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And I Must Leave You To That Again

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Life had been on earth for a long time. When Death had first found her, she had been walking amongst the cold stars, wishing for a warm touch. She had sat down on a planet, and cried. She was so lonely, the only thing in this beautiful world alive, and with no one to share it with.

That was when Death found her. He had been experimenting with his powers, trying to make anything to enjoy the world with, but his creation had walked away while he rested. Suddenly, he saw her. Brown eyes the color of the earth, yellow hair the color of wheat in harvest season. Tanned skin the color of sand in a hot desert, but most beautiful about her, was the life clinging to her body, like vines of emerald waiting to be released on a planet.

Death reached down to her, wiping her tears, and smiled. He was no longer alone anymore.


It was many years since then, and Life and Death went everywhere together. Life had billions of children, and Death always made sure they came home. Every now and then a stubborn one would last longer, or Life would make one a little more powerful to help lead her other children, but Death would always bring them back.

But soon, Life became weak. Death was taking more and more of her children as they progressed even more. Soon her children went from worshipping her ground and excited to come home, to finding new ways to not go home and avoid their father. Life was distraught. Death, the ever loving one, tried to comfort her, but she only become livid.

Finally, only three of her children lived. Life could no longer leave her bed, and Death was all the more stronger. At night, he cried to his old friend the moon, asking for advice. That day his last child came home to him.

Life, knowing she would leave Death soon, one again asked him the question that he never answered: 'What was it like before her?'
Death, holding her hands, explained the loneliness, the coldness, how weary he had been then. Life, with tears in her eyes once again, squeezed his hands, and with her last breath whispered
"And now, my love, my very own life, I'm afraid I must leave you to that again. Take care of our children, and of yourself, I love you."


And with that she was gone.

Now, Death is a changed person. He was able to bring back a new Life, but never his as no one can ever return from Death's final embrace. You can still see him, traveling amongst the stars, looking for his love, and never at the children who once loved her.