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The Omega Chronicles

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The Omega Chronicles -10- Crime and punishment

Shepard entered Afterlife, carrying the small bag with her gift for Aria from the Citadel in a casual manner. She was surprised not to find her at her private area when she climbed the steps to get there. She sat down and motioned to Garka to go call Sila to bring her a drink. In the space of a couple of minutes she was happily, relaxedly sipping her 2137 red, appreciating the bright notes of summer fruits, the soft notes of vanilla and the denser notes of cocoa that lingered at the back of her tongue. A naughty thought spread through her mind meeting no restraints. 'Now, if only Aria's delicious mouth was between my legs, doing wonderful things to me, this would be perfection.'

The thought hadn't had the time to finish passing through her brain that she saw Sila climbing up the stairs again, with her typical sexy sway and a smile on her face, as usual. That girl shone of her own light, for sure. The Commander had a fleeting temptation to ask her to sooth the throb in her groin, but she knew that she was not the woman she wanted and immediately dismissed the possibility, as enticing as it was.

"Commander, Aria told me to bring a message to you." She gracefully handed the human a padd.

'In my room. Now.' To the point, as it was the Queen's style. At least now Shepard knew where she was hiding. A grin opened on her face as her anticipation built, clenching her stomach sweetly.

"Thank you, Sila." She decided to be extra nice to the dancer. "I hope you're having a good time tonight?" She finished the wine and got up from the couch.

"Oh, yes, I am, Commander. Thank you. Although..." Her voice trailed off as her eyes looked down.

"Although...?" Shepard prodded.

"Well, if I may be so bold. I do miss taking care of you personally. Nobody is ever as kind as you are to me." Was that a faint blush on her beautiful features? It was known to Aria's lover, and now bondmate, that the young Maiden had a weak spot for her. Which of course meant that the dancer usually kept it for herself and tried to be as inconspicuous about it as possible. Shepard found it quite endearing, as all flattery usually is.

The Commander smiled at her in a sweet way and her hand came up to caress her face briefly. "I have a problem imagining anyone -not- wanting to be kind to you, Sila."

"You'd be surprised at how easy it is for people to just... use someone like me." There was a hint of sadness in her big lilac eyes. 

The Commander didn't like what she was implying one bit. She stepped closer to her, her fingers moving down to the Asari's chin and lifting it up to meet her eyes. "Now you listen to me. If anyone, -anyone- treats you in a mean, or less than respectful way, you come to me and tell me. Do you understand?"

Sila raised her hand to caress Shepard's. A sweet smile blossomed on her lips. "See? You say these things and how can a Maiden's heart not melt... I've never met anyone who talks like you."

The human smiled back. "You will. Don't worry. And they'll sweep you off your feet and you'll live happily ever after."

Sila sighed, placed a soft kiss on Shepard's palm and made her way down the stairs, back into the lions' den.

The Commander shook herself from the tender moment and headed quickly to Aria's room.


Shepard entered through the doors and noticed the room was far darker than usual. She took a couple of steps and stopped. Something wasn't quite right. A strong hand grasped her wrist and twisted her arm behind her, the little bag fell to the floor. She was roughly turned and slammed hard on her chest against the now closed doors. As she was about to fight back she heard Aria's voice next to her ear. "Relax, Commander." The familiar, loved voice made her stop any action she was about to take. The Asari's free hand came up to cover her mouth and nose with a cloth. The distinct smell of ether hit her nostrils and before she could say anything she fell unconscious.


The sharp sting of a slap across her face made the human flinch. Her eyelids felt heavy and she had to put some effort into opening them. Her head was dangling forward between her shoulders, and the first thing she saw was a black metal bar, just a foot long, cuffed to her naked ankles and fixed to the floor, keeping her legs open as her feet were resting on the cold tiles. She pushed herself up on her legs, easing the pain she was feeling all across her shoulder muscles. As she quickly regained consciousness her eyes darted up. Her wrists were handcuffed above her head, and the handcuffs were locked around a chain that was soldered to the ceiling. She instinctively pulled them as hard as she could to test just how resilient they were. The back of a hand hit her other cheek, leaving burning marks on her face.

