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You remind me of the babe

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Toby paused in the doorway of Sarah's room. Sarah looked up from where she was sitting on the bed and smiled tiredly at him, putting a finger to her lips. "Shh." She beckoned him into the room. "What have you got there, Toby? Is that Lancelot?"

Toby held out the ancient teddy. "He's for Jennifer. Mom helped me wash him, and I got him a new ribbon."

"You're nearly twelve - that's a little too old for teddies, Toby," his mom had said. "I don't know why you can't let your little brother have him."

"No," said Toby. "Lancelot's too good for him. I'm going to give him to Sarah's baby."

"That's very sweet of you," Sarah said. "Do you want to give him to her?"

Tiptoeing forward, he looked down at the bundle in Sarah's arms. His niece stared back, bright blue eyes in a wrinkled red face, beneath a tuft of dark hair. But when Toby held out the bear, her eyes scrunched up and she let out a piercing wail.

"Oh, hush now, Miss J," Sarah soothed. "She cries at everything."

Laughing at Toby's horrified expression, she added, "I promise that I'll never ever ask you to babysit."