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Deku’s birthday was only a month away. Four-year-old Katsuki Bakugou has spent the last couple weeks begging his parents to try and get heroes to come to Deku’s party. Bakugou wanted to give the boy the best birthday of his life. If that meant he had to keep bugging his mother about it, he will. His parents are fashion designers, after all; they should be able to pull some strings.

“Brat, will ya quit it?!” Mitsuki swatted at her son, scolding him for playing around with his food. Her little boy wouldn’t stop pestering them on trying to get heroes for Midoriya’s birthday. It wasn’t something completely impossible, but the chances weren’t all that high.

“Son, are you sure you don’t want to do anything else for Izuku’s birthday?” Masaru looks at his son reluctantly starting to eat his dinner, a pout still plastered on his face.

“Inko said he’d be just as happy if he had dinner with us, brat!” Masaru’s wife spat at their child. This wasn’t the first time they had dinner like this. This all started a week after Katsuki’s birthday, after claiming Deku made him have the best birthday ever. Now the child was determined to one-up him from his birthday bash.

“NO! It’s not the same. Please… could ya at least try?” Ever since she’s heard her child speak, “please” wasn’t one of the words he used often. Neither were those puppy eyes. Where the hell did he learn that from? Bakugou’s parents looked at one another, his father giving his mother a smile. His mother closed her eyes and sighed before looking back at him. 

Mitsuki finally gave in after over a month, looking at her son in the eye, “Fine, we’ll try. But don’t get your damn hopes up! Heroes are busy people. If we can’t get any to come, then that’s how it is. You need to understand that, Katsuki.” Her son’s eyes started to sparkle with excitement. He nodded quickly, finishing up his dinner.

“Thanks, I guess!” She really needs to teach her son how to say thank you properly.

Luckily for Mitsuki, her next photoshoot was with a heroine that she’s been rather good friends with, Nemuri Kayama. They’ve been friends since she modelled for one of Mitsuki’s lingerie lines. The two clicked instantly and decided to keep in contact.

“These look amazing!” Nemuri commented, feeling the material of the pieces. She was excited to try them on. The navy blue colour, she absolutely adored!

“Could I ask you a favour?” Nemuri was shocked. In all the years she’s been modelling for Mitsuki, she’s never asked for a favour.

“Of course! You’ve done so much for me in the fashion world! Especially in getting my name out there in the beginning,” Nermuri remembered seeing the offer on her desk. On her first day at the agency too! Even during her internships, Mitsuki’s name was very well known for being in charge of most heroes’ covers on magazines.

“My son wants me to get heroes for his best friend’s birthday. Would you—“ The blonde couldn’t even finish her request before the heroine responded quicker than she anticipated.

“I’d love to come! Are you kidding me!?! I’ll see if I can drag some of my friends along too!” Mitsuki's eyes widened looking at the girl getting changed, picking out a whip to go along with her outfit.

“It’s for two kids. I don’t want to be wasting your time.” The two walked out of the changing room walking towards the photoshoot set up. The box lights lit up most of the backdrop, a fan placed to create flowing, luscious hair.

“This would never be a waste of time! As long as you cook the meal,” Midnight winked at her friend, knowing her amazing culinary skills. Plus, she considered that it would be good for her friends to take a little break and maybe score a fashion deal or two. It’s only for dinner after all. “Just text me the details and I’ll work my magic!”

Midnight was confident that she could get Yagi, Mic, and Emi on board. Even if Yagi might have a schedule conflict, nothing a little seducing couldn’t do. Shota will take a bit of convincing from the loud-mouthed hero and the laughing heroine.

Pro Hero +

{Nemi has entered the chat}


so, my friend’s kid is planning a birthday party

for his best friend! And he wants us to come!!!


anyone want to come with me?

{Emi, Mic, and Shouta have entered the chat}


I’ll go! I’ll go! I love kids!!!


@eraserhead u should definitely come!!

u’ll get to see me acting like a perfect wife

for the future!


lmao! I’ll go if there’s food

and brats r alright


her food is godly

won’t be disappointed


then I’m in!!

If there’s karaoke bonus points


we’ll see

but u can’t break all the glass in the house


I’ll try not too!


h e y! @eraserhead u can’t just keep

reading and not respond


@midnight do I have to?

I don’t see the point


don’t call me out when

@allmight isnt even online


@mrsjoke gave u a point.

