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Up in the air and on our way to face the Dallas Wild! Puck drops for Game 3 tomorrow at 9pm EST. #ALLCAPS

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David spends the whole flight to Dallas nervous, fidgeting to the point that Robbie snaps at him.

“If you don’t stop bumping your leg I’ll go sit with Matty. I’ll take the tablet with me and you’ll never know who’s the murderer.”

It’s a dumb threat; David could just watch it alone, could just google it. But he guesses Robbie understands David well enough to know he wouldn’t. He stops moving his leg, does his best to keep it frozen.

“Better,” Robbie says.

When Robbie doesn’t hit play again, David looks up from the tablet screen and finds his teammate looking at him, curious.

“What’s wrong anyway?” Robbie asks.

“I’m just nervous,” David says, unconvincing.

“You usually keep your cool before games better than this.”

“Can we talk about this later? I don’t want to…” David points at the rest of the plane, full with their teammates. He trusts Robbie, but the team plane is not the place to discuss something like this.

Surprisingly, Robbie drops it. “Sure. Back to Third Time Charm ?”


David doesn’t look at his phone until they land, and by then he has several texts from Kiro.

jake has been on phone with emily for 1hr wassup

u guys ok

is this bout the rant in podcast

emily just told me call me when u can

David texts Jake in the bus, a simple “landed” that Jake answers in a second with a thousand smileys, a hockey stick, a sun and a heart. David waits until he’s in his hotel room to call Kiro.

“How are you,” Kiro says the moment he picks up the phone.

“Fine?” David’s unsure of how he feels, but he doesn’t know how to express that.

“Fine? You’re fine with this?”

“I–yes? No. I don’t know.”

“And does he know you aren’t fine?”

“I’m not not-fine," David argues. “I understand why this is important to Jake.”

“But you’re a couple. This impacts you.”

“Believe me, I know that. But we have been together for years and people still don’t know. We just have to keep on being careful.”

“Are you trying to convince me or yourself?”

David actually doesn’t know. The more he thinks about it, the less sure he is that it’s a good idea. But it’s what Jake wants. Jake, who David knows would like nothing more than to shout what he feels from the rooftops, and doesn’t do it because of David. Who could have been out for years, holding hands with someone in public, bringing a plus one to team events, even if David will never understand how Jake can be so casual about that, so unconcerned with what everybody else will think. Whether it could affect his career. Not that that matters much anymore, Jake’s career.

He knows that, if he called Jake right now, told him not to do it, that he has changed his mind, Jake would listen and call the whole thing off. And that’s when David realizes he doesn’t want to do it. He doesn’t want to take this from Jake. He’s scared, of course he’s scared. He’s been scared all his life. But, right now, the fear of losing Jake is stronger. The need to make Jake happy weighs more than almost anything in his life.

They are doing this.

“David?” Kiro asks, sounding unsure. “You there?”

“I’m here. I’m–I’m sure about this,” he says, and he is.

“Good. If this is what you want, I’m with you. 100%. 110% even.”

David can hear the smile in Kiro’s voice, but he can’t help arguing “That’s not actually possible and you know it.”

“Shh, Davidson. Let me support you.”

“Whatever you say.”

“What I say is that I am proud of you, and I love you, and I want you to be happy.”

“Thanks.” He doesn’t know what else to say. David doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to Kiro’s intensity, his easy way both of chirping David and praising him for the smallest things.

“Now I go. Em and the kids say hi. Orange and Magenta don’t say anything.”

“Because they are cats?”

“No, because they’re mad you don’t visit. Come visit, Davidson.”

“Bring them to the cottage when you come this summer,” he suggests. The house is big enough.

“Orange is sulky when we put her in a car, but I’m sure she’ll be happy when she sees Davidson. Deal. We can all hang out in Jake’s boat.”

“I’m still not sure what’s that about a boat.”

“Just follow your man on Insta. Well, good luck tomorrow. Bye!”

“Thanks,” David says, and hangs up.

Nobody goes out that night, they just have a quiet team dinner. David sits between Elliot and Raf, and they talk about Dallas’ goalie to Robbie’s dismay, who’s sitting in front of them and is trying to distract them, unsuccessfully. David’s nervous, but he knows how to focus on hockey no matter what. That much he can do.

