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Love and Family

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“Ayumi-san! Ayumi-san, wake up!”

Ayumi cracked open his eyes, squinting against the light coming in through a slit in the curtains. He saw Kotaro’s face leaning over him, and the teary expression on it snapped him awake in an instant. He sat up in bed. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Kotaro! I...I went out in the hallway to pick up the paper, and all of a sudden, she was gone! She just bolted out of the door past me and ran off! And when I went to look for her, I couldn’t find her.” A tear began to drip down his face as he pleaded, “Please, Ayumi-san, you have to do something!”

Ayumi nodded silently, throwing off the covers and locating some clothes. Throwing on underwear and pants, he turned back to the bed where his husband was waiting for him quietly, tears streaking down his cheeks. Ayumi knelt on the bed next to him. “It’s fine. You go ahead and get ready for work. I’ll find her. Don’t worry.” Swiftly, he kissed Kotaro and left the room, grabbing a shirt and shrugging into it on the way out.

His search took him much longer than he thought. He had assumed that the cat would turn up somewhere in one of the hallways, but as Kotaro had said, she was nowhere to be found, even though he went to every floor of their building. He wound up outside, looking through bushes to see if the cat had somehow gotten out. He kept searching long after Kotaro had left for work, and even after the sun marked noontime in the sky. Eventually, after he had searched everywhere he could think of around their building, he went back inside with the intention of asking the neighbors one by one if they had seen her. But when he arrived at the apartment, there, sleeping in front of the door, was Kotaro.

Ayumi stared down at the cat for a moment, then bent down to scoop her up into one arm. She opened her eyes and looked up at him before yawning broadly, and he could swear there was a grin on her face. As he unlocked the door, he mumbled at her, “Pleased with yourself for making such a fuss, aren’t you? You’ll have to answer to Okaasan, he’s been worried about you all day.” He made sure the door was shut firmly behind him before releasing the cat into the apartment. Pulling out his phone, he took a picture of her and sent it to Kotaro, reassuring him that their cat had come back safely. He was overjoyed, and made his thanks to Ayumi abundantly clear when he returned home that evening.

And, for a month, the matter was forgotten...until the cat’s growing belly became too large to miss. Concerned, Kotaro took her to the vet, and was told that she was due to have a litter of kittens within the next month. Overnight, he turned into an overly doting parent, reading all the articles, books, and online forums he could about cat pregnancy, and buying a mountain of products in preparation for the birth. Every day, he gushed about her growth, and even took to preparing her evening meal from scratch. Ayumi watched the whole production with a mix of amusement and love for his husband, trying his best to calm the ever-growing storm that was Kotaro’s anxiety and excitement.

Finally, one evening, Ayumi was woken up by Kotaro’s insistent shaking. “Ayumi-san! Ayumi-san! Come see, the kittens are here!”

Blinking in the darkness, Ayumi looked up just in time to see his husband scamper out of the bedroom. Groaning, he dragged himself out of the covers, shuffling out of their room into the sudden brightness of the living room. He grunted, “Turn the light off?”

“Oh! Sorry, Ayumi-san. But first, come look at them! Aren’t they perfect?” Kotaro’s beaming face turned back to the bed in the corner he was crouched down in front of.

Obediently, Ayumi went over to the corner, leaning over his husband to get a look at the kittens. There were three of them, small balls of fur, curled up between the paws of the proud-looking Kotaro. All three of them were dark colored like their mother, with their eyes squeezed shut against the world they had just entered.

Under his breath, Kotaro cooed, “Aren’t they just lovely? And look, Ayumi-san, their ears are so tiny!” He stretched his hand out as if he wanted to touch one, but stopped himself.

Ayumi grunted in agreement. “Can we turn off the light now?”

“Ah, yes, sorry! Of course! I’ll get it right away!” Kotaro scrambled up and darted over to the light switch, flicking it off. Now the room was illuminated only by the small amount of moonlight that crept in through the cracks between the curtains.

