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I guess I slept well, though I couldn’t remember dreaming about anything.  I also had no idea just how much sleep I had gotten, but the sun was creeping up and was filling my room with a warm radiance.  Somewhere in the middle of the night I had apparently pulled a sheet over myself, but I was still naked underneath.  I kicked the sheet away and climbed out of bed, pausing long enough to look at my naked self in the mirror.

I saw a stranger looking back at me.  A blond boy I would’ve figured for about thirteen or fourteen stared back at me with dark blue eyes, physically fit, toned, with a relatively monster penis hanging down between his legs.  This was me, but some part of me in the way back of my mind said this was wrong.  Hard to agree when I’m looking at my reflection.

My bladder announced that I should empty it, and remembering I wasn’t alone in this house I grabbed my underwear and pajamas and pulled them on before going out to the toilet.

Stephanie was just getting out as I got there.  When she spotted me she got that deer-in-the-headlights look, tentatively taking a few steps back in as I practically barged in.  Crap, what a way to start this.

“Look, um…” I started, “I hope you’re okay.”

She gave me a dour look, but at least looked up to me rather than stare at my chest.

“I just wanna say…” I softly said, “that I didn’t mean to hurt you or anything like that last night.”

Stephanie didn’t say anything, and instead looked back down again.  Hell, it still felt like I had spent the night at a stranger’s house, talking to one of the cute little girls that happened to live there.

Slowly I brought my hands up, lightly placing them on her shoulders.  Gently I said, “Hey, are you…”  I stopped when she lunged at me, latching onto me tightly as she hugged me with all her strength.  My glans started having an idea of its own as I felt her press her chest tightly against me, and on top of that it reminded me that I had to pee.

“Oh, hey, um…” I said, “I gotta pee.”

“Huh?  Oh!”

Stephanie was quick to let go of me.  As quick as I could, without shoving Stephanie aside, I stepped up to the toilet, dropped my shorts and pajamas and took hold of my somewhat firm penis to aim for the bowl.  It felt like I was just in time when I started to urinate, and the pressure release felt wonderful.

“Wow.” I heard Stephanie softly gasp.  I managed to hold still so I didn’t splatter anything to look at her.  She had stepped into the bathroom with me, closing the door behind her as her bright blue eyes were wide with wonder as she gazed at my dick.  I hadn’t even thought about exposing myself like this, and now that I thought about it as I continued to piss into the toilet, it could be a good way to even things out between us.

“Never saw a naked boy?” I asked, making no effort to try and cover myself up.

She shook her head.  “Just those cartoony little things at school when the teachers started talking about gross stuff like hair and blood and stuff.”

Ah, so the schools were a little open about nudity when it came to the sex education stuff.  Probably simple drawings rather than anything more detailed or explicit.  Understandable when a lot of people seem to be really squeamish about a naked body.  Okay, how’d I know that?

I was about done urinating when Stephanie hit me with a surprise question.  “Can I… touch it?”

My heart lurched in my chest, shoving a fresh wave of blood down to my dick.  “Uh, sure.” I told her, not quite what to expect.  I certainly didn’t expect her to be this proactive about fondling me.

What little bravery she had almost seemed to die right away as I let my dick hang there for her.  Carefully, like she was plucking a baby bird from its nest, she reached out with one hand, gingerly lifting up my penis.  I felt my own heart skip a beat as she slowly slipped her fingers around my thick shaft.

“What’s happening?” she asked sheepishly.  Her touch was feeling good, and my penis agreed by getting harder still.

“It’s just getting hard.” I told her.  “It’s okay.  It’s supposed to when it feels nice like this.”

Stephanie stepped just a little closer, her fingers slipping from my penis to explore further between my legs.  Almost as gingerly as she had first taken me she brushed her fingers over my balls, lifting them ever so lightly to feel them in her hand.  I had to spread my feet apart a bit to keep my balance, giving her a little more space to explore.  “Just like that.” I told her as she gingerly rolled my balls around on her fingers.  It felt way different than when the nurse jerked me off, my cock felt harder and a lot bigger as my sister’s fingers squeezed me just a little, building up the pressure in my scrotum.  I watched her, felt her fingers as she fondled me, her gaze intent on my genitals as she tried to figure things out.  Slowly I reached out to her, touching my hand to her hip.  Startled, she looked back up to me, not moving as I inched myself just a little closer, letting my hand settle to the small of her back.

