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Hell of a (First) Time

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Kaminari hasn’t been able to get the word out of his head all day. Not since he learned it at 11:28 am in his mythology and demonology class, anyway. A few slides included in a much larger presentation that were, to the rest of his class, nothing special. To Kaminari, however- well, his attention hadn’t been so focused throughout the entirety of his sophomore year of college.

A male demon who feeds off of sexual intercourse with humans.

The person sitting beside him had muttered out a bored, “ creepy, ” before returning to doodling little flowers on their notes and paying half-attention to the lecture. 

But that wasn’t how Kaminari saw it. Not at all. To Kaminari, this whole incubus thing sounded a whole lot like an opportunity.

An opportunity to finally get rid of his pesky virginity.

Which is how he finds himself half-naked in his room a few hours later, lounging on his bed and furiously googling ‘how to summon an incubus’. Admittedly, wading through personal anecdotes, advice, and complaints about unsatisfying incubi experiences takes him a while, especially with his bad habit of getting distracted by the most insignificant things, but he eventually finds what he’s looking for: instructions.

Kaminari sits up, folding himself into a cross-legged position on his bed to better focus on the bullet list of steps towards procuring his very own incubus. He scans the text once, twice, then pulls a notebook out of his bag to start jotting down supplies. He grins; summoning a demon doesn’t actually seem that hard after all.

“One letter to Lillith…” he writes down, but then he realizes it seems kinda insincere to make requests of this Lillith chick when he doesn’t know anything about her, so he pauses his quest to search for her on Wikipedia.

Twenty minutes later, he’s decided that Lillith is pretty cool, and he’s accidentally fallen so far down a Wikipedia trap that he’s reading about 13th century Jewish mysticism. With a jolt, he remembers the task at hand and, cursing, he tabs quickly back to his demon summoning instructions.

“Okay, okay, one letter to my new homegirl Lillith, the sexually wanton MVP of mythology…” he lists to himself as he reads. “One drop of my blood - I think I have a box cutter around here somewhere from moving day? Should work… and then one candle… to burn the letter…”

Kaminari frowns, looking up at the smoke detector in his room. If he’d managed to set off the fire alarms microwaving an instant mac and cheese cup without water (only once, and he was a freshman, nobody fucking say anything ), he’s pretty sure that setting a piece of paper on fire in his room would definitely do the same. And running outside naked while the sprinklers are going off doesn’t sound like a super fun addition to his virginity-losing experience.

Kaminari hums, thinking. Candles aren’t even allowed in the dorms anyway, and he really doesn’t want to have to drive to the store when he’s already stripped down to his underwear for his incubus sexy times.

“Aha!” he shouts suddenly, scrambling up from the bed and tripping over his shirt on his way to his dresser. 

He yanks open the top drawer, shuffling the contents around without care as he searches. Just as he’s about to give up hope, he finds what he’s looking for: an electric candle, courtesy of his mom and her distaste for the stark fluorescent lighting of his dorm room. He - clearly - hasn’t used it yet, but he can’t think of a better occasion than this.

Surely Lillith will understand that he can’t break dorm rules and start fires just to get laid. Besides, the article said that summoning an incubus was all about intent anyway. An electric candle will definitely work well enough to set the mood, and if his incubus is displeased, they’ll just have to have a word or two about environmental awareness.

With that decision taken care of, Kaminari flits around his room until he finally finds the aforementioned box cutter, then sets about writing his letter to Lillith. The article he’d read said not to be demanding or curt - which like, fucking obviously, Lillith is doing him a huge solid here - but the examples he found sounded overly formal, especially considering they’re talking about something so personal. So, he opts for a more a friendly sounding:

Sup Lillith!

You don’t know me, but I recently learned about you, and if it’s not too much trouble, I’d really love some help here! You see, I’m a 20 year old virgin, and - while it’s totally cool if someone, like, wants to be a virgin - I’m totally over it. I barely care who I lose it to at this point, I just want to swipe my goddamn - wait, shit, is it insensitive to say god here? my bad - uhh, my damn (just damn) v-card already. 

So anyways, if you have a spare incubus lying around that might enjoy ~lying around~ with me instead, please send him on over ASAP. Anybody works, but I kinda dig the dark and brooding type? I know, I know- that’s probably what everyone says, but can’t help what you’re into, right?

Thanks in advance for the help, Lills! I totally owe you!

Stay cool,

Kaminari Denki

Kaminari grins down at the sheet of paper when he finishes writing, giving it a cursory once over and a nod of satisfaction. 

“Perfect,” he says. “Now for a drop of my blood to seal the deal.”

Kaminari takes the box cutter and pricks his pointer finger, which takes a few tries because he’s kind of afraid of accidentally cutting off the whole thing. Once he’s successful in actually piercing the skin, he watches a small drop of dark red blood well slowly, then he presses the finger to the letter. The blood smears a bit as he withdraws it, which admittedly puts a damper on the aesthetic he was going for, but he supposes between the electric candle and the college-ruled notebook paper, the aesthetic was already pretty weak, anyway.

“Alright, fire time!” Kaminari exclaims, and he switches the electric candle on before padding over to turn off the fluorescent overhead lighting.

Even though he doesn’t have a real flame, the darkness certainly helps to set the mood, and he takes a second to thank past Kaminari that he opted for a single room and doesn’t have to worry about a roommate walking in on him sitting in the dark, holding a blood stained letter addressed to a demon. Or, you know - walk in on him losing his virginity when his incubus arrives.

Kaminari sits himself down in front of the candle, then takes his letter to Lillith in hand. Intent is key , the website had said, so he takes a second to focus his thoughts on what he wants. Then, he holds the letter out over the plastic light, glowing orange, and takes a deep breath.

Slowly, with feeling, he begins to crumple the letter into a ball.

“Give me an incubus to take my virginity…” he says pointedly, hyperfocusing on the feeling of the paper in his hands as he lets his eyes fall closed. “I want to lose my virginity. I want to lose my virginity. I want to lose my virginity to an incubus. I really want to lose my virginity to an incubus, like, tonight . Oh - and if it’s not too much to ask, I’d like for him to be hot, too. Like, he doesn’t have to be too hot, I get that I’m not, like, the most jaw dropping dude out there, but I’d like to think I’m pretty cute! And - oh shit, wait, can incubuses - incubi? - even like dudes? There are gay demons, right? There must be, the Bible totally hates on gays, I’m probably good, and -”

“Holy shit, do you always talk this much?”

Kaminari shrieks as his eyes fly open and trail, almost as if in slow motion, from the floor where the electric candle is knocked to the side, and up the - very fit - body of an unfamiliar man.

An unfamiliar man who is floating above the ground. With wings. And horns.

“Oh my god!” Kaminari yelps, scrambling backward on the heels of his hands.

The incubus chuckles. His voice is low and throaty, with an ethereal, inhuman quality about it.

“Definitely not God, sweetheart,” he says.

Kaminari feels his face heating, both in embarrassment and in holy shit, this dude is so fucking hot. Unfortunately, he chooses that moment to - for the first time in his life - forget what words are, and he can only bring himself to make a strange gurgling noise as the incubus floats down to the floor. There’s an unfair, otherworldly grace to his step as he does so.

“I-it worked!” Kaminari finally manages after a few stunned blinks.

The incubus raises a perfectly sculpted, and very unimpressed, brow, and Kaminari belatedly notices that it’s pierced. Actually, as he sweeps his gaze over him once again, he realizes that a lot of him seems to be pierced: his eyebrow, his nose, his ears, his fucking cheeks . And- and holy shit - his arms are covered in fucking tattoo sleeves. Kaminari gulps.

“Why are you so hot?!” he blurts, but he doesn’t bother with embarrassment this time. He’s too busy feeling- feeling- betrayed, almost? He asked Lillith for someone hot, sure, but he didn’t mean shut down my basic human functions, such as speech and jaw closing hot. His blush intensifies as his gaze drifts past a sheer tank top that reveals pierced nipples, and all the way down to sinfully tight leather pants that do nothing to hide the thick muscles of his thighs, or the fact that this incubus is clearly fucking packing .

The bored frown on the incubus’s face deepens as he places a hand on his hip. “You asked for someone attractive, did you not?” he points out.

Kaminari sputters. “I- I- I didn’t mean…” he trails off, then curses under his breath. “Fuck. Okay. You win. I just didn’t expect you to be so… modern? I guess?”

His voice lilts into a question that he didn’t intend, and the incubus snorts. It’s haughty, and Kaminari thinks the fact that his arrogant expression has his cock twitching already is something he should probably readdress at a later time and place, when he’s better equipped to think clearly.

“I look exactly how you want me to look, Kaminari Denki ,” he drawls. “It’s kind of our thing.”

“Oh…” Kaminari says weakly, and the demon’s lips quirk into a soft smirk. “Right.”

