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Wei Ying is insatiable

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It started with that dress. Lan Zhan had bought a beautiful blue summer dress that drove Wei Ying insane. She was convinced her wife only bought it with the specific point of getting her horny, and if that was her goal then she well and thoroughly achieved it. And then she decided, to wear it. The dress had triangular cutouts on the sides, exposing pale flesh and the barest hint of her toned stomach, and barely any fabric cupping her breasts. Now make the whole thing border-line transparent. There was a reason Wei Ying was especially thirsty thank you very much! Wei Ying looked at Lan Zhan from her place on the couch, comparing them both. Lan Zhan in her beautiful summer dress, and Wei Ying was in a faded, oversized shirt and the most scantily clad underwear she had, barely covering her pussy.

 What? She had shaved this morning and wanted to feel the air!... Okay, so she may or may not have woken up wanting a solid fuck. But Lan Zhan had, as per usual, gotten up before her. She had to amuse herself for a few hours when she had reached the kitchen only to see a note letting her know she had gone out to drop A-Yuan at Wei Ying’s sisters to play with Jin Ling and would be back in an hour or two. There was also a small bowl of rapidly cooling breakfast. What else was she supposed to do? She reached up and palmed her boobs through her shirt, trying to will her nipples back to the soft, hidden nubs rather than raging indicators that she was horny. Between the barely-there panties and the uncontrollable forces that were her nipples, you think she would have gotten a good fucking when Lan Zhan had gotten home. But no.

She snuck a look back over at Lan Zhan, who was sitting on their ugly little carpet that used to belong to Wei Ying’s brother-in-law; braiding her long hair into a side braid while her phone was nestled into the crook of her neck, on a phone call to her brother. It was honestly gross and not their style in the slightest. The carpet, not the brother. It was garishly gold, green and brown and didn’t fit in at all with their other decorations and aesthetics. But she and Lan Zhan had been guilt-tripped by Jiang Yanli into taking it when the pair of them were going to try to sell the ugly thing when the two women had just moved in together (“Oh we insist! This rug is too small for us now, and you’re looking to buy one, it’s a win-win.”). Long story short: They both mutually hated the rug but had no idea of what a plausible excuse would be to get rid of the damn thing without hurting her sister’s feelings. It was a mutual decision (read: Wei Ying’s decision that Lan Zhan said she agreed with to keep the peace) that they didn’t care so much about Jin Zixuan’s opinion.

So they were both stuck with the nightmare rug, and Wei Ying was stuck with give-away horny traitorous nipples.

Back to the braiding.

Wei Ying watched as Lan Zhan’s deft fingers twisted and weaved her hair into a loose rope and sucked on her bottom lip as she watched those same fingers gently brush the cut-out pieces of skin as she spoke softly to her brother. Her eyes rose up to Lan Zhan’s lips. Plump and dusty pink and soft, and neither her tongue nor her fingers were exploring Wei Ying right now. She rose from her place on the couch, letting the t-shirt that she pilfered from her brother fall just below her covered crotch. She went and sat behind Lan Zhan, spreading her legs to press her core to Lan Zhan’s ass, and slid her arms around her wife’s middle, feeling the adorable small rolls of skin as she did. She pressed her tits and her devilish nipples against her back, “Lan Zhan looks so pretty like this,” She whispered, careful to speak softly so Lan Xichen wouldn’t hear her through the phone. Her words were for Lan Zhan, and Lan Zhan only. She felt Lan Zhan’s stomach tense somewhat, and Wei Ying grinned, nestling her nose into the exposed flesh of her back. This dress really was a dream and a nightmare.