"Don't even think of trying to wriggle free, Commander. I wouldn't like that." Aria's voice was a mixture of ice and fire.

Shepard could finally see her face, her eyes having adjusted to the low lights. Wait. It wasn't lights. She took a quick look around the room and saw fat, low candles placed here and there, their flames casting strange shadows that moved like ghosts along the red velvet walls. Her gaze came back to the Asari, who was now sitting comfortably on the couch behind a low table. Legs elegantly crossed, a drink in her hands, the ice clinking slightly as it melted, an unreadable expression on her flawless features.

The human realized that all that was left of her own clothes were her underwear and bra. At least the room was warm. She set her eyes on Aria's, waiting for her to speak.
"You should have marked my words, Commander."

Her brain as quick as lightning, Shepard realized right away what this was. She spoke slowly, deliberately. "I always mark your words. So this must be the 'when you least expect it' you have been mentioning."

Aria couldn't help a grin, this human had marvellous ways of delighting her, always. She took a sip of some very expensive Noverian rum from her glass and put it down on the low table. She picked up something that Shepard couldn't recognize in the darkness, and with a sexy sway she walked behind her.

"Now. First things first. You wanted to bond with me, and we have bonded. But just to make sure that anyone who might try something frisky with you can realise right away the mistake they're making, I'm going to... brand you. Quite literally. I think it will hurt a little. But you're a soldier, so it shouldn't be a problem." 

Aria sat down on a low stool that she had already placed there earlier. This part was supposed to be a big joke when she first thought of adding it to the rest of the punishment that she was going to deal to her lover, but now that she was about to do it for real she felt a pang of pleasure in her groin and a feeling of smugness from knowing that, mark or no mark, the Commander did belong to her.

Shepard felt her hands dragging down her underwear and exposing her buttocks. She tried turning her head to see what Aria was doing but it was impossible. She heard a low buzzing sound and her brain caught up to what was happening. Not a second later a light, scratching pain was travelling on her skin. She tried to stay perfectly still. The Asari didn't say a word until she finished her job, some time later.

The Queen looked at the red symbol of Omega proudly tattooed on Shepard's right cheek. The human's ass was a sight to be seen as it was, but Aria couldn't help thinking that this was an improvement. "That's a good soldier. You stayed so still, you really helped. But if you think that your cooperation will make me change my mind and that I'll let you get away relatively scot free, you are mistaken."

Shepard replied, even if she knew it probably wasn't a good idea. "I wouldn't dream of counting on your mercy."

The sharp slap on her fresh tattoo actually made her cringe for a second. "You will speak only when spoken to. You should be familiar with that rule, soldier."

The Commander bit her tongue just in time to prevent another smart remark from coming out of her mouth.

Aria kicked the stool away, let the tattoo machine fall to the floor carelessly and placed herself behind Shepard's back. Close enough to exchange body heat, but not touching her yet. Oh, she was going to enjoy this.

The human let her head bow a little. A lop sided smile opened on her face, which she hoped Aria wouldn't notice from where she was standing. She had to admit that she had really done her best to bring this onto herself. It wasn't like the Queen didn't have good reason to make her pay. Sweet memories of the couple of times that Shepard practically raped her, the Asari's obvious pleasure derived by it notwithstanding, were flashing before her eyes for a brief moment. Then she felt Aria's gloved fingers tracing her spine all the way up to her neck before they grasped her hair and pulled her head back roughly. Her blue lips were on her ear again. "I do hope you didn't have anything planned for the evening. This will take a while."

The Queen took a few steps to be in front of her captive. She felt Shepard's eyes trying to bore holes through hers, all the way to the back of her skull. She grinned at the human's spirit. As her fingers snapped, a slow, loud, sensual beat with a strong bass line started coming from the speakers in the room. Her fingers pulled at her gloves, first on one hand, then the other, she let them fall to her side, then she got rid of her boots, then she slowly peeled her tight pants off, making sure to sway her hips along the way.

