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A.I. Luv U

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His name was Key.

He was the new student at the school with blond hair and bright blue eyes. He wasn't some foreigner to Japan, nor did he have parents that were foreigner – he was technically a natural born citizen to parents who were naturally born. If though a person could say that an artificial intelligence was indeed natural born.

Mako watched as the girls in their high school class fawned over Key because he had a pretty face, and listened while the guys talked about how they felt jilted by having a computer as a classmate in the top grade – it was cheating. "Is it really cheating?"

This question from Key caused Mako to stop and think. "Would we tell a child genius that they were cheating because their brains worked differently?"

Many girls sent Key valentine's that year – many forgetting that he couldn't physically touch them. He didn't return any of their affections on white day, and instead spent that day with Mako. Some of the girls who crushed on Key began to side with the guys in their grade – Key coudn't be alive if he couldn't show emotion. Mako though remembered the blush on his artificial skin when he confessed to her. They were dating.

A petition came about to bar Key from graduating – the news obviously upset the A.I., but he brushed it off with the fact there was something more important to him. Then one day as everyone was leaving class the blush came again. "Will you marry me?"

"Is that even legal?" Mako watched as Key's face fell. "If it isn't then I will challenge the law with you."

Key's blush deepened. "I'm glad. Not being able to graduate doesn't matter much."

People though took notice of his emotions. The school let him graduate.