Holding her close I used my other hand to guide her loving touch back to my dick, pressing her fingers around to hold me, slowly having her stroke me.  “Just like that.” I softly said.

She took it really slow at first, her gaze jumping between her hand on my dick and me.  The more she stroked me, the bolder she got.

“Kids!  Breakfast!” ‘mom’ yelled.

I immediately got that panicked feeling.  So did Stephanie.  I could tell when she stopped stroking my dick and clenched me so hard it went past feeling wonderful and into the realm of painful.  When she finally let go of my genitals I pulled my pajamas back up.  But we still had a problem.

My rock hard dick was more than just peeking above the elastic waist band.  Stephanie stared wide eyed at my crotch, then to me.  “What’re we gonna do?” she asked.

We.  Kinda a powerful word right there.  Of course she might’ve been thinking I’d rat her out if she tried to ditch me on this.

“Keep close to me and try to keep between me and ‘mom.’  At least until I can sit and hide it under the table.” I told her.  “It should shrink back down, five, ten minutes.”

Stephanie kept really close to me as we went downstairs to the dining room.  ‘Mom’ was blissfully unaware and busy with dishing up food to notice us as we sat down.

I honestly had no idea what to expect for her cooking.  Part of me screamed a warning about charred pancakes that’d explode with powdery dryness in my mouth, of scrambled eggs cold and runny, and toast blackened to coal dust.  My nose told that part of me to shut up, smelling the savory flavors of fried bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and orange juice.  ‘Mom’ had a piled up two plates and set them before us, and everything was looking as delicious as it smelled.  Naturally my portions were larger.  Bigger body needs more fuel.

We both started eating with gusto, and when I glanced up at ‘mom’ I saw her smiling.  “What?” I asked with a bite of food still in my mouth.

“Oh, nothing.” she said, “Just thinking about how cute it was seeing you two cuddled up like that last night.

“What?!” I cried out at the same time Stephanie yelled “Mom!”

“Oh, shush you.” ‘mom’ said as she readied another plate as Erin came bouncing in.  “You two used to share the bath tub when you were little.”

I almost choked on my food at that.  Stephanie’s face turned bright red too.

“Why don’t they now?” Erin asked, toying with her eggs just a little.

“Because it’s not proper.” ‘mom’ answered.

Gulp.  Okay, guess letting Stephanie jerk me off wasn’t proper too.  Now I think she was looking a little green.  I was feeling a little sick to my stomach too, but I didn’t let it bother me enough to stop eating.  Stephanie managed to keep eating too, and I think ‘mom’ didn’t notice.

“Besides, siblings cuddling up like this isn’t all that bad.” ‘mom’ added.  She had produced a smart phone, cued up a pic, and showed it to all of us.  There was no mistaking me and Stephanie spooning on the couch, blissfully sound asleep.

“Let me see!” demanded Erin, but she only got her turn after me and Stephanie had both seen the pic.

There was no denying the family resemblance between us, though you’d still be hard pressed to believe we’re twins.  Supposedly.  Hey, until I get my memory back I’m still doubtful.  Hell, I could really be just a brain in a jar getting poked with stimulus to get a reaction…  Where’d I get that idea?

Anyway, I wolfed down the rest of breakfast, excused myself, and headed back to my room.  Thankfully I wasn’t sporting a boner anymore.

Now believe it or not I had gotten a few ideas during breakfast.  First I needed to check out that kids book ‘mom’ had gotten for me.  I did a quick flip through and it looked like what I halfway expected it to be.  Simple cartoony pics and letters; ‘A’ is for ‘Apple’ and that sort of thing.  I counted and checked, and there were twenty-six sections, pairs of pages with each set dedicated to a letter and lines to practice writing that letter, and they corresponded to the alphabet I knew.  Well, almost since I couldn’t write properly.

And I mean properly.  ‘Mom’ had included a pack of pencils and a sharpener with the book, and I pulled out one to write with.  For each letter I wrote what I thought the character was supposed to be.  ‘A’ for ‘Apple,’ ‘B’ for ‘Ball,’ etc.  Turned out I knew my letters, but they just weren’t right.

Weird, huh?  I thought so.

Added to that was when I checked the keyboard for the computer in my room, matching up the marked keys with the characters in my book, and found a familiar pattern.  Maybe I should’ve figured it out when looking at the shapes and layouts of the keys themselves, and a few of the symbols, but despite everything being written wrong it was a qwerty keyboard.

Well, at least something good came of this.

