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Y/N had never been particularly confident in herself, but Katsuki Bakugou had always made her feel otherwise. When she was him, she knew anything was possible.

You're strong and brave. Don't put yourself down, okay nerd?!. You're my girlfriend, how could you not be amazing? Katsuki's grumbled words repeated over in Y/N's head, filling her up with a giddy feeling. If Katsuki believed in her, then maybe she could do it.

Yeah, she definitely could do this. No big deal. All she had to do was confess to her oblivious father that she had been dealing with insecurities and mental health issues for years and wanted his help. No biggie.

''So, what did you want to talk about?'' her father asked. He was sitting on the foot of her bed, waiting for her to respond.

Shit. I forgot I asked him to talk tonight, she thought. Well, I can't back down now.

Breathing deeply, Y/N raised her gaze to her father's face and spoke quietly.

''Dad, I think I have depression,'' Losing her confidence and courage, she lowered her gaze to her blankets. Her fists tightened around them. 

''I-I, I don't know why but I've felt so bad and worthless for years, I feel sad because I'm ugly and stupid, I'm so unattractive that no one's ever shown interest in me and it feels like I'm going to die alone. I don't mean to feel like this, it's just-just, sometimes, I can feel like I'm at the top of the world and the next, I feel so sad and disgusted with myself that I can't help but cry.'' 

With a heavy sigh, the girl raised her gaze and awaited her father's answer. She could feel her heart flip and her stomach twist with anxiety.

What would he say? Maybe he'd smile and hug her, offering her his endless support. Or maybe, he'll sigh and hug her, saying that he knew all along. Maybe he knew that she cried herself to sleep nearly every day and that it hurt so, so much to be alive. 

Her heart dropped when her father sighed in response. He shook his head in disapproval as he rubbed his temples.

Please, say something, dad. She wanted to say. But all her voice was nowhere to be found.

Say something.

''Don't be so dramatic. You have a happy family, we're pretty good on money and you have a roof over your head. What else can you want?'' he snapped, eyes blazing with irritation.

Y/N's mouth opened in shock and as much as she wanted to reply, her voice was gone.

''Stop feeling so much self-pity for yourself. The only thing you're accomplishing is wasting your life by complaining and sitting on your ass, doing nothing! Don't come to me saying you're depressed. Do you know how much I've suffered? I'm paralyzed. I lived with abusive parents all my life. I've always had a disadvantage because of my condition. You haven't suffered a bit...You have everything in your hands!'' 

Her father continued ranting angrily, but Y/N's focus was gone. Her eyes glazed over with tears, but she forced herself to hold them in.

Grow up, he said.

Stop being so  dramatic.

Her throat clogged up and her chest tightened. She had been working up the confidence to tell her dad, who swore to protect her and support her for her entire life, the courage to tell him about her illness for years. Y/N isn't exactly sure when it started, but she can barely remember anything before it. She couldn’t remember how it felt to be truly happy.

Though she can't pinpoint an exact date for it or even a goddamn cause, Y/N remembers that she's felt like this for around five years. It started when she was a naive and rude ten-year-old child, who refused to play with friends and would rather read books. 

She doesn't remember why it happened, but she can remember with clarity the nights she would slouch over her laptop, listening to soft music that would make her cry quietly. Maybe it had to do with the fact that as a child, she refused to adapt to social situations. Her heart would feel heavy for no absolute reason and she hated it. It was overwhelming, Y/N wanted to claw at her chest and rip it open, plunging her hand inside to retrieve her heart and fix whatever was wrong with it. What was wrong with her? Why wasn’t she...normal?

The sudden loss of weight on her bad snapped her out of her thoughts. Her dad was looking at her solemnly, nodding at her as he bid her good night. She responded with a shaky nod and once her father had closed the doors and turned the lights off, she could feel everything.

There were heavy, wet, and warm tears forming in her eyes, her hands were trembling and her chest felt like it was about to explode. 

When she heard her dad's bedroom door close shut, her tears broke loose. Y/N clamped her hand over her mouth, muffling her sobs as her shoulders shook with each cry. She heard her phone vibrating loudly next to her and her cries stopped momentarily. 

Wiping away the tears, she squinted her eyes on the screen, only to see Katsuki's contact pop up on her notifications. Subconsciously, a small and weak smile graced her lips.

Ah right, I have a boyfriend, she thought.  Maybe I'm not so ugly and useless after all.

EXPLOSIVE TEDDY BEAR: Hey nerd. Are you okay? 

Y/N laughed harshly. Her throat was beginning to feel raw and dry from crying. Her eyes read the message over and over as she debated what to do.

Katsuki was her boyfriend after all, right? If something was bothering her, she should let him know. Y/N knew that Katsuki valued honesty a lot.

But then, she was reminded of his proud and loud behavior. He was nice and kind to her, but that didn't stop him from being loud and abrasive. Whether they were dating or not, she was still dubbed as ''nerd''. The nickname made her smile. 

Katsuki was an excellent student- perhaps a bit too violent and murderous- but he had good intentions. He was strong and determined. Y/N doubted he'd understand what she was going through. In their three months of dating, she hadn't seen him express any emotions of insecurity or depression, maybe some sprinkles of jealousy here and there, but no insecurities.

With each thought and argument running across her head, Y/N was sure she shouldn't bother him with this. After all, he was a hero-in-training. Katsuki doesn't have time to deal with her problems. He was probably too busy with his own problems.

Y/N: Of course I'm fine. What makes you think I'm not?

Y/N: I'm perfectly fine :)

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A week had passed by since Y/N's attempt to express her illness failed miserably. She had decided against telling her boyfriend Katsuki since it was a very sensitive topic for her. Y/N tried her best to brush it off and act as if nothing had ever happened, but it was hard trying to be something you weren't.

Her relationship with her father had become strained and their conversations had become short and dismissive. Y/N had been brought up by her father, since her mother had left when she was a young child, and it pained her greatly that her one and only family relationship was being torn at the edges.

Even though her life at her home had become miserable, Y/N had continued to smile and work hard at U.A, even though the number of sleepless nights she had recently encountered began to take a toll on her body.

