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This Is Weird

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"Hey guys' you know who winked at me at breakfast?" Sirius asked, his voice low and husk, bragging, and letting his hair ruffle, a bit, attractively while he walked.

"Donno." Remus said absorbed in his book.

"Donncare." James said, looking at the people passing by and hoping to see Lily.

"Err- who?" Peter asked quickly, when Sirius glared at him when he kept quiet.

"You'll never believe it! It's Ma-"

But Sirius never had the chance to finish his bragging session of the day, as a very angry yell was heard.


They all froze, Peter, Remus, and Sirius all turned to stare at James, who looked alarmed and confused.

"What the bloody hell did you do to Evans Prongs?" Sirius said, in awe of his friend.

"I- Nothing! I swear! I didn't do anything today!" his utter astonishment managed to convince them.

"I never heard Lily that violent before…" said Peter, a little shaking.

"Well, that's because that’s not Lily- it sounds nothing like her." Remus told the others.

Again, they all turned to James, as angry footsteps were heard somewhere.

"I didn’t do anything to any woman okay!" he was getting pissed.

"Alright keep your knickers on mate." Sirius whispered, earning himself a glare.

"Finally!" they saw a tall girl who looked about their age, with dreadlocks up to her waist, and slightly colored skin. She had a very angry expression and it was obvious she was the one who screamed before.

All four boys looked at her, puzzled.

James couldn't, for the life of him, remember ever seeing her before; not in a class, not in the corridors, not at the great hall…not-well- anywhere.

She marched to them, and they all jumped a little, anxious. James most of them all - remembering her threat from before.

"I can't believe you did that to Lily! She's going to kill you! You're lucky I'm going to leave that to her, otherwise you would've been dead meat by now." She said, as a matter of fact.

James was really starting to feel pissed- he didn't do anything!

"Anyways, Mom floo Professor McGonagall, we've got to go, Dad has some new record he broke in the store and he wants us all to come to a party, how he convinced Mom into letting him do it is beyond me." She said, looking exasperated. Her long eyelashes narrowed in suspicion, as though she was imagining her father standing in front of her.

"Er- Mom?" asked James, utterly confused.

She rolled her eyes, "Yes Potter, Mom Mom! My Mom, your Aunt! And what the bloody hell did you do to your hair?"She asked as an afterthought.

James shared a look with his friend Remus; this girl wasn't making any sense.

James was about to claim he doesn't know her, so she must have the wrong person, and that they're definitely not related, but Sirius decided to take things into his own hands.

He jumped forward and took the girl's hand, "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting yet - Sirius Black! Thrilled! And don't worry; Jamie's hair is always this horrible."

"Oi!" James glared daggers at his best mate, as the other two shock their heads in sadness at his behavior; Remus put his hand through his brown hair, and Peter's blond short hair seemed a little crestfallen.

But Sirius ignore them; he blinked a few times down at the girl, his gray eyes looking straight into hers, with a few stray hairs falling onto his face neatly.

How he did that, none of the guys had a clue.

But instead of falling for it, the girl suddenly punched him in the nose, and whipped her hair back from her shoulder.

"OWW!" Sirius yelled, and, clutching his nose, backed away from her.

The other three stared open mouthed at her- this never happened before.

"You should really tell your friends not to mess with me James, and you said your name is Sirius Black? Is this some sick joke? Now - did you grow taller?" she asked, puzzled, as she grew nearer, advancing towards James.

"What? I don-" he said, desperate at the weird girl's behavior.

"Oh shut up already, if it were up to you we'd be here all day talking nonsense! Now come on, let's go to her office, everyone's waiting. I can't wait to see what Lily's going to do to you this time!" her face broke into an evil smirk.

James drew himself up, and fixed his glasses, about to start yelling at her that she's crazy, but Remus leaned in and whispered "I think the safest thing to do is go with her, if you don't want to get punched."

They both turned to look at Sirius, half lying on the floor, his nose bleeding heavily.

James gulped, and as the weird girl started dragging him away from his friends, he kept quiet.

"My face…my handsome face…she broke it…I-I'm ugly!" Sirius whimpered.

Peter looked solemn, as though Sirius is a survivor from some wild battlefield, and handed him a handkerchief.

"Oh shut up, you deserved it. And I can fix you." Remus said, as Sirius wiped the blood away with Peter's handkerchief.


Carefully, Sirius examined his face, and then it was lit into a smile. "Thanks Remus! You’re a fantastic friend!" Remus simply rolled his eyes.

Sirius turned to look in the direction that James and the girl disappeared to, and shock his head sadly. "Letting himself get dragged off by a girl - he's way too whipped."

Remus and Peter both gave him a look.

"What?!" he demanded, putting the bloody handkerchief behind his back.

Remus raised his eyebrows at him. "Nothing Padfoot."

And Padfoot shrugged.



-------------- END ch.1---------------