limited Korean skills.

“Okay, who brought something?”

“I brought card games.”

“Uno, Jin Hyung?”

“Yes Tae, including BTS Uno.”

“I brought craft kits.”

“Anna will love that Hoseok Hyung! I brought art supplies.”

“Is our Kookie the artist going to show off his amazing skills again?”

Jungkook got shy and embarrassed at his words and gave Jimin a light whack on the arm for his teasing. This made Anna smile. Although she didn’t know what had been said, she was familiar with these types of actions between these two. Jimin loved to tease the youngest and Jungkook enjoyed using his strength to get back at his shortest Hyung.

“And what did you bring Jimin?”

“Umm, a karaoke machine.”


“My laptop to play video games on?”


“I brought books.”

“Because reading is a group activity?”

“Well, I guess four out of seven isn’t bad.”

Meanwhile, Anna had let her eyes wonder around the room when she spotted something outside the side door. After staring at it for a few moments she realised it was a hot tub, the one that the boys never used on In the Soop, or at least it was shown on camera.

“Anna? Penny for your thoughts?

Huh? It’s nothing.

Tell us.


I was just wondering…


Did you use the hot tub?

Did we…? Oh! Um…

Namjoon glanced around at the others and muttered a translation for them. Curiously she noticed some of her soulmate’s cheeks redden.

“No amount of editing could have made that footage suitable for public viewing.”

“Yoongi Hyung!”

We did, but there wasn’t any usable footage to put in the show.

Anna pondered over the leaders answer for a moment. Why wouldn’t they have any usage footage? I guess it was worse than when Taehyung took his t-shirt off in Bon Voyage. A lot worse by their reactions.

So where is everyone sleeping?

As they started discussing sleeping arrangements, Anna realised something she hadn’t thought about before. A big part of any trip BTS had taken involved a game to decide where they each would sleep. This even ended in some ridiculous arrangements with empty rooms. However, thinking about it now Anna realised that they didn’t do this for In the Soop. Did this mean that in the months between Bon Voyage Season 4 and In the Soop, the boys had grown up?

Anna? What’s wrong?

When did you guys grow up?

Uh, we haven’t?

You didn’t play a game!

What game?

To decide who’s sleeping where. You used to always play a game to decide rooms.

In the end it didn’t matter because they would mostly likely end up swapping beds throughout the week, but for the sake of putting their luggage somewhere, they chose rooms based on convenience. The 95s would be in the upper house so they could play their video games as late as they wanted. Jungkook and Namjoon would be in the floating house. Jungkook because he didn’t mind since he had slept there last time, and Namjoon because he snored. That left Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok and Anna in the main house.

Her thoughts that the boys had grown were disproven when her three remaining soulmates proceeded to play rock paper scissors to decide who got to share with her. Anna wasn’t sure who she wanted to win. She hadn’t shared a bed with any of her soulmates apart from Kookie, at least knowingly anyway.

Once the room arrangements were settled, the eldest members started on lunch as the maknae line claimed they were starting to die of hunger. Whilst lunch was being prepared, Anna took her luggage up to her room. She was curious to see what had been packed. Meanwhile, Hoseok followed Jimin and Taehyung to the upper house.

Opening her suitcase, she was glad to see her washbag, at least she didn’t have to worry about her skincare routine. However, that was pretty much all that was recognisable. Is this really my bag? As she started taking out the pieces of obviously female clothing, there was no doubt that these were meant for her.

It seemed some of her soulmates had taken the opportunity of this surprise trip to buy her some new clothes. If she had to guess, Anna would say it was either Hoseok, Jimin or Taehyung, or all three. She lifted out some material which was supposed to be her sleep wear. Definitely Jimin. Anna sighed. These guys would be the death of her. What was she going to wear to bed now?

Chapter Text

Lunch passed by with the same controlled chaos that BTS seemed to do everything. The clear up was just as organised, showing the teamwork they had built up over the past ten years. This was one of those moments where Anna felt like an outsider. They all had their roles. After years of going away together they worked in sync, while Anna hesitated, unsure what to do. However, before she knew it everything was taken care of before she even had a chance to help.

The afternoon was spent with everyone doing their own thing. Seeing Anna dithering about awkwardly by herself, Hoseok grabbed her hand and led her to the living room where he had set up the craft kits that he had brought with him.

Anna enjoyed their bonding time. She was reminded of him making the glider in In The Soop, and how he struggled and got confused by the instructions. As they worked, she glanced over at Hobi and had the urge to help him. She even started to reach out but stopped herself. She didn’t know if he would want her help, and she didn’t want to come across as overbearing or make him believe that she thought he couldn’t do it by himself. She would wait and see if he asked for help.

“How do you do this?!”

Anna glanced over again at Hobi who had thrown his hands up in the air in frustration. When he looked over and saw that she calmly and proficiently making her way through the project, his eyes widened.

Wow Anna! You are so good! Can you help me please?

With Anna helping Hoseok they both managed to finish their activity before dinner time. When Jin came round asking for someone to help him with dinner, Anna volunteered since she hadn’t helped at all at lunch.

It seemed to have become their tradition to have Korean English lessons while they cooked. Anna and Jin had a lot of fun while they worked. Jin did his best to make Anna laugh by making fun of his own pronunciations. It made him happy to see her laughing. He knew she had been on a rollercoaster these past few weeks and he hoped a week away here would help her catch her breath.

After dinner they decided they would play card games. While Hoseok and Taehyung handled the washing up, Jimin and Jungkook chose to set up the karaoke machine. Anna sat next to Namjoon in the living, the leader had started to read his book until he saw what the younger boys were planning on doing. She laughed remembering how Namjoon had trouble finding a quiet place to read his book the last time he was here.

Although she didn’t recognise any of the songs they sang, Anna still had fun watching her soulmates. Whenever she used to watch them on screen, she was constantly amazed at how they always seemed to have fun. It didn’t matter where they were or what they were doing, they knew how to enjoy themselves and she envied that. Anna on the other hand was pretty sure she didn’t know how to have fun.

Meanwhile, Jungkook had noticed that that Anna hadn’t been singing along.

What song Anna know?

Umm, apart from BTS my K-pop knowledge is rather limited.

Who else do you listen to?

ATEEZ, NCT 127, BLACKPINK, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ENHYPEN, UNIQ and EXO, and a few other odd songs from k-dramas.

Seeing Jimin looking through the song list Anna started to panic.

But none of them well enough to sing karaoke!

No! Anna good singer!

Before Anna could argue with the maknae, Namjoon cut in.

“We heard you in the car this morning, Anna. We know how good you are.

“Kook, if you convince her to sing a song in Korean, I will give you one wish?”

“Wish? Really, Yoongi Hyung? Why?”

“She’s cute when she speaks Korean.”

Yoongi mumbled the answer under his breath so only Jin who was sitting next to him heard it. The oldest member immediately burst out laughing and the rapper just stared at Jin with a blank expression, along with the rest of the room.

“You’re the cute one Yoongi.”

Anna’s attention was brought away from her two oldest soulmates when Jimin held a microphone in front of her.

I choose song. Anna sing.


No buts. Up you get.

As Namjoon helped her out of her seat, Anna felt like she was having an out of body experience. She was freaking out. All she could imagine was this going very badly, and she didn’t even know which song Jimin had chosen.

Objectively, there was no reason for her to get all worked up. It was only in front of her soulmates after all. However, just because they were her soulmates didn’t mean she was comfortable revealing everything to them. Singing meant something very special to Anna.

Standing at the front of the room, Anna fidgeted with the microphone in her hands while she waited for the music to start. When it did, she was pleasantly surprised. She looked at Jimin who beamed up at her from where he was sitting on the floor, and then at Jungkook who smiled and nodded at her encouragingly before singing the intro.

Cause I'm in the stars tonight. So, watch me bring the fire and set the night alight.

She started singing and Jungkook faded out after a few lines, except for adding some ad-lib. She was timid at first, but by the time she had finished Namjoon’s part she was feeling more confident. When it got to the chorus, Jimin stood up and him and Jungkook started dancing. Anna didn’t manage to pluck up enough courage to join in with the dancing as well and none of her soulmates pressed her to either.

Just as the song finished, Hoseok and Taehyung returned from doing the washing up at the upper house.

“Anna is singing?!”

“Yes, you just missed it! She sang Dynamite!”

“What? No! Anna sing again!

“I thought we were going to play cards!”

“That’s right. You can convince Anna to sing for you another night. We said we would play cards tonight.”

Ignoring Taehyungs pout the others set up Uno, since Anna knew how to play that one. As the evening continued, it was like a replay of Bon Voyage season four. Lots of singing, silly suspense, and a confused Taehyung. Having never played with so many people before, Anna had never participated in a game which went on for so long.

Due to her late night with Yoongi and then the excitement this morning, Anna was already tired. After she had yawned for the tenth time her soulmates told her to go to bed. It didn’t take much to convince her since she was almost falling asleep where she sat anyway.

The game continued for a while longer, but when it finally finished, Yoongi announced that he was heading to bed. After all he had been up late last night too.

“Hyung? What happened last night? We never got the full story. We just woke up with a completed soulmate bond.”

“I got home late from the studio and Anna was in the living room. She was worried about the bond. So, I told her that it didn’t matter and then we completed the bond.”

“You told her it didn’t matter?”

“That whatever happened I would choose her.”

Yoongi wasn’t one for beating around the bush, but despite being used to his blunt honesty the rest of the members were surprised by his words.

“Aww! Our Yoongi can be such a romantic!”

“But then Anna fainted!”


“Don’t alarm them Tae. She was fine. They woke me, I checked on her and then we put her to bed.”

“Speaking of bed, goodnight you lot.”

“Love you too Yoongi!”

“Hope you like Anna’s pyjamas!”

Yoongi paused at Jimin’s words and turned back to see the younger boy giggling to himself. Namjoon also looked at the dancer curiously.

“What’s funny Jimin?”

“What did you do now?”

Chapter Text

Anna woke up before her alarm the next morning, which was lucky because she didn’t want to wake up her soulmates. She had her first Korean lesson after a week off this morning and she was more determined than ever to master the language.

After turning off her alarm, she laid in bed for a few more minutes. Glancing over at Yoongi who was sleeping beside her she thought back to last night. Never being one to stay up late, although she tried, Anna had ended up going to bed first.

Alone in the bedroom, she studied the sleep wear she had found in the suitcase earlier. It wasn’t the most scandalous piece of sleep wear they could have picked. However, due to her tendency to overthink things, all Anna could imagine was the skimpy loose material moving while she slept and revealing much more than she was ready for to the soulmate sharing her bed.

In the end, she decided she should at least try them on. The pyjamas were very pretty, despite being shorter and lacier than anything she had ever bought for herself. Anna kept them on while she did her evening skin care routine, thinking that the boys would be staying up for a while, so she would have time to change into something else before going to bed.

Yoongi was frowning as he made his way up the stairs to bed. He thought his younger soulmate would understand that not everyone was comfortable wearing revealing clothes. As the rapper approached the door of the bedroom he would be sharing with his new soulmate, he couldn’t deny that he was curious to see what Anna would be wearing.

He knocked before opening the door so as not to startle her. However, when Yoongi entered the room she wasn’t there. He was about to call out her name when the bathroom door opened, and she stepped out. Despite having been pre-warned he froze, stunned, and ended up gawking at her from the doorway.

At first when Anna saw Yoongi in their room, she had forgotten about the worries she had about her clothing. However, when she noticed him staring, she was instantly reminded and lifted her arms up, holding them in front of her chest self-consciously.

Seeing that she was uncomfortable, Yoongi looked away. His heart was pounding in his chest. That was the most he had seen of his soulmate and it made him wonder if he had enough self-control to be able to respectfully share a bed with her.


There was an awkward moment while neither of them knew what to do. As much as he liked what Jimin had picked out for her, Annas comfort came first.

You want my t-shirt?


While Anna hesitated, Yoongi took one of his t-shirts out of his suitcase and handed it to her.

It okay.

“Thank you.”

But Anna beautiful. Okay?

Anna was left staring into space as Yoongi moved past her and went into the bathroom. No wonder his stage name was Suga, this soulmate of hers was just too sweet. So, the next morning she couldn’t help but smile at the outwardly tough, but inwardly gentle man sleeping beside her.

As she got ready for her virtual Korean lesson, Anna was relying on her soulmates making the most of their time off. If watching In The Soop was any indication, most of the boys wouldn’t be up for hours yet. She was very self-conscious about people watching her do things she wasn’t confident at.

The lesson went really well. Since it had been a little while since their last lesson, they began by reviewing everything Anna had learnt so far. When they had decided the plan for her lessons, Anna had wanted to focus on being able to speak as much as possible, as quickly as possible. Therefore, Tom taught her short useful phrases, rather than overwhelming her with the grammar in the beginning.

By the end of the lesson, Anna felt like she’d had a breakthrough. For once she didn’t feel like learning Korean was going to be an impossible struggle. The idea crossed her mind that the completed soulmate bond had helped, but from what she knew it wasn’t capable of making such changes.

It was not a surprise when Jin was the first one up. Anna was slightly curious what his morning routine would be considering there was no punching bag to kick this time. When he spotted Anna, he sleepily made his way over to her, bending down to give her a kiss on the cheek, before heading into the kitchen to get a drink. Then he sat down at the table where Anna was making some notes on the lesson she had just had.

Good… lesson?

“Yes, but brain hurts.

Jin leaned over and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Mwah! Kiss it better.

There was a moment of silence where neither party knew whether to laugh or just be embarrassed.

What you want to do today?

Umm… fishing?

Fishing? Really? Anna know fishing?

“Yes, a little.

Anna was pretty impressed with herself when she managed to put the fishing pole together by herself. It had been quite a few years since she had done any fishing. Back in high school they had to do an enrichment program one afternoon a week, doing a different activity every few weeks. This was where she had learnt to fish in the pond on her school’s grounds. The one thing she had never done herself was putting the bait on the hook. Luckily Jin was happy to that that for her.

Apparently fishing from the floating house wasn’t good enough, so Jin insisted they take the boat out on the river. Anna discreetly gripped the bench she was sitting on while Jin drove them out. She had awful balance. When he stopped the boat, they cast out on opposite sides and then the wait began.

It was a nice day. There were a few clouds in the sky which blocked out the sun every so often and there was one moment when the sun broke through that Anna glanced over at Jin. The light just happened to be hitting him perfectly and she couldn’t help but stare at her oldest soulmate. It wasn’t fair that he was so handsome.

You like?

Anna really needed to stop being so obvious with her staring.

You think I am handsome, yes?

Anna pursed her lips at Jin’s teasing and looked away without answering.


Suddenly he sounded very close and when Anna turned towards him again his face was right in front of hers. It was like she was frozen in place as Jin’s eyes bore into hers. Her heart raced as she waited to see what he would do next, all he had to do was lean in a little more.

A tug on fishing line startled her so much that she jumped in her seat and almost lost her balance. Jin grabbed her, wrapping his arm around her waist to steady her.

Careful Anna.

She didn’t know whether to focus on her closeness to Jin, or the fact that she had almost fallen into the water. However, another tug on her line reminded her of why she was startled in the first place.

I think I’ve caught a fish?

Unfortunately, by the time they had reeled it in the fish had escaped. Though they were soon distracted from their disappointment by a shout coming from the shore.

“Yah! Jin! When are we cooking lunch?”

Jin had to grab Anna again when the sudden yell took her by surprise.

“Yah! Have you been spending too much time with Namjoon? He’s infected you with his clumsiness!”

Chapter Text

“Did everyone sleep well?”

Positive murmurs echoed around the table at Hoseok’s question. Jin, Yoongi and Anna had started cooking before waking the others up. Some of the members had only gotten up just as lunch was being put on the table.

“I bet Yoongi Hyung slept well.”

“I did actually Jimin. Thank you very much for your present. It was beautiful.”

“What? You saw… you mean she wore them?”

“Did you pack her other pyjamas?”

Jimin just sat and gaped at Yoongi in shock.

“I thought it was very selfless of you, to give up your chance of being Anna’s roommate. Very kind of you Jiminie.”

Namjoon chuckled to himself as he patted Jimin, who was now pouting, on the head.

“Serves you right. Anyway, moving on. What is everyone planning on doing today?”

“Jin Hyung, are you going fishing?”

“I've already been. Anna go fish with me!

Jin wrapped his arm around Anna and gave her a kiss on the side of her head.

You know how to fish?

Umm, a little.

No, no! Anna professional.

“You mean she’s better than you Hyung?”


They all burst out laughing.


Later that afternoon everyone was doing their own thing when Anna left the main house. The maknae line had decided to turn on the karaoke machine and as much as she loved hearing them sing, after a while she needed to go somewhere where she could focus.

Outside she was walking across the large grassy lawn when she spotted Namjoon sitting at the picnic bench reading a book. She debated whether to joining him would disturb him, but ultimately decided that they both wanted the same thing: peace and quiet.

Do you mind if I join you?

Namjoon looked up from his book.

I promise I’ll be quiet.

Of course, you can Anna.

For a while the two of them sat in comfortable silence, until she noticed that RM kept sighing. The noise of the maknae line singing karaoke in the main house could be heard outside, they were so loud. After the tenth sigh she decided to help poor Namjoon out.

Anna got up and walked back to the main house. When she entered the living room, her youngest soulmates called her name excitedly, hoping she was there to join them.

Could you turn the noise down a bit please? We can hear you from all the way out there and Namjoon can’t focus on his book.”

We very loud?


“Okay. Anna sing and we stop?

She pictured Namjoon practically pulling his hair out as he read the same paragraph over and over again. She didn’t understand why they were so all insistent on getting her to sing, but to get their hard-working leader some peace and quiet she would do it.

“Okay. Let me choose.

Maybe. I like that one. Not bad.

Anna muttered to herself as she looked through the available songs until a particular one caught her eye. Once she had chosen, the boys eagerly awaited her performance. At hearing the intro Taehyung gasped and Jimin shushed him as Anna started to sing.

When you try best, but you don’t succeed. When you get what you want, but not what you need.

Outside, Namjoon hadn’t noticed Anna had gone until he closed his book. A gust of wind caused a pen roll across the table and the pages of the notebook she had left behind to flutter. He grabbed the pen before it could roll off the table and went to close the notebook when something caught his eye. The writing in the book was in Korean. It looked as though Anna had been doing a vocab test.

Namjoon smiled. He admired his new soulmate. He knew how hard it was to learn a new language. Although many people assumed it was easy for him, Namjoon often struggled with his English, especially when he hadn’t used it for a long time. Hopefully for Anna, living in Korea would help her a lot. He just wished he had more time to help her personally.

He looked around wondering where Anna might have gone, when the music started again, and the sound of a familiar tune reached his ears. He anticipated hearing either Jungkook’s or Taehyung’s voice, but his eyebrows rose when it was Anna’s soft voice he heard instead.

Namjoon had known the song well before they had done a cover of it, as did the other members. Coldplay’s Fix You was a beautiful and emotional song and Anna seemed to sing it effortlessly. When he heard the youngest members chime in, Namjoon’s heart clenched when their voices blended seamlessly in harmony with Anna’s. It was as if their voices were meant to be heard together.


“Hot tub time!”

Taehyung had decided at dinner that some of them would be using the hot hub later and had insisted that Anna join too. Now they were all getting changed before heading out and Anna was in a predicament over what to wear. Whoever had packed her suitcase hadn’t packed any swimwear, so now she was debating over what would be suitable from the clothes she did have.

She was sitting on the floor of the bedroom next to her suitcase when there was a knock on the door.



I forgot to give this before, to you.

Anna took the item Jungkook was holding out to her, which she soon recognised as a pair of her own pyjamas.

Sorry, I let Jimin help with your suitcase.

That’s okay. Thank you, for this.

Ready for hot tub?

I'm just deciding what to wear.

Ah, oops? Umm, those work?

She looked at the pyjamas he had just given her. They consisted of a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, and he was right they would be the most suitable items she had to wear in the hot tub.

Pyjamas it is.

But what you wear to sleep?

Oh, Yoongi leant me one of his t-shirts.

You wear Yoongi Hyungs clothes?

Jungkook stared at Anna with wide eyes and she couldn’t quite figure out the odd expression on his face.


Anna borrow my clothes too!

In the hot tub, Anna was feeling self-conscious. Under the water her t-shirt billowed, and she kept pulling in down, feeling it rise higher and higher. However, if she sat up out of the water a bit, then she was wearing a wet t-shirt which stuck to her body.

As she waited for the maknae line and Hobi to join her, her thoughts wondered to whether they would be wearing t-shirts like they do on camera. Her first thought that was obviously they wouldn’t, as they only covered up because of the cameras, but her second thought was how would she survive being surrounded by four half naked soulmates.

She smiled at them as they walked over. Taehyung ran a little to get there first making her laugh at his childishness. But any thoughts of them being childlike disappeared when they all began to undress. Although it wasn’t a surprise, Anna was still shocked as what was usually hidden under layers of clothing was revealed and all she could do was stare.

Taehyung hopping into the water, jostled her from her staring. When they were all sitting down, Annas eyes darted around trying to look anywhere but directly at them. She didn’t want to be caught ogling them shamelessly, again.

Her soulmates thought her embarrassment was cute. They had noticed her looking at them with wide eyes and red cheeks. They wanted her to look. They wanted proof that she wanted them as much as they wanted her.


She heard Jimin call her name, but she resisted looking in his direction. Instead she hummed in response.

“Anna? Oh Anna?”


Suddenly Jimin’s smiling face was right next to her.


Jimin give you massage. He very good.

Anna didn’t get a chance to respond before she was manoeuvred so that she was sitting between Jimin thighs, his hands on her shoulders. Jimin must have had magic fingers as it wasn’t long before she had relaxed under his touch. His hands drifted down her arms until his own were wrapped around her and he pulled her back so that she was leaning against his chest.

Her eyes were closed as she melted into her soulmates hold. Anna was resting comfortably until Jimin started leaving a trail of kisses down the side of her face. When he reached below her jawline, he focused on a particular spot making Anna gasp.

Before she had even opened her eyes, she found herself pulled away from Jimin and somehow ended up sitting sideways across Taehyungs lap. Glancing over at Jimin, Anna saw him glaring at his best friend and only the fact that Jungkook had wrapped his arms around the shorter man had stopped him from retaliating.

A peck on her cheek caused Anna to turn towards Tae. She saw a hint of his mischievous grin before his lips descended on hers. He was somehow both passionate and gentle at the same time. His hands rested on her bare waist, as the bottom of her top was floating in the water. When he rubbed his thumbs over her skin it sent a spark of desire through her body. She raised her arms wrapping them around his neck, before losing herself in his embrace.

A splash of water hitting them finally broke the pair apart. Taehyung had a huge grin on his face and when she glanced at the others, they were all smirking at her. Anna hid her face in Tae’s neck, and she felt his body vibrate when he chuckled at her embracement. She sighed.

I guess this is what my life will be like now.

Chapter Text

Anna enjoyed walking. Long walks along level ground were no problem for her. However, as she was struggling up this hill, she wondered why she had agreed to go hiking with Namjoon and Hoseok. The pair had enjoyed their hike so much last time they were here that they wanted to do it again and had invited Anna along too. So, she spent most of the climb trying to hide her heavy breathing from her two extremely fit soulmates and when they finally reached the top she sat down on the first rock she saw, while the boys admired the view.

You okay Anna?

Yep. I am okay.

Hoseok smiled at her before offering his hand to pull her up.

Lunch time?

As they were finishing their packed lunch, Namjoon got a call. He frowned as he looked at the screen and muttered something under his breath.  The leader got up, answering his phone as he walked a short distance away from them.

Anna tried not to watch him, although it wasn’t like she could eavesdrop, but she noticed he looked a little annoyed. He switched between resting his hand on his hip, to rubbing his forehead, to running his hand through his hair.

Manager-nim knows we on holiday, must be important.

At Hoseok’s words, Anna was now also frowning. She wondered what was so important that they would disturb BTS on one of their rare weeks off. Hoseok pursed his lips in thought, before putting on a smile.


Anna wrinkled her nose. She wasn’t fond of having her picture taken, but who could deny Hobi’s hopeful face. He put one arm around her and pulled her closer so that she was pressed against his side.

As they posed, she suddenly had an idea and as he went to take a picture Anna turned to press her lips against his cheek. However, she was the one who was surprised when Hobi also turned and she ended up meeting his lips instead. She would have pulled away from the unexpected kiss if it weren’t for a hand on the back of her head holding her in place.

Time seemed to be a foreign concept when she was kissing her soulmates. Hours could have passed, or just a few minutes and she wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. When Hoseok did pull away, Anna kept her eyes closed as if she was lost in the moment. As he caressed her cheek, he couldn’t resist giving her one last peck on her pouty lips.


Sorry to interrupt, but we should start heading back now. We need to have a group meeting.

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah. Nothing major, they just want to disrupt our holiday.”

Anna looked between her two soulmates as they shared a knowing look between them. She watched Namjoon rub is forehead again and noticed the small crease between his eyebrows. This unexpected interruption had caused him to get back into his leader mode again and he looked as though he needed a hug.

So that’s what Anna did. She stepped towards Namjoon and wrapped her arms around him. This one was of things she was especially glad she could do now. Ever since she became ARMY, or even before, when she watched BTS videos she had often felt the need to give them hugs.

She felt Namjoon’s chest vibrate as he chuckled before he wrapped his arms around her in return. He leaned down and kissed the top of Anna’s head. When she raised her head up to look at him, he captured her lips in a brief kiss. However, the shortness of the kiss didn’t mean it didn’t still take her breath away.

Going down wasn’t much easier than going up, but the boys took Anna’s hands to help her down the steeper parts. It wasn’t long before they were back at their accommodation. Hoseok ran off the round up the other boys, while Namjoon and Anna went to the main house. Yoongi was the only one there, apparently taking advantage of the peace and quiet while the others were gaming in the upper house.

“Jungkook is in his room.”

Anna would you mind getting Jungkook? He’s in the floating house.


When she got back, the rest of the members had assembled in the living room. Jungkook immediately sat down too, but Anna hovered. She wasn’t sure if should join them since it was a work-related meeting, but Namjoon patted the space next to him.

Anna, come sit.

“So, Namjoon, why is our holiday getting interrupted?”

“They want us to do a Run episode. Manager-nim said he told them they shouldn’t intrude on our time off, but they said us being back here was too good an opportunity to miss.”

“Can’t they just book this place out some other time?”

“It’s fully booked. You know we were lucky to get this week here.”

“If it were just us, I would say let’s do it for ARMY.”

“Exactly. I agree that ARMY would love a In The Soop episode of Run BTS!, but this is Anna’s holiday too.”

“Yeah, we can’t expect Anna to be happy with our work disturbing our time with her.”

While the others continued to discuss the situation, Namjoon translated what was going on to Anna. While she appreciated their concern, she also knew what their life was like. Their work was a huge part of it and changes of plan like this were bound to happen and she understood.

It’s okay. I don’t mind.

Are you sure?

Yes. I mean, I would love to watch you record an episode of Run BTS!.

Actually, there’s something else. I know we haven’t had a proper discussion about it yet, but they were thinking that Anna could take part as well.”

“They want Anna to be on Run BTS!?”

“I know the episode wouldn’t be aired for a while, but shouldn’t we have a plan of how we are going to introduce her to public before we start recording stuff?”

“They said they could record it in such a way that she could be cut out if needed.”

“So, we are going to go public then? With Anna, our group soulmate bond, everything?”

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to have to hide our mark anymore.”

“Me too. I'm surprised ARMYs haven’t already figured it out.”

“Yeah, but we were never worried about them finding out about us seven, only that we had one more soulmate.”

“Can you imagine everyone wanting to find out if they were our last soulmate? It would be crazy.”

“At least they wouldn’t have a single target. If Anna is known to the public…”

“I think this is a discussion for another day. Maybe BigHit has plan, but for now it is up to Anna.”

How do you feel about going on Run BTS!?

Anna honestly had no clue how to answer that question. She had never considered that she might be apart of their work life. Although, thinking about it now, their work was so integrated into their life that it would be hard not to be a part of it.

What she did know was that she was not comfortable going on camera. It went back to her low self-esteem. She disliked the idea of people being able to see her face, hear her voice. She always thought of photos as evidence of what she had looked like, evidence she would rather wasn’t available for everyone to see. Doing something like this would be so much worse. She could already hear the comments, judging her.

I don’t… I can’t…

It’s okay. No one will force you. The decision is completely up to you.

She looked around at her soulmates who were all sending her reassuring smiles and nods at their leader’s words. So many thoughts were rushing through her mind, including whether eventually she would have to be on camera. Namjoon did say they could cut me out if needed.

Can I think about it?

Of course you can. No pressure though, alright?

What was it about BTS that they could make you feel like you could do anything?

Chapter Text

The morning had started out normally. Anna was writing notes after having her Korean lesson earlier that morning. When she looked up, she noticed Taehyung standing by the window obviously looking at something. She couldn’t see anything from where she was sat so she walked over to him. Anna’s jaw almost dropped when she saw what Tae had been looking at. He had been watching Namjoon doing Yoga outside.


Nice, right?

Anna just nodded. Namjoon was wearing a tank top and shorts. She remembered that he used to wear tank tops a lot, and with his new workout regime over the past year she hoped to see him wearing them more often. He looked good. He always looked good and Anna knew that, but it hit slightly differently watching him in all these different positions.

Want to…

You want to join in?

Taehyung grinned and nodded his head.

Sure! Do you have any more mats?

Anna went to change into something more exercise appropriate, while Taehyung went to get his mat and borrow Hoseok’s. When the approached Namjoon, the leader paused his work out to ask if they were joining them.

If you don’t mind. I’ll have to follow you though and don’t laugh at me because I don’t work out like you guys do.

They set down their mats in front of Namjoon, as if he was leading a class. The newbies both broke out into giggles a few times when either of them lost their balance and toppled over. When Namjoon did a more complicated move, they both decided not to even attempt it. Instead they sat down and went back to admiring their usually clumsy soulmate. They had a much better view from here.

When he looked their way, Anna and Tae immediately stood up and pretended that they had been following along the whole time. Namjoon wasn’t oblivious to his younger soulmates stares and once the pair were focused back on their own movements, he took the chance to do some observations of his own. Once they had finished, the leader walked up to Anna.

You like watching me, huh?

Anna blushed at Namjoon’s teasing.

I watched you too.

She looked up to find his intense gaze on her. Namjoon placed his hands on her hips and as he stepped even closer to Anna, she reacted by stepping back until she collided with something. Turning her head slightly, she realised it was Taehyung she had bumped into. He was now standing flush against her back and Namjoon had moved so he was right in front of her. She was surrounded on both sides by her tallest soulmates, but she didn’t feel trapped.

Anna’s eyes fluttered closed when Taehyung began leaving kisses on the exposed skin of her neck and shoulder. She reached forward and rested her hands on Namjoon’s broad chest. Once again, she was overwhelmed by the close proximity of her soulmates. The outside world ceased to exist and all she could feel was the firm touch of their hands on her body and Tae’s lips on her skin.

“Yah! Get a room!”


Suddenly Anna found herself being lifted off the ground and over Namjoon’s shoulder, making her squeal in surprise. He headed towards his room in the floating house but was hindered by Taehyung running after them and trying to steal Anna from him.

“Yah! You better not drop her!”

Hearing the commotion Jungkook appeared and the competitive maknae joined in trying to take Anna for himself. During the struggle between the three guys, Anna was unknowingly put down and she managed to escape. She ran over to Jin who was standing by the main house watching the chaos unfold and hid behind him.

Jin knew when the others finally noticed none of them had Anna as they started looking around for her. However, they couldn’t see her as she was completely hidden by Jin’s broad shoulders.

“Jin Hyung, did you see where Anna went?”

The oldest soulmate brought Anna out in front of him and wrapped his arms around her, pretending he had captured her.

“Ha ha! I won! I win!

After lunch Anna was sitting in the living room of the main house. Jimin was playing video games next to her and Jungkook was doodling in a sketchbook. Anna was doing one of the craft boxes Hobi had brought with him. She was knitting a scarf which she thought would be a great present for Namjoon’s birthday in a few days’ time.

Woah! Anna wow!

Anna glanced over at Jimin who was watching her knit with wide eyes.

Noona very talented. How long… You done this before?

Knitting? Yes, a little. Enough to be able to make a scarf.

Who, for? Who this for?

Umm, Namjoon? For his birthday. Do you think he will like it?


Namjoon Hyung will love it!

After a while she needed a break and she noticed Hobi sitting outside by himself. So, she decided to join him. As she approached, he opened up his arms for her and she happily snuggled up against his side. At first, they just enjoyed taking in the scenery in each other’s company, until Hoseok brought up something Anna had been trying not to think about all day.

You decide what you do tomorrow?


You don’t have to, if you not want to. You choose what best for you. No pressure. Okay?

I wish I could do it, but it’s too soon, and too short notice. Maybe next time? Then you guys can prepare me for it?

Yes, very short notice. Don’t worry. We help you for next time.

Jungkook came running up to them with an item of clothing in his hand.

Noona look cold. Put this on?

Oh, thank you Kookie.

As she put on the hoodie, she missed the satisfied smirk that appeared on Jungkook’s lips at seeing Anna in his clothes. When she looked back up at him, she only saw his innocent bunny grin. Hoseok was amused at his youngest soulmates actions but said nothing. Jungkook sat down next to them.

“Hyung, did you know Anna can knit?”


“Yeah. Anna make birthday present for Namjoon Hyung.”

Wow! Our smart girl! Jungkookie has competition!

What? No way! Kookie is a whole other level of talented. No one can beat our golden maknae.


Hoseok reached over and pinched Jungkook’s blushing cheeks.

“Cute! Its nice living with an ARMY. Right, Jungkook?

I love ARMY, but I love Anna more.

Chapter Text

Anna was keeping out of the way by sitting in the living room of the main house. Their peaceful getaway had been taken over by the camera crew and staff who were preparing to record the episode for Run BTS!. While the maknae line were still in bed, Namjoon had gotten up earlier than usual to greet the staff when they arrived.

When the leader entered the main house, he saw Anna sitting down with her earphones in. She had her eyes closed and was swaying and bobbing her head along to the music. Namjoon wondered what she was listening to and as he got closer, he heard her singing along quietly.

Moonchild don’t cry. When moon rise, it’s your time.

She was singing one of his songs. He didn’t mean to interrupt her, but Anna must have felt his presence as she opened her eyes and stopped singing. She took out her earphones and smiled up at him.

Umm, hi.

You were listening to moonchild?

Yeah, I find mono very calming. Er, did you need any help out there?

He glanced out the window where the staff were setting up on the grass.

No, we’re good. Are any of the others up yet? The stylists are ready for them.

I haven’t seen anyone yet.

Great… guess I’ll go and get them up.

I can wake them.

You don’t have to. I feel like all we ask you to do is wake us up.

That’s… not untrue. Yeah, I even asked Tom to teach me some phrases, like ‘wake up’.


It’s fine. Really. I’ll go to Kookie first, then head to the upper house. Okay?

If you’re sure… good luck.

Namjoon chuckled as he watched Anna run across the lawn to the floating house. She hadn’t heard his last words and he wondered if she had realised exactly who she had offered to wake up. The leader continued to chuckle as walked up the stairs to check on his older soulmates.

When Jungkook heard a light knocking on his door, he wondered who would be coming into his room who would be so polite. When the door opened and Anna’s head peaked through, he smiled. The maknae hadn’t woken up long ago and had been trying to force himself to get up. Now he was glad he hadn’t because otherwise Anna wouldn’t have come to wake him.

Seeing that her youngest soulmate was awake, she stepped into the room. When he held his arms open towards her, she immediately joined him in his bed, and he wrapped his arms around her. They both hummed in contentment, relaxing into their embrace.

I miss sharing bed with you.

Me too, but only a few more days until we go home right?

Yes, but now you comfortable with others, I should share you.

Anna hadn’t thought about it, but Jungkook was right. Now she had bonded more with everyone, even sharing a bed with Yoongi, it was only fair that she spent her time equally among her other soulmates.

Have I been keeping you from them?

Noona! No!

But I haven’t been sharing you?

Your comfort is most important to us.

Anna melted at his sweet words. It always amazed her how kind and considerate her soulmates were.

So, do you swap every night? Take turns?

Ha, no. We don’t plan, just go with the flow.

Good to know, but I was actually joking.

Noona funny.

Anna tilted her head back so she could look at Jungkook’s face properly. He was smiling cheekily at her and he just looked so beautiful. Sometimes she still felt like she was dreaming when she looked at these beautiful men, she now called her soulmates. How did she end up being so lucky? What did she ever do to deserve them?

Anna reached up and brushed her fingertips down the side of his face.

You need to get up. Namjoon said the stylists are ready for you.

Jungkook pouted, making Anna giggle.

Come on. I’ve still got to wake up the troublesome twosome.


Jimin and Tae.

Good luck.

As she went to move away, Jungkook tightened his arms around Anna. She laughed as she wiggled around trying to get free of his grip.


After her youngest soulmate finally let her go, Anna made her way up to the upper house. There she found her two sleepiest soulmates wrapped around each other. She sat on the edge of the bed. First, she tried the new phrases she had been practicing during her lessons recently.

“Wake up! Jimin! Taehyung! It’s time to get up!”

Her words didn’t have much effect, but she had expected that. Next, she ran her fingers through their hair, moving it away from their eyes, before she started gently shaking them. Eventually, Jimin’s eyes opened slightly, and he blearily peered up at Anna.

“Jimin? Wake up. It’s time to get up. Jimin!”

Anna was suddenly pulled onto the bed by Taehyung. Once again, she found herself sandwiched between two of her soulmates. Tae was snuggled against her back, his arm wrapped tightly around her waist and his face buried in her neck. She felt him murmur something against her skin.

“No! Five more minutes.”

Umm, guys? Jimin? Tae? Wake up? Namjoon said the stylists are ready for you.

She waited for a reaction from the boys, but they remained unmoved. Jimin moved in closer to Anna, pressing up against her front, his forehead resting against hers. She stared at him with wide eyes. He was so close, so close that it would be so easy to kiss him.

Anna wanted to kiss him. It almost hurt to be this close to him and not kiss him, and yet something held her back. What was she afraid of? Perhaps it was her insecurity of not being good enough. So far, the boys had taken control of their kisses. She felt like an innocent little girl surrounded by these passionate and experienced men. Like she was out of her depth.

Something that had always stuck in her mind was this idea that all you need is 30 seconds of courage and you can do anything. Anna felt like she had been using a lot of these 30 seconds since meeting her soulmates, but she wanted to be brave for them. She wanted to be able to be confident around them and show them how much they meant to her. 

Taking a deep breath, she mustered her courage and closed the gap between her lips and Jimin’s. Before she could change her mind, he started responding to her. Anna felt his chest vibrate as he moaned into their kiss.

Jimin pulled back and opened his eyes to look at her. She had succeeded in waking him up, but now she had to deal with the consequences of her actions. He ran his hands up her arms as he whispered her name, his voice rough from sleeping.

Anna was frozen under his piercing stare. She watched as Jimin’s tongue peeked out as he licked his lips. His grip tightened on the tops of her arms as he pushed her back. Anna was lying half on top of Taehyung as Jimin hovered over her.

Before she had time to think, Jimin’s lips were back on hers. His kisses we slow but passionate. Anna felt him run his hands over her body only to find Taehyung’s arms still wrapped around her. Jimin pulled away and frowned at their other soulmate.

“Tae, if you’re not going to join in, then can you at least not get in the way?”

“No. Anyway, you should probably stop.”


“Because you’re just going to get interrupted. Or have you forgotten we have work this morning?”

Jimin grumbled but conceded. He paused before rolling off Anna.

Later. Finish this later.

Tae chuckled next to her ear before giving Anna a kiss on the cheek and letting her go. As she climbed over Jimin to get off the bed, Taehyung leant forwards and gave her a smack on the bum, making her yelp in surprise. The boys laughed as she ran out of the room.

Chapter Text

With the backdrop of the river and mountains, the members of BTS stood in front of seven easels. Anna was very excited. She was standing behind the camera with all the staff as they started filming. Apart from the obvious clue of the painting easels, she had no idea what her soulmates would be doing.

First the members had to choose one of seven pieces of paper. The director explained to them that they would each need to create a piece of artwork based on the member written on their piece of paper. It could be a literal portrait, or something more representative. They were each given a canvas and a pencil. Then in true Run BTS! fashion, they played a game where each member could win more supplies.

Other supplies include various types of paint, brushes, sponges, pens, crayons, markers, plain and patterned coloured paper, stickers, glitter, glue, scissors, and other random craft items such as feathers and beads.

Each item was numbered, and corresponding numbers had been hidden around the area. The members were given one minute to find as many numbers as they could. They would then be given the corresponding items to use on their artwork. Opportunities to get more items would be available by playing games, such as cham cham cham and the capital game, with the director.

In the end, RM ended up with sponges and patterned paper, Jin with feathers and pens, Suga with paint, a brush and some glitter, J-Hope with beads and paint, Jimin with paints, V with paper and stickers, and Jungkook with crayons and markers.

After gathering their supplies, some members started straight away, while others wondered how they were meant to incorporate their items into their artwork. When RM stood up to play for more supplies, he somehow managed to catch his foot on the leg of his easel. This caused not only his to fall, but all the ones next to him. Luckily as they had only just started no damage was caused.

Suga and Jungkook took their art very seriously and were mostly silent as they worked. Everyone watched the two artists, anticipating great things from them. Jungkook started by adding patches of bright colour to his canvas, while Suga kept complaining about having to use glitter.

Meanwhile, Jin didn’t take his work seriously at all. He played lot of games and gathered as many supplies as he could, before applying them all to his canvas. Obviously, he was going for a more modern piece of artwork.

J-Hope worked very hard on his piece and wanted to get it right. So, he kept asking the others for advice, especially Jungkook and Suga. Every time he did something, he would question himself and then ask someone what he should do next.

After a while Jimin and V got mischievous and a paint fight ensued. It was stopped before anyone else got involved, but the two had multi-coloured smudges covering their face and hands.

Everyone was shocked when after Jungkook had finished filling in his canvas with colour, he started covering it all in black. However, they gave him the benefit of the doubt, imaging that the golden maknae must have a plan.

Jin was the first to finish, while they had to convince J-Hope to stop because he was never going to be satisfied. Then they lined up for the big reveals. They would each show their work and afterwards they would guess who each member had gotten.

RM went first. He had used his sponges to paint a patchy grey and white circle in the middle of his canvas and around it he had cut out symbols for each member out of different patterned paper.

Jin’s was a little harder to decipher. There was an item which looked like an open book beside a squiggle, but everything was covered in feathers, glitter, and stickers.

Suga’s painting was like his usual classic abstract, but a lot more colourful. He had managed to merge one colour into another and then another, like a rainbow. The whole thing was covered in glitter in matching colours.

J-Hope had gone for a more traditional portrait, but half of the persons face was covered by a mask. He had used his beads to give the person multicoloured hair.

Jimin had also done a portrait, but in a pointillism style. The whole canvas was covered in various coloured dots of different sizes. It was hard to make out a person from it.

V’s work was also a portrait. Mostly done in pencil, but with bits of cut out paper covering certain features, such as an eye, a lip, and waves of hair. Stickers of random things surrounded the person.

Jungkook’s canvas was mostly black, but he had scratched out various pictures, letting the colours underneath show through. There were some musical notes, some z’s, and a cat.

Next, they all guessed who each other’s artworks represented. J-Hopes portrait of V was the easiest to guess, as it was pretty self-explanatory, with his singularity mask and his various changes of brightly coloured hair.

It was guessed that Suga’s was of J-Hope due to all the bright colours. It was a little harder to guess V’s was of Jungkook, but he explained that the stickers around him represented all the things Jungkook is good at.

When they asked RM was the grey splotchy circle was, he said it was a moon and then they could guess it represented Jin. He was in the center of all of the members because he looked after them all.

When they noticed the z’s on Jungkook’s work they knew it must be of Suga. When they asked him about the black covering all the colours behind, the maknae said that while Suga could appear dark and moody on the outside, he was actually a man of many colours underneath his exterior.

From the book they guessed Jin’s was about RM, but he had to explain that the squiggle next to it was a worm: book worm. That left Jimin with Jimin. He had done a self-portrait of himself, which had turned into a mirage of dots.

The artworks were gifted to the members they represented. Some joked that they would be throwing theirs in the river, others said they were going to hang it in their living room so all the members could admire it. J-Hope genuinely stated that his would be going in his studio because he really like Suga’s depiction of him.

With that filming ended. It had been a long afternoon and after everyone helped pack up, the staff left. BTS were starving and Anna offered to cook dinner and Jin volunteered to help. The others went to wash their makeup - and for some paint - off and change their clothes.

Anna spent the rest of the evening trying to discreetly avoid being alone with Jimin. She kept herself busy cooking, she didn’t sit next to him at dinner and then insisted on doing the washing up since they had all had a long day working.

When Jimin went find Anna, she had already finished the washing up and was nowhere to be found.

Chapter Text

Anna was hiding. After finishing the washing-up, she had joined Jungkook in his room while he just chilled. Sitting on his bed, she peeked out of the window to see Jimin coming out of the main house. He looked around and she ducked when he turned towards the floating house. When she looked up again, she saw him walking up to the upper house, his head hung low.


At the call of her name, she turned towards Jungkook who was staring at her with a confused expression.

“What? What are you doing?

Umm… hiding?

Hiding? Game?

Maybe? Uh, no, not really.

Jungkook watched Anna, even more confused than before. She was biting her lip as she gazed down at her lap and played with her fingers anxiously. Unsure how to help her, or what to say, he decided to seek out help.

The maknae got up and held out his hands to Anna to help her up. Cautiously she put her hands in his, wondering what he was doing, but trusting him. Keeping one of her hands in his, Jungkook led her out the door of his room. Before she could worry about where they were going, they had stopped, and her youngest soulmate had knocked on the bedroom door opposite his own.

“Come in!”

“Namjoon Hyung, do you have a few minutes?”

“Jungkookie, Anna. Of course, what’s up?”

“I need your problem-solving leader skills.”


“And your fluent English-speaking skills.”

“Ah. How can I help?”

“Anna’s acting a little odd and she told me she was hiding and not as part of a game.”

“Let’s sit.”

Jungkook sat down and pulled Anna so that she was sitting sideways in his lap and Namjoon sat facing her.

So, Anna, do you want to tell me who you are hiding from and why?

I'm scared of Jimin!

Namjoon and Jungkook looked at each other, while Anna hid her face in her hands after just blurting it out.

Anna? Babe, look at me please?

The leader gently took her hands in his own and brought them down away from her face.

Now, what has Jimin done that has made you scared of him?

Something happened this morning… and he said we would finish it later.

Namjoon waited for her to elaborate, but when she didn’t Jungkook spoke up instead.

“Hyung, I think I know what Anna’s talking about. Jimin told me how he was annoyed at Taehyung for interrupting his time with Anna.”

Jungkook went on to explain a few more details Jimin had shared with him. After hearing the story, Namjoon thought he knew what Anna was afraid of. Jimin was a particularly passionate and handsy soulmate, which could be a bit much for their newest soulmate. He also realised that they hadn’t had an updated conversation about what she was comfortable with. He knew that just because kissing was a normal occurrence now, didn’t mean she was ready for more.

Namjoon smiled at Anna. She was so cute. Shy and unsure of these new situations she found herself in. It reminded him of when they first met Jungkook. With Anna, this was another example of how greatly society affects us.

While it didn’t bother him, that Anna had no experience with physical intimacy, he knew that for her age general society would deem it abnormal. Which in turn, adding in her anxious personality, has led her to build it up in her head and develop a fear of it.

Do you think Jimin would hurt you?

When you put it like that it sounds stupid.

Why would it be stupid?

I know Jimin would never hurt me. I know there’s no reason for me to be afraid, but…

It’s okay to be scared. Fear doesn’t have to be rational, but you do need to talk to us, any of us, about it so that it doesn’t take over and cause problems.

I know, I'm just not very good at talking about serious stuff.

We know it’s hard sometimes. We have all struggled with speaking up.

But you guys always seem so good at talking things out, having deep conversations and stuff.

As a group we had to learn quickly so that any problems wouldn’t affect our work. But at first it was hard to get a word out of our maknae.


Kookie’s reaction to Namjoon’s teasing made Anna giggle.

Here is what I think. We need to sit down as a group and reassure you that we all know your limits, and you need to tell us what they are.


Seeing how nervous she was, Jungkook gave her a kiss on the head and a squeeze where his arm was wrapped around her.

Now, I think someone is waiting for you.

Anna approached the sliding door of Jimin and Taehyung’s room in the upper house and hovered outside. The door wasn’t fully closed so she peeked through the gap into the room. What she saw made her heart ache.

Jimin was sitting at the top of the bed, his back against the wall and his knees bent. He was playing on his phone with a sad expression on his face. Anna watched as he threw his phone onto the bed beside him and buried his face in his hands. After a moment he ran his hands through his hair before sliding down onto the bed. He curled up on his side facing away from the door.

Taking a deep breath, Anna carefully slid the door open until she could fit through the gap. Gently she lowered herself onto the bed behind Jimin, wrapped her arm around him and buried her face into the back of his neck. She placed a kiss on the crook of his neck before whispering in his ear.

“I'm sorry.”

For what felt to Anna like a very long moment, Jimin didn’t react. When he did turn around, the pair ended up lying face to face their noses touching and they just looked at each other. Since neither of them knew the words to explain to the other what they were thinking, they relied on the connection of their souls to communicate.

While Anna felt sorry for avoiding Jimin, Jimin also felt sorry. He was worried he had scared his new soulmate, that he had taken things too far or made her uncomfortable. Seeing her avoiding him had only confirmed his worries and he couldn’t stand the thought that he might have hurt his soulmate in any way.

Seeing all this in Jimin’s eyes, Anna knew what she had to do. She ran her hand from where it was wrapped around his waist, up his arm until it reached his face. Her thumb softly stroked his cheek while she gently rubbed the tips of their noses together.

When his eyes lightened and the beginnings of a smile pulled at his lips, Anna went in for a kiss. Neither of them knew how long they spent wrapped up in each other’s presence, as they continued to exchange kisses full of love, understanding and forgiveness. The moment was purely sweet and tender. There would be time for more passionate embraces in the future, but for now they focused on building a bond of trust and comfort.

Outside the door, Taehyung watched his two soulmates bond. His heart warmed at hearing their soft giggles. He backed away from the door, he wouldn’t interrupt them this time.

Chapter Text

After Anna left Jungkook and Namjoon’s room the leader sighed resting his head on his hand.

“Sorry for getting you involved Rapmon Hyung.”

Namjoon looked over at the maknae.

“No, you did the right thing, especially with the language barrier, it was best that I talked with her.”

“I just feel like you never get a break from sorting out our problems.”

“I don’t, but I knew what I was signing up for when I agreed to be your leader. Since we are soulmates as well, if I am the best person to be mediator then I don’t mind doing it. After all, being soulmates doesn’t mean that everything will automatically be okay, and we won’t have any problems.”

“Well that’s definitely true.”

The pair chuckled.

“Come here, I want cuddles with my bunny.”

“Hyung! You can’t call me your bunny anymore. I'm all grown up!”

Namjoon grabbed Jungkook’s arm and dragged him down to lie in front of him on the bed. The rapper gave the youngest’s bicep a squeeze before wrapping his arm around him, resting his hand on Jungkook’s chest.

“That’s true. You’re our muscle bunny now.”

Namjoon ran his hand across the maknae’s chest.

“Namjoon Hyung!”

He chuckled, finding Jungkook cute. The two lay together peacefully for a while. It wasn’t often that they got to spend time together like this, without needing to think about the next thing in their schedule.


“Yes, Jungkook?”

“Do you think Anna’s doing okay?

“Why? Are you worried about something?”

“No, nothing in particular. I just wondered what you thought, how you think she is settling in.”

“You’ve gotten very close to her.”

“I think it helps that I share a room with her. She needs to spend a lot of time with someone to be comfortable around them. Just like me.”

“That is something that is hard for us to do. I'm glad you two have been able to form a bond.”

“Do you not feel like you have bonded with Anna, Hyung?”

“Not as much as I would like. In a way it is easier because she can speak freely with me, but I'm also so busy with extra meetings. We are only going to be busier when we go back.”

Jungkook turned around so that he was facing his leader. His brow furrowed at the sad tone of Namjoon’s voice.

“I don’t think you need to worry, Hyung. Anna seems to understand what our life is like because of our work. I don’t think everyone would be so accepting.”

“You’re right Kook. We really lucked out with Anna.”

Still, the leader wished there was a way he could find more time to spend with their next soulmate. He also worried about the amount of time Anna would be left alone while they were at work. She didn’t know anyone else in Korea, and he knew she needed to make some friends. It was something he would have to continue to think about.


It was their last full day before they had to go back to Seoul and Jungkook knew it was his last chance to earn a wish from Yoongi. Although the rapper had never put a time limit on his request to get Anna to sing a song in Korean, the maknae didn’t want to risk losing out on a wish.

So, he had a plan. Jungkook found Anna and asked for her help.

I sing song for Namjoon’s birthday and I need you to sing with me.

Sing with you?! Uh, what song were you thinking?

Winter Flower?

Really? The one Namjoon did with Younha? I love that song!

“Really? Good.

But I'm not sure I can sing it though.

Yes! Noona can. I will help, okay?

Anna still looked unsure, so Jungkook decided to pull out the big guns: aegyo. As someone who was constantly told they were cute, he knew there was no way she would be able to resist his charms. He sent her hearts, poked his cheeks, and spoke in his cutest voice until she gave in.

Okay, okay. I’ll try.

They spent the afternoon practicing. Jungkook took Anna through each line, helping her get the pronunciation right and explaining what the lyrics meant. As she already knew the song, once she got her tongue round all the Korean syllables it was easy.

Although he had heard her sing before, this time it hit Jungkook a little differently. Maybe it was because she was singing in Korean. Yoongi was right when he said Anna was cute when she tried speaking in Korean but hearing her sing like this was beautiful.

The first time Jungkook declared Anna’s pronunciation perfect, she was so excited. For the maknae it was one of the cutest things he had ever seen when she started jumping up and down, clapping her hands together excitedly. Then she launched herself at him and gave him a tight hug.

After dinner, Jungkook announced that he and Anna had a surprise for everyone. The others began muttering amongst themselves trying to guess what the surprise could be. They never would have guessed it was a song, or more specifically Anna singing in Korean.

After they finished, Anna waited nervously for their reaction. For a few moments, they sat in silence just staring at her. Just as she was starting to get uncomfortable from the attention, they all cried out at once, some of them jumping out of their seats.


“That was beautiful Anna!”

“I'm so proud of you!”

Your pronunciation was great. I thought you said you couldn’t sing any songs in Korean?

“Yah, no excuses now.”

“Anna sing with me next!”

No, with me!”

Jungkook walked over to where Yoongi was still sitting. The genius producer had a particular look on face that only his soulmates would recognise. He was feeling inspired.

“Hyung? I'm here to collect my wish.”

“Huh? What wish?”