“Damn Canadians. You can’t even relax and not think about hockey for an hour, can you?” he says. He gets a napkin to the face.

“Shut up, Bardi. It’s not as if you’re not a professional hockey player,” O'Donnell says. “Also, you’re surrounded. Don’t risk your life for nothing.”

Et tu, brutus? You’re American for fuck’s sake.”

“Language, you’ll scare the rookies,” Elliot says.

David laughs, quietly, but goes back to talking about Dallas’ players.

After dinner, he bows down an invitation to play Mario Kart and goes to his room to facetime Jake.

“Hey,” Jake says, from the tablet. “You look good. Nice dinner?”

David blushes slightly at the compliment. “Yes. Relaxed.”

“Nobody’s going out?”

“No, they’re just playing Mario Kart.”

“And you aren’t in the mood for being destroyed at videogames?”

David frowns. He’s still not the best, but he has been practicing, with Jake and sometimes Robbie. He may lose, but he’s not getting destroyed. He says as much.

“Sure, babe. You’re the Mario Kart master now.”

David is about to argue again but he gets distracted by Jake’s big smile, the dimples he gets. The sight melts away the stress he has been feeling. It only takes a second. He relaxes against the headboard.

“How was your flight?” Jake asks.

“Normal. Long. Watched Third Time Charm with Robbie.”

“Ah, I talked to Georgie yesterday. Do you know if there’s anything going on there again? I got like… a vibe.”

“Uh, no?” David really has no idea. He hasn’t talked to Georgie in ages, and he tries to avoid relationship conversations with Robbie. Robbie manages to bring up the most embarrassing topics.

“It doesn’t matter, I’m just curious.”

“How are you feeling?” David asks, changing the topic.

“Good. A bit bored now that you’re not here.

“And about… about the podcast?” He doesn’t know how else to call it. ‘Coming out’ sounds too big, which it is, he guesses. But, still, he doesn’t want to say it.

“Fine, really. I still have two days to prepare. And I have been going through what I should say with Dave. I’m fine. It’ll be fine. How are you?”

“Nervous,” he admits.

“About the game?”

“Yes, but also about your thing.” He pauses. “I’m worried about you.”

“It’s ok, really. I’m ready for this. I have been ready for years.” Jake pauses and David waits for him to continue, but Jake doesn’t. David’s about to open his mouth when Jake adds, “I just want you to be ok as well. I know you don’t want this.”

“I don’t want this for myself,” David explains. He feels like he has been repeating the same arguments a thousand times, but it still needs saying. Every time he voices it, he feels more sure. “But now I see why it’s important to you. You want this and I want you to have it.”

Jake’s face does something complicated that David doesn’t know how to read.

“I love you so much, you know?” Jake says, out of nowhere.

“I love you, too,” David says and feels warm inside when Jake smiles. He can’t help the way his heart seems to grow twice its size at the interaction. It’s not as if they don’t say it often; Jake certainly does. But David thinks it will always feel new to him, saying those words that sound enormous and yet insufficient to express the overpowering happiness he feels when he looks at Jake, when he is reminded that he gets to have this. Many times, like right now, it’s enough for him to overcome the fear and doubts.

“If you don’t stop looking at me like that, I won’t be able to hang up, and you need to sleep. You have a big day tomorrow, and I need to wake up early to take Nat for breakfast. She demands it for having to fly halfway across the country for this.”

David wasn’t aware he was looking at Jake in any specific way, but he makes an effort to put on a neutral face. “Ok. Good night. Tell Nat I say hi.”

“Good night,” Jake replies. David is the one who ends the video call, after another second of looking at Jake’s face on his tablet.


Kiro @kvolky

I neutral, but Orange and Magenta know who they root for #GoCaps



It’s uncanny, really! We try to put the cats in funny Halloween costumes and they won’t let us! But Kir brings out the Chapman jerseys and they don’t even fight.

David’s not thinking about Jake during the game. He’s focused, as always. He gets a goal and an assist and they lose anyway.

The mood in the locker room afterwards is subdued. Nobody talks, nobody makes plans to go out. Some of the guys murmur about meeting in somebody’s room, but David just wants to go back to his own, and nobody pressures him. He texts with Oleg about the game on the way to the hotel, but drops it when he reaches his room to facetime Jake briefly. That puts the game out of his mind, releases the restless energy that wouldn’t have let him sleep otherwise. His eyes start drooping while they are still talking, and no matter how hard he tries to stay awake, he falls asleep with Jake’s voice coming from the tablet.

