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Todoroki's Amusment, Bakugou's Torment

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Lunch was usually a boring affair for Todoroki Shouto who was sitting at the table with Deku and his friends. Midoriya was talking about some complex technique that he was working on while Iida was listening intently and Uraraka was finishing off her pudding that had been on her lunch tray. Despite the normal atmosphere it felt like they were being watched intently and he glanced behind him to see an unhappy blond staring in his direction despite being surrounded by his happy-go-lucky friends.

Todoroki looked at their table and then looked again at the blond only to see that his red eyes weren’t focused directly on him, rather they were focused on the brunette girl at their table. Ever since their first year at the Sports Festival he noticed that their hot-headed classmate Bakugou Katsuki always seemed to treat Uraraka differently, as if he held her in higher regard. If he had to be honest, he was amused at how weak Bakugou Katsuki could be to a girl like Uraraka. The stare didn’t seem threatening, rather it seemed as calm as Bakugou could ever be.

It was obvious that he liked her…but how much?

Todoroki looked over at Uraraka who sighed happily after just finishing off her pudding, licking the caramel off the spoon. He then looked down at his pudding and had an idea as to how he could find an answer to his question.


She looked over at him, “Yes Todoroki-san?”

He then put his pudding on her plate, “Here, you like sweet things don’t you?”

Ochako’s eyes widened, “A-Are you sure?”

Shouto nodded.

“Uwaaaah! Thank you Todoroki-san!” Ochako squealed and began devouring the pudding.

Todoroki couldn’t help but let a small smile escape his lips and then looked up noticing Bakugou glaring angrily in his direction, chopsticks splintering in his hand.

“Bro are you okay?” Kirishima asked Bakugou and looked at his hand, “Um…you murdered your chopsticks.”

“Shut up!” Bakugou growled and then pushed his food towards Kirishima, “Here, eat this shit I’m done with it!” Before Kirishima could thank him he stood up and walked out of the cafeteria.

“I wonder if Kacchan is okay. Maybe he ate something bad?”

“He should have more calcium then maybe he wouldn’t be so uptight.” Ochako said as she finished off her pudding. The comment made the two-toned haired boy laugh internally.

Oh, this was going to be fun.

To Be Continued...

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Later that evening Todoroki found himself at the gym and took notice of the people who were working out in the weight room. It couldn’t be a more perfect set up. On one end of the gym Bakugou appeared to be locked in a contest with Kirishima over who could complete the most pull-ups on the bars and on the opposite side was Uraraka who was stretching out on one of the mats.

Without hesitation Shouto went towards Uraraka who was stretching out her shoulders trying to loosen up her stiff muscles.

“Oh hello Todoroki-kun! Did you need the use the mats?”

Todoroki nodded, “But I may need some help warming up…I’m not very flexible.”

“Oh sure! I can help you with that no problem!” Uraraka said with a grin, “But you’ll have to help me too!”

“Of course Uraraka-san.”

Although warming up with Uraraka had required physical contact it didn’t bother him as she was there to help him reduce the tightness in his back and shoulders. He realized he should probably do things like this more often in order to maximize the most of his quirk. When it came time for them to trade places Ochako seemed to have no issues with having his hands on her. But then again, she probably did things like this all the time when she had been at her internship with Gunhead.

“Hold them down, okay?” Uraraka said when he adjusted his hands so that they were holding down her baby pink sneakers. Shouto nodded his head and watched as Ochako started performing crunches.

He then decided to turn his attention to the opposite side of the gym and immediately locked eyes with Bakugou Katsuki who looked like he was going to pop multiple blood vessels while lifting weights at the bench.

“Hey…um….bro…do you maybe wanna take a break?” Kirishima asked Bakugou who decided to switch out the weights for heavier ones, “Bakubro?”

“Shut it Shitty Hair, I’m just getting started.” Bakugou growled, “Don’t tell me you’re wimping out now!”

That seemed to motivate Kirishima who decided to eagerly join in with Bakugou commenting on how manly it was that Bakugou was insistent on continuing to train.

When Todoroki looked away he came face-to-face with Uraraka who smiled at him, “Alright that was it! Thanks for your help Todoroki-kun!” she said and then stood up, “Well I’m off to the track, I need to get some laps in!”

Todoroki watched as she took off and figured he might as well make use of the gym since he was warmed up and headed towards the pull-up bars. “Anyone using these?”

“Go right ahead!” Kirishima said happily. Bakugou didn’t respond to Shouto’s question and instead stood up and put the weights back where they were. “Oh you done already Bakugou?”