She had hoped that Katsuki wouldn't notice the shift in her behavior, Y/N had never been a fan of confrontation. She had always preferred to keep things under the rug. Unfortunately, her behavior hadn't gotten unnoticed by Katsuki. He would notice how she would come out of the restrooms with puffy, red eyes, and how her notes slowly became messier which was unlike her. Katsuki knew that Y/N always organized her notes. But since Katsuki had other things on his mind, he didn't think much of it.

It wasn't until she had rejected his offer to go out on a Friday night that Katsuki decided to act. He was confused, frustrated, and annoyed. They would always go out on dates on Friday nights. Always. Even if she came down with a cold, he would sneak into her house and stay in bed with her, watching a cheesy movie. And therefore, Bakugou decided to act. He had climbed towards her room and stole a look at her from her bedroom window. His blood ran cold.

There she was, crying her heart out with a rope in her hands. No...
Was she-was she going to kill herself? Katsuki knocked on the window furiously, feeling his temper swell with each look at her crying face. Who the hell made her sad? Who did he have to kill?

Y/N gasped and jumped. She dropped the rope and glanced towards her window, eyes widening when she spotted her furious boyfriend. She quickly rubbed her eyes and tried to make herself presentable as she opened the window with a forced smile.

''What's up, 'Suki? I told you I wasn't going to be able to go out tonight,'' Y/N said. She tried to keep the smile balanced on her lips and not break into tears.

''We need to talk, Y/N,'' he said gruffly. She swallowed thickly and nodded in response.

Katsuki kept his anger at bay as he climbed through the window and pulled Y/N into a tight hug. He buried his head in her hair and breathed deeply.

''What's going on, baby?'' he murmured. It was unusual for Katsuki to act to tender and calm, but something told him that he needed to approach his girlfriend carefully.

That was enough for Y/N to fall apart. She let out a loud sob, curling her fists against Katsuki's chest and her entire frame began to shake.

Bakugou could feel confusion stirring in his heart, who the hell had done this to her?! Y/N had always been a cheery and composed girl but right now, she looked so close from breaking away from reality. The sight made Katsuki feel as if someone was ripping his heart to shreds and burning it to ashes. It was too painful to watch.

''I just, I just can't take it anymore,'' she sobbed. Her shoulders trembled with each cry.

Slowly, he picked up Y/N in his arms and carried her to the bed. Katsuki held her in his lap and wrapped his arms around her.

''What's going on? Something's wrong, and you haven't told me anything.'' he sighed and nudged Y/N’s chest into his chest. He hoped it would be of comfort.

''I don't like me very much anymore,'' she spoke into his chest. The vibrations made him shiver, but her words made him freeze in shock.

''You should be with someone else, 'Suki. I'm sorry for being a mess.''

Katsuki furrowed his eyebrows and leaned back to get a proper look at Y/N's face. He frowned and brushed away her tears.

''Hey, hey, slow down, nerd. What the fuck are you talking about?'' he pressed a chaste kiss on her salty and swollen lips.

''Can you start from the beginning, baby? Can you do that for me?'' his arms tightened around her.

Y/N slowly nodded and breathed shakily. Katsuki nodded in approval and patted her back.

''That's it, good job. Now, can you tell me what's going on?'' His patience was running thin- Katsuki had never been very patient, but he knew this was Y/N he was talking about- his amazing and kind girlfriend- so he forced himself to be patient.

''Um,'' she lowered her gaze to her lap. ''Ever since I was young, I felt that there was something wrong with me. I would feel so lonely, I wouldn't fit in anywhere, and most of the time, I felt so sad for absolutely no reason! I don't know why I feel like this, but I hate it,'' she forced a sob down her throat. ''I've never told anyone about it. I didn't want to bother anyone,'' Katsuki let out an angry growl, but quickly quieted down. ''I don't think I should be in U.A. There's this self-deprecating feeling in me, there's this voice that likes to taunt with me and tell me I'm worthless, I'm absolutely nothing,'' she whispered, blinking as tears fell on her hands.

''I can't help it. I've tried to make it stop, but it's stronger than me. It consumes me and it's eating me from the inside. I haven't been feeling well lately, and although I'm very afraid of talking about this, I decided to tell my dad about it.''

''And?'' Bakugou's voice was firm but slow. Knowing that Y/N was suffering so much in silence and he had no fucking idea made him furious. ''What did your old man say?''

Y/N let out a bitter laugh. Bakugou raised an eyebrow and bit down on his tongue. Her laugh sounded so, so wrong. It wasn't a happy laugh, filled with amusement or joy. It was void. Empty. Harsh and bitter. Nothing like Y/N.

''He told me to get over it-,''

Bakugou growled. ''That motherfucker! I'm going to kill him!''

Y/N smiled and pressed a hand on Katsuki's arm. He sighed and lowered his fists.

''I’m sorry…’’ he mumbled. Y/N nodded in understanding and continued explaining.

''-And to be fair, I think he's right. I have a roof over my head, food in my belly and there's nothing I'm missing. My dad has suffered so much and I'm just a spoiled brat that doesn't appreciate what she has,'' she looked up at Katsuki with watery eyes and a strained smile. ''I'm so lucky. I have you as my boyfriend,'' She giggled and hiccuped, pressing a soft kiss on his jaw.

''Don't worry about it. I'll be fine, 'Suki. I'm okay.''

Katsuki clenched his jaw and tightened his fists. He lowered his head and narrowed his eyes.

''Why didn't you tell me...any of this?''

Y/N sighed. She pressed a gentle hand on Katsuki's cheek and smiled.

''I didn't want to bother you with it. You're amazing, Katsuki! You're strong, determined, your quirk is great and you're the next Number One Pro-Hero. I didn't want to get in your way. Besides, you're so confident and beautiful,'' her voice faltered.

''I didn't think you'd understand.''

Katsuki was silent. His head was lowered and Y/N couldn't see the expression on his face. He was silent. Was he mad? Ashamed of her? Ashamed of having a girlfriend that wasn't mentally stable? The insecurities began to jab at Y/N's heart.

''Katsuki, are you okay? You haven't said any-,'' Y/N raised her hand to touch Katsuki, but he quickly grabbed her hand in a firm grip.

Slowly, he raised his eyes and met her gaze. His eyes were blazing with too many emotions. Y/N couldn't understand what he was feeling. Was he sad? Angry? Furious? It seemed to be a combination of all three.

