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Narnia is my Home

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Rillian pulled clumsily at the ties holding his armour together. Eustace’s fingers joined his, loosening the ties and pulling the pieces of armour off him. Rillian had meant to verbalise how much he was not going to break up with Eustace, but he had got distracted. Rilian dived back in to capture Eustace’s mouth with his own, Eustace sneaked his warm hands up the back of Rilian's shirt. “I really like you” Rilian said into Eustace’s mouth and then again but this time without half his tongue in Eustace’s mouth.

Eustace’s face was flushed and lovely. His shirt had ridden up revealing his stomach, Eustace at some point had stuck his hand down his trousers and his hips were snapping up in short bursts. Pure want coiled in Rilians gut, he tugged at the waist band of Eustace’s trousers pulling them down pausing to cup one smooth butt cheek in his palm and give it a squeeze. Eustace made a very satisfying noise in approval.

Eustace wrapped his arms and legs around Rilian, grinding up against Rilian tugging at his hair and licking into his mouth. “Let me just-” Rilian muttered, unhooking Eustace’s legs from his waist so he could get Eustace’s trousers off. Eustace practically ripped Rilian’s shirt off and over his head, Rilian swore he felt a seam somewhere tear. Eustace tugged at Rilian’s hair again causing another impossible burst of desire Rilian gasped into Eustace’s mouth.

Together they got Rilian out of his own trousers Rilian reached for Eustace’s dick and Eustace wrapped a firm hand around Rilian's, each giving relief to the other easing the uncomfortable throbbing of desire into a delicious one. Eustace fisted his other hand at the small of Rilian’s head wrapping his fingers around Rilian’s hair. Rilian mouthed at Eustace’s neck and hand flexing around Eustace’s soft butt cheek, the other pumping up and down in tandem with Eustace’s.

~ ~

Eustace panted for breath as he lay back on the grass and red flowers. Eustace's clothes were scattered around where they lay along with Rilian’s. Eustace still had a hand buried in Rilian’s hair. Rilian had one hand splayed over Eustace's chest from where he had rolled over pressed up against Eustace’s side, his face squished over Eustace’s shoulder. “Wow,” Eustace said between gasps of air.

“Yeah” Rilian agreed smugly, Eustace could feel him smile against his shoulder.

“We should definitely do that again,” Eustace told Rilian, brushing his hair out of his eyes and stretching his arm over his head in satisfaction.

“Mmm give me a minute” Rilian murmured Eustace could feel the vibrations of Rilian’s hum against his ribs where the side of Rilian’s chest was pressed close. Eustace felt a happy laugh bubble up and escape, he gently untangled his hand from Rilian’s hair.

Eustace gently slapped a hand against Rilian’s chest the sound echoed between them and Eustace very nearly did take Rilian up on a second round, but Eustace’s brain was fully functioning, the dopey clouds of sex slowly lifting and reminding Eustace he was currently very naked in the middle of a very open field.

“Come on, let's get dressed before the others decide to check on us and come back”. Eustace had some sense of shame. Not much, but some. Rilian groaned in protest, pouting very cutely at Eustace. Eustace laughed again and decided to kiss Rilian’s pout, Eustace pulled away before Rilian could turn the kiss into an extension of further sex. Rilian pouted.

Eustace grabbed a shirt off the ground and gave it a shake, a few buttons fell onto the flowers. Eustace shrugged the shirt on anyway and realised that his shirt didn’t have a lace up front. Eustace went to take the shirt off, but Rilian snacthed up what was definitely Eustace’s shirt and put it on grinning smugly at Eustace. “You look good in my clothes” Rilian said salaciously, eyeing Eustace and buttoning up Eustace shirt over his chest. Eustace pretended to scowl.

Eustace located his trousers and underwear shaking off red flower petals and quickly pulling them on before Rilian could persuade Eustace to have sex again whilst wearing each others shirts. Eustace knelt back down on the grass and helped Rilian put his armour back on, Eustace couldn't resist pressing a kiss over each section of Rilian’s shirt before covering it up with armour. Rilian let Eustace get away with it for a while before he grunted in frustration and flipped Eustace back onto the ground, kissing Eustace hungrily.

Eustace was very glad he had got them both into some semblance of decency because someone very loudly shouted Rilian’s name and then the field was filled with a whole lot of people.

~ ~

The trees were as efficient as always transporting their group from the caves to the middle of a forest. Except there was now a very large chunk of empty burnt earth where before there had been a whole lot of trees. Edmund’s heart stopped painfully in his chest, worry for Rilian rushing through him. Caspian seemed to be having a similar thought process, the two of them leapt down from the tree landing feet first in the burnt soil.

“They said Eustace was with Rilian, you don’t think…” Edmund trailed off ominously, his mind jumping to a thousand different terrifying conclusions. Caspian turned wide eyed to Edmund gripping painfully tight on the hilt of his sheathed sword at his side. Edmund heard Lucy talking with the trees somewhere behind them but Edmund was a bit busy running along the path of burnt earth with his husband.