He wakes up to a text from Jake, sent probably the moment he fell asleep.

u look prtty when u sleep

David tries to ignore that, uselessly tries to stop the warmth he feels from spreading to his face, making him red. He doesn’t respond to that, sends a simple Good luck today , and starts his daily routine.

David’s not focused during morning skate. The podcast is not live, but they record in the morning and with the time difference it’s supposed to be posted just before team lunch. He’s managed to keep calm so far but now that the moment has arrived, he keeps thinking about whether Jake has done it already, whether his co-host has taken it well. How Jake is feeling.

He checks when practice is over, but nothing is up yet. He does have a message from Jake, so David decides to call him.

“How did it go?” David asks when Jake picks up the phone, not giving him time to even say “hi”.

“It went well, I think. Tom was surprised when I told him what I was going to do, before recording, but he took it well otherwise. I went a bit off-script, to be honest. I just got so angry, talking about that bullshit fine Walker got.”

David can picture that. He has decided he won’t listen to the podcast—he already knows what Jake will say. But he can imagine perfectly how Jake would be unable to keep his cool once they started discussing the topic.

“And how are you feeling?” he asks.

“Good, to be honest. Nervous, but good. I took Nat for lunch and now we’re at the botanical garden, just taking a walk.”

“Hi, David,” David hears Nat say through the phone, sounding far away.


“I really am fine. We’ll go home soon, to deal with the fallout from there. Love you.”

“You too,” David says, and hangs up.


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Stick Taps & Chit Chats @STCCPodcast
Listen now as Tom and Jake continue to discuss the Finals. Listen until the end to hear some news Jake wants to share.

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It happens during team lunch, as David predicted. His phone starts vibrating when he’s midway through a salad and doesn’t stop until he is done eating. He ignores it; he would rather deal with everything in his room. At some point during lunch, David sees Robbie checking his own phone, looking up to David and then elbowing Elliot to show him what’s on the screen. Elliot takes a quick look at it, looks around the table and starts speaking, loud enough for it to be heard by everybody in the team.

“I don’t know if you are checking social media or sports news right now, but a retired player has just come out as bisexual. I’d just like to remind all of you that I will not tolerate homophobic remarks in the locker room. That’s it. Thanks, guys.”

“I’ll beat up anyone who says anything,” Robbie adds, lower, but still loud enough to be heard by everybody.

“Robbie, please,” Elliot says, but he doesn’t seem mad.

Raf, sitting next to David, squeezes his knee. David relaxes. He knows most of these guys; they have played together for years, they are friends. But there are always new guys, people picked up at the deadline, players David has seen through the years across the ice longer than in the locker room, and he’s still scared, of what they may think of Jake when they know, what they may say now, and how David may react to that. Some may have known, already; Jake did come out to his own teammates once and rumours spread quickly within the league. But that was years ago, and he has been quiet about it since. Younger guys won’t know, older ones may have forgotten.

He’s grateful for Elliot and Robbie and Raf.

He knows Jake will be busy for hours, but David texts him anyway, both to settle his own nerves and to reassure Jake, to remind him that he’s there.

Call me when you can. I hope you’re ok.

Robbie follows David to his room after lunch, and David lets him in. Raf looks about to join them but seems to decide against it. Robbie sits on the bed, not even asking whether that’s ok. David doesn’t mind anyway. He doesn’t sit.

“This is what you were worried about.” It’s an affirmation, not a question. David just nods. “That was very brave of him.”

Robbie is not out, not to the media or the fans, but he’s not hiding, either, especially not with the team. He has been bringing Ted along for years, even if just then David notices that he hasn’t seen Ted for a while now. Still, it’s different, telling your team than telling the whole world.

“I know.”

“I’m proud, to be honest. I don’t envy the attention he’s going to get, though.”

David can feel himself getting pale at the mention of the attention, even if he tries to school his face. Robbie notices.

“How do you feel about this? You knew he was going to do it, but still… you’ve never been the most open person about this shit. Fuck, you’re not going to come out, are you?

“No,” David says, fast, curt.

“And how will you keep it secret, now?”