“You said if I could convince Anna to sing a song in Korean that you would grant me a wish.”

“Did I?”

“Yes, and I've decided what I want to use my wish for.”

“Okay Jungkookie. Tell me.”

“I want your help with a song.”

“A song? You know you don’t need a wish for that, right?”

“That’s because this isn’t just any song.”

“Yeah? What’s so special about it?”

“I want Anna to sing it and I need you to help me convince her to do it.”

“Well, as it happens, I've been working on something.”

“Hyung, you're always working on something.”

“Yes, but this is for Anna.”

“Oh, you’re already working on something. Never mind then Hyung. I’ll change my wish.”

“I think we can do better than a song.”

“Better? What do you mean?”

“I mean, we can do better than just one song for Anna.”

“You look as though you’ve been inspired Hyung?”

“Hmm, I have. A few weeks ago, I heard a voice and I haven’t been able to focus on anything else since.”

“I think I know what you mean Hyung. She’s something special, isn’t she?”

“Of course, there’s a reason she’s our soulmate.”

They both watched the rest of their soulmates who were gathered around Anna. Jimin and Taehyung were play fighting, Jin and Hoseok were laughing, and Anna and Namjoon were smiling brightly. The pair still sitting on the floor couldn’t help but smile at seeing everyone so happy together. Jungkook grabbed Yoongi’s hand and pulled him up so they could join everyone else. None of them thought about how it was the last day of their holiday tomorrow.

Chapter Text

When Anna woke up on the last day of their holiday it was late morning. Since it was a Sunday, she didn’t have a Korean lesson and therefore hadn’t needed to set an alarm to make sure she woke up on time.

As she was usually the first one up it was a surprise when she rolled over to find Yoongi already awake. He was sitting up against the wall with his laptop in front of him and his headphones on.

Anna had always though Yoongi was so lucky to know what he was passionate about and actually be able to do it as his job. Unlike Anna who didn’t have anything she was particularly passionate. Why can’t you make a living out of being a fangirl?

Even if you found something you were passionate about, doing it as a job, all day every day, wouldn’t that ruin it for you? Anna tried to think of something she could do for hours on end without getting bored and there was only one thing that came to mind: singing. However, that was just for fun. If she had to perfect her singing and have someone tell her all her mistakes, would she still love it?

“Morning Anna.”

Lost in thought, Anna hadn’t noticed that she was staring at Yoongi, but he had. Looking down at her, he reached over and stroked her head, brushing a few stray hairs away from her face. He had been up for a while already, working on his laptop. Really, he should have gotten up so he could work with all his equipment, but he hadn’t wanted to leave Anna. Especially since she was his inspiration.

Ever since he had first heard her voice, that first morning she spent in their home, his head had been full of tunes that he had been busy working into songs. After talking with Jungkook last night and having heard Anna sing again, he now had a project to work on.

Yoongi watched Anna close her eyes, smiling as he continued to stroke her head. He couldn’t help but think about how cute she was every time he looked at her. Whenever she looked shy or unsure, a need to look after her would come over him. Yet, he would always be amazed, and proud, when she would have these moments of confidence.

I like your singing. You have nice voice.”

“Thank you.”

Anna looked up at him. It was hard to imagine now that she had once found him intimidating. Now, he was her sweet and funny, but slightly aloof and hardworking soulmate. Despite the little quality time they’ve had together, Yoongi was the member of BTS who she felt she had a particularly special connection with. It seemed like he understood her and perhaps even knew her better than she knew herself.

You’re working in bed?

Yoongi closed his laptop and put it and his headphones on the floor next to the bed. When he sat back up Anna seemed to be staring at him.

“Why? Why look at me?

However, Anna was trying to think of words she knew in Korean to describe Yoongi. Handsome, beautiful, cute, but there was only one she could remember.




You say I pretty?


Anna was cursing her ability to randomly say her thoughts out loud. She rolled onto her back and brought the bed sheets up to cover her face. Yoongi grinned at her reaction and reached over to pull the covers away. So instead, Anna covered her blushing face with her hands, but Yoongi was not going to let this go that easily.

He took her wrists in his hands, pulled them away from her face and rested them on the pillow either side of her head. Now that he was leaning over her, his body hovering above hers, the mood changed to a different kind of teasing.

As she stared wide eyed up at him, she somehow managed to hold his intense gaze. Anna swore that whenever he looked at her, Yoongi could see straight into her soul.

“Is this okay? This okay?

She didn’t know why, but Anna couldn’t respond. She had so many thoughts, that her mind was just a buzz of white noise. Was she okay with this? Why shouldn’t she be? This was Yoongi her soulmate. What was she afraid of?

Yoongi released her wrists. Leaning on one of his arms, he brought his other hand to her face and stroked her cheek.


When her eyes focused on his, she saw the concern in his eyes and decided something. She didn’t want to be afraid anymore. She had always been afraid of so many things, but this time she refused to let it stop her from being closer to her soulmates.

Reaching up her hands, she held Yoongi’s head and pulled him in closer as she raised her head to meet him. Their lips met in a chaste but passionate kiss. Anna tried to deepen the kiss and Yoongi took charge, pushing her into the mattress as he did so.

Instead of being full of noise, Anna’s mind was now empty of anything but the kiss. All she could do was feel. Feel the weight of his body on hers, of his hands on her skin, of his mouth devouring hers.

When he broke away, she gasped for air. Seeing her lying beneath him, chest heaving, and pupils blown, made him smirk. If this was how she looked after just a kiss, he couldn’t wait for later. Knowing that Anna wasn’t ready for that quite yet, Yoongi called on his self-control.

Anna had just about recovered from her soulmates attack when she suddenly found herself up right. Yoongi had flipped them over so she was straddling him, her hands resting on his chest. She felt slight exposed in this position. While he probably thought she would feel better if she was in control, she actually felt more secure with the weight of his body above her.

Yoongi reached up and caressed her face again.

So beautiful.

Usually Anna wouldn’t believe him or take his words seriously. Yet, as he stared up at her, Yoongi had such an expression in his eyes that she suddenly felt overcome with emotion.

Noticing, Yoongi sat up so they were close once more, his hands still holding her face. Gently he pressed his lips to her and poured all his feelings into it, hoping that she would be able to feel them.

Slowly the kiss became more heated and with a newfound confidence Anna pushed Yoongi back onto the bed without disconnecting their lips.

Later Anna would wonder if that morning she had gotten a taste of the rapper’s tongue technology.

Chapter Text

By the time Anna and Yoongi left their bedroom, Jin and Hoseok had made lunch for everyone. Anna took Namjoon’s birthday present with her. Due to the lack of wrapping paper, she had decorated some pieces of plain paper and stuck them together to wrap the scarf she had knitted. She had also found time over the past few days to make a card for him, just like she had for Jungkook, but Namjoon’s was crab themed.

When she handed over the present, the birthday boy looked really excited at receiving a gift from Anna. She felt a little awkward about it, as it wasn’t much for a guy who could have anything he wanted.

Ooh! Wow, this is soft.

Namjoon wrapped the scarf around his neck. It was a mixture of different shades of blue.

“The colours suit you Hyung.”

“Yes. I like the colours, they’re very calming.

“Anna knitted it herself!”

“Really? Anna you made this?

Um, yeah.

That’s awesome! I love it even more knowing you made it.

“Open the card, Hyung.”

On a background of the beach was a crab.

“Crab! Hyung, it’s a crab!”

“Anna you are so creative!”

Aww, cute! Thank you, Anna. I love it!

Namjoon stood up and wrapped his arms around Anna, pulling her in close. She reached up so she could drape her arms around him and rest her head on his shoulder. He felt big and solid pressed against her, the result of all his work in the gym over the past year.

Then he pulled back slightly so that he could look at her but kept his arms around her. Anna was starting to recognise the look she saw in his eyes before he leant forward to capture her lips in a kiss. What she thought would be a short and sweet thank you kiss, quickly grew more passionate as the birthday boy got carried away. When he did pull back, Anna was panting, but she didn’t miss the smirk on Namjoon’s lips.

Happy Birthday to me.

After lunch, they packed up the cars and made their way home. Namjoon’s birthday celebrations were kept low key as they had an early start the next day. The leader didn’t mind though, as just spending quality time with his soulmates was enough for him.

During the next few weeks, the boys were busier than ever. Some days Anna was already in bed by the time they got in and most mornings they had left before she had even woken up. As much as she had told them that she understood and knew what being a part of their life would entail, she was struggling.

Anna was lonely and bored. The only thing she had to focus on were her Korean lessons. No matter how determined she was to learn quickly, there was a limit to how much learning she could handle a day.

Even her job couldn't distract her anymore. She had been able to leave England so easily and quickly because her job didn't tie her down to one place. Working as a freelance web designer meant as long as she had a computer and internet, then she could work.

However, it had now been three months since she had left her old life behind and her clients were dwindling. She had almost finished her work for all the clients she already had and had been unable to secure any new ones. She needed something new, but her options for jobs in Korea were limited until she had a better grasp of the language. 

It took her by surprise one day when Namjoon took some time to ask her about her work. She had briefly told him what she did when they first met, as usually people weren’t able to just jump on a plane days after meeting their soulmates to move across the world.

How’s your work going? I know we haven’t asked much about it…

It’s okay, I mean it was going okay.


Yeah, I think I just need to make a plan. I have been rather distracted recently.

Yeah… sorry about that.

But a welcome distraction. BTS has always been a welcome distraction.

Do you enjoy your job?

Yeah, I mean I enjoy websites and social media and being creative. I wish I could just live off running a BTS fan page, but alas...

A fan page?

Yeah! You guys have a lot of content and it’s a lot for new fans to navigate. Having one place where they could keep update with new stuff, but also discover old videos and content they might not have seen before. I think it would be useful.”

“Huh, that sounds cool. Would that be your dream job?

Dream job?

If you could do anything you wanted to do, what would it be?

Umm, do you realistically, or in my dreams?

Tell me both.

Namjoon rested his chin in his hand as he listened to her intently.

Oh, um, well realistically I don’t know. I've never really thought about it. Even as a child I don’t remember having something I wanted to be when I was older. I thought you just got any job you could. It was only after I started working that I realised how important it was to enjoy what you do.

And in your dreams?

If I was a different person, had a different personality, basically if I was more confident, then there’s only ever been one thing that I've always loved to do.

What’s that?


She said it so softly that Namjoon almost didn’t hear her.

To be honest, music is the only thing that makes me feel alive.

Do you remember the questionnaire you filled in before you came to our concert?

Questionnaire? Oh, yeah and then they said that you used that to choose me for the meet and greet after the concert?

Exactly. One of the questions was ‘what does music mean to you’. Why do you think we included that question?

Because music is important to you guys?

True, but we believed that it would help us identity our soulmate because it’s our special connection.

“That makes sense. You guys were obviously destined to make music together.

And so are you.


You belong in the music world too.

Sure, I guess I can still be a part of it without being a singer.

If that’s what you want then sure, but I wouldn’t give up on your dream just yet.

You mean to run a BTS fan page? I suppose it’s not impossible.



The leader was exasperated at Anna pretending not to know what he meant. It was obvious to him what she wanted to do, but she had obviously spent a lot of time thinking about why it was impossible for her. However, he disagreed. Namjoon has noticed a hidden strength in Anna that he was sure could develop and help her overcome her self-doubt. Maybe she just needs a little push?

You’re a lot stronger than you think you are.

Chapter Text

“This movie is really interesting.”

“When did you watch it?”

“I watched the movie on Tuesday.”

“Where did you watch it?”

“I watched the movie at home.”

Anna was at her Korean lesson and they were testing her ability to understand simple questions and respond with an answer. After she finished saying her last sentence, she looked expectantly at her teacher.

“Good! Well done Anna. Your Korean is really coming along. You’ve being doing a lot of studying recently haven’t you?

Really? You really think so? I have had a lot of time to myself these past few weeks.

Well all that extra studying is paying off. You’ll be fluent in no time!”

“I think that’s jumping the gun a little.”

Yeah, maybe. Okay! Let’s move on to something a little harder.

They had both been laughing, but now Anna was groaning.

No! Nothing harder yet please!

This is how Anna spent her days. She had her Korean lessons in the mornings. At home she would make herself lunch, doing some studying or any work she still had left to do. Then she cooked herself dinner before watching a movie and hoping that at least one of her soulmates would make it back home before she fell asleep.

When they first went back to work after their break, the boys didn’t really notice anything. To them it was like going back into a routine that they were used to. However, as the weeks passed by and their schedule continued to take up every minute of their day, it got to a point where a group meeting was in order.

“I'm not sure how much longer we can keep this up Namjoon.”

“I agree with Hyung. I feel like I only go home to sleep.”

Hoseok laid his head on Jin’s shoulder, snuggling into his soulmate’s side when the older boy wrapped his arm around him.

“I don’t even bother going home. I've been sleeping in my studio.”

“But that’s not exactly new for you is it Yoongi Hyung.”

Jimin grinned cheekily as he said it.

“Hey! I've never spent consecutive nights there!”

Taking control, their leader raised his hands and motioned for everyone to calm down.

“Okay, okay. We all feel the same. Our schedule has been a little jam packed recently. I will talk to management and get them to ease it up. Okay?”

“Thank you Namjoon.”

“Thank you to our wonderful leader!”

Everyone laughed as the maknae line start bowing to Namjoon, but the light-hearted atmosphere disappeared quickly when Taehyung asked a question.

“Has anyone spoke to Anna recently?”


They turned to their youngest, figuring since he shared a room with her, he must have gotten to spend some time with Anna, but Jungkook shook his head.

“Most nights she’s already asleep when I get in.”

“Anyone else?”

They all looked around at each other, but no one spoke up apart from Namjoon.

“I spoke to her to her the other week. I wanted to ask her about her work.”

“How was she? Did she feel lonely? I feel neglectful. Why can’t I do anything right with her!”

“Jimin sweetie, come on. Don’t talk like that.”

Taehyung wrapped his arms around his fellow 95er and gave him a kiss on the head.

“Yeah, Jiminie. Listen to Hobi Hyung. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Anna said she understands what our life is life because of our work. She doesn’t blame us for it.”

“Namjoon Hyung, why did you ask her about work?”

“I know when we first met, she said she could take her work anywhere, but I wanted to see how it was going because I have a plan.”

The others perked up at their leader’s words.

“A plan? For Anna?”

“I knew our busy schedule would mean we would hardly see her, and I wanted to change that.”

Jin stared at Namjoon thoughtfully.

“You’re planning to get her a job at the company.”


The younger ones were excited while Yoongi frowned.

“As what? Our assistant? Anna deserves better than fetching us water and snacks.”

“Anna’s going to be our assistant?!”

“Umm, yeah, I admit that was my first thought, but Yoongi Hyung is right and after I talked with Anna, I got another idea.”

“What’s that?”

“Tell us Hyung! What idea?”

The leader looked amused at his younger soulmates enthusiasm.

“Well, I'm still working out the details, but I think she would enjoy working with our content creators, working on our YouTube video and social media stuff. I thought she could help with the international side of it and, once her Korean has improved, with translations.”

“You think she will enjoy that?”

“When I spoke to her she said something about helping new ARMYs navigate all our content and discover old videos and she seemed really passionate about it. This could be a steppingstone to doing something like that.”

“I'm not sure I want new ARMYs to find our old videos.”

“I think Namjoon should be worried about that more than you Jimin. He was hil-hair-ious back then.”

Jin and Jimin giggle amongst themselves while the others rolled their eyes at Jin’s joke.

“That’s sounds really cool Namjoon. So, I'm guessing Anna does actually need a job, right?”

“Yeah, she said she had finished all the work she had brought with her but hadn’t gotten anything new since. Although, she didn’t seem that upset about it.”

“I don’t know how people do jobs they’re not passionate about. I couldn’t do it.”

“Same, but we’re lucky in that regard. Most people don’t have a choice.”

“Noona deserves to do something she loves!”

“I agree, which is where the second part of my plan comes in.”

“There’s a second part?”

“Yes. The job would just be part time because the rest of the day she would be with the trainees and taking classes.”

There was almost a full minute of silence while the rest of the members processed what Namjoon had just said. A range of expressions passed over their faces, from surprised, to excited, to worried.

“You mean…?”

“Yes! Noona’s going to become a singer!”

“Dibs on working with her first!”

“Wow, that’s… is that what she wants?”

“Are you sure she can handle it? Don’t get me wrong. She has an amazing voice, but there’s a lot more to being an idol than that. The publicity for one, and I'm not sure she could handle it.”

“Hyung! How could you say that?”

“No, I understand what he means. She’s shy and awkward, but I believe with training that she can be strong enough. Do you know why? Because when I asked her what she would do, if she could do anything, do you know what she said?”


“Correct. Anna said that singing makes her feel alive. Sound familiar?”

“That’s what we say performing feels like for us!”

“She’s like me when I started. Shy, but passionate. If I can do it then she can too. Don’t you think Yoongi Hyung?”

“Yes. I'm sorry Kookie. I’m just worried about her. It’s a brutal world.”

Taehyung took Yoongi’s hand and gave it a comforting squeeze.

“And we will be there to protect her and encourage her.”

“Great! Now that we’re all on board, we just need to convince Anna.”

“Anna needs convincing?”

“I thought this is what she wants?”

“It is, but she doesn’t think it’s possible, that’s she not good enough.”

“Well I think becoming a trainee should prove that’s she good enough.”

“Exactly. So, when does she start?”

“About that…”

“They haven’t agreed to take her on as trainee, have they?”

“Not exactly. Obviously, they want to see what she can do first.”

“So, she’s got an audition?”

“The process is going to be a little different to a normal audition.”

“Different? How?”

“Just spit it out already.”

“Umm, Anna won’t know she’s being auditioned?”

Chapter Text

Tom asking her if she had eaten wasn’t an unusual way for their Korean lesson to start. In fact, it was rather ordinary since this was a common way Koreans would ask someone how they were. As if, since food is so important, you could only be okay if you had eaten. Koreans live to eat, while others eat to live.

Anna had always thought that was a really nice thing. As someone who was never that interested in food, and sometimes felt as though she was just eating for the sake of it, being passionate about what she ate was a foreign concept for her. However, she could also blame English food because since trying Korean cuisine she could understand why they were so passionate about their food. It just tastes amazing.

This is why she was caught off guard when instead of their normal lesson, they went to a nearby café instead. Many thoughts of why this could be were running through Anna’s mind. She wondered if this was a new tactic, a practical lesson, but she didn’t realise how right she was.

When it was time for them to order and Tom didn’t start speaking, Anna looked at him to find him staring at her. And then it hit her that this was like a pop quiz that he had sprung on her and she was supposed to use her newfound Korean skills to order for them. With wide eyes she stared back at her teacher, before turning to the waitress.


When Anna got home, she collapsed on the bed and just stared up at the ceiling as the morning’s events replayed in her mind. Her lips stretched into a grin and she fist bumped the air. She was now confident ordering in a café, and she was actually proud of herself.

The apartment was silent. So, with no one to share her achievement with Anna decided to celebrate with her boys in a different way. Which was how she found herself dancing around the living room like no one was watching.

As she listened to her soulmate’s songs, she had fun just jumping around and including bits of the official choreography when she could remember it. It was when she was dancing to Anpanman, doing the airplane move, that she noticed a figure watching her from the side of room.

Anna was so surprised and happy to see that one of her soulmates was home that, instead of being embarrassed at getting caught dancing, she ran over to him and jumped into his arms. She relaxed into his embrace as his arms wrapped around her.

They stayed like that for a few minutes before Hoseok tried to pull away, but Anna only clung to him tighter, making a sound of protest. Hobi chuckled and squeezed her tighter in return. Somehow, he managed to shuffle them over to the sofa, where he sat down and arranged Anna so that she was sitting across his lap. Anna snuggled into his chest, content.

“You’re home.”

“I had a bit of time for lunch and decided to pop home to eat with you. But you have fun without me.

“No, with you.

With me?

“Your music.”

The dancer held her tighter at those words. Was she really using their music as a substitute for them not being there in person? Hopefully their plan would work, and not only would they have more time for her and a way to keep her physically closer to them, but Anna would have something to keep her busy.

I can teach you Anpanman dance, if you want?

“Do you have time? You’re busy.”

I make time for you. Remember? Later come with me to studio. Okay?”


How was your day?

Oh! In my lesson we went to a café.

“Café? Nice.

“No, it was a test and I had to do all the talking!

Hoseok watched Anna as she told him about her morning, and he couldn’t help but smile. She was so animated as she talked, and he found her so cute. It wasn’t often she looked so excited when she spoke, and his smile faltered at the thought that this excitement could be because she had spent so much time alone without anyone to talk to. After she had finished, he gave her a kiss.

“I'm so proud of you.”

After lunch Anna went back with Hoseok to work where he led her to one of the smaller dance studios. On their way there they saw Jungkook, who was so happy to see her that he picked her up and span her around. When he heard what they were going to be doing, he was really disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to join them, but he had a singing lesson.

“I’ll come by after my lesson!”

The first thing they did in the studio was warm up with some stretches. Anna was glad she had carried on doing a bit of yoga since she did it with Namjoon and Taehyung on holiday, so she wasn’t completely inflexible. Of course, she was still nowhere near Hoseok’s level of flexibility.

Although she had danced with him before, this time felt different. Anna had heard that Dance Teacher Hoseok was a whole different side to the smiling sunshine’s personality. He was a hard taskmaster and she felt as though she saw a bit of that today.

Whereas their other sessions had been just for fun, whilst learning this routine he had been very particular about Anna doing all the moves perfectly. She was a little confused at why this was, but she was happy to learn the choreography properly.

What the lead dancer hadn’t told Anna, was that he actually had a meeting with one the choreographers and dance teachers to go over some new dance routines. If he had timed it correctly, they would turn up by the time Anna had learnt the whole dance, just in time to watch her final performance.

Although Hoseok hadn’t planned to do this today, it was a part of the plan the boys had made for Anna’s unofficial audition. So, when he had gone home to find Anna dancing, he had taken the opportunity to start putting their plan into action.

Soon their time was running out as Hoseok knew the staff would be arriving for their meeting very soon. Despite the short amount of time they had, Anna had managed to learn a majority of the dance and he was very impressed at her progress.

Okay. Let’s do all of song together, and then you alone.

Watching her as she danced, he could tell she wasn’t 100% comfortable with the dance yet, especially when she danced by herself. However, he felt that she had a good grasp on the rhythm and the feeling of the dance. This was probably helped by knowing the song so well and having watched them perform it so many times.

Anna was just finishing her solo performance when Jungkook came in and insisted they go one more time so that he could join in and dance with her. There was a noticeable different between dancing on her own and dancing with Jungkook. Anna was a lot freer. Since this wasn’t a song they had practiced recently, Jungkook didn’t remember all the steps, so it didn’t matter as much when Anna forgot one. Instead they just did their own thing, but it still ended up matching the rest of the dance.

“That was awesome! Noona dance good!

“I just taught her that today. She picked it up really quickly.”

“So clever!”

They were interrupted by a staff member entering the studio.”

“I've got a meeting now. Jungkook, are you free to hang out with Anna?”

“Yes. Anna want to come to my studio?

Anna nodded.

“Thank you for the lesson Hobi. Bye!”

“See you later Hyung.”

After Anna and the maknae had left the dance studio, Hoseok approached the staff member who he noticed had been watching Anna dance from outside the door.

“So, what did you think?”

Chapter Text

Jungkook was fidgeting in his chair while Anna looked around his studio. For some reason it made him nervous, having her in his personal space. Even though they shared a room at home, his Golden Closet was different. It was where he did his deepest thinking, where he let loose his heart and soul, where he put his emotions into music.

Anna smiled as she looked around the Golden Maknae’s studio. He didn’t have as many figurines as his hyung’s did, but he had a lot of photos and plushies, and she wondered if they were gifts from ARMY.

Did you have a good singing lesson?

Lesson? Yes, it was good.

What do you do in them? I mean, what’s left to teach?

I always need to get better. I show you?

Show me?

If anyone had ever told her she would be getting a singing lesson from the main vocalist of BTS, she would have laughed at them. Yet, now the vocalist was one of her soulmates and she was in his studio in the HYBE building, copying him as he showed her some exercises he does in his singing lessons.

As surreal as it was, Anna was not going to waste this opportunity. Since she had never had any real singing lessons before, she sometimes wondered if she was doing it correctly. The last thing she wanted to do was damage her voice. She wouldn’t be able to survive not being able to sing anymore.

“Wait, err, stop. You need to breathe… right? More? Have more support here.”

Jungkook put his hand on Anna’s stomach and motioned for her to breathe in while pressing lightly with his hand, before repeating the exercise again.


Anna placed her hand over his as she repeated the exercise after him. She could feel the warmth radiating from his palm through her top. As she rubbed her thumb across the back of his hand and gazed up into his eyes, she felt the warmth spread through her body. It felt like it had been forever since she had last felt his touch.

Like that?

With glazed eyes Jungkook stared down at Anna. He could feel the soft warmth of her body beneath his hand and he watched her chest rise as she breathed in deeply. It made him realise exactly how long it had been since he spent any quality time with her.

Despite cuddling up to her at night, either she was already asleep, or he was out like a light within minutes of his head hitting the pillow. Many mornings it was torture to drag himself out of bed and away from her whilst she still slept. Sometimes he considered waking her up just so he could wish her good morning or good night, but he always stopped himself from disturbing her.

Jungkook? Was that right?

“Huh? Yes, yes. Good job.

He moved his hand away from Anna and turned his seat to face his desk. Jungkook’s hands gripped his thighs and he tried he calm himself down. He had self-imposed rules about what could happen at work, especially in his studio. He didn’t want to be distracted by memories every time he tried to work on his music. Although, he was regretting these rules at this moment.

Meanwhile, Anna was confused by Jungkook suddenly pulling away. She stepped towards him, reaching out her hand intending to check he was okay, but stopped herself thinking maybe he wouldn’t want her to touch him. Instead she stood next to him awkwardly and waited.

I missed you.

Fortunately, Jungkook had noticed Anna’s hesitation and turned his head to smile at her. Still confused, Anna smiled back.

I missed you too.

Would you like to see what I work on?

The young man pulled himself together and tried to show her that nothing was wrong. He looked through the files of all the songs he was working on, wondering what he should show her. There were songs for his mixtape, songs for the group, songs just for fun.

You okay with… spoiler… uh, no surprise?

No surprise?

New song, BTS song you not hear.

Oh! Spoilers! Umm…

“Maybe not a group song then.”

Looking through his other songs he suddenly got an idea.

You help with English!


He chose one of the songs he was working on with English lyrics and opened up the computer program. Then he found the lyrics he had written so far and showed them to Anna who started reading them.

Namjoon Hyung helps a lot with English. What do you think?

Wow! Beautiful, as always.

Jungkook got shy at Anna’s compliment and instead focused on his computer screen. When he played the track he had made, Anna was in awe. He continued to prove why he was named the golden maknae.

It was definitely a romantic song; Anna knew that right away from the lyrics. However, the track wasn’t as slow as she expected, and it had a slight pop vibe to it. It certainly had Jungkook written all over it.

Sing together?

This time when the track played, Jungkook sang the lyrics and Anna tried to follow along. She noticed a few times he tripped over the words or found them a bit of a tongue twister. Afterwards he turned to her expectantly.


“Feedback. Change? Make change. Please?

You want me to make changes to the lyrics?


“Okay. Play it again.

She asked him to play it a few times while she underlined bits that didn’t flow nicely or were difficult to say. Once she got used to the rhythm she went over these bits and tried to think of other words which could be used instead.

Jungkook watched her work with interest. It was almost like she was a mix of Namjoon and Yoongi. The way she was reworking the wording reminded him of his Namjoon Hyung, but she was more methodical in her thinking, like Yoongi Hyung. Namjoon method of working was more of a mess that only he could understand.

Okay. Let’s give this a try.

It was Jungkook’s turn to be in awe as Anna sung along to his track with her revised lyrics. He noticed the difference immediately. In particular that the bits where he had trouble before had been changed. Also, that this song suited Anna’s voice very well.

Wow! Awesome! You should sing this song.

Huh, what do you mean? It’s your song.

I give song to you. Anna’s song now.

But I'm not a singer. You have to sing it.

At least, not yet she wasn’t, Jungkook thought to himself. He started to consider whether the song would work as a duet. Then he noticed the time.

“Oh! I have dance practice. You watch us?

Can I stay here? I’ll join you in a bit.


Can you set up a new…?

Anna gestured at the computer screen. She figured she wouldn’t have many chances to play around with music producing software. She watched as Jungkook fiddled about and a blank track appeared on the screen.

“There you go. Bye Anna!”

“Bye Kook! I’ll be down soon.

First Anna had to work out how to use the program. Luckily, computers were her thing and she had a lot of experience using new programs. It took her a while, but she worked out the basics and then the real work began.

She cringed as she played back what she had created. It sounded like a child had done it. Perhaps producing wasn’t for her. However, she was determined to make something at least half decent. With laser focus she didn’t notice as hours passed by.

When the boys finished their dance practice and Anna hadn’t turned up, Jungkook, Jimin and Jin went to fetch her while the others ordered dinner.

“Maybe she decided to go home. Or maybe she got lost trying to find the practice room. She wouldn’t be the first. She could be anywhere in this maze of a building!”

“Hyung, let’s not panic until after we check my studio. Okay?”

“Surely she would have told us if she went home?”

As they approached the Golden Closet, Jungkook slowly opened the door to find Anna exactly where he had left her. He closed the door.

“Kookie, what are you doing?”

“She looks like she’s in the zone. We’ll come and get her when dinner arrives.”

The three of them headed down to their lounge where the others were. They were immediately bombarded with questions about where Anna was.

“You mean she’s been producing for the past four, almost five hours straight?!”

“Maybe turning Anna into an Idol won’t be so hard after all.”

“I wouldn’t say that.”

“What? Why not Hoseok?”

“Is this about the dance teacher earlier Hyung?”

“What’s Jungkook talking about?”

Hoseok preceded to explain what happened after he went home earlier.

“So, I took the opportunity to put our plan into action.”

“And? What did he say?”

“Well, he said although he was impressed that she picked up the dance in such a short amount of time, Anna isn’t a dancer. There was no originality, she just copied how we did it.”


Chapter Text

Despite her recent outing to the HYBE building and her daily Korean lessons at the Soulmate Registration Office, Anna was starting to get cabin fever. She hadn’t been out to explore Seoul since her first shopping trip and that had been more of a trip with a purpose than a sightseeing expedition. However, the thought of going out by herself scared her.

Anna was always the same with new places. If she had been somewhere before then she didn’t feel as nervous about going back alone. Not that she ever felt comfortable going places by herself, no matter how many times she had done it, but at least she knew where she was going and what to expect.

Maybe she could start out small. Now that she knew she could order food, perhaps she could venture out for lunch. In fact, Anna knew the perfect place. During her exploration into Korea, she had come across a YouTube channel called the Korean Englishman. She had learnt a lot while watching their videos, in particular what Korean food she wanted to try.

She looked up where the nearest one was. It was a bit of a distance since where BTS lived was a more secluded residential area. However, she didn’t mind a bit of a walk. It would give her a chance to explore the area, as well as get some fresh air.

With the route saved on her phone, Anna got ready to venture outside. This was the most difficult part, the initial push, the first step out of the house. Her hands gripped the strap of her handbag as she walked down to the gate of the complex. The security guard greeted her as she left, so Anna bowed slightly and returned the greeting.

She had memorised at least the beginning of her route, so she knew which way to go as she left the safety of the housing complex behind. It was fairly quiet at first, but the closer she got to her destination, the busier the streets got.

Without too much trouble, Anna reached her chosen lunch spot, Isaac Toast. One of the hosts of Korean Englishman raved about this so much that she just had to try it for herself. Inside she looked over the menu before going up to the counter to order.

Anna had reviewed the phrases she knew she would need before she had left. Apart from a little stutter at the beginning, she managed to order her lunch in Korean and the staff member serving her praised her for it. She had heard that Koreans were always delighted when foreigners tried to speak their language and now, she had experienced it for herself.

When she got her food, she sat down at a small empty table by the window. It had been hard to decide which one to get. There was the classic ham and cheese, the Korean speciality Bulgogi mvp, but it was the double cheese pork cutlet that caught Anna’s attention. It was amazing and she had no doubts that she would come back sometime to try the others.

Anna was smiling the whole way home. This little outing had been exactly what she needed, some fresh air and good food. She felt more relaxed on the way home. She always thought she had a rather good sense of direction. If she had been someone once, then she would usually remember where to go.

It was like a K-drama when the sky’s opened and out of nowhere it started pouring down with rain. Of course, Anna didn’t have an umbrella or jacket because of the nice weather. However, she recognised where she was and was sure home was only around the corner, so she ran for it.

Except when she turned the corner, she soon realised she wasn’t as close to home as she thought. After a while she admitted she had been too confident in her navigational abilities and found an over hanging tree to shelter under while she checked her map.

By the time she finally reached home she was soaked through. She gingerly tiptoed across to her room, but it was a lost cause as she left a trail of water behind her. Once she was warm and dry, and had mopped the floor, she wrapped herself up on the sofa in a blanket.

All the walking she had done plus the extra running had meant she had already worked off her lunch and was hungry again. Still being in a good mood, despite the rain, Anna decided today was a cheat day and ordered chicken.

Korean fried chicken was her favourite and one of the things she had most anticipated trying when she came to Korea. All in all, it was a good day and Anna was feeling positive about her new life in her soulmate’s homeland.

The next day Anna was resting in the living room when her phone rang. It startled her because no one ever called her as she preferred texting. When she looked at the screen, she saw it was Namjoon calling and immediately answered.


Anna? Are you at home?


Okay, good. So, one of our managers is coming to pick you up and bring you to us.

Okay…? Wait, what? Why?

We’re having a meeting with management and we need you to be here too.

A meeting? Is something wrong?

Umm, well…

“Don’t make her worry before she even gets here!”

“I'm not going to lie to her.”

“It’s probably too late anyway. I bet she is freaking out now.”

Guys? I didn’t understand, what did you say?

We will explain everything when you get here, okay? Everything is going to be fine.


We’ll see you soon. Love you.

Love you too. Bye.

Anna sat in a state of shock until a knocking at the door startled her out of it. The serious face of her soulmate’s manager did nothing to ease her fears that something was wrong. She spent the car journey going over everything she done recently and questioning whether that could be what was wrong.

Yet, apart from her trip to HYBE with Hoseok and her lunch outing yesterday, she hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary, or outside of the house even. Anna hadn’t posted on social media much since she found out who her soulmates were.

By the time they reached the HYBE building her hands were shaking and she was still clueless to what the meeting was going to be about. She was led up through the building to a large conference room where all her soulmates were waiting for her, along with someone she recognised but hadn’t met yet.

Hello Anna.

Sitting at the head of the table was Bang PD.

Chapter Text

Hello Anna.


“Boys, I think Anna needs some calming down before we start. What did you say to her?!”

Taehyung, who was sitting nearest where Anna was standing, pulled the shaking girl into his lap and held her tightly. The sight of the CEO had only solidified her fears that something serious must have happened. However, slowly but surely, she started to relax. She loved cuddling with all of her soulmates, but Namjoon, Taehyung and Jin in particular always made her feel small, in the best way.

When you are ready Anna we will start.

I'm ready. Sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

Anna tried to move from Taehyung’s lap, but the cuddly bear would not let her go.


Flustered, she glanced at Bang PD, but he just smiled and waved off her apologies, used to the boys’ antics, before gesturing to Namjoon to begin.

First, we just need to check. Have you been out by yourself recently?

Umm, yes. Yesterday I went out for lunch… was I not supposed to?

“No. Of course you can go out whenever you want. That’s not the problem… Just show her.”

One of the staff members Anna didn’t know turned their laptop towards Anna so that she could see what was on the screen. It was a picture of her from yesterday leaving the housing complex where BTS lived.

Why…? How did…? That’s me!

Anna pulled the laptop closer and studied the photo. It really was her. Why was there a photo of her, who took it and how did Bang PD get it? She recognised the page the photo was on as a news article. Although she couldn’t understand the title, she recognised Bangtan Sonyeondan.

As she scrolled down the page, she discovered that there were more photos. There were photos from every time she had been near BTS in public: the first time she visited their company’s building, with their staff at the airport, at their concert in Japan.

Anna didn’t want to believe what she was looking at as she continued to stare at the screen, flicking back and forth between the photos. As much as she had known that going public would happen one day, she had thought that it would be planned, and she would be prepared beforehand.

It’s not unusual for Dispatch to linger around our neighbour in hopes of catching something. It seems they recognised you from the other photos and, well…

Big news.

We can’t deny who you are now and then reveal you as BTS’s soulmate later. So, although it’s rushed, we would like to make an official announcement introducing you as BTS’s soulmate.

As well as our soulmate bond with each other.

They had obviously talked this all through before Anna had arrived, as although Namjoon and Bang PD had been speaking in English to her, the others didn’t look confused at all. She stared down at the table as her mind tried to process what all this would mean.

They hadn’t actually talked about revealing her to the public a lot. There had been many other things that felt more important to settle first. Yet, Anna knew how much the boys wanted to. They didn’t want to hide anymore. They had been waiting to find their final soulmate before they revealed their bond with each other, and it had been a longer wait than they had anticipated.

What do I need to do?

Namjoon and Bang PD shared a glance. They had expected more reluctance from Anna but were pleasantly surprised by her reaction, as this meant they could proceed with their plans.

Okay, first our publicity team will work with you and prepare you for the press conference we are holding tomorrow morning.

Wait, you sure this what you want Anna?

She looked around, making eye contact with each of her soulmates before answering Jungkook’s question.

I'm sure.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of activity for Anna. She was taught how to answer questions and given mock interviews. The stylists took her away for a fitting to figure out what her look would be. They even gave her some practice at posing for photos.

She was very grateful for all the lessons. Although, some of her soulmates had some interesting suggestions for photos poses, namely Jimin and Taehyung, while Jin made sure to give her some practical tips. Anna wasn’t sure what she was more worried about: answering questions or being captured on film.

While she had never liked having her photo taken, Anna also found answering question difficult. One of the reasons she worked as a freelancer was because she could never pass an interview. She was praying her professional soulmates would handle most of the questions and not many would be aimed at her. However, there was no way she could avoid having her picture taken or being filmed.

Are you ready?

Anna looked up at Namjoon as he stood beside her. Her immediate response was no but seeing the crease between the leader’s eyebrows, she decided to give him one less thing to worry about.


She winched slightly at her overly enthusiastic response and Namjoon raised an eyebrow at her. Since he obviously didn’t believe her, she gave him an equally unconvincing smile. At least she distracted him for a moment as it made him chuckle at her.

You’ll be fine. I got you.

Before she had a chance to process his words, an arm was resting on her shoulders and she looked to see Hobi’s reassuring smile. Then she felt a hand take hers and inlock their fingers. When she turned, she saw Yoongi on her other side providing silent support.

Each of her soulmates provided Anna with a gesture of comfort and encouragement before they took their places in front of the camera. Jin gave her a kiss on the forehead, Taehyung and Jimin a hug. Jungkook approached last and took one of her hands, lifted it up and kissed the back of it.

I love you Noona, and ARMY will too.

Anna tried not to get tearful at her youngest soulmates words as she watched him join the others. She hoped he was right. She stood to the side out of frame while the members started the VLive.





Hey guys!

Whats up ARMY?

“Hello ARMY! Sorry we’re doing this so late, but we have a press conference first thing tomorrow morning and we wanted to tell our ARMY first.”

“So, as you might have guessed we have some news to share with you.”

“Yes, and we’re really excited to share it with you.”

“The first bit of new we have, well, we are sorry that we have kept it from you for so long.”

“Honestly, we are surprised you haven’t figured it out yet.”

“I bet some of you did, or as least you had your suspicions.”

“So, ready? One, two, three…”

All seven members held up their left hands in front of the camera and gave ARMY a few minutes to process what they were seeing.

“We’re all soulmates!”

“We realise this is big news and you probably have a lot of questions for us. I imagine one of them is why didn’t we tell you before now. Well…”

The boys went on to briefly explain how they found out they were each other’s soulmates and that they had one more to find. They also mentioned why they didn’t announce anything before and why they had been hiding their marks publicly.

“I know a lot of you were worried about Jin and Suga finding their soulmates before they turned thirty. So, that’s why we decide to proactively look for our final soulmate.”

“We found them!”

“And we hope ARMY will be happy for us.”

“We know ARMY will continue to love and support us, but we hope you will welcome our eighth soulmate.”

“ARMY, would you like to meet them?”

Yoongi, who was holding the tablet, looked over the comments as ARMY answered.

“Woah, it looks like they do.”

“Are you sure? Shall I go get them?”

Jimin, who was sitting on the floor, got up and went off camera to where Anna was standing. He took her hand and led her into frame. She felt herself start to panic when Jimin let go of her hand, but instead he held the tops of the arms and guided her to sit down between him and Namjoon. Once she was seated, Jimin rested a comforting hand on Anna’s knee while Namjoon casually wrapped his arm around her shoulders and whispered in her ear.

Introduce yourself.

“Hello. I’m Anna. It’s nice to meet you.”

Chapter Text

“Wow there are so many comments. Wait, there's a question. Do you speak Korean? Namjoon do you want to translate these for Anna?”

Yoongi handed the tablet to Namjoon, who repeated the question in English for Anna.

“A little. I am learning Korean. I have teacher, Korean teacher. Umm...”

You can answer in English, it's fine.

I was teaching myself Korean, but since I moved to Korea, I have been having lessons. Still I have a lot to learn.”

So good!

Noona get better at Korean every day.

“And as you can see, the other members having been practicing their English.”

Namjoon carried on reading through all the comments. He repeated any cute or funny things he saw, whilst he looked for a question that Anna could answer.

“They said Kookie speaking English is so cute.”

“Our maknae is always cute!”

Anna, they want to know where you are from?

“I am from England.”

And how old are you?

“I am 25 years old. I was born the same year as Jimin and V.

Namjoon was frantically scrolling through the comments looking for more questions to ask, whilst ignoring the more unpleasant ones.

“Ah, here’s a good one. What is your favourite BTS song?

Ooh, that's tricky because I love them all, but my top three would probably be... ON because it was the first song I heard and it's so good that I instantly became a fan, Fake Love will always be one of favourites, and Your Eyes Tell because it's just so beautiful. Ah, but there's so many others!

You love all our songs? Even the older ones?

Of course! Especially the older ones!

Okay, there are a lot of ARMYs asking, who is your bias?

“What? No one, I mean all of you. Everyone. OT7 of course. How could I pick between these guys?

This started an argument between the BTS members.

“I thought I was Anna’s bias?”

“You're wrong Jimin Hyung. I'm Noona’s bias!”

“Yah! Her bias is Worldwide Handsome, of course!”

“I don’t know why you guys are fighting, because it’s obviously me.”

“You wish Taehyung!”

“Actually, I think you’ll find that Suga is her number one.”

Hoseok fell on the floor he was laughing so much and Namjoon just shook his head, he was used to his group members antics by now.

Meanwhile, Anna was trying not to freak out. Even though it had been going well so far, she was still super nervous. As the boys chattered around her, she looked down at her lap where she was twisting her fingers, a nervous habit of hers.

Hey, Anna? If it gets too much, just let me know. Okay?

She glanced to the side at Namjoon who had whispered to her and nodded.

“Okay ARMY, send in any last questions you want me to read out! Nice ones only please.”

Jungkook leaned forward from where he was sitting behind Anna and rested his chin on top of her head.

“ARMY be nice to my Noona please!”

“Kook they’re asking if you are ever going to release your mixtape?”

“Well… Noona actually helped me finish some lyrics the other day, so perhaps soon…ish?”

“Spoiler alert!”

“It’s not a spoiler! I just want ARMY to know how awesome Noona is!”

“Anyway, I've got some questions for Anna. What is your favourite thing about Korea?

Umm, I haven’t seen much of it yet, but… food. Korean food is delicious!”

What’s your favourite Korean food?

You mean apart from fried chicken? Japchae?”


“She’s right you can’t beat Korean fried chicken.”

“Japchae? Interesting…”

“I would love some chicken right now.”

Okay, next question. Do you watch k-dramas?

Yes! I actually watched k-dramas before I knew about BTS. Umm, Boys Over Flowers, and… Descendants of the Sun, of course. What’s that one with D.O. from EXO? 100 Days My Prince! That was great. Yeah, and, er, lots of others too.


“I didn’t know she liked k-dramas.”

“Me neither, and it sounds like she’s watched a lot of them!”

Anna tapped Namjoon’s leg. She didn’t know how much more she could take. When stressful situations get to be too much she tended to start crying. She didn’t want that to happen here. So, she hoped the conscientious leader understood from her sign that she needed to tap out.

“So, I think we’ve kept you up late enough ARMY. Thank you for watching and we’ll see you all soon!”


“Love you ARMY!”

After the live ended, the camera was turned off and the staff started packing up, the boys relaxed.

“I think that went pretty well.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t read the comments.”

“Wow, a lot of ARMY’s tuned in despite the time.”

Meanwhile, Anna was freaking out. She couldn’t believe she had just been live on camera and millions of ARMYs had watched her. Did she make a fool of herself? She couldn’t even remember what she had said.

“No! Don’t tell me I dont want to know!

The boys were startled by Anna’s outburst. When they all turned to look at her, she had her hands over her ears.

“Anna? Are you okay?”

When they got no reply, they all gathered around her. Jin sat right in front of her and gently moved her hands away from her head. However, Anna also had her eyes closed tightly and was biting her lip. It looked as though she was trying to hold back tears.

“Yah, don’t hurt yourself. Open eyes. Anna? I see beautiful eyes please.

Opening her eyes to see her Jin’s handsome face right in front of her only succeeded in freaking Anna out more. Up until this moment it had almost been like a dream. Having BTS as her soulmates, living with them. It was like living in a fantasy world, but now everyone knew, and her life was going to change drastically. She didn’t know if she would be able to cope.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. Come here.”

Anna dived into Jin’s arms and cried on his shoulder.

“I have the perfect shoulder for you to cry on.”

“Hyung, really?”


“Is it really the right time for one of your jokes?”

“I think it’s the perfect moment.”

Anna knew Jin had made a joke as she heard and felt his chest vibrate as he laughed at himself. With her curiosity peaked, she pulled away slightly to ask what the joke had been.

Jin said he has the perfect shoulders for you to cry on.

Her lips broke into a small smile and she couldn’t help the giggle that escaped.

“Yah! See, I told you!”


No funny Anna!

Noona, how could you?!

Despite their protests, her soulmates were happy to see Anna laugh. It had reminded her that whatever happened next, she wouldn’t be alone. She had seven beautiful, kind, and caring soulmates right by her side who would always be there to cheer her up.

When Namjoon said it was time they went home, Anna protested. She was very comfortable in Jin’s arms, leaning against his chest and she didn’t want to move. Although she didn’t win, she did end up sharing Jin’s bed that night.

They all went straight to bed when they got home as they had the press conference in the morning. However, Anna couldn’t fall asleep. She was replaying the events of the day and her mind went over every possible scenario of what could happen next.

Anna, I hear you think.

Anna rolled over so she was facing Jin.


Her oldest soulmate raised his hand to hold her chin, before running his thumb along the edge of her bottom lip. Anna almost forgot how to breathe when he stared at her with an intense look in his eyes.

“Maybe I can distract you.”

Chapter Text

Anna couldn’t fall asleep. She was replaying the events of the day and her mind went over every possible scenario of what could happen next.

Anna, I hear you think.

Anna rolled over so she was facing Jin.


Her oldest soulmate raised his hand to hold her chin, before running his thumb along the edge of her bottom lip. Anna almost forgot how to breathe when he stared at her with an intense look in his eyes.

“Maybe I can distract you.”

Anna didn't even have a chance to question what he meant before his lips crashed onto hers. She was frozen in surprise at his actions. Although she probably shouldn't be since they were sharing a bed, but Jungkook was still a little too shy to initiate much with her. Obviously Jin didn't have the same problem.

While she knew that, after the Jimin incident, all the boys knew her boundaries and were planning on following her lead in intimate matters, Anna couldn’t help but wonder how far Jin might go.

Despite everything else she knew it would bring, one thing that had come out of them going public with their relationship was reassurance. It was not a decision to be made lightly, but the fact that her boys wanted to announce to the world that she was theirs, in a way proved how much they loved her.

With this assurance, Anna was no longer afraid, just nervous, at the thought of being as close to her soulmates as possible. She still wanted to take it slow but having seven idols for soulmates didn't make it easy. The first time she saw Namjoon walking around shirtless she literally almost died.

So, as her eldest soulmates lips moved against hers, she reached out and rested her hand on his chest, gripping the material of his top as if she were trying to pull him in closer.

Jin moved his hand from where it was gripping her chin to the back of her neck, before running it down her back. As he pulled her body in tighter against his own, it barely registered to Anna as she was so lost in the kiss her mind was foggy.

His hand continued its journey down her body stopping at her hip and guiding Anna onto her back. Jin slid one her his legs between hers causing him to be lying half on top of her. Annas mind cleared slightly at feeling the weight of her soulmates body on top of her.

The change of position didn't faze him at all as Jin continued to passionately kiss her. However, Anna continued to be unable to think or even catch her breath as she felt his fingertips slide under her clothes and caress her bare skin. It caused her to gasp at the same time that Jin ran his tongue along her lip asking for entrance.

It was new step which she had unknowing agreed to but moaned in approval of. Running her hands over his shoulders until she reached his hair, Anna made Jin groan in return as she gripped his silky strands between her fingers.

He finally let her breathe when he moved his kisses along her jaw, down her neck, and across her chest. Pure lust was guiding her as she tugged on his hair, trying to pull him further down, without consciously realising it.

Confusion, loss, and disappointment were what Anna felt when Jin removed her hands from his hair with his own. Bringing them in front of his face, he gave her hands a kiss before letting them go and rolling completely off of Anna.



"Sleep. Wake early, sleep now."

As Anna found herself staring up at the ceiling once again, for a moment she wondered if she had just imagined it all. How was she meant to sleep after that? Although, his distraction had worked, she was no longer worrying about the morning. Instead, she was thinking of other things, bigger things.

She turned to lay on her side, facing away from Jin. Only a few moments later she felt him move so that he was behind her and then an arm wrapped around her. When she felt him leave a soft kiss behind her ear, she wondered if it was an apology for teasing her. Anna was sure he purposely stopped with the intention of leaving her wanting more. 

As much as she tried to keep the pout on her lips, she couldn't. The annoyed furrow of her eyebrows smoothed out and a small smile graced her lips instead. Her heart was giddy, and still racing slightly, from her soulmate’s attentions. When she finally drifted off to sleep, it was dreaming of all the ways she could get back at him. Didn't they realise that she could tease too? 

Whether it was thanks to Jin's distraction was yet to be determined, but Anna felt like the press conference went well. Or at least she didn’t think she completely messed it up. They had a translator to translate what she said. The questions weren't dissimilar to ARMYs. They asked where she came from, was she a fan before they met, how did they meet. Although, the questions weren't as filtered as ARMYs had been. 

Of course, Anna knew that during the V Live Namjoon had carefully chosen which questions and comments to translate to her. He had done the same for the other members in their early days when the comments they got weren't very encouraging. 

The thing she found difficult was knowing how much to reveal. Anna tended to give either very little detail or the full story. Sometimes she was too honest, an open book. Whenever she struggled to answer a question, unsure of what to say, or what she was allowed to say, the boys would pitch in to help. She always sighed in relief when they took over. It was very intimidating sitting in front of all those reporters. She knew it wasn't the boys’ favourite thing to do either, but that it got slightly easier with time and practice. 

However, that was only the beginning of her day. After the interview and the photoshoot, Anna found herself in a meeting with some staff members who she was told would be handling her public image. They had set her up with public official social media accounts, her first post being a picture from last nights V Live which read ‘Hello ARMY!’ and the second from the morning’s press conference.

The staff would mainly be there for support and they advised her on what she should and shouldn’t post. She was free to post pretty much anything she wanted, but if it involved the boys, she needed to be wary of giving out any spoilers. If she was unsure, then she should run it by the staff first.

Anna was already worried about what she would post. Outside of the fact that her soulmates were BTS, she considered herself to be rather boring. On top of that, her posts would potentially be seen by thousands of people. As her old social medias were private, she was used to only a few family, friends and old classmates seeing what she posted. She wondered if she would actually be able to press the post button when the time came.

While Anna had been getting an introduction to what it meant to be in the public eye, her soulmates had gone straight back to work. When Anna found them, they were all gathered in their dance studio, about to start practicing. They all greeted her warmly, fussing over her, asking her if she was alright, just as they did after the press conference had ended. Her automatic reaction was to tell them she was fine, but she was trying to be more open with telling them her feelings, like they asked her to.

“Where is Kookie?”

“Yeah, where did he disappear off to?”

“He said he had a meeting.”

“A meeting? With whom?”

“Sihyuk Hyung.”

“It still feels weird to call the CEO Hyung.”

“How are you not used to it yet? It’s been, what, a year?”

“He’s our boss!”

“He’s cooked dinner for us!”

The others just ignored Jin and Jimin as they squabbled and Hoseok asked Namjoon a question.

“What’s the meeting about?”


Just then Jungkook walked in the room and Taehyung bounced straight over to him.

“How did your meeting go? What was it about?”

“Oh, uh, I was just running by an idea I had for my mixtape.”

“What idea? You haven’t told me about this!”

“It’s… secret! Yes, a secret. I have one more person to talk to and then I can tell you, Hyung.”

“Or you could tell me now?”

Jungkook ignored Taehyung’s puppy dog eyes and said hello to Anna instead.

“How has the rest of your day been Noona?”

A little overwhelming. I now have my own Twitter account. Don’t know what I’m going to post on it though…

Anna mumbled the last part to herself, but he still heard her.

“Selca’s. When in doubt, post a selfie.”

Her soulmates laughed as Anna scrunched up her nose. They all knew her dislike for photos of herself.

“I have an idea! Group selca. Let’s all be in Anna’s first Twitter selfie!”

Chapter Text

As she could have predicted, Anna didn't post much on her new social media accounts. After the group photo, she didn't post much apart from a selfie with Jimin on his birthday. Anna had gone shopping with Hobi to find Jimin some earrings for his birthday present. She had always loved the dangly earrings he often wore. The birthday boy loved her gift, immediately putting them on and even showing them off to ARMY on his birthday V Live. 

After the initial uproar at their announcement had passed, part of Namjoon's plan was finally put into place and Anna began working at HYBE. Anna had protested at first, not wanting them to give her a job just because of who her soulmates were. In the end she gave in, partly because she couldn't resist the opportunity to work at HYBE. From what she had heard since they moved into the new building, the cafeteria food was enough of a reason to want to work there. 

Her job was more like a placement program or an internship. She worked for a bit in all the departments, wherever she was needed, and Anna enjoyed seeing how everything worked behind the scenes. It was interesting. She was told that they were trying to focus more on their relationship with international fans. A big part of that was translations. Although they had started adding subtitles to their YouTube videos for almost two years now, even Anna herself had some ideas of where they could improve. 

