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It started as just a new type of thrill for Bryce – sneaking into your room in the middle of the night.

He barely acknowledged you in the daylight.

You were his sister’s friend, spending the summer here with Maya after your first year of college.

You were sweet. Quiet. Shy.

Not his normal type at all.

But you were a hot piece, even if you tried to hide it.

A conservative one-piece swimsuit, summer dresses that reached your knees, big hoodies that you swam in to cover you PJs if you were ever out of your room at night.

But Bryce was good at watching people, especially without being seen, and he’d caught glimpses of you here and there, the generous swell of your chest, the womanly curve of your hips, the inviting roundness of your ass.

It was obvious that you wanted nothing to do with him, and that turned him on even more. You were kind, sure, acknowledging him in front of others, laughing at his jokes during family meals, saying thank you when he held the door open for you.

But your eyes, whenever they were on him, were either wary or afraid.

Bryce scared you, and he relished in it.

Just like he relished in watching you sleep.

Bryce’s heart beat a little faster as he crept into your bedroom well after 1AM. It was the third time so far this week. His craving to observe you in this way, to steal this supposedly safe and private time from you grew stronger and stronger as the days passed.

Closing your bedroom door with a quiet click, Bryce moved toward the bed. He licked his lips as he loomed over you, fingers gently twisting in the blankets and slowly—ever so slowly as not to wake you—pulling them away.

He thanked fuck that you liked to sleep with the curtains open, and that there was a bright full moon out tonight, because it illuminated your sweet little body in a way that had him humming in appreciation.

Bryce sighed a little, allowing himself a moment to really drink you in. As much as he watched you whenever you and Maya were around him day to day, it was an entirely different ball game to be able to do so when you were totally unaware.



Bryce’s cock stirred in his sweatpants as he moved closer, reaching out to brush hair away from your face.

You were curled up on your side, clad in nothing but a tank top and panties that held his gaze for a long, tempting moment. His fingers lingered on your soft, warm skin, and you sighed in your sleep, nose scrunching cutely as you shifted onto your back, your tank top twisting and riding up your stomach.

Bryce’s hand trailed lower, knuckles brushing along the curve of your jaw before his fingers danced along the swell of your breast. He could just make out the darkness of your nipple through the light fabric of your shirt, and his thumb tugged and pressed there for a few seconds. His smile was devious as the little peak pebbled firm and proud beneath his touch, and he barely resisted the urge to bend low and set his mouth on you.

But resist he did, suppressing a sigh of longing as he finally dipped his hand to the bare skin of your stomach. Bryce thumbed around your belly button, grinning as you made a questioning noise in your sleep.

His fingers trailed lower, tracing the band of your panties.

Bryce’s grin was wicked as his eyes flickered up to your face, making sure you were still asleep. Then he let his touch wander lower. His fingers were featherlike as they explored the warm, plump heat of your folds through your underwear.

That touch he kept light and fleeting, although the thought of roughly shoving his fingers inside you without warning, through your panties and all, ran rampant through his brain.

But he didn’t know how heavy of a sleeper you were. And he didn’t want this game to end quite yet. He wanted to keep drawing it out, a little at a time, visit after visit after visit.

So, Bryce gave the tempting place between your legs a final, longing trace. He grinned as you sighed in your sleep, shifting around a moment before your head lolled toward him, full lips slightly parted.

Bryce stared at your lips as if mesmerized. He wondered what they tasted like. If they felt as sweet and soft and they looked. He imagined them parting around the head of his cock and found himself stepping toward you before he realized what he was doing.

It wasn’t like he didn’t have options. Girls threw themselves at him, and rightfully so. But they hadn’t been as satisfying lately, not when who he really wanted was sleeping innocently right in front of him.

Groaning as he rubbed at the bulge at the front of his sweats, Bryce contemplated for a moment before shrugging. “Fuck it,” he whispered, moving to stand even closer to you, until his knees pressed flush with the side of the mattress. As he towered over you, he shoved his pants down and pulled his hard, aching cock free.

Muffling a moan, Bryce began to stroke himself, using his thumb to spread the bead of pre-cum from his tip and along his length. He shivered in wicked delight as he touched himself just inches from your sweet, sleeping face.

What would you do if you woke up to find his hard cock right over you?

Bryce imagined you being shocked at first, embarrassed, face warming in that way he loved so much as you helplessly watched him, unable to look away. He pictured you sitting up and scooting closer to him, hesitantly reaching for his dick as you blinked up at him with those big innocent eyes, your pink little tongue sneaking out to wet your lips.

“Fuck,” Bryce breathed, hips jerking forward as he stroked his cock faster, grip growing firmer, more desperate.

His head fell back, eyes squeezed shut as he imagined your soft little hand struggling to grip around the hot, steely girth of him. He pictured you bobbing forward, eyes darting up to his shyly as you took his cock into your hot, wet mouth. He imagined you choking on sweet little moans and whimpers as he gripped your head between his hands and fucked your face until you were a crying, overworked mess, gagging as he shot his load down that pretty little throat of yours.

Gasping as pleasure streaked up his spine, Bryce blinked his eyes open, watching you as he came with a quiet, satisfied grunt.

He moaned, stroking his own cum along his softening cock as he bent over you. Thumb covered in his own spend, Bryce ran it along your lower lip, rubbing his cum into your skin.

His cock twitched in interest as you shifted, brow furrowed as your tongue snuck out and swiped along your bottom lip before disappearing back inside your mouth and taking Bryce’s cum with it.

“Fuck me,” he sighed blissfully, reaching for a few tissues on the nightstand and cleaning himself up before tucking his cock away.

He watched you for a long moment, already deciding that he’d be back again tomorrow night. His lips curled into a smirk, excited at the prospect, as he leaned forward and drew his knuckles down your cheek in a silent goodbye.

With a final lingering look over his shoulder, Bryce slipped from your room, silently pulling the door shut behind him. The vision of you tasting his cum without even knowing it was playing on a loop in his head, and Bryce couldn’t help the smug, satisfied grin that curled his lips as he sauntered back to his room.