“We’re hoping the attention will die down once the Cup is decided. He’s retired, he’s not the first one… hopefully people don’t care that much.”

“Sure,” Robbie says, clearly unsure. “Anyway. You know I’m here for you.”

“I do.” David can’t help a smile, small and tense, but still there. He knows Robbie has his back.

“But tell your boyfriend his timing could have been better, for fuck’s sake. In the middle of the finals? I’m gonna beat his ass next time we see each other.”

David does go to O’Donnell’s room for Mario Kart that evening. He doesn’t win a single round, but it’s comfortable, sharing an armchair with Raf, seeing Robbie try to wrestle Elliot for the controller and losing. It helps him, soothes him, even if he can see some guys whispering in small groups through the evening, and he can imagine what they are talking about. Nobody says anything loud enough for David to hear, and he knows Robbie doesn’t hear anything because nobody is leaving the room with a black eye.

By the time Jake replies to David’s text, it’s been hours and David’s in bed, almost asleep. He sits up on the bed and calls Jake when he receives the im tired. David has made his best effort to avoid looking Jake up, to avoid social media and blogs and even TV, but he got calls from Kiro, Oleg (and even one from Maria), and while the video games settled a bit the sick twist in his stomach, they left him exhausted. He can’t even begin to imagine how Jake must be feeling right now.

“Babe, how are you?” Jake says, first thing, and David will never understand how Jake can worry about David, how he can care so much about how David feels even in a situation like this. David doesn’t want to answer, because he’s not really fine, but he doesn’t want to worry Jake. He doesn’t have to, in the end, as Jake keeps on talking when he doesn’t reply. “Did any of the guys say anything?”

“Ah, not really.” That he can say without lying. “Elliot reminded everybody that he won’t tolerate certain comments in his locker room.”

“That’s good. I like Matty,” Jake replies, and he does sound pleased.

“I can’t be sure what the guys are saying in private, but nobody has said anything in front of me.” He breathes in, before asking what he really wants to know. “How are you?”

“Exhausted. Dead. I have had so many calls today, David.”

“I’m sorry.” It’s the only thing David can think to say.

“Don’t be. I just wish… I really wish this wasn’t a big deal anymore, you know?”

David does know. “Are you going to do any TV appearances in the end?”

“Yes, only the one. Tomorrow. Then a magazine and a video for You Can Play.”

“And–” David needs to ask this, but he’s scared to know the answer. “Has anyone asked about your…” David struggles to find the right word, before settling on: “relationships?”

“Yes. Only every media outlet I have talked to today. “Jake laughs. “I just said I don’t want to talk about my private life, and asked them to respect my privacy.”

David releases the breath he was holding. He knew Jake wouldn’t say anything about him, but the idea of Jake lying outright and saying he’s single made something dark curl in his stomach. He didn’t want that at all.


“They’ll keep on asking, of course. But that’s all they’re getting.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m going to do everything I can to protect you, David. I promised that.”

David knows that.

“And about that,” Jake continues, and something in his tone tells David he should worry. “I moved into a hotel.”

“What.” David is caught off-guard. They talked about this; no hotels, no Jake going away in any form. Jake was supposed to stay at the condo. “Why?”

“I saw somebody following me, “Jake explains. “With a camera. While Nat and I were getting back home. So we decided to come to a hotel. She’ll go alone to your condo tomorrow to bring me some stuff, but we’ll both stay here until things calm down.”

Our condo , David thinks but doesn’t say. He doesn't say anything at all. He doesn’t know what to say. He hadn’t expected people to actually follow Jake, even if he thinks he should have.

“I won’t–I won't do anything to risk your safety, David,” Jake keeps saying. “If somebody is following me, I can't be at your flat… I’m sorry.”

It’s not Jake’s fault, not at all. He hates that Jake’s apologizing, but he still doesn’t know what to say. Jake just keeps on talking, either because he knows David can’t say anything or because he can’t stop himself.

“I thought this may happen if I’m being honest. I just hoped it wouldn’t… I’d rather be with you.”

David finally speaks, small, almost too soft to be heard. “Me too”.

“It’ll only be for a couple of weeks. You just focus on the games. And when you have won the Cup, we’ll go to the cottage and only leave for your Cup day, which will be amazing.”

“You shouldn’t be saying things like that,” David says, but he knows Jake’s only trying to distract him.

