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As kids, Izuku and Katsuki would always play pretend.

Sometimes they would fight dragons, other times they would play house. But many times they would play heroes. They would watch an All Might movie, and imagine what the feeling of being actual heroes is like, they had super hero names, costumes, matching ‘power’ rings (ring pops), and even an agency. Katsuki would tell Izuku how one day they would have their own agency, be the bosses and hire cool sidekicks to work under them, and they would be the coolest heroes to ever exist. Izuku loved this idea, he would always imagine heroes working under him, pro heroes from all over coming to their agency. He imagined being able to help everyone in need. He also imagined working beside Katsuki, someone so amazing, choosing to have Izuku as his hero partner, Izuku was beyond ecstatic at that realization, he promised Katsuki that he wouldnt fail, and they would become the number one hero duo and be the best they could be. Katsuki would smirk and reply with a “damn right, deku!” and a huge grin breaking across his face.

Izuku was never one to give up. After the promise they had made each other, Izuku loved to hold on to the thought of becoming a hero duo and being able to fight alongside Katsuki as his job. He even held onto the thought, and dream all throughout their childhood. When Katsuki started bullying him harder, both physically and verbally, he held onto what he could of the lost days from their childhood. When he inherited One For All he felt like he and Katsuki were on the same level again, and as the years of Highschool flew by, he felt as though that was becoming their reality.

He and Katsuki came as a package deal for the most part, both ending up interning with Endevor, and then Muriko. Towards the end of highschool they filled out their sidekick applications together, there was no debate that they were going to work at the same agency, many of the agencies asked for them both to work for them anyways due to their chemistry and relationship. It was also around this time that Izuku had accepted his feelings for Katsuki, knowing he had always felt admiration, and something else, which he realized was love. It didn't shock him as he thought it would, one day he was just sitting with Katsuki in his dorm and just thought ‘yeah, i’m in love with Kacchan.’ and things progressed as normal.

They moved in together after Highschool to cut expenses and for convenience, since they worked at the same agency, and it worked, they made it work, they had always been at each other's side so it just made sense. They both quickly gained popularity, climbing the ranks and ending up within the top 10 by the end of their second year out in the field. They became known as the ‘Wonder duo’ as they had always wanted, after they returned home from the Hero Billboard event, Katsuki had hugged Izuku for the first time since they were kids, Izuku bawled his eyes out, and even Katsuki shed a tear or two, they hugged for who knows how long, they had embraced for however long they wanted to, and neither complained, though when they reluctantly pulled away, there was something that lingered between them, an energy neither could explain, but they left it alone, too scared to what it may lead to.

The next few years continued like this, Izuku and Katsuki dancing around each other in a delicate but complicated routine. Sure it confused Izuku, but fear had always blocked him from reaching out of his mind to reach out for Katsuki.


“Good morning Kacchan, how are you feeling?” Izuku asked as he walked over to the coffee pot, pouring himself a cup before noticing Katsuki’s was empty so he refilled it as well.

“Same as every morning, Deku, pissed as hell.” Katsuki grumbled back.

“Hmm, shocking.” Izuku chuckled, handing Katsuki his coffee cup, and taking a seat next to him on their couch.

“You’d probably feel the same if our roles were switched.” he grumbled, sipping out of his cup.

“I suppose I would, but youre lucky I'm not as harsh as you, I'm sure I would be getting an earful even after a month of being injured.” Izuku smirked into his cup.

Katsuki had been in a villain incident about a month prior, he nearly lost a leg but luckily Eri and Recovery Girl had been on stand by so there was nothing permanent, but it did end with Katsuki in a cast for two months and physical therapy once the cast is removed.

“But I would also keep you sane. Knowing you, you'd probably go nuts not being able to do anything.”

“You do make a good point.” Izuku chuckled again.

“Are you going to patrol again today?” Katsuki questioned.

“Yup, not much I can do without my partner.”

“Oi! Don't make me feel worse about leaving you on the field alone, who else is gonna keep you from pushin it?” It was a rhetorical question but Izuku still wanted to defend himself, but Katsuki continued, “was askin’ cause it's your birthday ain't it?”

“Oh yeah! Almost slipped my mind, I'm surprised you remembered Kacchan.”

“Hah? I will never forget anything! But anyways, were you planning on doing anything tonight? With the extras?”

“Nope, probably will bring dinner home though if you want?”