Her fingers lightly trailed up Lan Zhan’s waist to cup her barely clothed breasts to gleefully confirm her suspicions: she wasn’t wearing a bra. How could she in fabric that sheer without ruining how the fabric fell? Lan Zhan’s voice didn’t betray that she was currently being felt up, it remained rich and steady despite Wei Ying squeezing slightly. She felt around for the little nubs that would definitely poke out. Little dots pierced through her nipples that Wei Ying could suck on all day if given the chance. At the feeling of the little steel nubs, Wei Ying started to grind her rapidly wet core up against Lan Zhan and was delighted when her breath did hitch slightly at the motions. She pinched her nipples gently, teasing Lan Zhan, “Aiyah, your tits feel so pretty, I know you like it when I pull at them,” She gave a particularly hard pinch, and one of Lan Zhan’s hands quickly came up to keep one of her hands in place, and Wei Ying giggled, keeping her voice in the smallest whisper, “Lan Zhan ah, let me play with your pretty nipples, can you feel how wet I am against you? Or how hard my nipples are right now?”

How Lan Zhan’s voice still hadn’t so much as wavered, talking to Lan Xichen about when to harvest potatoes? – and Wei Ying took as a personal instruction to keep going, on hand snaking down beneath her dress to see if Lan Zhan was actually aroused or not. When her fingers barely brushed against the warm heat of her covered core, Lan Zhan sucked in the smallest breath. “Are you wet for me sweetheart? You’re doing so well pretending I’m not touching you, doing so so well, I wonder how I can make you leak for me,” She crooned, and Lan Zhan incrementally leaned back into her as she withdrew her hand from her dress.

She withdrew her snakelike grip and leaned back, locating the zipper on her dress, pulling it down unceremoniously, knocking the spaghetti straps from Lan Zhan’s shoulders, and yanked down the dress, exposing her top half to the air. Even from behind her, Wei Ying could see how her tits jiggled from the force and grinned ferally. She moved to Lan Zhan’s front to see how crimson red her previously hidden ears were, and how that same blush had started to permeate her cheeks, her breathing slightly more rapid.

She latched onto one of Lan Zhan’s nipples, rolling it around her mouth and sucking on it roughly, her fingers pinching playing with the other. “Lan Zhan,” she whispered around a nipple, “Won’t you play with me? Feel how wet I am? You’re making me so horny and you’re not even doing anything, such a bad girl,” she timed the tugs to her nipples, the poor nubs red and puffy and no doubt sensitive. Lan Zhan’s face dipped towards her slightly, and were those tears in her eyes? She had always adored how sensitive Lan Zhan’s tits were, and cupped them in her hands, pushing them toward each other and letting them drop, dangling and jiggling and repeating the process. The tears dropped to run down her cheeks, and Wei Ying was impressed. She was crying but her voice hadn’t so much as cracked! She kissed away her tears, giving her a chaste peck on the cheek and Lan Zhan took a deep breath as Wei Ying pushed the dress down as far as she could. Lan Zhan raised her hips, letting her pull it off completely and discarding it. Lan Zhan’s legs fell open with nothing left to restrict them.

She lay warm, teary, aroused, naked, and still on the phone. That was it, enough teasing! She smirked at Lan Zhan, who furrowed her brows faintly at her. Bless her, reading her mind only now. “Wei Ying no-,”

Wei Ying ignored her, grabbing her phone and yelling in its vague direction, not taking the time to put it up to her ear, “See you, love you, bye!” She hung up and threw it onto the couch before turning to face her traitorous wife. She pointed a finger in mock accusation, “You’ve been avoiding me all day.” It wasn’t a question.

Lan Zhan shook her head, a hand carelessly playing with her piercing. “I would never avoid you.”

“I’ve had my whole pussy out all day and all you’ve done is go on errands, feed the rabbits and talk to your brother!”

“All of which are rewarding experiences,” Lan Zhan said, before reaching over and pulling Wei Ying over by her waist.

“Can I get my reward now?”

“What do you want?”


Lan Zhan kissed her forehead gently, lovingly, “You have me.” She pushed Wei Ying back softly until her back was laying on the rug and pushed her legs apart to pin her down.