“Not another word from me,” Jake says, mimicking zipping his mouth shut, and David can hear the smile in his voice, the victory, because he thinks he has managed to make David forget that Jake’s currently in a hotel room, will be for the foreseeable future. That David won’t be able to curl at his side in bed, won’t fall asleep to his heartbeat, won’t wake up to his morning kiss and his coffee. All things he has grown used to and doesn’t want to miss.

I want to see you. Another thing David doesn't say. If Jake’s being followed, reporters must know where he's staying. David can't risk being caught there. He doesn’t know when he’ll see Jake again. He doesn’t like that.


Marc Lapointe @Lapointe27
I want to congratulate Jake Lourdes @jlourdy for the brave step he has taken today. You have mine and my husband’s full support.

Raymon Ellner@RaymonEllner4587
@Lapointe27 You guys are always talking about your sexuality. Can’t a man just watch some hockey in peace anymore? I don’t care!

Samira @SamiLikesHockey
@RaymonEllner4587 @Lapointe27 The 00s are calling they miss your takes and want you back where you belong.


[VIDEO] Watch Jake Lourdes’ full interview after coming out as bisexual  (
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The Capitals get back to Washington with the series tied 2-2, after having won Game 4 in OT.

On the plane, David watches Jake’s TV interview before joining Robbie for another episode of their show. Jake doesn’t say anything he didn’t tell David he was going to say, nothing he hasn’t rehearsed with Dave. The host, a young woman, doesn’t ask anything intrusive, doesn’t seem to be interested at all in Jake’s personal life. She sticks to questions about the game, the culture. Despite how interested David’s in knowing what Jake wants to share with the world, he keeps getting distracted by Jake’s… everything. He looks good. There’s not even a trace of stubble that David can see. Jake’s dressed casually, but he does seem to have paid more attention than he normally does outside of game-day suits. The blue shirt he’s wearing was a present from David, one he feels particularly proud about, since he got minimal help from Em for that one. He feels something he doesn’t know how to describe when he thinks that Jake decided to wear it for something as big as a TV interview about his sexuality.

He realizes he hasn’t listened to a word that’s being said and makes a point of paying attention.

“How have your former teammates been reacting?” the host is asking.

Jake smiles. “Good, actually. Most of them knew already. I have been out to my team and some friends in other organizations for a long time now.”

“And players from other teams? People who didn’t know?”

“I’ve only gotten nice messages, to be honest. Even some guys I’ve never talked to have reached out. I–I know not everybody is ok with this. That’s how I ended up here, isn’t it?” He laughs, playing it down. “I guess this would be different if I was still playing. I’d hear about it on the ice. But so far, everyone has been a class act.”

“I’m very glad to hear that,” the woman says, and that’s when David notices the little rainbow pin on her dress. That explains how nice she’s being, how she isn’t asking any intrusive questions, doesn't seem judgemental at all. “Another thing I really want to know: have you talked to Marc Lapointe? He has been the face of gay hockey players for over a decade, so I’m sure you have things to talk about.”

David remembers playing with Lapointe, remembers how loud and proud he was. If he has contacted Jake, Jake hasn’t told David. But it would make sense, for them to talk. Lapointe was incapable of shutting up, anyway.

Jake laughs. “Well, I’m not sure how he got my number, but we actually have been texting for a few days.”

“Now, what everybody wants to know: are you single?”

That’s the first time she touches on any subject that could be more sensitive, more intrusive. Her tone is playful, but David notices how, for a split second, Jake’s eyes darken with annoyance, something he’s sure nobody else has picked up. Jake recovers quickly and smiles before answering the question.

“You’re all very nosy people!” He laughs, and the host laughs with him. “But I don’t want to talk about my personal life. It has nothing to do with my reasons to come out and I’d like for private things to be, well, private.”

She takes it well, doesn’t push the topic, and the interview moves along with questions about the league and its policies.

Robbie is asleep for once when David finishes watching the interview, and David doesn’t wake him up to continue with their show. He looks at the clouds out the window as the sky progressively darkens, thinking about how comfortable Jake looked, on live TV speaking about this. David realises the world hasn't ended. He’s surprised the anxiety, the uneasiness he normally feels in his stomach at any mention of all of this, the fear that took over him those years ago when he learnt about Lapointe is less strong. It’s still there, simmering, but it’s not paralyzing and all-consuming.