Shepard's mouth was gaping, unbeknownst to her. She watched in awe as Aria took off her leather jacket, then in one raw pull she literally tore her top apart right down the middle and let it slide to the floor. And there the Pirate Queen of Omega was, standing in all her blue naked glory. 

The Commander felt her inner muscles clutching and was suddenly aware that she was unmistakeably, thoroughly wet. As if she could sense it, even from a distance, a grin spread on the Asari's face. She covered the few strides necessary to let her stand just a few inches from her lover, her hips started rolling in sexy movements to the music, she brought her hands to her own breasts and she grabbed them, her gesture deliberately mimicking the exact way Shepard's hands usually did it. Her fingers pinched her nipples until they were two hard knots.

The human could feel her mouth watering, her heartbeat picked up the pace in her chest. She unconsciously grabbed the chain above her head and jerked it, hard, in a futile attempt to break free. All she wanted was to put her hands on the Queen, it was becoming an uncontrollable urge.

Aria's voice was teasing her. "Getting impatient already? See something you want?"

Shepard's voice sounded more like a growl then a reply. "Yes!"


Aria grabbed the chain with one hand, her right leg hooked around the human's waist and in a fluid movement she gyrated herself around the Commander's body, she lowered herself and then let the hard tips of her nipples graze up along the entire length of the human's back.

Shepard's breath came in sharply at the contact, every hair on her skin standing, she felt Aria's nipples leaving a trail of electricity as they travelled up. Then the tip of her tongue was sliding on her neck, tracing invisible patterns of heat and moisture, making her head spin.

The Asari shifted to her left side, her knees opened, she squatted down and then rose back up, slowly, brushing her sex along Shepard's leg in undulating movements. She was using the human's body the way a dancer would use a metal pole, moving as gracefully as water, as sensually as fire. She was suddenly in front of the Commander, her hand closed on the chain again and in one quick, short jump her legs locked around her waist, her hips swaying to the heady rhythm of the music, her folds grinding just below Shepard's navel.

The Commander's hands were now pulling at the chain almost desperately, her logical brain quickly shutting down, she was reverting to an animalistic state, she knew what she wanted, what she needed to have, but it was being denied to her. The Queen was enticing her in the most arousing way, it felt like the torture of Tantalus. She found herself growling, literally. It only made Aria's grin wider, and crueller. The human's teeth snapped at empty air as the Asari got out of her reach swiftly, again and again. "Oh, but you are truly delightful, Commander." She released her from the grip of her legs and pirouetted behind her effortlessly, as if she were weightless, her blue hands coming up to cup Shepard's breasts, fondling them while carefully avoiding her nipples.

The Commander arched into her touch, eager for more, panting audibly. Aria took her hands away abruptly and smacked her ass again. Shepard didn't even feel the sharp pain on her healing skin this time, too caught up in her frenzy to notice. Aria's voice was low, almost threatening. "Tsk. Tsk. You will get only what I am willing to give. And the more you want, the less I will feel inclined to offer. Do try to keep it in mind."
The Asari's tongue licked away the sweat that had formed between Shepard's shoulder blades, eliciting a sudden, almost pained intake of breath from her mouth. Then her hands were sliding down to her ass, grabbing her cheeks, then caressing her inner thighs in slow circular motions, getting wider and wider, until they were but an inch from the throbbing ache between her legs.

Shepard's frustration was building up to dangerous levels, she tried to muster up all of her discipline and to bring herself down from the boiling point Aria wanted her to reach. And had she been any other Asari, any other woman, any other living creature in the galaxy, the Commander was sure she could have been successful. But not with Aria. She was her Achilles' heel. She was her undoing. The human had to be big enough to admit that she was the only one that had her wrapped around her little finger. The Queen could do anything to her, and she would take it, and she would say 'Thank you'. No matter what. Finally abandoning herself to that knowledge, as she felt the Asari's hands move away from where she wanted them to be, Shepard let out a proper scream of rage.

Aria laughed.

The Queen came back to the front of her captive, her hips swaying at the sexy rhythm of the music. She turned around, she spread her legs and she bent over, she squatted and then her knees pushed her back up and her flawless derrière was grinding right into the Commander's groin. She cut that alluring contact just as Shepard was gasping for air. She swung around in an exquisite motion to face her lover again, she brought her hand up to caress the human's face. "I think it's time to get serious."