Hoseok had continued to give her weekly dance lessons, his schedule permitting, and she had learned a few more dances. Her other soulmates would occasionally join them too if they were free, but they tended to be more of a distraction than a help. Anna could manage one soulmate, but she found that the more of them she was around, the more flustered she became. With each lesson the dance captain continued to push her, the dances got harder and Anna was sure that if he had the time, their lessons would have gotten longer too. 

Not wanting to disappoint her soulmate, or waste his precious time, Anna decided it was time for her to get into shape and Yoga just wasn't going to cut it. So, she asked her exercise obsessed soulmate for help. Jungkook showed her the gym in their building at home, as well as the one at work, and recommended an exercise plan. Although, he made sure to state that he was not a professional and he himself has a personal trainer. 

She still had her Korean lessons every morning. It was still a struggle and she never felt like she was making any progress, but her teacher said she had improved a lot. Though, sample conversations about particular topics or situations were one thing, but translating her everyday thoughts was another. 

Working at HYBE was probably helping her a lot with her Korean. Although some of the people she worked with were translators and liked conversing with her in English. To be honest it was a relief to talk to someone who actually understood everything she said. 

Of course, Namjoon was always happy to speak English with her, but with his extra duties as leader, he was probably the soulmate she saw the least of. Despite this, Anna definitely saw a lot more of her soulmates now that they worked in the same building. Anytime they had a break they would come looking for her. It seemed that all the staff, not just the ones that worked directly with them, had a soft spot for her boys. As an ARMY, Anna didn't find it surprising that no one was immune to their charms. 

Jungkook was the one who took advantage of this the most, which surprised Anna a bit. If she had to guess which one of her soulmates would use his charms to get what he wanted, she would have said Taehyung. That boy could get away with anything. 

Whenever Jungkook would steal her away from her work, it was to work on the song she had helped him with. The maknae had decided to include it in his mixtape, which was finally close to being finished. The song had turned into a duet, and he said he needed her to practice it with him. It was a love song, and it suited Jungkook perfectly. This ended up being the only quality time she spent with her youngest soulmate, as she couldn’t remember the last time she had slept in their bed with him.

Ever since she had spent the night with Jin it had been open season on Anna's sleeping arrangements. By this point she had spent at least one night in each of her soulmate’s beds. The usual culprits were her fellow 95ers. Taehyung was known for needing someone to hold so that he could fall asleep, but soon Jimin begun to complain that he was monopolising Anna. It seemed the best friends had found something new to fight about. However, these disagreements generally ended with all three of them in a bed together. Anna was just happy that the weather was starting to get cooler. 

It had become part of her routine to wait for the boys to finish their day and travel home with them. Sometimes she hung out in one of their studios, or their personal waiting room, or as she was now watching them dance. She loved it when she could sit in on their dance practices. After Jungkook’s voice, seeing them dance was what had captivated her originally.

As much as it was fascinating to watch, they were meant to have finished an hour ago. Alas, her perfectionist dancer leader soulmate wouldn’t let them go until they had sharpened up this particularly tricky move. It was getting later and later, and Anna had ended up lying on the floor, using one of their jackets as a pillow while she waited.

Anna passed the time by scrolling through her social media news feeds. It was one of her favourite things to do, as she enjoyed watching all the videos and clips of her soulmates. As a relatively new ARMY there was so much old content and she always joined finding something she hadn’t seen before.

Every time she found something funny or fascinating, she would go to share it but then change her mind. She didn’t have any friends who were ARMY, or even remotely interested in seeing BTS content. She tried to share her love of these seven talented and inspiring boys, but she also didn’t want it to seem like she was shoving it down their throats.

She wondered if this was the kind of content that she could share on her new public social media accounts. She mulled over whether that would that be the kind of content ARMY would like to see from her. However, there were plenty of fan pages for that kind of thing. Anna needed something original, something that was just hers.

While she was scrolling through aimlessly, her eyes drooped. She was so warm and cosy, using another one of her soulmates jackets as a blanket, she almost fell asleep. Suddenly something caught her eye, and she scrolled back up. Hardly believing what she was seeing, Anna sat up with a scream. The unexpected sound caught all her soulmates attention and they rushed over thinking something must be wrong.

“Anna? Are you okay?”

“What’s wrong?”


“What is it?”

“Are you hurt?”

“Why did you scream?”

Anna, who was still staring at her phone with wide eyes, looked up at her soulmates who were all crowded around her. They all relaxed slightly when her face broke into a wide smile but waited restlessly for her to speak. Wordlessly she turned the phone towards them, and a single tear slid down her cheek.

“Wang Yibo is come to Korea! UNIQ are have comeback!”

There were mixed reactions as the boys watched Anna do a little excited dance where she was sitting on the floor. Some of them were relieved that nothing bad had happened, others were a little confused, and a few frowned.

The maknae line started whispering between themselves.

“Wang Yibo? Who is that?”

“Isn’t it that dancer she showed us videos of?”

“Her favourite Chinese Idol?!”

“This is not good.”

“Hyung, this doesn’t mean anything.”

“Kookie’s right, it’s not like she’ll ever meet him.”

Meanwhile, the older soulmates were smiling fondly at their soulmate’s excitement.

“Do you think this is how ARMY’s react when we announce things?”

“Yeah, this is how I always imagined their reactions.”

“Just think, this kind of reaction was from our quiet composed Anna. I imagine many ARMY’s are a lot more…”




“She’s so cute!”

“Look at the young ones getting all jealous again.”

“Jimin’s pouting.”

“Didn’t we sort this out the last time this topic came up?”

“Well… Oh, I guess we’re done for the day.”


“Are you sure Hoseok? Are you sure you are satisfied?”

“No, but Jungkook has just picked Anna up and is carrying her out of the room, followed by the troublesome twosome, so…”

“Those three are so possessive.”

“That’s rich coming from you Namjoon.”

“So, you’re telling me it didn’t bother you at all that another guy made Anna scream?”

“Really? Did you have to put it like that Yoongi Hyung?”

Chapter Text

It was late one afternoon when Anna was proofreading the subtitles for a Bangtan Bomb, that she was interrupted by a pleasant surprise. She was startled by a familiar voice calling her name from right behind her. She twirled around in the chair to find Namjoon behind her. 

"Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."

"It's okay. I jump easily."

She watched with interest as the leader nodded his head before he started fidgeting. He looked nervous for some reason and she would be worried if he didn't look so cute. 

"Why are you here, Joonie?"

He blushed a bit at the cute nickname but stopped fidgeting and smiled down at Anna. 

"Your Korean is definitely improving. Um, well I was wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me?"

"A date? Now?"

"Yes. I managed to finish all my work early, so I've got the evening free."

"Oh, wow, great! I mean, I would love to. Let me just finish this. I'll only be a few minutes."

"Take your time."

Anna turned back to her computer and carried on with her work. Namjoon grabbed a nearby chair and wheeled it over so he could sit next to her while she finished up. 

If there was one thing Anna didn't like, it was someone watching her work or looking over her shoulder, particularly on a computer as it was easy to see what she was doing. The reason was because she didn't want anyone to see her do something wrong. She had a thing about never getting anything wrong, as if she had to be perfect all the time. Any little mistake ended up haunting her for years. 

"Do you like working here?"

"Yes. I do like working here. The people are friendly. The office is amazing. My job is interesting and involves my favourite boys. It’s great. Thank you for arranging it."

"No, don't thank me. It was for selfish reasons really. I thought if you worked in the same building as me, I might get to see you more. Hasn't really worked out for me, but I know the other guys are happy."

"Yes, I get lots of visits."

"Do they come here a lot? If they're bothering you too much while you’re working, I can tell them to tone it down? Or is it annoying the staff? I hope they're not making the staff dislike you?"

"Whoa, no, no, not at all. Don't you know that none of the staff here are immune to BTS's charms?"

Anna leaned in towards Namjoon so that he could hear her whisper.  

"In fact, they thanked me for getting the boys to visit here. Makes the office more attractive."

He chuckled and breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Good. That's good to hear. I'm glad you are enjoying working here. I did worry that it was forced on you or you felt you didn't have any other choice. But now your face is known to the public, it would be difficult to work anywhere else."

"Joon, please try not to worry about me so much. You have enough on your plate. Those six soulmates of ours are a handful. How have you been dealing with them all this time?"

Seeing the cheeky grin on her face, along with the playful tone of her voice made Namjoon smile at Annas attempt at humour. 

"It's not easy. I thought they would calm down as they got older, but I think it's getting worse!"

The pair laughed together. 

"Whenever I would watch you, whether it be Bangtan bombs, or Run BTS! or Bon Voyage, I would always think that you guys really knew how to have fun. Whatever the situation you always made the most out of it. You're always laughing together, and it made me laugh too. I would wish that I knew how to have fun like that."

"You were living vicariously through us."

It wasn't a question, so Anna didn't answer as she saved her work and closed down her computer. 


After grabbing her bag, Anna stood up, but before she could start walking Namjoon grabbed her hand. 

"Now you can learn to live with us."

"I think I already am."

They smiled warmly at each other for a moment. Namjoon's glanced around to see if anyone was watching, before giving Anna a soft kiss. 

"Let's go."

As they went to leave, in true clumsy Namjoon fashion, he somehow tripped over the chair he had been sitting on, but luckily, he managed to stop himself from actually falling to the floor. Anna tried not to giggle. 

"You know, it surprises me that the God of Destruction can be so gentle."

Seeing her soulmate pout at her teasing, she raised herself on her tiptoes so she could give him a peck on the cheek. 

"So, where are we going?" 

Anna wasn’t surprised that Namjoon took her to an art gallery. It was well known that it was one of his favourite things to do in his free time and she appreciated that he wanted to share this with her. They spent a while just wondering around. Her intellectual soulmate liked to stop and study every single painting. Sometimes she would listen as he shared his thoughts on the piece, sometimes she would move on to a different painting by herself, and sometimes she would just watch him. She had always been amazed at how passionate her soulmates would get about things. It was inspiring to see. Eventually Namjoon joined her on the bench Anna had decided to sit on.

"How did you manage to rent this out just for us at such short notice?"

"Well... I didn't. I booked it weeks ago. I just, I didn't want to get your hopes up and then disappoint you if I couldn't make it because of work."

"I would have understood. You know I'm happy just to spend time with you, however short. It doesn't even matter what we're doing."

"I know you are. But I'm not. You deserve better. I want to give you better."

Anna had never seen him so worked up. Usually he was almost disturbingly calm, but this was closer to the on-stage rapper side of her soulmate. She moved so she was sitting angled towards him. 

"You have. You have already given me better. Even before we met, you gave me so much. Surely you understand by now the influence you have on your fans’ lives."

"I do know, but you are my soulmate..."

She grabbed his face between her hands and stared into his eyes as she spoke. 

"And by finding me you helped me live. These past few months with you I have experienced more than I have in my entire life. Before we met, I was alive, but I wasn't living. Being ARMY made me happy, gave me something to focus on, but I was still..."

While Anna struggled to find the right word, the master of words chose the perfect one.


Namjoon reached up and wiped away a tear that Anna didn't even know she had shed. 

"I didn't mean you make you cry."

"Does spending time with you always end with heavy conversations?"

Huh? What do you mean?

Whenever you spent time one on one time with the others you always ended up having a deep and meaningful conversation.

“Really? Is… Is that a bad thing?

No, of course not. I'm just not used to having serious conversations.

Not feeling up to go out for dinner, they picked up takeout on their way home. Although some of the other members were home, Anna and Namjoon were left alone to finish their date. They talked about lighter subjects: books, countries they had visited, pets. Namjoon enjoyed getting to use his English for something other than work.

You know you really got the young ones worked up the other day.

I did? How?

Talking about that Chinese Idol, Wang Yibo, it made them jealous.

Anna burst out laughing.

“Seriously? They do realise that they are my soulmates, right?

Jealousy isn’t always logical.


As Anna thought about it, she got worried.

How bad is it? I mean, should I stop mentioning him? Should I talk to them about it?

I don’t think it’s that serious. If anything, I would talk about him more. They will get over it eventually.

Anna caught a slight smirk on Namjoon’s lips. It seemed like he was trying to get her to wind up her youngest soulmates.

Hey Anna? Are you still reading BTS fanfiction?

It seemed like her usually sensible soulmate was in a teasing mood tonight.

Oh my god! Why do you keep bringing it up? I never should have mentioned it. That’s what I get for trying to be honest with you guys.

Sorry. I just find it kind of fascinating that people write stories about us.

Well, technically they’re not always about you per say, they just use you as characters.

So, is that a yes?

No! No, it was too weird.

I thought you said it would be hard to stop?

Reading fanfiction? Yeah, but it doesn’t have to be BTS stories.

Oh, so what are you reading now?

The Untamed.

The Untamed?

It’s the Chinese TV show where I discovered Wang Yibo.

She tried her best to keep a straight face as she watched Namjoon’s reaction. It seemed the maknae line weren’t the only ones who were a little jealous of her fangirling over another Idol.

Namjoon tried not to let it show how much it bothered him. He had teased her about what she read, but now he was torn on whether that was preferable to her reading about someone else. His analytical mind couldn’t help but wonder if she had said that on purpose. Luckily, Anna had a poor poker face and he saw the smile she was trying to hide.

He thought her attempt to tease him was cute. She obviously didn’t realise that she was playing a dangerous game. Namjoon had been reluctant to join in the plan some of the others had made. He thought it wasn’t fair to tease their sweet and innocent soulmate in the way that Jin had done. However, perhaps he should reconsider. After all, Anna had confessed to not being quite as innocent as she seemed.


Chapter Text

Anna was standing in front of the door to the room she believed would be the best hiding place. She needed to get away, find somewhere peaceful where she could relax for a while. Her soulmates were driving her crazy. You would have thought she was a dog in heat by the way they were throwing themselves at her whenever, and wherever, they had the slightest bit of privacy.

It had started at home, being pinned against walls, and pushed against any available surface. They would kiss her breathless and tease her skin with their fingertips before pulling away with an excuse. She thought that at least at work she would get a reprieve. Her soulmates were professionals after all and would never act such a way at work. However, Anna was mistaken.

What she needed was a plan. Ever since Jin had left her wanting more that night she had wanted to find a way to get him back. Unfortunately, she was inexperienced and unconfident when it came to these kinds of things. If only she had a friend who she felt comfortable enough to talk with, to get advice from.

She was still breathing heavily from her most recent encounter with one of her teasing soulmates. Earlier, Namjoon had pulled her into his studio with barely a word spoken, sat on his sofa, and pulled her into his lap. It had ended as quick as it had started. One moment he was running his hands up and down her body and the next he was leaving for a ‘very important’ meeting.

That was what had led her to be standing outside the door to this room. The room with the not so welcoming signs adorning it. Hopefully her demanding soulmates wouldn't find her here or be able to enter.

Anna tried knocking first, but the door did not open. As she couldn’t hear anything from inside, she guessed the room was empty and typed in the password that few others had been trusted with. 

She was wrong. When she opened the door, she was greeted by Yoongi playing his guitar. 

“Sorry. I go.”

“Anna. It's okay. You can stay if you want.”

She didn't need to be told twice. Something she hadn't seen yet was Yoongi playing his guitar in person. She still remembered the V Live he did a year ago now, before his operation, where he played for ARMY and even sang along. So, she was ecstatic to be able to finally see it now. She had been meaning to ask him to play for her. 

“Did you need something?”

“No. Here, I hide?”

Yoongi just nodded and continued playing, so Anna settled in his chair and listened. After a few songs, she felt all the tension in her fade away. This was normal for them. The producer had given her the password so that she could have a space she could go to get away. He understood her need for space, for peace and quiet. Usually she just sat quiet while he worked if he was there. Unlike others, she never disrupted his work.

After a while he spoke up.

“Why are you hiding? Or should I ask, from whom?”

“Namjoon… attack me in his studio and yesterday it was Jimin and Taehyung… together!”

Yoongi didn’t look surprised, in fact he didn’t even spare Anna a glance. Yet, she knew he was listening, so it could only mean one thing.

“You know why they do it. I was right, wasn’t I? They do on purpose.”

She watched Yoongi closely for any sign of confirmation that she was right. Her guitar playing soulmate pursed his lips slightly, before sighing and putting his guitar to one side. He rested his forearms on his thighs, leaning forward towards her.

“Yes. They are teasing you on purpose.”

Now she knew for sure, Anna wasn’t sure how to react to the knowledge that her soulmates had teamed up against her. What exactly was their end game here?

“How you manage six soulmates? Never mind, they would never tease you.”

“They tried many times in the past, but not so much now. I always win.”

As Yoongi smirked at his own words, Anna had no doubt that they were true.

“You haven’t joined them. Haven’t teased me?”

“Why? Would you like me to?”

“No, no, no. That’s okay.”

“You gave us limits, boundaries you were not ready to pass. Have they passed them? Done something you don’t like?”


“Then what’s the problem?”

When he put it like that Anna felt a little silly. Yoongi was right. Her soulmates stopped because she asked them too. They would never go further unless she said so, unless she initiated it. However, four against one wasn’t fair and she hated feeling out of her depth.

She wanted to tease them back. She would decide that the next one to approach her she would push away, deny them before they denied her. But when the moment came, she would be overwhelmed by their presence, unable to think clearly. Or unconsciously she didn’t want to push them away.

Perhaps that was the problem. She always waited for them to come to her. A new idea formed in her mind. Anna looked at Yoongi with determination.

“I want to tease them.”


“I don’t know how.”

Yoongi regarded her seriously. At first, he had felt disbelief at her words, but then he remembered that before them she had zero experience. He supposed that seven soulmates at once was a little much. He knew first-hand how intense some of the others could be.


Anna was at a loss. She could feel herself panic as she didn’t know where to begin. Staring at Yoongi sitting on the sofa reminded her of Namjoon in his studio earlier. While the leader had been in charge then, Anna had imagined some things she could have done.

Biting her lip anxiously, Anna moved towards Yoongi and pushed him so that he was leaning back against the sofa. Now she had room to sit on his lap. Slowly she knelt one knee on the sofa beside her soulmate. Resting one hand on his shoulder for balance, she lifted her other leg and lowered herself so that she was straddling his lap.

Once she was comfortable, she ran her fingers through his hair, down the back of his head to his neck. She continued to stroke her fingertips across his skin, down the column of his throat, along his jaw, across his cheek. When her soulmates had teased her, they had been fast and passionate, whereas Anna’s movements were slow and sensual.

When she finished with her hands resting on his chest, Anna looked into Yoongi’s eyes to find them dark with desire. She could feel chest move beneath her hands from his heavy breaths. At some point he had rested his own hands on her hips, where he kept a firm grip.

Feeling more confident, Anna smiled a little at her soulmate’s reaction to her attentions. Reaching down to grab his wrists, she lifted his hands away from her body and held them above his head. Leaning in she gave him a peck on the lips.

“How am I doing?

“I don’t think you need any help, but there is one problem.”

Yoongi easily broke his arms free of her hold, grabbing her wrists instead.

“This worked because I let you. You won’t be able to hold the others down.”

Anna pouted at the kink in her plans, but then she smiled with mischievous glint in her eye.

“Kookie could hold them down for me.”

When she started giggling at her own words, Yoongi couldn’t help but watch her with the softest expression. She was just too cute.

Pulling her forward, he let go of her arms to wrap his around her. The producer held her tightly against him and nuzzled his nose against her neck. Anna had sought him out for peace, but Yoongi as the one who found comfort in her presence.

Anna was getting a little uncomfortable from kneeling for so long that she started wiggling around. The soulmate she was sitting on groaned and grabbed her hips to keep her still.

“Stop moving. Please.”

“What….? Oh. Oops!”

Chapter Text

Anna was hanging out in the Golden Closet with Jungkook and Hoseok. The maknae was showing their older soulmate his mixtape. It was almost finished, there was just one last song that needed recording. Although her Korean had vastly improved, she had not learnt all the technical musical words they were mentioning. So, while they discussed the technical details, Anna was focused on her phone.

She was looking at the last update for UNIQ’s comeback. Anna was super excited. There were rumours of them performing in Korea soon and she wondered if she would be able to see them. Now she was known to the public, it probably wouldn’t be easy for her to attend shows like this.

After listening to the rest of the mixtape, Hoseok patted his youngest soulmate on the back in congratulations.

“When are you going to record the last song?”

“Well, I've recorded my part…”

“Why hasn’t Anna recorded her part?”


“Does she not feel confident?”

“She’s been practicing her part, but she just thinks she’s standing in until I find someone else.”

“What?! You need to tell her.”

“I will Hyung. Soon. I promise.”

“Seriously Jungkook, you can’t wait forever you know.”

“I just, I’m worried she will say no.”

The pair looked over at Anna who was sitting on the sofa behind them, smiling at her phone.

“What is she looking at? What’s making her smile so much?”

“What do you think? It’s that Chinese guy she likes.”

“Really? I haven’t heard her talk about him lately.”

“Namjoon Hyung might have mentioned we didn’t like her fangirling over him, so I think she’s purposely trying not to talk about him to us.”

“No, that’s not fair. I don’t want her to feel like she can’t be excited about things like this in front of us. Don’t you agree?”

Jungkook observed Anna as he mulled over Hoseok’s words. It was cold in his studio, so she had borrowed one of his spare hoodies. He liked his clothes baggy, so they absolutely swamped her, and she looked so cute. On top of that, she was smiling. Jungkook felt as though he didn’t see her smile enough. Well, he didn’t see her enough period. So, it made him happy to see her relaxed and happy as she was now.

Feeling their eyes on her, Anna looked up. Now knowing that her soulmates were watching her, she put down her phone.

“What were you looking at?”


It hurt a little to know he was right. She was downplaying, or even hiding, her excitement so as to not upset them. Jungkook agreed with Hoseok, he didn’t want Anna to feel she had to do that. They would need to find a way to show her they were okay with her new obsession. Perhaps he should investigate this Wang Yibo person for himself.

While all the boys were off doing their own things, Anna had snuck into their empty dance studio. Outside of her lessons with Hoseok, she had been practicing what he had taught her by herself. Although their living room was spacious, it wasn’t ideal for dance rehearsals. Now that she was more comfortable at the company and her soulmates had said she could use their spaces whenever they were free, she was starting to use their personal dance studio.

To warm up, Anna went over some of the dances to BTS songs that Hoseok had taught her so far. Then she focused on one dance which she had been working on by herself. When she had asked her soulmate to teach it to her, he had agreed to go through it with her once but deemed it too difficult for her at the moment. We’ll work up to it, he said. Anna understood, but this was the dance that made her ARMY. However, the choreography to ON was also considered one of the groups most challenging to dance.

Anna ran her hands through her hair in frustration. She had mastered the basic moves but was having trouble performing them at full speed. Pouting at the thought that her soulmate was right, Anna sat down against the mirrored wall.

Looking around the large empty room, Anna wondered if she would ever get used to her new life. She wondered if it would ever feel real, rather than a dream-like fantasy she didn’t want to ever wake up from. As she had told Namjoon, her life before had been mundane. Each day had seemed pointless. The world was full of hate, run by money, and Anna didn’t want any part of it.

Finding BTS was like a breath of fresh air. They were good, decent, and kind. Discovering that people like them existed in the world had given her a small amount of hope. The life that they had brought her into was more than she ever could have imagined. Her life was full, bright, and definitely interesting. She was happy.

“Noona? What are you doing here?”

“Shh! It’s a secret.”


When Jungkook sat beside her, Anna leaned towards him to rest her head on his shoulder. Wanting more physical contact with her soulmate, she held out her hand and he interlinked his fingers with hers. Feeling the hard muscle beneath his clothes, she was reminded of her conversation with Yoongi.

“Kookie… I need your help.”

“I’ll always help you Noona. What do you need?”

“Umm, it’s to do with some of the others.”

“Hyungs have been teasing you haven’t they.”

Anna nodded with a small pout on her lips that he couldn’t see.

“They teased me too.”

“Huh? Why?”

“They were trying to change my mind.”


“I wanted to wait for our final soulmate, for you.”

“Wait? For what?”

“To… you know…”

“I don’t know.”

“Be intimate.”

“What? But you didn’t wait.”

“No, I did.”

“I don’t understand.”

She had seen Jungkook be intimate with their other soulmates, she had seen them kiss and hands roam.

“Sex, Anna. I decided not to have sex until we found you.”

Anna was in shock. Although she knew how much of a romantic Jungkook was at heart, it was still a surprise that he had waited all this time.

“No way. How?”


“How have you resisted them for so long?”

“Once they realised how serious I was they respected my choice. Still, they like to see if I've changed my mind every so often. We all know how much Jimin and Taehyung like to tease.”

“What did you do?”

“I teased them back with the only thing I knew how to do. Dance.”


“Yes. Want me to teach you?”

Anna nodded enthusiastically.

“What should I teach you?”

“Show me what you did.”

Jungkook got all shy.

“Please Kookie. For me?”

In a way she was glad that he didn’t show her the whole dance. What he did show her was enough to make her heart pound and her mouth go dry. It was also enough to make her realise that she could never do what he did. He just made Baepsae look cute.

“Wow. Err, I can’t do that?”

“I think you could.”

“No. Yoongi was wrong, I'm not cut out for teasing.”

“What if we dance together?”


Jungkook held out his hand and when Anna took it, he pulled her in close, so they were chest to chest. She had been this close to many of her soulmates recently, but not this one, not her tattoo covered romantic. After the conversation they had earlier, the air felt different between them.

A trail of heat was left behind as he ran his hands down her body until they rested on her hips. The music from his dance was still playing and as they stared into each other’s eyes they began to dance. When Anna thought back to this moment, it would remind her of one of her favourite films, Dirty Dancing.

Jungkook slipped one of his legs in between Anna’s and started to move. They twirled and grinded together. Anna was lifted and dipped. They ended in much the same position as they started, but with their foreheads resting together.



“You know the song you’ve been helping me with, I want you to sing it.”

“Huh? I have been singing it.”

“No. I mean, I want you to record it. I want you to be on my mixtape.”

Chapter Text

The music was turned up deafeningly loud. Anna was back in the dance studio again. It was lucky that her soulmates had a space for their personal use. Although she imagined that if other artists had a large performance, similar to Not Today or ON, they would be able to use this room. 

She figured a soundproof room would be a good place to drown out her thoughts. Loud music alone wasn’t enough to cut through the buzzing in her head. The playlist she had put on was one she had named 'Strong'. It had started as songs that gave her strength or motivation. Anna started to sing along to ‘Born For This’ by The Score.

"We are the warriors, who learned to love the pain. We come from different places but have the same name."

At some point she started to move, to dance. It was a mixture of remembering things Hoseok had taught her and just letting her body move to the music. She had come to understand why people loved to dance. Before she would only feel awkward whenever she tried to dance, but now it had become therapeutic.

Anna had always felt tightly wound. Perhaps it was because she never got angry, so never released her frustrations. She had seen those places you could go and smash things and thought how nice that would feel, but at the same time could never imagine being violent in any way.

Outside the room, her dance leader soulmate was walking by with one of the company's choreographers. Wondering who was using BTS's studio, Hoseok peeked in. He was surprised to see Anna dancing by herself. He didn’t know she practised outside of their lessons but was glad to see her commitment and growing love for the art.

The two men watched from the door as the girl danced her heart out, unaware that she now had an audience.

"Did you teach her that?"

"No. I've only been teaching her our choreography and, you know, some basics."

"Hmm, she’s heading into contemporary territory. You should ask Jimin to show her some moves."

The staff member left while Hoseok carried on watching his soulmate. As he paid more attention to the music Anna had chosen and the aggressive undertone of her movements, he realised that this wasn’t just a dance practice for Anna.

The dance leader knew his new soulmate had a lot going on at the moment. He wondered what in particular had led her to dancing out her frustrations, or if it was a build-up of everything. Her sudden introduction into the public eye must be a big adjustment for her. Hoseok still felt a slither of guilt that it was because of them that she had to go through this because of the career they had chosen.

There was also the plan some of his other soulmates were taking part in. Not having the same patience as Hoseok, they had decided to tease Anna until she could no longer resist them. The only reason he hadn’t talked them out of this plan was that he believed she needed the push.

They had agreed to not push her past her boundaries and that anything more would have to be initiated by her. However, they all knew that their shy soulmate would hesitate to do so, no matter how much she wanted it. The teasing also served as a nice distraction from everything else. They hoped it would keep her mind on the seven of them, and no one else.

Before he could decide to go in and ask her what was wrong, he watched as she collapsed to the floor. Hoseok immediately ran over and knelt beside her. It had been a long time since he had felt such panic. How long had she been dancing?

Anna opened her eyes to a rattled Hoseok leaning above her, calling her name. She smiled and reached up to touch his face. She was fine, just exhausted, and her fall had been an on purpose ‘if I continue dancing I will collapse’ descent.

“I’m okay Hobi.”

It took a little more convincing before Hoseok believed she really was alright. They laid down in opposite directions with their heads next to each other. Anna waited for her breathing to calm down, while Hoseok waited for his heart to stop racing.

“Why does he want me?”


Anna turned her head to face Hoseok.

“Jungkook. Why does he want me to sing his song?”

“Because you have a beautiful voice which is perfect for the song.”

“I don't know if I can do it.”


“I love singing. I always have, but I've never been confident about my voice. I could have had lessons and improved and done more, but... I didn't want to lose it.”

“Lose what?”

“My love for singing. I was worried that if I was criticised, if my flaws were pointed out, or if I worked on improving. Then it would suck all the joy out of it. And I couldn't bear to lose one of the only things that make me happy. “

“I think I understand. You don't have to do it. Jungkook will be sad, but he'll understand. The reason he took so long to ask you is because he didn't want you to feel forced to do it.”

“He'll find someone else.”



“I don't know if I should tell you. I don't want you to feel pressured.”

“Tell me.”

“He won't find someone else.”

“What do you mean?”

“He only wants you to sing it. If you don't, then...”


“He won't release the song at all.”

The next few minutes were spent in silence as Hoseok let Anna process what he had just told her. He understood what she was afraid of. Exposing part of yourself, especially something that meant a lot to you, was scary for anyone, but when it was being exposed to the whole world it was terrifying.

Feeling that there was nothing more he could contribute on the subject, Hoseok decided to change it.

“So, you’ve been dancing without me?”


“No! It's okay. No wonder you’ve been improving so much. But earlier, where did you learn that?”

“What? I didn’t. I was just… improvising?”

“Really? Wow, it was good. I’ll make a dancer out of you yet.”

Anna rolled her eyes at the dancer's exaggeration but felt warm at his compliments.

“I have an idea. We should record you dancing. You could upload as content for ARMY.”

“Yeah? You think ARMY would want to see that?”

“Yep. Why not?”

“Because I’m not part of BTS. I’m just…”

She was going to say she was just their soulmate but stopped thinking it probably wouldn’t be taken well. She just meant, why would ARMY have any interest in her unless the boys were involved.

“Have you not checked your social media accounts?”

“No? I don’t know what to post.”

“ARMY are interested in you. They want to get to know you too.”

“Okay. We’ll record our next lesson.”

“Good. I’ll organise it.”

While they were speaking about dancing, Anna had an idea. She sat up and Hoseok followed so they were sitting facing each other.

“Hobi, could you help me with something?”

“Of course.”

“You know some of the others have been… teasing me.”

“Yes. I know.”

“Well, Jungkook is helping me with a surprise for them, but we need to get them all together.”

“A surprise?”

“A dance.”

“I could get them all to come to the dance studio for an extra practice?”

“Yeah? You, and Yoongi, don’t have to come.”

“Why wouldn’t… Oh! Jungkook’s helping you with a dance. No, I’ll be there. There’s no way I would miss it.”


“Ooh, I'm excited! I’ll check our schedules and organise it soon. Okay?”

When Hoseok said soon he meant it. A few days later, he informed Anna that he had found time in their schedules when they were all free and had called an extra dance practice.

She met up with Jungkook beforehand and he was currently trying to calm her down. She was a little nervous. She was wearing tracksuit bottoms and a crop top. She wasn’t quite confident enough to wear her usual tight yoga pants whilst doing this type of dance, but she wanted to show a bit of skin.

Thinking of all the times her soulmates had teased her and how good it would feel to tease them back, she nodded at Jungkook and let him lead her into the dance studio. The rest of her soulmates were already there. They weren’t too surprised to see her joining them, as it wasn’t an unusual occurrence. That would soon change.

Hoseok got the rest of them to sit down in front of the mirrors while Jungkook and Anna stood in the middle of the room.

“Now you may be disappointed to learn that we will not be having an extra dance practice today.”


“But we could still have one if you really want to...”

“Aww. I'm so sad. Right, Namjoon?”

“Same, Jin Hyung. I was really looking forward to more dancing.”

“That’s what I thought. Anyway, instead, Anna wants to show you something she's been working on.”

Anna looked at each of her soulmates. Yoongi was smirking. Obviously, Hoseok had told him what to expect. When she caught his eye, he gave her a nod of approval. Looking at Hoseok, he gave her a thumbs up which she returned, and he went to turn the music on. Taking a deep breath, she turned to Jungkook and waited for the music to start.

Once they locked eyes, Anna forgot about everything else. They had been practising every minute Jungkook was free, and the pair were so in sync it was as if they were one. Jungkook was definitely the soulmate she had spent the most time with, and therefore was the one she felt closest to. Sometimes this made her feel guilty and she promised herself she would find more time to spend with the others.

Despite the reason for the dance, her youngest soulmate had always done his best to be as respectful as possible during rehearsals. There were moments when Anna wished that Jungkook was one of the soulmates who were teasing her, and sometimes it felt as though he was. Being pressed up against his muscular body, while they danced, was a form of torture.

The dance ended with a lift. Jungkook’s arms were wrapped around her thighs and Anna’s hands rested on his shoulders. They held the position for a moment while they stared into each other's eyes.

“I’ll do it.”

Jungkook’s brows wrinkled in confusion at Anna’s whispered words.

“I’ll sing your song for your mixtape.”

Anna felt herself slowly slide down Jungkook’s body until her face was hovering just above his.

“Our song.”

He reached up and captured Anna’s lips into a passionate kiss.

The rest of their soulmates still sat, forgotten, in shock at what they had just witnessed. Their thoughts were stuck between trying to forget and wanting to see it over and over again. They had no idea Anna could move like that, or that she would be confident enough to dance like that in front of them. If this was in response to their teasing, then it had been worth it.

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“What are you watching?”

Jimin hid the screen of his phone against his chest before he realised that Taehyung wasn’t talking to him. He had sat down next to Jungkook, curling up against his younger soulmate, he linked their arms before resting his head on Jungkook’s shoulder.

“It’s Wang Yibo.”

“Doing research on the enemy. Good idea, Kook.”

“Hyung, no. That’s not… I want Anna to know that it’s okay to fangirl around us. So, I thought I would see what this guy is like.”

“Oh. And?”

“He is very talented. His freestyle dancing is especially good.”

“Whose freestyle is good?”

Hoseok came and joined Jungkook and Taehyung on the couch. They were all in the waiting room, waiting for the next part of their schedule to start.

“Wang Yibo. Jungkook’s fallen for the enemy.”

Jungkook let out an exasperated sigh. Hoseok leaned into Jungkook’s other side and watched the video that was still playing on the Maknae’s phone.

“Oh yeah, I remember those video’s Anna showed us when she first moved in. You’re right, he’s a talented dancer. What made you look him up?”

“What you said the other day, when we were in my studio and Anna hid her excitement from us because of some of our reactions…”

Jungkook glanced at Taehyung, who smiled back portraying the picture of innocence.

“I'm proud of you, Kookie. I think it will make Anna very happy as well.”

Hoseok’s praise made his youngest soulmate blush.

“I discovered something else. Tickets for UNIQ’s concert next month went on sale already, but Anna hasn’t said anything about it.”

“Hmm, that’s strange. Surely, she would have told us if she had gotten a ticket. Namjoon?”

Hoseok called across the room to their leader. If anyone knew, it would be him.


“Has Anna said anything to you about getting tickets to the concert Wang Yibo’s group is doing?”


Namjoon continued to walk around the room as he answered. It seemed as though he was looking for something.

“Joon, what are you doing?”

“I'm looking for my phone. Has anybody…”

From his position curled up in a chair, Yoongi raised his hand in the air. He was holding a phone.

“Yoongi Hyung, how did you-“

“I almost stepped on it earlier, so I decided to keep it in a safe place.”

“Oh, uh, thanks Hyung.”

Namjoon smiled sheepishly and sat down.

“Right, I don’t know anything about Anna going to a concert, but the staff did tell me that she had asked if doing stuff like that would be possible.”

“Why wouldn’t it be possible?”

Taehyung piped up from where he was still snuggled against Jungkook.

“Because we announced her to the world so she’s now a recognisable face. What did the staff tell her?”

“I think they said that it wasn’t impossible but would need a lot of planning.”

“Oh no.”

Everyone turned to look at Jungkook, alarmed at the sad tone of his voice.


“Anna didn’t get tickets. She decided not to go to the concert.”

“How do you know that? She’s been so excited about their comeback, there’s no way she would miss it.”

“Unless she thought it would be a burden. You know Anna, she would sacrifice her own happiness just so she wouldn’t have to trouble anyone else.”

“That does sound like Anna.”

“But she was so excited to see Wang Yibo in person.”

Despite his jealousy, even Taehyung looked sad at the thought of Anna missing out on something that would make her happy.

“Are there any tickets left?”

“No. It’s been years since they last performed together, so tickets went quickly.”

Taehyung didn’t let this deter him. He started looking through his contacts list. Surely, he knew someone who could get him a ticket.

Meanwhile, Jimin was sitting quietly in the corner still on his phone.

“You’re being very secretive over here.”

Jimin tried not to jump at Jin’s voice as the oldest member sat down next to him.

“No, Hyung. I'm just having some quiet time while we wait.”

“Really? What do you have on your phone that’s so interesting?”

Jin leaned over and got a look at Jimin’s phone screen before he could hide it.

“Yah! Is that Anna and Jungkook’s dance?”


“I didn’t know someone recorded it.”

“Hoseok Hyung sent it to me. He knew what was going to happen, so he set up a camera beforehand.”

“I love Hobi. Send it to me.”

“Sure thing, Hyung.”

They both watched the video for a moment.

Jungkook dipped Anna in a sweeping motion in front of him, her back arched. She was completely reliant on her youngest soulmate to hold her up. When he did raise her, she was so close to him that the lengths of their bodies were pressed together. He moved his hands to her hips and spun her around.

Now her back was against his front, she raised her arms, one wrapping around the back of his neck. As they ground together, Jungkook ran his hands over her body. In rehearsals, he had been very respectful about where he put his hands, but now it was showtime, he let himself be more daring.

Anna didn’t seem to mind. She brought her arms down, pushing Jungkook’s hands away from her body. She bent forward, and then slowly raised her body. Circling her hips, she turned around to face Jungkook. She grabbed his hips before dropping to the floor and then sliding back up his body. This part was from one of her favourite movies: Save The Last Dance.

“I'm not sure this is the best place to watch it.”

“I’m not watching it for that! Hoseok Hyung said one of the dance instructors suggested I teach Anna some moves.”

“I think we’ve all been teaching her some moves recently.”

Jimin rolled his eyes as Jin laughed at himself.

“Some dance moves. Contemporary style. This is the only time I've seen Anna dance properly, so I was watching it to see how she dances.”

“Jimin, come to my lesson tomorrow. We’re filming it for ARMY.”

Both Jin and Jimin’s heads shot up, not realising their conversation was being overheard.

“Yeah? Okay, I think I'm free, Hoseok Hyung.”

“Jiminie how could you not share that video with me!”

“I'm not the one who filmed it Tae!”

Namjoon held up his hands before anything got out of hand.

“Children, children. Calm down. Now, Hoseok, Jimin, one of you send it to me please.”

“Why do you guys like to torture yourselves?”

“Do you not want a copy then, Yoongi Hyung?”

“Oh no, I do.”

Jimin frowned in confusion.

“Then you’ll be torturing yourself too, Hyung.”

“Ah, no, because I haven’t been teasing Anna.”

As the other processed Yoongi’s words, the members who had been a part of the plan to tease Anna grew worried.

“But it’s over now.”

“Yeah, we’re even-“

“Even? Ha, she went easy on you lot. Perhaps I should give her some more suggestions…”


“Woah, Yoongi Hyung. There’s no need for that.”

“Mercy, mercy.”

Jin was rubbing his hands together in apology when a staff member came in to announce that they were ready for them. Before they left, Yoongi made one last comment.

“While you're watching that video, remember that it will be a while before Anna touches you like that.”

Hoseok and Jungkook laughed, while the others groaned. Maybe their teasing hadn’t been worth it after all.

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“That was great!” 

Jimin started clapping as soon as Anna had stopped dancing. He had come to watch her lesson with Hoseok. Today they were filming the dances Anna had learnt so far and Jimin was impressed.

“Next time why don't we do one where we dance with you?”

Hoseok reviewed the footage they had filmed.

“How about I teach you, Black Swan?”

“I think that's a little out of my league.”

Jimin turned to Hoseok.

“No. Hyung, didn't one of the dance instructors say I should teach Anna some contemporary dance moves?”


Anna looked at her soulmates in shock.

“Yeah, the other day they saw you dancing in here by yourself. I think they were impressed.”


The two dancers shared a smile, as Anna looked so excited that someone had complimented her dancing. Hoseok waved the camera.

“So, are you going to upload this?”

“I guess so, but where should I post it?”


“I don't have a YouTube channel.”

“Then you should make one.”

Anna didn’t look convinced at Jimin’s suggestion.

“Just to upload dance videos?”

“You could do other stuff as well, like cooking! You've gotten really good at some Korean dishes now.”

Hoseok joined Jimin in encouraging their soulmate.

“Or do something crafty. The cards you made for Jungkook’s, Namjoon's, and Jimin's birthday were so cool!”

“Maybe they'll let you do some videos about working at HYBE. Like Hyun Hyung! He's got his own YouTube channel now.”

“Oh yeah, and he worked as our manager for a day.”

“Oh, please do that, Anna. It would be so much fun if you came to work with us!”

They were starting to convince Anna with their suggestions.

“I do really like Lee Hyun's channel... What would I call mine?”

“Umm... Anna's Adventures?”

“Annyeong Anna?”

“Bangtan’s Anna.”

Anna raised her eyebrows at the last name Jimin proposed. Possessive much?

“Umm, yeah. I'll have to think about that one.”

“Okay. You should ask your publicity team what they think and get them to set it up for you.”

She frowned at Hoseok’s advice. She hadn’t thought of that.

“Oh, won't that be a lot of work for them? I can just do it myself.” 

“You can if you want to, but still, tell them about it. They might have some good ideas.”

Anna knew he was right. She probably shouldn’t set up anything like that by herself, but she could probably edit the videos. Maybe Jungkook could show me how.

“Or better names.”

Despite muttering it under her breath, Jimin heard Anna’s comment.

“What was that?! You don't like the names I suggested?”

When she giggled at him, Jimin went in for the kill.

“No! Jimin! Stop!”

Her soulmate was tickling her mercilessly, while Hoseok just stood and watched. 

“Say: Jimin’s names are the best.”

“Jimin’s names are the best.”

“And he is very tall, handsome, and sexy.”

“And he is cute, lovely, and s-“


Despite not repeating exactly what he had said, Jimin stopped tickling Anna. They both lay on the floor breathing heavily when Hoseok burst out into giggles. He couldn’t stop laughing at his younger soulmates, who looked at him before turning to each other. Suddenly Hoseok was being chased around the practice room.

After Anna left to go back to work, Hoseok and Jimin stayed in the dance studio.

“She's getting really good, Hyung. Do you think Bang PD will accept her as a trainee soon?”

“She’s improved a lot, but I think he has a different plan for her.”

“What do you mean?”

“You think Anna needs her own social media just because she's our soulmate?”

“I think it's good that ARMY can get to know her.”


Jimin cocked his head as tried to figure out what Hoseok meant.

“Oh! He’s establishing a fan base for her!”

“And when Jungkook’s mixtape is released with the song he’s singing with her…”

“Hopefully fans will like it and want to hear more from her?”

“I think that’s the hope. Although, I'm pretty sure Bang PD would have agreed to let Anna sing the song anyway, just so Jungkook would finally release his mixtape.”

Jimin laughed.

“Jungkook has taken his time with it, but it's different than when you released yours, Hyung. ARMY has known he's working on it for years, and the longer it takes the more pressure he feels to get it just right.”

“I know, and Taehyung’s the same, but I get it, it's difficult the first time you release your own work.”

“It's put me off ever doing one.”

“Don’t say that!”

“Not all of us can be like Yoongi Hyung, churning out a song a day.”

“No one is like Yoongi Hyung. Did you know he’s writing songs for Anna?”

“Is our next album going to be about finding our final soulmate?”

“No, not songs about Anna, songs for Anna.”

“Oh! Jin Hyung is going to be so pissed if Anna gets a song from Yoongi Hyung before he does.”

Hoseok broke down laughing imagining Jin’s face in that scenario. He hoped he would be there to see it when it happened. Jimin agreed that it was funny, but he rolled his eyes at his soulmate’s endless laughter.

“Come on Hyung. We’ve got a lot to do.”

“Okay, okay. You’re right. It's only a couple of weeks until Annas birthday.”

“Do you think we have enough time?”

“I think so, don’t you?”

“I do, but you're a perfectionist.


“It’s a problem.”

Hoseok pretended to be offended by Jimin’s teasing.


This time Jimin was the one who ended up laughing uncontrollably.

Ever since Anna had agreed to record her song with Jungkook, they had been trying to find time to book a studio with a producer. It was tricky because Anna didn’t want to do it alone, and Jungkook’s schedule was very busy. As a compromise, Yoongi had offered to record Anna’s vocals.

“How’s it going?”

Taehyung had popped in to see how Anna was getting on.

“She’s a little nervous.”

While her singing was fine, Anna’s nerves were preventing her from expressing the emotion of the song, and Yoongi didn’t know what to do to help her.

“Let me see if I can get her to relax.”

Taehyung entered the booth where Anna was singing. Closing the door behind him as quietly as he could, he sneaked up behind Anna. When he wrapped his arms around her and rested his chin on her shoulder, he felt her jump in surprise.


Anna took her headphones off and tried to turn around, but her soulmate just held her tighter.

“Focus on me, on our bond.”

It had been a long time since she had felt the feelings her soulmates gave her when they first met. She still remembered how relaxed she had felt in Taehyung’s arms the first time they met. Since they bonded those unique feelings connected to her soulmates had faded away. However, Anna had since learnt that if she focused on their soulbond, those feelings would resurface.

Doing as her soulmate told her, she began to feel safe and calm. Anna leant back into his embrace and wondered why she didn’t call on the soulbond more often. It was like a mental massage. She was almost sad when Taehyung pulled her back to reality with a kiss on the cheek.

“Feel better?”

Anna turned around, wrapped her arms around him, and buried her head in his chest. Taehyung just raised a hand and stroked her hair.

Don’t worry. You got this.

After Hoseok, Taehyung had made the most progress with his English, and Anna appreciated his effort to comfort her in her native language.

I do?

Instead of answering, he pulled back making Anna look up at him. With one hand caressing her cheek, he went in for a kiss. It was slow and loving as if he was trying to show his confidence in her through the kiss. When he pulled back, no words were needed between them.

He reached behind her for the headphones and placed them back on her head. Moving to the other side of the microphone, Taehyung took Anna’s hands and stared into her eyes. When she was ready Yoongi started the track, and Anna sang whilst staring into her soulmate’s eyes.


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"Hello. I'm Anna, and this is my YouTube channel."

In a room in the HYBE building, Anna was sitting in front of a camera trying to film the first video for her YouTube channel. Her first challenge was to decide whether to speak in English or Korean, and she was in two minds about it.

On one hand, it would be a good way to improve her Korean and she wanted to show her progress. It would also be easier for her to add English subtitles. On the other, she thought it would be nice for ARMY to have some English content. At the moment she was trying to do both.

Her team was sitting behind the camera. They had come up with a few topics for Anna to talk about to introduce herself. So today she would just talk to the camera and she couldn't decide if it was more or less awkward with the staff watching her. This is going to be so embarrassing to edit later.

When Anna had told her media team her soulmates ideas for videos, they had loved them. They even went and asked Lee Hyun's team for advice. Along with her dancing videos, they planned to film Anna cooking and doing crafts, just like Hoseok and Jimin suggested. The staff were also planning to do a vlog of what Anna's day was like.

They had also suggested that she record some song covers. This was the perfect opportunity to get Anna's voice out there. The hope was that after the release of her song with Jungkook on his mixtape, fans would want to hear more from her. While she wasn't aware of the deeper reason behind this suggestion, Anna agreed that it was a good content idea.

A few days later she was in Namjoon's studio. While the leader worked, Anna was relaxing on his sofa trying to pick some songs to cover. Due to his busy schedule, this was one of the only ways she could spend time with him. He was also one of four of her soulmates who had been extra attentive to her recently, ever since she put an end to their 'let's tease Anna' plan.

As she wasn't facing him, Anna didn't notice Namjoon setting up a camera and starting a V Live. While he waited for ARMY's to join, he kept quiet, only smiling and waving at the camera. Once a reasonable amount of viewers had tuned in, the leader held his finger up to his lips and turned the camera slightly so they would be able to see Anna in the background. Although she had earphones in, he still spoke quietly, leaning in close to the camera as he greeted ARMY.

"Hello! I'm RM of BTS. I've got a few minutes spare so I thought I would say hello and chat with ARMY for a bit. I'm being quiet because Anna is here, but she doesn't know I'm doing a live video, yet."

He read the comments for a bit. Glancing over the usual marry me's, and sending fingers hearts in response to the I love you's.

"The other members are around. We are all very busy. We're already preparing for the award shows in December. Please look forward to it."

A comment caught his eye.

"What's Anna doing? She's hanging out in my studio with me while I work."

More comments about Anna appeared.

"Thank you for your kind words. It makes me happy that ARMY has been so accepting of Anna. You want Anna to say hello? No? Oh, Annyeong Anna is the name of her YouTube channel. Wait, Anna has a YouTube channel?"

Namjoon turned around and called out to Anna, who removed her earphones.

"When did you start a YouTube channel?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"ARMY's are talking about it."

"They are? I didn't think it had been posted yet."

Anna walked over to Namjoon and looked at his computer.

"Where are they talking about it?"

"On V Live."

"What? Oh!"

Anna finally noticed the camera and hid her face behind her hands.

"Why didn't you tell me? I look a mess!"

"Ridiculous, you never look a mess. Anna always looks pretty and put together."

She blushed at his words. Her soulmates had been laying on the compliments thick recently, no doubt hoping for kisses in return.

Anna squealed when she was suddenly pulled down. She moved her hands away from her face to steady herself as she landed in Namjoon's lap.

"Namjoon! What are you doing?"

Despite her protests, her soulmate didn't let her move from his lap.

"Come, say hello to ARMY."

"Hello, I'm Anna. Joon, you're going to have to read these comments to me, my reading isn't that good yet."

"They say hello. They're happy to see you again. Oh, they're commenting on how cute we are together."

"What? You made that up!"

"Did you hear that ARMY? Anna thinks I'm lying. You think we're cute together, right?"

"No, they think your cute Joonie and I agree."

Namjoon rubbed the back of his neck with his hand that wasn't holding Anna's waist.

"Okay, time for Anna to go. Bye-bye."

Anna giggled as her embarrassed soulmate tried to get rid of her.

"Bye ARMY."

Those that watched the V Live were very happy to see the big smile on Namjoon's face as he watched Anna walk away. Seeing the hardworking leader look so relaxed because of Anna, made ARMY see her in a new light. They started to think that maybe Anna was good for BTS.

The mention of Anna's YouTube channel on Namjoons V Live had caused a lot of interest in it. At the end of the video, she said that if the viewers had any questions about her to post them in the comments, and she would do a Q&A video. They hadn't anticipated the sheer amount of interest she would receive. Anna found it a bit disconcerting how much they wanted to know about her.

With the attention her channel was getting, her staff wanted to push up the release of further videos. They had a few dance videos ready, they reorganised filming her cook for the next day, and they encouraged her to record a cover as soon as she could. At the time, Anna hadn't even picked a song, but with the added pressure she finally decided on one.

Hoping that picking a song was the hard part, Anna wanted some advice on how to do a cover. She could just sing the song, but she didn't know how to make it her own. Luckily she had a soulmate who was known for his covers.

Anna hadn't seen Jungkook much since they danced together. He had found her one day to tell her that he had heard her recording for their song and it was perfect. She had been so happy and relieved when he had told her that. Knowing how much his first mixtape meant to him and how long he had been working on it, she had been worried about not doing a good enough job.

Luckily, when she knocked on his studio door the Maknae was inside. After explaining what was going on, Jungkook was happy to give her some tips.

"What song are you doing?"

"Umm, I decided on I Get to Love You by Ruelle."

He didn't know the song so she played it for him. It was on the soundtrack of Netflix's show Shadowhunters. There were so many great songs on the soundtrack. Anna watched Jungkook's face as he listened to it.

"Is it a bit much? Should I do something more upbeat for my first song?"

"Maybe a little, but it's fine. Do whatever song you're comfortable with."

"Uh, I just... I don't feel comfortable enough to sing a non-English song. Otherwise, I'd probably just do one of yours."

"We have English songs too."

"I know, but they're not really my singing style. I want my first cover to be... reasonably good."

"Whatever you do will be amazing."

Anna playfully hit Jungkook on the arm, but that didn't stop her from blushing at his words.

"What song of ours would you pick?"

"Umm, apart from the raps my Your eyes tell is pretty solid. It's probably my favourite song."


"Yeah. I was sad you didn't perform it more, it's an amazing song."

"Maybe we'll sing it for you one day."

"I'll hold you to that."

"What else would you want to see us perform?"

"Hmm, let me think. Oh, I know, 21st Century Girls! I would love to see you dance to that in person. Not Today is another one of my favourites. Recently, Airplane Pt.2 has grown on me. I think you perform that one really well. Um, just to hear you sing then Let Me Know. I could go on and on."

"You forgot an important one."

Jungkook grinned at her cheekily, while Anna frowned in confusion.

"I did?"


Anna burst out laughing.

"Absolutely! We can't deny anyone Hobi's hip thrusts!"

Jungkook nodded in agreement.

"It would be a crime."

The pair giggled together. Jungkook had successful distracted Anna and learnt some interesting information at the same time. She's going to be so surprised on her birthday.

Chapter Text

“I’ve done it! Anna’s going to love my birthday present.”

Taehyung walked into the lounge connected to their studio space. The rest of the members were there waiting for him to arrive. It was a few days before Anna’s birthday, and this was their last chance to have a meeting about their surprise.

“What? I thought the surprise was our present.”

Namjoon looked worried. He hadn’t prepared anything separately for Anna.

“Yeah, well, I got her something just from me.”

Taehyung shrugged. He would have got the tickets for her anyway, but it happened to be Anna’s birthday, so why not make it a present.

“What did you get her?”

Yoongi decided to indulge his younger soulmate, who looked very eager to share the details of this present.