Wei Ying, in all her impatience, grabbed the hem of her shirt and wiggled it up and off her body, “I do now. So teasing, ignoring me like that.” She shimmied her tits back and forth, and one of Lan Zhan’s hands came up to fiddle with her nipple, rubbing it with her thumb slowly.

“Do you want your reward or not?” She asked calmly, before kissing Wei Ying fiercely. Her teeth immediately darted out to claim Wei Ying’s bottom lip, pulling it back into her own mouth and sucking on it gently, drawing a breathy moan from Wei Ying, and she reached out to grip Lan Zhan’s waist, pulling it flush against her. She felt the coolness of the steel pierced buds digging comfortably into her own areola and moaned properly into Lan Zhan’s mouth as she started to lave open-mouthed kisses to her jaw and the hollow of her neck. “Please Lan Zha-” she started, wanting it harder, wanting marks left deep and red and blooming to paint her skin.

“Quiet,” She responded, sucking harshly into where her neck met her shoulders, and Wei Ying arched into her, hands moving to snake down to finally touch herself. Lan Zhan grabbed her hands before they could reach their goal, “I’ll do that.”

“But Lan Zhan,” she mewled, bucking her hips up into Lan Zhan, “I need you now!” Lan Zhan kissed her once more on the lips before moving off her and toward where she most desperately needed to be touched. “You always touch me so well, make me come so hard,” She mewled, trying to speed up her actions.

Lan Zhan’s fingers hooked around her underwear and pulled them off, “Spread your legs,” She requested, and Wei Ying let her legs drop open, letting Lan Zhan see how wet she was.

“Do I look tasty? I wanted to look good for my Lan Zhan. I even shaved to romance you,” She reached down to spread her labia, leaving her leaky holes on display, “Does my bald pussy make you want to marry me again?” She joked, waggling her eyebrows theatrically. She had shaved only once or twice before, when she was still learning how to deal with hair growing there, and again because of peer pressure and how ‘everyone else was doing it’. She now preferred to just trim things herself after a few accidents that may or may not have scarred. Classic humour to hide insecurity, even during the start of a good fuck.

Lan Zhan looked at her cunt, then back up at her, a faint smirk on her face, “I would marry you every day, bald-,” she blushed, still not one to be overly crass, “-pussy, or not.” 

Wei Ying’s face exploded with heat, red as a tomato, “Ah! This is how I die! I’ve been too romanced by my beautiful wife,” She giggled, throwing a leg up in despair and draping an arm melodramatically over her face. She loved this, how they could both be horny as fuck, but still find time to laugh and have fun with it. “Perhaps a kiss can bring me back to life?”

Lan Zhan nodded sagely, catching the leg Wei Ying had throw up and moved it to the side, “I will kiss you,” She said unceremoniously, before kissing Wei Ying squarely on the clit. Wei Ying bucked at the sudden sensation; a small cry being ripped from her lips.

“Lan Zhan!” She breathed, and Lan Zhan let her leg drop back onto the carpet. “Maybe you should kiss me a few more times, I don’t think I’ve been brought back to life yet, might want to-” She gasped again as Lan Zhan spread her lips and pressed a kiss to her leaking cunt, “-kiss me a few more times!” She palmed at her tits, rolling her fingers around her nipples lazily. Lan Zhan had already shucked off her own underwear and was fucking herself with three fingers, the wet squelches ringing loudly through the room.

Lan Zhan moaned into her pussy and darted her tongue into her hole, collecting some of the slick coating her walls, and she let out a cry as Lan Zhan immediately spread her tongue and licked from the bottom of her slit to the hood of her clit, eliciting a breathless gasp. She could feel how wet and dripping she was, and Lan Zhan ate her out with vigour, sucking on her clit, and somewhere along the way, slipping a few fingers inside. Wei Ying didn’t even notice they had gotten in there and let out a loud cry when Lan Zhan slipped both another finger and her tongue into her hole. “Lan Zhan please,” she gasped, tears building up as the pressure became too much, “Y-You eat me out so well sweetheart, please keep going.”

