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Most beautiful Man in the world

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Bai Yu just woke up from one surgery where he had seen the most beautiful man in the world.

"Who are you?" he asks

"Silly, I'm your husband, Xiao Bai"

"We know each other? " said Bai Yu

"Of course" and Zhu Yi Long show him their wedding ring and also their home screen who was the photoshoot of their marriage

"I'm married to you?"

"Oh yes, we are very happy and very lucky to be married to you, you are so gorgeous and so pretty"

"You are also gorgeous I thought you were one handsome nurse"

Zhu Yi Long was laughing à little and say "I can be your handsome nurse at home"

"If we are married, can I kiss you maybe it makes me remind of some stuff"

"You don't need to ask"

Then Bai Yu kiss Zhu Yi Long and at the same time touch him everywhere "Damn you are just beautiful everywhere, and you have handsome arms and Also one very good ass"

Zhu Yi Long lost it totally and was laughing and he kiss him "I'm the most Lucky man in the world to be married to you"