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Together With You

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"Are you seriously asleep in the bathtub again?"




This always happens when Bam gets exhausted from training or just plainly lazy because he has free time for himself and Khun, of course. And in their bathroom, Bam was snoring, his limbs were hanging at the sides of the bathtub and his hair was covering his eyes. Khun sighed at the sight of his lover.


Khun grabbed the shower rod and sprayed it above Bam's head, wetting his hair. His hair was now wet and it was uncovered from his eyes. Khun looked at him, adoring bam. His peaceful face and soft skin, lips that are a bit pink and swollen. 


He can already imagine bam opening his golden eyes, piercing through his icy blue ones. Khun knew from the very beginning he was whipped — no, smitten for him.


Khun snaps off his trance when Bam starts to twitch. Khun quickly turned off the shower rod, he slowly opened his eyes and looked at Khun. He just stared at him, as well as Khun. Suddenly, Bam bluntly burst out some words.



"Are you an angel, Aguero?." With a bright smile on his face.


And that, he was caught of guard. Khun's chest almost tightens to hard when he said that, when did Bam become too confident for his own being. Bam really wasn't good for his heart, but he can't help it. He looked away while putting back the rod on the handle, as his face was starting to heat up.


Khun won't just back down and be flustered by his innocent and sweet words. He scoffs, his cheeks still pink. Well, two can play a game."You fell asleep in the bathtub again." He smirks."-sweetheart."


It was Bam's face turn to heat up."Now thats not fair, Khun." Khun faces him and sees his lover pout. Khun chuckles at his behaviour."What? I'm just being nice for my sweetheart." Bam was about to whine but Khun then pecks Bam's lips."Goodevening, Bam." Bam giggles and smiles at Khun, then he proceeds to kiss him fully.


Everything just felt right, they were unseperable from the very beginning and they fit each other equally. Khun immediately pulls away but puts a kiss on Bam's bare forehead."Come on now, you'll catch a cold if you stay longer in the water." Khun pulls Bam up, and gives him his towel.


Bam then proceeds to wear his pajamas while Khun prepared the bed, Bam then went out of the bathroom. His hair was still wet with a towel on top of his head.


Bam was still drowsy and half asleep. Khun noticed this and chuckles. Khun held his hand and guided him to sit infront of the dresser. Khun then proceeds to dry Bam's hair with the towel on top of his head, Bam just leaned on Khun, with his eyes closed.


'What a baby.' Khun thoughts, as he smiled as he looked at Bam's sleeping face in the mirror.'My baby.' He continues to dry his hair, once he was done, he draped the towel over Bam's shoulder.


He grabbed a comb and proceeds to to brush Bam's hair. Bam makes a happy noise and opens his eyes, looking over at his lover."Khun." Khun hums, still brushing his hair.


"Can you braid my hair just like yours?" Khun stops brushing his short hair, as he saw bam looking at him in the mirror."Please." He clasps both of his hands. He hums and pretends to think.


"Hm, should I?"


"I'll give you cuddles, or— maybe we'll kiss while cuddling-"


"I'm just kidding bam, of course i'll do it for you." Khun chuckles and kissed bam's head.


Khun starts to braid Bam's hair, taking each strands and crisscrossing it. The brunette hums out some tune while Khun was still braiding, Bam then looks at him at the mirror. Admiring how Khun looks serious but still looks dashing.


Khun notices his stare, and smiled at him."You're beautiful." Bam blurts out without thinking again, as he smiled back. Khun lets out an incoherent word, while glaring, half-heartedly at him at the mirror. "Says you." His voice cracks a bit.


Bam just chuckles."It's true though." He continues."When you woke up and showed up infront of me, I still couldn't believe it I thought you were a dream." He smiles, while thinking back."You were still beautiful, your smile, your hair and your eyes."


Khun stops braiding his hair, his eyes wide and cheeks pink, looking at his lover in the mirror. His heart was beating so loud that Bam might hear it, he lets go of his hair and hugged him from behind, his face on Bam's neck.


"Is this your excuse so that you could keep complimenting me?" Khun mutters on his neck, making Bam shiver a bit. The brunette chuckles, blushing."Mayhaps I just want you to touch my hair, as I do yours."


'Stop being so cute Bam, your killing me here.' He pulls away and starts to finish off his braid."If that's what you want, then who am I to complain." Khun places the comb on the dresser, and held bam's hand again. He pulls and guides them to their bed.


They pressed their bodies with each other, seeking warmthness from one another. Khun slips his fingers through Bam's braided hair while Bam wraps his arm around his waist. And the two of them slowly fell asleep, warmth seeping through them.





Bam then mutters from his sleep. "I love you, Aguero."