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[archive of 11/17/17]

From Unknown Number at 4:34pm: you changed your number

To Unknown Number at 4:37pm: Who is this?

From Unknown Number at 4:37: Scott

New Contact Saved.

To Scott at 4:39pm: Who gave it away?

From Scott at 4:39pm: Lydia

To Scott at 4:40pm: Of course she did.

From Scott at 4:41pm: you gotta try harder if you want to get rid of
us :)

To Scott at 4:41pm: I'll remember that.

To Scott at 4:41pm: Welcome back. Staying for the holidays?

From Scott at 4:42pm: yep

From Scott at 4:45pm: pack meet friday?

To Scott at 4:47pm: Sure.


Group Message to Cora, Kira, Stiles, Liam, Alan Deaton,
Melissa McCall, Jordan Parrish, John Stilinski, Braeden,
Argent at 4:57pm: This is Derek, new number.

From Cora at 4:59pm: I texted Lydia to make sure you didn't die; I
called you ten times last month.

To Cora at 5:00pm: Broke my phone and didn't bother getting a
new one for a while.

From Kira at 5:00pm: Heyyyyy :D

From Cora at 5:00pm: Loser.

From Braeden at 5:00pm: Long time there, Derek.

To Braeden at 5:01pm: Same.

Error #401: Message not sent to 'Argent'. Number not found.

From Kira at 5:03pm: Are you coming to the pack meet this Friday? o:
Scott's in town! :D

To Kira at 5:04pm: I'll be there, already talked with Scott.

From Stiles at 5:05pm: I'd been texting you, thought you were
ignoring me.

From Kira at 5:05pm: Sweet! :DD

To Stiles at 5:05pm: As I told Scott, 'I should try harder'.

From Stiles at 5:06pm: haha

From Liam at 5:15pm: who gave you my number?

To Liam at 5:16pm: You did, two years ago. You were drunk on

From Melissa McCall at 5:23pm: Coming to the meet? I need to know the
numbers before I start cooking for a supernatural
army. :)

To Melissa McCall at 5:25pm: What meet? I'm there for the food.

From Melissa McCall at 5:25pm: lol!!! That's what all the boys said.


[archive of 11/24/17]

From John Stilinski at 7:09pm: Want to talk with you meet up for dinner?

To John Stilinski at 7:10pm: Should I dress up?

From John Stilinski at 7:11pm: This aint like that son come to joes bar on main

To John Stilinski at 7:11pm: On my way. 


[archive of 12/03/17]

Group Message from Stiles at 10:14am: Attention broke BHCC students and others:
due to many 'unexplained' disappearance
and random quits, the police department is
hiring. Desk and field open.

To Stiles at 10:15am: I applied last week.

From Stiles at 10:15am: What. The job postings just went up today.

To Stiles at 10:16am: I'm friends with the sheriff, obviously.

From Stiles at 10:17am: oh my god you two went out for beers last
week you can't deny it i will hold you
accountable for lying


[archive of 12/05/17]

From Stiles at 11:03am: Congratulations! Enjoy showing off in
front of the human rookies at the training

To Stiles at 11:05am: :)

From Stiles at 11:05am: oh my god


From Braeden at 1:13pm: Hear you're picking up the guns.

To Braeden at 1:13pm: Are you in BH?

From Braeden at 1:23pm: Not even close, but I have ears everywhere.

To Braeden at 1:24pm: And here I thought you worked alone.

From Braeden at 1:26pm: Got me a partner now. I guess I missed
the luxury of a two-man team.

To Braeden at 1:26pm: You doing okay?

From Braeden at 1:27pm: Sure am. :)

To Braeden at 1:27pm: Not impersonating FBI still? I can arrest
you for that, now.

From Braeden at 1:30pm: You'll have to catch me first. ;)

To Braeden at 1:34pm: Good luck out there. Be safe. Call if you
need anything.

From Braeden at 1:34pm: You too.


From Lydia at 5:18pm: Malia wants to know when a good time to
meet up with you.

To Lydia at 5:18pm: Anytime today.


[archive of 12/06/17]

From Lydia at 9:00am: How'd it go last night?

To Lydia at 9:35am: Malia says stop being nosy, but it went fine.
She says she doesn't mind being family as
long as she doesn't have to accept Peter as
her father.

To Lydia at 9:35am: That's okay with me.


From Jordan Parrish at 12:23pm: You didn't fill out your time card correctly
again. Don't forget to fill out the overtime
slot, or you won't be paid for it.

To Jordan Parrish at 12:25pm: It was only an hour.

From Jordan Parrish at 12:26pm: An hour for each day you worked this pay

To Jordan Parrish at 12:26pm: It's okay, really.

