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Alina Shelley-Wayne Meets the Batfamily

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Alina hummed as she kicked her legs back and forth, sitting patiently in a wooden chair. It was a nice chair. It was weird to think, 'cause all chairs were nice, but this chair just seemed more… fancier. Maybe that's 'cause she was currently in a big, fancy mansion, so everything just seemed bigger and fancier.

A big, fancy mansion that was her new big, fancy home. With her new big, fancy family.

"Here you are, young Miss Alina," the kind old man named Alfred said as he placed down a plate of cooked vegetables and cut-up steak. Don't tell other kids this, but she actually really liked vegetables. Carrots were her favorite.

"Thank you, Mister Alfred." Alina smiled up at him, placing her prized Batman doll down in her lap and grabbing the fork beside the plate.

"Just Alfred is quite alright, young miss." Alfred smiled back at her.

"But you're so polite and nice and formal. I have to be polite and nice and formal too," Alina explained as she put some carrots and peas in her mouth.

"I assure you, you are polite and nice and formal enough, young miss. Perhaps the most well-behaved kid I've had in this house," Alfred answered. Alina smiled bigger at him as she swallowed the food in her mouth.

"The carrots are really tasty," she complimented. "I wanna learn how to make stuff like this one day. I can only make Mac and Cheese, and sometimes brownies if my mom is helping."

"Well, I can teach you how to cook a variety of meals one day, if you'd like me too."

Alina nodded eagerly. "Mhm! I wanna learn how to make those fancy layered cakes!" She shoved a piece of steak into her mouth and started chewing, kicking her legs again in excitement.

Alfred let out a short, warm chuckle. "Those certainly aren't my expertise, but no harm in learning and trying."

There was a welcomed lull in conversation as Alina continued to eat her dinner. Her thoughts kept bouncing from one thing to another. New family, her mother, how delicious this food was, what happened with the Joker, her new house, learning to make new food…

"So, young Miss Alina, are you prepared to meet your siblings tomorrow? They can be quite a lot," Alfred spoke.

Alina hesitated for a moment, tilting her head as she thought.

Then her face broke out into a big grin. "Yes."