Slowly, Kotaro made his way back over to the corner in the dark, reaching his hands out to feel his way. Ayumi, whose eyes were better adjusted to this amount of light, grabbed his hand when it came within his reach, pulling Kotaro’s body flush against his own with a smooth motion. As he hugged his husband tight to himself, he said, “How do you feel, now that we’re parents?”

Kotaro gasped up at him, eyes wide in the darkness. “Oh...I guess we are, aren’t we?”

Ayumi felt his dick twitch. Fuck. He hadn’t meant to arouse himself with his own words. He dipped his head down, sealing his mouth over Kotaro’s firmly. He felt the other man twitch in his grasp before melting into him. Ayumi trailed his hand down Kotaro’s chest, slipping into the waistband of his pants and cupping around his crotch.

Breaking away, Kotaro scolded in a whisper, “Ayumi-san! Not in front of the kittens!”

He stared down at Kotaro for a second, thinking how adorably ridiculous this statement was. Outwardly, though, he simply grunted in acknowledgment and lifted Kotaro up, carrying him over and plopping him down on the couch in a seated position. He dropped to his knees in front of the couch, yanking down Kotaro’s loose pants and taking him inside his mouth in one swift motion.

His husband jerked from the suddenness of the action, letting out a small cry that he instantly tried to stifle with a hand. Ayumi focused on the dick in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it, massaging it with his lips, encouraging it to stiffen within him. And, very quickly, it responded. Ayumi felt his own cock harden in response to the sensation of Kotaro growing larger in his mouth. As soon as he felt it fully harden, he sucked on it deeply, moving his head up and down in firm motions. Kotaro’s hips bucked up into him, and he lifted his gaze up to see his beautiful husband, both hands now clasped over his mouth, staring down at him with adorably teary eyes.

Fuck. Why was this man so alluring? Ayumi was overpowered with the urge to stir him up until he was a quivering mess. He thrust his head back down on the dick in his mouth, and began moving more quickly, urging Kotaro on to his climax. Muffled moans came from behind his hands, and Kotaro dropped them down a little to moan, “A-Ayumi-san, I’m going to…” The next second his entire body spasmed as he released himself inside of Ayumi’s mouth.

Ayumi waited patiently until he was sure Kotaro had spent himself fully before standing up. He pulled the panting Kotaro up by his waist, guiding him with his hands until Kotaro was standing, pants around his ankles, bent over with his hands gripping the back of the couch. He looked over his shoulder at Ayumi, red-faced and breathless, and asked, “Ayumi-san, what…”

But Ayumi didn’t wait to give an explanation. He grasped his husband’s ass firmly, spreading it apart to expose his twitching hole. Using two fingers, he opened the hole and then lowered his head down, opening his mouth and allowing the load of semen he was carrying to dribble inside.

Kotaro cried out as he felt the liquid enter him, and said weakly, “Ayumi-san, that’s...that’s dirty…”

Thoroughly ignoring this feeble protest, the dark-haired man probed his tongue inside, making sure that all of the cum had gotten in. This effectively cut off his husband’s words, as they instead turned into a whimper. Straightening up, Ayumi lined up the head of his erection with the twitching, inviting entrance in front of him.

“Ah, wait, I’m not...aaaah!” Kotaro’s words once again turned into sounds of pleasure as he was slowly entered.

Leaning over his body, Ayumi breathed into his ear, “If you’re not ready, why is your body accepting me so readily?”

“That...that’s because...we had sex earlier…” Kotaro turned his face away, but his red ears betrayed his emotions.

How was he supposed to keep himself calm when he was presented with this adorably sexy man? Grasping tightly onto Kotaro’s hips, he pulled himself out slowly, watching his husband’s back curve in pleasure. He slammed himself firmly back inside, enjoying the positively dirty squelching noise it made as he began fucking Kotaro in a mixture of both of their cum and lube from their earlier lovemaking. His hands roamed all over his husband’s backside, traveling from his full ass, over his spine, to his shoulders, and around to his chest, where he pinched Kotaro’s nipples with almost cruel force. But when he cried out from the sensation, Ayumi released his grip and began rubbing gentle circles over the now-stiff nubs instead, until Kotaro was panting under his hands.

