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scott the woz x reader part 3 stardust crusaders [AAO ver.]

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POV: Reader

Y/N: Your Name

Y/N and your vampire boyfriend Scott "the Woz" Wozniak were now engaged after dating for over 2 days. And it was pretty epic.

You were happy to be able to afford a decent wedding, despite the only guests being your fans. Wendy's Employee was to be the best man, and not just because he is.

Y/N was busy planning the wedding while Scott was working on a new video when you got a phone call.

"Hey all, Y/N here," you said.

"It's you!" a woman said on the other end.

You looked at the phone awkwardly. "Yes, it's me."

"Are you Y/N?" the woman asked. "I'm your mother, Queen Rue Griffiths of Coasttu."

Y/N shook your head. "Oh, please. My parents are alcoholics and drug addicts, and they sold me to get more."

"And we gave you away, because we wanted you to have a normal life," said Queen Rue Griffiths of Coasttu. "Your father and I believed that shrouding you in gold, jewels, and a luxurious lifestyle would make you vain and selfish."

"You did?" Y/N asked. "Well, if you're right, then I'm sorry. I'm getting married soon, and-"

"Married?!" Queen Rue Griffiths of Coasttu screeched. "Why didn't you say so?! You and your future spouse shall rule Coasttu together, and get married here!"

Scott walked into the living room. "Y/N? What's going on?" he whispered.

"Please send three plane tickets. One for me, Scott, and Wendy's Employee," you asked.

"Of course. I cannot wait to see my child in-person tomorrow," Queen Rue Griffiths of Coasttu said, then hung up.

You hung up as well, and turned to Scott. "I'm a member of the royal family of Coasttu."

Scott gasped. "Really? I'm going to be married to royalty?"

Y/N nodded. "And I'm going to be married to borderline vampire royalty."

You and Scott began biting each other's necks, as vampires do.

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POV: Scott the Woz

Hey all, Scott here. And oh boy, am I ready to take on Coasttunian culture.

I never got an official Coasttu subscription box, so I don't know much about the culture outside of where it's located: South Euraisricalia.

Y/N and I spent the whole plane ride holding hands. Admittedly, that's the only lewd thing I'll ever do in public.

Or probably ever.

POV: Wendy's Employee

Not gonna lie, being transported to a foreign country in the span of a day? That's pretty cool.

I got excused from work to go, which considering the fact that I'm going to Coasttu, I'm probably going to get so rich that I get to quit my job. Maybe legally change my name.

I spent the whole plane ride watching Scott and Y/N resist the urge to make out. It was awkward.

I seriously can't imagine them getting a divorce.

POV: Reader

Coasttu was as beautiful as you imagined it. A beautiful coastal kingdom with beautiful people, beautiful buildings, and a beautiful heir to the throne now entering the country.

"Here we are," Wendy's Employee muttered. "Finally."

The three of you stepped off of the plane and entered the airport. A man in a butler uniform greeted you, Scott, and Wendy's Employee.

"Henlo," he said. "That means 'hello' in Coasttunian. I am Tuler, your personal butler."

You, Scott the Woz, and Wendy's Employee gasped. "I have a personal butler..." Wendy's Employee said.

"Well, actually, I'm Y/N's butler. Unless you're Y'N."

"No, I'm Y/N," you said. "Thank you, Tuler."

Tuler bowed. "Of course. This carriage is for you three to ride in." He opened the carriage doors. "Please, step inside."

The three of you did. You and Scott sat next to each other and Wendy's Employee sat by himself.

The carriage took off and headed towards the Coasttunian castle.

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POV: Reader

The titular castle was a majestic sight to behold. And the only thing more majestic was Y/N.

"So this is where you're going to live now, huh?" Wendy's Employee asked. "Impressive."

You felt a bit of sadness. What about New Location McGee? Was this going to be your New New Location McGee?

"We've arrived," said Tuler. "I'll take your luggage to your rooms. You're all to report to the throne room as soon as possible."

"Perfect!" said Scott.

Wendy's Employee smoothed his shirt. "Should I be here for this? I feel like an unwanted third wheel."