“Going out for a run.” Bakugou said before exiting the gym.

“Whatever bro.” Kirishima said turning his attention back to his workout routine.

Todoroki however found himself amused that Bakugou was trying not to make it so obvious that his reason for leaving the gym was to go find Uraraka like some lost puppy. This was starting to get fun. He couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

To Be Continued…

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“Kacchan seems very annoyed today.” Midoriya said as he and his friends exited the classroom towards the library to study for the next grueling test Aizawa-sensei had planned out for them.

“I agree with you but that is no excuse for damaging school property.” Iida said firmly, “Even if it was an accident there was no need to leave burn marks on the desk!”

“Actually I don’t think he even noticed he was doing it.” Ochako said with a shrug, “Happens to me sometimes with my quirk when I’m not paying attention. Next thing I know my favorite pencil is floating above my head.”

Of course with Class 1-A there was never a dull moment, and from Todoroki’s point of view today would be no different. Ochako had entered the classroom partially drenched from the rain outside along with a few other classmates. When asked what happened Uraraka said that a downpour of rain had started outside and that she and some of their class had been caught in it, but made it inside before becoming completely soaked.

“Ewww I hate the feeling of wet clothes.” Uraraka said as she removed her uniform jacket and placed it on the back of her chair. “Oh well, hopefully this dries off by the time class is over.”

The others who had been out in the rain agreed with her.

“Quit whining, it’s your own damned fault for not getting here early enough Round-face!” Bakugou said glancing at Uraraka. But really it was just a front and Todoroki knew it. Why else would he single her out so easily?

He glanced over and noted that Uraraka was shivering slightly from being cold and made a bold decision. He slipped off his own uniform jacket and then called out her name, “Uraraka-san, catch!”

Uraraka Ochako caught the jacket with no hesitation and then looked at Todoroki in confusion, “What’s this for?”

“Go ahead and wear that for now, it wouldn’t be good for you to catch cold.” Shouto said.

“How courteous of you Todoroki-san. I only wish I could have done that if I too wasn’t drenched from the rain!” Iida said.

“Thank you Todoroki-san, I’ll give it back after class.”

“Hey guys…is something burning?” Mineta asked.

Everyone paused and suddenly the smell of burning wood strongly filled the room.

“K-Kacchan your desk!”

“Oh fuck me!” Bakugou cursed as he removed his hand from the desk and saw that the edge of it was singed black.

After that incident class began and the chaos had quieted down. But it was after class when Todoroki had been given his jacket back from Uraraka he briefly met eyes with Bakugou who scowled at him and then gave Shouto the middle finger before leaving the class.

“It might have embarrassed him.” Izuku said softly and then shuddered, “But he really looked like he wanted to fight someone.”

“Yeah I could totally feel is Baku-Rage Aura from where I was sitting.” Ochako said and then shook her head, “But I dunno why he calls me ‘Round-face’ I mean my face isn’t even that round!”

To Be Continued…

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The test that Aizawa had planned out would be intimidating as it required them to write out an essay, but the topic would be decided by Aizawa-sensei and one of their other teachers as a means to determine how they were progressing in their courses so far. The trouble was, they weren’t aware which subject was going to be picked. Leave it to Aizawa-sensei to make it harder to even pass their first year, let alone stay at the academy.

“I believe our best course of action would be to focus on the subjects we struggle with in order to make sure we pass this test.” Iida said.

“That does sound like a good plan but we need to make sure we focus on our stronger subjects too. This test could be on anything.” Deku said running a hand through his messy green hair.

After a few minutes of thinking they all addressed which subjects they felt the weakest in (although Iida wasn’t someone who really struggled in the area of academics he was kind enough to offer his help). They had delved into their respected subjects for about an hour and Ochako was fidgeting in her seat, “Guys I feel like I need to take a break, my eyes are going to fall out of my head if I keep staring at this book!”

“Uraraka’s right…now’s probably a good time to take a break.” Deku said slumping back in his seat, “Besides the library is about the close soon.”

Iida closed his book, “If this is the case then we can all reconvene tomorrow after school is over. We also have the weekend.”

“I second that!” Uraraka said enthusiastically.


Deku said that he had some questions to ask All Might and left their group saying that he would see them all later at dinner. All three walked back in silence and then came across the vending machines. Uraraka stared longingly at the different drinks that were in the machine and sighed.

“Aren’t you going to get one?” Shouto asked her.