''I'm your boyfriend, Y/N! Fucks sakes, I'm the one who's supposed to protect you,'' he croaked. The hand that gripped her wrist began to shake. ''Not the other way around. You're supposed to tell me everything, baby. If someone's bothering you, I'll make sure they'll never bother you again. If you're in danger, I'm the one who's supposed to swoop in and protect you!'' he growled.

''I'm sorry, I-,'' Y/N began, but Bakugou quickly silenced her with a finger pressed against her lips.

''Shh. Don't apologize anymore,'' he grumbled.

''How can you think like that about yourself? You're my girlfriend and you're the most beautiful person I've ever met,'' he whispered.

''Seeing you makes me smile. When we're together, I feel so happy I fear my chest might explode,'' he barked out a laugh. ''You're not worthless, baby,'' he held her face in his warm hand. ''You're everything to me, even if you don't believe it. You're a strong, kind, and determined girl. You're going to make an excellent hero, I know it. And I'm not just saying this because you're my girlfriend. I'm telling you this because I know it's true,'' he pressed a kiss on her lips.

Y/N slowly moved her lips in sync, tugging Katsuki forward, but he broke apart from the kiss. He grinned and shook his head.

''Not so fast. I have some other things to say. It doesn't matter if I'm training or busy, fuck, I could be dying and you still have to tell me if something's on your mind. Or have you forgotten, Y/N? Being Number One Pro Hero isn't my only priority. You're so fucking important to me! Of course, you're my priority. I don't know what I'd do without you,'' he mumbled, burying his face in Y/N's chest.

Y/N hiccuped. Katsuki quickly snapped his head upwards and stroked Y/N's hair. Her sobs were louder by the minute, so he gently pushed her face into his chest. He murmured words he wouldn't even dream of saying out loud, rubbing circles on her back and stroking her soft hair. Feeling her sadness and pain nearly brought tears to his eyes, but he forced them down. Katsuki had to stay strong and patient for Y/N.

''I'm so tired, Katsuki,'' she cried. ''I just wish I didn't feel like this. Why can't I be normal?''

Katsuki shushed her and pressed a kiss on her forehead.

''Hey, hey, calm down, baby. It's okay to feel tired. You can rest here with me. Don't worry baby, we'll get through this,'' he murmured. ''I'm here for you.''

About half an hour passed by quickly and Y/N's hiccups and sobs slowly quietened down.

''Thank you, 'Suki,'' Y/N raised her head and met Katsuki's soft gaze. ''I know I'm a handful.''

Katsuki sighed and flicked his finger on Y/N's forehead. Immediately, she cried out and clutched her forehead.

''Ow! What the hell was that for?'' she frowned and crossed her arms defensively. The sight made Katsuki chuckle.

''Don't say that about yourself. It's not true. You're only feeding your insecurities if you say them out loud,'' he gripped Y/N's hand and squeezed it.

Katsuki cleared his throat loudly and prepared his speech. ''Now, repeat after me. I, Y/N L/N, am the most beautiful girl ever and no one can say otherwise!''

Y/N's eyes widened and she laughed quietly. Katsuki smiled and squeezed her hand. At least he managed to get a smile out of her. Seeing Y/N without a smile was like if the world had gone dark, and all the colors were reduced to a boring grey. It shouldn't be possible for someone as beautiful and kind as her to look so sad and miserable. She should always be smiling.

''You can't be serious, 'Suki,'' she chided. ''I'll sound like a dumbass! Seeing you say those words with complete confidence made you look like an absolute clown!'' she giggled and shook her head disapproval.

Katsuki snorted and grabbed her face by her chin.

''I don't fucking care. C'mon, say it. You'll feel better, I promise.''

Y/N sighed and decided to surrender. ''Fine,'' she grumbled.

''I, Y/N LN/ am the most beautiful girl in the world and no one can say otherwise!'' she exclaimed, raising her arms for a dramatic effect. After she had repeated the words, Y/N began to laugh wildly as she buried her face in Katsuki's chest.

''That was sooo embarrassing. I'm never going to say that again!'' her words were muffled against his chest.

Bakugou smiled as he felt Y/N's face heat up in embarrassment.

''It doesn't matter. Good job, baby. I'm proud of you,'' he sneaked a kiss on her lips.

''Thank you, 'Suki. I was a dumbass to think that you wouldn't understand.''

Katsuki sighed and tightened his arms around Y/N. He placed his chin on the top of her head and stared at the window. It must've been midnight by now but when he was with Y/N, time seemed to be an abstract concept. He could spend a century with her and it would feel like a few couple of minutes.

''You are a dumbass for thinking like that,'' he grumbled. ''I know I'm not very vocal about my feelings and all that bullshit,'' he paused and licked his lips. ''I understand how you feel. I've felt like that many times. I thought that if I bottled up my emotions, I would be fine, but I was so, so wrong. I used to feel this insane pressure on me because of my quirk, that I had to be better than everyone because if I tried and slacked off, even just for one moment, I'd fail. I would be reduced to nothing and...'' his voice became softer and faltered. ''That terrifies me.''

A moment of peaceful but bitter silence swept over them as they held onto each other tightly. Katsuki could feel his chest tighten. He had done the impossible- express what he was truly feeling. And his chest and shoulders had felt impossibly lighter afterward.

''Oh, Katsuki,'' Y/N sighed and leaned her forehead against Katsuki's.

''You should've told me about this earlier. I admire your determination, very much, you know that, but you have to cut yourself some slack. You're doing great and even if you slack off, you won't fall behind,'' she smiled and met Katsuki's hesitant eyes.

''I promise. Your dreams and goals are important, but you should take care of yourself too. Don't forget about yourself in the process of reaching your goals. You're an extraordinary person and don't think I've ever met someone like you,'' she murmured, tracing her thumb over Katsuki's soft cheeks. He laughed roughly and leaned closer, closing his eyes.

''I think I could say the same thing about you.''

Y/N smiled and closed her eyes, pressing a soft kiss on Katsuki's lips. He smiled against her lips and tugged at her bottom lip. The two of them danced with their lips, tugging at their hair and necks. It wasn't until Katsuki spoke that they broke apart.

''When you're ready, baby,'' he gripped both her hands as he stared into Y/N's eyes. ''We can get some help if that's what you want. Maybe some therapy would help you.''

Y/N smiled and nodded. She squeezed Katsuki's warm palms. ''I think that would be nice.''

