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Cherry Blossoms

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Bakugo and Midoriya were all grown up. Together they currently worked at a hero agency together as the Wonder Duo, Ground Zero and Deku. They had plans to open up their own hero agency, but for now, they were content with working together, living together, and sharing their lives together. As Bakugo sipped his morning coffee, staring out the rising sun through the windows of their home, he reminisces on just how lucky he is.

He apologized to Deku for all his shittiness after their first year at UA, and Deku, being an absolute saint, forgave him and said they could be friends, and eventually friends turned into something more, and they got into a real relationship soon after. Bakugo cherished every day of this relationship, grateful that Deku had given him a second chance. So today, he was gonna spoil that damn nerd rotten, it was his birthday after all! He finished his coffee with a content sigh, if he couldn’t be the #1 hero, like Deku, he would be the #1 boyfriend. He began to prepare a breakfast feast worthy of his Deku.


Midoriya’s eyes gently opened, he rolled over in bed, to check the clock that was on his nightstand. 9:30! He was late for work! Shit! He began scrambling around, panicking, he was never late to work. 

The door gently opens, Kacchan’s spiky head peers in, “Oh I was wondering when you would wake up” he smiles. 

“Wake up! I’m late!” Midoriya was sitting in bed, scrambling with his phone, trying to figure out how his alarm never went off. 

Kacchan walks in, “I turned them off. I took a day off. For you” he’s holding a tray with a steaming pile of pancakes decorated with whipped cream and fruit, lightly drizzled with syrup and a mug of coffee. 

Midoriya sighs with relief, “I thought I was gonna be late! You practically gave me a panic attack, Kacchan.” 

Kacchan rolled his eyes, “You have a ‘panic attack’ like 3 times a day, nerd.” Midoriya sits up, his lap ready to accept his breakfast feast. Kacchan gently sets the tray on his lap, then moves to his side of their bed to sit down. Midoriya digs in, he didn’t realize how starving he was until Kacchan’s delicious food was right in front of him. If Kacchan weren’t a hero, Midoriya swears he would be a chef, maybe with his own TV show, he laughed at the thought, it would be like Hell’s kitchen, with Kacchan yelling at those who didn’t meet his standards.  

As he swallowed his first big bite, covering his mouth regardless of if there was food, “What’s the occasion” Midoriya asks, then taking a sip of coffee. 

Kacchan looks shocked, “’s...well Happy Birthday” he plants a gentle kiss on Midoriya’s cheek. 

“My birthday...I guess I was just so caught up at work I didn’t realize what day it was” Midoriya says with a light chuckle, a blush appearing on his cheeks, he threw himself into hero work like this quite a bit. 

Kacchan let out a little growl, “I know . That’s why I took the day off for you, I walked into the scheduling office and demanded you and I have the day off. They tried to tell me I couldn’t take a day off for you, but that attitude quickly changed,” a smug grin appeared on his face.

“Kacchan!” Midoriya said his tone, accusatory. 

Kacchan huffed, “Don’t give me that, you’re gonna enjoy your birthday. You’re gonna be spoiled rotten, like you deserve” Kacchan said, turning his head, his tell when he was blushing and didn’t want to be seen. 

Midoriya smiled even more, “Well thank you Kacchan”, then he resumed eating while Kacchan stole occasional glances at him. As Midroiya finished his breakfast, he asked, “So what’s on the agenda today, Kacchan?” 

Kacchan looked over at him, “A surprise” he said with a grin on his face, he checked the time on his phone, “Speaking of which, you gotta get up and get dressed, just sweats and a t-shirt is ok” 

Midoriya was now puzzled, whatever this surprise was, it sure was casual, which was unlike Kacchan. 

Kacchan took one look at Midoriya and knew what was going on in his head, he pushed the tray off his lap, and pulled Midoriya off the bed and into a tight embrace, “Don’t worry that pretty little head of yours, I got this all covered,” Kacchan leans back so his ruby eyes meet Midoriya’s, “Today’s your day so enjoy it” and he pulls him in for a soft kiss. Midoriya loved it when Kacchan was this soft and gentle with him, it was a side only he got to see, and he loved it. He was so grateful to have Kacchan in his life like this.


After Midoriya had finished up his breakfast and got changed, Bakugo had practically shoved him in the car and started driving to the mystery destination. “So where are we going?” Midoriya asks, his curiosity getting the better of him. Kacchan scoffed with a smile, 

“Somewhere,” he said snarkily. 

“Kacchaaaaannnn,” Midoriya said, putting on a false whine and sad face. 