The trail of scorched grass led up to a hill of red fire flowers. They climbed the hill, something glinted in the sunshine, Caspian gasped it was Rilian’s sword lying amongst the flowers. It was stained with blood. Caspian picked up Rilian’s sword up with trembling hands. “What if he’s hurt?” Caspian said his voice stuffy with tears.

Edmund pressed his forehead against Caspian’s in wordless comfort. They continued on into the field of fire flowers climbing over the top of the hill. There were two figures rolling around in the centre of the fire flowers. Edmund blinked wondering if he was imagining things. Then Caspian roared “Rilian!” so Edmund probably wasn’t hallucinating Rilian pressing what had to be Eustace into the fire flowers and kissing Edmund’s cousin.

~ ~

Rilian ripped his mouth away from Eustace’s at the sound of his father shouting his name. “Fuck” he said in suprise. Rilian’s dads were standing at the top of the hill leading to the field of flowers. Caspian had Rilian’s sword in his hand, Rilian winched and got off Eustace. Rilian’s head was a flurry of different contradicting but very strong emotions.

He was biting back a desire to run his hands all over Eustace confusingly mixed with joy at seeing his dad’s after months of being trapped and brainwashed on a daily basis. Not forgetting the heavy dose of heartstopping embarrassment of his dads finding Rilian rolling around on the ground with another boy in a rather compromising position. Thank Aslan Eustace made Rilian put his clothes back on.

Eustace sat up, his face beet red with embarrassment, “hello cousin” Eustace called across the clearing to a completely frozen Edmund.

Edmund placed a hand on Caspian’s shoulder and said something about maybe leaving them alone for a moment. Rilian smiled, his other dad was the best. Unfortunately before Edmund could herd a spluttering Caspian back down the hill the rest of Rilian’s family appeared and Rilian forgot to be embarrassed.

~ ~

Jill did end up braiding Ariadne’s hair for her. Ariadne’s hair was ridiculously silky, Jill wanted to know what sort of shampoo she used, or if she used shampoo at all, being a star and everything. The rest of the stars were actually all really nice. One stupidly handsome golden haired male star produced a pack of cards from his floaty robe, and now the stars were all sitting around in a circle playing Gin Rummy. Jill's hands ached for a camera to capture the absurd scene.
~ ~

Eustace wanted to bury his head in the red flowers and not come up for air until everyone went back to wherever they came from. Eustace cousins were walking over the same patch of flattened flowers that Eustace had just had very spectacular sex on. Rilian wrapped an arm around Eustace’s shoulders “I want you to meet my dads” Rilian said far too cheerfully.

“I’ve already met them, one is my cousin!” Eustace hissed back under his breath before turning to his cousins and trying to smile innocently. Eustace hoped he didn’t look like he had just been rolling around on the ground with Rilian.

“Rilian” Caspian said this time softly and heartbroken, the king looked like he was one second away from collapsing. Rilian released his hold on Eustace and immediately wrapped Caspian in a hug, “dad” Rilian said equally soft. Eustace pretended not to see that nearly everyone was tearing up. It was a bit awkward standing to one side as everyone mobbed Rilian, happy to find him safe and unharmed.

Eusatce was almost starting to feel sorry for himself, eyes trained on the shoes he had shoved badly back on. “Eustace” Edmund said in a choked off voice and then Edmund was hugging Eustace tightly and pressing a kiss against the side of Eustace’s head.

“I missed you,” Eustace confessed, blinking against the sudden blur in his eyes. He was not crying.

“Are you alright?” Edmund asked in concern, leaning back hands on Eustace’s shoulders and examining him. “I take it the trail of burnt grass was you” Edmund said and Eustace had missed this, Edmund fussing over him the way no one else ever had, well other than Jill.

“What’s?-” Edmund asked and poked at the side of Eustace’s neck which stung in protest to the pressure. “Oh...” Edmund’s face went red and he tugged up the color of Eustace’s shirt. Eustace suddenly had a visceral memory of Rilian biting and sucking on Eustace’s neck. Holy fuck, Eustace would like the ground to swallow him.

~ ~

Ariadne was running her hands through Jill’s hair and complimenting the pretty twists and braids with artful leaves, flowers and intricate wooden twigs that the nymphs had done for Jill. Jill might be dead and in heaven and still dying from the fact that the most beautiful woman ever currently had her hands in Jill’s hair.

“Hi!” A nymph said happily floating up to the group of stars. “The royal family have reunited, would you like to join them?” The nymph asked Jill, smiling cheerfully. Jill blinked thinking about how she had left Eustace sucking face with Rilian, Jill wondered if they had been interrupted, poor Eustace.

Ariadne regretfully stopped stroking Jill’s hair. “Oh yes, we shall join them” she stood gracefully along with the other stars.

“We have much to celebrate” a black haired star said deeply “Narnia is finally free of the witch”.