“The hell’s wrong with you? It’s your birthday damn Deku!”

“And? It's not that big of a deal.” Izuku stated ‘matter-of-factly’, as he got up to dispose of his now empty coffee cup.

“Hah?! Not that big a deal? You make a fuss about mine, why isn’t it the same for yours huh?” Katsuki asked.

“Because I'm me and you are you kacchan, you are more important to me than, well, me.” he chuckled, crossing the room again to head into his bedroom.

“W-what?! Shut it!” Katsuki blushed and hid his face in his mug, “but anyways, i think we should do something for your birthday.” he smirked.

“Oh yeah? Like what?” the question was slightly muffled as he walked out of the bedroom with his gloves in his mouth as he was zipping up the front of his hero costume.

“That's a surprise, nerd.”

“I have a feeling that's code for you have nothing planned yet, kacchan.”

“How little faith you have in me deku.” Katsuki fake gasped as he moved to get up from the couch.

“Ah, ah, let me take that.” Izuku smiled and grabbed Katsuki’s empty mug from his hand as the latter slumped into the couch grumpily.

“Coulda done it myself, Deku.” he grumbled.

“I know, I just like to be nice Kacchan.” Izuku smiled, coming back to the couch to slip on his gloves.

“Yeah, yeah whatever, damn nerd.” Katsuki grumbled once again as Izuku chuckled at his partner.

“Alright well i'm heading out, text me if you need anything, okay?”

“Yeah got it, get outta here already.” Katsuki smiled beside his words.

‘Ok! I’ll be back around four today!” he yelled as he slipped on his shoes, “bye Kacchan!”

“Bye nerd!” he responded, waiting for the door to close before reaching for the phone and dialing Uraraka’s phone number.
“Bakugo! How did this morning go?” she asked in a cipher voice.

“Good, the nerd doesn’t suspect a thing.” Katsuki smirks to himself.

“Perfect! everything is ready for tonight, you just gotta get him here and we’ll be set.”

“Good, see you then pink cheeks.”

“Bakugo, that’s not my na-” Katsuki hangs up and laughs to himself, never gets old.

Katsuki got up and grabbed his crutches and walked into his bedroom, towards his bed, He kneeled down to slide a shoe box out from under it. He pulls the lid off and takes out two small velvet boxes, he opens the lids to glance over the contents inside. Two small custom rings Katsuki had made for this special occasion. One ring had a small explosion engraving alongside an emerald jewel, and the other ring had a small bunny mask (Izuku’s mask) engraved along with a ruby jewel. On the inside of both rings, the words “Wonder Duo” were engraved in a beautiful cursive. Katsuki let out a sigh and put their lids back on and slipped them back into the shoe box, that also contained two keys, Katsuki smirked and placed the box on the bed. He went over to his computer, he still had work to do, but it was still hard to contain his excitement. He hoped Izuku would like his presents.



Izuku was sitting in his and Katsuki’s shared office, finishing up paperwork when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” he responded.

“Hey Deku!” Uraraka’s voice filled the room.

“Uraraka! What are you doing here? Not that i'm complaining.” Izuku chuckles.

“The receptionist let me in, I'm here to celebrate your birthday with you silly, did you think you were going to get away with doing nothing? again?” she asks, sitting in the plush chair on the other side of Izuku’s desk.

“Heh, no I suppose I didn't.” he smiled at his friend.

“Sooo, finish up your work and let's go have some fun!” Uraraka jumps with a fist in the air.

“Alright alright, let me finish up this document and we’ll get going, uh, wherever you are planning to take me heh.” he chuckled as he went back to typing on his computer.

After a few moments Izuku stood up and motioned to Uraraka to follow him, they stopped by Endeavor’s office to inform him that Izuku was taking his leave, but when Izuku started walking toward the elevator, he missed Uraraka and Endevor sharing a knowing smile and a thumbs up before she quickly joined Izuku.

“So, where are we going?” Izuku questions once they get down to the parking garage.

“That’s a secret, so I'm going to need your car keys.” she smiled mischievously while holding out her hand, palm up, making a grabby motion.

“Wha-! Nonono! Kacchan would KILL me if i let anyone drive the car, he barely lets ME drive the thing. And I paid for half of it!” Izuku sputters, shaking his head.

“Common Deku! I think Bakugo would let me drive if it was for a good cause, and this is a good cause.” she smiles and wiggles her fingers in a ‘gimme’ motion.