From John Stilinski at 12:32pm: Get down here and fill out your overtime

To John Stilinski at 12:32pm: Yes sir.

To Jordan Parrish at 12:32pm: Tattle-tale.

From Jordan Parrish at 12:33pm: You bet.


[archive of 12/11/17] 

From Scott at 7:07pm: deatons asap

From Stiles at 7:07pm: Action at vet clinic

Group Message to Scott, Stiles at 7:07pm: on my way


[archive of 12/15/17]

Group Message from Lydia at 8:25am: I'll be visiting my dad for the rest of the holiday
vacation. Leaving Thursday morning. Try not to
call for anything but emergencies.

To Lydia at 9:02am: Have a good trip.

From Lydia at 9:03am: Thank you. Keep everything in line while I'm


[archive of 12/25/17]

Group Message from Melissa McCall at 12:00am: Merry Christmas! xoxo

Group Message from Jordan Parrish at 12:01am: Merry Christmas!

Group Message from John Stilinski at 12:03am: Merry Christmas!

Group Message from Scott at 6:31am: Happy Hanukkah!

Group Message from Stiles at 8:00am: Merry Jingly!

Group Message from Lydia at 8:15am: Merry Christmas to everyone in Beacon Hills!
I'll be back after the New Year!

Group Message from Braeden at 8:22am: Happy holidays!

Group Message from Liam at 10:05am: happy xmas

New Message. Select: Everyone.

Group Message to Everyone at 10:30am: Merry Christmas.

From Cora at 10:30am: You too bro, but its all summer here.

From Laura at 10:34am: Who is this?

Error #401: Message not sent to 'Argent'. Number not found.

Error #401: Message not sent to 'Dad'. Number not found.

Error #401: Message not sent to 'Isaac'. Number not found.

From Alan Deaton at 10:34am: Merry Christmas, Derek.

Error #401: Message not sent to 'Boyd'. Number not found.

Error #401: Message not sent to 'Erica'. Number not found.

To Laura at 10:36am: Sorry, wrong number.

From Laura at 10:41am: Its okay :) Merry Christmas to you too.

Are you sure you want to delete 'Laura' from your contacts?

'Laura' not deleted.

Error #401: Message not sent to 'Peter'. Number not found.

Error #401: Message not sent to 'Mom'. Number not found.


Group Message from Scott at 2:18pm: wanted to let everyone know that kira, mom and
i are heading to san fran for the day and we'll be
back late tomorrow ...pack meet for new years eve?

To Scott at 2:23pm: I'll pass; last time was a little much for me.

From Scott at 2:24pm: its because you missed us so bad

To Scott at 2:24pm: Obviously.


[archive of 12/26/17] 

From Stiles at 1:12pm: Hey.

To Stiles at 1:15pm: What's up?

From Stiles at 1:15pm: Is Dad working another double today?

To Stiles at 1:15pm: He is. He didn't call you?

From Stiles at 1:16pm: No.

To Stiles at 1:16pm: Something wrong?

From Stiles at 1:21pm: No.

To Stiles at 1:32pm: I'm off in an hour, if you want to catch lunch

From Stiles at 1:34pm: You talked to him.

To Stiles at 1:34pm: I did. Lunch?

From Stiles at 1:35pm: If you feel like it.

To Stiles at 1:37pm: I feel like having ihop. We can bring our 
leftovers to your dad and visit with him. It's 
pleasantly quiet here for a day after Christmas.

From Stiles at 1:38pm:'s the holidays. We should at least
save him one slice of bacon.


[archive of 12/31/17]

From Liam at 8:56pm: yooooo derek.

To Liam at 8:56pm: No.

From Scott at 8:57pm: derek???

To Scott at 8:58pm: No.

From Kira at 8:58pm: Derrreeeeek? :D

To Kira at 9:03pm: 1/4 tsp northern wolfsbane to a fifth. Have
Melissa mix it and drink with supervision,
regardless if everyone but Liam is over 21.

From Kira at 9:05pm: Thank you!!! :D

To Melissa McCall at 9:07pm: If they start hallucinating horribly, call me.

From Stiles at 9:07pm: tnx dude it was suuuuuper lonly bein only1 sober

From Melissa McCall at 9:08pm: Will do, and thank you! Scott was pouting.

From Stiles at 9:08pm: druk*

From Stiles at 9:08pm: druck**

From Stiles at 9:08pm: DRUNK

To Stiles at 9:09pm: Congratulations on achieving basic spelling.

From Stiles at 9:10pm: aw yea i get a +

To Stiles at 9:12pm:

Uploading Media.

Picture loaded.

Picture sent.

From Stiles at 9:14pm: omgLOL

From Stiles at 9:14pm: i choked

To Stiles at 9:15pm: :)