U get to see her act like ur future wifey!


I think that’s a valid reason

to attend a child’s party


is it really?


yes it is! I’m telling her ur going….

We could always go out

afterwards it's just dinner




I can’t wait

to see u interact with children…

it will be a highlight

{Yagi has entered the chat}


shut up


@allmight what do u say?


i am here!

I am also sorry for not replying sooner!


don’t worry about it, mr. top hero


i have checked my schedule

and it seems i will be free


Then we’re 100% going out after


Mic’s right ur rarely free

might as well make the most of it


oh! This will be so much fun!


mic and I have to get going,

send us the details when you get them


shit, right


will do!

{Mic and Shouta have left the chat}


could it be possible

he’s actually excited?


potentially, ig use this

to ur advantage @mrsjoke


u betcha!


gotta go now,

break’s done! Ciao!

{Emi has left the chat}


I’ll see u soon?


Yes! See you soon!

{Nemi and Yagi have left the chat}

“So?” Katsuki looked up at his parents eagerly for an answer. It’s been a week and Katsuki wanted an answer. Keeping Deku’s party a surprise from him was already hard enough. He might have more strength to do it if his plan is on the right track. Auntie Inko was kind enough to help Katsuki whenever Izuku started to try and find out. Puppy eyes do wonders, how Auntie can fight against them he’ll never know.

“We have at least one coming, I don’t know about the rest. It’ll be a surprise for the both of you on who’s coming,” Masaru rested his hand on top of this son’s head. His crimson red eyes that matched his wife’s shimmered with happiness. That confirmation was all Katsuki needed. Deku was about to have the best birthday ever!

Katsuki ran upstairs to his room grabbing the piece of paper and pen from his desk. Climbing onto the chair sitting himself down, placing the paper on the table. His father came towards him curious what was written on it.

“All the food should be Deku’s favourite! Mom and Auntie can make the food right?” The spiky blonde looked up to his father for confirmation. He was bouncing with excitement. Masaru hoped no explosions would start sparking out.

“They can do that,” Katsuki’s father took a seat across his son, seeing him check off the box. He was very serious about this party. Izuku is one of the most important people in his life.

“Auntie said she’d make Deku his favourite cake! The decorations should be All Might themed, it’s his favourite hero!” The younger Bakugou wrote down, along with an interesting drawing of what he imagined his home to look like.

“Have you thought about a gift, Katsuki?” Masaru watched his son jump out of his chair and disappear into his room once more. The boy came running back with his piggy bank in hand. He could hear the jiggling of the coins as he set it on the table. Katsuki’s head popped out from the chair with a huge grin on his face.

“Yes, I even saved up money! So we can go shopping whenever.” Masaru had a sneaking suspicion that it would be All Might related in some way shape or form. It was the current obsession the two boys had. One of the many things they bonded over.

“When can we go to buy it?” Kacchan stood on the chair. At this point, his parents must think he’s more excited than Deku is for his own birthday. He just can’t wait to see Deku so flipping happy.

“We can go get it first thing tomorrow.” Everything was going perfectly. Katsuki spent quite a while thinking about what to get Deku. He wanted it to be something special. Bakugou has it all planned in his head; he’ll go shopping tomorrow with his dad, pick out the present, wrapping paper, and bow. He will make Deku a handmade card when he gets home, and his mother can help him wrap it. On the day of the party, he’ll give Deku the gift after hugging him first, then he’ll unwrap the present and love it to death.

Like his father said, right after breakfast the two went out and bought Izuku’s gift. They went to several different stores until Katsuki found the perfect one. He used up all his money to buy the freaking thing, so Deku better be happy. Knowing the nerd, he might start crying. His dad carried the bag around as they entered the next shop, Kacchan was looking for shiny emerald green wrapping paper that matched Midoriya’s eyes. Along with a silver bow to put on the top. Picking up these essential elements, he handed them over to his father who gladly paid for it. The cashier handed Katsuki the bag and the two walked out the store, Katsuki dragging his father by his hand to get them home “faster”.

“Did ya find what you were looking for?” Katsuki’s mother asked as her two boys came walking in. Judging by the bags in their hand it looks to be a success.

“Help me wrap it.” He’s not even giving his mother an option, she will help wrap his present. Mitsuki sighed telling her son to grab tape on his way up to his room. He came sprinting back down with tape in his hands and slammed it down on the table.

