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Several hours after their talk, Maggie got ready to leave OA's apartment. She would have stayed, but she didn't have any of her stuff for work the next morning.

OA offered to drive Maggie home, seeing as how she ran over there, and she happily agreed. Now, here they were standing in front of Maggie's door. OA leaned down and kissed her softly. "This seems so surreal."

Maggie smiled. "Yeah, It does. How do you want to handle it at work?"

"Well, we should probably keep it quiet, just until we get used to things. That way, when we tell Dana, we can show her that we can be professional, and not let it interfere with the job. Does that sound good to you?"

"Sounds great." Maggie leaned up for another kiss, and OA happily obliged.

"Okay. I will see you at work in the morning." The two shared one more embrace, then OA left for the night.


OA arrived at work the next morning, two Starbucks in hand, at exactly eight o'clock. He saw Maggie already at her desk, working on her first stack of files. "What time d 'you get here?''

Maggie looked up at the sound of her partner's voice. "About thirty minutes ago."

OA smiled as he handed her one of the coffees. "Figured you might want this."

Maggie smiled gratefully and took a sip of the latte. "Thank you."

OA sat down at his desk and immediately got to work on today's load of papers. "Heard anything about a case for today?"

"Not yet. It's been pretty quiet." Maggie loved her job, but she really hoped that they could stay in the office today.

As Maggie had hoped, it was relatively quiet… until thirty minutes before lunch. Her and OA were sent to track down a bombing suspect, and they handled it fairly quickly. They both remained professional, and concealed their newfound relationship. No one seemed suspicious, and the duo was pretty impressed with themselves.

And that's how it continued. Almost every evening one of them would show up at the other's apartment. Usually, they would stay in with take-out and a movie. Sometimes, they would spend the night with each other, but would always drive to work separately the next morning.

When they arrived at the office, they were the exact definition of professionalism. Things carried on as if they were just your average, everyday co-workers. Their conversations were casual and they held off on the loving glances until after work.

It went on like this for two months. Then Maggie and OA decided to tell Dana about their relationship. Neither would admit it, but both were terrified of what this could mean. They decided to drive into work together. Stepping off of the elevator, they gave each other a reassuring smile, and headed towards Dana's office. The SAC looked up when the couple knocked on the door. "Come in. Can I help you two?"

Maggie smiled nervously. "Could we talk to you for a moment? It's really important."

''Sure. Have a seat. Is something wrong?"

This time OA spoke up. "No, we just wanted to bring to your attention the fact that we have recently started seeing each other."

Dana looked unsurprised. "I already knew."

The two agents looked at each other, Maggie asking the question that was on both of their minds. "Um, I'm sorry ma'am, how did you know?"

Dana smiled. "I'm a profiler. Don’t get me wrong, you both did a good job of keeping it discrete. However, they pay me to pick up on details… and I'm good at it. ''

OA nodded. ''Well, what does this mean for our job?"

"I have been observing you two for the past two months, and you've proven that you can work together without any issues. Unless, of course, that changes, I see no reason why you can't continue to work as partners."

Both of the agents simultaneously sighed a breathe of relief. They thanked their supervisor immensely, before going out the door.

OA looked down at Maggie and smiled. "That went a lot better than expected."

"Oh yeah. I think we should go out tonight and celebrate."

"I like the way you think."