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Dirty Prompt Series

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He is the monster under your bed. Preying on the weak and frail at night. He is the creaking in your closet. Waiting for you to fall asleep before he pounces. He is the mist in the corner of your eyes. Easing you into false comfort before capturing his meal.

No one has an idea of what he looks like. Some say he is a tall willow tree tapping on your window at night. Some say he is short and stout with hundreds of writhing tentacles. Others even say he looks just like a normal man dressed in a fine suit, catching you off guard with his civil demeanor. Only one person knows for sure what and who he is. The one person is very special to this beast, as he is just as special to her.

One night he came to her, weak for her attention and needy for her touch. She grabbed his face and brought him close.

"What big eyes you have," she had said. He weakened into her hold, more than happy to be there at that moment.

"Better to see you with," he would say. Happy he was to see her with those all too big eyes.

He would lay her down in the bed, holding her so dear as he would undress her. Using those eyes to explore every revealing inch of her. Observe every curve of her beautiful body. He couldn't help it, she was too perfect to look away.

As she lay so vulnerable for him she would say, "What big ears you have."

"Better to hear you with," he answers.

Her voice was so gentle during these nights, soft and full of so much. Sometimes he would sit there and listen to her talk for hours. He adored her so. His most favorite noise was more fulfilling than her voice.

When she would lay bare before him his hands couldn't help but caress, feeling every dip and edge of her soft skin. Groping her hips and chest with eager hands. She adored every second of it, purring and groaning for him. It was a melody to him, a song as old as time. He could listen so her lusty groans for years to come and still never grow bored. She was too perfect to block out.

As he traveled down her body she would say, "What big teeth you have."

"Better to eat you with," he would laugh.

Her body made the most delectable juices just for him. Her flavor would explode on his tongue every time he took a taste. Devouring her with the utmost attention and devotion. He adores her wet cunt, always overindulging when he is allowed a lick. It's almost sad when she comes, too sensitive to allow him more. Because she is too perfect to not want a taste.

Their night can never finish there. When her proclamations died from her lips as hunger drives her he has no choice but to fall victim to her needs. Driving himself into her with utter fascination.

Watching her wiggle and writhe is a sight he never grows tired of. Her face contorted in the purest of agony as he gives her everything he has. Her rise and fall of her chest, bouncing of her breast with each thrust. The way her fingers dig into the bedpost to find purchase. It's all beautiful to watch.

Hearing her whimpers and cries spurs him on. He aims to make her louder every time he visits, hoping the whole world understands how blessed he feels when he gets to be inside her. All he wants is to please her, thanking her for everything she does for him. Her wonderful exclamations fill his heart and fuel his need for her.

Tasting her moans as he delves in for a kiss, stealing her peaking screams is everything to him. The affirmation she shouts near his ears is what always tips him over the edge with her. Licking along her neck as he pumps her full with his love is better than any treat.

Those nights when the silence is at its peak is where they both feel the most sated. Holding each other long after their bodies relax is all they ever need. She loves him despite his horrid ways. He loves her though she is but a frail creature. In those nights nothing else matters. No one can hurt them and neither will hurt each other. Trust, love, devotion is all they want and need in this cruel world.