“Er, uh, w-well, i..”


“Okay okay! Fine..but not a word to Kacchan!” he gives in, passing the keys to Uraraka dejectedly.

“Yes! Let's go!” she grabbed the keys and ran excitedly toward the car.

“So what, I'm gonna have to be blind folded too?” he chuckles as he slips into the passenger seat alongside Uraraka.

“Actually yeah! That would be good!” Uraraka smiles, “Do you have anything to tie around your eyes?”

“Why did I have to open my mouth?” Izuku mutters to himself before opening the glove compartment and pulling out a handkerchief.

“Thank you,” she snatches it from him and ties it around his head, “can you see?”

“Nope, sadly.” he sighs.

“Oh quite being a stick in the mud.” she laughs as she starts the car and pulls out of the garage.

They didn't drive for as long as it felt for Izuku, he tried to feel the turns they took, tried asking questions, but only got chuckles out of his friend. He thought about texting Katsuki that he might be late, or something, but he didn’t know what time he would be home, soo he gave up on the idea, he hopes Katsuki doesn't worry too much, he was already nervous enough when Izuku went back to work alone.

Izuku’s thoughts were interrupted by the car coming to a halt and the sound of Uraraka sending a text.

“Uh, what are you doing?” he asked, turning his head toward her.

“Nothing! But we’re here! Don’t take off the mask, I will help you out of the car.” she says before getting out, walking around the front of the car, and opening Izuku’s door to help him out.

“Gosh this is nerve wracking.” he mumbles as he follows Uraraka out of the car, and onto the pavement.

“Don't be nervous i think you're going to like this.” her voice echoed so he assumed they were in another parking garage of some sorts.

“Where the heck are we?” he asks, hearing Uraraka press a button, followed by a ‘ding’ so he assumed they were going into an elevator.

“Deku you know i'm not going to tell you that.” she chuckled.

They entered the elevator, it smelled new to him, like paint slightly. He realizes this must be something new, he hasn't been there before clearly, it has to be something built recently, but he didn't know of any construction near him. His thoughts and confusion were interrupted by the elevator doors opening and Uraraka pulling him out of the doors. Izuku’s senses felt hyper-aware of every smell and noise, trying to pick up any hints of where he is. It wasn't working well for him though, it still just smelled like paint and there weren't any noises other than what he assumed was an air conditioner and he and Uraraka’s footsteps.

He was about to try and ask Uraraka something else until she pulled him through another door, then they came to a stop, and Uraraka’s hand left his wrist, he wanted to ask where she went before she spoke.

“Okay, I'm taking off the blindfold Deku.” she squeaks excitedly, as she unties the blindfold. He opens his eyes and is met with a dark room, then suddenly the lights turn on.

“SUPRIIIISE!!!” he hears from dozens of voices. His eyes adjust to the light and he looking back is a basically all of class 1-A, some friends from his agency, and friends from all over that he’s made. But at the front of the group was Katsuki, smiling brightly at him. Izuku’s eyes started tearing up.

“You are a damn crybaby.” Katsuki chuckled as he walked over to him.

“Did you plan this?” Izuku asks, tears starting to fall from his eyes as a smile graced his lips.

“Yup, this is a two in one celebration too.” Katsuki smirked.

“A two in one? What does that mean?” he asks, wiping his face in confusion, Katsuki pulled a key out of his pocket and placed it into Izuku’s hand, who gazed back at him with confusion.

“Read the banner nerd.” Katsuki shuffled to the side to point at the banner above their friends.

It read “grand opening: Wonder Duo agency”, Izuku’s eyes widened as he turned to Katsuki, who had a knowing smile on his face. Izuku’s grip tightened on the key as a fresh wave of tears hit him.

“A-are you se-serious K-kacchan?” Izuku covers his mouth as he gasps.

“Yup, this is the best present i could think to give you nerd.” he smiles, and Izuku pulls him into an embrace, wrapping his arms around Katsuki’s neck, he feels Katsuki’s arms wrap around his waist and he buries his face in Izuku’s shoulder and holds him close, they both distantly hear ‘awe’s coming from their friends but they were barely acknowledged by the duo.

“I thought you forgot Kacchan.” Izuku whispered, hugging Katsuki closer.

“How could I nerd? This is my dream too, you're my dream, nerd.” Katsuki whispered back before freezing at his words and pulling back slightly, his hands resting on Izuku’s hips.

