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All I Want

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“Immortal?” Scott questioned almost inaudibly.

“As in neither of them can die?” Stiles asked pushing his hand through his hair.

“Yes. That’s what immortal means.” Derek sighed gaining a glare from Stiles.

Deaton and Braeden helped the two girls off of the cold tables and once again the moved to stand next to one another. Lydia’s head was throbbing and she felt like this was a dream. Her and Allison were immortal? The longer she thought about it the faster she became worried about her normal powers.

“Wait… am I still a Banshee?” She asked looking at Deaton. He raised a hand to his face pondering.

“Well, I would assume so. The only way we will find out is to wait until someone is going to die.” He replied. Lydia nodded looking at the ground and biting her lip. As much as she wanted to resist her powers in the very beginning, she sure as hell didn’t want to give them up now. They were a part of her just like Allison’s bow was a part of her and Scott’s claws were a part of him. She was a Banshee and she didn’t want to give that part of herself away even if it meant being immortal.

“Allison you should call your dad.” Malia stated with a sad smile slightly jealous that she had a dad who cared about her. Stiles clung to her hand.

“Shit. Yeah I’ll go do that now. Can I borrow someone’s phone?” She asked. Lydia held out hers and soon Allison was letting go of her hand and leaving the room.

“Immortal? That’s kinda cool.” Kira mentioned awkwardly.

“Yeah if you minus the whole people you love dying around you and being a Banshee who can feel it all.” Stiles laughed before looking at Lydia and seeing he had said the wrong thing. “Shit I’m sorry Lyd’s” He said crossing the room and pulling her into a tight hug.

“No you’re right.” Lydia whispered in his ear.

“Now everyone as exciting as tonight has been its pretty late and even supernatural beings have to sleep. I also have a lot of research to be doing.” Deaton said as he ushered everyone out of the room bare Lydia. He pulled her back in by her arm as the others called their goodbyes.

“Lydia, if anything changes or Allison seems… different, call me straight away.” He hadn’t let go of her arm yet and seemed nervous.

“Of course I will. Thank you for this you’re a really great vet.” She said pulling him into a hug before walking back into the reception where Allison was waiting, the phone in her hand dropped by her side.

“Come on, you can come back to mine.” She said tugging Allison towards the doors.


After a silent trip back to Lydia’s the girls were taking turns showering. Neither of them had mentioned the kiss that they had exchanged in the car earlier. Neither knew what to say or how to bring it up so instead they waited in silence for one another. Allison climbed into Lydia’s bed wearing one of the strawberry blonde’s long t-shirts. Soon, when the hunter was almost asleep, she heard the light switch off in the bathroom and felt the bed move as Lydia climbed into it. They lay next to one another facing inwards.

“Are you cold?” She whispered to the strawberry blonde.

“I tried turning the shower up to the hottest temperature… it was still cold.”

“Me too.” Allison replied.

“We can spoon if you think it will help.” Lydia whispered almost inaudibly. Allison gulped before nodding and turning over. Lydia’s arm wrapped around the hunter tightly as their bodies touched softly. In any other situation Lydia would have felt like she was about to jump Allison’s bones at any minute. But she didn’t feel that way, she just wanted to protect the hunter. She wanted to keep her tightly against her chest where they would both breathe in one another and not have to do or say anything.

The smell of her previously dead best friend overwhelmed her. It was a musky sweet smell that Lydia had never forgotten. A small smile spread across her face. Even though neither of them made a move or had said anything to suggest that Allison felt that same way she did… it was Allison that had kissed her earlier not the other way round. Her eyes began to shut delicately.


“Hmm?” Lydia murmured back.

“The kiss in the car earlier… I just want you to know I meant it. It wasn’t just some random kiss. It meant it.” Allison whispered.

“I know.” Lydia replied. Allison rolled over so the girls faced each other once again. She moved forward slowly and kissed the strawberry blonde on the forehead.

“I missed you. All I ever thought about was how much I missed you.” Allison said looking into the strawberry blonde’s eyes.

“I missed you too.”

The strawberry blonde moved forward and silently begged Allison to do the same. They met in the middle of the bed and their lips touched delicately once again. It was a soft and small kiss but to the girls it had meant a lot. They clasped hands underneath the duvet cover.

Neither of them thought to define what they were to one another nor did they think to define who they were themselves. Instead Lydia’s thumb rolled in circles over Allison’s strong hands. They fell asleep smiling at one another drinking in one another’s smell, thankful that they were both alive and together.