Bakugo never took his eyes off the road, “Yeah I know what you’re doing, it’s not gonna work, I told you already it was a surprise, nerd.” 

“But-” Midoriya started but was instantly cut off. 

“Surprise, I’m not budging on this,” He said, putting a hand playfully in Midooriya’s face.

Midoriya gave up with a huff, he knew how stubborn Kacchan could be. He started to think about where it could be, they were driving away from the city so it had to be somewhere in the countryside, where it was a bit more secluded, and way less likely to have a villain interrupt the plans. But what were the plans, obviously not something elegant, as Kacchan said I could wear loungewear, a picnic maybe, but he didn’t see any food and he did just eat breakfast. What could it be? 

“Quit the muttering, you’ll just have to wait and see,” Bakugo said, interrupting his chain of thought, he blushed, realizing he had been muttering aloud, again.

The rest of the hour ride was spent in peaceful silence, as Bakugo drove and Midoriya stared out the window, admiring the beautiful countryside as the buildings and skyscrapers began to disappear the further they drove from the city. It was nice to get away from it all once in a while. 

“Ah, here we are,” Bakugo said, slowing down and turning right onto a dirt path that was covered in trees, only a few patches of warm sunlight were able to break through the canopy of trees that covered the path. 

“Ooh, what is this place?” Midoriya said, leaning out his window a bit to get a better view of the vast amount of nature before him. Bakugo remained silent as they rounded the corner of the bath and reached a secluded hidden away building.

Although the building was small, it had a very modern design, a lot of clear open glass walls so you could see nature directly, almost as if you were a part of the green luscious forest. The property was an opening in the forest, allowing sunlight to warm the grounds, and to give light to the assortment of flowers and shrubs that decorated the path up to the building. Cherry Blossom trees were the most beautiful thing insight, their pink flowers in full bloom, some of the petals gently dancing in the gentle breeze. 

There was a small sign that was surrounded but rose bushes, reading the Cherry Blossom Spa, reading the sign made Midoriya’s eyes light up, “Kacchan this place is beautiful, how on earth did you find it?” 

He smiled, parking the car in the small unpaved lot in front of the building, “I have my ways.” He took the keys out of the ignition, “Don’t move,” he said, pointing a finger at Midoriya while climbing out of the car. 

Midoriya put his hands up in defense, “I won’t,” he laughed a bit, blushing. Kacchan walked around the front of the car and opened the door for Midoriya to get out, “Thank you, Kacchan, always such a gentleman” Midoriya said, with a large smile. 

“Of course I am!” Kacchan said with a smug smile before he took Midoriya’s hand in his, and they began walking to the spa, hand in hand. A gentle breeze knocking some cherry blossom petals into their hair. Midoriya looked and Kacchan, he never looked more beautiful then right now, a soft expression on his face, cherry blossoms caught in his blond spikey hair, and when he looked at Midoriya, his ruby red eyes meeting his, Midoriya felt as if all of the world disappeared and it was only Kacchan.

“I love you,” Midoriya said, he almost blurted it out. 

Kacchan stopped in his tracks, turning to face Midoriya, grabbing both his hands in his own, “And I love you too,” and Kacchan kissed him softly, passionately, a kiss set ablaze by their burning love. “Now let’s get you inside,” Kacchan said, softly, after breaking the kiss Midoriya wished had never ended. And they continue walking up to the glass entrance, and of course, Kacchan opens the door for Midoriya, before following him inside.

“Ah, welcome to the Cherry Blossom Spa! You must be Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya,” the receptionist said. 

Kacchan walked up to the counter first, “Hi, I’m Katsuki, everything is all set to go, right?” and she nodded in response, “Of course sir!” 

“Great,” then Kacchan turned to face Midoriya, “Alright, I’ll see you later, ok” Kacchan grabbed both Midoriya’s shoulders in his hands, pulling him closer, planting a gentle kiss on his forehead. 

“You’re not staying?” Midoriya said, a bit upset that Kacchan was leaving. 

“No, today is your day, not mine, so enjoy it and relax. I have some stuff to do back home anyways,” Kacchan explained, but he saw the brief sadness that flashed in Midoriya’s face, “Don’t worry, we can always come back here together another time.” 

Midoriya was glad to hear that, he wanted Kacchan to be able to relax and enjoy the spa with him, but he knew Kacchan would never budge, not this day of all days, he would never ruin a plan he worked so hard on, “Ok! That sounds nice, Kacchan!” Midoriya said, flashing a smile. One more kiss and Kacchan was on his way. 