"If you really feel that way, you can just go to your room with Tuler," Scott said.

Wendy's Employee shrugged. "Aight." He and Tuler headed off together, leaving you and Scott alone.

Scott squeezed your hand. "You all right?"

"Yeah, just nervous to see my real family."

"Don't worry. They'll love you, quirks and all."

You smiled, and Scott smiled back. The two of you headed off towards the throne room.

" 42 Seconds Later "

"The heir to the Coasttunian throne, Y/N, and P/N fiance, Scottathan," someone announced.

"No, just Scott," he replied.

You resisted the urge to laugh.

"Ah, Y/N!" your birth mother called. "I'm so happy to see you!"

Y/N smiled. "Me too."

"So, there's been a hiccup with the royal wedding."

"What do you mean?" you asked.

Queen Rue Griffiths of Coasttu sighed. "Our kingdom has entered a state of poverty. Unless we get a surplus of money, we'll become the 51st state of America."

"A surplus of money?" Y/N gasped. "I know how to get some!"

"You do?" your mother gasped. "How?"

You looked at Scott. "We have a game show expert right here."

Scott blushed. "Are you sure?"

"Of course! Your experience with video games and 'Say' That Answer makes you qualified!" Y/N replied.

"Okay," Scott said. "I'll do it."

Queen Rue grinned. "Wonderful! We'll get someone to sign you up for as many foreign game shows as possible!"

You and Scott leaned in to hold hands.

Your mother scowled.

"No lewd acts are to be done in my court."

Scott rose his hand for a high five. Y/N gave him a high five.

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POV: Scott

P/N: Pronouns

"Hey, all. Scott here," I said to my cell phone camera. I decided to start vlogging my wedding. Not because everyone does it nowadays, but to prove my wedding ring didn't come from a Walmart vending machine. "I'm here in Coasttu with my fiance, Y/N, ready to get on some good ol' foreign game shows. Trust me, I'll edit in some sort of reason why."

Y/N giggled. P/N is so cute.

"Aha!" said Y/N's mother. "We've narrowed it down to three game shows."

"Really?" I said. "What are they?"

She pulled up a list. "One's an upcoming show hosted by Steve Harvey."

I shook my head. "Nah, I don't want to jump into something that blindly."

"Secondly is Wipeout."

"It's not a trivia show, I'm guessing."

The queen shook her head. "But the last one is."

"Sold!" I shouted.

"Perfect," Y/N cheered. "You can do it, Scott!"

I grinned. "Thank you, Y/N. I promise, I won't let you down." I left the room, preparing to pack some of my things so I could catch a plane back to America.

Wait, we were here for about an hour, and this happens?


Oh, well. Anything for Y/N.

"Welp," I said to my cell phone camera, "looks like we've chosen one! Be ready to see me on television soon, folks!"

Oh, how I wish that's what happened.

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POV: Reader

You decided to go with Scott to the game show. After all, you wanted to be there with your future husband for every step of the way.

"What about you, Wendy's Employee?" Scott asked. "You gonna be okay on your own?"

"Are you kidding? I've always wanted to come here," Wendy's employee replied. "Besides, I'll help plan a national viewing party and everything. It's going to be epic."

Y/N gave Wendy's Employee a well-deserved hug. "Thank you for everything, Wendy's Employee."

Wendy's Employee shrugged and hugged back. "As they say at Wendy's, no skin off of my potato."

《 Hours later 》

"Well, here we are in the United States," Scott said.

"Yeah, good ol' United States," Y/N said. "So, where does the map say to go?"

Your vampire boyfriend took out his phone. "It looks like an abandoned alley."

Y/N hugged Scott's arm. "Let's hope nothing bad happens."

Scott kissed your forehead. "Don't worry. Nothing will. Unless, y'know, another Dick Vitale's Awesome Baby! College Hoops apocalypse happens."

"Did you pack the essentials?"

He pulled out a plastic bag containing a Nintendo DS copy of Madden 08. "Yep."

"Great. Let's do this."

Y/N and Scott headed off towards the abandoned alleyway.

"You have reached your destination," said Google Maps.

You and Scott looked around. "Yep. Abandoned, just like the pictures."