The incubus stalks forward to where Kaminari is still sprawled over himself on the floor. He squats down, and Kaminari watches his wings - leathery and purple and somehow soft looking - spread behind his back, then curl in around them a bit, as if to narrow the space down to something more intimate. He takes Kaminari’s chin in hand, forcing his gaze back to his face and thumbing lightly over the skin of his jaw. 

“My name is Shinsou Hitoshi,” he says, and something about it sounds like a challenge. “You’ll need that later.”

Kaminari shivers, eyes going wide once more.

“N-nice to meet you, Shinsou.”

Shinsou smirks. Kaminari yelps when he feels a soft hand brush against his inner thigh, then feels his brain short circuit when he realizes Shinsou’s hands are occupied - one holding his chin, the other dangling elegantly from the arm he has balanced on his knee.

Kaminari looks down just in time to see the length of Shinsou’s tail wrap itself around his thigh.

“Holy shit.”

He feels claws dig into the skin of his jaw, and his gaze is directed back towards Shinsou’s.

“Tell me, human,” he says, lips lifting on a soft sneer. “Why summon me here? Getting bored of mortal boys already? Too scared of commitment for your own kind?”

Kaminari’s brows knit together, because wow it is kinda hard to focus with the flat of the tip of Shinsou’s tail now rubbing teasing circles against his dick, separated from it only by the thin layer of his underwear.

“What?” he grunts eventually, fighting the way his eyes are trying to cross. “No, dude, not at all. I just can’t get laid.”

The tail stops, and Kaminari lets out a whine against his will. Shinsou doesn’t seem to notice.

“What?” He echoes, then looks Kaminari up and down without any of the restraint a human would show. “Bullshit.”

Kaminari’s eyes shoot wide, and he grins through a blush, letting out a surprised laugh - he tends to giggle when he’s nervous, bad habit. 

“I swear!” he says. “I’ve been trying to lose my virginity since high school, and it’s never even come close to happening. I said so in my letter!”

Shinsou blinks. His brows are raised like he doesn’t believe him. 

“I don’t get to read the letter, it’s not addressed to me. I just get your name,” he says. Then, he shoots an unimpressed look toward the still-shining plastic candle and the crumpled letter. “Though, I suppose in your case, I could just pick it up and read it now.”

Kaminari flushes a deeper red. 

“It’s a dorm, bro,” he defends. “There are fire safety rules. Besides, you still came.”

Shinsou allows his gaze to wander once more.

“Lilly knows my type,” he shrugs.

“Oh,” Kaminari squeaks. “Right.”

He suddenly feels quite unsure that he’s actually cut out for this whole sex thing.

“So, no one will sleep with you,” Shinsou continues, almost bored, and Kaminari flinches at his direct nature. “Why?”

“Sheesh, you don’t beat around the bush, huh?” Kaminari asks, but he doesn’t wait for an answer. “I don’t really know? I’ve been on lots of dates and even kissed a handful of people, but something about me seems to put them off? And like, technically I’m bi, so you’d think I’d have twice the chances, but I guess two times zero still equals zero, huh? And I’m kinda cute, right? I don’t get it.” Kaminari heaves a heavy sigh and flops down onto his back to stare at the ceiling above him. “I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, man - you’d think it wouldn’t be so hard to get someone to just put their dick or strap in me, like helloooo , ready and willing hole, here, but damn it’s dry as a fucking desert in Kaminari-land, and I haaate it. So, anyways, when I learned about sex demons in class, I thought -“

Stop. Fucking. Talking.

No sooner has Kaminari heard the words than his mouth is shutting of its own accord. He feels an unfamiliar calm wash over him, and his mind suddenly goes blank. Almost... hazy. 

What had he been talking about, again?

The incubus - Shinsou, his mind supplies slowly through the fog - rises to his knees, shaking his head as he looks down on him.

“Holy shit. If you want to be fucked so badly,” he hisses, his voice both inside Kaminari’s head and out, simultaneous, “then just shut up and present .

Kaminari scrambles to do as he’s told, yanking his underwear off and letting his erection - fueled by both awe and fear - spring free without shame. He wastes no time in turning around and getting on his knees, falling to his forearms as he presents his hole to the incubus. He spots the lube he got out in advance lying next to him, and he pushes it across the floor towards Shinsou, a lewd, hurried offering.

“Good human,” Shinsou purrs. “But that won’t be necessary.”

Kaminari’s thoughts hum in pleasant agreement. There’s no need to ask questions. His incubus will take care of him. Kaminari trusts him.

Then, as quickly as it came, the fog in his head disappears.

Kaminari blinks, brows furrowing. He whips around, looking over his shoulder at Shinsou.

“What the fuck?” He blurts. “What just happened?! I was in the middle of my story and —“

He hisses, choking on his words as Shinsou closes the gap between himself and his ass, digging black claws into his hips as he grabs him. Kaminari’s confused as fuck, but his cock twitches at the sensation where it hangs heavy between his legs. Shinsou leans over him, molding his front to Kaminari’s back until he’s close enough to whisper in his ear, close enough that Kaminari can feel the very prominent bulge in his pants against his hole. He shudders, swallowing a curse.

“I’m an incubus, not your therapist, Denki .” Shinsou‘s breath is hot in his ear, and it takes everything in him not to groan. “But something tells me if you’d quit your babbling for all of twenty seconds, you wouldn’t be having this issue at all.”

Kaminari scoffs, even as his body reacts to the intimacy. “Rude!”

He pouts down at the floor. Shinsou’s right , of course, but he doesn’t have to say it . Before he can tell him that though, Shinsou rolls his hips against him, and his brain shuts off for a moment.

“Don’t worry, love.” His voice is low and sultry and husky, and Kaminari thinks it should be illegal, because it’s really hard to stay mad with that in his ear, calling him pet names. “Their loss is my gain. You and your mouth are nothing I can’t handle.”

Kaminari hears the certainty in his tone and takes it as a challenge. He can’t help it; his eyes narrow and the words are out before he thinks to stop them.

“Oh yeah?” He rolls his hips backward against the leather of Shinsou’s pants, and he’s proud that his voice only shakes a little. “ Bet .”

He feels Shinsou’s grin stretch against the side of his face where he’s still leaning over him, and he has only one second to consider what he’s just done before the incubus is pulling off of him. 

Kaminari turns and looks back over his shoulder just in time to see Shinsou’s eyes go fully black, pupil expanding and eating away at the white and the color there. Kaminari gasps, jaw dropping, and watches as the lamp on his desk and the fake candle flame both start to flicker. Shinsou’s horns begin to glow, emitting a muted purple light that almost seems to shimmer, and Kaminari is pretty sure this shouldn’t be turning him on more but he looks powerful as fuck and it’s really doing something for his cock.

Shinsou then mutters something in a deep voice, words spilling out in a language Kaminari doesn’t know.

Latin, maybe? Or is that Spanish?

He doesn’t know, and he doesn’t really care, because as soon as Shinsou stops glowing, a slick finger is breaching him without restraint.

Oh, shit,” Kaminari groans, head snapping forward again and falling down toward his forearms. He pushes back against the burn immediately, gritting his teeth - he may not have any real experience, but he’s fingered himself enough times to know it’ll get better the sooner he pushes through this part. “Did you seriously just do all that just for some lube? That’s so extra!”

Shinsou chuckles behind him, and the throaty sound goes straight to Kaminari’s cock.

“Did you really expect an incubus to use a fucking drug store brand?”

Fuck ,” Kaminari pants, moaning loud as Shinsou lazily crooks his finger, barely brushing against the spot he can never seem to reach on his own.

Secretly, he has to agree - whatever Shinsou’s using on him is way smoother and thicker than any lube he’s ever tried, and there’s so much of it, like it’s continuing to seep from his fingers inside him. It’s already dripping down his cleft and balls, and Kaminari shivers when he looks between his legs to see a puddle of opaque white something pooling between them. 

Still, he can’t help but tease Shinsou. “That’s kinda hipster, don’t you think?” he asks, breathless. “You really put the anal in artis anal , huh?”

Shinsou immediately goes still inside him, and Kaminari groans in frustration, bucking his hips impatiently. He waits all of two seconds for Shinsou to either say something or start moving before he opens his mouth to complain, but Shinsou cuts him off at the last moment, shoving another rough finger in beside the first.

“New plan,” he says, giving him no time to adjust before he’s pulling out and ramming back in, crooking his fingers at the last second and ripping a scream from Kaminari’s throat, “is to fuck you until you can’t fucking talk anymore.”

Kaminari scoffs - or, he does as best as he can, what with the inhumanly long fingers assaulting his prostate, anyway. He’s afraid it comes out more like a moan, and he doesn’t want to think about the way Shinsou’s commanding voice made his cock jump between his legs.