He doesn’t know how to feel about that.


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When David goes back to his condo it feels huge and empty, after months of Jake filling it with his presence; noise in the kitchen, lights on in other rooms, unmissable signs that there’s somebody else in the flat, all gone.

David sits on the sofa and feels alone in a way he didn't when they were playing in different corners of the continent, the knowledge that Jake is so close, in the same city, and they can't see each other, which hasn't happened in years, too much to bear.

It’s late, late enough that he should be going to sleep. Too late to make a phone call.

He calls Jake anyway, once he’s in bed, and they talk until David finally falls asleep, exhausted.


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Best! Day! Of! My! Life!

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this is a dream ;_;

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are those lourdes and volkov on the ice??????????


The first time David sees Jake after Jake comes out is at Capital One Arena, for Game 7.

Jake’s in the stands when the Washington Capitals win, with Kiro, Em, the kids, Nat and Marie-Anne. The rest of Jake’s family wanted to come, but couldn’t in the end. Still, most of David’s family is in that arena, either playing or watching, when the clock counts down to zero. David feels a heady joy take over him as he feels his teammates rush across the ice to crash against him, against each other, helmets and gloves flying.

David wasn’t sure if they would go on the ice, any of them. If he had been asked beforehand, he would have said it would be better for them not to, not even Jake. Especially not Jake; the media is still all over his story. However, when he looks around and sees them join the Kurmazovs in the circle surrounding him, when Em jumps and he catches her, when he sees Marie-Anne’s tears, his heart feels so full he thinks it may explode.

David knows it’s weird, that Jake’s here, and somebody is going to realize and write about it, but he can’t find it in himself to care right now. David’s here, surrounded by everybody he loves and who loves him, and has just won his second Stanley Cup. At that moment, he doesn’t care what people are going to think or say. He has his family with him. Besides, Jake, and Kiro for that matter, are retired. Neither of them has a team to feel betrayed about this. Besides, the Panthers… David would never say it, not out loud, and not to Jake, who may not take it well, but the Panthers didn’t treat Jake well, in the end. The fact that they didn’t retire Jake’s number just adds, ironically, to the resentment David will always feel for being passed over by them at the Draft, even if he can’t complain about the way things happened.

Jake’s smile is the brightest David’s ever seen, and David knows it’s just mirroring his own. Jake wades through the crowd to finally reach David and hug him, full body. They separate a second later, earlier than David would have liked, but he’s still vibrating with happiness anyway.

“I wasn’t sure you’d want us here. I know you must be worried about what people think,” Jake is saying. “ But we’re friends! We train together, everybody knows that” Kiro and I are just two retired players who came to support a friend and–”

“I don’t care!” David shouts over the noise and the sounds of his teammates partying around them.

“You don’t?” Jake asks, confused, but it’s clear in his face that he’s delighted.

“No! I’m just–”

David’s interrupted by Robbie jumping on Kiro’s back and almost making him topple over. David can’t stop laughing, and Jake joins him.

“MY LOVE,” Robbie screams, and Kiro laughs as well, straightening even with the weight of Robbie on his back.

That may raise some eyebrows,” Jake says, as David is hugged by a crying Marie-Anne.

At that moment, there’s nothing else David wants in life.


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The Washington Capitals are your Stanley Cup Champions!!

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David Chapman gave several post-win interviews while holding small children and we died of cuteness… again.

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The first thing David registers when he wakes up is the too-bright light on his eyes, followed right away by the foul taste in his mouth and the splitting headache. Once he has noticed all that, he can focus on the very naked and sweaty Jake splayed on top of him. And on the fact that he has won the Stanley Cup. Again. Smiling makes the headache worse, but David doesn’t care, the same way he doesn’t care that Jake is crushing him. He can feel Jake’s heartbeat, slower than his own as Jake sleeps, has Jake’s hair tickling his cheek. David brushes it away, careful not to make any abrupt movement that could wake Jake up. He can see Jake’s face now, soft and relaxed.