Katsuki rolled out the emerald green wrapping paper the silver side up, his mother neatly folded his gift, setting it off to the side. Mitsuki picks up a pair of scissors, cutting the wrapping paper and setting the remaining roll off the table. Katsuki prepares strips of tape for his mother to use, as she continues to fold the metallic paper around the gift in the centre. Katsuki places the last strip of tape where his mother requested. Katsuki finds the silver bow, peeling off the non-stick paper before placing it as close to the centre as he could. His father suggests they keep it in their room in case Izuku comes over before the party. He takes the gift and places it in his parents’ room for safekeeping.

Rushing into his bedroom, grabbing paper, markers, and crayons. He places everything on his desk, ready to create the best birthday card Deku has ever laid eyes on. On the front side, Kacchan wrote ‘happy birthday Deku’ near the top on the folded paper. Underneath the lettering, he drew him and Deku with a cake in between them. Deku was holding his gift and Bakugou had balloons in his hands. Inside the card Bakugou wrote his wishes for Izuku and his greetings, signing the back of the card with his name.

The day finally arrived where they would set up for Izuku's birthday, he was coming over for dinner for the surprise party later tonight. Katsuki had the task of keeping him busy and away from his house while the adults got the party together the way Katsuki wanted it. Well, close enough anyway.

Katsuki and Deku were currently playing heroes in Deku’s living room. Katsuki and Deku were pretending to be hero partners, saving Teddy from the bad guys who took him.

“I got the bad guys Deku! Go get Teddy!” Katsuki commanded throwing down another stuffed animal. Before moving onto the next one, taking him down in the same manner.

“I got’em Kacchan!” Katsuki saw Deku hold Teddy tightly as he took him to the safety area. All the bad guys were down, and Kacchan rushed over to Deku’s side.

“We did it Deku!”

“Course we freaking did it!”

The two high five over another successful mission. Bright smiles filled the room, followed by laughter. They up the remaining stuffed animals and placed them where they belonged. Deku grabs the sofa cushions and returns them back to their original places.

“Wanna go outside, nerd?” Katsuki offered, removing the red blanket tied around Izuku’s neck that acted as a cape.

“Uh-huh! I’ll go call your house,” Midoryia’s eyes sparkled, lighting up like a thousand butterflies. Maybe Katsuki was being too nice. He might start suspecting something if he keeps this kind of behaviour up. Deku hung up the phone, running over to put on his red high tops.

“Ready to go, slowpoke?” Katsuki spoke up standing in front of the door waiting for a certain boy to hurry up. Deku nodded and the two headed out of his apartment complex, walking down the familiar streets of their neighbourhood side by side. As the two came closer to their desired location, they approached a familiar ice cream stand. The owner of the stand recognized the two boys as they came by frequently with their mothers. Katsuki ran up to the owner, reminding him of the previous arrangement he made with Auntie Inko.

The older man smiled, handing Katsuki the two sugar cones filled with two scoops of ice cream. Carefully returning back to Izuku’s side, Katsuki handed the ice cream cone to him.

“Wow! Thanks, Kacchan!” Midoriya flashed him a heartwarming smile, taking licks out of his ice cream. Katsuki ate his ice cream in hopes it would cover up his lingering gaze. Marching forward they continued their journey to the forest, they passed by the large trees that towered over them, their ice creams slowly melting in the hot July air. The slight breeze kept them cool, and stolen licks of each other’s ice cream kept the laughter alive in the hollow woods.

Approaching the large log with the calming water underneath, acting as their bridge to get across, the two young heroes walked halfway across before sitting down once they’ve reached the centre. They admired the sight before them— the bright blue sky that complimented the white fluffy clouds and the trees that got smaller as they looked further out in the distance. Swinging their legs back and forth over the water, the last few bites of their cones were savoured and devoured.

“I finished mine before you!” Katsuki gloated, standing back up a wide grin on his face. Izuku followed his movements standing up beside him.

“But I’m gonna make it out of the forest first, Kacchan!” Deku started sprinting back the way they came, gaining a head start on the blonde.

“That’s cheating Deku!” Bakugou screamed after him, gaining strides on the birthday boy. Zooming passed the trees, what once was clear and distinguishable was now passing by at lightning speed. They were not paying attention to their surroundings as much, the only thing that mattered was the path in front of them.