“My incubus is so - oh, fuck, hnng - meeean!” he wails, but then white hot pleasure courses up his spine like electricity, and the effectiveness of his statement is severely diminished by the way he follows it immediately with, “ Oh god, yeah, right there, don’t stop, holy shit, I– I–”

“That’s right, human.” Shinsou returns to his position lying against his back, whispering in his ear as his free hand reaches around him to wrap over Kaminari’s cock. Kaminari moans, and when he looks down between his legs again, he sees that Shinsou’s hand easily covers the entire length. Just a bit of his head is visible, which is already dripping a stain onto his dorm carpet, mixing his precome with the demon slick dripping from his balls. 

Fuck ,” he whimpers. He doesn’t really understand his reaction to the sight - aren’t guys supposed to want to feel like their dicks are big? - but he does know that if Shinsou doesn’t stop right fucking now, he’s gonna blow his load way too soon. “Wait! I lied! Stop, stop, stop!

To his credit, Shinsou stills at once. He doesn’t say anything, and instead waits for Kaminari to speak.

“Too much,” Kaminari pants, thighs squirming as he tries to chase away his pleasure. “T-too good.”

He feels Shinsou peel himself off of him, but he doesn’t let go. 

“Oh?” Shinsou chuckles, and Kaminari whines when his grip tightens around his cock.

“I’m serious!” Kaminari shoots a weak glare over his shoulder. “I wanna, like, make you feel good and stuff, too, not come in five seconds from a handjob like a teenager!”

Shinsou raises a brow, cocking his head and looking at him like he’s trying to figure him out, which Kaminari doesn’t really understand because he’s kinda wearing his heart on his sleeve here.

“Human,” Shinsou coos then, and Kaminari’s eyes cross as his fingers drag against him until he’s pulled out entirely. Kaminari bites down a whine at the loss, but doesn’t quite fight back his groan as Shinsou moves both hands to his ass and spreads him wide. “Do you really think we’re going to stop after you come once ?”

Kaminari blinks, trying to get his eyes to focus as he processes the words. But Shinsou hooks the pads of his thumbs just inside his hole then, pulling lightly and teasing him as he waits, and Kaminari has no hope.

“Wh-what?” he asks, glancing cross-eyed over his shoulder once more.

Shinsou smirks, looking like the devil himself, which kind of makes sense, Kaminari supposes through his haze.

“I said ,” he whispers, leaning closer so that his breath ghosts over Kaminari’s stretched entrance, “that I was going to fuck your pretty little hole until you can’t - fucking - speak .” Kaminari gasps, and he feels his cock pulse beneath him at the promise. 

With that, Shinsou apparently deems their conversation over, because he doesn’t wait a single second before he’s closing the distance between his mouth and Kaminari’s ass. Kaminari barely manages to slap a hand over his mouth in time for Shinsou’s tongue to lick a flat, wet stripe over his rim. Shinsou groans as he does so, and Kaminari screams into his own skin at the vibration of his mouth on his hole.

Holy fuck,” he pants, pulling his hand away. “I-I’ve always seen that in porn, but I didn’t realize it would fee oh– oh my god–!”

Shinsou doesn’t wait for his commentary, and Kaminari’s words dissolve into moans around the feeling of Shinsou’s tongue swirling circles against his opening.

“Oh fuck, more, more– shit, please, I yes, yes!

It’s so good . Kaminari’s noises begin to crescendo as Shinsou gives him what he wants, what he needs , and he feels dizzy with the weight of it all, like Shinsou’s back inside his head with his strange, calming commands. He thinks this feeling must be why people are so crazy about sex - why they pay money for it, even - it’s too much and not enough all at once, but Kaminari only chants for more, more, more

Shinsou finally quits his teasing and plunges inside, and Kaminari cries out, head dropping to his forearm. He’s ready , so fucking ready . Rather than pulling back out and fucking his hole with the tip of his tongue like Kaminari expects, though, Shinsou just keeps pushing , adding more and more as Kaminari squirms beneath him. 

Kaminari hasn’t seen it yet, but he’d be willing to bet money that Shinsou’s tongue is a lot longer than a human’s; already it feels like he’s got half the length of a cock inside him. And it doesn’t seem to end , either. Kaminari’s eyelids flutter and he groans when something small and hard presses past his outer rim, dragging slowly against his walls, and he belatedly realizes Shinsou has at least one piercing he hadn’t accounted for yet.

Shinsou’s nails dig hard into the flesh of his hips in response to his noises, drawing him backward and giving him absolutely no room to escape the sensations of his wet heat fucking into him. Soon, Kaminari’s knees are lifting off the ground as Shinsou pulls him closer and closer to his face, raising him up until he feels like nothing more than a rag doll in his hands.

“Fuuuck,” Kaminari moans, lightheaded. “F-feels so good, so wet , g-good boy, good d-demon .”

He’s just babbling at this point, combining what he’s learned from porn with what Shinsou has already said to him, but his praise has Shinsou groaning into his hole and tearing into his skin with his claws. The feeling is enough to make Kaminari’s eyes roll back in his head, so he reaches behind him, seeking more .

He’s acting on pure instinct as he wraps a hand around one of Shinsou’s horns and tugs . Shinsou stills for a moment, and Kaminari whines, pushing impatiently back onto his face, back onto that fucking tongue . He feels more than hears Shinsou groan a wet “ fuck ” that flutters hot against his skin before he presses even harder against his ass, pushing impossibly deeper.

“Oh, god,” Kaminari yells, confused because he’s pretty sure a tongue should not be able to reach a prostate, but he’s almost positive that’s exactly what’s happening. He pulls Shinsou’s face closer with a white-knuckled grip on his horn, giving absolutely zero fucks if he can breathe or not. He’s immortal, he’ll figure it out, and Kaminari can already feel heat coiling in his gut as his eyelids flutter, beyond his control. “Oh god, oh god, fuck, fuck, m’ gonna come, gonna- gon need–

Shinsou grunts in understanding, but his biting grip on Kaminari’s hips doesn’t falter, and he doesn’t move to put him down so he can touch him where he needs it. At first, Kaminari thinks he’s being ignored, and he whines, loud, annoyed with his incubus. He’s had enough teasing for one night, dammit.

Kaminari’s one second away from allowing his face to fall to the carpet so he can just do it himself when he feels something slick and warm engulf the full length of his cock. He gasps, then screams, hips jerking involuntarily, fucking him forward into tight heat, then backward onto Shinsou’s long, fat tongue. He can’t stop, heat spreading over his body as it moves of its own accord.

“Wha-” Kaminari pants, but he can’t even get the full word out. It was already too much, but now he’s clawing at the carpet, can feel tears in his eyes. He thinks they might be spilling down his cheeks, too, but he’s honestly having some trouble separating one feeling from another. 

Kaminari’s head lolls down because he can’t hold it up any longer, and that’s when he gets a full view of what’s happening between his legs. It’s not Shinsou’s hand on him – both of Shinsou’s hands are still latched onto his hips tight enough that his claws are breaking the skin there. It’s Shinsou’s fucking tail that’s wrapped around his cock from base to tip, oozing that white demon slick into a puddle on the floor as Kaminari fucks into it like his life depends on it.

That sight is all it takes; Kaminari comes hard , spilling into the makeshift hole formed by Shinsou’s tail, and all over his dorm room carpet, with a scream that cracks and goes silent midway through.

Shinsou’s tongue fucks his hole through the aftershocks of his climax, tail pumping him with gentle strokes, until Kaminari is finally coherent enough to slump down with a “ holy shit ”. Luckily, Shinsou catches him with a strong arm around his middle before he can land in his own spend. 

If he weren’t so out of his mind from all of that , Kaminari would be impressed with the way Shinsou lifts him onto the bed as if he weighs nothing. After laying Kaminari on his back, Shinsou strips off his mesh tank top and crawls beside him, then settles on his side and raises himself up on an elbow to look down at him. Kaminari catches his gaze when he can finally focus his eyes again, and there’s no ambiguity in his expression - he looks smug as hell.

“Oh, shut up,” he says with a roll of his eyes, but there’s no heat in his voice - he can’t muster any real fight right now.

Shinsou quirks his brow. “Better than your hand?”

It’s mostly arrogant and teasing, but Kaminari thinks he can sense just a tinge of something else behind his words, like he’s actually seeking approval. Kaminari can’t help but huff a chuckle - had his screaming not been enough validation? He’s pretty sure he was loud enough that every person in this dorm building and the next has some idea of what’s going down in his room.

Kaminari hums and reaches out to trace his fingers over one of Shinsou’s tattoos, averting his gaze as his cheeks start to heat. He feels a little silly for his sudden embarrassment - Shinsou just had his whole tongue inside his asshole , for fuck’s sake - but somehow this - this pillow talk - seems much more intimate. He decides, as he often does when he feels exposed, to go with humor. 