After watching Kacchan’s car pull away and start to drive off, leaving a light dearth cloud in its wake, Midoriya turned to face the receptionist, who smiled softly at him, “Follow me sir,” and he followed her, through the hallway until they reached a door and she stopped and turned to grab things from a cabinet next to the door, grabbing towels and a robe, which she hands to him, “You can change in this room,” she pointed to the door beside them, “And once your done you can head out the door, which will lead outside to the natural springs, Mr. Bakugo also left you a bathing suit as well, it’s wrapped in the towel,” she said. 

Midoriya took the things from her, he was very grateful for all the things Kacchan had done for him today, “Thank you,” he said, giving her a smile. 

“You can spend two hours in the outside area, we have the natural springs as well as some other baths that have healing and soothing oils in them. After two hours, someone will come out and retrieve you for your lunch”

He nodded in response, heading into the changing room as the woman walked away. Only when he entered the changing room to find that he was the only one here, did Kacchan buy out the whole place just so everyone could only focus on pampering him? He shook his head lightly, “Oh Kacchan, you are too good to me.”

He silently changed into his swimwear, putting the white robe on over his body. It was soft and warm, the most comfortable robe he’s ever worn in his life, in fact. He walked to the glass door, pushing on the glass and moving outside into the fresh air.

He thought the front of the spa was beautiful, but the back outside made the front seem like nothing. There was a significant amount of cherry blossom trees surrounding the property, almost creating a natural fence. There were bright blue natural springs, so clear you can see the ground beneath them, light steam coming off of them. On top of the water sat light petals from the cherry blossom trees, the heat from the water magnifying their scent. As he walked closer to the natural springs, he could see that they were fitted with smooth rocks which acted as benches for those who just wanted to sit, but there was one larger spring that had no seats, a place to swim rather than to soak.

He decided he would swim first, getting at least a light workout in, swimming was relaxing anyway, so he didn’t think it would ruin his spa time. He hung his robe on a hook attached to the outside wall of the spa, before stepping into the warm spring. He instantly sighed with relief, it was so warm and soothing. He could almost feel his muscles relaxing, and his body turning to mush. 

The water smelled sweet, he assumed there must have been some oils infused with the spring water and the flower petals that made it feel like a healing spring. Maybe it was a quirk? He could almost hear Kacchan yelling at him to stop thinking too much and to relax. He laughed to himself at the thought and began lightly treading through the water. He dunked his head underwater, allowing the water to soothe his face and scalp as well. 

When he emerged, he felt 10 years younger. Sighing with relief, he did a few laps around the large spring. Although, admittedly, they were rather slow laps, as he was too absorbed in the feeling of the water to focus on actually swimming competitively. After he was satisfied with his laps, he climbed out, moving to investigate the smaller springs. A small sign indicated that the small pool that he approached was infused with rosewater, the benefits being good for smoothing skin, and helping irritated skin.

Stepping into the pool was like a sigh of relief for every fiber of his body. As he sat down on the smooth rock bench, he wished he could sit in the water forever. He sighed with relief, leaning his head back and looking up towards the sky. Cherry blossom petals delicately dance with each gentle breeze that happens to pass. The scent and warmth of the rose water is absolutely soothing, along with the sound of the woods surrounding the spa. The wind ruffling through the leaves of the trees, the song of the birds somewhere off in the distance. It was like the entire world had paused, just for Midoriya, just for this moment.

He needed to take vacations more often, this was absolutely heavenly, he thought to himself. He sat and just listened to the sounds of nature, absorbing the smell, and relaxing with the sun warming his face. He allowed his stresses and worries to melt away, and his brain to stop running at one million miles per hour thinking about heroes and villains. Here, he was just Izuku Midoriya, not a hero, no villains to worry about, just human.

After about an hour, the receptionist stepped out, “Izuku, it’s time for your lunch.” she said softly, bowing slightly for interrupting him. His eyes fluttered open, he hadn’t been sleeping, but it almost felt like he had woken up from the best nap of his life.

“Oh, right, I’ll be right in!” He said, sounding a bit sluggish. He cupped some water in his hands and rubbed it into his face to refresh himself. Midoriya then climbed out of the water, and briskly walked over to his robe, wrapping it around himself tightly. As he made his way inside, he followed the scent of food to just outside the locker room, as he entered the hallway the door was open and the receptionist was motioning him to a private dining room.

There was a small table with a white lily centerpiece, at the table was a cup of iced tea and a bowl of yogurt with oats and fresh berries. He sat down, thanking the receptionist, who responded with a nod. He sipped the tea, which after being in the hot springs was extremely refreshing. “Mm, what is this?”