“A ticket to Wang Yibo’s show!”

Jungkook looked at Taehyung with wide eyes.

“Woah, Hyung, how did you manage that?”

“I have a lot of friends.”

Jimin wasn’t surprised.

“Which friend was it this time?”


“From EXO? How did he get tickets?”

“His group member Lay is friends with Wang Yibo. They did a show together in China.”

“Lay? He’s a dancer too isn’t he, was it a dance show?”

As a dancer, Hoseok was intrigued. He wondered if he should look this guy up like Jungkook did.

“I don’t- actually, I think Suho Hyung did mention something about a dance… street dance! Oh, and your friend Jackson Wang took part as well, Namjoon Hyung.”

“Jackson’s friends with Wang Yibo?”

Namjoon was surprised he had such a close connection to the guy who had been the cause of tension amongst his soulmates. Perhaps he should return one of Jackson’s calls.

“When’s the concert?”


“As in this Saturday, the 6th?”


“That’s the day after Anna’s birthday.”

Remember remember the 5th of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot.

They all looked at Namjoon strangely.

“What? Anna’s birthday is Bonfire night or fireworks day.”


“But we haven’t organised any fireworks!”

Jungkook was worried, while Taehyung pouted.

“I told you we should have hired a space. We could’ve had fireworks for Anna.”

“We’ll just have to light it up like dynamite.”

Jimin was the only one who laughed at Jin’s joke. Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“How important are the fireworks, Namjoon?”

“Um, I don’t know?”

Hoseok was ready to pull his hair out.

“Uh, we already had to change our setlist because of Jungkook’s info, I can’t handle any more changes. This is our last chance to rehearse!”

Yoongi patted the dance leader on the shoulder.

“Relax Hobi. We’re not changing anything.”

“What were you all doing before I came in anyway?”

“Reading the reviews of Kookie’s mixtape.”

“Ooh! What do they say?”

They all laughed as the Maknae ran out of the room, his hands over his ears.

When Jungkook got home that night he found Anna sitting on their bed wrapped up in a blanket. Leaning against the door frame, he took a minute to admire how cute his soulmate looked. He noticed she had borrowed one of his t-shirts again to use as a sleep shirt. He liked her best like this: relaxed, casual, and happy.

“Hey, Anna.”

“You’re home!”

She paused what she had been watching on her tablet and put it down beside her, while Jungkook joined her on the bed.

“That’s our last late practice this week. Promise. What were you watching?”

“Oh, just a drama, something I wanted to re-watch.”

Something he had noticed about Anna was that she generally gave short or vague answers. He had found out that this was because she didn’t think anyone would find her answers interesting. However, this time he felt that she was purposely not telling him something.

“You didn’t want to watch it on the TV?”

“I thought I’d leave the living room free for you guys.”

Jungkook interpreted this as she didn’t want them to see what she was watching.

“What are you watching? Have you just started? We could watch it with you!”

“Oh, I don’t know…”

Jungkook pouted and looked at her with his big doe eyes.

“It’s just a Chinese drama, I don’t think you’d like it. If you want to watch something with me, we could pick a show together?”

As soon as she mentioned it was a Chinese drama it all made sense to him.



“Were you going to watch one of Wang Yibo’s shows?”


Since he had been researching the Chinese Idol, he had some idea of what show Anna might have been talking about. He also remembered that she had mentioned it as one of her favourite dramas.

“Oh! Were you going to watch The Untamed? I’ve seen some clips, but I haven’t had the chance to sit down and watch an episode yet. Can we watch it together, please?”

Anna furrowed her eyebrows at her soulmate’s reaction.

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to.”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just, I thought you didn’t like…”

“Wang Yibo? I looked him up and he’s a pretty cool guy. Have you seen him race his motorcycle? So cool!”

“You… you looked him up?”

“Yeah. You like him, so I wanted you to be able to talk about –“

Anna launched herself at her youngest soulmate and wrapped her arms around him. When she pulled back, she kissed him on the cheek.

“That’s so sweet. Thank you.”

Jungkook was so happy at Anna’s reaction. When he thought of how his Hyung’s reacted, he couldn’t help but throw them under the bus.

“Taehyung Hyung said I had fallen for the enemy, but I just wanted Noona to be happy.”

“Did he now?”

She raised her eyebrows and tried not to laugh when Jungkook nodded, his face the picture of innocence.

“Yep, I think his nickname should be changed to Bad Boy.”

“Oh really? Does that make you my Good Boy?”


The Maknae was slightly taken aback when Anna moved to straddle his lap. Since they had danced together they had grown closer intimately, but it still surprised him when she initiated something. Ever since Jungkook had told Anna he had been waiting for her, there had been a sense of anticipation in the air. While they weren’t quite there yet, they were working towards that final step.

Anna brushed his hair away from his forehead as he gazed up at her with the cutest expression, his lip parted slightly.

“I love your hair long.”

Gripping the strands between her fingers, she went in for a kiss. She ran her hands down his neck until she reached the fabric of his top. Breaking away for a moment, Anna tugged on it, silently asking if it was okay to take it off. Once it was gone, she ran her fingers over the exposed skin.

While she thought all her soulmates were handsome, she had to admit that Jungkook’s physique was impressive. Her breath got caught in her throat as she felt the pure muscle that covered every inch of her youngest soulmate’s body.

In a fluid motion, Anna removed the borrowed t-shirt. Jungkook’s jaw almost dropped when it was revealed that his soulmate hadn’t been wearing anything underneath. He leaned forward, wrapping his arms around her waist, so their chests were pressed together and captured her lips in a passionate kiss.

The pair were startled by a door slamming.

“Shit, sorry.”

The door to their room, that they had forgotten was open, was now closed with Yoongi leaning against it.

“Don’t stop on my account.”

Anna and Jungkook looked at each other. While he was used to more than one of his soulmates pinning him down, Jungkook wasn’t sure what Anna would think of the idea. She had her arms crossed over her chest, even though her back was to the door, and he could tell she was conflicted. Sensing this, Yoongi put his hand on the door handle.

“I’ll leave then. Sorry for interrupting.”


All three of them looked surprised at Anna’s outburst.

“You can stay.”

Yoongi stepped slowly towards them, watching Anna for any sign that she had changed her mind. Instead, she lowered her arms and bit her lip at the expression on her older soulmate’s face. It was obvious he liked what he saw, and his reaction made her feel more confident. When he got close enough, she reached out and pulled him in for a kiss.

“You’ve got too many clothes on.”

A while later, all three were lying in bed, curled up together.

“I was only coming here to check on Kookie. Best idea I've ever had.”

Anna gave Yoongi a soft whack on the arm in response.

“What happened?”

“Did you see my mixtape was released today?”

“Of course, I did! I've been playing it on repeat since it came out.”

“Hyungs tried to read comments to me, but I didn’t want to hear them.”

Knowing how anxious Jungkook has been about finally releasing a mixtape, Anna tried to reassure him.

“It’s amazing. You have no reason to be worried. Trust me.”

“I wanted to say the same thing. You’ve come such a long way with your music, Jungkook.”

Embarrassed at Yoongi’s words, Jungkook crinkled his nose. Anna smiled and kissed her shy bunny on the nose.

“I'm so proud of you.”

Chapter Text


Yoongi ignored his older soulmate.

"You never came back to our room last night."

Jin studied the rapper for any reaction, but he didn't get anything

"Did something happen?"

"You sure you want to know?"

The eldest rested his chin on his hands and looked eagerly at Yoongi, who smirked in response.

"Okay then."

Jin's smile turned to into a smirk as he raised an eyebrow at Yoongi's story, but as he listened his mouth dropped open. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Did you...?"

"No, we didn't go that far."

"Damn. Still, both of them together? You lucky thing. "


"Nah, just looking forward to my turn."

"Your turn for what, Hyung?"

Jin grabbed Jungkook and pulled him onto his lap.

"With you."

The others barely took notice as their youngest and oldest started play fighting.

Meanwhile, Namjoon had something on his mind.

"Tae? How many tickets did you say you got for the concert?"

Taehyung looked over at the leader with a blank look on his face.

"What concert?"

"The one you got Anna tickets to for her birthday."

The younger member's eyes widened in recognition for a moment before he tried to act casual.

"Oh, um, didn't I tell you?"

Noticing his soulmates slightly odd behaviour, Jimin joined the conversation.

"Tell us what?"

"I only got a ticket for Anna."

"You mean she's going by herself!"

"No... Lay only had a spare ticket because whoever he was going with can't make it anymore. How would I get eight tickets for a sold-out concert? I can't perform miracles."

"You can't?"

Namjoon raised an eyebrow, while Jimin smirked.

"I beg to differ."

Overhearing the conversation, Hoseok leaned towards Taehyung with furrowed eyebrows.

"So, is it going to be just Lay and Anna?"


"You don't know."

Taheyung just smiled sheepishly.

"How do you not know?"

"I was worried about the Idol on stage, not off!"

Jimin gasped.

"Is Anna an EXO fan as well?"

"Oh dear god. Jimin, do not start this again."

He pouted at his scolding from Namjoon but didn't say anything more on the subject.

Later that day, Namjoon was working in his studio when his phone rang. When he saw who was calling, he was shocked at the coincidence.

"Hey, Jackson."

"Yo, RM. You picked up this time!"

"Yeah, sorry, I've been meaning to call you back."

"But you're a very busy man. I get it. Anyway, I'm calling 'cause I'm in Korea for the next few days and I wondered if you had a minute free to catch up. It's been forever since I've seen you, man!"

Namjoon was starting to wonder if he was dreaming up this phone call. What were the chances that the friend he recently learned had ties to Anna's favourite Chinese Idol, was in Korea at the same time as the concert?

"You are? Yeah, sure, I can work something out. You wouldn't happen to be in town for a concert, would you?"

"How did you know! Yeah, one of my friends from home, his group is having a comeback concert. Why are you asking?"

"You wouldn't happen to have a spare ticket, would you?"

"Afraid not, I was lucky to get one for myself!"

The little bit of hope Namjoon had felt left as quickly as it came.

"Never mind then. Why don't you come over to mine tomorrow night?"

"Sounds good, man. Looking forward to it."

The next day in the Golden Closet, Jungkook had turned on V Live. It had been a few days since the release of his mixtape and it had been requested that he celebrate with ARMY.

He was nervous like he was every time he was in front of a camera without his Hyungs. As he waited for the viewers to tune in, he swung his chair back and forth and played with his hair.

"Hello ARMY."

His eyes tried to follow the comments, but they whizzed by so fast that he couldn't make them out properly.

"So, I've turned on V Live today to talk to you about my mixtape. Have you listened to it? Did you like it?"

He bit his lip as he waited for the comments to catch up and instantly grinned. They were all positive.

"Really? You liked it? That makes me so happy. Thank you, ARMY, for your love and support. I will continue to work hard. Thank you."

Jungkook leaned forward to read the comments. After answering a few questions, he went through each song and talked a bit about how the song was made. It was like one of Namjoon's album reviews.

"And next, the song I did with Noona. This was the last song to be finished, but with Anna's help, I did finally finish it. I told you she helped me with some lyrics for a song, right? Well, that was this song. And I got her to sing it with me! Wasn't she good?"

He paused to read the comments.

"Where's Anna? Umm, I think she's somewhere in the building, working."

Smiling, he continued to read the comments, happy that they were still positive.

"You want me to invite her here, to join my V Live? Really? You want to see Anna? Okay, let me ask her if she's free."

Somewhere else in the building, Anna was watching Jungkook's V Live. This time her phone had actually sent her a notification, sometimes it was a bit hit and miss, like with Namjoon's the other day. When she watched ARMY ask after her and Jungkook agree to invite her to join him, she was conflicted. As much as she was reluctant to spontaneously go on camera, she also wanted to do it for Jungkook. But when her soulmates message came through, she couldn't deny him.

When she reached his studio, she entered quietly. Jungkook was still talking about the tracks, and Anna was surprised she had got here so quickly. HYBE was a huge building.

"Lastly, the bonus track, Decalcomania. I knew how much ARMY loved the demo, but I wasn't planning on putting this on my mixtape. Why did I? Well, you have a certain someone to thank for that. They are also a big fan of this song and asked me if I could release it properly."

Anna snuck up on Jungkook, leaned over the back of his chair, and wrapped her arms around him from behind.

"You're welcome, ARMY."

After they ended the V Live, Jungkook and Anna headed home.

"I can't believe they like our song so much."

"Of course they did. Why wouldn't they?"

"Well, I'm not a singer."

"You are now."


They were distracted from their conversation when they entered the living room to find Namjoon with a stranger on the sofa. It was the first time Anna had seen someone other than her soulmates, or members of their staff in their home. When the stranger turned around at their entrance, she recognised him.

"Hello! Good to see you again, Jungkook."

"Jackson Hyung, long time no see."

"And you must be Anna. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Huh? Oh, hello... Jackson... Wang. Umm, it's nice to meet you."

Thankfully the visitor ignored her shock at meeting a celebrity and smiled at her.

"We'll let you and your friend catch up, Namjoon Hyung."

But before they could leave, Jackson stopped them.

"Nonsense, come sit with us. I want to get to know your new soulmate."

Somehow Anna managed to answer the questions Jackson threw at her. She felt very shy around the Idol, not only because she had only ever seen him on screen, but because she was always shy around new people. When it was time for him to go, Anna was a little relieved. His outgoing personality was a little much for her, especially when all his attention was focused on her.

"It was nice to see you guys again. Namjoon, remember to answer my calls every once in a while, okay? Promise me?"

"I promise."

"It was nice to meet you, Anna. Good luck with this lot, especially that giant over there."


"And happy birthday for tomorrow. Bye bye."

Chapter Text

Anna had never seen her birthday as a special day. She wasn't one to celebrate. At most, she would go out for dinner, or perhaps eat her favourite food, or watch her favourite movie. So, it didn't bother her that her soulmates had to work on her birthday. They had tried their best to clear their schedule, but they still had to work until the early afternoon.

She spent the beginning of the day as she usually did, attending her Korean lesson and then heading to work at HYBE. In the afternoon she was waiting for a message to say the boys had finished, but instead, she got a different message. Unfortunately, their work was taking longer than anticipated, but they asked her to join them and promised they could still have dinner together. Anna wasn't surprised, but she was a little disappointed.

Nevertheless, she was curious to see what the boys were working on. While she didn't mind seeing spoilers of BTS's future releases, the boys often tried to keep things a surprise for her, but recently they had been particularly secretive.

When she reached the door of the room they had told her to go to, there was a note on the door along with a blindfold. The note asked Anna to put on the blindfold before opening the door. She looked around the hallway wondering what was going on, but no one was around.

Trusting her soulmates, she put the blindfold on before reaching down for the door handle and opening the door. She took a careful step forwards into the room and felt a presence on either side of her. She felt them take her hands and she knew which of her soulmates were guiding her. One hand was large and slender, while the other was smaller and unmistakable: it was Taehyung and Jimin.

They led her further into the room and guided her into a chair. Each of them gave her a kiss before disappearing. Anna was confused, wondering whether she could take her blindfold off yet when Taehyung came and whispered in her ear.

"Count to ten and take it off."

When she could see again, all seven of her soulmates were standing in a line in the big empty space in front of her. Music started playing and she immediately recognised it as one of their older songs, one she never thought she would get to see live. She was still a little shocked at what was happening as she watched them begin to dance. By the time Namjoon started rapping, Anna was smiling widely and was super excited to watch them perform for her.

"You worth it. You perfect. Deserve it. Just work it."

When it got to Yoongi's part in the chorus, she was full-on fangirling, putting her hands up in the air and screaming. They lined up again and made an adorable pose one at a time, and she almost died from their cuteness. They weren't holding back.

For Jimin and Jungkook's interaction part, they both ran towards her. Jimin took her hand while he sang, and Jungkook gave her a kiss on the cheek before they had to run back into position and continue dancing with the others.

"Oh, my lady, put your hands up. Now scream."

Taehyung winked at her during his part in the chorus, and Anna did as he said, putting her hands up and screaming again. At the end of the song, they each sent her finger hearts before turning and hopping away as the lights went down.

She was waiting for the lights to turn back on so she could thank her soulmates her arranging his surprise performance for her, but when they turned on, she realised that wasn't the end.

The next song started and she knew what it was even though it wasn't one of their songs. She wondered how they knew she loved their performance of this, as she didn't remember mentioning it. They were lined up in a row again when Jungkook started singing.

"Cause you are the one."

They moved into formation and started dancing as Jimin sang. They had changed outfits while the lights were off. Jimin was wearing an all-black outfit which looked even better than in the video she had seen of their original performance.

Just before the second chorus was Anna's favourite part: when Jimin takes his jacket off. So, she was very happy to see him replicate that in this performance and may have screamed a little.

There was something different about the dance to this song compared to their own song's choreography, but either way, she loved watching her soulmates dance. Anna particularly took notice of Namjoon since he didn't take part in the original performance.

"I won't go through the ordeal of not having you again, so you'll be able to rest in my embrace."

Like before, when the song ended the lights went out and she waited with bated breath to see what was next.

The next song changed the atmosphere of the room. When she first saw the translation of the lyrics for this song, she was shocked, to say the least, and surprised at some of the lines.

"So, this song is an award I'm giving to you."

They didn't dance at first, probably giving themselves time to recover from the first two songs. Instead, they played off of each other. Taehyung especially liked to stand as close as possible to the others, touching and teasing them and, as a result, her as well.

"I'm here to save you, I'm here to ruin you."

On the other hand, Jungkook liked to stare directly at Anna during his parts. His gaze held her in a trance, and she couldn't look away even if she wanted to.

"Yeah, I'm a bit dangerous."

When they did start dancing, she could only watch in silence, mesmerised by the movement of their bodies.

"I'm taking over you."

As the song ended and they walked away from her as the lights dimmed again, she wondered how much more of this she could take and what would happen next.

The tone changed again, and Anna's eyes started to well up with tears as one of her favourite songs began to play. The only times they had sung it live were on Japanese shows, and she had only been able to watch unofficial recordings of those performances. Ever since she had first heard it, she considered it to be the most beautiful song she had ever heard.

"Stay by my side and laugh. A future without you is a world without colour."

Anna shivered as goosebumps appeared on her arms. This was so many dreams coming true at once. Not only was she hearing this song live, but they were performing just for her, singing to her. She felt her throat close up with emotion, stopping her from being able to sing along with them.

"I'll give you my everything."

As they approached the final chorus, Yoongi and Hoseok approached Anna and reached out their hands. Taking their hands, she was led towards the others until she was standing in the middle of her soulmates who formed a circle around her as they sang.

"I want you to believe in me."

Tears were now running down her cheeks, as she was overwhelmed by emotion. Anna turned around so she could look at each of her soulmates, stopping at Jungkook last as he sang the last few notes. The others moved in closer, and Anna felt one of them wrap their arms around her from behind. When he finished, Jungkook stepped forward and wiped away her tears.

"I didn't mean to make you cry."

The arms around her tightened, and she heard Taehyung's voice whisper in her ear.

"Did you enjoy it?"

"I can't... believe you... it was so... beautiful!"

The boys chuckled as she struggled to speak, and then Jin made her laugh.



Chapter Text

"So you have everything you need?"

After a lot of hugs and kisses, her soulmates had taken her out to dinner for her birthday.

They mentioned that they had planned to finish their mini-concert with We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal, but when she told Jungkook that Your eyes tell was her favourite song, they had changed the setlist. We are not seven with you, they sang to her.

Overall, it had been difficult for them to choose what songs to perform for her. While they knew Fake Love was one of her favourites, they didn't feel like it was a song suitable for serenading her. The others she had mentioned to Jungkook were also put forward, but in the end, they didn't all fit with the theme they had decided on. Apparently, Hoseok had been disappointed when Baepsae was taken out of the running, but not as sad as Anna when they told her.

While they had waited for dessert, they gave her their presents. She hadn't been expecting anything, as the private concert had been more than enough, but when she opened Namjoon's gift she almost started crying again. He had written her a poem.

She was crying for a completely different reason when Taehyung gave her his gift. To say she was shocked was an understatement. The last thing she imagined her soulmates giving her, particularly one of her fellow 95ers, was a ticket to Wang Yibo's concert. Taehyung was very smug, even more so after Anna thanked him for his present with an enthusiastic kiss.

That night she spent with Namjoon and Hoseok, as apparently the news of her allowing to of her soulmates into her bed had been shared. Namjoon whispered the poem he had written for her in her ear, his deep voice penetrating the depths of her soul. Then, Hoseok personally showed her the moves she missed from his Baepsae performance.

It was the best birthday ever.

"Are you sure you going to be okay?"

Anna barely registered Jin's and Jimin's questions. She was practically bouncing with excitement and had been ever since she woke up. She was going to see Wang Yibo perform live today. 

When Jimin finally let her go, she left with Namjoon and Taehyung. They had explained that while they had only been able to get a ticket for her, they had arranged for her to go with a friend of theirs who had a ticket so she wouldn't be alone. However, they hadn't told her who this friend was.

So, when they arrived at the house where this friend was staying, Anna was very surprised when D.O. from EXO opened the door.

"Hello! Come in. Lay's in the living room."

In her shock, she followed everyone into the house as she tried to process what was happening. As she had been too surprised to hear D.O's words at the door, when Anna saw Lay in the living room she understood. She knew Lay was friends with Wang Yibo, so she guessed he was the one who was taking her to the concert.

The boys greeted each other and then Lay turned to her.

"Hello, Anna, excited for the concert?"

Feeling shy around the Idol, she just nodded in response.

"We're just waiting for Jackson to turn up and then we can go."

Namjoon nodded.

"Yeah, he told me he was going with you. I appreciate you doing this."

"No problem. Between me and Anna, I think we can keep Jackson in line."

When she giggled at Lay's joke, Namjoon and Taehyung shared a glance. It had been a while since they saw Anna act shy like this.

"Yo, Jackson's in the house!"

After Jackson arrived it was time for Anna's soulmates to leave. Taehyung wrapped her in his arms, holding her tightly against his chest. She struggled in his hold, but in the end, gave up and tucked her face against his neck in embarrassment.

"Now you've got to promise to look after her. Make sure nothing happens to her, okay?"


"And also make sure she has fun."

"Dude, don't worry. She's in great hands."

Lay rolled his eyes at Jackson, before trying to reassure Anna’s protective soulmate.

"We will look after your soulmate. I promise."

In the car, the two Chinese Idols were busy catching up with each other. Anna didn't mind, her mind was still reeling from meeting two members of EXO. She wondered if this would be a common occurrence now. Would being the soulmate of BTS lead to her meeting other Idols and celebrities.

Anna thought about who else she knew and might end up meeting one day. Cha Eunwoo was the first person she thought of, and if she remembered correctly he was a part of Jungkook's 97 friend group.

Before she could think of any more, they arrived at the venue and Anna began to feel excited again. The boys put on hats and all three of them put on masks. She followed them to a special entrance, which she assumed was for guests who needed to avoid the crowd. They ended up in what seemed like a VIP section, which had a few security guards.

The boys had her sit between them. While they waited for the show to begin, Jackson asked her questions about how she became a fan of Wang Yibo. They spoke in English, and Anna wondered if Lay understood everything as she believed he wasn't as fluent as Jackson in English.

When the lights went down and the music started, Anna bounced in her seat clapping her hands together in excitement. Both boys chuckled at her cute reaction and looked forward to experiencing a concert with a fangirl.

At her first BTS concert, Anna hadn't known where to look first. Her eyes had flickered back and forth between each member, trying to take it all in. This concert was different. Although she appreciated that the other members of UNIQ were talented too, she was there for Wang Yibo.

They started with what was probably their most well-known song, EOEO. She was slightly surprised when they stuck to the original choreography and showed their abs. It also made her think of when she showed her soulmates a video of this choreography and Taehyung had covered her eyes. She smiled at the memory and screamed like the rest of the audience at the concert.

Her favourite UNIQ song was Falling In Love. She was so happy when they performed it that she sang along and even rapped along to Wang Yibo's part.

Part of the setlist which surprised her was when each member of UNIQ did a solo performance. Wang Yibo sang his most popular song, No Sense. Anna remembered watching a video of his first performance of this song. He had long hair, which she had thought looked really good, and he had danced on water. That had been an amazing performance, but it was so much cooler to see it live. Anna did her best to sing along in Chinese and couldn't help but dance along as well.

When the concert ended, Anna was obviously a little sad that it was over, but it had been a wonderful evening so she was smiling. However, she didn't expect another surprise. When she thought about it later, perhaps she should have guessed this might happen, after all, she was with two of his friends.

Lay and Jackson led her backstage and in her mind, Anna was freaking out. She didn't want to ask them where they were going or what they doing. Part of her was afraid she knew the answer, and she was not prepared. It reminded her of when she was taken backstage after BTS's concert when she freaked out and almost didn't meet them.

Anna tried to stay calm as they waited in a room backstage. She let the boys talk to each other, while she tried to figure out what she was going to say if this turned out the way she was imagining. There was also the small possibility that the boys would say a quick hello to their friend without her.

She didn't realise how obvious her nerves were until Jackson addressed her.

"Anna, are you okay?"


It didn't matter that she didn't know how to respond because at that moment the door opened and Wang Yibo walked in. The boys stood up to greet him and her body automatically followed their example. After the three Chinese Idols had finished their reunion, they turned to Anna who was frozen just staring at the newcomer.

Jackson put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her closer to where the three of them had been standing.

"This is Anna. She's BTS's soulmate and a big fan of yours."

"Hello, Anna. Nice to meet you."


Anna was so embarrassed. She had never gotten starstruck before. Even when she met BTS she hadn't been like this, although that could have been because she unconsciously knew they were her soulmates. Now she was standing in front of Wang Yibo and her mind was blank of everything she would like to say to him.

"Did you enjoy concert? What was favourite song?"


Before she could answer, Lay and Jackson did so for her.

"I think it was Falling In Love. She sang along to that one. She even did your rap with you."

"No, your solo No Sense was her favourite. She sang and danced along to that one."

"You sing?"


"Yes! She featured in Jungkook's mixtape. Have you heard it?"

"Of course. I think everyone has heard the BTS Maknae's mixtape."

"True. It was big news that he finally released it."

"So that was you? Singing? It's a beautiful song."

The boys threw Anna off slightly by switching to Korean, but she soon caught up and she couldn't believe what they were talking about.

"Thank you."

"When you release your own music, I'll listen to it."


Lay interrupted, clapping his hands together.

"Okay, we should probably get going before your soulmates send out a search party."

"Those BTS guys are super protective of this little one."

Anna frowned when Jackson patted her on the head and ruffled her hair.

Wang Yibo smiled and fixed Anna's hair for her.

"As they should be."

"We'll catch up again soon, Yibo!"

"Wangs forever!"


She went to follow Lay and Jackson out of the room, but paused in the doorway and turned to face Wang Yibo. It was her last chance to say something to him, so in her panic, she went with the Chinese equivalent of 'fighting'.


He chuckled at her cuteness.

"Jiayou, Anna."

Chapter Text

"Stop laughing!"

Anna covered her face in her hands, shaking her head as their laugher echoed in her ears.

"Stop it!"

She slapped Jimin lightly on the arm. He was laughing so hard that he slid off the sofa and started rolling around on the floor.

"It's not that funny!"

Turning to Yoongi, who was sitting next to her and the only one of her soulmates who wasn't openly laughing at her, Anna hid her face in his chest.

"I didn't even get his autograph!"

As she rested against Yoongi, she felt his chest vibrate as he chuckled. Anna leaned back and looked up, pouting at the betrayal of her soulmate. She pushed away from him and sat back against the sofa with her arms crossed, pout firmly in place.

"Aww, Noona, don't get upset."

Jungkook stepped over Jimin so he could sit next to her. He kissed her on the cheek, and she tried not to smile.

"Yeah. Jiayou, Anna!"

Jin raised his hands in surrender when Anna narrowed her eyes at him.

"I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you think. We've met many fans who got the same way. Wang Wibo is probably used to it too."


"Yeah, Namjoon's right. Don't worry about it."

Hoseok's words made her smile until she heard snickering.

"Well, your laugher says differently."

When the others gestured to Jimin and Taehyung to stop, they looked properly chastened. Jimin moved closer to Anna and rested his chin on her leg.


"We weren't laughing at what happened. We were laughing at your reaction to it!"


That night Anna lay in bed cuddled up to Jungkook. Her head resting on his shoulder, while her hand traced the lines of his muscular chest. She felt him press a kiss to the top of her head and the arm he had wrapped around her squeezed her gently.

"Did you enjoy your birthday, Noona?"

"Very much. Thank you."

"What was your favourite part?"

"Hmm... getting to meet my favourite Idol?"

Jungkook hummed in agreement, but Anna glanced up and saw the disappointment on his face.

"Your eyes tell."

He looked down at her with his wide eyes. She raised her hand to his face and stroked his cheek.

"My favourite part of my birthday was when you sang ‘Your eyes tell’ to me."


"Of course. You sang my favourite song to me. It was beautiful. So beautiful."

Anna smiled as his cheeks turned red.

"I just wanted to make you happy, Noona."

"You did. You do. So happy."

She leaned up and captured his lips in a sweet kiss. When she pulled away, he pursed his lips. Anna giggled and gave him another kiss. When she pulled back again, she sighed happily as they both smiled lovingly at each other.

"I still can't believe I met Wang Yibo."

Anna burst out laughing when Jungkook started tickling her.

It was about a week later when a large parcel arrived for Anna. Jimin and Hoseok brought it into the apartment.

"What's this?"

"What have you been buying, Anna?"

"Huh? I don't remember buying anything recently..."

The boys gathered around curiously as she opened the box. The first thing they saw was an envelope with Anna's name written on it. The letter inside was written in Korean, but when she looked at the bottom of the page she recognised the signature, it was in Chinese.

Putting the letter aside, she moved the layer of tissue paper from the top of the box and gasped at what was underneath. Anna started pulling out items one by one, holding them up before putting them aside and reaching for the next thing.


Hoseok raised his eyebrows at the contents of the package, while Jimin frowned.

"Is that?"

"Wang Yibo merch."

"Who does he think he is sending our soulmate all this stuff?"

The smile Anna had been wearing ever since she opened the box disappeared at Jimin's words. She dropped the item she was currently holding back into the box, before packing the rest of the things too.

Hoseok, having heard Jimin's and noticed Anna's change of mood, decided to change the subject.

"So, we were thinking you could start learning Black Swan in our next session. Perhaps you could even do a live of Jimin teaching you."

"Sounds good. I... I'm going to put this in my room."

Once she had left the room, Hoseok elbowed Jimin.

"What was that?!"

"What? You don't think that's inappropriate?"

"You know, one day your jealousy is going to cause serious problems again. I thought you had gotten over this, what happened?"

"What happened? She met the guy!"


"I could live with him just being a fantasy in her head, but now she's met him. Have you heard what she said about him? Not only is he an amazing dancer, but he can sing and rap too. Not only can he be cute, but he also rides a motorcycle!"

"Oh, Jiminie."

"We act as though being soulmates means she has to be with us, but she doesn't. She can be with anyone she wants, and I don't... I don't want to lose her. I can't."

Hoseok pulled the younger boy into his arms.

"You won't lose her. When has she ever made it seem as though she would leave? Not in the beginning when we were so busy with work that we didn't make any time for her. Not when the public found out about her and she could no longer go out by herself. She chose us. Why are you doubting her?"

"Because I'm not good enough for her."

"Come on. That's not -"

"True? She's selfless, kind, and gentle. While I'm selfish, pushing her for more than she's ready for, and not noticing when I've made her uncomfortable. Why would she choose me?"

"You need to ask her that, and I think you need to hear what she says."

"I'm not sure I want to."

"Promise me you'll talk to her. You should tell her how you feel."

"I'll think about it."

Preparations for the end of year concerts and award shows had started and had been keeping the boys very busy. When Jungkook had a bit of free time, he sat down with Anna to finally start watching The Untamed.

They were in the lounge, cuddled on the sofa, excited to watch the show together. Playing the first episode they watched the intro. Anna loved the soundtrack, so she wouldn't let Jungkook skip it.

"Can I join you?"

The pair had thought they were the only ones at home, but obviously, they had been wrong as Jimin walked into the room.

"Umm... I guess we can watch something else."

"What? No! Noona, I've been waiting for ages to watch this."

"What are you watching?"

"Nothing you would be interested in."


Jimin turned to leave.

"Hyung, wait!"

Jungkook got up and walked over to Jimin and started whispering to him while Anna watched them out of the corner of her eye.

"I'd like to watch it with you, please?"

"Okay, but no talking."

Jimin mimed zipping his lips.

"We're only a few minutes in, so let's rewind it for you."

"Oh, you don't have to -"

Anna looked at Jimin.

"Er, that would be great. Thank you."

She tried to suppress her smile.

When the first episode ended, both of her soulmates were enthralled.

"Can we watch the next one?"

That night, Jungkook slept elsewhere after leaving Jimin in his and Anna's bedroom. Anna was surprised to him sitting on her bed when she came out of the bathroom.

"Umm, can I talk to you?"


Once she was settled on the bed, Jimin started to speak.

"I'm sorry."

"What? What for?"

"I'm sorry for how I've been acting, particularly whenever Wang Yibo is brought up."

"It's okay."

"No, it's not, but I wanted to explain to you why I've been acting so..."



Anna listened patiently while Jimin told her what he had told Hoseok and by the end, her eyes were full of unshed tears.

"I'm sorry."

"What? No, it's not your fault."

"But I've made you feel this way..."

While Jimin stayed silent, Anna wiped away a tear that had fallen down her cheek.

"Jimin... you are the most beautiful person, inside and out. You're always trying to make everyone around you happy. You're so good at being whatever someone needs. You're pure of heart, and if anyone doesn't deserve someone, then it's me that doesn't deserve you."


"I love you. You're not perfect, but neither am I. No one is. but I promise I will never leave you. I know words probably won't convince you, so I'll try my best to show you."

"I love you too."

The pair settled down in the bed, wrapped in each other's arms.



"You don't really believe you don't deserve us, do you?"

When she didn't say anything, Jimin carried on.

"Because you deserve the world."

Chapter Text

Anna was standing in front of a camera they had set up in the dance studio. She was a little nervous as she was doing a live video on her YouTube channel. Instead of posting a dance video after she had perfected the dance, today her viewers would see her learning the choreography. She also had a surprise which she knew would make any ARMYs watching very happy.

"Hello. I'm Anna, and today we have a very special guest. Jimin is here to teach me the dance for Black Swan."

Jimin appeared in front of the camera.

"Hello everyone!"

"This is exciting. Who else has been waiting for BTS to do a dance tutorial?"

"Let's get it!"

In truth, Jimin had already gone over the choreography with Anna before they had turned on the camera, so she knew the basic moves. After all, she wanted to look reasonably good in her first live video.

It was going rather well until they reached the part where she needed to balance on one leg whilst moving the other in the air. Anna didn't have the best balance, and when she lifted her leg she would've fallen over if Jimin hadn't caught her.

"Are you okay?"

She looked into Jimin's eyes. He was so close as he held her with his hands on her hips. Ever since their heart to heart, Anna had felt closer, more connected, to Jimin.

Suddenly, she remembered that they were on camera and stepped away from him, her cheeks turning red.

"I'm fine. Thank you. Let's try that again."

She laughed awkwardly. Apart from sitting on Namjoon's lap in his V Live, Anna hadn't shared any physical contact with her soulmates on camera. She wasn't sure how their fans would react. Knowing she was their soulmate was one thing, but seeing it, and having it rubbed in their faces, was another.

They got to one particular move that Anna just could not get, no matter how many times Jimin showed her and broke it down. Eventually, he decided to show her in a different way, by touch.

"What are you doing?"

Anna looked pointedly at the camera.

"It's okay. Trust me."

With him guiding her through the movement by manipulating her body himself, Anna soon managed to execute the move correctly.

For the rest of the lesson, she didn't shy away from her soulmate's touch.

After she did a run-through of what he had learnt so far, he picked her up and spun her around. When he put her down, Jimin leaned in towards her, his eyes glittering mischievously. For a moment Anna thought he was going to kiss her on camera, but at the last second, he aimed for her cheek instead. She narrowed her eyes as he smirked at her, but she wasn't confident enough to retaliate on camera.

"What do you think? One more time with both of us?"

It was then that Jin, Hoseok, and Namjoon entered the studio. Anna tried not to let the presence of three of her soulmates put her off. With the camera, it was easy to forget she had an audience, it was different to have people physically in the room watching her.

Luckily, her need to impress them outweighed her nerves.

After finishing up, they turned off the camera.

"Wow! Impressive! Did you learn all that just today?"

Jimin answered for her.

"Yep! She picked it up like a pro."

"I think that type of dance suits you, Anna. You're elegant and graceful like Jimin."

Elegant was not a word Anna would use to describe herself. If anything, she considered herself to be on the clumsy side. Something she had struggled with before she started her lessons with Hoseok, was that when she danced she didn't feel as though she was in control of her limbs. Although that had improved with practice and Hoseok's help, she still wouldn't consider herself graceful.

"No way. No one's as elegant as Jimin."

"Well, I won't disagree. There's a reason we call him our fairy prince."

Jimin ran his fingers through his hair as he smiled shyly at Namjoon's words.

"Have you got rehearsal now?"

"No. Jin and Namjoon just wanted me to go over a few bits of our choreography for the upcoming shows."

"I can't wait to see this year's performances!"

Instead of the excited reaction, she was expecting, her soulmates looked concerned.

"What's wrong?"

"It's Yoongi."

"He's locked himself in his studio."

"That's normal isn't it?"

"He won't answer the door and we're worried about him."

"Why don't you just go in if you're that worried?"

"It's locked."

"What? None of you knows the password?"

"No, you're the only one he's told."

"What! Yoongi gave Anna the password to his studio?!"

Anna left her four soulmates in the dance studio. Namjoon and Hoseok comforting Jin and Jimin over Yoongi's unfairness. She didn't bother knocking, and instead, just let herself in. When she entered his studio, she could see her soulmate sitting in his chair staring at his computer screen. She approached behind him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

"Yoongi? Honey, you've been in here a while. We're worried about you."

He sighed, leaning into her touch.

"I can't figure out what's missing. It's so close to being finished, but it has to be perfect."

"It's okay. You'll get there. Have you tried asking the others?"

"No, I wanted you to be the first to hear it."

"Me? Why me?"

"It's for you."

"You wrote a song about me?"

"No... Well, yes, but no, this song is yours. I wrote it for you to sing."

Anna was flattered but confused.

"But why would you write a song no one will hear?"

"Because they will hear it. It's for when you debut."

"Debut? Me? What are you talking about?"

"We know it's your dream to be a singer. So we thought we, as your soulmates, would help."

Anna backed up until the sofa hit the back of her legs and then sat down.

If he wasn't half out of his mind with sleep deprivation, Yoongi probably would have realised what he was saying and stopped. He definitely wouldn't have carried on talking like he did.

"Hobi's been giving you dance lessons and the staff have been watching your progress."

Anna was in a daze. She thought back to her dance lessons and the time Hoseok said a staff member thought Jimin should teach her a few contemporary moves. She hadn't thought anything of it at the time. It didn't seem strange that a staff member had happened upon her dancing. However, the thought that they had been purposely watching her, Anna wasn't sure how she felt about that.

"And then Jungkook has been giving you singing lessons."

After the first time, her youngest soulmate had given her some more tips on how to improve her singing. Anna often found herself singing with Jungkook in his studio. He loved karaoke and they often had fun doing different ad-libs.

"Your feature in his mixtape was basically an audition for Bang PD."

Many times she had wondered why she had been allowed to be the female vocals on Jungkook's song. In the end, she assumed her youngest soulmate had gotten the final say on his mixtape. Now she was wondering if his meetings with the boss had been to convince him for permission.

"Hell, Bang PD even saw an opportunity to create you a fan base when we went public with our soulbond! I'll admit I thought that was particularly clever."

It was like the final nail in the coffin, the last piece sliding into place, and everything made sense. It was all a part of a greater plan that she hadn't been made aware of. She had always thought of herself as an observant person. How had she missed something this big?

"I'm sorry. You weren't meant to find out like this."

Anna looked up at Yoongi who looking at her worriedly. She was unable to respond, her mind blank, unable to process everything she had just discovered.

How should she react to this? Like her soulmates had all conspired behind her back? Like they had been planning a surprise to make her dreams come true?

At that moment, all she knew was that it was too much. The place she had considered a safe space with a calming atmosphere, now felt oppressive. She had to get out of there.

"I can't... I..."

Without any further words to her soulmate, Anna got up and left his studio. She stumbled down the corridor as she tried to decide where to go. She needed air, fresh air, but she couldn't just walk out the front door. She didn't have that freedom anymore.

There was only one place she could go to escape the walls that felt as though they were closing in around her. The garden. Due to the late hour, there thankfully wasn't many staff members around. When she got there, the cold night air didn't stop her from running outside. Clutching the railing balcony she gulped in the cold air, hoping it would clear her head from all the thoughts that had started to swarm. But it was no use.

Anna was so lost in her own head that she didn't hear her soulmates approach until they called out her name.

"Anna! It's cold. Come inside and we can explain everything."

"Is it true?"

She turned around to confront her soulmates. They looked uneasy and hesitant to answer.

"I'm not sure exactly what Yoongi told you -"

"Were you setting me up to become an Idol?"


"Why didn't you tell me?"

"We didn't... Because we didn't think you would agree to it."

"So you kept things from me? After I've been nothing but honest with you, - too honest sometimes - you lie to me?!"


Hoseok stepped towards her, reaching out a hand to comfort her.

"No. Don't touch me."

He dropped his hand. It was almost physically painful for the dancer not to provide comfort to his upset soulmate.

"Was it all a lie? You only started to look for me after the world realised anyone over 30 was at risk of getting sick if they didn't have a complete soulbond. Was that all I was to you? Did you ever think about finding me before?"

"Anna, calm down. You're starting to hyperventilate. Listen -"

But Namjoon's words were no use. Anna was on a roll. It was like every negative thought she had ever had was coming out of her mouth. Rationality was out the window and fear had taken over.

"And what about this plan, huh? Am I not good enough to be your soulmate as I am, so you needed to make me into one of you? Training me up without me realising? Did you tip off dispatch so I would have to go public? Was that all a part of your plan?!"

Taehyung clung to Jin's arm as he watched one of his soulmates fall apart. He gasped as she literally collapsed to the ground, leaning against the railing. It was heartbreaking to see, even more so because he didn't know how to help. He relied on his Hyungs to fix problems, but they all seemed as shocked as him at the turn of events.

Namjoon, the leader who always had the answer, was at a complete loss. Jin, the oldest who was always there when you needed him, looked to be in pain from hearing such words from their soulmate. Hoseok, not just a supply of hope and happiness, but also of strength and support, was afraid he wasn't enough to help his soulmate this time. Yoongi, silent but never doubted he could be relied upon, was crushed by the thought that he had caused this to happen.

"Anna? Noona? It's Jungkook. Kookie. Can I come closer?"

Everyone held their breath as their youngest soulmate slowly knelt beside Anna. Watching for any sign of discomfort, he reached out and took her hand. They stared into each other's eyes until Anna's vision blurred with tears, and she allowed herself to fall into Jungkook's arms. He let her cry against his chest for a while until she had tired herself out, and then he lifted her into his arms.

"Let's get you home."

Chapter Text

Days passed with Anna barely seeing or speaking to her soulmates. She wasn't good with confrontation, so she avoided it. It was a busy time for BTS with the end of year shows rapidly approaching and they left for work early in the morning each day. By the time they got home, Anna was already in bed.

Jin and Namjoon had taken it upon themselves to be the responsible ones. Every morning they had to drag the others out the door to make sure they weren't late for work. The first morning after the incident was particularly bad. No one wanted to go to work. Namjoon had tried everything to move their schedule around so they wouldn't have to leave Anna alone, but it hadn't been possible. It was almost a week later, and they still hadn't found a chance to talk to Anna, to explain themselves and make things right.

The only one of them who spent any time with Anna was Jungkook. Since she hadn't kicked him out of their bed, Jungkook continued to sleep with Anna. However, it was a far cry from how they used to spend their nights. He was keeping his distance, not wanting to do anything that might make her change her mind. Every night he stared at her for a while before going to sleep. He wanted to hold her in his arms, to kiss her, and tell her that he loved her and that he would never keep anything from her ever again.

Yoongi hadn't been in his studio since the incident. Luckily, he didn't have any deadlines at the moment, so he avoided the place where he ruined everything. He made a vow to himself to never spend so much time in the studio again. He blamed what had happened on his lack of sleep, almost as much as he blamed himself. Yoongi would never get himself into such a state again.

Out of all of them, it was Hoseok who was the most distraught. All the time he had spent with Anna in the dance studio was now tainted in her mind. She thought he was only teaching her to dance for some grand master plan to help her achieve her dream, but he had never thought of it that way. He loved to dance, and he loved sharing his passion with her. Dancing made him happy, it made him feel free, and he could tell Anna had been feeling the same way. He only hoped that he hadn't ruined that for her.

What Jimin remembered most about that night was the panic he had felt when Yoongi had come running into the dance studio. The rapper had been in such a state that they had to calm him down before they could understand what he was saying. Once they had gotten the short version of what had happened, they had all immediately started to search for Anna and found Jungkook and Taehyung along the way.

The next thing he remembered was the pain in his heart as he watched his soulmate say things that he hoped she didn't truly believe. Jimin understood how your mind could twist and distort things, making you think the worst by playing on your greatest fears. It had been hard not to run to her, but after seeing how she reacted to Hoseok, he didn't think he could handle it if she rejected him.

For Taehyung, he wished that night had just been a bad dream. Every night he closed his eyes and hoped that when he woke up everything would be back to normal. Everything had been going so well, they had all been so happy, and now he didn't know what was going to happen. For someone who always had belief in a higher power telling him the right answers, this time of silence was unnerving.

Neither of them knew what to do to make this better. So, all Jimin and Taehyung could do was cling to each other as they watched their soulmates fall apart.

Meanwhile, Anna had asked Tom if they could cancel their Korean lessons for the rest of the week. However, she still had to go to work at HYBE. One of her favourite parts of her job was doing the subtitles for BTS's YouTube content, but at the moment she couldn't handle watching them over and over again. Instead, she asked if there was anything else that she could help with or even a different artist’s content she could edit subtitles for. It turned out she had something else scheduled for that afternoon.

"Anna? Are you still okay to record today?"

She looked at the staff member who was a part of her media team, the team who was helping develop a fan base for her. Anna wondered if they knew about the big plan, about her future debut, that they were a part of. Nevertheless, she wouldn't blame them for just doing their jobs. They probably had no idea that she had been kept in the dark about it all.

"Yes. Of course, but I'd like to change the song if that's okay?"

"Oh, sure. You were going to sing Always by Yoon Mirae, right? What did you want to do instead?"

"Stay With Me by Chanyeol and Punch. It was the first Korean song I ever listened to."

"Have you watched the drama? The Goblin?"

"I started watching it but haven't finished it yet. But I heard this song way before I knew about the show. It just popped up on my recommended songs."

"Must have been fate."

"Yeah... Don't worry, I've been practising this one too, just for fun."

"For fun? Then why the change?"

"I just... It feels more fitting."

The staff member smiled sadly at her.

"Okay. No problem. Well, we're all set up for you, when you're ready."

Anna followed the staff member to the recording studio they had booked to film and record another cover song for her YouTube channel. The rest of her team were waiting there, and they were told about the change of song.

"Who's going to do the rap?"

Of course, Anna had always imagined one of her rapper soulmates singing this with her but that wasn't what she told them.

"I'll leave that up to you."

The staff members nodded and prepared to begin recording.

It was harder than she thought. While she was in the sound booth all she could think about was the time she recorded her part for Jungkook's mixtape. All she could see was Taehyung standing there, staring into her eyes with so much love and belief in her. Being in his arms had always made her feel safe, but now she wondered if it had only lured her into a false sense of security.

"My heart kept aching. So, I wanted to forget. If this is a dream, please let me wake up. Are you really my destiny?"

As she sang, a single tear ran down her cheek.

Chapter Text

Anna was woken by the sound of raised voices coming from somewhere in the apartment. It was fairly unusual to hear arguing in their home. It wasn't that they didn't have fights, but they were either short-lived or sorted over calmly. Angry shouting wasn't normal.

So, she dragged herself out of bed to investigate.

"Kim Taehyung, get up right now!"

When she turned the corner, she found her soulmates gathered in the hallway by the front door, and they were a sight to see. The focus of the conflict was Namjoon and Taehyung. Namjoon was pulling on the arm of Taehyung who was sitting crossed-legged on the floor, arms crossed and frowning like a child.


Anna watched in disbelief as once Namjoon managed to pull Taehyung off the floor, the younger boy managed to grab the bannister at the end of the staircase and proceeded to refuse to let go.

"Seriously! I really don't need you acting up this morning, Taehyung. I've already struggled to get Yoongi-Hyung out of bed because he decided to drink himself into a coma last night."

It was then that she noticed Yoongi who could barely stand up straight. He was leaning his hands against his knees, with Jungkook hovering over him to make sure he didn't topple over.

Namjoon let go of Taehyung and ran his hand through his hair with a sigh.

"Come on guys. I know it's been a rough week, but with Jin sick, I need all of you to work with me here. Please."

"Jin's sick?"

As soon as Anna stepped further into the hallway, Taehyung spotted her and dived towards her. Kneeling in front of her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his head against her stomach.

"I'm so sorry, Anna. You don't have to forgive me, but please talk to me again. I'll do anything you want. I promise. Please."

A pain developed in Anna's chest at hearing her soulmate's cries. She rested one hand on the top of his back and the other on his head.

As she thought about what to do, she was distracted by Yoongi running to the nearest bathroom with his hand over his mouth. Anna grimaced, closing her eyes, and raising one hand to her mouth. One of the reasons she didn't drink was because she didn't want to end up throwing up - or be around anyone else who might.

"Go sort him out. I'll deal with this one."

Namjoon nodded gratefully and gave her a small smile before taking Jimin and Jungkook to help him with Yoongi and the clean-up.

Anna gently removed Taehyung's arms from around her body and sat on the stairs with him.

"I - I - I love you."

There was so much Taehyung wanted to say to Anna, he'd thought of nothing else the past few days, but now that he had his chance he didn't know where to start.

"I love you too."

"You do?"

"Of course. Just because I was upset doesn't mean I stopped loving you, silly."

"Oh. Anna?"


"You are good enough."


"To be our soulmate. You're enough just as you are. I'm sorry we didn't tell you about, well, you know."

"You really think I can do it?"

"What? Oh! Yes, of course, but only if you want to. We only wanted you to have the opportunity. Whether you take it or not is up to you. As long as you're happy. That's all we want, it's all we ever wanted."

"Tae, can you keep a secret?"

"Umm, I would, but we all made a promise not to keep any secrets ever again."

Anna had to stop herself from smiling too much. He's so cute.

"I forgive you."


"We still have a lot to talk about, but you're forgiven."

"Thank you, Anna!"

"Now, stop causing trouble for Namjoon!"


She laughed as Taehyung bounced off happily towards the door to wait for the others, a far cry from what she had witnessed earlier.

They were joined by Jimin, Jungkook who was carrying Yoongi on his back, and Namjoon. She watched as they all filed out the door, but she put a hand on Namjoon's arm to stop him.

"Is Yoongi okay?"

"Yeah, he'll be fine in a bit."

"Sorry, I've caused trouble for you."

"What? Anna, no -"

"Have you got some free time today?

"I'll make some."

"So, it's okay if I come by your studio later?"

"Anytime. You're welcome anytime."

"I'll look after Jin in the meantime."

"You don't have to. He not -"

"I will take care of him."

"Okay. Great. Thank you."

"You don't need to thank me. We're all in this together, right?"

"Right... See you later then."

Hoseok hung back by the door after Namjoon left.

Anna had never seen Hoseok look so unsure before. Sensing he wasn't going to make the first move, she approached him. She cupped his face in her hand, and he leant into her touch. When he closed his eyes, a tear escaped and ran down his cheek.

"Oh, Hobi."

Anna wrapped her arms around him, and he clung to her, sobbing against her shoulder.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't teaching you to dance so you could become an idol. I was having fun spending time with you!"

"I know. I know."

She wiped his tears away.

"Stay with me, Anna."

"I'm afraid you need to go to work and I'm still in my pyjamas."

He nodded sadly, and she couldn't bear to see him like that.

"Leave now and I'll join you as soon as I've gotten ready, okay?"



"You'll spend time with all of us?"

"One day at a time, Hobi."

"Okay... Thank you."

"Go. I'll see you later."

Hoseok hesitated. Anna was just about to shoo him away when he kissed her on the cheek and then ran out the door.

Anna lifted her hand and touched her cheek. Smiling sadly, she shook her head and went to get ready before checking on Jin.

It turns out she didn't need to worry.

"Please tell me you didn't call in sick to work just to get me to talk to you."

"Okay... I won't tell you that."



They both laughed for a moment before things turned more serious.

"You know we didn't plan it all."

"Which bits didn't you plan?"

"Going public. We never would’ve put you through that on purpose. If anything, we would have preferred to hide you away from the world forever."

"You wanted to hide me?"

"Well, no, not like that. We wanted everyone to know we’ve found our final soulmate. We just... That part of our lives… It's an unavoidable part of our job, the media, being in the public eye, but it's not something we ever wanted to subject you to. It's the reason we waited so long to find you."

"What do you mean?"

"We were worried we wouldn't be able to protect you. I know you haven't been an ARMY for long, but I'm sure you know what it was like those first few years after our debut. It wasn't pretty, but we got through it because we chose this life. Whereas you didn't."

"So instead, you decided to help me become an Idol? Without telling me?"

"Well, when you put it like that... Look, I know we went about it all wrong, but we’re the ones who have seen the look on your face every time you watched us rehearse, and every time we performed."

"I don't know what you mean..."

"Longing. Jealousy. Want. You want to perform. You want to sing. All our dreams have come true, so we just wanted to help you with yours."

"Fine. Yes. I want to do what you do, I want to sing, but do you seriously think that's enough? I don't have what it takes."

"How do you know?"

"How do I -?! I'm awkward in front of the camera. I can't pose to save my life. And interviews make me so nervous that I end up crying!"

"We can teach you those things! Do you think we were great at all that other stuff when we started? We learnt, we got better over time, and you will too."

"But - I -"

"You can do it. If you want to, I believe you can do anything, and I will be there every step of the way helping in any way I can. If you want me to. All you have to do is try."

Anna didn't know what to say to that. She tried not to cry as Jin placed a kiss on her forehead.

"I love you."

"I love you too. Now come cuddle with me. I've missed my Disney buddy."

"I promised Hobi I'd go into work to see him."

Jin pulled her onto his bed to lay down with him.

"And you can. After we watch Mulan."

"That's my favourite."

"Really? I had no idea!"

Anna slapped him slightly on the chest and he laughed.

There was still one thing on his mind.

"Do you really believe we only looked for you to make sure I didn't get sick?"

"You're telling me you didn't? You all had ten years together without me. That's a long time."