I heard a soft knocking at my bedroom door.  When I opened it I saw Stephanie standing there, looking a little sheepishly.  “Can I come in?” she asked.

“Sure.” I told her, thinking nothing of it.  She closed the door behind her.  Okay, what was on her mind?

“Can I ask you something?”


“Last night, when you… touched me, I felt something.” she said, looking down at my feet.

“What’d it feel like?” I asked, not quite sure what she was thinking of.

“Something hard against my butt.” she told me.  “Was that your… your… penis?”

Okay, I guess not quite as bad as I had thought.  “Yeah,” I told her, “it’d gotten hard last night.”

“Because of me?” she asked, now looking up at me.  She seemed quite scared.

“I guess you’d been rubbing against my dick.” I told her, “It’ll get hard when you do that.”

Stephanie blushed, and looked down at my feet again.

“Hey, it’s not a bad thing.” I told her.  Now for some reason she started to blush.

“Are you thinking of touching it again?” I asked.

Stephanie squeezed her eyes shut, but she didn’t give me any clue one way or the other.  I guess she was working up some bravery or something because she suddenly grabbed the waist of her pink sweat pants and shoved them down.  And along with her panties (they were also pink).  They both dropped to a pile around her ankles on the floor.  Her top wasn’t quite long enough to cover her still, and I could see her smooth and hairless crotch plain as day as she stood before me half naked.

Emergency blood diversion, destination my cock.

Though I was already topless I felt fair was fair.  My own pajama bottoms joined her clothes on the floor.

Stephanie still had her eyes closed, not opening them until I touched her chin and gently lifted her face so she could look up at me.  Our eyes locked as I let my hand fall away.  She didn’t look away as I gathered up a bit of her shirt’s hem in my fingers, as I slowly lifted her pink shirt up, and even lifted her hands above her head as I continued to pull her shirt off, tossing it aside once it had cleared her head.  My cock hit full, rock hard erection as I gazed at her tiny, naked body, her skin almost unblemished with a few faint tan lines about her chest and crotch to mark the shape of a two piece swimsuit she had probably been wearing.  Her chest was practically flat, tiny pink nipples poking out.

If anything Stephanie must’ve gotten even more embarrassed, looking away as her face turned bright red.  I didn’t do anything special beyond holding her gently, drawing her in close for a hug.  A naked, skin to skin hug, her body cool against my skin, with my hard dick pressing against her stomach.  I could feel tension easing out of her as she put her arms around me, relaxing with a soft sigh, her breath warm as it washed over my chest.

I was the one to break the hug, taking half a step back.  Saying nothing I took her hand in mine, guiding it back to my cock, her fingers feeling cool as they wrapped around me once more.  She didn’t need any more prompting, slowly stroking me again.  She didn’t even flinch as I bent over a little to put my other hand up between her legs.  My middle finger pushed up between her labia, rubbing her firm clit as I explored a little deeper, feeling how wet she already was.  She even parted her legs a little, taking half a waddling step closer, and my finger brushed just a little into her pussy.  She gasped as I wiggled the tip of my finger inside her moist heat, the rest of my hand almost conforming to the shape of her crotch.

And her grip on my cock tightened as she stroked me, almost matching the pace of my finger as it began bobbing at the entrance to her pussy.  Her grip on me was enticing, the sight of her naked body making my loins throb, and the pressure of having been worked up before breakfast was starting to return quickly.

We had certainly worked each other into a frenzy, her grip on my dick tightening as she neared her peak as my finger twitched fervently just at the edge of her wet pussy lips.  I groaned as I hit my peak first, hot cum spurting out to drench her tiny hand as she continued jerking me off.  She held on tightly, leaning into me as she squeaked again, her voice sounding so damned cute as she did, her whole body convulsing and grinding her crotch into my hand.

We just stood there for a minute or three, holding each other in the afterglow.  I slid my hand away from her pussy to put my arm around her, holding her.

“That supposed to happen?” she quietly asked me.

“Yeah.”  I wasn’t sure to which she was asking, my orgasm, hers, ours, or what.  Figured it was a safe answer.

We stood there like that for a little bit longer before I said, “Maybe we should sneak to the bathroom to clean up a little.”

So we gathered up our clothes, and I peeked out my bedroom door.  There were noises in the kitchen and I think I heard Erin and ‘mom’ talking, so we quickly padded to the bathroom and closed the door behind us.  We each used a washcloth to clean ourselves, dried, and dressed before slipping back out for the day.