"So... what was the show called, again?" Y/N asked.

"Pop Quiz Hotshot. Why do y-"

Your vision was overcome with darkness.

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POV: Doug Walker/The Nostalgia Critic

"Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to. And welcome to the 2020 revival of Pop Quiz Hotshots! Please welcome our contestants!"

And in walked two people: a strangely dressed Canadian and a sadly dressed Ohioan.

"And who would you two be?" I, the Nostalgia Critic, asked them.

The Canadian shrugged. "I suppose it's natural you wouldn't know a foreigner such as myself. I, sir, am AniMat, or ElectricDragon505." He tipped his hat as if it were a fedora.

"H-Hey, all, Scott here," the other man stammered. "Uh, is kidnapping part of the schtick?"

Everyone in the audience gasped.

"THE Scott? Scott the Woz?" AniMat smirked. "Hoo boy, I can't wait to take you down."

"Whatever, can we just get this game over with?" Scott visibly cringed.

I laughed. "Well, someone's eager to play. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we had to change how the game goes down. But otherwise, season 2 of Pop Quiz Hotshot is going to be just as good as the season before it!"

Music began playing loudly on the loudspeakers as AniMat and Scott headed towards the podiums.

"Alright, let the games begin!" I exclaimed. The audience exploded into polite applause. "First question: what Walt Disney employee was accused of sexual harassment in 2017?"

POV: Scott

Disney employee? Listen, I like Disney, but much of my exposure came from the Disney Sing It games.

"Uh, Jeff Bezos," I shrugged.

The dude in front of me shook his head. "Not even close."

AniMat started laughing. "You absolute fool." He leaned into the mic. "John Lasseter."

"Correct!" Doug Walker responded. Suddenly, 20 points appeared on the screen of AniMat's podium. "Next question: what was the first animated movie to be released by DreamWorks?"

"Shark Tale," I blurted.

Doug laughed. "Y'know what? Give him ten points for that. DreamWorks should've gone blank with that movie and shut down as soon as its animation department started."

"Just like Sony Pictures Animation," AniMat mumbled. "The correct answer, Doug, is Antz."

Another 20 points appeared on his monitor. 10 points were displayed on mine, leaving me 30 points behind. Basic math.

POV: AniMat/ElectricDragon505

That idiot. That absolute buffoon.

I wonder how many times he's gotten laid with how stupid he looks.

I can't wait to take him down, and then use my prize money to take down Sony. I swear, they're like the Donald Trump of YouTube and animation, respectively.


POV: Reader

Unfortunately, you were part of the audience, compiled of the remaining Channel Awesome creators.

You watched poor Scott's confused face searching for you amongst the crowd.

"I'm here, Scott!" Y/N wanted to scream, but couldn't.

Then your Scott-senpai noticed you. You smiled and waved at him. You noticed him blush.

Your phone buzzed.

"Wow, he's dying," Wendy's Employee texted you. "We need to help him."

Y/N looked at Scott, who kept glancing back and forth between you and the Nostalgia Critic. AniMat's score continued to increased.

Then you looked at your phone and got an idea.

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POV: Reader

"All right, next question," Doug Walker said. "What 1980's comedy movie involves a high school teenage artist attempting suicide on several occasions?"

AniMat and Scott both looked very confused.

"Who the hell would watch that?" AniMat asked.

"Nope," said Doug.

Scott glanced at you.

Luckily, you had the power of the Internet.

"Better Off Dead," you mouthed.

Scott Wozniak looked at Doug Walker. "Better Off Dead," he repeated.

Doug nodded. "That's correct!"

"You're better off dead," AniMat scowled as Scott's point total became 30.

"Next question: what was the last theatrically released movie starring the Olsen twins?"

Scott the Woz and AniMat stared at Doug Walker blankly.

Y/N coughed, causing Scott to look at you.

"New York Minute," you mouthed, poiting at your phone.

Scott repeated your answer to the Nostalgia Critic.

"That's correct! If you knew that, then there's no wonder you never got laid," said Doug Walker.

"My partner knew about it," Scott replied. "I'm so sorry you don't have the luxury of having a significant other at... how old are you?"