''We're going to get through this, won't we, 'Suki?''

Katsuki nodded and tugged Y/N closer. He wrapped his arms around her waist as he breathed in the pleasant smell of her hair.

''Of course. I know we will.''

Y/N pressed a chaste kiss on Katsuki's neck, making his face redden and his grip on her body tighten.

''I love you, 'Suki.''

''I love you more, you damn nerd,'' he grumbled. With a heavy nod, the two of them began to descend into hours of sleep, finding comfort and solace in each other's embrace.

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Iida Tenya starts his morning with a smile. He woke up early, fresh and motivated, and surprisingly; all of his classmates listened to him during class time, even Bakugou. The spiky blonde was scowling, but there was a blush on his face as he held Kirishima’s hand. Iida figured that the redhead was keeping him calm and distracted for now.

Then there was you. You walked into the classroom with the rest, and just like every day, you stole his breath. He felt his eyes slightly widen and his heart pounded impossibly loud in his ribcage as you smiled at him. Iida managed to smile back awkwardly.

Even though he refused to mention it to anyone, he had been romantically attracted to you for a few months now. Iida doesn’t know when it started, but he knows that he’s never stopped feeling butterflies in his stomach ever since then.

He wanted to leave his seat and talk to you- but the moment he tenses up to rise, Eraserhead steps into the classroom. A slight frown takes over his features but he quickly shakes it off.

The class begins as usual, with Aizawa-sensei’s tired and flat voice carrying around the classroom. As the studious student he is, Iida is furiously writing down what he deems important. When the Pro-Hero pauses and excuses himself for a moment, Iida’s eyes drift to you, sitting next to him. He frowns when he notices your expression. Fear and stress are written all over your face, fists clenched in your lap as you stare ahead, without any particular focus.

“L/N?” he asks softly. You slightly flinch and he frowns. Your eyes dart around as if you’re not sure where he is.

“…Iida?” Your voice is impossibly small, and he finds himself leaning closer to you.

“Yes, L/N?” He straightens his glasses and swallows nervously when he notices how close you are. From this short distance, he can see every flutter of your eyelashes, every tug or crease of concern in your eyebrows and when he inhales softly, he catches a whiff of your intoxicating perfume.

Oh god, he feels his face warm. Why can’t he think properly? Why was your face so close to his? And why is something different about you today? Not in a bad way, of course, he chides himself. But there’s something different about your face…

“I forgot my glasses.”


Oh! He feels the pieces click together in his head and nearly facepalms himself for not figuring it out earlier.

“I left them at my dorm… but we’re nearly half a class in, and I don’t want to anger Aizawa-sensei…” you murmur, fiddling with your hands in your lap.

“Do you think you can um,” the glint of hope in your eyes makes his heart flip. “Can you help me with my notes… at least until I can get my glasses back? I don’t mean to impose!” you continue to stammer apologies but they fall upon deaf ears.

“Of course!” he nearly yells but manages to lower his voice at the end of his sentence. “I’d be honored to help you,” the passion and intensity in his sentence make your face warm, but you smile in response.


The day is unlike any other. Instead of having your glasses on and feeling in control, you’re dependent on Iida. He understands how it feels, as a fellow glasses wearer. Instead of switching between staring at the board and your notebook, Iida is writing the notes for both of you. Your eyesight is so poor you can barely distinguish the lines of your notebook, much less write in an organized manner on them.

And then there’s hero training. When you explain the situation to Aizawa-sensei, he’s only mildly irritated. This comes as a surprise, but you’re not complaining.

You sit on a bench as you hear the others train ruthlessly; Bakugou’s shouts and explosions, Midoriya’s muttering, Kaminari’s electricity, and many others. Once in a while, you hear Iida shout and his engines boosting, which makes you smile. All you see are blurs of rapid movements and quirks clashing against each other.

After training, it’s time for lunch. You walk next to Iida, who has allowed you to grab his forearm to walk in the same direction. Even though it’s not particularly intimate, it stills makes both of you flustered. Iida’s glad that you can’t see the soft blush on his cheeks, or how his palms have begun sweating.

You usually sit with Ojiro, Tokoyami, and Koda, but today’s an exception. The two of you arrive at the table, where Midoriya, Tsuyu, Uraraka, and Todoroki are already seated.

“L/N will be sitting with us today if that’s fine with you all,” Iida states as the two of you slide into the benches. Everyone nods in agreement.

“We’re glad to have you here!” Uraraka says cheerfully and you smile softly. Iida doesn’t miss the look she sends his way and once again, he’s thankful you don’t perceive it.

“Why is L/N sitting with us?” Todoroki is blunt as ever and Midoriya’s eyes go wide, mouth open to chide the bi-colored boy.

You grin at Todoroki’s question as you begin to dig into your lunch- one of the few tasks you can manage to do on your own.

’‘I forgot my glasses,“ you laugh quietly, feeling your confidence return to your words. ’'I left the dorms without putting them on.

’'Oh,” is all Todoroki replies before returning to his cold soba.

The once tense atmosphere quickly eases away and within a few minutes, you’re chatting with Iida, Midoriya, and Uraraka. As Iida watches your eyes crinkle at the corners, your lips quirk upwards and your gleeful laughter, he finds himself falling deeper and deeper; the fondness and love he has for you are growing by the minute. And he’s not sure how much he’ll be able to hold it. It’s growing like a balloon- tighter and tighter until it’ll eventually pop and open from the pressure.

After class- thankfully, you’ve retrieved your glasses- you find yourself sitting on fresh grass, next to Iida. He’d offer to stay a while back with you to give you a quick recap on the notes.

Cherry blossom trees draped over the two of you like a heavy, sleep-inducing blanket. Now and then, petals would fall and land at your feet, and even sometimes on your shoulders. The two of you are sitting under one of the many trees on the U.A. campus, in front of the buildings. The rest of your classmates had left to their homes for the weekend or stayed in the dorms.

As your fingers squeezed the grass and you were nearly lulled to sleep with Iida’s voice, something told you that you didn’t ask him to stay back just for scholastic purposes. You had only voiced this aloud to Ojiro- he was quite good at keeping secrets,- but you had harbored a crush on the class president for a few months now.