"But we were so young when we found each other. Truthfully, we weren't ready to find our soulmates back then, but we did, and then our careers took over our lives. The sickness might have given us the push, but we wanted to find you for you. We always hoped we would find you. We just thought fate would do its job like it did with the seven of us."

"I probably wasn't ready either. It's just sometimes it seems like you didn't really need me."

"You couldn't be more wrong. It's you we all needed the most."

Chapter Text

When Jin finally allowed Anna to go to the company, she first went to look for Hoseok. She found him in the dance studio, but he wasn't dancing. She watched him from the doorway for a while. Music was playing, but he was just standing in the middle of the room staring at himself in the mirror. Every so often it seemed like he was going to start dancing, but it was as if he couldn't get his body to move. The whole scene was very worrying.

Have I caused this?

Eventually, Hoseok just sat down and put his head in his hands, and that was when Anna walked over to him. It felt like a lifetime since she had been here and the room felt different than it did before. Now, when she looked at this room it was a training centre, a classroom. It was no longer just a place to have fun with her soulmates.

Ignoring how the room made her feel, Anna focused on her soulmate. She sat down on the floor beside him and considered what she should do. She decided to do what they always did in this room together, and started stretching. By the time she had finished warming up, Hoseok still hadn't moved. Anna hoped it was just because the music was so loud that he hadn't noticed her.

Anna stood up and nudged her soulmate with her foot. Finally, he looked up and smiled when he saw who was there. He stood up but before she could start talking, Anna shook her head and began to dance. Hoseok looked a little bewildered, but it wasn't long before he started dancing too. 

There was no choreography for this music. This was a freestyle session. Although Anna had no idea what she was doing, the point of this was to help her soulmate, and she did. Seeing that Anna was still willing to dance with him after what she had found out, Hoseok was relieved. He was honestly surprised that she had even stepped a foot into the dance studio.

After Anna stopped, Hoseok carried on for a little while before finishing with a grin. He ran over to the sound system and lowered the music so that they would be able to hear each other speak.

"You came?!"

"I promised I would. Sorry, I took so long. Jin was holding me hostage."

Hoseok burst out laughing and Anna got a little worried he was going to hurt himself when he didn't stop. When he did, he smiled at her with a strange expression. Anna held out her arms and Hoseok happily fell into her embrace.

"I'm so sorry we hurt you and worse than that, we broke your trust. I hope you believe me when I say I will do everything possible to gain it back."

"I believe you."

"It didn't change anything. I still would have taught you to dance. I wanted to, even more so after I saw how much you enjoyed it. You have so much potential. I just wanted to help you see it too."

Anna didn't respond. She needed time to reflect on everything her soulmates were telling her today. Instead, she decided to do something else.

"I want to show you something."

She walked over to the sound system and searched for a particular song.

"Keep in mind that I have practised in over a week, okay?"

Hoseok nodded, wondering what she was about to show him. She waved her hands at him, and he moved to the side of the room to watch whatever was about to happen. When the music started, he was shocked at her choice of song. Is she about to dance to ON?

This had been one of Anna's side projects. She had secretly been practising the choreography for ON ever since Hoseok had told her she wasn't ready. And while it was a little out of character for her, she’d had this deep need to prove him wrong. ON was the song that had led her to BTS, that had made her an ARMY. It held a special meaning for Anna, and she had been determined to be able to perform it.

As he watched her dance, Hoseok noticed some small differences compared to their original choreography. They were deliberate changes and as he thought about it, he realised that the new moves fit Anna better. She had changed the dance to suit her style. By the end, Hoseok was almost crying he was so proud. 

After having lunch with Hoseok, who spent the whole time talking about how impressed he was with her version of ON, it was time for Anna to go to Namjoon's studio. She didn't want to, but she reminded herself of what had happened this morning and she knew she had to sort this out. That didn't mean that the thought of having a serious talk didn't freak her out though.

When Namjoon let her into his studio, she could instantly tell that he had been tidying up. Anna wanted to make a joke about him cleaning just for her, but she was too nervous. So instead she sat down on his sofa and tried not to fidget.

"How's Yoongi?"

"He's fine, a lot better after he purged himself."


Namjoon made a throwing-up gesture and Anna wrinkled her nose.

"I had an interesting talk with Jin this morning."

"Anna, I..."

"Look, I understand why you did it. What I don't understand is why you thought it was a good idea not to tell me about it. This wasn't some surprise, it's a life-changing event. Knowing that I wouldn't agree to it, and still doing it anyway makes it so much worse!"

Namjoon took a moment to think before he began speaking.

"You admitted to me that singing was your dream, that if you could do anything that is what you would want to do. We all wanted you to be able to do something you love, and we know you feel the same way about music as we do. We realised from the moment we met you that you longed to perform, but you were scared, terrified really. Since then you've come into your own. I know you don't believe that you're good enough, but you are. I know you are, and I thought that with a bit of training you would believe you are too."

It was hard to hear. Anna knew her soulmates only had good intentions and it made it hard to stay mad at them. What she was truly struggling with was deciding whether she wanted to continue with their plan.

"I wish I could. Four of you have told me today that I'm good enough, that I can do it if I want to. Why do I find it so hard to believe you?"

Anna wasn't talking to Namjoon now, she was just voicing her thoughts out loud.

"Back when we were on Tour, the night we had our first proper group talk, you said something to me..."

"What did I say?"

"You said no one would ever be able to love you because you couldn't love yourself."


"Do you still think that?"

Anna's first instinct was to say yes, but if she did that then she was calling her soulmates liars every time they had told her they loved her.

"Do you still think you need to love yourself before you can be loved by others?"

Namjoon wanted to say yes, but then that meant he was saying Anna couldn't be loved yet.

"I think it's a good idea to love yourself first, but as with everything, there are always exceptions. Sometimes, someone might need the love of others to help them begin loving themselves."

This line of thought was too much for Anna to be thinking about today, on top of everything else.

"I think this is a conversation for another day."

"Okay... So, do you forgive us? Do you forgive me?"

"Luckily for you, I'm a very forgiving person, but I don't forget. I forgive you, but that doesn't mean this is all over. I still have three more soulmates to talk to."

"Thank you, and I know, and I promise I'll make it up to you."

"Communication is key in a relationship. If I've learnt anything from watching romantic movies and reading love stories, it's that communication could stop a lot of problems from happening. I know that I'm not the best at it, but I have been trying. Whereas you all have ten years of experience more than me. You've become efficient at sorting out your problems by talking them out. Yet, you decided to keep this big plan you have for me a secret."

"And it won't happen again."

Anna smiled slightly.

"I know. Tae told me you all promised not to keep secrets anymore, but is there anything else you want to tell me? Last chance."

She wasn’t sure if she was expecting there to be anything, but she got a little nervous when Namjoon looked guilty.

"Um, I got you the job here so that you would be closer to us and we could see you more."

Inwardly, Anna sagged in relief, before rolling her eyes.

"I know I'm naïve, and come across as a bit of an idiot at times, but even I had realised that already."

Namjoon blushed a little and they both laughed.

"Who are you going to talk to next?"

"Jimin and Jungkook."

"What about Yoongi?"

Anna pursed her lips thinking about the rapper that, in a way, had started this whole mess.

"Oh, I'm leaving him for last."

Chapter Text

Anna found Jimin and Jungkook in the Maknae's studio. She had considered calling it a day after her talks with four out of seven of her soulmates, but truthfully she just wanted to sort everything out so things could go back to normal. Or rather whatever their new normal would be.

When Jungkook opened for door to her, he had been a little shocked to see her. Even though Taehyung had told them what Anna had said to him that morning, they had been more involved than him in her 'training' and therefore were worried her forgiveness didn't extend to them.

Seeing her in his studio again made Jungkook want to wrap her in his arms and never let her go. He hadn't held her since the night she broke down after finding out their secret plan, and he didn't know how much longer he could go without touching her.

In a way, it was worse for Jimin. He hadn't held Anna since their heart to heart before the incident when she had promised that she would never leave him. While that bonding time had done a lot to ease his fears, it hadn't erased them. So this past week had been a very anxious time for him, waiting and wondering what Anna would do next.

Both boys were restraining themselves from jumping on Anna, waiting for her to make the first move, and she could tell.

"I just wanted to let you know that you're both forgiven."

"Noona, we're so sor- huh?"

Jungkook began to apologise profusely before he realised what Anna had said. Both him and Jimin looked at her in surprise.

"You forgive us?"

Anna smiled at their reactions. They must have thought she was going to tell them off. I think avoiding them for a week has been punishment enough, especially for my very affectionate soulmates.

"You were trying to fulfil my dream, correct?"


"You promise never to keep secrets like that from me again?"

"We promise, Noona."

"And everything you did was to make me happy, right?"


"Then you're forgiven."



"Me too, Noona?"

"Unless you think you don't deserve my forgiveness?"

"No, no! I'm still Noona's good boy..."

Jungkook got embarrassed after realising what he said.

"Good boy?"

Jimin smirked at his youngest soulmate, his mind wondering where this nickname had come from.

Anna giggled before getting up from her computer chair and sitting on the sofa between her two soulmates. She took Jungkook, who had his face in his hands, in her arms and kissed the top of his head. He dropped his hands away from his face and wrapped his arms around her waist. 

Not wanting to be left out, Jimin cuddled into Anna's other side and whispered in her ear.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"Love you, Noona!"

Jungkook mumbled from where he was pressed against Anna, making her chuckle.

"Love you too, Kookie."

After a long and very enjoyable cuddle session with her two soulmates, they had to leave for their next schedule and Anna had one last soulmate to talk to.

Before he left, Anna asked Jungkook if he had a USB stick she could borrow and then fiddled about on his computer. There was probably a more technical way she could do what she was planning but sometimes old school was just easier.

Then she made her way to Yoongi's studio. First, she knocked, but when there was no answer she let herself in. Her soulmate was nowhere to be found. In fact, the room looked exactly as it did the last time she was in here and it was a mess.

Either he hasn't been in here since then, or he's been working amongst... this. 

With a sigh, she began tidying up. Anna wasn't always the tidiest person in the world, but this was ridiculous. While she cleaned she thought about what she was going to do next. 

Her soulmates had provided her with a way to begin a journey that she never thought she'd get to go on. What would taking this opportunity mean? Would it be worth it? Sure she would get to perform, to sing, to make music, but what about all the other stuff: the photos, the press, the lack of privacy. Would she be able to handle it? Her soulmates seemed to think so.

The question was, would she be able to live with knowing what she could have had if she had only tried. Try, that's what Jin said she needed to do. She could sing, and now she could dance. Everything else would come with practice. The only thing left to worry her was other people's comments.

It was easy to say she should just ignore any negativity she would receive. Just don't read them. But we live in a digital world and there was no way she would be able to hide from it forever. Unfortunately, Anna was someone who took any little criticism personally and let it haunt her for the rest of her life. So, the only thing left to worry about was her mental health.

When she finished cleaning, Anna text Yoongi to let him know she was waiting for him in his studio and then she sat in his computer chair to wait. Anna chose his chair, rather than the sofa, mainly because she liked the feeling of sitting in the genius producer's chair, but she also thought it might be a little more intimidating for him to see her in his chair.

Anna didn't need the extra scare tactic. Yoongi had never felt more nervous than when he received the text from her, and his hands shook slightly as he tried to open his studio door. The rapper gulped when he saw her sitting in his chair waiting for him. He looked down at the floor when she stared up at him. He knew he looked worse for wear. Although he was a lot better than when she saw him this morning.

"How are you feeling?"

Yoongi raised his head in shock and blinked rapidly before managing to croak out an answer.

"Better. Thank you."

Anna got up from his chair and stepped forwards so she was standing right in front of him. He felt frozen as she stared into his eyes. He barely even noticed her resting her hand against his forehead until she was brushing his hair back into place. Why is she smiling at me?

"I'd like to listen to those songs you were talking about."


The rapper didn't know if it was his hangover causing his brain to work so slowly, or his surprise at how Anna was acting was causing him to not understand what was going on. 

"The songs you wrote for me. I want to hear them."

"But... But they're not finished. I... I told you there's something missing."

"You don't want me to?"

"No! It's not... I mean... Of course, you can."

Anna stepped out of the way and let him sit down in his chair. She stood behind him, resting against the back of the chair while she watched him open the correct files. Secretly, she was thinking that she enjoyed having this power over her soulmates.

When he played the first track, she vaguely recognised it as the track he had been working on the first time she had been in his studio to deliver him food. She couldn't believe that he had been writing it for her. It was amazing, and she could imagine it being the perfect ballad for her to sing.

Then the next song played, and it was just as impressive. For the third song, she had to sit down. Her hand rested against her chest, as she stared blankly ahead. Anna tried her best to focus on the music, and not think about what it meant that Yoongi had written all of this just for her. Not just for her, but with her in mind as the artist performing them.

She felt emotional. She felt unworthy. But most of all, she felt honoured.

After the final track finished, the pair sat in silence for a moment. Anna wiped away a few stray tears before calling out Yoongi's name to make him turn around and face her.

"Why? Why did you write all this for me?"

"Why not?"


"Because... Look, I didn't start out with the plan of producing an album for you. At first, it was just a song. Not even a song for you, but inspired by you, by your voice. And then... well it just took on a life of its own. One song became two, and then three, and then Namjoon said how you wanted to be a singer. And I thought I had the perfect selection of songs for you to sing, to be your first album. If you wanted."

"But you could give these songs to someone else, anyone else. Someone who's, you know, already an Idol."

"It wouldn't feel right. They're yours now. Only yours."

"And if I never debut?"

"Then they can be just for us to hear."

Anna stared at him expectantly, but Yoongi wasn't sure what she wanted him to say. After a minute of silence, he spoke again.

"I was against it. You becoming an Idol."


"I wasn't sure you would be able to handle it. It wasn't being an Idol exactly, but the lifestyle that comes with it. The attention, the comments... It's not easy to deal with."

"And you don't think I could cope."

Anna nodded. Finally, one of her soulmates was telling her exactly what she was thinking.

"I didn't, but I do now."


Yoongi leant forward and took her hands in his.

"You could do it. I believe in you."

It felt like hours passed by while Anna repeated her soulmates words in her head.

When she came back to reality, she pulled one of her hands away from his and reached into her pocket. Anna handed Yoongi the USB stick.

"I have some ideas for what might be missing from your songs, but I think you should listen to these first."

"What is it?"

Anna smiled at her soulmate.

"I've been working on some songs too."

Chapter Text

“I can’t believe you’ve secretly been making your own music!”

Yoongi was shaking his head in disbelief after listening to Anna’s work.

“It’s not anything special…”

“No, it’s a good start. When and where have you been doing this, and how have we not noticed?”

“Uh, well, Jungkook set me up once a while ago and I’ve been working on it in his studio whenever he’s not there.”

“Oh… I remember. We were at dance practice and Jungkook said you were busy working in his studio.”

“See. You did know about it.”

“But that must have been, what, almost two months ago. You’ve been working on these since then?”

“Well, it took me a little while to figure out how to make something somewhat decent, but yeah, I guess so.”

”Are you sure you didn’t know about our plan to make you an Idol?”

Yoongi chuckled until he noticed an unamused Anna staring at him.

“Sorry. Too soon? Anyway, it seems to me like you didn’t really need our help.”

“I think that’s exaggerating a little.”

Anna rolled her eyes at the rapper, but when he held out his hands, she willingly took them and let him pull her off the sofa to sit on his lap instead.

“Do you want our help?”

Before she could respond, he continued.

“I know you don’t need it, but we’re are all happily offering our services.”

It was like he had read her mind. Anna had a default of saying no to help. She was used to doing things on her own. She also didn’t want them to feel like they had to help her. They had enough to deal with.

“Yes, please. I don’t want to do this alone.”

Yoongi gave her a sweet peck on the lips.

“You won’t ever be alone.”

The two stared into each other's eyes for a moment. The rapper’s gaze was so reassuring, and Anna felt her eyes well up with tears. Their first proper fight was almost over and she was so happy to be back in the arms of her soulmate.

Anna brought her hand up to Yoongi’s face and went in for a deeper kiss. The minty taste reminded her of the rapper’s recent behaviour. She pulled away and frowned at him.

“How much did you drink last night?”


He hesitated to answer and her expression turned sad.

“Was it because of me?”

“It was because of my stupidness, and it won’t ever happen again.”

“The stupidness or the drinking?”


They both laughed and Anna leaned against Yoongi, resting her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her tighter.

“I’m so sorry.”

“I forgive you.”

Anna whispered in his ear, and afterwards, she felt him relax beneath her. When she glanced up she saw a few stray tears running down his cheeks and brushed them away with her fingers.

After a few long minutes of cuddling, Yoongi cleared his throat.

“So, would you like me to give you some lessons on producing?”

“Yes, please.”

“And you can use my studio whenever you like. You already know the password.”

“Min Yoongi genius producer is going to give me lessons and let me use his studio?! It’s a dream come true! I feel so honoured!”

The rapper ignored her teasing and continued.

“You should ask Namjoon to help you with your lyrics. Everyone knows he’s the master of words.”

“The poet.”

“Exactly. He’ll also be able to help better with any English lyrics.”

“That, and everyone needs to help out in the make-Anna-an-Idol plan.”

Despite the humour in her voice, Yoongi regarded her seriously.

“That is what you want, right? I assumed that’s what you meant by showing me your music.”

“I’ve been asking myself that question all week, but after talking to you all today… You make me feel like I could do it.”

The pair spent the next few hours working on what Yoongi had dubbed her debut album. It seemed a bit premature, and kind of surreal, but Anna went along with it anyway. It turns out what was missing from the songs the rapper had been working on was a little bit of Anna. With her ideas for small changes and additions, Yoongi was finally happy with his work.

Now that she had spoken to each of her soulmates individually, it was time for a group talk. There were a lot of hugs and kisses, and a few tears, but they finally talked it all out. To be honest, she couldn't be mad at them for wanting to help make her dream come true, and after having some time to think it all through Anna felt differently.

When she had told them her decision to allow their plan to continue, they were all very happy and promised that she was in charge this time. Which was lucky because the next day she was called into Hitman Bang's office. She arrived at the same time as Namjoon, who also had no idea why the big boss wanted to see her, but when they entered the man greeted them with a friendly smile.

“Hello Namjoon, Anna. Please take a seat.”

“Hello, Bang PD-nim.”

“I'm sure you’re both wondering why I asked you to come and see me today. Well, I saw your latest YouTube video, Anna. Have you seen it Namjoon?”

“Not yet, Sir.”

“Ah, well, it was only released today. In any case, I was very impressed.”

He smiled kindly at Anna, who was trying to process what the producer was saying and where this could be heading.

“Thank you…?”

“Here, why don’t we watch it so Namjoon knows what we’re talking about.”

He turned his computer screen around so that they could see and played the video. As soon as Anna started singing, Namjoon turned to her.

“You did a cover of a Korean song?”

It wasn’t the song she had been expecting. After recording Stay With Me, the staff had asked her if she could record her original song choice, ALWAYS, as well. She didn’t know why they went with the latter song, but she assumed that they hadn’t found anyone to do the rap part for the former one.

“Of course, I did.”

"I've watched some of your other videos as well. Your dancing has come a long way, and the staff have also given reports of how impressed they are with your improvement over the past two months."

"Really? I mean, thank you, Sir."

"Have you guessed what all of this is leading to?"

Anna shook her head, but Namjoon smiled.

"Yes, I believe I have."

She turned to look at her soulmate who was having a silent conversation with Bang PD. The two nodded at each other and Anna looked back at the producer as he began to speak.

"I called you here today to offer you a place as a trainee at HYBE."

Anna barely heard what the man said next. She was lost in her head for a moment as she processed what she had just heard.

"You would join the classes with our other female trainees. Singing and dancing mainly, but also other training such as interviews, acting, and modelling. However, as a solo artist, your training may vary slightly from the other girls. You will, of course, continue your YouTube channel, your fan base is already growing quite well. "


Her focus was brought back to the room when Namjoon rested his hand on her arm.

"Of course, this means you won't be able to continue your job here. I've had glowing reports from your colleagues there as well, so I'm sure they will be sad not to have you working with them."

"I’ll miss working with them as well. I... Thank you, so much for this opportunity Bang PD-nim."

"You deserve it, Anna."


Do I, she wanted to say.

"It's okay. Go ahead and ask your question."

"I don't mean to sound... ungrateful, but I just... you're not just doing this because my soulmates asked you to, are you?"

"I'll admit I may not have offered you this opportunity if they hadn't brought your talents to my attention. I suppose in a way I am inviting you to be a trainee because you are their soulmate, but not in the way you're thinking."

"Bang PD -"

“Let me explain. You’re their soulmate for a reason. BTS broke the music world because the seven members are so special. So, it would be silly of me to assume that their soulmate wouldn’t be able to do the same. Don't you agree?”

Anna didn't agree. Bang PD was making it sound as though she could have something near the same success as BTS, which was absurd. Either way, she wasn't going to argue with her boss.

"I do. Anna has something special too, and the whole world should get to see it."

When she turned to look at her soulmate with disbelief, Namjoon was gazing at her with such adoration that she immediately melted.

"I look forward to seeing your progress, Anna. Perhaps, we can schedule some regular meetings, just to check-in and see how you're getting on."

When they left the office, Anna immediately began crying. Namjoon started to panic until he saw the smile on her face. They were tears of overwhelming joy. He took her in his arms and hugged her against his chest while she calmed down.

“Joonie, it's really happening.”

Chapter Text

Anna was sitting on the floor of BTS's dance studio. They were rehearsing for their upcoming end of the year and award shows. Her life as a trainee at HYBE was starting next week, so in the meantime, she was spending as much time as possible with her soulmates. Between their busy schedule and her new life as a trainee, it would be harder to find any time when they were all free. 

When she thought about how little time she had spent with them over the past week, she felt guilty. All of her soulmates had been particularly clingy and affectionate since they had talked everything out. It wasn't unusual for the younger ones to be constantly wrapping her in hugs, but at the moment it was Yoongi who refused to leave her side and Hoseok wasn't much better.

Not that Anna minded. Although her introverted nature meant she needed time alone to recharge, her soulmates busy schedule gave her plenty of time for herself. So, she was more than happy to spend any spare minute they had in their arms. The only problem was that there was only one of her and she had seven soulmates.

After BTS finished the last run-through for the song they had been rehearsing, it was time for a break before the rap line practised their segment of the big performance. The vocal line took this chance to sit with Anna.

Jimin and Taehyung tag teamed Jungkook, allowing Jin to snag the first spot beside Anna. Unfortunately, the 95's plan didn't work and Jungkook broke free, claiming the last spot next to Anna. Both the oldest and the youngest linked their arms with Anna's to reinforce the fact that they weren't moving.

Accepting he had lost, Jimin sat down and sprawled himself over Jungkook's lap. Meanwhile, Taehyung, who was not ready to give up, sat in front of Anna and tried to lean back against her, but Anna had her legs crossed, making it awkward for him to do so.

With a sigh and a smile, Anna motioned for Taehyung to move. This allowed her to move her legs so that he could sit between them. It didn't seem very practical or comfortable to her since she was so much smaller than him, but if that's what her cuddly soulmate wanted then she was happy to oblige.

Wrapping her arms around him, Taehyung slid down slightly so that he could rest his head against her shoulder. Satisfied with his position, he let out a little sigh of happiness and hummed in contentment when Anna kissed the top of his head.

"Taehyung, you're going to cover her in your sweat!"

"Hey, I'm not swea- I'm not that sweaty!"

"A little bit of sweat never hurt anyone."

"See! Anna doesn't mind."

"Now that's what you call true love."

Anna rolled her eyes at her soulmates' banter, while she watched her three rappers prepare to rehearse. She didn't know their setlist, so she was excited to see them practice.

"Are you looking forward to this being your life, Anna?"

"I think I've got a way to go before I'm rehearsing for end of year shows and award show performances."

"Yeah, but it's different for soloists. You don't have to learn to be in sync with anyone else."

"And you've been trained by BTS, so that's worth what two, three times as much."

"Don't be so modest, Jungkook. Ten times, easily."

Jin and the Maknae's joking around was interrupted by the rap-line beginning their rehearsal. Anna recognised the song straight away and was surprised at their choice: Cypher Pt 2. She tried to think if they had ever performed it in recent years, but she didn't think so. Therefore, it was very enjoyable to watch as it wasn't often that she saw her soulmates rapping so fiercely.

When it got to Yoongi's part, Anna bit her lip as she watched him. Seeing and hearing him rap like that, well, it was really hot. Not that she didn't find her other soulmates desirable when they performed it a certain way, but Yoongi, in particular, had always stirred something in her.

Her soulmates who sitting around her weren't paying as close attention to the rapper's performance as Anna, so they noticed her reaction. Taehyung felt her thighs clench on either side of him and he tilted his head up to look at her face.

"Yoongi-Hyung's so hot when he raps, isn't he?"

Without thinking, Anna nodded. Taehyung's smirk widened when he caught Jungkook's eye. The Maknae tucked Anna's hair behind her ear and whispered in her ear while resting his hand on her thigh.

"His voice makes you want to drop to your knees, right? Or perhaps you're wondering what else his tongue is talented at? He never did get to you show you that night, did he?"

"Didn't he? Well, I bet he can't wait to get in between your thighs..."

"Woah, guys. There's a time and place for such talk, and here and now is not it."

"Aww, Jin-Hyung!"

"I think you're too late, Hyung."

Jimin was looking at Anna who was breathing a little heavily.

"I think I need to - I'm just going to -"

Taehyung quickly moved out of the way as Anna stood up. Carefully and quietly, so as not to disturb the rehearsal, she made her way around the edge of the room until she reached the door to the lounge. Luckily it was empty, as all the staff members were in the dance studio.

Anna tried to take some deep calming breaths, but her body shivered as the whispers of her soulmates’ words echoed in her mind. She tried to rid herself of the image her younger soulmates had painted, but with the faint sound of the rap-line’s song still playing in the background, it was near impossible. Instead, memories of her night with Yoongi and Jungkook entered her mind.

Running her fingers through her hair, she gripped the strands in frustration. It must have been too long since she had last spent time with one of her soulmates intimately if she was getting worked up like this.


A voice behind her made Anna spin around to see that Yoongi had just walked in. The rapper was still recovering from rehearsal, but the others had told him Anna needed him straight away. They had refused to tell him why, and his worry only increased when he saw her. He frowned thinking she looked upset or angry.

She didn't know whether to curse or thank the others when she saw Yoongi alone in the room with her, but there was only one thing she could do. Anna walked the few steps between her and Yoongi so fast, that the rapper hardly had a chance to comprehend what was happening before she slammed into him.

The kiss was fast, hard, and full of passion and desperation. Feeling Anna pull his hair knocked Yoongi back to reality and he put his hands on her hips, pulling her in closer. He didn’t know what had come over her, but he certainly wasn't complaining.

Taking over, Yoongi turned them and pushed Anna against the wall. When he broke away, they were both breathing heavily.

"What's this about?"

"I was watching you rap and..."

"And what?"

"You were so... sexy."

"Really? Me rapping turns you on?"

Yoongi smirked and ran one of his hands up Anna's body.


"But you've seen me rap before and never got worked up like this. Have we been neglecting you, princess?"

The rapper leaned in and placed a few kisses on her neck before whispering in her ear.

"Perhaps we can fix that when we get home. Would you like that?"

He heard Anna's breath hitch and started thinking about all the things he could do to her, and who he could do them with.

"Which of our soulmates helped get you in this state?"

"Taehyung and Jungkook."

"Hmm, I thought they looked a little too pleased with themselves. Naughty boys. Maybe I should make them watch..."

Yoongi shook his head. He was getting ahead of himself. They needed to calm down. They were at work and he still needed to get through the rest of practice. He wondered if he could convince them to finish early.

Pulling back, the rapper rubbed Anna's arms soothingly before kissing her, hoping to bring her down gently. After a few more kisses, he sighed.

"Remember that you're the one that started something they couldn't finish."

"Hey! I could argue that you're the one that started it, but I think we should blame Taehyung."

"Works for me."

They both laughed before Yoongi spoke again.

"Are you okay to go back in there?"

"I should be asking you that. You're the one who's got to dance, I've just got to sit there and watch."

"If you think we've never gotten worked up at work before, then I'm sad to say you're mistaken. Don't worry, I can manage."

When they entered the dance studio, Yoongi led Anna over to where she had been sitting before as all of their soulmates had gathered there during the break in rehearsals. Jungkook grinned knowingly as they approached.

"Did you help Anna out with what she needed you for, Yoongi-Hyung?"

"Yes, thank you, and Jungkook? Make sure you find somewhere else to sleep tonight."

"What? Can I join -"

"Nope. You're not welcome tonight, and neither's Taehyung. Anyone else... is up for discussion."

Taehyung and Jungkook gave cries of protest, while Jimin laughed at them.

"As much as I love this discussion, and believe me I do, we need to get back to practice and then we can wrap it up as quickly as possible. Okay?"

"Yes, Hoseok."

"Yes, Hoseok-Hyung."

They all walked into the centre of the room, giving Anna a peck on the cheek or forehead as they passed. Yoongi gave her hand a squeeze before letting go. Jin was the last to go.

"Will you be okay watching this? You could always wait for us next door if it's too much."

Anna slapped Jin on the arm for teasing her but smiled as she watched him laugh as he walked away. She sat back down on the floor and tried not to think about what was going to happen when they got home.

I was only watching them rehearse. How did this happen?

Chapter Text

Things did not go to plan.

The rest of the rehearsal didn't end as quickly as the boys had hoped. Despite the plans some of them had for when they finally got home, they also didn't want to end practice until they were satisfied with their results. Sometimes BTS could be their own harshest critics.

It gave Anna plenty of time to think. She thought about what might happen later, what she wanted to happen, and what she was ready for. She hadn't taken the final step with any of her soulmates yet. Not that she hadn't thought about it, in fact, ever since Jungkook had admitted to being a virgin she often wondered when she should take the plunge.

While she waited, it was the perfect time to observe her soulmates, which was a polite way of saying 'blatantly stare at them while they practice'. Although she had spent all her time before meeting BTS watching them on a screen, seeing them perform in person what completely different. Not being reliant on cameras meant she had a 360-degree view, and what a view it was.

The petition to close the gyms at HYBE had become a big topic amongst fans. Over the past year, the members of BTS had buffed up considerably, and they had also become less shy about showing it. While Jungkook had already been known as a muscle bunny - and most notably flashes his abs during the choreography for Fake Love - the other members tended to be a little more subtle about what was hidden beneath their clothes.

Jin was the shyest about showing any skin. One time he didn't realize his shirt was partially see-through until he was on stage and ARMY's pointed it out. He spent the rest of the time in that outfit trying to cover the area with his hands. So it came as a shock when in the music video for Permission to Dance his shirt had a few buttons undone.

The first member who started the 'close the gym' petition was Namjoon. The leader had been surprised when ARMY had taken such an interest in his new workout schedule, but he happily talked about it on his V Lives. Yoga, weight training, and a focus on shoulder exercises due to an old issue. The difference in pictures from less than two years ago compared to now was obvious.

Most recently, the focus was on Jimin. At their debut, he was known as the most muscular member and was chosen to be the one to reveal his abs in No More Dream. He was also known for always wearing sleeveless tops back then, and that seemed to be returning, along with his impressively defined arms. ARMY’s had also commented on how healthy he was looking recently.

Anna closed her eyes with a groan. Maybe she shouldn't take this opportunity to ogle her soulmates. After a couple of hours, she was tired just from watching them and wondered how they managed to keep going for so long. When they finally finished rehearsing for the day, all the boys collapsed where they were.

Seeing Taehyung dragging himself towards their water bottles, Anna quickly stood up and started handing them out to her very grateful, but exhausted soulmates. When she got to Jin who was laying flat on the ground, he couldn't even raise his head, so Anna had to help him sit up to drink.

"I'm getting too old for this."

"Me too."

Anna turned to Yoongi who had laid back down, his arm covering his face, after drinking his water.

"You two have been saying that for years."

"I don't know, Hoseok-Hyung, turning thirty is pretty old..."


Jungkook laughed as he moved out of the way of the water bottle Jin threw at him.

A hand on her thigh brought Anna's attention back to Yoongi.

"Sorry, we took so long to finish."

"Don't be. Your passion for your work is one of the things I admire most about you."

"Give me a few minutes and I'll be good to go."

While her soulmates got their breath back, Anna started gathering all of their things so they could go home as soon as they were ready. The youngest of the boys recovered first and came over to help her. Taehyung and Jungkook followed her around trying to earn her forgiveness for working her up earlier. Truthfully she was only a little annoyed at them, mainly at the fact that they had said such inappropriate things while they were at work. Instead, she was more annoyed at herself for getting into such a state.

The boys played rock, paper, scissors to decide who would ride with who back to the apartment. Hoseok and Namjoon won spots in the car with Anna. The dancer immediately linked arms with her, grinning happily as they walked through the building. In the car, he rested his head on Anna's shoulder and closed his eyes. On her other side, Namjoon took her hand in his and rubbed his thumb back and forth.

"What did you think of our setlist?"

"Amazing! ARMY will love it."

"That will be you one day."

"I think that's a long way off. I haven't even officially started training yet, remember?"

"I bet it will happen sooner than you think."

"That's exactly what Jimin said."

"It must be true then."

Her soulmates were talking as if she will have debuted by this time next year, which was insane. Anna knew that Jimin had the shortest training period of only a year, but for Namjoon it had been a lot longer. They could argue it was because they had to learn to work together as a group, but she would reason that most of them were already professionals or educated in some way while she was starting from scratch.

When they got home, Anna wasn't expecting anything due to how exhausted her soulmates had been, despite Yoongi's assurances. She started to undress when she felt a body press against her back. A hand brushed her hair back on one side and she felt them lean in closer.

"Let me help you with that."

"Does Yoongi know you're here?"

"I don't need his permission."

"Oh, is that right, Jiminie?"

Anna felt Jimin's body freeze behind her at the sound of Yoongi's voice behind them.

"Yoongi-Hyung! I..."

When she felt his body move away, Anna turned around to see Yoongi had Jimin's back pressed against his front, the rapper's hand resting around the dancer's neck.

"Tonight is about Anna. Do you want to help me make her feel good?"


"Would you like that, Anna?"

Anna, who had been staring owlishly at the scene in front of her, was startled when Yoongi address her. After taking a moment to process what she had been asked, she managed to nod in agreement. Unsatisfied, Yoongi let go of Jimin letting his hand slide down the younger’s chest before walking over to Anna.

"I need your consent in words, my love."


Yoongi rested his hands on the edges of her top, his fingers brushing against her skin as he toyed with the fabric.

"Can we undress you?"


While the rapper removed her top and bra, Jimin had moved behind Anna and hooked his fingers in the top of her trousers. Yoongi distracted her with a kiss, hoping to help her relax a little more. When he pulled away and turned her towards the bed, she saw that Jimin had already gotten himself undressed and was sitting in the middle of the bed, back against the headboard. The dancer patted the mattress between his legs, motioning for Anna to join him.

Once she was settled between Jimin's legs, she gaped at the sight of a shirtless Yoongi. Her mind was still spinning from the sight of Jimin's abs and muscular thighs, adding in Yoongi's usually hidden physic was almost too much for Anna.

She gulped when the rapper crawled onto the bed after removing his trousers. Gently he pushed her legs apart until he could settle between them. Yoongi pushed Anna back so that she was practically lying on top of Jimin. Taking her wrists in his hands, he lifted them to either side of her head, effectively pinning her down.


The dancer replaced the rapper's hands with his own and watched with hooded eyes as his older soulmate slowly worked his way down Anna's body kissing every inch of her skin. He heard every gasp and every moan that escaped her lips and felt her arms strain against his hold. When the rapper reached the top of her underwear, Jimin felt Anna tense up and so did Yoongi.

"Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?"

"I... I don't know. None of you have ever... gone down there."

"You were okay with me touching you with my fingers last time."

"Yeah, but your… your mouth is so much more intimate. Oh, it sounds silly saying it out loud!"

"It's not silly."

"Jimin's right. It's okay if you're not ready."

Anna looked down at Yoongi who was staring up at her with a reassuring expression. She bit her lip. She hated that she had made such a big deal out of every step of their physical intimacy.

"I don't think it's that... it's more -"

"Fear of the unknown?"


"I have an idea - if you want to try - otherwise we can do something else."



"Yes. I want to try..."

Jimin lifted Anna and moved out from under her, laying her back down so her head was resting on the pillow. Laying down beside her, he moved so he was hovering over her slightly, resting one arm on either side of her body. Now her arms were no longer restrained, she wrapped them around his shoulders.

Anna's vision was filled with Jimin's face as he blocked Yoongi from her view. This was part of his plan to make her feel more comfortable. The main part was to distract her, so she wouldn't think too much about what was happening, and he did this with kisses.

He started gently, with small pecks and light kisses. When he began nibbling teasingly on her lips, he felt pressure on his shoulders as Anna tried to pull him closer. He pulled away for a moment making her whine before catching her off guard by suddenly kissing her passionately.

With Anna sufficiently distracted by Jimin's tongue down her throat, Yoongi removed her underwear. Jimin could tell when the rapper had started as Anna dug her fingers into his skin and arched up off the bed beneath him. When he felt her hand begin to wander down, the dancer managed to capture her wrists again and hold them down against the bed. He trailed kisses across her jaw to her neck, focusing there for a moment before whispering in her ear.

"It's okay. I've got you. Just let go."

And then he watched Anna come undone by Yoongi's tongue technology.

Afterwards, Anna was curled up on Yoongi chest, tracing patterns with her fingertips across his skin, while Jimin snuggled up behind her occasionally pressing kisses along her back.

"Did you enjoy that?"

Yoongi smiled at her cuteness when Anna shyly nodded her head. She nuzzled her face against his chest to hide her embarrassment. Suddenly she stopped and looked up at him.

"Did you want me to... you know, return the favour?"

The rapper reached a hand towards her face and stroked her cheek. As much as he would like to say yes, he felt that one new sexual experience was enough for Anna tonight.

"No. Don't worry, Jimin can take care of that."

The dancer’s head popped up from behind Anna.

"But Hyung... I thought you were going to do me next."

Anna broke out into giggles at the whiny tone of Jimin's voice, as she could imagine him pouting over her shoulder. Hearing her laugh made Yoongi join in, and although he tried to keep his pout, Jimin couldn't help but smile too.

Chapter Text

Anna tried not to let her nerves get the best of her as she glanced around at the other trainees. She was warming up for her first dance lesson. What surprised her most when she entered the room was that this was a mixed class. Both the male and female trainees would be having this class together, which focused on teaching them various styles of dance.

Many things were on her mind. Would she be as good as the others? What if she couldn't keep up? Would she make any friends? Would they know who she was? What if they used her to get close to her soulmates? What if they iced her out because they thought she didn't earn her place among them?

Before she could spiral any further, their teacher arrived, and they spend the next few hours being pushed to their limits. Luckily, Anna was used to such intense dance lessons from working with Hoseok, so she didn't suffer too much.

Next, she had a meeting with her social media team to plan out some more YouTube content for her channel and work out a schedule for her to film it. She had done dance covers, song covers, and a couple of cooking vlogs. Now they were talking about other ideas, such as a craft session to which Anna suggested birthday cards as Jin's birthday was coming up soon.

The staff also suggested a question-and-answer video. Apparently, there had been a lot of questions commented on all of her social media accounts as fans wanted to know more about Anna. Personally, she didn't find herself that interesting, but if fans wanted to know then it was a fairly easy video idea.

Due to the massive success of doing a video with one of her soulmates, of course, HYBE wanted her to include them again. This, paired with the success of Lee Hyun's videos working with their Idol groups, meant that they were planning to do a similar project with Anna. However, finding a time when this would be possible was going to take a while, as the groups were focused on their end of year performances and Anna now had her busy trainee schedule.

In the afternoon, she had a meeting with her vocal coach, who got her to do various singing exercises to gauge what her strengths were and what she needed to work on. Then she had to practically run down to the dance studio where the female trainee's dance class was.

This dance class focused on studying girl group dances. They would be taught three main types of ways to perform: cute, sexy, and fierce. Anna wasn't too worried about fierce. She had been learning some BTS dances which were on the strong side. Cute wouldn't be too difficult either. Since finding her soulmates, Anna had learnt a lot of cute gestures as the boys would do anything she asked if she paired it with some aegyo. Yet despite the dance she had done with Jungkook, Anna didn't think she could pull off acting sexy, she just found it embarrassing.

While she had hoped to catch the other female trainees after class and introduce herself, their teacher had called her over to discuss the assignment the others had been given the week before. Now Anna had only a few days to learn a song and dance to perform in class. Although she wouldn't be kicked out if this assignment wasn't up to scratch - only because she was given so much less time than everyone else - she would still be judged if it was anything less than acceptable.

Anna left the dance studio a little shocked at what she had just been told. She didn't know when she would have the time to learn so much in the next few days. Suddenly she realised she had walked all the way to her soulmates' studios and had stopped outside Jungkook's Golden Closet.

Deciding she deserved a little break before she started working on her assignment, Anna knocked on the door hoping that someone was inside. It took a few minutes for the door to open, but she was pleasantly surprised when she saw Taehyung in the doorway.


Her soulmate with the boxy grin immediately wrapped her in a big bear hug as soon as he saw her.


Anna staggered back a step as Taehyung decided to rest all his weight on her, making her have to hold them up less they fall to the floor. After steadying herself, she smiled at the comfort being in her soulmate's arms brought her. It was just what she needed after her first day as a trainee.

"Noona! How was your first day?"

Peeking over Taehyung's shoulder, Anna saw Jungkook sitting at his desk. As she was still standing outside the door, she tried to move into the room and gave Taehyung a little whack so that he would move as well. She managed to lead them both over to the sofa where they somehow sat down with Taehyung still clinging to her, adjusting so that she was sitting on his lap.

"Today was one of my quieter days, but I'm still exhausted."

"Are you finished for the day?"

"With classes, yes, but I've got an assignment to work on. Everyone else got it last week so I've only got a few days to prepare."

"Oh, dear. What do you have to do?"

"Learn the song and dance from a girl group song and perform it."

"Woah, not exactly a warm-up exercise."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll get lots of assignments, but not all of them will be performances. From what you've said, I would guess that this is a serious one."

"The teacher did say I would get a free pass this time, due to the short notice."

"That's generous of them, but very good news for you."

"Still, that doesn't mean I don't need to do well."

"Exactly, they'll be expecting a polished performance, anything less... well, it won't look good."

"Where should I even start?"

"For you, I would suggest starting with the vocals, then learning the dance. What song are you doing?"

"They gave us three and I have to pick one."

Anna handed over the list the teacher had given her to Jungkook.

"Do you even know any of these songs?"

"Just from seeing the titles and the artists, I don't think so, no."

"You've got a slight disadvantage there. I bet the other trainees, or at least all the ones who grew up in Korea, will know one if not all of these songs already."

"And that's only a slight disadvantage? I'm going to be the worst one in the class!"

"Don't worry. You know a girl group dance expert."

Taehyung suddenly joining their conversation made Anna jump slightly from where he spoke right next to her ear.


"Jungkookie of course!"

"Oh yeah! I forgot!"

"Exactly. Don't worry, Noona. You're going to ace this assignment!"

"That's great, but do you have the time to help me. Don't you have to work?"

"We’ve got something soon, but I'll be finished in a few hours. If you start learning the vocals, I'll help you learn the dance when I get back. Okay?"

"Really? Are you sure you have the time?"

"We all promised we would do anything to help to reach your dream. This is nothing."


"Great! Let's watch all the songs first before we choose one."

"Wait. Do you know if Yoongi is in his studio?"

"There’s about a 99% chance he is, yes. Why?"

"I've just got to talk to him quickly. I'll be back in a minute."

Anna had plans to work on her album - which still sounded really weird to her - with Yoongi that evening, so she wanted to let him know she couldn't make it.

As her younger soulmates said, the rapper was in his studio. When she explained to him about the assignment he understood and was happy to rearrange their plans for another time.

"Can I help in any way?"

"Well, I've already got an expert in girl group dances to help me out."

"Oh, Jungkook’s helping you? Good. You're going to blow them all away when you perform."

"I don't know about that... I don't even know what song I'm doing yet."

"Doesn't matter. You got this."

"I hope so."

With a hand on Anna's cheek, Yoongi leaned in and gave her a peck on the lips.

"Trust me."

"You know I do."

"Tell Jungkook we can change our recording session tomorrow to another time. If it helps."

"I don't want to interfere with your work."

"And I don't care. My princess has her first big trainee performance, and I will do anything I can to help her kick ass."

"You know, I used to think you were the calm, serious, sensible one, but you're just as crazy as the other six."

"I don't know what you mean. I'm a hardcore gangster rapper, a badass motherf-"

Rolling her eyes, Anna cut him off with a kiss.

Chapter Text

"So, you don't know any of these songs?"

After leaving Yoongi's studio, Anna had gone back to Jungkook's where they were now going through her three options for her first assignment as a trainee.

"Well, I've heard of IU, of course, I just haven't listened to any of her songs... Oh! Apart from the one Yoongi worked on."

"Okay, let's listen to that one first then."

Anna tried to hide her frown. She knew it was irrational of her, especially now that they were soulmates, but Anna didn't like IU because of the rumours that she was Jungkook's ideal type and his celebrity crush. As they watched the dance practice for IU's song LILAC, Anna watched her youngest soulmate more closely than the actual video.

"Cool. I think that would be a good one for you. What do you think?"

"Uh-huh, let's watch the next one."

The second one was Gotta Go by Chung Ha. Anna really liked it, but what was more important was whether she would be able to sing and dance it well, as well as learn both in only a few days. As much as she tried to appraise it objectively, as she had never done something like this before she had no idea what she was capable of. However, she didn't think it looked too difficult.

"I like that one."


"What? You don't think I can do that?"

"No, no!"

"Okay... last one?"

Her final choice was Into You by Yuri. Anna liked this one as too. The dance seemed simple, and she thought the song would suit her voice. As she considered which option would be best, Anna wondered if the song choice was also a test. Perhaps one of these was an ‘easy' choice.

"So, which of these can you see yourself performing?"

"Umm... Any? None?"

Jungkook chuckled.

"Right. Let's focus on which one would be best for this assignment. Which one can you learn in time?"

"Can we watch the second one again?"

Anna paid very close attention to the dance moves this time.

"And the third?"

After re-watching them both, Anna realised something. The theme of these songs was leaning towards sexy, sensual moves. As sexy was one of the three types of performances they were learning in this class, she decided she should keep that in mind when choosing a song.

"The second dance has some body-rolls and ... moves I'm not sure I can pull off, but in the third, she interacts with the male dancers. How would I do that by myself?"

"You can change it a bit, or you can get someone to dance with you."

"Is that allowed?"

"It's part of the performance, so it's fine."

She knew Jungkook was hinting at him and one of her other soulmates helping out with her performance if she chose the third song. However, as much as having them may help her feel better, Anna wasn't sure how the rest of the trainees and her teachers would feel about it.

"I've decided. Gotta Go by Chung Ha."

"You sure?"

To be honest, she wasn't sure, but if she didn't say yes then she would be debating all night and the longer she took to decide, the less time she had to practice.


"Okay. I've got to go but meet me in the dance studio in two... no, say three hours."

Anna nodded as she watched Jungkook get up and gather his stuff. She didn't realise that she had been biting her lip until her soulmate reached over and brushed his thumb along her lip. He leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"You got this."

Seeing her youngest soulmate's confident smile paired with those words made Anna relax slightly. She smiled back at him a little before pouting, making him laugh. Jungkook leaned back down and gave her a proper kiss on the lips. It was still short, but when he pulled away this time Anna was filled with determination.

"See you in a bit."

When the door had closed behind him Anna turned back to the computer ready to learn the lyrics to her chosen song. It was then that she realised she had never needed to learn the lyrics to a song off by heart, and definitely not with a deadline. How should she do it? Would she even be able to?

Somehow, she managed to rein in her panic and made a plan. First, listen to the song a few times to get familiar, then look up the lyrics, and finally, hope she can remember them all. This was how she spent the next few hours until she had to meet Jungkook to learn the dance. By that time, she was at least familiar with the tune and had some of the lyrics memorized. Overall, Anna was pretty proud of her progress.

Meeting Jungkook in the dance studio they immediately got to work. Her soulmate only had to watch the practice video a couple of times before he started teaching Anna the dance step by step. There was a lot of hip movement where she was a little stiff, but he said that they could work on that after she had the basic routine learnt.

They spent hours that evening going over it until Anna felt confident that she roughly knew the whole dance. It was late when they finally headed home, and she was so thankful for Jungkook's help. Thanks to Yoongi rescheduling his session with Jungkook the next day, her youngest soulmate had some free time the next day to help her refine her dance moves.

For the first time that she could remember, Anna was up before any of her soulmates for work. She wanted to go in a little early just to run through the dance a few times before her classes started. She also wanted to try singing at the same time, which was a lot harder than she had anticipated.

When she met up with Jungkook later that day he wasn't alone. Jimin had decided to join them, but Anna wondered if Jungkook had asked him to help her with her awkward looking hip rotations. With both of her soulmates' help, her dancing slowly got better as the little details were added. 

Near the end of their rehearsal time, Hoseok joined them and pointed out all improvements Anna needed to make. This was the last time she would have their help, tomorrow she would have to practice alone and the day after she would be performing. Thanks to the three dancers she felt comfortable with the dance and confident that she could do it reasonably well.

Anna spent the evening after her last class practising the vocals and memorising the rest of the lyrics. She had never really practised singing a song to perfection before. The closest thing was with her recent covers for YouTube, but her future as a singer hadn't relied on those.

Every spare minute of the final day before she was due to perform was spent practising singing and dancing at the same time. Anna had thought she had gotten into good shape since she had started a consistent exercise routine. However, apparently, that didn't mean she could sing whilst dancing without getting breathless.

Anna was laying on the floor of the studio she was rehearsing in when the door opened. She turned her head and was surprised to see Taehyung. Unable to move, she raised her arms towards him. She didn't see him smirk before he ran over and proceeded to lay on top of her.

"How's it going?"

"Well, I can sing, and I can dance, but I can't sing and dance at the same time."

"Ah. That's a problem."

"You think?"

With a kiss on her cheek, Taehyung rolled off of Anna and stood up before holding out a hand to help her.

"Come on, I have a few tips that might help."

Taehyung ended up saving the day. He showed her when to dance full out and when to calm down to prepare to sing. Anna would have continued practising all night if her soulmate hadn't insisted on her going home with him. After trying to argue that she wouldn't be able to sleep anyway, he only smirked and commented that he could think of some other ways to tire her out.

She got up early the next morning to rehearse before classes again. When Anna ran out of time she wondered if she would ever feel ready to perform, but it didn't matter anymore. There was no more time to practice, and she had spent every spare minute she had over the past few days doing so. Objectively, there was nothing more she could have done.

Anna took a few deep breaths as she entered the class where they were getting assessed. She joined the other female trainees in warming up. When the teacher arrived, they explained what would happen and then they asked if anyone wanted to go first.

When no one immediately volunteered, Anna raised her hand, surprising herself. She was sure she was shaking as she walked out in front of everyone. With a few more deep breaths to calm herself, she tried to get into the right headspace. 

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw movement outside the door. It was partially see-through and through the window, she saw some familiar faces. Her soulmates were crowded outside the door giving her encouraging smiles and thumbs up. With a smile at their supportive actions, Anna got into position and nodded for the music to start.

Suddenly it was over. She had done it, and Anna thought she did well. When she sat back down amongst the other trainees, she was relieved that it was over. A whisper of BTS caught her attention. Some of the trainees were talking about how she was only there because of who her soulmates were and how they must have helped her. She had expected this kind of talk and tried to ignore the whispers around her and focus on the other performances.

As she watched the other trainees perform, Anna got less confident about how well she had done. Most of the trainees were very good, some were exceptional, and a couple were quite the opposite. It was clear who was in trouble of being kicked out. By the end, Anna was sure she wasn't the worst, but she also wasn't near the best either. 

After everyone had performed, they were told that they would be given feedback before their next class. It was going to be a tense twenty-four hours waiting for the results. Anna didn't have to worry about being kicked out this time, but she was still nervous about the feedback she would receive. She just hoped that she had done enough to make her soulmates proud.

Chapter Text

"How do you think it went?"

"Pff, you saw her. Anna crushed it!"

BTS were in the lounge attached to their dance studio waiting for Anna to finish for the day. For once her schedule finished later than theirs. This was sure to become more of a regular thing now that she was a trainee, but today was special. All seven of them were waiting to hear what feedback Anna had been given by her teachers on her first assignment.

"Well, yeah, but we might be the slightest bit biased..."

"Do you think they'll be harder on her because she's our soulmate?"

"If they are it will only because they know how much potential she has."

"Good or bad, she will always be treated differently because of her connection to us. Better she learns how to deal with that from the beginning."

Yoongi's statement made them all think. Some hoped only good things would happen to Anna because of them, while others tried not to think of what negative impact they could have on their soulmate's future career.

"She's going to be okay, right?"

"Okay? Anna's going to be amazing! Taking the world by storm!

"It's only her week of being a trainee, calm down a little."

"Did you see her performance yesterday?! Imagine what she'll be like after she's finished her training."


Everyone turned to look at Taehyung who was staring off into space.


"Anna's going to be sensational!"

As they chuckled at the singer's exclamation, the door opened and the one they had all been waiting for entered.

"Anna! How did it go?"

Instead of answering, their soulmate walked over to Jin who was sitting closest to the door and sat on his lap. They were all a little confused as Anna began to stare at the oldest's ones face. When she didn't stop, Jin's ears began to turn red.


He glanced over at the others, asking them for help with his eyes.

"Anna? Sweetie, are you okay?"

Jin was relieved when she finally looked away from him and turned towards Hoseok who was sitting next to them. Anna stared at Hoseok for a moment before speaking up.

"I just spent hours staring at myself in the mirror. I need to look at someone else instead."

Anna rolled off of Jin's lap and sat between him and Hoseok.

"What were you doing?"

"They had us practising our facial expressions. It was awful."

"I don't understand. I often spend time staring at myself in the mirror. I don't mean to, but once you catch a glimpse of this face it's hard to look away."

While the boys didn't often laugh at Jin's jokes anymore, Anna loved his humour. Even though she tried not to, she couldn't help but burst out laughing, and as that was his aim, it made Jin smile.

"Not everyone has your level of self-esteem, Jin-Hyung."

"I'm with Anna. Although I don't dislike the way I look, staring at myself in the mirror for a long period of time doesn't sound like fun."

"You study yourself in the mirror during dance practice though?"

"That was hard for me at first. I've gotten used to it now, but I -"

"You what?"


"Noona doesn't like looking at herself in the mirror."

"Is that true, Anna?"

"Do you still not..."

love yourself.  That's what Namjoon was going to say.

"I may avoid reflective surfaces sometimes."

She tried to make a joke, but her soulmates didn't react other than a few sad smiles.

"I'm better than I was, but I have good days and bad days. I knew being an Idol would mean other people would see my face a lot, I just didn't think about how much I would have to as well. This isn't something you can help me with."

