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Friends in Low Places

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Someone in my area (small city in the mountains of a rural county in a red state) seriously just posted this on Neighborhood.

“I usually dont post here. There is just too much fluff for me, but I have a question for everyone. What are we going to do if ANTIFA comes back with the intention to riot and loot and decides to hit the streets around town where the homes are? What if they come down our streets, which could happen if the president wins the election and they go crazy?”

I replied

“I wasn’t going to say anything, but since someone else brought it up... I’m planning to go with tried and true: the system I use when The Grays come to try to take me for more tests. I fire up the small fusion reactor that powers my perimeter shields. Then I call my friend who heads up a small black budget project in the basement of the Hoover building.”