David couldn’t explain loving Jake, if anyone asked, but he has known for years that he does love him. He can tell in the way his heart tightens in moments like this, when they are alone and he feels like nothing else matter, not the way this matters. He knows it when he can’t seem to stop smiling every time he gets home and Jake’s waiting for him; or when he wakes up every morning and, even if Jake is awake, he can still feel his warmth at the other side of the bed. It’s the small things that make him sure of this, so much that those small things become huge for him. Important. He doesn’t talk about feelings, doesn’t even like thinking about them, even if he seems to be doing that more often these days, but the way he loves Jake feels all-encompassing and big in his chest.

David doesn’t know how long he stays like that, watching Jake sleep, brushing his hair with soft fingers, but after a while, the stickiness gets too much. He needs to get up, at least wash his mouth and pee. He makes an attempt at pushing Jake to the side, but that seems to wake Jake up, at least enough for Jake to change his position so that he is effectively pinning David against the bed. David tries to get him off, but it’s useless. Besides he can feel Jake’s cock hard against his leg, and that’s making his feel interested. But he. Needs. To move.

“Jake,” David whispers. Then, louder, when there’s no response. “Jake!”

Jake only groans, but that at least confirms to David he’s somewhat awake.

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Don’t go away,” Jake mumbles, and David almost caves in. Almost.

“I’ll be gone one minute. Come on, Jake, let me go.”

Jake rolls over and goes back to his side of the mattress, and David is free to go to the bathroom. When he comes back, ibuprofen and a glass of water for Jake in hand, Jake’s looking at him from the bed.

“Is that water?” Jake asks, as he sits up to drink it. “I love you,” he adds when he’s done and David is leaving the glass on the table to lie down again.

“That was very hot, that thing you did,” Jake says after a while, with David pressed against him again, David’s head on his chest. Jake hands never leave David’s back, between a caress and a tickle, and David can feel the headache begin to disappear.

“Bringing you water?” David asks, confused.

“Well, bringing me water buck naked was good,” he laughs, and David feels his skin burn. “But I meant winning that big shiny thing. What was it called? Oh, yeah, the Stanley Cup.”

David smiles. He would be a hypocrite if he denied that Jake’s hockey had him burn all over, at least a few times. And he’s not going to complain if winning the Stanley Cup gets Jake’s hands on him gaining intent and wandering lower down his body. In a second Jake is on top of him again, but this time he’s not sleeping. He’s very awake, and David can feel all of him.

It starts as a sweet kiss, Jake’s lips barely brushing against David’s, soft and questioning. It’s David who catches them between his teeth, the pressure too light to hurt but enough to fire Jake up in a way David knew would happen. Jake grinds down against David’s groin without breaking the kiss, and David feels himself harden.

It’s Jake who reaches for the lube on the nightstand and starts preparing himself, still on David’s lap, his hips never stopping drawing circles.

“Let me–” David says, his hand reaching to where Jake has a finger inside himself, but Jake stops him.

“No,” he says. “You lay there and look pretty and maybe you can say ‘I just won a Stanley Cup’ from time to time.”

“I’m–what? I’m not saying that.”

“Lord Stanley's Mug?” Jake suggests, and he’s grinning, and David cannot think about the Cup or anything else when Jake is looking at him like that, all colour-changing eyes and dimples and sweaty hair and mouth open in a gasp as his fingers keep moving.

David is certainly not thinking about Lord Stanley when Jake sits down on his cock. Jake’s movements are languid, maddeningly so, like they have all the time in the word, and David guesses they do have time, but he doesn’t want to wait. His hand finds Jake’s cock and starts stroking, and that has Jake losing control, moving faster, until he comes and collapses on top of David, finding his mouth in something that’s more panting and sharing breath than kissing.

David waits for Jake to come down, waiting to see if he’s too sensitive, even if it’s killing him, the need to move into Jake’s heat, to come.

“You can move,” Jake says, in the end, it doesn’t take long for David to come.

They stay like that for a while, touching everywhere, catching their breaths, until David, once again, can’t deal with the heat and the stickiness.

“Shower,” he mumbles against Jake’s lips.

“No,” Jake argues. “You don’t have to be anywhere until the afternoon. No shower yet.” Jake goes back to kissing David, and David surrenders for a moment, before gathering his strength again.

“This is very gross.”

Jake stops kissing David, looks down at him, and smiles. “Shower sex?”

If it gets him clean, David is going to agree. He hasn’t finished saying “yes”, and Jake is already getting up and marching to the bathroom. He hears the water start running.