"Perhaps, but we can help you practice facial expressions."

"Taetae, you're up!"


"Don't even pretend that you don't know you're the king of facial expressions, Hyung."

"Well, the king might be exaggerating a little... but I'll take it."

While Anna giggled at her soulmates dramatics, the others either sighed, shook their heads, or laughed, which only made her laugh harder.

"Back to what's really important. Anna?"


"Tell us what they said, Noona!"

"Who? What?"

"Your teachers! Your assignment! The big performance you rehearsed no stop for the last few days!"

"Oh! Right, well..."

She watched as they all leaned in waiting to hear what she said next.

"It was okay."


"The feedback, or your performance?"

"We need details!"

"Okay, okay. They said my performance was good, almost impressive considering I'm a new trainee with no experience and only a few days to prepare."


"I told you!"

"Well done!"

"Wow, they really said that?"

"They also said that I have a lot I need to work on, especially to catch up with the other trainees, and for the next assignment I won't have a safety net, so I could get kicked out."

 "That won't happen."

"You don't know that."

"So, I'm guessing something you need to work on is your facial expressions?"

"Yep, but I think I'm not the only one since the whole class had to practice them today."

"Can we go home now?"

Realising that they had all finished for the day, Anna wondered why they were still hanging out there.

"Wait, were you waiting for me?"

"Of course!"

"You didn't have to. I know how tired you all are recently."

"How many times have you waited for us to finish so we could go home together?"

"Once or twice?"

Hoseok shook his head at her answer.

"Almost every night for weeks. Now it's our turn."

"We also didn't want you to be travelling alone so late at night."

Anna felt shy at Namjoon's show of protectiveness.

"Thank you."

When they all stood up to leave, Anna walked towards Namjoon and wrapped her arms around him. The leader wasn't one for much physical affection. While the others, especially the youngest, were always wrapping her up in hugs, Namjoon was more of a pat on the head, or maybe even an arm around the shoulder, type of guy.

That didn't mean that he wouldn't return a hug though. As Anna felt his strong arms wrap around her, she relaxed against him. She always felt safe and taken care of around Namjoon.

Suddenly, Anna yawned and she realised how tired she was. Feeling his chest vibrate as he chuckled, she looked up at her soulmate. Namjoon leant down and kissed her forehead before smiling down at her.

"Come on. Let's get you to bed."

Namjoon joined Anna and Jungkook in their bed that night. While the Maknae had fallen asleep straight away, the other two weren't so lucky. The leader had a lot on his mind, and Anna always found it difficult to fall asleep no matter how tired she was.

She was laying in the middle of her two soulmates, facing Namjoon who was sitting up with the light from his phone showing his face. Anna stared up at him.

"You're staring again."

"Am I not allowed to stare at my handsome soulmate?"

"Turn around then."

Anna was puzzled for a moment until she remembered that Jungkook was behind her.

"Why would I do that when I've got you in front of me?"

Anna moved closer to Namjoon, raising herself up on one arm. She placed her other hand on his toned chest while placing kisses up his muscular arm with each word.

"My smart, beautiful, cute, sexy, leader soulmate."

"Did you have to add in cute?"

"Would you prefer adorable?"

"I changed my mind, I'm fine with cute."

Anna leaned up and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"See? Cute."

"I think you're the cute one."

She moved so that they were face to face, her lips only an inch away from his.

"Am I just cute?"

Namjoon wondered where she was going with this when he felt a hand ghosting across his thighs. He raised an eyebrow, interested to see how far this would go.

"No. You're smart too, and beautiful."

When he didn't continue, Anna's hand stopped moving too. She looked at him with wide innocent eyes and pouty lips.

"Is that all?"

"And naive if you think you can tease me."

Her hand crept further up his thigh.

"Don't start something if you're not going to follow through."

"Who said I wouldn't follow through?"

Anna tried to act confidently, but Namjoon saw her hesitation as her eyes flickered to the sleeping Maknae on the other side of the bed.

"We won't disturb him. Jungkook sleeps like the dead."

"You won't mind celebrating passing my first assignment with me then?"

"It feels like I'm the one who's going to be rewarded though, not you?"

"Depends on your point of view."

Namjoon almost gasped in surprise when she cupped him.

"I would like to celebrate by adding something else to my list of achievements. Will you help?"

Anna's lips twitched at the small amount of power she felt at that moment at having her soulmate, quite literally, by the balls. However, that all but disappeared as she watched Namjoon's eyes darken and he practically growled his next words.

"I'd be happy to."

Chapter Text

"Thank you for all your birthday wishes!"

Jin was on V Live so he could celebrate his birthday with ARMY. It had been a long time since he had done one by himself, so he felt a little awkward at first. Luckily, his fans comments gave him lots to talk about.

"Yes, I've seen all your cards on Weverse. ARMY is so talented!"

On Weverse ARMY had posted pictures of the cards they had made him. There was an obvious RJ theme and seeing them all had made Jin very happy.

"Anna? Did ARMY make cards because of Anna?"

He was a little confused at what Anna had to do with his birthday cards. Jin leaned forward to read the comments again.

"Oh, you watched her on YouTube?"

Internally Jin was wondering how he managed to miss this video. All of the members of BTS had been following Anna's YouTube channel, so he was surprised he had missed a video.

What the oldest member didn't know, was that Anna had employed the help of their other soulmates to make sure Jin didn't see the video before his birthday. She wanted it to be a surprise after all.

The video was a craft session and consisted of Anna making some cards, such as BT21 themed Christmas cards, but really focusing on a birthday card for Jin.

"Yes, I've got her card here. Look it's RJ!"

The card Anna had made for him had a cake on the front and when he pulled a tab RJ popped up out of the cake, which he demonstrated to ARMY.

"Speaking of cake..."

Jin lit the candles of the cake the staff had prepared for him and blew out the candles after playing the birthday song.

"What did I wish for? I can't tell you that! Okay, Okay."

Jin leaned towards to camera and held one hand up as if he was whispering a secret.

"I wished that ARMY would always be happy."

He gasped and acted shocked.

"If it doesn't come true, then it's your fault for making me tell!"

The singer went on to talk about what he had been up to recently and answered some questions ARMY commented. At one point he glanced at his phone and laughed causing ARMY to ask what had made him laugh.

"Anna's been sending me jokes all day. Let me read you some."

"What's the most detail-oriented ocean? The Pacific."

"What kind of drink can be bitter and sweet? Reali-tea."

"Which bear is the most condescending? A pan-duh!"

Jin laughed his signature windshield-wiper laugh after each joke, and even if ARMY didn't find the jokes funny, they enjoyed seeing him so happy on his birthday.

He was starting to run out of things to talk about when there was a knock on the door and two smiling faces appeared.

"Hoseok and Jimin are here!"

"Happy Birthday Jin-Hyung!"

The two newcomers moved to stand on either side of their oldest soulmate. Hoseok waved at the camera while Jimin wrapped his arms around Jin's shoulders.

"Are you having fun with ARMY?"

"You looked like you were having so much fun that we decided to join you!"

The three messed around for a bit until the time came for them to say goodbye.

"Sorry ARMY it's time for us to go. We have a very busy schedule at the moment."

"That's right. Are you looking forward to our performance at MAMA next week?"

"Please look forward to it!"

"Bye-bye ARMY!"

"Love you!"

Hoseok and Jimin headed towards the door but stopped when they realised Jin hadn't moved. Their oldest soulmate was on his phone.

"Hyung? You coming?"

"Just a minute... Hey! How did I get unsubscribed from Anna's YouTube channel?"

While Jin frowned at his phone, Jimin eyes shifted around anxiously as he tried not to look guilty.

"No idea, Jin-Hyung."

"Why? What are you doing, Hyung?"

"ARMY made me special cards for my birthday after watching Anna's video. I wanted to see it for myself."

Jin turned up the sound on his phone and started the video with the other two watching over his shoulders. It made them smile. They could see Anna getting more comfortable in front of the camera with each video and it made them feel so proud of her.

"She's amazing."

"Yeah, she is."

All three of them were smiling sappily when Jin's phone buzzed with a notification. When he read it he started giggling.


"Tell us what's so funny, Hyung!"

"Anna just sent me another dad joke."

"Go on then, Jin-Hyung. Tell us."

"How do Idols stay cool? They have lots of fans."

Jimin snorted which made Hoseok start laughing as well. 

"Come on, rehearsal time!"

The three of them walked into the dance studio giggling as Jin had spent the walk telling them more of the jokes that Anna had sent him. However, the tense atmosphere in the room soon sobered them up.

They immediately walked over to where the rest of their soulmates were in a deep discussion with some staff members. Anna was standing off the side, her arms wrapped around herself as she bit her lip worriedly. Jin walked over to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. Pulling her against him, he placed a kiss on the top of her head.

"What's wrong? What happened?"

"Tae's knee is acting up again. They're worried he won't be able to perform next week, so they're coming up with a backup plan."

"Hm. How are you?"

"I'm fine. Tired from all the training, but I'm enjoying it. How's the birthday boy? Are you having a good day?"

"The best day. Thank you for all the jokes, and the card, and inspiring ARMY to make their own."

Anna just smiled and shrugged. To her, it was the smallest of gestures. Figuring out what to give her soulmates for their birthdays had been extremely difficult as anything she thought of felt either too impersonal or not enough to show how much they meant to her.


They both turned towards Hoseok who was waving them over.

"Have you come up with a plan?"

"We haven't decided what to do yet, but either way Taehyung can't dance today, so could you fill in for him?"

"What?! Hobi, no, I can’t -"

"I taught you the dance before, there will just be some placement changes, and you've been watching us rehearse the past few weeks. You can do it."

"Yeah, but still... Surely one of the other dancers or Don Sungdeuk would be better..."

"They're not available right now."

"Please. Pretty please."

Sometimes Anna wondered why she bothered protesting. Just a pout or a flutter of eyelashes from one of her soulmates and she agreed to do whatever they asked, and this time was no different.


Taehyung wrapped his arms around her and gave her a big kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you."

"I don't think I'll be much help. You'll be spending most of the rehearsal teaching me!"

"No! You got this. I believe in you."

"You can't say stuff like that, Jimin!"

"Alright, let's start. So, Anna, we begin like this."

The rehearsal went surprisingly well. Although the members of BTS weren't surprised, Anna was. Though she still wasn't convinced she helped much by standing in for Taehyung.

"You know, Anna, if this wasn't for an awards ceremony you could perform with us on stage."

"You can be our understudy for our concerts!"

"Ha-ha, very funny."

"That's actually not a bad idea."

"Not you too, Namjoon! None of you are getting injured in the future, so it's a moot point. Okay?"

"Yes, Noona."

Anna smiled and ruffled Jungkook's hair.

"Good boy."

"Are you excited to be going to MAMA with us?"

"Yes! I couldn't believe it when my staff told me. Even if it's just for the experience and ill be backstage doing a vlog and helping out and stuff... I wish I could see you perform in person though."

"Haven't they told you?"

"Told me what?"

"You'll be sitting in the audience."


"Yeah. Not with us because we're in the artists only section, but we got you a seat with the staff who are going."

"I thought I would be in your dressing room backstage or something."

"We wouldn't let you go to MAMA and not get to see any of the performances."

"So, you organised this for me?"

"Well, yeah."

"Thank you! Thank you!"

Anna started jumping up and down with excitement.


"Is it that exciting? It's not like she hasn't seen us perform before?"

"Maybe it's not our performance she's looking forward to seeing."


"I only meant that there will be a lot of other great performances."

"Sure, you did."

"Let's ask her who she's looking forward to seeing."

Namjoon held Jimin back by grabbing the neck of his top. Luckily, they were interrupted by Yoongi asking a question.

"Who else is performing this year?"

While her soulmates had to take a moment to think, Anna spoke up straight away.

"Oh, I know a few! Umm, TXT, ENHYPEN, ITZY, NCT 127, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ!"

"Does that answer your question, Jimin?"

"That's a lot of competition."

"Maybe you'll get to meet some of them, Noona."

"You think so? I... no, that's okay."

"Do you want to? We could probably introduce you to some of them?"

"No, really, it's okay. I wouldn't know what to say. I'll just see them from a distance. That's enough for me."

"Yeah, no need to push her. Distance sounds good."

Namjoon motioned towards Jimin and Jungkook wrapped an arm around him, covering the dancer's mouth with his hand.

"Let us know if you change your mind. Okay?"

Anna nodded, but she had no intention of telling her soulmates which Idols she would like to meet. Although she knew that Jimin had (mostly) been joking, ever since her last show of fangirling she had been careful not to do it again. This meant that her soulmates had no idea about her most recent obsession, who would just happen to be in the same building as them next week.

Maybe I should think of something to say to them. Just in case.

Chapter Text

Anna was trying not to freak out. Over the week leading up to the MAMA's something had changed. She didn't really understand it. To her, she wasn't anyone special. Even if she was BTS's soulmate, she hadn't thought that anyone besides ARMY would actually take any notice of her. However, Anna was wrong, and now she was about to walk the red carpet at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

"Do artists usually take their soulmates to these events?"

"Depends. Generally, most groups are young and haven't found their soulmates yet, but the older Idols, and particularly the solo artists, do tend to bring them, yes."

"Also, it's a bit different for us. We're a soul-group, with only one soulmate not in our Idol group. If we each had a different soulmate it would probably be a different story."

"I think Noona's fans are the reason."

"What? What do you mean?"

"He means that you're getting popular, Anna, from your YouTube channel."

"More like ARMY is supporting your soulmate."

"Maybe BTS's soulmate deserves it."

Namjoon interrupted Anna and the Maknae line before they started arguing.

"Okay! We're nearly there, so, who's getting out first."

"Jin's the one known as the car door guy."

"I second that. Worldwide Handsome should go first."

"I have an idea."

"Go on, Hoseok."

"Let's go in reverse fan chant order. Jungkookie first and Namjoon last. Then Namjoon can help Anna out all gentlemanly-like!"

So that's what they did.

Anna was blinded by the bright lights and camera flashes as she took Namjoon's hand and stepped out of the car. She gripped his arm and they walked to the photo area. This is where she hung back so that the press could get photos of BTS without her, but before they moved on she found herself between Namjoon and Jungkook trying to pose for a photo.

While they were interviewed, Anna stood on the end where Taehyung kept his arm around her while she just smiled and prayed they didn't direct any questions her way. Her soulmate chuckled when he felt her sigh in relief as they finished the red carpet.

They were led to their seating area and Anna was originally placed between Jimin and Taehyung, but Namjoon didn't want the troublesome twosome sitting so close together, so he made Taehyung swap with Hoseok.

Anna looked around the venue with fascination and watched everyone arrive. She tried not to be obvious about who in particular she was hoping to see. In truth, she was excited to see all the Idols in person that she recognised from videos she had watched.

However, when she did find the group that she had been particularly interested in recently, she leaned forward slightly in her seat to try and get a better look. From where she was she couldn't see most of their faces, but she knew it was them as some of them had turned to look around them.

"If you keep staring they might turn around."

Anna's head whipped around to face Hoseok who had whispered in her ear.


"Whoever you're staring at so intently."

"I'm not staring at anyone."

She leant back in the seat and looked down at her lap.

"It's okay, Angel. You're allowed to be a fan of other groups. We don't mind."

Looking up at him, Anna could tell that Hoseok was being sincere, but she couldn't help but glance at the soulmate sitting on her other side.

"Maybe you don't, but..."

"Do you want to meet them?"


"What group is it? We can go and say hello."

"Really?! Oh, I mean, we don't have to..."

"But you want to. Anna, tell me who it is."


Anna pointed them out.

"They were a performance group, right? All great dancers. Okay, let's go. You coming too, Jimin?"

Jimin, who had been sitting rather silent throughout their whole exchange, gave Hoseok a look. Anna nervously fiddled with her fingers, as she spoke up.

"They're all really big fans of BTS, especially Wooyoung, but he's particularly a fan of you, Jimin."

She didn't look up until a hand covered hers.

"Okay, let's go say hello."

With her hand in Jimin's, Anna followed her two soulmates as they walked over to where ATEEZ were sitting. As they approached, she saw the moment the other Idols noticed them heading their way. The boys looked both excited and nervous, which was exactly how Anna felt as well. As her soulmates greeted the younger group, she stood slightly behind Jimin as if she was trying to hide. 

"And this is Anna. She's a fan of yours."

Jimin's hand squeezed hers and he gave her a little pull so that she was in full view.

"You're an ATINY?"

"Yes. Hello!"

Anna waved at them with her free hand and they all waved back at her.

"It's nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy our performance later."

"I'm looking forward to it. Actually... I became a fan after seeing you perform last year. I love your music."

"Thank you! Do you have a favourite song?"

"So many! But if I had to choose one... Treasure?"

They started singing the chorus and Anna joined in shyly.

"Oh! I love the song you did with Jungkook!"

"Thank you."

"You have a beautiful voice."

As she whispered another thank you, Anna hoped that her cheeks weren't as red as they felt. Jimin's hand left hers and he wrapped his arm around her instead.

"You should do a dance cover to one of their songs!"

"You do dance covers?"

"Anna has a YouTube channel where she does covers, dancing and singing, and other stuff as well."

"San, I showed you it before, remember?"

Anna wasn't sure whether to be flattered or horrified that ATEEZ - or at least Wooyoung - had watched her YouTube videos. Although, she shouldn't have been too surprised as Wooyong was an ARMY too.

"Well, we better go back to our seats before our soulmate here dies of embarrassment."

"No! Don't be embarrassed! You're so good you could be an Idol."

"Funny you should day that... See, Anna, you have fans already and you haven't even debuted yet."

"What?! Are you...?"

"Shh! Secret."

Hoseok put his finger to his lips, and ATEEZ all nodded in understanding.

"Anna, fighting!"


They had started to say goodbye when Jimin spoke up for the first time. He looked at Anna.

"Don't you want a photo?"

While Anna shook her head, the boys of ATEEZ cheered and moved closer together while Hosoek manoeuvred her into position. Jimin got his phone out and took a picture of them, smiling at seeing his soulmate so happy.

After a nudge from Anna, Jimin offered to take a photo with Wooyoung before they went back to their seats. Once they were sat down, Anna leaned in towards Jimin to whisper in his ear.

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

When the show started Anna enjoyed watching all the performances. ATEEZ was one of the first to perform and she sang and danced along in her seat. Unsurprisingly, her soulmates won a lot of awards and she smiled proudly as she watched them go on stage and give their acceptance speeches.

As one of the - if not the - most popular groups there, BTS were one of the last to perform. Anna was left sitting alone for a while once they went to get changed for their performance. She felt a little awkward sitting by herself, but she tried not to let it show too much, knowing that a camera could be on her at any time.

When ATEEZ returned to their seats after their performance, they noticed that Anna was sitting alone.

"Do you think she's okay? BTS are going to be gone a while..."

"What are you thinking, Seongwa-Hyung?"

"Should some of us go sit with her?"

"You want to go and sit in BTS's seats?"

"You saw how shy she was. Can you imagine sitting by yourself at an event like this? And it's her first time here."

"Won't it look weird though? I mean, we don't really know her."

"Yeah, and Jimin looked rather protective of her. I'm not sure he'd like us sitting with her by ourselves..."

"I think they'd appreciate someone looking out for her."

Mingi watched the girl who he could tell was trying her best not to fidget and show her anxiousness at the situation she was in. Hongjoong considered his members' words and decided to let two of them go; one could look bad and three too noticeable.

"Okay, then. Seongwa? Yunho? Do you two want to go keep her company then?"

"Thank you, leader."

The two members of ATEEZ tried to be as unassuming as possible while they snuck over to where Anna was sitting.

"Do you mind if we join you?"

Anna had been confused when she saw the two boys approaching her, and was surprised by their reason.


They sat down a respectable distance away from her, but close enough that they could hear each other.

"I'm looking forward to BTS's performance. Do you know what they're doing this year?"

"Yes. They've got something special planned."


"I loved your performance. It was amazing. Well done!"

"Thank you!"

The three of them chatted a little while they watched the next few performances. The boys got Anna to join in dancing along with them, and they were happy when she looked a lot more relaxed and happy than she had before.

When they knew it was nearly time for BTS to perform, the two members of ATEEZ excused themselves.

"Thank you for keeping me company."

"Of course, anything for an ATINY! Thank you for supporting us, and we look forward to supporting you in the future."

Anna was speechless and only managed to wave goodbye as they went back to their seats. Before she could ponder anymore on what had just happened, her soulmates' performance began.

Although she had already seen their performance, her boys still managed to surprise her. There was a moment when they shouted out ARMY but then followed it by shouting out her name too. Luckily, her reaction to that moment was caught on camera so that her soulmates could enjoy watching it later.

Chapter Text

"I've just home from MAMA. Did you all watch the show? Being there was unbelievable, but being in the artists' section... I had the best view! And weren't our boys amazing! You can always rely on BTS to blow you away with their performance. Not that the others weren't great too! All the performances were awesome. Are any of you ATINY? Did you see ATEEZ perform their two new songs? So good! And I got to meet them too! I was a little shy, but they were really nice and even kept me company while BTS were getting ready to perform. Do you know how long it all takes behind the scenes for these things? I was around for rehearsals - which will probably be the beginning of this video - and anyway, the set-up and stuff takes a while, so I was by myself for, what? Half an hour? An hour maybe? Imagine sitting by yourself surrounded by celebrities with cameras everywhere... I'm sorry. I'm tired, so I'm rambling. I think it's time for bed. Okay… Goodnight everyone!"

When the video finally ended, Anna had her face hidden in Jungkook's shoulder. She was sitting in the Maknae's studio with all three of the Maknae line.

"That was brilliant, Noona!"

"I can't believe they included that! It's so embarrassing."

"Don't worry, there will be plenty more embarrassing videos in the future."

"Thanks, Tae. That makes me feel a lot better."

"You're welcome."

Anna shook her head when her soulmate didn't catch on to her sarcasm.

"Did you have to talk about another group though?"

"The fact that she did is the whole reason they included it in the video, Jimin-Hyung."

BTS' soulmate spotted alone with other male Idols, may have made a few headlines the day after the MAMA's. However, with the video Anna had recorded when she got home, - still wearing the same outfit she had worn to the awards show - her backstage at the MAMA's video had been quickly edited and uploaded to her YouTube channel.

Even if ARMY hadn't wanted to defend her just for being BTS' soulmate, those that watched her content, as well as ATINY's, had come to her and the members of ATEEZ's defence. Hashtags about ATEEZ's gentlemanly actions, and Anna getting to live every fangirl's dream, ended up trending on Twitter.

"I hope ATEEZ are okay. I can't believe I got them bad press! What if the fans hadn't turned it around? It would've been all my fault!"

"It wouldn't have been all your fault. They knew the risk when they decided to go and sit with you."

"They're such nice boys. Too nice. Just like you guys. How have you never gotten caught up in a scandal?"



The three of them looked at each other, the older two gesturing for Jungkook to approach a certain subject with Anna.

"So, Noona, how come we didn't know you had a new group you were fangirling over?"

"What? Me? Fangirling over someone other than my incredible soulmates? Never!"

Jimin raised an eyebrow.

"Um, I was there when you told them that you'd been listening to their music for a year..."

"There's a big difference between listening to their music and fangirling over them."

"You got all shy when Hoseok-Hyung dragged you over to meet them."

"Yeah... So… They're Idols! I would've been the same with anyone there."

Jungkook wrapped an arm around her with a chuckle.

"Of course, you would, Noona. We know how shy you get around new people. But, I couldn't help but notice that ATEEZ have a very strong main vocalist."

"Uh-huh. Strong is a good word to describe Jongho. He can break apples in half with his bare hands!"


"I could do that."

"I bet you could! Jungkookie's broken pineapples apart before. Apples? No problem!"

"Thank you, TaeTae-Hyung."

Jimin smirked at Anna.

"But, if you're not a fan, then how would you know a fact like that, Anna?"

"Wow, would you look at the time! I'm going to be late for my, uh, lesson."

Anna grabbed her bag and stood up, moving out of her soulmates' reach before they could react.

"But I thought you didn't -"


Once the door was closed behind her, the two youngest turned to look at Jimin.

"I thought you were over all of that jealousy stuff, Hyung."

"I am! Mostly... It was a joke."

When Jungkook dived on Jimin, Taehyung snuck out and left the room without the other two noticing. He jogged down the hallway to where Anna was and wrapped his arms around her from behind, resting his head on her shoulder.

"Where are you going? Can I come with you?"

"Er, sure. I still have some time before my next lesson, so I was going to see if Yoongi's free."

"Yoongi-Hyung? You’re braver than most."

When they reached Yoongi's studio, Anna entered the password like she usually did and opened the door. The rapper was sitting at his keyboard, seemingly trying to work something out. He smiled when he noticed his soulmates coming in.

"To what do I owe this surprise?"

Anna approached him and curled up in his lap, resting against his chest. Yoongi gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"I have some free time. Are you busy?"

"Never too busy for you, Princess."

Taehyung watched the pair interact in shock.

"Hyung! Why don't you cuddle with me like that?!"

"I think you're a little too big to sit on my lap."

"That doesn't mean we can't cuddle, Hyung!"

Yoongi could feel Anna shaking with laugher and gave her a nudge.

"How are you doing with all the media attention?"

Anna sighed.

"Like everything I do will be criticised. Maybe I shouldn't go outside."

She laughed as if it was a joke, but Yoongi knew it was a real thought that she was having.

"It's easy to want to hide, to avoid doing anything wrong, but unfortunately it comes with the job. You've chosen to become an Idol, so you'll have to get used to it."

"No one can ever accuse Yoongi-Hyung of using flowery language."

The rapper shrugged.

"It's the truth."

"I made my decision and now I have to stick with it. But no matter how much I imagined what it would be like, the reality feels so different."

"We'll be here with you every step of the way."

"I know, and I love you for it."

The two smiled at each other lovingly.

"Did you come here just for cuddles and harsh words, or were you wanting to work on your album?"

"Album, of course."

"What? Anna, are you a workaholic too?"

"You act as if you aren't?"

"She right. We may have different methods, but you can't deny that we're all constantly working."

"Maybe... Can I hear what you've got so far?"

Anna stayed in Yoongi's arms while he turned to his computer and opened up the tracks that they were working on for her debut album. Some were still just the track that the rapper had produced, others had lyrics that Anna was hoping to refine with Namjoon's help when the leader had time, and a couple were almost perfect. They played each one for Taehyung, making notes of his comments and suggestions.

"I had no idea you were so far along with your album! At this rate, it will be ready before my mixtape."

"Well, Yoongi has been working on it for a while."

"No, your contribution is what made everything come together. Don't forget that you wrote the title track and most of the lyrics."

"The title track isn't confirmed yet."

"Trust me. Your song captures the essence of the album perfectly."

Taehyung interrupted the pairs back and forth before it could progress into something more intense.

"What's the theme?"

Anna smiled at her curious soulmate before answering.

"Wonders of the Heart."

Chapter Text

Anna's trainee lessons had been going well, or at least she thought they had. She had never felt so physically exhausted, but also so alive at the same time. It was hard and demanding work, but she could feel herself improving with each day that passed, so it was worth it.

Time with her soulmates had been limited, but that had been expected. Anna made sure to seek them out anytime she had a spare minute, even if it was only to watch them work. BTS were constantly telling her how proud they were of her and reminding her that it wouldn't always be like this. After she debuted, things would settle down and they would have more time for each other again.

The only thing Anna was a little sad about was that she hadn't managed to befriend any of the other trainees. If anything, they seemed to actively avoid her. Other than coming to see her first performance assessment, her soulmates hadn't been near where the trainees were, and she was sure some of the girls were upset about it.

While it wasn't great, it didn't affect Anna too much. After all, she was only having lessons with them. At the end of the day, she was a solo act, so it wasn't like any of these girls were her future group mates, or that she would ever have to work with them. Or so she thought.

"Okay, everyone! Before we finish up today, I'm going to tell you about your next assignment. You will divide yourselves into groups of five. Each group will perform the same song. The rest is up to you. Got it? Now everyone, get into your groups. Five girls per group and hurry, I don't have all day."

The teacher didn't need to worry. Anna watched as girls immediately turned to each other as if they were best friends choosing partners for a group project at school. She looked around to see what group still needed one more person. Instead, she saw four other trainees standing by themselves, in the same position as she was. Realising that no one else was going to take the initiative, Anna walked to the nearest lonely girl and waved the other three to join them.

"Looks like we're a group. Everyone okay with that?"

"Not like we have much of a choice."

"Right... That's the spirit! Umm, I'm Anna. I look forward to working with all of you."

"We know who you are."

A trainee who Anna believed was called Minji and seemed to have a permanent scowl on her face mocked her.

The girl sitting next to Anna, Yeona, leaned towards her and whispered excitedly.

"Are you really their soulmate?"

Next to Yeona, another trainee answered her.

"Of course, she is. Didn't you see the press release or the V Lives? It's not like she's not easily recognisable."

"How else would a foreigner become a trainee unless their soulmate had some pull with the company."

The last comment was whispered but was still just loud enough for Anna to hear. She felt like it was a challenge, a test. Minji wanted to see how she would react. Before she could respond, their teacher spoke up again.

"Now let me play you the song you will be performing."

All the trainees - including Anna - recognised the girl group on the screen and as soon as the music started, they all knew which song it was, WANNABE by ITZY. Some girls were happy because they knew and liked the song, but others realised how difficult the dance was.

"You have five minutes to discuss and then you can go. We'll start working on this next class."

Anna turned to her group members who all looked worried.

"I hope everyone here is confident in their dance skills."

They all laughed awkwardly.

"What is everyone good at?"

"I'm a dancer."

"I'm a vocalist, but I don't think I'm a bad dancer either.

"I'm a vocalist too."

Yeona, who Anna thought must be the youngest trainee here, looked the most worried, whereas Minji seemed to always have an air of indifference about her.

"I'm a dancer too, but I can sing and rap as well. How about you, Anna?"

"Mainly vocals, but my dancing isn't bad."

"Well, we have a bit of a problem."

"What’s that?"

"No one in this group is a main rapper."

Anna replayed the song in her head.

"The song didn't really have any major rap sections. We should be fine."

"You think so? Perhaps you could do the main rapper’s part then, Anna?"

Anna stared at Minji, the girl who was making comments earlier.

"Sure. No problem."

The tension was broken as all the other trainees began to leave the room.

"We can sort the rest out next time."

Anna was grabbing her stuff when Yeona approached her.


She smiled when the young girl stumbled over what to call her.

"You can call me Unnie if you want?"


"Sure. Yeona, right? If you don't mind, how old are you?"

"15 years old."

"Wow, that’s as old as Kookie when he started... Er, well, I'm definitely your Unnie then!"

"Unnie? I... umm..."

"It's okay. You can talk to me."

"You seem nice, Unnie, and I'm worried about this assignment. I only just made it through the last one because of my vocals, my dancing isn't the best."

"Don't worry. I'll help you. This is a team exercise after all."

"Oh! Thank you, Unnie! Thank you so much."

"You're welcome. I'll see you in class tomorrow and we can work out a schedule, okay?"

"Yes! Thank you! Bye, Unnie!"

As Anna left the dance studio she knew exactly where she needed to go. She had a bit of free time and with her new assignment, she was hoping to get a little help from some of her soulmates. 

Her three rappers were the obvious first choice but deciding which one to go to was difficult. She ruled out Namjoon because the leader was so busy, and the Yoongi had been working a lot with her on her album, so that left Hoseok. She felt bad because she knew how busy the dancer was as well, but she decided to knock on his studio door first.

"Can you come back later please?!"

Anna was a little startled by his unusual response through the closed door.

"Oh, okay. Sorry!"

Anna had started to walk away when the door opened.

"Sorry, Angel. Didn't realise it was you!"

Hoseok grabbed her by the arm and pulled her inside before locking the door behind her. Now she was inside, Anna realised they were not alone.

"Oh, good you're all here! Wait, was I interrupting something?"

Namjoon was spread out on the sofa, his head resting back against the top of the cushions with his eyes closed. Yoongi was sitting next to him, his hair sticking up in all directions. Hoseok motioned for Anna to take his desk chair while he sat on the other side of Namjoon on the sofa.

"Umm, well..."

"We were just providing our leader with a little stress relief."

"Aww, and I missed it?!"

"Give me a few minutes and I'll be good to go again."

"Is that so?"

"Were the two of us not enough, Joonie?"

Anna giggled as Yoongi and Hoseok looked at their leader expectantly.

"Of course, you are... I just can’t get enough of my soulmates?"

Hoseok kissed Namjoon on the cheek.

"Well done. Now, Anna, Angel, you needed something?"

"I need you to teach me how to rap."

"I thought you'd never ask."

Yoongi rolled his eyes at Hoseok response.

"Is this for an assignment?"

"Yes, we have to perform a given song in a group, but no one in our group was a rapper so I... volunteered to do the main rapper's part? Any tips?"

"I think we can do more than give you a few tips. You have three superstar rapper soulmates at your disposal. Shall we start now? Or does Namjoon need another session?"

They all laughed at Hoseok's teasing, but when they stopped Namjoon spoke up.

"All jokes aside, after seeing Anna rap, I probably will be good to go again."

Anna couldn't stop giggling as she watched two of her soulmates try, and fail, to force their hulk of a leader out of the room.


Chapter Text

"I wonder what you're watching that's caused you to have that look on your face?"

Anna jumped at Jungkook's voice. She had been watching TV in bed. For once, in what felt like forever, her day had finished before the boys and she had let them know that she would see them at home. After her busy schedule as a trainee for the past few weeks, she was looking forward to the chance to catch up on her dramas.

She paused the show before replying, watching as her soulmate moved to join her on the bed.


"I said, what are you watching?"

"Oh! Er,F4 Thailand?"


"Boys Over Flowers. Thailand has made their own version. It's just started."

"You looked as though you were enjoying it."

"Hm, it's really good. Boys Over Flowers is one of my favourite shows."

Jungkook leaned over and whispered into Anna's ear.

"Are the main actors very handsome?"

"I, er, well, their characters are meant to be the most handsome boys in the school..."

Anna chuckled nervously as Jungkook tucked her hair behind her ear and trailed his fingertips down her neck.

"You can't hide from me, Noona. The look on your face when I walked in... I'd know it anywhere."

"W-what look was that?"

"The look that tells me I need to pay you some... personal attention."

She let out a shuddering breath as he began to place kisses along her shoulder.

"I... I..."

"What is it, Noona? What did they do to get your heart racing?"

"H-he... he was..."


"Bad. I'm a cliché! A girl who's attracted to bad boys."

"Bad boys, huh?"

"Yeah... guess that's why I like you so much. With all your tattoos and piercings, you could pull it off."

Anna ran her fingers along Jungkook's right arm.

"You don't think I could be like them, Noona?"

"No... you're my good boy."

He held the side of her head in one of his hands.

"Not tonight."

Her youngest soulmate was confident as he wasted no time pressing his lips to hers. Anna didn't even notice that Jungkook was lowering her back onto the bed until her head gently hit the pillow.

She whimpered as the warmth of his hand disappeared from her cheek, but then she felt his hands run along her arms. Jungkook gripped her wrists and pulled them up above her head. He pulled his lips away and hovered above her for a moment. Anna stared up at him, wondering what he would do next.

"Don't move."

He released his grip on her wrists and sat back so that he was straddling her body. Suddenly, Jungkook had whipped his shirt off and Anna was still stunned by the sight of his muscular body. Her hands twitched with the need to touch her soulmate, causing him to smirk at the sight. Now, she had that look on her face because of him.

As he leaned back down, Jungkook enjoyed watching Anna's reaction to his body. Her breaths deepened, her cheeks warmed, and her eyes couldn't stop flickering down. Before he went to grip her wrists again, he moved his hands down to the bottom edge of the large t-shirt she was wearing as a nightshirt.

Slipping his hands underneath the material, Jungkook slowly moved them up, taking her top with him. When his fingertips reached bare skin, he paused for a moment, caressing her skin, before continuing to move his hands slowly up her body. 

The pace caused Anna to move her hands in frustration, wanting to just remove the piece of clothing herself. However, when Jungkook moved his hands away from her body, whilst giving her a look, she obediently rested her arms back above her head. The pout that appeared on her lips almost caused her soulmate to break from his character. Anna was too cute for her own good.

It was sweet torture for Anna when Jungkook began to kiss his way up her body as inch by inch of skin was revealed to him. She cried out when he finally got high enough to lavash his attentions on her chest. But it was over too soon as he continued to push her top up, over her head, and along her arms, only to wrap it around her wrists. 

Jungkook held her bound hands for a moment as Anna struggled against his restraints. The cute frown she wore as she did so, made him chuckle and decide to let her arms go free. As soon as they were free, she wrapped them around his shoulders, pulling him into a passionate kiss. When Anna pulled away, they were both breathless.

"Kookie? I'm ready."

"Ready? For what?"

"You don't have to wait for me any longer."

"Wait for - Oh! Are you sure?"

Anna giggled slightly when Jungkook's eyes widen in recognition.

"Yes. I love you."

"I love you too. So much."

As they gazed at each other, Anna felt the comforting warmth of Jungkook's touch on her cheek. He gave her a gentle kiss before moving to relieve them both of the last of their clothing. She tensed up when she felt something between her legs.

"Not yet. I've got to get you ready first."

"Right. I knew that."

"Are you okay? We can stop if-"

"No, I'm fine. Really. It's just the anticipation, you know."

"I'll be gentle."


He gave her a long kiss hoping it would help her relax and then without taking his eyes off of her face, Jungkook began to prepare her. While they had done this act before, the meaning behind it was different, knowing that what was coming next was new. So, he watched Anna's reactions for any sign of discomfort.

Keeping her eyes on Jungkook's helped her focus on him and what she was feeling, stopping her mind from wandering, and it worked until he broke eye contact to settle between her legs. Anna closed her eyes tightly in anticipation of what would come next.

"Anna? Look at me."

She opened her eyes to find Jungkook's doe eyes gazing down at her. As she looked at her soulmate, the first one she bonded with, the first one she touched, the bias she would never admit she'd had, the last of her nerves floated away.

Jungkook waited until she nodded before he moved, joining them in a way that neither of them had ever experienced before. It made both of them gasp. They had never felt closer to anyone than they did to each other at that moment. 

Anna remembered how it had felt when they had bonded, their first kiss. The rush of warmth that had spread through her body as their souls had connected. A similar feeling tingled through her body as Jungkook moved against her.

She gripped his hair with one hand and scratched at his back with the other. Desperately, they searched for each other's lips, craving more contact, as they moved together.

Anna shuddered in pleasure and Jungkook followed, narrowly avoiding collapsing on her after he reached his peak. He rolled off to the side, taking a moment to catch his breath, before wrapping an arm around Anna’s waist and placing a kiss on her shoulder.

He watched and waited as his soulmate's breathing returned to normal, little aftershocks of pleasure making her body tremble. Anna blinked a few times before turning her head towards Jungkook, smiling.

After cleaning up, they lay in bed curled up around each other while Anna traced her fingers along the tattoos on Jungkook's arm.

"You've got a little bit of space here."

"Hm, I'm saving it."

"For what?"

"For you."


"I want to get something to represent you, but I haven't settled on what yet."

Anna traced the area with her fingers, wondering what he could be planning on getting to represent her.

"We could get matching tattoos."

"Huh? You want a tattoo?"

"Of course, I've thought about it before. I'll admit the pain always put me off, but also I can't decide what I would get if I did."

"You don't have any ideas?"

"Sure. The bird that Jack Sparrow has in Pirates of the Caribbean, the dark mark from Harry Potter, the BTS logo... but you know I hate making decisions. And yours are so meaningful."

"A BTS logo would be meaningful."

"Oh yeah? Where should I get it?"

"Umm... here?"

He pointed to her heart, and she laughed.

"You're so cheesy."

"I think you mean romantic and charming... with a little bit of bad?"

Anna pursed her lips to keep from smiling.

"Maybe just a little... but you're the only bad boy I need in my life."

Chapter Text

It had been a busy few weeks.

The day after her first time with one of her soulmates, Anna had been expecting to feel different as if something big had changed. Yet, in reality, it was just a small awareness that she had finally taken that step. In a way, she felt closer to Jungkook, since they had shared something special, but it only made her excited to bond that way with the rest of her soulmates.

When the others found out that the two of them had popped their cherries, the younger ones and technical oldest, teased Jungkook. Taehyung. in particular. was threatening to jump the Maknae the moment they had finished work. In comparison, the other three, Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon, asked Anna how she was feeling - which she found both a little embarrassing and very sweet.

Over the next few weeks, Anna found time to intimately connect with the rest of her soulmates. Each experience was unique and special in its own way. Yoongi surprised Anna by setting up candles, and rose petals, and playing some music - which she later found out he had composed himself. It was an incredibly romantic night and she had been so touched by his actions, which had made him blush when she told him so.

When Christmas arrived, BTS had to work as usual. Anna soulmates were constantly apologising to her for not being able to celebrate the holidays, especially since it was their first as a complete soul group. Truthfully, she didn't mind. Sometimes she had wondered why she celebrated Christmas anyway, but even so, she argued that they were celebrating, just differently to the average person.

Attending SBS Gayo Daejeon was plenty of fun for Anna. Including the rehearsals earlier in the day, it was a whole day affair. Not only, did she get to say hello to ATEEZ again, she also saw members of Stray Kids and NCT 127. She was also introduced to Cha Eunwoo. Jungkook had gone to say hello to his friend backstage since they hadn't seen each other in a while and had noticed Anna's reaction and invited her to go with him. As expected, she had gotten all shy in front of the other Idol, but her soulmates friend had been really nice and even spoke a little English to her.

While they were waiting in their dressing room backstage, Anna ended up entertaining her soulmates. She had her second assessment a few days previously and unfortunately, her soulmates hadn't been able to sneak away to watch this time. Although she had told them all about it, they asked for a repeat performance.

After a few snags with the trainees in her group, they had managed to work well together. Anna had somehow ended up being the unofficial leader and had helped the youngest member Yeona learn the dance. The two had gotten close, and Anna saw the girl as a little sister. Even Minji, who at first had been cold and rude towards her, couldn't deny the hard work Anna had put in whilst working with the group. This had led to a cohesive performance, and they had been praised for it by their teachers.

Although none of them had seen her perform the song, the vocalist had no idea that Anna had taken on a rapper's part. She had worked with her rapper soulmates as much as possible. The first thing they had done was point out that she would need to write her own rap, and the second thing they had done was calm down a panicking Anna. All three of them had given her suggestions for improvement of her lyrics as well as helped her with her delivery.

So, when she ended up performing her group's version of ITZY's WANNABE solo in the middle of their dressing room, they were suitably shocked and impressed. Yet Anna was the one who was surprised when the shouts and cheers at the end of her mini-performance came not from her soulmate, but from the newcomers, she hadn't noticed had arrived.

The members of TXT, who had come to say hello and wish good luck to their Hyungs and stars of their label, but instead they got a surprise show from their soulmate. Although, they had seen the videos on Anna's YouTube channel of her singing and dancing, seeing her in person was a little different, and they hoped that the rumours at the company of her joining the female trainees were true. 

"That was awesome!"

"Hyungs! You didn't tell us Anna-Noona was an all-rounder!"

"Yeah, Hyungs! You should be bragging about having such a talented soulmate."

"Maybe they're worried everyone will think she's better than them?"

"Rightly so! Anna-Noona's the best!"

Anna's cheeks had gone bright red at the young Idols' praise. Due to their schedules, she hadn't managed to spend a massive amount of time with the younger group, but enough that they were on friendly terms. With time she could see them being like little brothers to her, but they already seemed very comfortable with her since they were calling her Noona. Although she didn't mind it, Anna did wonder what Jungkook would think as he was a little possessive of 'his' Noona.

Apparently, TXT were braver with their words than their actions, as her three youngest soulmates chased their dongsaengs out of the room. Meanwhile, Jin wrapped his arms around her and asked who else she had won over with her charms that they should know about.

Now it was New Year's Eve, and they were spending it in a similar way. The main difference was that since it was their company's concert, the atmosphere was more familial and Anna had gotten to spend some time with the other groups, particularly TXT and ENHYPEN.

The day before they had celebrated Taehyung's birthday. Anna had come up with, what she thought was, a rather good gift. She had a notebook made with a green cover and 'by Vante' on the cover, along with a set of pencils engraved with famous artists names. Hopefully, her soulmate found it useful and well as thoughtful and perhaps a little funny too.

This time while they were passing time backstage, Anna found herself curled up on a sofa with Yoongi. She was the only one he would let join him during one of his naps. He claimed it was because none of the others could keep still for more than five minutes and always ended up disturbing him.

Each of her other soulmates were doing something different. Jimin and Taehyung were curled up together on the other sofa giggling at something they were watching on their phone. Namjoon was reading. Hoseok and Jin were going over some dance moves. Jungkook was practising his boxing.

It wasn't the first time Anna had watched the Maknae box. In fact, it was something she liked to do, partly because he looked so good doing it, but also because she was curious. Anna wasn't a violent person in any way. Even the little slaps she sometimes gave her soulmates on the arm, they had complained they couldn't feel, which she supposed made sense knowing how rough they could be with each other. Learning a form of self-defence had crossed Anna's mind a few times before, but she couldn't even bring herself to punch a sandbag let alone throw a person to the floor.

"Do you want to have a go? Jungkook would show you if you wanted?"

Anna looked up at Yoongi from where her head was resting on his chest.

"Sorry, did I disturb you?"

"No, you're fine, Jagi."

"Oh, well, no, I was just enjoying the view."

"And a very nice view it is, but I can tell you're not watching our Maknae like that."

"I couldn't do it."

"Have you tried?"

Yoongi didn't wait for her to respond; he already knew the answer.

"Kook! Jungkook!"

When their youngest soulmate heard the rapper, he stopped and turned towards them.

"Yes, Hyung?"

"Anna wants you to show her a few moves."

"You want to have a go, Noona? Of course, I'll show you."

Jungkook was already taking off his gloves, while Yoongi pushed her up and off the sofa before Anna could protest. She shuffled over to where the Maknae was standing and waited for him to instruct her on what to do. First, he taped up her hands and then helped her put on the gloves before taking the punching pads from the staff member he had been practising with, holding them up himself.

"Let's see what you've got, Noona."

Anna felt silly as she threw the most pathetic punch, barely making an impact on the pad Jungkook was holding.

"Try again. A little harder this time, okay?"

Anna's second punch was only marginally harder.

"Let me help!"

Suddenly Anna felt someone stand behind her and grab her arms. Jimin, controlling her like a puppet, began to throw 'proper' punches. They were as hard as they could be as Jimin was worried about hurting Anna, but they were a lot better than before. After a while, he gradually loosened his grip until she was doing it all by herself.

"There you go!"

"Just add in some fancy footwork and you can join in Jimin's dance for UGH!"

"Ha ha ha, you just wish you could move like me!"

"I think we can all attest that no one can move quite like you, Jimin."

While the boys teased each other, Anna had gotten the gloves and tape off and settled back down on the sofa with Yoongi, who gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"See, you can do it."

"Only with help."

"Nothing wrong with having a little help."

Anna smiled up at her soulmate and wondered if he knew how sweet he sounded. She tilted her head and reached up to give him a peck on the lips. However, before she could pull away, Yoongi tightened his arms around her waist and held her close, deepening the kiss.

"You're meant to be sleeping, Yoongles, not monopolising Anna!"

Yoongi's response was to break away from Anna, only to stick out his tongue at his Hyung and other soulmates. Then he rolled overtaking her with him so that his back was to the others, and she was partially beneath him. Anna laughed at his unusually childlike action, and he gave her a gummy smile in return.

Overall, she couldn't think of a better way to finish off the year.

Chapter Text

"You are the beauty,
You are my destiny,
You are the beauty.
It's a beautiful life you and I."

Anna was rocking out to her latest musical discovery in Namjoon's studio. She was waiting for him to get back from a meeting so that they could work on the lyrics for her songs. It still didn't seem real to her that she was working on her own album that she would one day, in the not-too-distant future, she would record, release, and perform on stage. Instead of thinking about it too much, she was just taking her wild new life one day at a time.

"'Cause I'm the beast but you are the,
'Cause I'm the beast and you are the,
You're beauty!"

The music was so loud that Anna didn't hear when her soulmates entered the room. Namjoon and Jin stood by the door as they watched their oblivious soulmate sing along unreservedly to the music she was listening to. Jin had to lean in close to Namjoon's ear so that the leader would be able to hear him over the music.

"I like seeing her like this."

Namjoon agreed. While Anna was comfortable around them, most of the time, he had noticed occasions where she still seemed a little shy and unsure in their presence. After thinking it through he realised it was times when she hadn't spent a lot of time with them. 

With Jungkook Anna seemed consistently comfortable, even with Yoongi and Hoseok she was at ease, but for Namjoon in particular, she could be slightly awkward with at first. Seeing his soulmate like this, with her walls down, free of worries, caused him to have conflicting feelings and he resolved to speak to her about them soon.

While the leader was lost in his thoughts, Jin had crept up behind Anna and scared her, making her jump. The oldest then proceeded to laugh hysterically. Anna spun around on the chair, a hand over her racing heart. She smiled shyly when she spotted Namjoon and spun back around to turn the music off.

Jin had since collapsed onto the sofa, still chuckling, which Anna pouted at making the leader smile. Namjoon pulled up his spare chair next to his desk so he could sit close to her. He reached up and patted her gently on the head.

"Ignore him. Who was that you were listening to?"

"Oh, um, The Rose? I recently discovered them because they released a new song called 'Beauty and the Beast' and it caught my attention. They're a Korean band."

Namjoon smiled softly as Anna nervously tripped over her rushed explanation. He got the feeling that she didn't want to seem too interested in this other group, and the leader internally winced at the consequences of his and his fellow members' jealousy.

"I'll have to check them out. Shall we get started?"

Anna nodded in reply, while Jin got comfortable and held up his phone. 

"I'll hang out here if you don't mind."

"As long as you're quiet. We don't need any commentary on your games while we're trying to work, Hyung."

Jin scoffed, but said nothing more, turning his attention to the game on his phone.

For the next hour, Anna and Namjoon worked on her lyrics, refining what she already had and coming up with ideas for parts that were still missing.

"I'm sorry I don't have more time to focus on this with you."

"It's okay. I've got to go practice for my next assignment anyway."

"Before you go..."

Anna waited for Namjoon to continue, but he seemed unusually lost for words.

"What is it, Joonie?"

"I wanted to talk to you about something. I - well, I've noticed that sometimes you seem... uncomfortable around me, and I wanted to make sure I hadn't done anything, or ask if there was anything I could do, to, you know, help you feel more comfortable, with me."

His words had surprised Anna. however, she knew exactly what he was talking about, she just hadn't thought about how it might come across to him.

"You haven't done anything."

"Are you sure? Because you can tell me -"

"I promise. What it is - you see, I tend to only be comfortable around people that I consistently spend time with. So, people I see every day."

"So, the problem is that I'm too busy. I don't spend enough time with you."

"That's not - I'm not -"

Anna tried desperately to find the right words to comfort her soulmate. She didn't want him to think that way, but as much as she didn't want to admit it, that was the cold hard reality. A pair of large hands enveloped her own.

"I know you don't blame me. I know that you understand our lifestyle, but I don’t want it to impact our relationship in any way."

"I didn't realise it was so noticeable."

"Perhaps to anyone else it wouldn't be, and it's only at first, usually when I've been particularly busy, but I want us to be closer."

"I feel like it’s my fault. I was alone for so long... I'm not used to being around other people so much, opening up and feeling..."

"I'll make more of an effort. I'll find time, big or small, every day to see you."

"But -" You already do too much.

"No, I insist. This is my choice, my decision."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Namjoon reached up and cupped the side of her face with his hand. When he kissed her, it was very different to the rest of her soulmates. Namjoon's kisses were dominating and all-consuming. He never treated her as if she was fragile, but rather as if he needed her to keep on living. When he finally forced himself to break away, Namjoon rested his forehead against Anna's and just revelled in her presence.

"And once again we are interrupted by my busy schedule."

"You forget that I'm busy too these days."

He gave her a peck on the lips before leaning back and running his hand through his hair.

"Go on. I'll see you later."

Anna waved goodbye to Jin as she passed, but her oldest soulmate wasn't letting her get away so fast. He reached out and grabbed her before she could open the door. Puckering his lips up from his position lying on the sofa, Anna indulged him by leaning over and giving him a kiss. It took a few kisses before he would let go and she finally made it out the door.

After the door closed behind her, Namjoon got up and moved over to the sofa. He laid on top of Jin, resting his head on his oldest soulmate's stomach, who stroked the leader's head in return.

"Feeling better?"

"Hm, yeah. It’s just been one of those days."

"I'm here. Whenever you need me."

"I know, Hyung. Thank you."

Meanwhile, Anna was suddenly reminded of something as she walked past Yoongi's studio. Taking the chance that her work-obsessed soulmate would be in there, she knocked on the door and unsurprisingly, after a moment, he opened it.

"Anna? What a nice surprise."

Yoongi gave her a tired but happy smile and moved to let her in, but Anna stayed by the door.

"I can't stay, I was just passing and remembered that I wanted to ask you something?"

"Of course, Jagi. What is it?"

"I was wondering if I could borrow your guitar?"

"My guitar? You want to learn to play?"

"Yeah. I've had a go before, years ago, but I've been... inspired recently."

"Sure, Jagi. I left it in the lounge. I'll bring it home with me if you want?"

"That’s okay. I'll pass by later and pick it up. Er, do you have any beginners books or suggestions for learning material?"

"I can give you some lessons -"

"What? In all that free time you have? I think I can handle the basics myself, perhaps later on?"

"If you say so, then, um, I'll dig up something to help you."

Anna smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you. I've got to go practice now."

"Trainee life, huh?"

Yoongi smiled knowingly.

"You miss it don't you, admit it."

"Definitely not."

Anna laughed to herself as she headed down to the dance studios.

The female trainees had been given another assignment. This time they had been divided into groups by the teachers. Anna was lucky to have at least of her previous group members in her team this time, even if it was Minji. The other girls weren't exactly friendly, but so far, they had been able to work together okay.

Anna was looking for an empty room when one of the doors opened and a girl came rushing out.



Suddenly, Anna was being clung to by the young girl. She awkwardly patted the girl on the back in return before realising that she was shaking.

"Hey, what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"I can't do it Unnie! Those girls are so mean! I'm struggling with the dance, but they refuse to help me or even slow down."

"Shh, shh. It's okay."

Anna continued to stroke the girl's hair until she had relaxed her grip.

"Sorry, Unnie. I don't mean to burden you."

"No. Don't say that. Come on. I was about to practice myself. I'll help you."


"Yes. Come on, none of these rooms are free."

"Where are we going?"

"Hopefully, somewhere that we can practice."

They reached a door and Anna had Yeona wait outside. Inside Jimin was dancing along to some music that was playing, while Taehyung sat against the wall scribbling something. Seeing that her soulmates her using the room, Anna was about to leave when she was spotted.


Suddenly, she found herself lifted into the air.

"Jimin! Put me down!"