“We didn’t set any rules!” Deku yelled back as Katsuki was only a few meters behind him now. Jumping over the rocks, the two were neck and neck. They could see the entrance, both of them meters away from winning.

“I won!” The two yelled at the same time, standing proudly in front of each other, slightly out of breath and regaining the steadiness of their heartbeat.

“No way you won, Deku!” Katsuki defended, wiping the sweat from his forehead. He met the nerd's emerald eyes.

“You caught up really fast, Kacchan! But… I think we tied,” Deku told the blonde off. The way he spoke, he always sounded so amazed by his skills.

“Fine. Only because it’s your birthday!” Katsuki gave in. Seeing Deku about to come in for a hug, he quickly backed away starting to walk in the direction of his house. Katsuki doesn’t do hugs.

“It’s my birthday, Kacchan! I deserve a hug!” Deku pouted at him before jogging up to walk beside the blonde.

“I got something better than that, Deku,” Katsuki’s face pulled into a smirk knowing what’s waiting at his house for the nerd, completely ignoring his request for the hug. Maybe he should’ve just hugged the nerd, then maybe he wouldn’t be asking so many freaking questions on what Katsuki has been hiding since May. It doesn’t look like he’s running out anytime soon, but on the upside, Deku hasn’t used puppy eyes. Katsuki should be able to make it to his house as long as Deku doesn’t pull that face.

The two approached the Bakugou household walking up to the front door. Katsuki pulled his hand into a fist banging on his front door. Hearing his mother say it was open, Kacchan took hold of Deku’s hand leading him inside. Closing the front door behind them, they took off their shoes at the entrance. The room was barely lit, the next thing they knew the lights flashed on.

All Might, Midnight, President Mic, Ms. Joke, and Eraserhead were standing in front of them.

“Happy birthday!” everyone in the room shouts. Deku’s mom was holding his cake with all the candles lit. The All Might decorations were prominent but not overbearing, the “Happy Birthday!” sign hung in the background, and the food looked and smelled delicious. It was almost as perfect as Katsuki envisioned it to be, except...

“Oi! Deku! Why are you crying?” Katsuki questioned, wiping the nerd’s tears away as he suddenly felt his arms wrap around him.

“Thank you!” Deku wiped away the final remaining tears and looked up at the blonde with a blinding smile.

“Yeah, yeah,” Katsuki patted his head, not too sure why his face felt hot. His mother probably forgot to turn the AC on.

“They’re so cute!!” The laughing hero spoke up, gripping the man’s shirt beside her. Izuku’s mother came closer to the kids kneeling in front of her son.

“Make a wish, sweetie,” she smiled at the two. The glow of the flames gave Deku’s eyes a golden glow as he took a moment to think about his wish. Deku blew out the candles as everyone in the room clapped.

The laughing hero was first to approach the two boys, “Hiya! I’m Ms. Joke!” She introduced bending down to their level.

“Woah! I remember seeing you at the Sports Festival! You looked so cool!” Deku’s eyes started twinkling. Looking past the energetic woman, Deku caught eye to eye with All Might.

“Y-Y-You’re All Might!” The two boys stuttered out. Their idol was standing right in front of them, inside Katsuki’s house.

“I am here!” Bright smiles filled their vision as the other heroes introduced themselves. The two boys started going on and on about their Quirks and how amazing they were. Most importantly what UA was like, it was their dream to attend the best hero school in Japan someday. Eraserhead had quite a different response than the rest of the heroes that made them laugh. He was quiet but he looked like he cared a lot about his friends.

“How about you, sweetheart? What’s your Quirk?” Midnight asked Katsuki. He smiled brightly at her as he started to emit small explosions from his palms.

“That’s a powerful Quirk, kid,” Eraserhead commented, knowing one day he’ll make it to UA if he works hard. President Mic and Ms. Joke turned their heads looking at him with a surprised look. They might as well be teaching them at that point.

“I want a Quirk as cool as Kacchan’s!” Deku told All Might, the Pro-hero patted his head.

“You’ll become as cool as him someday too. Don’t worry about it, young one,” All Might reassured the young boy, a soft smile crossing his lips. Deku’s eyes stared in awe right back at him with so much hope radiating from them.

“He’s right Deku! We’ll be unstoppable!” Bakugou butted in, receiving a heartwarming smile from the green-haired boy in return.

