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Exile's Return: Book 3

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The Exiles must now face the true threat they need to overcome. With the help of their allied Kadeshi and guided in spirit by Mark Soban, they will defeat the Taiidan. They must or all is lost. They are all that remain. They are all that matters. They must survive.

Now past the Great Wastelands, the lonely fleet has entered Taiidan territory. Their encounters are going to increase. Their challenges will become greater and their fleet will grow stronger.

Their home long gone, the Mothership Fleet is on its way through the heart of the Empire.

Their mission was simple. Seek and destroy. One research station did not seem much of a threat. Exiting hyperspace, they soon discovered the region to be hostile. Fighters and corvettes were proven useless. They needed to remain in the dust veins to prevent being destroyed by radiation.

Just over a month had passed since the last jump. In that time, more of the crew came out of cryogenic freeze to keep up with the growth. Many more people trust in the future promised to them by their god.

The remnants of the entire Kushan race, returning from exile . . . opposing a galactic wide empire . . . this is the final chapter of the Exile's Return.