Uraraka gave a small smile, “I would but…I need to save my 100 yen for a rainy day.”

Todoroki frowned. 100 yen? That seemed like nothing. But he had heard that Uraraka Ochako could be stingy with money, buying the cheapest products. Rumor had it her family did not have a lot of money so she made great efforts to save all she could because she was afraid of inconveniencing her parents. He pulled out his wallet and dropped in a few coins, “What would you like?” he asked her.

Uraraka’s eyes widened, “U-Uh! Wait a minute! You don’t need to buy me anything!”

“Don’t worry about it.” Todoroki shrugged, “My dad gave me some more money this week so I don’t mind spending it. Which one do you want?”

Ochako bit her lip and then pointed out the one she wanted. A melon soda. Todoroki got one as well and handed it to her.

“Thank you!” Uraraka said happily before unscrewing the cap and downing almost a fourth of the bottle, “Mmmm! It’s so refreshing!”

“Hey did you guys just get out of the library too? Man, I’m super tired from all that studying!” a voice said and they looked over to see Kaminari, Sero, Ashido, Kirishima, and Bakugou coming towards them.

“Yeah we did, we’re heading back to the dorms now.” Uraraka said happily as she sipped her soda.

“Oooh! That melon soda looks really good!” Mina said licking her lips and pulling out her wallet, “I’m gonna get some too! But usually you’re more stingy with your money Uraraka, what’s the occasion?”

“Oh I didn’t buy this. Todoroki-kun bought this for me!”

“Oh? Did he now? How nice of him!” Ashido said as if trying to tease Uraraka who only rolled her eyes at the pink haired girl.

“Didn’t take you to be a damned philanthropist.” A voice growled and Todoroki turned his gaze towards Bakugou who had his arms crossed over his chest. Oh yes, he looked quite irritated.

Todoroki shrugged, “I had extra money in my pocket and she wanted a drink.”

“She doesn’t need you to do things for her Freezer Burn!”

“Oh? Are you saying you would have bought her one?”

Suddenly Bakugou paused and Todoroki could see that the explosive blond was hesitating. Then crimson eyes narrowed, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“Actually I would.”

“You two-toned bitch-!” Suddenly Kirishima swung an arm around Bakugou Katsuki, “Let go of me Shitty Hair!”

“Look man you better not be trying to start a fight here. C’mon let’s go back to the dorms…” Kirishima said and started dragging Bakugou off and then looked at Todoroki, “Sorry bout him man, he’s low on patience today because of Kaminari.”


Todoroki silently reveled in the fact that he finally made a noticeable dent in Bakugou’s wall that he put up. It was obvious now that Uraraka was the object of his interest. But then he tried to cover it up.

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Challenge accepted.

To Be Continued…

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The next evening Todoroki was sitting in the common room with some of the other students. Everyone was trying their best to put their mind away from the upcoming examination and were either talking amongst themselves, eating, or playing video games. Shouto was just on the couch flipping through a book he was borrowing from Yaoyorozu when he noticed Uraraka heading into the kitchen where he knew Bakugou Katsuki was making something given the amount of decadent aromas flooding into the common room. He closed the book and set it down on the table.

“The fuck are you doing in here?” he heard Bakugou snap from in the kitchen.

“Cool your jets, I’m just here to get some tea.”

“Hah? Well why don’t you ask Freezer-burn to get you some?”

“…Who’s freezer-burn?”

“I believe he’s referring to me.” Shouto said as he casually stepped in the room.

“Oh hey Todoroki-san.” Uraraka greeted cheerfully while Bakugou added some oil to the dish he was preparing looking like he wanted to throw it in the face. Of course, that wouldn’t be the first time he had been assaulted by something scalding hot…but that wasn’t anyone’s business.

“I just came to get some tea.” Todoroki said quietly while Uraraka reached into the cabinet to grab the green tea.

“Oh crap.” Ochako cursed as she stood on her tip toes trying to reach for the mugs that were far out of her reach. Todoroki however was tall enough to reach the shelf that she was aiming for and stood behind her to snag two mugs bringing on down for her.

“Hey thanks!” Uraraka said beaming up at Shouto, “Hand me yours too, I’ll make us both tea. Do you want any honey in it? Or sugar?”

Shouto shrugged, “I’ll take some sugar.”

“Coming right up!” the bubble brunette said as she grabbed his cup from his hand and poured hot water into both cups waiting for the tea to steep. While she prepared their tea he heard the sizzling sound of Bakugou’s cooking and glanced over to see Bakugou’s eyes hovering towards her with that soft look that he had seen the explosive hero give Uraraka that day in the cafeteria.

