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All Tied Up

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When Izuku got home, he was not expecting the sight before him.

“Don’t you dare, nerd.”

“I—I didn’t say anything.”

“Just don’t.”

When Izuku couldn’t get a hold of Katsuki earlier, this was the last thing he imagined he’d find his boyfriend doing. 

“I said, don’t , Deku.”

Izuku raised his hands up in defeat, “Kacchan, I swear, my lips are sealed.” 

He turned away from the scene, barely hiding the growing smirk on his face as he moved into their bedroom and changed into more comfortable clothes. 

He decided to give Katsuki some time and space before he reappeared again, so he moved into their shared home office and turned on his laptop. 

His eyes widened for a fraction before he silently laughed to himself. Well, this explains everything.

It had been some time since they had started engaging in a more intimate relationship. It had started off with Katsuki asking him for a favor, with something only he could trust Izuku with. 

Izuku’s world had turned on its head when Katsuki had asked him of all people to be his Dom. But more than just a Dom, they were now in a very loving relationship. The days they did scenes were when Katsuki had bad days or just didn’t want to be in control. Most times, Izuku and he were living a very domesticated lifestyle.

Though, the addition of a sex life had been the icing on the cake. Izuku already loved being around Katsuki. It was all he wanted, to be by his side, but now their deeper feelings about one another were open and to his surprise: mutual. Izuku was on cloud nine when they confessed their true feelings to one another. 

It had been several months, almost coming up on a year on this new phase of their relationship, and everything was good and perfect really. Izuku shook his head as he closed his laptop’s screen and exited back to the living room. 

Katsuki was cursing under his breath as he thrashed around in his botched attempt at tying himself up in rope. Izuku walked in wordlessly, trying not to make eye-contact with Katsuki, for fear of him really exploding him. 

With as neutral a face he could muster, he took the red ropes from Katsuki’s hands, dexterously untangling the mess he made until he got to the point he had messed up. 

“Kacchan,” he used a deeper tone, “were you doing this for me?” 

Katsuki stopped squirming at the hint of praise, nodding his head silently. Izuku continued where he left off, “You’re such a good boy Kacchan, wanting to make me happy.” 

Izuku’s eyes flicked up to catch the rising blush on Katsuki’s cheeks, his hands binding Katsuki’s legs by wrapping and creating an intricately beautiful pattern that cascaded down the front. The red rope bit into Katsuki’s muscles ever so slightly, causing Izuku to pause.

“Are you okay Kacchan? Is it comfortable?”

Still unable to speak, the blond nodded, eyes trained on Izuku’s scarred hands as they worked down his legs, looping the rope around his toes, and finishing the tie at the ankles in a nice knot. 

“What a beautiful mermaid,” Izuku cooed, his hands running up Katsuki’s legs and over his thighs, “Kacchan you’re so pretty wrapped up like this. Thank you for indulging me. Now, shall I reward you for being so thoughtful?”  

Izuku smiled when he saw Katsuki’s blush burn brighter as it reached the tips of his ears. It was cute how coy and shy he became when Izuku spoke to him in this manner.

“Kacchan, can I do another pattern on you?”

Katsuki nodded slowly. 

“You trust me right? You’re going to be fully immobile.” 

Katsuki’s lips pursed, before he uttered his first word since Izuku took over, “Collar.”

Izuku nodded with a smile, “I’ll be right back.” 

He retrieved the green collar from his bedroom, returning to find Katsuki’s hands tracing the moire effect created by the red ropes, his eyes softly gazing at the care Izuku took in binding him and the contrast of red against his pale skin. 

Izuku kneeled behind Katsuki, kissing the nape of his neck, snaking his arms around Katsuki’s shirtless torso and hugging him, whispering into his ear, “Kacchan, you really look good.”

Katsuki grunted.

“Can I place your collar on now?”

