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Blue rider's Memories

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Blue rider's Memories
Chapter 1, Impression’s Flashback
R'tin and blue Ridementh
Sand hot, under feet, as I stand watching the group of eggs, ready for a hatching this day, to think just a sevenday ago I was to become an apprentice, in my father wood smith craft, the dragons of my Weyr, that protects us, were Searching for young folks for a clutch of eggs, near to hatching, this sevenday when like a blur, but I had a knack of recalling things quite clearly, I didn't have an eidetic memory, but a strong ability to recall things in a hurry.

The dragons stopped humming, and then cracks and pops are hear from several eggs, with bits of shell flying off trigger other shells to break open, wetly bodies are seen many are blue and green, a brown is seen emerging from his shell, shaking the bits of shell off himself, he looks around the faces, following his brothers and sisters, they were quite awkward as newborns when, another blue followed his brown brother, and stumble at my feet, his eyes looking at me I hear a voice in my mind,,my name is Ridementh and I’m quite hungry . A croon added to his plea, “His name is Ridementh” Ratin now called R’tin, beam with happiness, “Come on there is food outside for you.” and the two walk out the hatching ground, a new dragon pair, dragon and rider match for life.

His parents, were there, tears of joy showing down his mother's face, as she moved forward with his father, to share in the Hatching Feast. His father had on the holder journeyman knots of Southern Boll, and Woodsmith colors twisted together