This moment felt like a dream; the trees were swaying softly, Iida was so close to you and you could smell hints of perfume on him. His body warmth spread towards yours. One of your hands laid limp, only inches away from his. The scene was peaceful and comforting. And before you knew it, your head lolled towards Iida and a warm feeling of drowsiness overflowed in your body.

“L/N?” you hadn’t noticed your eyes had fluttered closed until Iida was nudging you awake.

“Mmmm?” you frowned and opened your eyes. Wide blue eyes stared back at you. When you took in your surroundings and realized the compromising position you were in, a quiet yelp of surprise escaped your lips as you sat up and inched away from Iida’s lap.

“Oh my god…I’m so sorry Iida-kun!” you began to blabber and waved your hands around frantically, feeling deeply ashamed and flustered. But before you could continue your word vomit, Iida raises a hand. You bit back another string of words as you looked at him expectantly with a warm face.

Your heart is pounding in your chest as you watch him clear his throat, adjust his tie, and swallow visibly before looking at you.

“No-no worries, L/N,” his voice is surprisingly shaky and low. “I…” he looks away for a second. “I didn’t mind.’'

His response nearly made you fall backward from the shock. You clench your fists.

’'You…you don’t?” shock was evident in your voice. The class president smiled nervously in response and adjusted his glasses.

“Well-well,” he continued stuttering for a second or two, “Ahem.” he cleared his throat and you laughed softly.

“If I am being truthful, I have… harbored romantic feelings for you, Y/N.” You noticed how his face went slightly red at using your first name. “That is why… I did not mind having you rest your head in my lap.’'

You were silent. His confession was like a splash of cold water; the first second, you didn’t react and the next, you’re freezing and gasping for air.

Iida takes your tense silence as rejection. He swallows nervously before his mouth opens and another bucket of word-vomit is dumped on you.

’'I apologize!” his voice is increasing by the moment, slowly snapping you out of shock.“ As cl-class president, that was highly inappropriate of me! I understand if you do not reciprocate my feelings and would like to forget about this conversation. Oh dear, I am tru-truly apologetic. I-,” you interrupt him with your lips, soft lips dancing in unison.

Iida begins to lower himself to the ground as you straddle his abdomen, cupping his face as you kiss him. Both of you lose focus on your previous worries. All you can think about are his soft lips, his warm breath, and the slight hints of perfume on him. The experience is exhilarating and frankly, new. But it’s amazing; kissing Iida makes energy surge through your body as fireworks ignite in your heart. You don’t want to ever stop.

When the two of you pull away, you’re both breathing heavily. Iida’s hands are gripping the sides of your thighs and your fingers are splayed on his chest. With wide eyes, the two of you stare at each other in silence for a couple of moments.

“Um…” you panted. “That was…”

“Lovely,” Iida’s face is red- he looks like he’s about to explode.

“Oh my god!”’ you slip off his lap and cup his face. “Iida, you’re so red, are you okay?!” He murmurs and nods in agreement, sitting up slowly.

“I apologize,” his tone is rather bashful. “I am not accustomed to having such displays of…. romantic affection in public.’'

You smile and link your hand with his, interlacing fingers.

’'That makes two of us, then.” He smiles at your response.

“So…” you rub your thumb over his knuckles. “Does this mean… we’re dating now?” you decide to test how much you can reach. Iida’s eyes widen as he nearly chokes on air.

‘’What- ah!” you shout in surprise. You’re at his side in a second, patting his back and trying your best to comfort him.

“Oh god! I’m so sorry,” your heart drops. “How are you feeling?’'

Iida clears his throat before grabbing your hands and tugging you upwards. You frown in confusion but follow his lead, wondering why he hasn’t replied.

’'L-Y/N…” his tone is shaky but when you meet his eyes, you see nothing but determination and affection. “Would you do me the honor of being my partner?”

His gesture makes your heart warm and a smile stretches across your face.

‘’Of course,’’ and all your inhibitions fly out the window as you lean closer and press your lips against his. He’s hesitant at first, but eventually matches your pace. Warmth envelopes your heart; the type of warmth you only experience with Tenya Iida. Sweet, comforting and ever-lasting.

Chapter Text

‘’In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.’’

You bite your lip in excitement as you flip through the pages of the book, feeling your heart soar at Mr. Darcy’s words. However, your peaceful moment was quickly interrupted by a loud voice. You sigh in annoyance and strain your ears in a pitiful attempt to block out the bothersome voice, but it only gets louder.

’‘Where is it? Darn it…“ Slowly, you raise your gaze from the book. You spot a guy in the aisle in front of you, that you managed to see through the empty spots of the bookshelf and once you recognize the guy- you freeze.

It's Red Riot. One of the top Pro Heroes and your favorite Hero. He’s the manliest hero in history! You make sure to inhale and exhale shakily before you pass out from shock.

You pinch your arm to make sure you aren’t dreaming. Red Riot, a top Pro Hero, fussing in the same library as you?! A small sting of pain confirms your suspicions- it’s reality.

If it wasn’t for his red spiky hair and teeth, you wouldn’t have recognized him. Slowly, you take a deep breath and walk into the aisle he’s currently standing in. A smile breaks on your lips when you see him searching through several books, fussing and muttering under his breath.

’'H-Hey,” your voice is low and you stutter more than you’d like, but it’s loud enough for him to hear. He immediately raises his head and smiles brightly at you.

“Hi there!” the toothy grin on his face makes your cheeks warm up.

“I, it looks like you’re struggling with something. I don’t work here but,” your eyes dart to his outfit. He’s wearing a black hoodie of Ground Zero and a pair of black sweatpants with red sneakers. It’s simple but looks irresistibly good on him. You quickly avert your gaze.

’'I thought you could use some help. Is there anything you’re looking for?“ your grip on the book tightens.

His face brightens- more than possible, you believe- and he nods.

’'Thanks! Yeah, I’m looking for a book called Pride and Prejudice?” your eyes widen.

“Oh,” you say. It’s the book that you’re holding.

Kirishima seems like an eager reader- who are you to deny him the book? You’ve read it twice, it won’t harm you to share it for once.

“Here you go,” you raise the book with a smile.

Kirishima raises an eyebrow. He doesn’t accept the book and you cough awkwardly. You hadn’t even mentioned which book it was.