These noises raised Ayumi’s desire, and he suddenly wanted to be deeper inside of the other man. He straightened his body up and grabbed one of Kotaro’s legs, lifting it up by the satisfyingly plump flesh of the thigh, and wrapping it around his own waist. He let out a small grunt as he felt himself driving a little deeper into Kotaro’s spread-out opening. If his cries were any indication, Kotaro seemed to notice the new depth, too. Ayumi watched with satisfaction as his husband’s hands tightened their hold on the back of the couch, gripping it so tightly he was worried the upholstery might rip. Well, if it did, that was fine. They’d just have to be sure to use this section of the couch the next time they had sex in this position.

Kotaro’s urgent voice lifted Ayumi from his ponderings about the state of the furniture. “Ayumi...san...please…dee-heeper, pleeease…” He turned his head around to look at his husband, and the tears in his red face struck straight to Ayumi’s heart.

He nodded once, and replied, “Hold on tight.” Obediently, the smaller man gripped even tighter as Ayumi placed one hand underneath his abdomen, ready to catch his weight, and lifted Kotaro’s leg with his free hand. Now both of Kotaro’s legs were wrapped securely around his waist, and Ayumi switched his grip so that both hands were supporting Kotaro’s torso. He felt his husband clamp his legs tightly as he began thrusting again, and immediately Kotaro began crying out, louder than before.

Soon words began spilling out of his mouth, all a jumble. “Ahh, Ayumi-san, that...that feels so’re so deep inside...ah-aaaah…I think I’m going to...AAAAAH!” His body tightened and his back arched up out of the support of Ayumi’s hands as he shook all over, quivering and tightening around the dick seated inside of him.

Finally, the shaking stopped, and Ayumi gently guided his body down so that he was kneeling on the couch, panting heavily. Ayumi flipped him over, and was surprised to see that there wasn’t any trace of cum on his lover. “Ohh, so you came just from the back, did you, Kotaro?” he asked in a husky voice. Kotaro’s eyes looked up at him blearily, and Ayumi gritted his teeth against the sudden urge to be back inside of his husband. He reached down and hooked his arms underneath Kotaro’s thighs, threading his hands together behind his back. Making sure his grip was secure, he lifted up the other man, straightening up and pulling their bodies together. Positioning his cock at Kotaro’s opening, he murmured, “Was that enough for you? Or do you still want to come from the front, too?”

The younger man wrapped his arms around Ayumi’s neck and met his gaze with his wide, beautiful eyes. “Y-yes, I want you to make me come again,” he whispered, and leaned forward for a kiss.

This was entirely too much. Roughly, Ayumi thrust himself back inside, and his husband broke their kiss apart abruptly, letting out a sharp moan. “Ah, it feels so good...since I just came from sensitive...aaah!” Kotaro’s head flopped backwards with the force of his lover’s thrusts. Ayumi took advantage of this to spread kisses and bites on his neck, savoring the sweet taste of his husband’s moans.

As he felt himself nearing completion, Ayumi drew his head back and said, “Kotaro, aren’t you being too loud? Did you forget that the children are sleeping?”

He felt Kotaro’s insides twitch around him at his words. “A-ah, sorry, Ayumi-san, I can’t help feels so…” Ayumi cut off his words with his lips crashing down on Kotaro’s. As his cock pulsed with his release, he thrust his tongue inside his husband’s mouth too, insistently coaxing the other man to orgasm with him.

He felt Kotaro shudder and then the splatter of warm liquid on his stomach. When he had spent himself fully, he withdrew his tongue and his cock from inside his husband, but kept holding him up so that he could see Kotaro’s languid expression that he always wore after their lovemaking. This was one of Ayumi’s favorite expressions on his husband, and he spent a few seconds drinking in the face illuminated by moonlight. Then he pressed a short kiss to Kotaro’s lips and said, “Why don’t you go back to bed, and I’ll check on the children to make sure they’re all right?”