A curt nod was given, and Izuku gently placed the collar around his neck. Katsuki sighed, his head falling back onto Izuku’s shoulder and Izuku gently kissed him on the lips. 

“I’m gonna continue wrapping you okay?”

“Okay,” was all his reply. 

Izuku took the rest of the rope discarded to the side by Katsuki, obviously thrown in frustration. Taking quick measurements, he deduced he’d be able to do a simple body harness and bind his arms. 

His fingers went to work, grazing Katsuki’s ticklish spots as he looped and crossed the ropes around his body. He made a central column down his torso with knots, continuing the pattern on the back as he fashioned it around Katsuki’s shoulders. A diamond pattern started to emerge, crosses spanning his washboard abs, the diamond pattern that wrapped around his chest, highlighting each pec within its confines. 

Izuku’s fingers trailed the firm muscles, light brushes over Katsuki’s nipples, a whisper of a moan escaping his lips. Izuku’s lips quirk up, Katsuki’s quickly slipping into subspace. He had noticed it when he looked hypnotized as Izuku fixed his mermaid tail so precisely. 

“Okay baby, I’m going to do one more thing,” Izuku pressed a kiss into Katsuki’s temple, whispering more praises on how good he looks. 

Taking Katsuki’s arms he presses the forearms together, starting to coil the rope around them, “This tie should be familiar to you Kacchan, it’s called a Gauntlet tie, though they’re kind of different,” he chuckles as he tightens it up. The more he wraps it the more Katsuki’s pecs push together for pronounced cleavage. Izuku bites his lip and finishes up the tie.

“Is it ok? Can you move?”

Katsuki nods slowly, wriggling his fingers, and toes, shifting slightly. Izuku sits back to admire Katsuki’s appearance; thrill rushes through him as his eyes rake over Katsuki’s prone body, so beautifully bound in red knots. 

Izuku shakes his head, “Kacchan is so beautiful, just seeing you like this turns me on so much.” 

Leaning forward, fingers placed gingerly under Katsuki’s chin, he tilts his face up to meet him. He kisses him softly, deepening them as Katsuki pliantly opens his mouth easily for access. Izuku hums into his kisses, as his hand starts to trail down Katsuki’s, over the ridges of the ropes contrasting with smooth skin. 

He palms at Katsuki’s hardened cock through his underwear, squeezing the base of the shaft gently. Katsuki moans into his mouth, his body writhes against the bindings, remembering he can’t touch or move easily.

Izuku pulls back, meeting Katsuki’s heavy lidded gaze and reddened cheeks. He looks dazed and it takes everything for Izuku to not ravage his boyfriend. Katsuki looks completely debauched, and he’s barely done anything to him. 

Scooping Katsuki up from the floor, carrying him bridal style into his bedroom, laying him gently onto his bed. Red eyes watch him intently as he starts to strip. Izuku strips slowly, running his hands down his body, smirking when Katsuki licks his lips. 

“I’m going to strip you now,” he announces as he climbs onto the bed, grabbing 

Izuku hooked his fingers into the only piece of clothing Katsuki had been wearing when he got home, a pair of black silk boxers. He slid them as far as the bindings would let him before gently rolling Katsuki onto his side. Cupping a hand over his bare ass, he squeezes it, before he lays on his stomach, craning his neck and presses his tongue against Katsuki’s taint before trailing up his crack. Using one hand he spreads Katsuki’s ass flattening his tongue and lapping past the hole repeatedly. 

When Katsuki shifts and moans, Izuku’s tongue starts to prod at him, working Katsuki up further. 

Sitting on the back of his heels Izuku pulls Katsuki’s legs up and lays them across his chest and over his left shoulder. Using the lube that he’d taken out he slicks up his fingers, and slides a finger in, jolting Katsuki, Izuku braces his legs firmly against his chest. Izuku adds another finger, Katsuki’s knees bending as he tries to push Izuku off.