“Here you go!” Todoroki snapped back to reality and stared down at the mug Uraraka had handed over to him.

“Thank you.” He said quietly while he watched Uraraka happily walk out of the room. He then looked at Bakugou who was putting the food he had been cooking on a plate, “You know if you wanted a cup too, you could have asked.”

“She could have gotten it herself.”

“Oh so you wouldn’t have helped her?”

“No I’m saying she doesn’t need some limp-dick loser holding her fucking hand.” Bakugou said glaring at Todoroki, “She’s not helpless you know!”

“You’re right, she’s not.” Todoroki agreed and sipped his tea in front of Bakugou, “She’s more than capable than looking out for herself. But I don’t see why doing something nice for her is such a problem. Oh, I think I get it now, is it because you wanted to do all those things for her but you can’t?”

“You’re walking on thin ice daddy’s boy….”

“Of course, who wouldn’t want to do nice things for Uraraka-san? She is cute. And as far as I know you’re not interested in her at all.” Todoroki said taking another sip of his tea and then turned around to leave the room.

To Be Continued…

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They were all training outside today in teams of two against other teams. Right now it was Uraraka and Tsuyu against Mineta and Denki…and the girls were winning. Mineta had attempted to make a grab towards Tsuyu’s chest area but Uraraka had gotten there in time and slammed the purple haired pervert to the ground with a heavy kick…he was going to need to go to Recovery Girl after this match for sure. Shouto looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Bakugou looking completely enthralled by Uraraka beat the shit out of Mineta.

‘What’s holding him back?’ Todoroki Shouto thought crossing his arms over his chest in thought. Bakugou was the type of guy who was able to take what he wanted and to conquer any challenge that came his way. But with Uraraka….he seemed to be holding back even with Todoroki’s antics. What was missing? What was holding back that human time-bomb?

“Is something wrong Todoroki-san?” Todoroki looked over to see Yaoyorozu Momo looking at him with concern. She was an intelligent person, maybe she had some insights to share.

“Yaoyorozu-san...I’m trying to figure something out but I feel like I need a woman’s perspective on the situation…maybe you can help me?”

Momo put her hands together and nodded, “Of course, what would you like to know Todoroki-san?”

“What do you think would make someone not want to confess to a person they like?”

Momo’s face turned pink and the question and she raised a hand to her face, “Well…um…maybe the person they like is already in a relationship? Or that person likes someone else?”

Shouto shook his head. Everyone knew Uraraka was single. And as for her liking someone else, she had already attempted to confess to Izuku in the past and unfortunately he did not feel the same way. That had been a bit rough for her but she had managed to move on from it. “Even if they had a crush on someone else, why not confess just to get it over with? That would be easy, right?”

Momo shook her head, “Not for all people, maybe this person doesn’t want to get rejected. Or maybe they’re just too shy…they might be someone who doesn’t want to make the first move.”

Todoroki frowned, that didn’t sound like the explosive blond at all. He was always the first to make the moves when it came down to any hero based activities. Even in the Sports Festival he was always the first to make moves against opponents. Labeling him as shy just didn’t fit. But then again, he did have a massive ego so the thought of getting rejected would weigh heavily on him….but so would the thought of someone getting to her first.

Then he came up with an idea…a bold and possibly risky idea.

However before he could look more into it he heard Aizawa call out his and Yaoyorozu’s names. Ah, no time for plans now. They had a match to complete. And it was just as if the Gods knew that Todoroki was getting himself into mischief as he and the black haired female were paired up against Kirishima Eijiro and Bakugou Katsuki. All too perfect.

“I’m gonna blow that smug look off your face Freezer-burn!” Bakugou said cracking his knuckles, “This time you better not throw the match!”

“Oh… you’re still mad about that?”


To Be Continued…

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The brown haired girl looked up when she saw Todoroki Shouto standing in front of her desk and leaning in close. “Oh good morning.”

“Uraraka-san…if you don’t mind…would you meet me before lunch outside? There’s something I want to talk to you about.” He said noticing the eyes of his classmates all focused on him and Uraraka.


Todoroki nodded his head and then moved to take his seat for class. That’s when the whispers started.

“Did you hear that? He wanted to talk to her alone!” he heard Mina whisper to Kirishima, “I bet he’s going to confess, that’s why he’s been acting so nice to her!”

“Mina…we don’t know that!” Kirishima said trying to calm down the pink haired girl.