Lan Zhan thrust her fingers both into herself and Wei Ying in tandem, her lips clamping around Wei Ying’s clit and sucking as hard as she could. Her toes curled as she finally fell over the edge, and felt the blissful heat of her orgasm rip wildly through her body, and came with a shrill cry and Wei Ying pushing Lan Zhan’s head further into her cunt, the aftershocks and the feeling of being overs-stimulated making her buck wildly.

“I want you on my face,” Lan Zhan said, her fingers still fucking her deeply, and Wei Ying gasped, readjusting her thighs over Lan Zhan’s face, “I want to see if you can squirt for me.”

Squirt? She had never done that before, but she wasn’t going to not try. Wei Ying lowered her sensitive and dripping cunt onto Lan Zhan’s lips, letting out a mewling whimper at the overstimulation as she was immediately fucked by her tongue. She felt Lan Zhan’s whole-body shiver and blushed. She had come from Wei Ying sitting on her face for not even ten seconds. She was fast and fucked her with both her fingers and tongue roughly, and Wei Ying found herself leaning over slightly so she could grind her clit into Lan Zhan’s ministrations. She was sobbing tearlessly, babbling about nothing, ‘Lan Zhan’s, ‘please’s and ‘harder’s being heard throughout the mindless gurgling coming from Wei Ying. She rode her face, sticking a finger or two in her mouth to wet them before absently fucking them into Lan Zhan, who moaned into her cunt.

This climb felt just slightly different, and Wei Ying’s back suddenly straightened, “Lan Zhan I, I think I’m, Lan Zhan I’m-” She cut herself off with a sob, trying to seek more traction and to grind down further. She rolled and thrust her hips forward, tears building up at the corners of her eyes, and came with a shout, and she felt herself release liquid, forcefully gushing from her cunt in waves as she continued to grind. Tears tracked down her face as the liquid tapered out. She looked at it, it was clear, and it had drenched everything.

Lan Zhan’s hands came up and helped Wei Ying move off her face, running a hand up and down her back as small tremulous aftershocks still ran up her spine, and even the air brushing her lips was too sensitive. Wei Ying looked at Lan Zhan, whose face, chest, and a thick section of hair was all dripping wet. “Is that-?” She frowned slightly at Lan Zhan, “Did you dri-”

“I got you to squirt,” Lan Zhan announced smugly, raising pruned fingers to suck on, and Wei Ying giggled, leaned into Lan Zhan’s chest tiredly, getting herself wet with her own juices. “I couldn’t get all of it,” She then admitted quietly, almost shyly, “There was more than I thought.”

“You sound so proud of yourself, and you certainly didn’t have to drink it you crazy woman” She laughed into her skin, “But now you have to carry me and give me a bath. I’m completely spent.” She wrapped her arms sluggishly around her midsection.

“Of course, everything is already prepared,” Lan Zhan said wisely, “There are even the matcha bath salts for your muscles.” She moved to stand then and helped Wei Ying stand on boneless legs. Wei Ying narrowed her eyes slightly as several things slid into place.

“You planned this didn’t you?” She accused, her tone lacking heat. Lan Zhan didn’t even seem embarrassed as she nodded, looking her directly in the eye. Wei Ying huffed out a laugh and stole her wife’s lips in a chaste but adoring kiss, “Why?” She couldn’t help but ask breathlessly.

When Lan Zhan’s eyes trailed downward, her eyes followed, and looked at the multitude of wet spots littering their rug, before making a show of meeting Wei Ying’s questioning gaze, “Oh no,” She announced dryly, “We soiled the rug. I guess we need a new one.”

Wei Ying’s laughter rang out loudly as Lan Zhan scooped her up into her arms to carry her to the bath, and humoured thoughts of how to tell Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan when they went to pick up A-Yuan later, that they were getting rid of their rug without them then asking for details on how they soiled it.