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Aoi sat in her desk, chin resting on her hand, moving her pencil as she glared at Nene, her friend since middle school. She was spaced out again, as usual, Aoi wondered what was going on in Nene’s mind, but she herself, was in a problem.
All the boys in her class confessed their love to her, they were pretty handsome young boys, no lie there, but for some reason, she didn’t feel anything for them, she always turned them down, and she has never once talked about Minamoto Teru like the other girls do, including her best friend Nene.
But for some reason, something about Nene made her happy and warm inside. Every Time she saw her smile, she gets butterflies in her stomach and doesn’t want that smile to go away. Nene usually loved scary stories, so even if Aoi herself disliked them and was a bit afraid, she would do anything she could to find new rumors to share to her friend.
She never noticed her true feelings until that day.

Aoi and Nene were in the garden, along with Akane and Lemon. Aoi and Nene were planting veggies together, and the boys were picking the veggies that were ready. “Nene-Chan, do you wanna go to a cafe later after school?” Aoi asked her friend while holding her hand with a gentle smile. “Oh, um, sure! That sounds nice”., Nene said as she had a nervous expression on her face.
Yamabuki turned to them, and with a neutral expression, he said “Dang y’all even going on dates now? At this rate you two could get married and I wouldn’t even be surprised.”
Aoi felt a small chill in her spine, along with intense heat in her cheeks. “Wha-what now?” She asked with a nervous smile on her face”.
“Yeah I mean if I didn’t know you two I would think y’all are dating or some shit.” Nene stood still, without words, just a blank expression. Aoi on the other hand, was shaking, sweating, and trying to hold a smile. She thinks to herself...
“A what, we? dating? I-, is that what it looks like, is this, what, wait, no, she is my friend, I can't possibly be in love with he--”
Aoi turns back to look at her friend. Her hair was shiny and long, her eyes were bright, big, and a shiny color of red, and her face was small and delicate…..
Aoi’s body let go of every tension, her eyes wide open. She has always seen Nene in a different light then everyone else. She didn’t know what it meant back then, but Yamabuki’s words hit her, made her realize……
“I’ve been in love with Nene this entire time” she finally thought.
“Aoi! Are you alright! You haven’t said a word since Yamabuki spoke! Is everything okay?”. Aoi finally snapped back into reality.

“Oh I...I’ve gotta go! The sun is making me feel dizzy, and I am starting to feel light headed, I’ll see you guys tomorrow!” Aoi declared as she ran inside the building.
She finally got to the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror, SO, that has been the answer the entire time, right under my nose. I don’t like guys, I like girls
The realization made Aoi feel odd but very free.
“I’m in love with her! That’s the reason I always feel strange around her!” She said to herself while smiling. Aoi headed back to her locker to get her stuff ready to go home.

“Dude, what the hell were you thinking saying THAT to Ao-chan!???” Akane said as him and Yamabuki walked out of the school.
Yamabuki smiled and closed his eyes. “I just woke her up, Akane-kun, but I’ve known that Aoi likes girls since I saw her and
Nene talking for the first time, it was about time she realized it.”. Akane-kun looked at him with a shocked expression.
“How did you know that? I’ve known Ao-chan since we were freaking toddlers, I would have known!”
Yamabuki gave him a blank stare and said,

“Because I went through the same as her.”.