Meeting Shinsou’s eyes again, he gives him his best shit-eating grin and a theatrical shrug.

“It was passable.”

To Shinsou’s credit, he’s quick to hide his reaction, but Kaminari doesn’t miss the way his lips part with genuine surprise for just a split second before he covers it with a roll of his eyes so heavy it looks almost painful. But then, he grins - he grins like he can’t stop the stretch of his lips - and it’s exasperated but it’s different from his cocky smirk, and Kaminari is absolutely not prepared for the twisting feeling the sight evokes in his stomach.

“Passable, huh?” Shinsou drawls, and then he’s crawling over him and lying down so they’re pressed together from their chests to their tangled legs. Kaminari’s heart rate increases a bit, but he decides he likes the feeling of Shinsou on top of him. He’s like a personal weighted blanket… with horns. 

“I suppose I’ll have to keep proving myself, then,” Shinsou goes on. “Wouldn’t want you to feel like you wasted a good plastic candle over this.”

Kaminari snorts in surprise, then barely contains a groan as his eyes go wide, because oh god, no - Shinsou’s kinda funny , too. He’s got that dangerous, dry sense of humor, the kind where you have to repeat the words in your head once or twice to make sure they were actually a joke, as the subtle delivery is part of the charm. Lillith really gave him exactly what he asked for, and now he’s gonna be ruined for everyone else, like, ever.

Shinsou settles just enough weight on him to keep Kaminari comfortable but decidedly trapped, and puts the rest on his forearms, which box Kaminari’s head on either side. Shinsou is surrounding him, and Kaminari’s field of vision narrows down so that the incubus is all he sees. Leathery wings flare out and curve around them, Shinsou’s tail - now dry and back to normal, Kaminari realizes - moves lazily over his thigh, and both remind him that he’s about to lose his virginity to someone - some thing - who’s anything but human.

Kaminari gulps, but follows his instincts and lets his hands trail over Shinsou’s bare chest, pausing to flick his thumbs over pierced nipples. He grins at the soft gasp that pulls from Shinsou, before he continues on his path over his shoulders and finally crosses his arms behind Shinsou’s head. Then, he’s left just looking into his eyes. 

Kaminari realizes those are purple too. Just like his hair, just like his magic. This close, he can make out the lightest smattering of freckles over his nose, thinning out and coming to a stop along his cheekbones.

He feels his pulse quicken, and he fights the urge to swallow. 

Shinsou raises a brow at him. His smug air returns with a vengeance as the glint in his eye morphs into a silent challenge. Kaminari knows what he’s asking with that look, can practically hear it being spoken in his low voice.

Do you have the guts to do it, little human?

And he’s nervous, but he doesn’t want to lose , so it’s with a steely determination that he looks Shinsou in the eye and snakes his hands through gravity-defying purple hair until they wrap around the thick bases of his horns. Shinsou’s smirk takes on a new quality, and Kaminari feels his face heat up as he identifies its name: pride

He doesn’t have the time nor the desire to analyze what that’s doing to his cock, so instead he scrambles to pull Shinsou down into a kiss.

He’s got marginally more experience on this front, and he lets his eyes fall closed as their lips press together. Shinsou allows him to revel in his own bravery and keep control of their pacing, and at first it's not as overwhelming as he expected. This lasts for all of maybe ten seconds, however, before Shinsou’s licking along Kaminari’s lower lip, looking to deepen the kiss. 

Kaminari barely has time to gasp his approval before Shinsou’s tongue - which is definitely longer than a normal human’s, he decides - is slipping into his mouth. Kaminari groans as he drags it along his own tongue, along his teeth, teasing him to the point of whining before pulling back with a soft bite to the swollen skin of his bottom lip. He takes a long moment to smirk down at Kaminari’s pout, then swoops back down on him, a cat toying with its prey before he eats it.

Kaminari has always heard that kissing like this - wet and sloppy with lots of tongue - is supposed to be gross, but he feels like he can’t get enough of Shinsou. He has Kaminari moaning and rutting against him and automatically chasing after him every time he tries to pull away, and Kaminari’s pretty sure he could do this for actual hours , as long as Shinsou doesn’t mind him coming in his pants at some point. 

If he’d thought that the sex had been a lot, kissing Shinsou is another thing altogether - the experience is all-encompassing, overwhelming all his senses and every part of his body. Shinsou’s mouth on him, his tongue licking between his lips. Shinsou’s thigh against his groin, pushing hard on his rapidly swelling cock. Shinsou’s little groans, low and soft and vibrating down his throat. Shinsou’s fucking tail , wrapping and unwrapping itself, loose and teasing, around his legs.

Shinsou’s intoxicating scent - sweet, like lavender, but with a hint of unearthly spice - filling his head to the point where it’s hard to even think ...

“Hey,” Kaminari pants, pulling Shinsou off of him by his horns. “Are you doing m-more fucky demon stuff? Why do you smell so good?”

Shinsou huffs a chuckle, clamping a hand over the side of his neck, and Kaminari finds himself a little enamored with the flush on his cheeks. Cute. 

He wants to kiss it.

“It’s a bit of an aphrodisiac, but mostly it’s just supposed to put you at ease. I can stop if you want.”

Kaminari hums, thinking, and he feels a little like it’s taking a long time, but he doesn’t really worry about it.

“No,” he decides. “I kinda like it.”

Shinsou lets out a little laugh, and grins like he’s trying not to. And it’s cute as hell, it should definitely be illegal.

“Good,” he says. “That’s kinda the point.”

Kaminari smiles back, teasing, and he supposes he’s feeling much more daring with the effect of Shinsou’s scent, because he tightens his grip on his horns and rolls his hips up against him before continuing. His grin stretches across his cheeks at the gasp the motion pulls past Shinsou’s lips, at the way his eyes widen in surprise, just a bit.

“Yeah, I definitely like it,” Kaminari giggles, confident in the face of Shinsou’s reactions. 

He doesn’t feel high , necessarily. Just happy and sure of himself and a little like his skin is buzzing, just under the surface.

“Well, demon ,” he challenges. “Are you going to fuck me or not?”

Shinsou arches a brow at him, and Kaminari wonders for a moment if that had been too bold, but then a slow smirk is stretching over the incubus’s face. 

“That can be arranged, human .” 

With that, Shinsou leans back in for a searing kiss, so rough that Kaminari almost doesn’t notice the slick fingers prodding at his hole until they’re being shoved inside him. Kaminari moans in surprise, and Shinsou takes the opportunity to push his tongue past his lips again. There’s so much of it that it’s almost choking him in this position, but Kaminari just craves more all the same. He groans, a nonverbal plea to coax the rest into his mouth, and this time he feels the metal ball of a piercing clack against his teeth as Shinsou gives him what he wants. Kaminari tightens his grip on his horns, cock twitching and pulsing another bead of precome where it’s trapped between their stomachs.

Fuck ,” he moans, breaking their kiss and pulling back. “Pants off, now. Now. Now, Shinsou .”

Shinsou chuckles at him, but lifts himself up enough for Kaminari to fumble with his button and zipper, where his sweaty hands stick on the tight leather. Shinsou uses the time to start in on Kaminari’s neck instead, sucking kisses and pressing bites into his skin, doing absolutely nothing to help Kaminari focus on getting his remaining clothing removed. All the while, he continues to thrust his fingers lazily inside Kaminari, stretching him more, scissoring against his walls and leaving his hips bucking without his permission.

“Okay, there,” Kaminari finally pants, having pushed the offending garment as far down Shinsou’s ass as it would go. “Just- take them off - Shinsou .” The words come out strangled, fractured.

Shinsou hums, sounding completely unaffected, then bites down on him one last time, and Kaminari’s back arches clean off the bed as those sharp teeth sink into the muscle of his chest. His hands shoot back to Shinsou’s horns - god, those things are convenient - and he can’t help but pull him closer, pushing himself into the sensation of his bite despite how badly he wants him to hurry up and get inside him.

Kaminari whines when Shinsou pulls back, laving his too-long demon tongue over the quickly swelling mark as he smirks lazily up at him. Kaminari groans, letting his head fall back on the pillow and huffing out an annoyed sigh at the sight of a line of drool connecting his chest to the ball of Shinsou’s piercing. Even under the influence of the demon’s intoxicating scent, that shit is just unfair

He wonders if maybe after the sex Shinsou would stick out his tongue and just let him fuck it, wonders if it could curl around his cock just like his tail had. Suddenly impatient, Kaminari whines and bucks his hips against Shinsou’s fingers, uncaring, in the moment, if he seems like a bit of a brat.

“Stop teasing, dammit, I’m ready.”

Shinsou just laughs, and then Kaminari watches in confusion as his eyes turn dark again, as his horns shimmer and heat under his hands, as he utters something in another language once more. Kaminari feels his breathing stutter to a halt, lip coming to rest between his teeth at the image of his incubus, foreign and beautiful and radiating power above him. 