“They're so damn cute! It’s so wholesome!” Mic voiced out before taking another bite out of his food. As everyone finished their meals, they thanked Inko and Mitsuki for the delicious dinner. Midnight told them that they can only stay for a little while longer, but for the two boys, it was more than enough.

The two boys and the heroes gathered around to take pictures. The camera clicked over and over, from normal poses to wacky faces. Every moment Mitsuki could capture, she did. The wide smiles never wavered even when the heroes were about to leave.

“Your mothers already got us to sign a notebook or two, don’t worry about it!” Ms. Joke hugged the younger ones as they gave one another a look.

“Do you little ones have one last question?” Midnight asked as she slipped her heels on.

“It’s now or never,” Deku whispered. Izuku pointed at Eraserhead, as Katsuki pointed at All Might.

“Are you,” they started before Deku pointed at Ms. Joke and Kacchan locked eyes with Midnight pointing at her. The two were more serious than ever.

“With Ms. Joke?”

“With Midnight?”

They questioned, only to have President Mic break into a fit of laughter. The other heroes stood by the doorway with red faces. Deku and Katsuki didn’t understand. Were they wrong?

“God, I love these kids!” Mic managed to say in between laughs before he got elbowed by the raven-haired man.

“Are we right?” Katsuki questioned and saw the blonde with long hair nodding his head furiously behind the other four. He was not too sure who to believe because the others didn’t really deny it either. The five heroes left the Bakugou household, their parents cleaning up the mess, the sun has already set, the night sky scattered with stars.

“I think we were right Kacchan,” Deku said out loud as they closed the door behind the heroes. Katsuki nodded, even if they didn’t give a direct response. It looked like it anyways. The boys made their way back to their parents’ line of sight.

“You know, Izuku sweetheart, Katsuki planned this whole thing,” Mitsuki mentioned. Katsuki was immediately enveloped into a tight hug from his best friend, a chain of thank you’s following. His face was getting hot again and he didn't know why as he stroked Deku’s green curly hair.

“Izuku, why don’t you go to the backyard and Katsuki can give you his gift, sweetheart,” Auntie Inko suggested as she dried off another plate that Katsuki's father finished washing. Deku released his hold on Katsuki and allowed him to dash to his parents' room to get the gift and the card he made. Closing the back door, he found Deku sitting on the grass. He walked up behind him and hugged him from behind as he placed the gift and card on Deku’s lap.

He made sure to hug Deku tight, his cheek pressed up against his back. Katsuki let go of his firm grip, sitting down properly beside Deku. Watching him read the car he wrote, his eyes softened as his lips pulled into a sweet smile that was still visible in the dark thanks to the glowing stars above them. Deku set the card down giving his best friend a side hug, Katsuki wrapped his arms around him, returning the soft hug. The two parted as Deku carefully removed the silver bow sticking it onto the card. He slowly ripped off the emerald green wrapping paper to reveal matching limited edition All Might hoodies. The two of them have been wanting to get them since, well, forever.

“This is the best gift ever Kacchan!” For that smile, for the sound happiness in his voice, for that look in his eyes, for that face of realization, Katsuki would do anything to see it all again. He watched Deku rush to put it on, showing his clear love for the hoodie, hugging his torso the moment he slips it on. Deku tossed Katsuki the remaining one, encouraging him to wear it as well. Which he does gladly, fixing the drawstring of the hoodie so they were even.

The next thing Katsuki could remember were soft lips on his cheek. It was only for a few seconds but it felt a lot longer than that. The moment Deku removed his lips from Katsuki’s cheek, the warmth of his lips left. The two of them locked eyes, a pink glow radiating from their cheeks.

“It’s your birthday nerd, not mine,” Katsuki protested, not even breaking eye contact.

“But you gave me the best birthday I could ask for, Kacchan!” That... That was what Katsuki wanted to hear come out of his mouth since the day started. It made him incredibly happy that he decided to return the favour. He placed his lips on the apple of Deku’s cheek, giving him the exact same feeling Deku gave him.

“Now we're even,” Katsuki told him as he pulled away, looking up at the night sky and seeing the stars shine brightly. But nothing could beat Deku’s smile. He looked down at his shoulder the moment he felt a weight on it, the boy was resting his head on Katsuki’s shoulder. His face starts to heat up once again, but this time he knows he’s not alone. 

”Out of all the heroes that came tonight Kacchan, you’re my favourite hero.”