Kotaro drew in his breath sharply, and asked, “Ayumi-san, are you sure that’s alright? Don’t you want to go back to bed?”

Ayumi shook his head and began walking towards their bedroom. “No, you’re the one who has to work in the morning. I’ll be fine. I know you’ve been losing a lot of sleep lately checking on Kotaro in the middle of the night.” He kicked their door open a little more so they could enter, and placed his husband carefully on the bed.

“I’m sorry if I’ve been waking you up at night.” Kotaro looked up at him with a bit of apprehension.

“Mn. It’s not a problem. I’m more worried about your health. So go to sleep. I’ll be back soon.” Kissing the top of his husband’s head, Ayumi turned and went back to check on the kittens, trying his best to remember the things Kotaro had said about taking care of newborns.

The next morning, Kotaro awoke early, feeling anxious from the moment his eyes opened. He rushed out of the bedroom to check on the kittens, and breathed a little sigh of relief when Kotaro blinked slowly up at him from where she was nursing. He smiled gently, and busied himself with making her breakfast before getting himself ready for work. He moved as quietly as possible so as not to disturb his husband’s sleeping form. Just before he left the apartment, he darted back in to take several pictures of the kittens, grinning unknowingly.

He spent his commute to the office thinking happily about the new kittens, and remembered vividly how Ayumi had called them their children. He smiled happily, and looked at his wedding band. It was like they were even more of a family now, with Kotaro and the new kittens. The closer he got to his work, the more the idea weighed on him. He was a parent now, and in a happy marriage to support them. He stood outside of the front door, staring at his hand. Usually he would have taken the ring off by now, but something about that action felt wrong today. It felt like he would be denying his growing family by removing it. He steeled his resolve and gripped his hand into a tight fist, then opened the door with firm determination, ready to face the questions of his colleagues.

He didn’t have to wait long. As soon as he entered the office, he was greeted by Akari’s cheerful smile. “Ah, Minegishi, good morning!” he chirped, and his eyes immediately went to the glint of Kotaro’s ring. His smile turned slightly devilish as he purred, “Ooh, what’s this, now? A wedding ring?” He darted forward and grabbed Kotaro’s hand, holding up the ring to his face. “Ah, it’s very nice! Now, who would our Minegishi have gotten married to so suddenly, hmm?” His eyes crinkled as his smile widened even further.

Although he could feel his face burning scarlet, Kotaro stood his ground firmly. Pulling his hand away, he replied, “You know perfectly well who I’m...married to.” Although he was sure he was red down to his neck now, it felt surprisingly good to say the words out loud.

Akari rested his pointer finger coyly on his chin. “Yep, I sure do! But you were trying to hide it from me until now. Why the sudden change, hmm?”

Kotaro’s face broke into an unbidden smile. “Well, you see, our cat had kittens last night!”

Immediately, Akari’s eyes sparkled as he gushed, “Kittens! Aww, how precious! Do you have any pictures?”

“Of course!” Digging his phone out, Kotaro proudly showed Akari the pictures he had taken that morning.

“Aww, so adorable!” Akari gushed. Then he raised his gaze and said slyly, “So, I suppose that you’re a mother now, aren’t you?”

“Ah...that’s um...well, I suppose so,” Kotaro replied, looking sideways.

“That’s so great for you! Congratulations!” Akari’s smile looked much more genuine this time as he said in a slightly subdued tone, “You didn’t talk to me about it before, so I never got to say it, but congratulations on your marriage. I hope you two will be happy.”

Kotaro smiled softly in response. “Yeah. I know we will. Thank you, Akari-san.” He was starting to wonder why he had even bothered hiding his wedding ring in his workplace.

Suddenly, Akari’s face split back into his devilish grin. He turned around and called, “Hey, everyone, come see the pictures of Minegishi’s cute new kittens! He has lots of news to share with us!”

Kotaro groaned, and amended his earlier thought. He hadn’t been so foolish to hide it after all. But still, the embarrassment was well worth it, for his adorable little family.