Then, Shinsou returns to normal, and the feeling of sticky leather vanishes from between his legs, replaced with the heat and comfort of skin-on-skin. Kaminari’s eyes dart down, mouth falling open as he realizes what Shinsou’s done.

“Are you serious?” His words tumble out on an exasperated laugh, and he shoots a glare at Shinsou, shaking his head. Shinsou’s scent is still heavy in the air though, and it makes it a little difficult to keep a straight face for long. “You’re the worst! You let me struggle on purpose!”

Shinsou smirks as he pulls his fingers slowly out of him. “ You were being impatient,” he chides. 

Kaminari starts to reply, but his retort cuts off halfway through as Shinsou’s clean hand glides over the back of one of his thighs, pushing it easily until Kaminari’s bent nearly in half. His hole is still so wet with demon slick that Kaminari can feel it starting to run out of him, pooling onto his sheets in the absence of Shinsou’s fingers plugging him.

“Hold yourself, human,” Shinsou says. 

His voice is soft, but Kaminari scrambles to obey the command nonetheless, pulling both his thighs back to spread himself wide. The fat on his belly scrunches into rolls in the new position, and he feels his face heat in embarrassment, but Shinsou’s expression only darkens. His scent thickens, and Kaminari watches his pupils dilate, once again giving him the sense that he’s nothing more than prey, sitting pretty and waiting to be devoured.

Kaminari’s cock jumps at the thought, but he pushes any worrying analyses from his mind as he watches Shinsou straighten up and bring the hand still soaked with thick lubricant to his length, slicking it from base to tip in one long, slow stroke. Kaminari groans, squirming under the strong influence of Shinsou’s haze. The sight of Shinsou touching himself drives him wild, almost as if it’s him receiving the attention instead. 

When Shinsou finally reaches his head and squeezes , he lifts his fist towards his chest, and Kaminari’s eyes go wide as he’s graced with a view of the underside of Shinsou’s cock. Which is pierced , in - Kaminari counts - five fucking places , a Jacob’s ladder that’s now drenched in demon slick. 

He feels like he’s gonna pass the fuck out. 

By the time Shinsou stops moving his hand over himself, Kaminari is actually panting , fisting his hands in the sheets to keep himself from just pushing his incubus back onto the mattress and jumping him. Shinsou’s smirking down at him like he knows exactly what he’s been doing, and as he finally aligns himself with his hole, his tail darts out to wrap once around Kaminari’s oversensitive cock. He squeezes, light and teasing, taking him by surprise. Kaminari gasps, hips twitching, simultaneously seeking out and running away from the overwhelming sensation.

“Ready?” Shinsou asks.

His voice is slow and lazy, a little cocky, but his eyes tell Kaminari he really is seeking genuine permission. Kaminari huffs, both in impatience, and in why-the-fuck-is-he-so-perfect? He thinks he might want to keep him. Though, that’s probably just his scent-addled brain talking.

“Yeah,” he replies quickly, nodding. He’s beyond ready.

He ruts forward to emphasize his point, and moans when the movement causes the very tip of Shinsou’s cock to press into the sensitive skin of his stretched hole. Shinsou hisses too, and Kaminari’s brows shoot up in surprise. A slow smirk pulls over his face.

Rolling his hips slower, more pointedly, so Shinsou’s cockhead slides against him, he sighs out, “C’mon, Hitoshi …” 

Shinsou curses under his breath, and Kaminari feels sharp claws press into the skin of his hips. He giggles, grinning as Shinsou yanks him forward, but his laughter quickly turns to a moan as Shinsou starts to push inside.

“H-holy shit…” he pants.

He’s still filled to the brim with slick, and between tongue and fingers, Shinsou had more than properly stretched him, so there’s not really any pain. There’s just the all-encompassing feeling of having another person (well, sort of) slowly sinking into him. The individual rungs of Shinsou’s Jacob’s ladder push at his rim and drag against his walls, and Kaminari’s eyelids flutter, his cock already twitching heavy on his stomach.

Shinsou finally bottoms out, grinding forward just a touch before he stills, and Kaminari has to dig his fingernails into the backs of his thighs to ground himself. He’s so full , like he’s never been before in his life. He hears Shinsou ask if he’s okay, but he can’t bring himself to focus on the words, instead clenching around his cock, squirming as the movement sends heat shooting through his abdomen. Shinsou gasps above him, and Kaminari moans at the sound, at the feeling of Shinsou twitching inside him, at the rush of lavender that fills his head.

Kaminari eventually nods, and he can tell his face is flushed red as he does so. “It-it’s so good, ‘Toshi,” he slurs out, pulling harder on his thighs. “Wan’ m-more…”

Shinsou chuckles, low and throaty, but he makes no move to start actually fucking him. It’s with great effort that Kaminari forces his eyes open again. He looks up at Shinsou in hazy confusion.

Shinsou arches an amused brow. “You have to relax if you want me to move, sweetheart,” he instructs.

Unfortunately, Kaminari’s hole does the exact opposite of that at the unexpected pet name, clenching harder around Shinsou, as if attempting to lock him inside forever. Kaminari’s breath hitches at the feeling, and Shinsou smirks, huffing a laugh. 

Embarrassed, Kaminari grins sheepishly, moving to cover his reddening face with his hands so he doesn’t have to meet Shinsou’s gaze. 

“Ugh, sorry,” he mumbles. 

Taking a deep breath, he tries to calm down. He’s honestly pretty sure he could come just like this, just clenching around Shinsou without any movement, but he really doesn’t want such an embarrassing story for his first time.

It takes him a few moments, but soon he’s able to let his muscles relax. He groans as he does so, because that feels amazing too, and then he’s just lying there, stuffed full and surrounded by Shinsou and his intoxicating scent. He could definitely get used to this feeling, but it doesn’t last long before it’s transforming into something even better, a jolt of pleasure as Shinsou gives a shallow thrust, testing the waters.

Yes ,” Kaminari gasps, squirming and nodding beneath him. 

Shinsou pulls out halfway then, slowly, and pushes back in, rougher this time. Then again, and again, picking up speed when he’s met with no protests. It’s already so good, and all Kaminari can do is keep nodding, eyes rolling at the multitude of sensations – his walls opening around Shinsou’s length, the balls of Shinsou’s piercings dragging slick over his rim, the heat spreading through his chest as his cock leaks, untouched, onto his stomach. 

Kaminari snakes his hands all the way around his thighs, stretching to reach his own nipples, seeking a focal point for the electricity sparking under his skin. He gasps when his fingers brush over them, eliciting pleasure bordering on pain with the lightest touch. He already feels tears pricking the corners of his eyes from everything he’s feeling, and they’ve barely gotten started.

This . This is what he summoned an incubus for. 

‘Toshi ,” Kaminari pants, and the sound borders on a whine. 

Raw desire has crept quickly into Shinsou’s scent, dissolving the lighthearted mood from earlier, and Kaminari feels suddenly desperate, restless. He wants more , more of this – he wants Shinsou to absolutely ruin him

Hitoshi, fuck me,” he demands.

Shinsou seems to get the message. The words have barely left his mouth before Shinsou’s scooping him into his arms, turning them in a smooth motion so that he’s sitting on the edge of the bed with Kaminari seated on his lap. Kaminari’s hands scramble for purchase around his neck, and Shinsou takes the opportunity to hook Kaminari’s legs over his elbows. His hands settle on Kaminari’s waist. 

Then, Shinsou lifts him easily, like he weighs nothing at all, not stopping until just the tip of his cock is left inside him. Kaminari groans, and Shinsou’s eyes dart up to search his face, presumably for signs of discomfort. And it’s sweet that he cares, it really is, but Kaminari already told him he was ready , dammit.

“Hitoshi,” Kaminari repeats, nails digging into the skin of his shoulders for emphasis. “I said, fuck me.

At this, Shinsou lets out a noise that is decidedly not human; it’s not a groan as much as an actual growl, like his words were some sort of challenge. Kaminari feels the points of Shinsou’s black claws digging into his hips, pressing hard into skin that’s already oversensitive from the marks he’d left before, and Kaminari moans, squeezing his eyes shut and arching into the feeling as his skin erupts in goosebumps. Shinsou hardly pays any mind though, instead slamming Kaminari back down on his cock in one go.

“Fuck, God, yes ,” Kaminari shouts, “Just like that, babe, fuck.”

He’s graced with another growl in response, and the scent hanging in the air thickens again. Shinsou lifts him once more, then pulls him back down immediately, rolling his hips up to meet him. Kaminari’s eyes cross at the feeling, and he tightens his grip on Shinsou’s shoulders as he sets a hard rhythm, essentially fucking him on his cock like a toy, rather than a person.