“I am?” he asks with a gasp, and a light blush dusting his face.

“I-” he froze, debating his next words, “yes you are, Izuku, you are my dream.” he stared Izuku in the eyes, no jokes, no pranks, pure earnesty, and honesty.

Izuku giggled before rushing forward and smashing their lips together. Katsuki let out a gasp but soon melted into the kiss, moving their lips together in sync, humming as he pulled izuku closer once again. After a few moments with one last peck, they pulled back, smiling, and leaned their foreheads together.

“You're my dream too Kachaan.” Izuku smiled brightly as Katsuki chuckled with glee, he pulled Izuku back into a kiss, their friends cheered, while some exchanged money due to winning bets.


The party was a success in Katsuki’s eyes.

Everything had gone to plan. Well, except for the love confession and make-out session with Izuku, but that was a much welcomed change of plans.

Everyone seemed to have had fun though. Many of them have never been to more than 2 or 3 parties, due to hectic hero courses and then becoming pros after that. So this was a nice experience for them too. As harsh and loud as Katsuki was, he still cared for his friends and wanted to make sure they had a good time.

He had debated on buying alcohol, but didnt know what to buy (he doesn't drink) but that was fine because the so-called ‘Bakusquad’ had brought at least 5 bottles of vodka. This meant that towards the end of the night, or early hours of the morning were chaotic to say the least. Drinking games had ensued some of which Izuku participated in, but because he had OFA he barely got tipsy, which was a good thing because Katsuki wouldn’t have to drag his drunk ass home.

People started clearing out, some with handfuls of other drunk people, Izuku and Katsuki thanked them for coming though, even if they didn’t know where they were. Iida had finished saying goodbye and waited for Uraraka to also say goodbye, they were the last two guests.

“Thank you for bringing me here Uraraka! I'm kinda surprised you kept all this a secret for so long.” Izuku chuckled, pulling her into a hug.

“Hey! Im not that bad!” she giggled, hugging back.

“I don't know, remember when you told iida we were having a party even though we told you to keep it secret from him?” he smiled, pulling back and nodding fondly to Iida.

“That's not my fault! He asked why I bought balloons!” they both laughed at the memory when Katsuki strolled up next to Izuku.

“Thanks for coming round face, and for bringing the nerd.” Katsuki smiled and Uraraka pulled them both into a hug.

“Of course, anything for the Wonder Duo! I'm glad you enlisted my help!” she smiles pulling back, “and congratulations on the agency aaand the new relationship.” she wiggled her eyebrows as both boys blushed.

“Yeah, yeah, get outta here.” Katsuki ruffled her hair with a smile.

She waved goodbye and locked hands with Iida, who waved to the couple one last time before they both made their exit.

Izuku and Katsuki watched the door close, Izuku smiled to himself and turned around to look at the now empty, aside from party decorations, office space and smiled.

“Thank you Kacchan, truly, i think this is the best birthday ever.” he smiled.

“Well don't say that just yet nerd, I think it's about to get better.” Katsuki smirked and walked over to the present table and reached under it to pull out a small box. He then walked over to the window, overlooking the city and took a seat on the floor, inviting Izuku to do the same.

“Gotcha something.” Katsuki chuckled as Izuku sat down and started at the present.

“Kacchan! You already got me a present and did so much!” Izuku started tearing up as Katsuki handed him the present.

“Well this is just a little something else, i was originally gonna give it to you when i confessed my undying love and devotion for you, but i think now is the best time to give it to you.” he chuckled, shoving the box into Izuku’s lap.

“Yeah, yeah.” Izuku smiled fondly, finally taking the box from Katsuki.

Izuku unwrapped the box and slid the lid off, only to find two more smaller boxes.

“Kacchan, is this a gag gift?” he chuckled.

“Nope, open them nerd.”

Izuku grabbed one, it was a black velvet box with an orange ribbon across it, he blushed at the implication. He untied the ribbon and discarded it alongside the wrapping paper. He popped the lid open and stared at the ring inside, he pulled it out, and ran his fingers across the explosion engraving lightly, the emerald gleamed in the office lights, he started tearing up again.