“Don’t know what?” both turned their head as they saw Bakugou walk into the room and scowled at Mina, “Why’re you acting more annoying than usual Raccoon Eyes?”

“It’s nothing!” Kirishima said trying to quickly diffuse the situation.

Mina pouted, “Awww c’mon! I’m just really excited that this moment is happening for one of my good friends! Ochako deserves it!”

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Bakugou would find out but Ashido Mina was the perfect source of information when it came to gossip and Bakugou had taken the bait hook, line, and sinker. The blond’s scowl deepened and he leered at Mina, “What’d you say about Cheeks?”

Mina seemed to notice the change in Bakugou’s demeanor and immediately quieted down moving Kirishima to stand in front of her, “Oh…nothing important.”

“Yeah…only that Uraraka might be getting a confession before lunch today.” Kaminari said with a smile on his face. Leave it to someone like him to not read the atmosphere.

“She what?!” Bakugou said quietly and then pulled Kaminari out of his desk, “Alright short-circuit, who was it and when the hell did you hear this? Start talking!”

Suddenly a large sleeping bag at the front of the room rose up and Aizawa’s face appeared, “Bakugou, if you’re done screaming at such an ungodly hour please take you seat. It’s time to start today’s lesson.”

The bell announcing the lunch hour seemed to take eternity before it finally rang but when it did Todoroki packed up his things and stood up, ‘Time to initiate the operation.’ He slowly walked over to Uraraka’s desk and patiently stood there as she packed her things. “Shall we?” he asked.

Uraraka nodded her head and followed Todoroki out of the classroom and down the hall towards the nearest courtyard.

“Uraraka-san, there’s something that I need to tell you and I hope you don’t think badly about me for it.”

Uraraka offered a small smile, “I don’t have any reason to think badly of you Todoroki-san.”

“I see….then you won’t mind if I tell you that-"

“There you are!” a voice yelled out and suddenly Bakugou Katsuki came barreling towards them and stood in front of Todoroki, “I had my fucking suspicions when I heard the extras talking this morning but I didn’t think you’d actually try it!”

“Whoa Bakugou! What’re you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at lunch?”

Bakugou sneered, and turned around to face her, “I would be if I didn’t have to come looking for your ass! Knowing what a space cadet you are you’d probably forget to eat!”

“I have onigiri in my bag!”

“That’s not gonna be enough!” Bakugou huffed and then grabbed her wrist, as if trying to avoid her hand, “C’mon space brains, I’m paying for your lunch today!”

“What?! Hey wait a minute you don’t need to!”

“You can spar with me this evening if you’re so fucking worried about the amount!”

“Th-that’s fine but…I was still talking to Todoroki-san!”

“It's alright, we can talk later Uraraka-san.” Todoroki said watching as Bakugou practically pushed Uraraka back inside the building but not before flipping the bird to Todoroki before the two disappeared. When they were gone Todoroki let a small chuckle past his lips, satisfied that he had triggered Bakugou Katsuki to do something slightly embarrassing.

Mission accomplished.


At least a few weeks had passed since the courtyard incident and it seemed that a change had overcome Bakugou. Well, not quite, he was still obnoxious and foul-mouthed, and a hot-head but he was a hot-head who definitely didn’t hide his affection for Uraraka. Not since he had loudly declared to everyone that he and Uraraka Ochako were dating and that any extra who was trying to get her attention should “fuck off” for lack of better words.

He was always trying to get her to eat balanced meals despite her complaints that she was able to feed herself but he did it out of concern she’d get back into the habit of starving herself on days when she didn’t have enough money. She also frequently teamed up with him to spar and both had even come up with some quirk combinations which even Todoroki Shouto had found impressive, maybe because of Uraraka’s patience with Bakugou and his willingness to actually work with someone.

“Who knew that Uraraka would be perfect for Kacchan? He’s like a totally different person when he’s with her.” Midoriya said one day at lunch. Todoroki looked over the table to see Bakugou angrily shoving a piece of tuna between two chopsticks into Uraraka’s mouth making her cheeks puff out like a hamster.

“He really does fuss over her a lot.” Iida said, “While I do think it’s good for Uraraka-san to have someone looking out for her, I can’t help but think he’s overdoing it.”

Todoroki watched as Uraraka stuffed a mochi into her mouth only for Bakugou to lean over and bite one of her cheeks causing her to blush profusely. He then caught Bakugou’s red eyes staring at him and raised an eyebrow only to get the middle finger. Todoroki Shouto smirked and went back to eating his soba.