Again, Kaminari isn’t sure he wants to analyze how ridiculously hot that is.

Instead, he slumps forward onto Shinsou, burying his face in his neck and going limp in his arms. His thighs burn from the stretch - he’s essentially doing a split in Shinsou’s lap - but the sensation mingles with feeling of Shinsou fucking into his hole, filling him, sliding easily in and out with the help of all the slick, and it’s overwhelming, but it’s good .

His fingers are curled hard into Shinsou’s skin, dragging scratches as sweat causes them to slip slowly from his shoulders down his back. He tries to get a grip, but Shinsou’s relentless, knocking the wind out of him on each thrust, and it’s all he can do to hold on at all. He already feels a tightening in his stomach, and he knows Shinsou’s going to fuck the come out of him just like this, without even touching him.

But then, on a particularly hard snap of Shinsou’s hips, Kaminari gasps and digs his nails into Shinsou’s back for purchase, and suddenly Shinsou stills, a surprised yelp tumbling from his lips as he arches forward.

Kaminari jumps too in response, immediately relaxing his hold. He pulls back to look at him, concerned. 

“What happened?” he asks, noticing the way Shinsou’s grip is now shaking slightly on his waist. “Are you alright?”

“F-fine,” Shinsou pants, stuttering over the word, voice pitched an octave too high.

Kaminari’s eyes go wide as he realizes Shinsou’s face is bright red.


“Hitoshi?” he tries again, softer. He brings a hand to cup Shinsou’s face, gently turning it so he has to look him in the eye. Kaminari’s worried. “Talk to me.”

Shinsou huffs, blush intensifying. 

“It’s nothing…” he mumbles. “Just - my wings are sensitive , is all, I just–”

“Your wings?” Kaminari cuts him off, brow furrowing. 

Shinsou nods, and Kaminari leans forward again to look over his shoulder. Sure enough, the hand that’s still pressed to Shinsou’s back is resting at the top of the base of his right wing, and there are deep nail imprints from Kaminari on both sides of his spine where skin starts to fade into leathery purple.

“Oh god, I didn’t even realize,” Kaminari rushes out, biting his lower lip.

With some wiggling, he gets Shinsou to move his arms out from under his thighs so he can straddle him properly and balance on his own. He gingerly relaxes down onto his overstretched muscles, wincing at the soreness. He doesn’t pay it much mind though, instead kneading softly at Shinsou’s shoulders.

“I’m sorry,” he says. “Did I hurt you too badly?”

Shinsou blinks at him. “Hurt me?”

Kaminari nods, forehead creasing. “Yeah? With my nails?”

Shinsou’s mouth opens, but no sound comes out. He closes it again, still blinking wide eyes, like he doesn’t know how to phrase what he’s trying to communicate.

“What is it?” Kaminari prods again. He doesn’t mean to invade Shinsou’s privacy, but he’s feeling more confused by the second. 

“It didn’t hurt ,” Shinsou says, and it’s a little hard to tell from the dim lighting of his desk lamp, but Kaminari’s pretty sure his blush gets even worse as he speaks. Kaminari tilts his head.

“Then wha–” 

“It felt good , okay?” Shinsou mumbles, cutting him off. “ Too good, like you said earlier.” 

Kaminari blinks at him.



Too good?” Kaminari asks, and he has to fight with all his might against the grin threatening to stretch the corners of his cheeks. His hands twitch on Shinsou’s shoulders as Shinsou gives him a curt nod. 

“But that’s not a bad thing,” Kaminari goes on. “I mean, you’re a demon , with magic, so do you even have, like, a refractory period?”

Shinsou looks at him in exasperation, like he’d rather be talking about anything else, or simply not talking at all.

“No,” he admits through a tight jaw, “but that doesn’t mean I fancy coming two minutes in like… like some sort of… human .” 

The last word is said on a sneer, and Kaminari can’t help but giggle. He leans even closer to Shinsou, pressing them chest to chest and bringing his hands to his back again, tracing his fingertips down towards his wings. His touch is feather light and innocent, but Shinsou’s breathing quickens all the same.

I think,” Kaminari says into his ear, fingers drawing loose patterns over his skin, a safe but teasing inch or two away from the bases of his wings, “that you’re setting unrealistic expectations for yourself.”

The pads of his fingers drift to the spines of Shinsou’s wings then, and Shinsou sucks in a breath, stretching them out behind him as Kaminari pets lightly over their length until he runs out of reach.

“Is that so?” Shinsou asks slowly, voice low and level, but his claws are digging into Kaminari’s hips again, giving him away.

“Yeah,” says Kaminari, and as he continues to stroke over his wings, he starts to rock his hips back and forth, shifting Shinsou’s cock inside him. 

Shinsou groans, brows twisting. Kaminari bites his lip and wills himself to focus on the sight in front of him, rather than the way Shinsou’s cockhead presses into his prostate every time he rolls forward. 

“This isn’t just about me… I mean, I know I summoned you here and everything, but technically...” Kaminari goes on, moving his hands back to the spots where Shinsou’s wings sprout from his body. He presses down, gentle but firm, not quite teasing anymore, and moves his fingers in slow circles, massaging the sensitive skin. Shinsou groans, grip tightening, but he arches into the touch like he can’t help himself, and Kaminari feels his cock pulse inside him. Kaminari moans, then continues, voice dropping lower. “Technically, I’m your… I’m just your meal , right?”

He accentuates his words with his first actual bounce , picking himself up on shaking thighs, then sliding quickly back down Shinsou’s slick cock. 

Human, ” Shinsou hisses out through clenched teeth, eyes squeezed shut, “if you don’t stop, I’m going to–”

“That’s the point ,” Kaminari cuts him off, palming harder at his wings and picking up speed until he’s really riding him. “If I’m just your meal, don’t hold back– fucking use me –”

Fuck ,” Shinsou spits a curse, and then he’s giving in, head falling forward onto Kaminari’s shoulder as a moan slips from his lips. 

“That’s– right–” Kaminari huffs between slaps of his ass to Shinsou’s thighs. “Good– demon–”

His cock slides against Shinsou’s stomach as he moves, slick with precome, but it’s just an afterthought – Shinsou and his wings are the main show now, his little pants of breath and his shaking hands, the way he can’t help but buck his hips up and push himself deeper inside every time Kaminari comes down. The muscles of his back flex and curl under Kaminari’s fingers as he reacts to his touch, and the increasing volume of his noises tells Kaminari he’s not going to last much longer. 

“Ka -Kaminari ,” Shinsou gasps, claws scratching down Kaminari’s back and wings stretching taut behind him, unfolding to their full span. Kaminari’s eyes widen as he takes in the view, slightly awe-struck.

Holy shit ,” he whispers, words spilling out fast in his excitement. “Yeah, that’s it, babe– that’s right, come on, I want you to come– ‘Toshi –”  

Kaminari sits down hard on his cock one last time, squeezing tight around it as he bottoms out. Shinsou groans into his shoulder, and Kaminari’s dick twitches at the sound, but he ignores it. Still contracting his walls, he grinds his ass in Shinsou’s lap, digs his nails once more into the place where wings meet skin, and drags his fingers downward.

Shinsou actually shouts

Not just an incoherent yell, not just a curse. 

Shinsou shouts his name.

Den-Denki – !”

And then Kaminari feels Shinsou’s cock pulse hard , feels white hot come spilling inside him, feels Shinsou’s hips jerking upward as he fucks his spend as deep as it can go. 

“Holy shit,” Kaminari repeats in a whisper, easing up his nails a bit as Shinsou rides out his orgasm, twitching and groaning through the aftershocks. When he finally goes still, face still buried in Kaminari’s shoulder, Kaminari switches to lightly petting the spines of his wings instead. Shinsou’s spent cock slips from his hole after a moment, and for a minute or so, they stay just like that, silent. Kaminari’s never been great at keeping quiet, though, and he’s certainly too excited to do so right now. 

“That was fucking awesome !” he finally says, and Shinsou winces slightly at his volume, but Kaminari just laughs, running a hand through his sweaty hair to push it out of his face. The cool air feels amazing on his forehead, and his grin widens. “I literally could not have a cooler virginity loss story, what the actual fuck?”

Shinsou finally pulls back then, putting an end to the wing petting. He’s looking at Kaminari like he’s certifiably insane, but there’s still pink dusting his cheeks, so Kaminari thinks he’s sort of the cutest thing in the entire world, despite his expression.

“What?” he laughs, unable to contain his smile.

“What do you mean ‘what’?” Shinsou’s gaze darts between Kaminari’s face and his still-hard cock. “How can you say that when you didn’t even come?”

Kaminari follows his gaze, then shrugs, giggling again. “Yeah, but I got to make you come. And that was fucking fun .”

Shinsou rolls his eyes at him. “Uh-uh,” he says, horns already starting to change colors before him. “Nope. Not how this works. We’re not done here ‘till you‘re done, Denki .”