Aria's arms started glowing in blue swirls, she grabbed her bra with one hand, her underwear with the other, and tore them apart in one swift movement, letting the remains fall to the floor. She raised her palms to Shepard's naked breasts and let them glide there, her biotics vibrating on them without the need for full contact. The Commander was breathless, literally gasping for air as she felt her nipples harden to the point where pleasure was bordering on pain.

The Queen then squatted again, leaving her hands where they were. She started placing wet, open mouthed kisses on the human's inner thighs, until the Commander could actually feel her breath between her legs. Aria avoided going there though, instead kissing her way all around it and then on the other leg, slowly. Shepard's breath was coming in in broken gasps. Then the Asari let a hand slide down on her abs, her muscles instinctively tensing at the passage of the faint biotic current, her skin tingling. The sensation was so torturous, she closed her eyes and let out a long sigh. 

The Asari didn't stop this time, and Shepard felt the teasing vibes travel all the way between her legs. Much to her chagrin, instead of taking the ache away, it heightened it to unbearable levels. The human couldn't control short, pained moans escaping her lips as her sex reacted to the titillating buzz. Her head was spinning, her hips were grinding, trying to get more friction on her swollen, overexcited folds but not succeeding.

Aria's face was lit up by a devilish grin at the sight of Shepard thrashing uncontrollably in search for some form of release. "Enjoying the experience, Commander? I know I am. Thoroughly."

Shepard half answered, half grunted. "Grr. Need. More." 

The Asari's voice was positively teasing. "Do you now."

Between pants, the human could only manage a short, strangled: "Yes."

"No." The blue swirls disappeared in an instant, making every muscle in the Commander's body tense at once in frustration.

"Oh. Fuck."

"Let's try again, Commander. And maybe this time you'd like to be more polite."

This time Aria began her biotic massage from Shepard's neck, slowly letting the vibrations caress her skin along her back before coming to the front and concentrating again on her breasts. Every single hair on the human's body was standing at attention, every inch of her skin craving for more.  She felt her nipples getting hard all over again, the pleasure shooting into her brain, making her ravenous. When the Asari's hand settled again between her legs she felt her arousal build until it was a throbbing need inside of her. Her heart was beating impossibly fast, threatening to burst through her chest, she could feel her inner walls pulsating with hunger.

The Queen didn't even need a meld, she could read the human's body language perfectly. She got her right where she wanted her. "Now. How about you ask nicely, and maybe I'll take pity on you and give you what you need."

What little part of Shepard was still aware enough to understand what she was being told took control and after inhaling deeply, she uttered in short breaths. "Please. I need. More."

"Tsk. Tsk. That's the best you can do? I don't think it's enough." Before letting her biotics fade, Aria made it a point to bring the human just a tad further along.

As she felt the buzz dissipate, Shepard groaned out loud. Her head suddenly felt too heavy and she let it dangle between her shoulders. A cold, thin sheen of sweat was covering her body and her throat was raw and dry. She felt vexed and unfulfilled, a burning desire was set deep inside of her and she knew it wouldn't get better until she found her release. 
The Commander was panting lightly, her eyes closed, when suddenly, unexpectedly, Aria's biotics were on her sex again. Her head jerked up, her mouth opened in a silent scream, her lungs not finding enough air to make a sound. The sensations were just too much, it was maddening, it was overwhelming, she felt like every nerve was raw, exposed and being ravaged by an electrical current that concentrated between her legs. It was different this time, it wasn't light, it wasn't faint, in fact it was harsh and the vibes were making her walls clench, she was so close, so close. She was barely aware of the Asari's voice coming from somewhere, beyond, above, all around, she wasn't sure anymore.

"Now. Ask me. And make it pretty."

It took a moment for her to gasp in some air and reply. "Please. Please. I need to come."

"Not enough. Beg me." 

The waves of the Queen's biotics were reverberating so deeply, it felt like there was the ghost of a hand literally whirring inside of her. By now she was willing to say anything, do anything.

