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Welcome to the Cartoonishly Strange New World

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In the middle of a library with bookshelves everywhere, many of them lined with copies of long told fairytales and others with novelisations of famous movies, stood an armchair with a little side table next to it on which sat a steaming mug and a few biscuits. The face of the being sat in the armchair was obscured by the book she was reading, but behind it, wavy shoulder length locks of blonde hair could be seen from the sides. She read aloud from the book in her hands, “‘There were once three friends who trained to fight, aspiring to be the new guardians of light.’” As she read, flashes of the three in question flooded her mind and found themselves projected around the chair she’s seated in. One of them, a tall and dark haired male, was seen carving through numerous purple creatures in a castle foyer. Another, a short, blonde haired male was seen fighting a similarly built young man wearing a helmet with a fully blacked out visor. The last, a slim, blue haired female was seen struggling to her feet with the aid of an anthropomorphic mouse. All three were in their late teens. The reader continued, “‘Their journeys were all plagued by trials and tribulations, but who were they fighting against, that needed speculation.’ It’s a fantasy tale with villains lurking around every corner, some even hiding in plain sight. But it leaves out the one thing neither end of the scale would have expected,” and with that the book was lowered showing the reader and therefore speaker to be a grinning white woman that looked like she was in her thirties who then said, “The arrival of the Time Lord!” She then swiped her hand across and treated her audience to more flashes of her and the three pictured. Some in the control room of a what could be described as a spaceship as a blue box barrels down a vortex, some show interactions with Disney characters, some show them running down a hallway and still others show brawls with more monsters. This montage concludes on a shot of the four in various postures around the blue box from the vortex as a voice from out of nowhere announces, “Coming soon to BBC One, Britbox and Disney+.”