“More, please. I need you,” he’d call out softly, “Izuku please, feels so good.” 

Izuku slipped his fingers, out, popping the cap open one more time and pouring the liquid onto his hardened shaft, stroking it and coating it with lube as he lined himself up to Katsuki and started to push. His arms wrapped around Katsuki’s legs tighter, hiking him up a little higher to slide in easier. 

He bit the inside of his cheek as Katsuki’s tight heat surrounded him. He slid in slowly while Katsuki bit down on his lower lip, clenching around Izuku. 

After he adjusted to the new position, Izuku’s hips started to pick up a faster tempo as he fucked Katsuki who had turned his head and tried to bury it into a pillow.

Izuku snapped his hips and Katsuki cried out, “No hiding, Katsuki, I told you. I love to hear you.” 

Katsuki rolled his head back to look up at Izuku through thick lashes, tears collecting in the corner of his eyes, “Please, Izuku.”

Izuku hung his head, Katsuki felt so good around him, but when he pleaded for him like that, like he needed him more than anything, sometimes it felt overwhelming, he’d get choked up like the cry baby he is knowing Katsuki wanted him and needed him when he was this vulnerable and open. 

Izuku nodded, “Okay. Since you asked so nicely.” 

He picked up his pace, dropping Katsuki’s legs to the side, his hips twisting in the process. Izuku rested his hands on the hip and waist, gripping into his skin as he started to pound into him.

Katsuki moaned, cried out, “Ah, yes! Right here! Izuku!”

Izuku’s hands dropped to the bed for more leverage as he bore his weight into each thrust. The pull of his orgasm was near, but he needed to make Katsuki come first. 

Leaning further down, he connected his lips to Katsuki’s stealing each exhalation of air with each thrust into him, the sound of his hips slapping against Katsuki’s ass, echoed in his bedroom. 

Katsuki bit down on Izuku’s lip, he pulled back to see a tear-stained debauched expression as he said, “I’m cl-close Izuku. More.” 

Izuku upped the pace and changed the angle, until Katsuki cried out louder; he knew he’d found the perfect spot. He drove in faster deeper bringing Katsuki close to his precipice as his body thrashed against him; tears sliding down his cheeks as his body arched against the bed as he came, painting the red ropes across his stomach. 

With Katsuki spasming around him Izuku didn’t last much longer as he buried himself deep inside Katsuki’s ass and emptied his load. 

He slumped over Katsuki’s body, pressing light kisses and praising him, “My Katsuki is so beautiful.”

Small whines and whimpers emitted from Katsuki who was too beat to really answer. 

Izuku huffed a laugh into his sweat-slicked skin before pulling out. He watched as his semen dripped out of Katsuki, before reaching over to grab a kleenex to clean himself up and wipe what he could from his boyfriend. He rolled Katsuki to a more comfortable position. 

“I’m going to start untying you now, so you can relax.” 

Katsuki nodded and closed his eyes. Izuku started with the gauntlet tie, unbinding him rather quickly. He massaged his forearms, helped him stretch out the elbow from being locked into a straight position. Next was the mermaid tail, starting from his ankles and undoing the complicated knots that ran between the legs. He massaged Katsuki’s thighs, soft content moans came from Katsuki, pleased with the attention. 

He folded the loose ropes nicely and put them aside before getting up on the bed and propping Katsuki to a sitting position and undid the ties that ran across his body. He put these in a separate pile for some spot cleaning.

He kissed Katsuki as he laid him back in the bed.

“Collar off?” 

“Mm, yes, please,” he craned his head to let Izuku unclasp it. 

After he placed it back in its velvet box, he went to retrieve a bottle of water and a damp towel to wipe Katsuki down more thoroughly and pulled his silk boxers back over his hips. 

Climbing back into bed he laid behind his boyfriend for an aftercare cuddle session. He let Katsuki roll over to face him and tuck himself under his chin. His hand slid up and down Katsuki’s spine as he continued to praise him.