“Oh! I’m sorry for not explaining earlier,” you feel like an idiot as your face warms up. “I had the last copy of Pride and Prejudice.” The Pro Hero’s face immediately lights up and he takes the copy in his hand. His finger brush against yours and the touch makes you slightly shiver. Not in disgust nor pleasure but…something else. Though short-lived, it’s a pleasant feeling that makes your heart speed up.

You quickly retracted your hands with a strained smile.

“Wow!” he stares at you and then at the book with awe. “Thank you so much! That’s so manly of you!” your heart flutters at the compliment. “Are you sure you don’t want it?’'

You’re quick to shake your head with a polite smile. ’'No, it’s fine! I’ve already read that book two times…” you laugh awkwardly and much to your surprise, Kirishima laughs with you. His laugh isn’t forced and sounds like music to your ears- masculine but so cheerful that it makes your body relax.

“Okay then,” he smiles toothily. “Thanks um….,” you quickly realize that he’s asking for your name.

“Y/N!” you make sure that your voice is clear and confident. “I’m Y/N L/N. It’s a pleasure to see you around, Mr. Red Riot,” you cringe at the odd honorific but Kirishima smiles warmly.

“You can call me Kirishima,” he walks past you and squeezes his hand on your shoulder.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, L/N! See you soon.” he shoots you one last toothy grin before pulling up his hoodie and walking away from you.

You’re speechless- you’ve just had a proper conversation with your favorite Pro Hero- and barely manage to wave in response.

The next week, you were back at the library. You had been a bookworm since a child and while some found solace in friendship and social gatherings, you found peace and solace in books.

This time, you unconsciously made sure to not look like a homeless like you usually do- and wore a pair of skinny jeans, a loose t-shirt, and a pair of vans.

A part of you said that it was in case you bumped into Kirishima again, but those were just silly fantasies. He was a busy Pro Hero, defending the citizens of Japan. What chances did you have of bumping into him again at the same library?

Turns out that you had every chance in the world since you spotted him slouched in a chair, a new book in his hands. You smile warmly at the sight of him. His red hair makes him even more noticeable but thankfully, the area he’s in is pretty much empty so no one has noticed the Pro Hero.

“Hello, Kirishima,” a smile plays on your lips as you look down at him.

He immediately perks up at your voice and quickly rises from the chair, greeting you with a lovely smile.

“Hey, L/N! I’m glad I caught you here. How are you doing?” his voice is earnest and you fight back a blush.

“I’m doing great, thank you. How are you doing, Kirishima?” you sit down on the chair next to him and he quickly repeats your actions.

“I’m doing okay, but I feel better now that I’ve seen you,” you can’t help but stare at the faint blush that covers his cheeks. Did he blush because of you? Was he…flirting with you?

You giggle at the thought and smile at him with confidence.

“So, what did you think of the book?” you inquire. You notice that his right foot is tapping the floor repeatedly- is he nervous?

“The book?” he sounds confused for a couple of moments. “Oh! I loved it! The writing was so alluring and I think it was quite romantic,” he grins widely and you can’t help but agree with him.

“I’m glad to hear that,” you smile softly. “Are you here for another book?”

Kirishima nods vigorously and you laugh quietly. He seems like an eager child.

The two of you engage in some relaxed chatting- exchanging some gentle touches and by the end of your conversation, both of you are blushing.

You continue to visit the library weekly and so does Kirishima. He’s incredibly kind, respectful and such a gentleman, you can’t help but develop a small crush on him.

It brings you immense joy when he asks you out on a date. It’s nothing too fancy, he told you with a sheepish smile. The two of you would meet at a park and perhaps get some coffee.

You wait impatiently for the day of your date. And finally, you’re starting to get dressed for your date when your phone rings with a message. The contents make you frown.

Kirishima: Good evening Y/N,

Kirishima: I’m so sorry, but I won’t be able to make it for our date today. Some Pro Hero business came up.

Kirishima: I hope you can forgive me. Can we reschedule?

Your heart drops and all your insecurities begin to seep into your heart. A part of you wants to believe him- he’s a Pro Hero, after all, his agenda must be pretty busy- but the insecure part of you suggests that he decided that he wasn’t interested in you anymore.

You type out your reply with a heavy heart.

Y/N: It’s okay, Kirishima

Y/N: Sure, let me know when.

Once you send the message, you immediately call your best friend. Your date being canceled has put you in a foul mood and your best friend always knows how to cheer you up.


“I think you should try going on a blind date, Y/N?’’

‘’You two aren’t dating after all and I think you should still have your options open,” your friend suggests but you frown. By the way, she phrases it, sounds like she’s considering your romantic partner options as objects.

“Actually, I know just the guy!” your friend exclaims. She drops her yogurt on the table and claps her hands together.

“You do?” you ask absentmindedly, swirling your yogurt with a wooden spoon. Your eyes drift to the customers that are entering and leaving the yogurt shop.

“Trust me, you’ll love him. He’s extremely attractive, charming and I can guarantee that at least if you don’t date, you’ll have a great night,” she winks and you laugh briefly.

Maybe your friend was right. There was no reason why you should limit your options.

You’re a nobody, a mediocre citizen, the insecure part of you whispered. He’s a famous Pro Hero. Did you expect a date with him? He’s way out of your league.

The insecure thoughts make you swallow visibly and shove yogurt into your mouth in an attempt to distract yourself.

Your friend’s words lead you to your current situation- standing outside of a loud club. Clubs weren’t particularly your favorite spot, but the guy had told you to meet him there. He said he would show up in a denim jacket, black tee-shirt, and jeans. His hair color was a light brown.

You patiently waited for him to arrive since you had arrived early. Once you spotted him between seas of people, you wave vigorously with a forced smile.

The moment he spotted you, he smirked and waves back. You’ve only known for a couple of seconds, but there’s a feeling of dread and fear boiling in your stomach.

“Hi!” you eagerly greet him once he’s in front of you.

There’s a confident smirk on his face and he introduces himself as Fumihiro Bando. The two of you quickly slip inside the club and linger at the bar, having a light conversation.

Even though he hasn’t done anything wrong yet, there’s something about him that you can’t wrap your finger around. Something about him makes you want to run away, but he’s been nothing but polite to you, so you decide to brush the feeling away.

“Here,” he speaks loudly over the booming music and hands you a drink. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to get more drinks,” You open your mouth to disagree but he quickly turns around.

