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An Indescribable Feeling

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Jimin was on stage when he felt it. A warm, comforting feeling, like someone had wrapped their arms around him in a hug. He glanced out into the crowd. They must be out there. Jimin could barely control his excitement and focus on his performance.

It was the second half of the concert and all the members were spread around the stages, interacting with ARMY. Jimin debated whether he should inform the other members of his discovery, or if he should wait until they are backstage again.

He forced himself to move on from this section of the stage and he felt the warmth fade. As he crossed paths with Suga he gestured for him to remove his earpiece before whispering in his ear.

“I can feel them. Somewhere over there.”

Suga raised his eyebrows and gave Jimin a nod before heading over to where Jimin had been. He tried not to react as a feeling of peace washed over him. A relaxing, content feeling, as if all his worries had disappeared. He too searched the crowd. I will find you. Yoongi almost forgot he was meant to be giving a performance until someone nudged him.

Yoongi looked round to find Jin beside him with a concerned expression. He gave him a nod to show he was fine and watched a Jin’s expression changed to one of shock. Jin felt it too.

Jin was staring a Suga who had seemed distracted when a feeling of joy overcame him, and he could’ve sworn he heard a faint laugh echoing in his ears. Suga nodded at him and walked away as Jin looked out into the crowd. I can’t wait to make you laugh. The sudden absence of music brought him back to reality and Jin realised that the song had ended.

The other members are going to be so excited.