The rest of the morning is spent in bed, napping and making out at intervals, Jake bringing fruit to bed at some point to pretend they’re at least having breakfast.

“You should have asked Matty to let you have the Cup tonight. We could have had sex in front of the Stanley Cup,” Jake says at some point, his lips, red from kissing, still close to David’s mouth.

David frowns. He’s not religious, or even superstitious the way some of his teammates are, but that feels sacrilegious, somehow.

“We are not having sex in front of the Stanley Cup,” he says, stern.

“Of course not, but only because we won’t have a chance to be alone with it again. If only we had thought of it before…”

“Of course we will, we have my Cup Day” he catches himself saying. “But no Cup sex!”

The moment he sees Jake’s face, not smiling anymore, he realized what he was said.

“You think that’s a good idea? Me being there for your Cup Day?”

David considers it. It’s probably not. It’s probably a terrible idea. But he remembers his other day with the Cup, years ago. Remembers going to bed alone that night, missing Jake like a limb. He remembers how he felt on the ice last night, complete and loved, his heart so full it felt like it was going to burst. His family, not by blood but by choice, with him, and Jake fitting there as if that family were his own.

He wants Jake with him. He wants Jake in every part of his life, private, of course, but public too. That’s something he already knew, but now he can feel it almost physically, the conviction so clear in his mind, strong in his body. He doesn’t just want Jake in the morning when he wakes up and at night when he gets home after a game. He wants Jake at his Cup Day and wants Jake at fundraisers and wants Jake at team events and wants Jake when he retires and wants Jake there at every step of the path. He never again wants to endure something like Jake hiding at a hotel, closer than they were for years and yet too far to touch. Ever.

He doesn’t know how to express all of that, any of that, and he struggles to remember what Jake was saying, but Jake’s still looking at him as if expecting an answer to a question David can’t recall.

“I want to marry you,” he blurts out, everything he’s feeling and thinking just coming out in those five words. And it’s true, the wants that, even if he wouldn't have known he wanted it a second before voicing it.

Jake’s surprised face, eyes big and mouth gaping, would be comical if dread weren’t growing in David’s chest with every second that passes without a word from him. He can’t take it back. He doesn’t want to take it back, but Jake is not answering and David doesn’t know what to do.

“What?” Jake finally says. Then, “God. Yes. I want to marry you too.” Jake’s face morphs quickly into a huge smile, but David doesn’t get to see it for long, because in a second Jake’s mouth is on his, intense and hot and burning, Jake’s hand on the back of his neck, his nails a light scratch that’s sending shivers down David’ spine at the same pace Jake’s other hand travels down his back. David melts into the kiss, answering Jake’s wandering hand with his own.

“I cannot believe you proposed in bed, hungover as hell.” Jake laughs against David’s mouth. David feels shame burning up his neck, but he doesn’t have time to dwell on it, because Jake is kissing him again, only to break the kiss a second later.

“Wait! You didn’t even “propose”! You didn’t ask! you just said “I want to marry you”!” David feels mortified, but the fact that Jake can’t stop giggling, shaking against David’s neck, and is not saying that he doesn’t want to marry David, is reassuring. “Gosh, David, we can’t tell anyone this story. We would be chirped. Forever. Kiro would never let you live this down. Besides. I can’t believe I have been thinking about this for a decade, and you just... sprung it on me! Without even thinking about it, by the look of it!”

“You’ve been thinking about this?” David asks, shame forgotten, replaced by a warm feeling making its home in his chest.

“God, love, yes. Of course I’ve been thinking about marrying you,” Jake assures him. “For ages! Remember when Bouchard proposed to his husband at center ice? Why do you think I was mad for a week? He stole my idea! One of them at least...

David does remember that. That moment transcended hockey. It made national news. He frowns; there was a mascot involved.

“You wouldn’t have proposed to me with the help of a mascot,” is all David can say, but he’s less sure with every word he says. “Would you?”

“Well, not with a mascot!” Jake says, then adds: “Probably. No, really. But the whole thing, a big proposal… I still want to do that.”

“I’m sorry I ruined that.”

“Don’t you dare be sorry for wanting to marry me so much you just blurted it out. We’ll just… get some rings, then I get to kneel down by the lake back home and ask you properly. Ok?”


David kisses Jake again, comfortable in his embrace, and is not scared of what the future may bring.

Epilogue: One month later


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