Kaminari’s smile stretches even wider as he feels Shinsou’s cock stirring again beneath him. “Really?” he replies. “You mean it? We can go again?”

Shinsou huffs a chuckle and shakes his head at him, his former unimpressed, aloof air returning with a vengeance now that he’s back in his element. Raising a brow, he asks, “How do you want it, human?”

Kaminari’s absolutely beaming now. Truthfully, he doesn’t really care how they do it, but he definitely wants to keep doing it with Shinsou for, like, as long as Lillith lets him. He doesn’t have class until the afternoon tomorrow, and sleep is for the weak, anyway.

But just as he’s about to tell Shinsou that he can choose, Kaminari remembers his thought from earlier, and his jaw goes slack, mouth dropping open on a gasp.

Oh! ” 

Kaminari gives Shinsou’s shoulder a few rapid-fire whacks of excitement, as if he weren't already sitting in his lap. The corner of Shinsou’s lips twitches, and he looks expectantly at him.


“Actually,” Kaminari starts, “I kind of wanted to try something with… with your mouth… if that’s okay?” 

He finishes with a hopeful look. Shinsou doesn’t respond immediately. 

Instead, he smirks, tilting his head towards his shoulder, where Kaminari’s hand is still braced. Without breaking eye contact, he opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out to its full length – well, more like lets his tongue fall out , in reality, because Jesus fucking Christ , that thing is long. In elementary school, people bragged about being able to lick their own noses, but Kaminari’s pretty sure Shinsou could lick his own fucking horns .

Shinsou’s tongue flicks to the side, curling loosely around Kaminari’s wrist and bringing him back to the present with a hard twitch of his cock. Kaminari’s eyes widen, watching Shinsou lick lazily over his pulse point for a second, teasing him before pulling back. As Shinsou’s tongue starts to slowly slide back into his mouth, disappearing from view, Kaminari doesn’t quite catch the whine that’s pulled from his throat.

“What’d you have in mind, human?”

Kaminari grins, nearly vibrating with excitement as he climbs off of Shinsou’s lap. He glances around, taking stock of their surroundings.

“Hmm… Sit back against the headboard, will you?”

Shinsou arches a brow, but does what he’s told without question. Kaminari’s smile stretches wider over his cheeks, and he climbs back onto his bed, standing upright. Placing a foot on either side of Shinsou’s hips, he steps forward, hand on his cock. 

When he looks down, Shinsou’s gazing up at him expectantly, and Kaminari feels his cheeks redden. 

“Um…” he laughs sheepishly, sending Shinsou a pleading look. He knows what he wants to ask for, but he’s not sure he can actually bring himself to say it while he’s standing over him like this.

Shinsou blinks at him, just once, slow and exaggerated. Then, he opens his mouth and lets his tongue drop all the way down, past his chin, until his pretty piercing clacks against his teeth. He’s just looking at Kaminari, like he knows exactly what he wants, like he’s the only one who can give it to him, and fuck, that’s so hot.

“Y-yeah,” Kaminari breathes, leaning forward and bracing himself with a forearm against the wall. “Just like that…”

He sucks in a gasp as his cockhead makes contact with Shinsou’s tongue, sliding easily across the warm, wet surface. Between his precome and Shinsou’s spit, there’s no resistance, and his eyes flutter shut at the feeling. Slowly, he pulls back just a bit, then pushes forward again, jaw going slack as he huffs a hot breath.

“F-fuck… that’s…” he starts, but he’s not even sure where he’s going with the sentence, so he trails off, hips jerking in another shallow thrust against Shinsou’s tongue. 

Soft. So soft.

Shinsou chuckles, panting hot air onto his cock. Kaminari groans. He’s sure the laughter is at his expense, but the sound makes him want to see Shinsou again, so he puts a great amount of effort into forcing his eyes back open. Sure enough, even with his tongue hanging out, Shinsou looks unmistakably smug, leaning back against the headboard and shamelessly watching his reactions.

“Wh-what?” Kaminari huffs. He tries to narrow his eyes at him, but he’s not sure he really manages it. His hips won’t stop moving, either, which likely offsets his attempt at conveying exasperation. 

Shinsou’s arches a single brow in response, and his eyes flash with something wicked and mischievous. Kaminari only has a second to wonder what’s in store for him before Shinsou’s tongue is moving, pushing up against the underside of his cock from base to tip. 

O-oh! ” Kaminari shouts, and his hands dart instinctively to Shinsou’s horns in an attempt to steady himself as his hips jerk forward. 

Shinsou laughs again, louder this time, a rumbling sound from his throat that vibrates his tongue against Kaminari’s cock. With a choked moan, Kaminari leans into it, forehead coming to rest on his wall and hands gripping Shinsou’s horns for dear life. The tip of Shinsou’s tongue slides down his balls as Kaminari pushes forward, and it’s good, so good that he can’t stop himself from pushing until his cock is seated fully inside Shinsou’s mouth, until the tip is hitting the back of his throat. Even as Shinsou’s head thuds against the headboard, Kaminari’s whining, pulling his horns forward, trying to sink deeper.

Kaminari doesn’t register that Shinsou has grabbed his ass until he feels claws digging into the flesh there, and he cries out, arching his back and leaning into the sensation, pain that somehow twists into pleasure. Shinsou doesn’t let up, just groans again around Kaminari’s cock and coaxes him forward, back into his open mouth, holding him there in an iron grip until Kaminari takes the hint and starts rutting against his tongue. 

It’s so soft, so wet, so good , and combined with the stinging pain from Shinsou’s claws, Kaminari knows he won’t last long like this. Shinsou must know too, because he starts curling his tongue over his cock, wrapping the length around it like some kind of alien porn tentacle, and Kaminari can already feel heat coiling in his abdomen. He can’t help the way his mouth hangs open, or the whimpers spilling from his lips.

Except, then, Shinsou tightens his grip, claws spreading Kaminari’s ass wide so that his stretched hole flutters and clenches around nothing. Kaminari whines, momentarily missing the feeling of being stuffed full, then stutters to a stop all at once, distracted by the sudden, foreign sensation of something wet and warm trickling down the backs of his thighs. 

A moment later, he realizes – Shinsou’s come is leaking out of him.

Shit ,” he curses, because even though it kind of tickles running down his legs, the thought is fucking hot. He’s definitely not a virgin anymore. 

“Pl-plug me up, ‘Toshi,” he insists, hips bucking forward in another shallow thrust against his tongue. “Wanna keep it inside me…”

Kaminari trails off into a moan as his hips speed up, and Shinsou groans beneath him. A second later, fingers prod at his hole - two, maybe three, he can’t really tell - and slip easily inside, trapping Shinsou’s come inside him.

Fuck yeah ,” Kaminari encourages, because despite how amazing his tongue feels on his cock, being full of Shinsou is absolutely addicting

It’s not long before his hips are jerking again, unable to decide between thrusting forward into his mouth or grinding backward onto his hand. Thankfully, Shinsou quickly picks up on his dilemma, and helps him out by pushing deeper inside, crooking his fingers as he bottoms out.

“Yeah, like that, fuck…” he pants.

Kaminari can feel tears stinging the corners of his eyes again at the dual sensations of Shinsou’s tongue and fingers, but somehow, it's still not enough. He’s had Shinsou’s entire cock now, and this is nothing, he knows he can take more than this. He wants to feel full again. More than that, he thinks Shinsou is teasing him - he’s had no trouble finding his prostate all night, and now he’s just shy of it on every thrust, leaving Kaminari squirming against his hand. 

More ,” he groans, grip moving to the base of Shinsou’s horns and tightening. “Give me more, ‘Toshi.

To his surprise, Shinsou obliges him, and Kaminari nods fervently as he feels another finger slip inside him.

“God, yeah, that’s it…” Kaminari rocks against it, trying to pull him deeper. “Harder, too– Want more–”

Shinsou pushes Kaminari closer, coaxing his cock back towards his throat as he sets a rough pace with his hand. Kaminari moans, moving his hips to fuck Shinsou’s mouth in time with his thrusts. 

More , ‘Toshi,” he cries again, because it still isn’t enough ; he’s nowhere near as full as he was with Shinsou’s cock inside him, and he wants to come like that

Thankfully, Shinsou doesn’t argue, and Kaminari feels his rim stretching to accommodate another digit.

Yes, yes, god- y-yes–” Kaminari chants as Shinsou continues to plow into him. “ More, more, more–”

Kaminari’s eyes are barely open, but he doesn’t miss the brief look of shock on Shinsou’s face at his request. Before he can really wonder about it though, he feels a shift of Shinsou’s fingers inside him, before another is prodding at his hole. Kaminari moans, sinking back against it, but then meets resistance he wasn’t expecting. He whines, loud - there’s more than enough lubrication between Shinsou’s slick and his come, and he doesn’t understand–

More! ” he demands again, pulling at Shinsou’s horns. He feels tears starting to fall from the corners of his eyes, but he can’t bring himself to care - he just wants to be full , wants more , and Shinsou won’t give it to him for some reason, why won’t he give it to him–


Kaminari’s whole body goes slack in an instant.