The audience collectively gasped.

"Wait, has he been getting answers from his partner?!" AniMat screeched.

Scott went pale. "Oops."

Then the whole audience turned towards you angrily.

"Kill Y/N!" Doug Walker screamed. "And then kill Scott, or something!"

You started freaking out. You were going to die.

Until you heard a door burst open and everyone collectively gasping.

"Oy," a man's voice said. "I had to fly all the way here just to support a collaborator, and this is the part I come to?"

Scott looked at the intruder in disbelief. "Caddicarus?!"

Daddy Caddy nodded. "Good Lord, Scottathon, how long has it been since we've made a video together?"

"Listen here, Cadickerus," Nostalgia Critic said. "You've just interrupted one of the greatest game shows known to man."

Caddicarus laughed and pulled out an NES zapper. "I've been waiting to use this again."

AniMat snickered. "An NES zapper? I'll have you know that I too am an expert at video games, and-"

A blast was fired from the accessory, and AniMat dissolved into nothing.

Once again, the audience around you screamed, as well as Doug Walker and Scott Wozniak.

"OH, SHUT UP," said Jim Caddick, before dissolving Doug as well. He ran to Scott and scooped him up in his arms.

"Wait, what about the money?" Scott asked.

An explosion could be heard from another room. "I think we got it covered," said Caddicarus.

RelaxAlax walked onto the stage carrying bags filled with money. "Aight, let's get out of here."

"What about me?!" Y/N called. "Is there another collaborator to rescue me?!"

Someone pulled Y/N out of your chair. "Yes, there is."

You gasped. "Nitro Rad!"

The six of you quickly left the studio. After all, you had a plane to catch.

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POV: Queen Rue Griffiths of Coasttu

I watched on with pride as my beloved child walked down the aisle. It was surprising that everyone managed to legally steal millions of dollars from Channel Awesome, to be sure, but a welcome one.

Y/N and Scott stood at the Coasttunian altar. I stood close to them, alongside Wendy's Employee and Tuler. Many of Y/N and Scott's fans paid thousands of Coasttunian dollars just to get seats, getting us more money.

"Will you, Y/N, take Scott the Woz as your eternal significant other?" asked the priest.

Y/N nodded.

"And Scott, you already know what I'm gonna ask you."

Scott blushed. "Of course."

"You may now show your signs of love with a kiss."

Then Y/N and Scott began to make out on the altar. I could see Nitro Rad trying to hold back his vomit.

// Hours later \\

POV: Scott

"Hey all, Scott here," I spoke into my phone's camera. "I'm here, I'm married, and oh fuck oh fuck I need a Nintendo 64 controller and I only have $10."

You see, I'm not much of a party person and I wanted to play some Mario Kart 64 with Wendy's Employee and Y/N, but there's only two controllers in the entire castle. What a ripoff.

"Scott," Wendy's Employee said. "Someone got you guys an N64 controller for a wedding gift." He lifted up a box wrapped in fancy white wrapping paper. Someone had written "Nintendo 64 controller" on it in Sharpie.

"Awesome!" I said, tearing open the wrapping paper. "This vlog is not sponsored by Sharpie."

I sat down in between my newly wedded spouse and Wendy's Employee.

"Great job not dying at Pop Quiz Hotshot," said Wendy's Employee. "I'm proud of you."

"Thanks. I hate dying, it gets really annoying," I said as I put in the Mario Kart 64 cartridge.

Wendy's Employee chuckled. "Tell me about it."

I almost went pale. "Oh my G- I'm so sorry. I forgot about you getting treated for it."

"It's alright. That was a pretty interesting experience."

"Speaking of interesting experiences, how was your time here in Coasttu?" Y/N asked.

Wendy's Employee grinned. "Oh, it was great! I got to explore the castle, saved a dying breed of horses from going extinct, got over my fear of rich people with help from Tuler, and have begun to appreciate the Coasttunian Wendy's chain, even if they don't have Frostys."

Y/N chuckled.

I kissed Y/N.

"I love you," I said.

"I love you too."

Wendy's Employee raised the volume of the HD TV set until the whole castle shook.