“Heh, fuckin’ crybaby, open the other one.” he smiled at Izuku, who put the ring back delicately into its box, and set it in between them. Izuku grabbed the other box, which looked almost the same, except the ribbon was teal. A tear slid down his face, as he smiled and untied the ribbon to open the box. He chuckled at the bunny mask that was engraved on the ring and turned to Katsuki.

“Kacchan…” he sighed shakily, and picked up the explosion ring. Katsuki grabbed the empty cardboard box and discarded it next to him. He opened the box again and held his hand out for Izuku’s left hand, he slipped the ring on his ring finger and smiled as Izuku. It fit perfectly.

“I know this looks a little strange and may seem like a proposal, and maybe it is,” he held out his left hand, and Izuku got the hint and slid the ring on the same finger. His gaze met Izuku’s, both of their eyes glazed with tears.

“I've always remembered that we wanted our own agency. Even when i was the biggest fuckin jerk there is, ive always wanted to become a hero with you and spend the rest of my life with you Izuku.” Katsuki’s voice cracked as he grabbed both of Izuku’s hands, “i know things are new and this is new, and it’s probably a lot, but, I think i speak for both of us when i say that this has been a long time coming, and i wish i would have pulled my head out of my ass sooner so i could have made that happen, but, it doesn't change what i have to do.” Katsuki brought his hand up and whipped Izuku’s tears away with his thumb only for more to follow.

“I hoped that i would get you to marry me when we became number one, and while we aren't there yet, i will keep hoping, if you'll accept me.'' Both men were crying. One more than the other.

“K-kacchan…” Izuku sobbed, “o-f c-course i will m-marry y-y-you.” He smiled brightly, he cupped Katsuki’s face in his hands and pulled him in for a kiss that tasted of cake and salty tears.

“Thank god, i wasn't sure what i would have done if you had said no.” they both chuckled, and brought their foreheads together as their happy tears dried.


It was early in the morning, many hours past Izuku’s birthday. the sun was about to come up, but neither of them really wanted to leave, not wanting to face the world again. They felt that their bubble would be popped if they did. They both knew that was irrational but it still felt like the truth. They were still practically gleaming at the events that had unfolded during the night, Izuku thinks he had never been this happy before in his life, he feels like he's floating.

They were cuddled onto a couch that had come with the office when Katsuki toured it. He felt bad that he and Izuku didn't pick one out together, but Kirishima had given Izuku a tour of the place sometime during the party, and from what Katsuki had heard, the nerd was already planning on where to put things, and what rooms would be used for. Katsuki could practically feel the excitement radiating off Izuku, who was laying on his chest.

“Did you have a good birthday?” Katsuki hummed into Izuku’s hair.

“Pft! I think you know the answer to that!” Izuku gestured his arms in the air to accentuate the point.

“Are you saying that this was the worst birthday you've ever had?” Katsuki teased and gasped in mock offense.

“Kachaaaaan.” Izuku whined, lifting his head to meet Katsuki’s eye level.

“Heh, just teasing ya dweeb.” Katsuki stretched Izuku’s face, which caused more whines to fall from the boy's mouth.

Katsuki let his hands rest on Izuku’s cheeks, he leaned in to kiss the green haired boy, who giggled slightly before kissing back. Things were still new between them, and both Izuku and Katsuki weren't sure how it didn't feel weird kissing their childhood friend, it felt more like coming home than anything to them.

The kiss got more heated as Izuku brought a hand up into Katsuki’s hair and tugged slightly, earning a gasp from the other boy, causing his mouth to fall open. Izuku used the opportunity to slip his tongue inside his boyfriend's mouth. They both moaned at the movement as they tried to dive deeper into each other. They started shifting against each other, moaning at the contact being made by their lower regions, Izuku ground forward causing Katsuki to pull away from the kiss and moan loudly. Izuku stared in wonder at the expression as they panted together.

“Woah Kacchan.” Izuku bit his lip.

“Yeah whatever perv, don’t start something you're not gonna finish.” Katsuki blushed, glancing away for only a split second.

“Oh we're gonna finish Kacchan.” Izuku smirked, also bright red.

“Well...get on with it then…” Katsuki sighed, nudging their noses closer.

“It may not be my birthday anymore, but this is still the best birthday ever.” Izuku said before diving back in, crushing their lips together. They both smiled into the kiss, making it hard to move their lips together, but they didn't care. Right now all they cared about was each other's touch, the feeling of the other close to them, their lips sliding together, hands roaming, and feelings that had been stock-piled now being let out as they collided together.