“It’s our herbal peach tea!” She said, smiling, “And yogurt with local fresh fruit to help promote relaxation! We normally offer a substantial meal, but Mr. Bakugo insisted on a light meal.”

“Wow, this is amazing, thank you!” He said, returning her smile, and she turned and left him to his meal. He ate in silence, looking out the window at the beautiful spring area where he just was, watching the steam rise softly and then dissipate in the air. So clearly Kacchan is planning a large dinner, Midoriya thought to himself, eating a mouthful of the fruit and yogurt. He had absolutely no idea what he had planned, but knowing Kacchan, it was going to be big. 

Almost as soon as he finished with his meal, the receptionist was back, “Head down the hall and head-on into the door to your right!” She said with a smile as she began clearing the table.

He followed her directions and headed into the room where a massage table was laid out. There was a massage therapist in the corner, who’s deep orange hair was in a thick bun on the top of her head, she bowed, “Welcome, I am Netsu! I’ll be your massage therapist today, why don’t you just undress and lay on the table.” His discomfort must have shown on his face because she immediately responded, “Don’t worry, I’ll be facing away preparing some oils! And the windows are one-way, only you can see out, it looks like a mirror outside!”

Although there would be nobody outside, that reassured him, and to her word, she faced away, closing the door and turning to a counter. So he quickly undressed, lying face down on the table before quickly pulling the towel to cover his exposed bottom. “I am ready now!” he said, slightly muffled as he adjusted his head to fit into the massage table. 

He heard her footsteps towards him, “Excellent!” she said, and he heard her clap her hands gently. “Just so you know, my quirk is Healing Warmth! It makes deep tissue massages much more relaxing, the warmth from my hands penetrates the muscles and heals up knots and scar tissue. Mr. Bakugo specifically requested me for you, so I hope I can help!”

“That sounds amazing, thank you!” Midoriya responded, and he was being honest, that did sound amazing. He had a lot of sore muscles and old injuries that gave him aches when he tried to relax. 

“Great! Let’s get started! I’m using some oils now, just for additional healing and smoothing” Netsu said. He felt the warm oils on his back and her soft hands beginning the massage. He immediately felt her hands beginning to heat up, as she massaged deeper. 

“Just let me know if I turned up the heat too much, okay?” Netsu said calmly, beginning to massage his left shoulder. Midoriya seethed a breath as she found a deep knot under his shoulder blade. “I imagine being a hero is stressful, I can feel how stressed you are,” She said as she began to massage out the knot with the heat of her hands.

“Mmhmm. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else though” Midoriya replied, sighing as the knot faded.

“It’s noble work! I would have liked to do it, but my quirk isn’t much for saving lives as it is for soothing the body!” Netsu said with a laugh, moving to Midoriya’s right shoulder. She found more knots there and began massaging them out, her hands getting warmer. Midoriya could almost swear he could feel her quirk loosening and relaxing his muscles in his body.

“It sure feels like a life-saver right now!” Midoriya said with a sigh.

Netsu laughed, “I get that a lot! This arm has seen a lot of injuries huh?” she asked. Midoriya responded with a hum. “Can you raise it out towards me?” and he did, extending his arm over his head, but still flat on the table. Netsu began a full arm massage, even massaging his hands and fingers, which was surprisingly a lot more soothing than he could imagine an arm massage being. She repeated the process with his left arm too.

Netsu let out a sigh, moving onto Midoriya’s back now, which he already knew would be agonizing, his back was hurting a lot, especially when he was laying down. He laughed to himself, he sounded like an old man, complaining about his body aches, even though he only turned 24 today. She massaged every inch of his back, his spine occasionally cracking and popping as she kneaded the skin. 

“Alright, this part might be a little awkward, I am sorry! I’ll be massaging your thighs and glutes as well. If you get uncomfortable, just tell me to stop, okay!” Netsu said, moving around Midoriya. He nodded in response as her hands began massaging the backs of his thighs.

He was partly glad that his face was on the floor, he was beet red at the touch, although it was far from being inappropriate. However, he wasn’t uncomfortable, but neither made small talk as Netsu massaged out deep knots in his glutes and thighs. After she finished, she swiveled around to Midoriya’s green locks, “One last thing! A quick wash and scalp massage!” she moved to the side, “Roll onto your back for me, and then slowly sit up.”

As Midoriya rolled over, his eyes heavy from him keeping them closed and relaxed throughout the massage, he sighed deeply. “You’re a miracle worker, Netsu,” he said as he slowly sat up.

