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words tangled

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"I am Prince Charming," Shen declares. 

Wilson and Formula affix incredulous stares on him. They're so in sync that they even chorus it in unison. "Are you marrying Yvonne?"

"Who's marrying me?" Yvonne appears pretty much from nowhere and scares the hell out of Shen, who jumps back a few steps. "No one's proposed to me yet, sorry." There's a mischievous twinkle in her eyes and she tilts her head to look at him. "Maybe you've got another target for marriage?"

Shen's so flustered he doesn't even see the younger couple nudging each other with huge grins on their faces. "No! I don't. Never." He stutters out his next sentence. "If you say yes, I'll marry you."

Her expression softens and she takes his hand. "Ask me."

Shen takes such a huge gulp of air that Wilson's suddenly worried he'll pass out. "Give me ten seconds." 



He ends up panting and gasping in front of the married couple after taking off at a dead run in their direction.


Xiaorou looks vaguely worried at his condition, but replies. "Yeah?"

"Is it a dick move if I propose to Yvonne at your wedding?"

Tim and Xiaorou laugh so loudly he's not sure whether his pride should be injured or not, but Shen takes it as a go-ahead.



He ends up borrowing Tim's ring and stammering out a really badly planned speech that he came up with in the run back from the tent to where Yvonne's standing. Shen shoots Josie, Edwin and Terence a glare over Yvonne's shoulder when he sees them trying and failing to stifle their giggles. 

But he gets the message across, at least, and when she says yes it isn't what he expected. There are no fireworks, and the world does not stop spinning. It's more of a shift in tectonic plates, something settling inside him. It feels right. 

It is.



Wilson proposes to Formula at their wedding. Shen wonders if he's created a monster.