A sigh escapes your lips as you toy with the straw of your drink. He was attractive- you couldn’t deny it, but you didn’t feel any type of connection with him. Not to mention that something about him didn’t feel…right.

“Hey,” A voice speaks up next to you. You stop nursing your drink and turn to the left, and stifle back a shocked gasp. An oddly familiar bulky redhead is sliding into onto the stool next to you.

Kirishima is sitting next to you and the look on his eyes makes you furrow your eyebrows. Being so close to him makes you blush and goosebumps rise on your skin, he’s so close that you notice how he smells like. It almost feels…intimate.

You aren’t strangers with the man, he’s talked to you before in the library but this is different- it feels different. The environment isn’t like before. You’re not in your usual baggy clothing and neither is he- you’re wearing a revealing skin-tight outfit that accentuates your body and he’s wearing black jeans, a white tee-shirt that presses against his muscles and to top it all of it, a black leather jacket. He’s oozing seduction.

It seems that all the confidence you gained from the alcohol evaporates and for a few moments, you feel painfully sober as you attempt to speak.

“H-hi…” is all you can manage. Even though you sound like an idiot, Kirishima offers you a sympathetic smile before his gaze drifts to the drink in his hands. His eyes narrow.

“Don’t drink that. I think your date’s trying to drug you.” his voice drops down to a whisper. Your eyes widen and your hands immediately loosen around the glass you were carefully holding seconds ago.

“What…?” you swallow nervously and search for an answer in his expression. He seems to be on alert- his eyes are constantly changing focus- surveying the entire club.

“How do you know that?” you murmur. “Why…um,” your voice dies down when you spot your date from afar. He hasn’t spotted you yet and he’s weaving through crowds but it feels like someone dumped a bucket of insects on your head. You can feel goosebumps crawl all over your skin.

Kirishima seems to notice this and presses his hand on your back, steering you away from the bar.

“Let’s go,” he whispers in your ear as you rise from the stool. “It’s best if you lose him. I’ll get you somewhere safe, okay?’'

You can barely walk and keep up with his long strides, your legs are trembling and your toes feel numb.

During the entire time, Kirishima keeps his hand on your back- it doesn’t lower or move at all, but he keeps his grip firm as he helps you weave through the crowds of dancing bodies.

Once the two of you are outside of the club, you breathe in the fresh air and feel your body tremble harder.

Kirishima begins to rub circles on your back and whisper comforting words. You can feel your breathing regulate and you slowly regain your composure.

’'There you are.” the cold voice of Fumihiro Bando makes you freeze.

Kirishima turns around to face him and places you behind him.

“Hey there,” Kirishima’s tone is friendly, but his eyes are narrowed. “Do I know you?”

Fumihiro scoffs and looks at the redhead with disgust.

“Ditching me for another guy? I’ve barely met you for a few moments and I can tell you’re a fucking whore,” he snarls.

Your pride stings with his words and Kirishima stiffens at his words.

“That isn’t very manly,” he says calmly. “Apologize to her. It’s unmanly to disrespect woman.”

Fumihiro snickers and steps forward, glaring daggers at Kirishima.

“Why don’t you shut the hell up and fuck off?!” Fumihiro pushed Kirishima, but he didn’t even budge. The push did absolutely nothing to him. Fumihiro seemed to notice this, as he swallowed visibly and took a step back.

“Do you realize who you’re talking to?” Kirishima said coldly. “I would calm down if I were you.”

He scoffed and glared at the redhead.

“What? Your gym muscles aren’t scaring anyone, buddy.”

“Those aren’t gym muscles, you dickhead,” a new voice growls. You jump and tighten your grip on Kirishima’s arm.

A tall, lean but muscled guy with spiky blonde hair and blood-red eyes steps out of the club and glares at Fumihiro- and it takes you a minute to recognize who it is- Pro Hero Ground Zero!

Oh dear, you think. Your legs are jittery- meeting two Pro Heroes in one day? You’re ready to faint.

“You’re disrespecting the Pro Hero Red Riot, you piece of shit,” Ground Zero growls. Fumihiro’s eyes widen. “And me, by being here. Now fuck off before I get angry.” Fumihiro scowls but scrambles away and once he’s out of your eyesight your body relaxes. Kirishima brings you forward, a hand on your back. Ground Zero’s narrowed eyes drift to you.

“Thanks, Bakugou!” Kirishima says with a toothy smile.

“Tch. Whatever. Who’s this?” his tone is brash and rough, but you can tell he’s good friends with Kirishima.

“Oh! This is Y/N, a friend of mine,” your cheeks feel warm.

Bakugou grunts and gives you a nod of acknowledgment which you return with a small nervous smile.

“I’m going to walk Y/N home, Bakugou, so I’ll head out early today. See you,”

The blonde grunts in response and retreats into the club. Once he’s gone, the environment is oddly silent. The faint echo of the music inside the club makes the walls vibrate. You swallow nervously and raise your gaze to Kirishima, who’s already watching you with a comforting smile.

“Thanks,” you murmur. And then you realize how everything must’ve looked like- the moment he canceled out on your date, you left to leech onto another guy. God, you slightly cringe. This is not good.

“It’s not a problem,” Kirishima’s voice is smooth and lighthearted, a big contrast to yours.

You sigh and pinch your nose. “I’m sorry, Kirishima, I…” you trail off. Kirishima clutched your right hand and squeezes it. He offers you an understanding smile.

“It’s okay, Y/N. I don’t want to imagine how you felt and I’m sorry for canceling. I was really busy that day.”

Your heart feels heavy at his words. He’s so sweet and nice your heart feels like it’s about to explode.

“I know Kirishima but, I shouldn’t have gone on this date. My friend convinced me into going and the dude tried to drug me…” you groan and force down the desire to cry. “I’m such an idiot. I’m sorry. I’ll understand if you don’t want to see me again…”

Wiping your eyes harshly, you lower your gaze to Kirishima’s fancy shoes and sniffle.

“Hey, hey,” he grabs your chin gently and presses a hand on your shoulder.

“Don’t feel bad, sweetheart. It’s not your fault. I’m not mad, you don’t owe me anything, okay?” he murmurs the last few words, brushing his finger on your chin.

“You were free to reject me or decide to move on. I won’t judge you, because it’s your decision and not mine. Okay?”
His bright red eyes are staring directly into yours. Your entire body feels body and you sniffle.