She smiled, brushing a lock of orange hair that had fallen into her face, “Aw, how sweet of you to say” she crossed the room, grabbing Midoriya a fresh robe to wear, “Put that on and then follow me” she said, turning around and walking to the other side of the room. And so he did, tying the robe at his waist and following behind her.

“Take a seat,” Netsu said, motioning towards a chair that leans backward into a bath, similar to those at hair salons. Midoriya sat, leaning his head back, his neck cooling against the cold marble. Netsu then turned on warm water and began rinsing out his hair, massaging his scalp. “You have lovely hair!” Netsu said, smiling.

“Aw, thank you!” Midoriya said, blushing a bit at the compliment. She then pumped some shampoo into her palms, lathering it into her hands, then resumed massaging his scalp with the shampoo. The strong scent of mint emerged, it was overpowering almost. She did the same with a conditioner, then repeated with water rinsing everything out. Netsu then wrapped a towel around his head, placing her hands on the towel, he felt it heat up instantly. 

“Little trick I use. Dries my hair almost instantly” She said from behind him. She then removed the towel, starting a scalp massage. After a few relaxing minutes, and Midoriya almost being lulled to sleep by the action, she stopped, moving in front of him. “Well that concludes your massage, I’ll head out of the room now, there's an outfit handing on the door for you to change into. Head down to the lobby, you are so sweet, it’s no wonder you’re a hero!” She said, gushing with a smile.

“Thank you! You’re a miracle worker Netsu!” He said, standing up and bowing. His body felt fresh and renewed like anything was possible. She bowed in response, before heading out of the room, gently closing the door behind her. As she left Midoriya took one last look at the scenery out the window, it was in the evening now, he hadn’t realized how much time the massage had taken up. He moved to the door where he saw a hanger with a red button-down and black dress pants hanging delicately, as well as a neatly folded pair of socks and undergarments with his normal red shoes. He smiled to himself, knowing Kacchan had chosen the outfit for him.

He got dressed in the clothes, adjusting the collar of the shirt to make himself comfortable, before he left the massage room. He headed out of the room and back into the lobby where the receptionist met him again, She smiled, “I hope your stay with us was relaxing!”

“It was! Thank you so much” Midoriya said with a large smile and a bow. 

“Your car is waiting for you out front!” She said gesturing outside where a black limo was waiting.

“Th-that's for me?” Midoriya asked, gulping, Kacchan was really going above and beyond here. She nodded and waved to him as he made his way outside. The chauffeur of the limo stepped out of the driver’s seat, bowed to Midoriya before opening the door for him. He climbed in the limo, muttering out a thank you. He was in disbelief. There was a bottle of champagne on ice, with a notecard:

“Have a drink. I’ll see you soon <3 ~ Kacchan”

He smiled, he couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have Kacchan as his boyfriend. The limo began gently rolling as Midroiya did as the card instructed, he poured himself a glass, sipping it for the entire ride. Soon the limo rolled to a stop, and the driver opened the door for Midoriya once again. He stepped out and looked out at a beautiful house, decorated in fairy lights, a red carpet light aglow by lights leading up to the restaurant. The path over the red carpet was covered in rose trellises. 

Midoriya stepped out, walking up the path slowly, admiring the lights that looked almost like fireflies hidden amongst the roses above his head. The doors to the house opened, as if on cue of his arrival. There was a path of rose petals, lit up by candles leading to a table, where there was a dish of fresh katsudon, waiting for him. He walked over, smiling, he couldn’t contain the happiness and joy he was feeling right now, as he approached the table, looking down at the masterpiece of deliciousness that he knew only Kacchan could prepare. He saw a plate on the other side of the table, also filled with food. There was a notecard on the table, he lifted it up, curious:

“Turn around~” it read. And so he did, he turned around, and there he was. His eyes glowing red under the candles, wearing a matching outfit to Midoriya, except all black, and with real dress shoes. Kneeling. Holding out a small box with a golden ring. 

“Izuku Midoriya, will you marry me?” He said, softly, gently, his red eyes staring up into Midoriya’s with pure love and adoration.

Midoriya could feel the tears welling up in his eyes, he let out a sob, “Yes! Kacchan- yes!” and faster than the speed of light, his Kacchan rose, embracing him tightly, letting out a silent sob himself, then he leaned his head back, kissing Midoriya passionately. 

“Happy Birthday, baby” Bakugo whispered, leaning his forehead against Midoriya’s. He did nothing to hide the single tear rolling down his cheek, or the large smile on his face. This was the best birthday Midoriya had ever had, he would cherish the memory of Bakugo sliding the ring onto his finger for ages. How did he get so lucky?