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He is just getting off a long shift of watching diplomats mull about the Presidium -and altogether doing nothing important with his time - and heading back to C-Sec academy to clock his hours when an Asari in a long, sleek dress approaches.

"Excuse me, Officer," she says as she points a manicured finger to a human woman sitting on a Presidium bench across the way. "But that human is acting really suspicious and I, myself, feel very uncomfortable."

Garrus looks towards the person in question, watching and gauging the situation. Her red hair flutters with each bob of her head from the grassy bank of the artificial lake at her feet to an object in her lap, her hand fiercely swiping over its surface. It's with a long, tired sigh that he concludes, Yep, definitely acting suspicious, and of course it's after a long day.

He nods at the Asari, too tired to correctly respond, and begins to head over to the human woman.

Joining C-Sec, Garrus thought his days would be spent helping people or working against criminals, but since leaving his military posting and joining, he's been doing nothing but standing around the Presidium, trying to look too busy to enjoy the view, or walking the Presidium, trying to look too busy to enjoy the view. Every shift leaves him itching at his plates for something to do and despite the assurance that this posting won't last much longer, he's been here for months and thinks some of it may be his father's doing.

As he approaches the human woman, still too absorbed in what she's doing to notice him, he gets a closer look at her and the mysterious object she seems so interested in.

In her lap lies a tablet, though one made of actual parchment like some of the fancier restaurants here on the Citadel use. She scribbles onto it with a small black bar that reminds him of the kind young Turians use to apply their colony marks before becoming permanent.

Her red fringe looks like a crest with a few framing her face that bob as she jerks her head up, then down, drawing the fountains and surrounding scene in the lake before her. It isn't until he clears his throat, louder than he expected, that she starts.

"Oh." She looks up to see him standing just out of the view she was so intent on. A small smile lifts at the corners of her mouth as she says, "Sorry officer, I didn't even see you standing there."

Garrus finds himself tilting a mandible out, hoping she can tell it is friendly, and responds, "There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding here, I was asked to come over because someone said you seemed to be acting suspicious."

Her smile turns quickly to a smirk as she lifts a single red brow. "Well, officer, I can assure you that this kind fountain has done me the honor of granting me the permission to draw it if you're worried."

She holds the parchment up to Garrus, offering, "Here, you can check. I guarantee no illicit content within my sketchbook…" That smirk returns as she chuckles. "Those are in the other book…"

Thumbing through the pages she has filled with various drawings of different locations within the Citadel, from various Presidium locations to views from different Wards, he barely catches that. Despite himself, he lets out a soft laugh, her quick remark making him feel a bit lighter after his long day.

He hands her the book back, relaxing out of the stern officer stance and letting his arms sit looser on his shoulders. They are subtle changes that she might not recognize but leave him in a friendlier stance. Not usual to do for someone he just met, but he blames it on the last few stifling months.

"Well," he begins, "I was leaving my shift when I was asked to check up on you and since technically you aren't doing anything illegal, there's nothing I really can do to stop you. However, I can bet that I won't be the only C-Sec officer sent over here to check on you if you decide to stay."

She smirks as she begins to close the sketchbook. "So, you're saying the next guy won't be as nice as you?"

"We can't really do anything to you, but so long as we keep getting complaints, someone will have to come over." He leans back onto his left foot, a fleeting moment of confusion as to why he is getting so comfortable around her that passes quickly. "A stupid policy if you ask me, but I'd advise that you probably should call it a day, as you humans say."

She chuckles. "Well, Officer…"

"Vakarian," he supplies with a slight smirk.

"Well, Officer Vakarian, I shall take your expert advice and I will leave so that I do not cause any incidents by my frantic scribbling." At that, she stands, looks to something behind him and to his left, and makes an exaggerated bow, complete with her twirling her hand. As she walks off, sketchbook in hand, he turns to the Academy, catching sight of the same Asari from earlier fuming from her position off to his left.

It wasn't until the human was out of sight that he realizes he never got her name.