“You were so good. I’m lucky to have you Katsuki.” Izuku pressed kisses into his forehead, and felt Katsuki’s arm wrap around his waist, snuggling closer and inhaling deeply. 

“Happy Birthday Izuku,” he said sleepily as he burrowed closer to his boyfriend. 

“Thank you, Katsuki,” Izuku smiled as he buried his nose into blonde hair, rubbing his cheeks against it softness, and let sleep take the both of them. 


The following morning Izuku woke up to an empty bed and the smell of breakfast winding through their apartment. 

Izuku yawned and got up, meandering into the living room and found Katsuki at the stove. 

Having felt his presence Katsuki glanced over his shoulder, “Mornin’ Deku.” 

“Morning Kacchan! How are you feeling?” 

Katsuki flipped the pan, Oohh, pancakes, Izuku thought. 

“I’m actually feeling pretty good,” he said as he slid the freshly cooked pancake onto a stack. Turning off the stove he took the plate and placed it in front of Izuku.

“Happy birthday Nerd.”

“Mm! Chocolate chip pancakes! Thank you Kacchan!”

Izuku started to dig in while Katsuki leaned his back against the counter as he sipped his coffee watching Izuku eat. 

“What is it?” Izuku asked. 

Katsuki grunted, “Yesterday.” 

“What about yesterday?” 

There was a pregnant pause before Katsuki exploded, “Fuck, I cried okay! Didn’t you see?!”

“Ah, yes. I did. I didn’t wanna push it! Were you okay?”

Katsuki pursed his lips, chewing on them before sighing as he confessed unable to meet Izuku’s eyes, “ Not touching you, was hard. Made me realize how maybe—maybe I take you for granted...being close to you.” 

Izuku’s eyes widened, “Ah, I see. Would you prefer to not be fully bound?” 

“No, I didn’t say that. I just said it was hard,” Katsuki brought his cup to his mouth, hiding his blush, “Anyways, how the fuck were you so perfect with the ties yesterday.” 

Izuku paused mid-bite straightening up and beamed, “Practice of course!!”

Katsuki bristled at that, “What? How? With someone else?” 

“No! Of course not! I practice on myself Kacchan!”

Katsuki’s eyes widened, “Your….self?”

“Yes! I practice on myself! What about you? You know, you should’ve had a pair of safety shears around! You could’ve gotten hurt! Number one rule to self-bondage is to have a pair of shears ready in case!”

“How was I supposed to know! I just saw it in your shitty internet history and was like, ‘Fuck, the nerd likes this shit? Maybe I should surprise him and wrap myself up like a gift!’”

Izuku looked at him with puppy dog eyes.

“Oh, for fucks sake,” he threw his hands up, “Can’t I do something nice for my boyfriend?”

Izuku laughs and wipes his eyes with the back of his hand, “Thank you Kacchan. But you always do nice things for me.”

“Well,” Katsuki blushed, “I wanted to do something special for you, do so much for me.” 

A smile grew on Izuku’s face, “Are you trying to tell me something Kacchan?” 


“Are you saying, we should be more experimental? ” He raised an eyebrow.



Katsuki’s signature smirk grew on his face as he rested his arms on the counter before Izuku and leaned down into Izuku’s space, “Fuck yeah, is there something else you wanna do?”

Izuku’s smile grew wider, “Birthday boy’s choice?” 

Katsuki nodded, “Yeah, whatever the birthday boy wants.” 

Izuku got up and ran to his room and came back with a notebook, “So, I was thinking—”

“Do you have a notebook for everything?” 

“Yes?” Izuku tilted his head, “What did you expect?” 

Katsuki scoffed, grabbing the notebook from his hand, and stealing a kiss from him, “Alright, we’ll go through everything in your damn notebook. How many kinks can there be.”

“Oh Kacchan,” he said dreamily, “this is just the first notebook.”