Her soulmate laughed but did as she asked.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was hoping to practice in here, but it’s okay. I’ll find somewhere else."

"It’s okay. I was just playing around. You can practice here."

"Um, you see, it isn't just me. I've got one of my classmates outside."

"So? Is she nice?"

"Her name is Yeona. She’s fifteen."

"A baby trainee!"

Just then the door opened, and Hoseok walked in with Yeona trailing in behind him.

"Why did you leave your friend waiting outside, Anna?"

"I was checking if we could use the room to practice."

"Of course, you can! We were just having an improv session. Keeps my skills sharp. What are you working on? We could help?"

Anna was surprised that Yeona didn't faint or spontaneously combust after hearing that the dance leader of BTS would be helping teach her a dance. While Hoseok watched the video of the dance they had to learn, he asked the young trainee what she was struggling with. Meanwhile, Anna stood near Jimin while she stretched.

"What’s Tae doing?"

"Oh, he's been scribbling in that notebook ever since you have it to him."


"He loves it. Best present ever."

Anna smiled proudly, happy that she had given her soulmate something that he enjoyed so much.

"Alright! Let’s get started. Jimin, are you joining in?"

The four of them learnt the girl group dance together. When Hoseok would break something down for Yeona, Jimin would distract Anna by doing something silly. When they finished for the day, Yeona felt a lot better and thanked Hoseok profusely for his help while Jimin whispered to Anna.

"She's sweet."

"She's one of the good ones. The only good ones. I just hope she can survive being a trainee."

"Is that why you're helping her?"

"Helping her? I'm not doing much."

"Still, she's lucky to have you,"

Jimin wrapped his arms around Anna from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder.

"And we are too."


Chapter Text

"I still can't get over how good the food is here."

Anna was having lunch in the HYBE cafeteria with Namjoon. It was a late lunch as it was the only time that they were both free, but neither of them minded. Getting to spend more time together was their only goal, no matter where or when.

"Well, food is very important to us at HYBE."

She smiled at her soulmates joke and thought about how much all of her boys ate - which was a lot.

"True, but I meant Korea in general."

"Was the food really that bad back home?"

"Well... maybe it was just me, but I often found myself eating just for the sake of it - because we need to eat to live - not because I enjoyed it."

"That's... sad."

"There must be a reason that you all eat Korean food when you're abroad."

"We don't... only eat Korean food. We just miss it when we're travelling."


Movement nearby caught Anna's attention. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone waving. When she turned to look, she saw two members of TXT, Yeonjun and Taehyun. The two boys looked as if they were going to approach her table until they realised who she was with. 

Anna smiled and waved back, causing Namjoon to turn to see who she was looking at. With the BTS leader looking their way, the two TXT members bowed politely and waved at Anna again before hurrying away. Her soulmate turned back to face her with a furrowed brow.

"I noticed it at Gayo Daejeon. Those boys really like you. When did you become so close?"

"Well, I wouldn't say we're close..."

"It's almost like they worship you. I know they look up to us as their Sunbae's, but what did you do to impress them so much?"

"I guess I just have that effect on people."

"You do seem to gain the attention of other Idols quite easily."

"Umm, did you hear how I first met them?"

"TXT? I introduced you to everyone."

"No. Well, yes, but I mean the first time I really spoke to them."

"Then, no. Should I have?"

"I was recording my cover of their song, 0X1=LOVESONG, for my YouTube channel. The staff must have been talking about it because TXT somehow found out about it and turned up at the recording studio."

"For some reason, this doesn't surprise me."

"So, I was recording, and you know I stand with my back to the window because I find it off-putting to have someone watching me, well, after I finished, I turned around and jumped out of my skin. Right there, standing on the other side of the window, was all five of them. Apparently, they loved my rendition of their song."

"Of course, they did."

Anna smiled shyly and a little awkwardly at her soulmate's response. They always acted as if anything she did would always be good, always be liked, but for her, she expected failure from herself.

"I love that song. I hope you have a rock song in your next album."

"Nice try, but you won't be getting any spoilers from me."

"You'll slip up one day."

"I will."

Namjoon smiled at the sound of her laughter.

"What about the other group? Have you wooed the members of ENHYPEN as well?"

"Ha, well, they're not as... outgoing? as the TXT boys. Maybe it's because they're younger?"

"Or they have a deeper respect for their Sunbaes."

"Joonie, have you been scaring the kids?"

"You're the only one who thinks I'm intimidating, my love."

Anna had ready to argue otherwise but was caught off guard by her soulmate's use of a term of endearment. Instead, she felt her cheeks heat up, her eyes diverted down to the tabletop, and a small smile graced her lips.

A loud clang knocked her out of her sudden shyness and Anna looked up to see that Namjoon had somehow knocked his spoon and splattered his lunch over himself. She tried hard not to laugh, but when her clumsy soulmate went to grab some napkins to clean up, he managed to knock over his drink as well.

Namjoon's first thought was why do these things always happen to him, and his second was that it was worth it to hear his soulmate laugh so much.

A few days later, Anna was in the hallway outside of BTS's dance studio. She had finished for the day, but her soulmates were still practising in preparation for their new album. As such, she had been banned from watching their rehearsals as not to spoil their next comeback for her.

Unfortunately, it had been a bad day. The female trainee’s latest assignment had not gone well. In the beginning, Anna had been hopeful that her group would at least be able to work together to put together a decent performance. However, each individual's desperation to prove themselves had not led to a cohesive team, and her group hasn't been the only one. This had led to the whole class getting shouted at.

Anna didn't know what to do with herself. She couldn't concentrate on anything and what she really wanted was the comfort of her soulmates. After pacing the corridor for a while, she sat on the floor, wrapping her arms around her bent knees, and closed her eyes as her head rested against the wall next to the door to the room where her soulmates were.

"Miss Anna?"

She opened her eyes at the soft, unsure voice. Standing in the hallway were three members of ENHYPEN, Sunoo, Heeseung, and Jay.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Waiting for them to finish."

"Why don't you...?"

"Oh! They're rehearsing for their comeback, so I'm not allowed in."


The three boys glanced around at each other as if having a silent conversation.

"Do you... would you like to come with us? We were on our way to practice?"

"We just had our comeback, so you can watch us."

Heeseung elbow Jay lightly in the side, unsure if Anna was up for his jokes. All three of them could tell that the girl was out of sorts, and they didn't want to leave her sitting by herself like this.


Anna stood up, a little wobbly, making the three boys hold out their hands read to catch her. They kept an eye on her as they walked down to the dance studio where they were meeting the rest of their group for dance practice.

When they entered the room, the rest of the boys, who had been messing about, suddenly went silent when they noticed their guest.

"Miss Anna is going to hanging out with us for a bit while we practice."

After making a mental note to tell them not to address her so formally, Anna noticed an awkward tension amongst the boys.

"I hope that's okay with everyone. if not, I can just go..."


"You can stay."

"We're happy to have you here."

"Please have a seat."

The boys rushed around to tidy up and make space for the soulmate of BTS to sit comfortably. Meanwhile, leader Jungwon asked his two oldest members, Heeseung and Jay, what was going on.

"We found her sitting outside their practice room and -"

"She just looked so sad! We couldn't just leave her there like that."

"BTS Sunbaes were rehearsing for their comeback, and they don't want to spoil it for her, so she was waiting for them to finish..."

"You don't need to explain, Hyung. I don't mind her being here. I just wondered if there was something I should know."

"I think she needs cheering up, or at least a distraction until her soulmates are free."

"I think we can manage that."

It took a little while, but eventually, Anna focus shifted onto the Idols performing in front of her and even found herself smiling. Although she had watched I-LAND, Anna hadn't followed ENHYPEN's debut or any of their comebacks. However, she had listened to all of their title songs.

They all sat down in front of her to take a break.

"Do you have a song request, Miss Anna?"

"Hm? You know, you really don't need to address me so formally. Just call me Anna, please."

"Anna Noona?"

Heeseung lay a heavy hand on Ni-ki's shoulder as a warning.

"Um, sure. If you want."

"So... Noona. What's your favourite song of ours?"

Jake leaned forward and rested his chin on his hand, grinning widely as he waited for an answer.

"Oh! Umm, my favourite would be... what was the first one you did? Given-Taken? But after seeing it at New Year's, I do love Blockbuster."


"Coming right up!"


Anna watched as the boys all got up and into position after selecting the music. Since this song didn't have any choreography, their performance for Anna consisted of them rocking out and just having fun when they weren't singing.

Noticing Anna singing along, Sunghoon gestured for her to join them. At first, she hesitated, but then Jungwon and Sunoo came over and helped her up, practically dragging her over to stand in the middle of them. Their enthusiasm must have been infectious because Anna began joining in and having fun, which was very unlike her.

After the song ended, Given-Taken started playing and they all had fun singing and dancing along together. A few songs later and they all collapsed on the floor laughing at how much fun they'd had.

"You're so good, Noona!"

"How long have you been dancing?"

"Umm, about four, five months now? Hobi started teaching me when I came to Korea."

The boys all stared at her in shock.

"No way."


"Did you just practice 27/4? There’s no other explanation for getting so god so quickly."

"Well, she did have an amazing teacher."

"How's your training going? You must be top of the class!"

Without knowing it, Jake had just reminded Anna of the awful day she'd had. She had been trying to hold it in earlier, wanting to get somewhere private or at least be with her soulmates before she broke down.

The panic that flooded the members of ENHYPEN when tears started running down Anna's cheeks might have made her laugh if she wasn't the one crying. On one side of her, Jake gently patted her on the back. While the others waited for someone else to do something, Jay sat on the girl's other side and grabbed her back comfortingly. The rest of the boys moved in closer, Heeseung reached out and rubbed her knee, before retracting his hand after wandering if that was appropriate. 

Meanwhile, Jungwoo walked to the opposite side of the room to make a phone call.


"Namjoon-sunbaenim, are you still rehearsing?"

"Er, yeah. Why do you ask?"

"Anna is with us. She's upset about something. We tried to -"

"Where are you?"

"Our dance studio. Hello?"

It felt like not even a minute had passed when the door to their practice room has opened and all seven members of BTS ran in.

The members of ENHYPEN immediately backed away from Anna, letting her soulmates approach. Jungkook knelt down and she automatically wrapped her arms around her youngest soulmates neck as lifted her into his arms. While the rest of them hovered around the pair, Namjoon and Jin spoke to the younger Idols.

"What happened?"

"We found her sitting outside your studio."

"She looked upset, so we brought her here and tried to cheer her up."

"Which we did! Until someone asked her how her training was going, and then she..."

"She started crying."

"We only wanted to help!"

Jin and Namjoon looked at each other.

"We understand."

"Thank you for looking after her."

The pair walked back over to where the rest of their soul group was waiting.

"Hyungs? What happened?"

"Anna's had a hard day. Let's get her home."

The boys of ENHYPEN watched them leave and hoped that now she was with her soulmates, Anna would feel better. If they hadn't thought it before, then now, after spending more time with her, they believed that Anna was a special person who deserved to be happy.

"She had such a gorgeous smile."

The other boys may have pounced on Jay for speaking about BTS's soulmate like that, but it didn't mean that they didn't agree with him.

Chapter Text

Anna had never had all seven of her soulmates in her bed at the same time. Tonight, was the first.

Much to her embarrassment, Jungkook had carried Anna through the HYBE building all the way to where their car was waiting to take them home. Yoongi and Hoseok managed to claim the seats on either side of her, leaving the younger members pouting. Yoongi held her hand the whole way home, while Hoseok rambled on about their day.

When they reached their apartment, Namjoon lead Anna to her and Jungkook's bedroom. The youngest raced ahead and jumped onto the bed. Sitting in the middle with his back against the wall, he held his arms opened gesturing for her to sit between his legs.

With Anna resting with her back against Jungkook's chest, Namjoon claimed a spot on one side of the pair and Yoongi the other. Hoseok curled up with the leader, while Jimin and Taehyung sat at the foot of the bed.

A few minutes later, Jin entered the room with a mug, which he gave to Anna. It was hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and whipped cream on top. Yoongi got up and gave his prime spot to their eldest soulmate, before allowing Jin to pull him back onto the bed to cuddle up together.

Everyone was quiet while Anna began eating the cream and marshmallows. They glanced around at each other wondering how to start the conversation on what had happened. After most of it was gone but leaving some marshmallows to melt in the hot drink, Anna relaxed back against Jungkook and smiled.

"I'm fine. I promise. This is just a bit of an overreaction, okay?"

Jin reached out and rubbed her arm.

"Why don't you start from the beginning?"

"Umm, I don't know where to begin..."

"Then tell us about your day."

Anna looked to her other side at Namjoon.

"Okay... It was a normal day. I had my vocal lesson, dance lesson, a practice photoshoot, interview exercises, er, oh, I recorded another video for my YouTube channel, and then I had the review for my current assignment."

She paused while she thought about how to continue.

"Is that the one we helped you and your little friend with last week?"

"Yes. She wasn't in my group this time. The teacher assigned them and well it kind of fell apart this week. Most of those girls don't seem to understand what teamwork is. I couldn't get them to listen to me. Anyway, our performance today wasn't great, although it wasn't the worst either. All the groups were a mess, and the teacher was not happy."

"What did they say?"

"I don't remember exactly. When people use that tone of voice, you when they're angry and disappointed, I find it... well, I can't deal with it basically. That kind of confrontation always makes me cry."

"It’s okay to cry."

Anna felt her eyes well up at Jimin's words.

"The ENHYPEN boys said they found you in the hallway outside our dance studio?"

"Well, you said I wasn't allowed in at the moment because you’re practising for your comeback."

Namjoon ran his hand over his face.

"You didn't have to take that so literally. That was for your benefit so that you could still have that experience when it gets released. Of course, you can come in if you need to."

"I didn't want to disturb you. Besides, I didn't know where else to go, so I just sat down."

"Did you have fun with them?"

"Yeah, they cheered me up."

"They're good boys."

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement with Jin's comment. After a pause, Taehyung asked Anna a question.

"So, what happened? With the teacher, are you all in trouble?"

Jungkook's tightened their grip around Anna's waist at the thought of her being in trouble.

"She gave us a new assignment. A solo assignment and two days to work on it."

"What is it?"

"Our own interpretation of Maria by Hwa Sa."


"Only two days?!"

"Any idea what you're going to do?"


"Tomorrow we'll help you come up with something. I think that's enough for tonight."

"Okay, but I want to know what ENHYPEN did to cheer you up, Anna?"

"I watched them practice and then they played my favourite songs and we danced and sang along to them."

"What songs?"


"The one they performed at New Years with Yeonjun?"

"That song's awesome."

"You're really liking these rock-vibe songs aren’t you, my love. First, TXT's 0x1=LOVESONG, and now this. She told me at lunch the other day that our comeback better include a rock song too."

"Well, I better get started on that then."

Anna turned to Yoongi in shock. The producer was frowning as if he were deep in thought.

"Do you really not have one on your new album?"

Yoongi stared at her for a moment before breaking out into a grin and the boys all started laughing.

"I have an idea! Why don't you do a rock version for your assignment?"


"I'll help you do a remix."


Anna leaned over to kiss Hoseok on the cheek, and he tapped her on the nose with his finger in return.

"Anything for my Princess."

"We'll all help you. Music, vocals, dance, outfit, whatever you need."

"Thank you."

"No need to thank us, Noona."

"Yeah, you help us out all the time, like when Taehyung hurt his leg and when you keep Namjoon-Hyung's things safe so that he doesn't lose them. Let us do something for you."

"You say that as if you don't do things for me all the time."

"It's no hardship to help you, Jagi."

"We want to. We love you. If we can do something that will make you happy, then we will do it gladly."

A single tear ran down her cheek as Jin took her hand and kissed the back of it, just like he did the first time they met.

"You're ganging up on me saying such sweet things!"

From behind Anna, Jungkook kissed away the tear on her cheek and nuzzled her neck making her giggle. Hearing her laughing and seeing her smile again, the boys felt content that they had cheered up their soulmate.

"I think it's time to sleep now."

When the boys settled down as if they were going to sleep where they were, it reminded Anna of when they once played the bed choosing game on a trip. They took turns choosing a bedroom without knowing which the others had chosen and ended up with four of them in one room, three in the other, and one-bedroom empty.

"That Run BTS episode when you were in Canada and four of you chose the same bedroom and three choose another... did you really sleep like that?"

"Of course we did!"

"That was the result of the game! We had to honour it."

Anna looked at Jin and Taehyung and then at the rest of them.

"I can't tell whether you're joking or not. Either way, you're not all sleeping together like this. One the bed is far too small to be comfortable for seven people, and two... it would be like a furnace!"

With a laugh, each of her soulmates moved off the bed, kissing her and the others goodnight before leaving the room, but Jin and Jungkook stayed behind.

"Is three still too many for you, Sweetheart? We can kick Jungkookie out?"


Anna wrapped her arms around her youngest soulmate protectively making Jin laugh.

"I'm joking, I'm joking! I'm going to go grab my pyjamas."

"You know, I'm still waiting for my own pair of Jin pyjamas!"

"I'll put you on the waiting list."

"Waiting list?! I'll steal yours instead."

"I like that idea. How about you have the top and I'll just wear the bottoms?"

Chapter Text

"Hi everyone and welcome back to Annyeong Anna!"

Today she was recording another video for her YouTube channel. Although she had done quite a few by now, crafts, cooking, singing, and dancing, Anna still didn't feel comfortable in front of the camera. For most of her content, she either didn't do any talking, or she just had to explain what she was doing, but today she was doing something different.

"I noticed a few of you in the comments were wondering about me doing a BTS reaction video. Um, well, finding something I haven't already seen is going to be a challenge, but next time they release a video the staff are going to get me to do a reaction, okay? So, for today I'm going to watch a couple of my favourite videos and talk about them? Share my thoughts? I hope that sounds okay."

Anna's eyes shifted around for a moment while she paused, almost as if she was waiting for a response.

"Okay, so to start I’m watching the video which brought me to BTS. I might have mentioned this before and I love it so much. It's Carpool Karaoke. Right, let's start."

She turned on the video and watched the beginning with a big smile. Anna pauses while they're singing along to Mic Drop.

"Whose idea was it to put J-Hope in the middle? Genius. You just see his beautiful smile the whole way through. And he's so impressed by James Corden's singing!"

She let it play again and Namjoon put on his sunglasses with the long hanging chain.

"I love those glasses."

Anna smiled as they talk about how Namjoon learnt English.

"I love that they included this bit with Jin and Suga. So funny."

When they sing the theme tune to Friends, she pauses it again.

"Who else only knows the first line? Me."

Anna raised her hand with a guilty look on her face before starting the video again and the next song plays.

"Woo! Go RM! Do you think our boys got to choose which songs they played?"

When everyone in the car starts dancing, moving side to side, Anna joins in. 

"Jungkook’s vocals caught my attention the first time I watched this. I didn't even know he was Jungkook back then. I only knew RM and Jimin's names and faces."

Next, they talked about the boys' nicknames, and she paused it after laughing at Jin's joke.

"I'll admit I had no idea what mochi was when I first watched this."

Anna unpaused the video and ON started playing.

"The song which made me a fan."

She sang along, imitating what the boys were doing in the video, including Jungkook's part. 

"That. After hearing that, I had to hear more of their music."

Anna nods along as they talk about how the boys all live together and spend all their time together.

"Did anyone notice that they never actually answered that question?"

She smirked thinking about how the boys fights usually ended. It wasn't something you admitted in an interview.

The next song played, and Anna sang along.

"I only know this song from watching this video."

Next, Jin comments on how there isn't any more space in the car.

"Poor Jin is thinking, what's the answer to my question."

Suddenly, she looked thoughtful and paused the video.

"How many times do you think someone has joked about joining BTS as the 8th member?"

Anna laughed as she pressed play.

"It's never going to happen."

When they go to the dance exercise class, she just smiles and watches for a bit.

"So easy for them."

Yoongi's comment makes her laugh.

"Or maybe not."

Then Jimin is invited to teach the class some of their choreography.

"Those poor people! Couldn't they have chosen something a little easier?! Love that jacket on Jimin though."

Anna clapped along after they finished dancing and the video ended.

"Well done. Well done. Shall we do another one? Just a short one this time. Um, puppies? Yes, so cute! Okay, this one is BuzzFeed's BTS Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions."

She started the video.

"Look at V’s face! And RM is so funny in this."

"Legend is right."

"You nice keep going! Their English has gotten so much better. You're welcome."

Anna laughed at herself. 

"Imagine if RM didn't know how to speak English either. What would they have done?"

They were answering the questions so fast that she paused in between each one.

"Fashion says the boy who had a collection of ties as a teenager. Yep. Jungkook's passion. Can't argue with that. Suga loves his... well, they all love their dogs. Jimin's smiling eyes. Worldwide Handsome's handsome face... J-Hope loves his life. You might think, well, duh, of course, he does, but the way he says it, so easily? He truly means it. You know what I mean?"

"Favourite song from Love Yourself: Tear? All of them?"

"Hair colours... ooh, difficult. Umm, Jimin blonde. For some reason, I always picture him blonde. I liked it when Jin dyed his hair purple. RM's had a nice purple too, right? Or silver. Suga looks good in silver. Jungkook had red or pink hair, faded red? And I think I like V and J-Hope best natural, but they also look good with bright colours."

"Jimin has just cuddled with that puppy the whole time! It doesn't want to leave him!"

"That reminds me, I haven't met any of their dogs yet."

Anna pouted before realising she was still on the camera.

"Okay. Everyone, that was my first reaction video. Let me know if you want more in the comments. Also, I will be making a community post asking you to leave questions that I will answer in a future video. Thank you for watching. Goodbye!"

After she finished, Anna breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, she had finished for the day and could go home. The past two days could have been the most stressful and busy days of her life so far, if not for her soulmates.

Yoongi and Hoseok had worked quickly on the rock remix for her assignment. They had all gotten up early, stayed up late, and spent every spare moment helping her work on her performance. Once the track was finished, all seven of them helped her practice whenever they could until the day of the evaluation arrived.

Once she got home, Anna felt relieved to change into her pyjamas. It had been a long and stressful day. As suggested, Jin had given her the top from his self-designed pyjama set. She changed into it now, the large size causing it to fit like a dress on her.

Walking out to the kitchen, Anna wondered where her soulmates were. The house was quiet which usually meant either no one was home, or that they were sleeping. She decided to cook a quick stir-fry for dinner, making a bit extra in case anyone else appeared. Food never went to waste in this household.

In the middle of cooking, a pair of arms wrapped around her waist.

"When did you get home?"

Anna leaned back against Taehyung as he continued cooking.

"Not long ago. Were you sleeping?"

"We tried to wait up for you, but I fell asleep. How did it go?"

"They kicked out four girls. It was brutal."

"But not Anna."

"No. I'm top of the class, thanks to you and the others."

"I knew you would rock it!"

"It was fun. Thank you for helping me. I couldn't have done it without you."

"You would have done amazing even without us. I know it."




"Can I have some food too please?"

"Of course, I made extra. What would you do if none of your soulmates could cook for you?"


Anna laughed.

"Good thing you've got me then. I won't let you go hungry."

Her soulmate squeezed her in thanks before running his hand over the material of her pyjama top.

"This is like a 2-in-1 special."

"2 in 1?"

Taehyung hummed into her neck while reaching a hand down to caress the bare skin of her thigh where the pyjama top ended.

"Hm, not only do we get you like this, but do you know how rare it is for Jin-Hyung to walk around without a top on?"

“Really? Now that you mention it… You’re welcome.”

Anna tried to focus on not burning herself or the food as Taehyung ran his hand over her bare skin. Something she had noticed was that the singer hardly ever got worked up. Unlike her who got hot by just hearing her soulmates speak, Taehyung always seemed calm, collected, and almost unbothered.

“So soft…”

“T-Tae? Food’s ready!”

Taehyung moved away enough to let her serve the food and move to sit at the table. Sitting next to her he pulled his chair as close to hers as he could.

Anna was used to seeing her soulmates wolf down their food, but Taehyung surprised her by picking up a small amount with his chopsticks and holding it out to her. They didn’t do it often, but her soulmates liked feeding each other so it was something Anna had gotten used to since she met them.

After a few bites, he put down the chopsticks and took Anna by surprise by pulling her to sit on his lap. Satisfied, Taehyung continued feeding her until she’d had enough and then ate the rest himself.

As he did, her soulmate rubbed his hand up and down Anna’s back. Now full of food, in the comforting embrace of Taehyung, and this soothing motion, she began to fall asleep with her head on his shoulder.

Anna was vaguely aware as she was lifted up and carried to bed. The last thing she remembered was a body cuddling up to her under the covers and whispered words.

“Dream of me, as I dream of you.”

Chapter Text

"Anna, what have you done?!"

She was in BTS's lounge. They weren't practising for their comeback today, so Anna was allowed near their dance studio. In fact, they wouldn't be using it at all today as the boys were going to shoot off-site. So, she was hanging out waiting for her first class to start, while the boys gathered to leave.

"What? What did I do?"

"ARMYs are telling us off!"


"You told them that you haven't met our dogs yet!"

"So? It's true."

"You planned this out, didn't you? Get ARMY to do your dirty work. I see how it is."

"No way. I'm innocent."

"It's not my fault Yeontan hasn't been able to visit."

"I've already arranged for Bam to come home next weekend."



Anna jumped up and have Jungkook a hug.

"I'm sorry it took so long. I should've taken you when I visited him."

"You realise he stole the show on In The Soop 2."

"The Jeon's are always stealing the spotlight."


Taehyung laughed and ruffled the Maknae's hair.

"You know we don't mind, at least, I'd rather it was you than me, anyway."

"You know there's a poll for our best hair colours as well."

Jimin spoke up from the sofa where he was looking at his phone.

"I bet there's no winner. You all look great in any colour."

"That's not what you said in your video."

"You watched it?"

"Of course, we watch all your content."

"Well, I had to give an answer..."

"Nope. We've already asked the stylist to change our hair colours according to your preferences."

"I don't believe you."

"Oh, no, Jimin-Hyung really did ask, but they said no."

"Something about changing out hair colours in the middle of preparing for a comeback would mess things up."

Anna laughed while leaning on Jungkook.

"You guys are too much sometimes."

"We try."

Jimin and Taehyung fist-bumped and grinned.

"Have you seen what else ARMY had been talking about?"

"No, you don't I don't read comments if I can help it."

"You should read these ones."

They turned towards the door as the Hyung line walked in.

"Why's that, Yoongi-Hyung."

"ARMY found Anna very relatable. They were all sharing stories of which members they used to get mixed up when they were baby ARMYs."

"Oh god."

The boys chuckled as Anna hid her face in Jungkook's chest. He stroked her head comfortingly.

"Joon's usually recognised as the one who speaks English, but Jimin's been bragging that you knew who he was first."

"Hey! I have not been bragging... just stating a fact."

"However, there's one thing Anna said that ARMY seems to love most."

Anna looked over at Yoongi curiously.

"What's that?"

"'our boys'. You called us 'our boys' and ARMY liked that you included them that way."

"Oh, really? Well, I was talking to ARMY as an ARMY myself, not as BTS's soulmate."

"Adorable... and that's why they're your fans too now."

"Okay, boys, time to go."

"Have a good day, Anna."

The boys each gave her a kiss goodbye.

"We'll see you at home tonight."

"Work hard. Bye!"

After checking the time, Anna decided to head to her first lesson of the day. She had come in early for a meeting with her time to plan out some more YouTube content, which had finished early, giving her a bit of time to relax before her own busy day started.

She was packing up after her female trainee’s class when the teacher called her over.

"Anna, can I speak to you please?"

"Is something wrong?"

"It's about your last assignment piece. You had help with the track."

"Was that not allowed? I didn't know."

"No. Personally, I don't have a problem with it. I was assessing the quality of your singing and dancing, not the track you were doing them to. However, others have made complaints about the fairness of a trainee getting help from her professional producer soulmates."

"I understand."

"In light of this, it had been requested that you re-do your assignment."

"Re-do? When?"


"What?! I mean, of course."

"You can do any song of your choosing, just without any help, okay?"

"Yes, teacher-nim."

"I know you can do it."

"Thank you."

"I got you excused from classes for the rest of the day. Work hard."

"I won't let you down."

"Go on. I'll see you tomorrow."

As Anna left the room her head was spinning. She had 24 hours to produce a new performance that was good enough to not get her kicked out of the trainee program. To be honest she was glad to have this opportunity to prove that she could do this without her soulmates. Not only to the other trainees but to herself too.

First, she needed to decide on a song. Due to the time limit, it should be a song she already knew and knew well. Anna thought one of the songs she had done a cover of would be a good start, then she would already know the vocals or the dance part well. However, with the ones she had already released, it could be argued that she'd had help.

What song do I know well that I haven't had any help with yet?

Anna thought back to this morning. She had told her team what song she wanted to cover next. They had stopped being surprised when she came to them with songs originally sung by boy groups. However, they had been a little worried when she had said Stray Kids - due to the heavy rap aspect - but the song she had chosen would suit her well. 

Since her soulmates were out, Anna could freely use their studios without worrying about them interrupting each other. She went to the Golden Closet to work on the track and lyrics first. The rap line had told her she could use their rooms when they weren't, but she felt a little intimidated to do so. Jungkook had a simpler set-up in comparison.

Before today she had only sung along to the original song, so Anna was starting from scratch. She was setting things up when she suddenly had a thought. What if they didn't believe that she had done this all by herself. Grabbing her phone, she set it up to record her and the computer.

For the next few hours, she worked on the track, working it into a better key for her and slowing the tempo slightly, and then wrote lyrics for the rap part. Luckily, in this song, it was only a short part. Next, she worked on her vocals, which was the quickest part for her.

She downloaded the track onto her phone and headed to BTS's dance studio. Creating the choreography was probably going to be the hardest part for Anna, as there was no original choreography. After a dinner of ramen that she found in the lounge's kitchen, she set up her phone to record her again. 

Anna worked all night, taking power naps every couple of hours. She had sent her soulmates a text saying she was working late and not to wait up for her. She was a little worried that they would come looking for her when she didn't come home, but if she told them what she was doing then they would definitely come back to the company.

BTS had an early start the next morning as well. When they reached the company, they met up at their dance studio.

"Does anyone know what time Anna got in last night?"

"No. I didn't see her this morning either."

"Jungkook, have you seen Anna?"

"No... I assumed she slept with one of you instead."

They all looked at each other.

"You mean she never came home! You! Have you seen Anna? No, then go look for her. Now!"

"Jin-Hyung, please don't terrorise the staff..."

Jin glared at Namjoon who held his hands up in surrender.

"Let's split up and look for her. Okay?"

Nodding they all headed into the hallway, while their manager tried to convince them to stay on schedule and that the staff would find their missing soulmate.

"Wait, who knows her schedule? Does she have class now?"

The boys all started arguing over what Anna's schedule for that day was.

"What's all this noise for, boys?"

The boys all turned to see a familiar figure walking down the hallway towards them and they all bowed in greeting.

"Bang PD-nim. Hyung, what are you doing here?"

"I was on my way to watch Anna's performance when I heard a commotion. What's going on here?"

"We - we..."

"What performance?"

"Anna never came home last night, so we were looking for her."

"Ah, I see. Come on then. She'll be getting ready."

"Ready for what?"

On their way to the room where Anna would be performing, Bang Sihyuk explained the situation to them.

"It's all our fault. We practically forced our help on her because we knew she would never ask for it herself."

"Don't think like that, Hoseok-Hyung."

"After today, no one will ever question Anna's capability again."

"You're that confident in her abilities, Yoongi?"

"I am, Bang PD-nim."

"Um, why are you watching this performance, PD-nim?"

"I just want to see how Anna's training is going. I hear you've been working on an album for her?"

"With her."

"Both Yoongi and Anna wrote songs and I've been helping with the lyrics."

"Anna wrote a song? I'd like to hear it."

All eight of them snuck into the room and sat at the back, not waiting to distract the attention away from Anna's performance. They tried to stay quiet as Anna appeared and the music started. It was hard for them not to call out and cheer on their soulmate.

"I'm stuck with a phobia."

Jimin put a hand over his mouth after gasping as Anna sang the chorus. The boys whispered to each other.

"Whose song is this?"

"I don't recognise it from any of the girl groups I know."

"It sounds kind of familiar."

"It's Stray Kids!"


"From the same album as God's Menu. It's called... Phobia!"

"Wow! She did this in 24 hours? I knew it, our soulmate is amazing!"

Next to them, Bang PD listened carefully to BTS's comments while watching their soulmate's performance.

When she had finished, there was a silent pause. The boys had to hold each other's hands to stop them from jumping up and cheering. Instead, Yeona, the young female trainee who idolised Anna, surprised everyone by standing up and clapping and cheering in applause. This prompted everyone else to join in, the teachers started clapping along with most of the other trainees, but her soulmates were the loudest.

For the first time, Anna felt confident that she would be able to be an Idol, and it was the best feeling ever.

Chapter Text

As promised, Jungkook had gone to collect Bam so that the dog could spend the weekend with them. Their schedule was light this weekend, as when it got closer to their comeback, they wouldn't have any free time.

Anna was waiting in the living room for Jungkook to get back with Bam, and she was a little nervous. When Jin walked by, he noticed her leg bouncing and went to sit next to her.

"Are you okay?

"I'm fine. Why?"

Her oldest soulmate pointed to her bouncing leg, and she stopped, laughing awkwardly.

"What's the matter?"

She leaned in close as if she was whispering a secret.

"I'm a little wary of dogs."

It almost made Anna jump when Jin suddenly started laughing.

"Hasn't Jungkook gone to get Bam?"


"Does he know?"


Jin continued to laugh, slapping his thigh with his hand. Anna rolled her eyes at him over-exaggerating and watched his until he stopped. Her soulmate wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in to rest against him.

"Bam's friendly. You'll be fine."

"I know."

"Bam will love you like he does his owner."

"Will he love me more than you do?"

Jin looked down to see a teasing smile on Anna's lips.

"Not possible."

He leaned down to give her a sweet kiss and she ran her hand up to his chest to his neck. Before they could progress any further, they heard the door open and Jungkook's voice calling out.

"We're home!"

With a kiss on her forehead, Jin grabbed her hand and pulled her up as Jungkook and Bam entered the room.

"Hey, Bam! Do you remember your Uncle Jin?"

The Doberman rushed over to Jin who began petting an excited Bam. Anna stared down at the dog.

"Woah. He's big!"

"Yes, you're a big boy, aren't you? Yes, you are."

While Jin showered Bam with love, Anna shuffled away from them and towards Jungkook who grinned at her.

"Bam, come and say hello to Anna-Noona!"

At hearing his father’s voice, Bam looked their way before rushing over. Anna stepped back at the sight of the rather large and excited dog heading her way and bumped into Jungkook.

"Bam, sit."

Seeing that the Doberman wasn't going to jump up at her, Anna gingerly held out her hand for him to sniff before giving him a stroke on the head.

"See you had nothing to worry about."

"You were worried, Noona?"

"Maybe a little."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I'm fine, really, it's just... big excitable dogs make me nervous. I must have had a bad experience as a child or something. But Bam's a good boy... just like his daddy."

"Okay, well, I'm off to work. You two behave yourselves, a child is present."

"Bye Hyung."

Jungkook, Anna, and Bam spent the rest of the day together. Jungkook showed Anna what tricks Bam had been taught and by lunchtime Anna and Bam were best friends.

After cooking together, they took Bam out for a walk. They had to drive out to somewhere a little less populated, but it was a welcome change. The two of them walked hand in hand, enjoying the view of nature, as Bam ran around them.

When they got home, they were settling down to watch some TV when Jungkook got a call.

"Hyung just called. They need me to go in and re-record something. Will you two be okay on your own?"

"Us? We'll be fine. We're best friends now, aren't we Bam?"

Her playful tone of voice caused the dog's tail to wag in response.

"I can see that. I won't be too long."

Jungkook leant down and gave Anna a kiss goodbye.

"Don't worry about us. Do you think you'll be back for dinner?"

"Hopefully. I'll let you know if not."

"I'll cook you something anyway."

"Thanks, Noona. See you in a bit."

"Say goodbye to Daddy, Bam."

Once her soulmate had left, Anna looked down at Bam who was sitting on the floor by her feet.

"What shall we do now, huh?"

It felt like such a long time since Anna had some free time like this that she didn't know what to do with herself.

"Will you tell on me if we watch not BTS videos?"

Bam looked up at her with a happy but vacant expression.

"Let's see what YouTube recommends..."

Anna was flicking through her recommended videos when she felt a weight on her knee. Bam was resting his head on her, so she gave him a scratch behind the ears.

"You okay? Do you need anything?"

The Doberman backed up and looked as if he wanted to jump up and sit next to her on the sofa.

"Oh! Are you allowed on the sofa?"

Just to be safe, Anna slid off the sofa and sat on the floor. Bam settled down next to her, resting his head on her leg. She smiled and stroked him gently.

They ended up watching a bunch of random videos, some ATEEZ clips from their recent fan meetings in America, and some Stray Kids videos.

"I got a ticket to watch their fan meeting online tomorrow evening. It's exciting because I've only recently become a fan of theirs. But don't you worry, BTS will always be number one in my heart."

As if in response to her words, Bam wriggled into a new position, moving his head off of her leg and lying down on his side with his legs straight out. Anna smiled as he tucked his nose under her leg, and she stroked him softly.

"Do you like listening to BTS? I bet you do."

Anna played some of BTS's slower, more soothing songs as not to disturb the snoozing dog and sang along until it was time to start on dinner. Although she tried to move carefully, Bam lifted his head at her movement.

"It's okay. You stay there. I'm just going to cook dinner."

As she walked to the kitchen, Anna heard the pitter-patter of Bam's feet as he followed her. He wandered around for a bit, but when he realised that she wouldn't be able to pay him much attention he disappeared to find somewhere comfy to sit.

She got a message from Jungkook telling her to eat without him. So, she took her dinner back to the living room to eat while she watched more TV. As she reached the sofa she found where Bam had disappeared to. He was curled up on the sofa.

With a sigh and a smile, Anna sat down next to him and went to choose something to watch.


He raised his head and looked at her.

"I forgot! A new episode of F4 Thailand comes out today and I haven't watched last week's one yet!"

Anna was entranced as she watched the program while eating her dinner. In each break, she would talk to Bam.

"Bam, this is so good!"

"What do you think's going to happen next?"

"Oh my god, I can't wait for the next one!"

She was disappointed when she realised that the new episode wouldn't be out until very late.

"What shall we do now?"

When she checked her phone, she had a message from Jungkook saying that he was on his way home.

"Daddy will be home any minute."

Anna was tidying up in the kitchen when the front door opened, and she saw Bam run across the room.

"Hello, Bam. Did you miss your Uncle Yoongi? Of course, you did."

She was surprised to hear Yoongi's voice as he was usually one of the last of her soulmates to come home from work.

Jungkook walked into the room and come around the counter to where Anna was serving his dinner. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and rested his head on her shoulder.

"Sorry, you had to eat alone."

"It's okay. Bam kept me company."

"Did he behave for you?"

"Of course. Everything okay at work?"

"Yeah, you know how we get. Once we start working..."

"You can't stop. Yes, I know."

Yoongi joined them, leaning on the other side of the counter opposite Anna.

"Sorry, that's my fault."

"You're all just as bad as each other, but I'm surprised to see you home already."

"I have some news for you, Jagi."

"For me?"

"Let's sit."

Anna tried to gauge from her soulmates whether this was good or bad news, but their faces gave nothing away.


"We've got a meeting with Bang PD-nim on Monday."

"Okay... why?"

"He didn't say specifically, but I have a good idea. He wants to hear your album."

"My album? The one you've been working on."

"No, the one we've been working on."

"I didn't realise he knew about it."

"I might have mentioned it when we were talking before your performance the other day."

"He watched my performance!"

"Didn't we tell you? That's how we knew about it in the first place."

"Oh, probably, but was so tired that day I don't think I remember much of what happened after I performed. Did... Did he like it?"

"Anna, I don't want to freak you out, but if he likes what we've been preparing... this is the first step towards planning for your debut."

"But I've only been a trainee for a couple of months!"


"Karaoke in your studio does not count, Kookie."

"What about your dance lessons with Hobi-Hyung?"

"They were just the basics I should have had before becoming a trainee."

The boys both groaned in frustration.

"Ridiculous. Noona's being silly, isn't she Bam?"

"Perhaps hearing it from Bang PD-nim will make you believe how talented you are."

"If Hitman Bang tells me I'm ready to debut at the meeting on Monday, I will... I'll..."

While Anna tried to think of something, Yoongi moved until he was sitting right beside her. He leaned in and whispered in her ear, making her gulp.

"Will you submit to me?"

Chapter Text

Anna tried her best to focus on holding the camera steady, but it was difficult when what she was capturing was her muscular Maknae soulmate boxing. It was only the third time that she had managed to join him for his boxing lessons. Ever since that day she had tried it out with Jungkook and Jimin's help, her youngest soulmate had been giving her lessons whenever they could.

After the teacher left it was Anna's turn. Jungkook wrapped her hands and she put on the gloves.

"You're getting better. You should start having proper lessons. I can ask my teacher if you want."

"Aren’t you afraid that I'll be able to beat you?

Anna held up her hands in a fighting pose with a serious look on her face and her soulmate was quick to snap a photo.

"Did you just take a picture of me? Kookie! What did you do?"

On his Instagram was a picture of her with the caption 'look who stole my gloves'.

Taking off the gloves, Anna grabbed her phone and took a picture of Jungkook in his workout gear. On her own Instagram account, she posted a clip of him boxing along with the photo and the caption 'my teacher and his teacher #ARMYyourewelcome'.

"Is that your first Instagram post?"

"Yeah, well, the first one I've posted myself. The staff have done a few. They keep suggesting that I need to be a bit more active on my social media accounts."

"They're not wrong. Noona, I know you find it hard, but if you want to be a successful Idol..."

"I know. Thinking of content to post if hard enough, but then approving the photos... I can't be objective."

"You can find ways around it. See, you just did a post, and you weren't even in it!"

"I can't make all my posts about you."

"No, but I'm sure you'll think of something. For now, you know who else doesn't mind having their picture taken?"



"Actually, he told me yesterday that life in the public eye isn't for him."


"Uh-huh. He's worried about stealing all the attention away from you."

Jungkook attacked Anna who giggled as he tickled her.

"Well, maybe if his Mummy asks nicely, he'll change his mind."

"Oh, definitely. He's a Mummy's boy now."

She protested when he threatened to tickle her again.

"Come on, let's go home and I'll prove to you where his loyalty lies."

"Are you jealous because I have a new good boy?"

Anna squealed as Jungkook picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.

"Guess I'll have to be your bad boy instead then."

She laughed as he walked them out to the car.

When they got back, Anna, Jungkook and Bam were the only ones at home.

"Where's everyone else today?"

"Out and about. Jin-Hyung agreed to go to a museum with Namjoon if he got to choose the restaurant for lunch. Hobi-Hyung dragged Yoongi-Hyung out of his studio, somehow, I'm not sure what he promised him. But I'm surprised Jimin-Hyung and Tae-Hyung aren't here though. I thought they'd still be sleeping."

The three of them spent the day much the same as they had the day before, except this time Jungkook wouldn't be running off to work. In true Jungkook fashion, they ended up setting up the karaoke machine and spent the rest of the afternoon competing again each other.

When the others got home, they walked in on Anna's turn, and they were not prepared for the sight that met them. As she had searched for a song, she had been very surprised to see this on the list. It was a recent discovery of hers and she had been obsessed ever since she first heard it and then watched the music video. She had found it when she was listening to Stray Kids album NOEASY to get more familiar with more of their music before their fan meeting.

"I cannot breathe without you being right by my side. I'll die. So can you please come over closer, hold me tight, right now."

While Anna hadn't tried the dance for Red Lights before, she had watched the music video enough times to pick up some of the moves.

Jungkook sat on the sofa gobsmacked, as he watched his soulmate sing and dance to a song that had been described as racy. he reached over to where Bam was sitting next to him and covered his eyes.

She had almost faltered when she noticed that the rest of her soulmates had come home, but like the professional she hoped to be one day, Anna finished the song under the appreciative eyes of all of her soulmates. 

The room was silent after the song ended, so she passed the microphone to Jungkook.

"Your turn Kookie. I'm going to get started on dinner."

And then she ran off to the kitchen.

Anna was getting all the ingredients out when a body walked up behind her, arms wrapped around her waist and a chin rested on her shoulder.

"That was quite a show."

"Oh, did you like it?"

"I should thank whoever taught you to dance, oh wait, that was me!"

She smiled slightly at his joke, before biting her lip.

"I never - Was it really okay?"

With a frown, Hoseok leaned back and turned Anna around so that she was facing him. With one hand he took hold of her chin and tilted her head up to make her look at him.

"Will you ever stop doubting yourself?"

Anna sighed.

"I can do cute, and I can do tough, but sexy... it just feels, I don't know, fake? Embarrassing?"

Hoseok's expression softened and his hand released her chin and cupped her cheek instead.

"I feel a little disappointed in myself if I haven't made you feel like you're sexy."

"What? No! It's not - You do!"

"Are you busy right now?"

Anna blinked at the question and hesitated to answer.

"Oh, you are."

"I didn't expect you to all be home this early. I don't have to watch it."

"What were you going to watch?"

"I, um, I bought an online ticket to Stray Kids' fan meeting."

"Stray Kids? Let's all watch it!"

"But -"

"What time does it start?"

"6 pm, but you really don't have to -"

"Everyone! We're watching Stray Kids' fan meeting with Anna at 6 o'clock."

"Did you say fan meeting?"

"Stray Kids?"


"Yes, yes, and because Anna wants to."

"Really, it's fine. I can watch it alone in my room."

"You don't want us to watch it with you?"

"It's not that..."

"She doesn't want to go all fan girl in front of us."

"Is Yoongi-Hyung right?"


"I know we sort of made this into an issue in the past, but we really don't want to feel like you have to hide this part of yourself from us. It's okay for you to like other groups. You might not see it often, but we have our fanboy moments as well, you know."

"Okay. I just didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable, but if you're sure?"

Anna thought it would be a little awkward to watch the fan meeting with her soulmates. Watching the performances were fine, but the games section contained a lot of fan service. However, her boys surprised her by coming up with their own answers.

It was halfway through that she almost choked on her rice when Stray Kids came back after the VCR in their new outfits.

"I wonder what's gotten Anna so flustered."

"Is it the one in the cropped shirt?"

Jimin began to lift his t-shirt up teasingly.

"No. I bet it’s the one with the sleeveless top. Baby girl has a thing for biceps remember?"

Namjoon flexed his arms and got a mixed response of laughs and groans.

"Oh, I get it now. This is going to be 'make fun of Anna' time. Well, if really want to know, it was both, but yeah, mainly Han's arms."

"Told you!"

"Only, because I had no idea they were so big, whereas I've seen Chan topless so his abs aren't as shocking."

"Oh. Hold on, what?!"

"Did you not watch Kingdom? He stripped on stage."

This caused a discussion to start amongst her soulmates. On one hand, Jimin was berating Namjoon for telling Anna to watch other groups. Then there was Jungkook declaring that they needed to work an onstage costume change into one of their performances, and Jin trying to convince the Maknae that he already showed plenty on stage.


The boys quietened down so that Anna could hear the rest of the performances. 

When it was time for the encore, she was amazed by the song they sang for STAY, but they were all in awe of Felix's singing voice during that song.

"Isn't he the one with the really low voice?"

"Yep, isn't he amazing? Everybody loves Felix."

The show ended with a teaser for their next comeback.

"Oh my god. That looks so good! Ah, I'm so excited. My first Stray Kids comeback!"

Jimin leaned over toward Namjoon.

"Hyung, do you think we can move our comeback to be sooner?"


"Because... we're losing ARMYs! I mean, have you heard, there's a whole 'I'm engaged, don't tell Yoongi' thing going around!"

"I think we'll survive a little longer."

"You know what can't wait any longer?"


"Making sure a certain soulmate of ours knows how sexy she is."

"Oh, that is very important."

"How many of us do you think it will take to make sure it sinks in?"

"I would have to say that this is probably going to be a seven-member job."

"I see. Well, we better get started, she has an important meeting in the morning."

Anna only caught the end of their conversation.

"Get started on what?"


Chapter Text

On Monday morning, Anna and Yoongi found themselves sitting in a conference room waiting for Hitman Bang to arrive. She had dressed up a little, wanting to look professional, but her soulmate had failed to hide his laugh when he saw her. Although he had earned himself a whack on the arm and an upset soulmate, Yoongi had smoothed things over by telling Anna had cute she was getting all dressed up for her big meeting.

Anna wasn't freaking out, but she was nervous. The first and last time she had met Bang Sihyuk had not been under the best circumstances, but her soulmate seemed certain that this meeting would be a positive one. However, that did stop her from fidgeting as they waited. It was her fault for insisting they get there early.

Yoongi rested a hand on her knee to stop her as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. Anna took his hand and held it between both of hers instead. Her soulmate leaned over and kissed her forehead.

"This is why you shouldn't turn up early for things. Waiting is torture."

"Sorry that I didn't want to be late for our boss!"

"Think of all the things we could've done if you had just stayed in bed a little longer."

Even if Anna could have thought of a retort, she wouldn't have had time to say it, as the man they had been waiting for entered the room. She prayed that the blush she could feel on her cheeks wasn't too obvious as they all greeted each other.

"First of all, Anna, how are you? How are you finding being a trainee."

"Oh! Um, I'm good. It's, well, it's everything I dreamed of and more. Yes, it's hard work, but it's worth it."

"Good. I'm glad to hear that. So, Yoongi sent me the album you've been working on. Can you tell us a bit about it?"

"The theme, or rough title, is wonders of the heart. It's a collection of stories about types of love: Self-love, romantic love, the love fans have for Idols."

"Yes. I think you did a good job of capturing those ideas in your songs. I'm sure your fans will find it very relatable. Continuing working on it with Yoongi and let me know when it’s finished so we can start discussing your debut."

"Thank you."

"I have spoken to all your teachers, and they told me how impressed they have been with your progress over the past few months. You should be very proud of yourself. You've worked hard."

"I - er, thank you."

"Now, the next part of my plan for you is to arrange for you to have a fan meeting."

"Fan meeting?"

"Yes. Nothing too big. You'll perform the covers you've been posting on YouTube and did for your trainee assignments. I'd also like you to do at least one original song, it can be from the album you're working on. Also, you answer some questions or play some games as well as meet each fan individually. Does that all sound okay?"


"You don't sound very sure?"

"Yes! I'm sure, Bang PD-nim. Thank you for this opportunity. I won't let you down."

"I know you won't, Anna. I believe in you. One last thing, it will take place in three weeks. We'll confirm all the details and then I would like to do a Live announcing it. Okay?"


"Wonderful. I have another meeting to attend. You two enjoy the rest of your day."

"Thank you, PD-nim."

After he left the room, Anna rested her hand on the table to support herself before moving to sit on the edge of it. She was still processing what had just happened.

Yoongi moved to stand in front of her.

"Shame you didn't take me up on my bet."

"For you, you mean."

"You would've enjoyed yourself."

"Either way, he didn't actually say that I'm ready to debut."

"No, he just gave you your first fan meeting. That doesn't mean he thinks you're ready at all."

Anna scrunched her nose, pulling a funny face since she knew she had lost this argument.

"Yoongi... what if no one turns up?"

"How many people watch your YouTube channel? You have fans and they will be so excited to come to your fan meeting."

"Are they my fans though? ARMY follows me and watches me hoping for behind the scenes access to you guys. If they come to my fan meeting it will be with the hope that at least one of my soulmates will be there."

"I can't say that that won't be the case. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to plainly state that none of us will be there. Still, I don't think you need to worry about people wanting to come."

"I hope your right or my career as an Idol will have ended before it's even begun."

"That won't happen. Shall we go tell the other the good news?"

"Yes, but afterwards, are you using your studio today?"

"No, we've got dance rehearsals all afternoon, why?"

"I wanted to research what to do for my fan meeting."

"Research? How do you research that?"

"By watching other fan meetings, of course. How many have you done now? Six? You must have the recordings, right?"

"I'm not sure our old fan meetings are a great example, but sure, I won't stop you."

"Good. This is nice. I had such a great weekend and then Bang PD gave me today off as well."

"Don't get used to it. Once you debut, you'll be even busier."

"I look forward to it."

Anna had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. As she told Yoongi, she did watch some of their older fan meetings while taking notes for ideas. She also listed all the covers she had done on YouTube, vocal and dance. Something she needed to think about was the order of things, she couldn't do a heavy dance number and then sing a breathy ballad.

Coming up with a theme was difficult. She wanted to come with something fun and original that she could use to tie in the games and the performances, but she couldn't think of anything. In the end, Anna had pencilled in using the theme of her first album for her first show. Of course, she still had to run this all by her staff, but they were usually very open to all of her ideas. HYBE was all about creative freedom.

That evening, Anna was given the go-ahead to announce her fan meeting.

"Hello everyone! Welcome to Annyeong Anna: LIVE.

Today, I'm here to announce some big news. In three weeks, I will be having a fan meeting. Yay!

I know a lot of you have been asking in the comments if I will be releasing any original songs because you love my singing voice. Thank you. I also saw some of you suggesting that I should become an Idol. So, if the fan meeting isn't a big enough hint, I can finally confirm that I am a trainee.

Yeah, um, so I hope I can put on a good show for you. I'll sing some songs, dance, answer some questions, and just have some fun. Oh, and there might be a surprise or two, so look forward to it. If you have any suggestions for songs you would like me to cover, comment below and I'll do my best to include them in the show.

Disclaimer. BTS will not be at my fan meeting. Just in case any of you thought this would be a chance to see them, I didn't want you to be disappointed. Okay?

Okay and finally, and most importantly, how to get a ticket. Tickets will be limited, so I've decided they will be allocated randomly. After I finish this video, I will provide a link for those who want to enter the ticket raffle. All you have to do is tell me about someone, or something, you love the most. The winners will be announced in exactly two weeks.

I can't wait to see you. Bye!"

Chapter Text

After announcing it, all of Anna's time was spent working on her first fan meeting. After selecting which of her YouTube covers she wanted to include, she started working on a couple of new ones. Many comments had been left by fans with songs that they wanted her to cover. So, with help from her team, they found a few which were requested the most and she worked hard on learning them. 

Other than covers, Anna and Yoongi had been working hard on one of her original songs that Bang PD wanted her to perform in the fan meeting. Only a couple of songs were complete enough for her to have ready in time, one of them being what they planned to be the title song. Since they didn't want to release the title song before her debut, they went with one of the others which Anna had written. It was about the love fans feel towards their Idols and they thought that the audience at the fan meet would really like it. 

Luckily, Anna had been ahead of herself for once and had started working on Hoseok's birthday present weeks before. She had thought hard about what to get him. At first, she considered something to do with dance, but in the end, she went with a photo album for him to keep all his polaroids in. She had personalised the cover with inspiration from Hope World and the music video for Ego. When the other members heard what she giving him, they all got Hoseok some more polaroid film to go with it since he was always running out. When the birthday boy had asked for photos of his soulmates to put in his new album, Anna couldn't refuse and tried to think of it as practice for photo time at the fan meeting. 