"Please. I beg you. I beg you." The human's voice was coming out of her lips almost in sobs.

"Who are you begging?"

"I beg you. My Queen."

"What are you begging me for?"

"Please. I beg you. My Queen. Fuck me. Make me come. I need it. I need you."

A smile of pure satisfaction spread on Aria's face. "That's more like it." 

The Queen's arm encircled Shepard's waist as she made their bodies finally connect, skin on skin. Her biotics died out, her strong blue fingers opened the Commander's wet folds and pushed inside of her, she started thrusting in and out of her, hard. The human's hips rocked against her hand in a frenzied hunger as they kissed breathlessly, deeply, their tongues battling fiercely, devouring each other.

Aria projected her mind into Shepard's, crashing into her consciousness like a tall wave of heat, engulfing her, possessing her. The Commander gave herself up to it, completely surrendering to the overwhelming presence of the Queen, she felt like she could barely breathe, barely think as she was being overrun by the dominating lust the Asari was assailing her with. In a twirl of blinding colours the human's orgasm exploded like a shockwave. Her mouth broke the kiss and she screamed her release on Aria's lips over and over again, trembling, panting, the spasms making her whole body quiver, her inner walls clamping down on the Queen's fingers, clutching at them feverishly for what seemed like an eternity.

Completely spent, the Commander didn't even have the strength to stand up anymore, all of her weight being held by her chained wrists. She let her forehead rest on Aria's shoulder as she was desperately trying to catch her breath, her heartbeat still thumping loudly in her chest, her head dizzy and disoriented. She could feel the Queen soothing her mind with gentle caresses and reassuring whispers of sweet nothings while she gently let the meld fade.

The Asari channelled her biotics and destroyed the cuffs around the human's ankles, then she aimed at the ones above her head. Her strong arms were quick to gather Shepard up, she felt the human loosely putting her arms around her shoulders as she carried her to the bed at the far end of the room. 

Aria lay her down and climbed in bed herself, lying next to her exhausted body. In an almost painful movement, with the very last of her energy, the human turned and half climbed on top of her, entwining their legs, sliding her arm across the Asari's waist and holding her close, she nestled her face in the Queen's neck, pressing her whole self against her, clinging to her as tightly as she could. 

Aria couldn't help a smirk. "I see you learn your lessons well."

Shepard 's lips opened in a small grin against her satiny skin as she irreverently replied. "What lesson?"

The old Asari was staggered for a moment and her eyes went wide. Then she laughed her deep sexy laugh at her dauntless, audacious lover and her arms hugged the Commander. "You are impossible, Shepard. Adorably so." She felt the human's lips placing soft kisses on her throat.

"You -are- my Queen. And you can do with me as you please, always. I belong to you. And yes, I will beg you, as much as you want, any time you want, because there simply is nothing I want more than you." 

The Asari was always taken aback every time the Commander was so open about her feelings for her, she felt a small knot of smugness and gratification inside herself and had to admit she had never had such a challenging and pleasant relationship with anyone. Odd, considering how long she had lived, but then again not so odd, considering the kind of people she was usually surrounded by. She was shaken out of her reverie by Shepard abruptly getting up, taking away the lovely body heat and the sensual embrace that she was enjoying.

The Commander suddenly remembered her gift for Aria from the Citadel, which was now on the floor by the doors. Having regained a bit of strength, she got out of bed, strolled to it and fetched it back.

"I got you a souvenir." She smiled sweetly at the Asari, who was reclining on her elbows and waiting for her to come back to bed.

The human put the small elegant bag between them and waited for Aria to open her present.
"So that's how you wasted a whole day at the Citadel, mh?"

"Well. I also discovered that the galaxy is a very small place indeed, and that it is mind boggling how coincidence will put you in the path of people you didn't expect to meet."
The Asari raised a figurative eyebrow. Shepard went on.

"Your mother sends her greetings."

Aria didn't miss a beat. "Really. How perfectly nice of her."

"Indeed. She was actually so nice that she also explained to me how, in regards of any Asari in said small galaxy, you didn't really need to put a tattoo on my ass to let them know that I am... taken."

