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Blue Hearts

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When you called me beautiful

My world began to spin

And it was then I knew

Our hearts would someday meld.

When I heard your laugh

And the thoughts inside your heart

I thought I heard an angel's voice

Calling out to me from deep within my soul.

Every time your smile crossed your face

And your eyes were all aglow

I knew I had come home.

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Run away with me

Take my hand in yours.

Feel the beating of our hearts. 

Buried deep within.

Tell me your innermost thoughts 

Let your words wash over me.

Hold me close if I should cry

Cocooned in a blanketful of love.

Kiss me softly, kiss me tenderly,

Breathe new life into my broken soul;

Mend my wounded heart.

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Do you hear my broken soul

Crying out to yours?

Will you listen to my heart

And feel it beat for you?

Without your love and guidance, 

I would disappear like mist

Or unwanted smudges on a page.

For you calm the endless storms

That rage inside my mind.

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Standing at the edge of the world as I know it
Falling fast and hard 
The darkest corners of my mind await me; 
And pain clawing at my soul my only fate
Then lost within myself I see you as a beacon of hope
Your hand outstretched to take mine
Fingers entwining, hearts beating in perfect sync
You are my home.