His cheek squishes against the wall and his hands go limp around his demon’s horns. He blinks. He can hear his demon’s voice, even though his lips aren’t moving, even though his mouth is still full of cock. His cock . No, his demon is speaking inside his head again, making his mind feel all warm and hazy. 

Kaminari feels so close to his demon - his Hitoshi - like this. He wants to be like this all the time. Hitoshi will take care of him.

Hitoshi’s fingers start to push at his hole once more, and Kaminari wants to help, wants to grind down on them, but he finds that his body won’t move. He has no choice but to sit back and let Hitoshi do the work, so he does, even though he’s going painfully slow, much too slow for his preferences. As he works another finger inside him, there’s that same resistance, but it’s less now, now that Kaminari can’t clench around his hand, now that he isn’t fighting to get Hitoshi to hurry. Still, the stretch starts to border on pain, and Kaminari wonders vaguely how many fingers he’s using. His fingers must be huge, because after his cock, Kaminari can’t imagine that he’s too tight to be fingered

Kaminari’s hole gives way under Hitoshi’s careful stretching, not slowly, but rather all at once, and Kaminari feels as if everything inside him is shifting – all of a sudden, he goes from unsatisfied and craving more, to feeling as if he’s never, ever been this full in his life, not even on Hitoshi’s cock.

Even through the haze in his mind, the realization hits him like a ton of bricks. 


Five is the answer to his question. 

He wasn’t too tight for Hitoshi’s fingers . He was too tight for his entire hand.

Kaminari cries out, and clenches hard around Hitoshi’s fist. 

Or, at least, he tries to, but Hitoshi’s still inside his head, telling him to relax, so all he can actually do is continue to lean against the wall for support, staring blankly at the side of his wardrobe. His tears - the only part of him beyond Hitoshi’s control - pick back up and start to flow faster, because he’s never felt so much in his life, and his hole is screaming at him to tighten around the solid knot inside him, but he can’t .

He can’t do anything. 

He just has to stand there and take it.

And he does. He stands there and takes it as Hitoshi's fist twists slowly - so slowly - inside of him. Stands there and takes it as he feels every single of one of Hitoshi’s knuckles sliding along his walls, feels him flexing and unflexing his hand. Stands there and takes it as Hitoshi’s wrist presses forward so there’s suddenly a warm pressure against his prostate that makes his tears fall faster. Stands there and takes it when his knuckles start to slowly massage the spot, sending zinging pleasure up his spine over and over and over again, while his thick tongue continues to gyrate over the length of his cock and the ball of his piercing presses up against his slit. 

Kaminari wants to sob , because if he could only tense his stomach he’d be coming, coming so hard and fast, coming everywhere , on Hitoshi's tongue and all over his pretty face, but he can’t . He can’t, so he can only take it as the pleasure becomes unbearable, overwhelming, so much, can only let Hitoshi’s claws sink further into the flesh of his ass as his legs start to tremble too violently for him to hold himself upright.

He needs to sink deeper. He needs to run away. 

It’s wonderful . It’s terrible

He’s going to die, right here, right now, and he can’t even stop it.

Then, all at once, Hitoshi releases him, tightening his hold to keep him from falling. 

Kaminari screams. 

A choked, broken wail, that’s something between a shout and a sob, and that feels like it’s being physically ripped from his throat.

His hands scramble to regain their grasp on Hitoshi’s horns as his cock pulses hard , the first stripe of white hot come painting Hitoshi’s tongue. His hips surge forward, sending him into the wet heat of his mouth as he simultaneously clenches down on Hitoshi’s fist, pushing his knuckles into his prostate. The feeling brings on a fresh wave of tears - he’s so full, so so full , so much , so fucking full–

“Fuck – fuck fuck!” he cries, tugging hard on Hitoshi’s horns. 

Hitoshi doesn’t choke the way Kaminari knows he would if it were the other way around; he only moans, claws digging into his ass and pushing Kaminari closer. His tongue is practically milking the come from his cock, and Kaminari can’t help the way he ruts wildly against it. 

He fucks Hitoshi’s skull back into the headboard until he’s fully ridden out each wave of his orgasm, and then he crumples against the wall, cock still seated inside Hitoshi’s mouth.

He promptly passes out.


* * *


The next time Kaminari opens his eyes, he’s horizontal on his bed, tucked under the covers, naked and a little sore. His ass clenches weakly around nothing, and he realizes that Shinsou’s fist is no longer inside him. Kaminari lets out a soft yawn, stretching his arms over his head as he rolls onto his side, blinking in the light of his room.

He smiles.

Speaking of the devil, Shinsou’s standing at his desk, looking at a piece of paper that’s definitely seen better days. Kaminari’s grin stretches wider - it’s his letter to Lillith.

“Isn’t that, like, an invasion of privacy?” he asks, voice coming out hoarse and sleepy.

Shinsou jumps at the words, dropping the letter back onto Kaminari’s desk.

Jesus, ” he mumbles, hand coming to rest over his heart. “You scared the shit out of me.”

“Really?” Kaminari laughs. “Why? How long was I out?”

Shinsou blinks, sending him a look like he’s some sort of puzzle he’s having trouble putting together. 

“Just- just a few minutes, actually…”

“Oh, good,” Kaminari grins, pushing himself up into a sitting position. He winces a little, but the pain actually isn’t too bad - he should really invest in a bottle or two of demon slick. “I would hate to have missed out on valuable time.”

“Valuable time,” Shinsou repeats, looking blankly at him.

“Yeah! Give me, like, five minutes to go pee and chug a water bottle, and I’ll be ready to go again,” he says, sliding off the bed and wobbling a bit on his feet. 

He pads across his room and toward Shinsou, wrapping his arms loosely around his waist once he reaches him. Shinsou just gives him a confused look, but Kaminari doesn’t take it to heart - he doubts that many people get too affectionate with their incubuses - incubi? He still doesn’t know.

Kaminari grins up at him.

“Just wanted to say thanks, for like, the best first time ever,” he laughs. He rubs his thumbs over the fabric of Shinsou’s shirt, and only then does he realize that Shinsou’s helped himself to his closet. His wings and horns and tail are nowhere in sight, and he’s dressed in one of Kaminari’s oversized tee shirts and a pair of his joggers. The joggers are a little short on his long legs, which is sinfully adorable.

“Where are all your demon parts?” he laughs.

“How the fuck are you awake ?” Shinsou replies.

Kaminari tilts his head. 

“What do you mean?”

Shinsou blinks at him again. “I… I mean I… I fed on you,” he says, and Kaminari nods, recalling his earlier lecture and subsequent Google searches. “You should be out for hours… like, until morning…” 

He trails off, looking perplexed. Kaminari just laughs, shrugging as he lifts Shinsou’s wrists and places his arms around his waist.

“People are always asking me where I get all my extra energy,” he says with a grin, sidling closer. “So, anyways, how ‘bout that next round?”

Shinsou’s eyes widen. 

“Jesus, no, we can’t ,” he says, fingers flexing against Kaminari’s skin. “I don’t know what kind of fluke has you on your feet, but it could take you days to recover if I feed again…”

Kaminari raises a brow, smile turning to a smirk. He feels a little bad, but he’s too happy to take Shinsou very seriously right now.

“Oh yeah?” he sing-songs. “ Bet .”

Shinsou blinks. 

“Bet,” he repeats, deadpan. 

Kaminari nods, sliding his hands up Shinsou’s chest and wrapping them around his neck.

“How about…” he says, twisting playfully in Shinsou’s arms, “if we fuck again and I’m all good to go in the morning, you let me take you out to breakfast?”

Shinsou’s brows shoot up his forehead. 

“Breakfast,” he says. “You do realize I’m a demon, right?”

Kaminari laughs. “Even demons need pancakes!”

For a while, Shinsou just looks at him without replying, but he can’t bring himself to be uncomfortable. He’s in such a good mood, he feels like he could jump over the sun. Like, literally. 

Finally, Shinsou nods his head once.

“Okay…” he says. “Breakfast.”

Kaminari beams. 

“Alright! It’s a date!”

He pulls Shinsou into a quick hug before letting go and bounding towards the bathroom to get ready to go again.

Unfortunately for him, Kaminari shuts the door before Shinsou can respond, so he doesn’t see the blush that spreads slowly over his cheeks, and he doesn’t quite catch Shinsou’s mumbled, “Yeah… a date…” 

But, Lillith help him, he’ll get there eventually.