The Queen's eyes were now set on Shepard's, her expression a strange mixture of amusement and annoyance. In truth she had planned to explain the whole hormone thing to the Commander herself, in a display of fairness and relative honesty, and frankly because it was her business to enlighten her bondmate, and no one else's. But on the other hand she couldn't help the small pang of satisfaction in imagining how her mother would have been quite flabbergasted by the accidental discovery. It had been centuries since she had slammed that door behind her, both physically and emotionally, but it didn't mean Aria didn't still hold a grudge as big as a cruiser towards her. 

"Good, then I don't have to take the time to tell you myself."

Shepard just looked at her, her dark eyes as intense as ever. The Asari knew that what she had just said was potentially hurtful. She also knew that it took way more than that to actually hurt her lover, but still. Was that her conscience prodding her? Oh. Fuck it. She felt almost compelled to be honest, for once. Not taking her eyes off the human's, she spoke again, in a slightly softer voice. "I was going to tell you. I just couldn't find the time before you left."

The Commander raised her hand to caress her beautiful face slowly, softly. "You know what you could do to make it up to me?"

Aria grinned and decided to play what was obviously a game. There was nothing to make up for and they both knew it, after all. "I'm sure you're about to let me know." Her blue hand was gliding lightly along the human's side, raising happy shivers on her pale skin.
"I think that your little inked masterpiece would be grateful for some moisturising..."
The Queen shifted her body, her lips placed a few feather kisses on Shepard's fresh tattoo, then she got up in an elegant motion and walked to the en suite, coming back with a small bottle of perfumed oil. As she climbed back in bed Shepard rolled on her belly, giving her better access to her behind. She squeezed some of the oil on her hand and massaged the still irritated skin tenderly, in soft strokes. When she was done, she put the bottle on the nightstand and moved back to be as close to her lover as possible.

The little bag was still there on the sheets, between them. The human asked her in an almost eager tone. "So? Aren't you curious to see what it is? At least a little?"

Aria smiled and her hand brought a box out of the bag. She lifted the lid and she saw a few rows of small, round brown things that each had a thin stem coming out of their top. She looked puzzled for a moment. "And what am I looking at?" The smell coming from them was delicious, and the heightened sense typical of the Asari was suddenly making her salivate ever so slightly.

A big smile opened on Shepard's face. "I knew it. You never had chocolate."

"Had what now?"

"Chocolate. The food of the gods! There are few things that taste as good as it does in the whole galaxy. It used to be very popular until the half of the 21st century on Earth, then the climate changes started making it more and more difficult to grow the plant that you need in order to make it, and by now it has become quite a rare delicacy. These are a particular kind. They take the chocolate and melt it, then they fill it with a whole cherry and cherry liqueur."

Aria disregarded the fact that her translator had no idea what a cherry was. "I see. What if it is actually poisonous to Asari? Have you thought of that?"

The human rolled her eyes. "Of course I checked."

"Don't get so fired up, Commander." A smirk was playing on her flawless features.

Shepard picked one up by its stem and offered it to the Queen, dangling it in front of her mouth. "Just bite it and pull." She watched, mesmerized, as Aria's purple tongue came out to drag the chocolate back between her luscious lips, they closed around it slowly and the Commander felt a sudden, sharp twinge of lust deep in her groin at the incredibly sexy gesture.

The Asari pulled it into her mouth, the stem popped away from it and Shepard threw it carelessly behind herself. Aria bit down on it. A warm, sweet, strong liquid spread in her mouth and mixed with the chocolate itself as she chewed it. Her taste buds overloaded and her pupils widened. She couldn't stop a moan of pure pleasure coming from her throat. "Mmmhhh." She savoured it thoroughly before swallowing it. Her voice was low and blissful. "Fuck. Shepard. That is... it's almost as good as good sex."

The human laughed heartily, she put a hand behind Aria's neck and pulled her close for a deep kiss, tasting the chocolate and sweet, pungent liqueur on her tongue. She took her time before letting her delicious mouth go. Then she whispered on her blue lips. "Well, aren't I glad you added the 'almost'."