Along with the musical performances, Anna also had to think of some games or activities to do in between. Since she was still new and fairly unknown, they decided that there would be a getting to know her session. She thought it would be more inclusive if the audience were asked the same questions and they could compare answers. 

As her fan meeting was going to include a minute one on one time with Anna for each fan, she wanted to do it a little differently from what she had seen in videos. Instead of having all the meetings taking place together, she decided to just do one row at a time throughout the show. By doing this she hoped the other fans wouldn't get too bored waiting. 

Two weeks after it was announced, the winners of the tickets to Anna's fan meeting were published. The response had been overwhelming and due to the size of the venue they had booked, there was only a small number of tickets in comparison. Although they had looked for a bigger venue, due to the time constraints there wasn't anything available, leaving a lot of fans disappointed. 


It was a few days before the fan meeting when Yeonjun has stopped by the room Anna had been practising in. The boys from TXT and ENHYPEN had been stopping by over the past few weeks to wish her luck.  

"Hello, Yeonjun. How are you?" 

"I'm okay, thank you, Noona. How are rehearsals going?" 

"Good, I think. I'm trying not to think about how I'll be doing this in front of a real audience." 

"I know you'll do great, Noona." 

"Thank you. You're so sweet." 

"Actually, Noona, I came here to ask a favour..." 

"What is it? You know I'll help you however I can." 

"Ots not really for me. Ita for a friend if a friend." 

"Which friends?" 

"Seo Changbin and Jung Wooyoung." 

Anna tried not to fangirl. 

"Sometimes I forget that Idols know other Idols. What would they need my help with?" 

"Well, their friend, Rose, is having a hard time at the moment and she really wanted to come to your fan meeting but didn't win a ticket." 

"Ah. So your friends are hoping I can give her one. It's nice that they want to cheer her up. Do you know what kind of a hard time she's going through?" 

Anna walked over and grabbed her tablet. 

"Rose worked with ATEEZ as a makeup artist, but she recently got fired." 

"Oh no. Do you know why?" 

"No, they didn't want to tell me the details over the phone. 

"Of course. Um, do you know her full name?" 

"Oh, er, hang on let me check with Wooyoung." 

"Don't worry, I think I've found her. Only one person with the name Rose entered for a ticket. Oh!" 

"What is it?" 

"To enter for a ticket you had to name something or something that you loved the most. Rose put 'the group I work for'." 

"She is a really lovely person." 

"You've met her?" 

"Yeah. Wooyoung tricked her into having dinner with the three of us and Felix." 

"Wow. Lucky girl! Okay, obviously she can't have done anything horrible to get fired if Wooyoung is trying so hard to do something nice for her... I think I can sort something out." 


"They put a ticket aside in case I wanted to invite someone. Consider Rose my special guest." 

"Thank you so much, Noona. Changbin said he'll owe me one for doing this but really it's you he owes. Are you a Stray Kids fan?" 

"Am I a - How can you even ask?!" 

"I'll take that as a yes then, Noona." 

"If I have trouble getting a ticket to their next concert..." 

"I'll call in a favour for you." 

"But seriously, is this a normal occurrence between Idols." 

"I can't speak for all Idols, but among my friendship group... Yes. Yes, it is." 

"Interesting. I'll tell you now that I'm a big fan of ATEEZ as well." 

"Wooyoung is still talking about how he got to talk to Jimin and Hoseok at the MAMA's. He's such a big BTS fan and Jimin is his bias." 

"I know. That's why I asked Jimin to come with us when I went to say hello." 

"You did? I think he owes you a favour already then, Noona." 

"No. No. That was nothing. Even if it took Jimin a little convincing. He's rather jealous when it comes to me and other Idols." 

"He loves you so much. They all do. Everyone has noticed a difference since they found you, Noona." 


"They are so much happier now. Did you know that they brag about you all the time?"

"No, really?"

"Yes! Let me think... Once, you cooked for them and because they had to work late you packed it all up and brought it to them?"

"Yes. I remember."

"They told everyone how you had learnt to cook their favourite Korean dishes just to surprise them. Apparently, you're a really good cook."

"Of course, I wanted to learn how to cook some Korean dishes. I've always wanted to but it's hard to get the right ingredients in the UK. I was so nervous that they wouldn't taste the same as what they were used to."

"Aww, you're so cute, Noona."

"Sure, now tell me more gossip about my soulmates."

"For Namjoon's birthday, you knitted him a scarf?"


"When he came back to work afterwards he wore that scarf all the time and told everyone that you made it and commented on how multi-talented his new soulmate is."

"Namjoon's the cute one."

"When Hoseok started giving you dance lessons he was so impressed. 'I taught Anna this dance today and she picked it up really quickly.' 'I think Anna dances our choreography better than we did.'"

"He did not say that! I don't believe that last bit."

"He did! Even back then he swore you would become a performer one day."


"Yes. I would never lie to you, Noona."

"Thank you. You know, it's nice hanging out like this. We should do it more often."

"Noona, do you..."

"Go on."

"It's just, I know you moved here, a different country, to be with your soulmates and I wondered if you had any friends here. Sorry! That was too personal."

"It's okay. You're right. Apart from my soulmates, the other groups, and the trainees at HYBE, I don't really know anyone. And it's not like I can just go out and meet people now that the public knows who I am."

"Yes. It does make it more difficult, but it doesn't mean that you can't have friends outside of the company."

"I'm content as I am now. I've never been one to have many friends."

"You should. You're a wonderful person and you deserve to be happy, Noona."

"I am happy. But you're not wrong, a friend of my own would be nice."

"Ask and you shall receive."

Chapter Text

It was the day of Anna's fan meeting and she was as prepared as she could be. Before she left for the venue with her staff, her soulmates made sure to come and wish her good luck.

Jungkook was the first. The muscle bunny picked her up and spun her around making her squeal.

"Noona, fighting!"

Taehyung, coping the Maknae, also picked her up and squeezed her tight.

"You're going to do amazing."

Jimin cupped her face in his hands.

"They're going to love you."

Hoseok lightly squeezed her arms.

"Make sure you stretch properly."

Yoongi held her hands in his.

"You're ready. They're going to love your song."

Jin put his arm around her shoulder.

"Are you sure you don't want some of my jokes to use?"

Namjoon gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"My manager is going with you, so if you need anything just let him know. Okay? Anything at all."

As Anna got her makeup done, one of only a handful of times that someone had done it for her, she tried to focus herself. She had rehearsed everything thoroughly, including what she needed to say in between performances.

Her phone buzzed and when she checked it, it was a message from Yeonjun.


She smiled but before she could reply another message came through.

"The others say good luck too!"

After their chat the other day, the other four members of TXT had come looking for Yeonjun only to find him with Anna. They had made the pair promise to invite them the next time they hung out.

The fan meeting started with Anna performing the first cover she had posted on her YouTube channel: I Get To Love You by Ruelle.

Next, she went into a dance cover of ON, before introducing herself.

"Hello, I'm Anna. Thank you for being here today and I hope you enjoy yourselves. I've prepared a lot for you, so let's get started, shall we. That first song was the first cover I posted on YouTube. Does anyone here watch my channel?"

The room erupted with cheers.

"Wow. Only a couple of you then."

Everyone laughed.

"If you're a BTS fan then you would have recognised the song ON and I'm sure you also know how difficult the choreography is. However, as I might have mentioned before, that was the song that led me here so it's very important to me. I spent a long time working on that dance. Was it okay?"

Cheers filled the theatre again.

"Okay, good. Now, when you got your ticket, you were also asked to answer a few questions. Let's go through them. I'll give you my answer and we'll see how much we have in common."

Anna sat slightly to the side of the stage on a chair the staff had put there for her, so she wasn't right Infront of the screen behind her.

"Okay! First question, what is my favourite Korean street food: Tteokbokki, Mandu, Gamja-Hotdog, or Hotteok? Ooh, tricky because they are all delicious. 'It's delicious', was one of the first phrases I remember learning in Korean. Okay, my answer is Hotteok. Let's see your answers. Oh, looks like you all had trouble choosing as well. It's an even split. This is making me hungry!

"Next question, what is my favourite tourist spot in Seoul: Namsan Tower, Lotte World, or Gyeongbokgung Palace? This is easier for me. I've only been to Namsan Tower. I had seen it in so many k-dramas that I was very excited when Taehyung took me there."

Chatter spread through the audience and a few shouted things out to Anna.

"What? Do you want to know more? I don't know if I should tell you..."

Cries of protest came from the audience.

"Okay. A question I get a lot is: what is a date with BTS like? I don't have anything to compare it to, so I'll tell you a bit about where they've taken me.

So, as I mentioned Taehyung took me to Namsan Tower. We went early in the morning, they opened it early just for us. We walked around the park and took pictures.

Namjoon did just as you would guess. When I first arrived in Korea, he took me for a bike ride along the river. He's also taken me to a museum. Are your fan theories confirmed?

Okay, next question. Favourite k-drama: Boys Over Flowers, Descendants of the Sun, or Guardian (also known as Goblin)?

I think Boys Over Flowers was the first Korean drama that I watched. I saw the Chinese version first because it has just come out on Netflix and then I learnt that there were other versions. Is anyone else watching the Thai version that's airing at the moment? It's also amazing.

Back to the question. It's a tough one, yes? Let's see what you all voted for. It's fairly even again, but Boys Over Flowers is basically a classic, right?

Okay. First two rows, it's time for your one-on-one time. For the rest of you, I believe the staff have prepared some footage to play."

While Anna met each fan one by one at the side of the stage where a table and chairs had been set up, the large screen at the back of the stage played footage the staff had recorded of Anna working. The fans were very polite. They surprised her by bringing letters and pictures, as well as asking her to sign things. There were also a few that brought things for her soulmates, which she had expected, and she promised to pass them on.

"So, next. When I asked you all if there were any songs you would like to see me cover today, there were a lot of responses. Here are a few that were mentioned the most. Let's go!"

The lights dimmed as Anna took her position on the stage. This section was some slower songs by two artists which had been requested the most: Be in love by ITZY and Take Me Home by ATEEZ. Anna assumed that it was thanks to the MAMA incident that her fans had asked her to do an ATEEZ song.

Once she had finished, she had the next two rows of the audience line up for their one on one meet and greet. This was when she met the Rose that Yeonjun had asked her to give a ticket to. The two girls had an instant connection and Anna asked her to stay behind after the show so they could talk more.

"Let's move on to the next segment."

Anna was given a bowl filled with pieces of folded paper.

"The staff have put all the questions which you have commented in this bowl. Let's see what you want to know."

Most of the questions were rather generic as the staff obviously didn't add any that were too personal or that they didn't want her to answer. Afterwards, she met more of the audience one on one. Anna had glanced at the footage that was playing in the background and she didn't realise they had so much footage of her.

The next performances were of more covers she had posted on YouTube: 0X1=LOVESONG by TXT and Phobia by Stray Kids.

"Wow, how our Idols do this for two, three hours straight is amazing! While I get my breath back, let's have the next two rows line up please."

Anna's next to last performance was a BTS melody with backup dancers. She could tell that this was probably the audience's favourite performance. Then the last two rows lined up for the meet and greet.

"Unfortunately, we are at the end."

The room was filled with shouts of protest.

"Aww, it's nice to hear that you've had fun with me today. Would you like one more song?"

Anna was surprised by the loudness of the audience's response.

"Is that a yes? Okay. This is a song that I wrote myself, with a little help, I hope you like it."


Back at the company, Jungkook and Taehyung were whispering to each other.

"I know they're recording it, but I still wish we could watch Anna's first show live."

"Me too... Shall we?"

"What? Sneak in?"

"Well, they did decide to cut our practice short because we couldn't concentrate."

"But we can't be seen. We don’t want to take the attention away from Noona or ruin her show."

"I'm the king of disguises."

"Shall we invite Jimin-Hyung?"

"No. He already told me off earlier for trying to leave."



Anna was in her dressing room backstage talking to Yeonjun's friend Rose, when suddenly a cry echoed down the corridor before a body came running through the door.


It was Jungkook that came rushing in. The singer wrapped his strong arms around Anna and lifted her up. She let out a gasp of surprise before laughing. When he didn't put her down straight away, Anna wrapped her legs around him.

"You were amazing!"

"You saw?"

"Of course! I wouldn't have missed this, Noona, for anything."

"Was it really okay?"

Jungkook leaned his head forward and rested his forehead against hers.

"More than okay. You were born to do this and today was only more proof of that."

Jungkook rubbed his nose against Anna's making her giggle before caressing his cheek with her fingers. 

"Jin-Hyung, I think we're getting old."

"Speak for yourself!"

Jin and Taehyung appearing in the doorway brought the couple back to reality. Anna blushed, realising Rose was still in the room and indicated for Jungkook to put her down.

"Did you three sneak out?"

"Of course not, Darling."

"It was Jin-Hyung's idea!"

"Yah! Taehyung, watch who you're accusing!"

"You see Rose, being the soulmate of an Idol can also be a babysitting job."

"Noona, I know Jin-Hyung can be a lot sometimes, but don't you think that's a bit harsh."

"Yah! Come here you little-"

Jungkook hid behind Anna, using her for protection from his oldest soulmate.

As Anna said goodbye to Rose, Taehyung wrapped his arms around her from behind and hid his face in his soulmate's neck.

"I better get these three home. See you soon!"

Jin jumped on Jungkook's back, who carried him as if it wasn't a full-grown man he had on his back.

Anna still had a big smile on her face as they left. Her first public performance hasn't been at all like she was expecting. She hadn't felt awkward or scared whilst on stage. It had felt right. As if she was meant to be there.

Chapter Text

"Hello, and welcome back to Anneong Anna! Today is Friday 18th March 2022 and the time is almost 1 pm. Do you know what is about to happen?"

Anna was recording a reaction video for her YouTube channel. Most of her week after her fan meeting had been spent working on her album and recording future content. Other than working with Yoongi and on her own in the studio, she had officially recorded one of the finished songs. She also had meetings to discuss the feedback from her fan meeting and plan what should happen next.

"Yes, that's right. It's time for Stray Kids' comeback, ODDINARY! Who's excited?"

The answer was Anna. She did a little dance to show her excitement.

"Apparently some of you enjoyed my other reaction video so much that you asked for more, particularly of other artists. So, here we are!"

There's a pause while Anna checks the time and fiddles on the computer in front of her.

"You'll be watching this later, but I'm wondering if anyone else was also early in case of any pre-release shows? It's my first Stray Kids comeback, so forgive me. I guess I'm used to BTS comebacks. Will there not be a party on V Live later either?"

Anna had been sitting there for the last half an hour. She was just glad that she was in Korea because if she had been in the UK the album would've been released at 4 am. For someone who wasn't accustomed to being up at all hours of the night, getting up at that time was hard, so you didn't want to set your alarm for the wrong time.

"Okay, it's one minute to go and the video isn't showing yet. I'm on the JYP channel..."

Although she tried to internalise her panic, it showed plainly on her face.

"Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. There it is!"

As soon as the music video for MANIAC appeared, Anna clicked on it and made it full screen before it could start playing. Liking the video would have to wait until afterwards. It all felt very sudden without the YouTube premiere countdown she had become familiar with.

She squealed and clapped her hands in excitement as the video started and Hyunjin appeared on the screen.

"I love his red hair."

"I love Felix's outfit with the green jacket and the purple hat."

"Chan's wearing cropped tops again!"

"Lee Know! Did you hear his voice just then?! So beautiful!"

"Look at Han's fluffy hat!"

"Woo! Go Changbin! Dance!"

"There's Jeongin's smile. So cute!"

"Listen to Seungmin's ad-libs in the background."

"The more I watch it the more I love this dance."

After the music video ended, Anna watched it one more time before listening to the rest of the album. From watching the teasers, she was most looking forward to Lonely St., but after listening to it, the unit song Waiting For Us instantly became one of her favourites.

Once she had finished recording the video, Anna had a break until later in the day. So, she decided to go join her soulmates.

When Anna got to the practice room where she knew her soulmates were meant to be rehearsing their performance for the Grammys, she found them doing something else. It took her a minute to realise that the voice they were listening to was her own. They were watching a video of her fan meeting.

Although she knew that her show had been recorded, she also knew that the videos hadn't been released yet. That meant that BTS must have gotten these, especially for them to watch. Did someone send them to her soulmates, or did they ask for the videos?

They didn't notice as she entered the room, too focused on the screen in front of them.

"Wah! I'm so proud!"

Jin wiped away a fake tear.

"Seriously, you can't tell that it's her first time doing something like that!"

"I don't know if I should admit this, but I wasn't expecting her to be so good at hosting a show..."

"How could you say that!

"Of course, she is! Our Anna is amazing at everything."

"No, I agree. For her first time MCing, she’s doing remarkably well. Do you remember what we were like a few years ago, not as practised as we are now, right, Taehyung?"

"I'm not sure what you're implying, Hyung. I'm a great MC."

"That's right, Taetae. Stay positive."


While the children fought, Anna's cover of TXT's song began to play.

"You know the boys helped her with choreography for this."


"I didn't know that they were so close."

"Anna makes friends with every Idol she meets. Soon she'll have more friends in the industry than we do!"

"So? Who wouldn't want to be friends with our Anna.”

"True. Sometimes I can't believe how lucky we are."

"Noona's the best!"

Namjoon reached out and took Jungkook's hand.

"Not just Anna, but all of you. I feel so lucky that you guys are my soulmates."

"Joonie's getting all emotional on us!"

"It's true though. I know sometimes I have to be the stern leader and I feel like I don't tell you all enough how much I appreciate each of you."

They all looked at the leader with love in their eyes. Hoseok took Namjoon's other hand and brought it up to his lips, giving it a kiss.

"We know. You're the best leader and an even more wonderful soulmate. We're thankful to have you."

"If anything, we're sorry we can be such a pain sometimes. I mean I try to keep the kids in line for you but..."

"Jin-Hyung, you are one of the kids."

"Wah! Me? I'm good for aren't I, Joonie?"

Jin fluttered his eyelashes at Namjoon while holding his hands on either side of his face in a flower pose.

"Seriously, Hyung? Way to ruin the mood. We were being all romantic and stuff!"

The leader chuckled and released Jungkook's hand to ruffle the younger boy's hair. The Maknae leant against Namjoon as he pouted, and the leader wrapped his arm around the singer.

"Says the one who's half naked."

"Yeah, Kook, you know you can put your shirt back on now. We've stopped working out."

"Aww, but our Maknae likes showing off his hard work."

The youngest smirked as he tensed his muscles.

"I think Hyungs like it more."

Jimin, not one to waste an opportunity, raised his arm and showed off his bicep.

"You're not the only one with muscles, Jungkookie."

"You've still got some work to do if you want to catch up with me, Hyung."

Narrowing his eyes, Jimin gracefully knocked Jungkook to the ground, pinning his arms by holding his wrists.

"Is that so?"

"I hope this isn't part of your Grammy performance. ARMYs won't survive."

They all turned around to look at the door where Anna was leaning against it, her arms crossed and a smirk on her lips.

While Jimin was distracted, Jungkook took the opportunity to swap their positions - not that he couldn't have before. Jimin wriggled under his firm grip as the younger grinned up at Anna.

"Hi, Noona!"

"So, this is what you boys get up to when I'm not around."

"W-What do you mean?"

Anna walked closer to where they were all sitting on the floor and pointed at the screen which was now showing her BTS melody performance.

"You miss me so much you have videos of me on in the background."

"Yes. That's exactly it."

As Anna laughed, Taehyung had crawled across the floor until he reached her and used her to pull himself up until he could envelop her in a hug. She kissed the side of his head as he rested it on her shoulder.

"Who did you bully to get the footage?"

"What? We practically own this place. We don't need to bully anyone... Jin-Hyung did it!"

Hoseok caved under Anna's stare.

"No surprise there."

"Yah! I don't know how this joke started but I don't make anyone do anything... Look! You're about to do your last song."

"This is when you three snuck in, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, we were so disappointed we didn't get there earlier."

"Well, you shouldn't have been there at all."

"Yeah. Some of us didn't get to see any of it live."

"Jin-Hyung drove. Me and Tae-Hyung just got a ride."

"Still can't believe you guys went without me."

"Hey, hey. No fighting. Are you forgetting that I can give you a private show any time you want?"

"But it’s not the same."

"Oh, never mind then."

"No! I just meant that this was your first fan meeting, your first public performance. You can only have one first."

"What Jimin means is, you did a wonderful job, Sweetie."

"And the song is amazing."

"Thank you."

"Does it have a title?"

"Um, I'm still working on it, but at the moment it's 'I DO Love'."

Namjoon helped her explain the English title.

"That's cool!"

"Yeah, I like it."

"Thanks. I can see why you haven't released your mixtape yet, Tae. Nothing ever seems quite good enough, does it?"

"Taehyung has written enough songs to release three mixtapes. ARMY are going to die from anticipation soon."

"You can only have one first."

"Take as long as you need, okay? ARMY will wait for you."

"Thanks, Anna."

"Okay, boys and girls, time to get back to work."

"Perfect timing, Noona! You can fill in for Jin-Hyung."

"Sure, if it will help. Why aren't you at home resting?"

"I only hurt my finger."

"You still had an operation. You've been given time off to recover fully."

Jin mumbled something under his breath.

"What was that?"

"I can't play video games properly."

The boys all started laughing at their oldest soulmate. With a huff, Jin went to sit at the side of the room to watch them practice. Anna followed him, sitting down and resting her head on his shoulder.

"You just rather be with us than alone at home, wouldn't you?"

When he didn't respond, Anna lifted her head to look at him. Jin was smiling softly at her. He waved towards where the others were getting ready to practice.

"Go show Namjoon how it’s done. He'll be lost without his wingman."

Anna laughed and Jin thought it was the most beautiful sound. She gave him a quick peck before running over to the others and getting into position. Before they started, she turned back to face him and sent him a flying kiss, making him smile in response.

Chapter Text

The next week was filled with preparations for BTS's trip to America for the Grammy Awards. Being their soulmate had almost made Anna forget how popular and well-known her soulmates were. The hype around their visit, the scheduling problems due to the number of interview requests they had gotten, and the anticipation of their first in-person performance at the Grammys was overwhelming. She didn't know why, but it felt like a different world than the one she had been living in so far.

Perhaps her soulmates being so occupied had contributed to Anna's low mood. While she'd had her ups and downs before, the past few days had hit her particularly hard, and she did not know why. Her laughter turned into tears, her mind was fuzzy, and she found herself wanting nothing more than to curl up under a blanket and hide from the world.

It didn't make sense for her to feel this way. She had found her soulmates, her happiness, so she had hoped that these feelings would no longer bother her. Before she had found them, the thought of her soulmate had been the only thing keeping her afloat. If she had not had that thought to hold on to, Anna was sure that she may have sunk under the weight of the other thoughts that had plagued her mind.

Although she'd had periods of low mood before, Anna had never felt so lost so suddenly. While she focused on finishing her album, she was no longer taking classes with the other trainees. Which was lucky as she was not able to focus on anything in her current state.

It was the day that BTS were due to fly out and they had been given the day off to pack. Jungkook was going before the others, first thing in the morning, followed by the others later that day. Anna had been given time off to join her soulmates on their trip to America but wouldn't be joining them until later in the week.

Early that morning before he left for the airport, Jungkook said goodbye to his soulmates. Anna had made him promise to wake her to say goodbye despite the early hour, but it was very hard to do so when she looked so peacefully asleep. He brushed her hair odd her face as he gently woke her up. He smiled as he watched her, hum and stretch as her eyes opened blearily.

"Are you going now?"

"Yes. I'll miss you so much, Noona."

"It's only for a few days, but I'll miss you too."

"Bye. See you soon."

"Phone me when you get there, okay? Bye-bye, Kookie."

Jungkook struggled to leave her. Although Anna smiled at him as she said goodbye, her low mood over the past few days had not gone unnoticed. In the hallway, Jin, Namjoon, and Hoseok saw him off.

"Hyungs... I can't leave her."

"Don't worry, Kook. We'll look after her."

"Yeah. You've got important business to do."

"But, hyungs, you all leave later today. Noona's going to be by herself."

"Jungkookie, if it comes to it, I'll stay behind with her."

"Hoseok -"

"It'll only be for a few days. You can manage without me until then. Just say I'm sick or had a family emergency."


"Anything for Anna. I'd do anything for any one of my soulmates. You all come first. Now, off you go Jungkookie. Don't want to miss your flight!"

"Okay. Bye!"

After the youngest had left, Jin turned to Hoseok.

"Are you really going to stay behind?"

"If she needs me to, yes."

"We should've just all gone at the same time."

"It's too late to change things now."

"I just don't see why Anna couldn't come with us."

"Who knows. Anyway, I'm going to pack and then I've got a few things to work on."

"I'll cook a nice breakfast for everyone."

As the three Idols parted ways, Hoseok went to Anna's bedroom and joined her in bed. As if sensing his presence, moments after he had laid down, she rolled over and snuggled up against him. The dancer smiled down at her and leaned forward to press a kiss on the top of her head.

With a sigh, Hoseok tried to remember the last time he'd had a lie in like this. It was odd not to have anything to do. They didn't need to leave for the flight for hours yet and he had already packed. That is if he was still going with the others that day.

Anna's hand which was resting on his chest clenched, holding onto his T-shirt. Hoseok rubbed his hand up and down her arm in an attempt to soothe her. A while later she woke up, not surprised that one of her soulmates had joined her. It wasn't unusual for her to wake up with one of them that hadn't been there when she had fallen asleep.

"How long until you leave?"

"There's still a couple of hours until the others have to go."

Anna nodded her head and with a small sigh, snuggled back against Hoseok until she processed what he had said.

"The others?"

"I'm not going with them."

"What? Is something wrong?"

"Nothing’s wrong..."

As her soulmate looked at her, she understood. Anna had become better at reading her soulmates.

"It's because of me. Isn't it? I'm sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry for. We just - We've noticed that you've been a little off recently."

There was a pause while Hoseok waited for Anna to speak.

"I don't know why."

"Why what?"

"Why I'm feeling this way."

"How are you feeling?"

"Sad. Lost. Empty... There's no reason for me to feel like this."

"Not everything has to be explained. You can't help the way you feel."

"But since I met you, I've been so happy."

"And before you met us?"

"I - I struggled. I guess it’s been so long since I've felt this way that I'd forgotten what it was like."

Hoseok held Anna tighter as she talked. It pained him to hear how she had felt about life before meeting them. She had told them bits and pieces before, but it didn't make him want to wrap her up and protect her from the world any less.

"You know, it's been six months since you bonded with all of us."

"Is that all? It feels like longer."

"It's not widely known, because for most people it barely affects them, but for the first six months after bonding you're - I guess you could describe it as a happy high. You're less likely to feel negative emotions. I don't really know the specifics."

"You think this has affected me?"

"Perhaps. You see, for soul groups, things tend to be heightened. The emotions we feel through our bonds are more intense than compared to a soulmate pair. This means that the - let's call it the soul-bonding honeymoon - is likely to have a bigger effect on us too."

"And now the honeymoon is over... I'm depressed again."

"Oh, Sweetie! I wish I could take away every negative emotion for you."

"But without feeling bad we have nothing to compare feeling good to."

"Amazing. You are so precious. My precious Princess."


"I'm here for you. Whatever you need, I'm here. Okay?"

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Once everyone else was awake, they had a nice meal together. The afternoon was spent with most of the boys packing. Anna ran around making sure they all had everything they needed. Namjoon especially, was very gratefully when she came into his room with an armful of items he had been looking for or had forgotten about. he was also holding on to his passport until he was actually about to leave, not trusting him not to lose it before then.

Hoseok, since he wasn't leaving, watched her in amazement. Despite how she was feeling, he found it remarkable how she pushed through and tried to act normal while contemplating her existence.

They would only be apart for a few days, so saying goodbye would have been fine if some of Anna's soulmates hadn't decided to say such sweet words to her. Already feeling emotional, their loving gestures pushed her over the edge, and she couldn't stop the tears.

Anna and Hoseok spent the evening curled up on the sofa together with a blanket, watching movies, and ordered in for dinner. Late that night, Jungkookie video called from his hotel room where he had just arrived. The Maknae told them how funny it had been to fly alone.

The next few days before their flight to join the others in America, Hoseok followed Anna around like a puppy. Secretly, she enjoyed his constant company. At first, she had wondered how she was going to tell him she needed some alone time, but she never began to feel that way. Quality time with one of her soulmates like this hadn't happened since their holiday after they had bonded. After a few days the dark cloud inside her mind had faded, and she began to genuinely smile again.

When the day finally came and the two of them were on the plane to America, Anna was almost bouncing in excitement. She was also a little nervous as the only other long flight she had been on was the one to Korea at the end of BTS's world tour. Hoseok spent the long journey telling her stories of his trips to America.

What Anna didn't know was that when she arrived, her soulmates had arranged a special evening for her.

Chapter Text

BTS had agreed to do something special for Anna's first night in Las Vegas, but they had argued for days on what exactly that should be. They all wanted to do different things. Jin wanted to go to a fancy restaurant, Yoongi wanted to go to a concert, and Taehyung wanted to go dancing. Jungkook argued that Anna wasn't one for fancy food, Jimin that a concert wasn't special enough, and Namjoon that Anna wouldn't find it fun to dance - without choreography - in public.

"So, let’s think about what Anna would like."

"I still think that she would like to go out for dinner."

"Dinner and a concert. She's always saying that she wants to see more live music."

"Or... dinner and dancing! She loves that old fashioned gentleman stuff."

"Hyungs, I know what Noona wants most."

"What's that, Kookie?"

"She wants to spend time with all seven of us. Quality time."

Namjoon wrapped an arm around Jungkook's shoulder.

"I think that sounds perfect."

When they landed in America, Anna was brimming with excitement. Before meeting her soulmates, she had barely travelled outside of the UK. When she was younger, she had never felt the urge to travel but watching BTS and their travels around the world made her want to see more of the world too.

She clung to Hoseok as they left the airport. Although they took a back exit to avoid the public and any crowds that may have gathered to try and get a glimpse of them arriving, the horror stories of overzealous fans and Idols getting hurt plagued her mind. When she had travelled with them during their Tour, there had been a few close calls, but she had been disguised as one of the staff. This time Anna was next to her soulmate and very recognisable.

Part of her excitement may have been from visiting a new place, but some of it was definitely due to seeing her soulmates again. It had only been a few days, but she had missed them. Before, she used to laugh at couples who couldn't bear to spend any time apart. Anna had never felt the need to spend time with anyone before, she had never had anyone to miss.

When they arrived at the hotel, they dropped their bags off in their room before planning to find the others. Yet before they could, there was a knock on the door. When Anna opened the door, Hoseok had to pull her back as a pile of bodies fell through the doorway. It reminded her of the first time she had met them, backstage all those months ago. Once again Yoongi was the sensible one left standing behind the others, along with Jin who was guarding his hurt fingers.

"Yah! Get up before I step on you."

A struggle ensued as Namjoon couldn't seem to find his footing and repeatedly tripped up, knocking them all over again. Seeing that Yoongi or Hoseok, who was laughing to the point of tears, weren't going to help, Anna stepped forward and helped her fallen soulmates. 

As the five of them sat on the floor, Taehyung groaned in pain.

"Are you okay, Tae Baby?"

"Yes. I think I need a kiss to make it better."

Anna couldn't suppress her smile.

"Is that right? Where does it hurt?"

Taehyung raised a hand a tapped a finger to his lips which were pursed in a pout. He expected her to tease him with just a peck but instead was taken by surprise when she took his face in her hands and gave him a very welcome deep and thorough kiss. When she pulled back, he looked a little dazed as he instinctively leaned forwards in search of her lips.

"Can I be next? I got hurt too."

Anna saw the mischievous glint in Jimin's eyes, but she still asked him the same question.

"Where do you hurt?"

Jimin grinned and looked down at his lap, earning him a whack on the back of the head from Namjoon.

"Seriously? She hasn't even been here five minutes."

"Sorry, Anna."

"We'll have some fun later, okay, Jiminie?"

The dancer giggled when she winked at him.

They all stood up and finally entered the room. Anna was smiling widely as she was surrounded by all of her soulmates. Jungkook stared at her with wide eyes.

"Noona? You look... How are you feeling?"

Anna walked over to where Jungkook was sitting and sat sideways on his lap, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. She gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Better. You don't need to worry about me so much, Kookie."

"I always worry about my soulmates."

"How was your week? Did you have fun with Hobi?"

"He didn't leave my side the whole week."

"Ah, so no, then?"


Hoseok gave Jimin a shove in response.

"It was nice."

The room went quiet as they thought about the deeper meaning behind her words. Working together, the seven of them got to spend plenty of time together. Anna didn't get those moments.

"So, you two had a good week together then?"

"We did. Our Anna discovered another K-pop group."

"Another one?!"

"Who is it now?"

"More competition!"

"Their rookies. Babies. And big fans of BTS."

"How did you find them?"

"They just had a comeback, and it has a traditional Korean theme. YouTube recommended it and it caught my eye."

"What's their name?"


"They're quite good. I should know because someone has been playing them on repeat for the past few days."

Hoseok smiled teasingly at Anna, who just shrugged.

"I do that with all new music. Play it on repeat until I'm sick of it or discover something else."

"So, when you discovered us, we had... it was just after Map of the Soul: 7, so seven years' worth of music. How long would that take to listen to?"

"About 10 hours."


"It was a lot to take in at once."

"I feel like you did something."

"What do you mean?"

"Our organised soulmate like to plan things. Go on, how did you tackle our massive discography?"

"You're right. I listened to all your music chronologically, from the most recent to the beginning, adding my favourites to a playlist as I went. The idea was that it would give me a shorter list to listen to and learn before I went back and got familiar with the rest."

"What were the first songs on the list?"

"As if she still remembers -"

"The top three were ON, of course, and then Blood, Sweat & Tears."

"No surprises so far."

"And the third?"

"First Love."

Yoongi looked at her in surprise.


"But I thought you weren't really into rap when you first started listening to us."

"That's true... I guess, this song just spoke to me."

"I want to be jealous that it wasn't one of my solo songs, but Yoongi-Hyung's is just so good that I can't."

"Wait, that was your top three after one listen. What's your top three now?"

All seven of her soulmates turned to her expectantly.

"Umm, I mean, that's - haven't I already told you my favourites?"

"Yeah, but what are your ultimate top three?"

"Fine. As you know, Your Eyes Tell just hits me here."

Anna tapped her palm over her heart.

"Only you but carry on."

"And then, well, it has to be ON."


"And finally... urgh, it's so hard! But I do love Fake love, specifically the Rocking Vibe Remix."

"Fake Love isn't too surprising, but the Rock remix? Interesting."

"Now our solo songs."


"Which one of my solos is your favourite, Noona?"

"Depends, if you're dancing then definitely My Time."

"Filter for Jimin then."

They all chuckled and the debate about each member's favourite solo song continued, while Anna curled up against Jungkook.

"Well, we're free for the rest of the day and we've planned something special for the eight of us to spend some quality time together."

"What are we doing?"

"Get changed into something comfy and you can find out."

Her soulmates led Anna to a room in the hotel which looked as though it was usually used for meetings. A projector had been set up to watch a movie. A big sofa and some chairs with a pile of cushions and blankets were prepared on the opposite side of the room. She also spotted a pile of snacks on a table.

"The hotel restaurant is going to serve dinner in here for us."

"We've got your favourite films, and, yeah, I hope this is okay?"

"Okay? This is perfect. Thank you."

"No need to thank us."

"We all wanted to take you out to do different things, so this was our compromise."

"Let me guess, Tae wants to go dancing again. I can't believe you made him go by himself."

"Does that mean you'll go dancing with me, Anna?"

"If you want me to."

"See? I told you!"

Anna and Hoseok laughed as the others groaned. They spent the evening just relaxing together. Anna ended up eating most of the snacks since the boys had their Grammy performance the next day. They watched Pirates of the Caribbean and Anna knew a lot of facts about the film that the boys didn't know.

At one point their conversation turned deeper as they talked about the future. As much as they wanted to win, the boys knew the likelihood of them winning the Grammy tomorrow was low. When they talked about needing to work harder, Anna would respond with how much she and so many others believed that they deserved to win. It was a difficult situation and any words she thought of to comfort them sounded hollow.

However, in the end, only one thing mattered and that was that BTS would always be winners in ARMY's hearts.

Chapter Text

Anna didn't know if they knew that she was BTS's soulmate or if they thought that she was a member of staff, either way, she was happy to be able to watch their Grammy rehearsal. It was the only time that they were getting to practice with all seven of them and she felt guilty. They practised as many times as they had time to and in typical BTS fashion, they all left feeling that they could have done better.

The boys were a bundle of excitement and nerves as they got ready. They all practised their English answers for the red-carpet interviews. Anna went around and listened to each of them and helped them say what they wanted to say. Taehyung in particular kept coming up to her to ask questions and check that he was pronouncing everything correctly. Most of all, she enjoyed seeing them all dressed up.

Namjoon was sitting in a chair having just had his hair styled and was rehearsing some of his own answers. As the only member fluent in English, it was a lot of pressure on him to guide the group during their foreign interviews. Anna approached him from behind and rested her hands on his shoulders, giving them a squeeze.

"Deep breaths. You're going to be wonderful, as always."

She smiled at his reflection in the mirror as he raised his head to meet her gaze.

"I know I shouldn't care so much, but it's still the Grammys. Yet, with all the extra English I've been speaking over the past few months, it should be easier."

The leader took a deep breath as Anna ran her hands down his chest, leaning forwards so that her head was next to his. He felt her breath on his cheek as she spoke.

"Maybe it's selfish of me, but I do love it when you speak my language. Don't get me wrong, your voice when you speak Korean is also... dreamy -"

"I'll speak English to you whenever you want, my love."

A shiver ran down her spine.

"No... Nope! Naughty Namjoon. They've already warned me not to mess up your makeup!"

"There's plenty of time for them to fix it."

Anna laughed as her soulmate pulled her around to sit across his lap. Namjoon ran his hand over the material of her dress. She was also dressed up for the Grammys. Although she wouldn't be with the boys, Anna was just happy to be able to support her soulmates and watch their performance.

"Do you like it?"

"You look beautiful. You should be walking the red carpet with us."

"I think I'll leave that to my dashing soulmates."

"Well, I think your dashing soulmate needs a kiss, for good luck, of course."

The light peck he received had Namjoon protesting.

"That's all you're getting, for now, Mister. Now let me go, Jin needs some help."

Reluctantly, he let Anna go and she walked over to Jin who was glaring at the cast on his hand. Namjoon smiled as he watched his soulmates look after each other. This is what was important. This is what he reminded himself as prepared to be disappointed again.

When they reached the red carpet, Anna wished her boys good luck before leaving them to their interviews to enter the venue with Bang PD. She wished that she could be there to help Namjoon with the translations and prompt the boys when to use their prepared answers. Yet it did make her smile when she heard all the shouting that BTS had arrived.

The night seemed to drag as Anna waited impatiently for her soulmates' performance as well as the announcement of the award they were nominated for. She knew that she wouldn't have to wait much longer when Bang PD pointed out a figure hovering above the stage. While she felt nervous just at the thought of being suspended from the ceiling, her youngest soulmate looked at home.

As the intro started, Anna felt proud at how handsome her soulmates looked in their all-back suits. She inwardly cheered when Jungkook caught the card Taehyung at thrown at him, knowing that they had been practising that move all week. As six of them made their way up onto the main stage, Anna's heart skipped a beat when she saw Hoseok trip on the stairs.

Their performance continued flawlessly. When they did the jacket trick, Anna held her breath and then sighed in relief when it worked perfectly. They had always had trouble with that part in rehearsals, so she was glad it went smoothly for the performance. It also looked really cool. The whole dance break was one of the most amazing performances she had ever seen.

When Jin joined them for the outro and all seven of them were singing and dancing together with the audience on their feet around the stage, Anna felt so happy for them. She screamed and clapped as the song ended and the boys bowed politely.

As they wanted for their category to be announced, Anna wished she was sitting next to her soulmates so that she could hold their hands. When it was finally time, she couldn't sit still due to nerves. A hand coming to rest on her arm stopped her from fidgeting. Anna turned to Bang PD who was smiling reassuringly at her.

Anna could hear her heart pounding in her chest as they announced the winner and she felt it sink as it wasn't her soulmates who won. It wasn't unexpected, but after watching their performance she just couldn't imagine them not winning. The award was for best pop group performance and after the show that BTS had put on tonight, she couldn't understand how anyone else could be more deserving of the title.

The speech the winner gave didn't even register as Anna stared down at where her soulmates were sitting. A stray tear ran down her cheek as she thought about how they must be feeling right now. Although they all put on brave faces, she knew that they had to be upset and she wanted nothing more to comfort them.

When she finally met back up with them after the show, Jungkook was the first to fall into her arms. Anna squeezed him tight as her youngest soulmate murmured into her ear.

"Why didn't we win, Noona? Will we ever be good enough?"

It was only through sheer will and the want to be strong for her soulmates that stopped Anna from descending into a sobbing mess at those words. What was worse was that she didn't know what to say to comfort him. They should have won. They deserved to win. They were good enough, more than good, they were the best. However, those words rang empty when they had just lost another award. So, instead, all she could do was hold him tight.

"Your performance was amazing. Seriously, and the dance break, just, wow. Well done, you all worked so hard."

When Jungkook pulled away from her, Taehyung wrapped his arm around Anna's shoulders.

"Thanks, Babe."

She narrowed her eyes at the soulmate standing next to her.

"You, Mr Taehyung, you conveniently forgot to tell me about your skit with Olivia Rodrigo."

"Ooh, Tae's in trouble!"

"It was just acting!"

His arm fell away and she stepped away from him.

"You looked rather close to me."

Taehyung stared at Anna in shock as she refused to look at him.

"Anna? You're not really jealous, are you?"

"Of you whispering in another girl's ear? Of course not."

"I don't even know what I said, I was so nervous! Come on, you know that there's only one girl for me."

He spun her around only to find that Anna was laughing. The whole interaction had managed to cheer up the boys.

"I'm not really mad, Tae, but you do know that the clip of your interaction is already trending, right?"

"Whatever we did would be trending. We're BTS."

"And here I thought you would need comforting, but no, never mind, your egos are big enough as it is."

"But - I -"

"No, they aren't!"

"Mine isn't! I need comforting!"

"Jin-Hyung, you literally have the biggest ego in the world. You call yourself Worldwide Handsome."

"Yah! What does that have to do with anything?"

"Okay, okay. Let’s go back to the hotel before you start causing a scene."

"Joonie, tell the little ones I don't have a big ego."

"Jin-Hyung is the most humble and modest one in the group. Okay? Let’s go."

On the ride back, Anna sat next to Jin.

"Anna? Was it noticeable?"

"Huh? What?"

"My cast, was it very noticeable? It feels like a giant eyesore to me."

"Nothing could detract from your handsome face. If I didn’t know it was there, I probably wouldn't have noticed it. Between the black glove and you hiding it most of the time, don't think any more about it, okay?"

"Okay. You know, it was quite nice to sit there and watch the others dance. I could get used to it."

"Perhaps, but after a while, I think you'd miss dancing with them."

"Hmm, I think you're right."

When they reached the hotel, they got set up to do a V Live for ARMY. Due to the poor internet connection, they ended up having to record a video to upload. They kept their conversation positive. As they were saying goodbye, they waved Anna over to join them on camera and she sat next to Yoongi.

"There's one last person we would like to thank for their love and support, our soulmate Anna. Thank you, Jagi, and we love you."

"I love you too."

"Bye ARMY!"

The other boys talked noisily amongst themselves as the staff cleared up and left them to celebrate alone. Anna noticed that Yoongi was especially quiet. Once the last of the staff had left the room, the rapper rested his head on her shoulder. She ran her fingers through his hair and pressed a kiss to his head as she waited for him to open up.

"I let myself hope."

Yoongi was whispering so quietly that if he hadn't been so close to Anna, she wouldn't have heard him. Her heart clenched as he spoke.

"After everything that happened this year, I let myself think that there was a real chance, even if it was just a small one, that we could win this year. I set myself up for disappointment. How stupid of me."

"It's not stupid. Everyone, your fans, friends, and even your fellow artists believed that you should win. That you deserved to win. You've come so far over the years, and you said it yourself, that the Grammys is the last thing you have to conquer. This fight is just going to be harder and longer than the rest."

"I'm getting tired of fighting."

"Then lean on me, and don't forget, you've got a whole ARMY behind you."

"I could never forget ARMY. Thank you. For now, I just want to forget about all this nonsense."

"I wonder what we could do to distract you..."

Yoongi smirked at her suggestive tone.

"Oh, I'm sure we can think of something."

Chapter Text

Anna couldn't wait for when BTS would finally reveal their next comeback. Along with ARMYs all around the world, she knew that they were working on a new album but had no idea when it would be released.

Now they were in Las Vegas and her soulmates were all working on secret projects which even Anna wasn't sure whether it was to do with their album, their individual mixtapes, or both. Either way, due to her wanting to preserve the surprise as a fan, she was currently exploring the city by herself.

The boys had insisted she take security, so she had a driver and protection while out of about. Anna had thought it was a little overboard, but her soulmates said that she obviously didn't realise how recognisable she was now.

Anna had been a bit lost as to where to go on her days out. Usually, she was someone who did a lot of research before going somewhere, but she'd had a lot on her mind recently as well as not a lot of free time.

While she had excepted the bodyguard - as truthfully, she didn't really want to go out alone - Anna had forgone a disguise. Her theory was that wearing a mask and hat would be more inconspicuous for her than just blending in. And for the first few days, her theory proved correct.

One day after lunch the pair were taking a bathroom break. Anna was waiting outside for her bodyguard who had given her strict instructions not to move. The two had gone from strangers to being friendly, but the guard took her security very seriously which stopped them from becoming friends.

She was people watching when Anna noticed that she was getting some curious looks. Keeping an eye on them she noticed more than one group form of people who kept glancing her way and even pointing. Trying to keep calm, she wondered what was taking her bodyguard so long and hoped he came out soon.

It all happened so fast. Once cameras appeared, Anna tried to go back into the bathroom to hide, but she found her way blocked before she could. By the questions they were shouting at her she guessed that they were paparazzi. The flashing lights and noise from their shouting made her panic and as soon as she saw a clear path, she made a run for it.

Anna had never been so grateful for her fitness regime. As a child she had been quite a good runner, taking part in a school cross country race once, but sports had never appealed to her. She was more of a creative than an athlete. However, thanks to her training it was almost too easy for her to outrun the crowd that was following her.

She could hardly remember the last time she had run like this -not on a treadmill. It was almost freeing. At some point, she stopped and after checking she had lost them, laughed in exhilaration. That was until she looked around and realised, she had no idea where she was.

Anna wandered along the street looking for a landmark or something she could use to tell security where she was. As soon as she got her phone out it started ringing.

"Where are you?"

"I'm okay but I'm not sure where I am, yet."

"What happened?"

"I got spotted and suddenly I was surrounded by reporters."

"In the bathroom?"

"I, um, was waiting for you outside..."



"Do you see anything that could help me find you? Any street signs?"


Anna looked around and did her best to describe where she was. The bodyguard used that information to work out which direction he should start going.

"Okay. Find somewhere safe to go until I find you. Don't stand on the street. Let me know where you are, okay?"


"Don't worry. Stay calm. I'll be with you soon."


"You should call the boys."

"No, no. They're busy and I don't want to worry them."


"I'm fine."

"Okay, but call me if anything happens before I reach you."

"I will. Thank you. See you soon."

Anna sighed as she put her phone away. Her hands shook a bit as the adrenaline started to wear off. While hearing a familiar voice was slightly comforting, the worry in her bodyguard's tone only made the situation more real for her.

She was wandering around trying to decide where she should take shelter when she was approached.

"Are you Anna? BTS's soulmate?"

The two girls who had come up to Anna were around her age, probably a few years younger. Giving them a once over before answering, she noticed the BT21 key rings attached to one of their bags which conformed them as ARMY. Deciding that they seemed nice enough, she decided to tell the truth.

"Yes, I am. Hello."

"Wow! We are such big fans!"

"It’s nice to meet you. I'll be sure to tell the boys about you."

"Oh, I didn't mean... Well, yes, we are huge BTS fans, of course, but I actually meant that we're fans of yours."

"Of me?"

"Yes! Not only have you made the boys of BTS really happy, but you have been such as inspiration to us."

"For me, I didn't have the courage to pursue what I really wanted to do with my life, but seeing you go after your dream I realised that it's never too late."

"That's so nice to hear. I can't believe - You don't know how much that means to me."

"We can't believe that we got to meet you!"

"What are you doing here? Are you by yourself?"

"Yeah... I got chased by some paparazzi and lost my security guy. I'm supposed to find somewhere safe to wait for him."

"Oh dear! Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. A little shaken."

"Well, if you don't mind, we were going to this cafe just around the corner, do you want to come with us?"

"That sounds great actually. Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Of course not! We ARMYs have got to stick together."

"Don't worry. We'll protect you."

"Thank you."

"I don't suppose you can tell us anything about BTS's next comeback?"

"I know as much as you do! I wanted to keep it all a surprise at first, but now the boys are taking it very seriously and won't tell me anything. However, I don't think we'll have to wait much longer."

"That's nice that they don't want to spoil it for you though."

When they reached the cafe, Anna sent the name and address to her bodyguard. While she waited for him to find her, she had a nice chat with the two ARMYs. Although she ended up having a nice time, once her security found her, she just wanted to go back to the hotel.

Anna spent the rest of the afternoon sitting by the window of her hotel room looking out at the city of Las Vegas. It wasn't a place she had ever thought she would visit. Before meeting her soulmates, she hadn't ever imagined even travelling to America, or outside Europe for that matter. A lot of things had changed over the past nine months.

For the next few days, Anna decided to stay in the hotel. She had never stayed anywhere like it. It was more like a mini village than a hotel, so there was plenty to do. Yet, it was loud and busy and so she found herself a comfy chair in the shade and did something she hadn't done in a long time: read a book. 

As a teen, Anna had been an avid reader. In a way, she could blame fanfiction for the abysmal number of books she had read over the last five or so years. Whenever she thought about reading, a story with her favourite character always appealed to her more than a 'real' book.

"Honey? I heard you haven't left the hotel since the incident."

Anna was getting ready to go out to dinner when Jin joined her in her room.

"Maybe I just felt like relaxing at the hotel."

Her oldest soulmate walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, being careful of his cast. He kissed the side of her head.

"That's fine. If it’s what you want to do."

Anna leaned back into Jin's embrace, feeling small but safe in his arms.

"Perhaps it scared me more than I thought."

"I'd be impressed but very surprised if you weren't scared. You can take extra security with you."

"I'll think about it."

"As long as you're happy."

Turning around in his arms, Anna reached up and gave Jin a sweet kiss.

"I'm with you. I couldn't be happier."

"Aww, you're so cheesy."


Jin just smiled in response to Anna's raised eyebrow and changed the subject.

"You look beautiful. Are you ready to go?"

After they got back from dinner, they all gathered in Jungkook's room for the evening. She was curled up against Jungkook on the sofa listening to the boys talk and laugh and occasionally chiming in herself. Although her soulmates had been busy working, Anna had still got to spend a lot of time with them on this holiday. Their quiet evenings in, like this one, had been the highlight of the trip.

When she felt her phone buzz, she was very surprised as she usually had it on silent. What was even more surprising was that she had actually got a notification, as for some reason it was always a bit hit and miss when it came to receiving them. 

Anna froze when she saw what the notification was for. BANGTANTV had uploaded a new YouTube video. Sitting up she played the video and tried not to get too excited before she knew what it was about.

The scream she let out at the end of the video made her soulmates jump in surprise. They watched her start bouncing in her seat and shrieking unintelligibly and wondered what on earth had happened. Jungkook grabbed her phone and looked at the screen.

"Oh! They announced our comeback."

The boys relaxed back in their seats as they understood what was going on but then leapt forwards as Anna slipped off the sofa in her excitement.

"I can't believe you didn't tell me!"

"But isn't it so much more fun to be surprised like this!"

"No! Yes... I'm so excited!"

Her soulmates chuckled as Anna proceeded to watch the video a few more times.

"I hope you're this excited when they announce your own debut."

"I have a feeling we'll be the excited fans when that happens."

"Maybe, but don't expect me to act like that."

Yoongi nodded at Anna who was wiping a stray tear away whilst replaying the video with a big smile on her face.

"I have a feeling that this comeback is going to be like nothing we've ever done before."

Chapter Text

When they got back to Korea, the company was full of busy energy. Now that BTS's comeback had been officially released, they had less than two months to make sure that everything was ready. They knew that this comeback was going to be huge as their fanbase had grown exponentially since their last album. The eyes of the world were going to be on them, and it was a little daunting, to say the least.

Anna was a little lost. Before Vegas, she had been working on her album, which was with one of the company's main producers for final editing. She had come up with ideas for concepts as Bang PD had asked and now all she needed was to present her ideas to him. However, Hitman Bang was a very busy man, particularly at the moment with TXT's comeback being imminent.


In the HYBE cafe, Anna was meeting Yeonjun for lunch.

"Hey! How are you? It feels like forever since we last met up."

"I'm okay. It's so good to see you. Did you have fun in Vegas?"

"It was a very exciting trip. Yes."

"What was it like going to the Grammys?"

"It was... an experience. It was very formal but chaotic. I felt very out of place, to be honest, but BTS's performance was amazing. I'm so proud of them."

"I saw you on the red carpet."


"When you arrived in the car with BTS Sunbae-nims and Bang PD-nim. You looked very pretty."

"Oh! Really? Thank you. The only thing that kept me calm was that everyone's attention would be on the boys and not me."

"Umm, Noona, that might have been the case for most people, but you didn't go unnoticed."

"What do you mean?"

"Your fans were talking about you all over social media. They liked seeing you out and about, all dressed up, and ARMY liked seeing you supporting BTS."

"It's still weird to hear that I have fans."

"It won't take you long to get used to it. As soon as you debut and have your first performance, your fans will mean everything to you. Start thinking of a name for them now."

"A name? How do I come up with a name?!"

"Don't worry. One day it'll just come to you."

"A thought for another day. Do you know what the weirdest thing about being in America was?"


"Speaking English."


"Yeah. I didn't realise how little I'd been speaking it."

"Do you not speak with Namjoon-Hyung in English?"

"Occasionally, but only really when he wants to practice for an English interview or something."

"We could have some English time."

"English time?"

"We can make meeting up for lunch a regular thing and speak only English."

"You just want to practice for your comeback. Are you going on a World Tour?"

"I don't need practice. Did you see the teasers, Noona?"

"I did! You boys look more grown up with each comeback."

"Noona! We're not that much younger than you."

"There might only be a few years between us, but Heuningkai is a baby!"

"And he knows how to use that to his advantage."

"Jungkookie does too."

"Any news on your debut?"

"No. I'm waiting for Bang PD to be free for a meeting to talk about it."

"The wo