“Th-thank you.” without hesitation, you lean forward and wrap your arms around his back.

Your hug takes him by surprise- he tenses before relaxing and wrapping his arms around you. He’s so tall you can barely reach his collarbone. You sniffle and bury your face in his chest.

“I’m sorry for crying… I’ve just had a long day.” Your words are muffled but Kirishima understands them perfectly.

“It’s okay,” he rubs his hand in circles on your back. “You have nothing to apologize for.”

The two of you stand there for a few minutes until you gain back your composure. His arms are warm and strong, you feel at home in his hold.

Sniffling, you pull back and rub at your eyes. “Thanks for watching out for me, Kirishima. I don’t know how I can ever repay you.” you bow politely.

Kirishima chuckles. He smiles crookedly and crosses his arms over his chest.

“Well…you could repay me with a date.”
Your face warms up and you smile.

“Of course.’'

Kirishima’s grin widens and he steps forward. You giggle at his actions.

’'I’ll be looking forward to our date. But for the moment, I think I’ll walk you home. Is that okay with you?”

You nod and smile brightly. Kirishima smiles and the two of you begin to walk towards his car.
The two of you exchange a comfortable conversation during the car ride and before you know it, Kirishima and you are standing at your doorstep.

“So…” you fiddle with your keys. “Thanks for everything, Kirishima.”

He smiles in response. “Call me Eijirou.”

Your eyes widen but you nod in response. Before you can lose the little amount of courage you’ve gathered, you stand on your tiptoes and press a kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you for everything, Eijirou.”

His eyes widen and you giggle as you watch his face redden and his hand hovers over the spot you kissed him.

“No-no problem!” his voice is squeakier than usual but there’s a bright grin on his face.

“I’ll text you in the morning?” he asks uncertainly. You nod and unlock your door, stepping inside your house.

“I’ll be waiting for your message,” you say with a teasing smile.

Kirishima smiles and nods. “Good night, Y/N! Sleep well.’'

You softly bid him goodbye and close the door behind you. With a smile, you lay on your sofa and press a hand over your beating heart.

The way Kirishima makes you feel is a powerful feeling- scary to an extent, but you’re more than ready to explore this feeling with him.

Chapter Text

Tamaki Amajiki reminded you of winter.

On the surface, many mistook his social anxiety as a cold, harsh, and distant attitude. Others weren’t very fond of him- but you didn’t fit in either category.

You were a lover of winter.

Winter may be a cold and lifeless season, but has its own type of beauty. The pure white snow that graces your grass and the roof of your house always makes you smile. Watching the snow fall upon your shoulders makes you smile and the howling wind lulls you to sleep.

Despite his internal demons and insecurities, Tamaki overcame all the obstacles that stood in his way. As his childhood friend- along with Mirio, you watched Tamaki grow from a fragile and small snowflake, into a beautiful and powerful blizzard. He was beautiful, fragile at times; but resilient and determined.

And in between years of being his friend, you grew fond of his antics- whenever he got excited about something, his voice would grow louder and his posture less guarded and sometimes, he’d even wave his arms or hands. Or when he tried out something new with his quirk, you were the first one to know and he would do a demonstration for you. You’d invite Mirio over and the three of you would play around and test Tamaki’s quirk. There were so many reasons you adored him, so many that you didn’t have enough hands to write them down.

Despite the love and affection you had for your best friend, you knew that being his partner wouldn’t be possible. He had problems with himself and it wouldn’t be fair to put another weight on his shoulders. With that mentality in mind, you never attempted to approach him romantically and instead, stayed at his side like a loyal friend.

Both of you were stubborn and oblivious to each other’s feelings- and it wasn’t until the day that you learned how to skate on ice that your relationship with Tamaki changed.

───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───

“I-I don’t know, Tamaki,” you stammered. Your legs trembled like a baby animal walking for the first time, gripping the short dividers in a death grip.

“Come o-on,” Tamaki slid away and skated in a circle. His movements were firm and fluid, and you watched in awe. How could he move with such ease?

He looked like he was in his element, his shoulders were relaxed and you had rarely seen him express so much body language. The icy cold environment was his comfort zone.

“You’ll enjoy it, I, I promise.” he offered you a small smile and outstretched a trembling hand.

“But this feels awful! I-I don’t know how to ice skate, and,” unconsciously, you removed a hand and began to wave it dramatically.

“And, and- ack!” you yelped as you were tugged forward, nearly topping on top of the blue-haired boy.

“Tamaki!” you refused to look down at the ice and stared at Tamaki. You gripped his shoulders in a tight grip, refusing to release him. “Oh god,” you felt your legs tremble violently and move in opposite directions.

Tamaki’s hands clutched you by your upper back and for a moment, you felt light-headed.

“Calm down,” Tamaki spoke in a low voice. “You can do this. You-you, um,” he averted his gaze, but you noticed how the tip of his ears reddened.

“You can hold my hand if you want.”

You froze. Tamaki slowly raised his gaze to you. The tip of the nose was a bright red, he was cold to the touch and you could even see puffs of cold air when he spoke. When Amajiki noticed you had stiffened and remained silent- he imagined the worst. His eyes widened and he slightly backed away.

“O-or not, if you don’t want to, it’s-its fine-,” He began stammering, his face reddening even more, but you quickly interrupted him.

“No!” you nearly squeaked. Tamaki furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

“Uhm,” you cleared your throat. Shaking your head, you offered him a wide smile. “I’d love to.”

Tamaki perked up. His eyebrows shot up to his forehead and his eyes widened. “O-oh.” was all he said and dropped one of his hands to the side, unsure of how to continue.

Tentatively, you slipped your fingers inside his palm. His fingers were cold to the touch. Once your hands were intertwined, you let out a heavy sigh of relief.

You were too nervous to meet Tamaki’s gaze and despite the cold air that bit at your nose, lips, and hands- your cheeks heated up. Was he as flustered and embarrassed you?

The two of you stood in awkward silence- well, you tried to balance yourself so you wouldn’t fall like an idiot, until you felt a soft squeeze on your hand.

It was light and had you been distracted, you probably wouldn’t have noticed but at the moment all you could focus on was the boy standing next to you.

Smiling, you met Tamaki’s gaze. He was smiling as well, though you could tell that he was making a great effort, he wasn’t very fond and comfortable with physical contact.

But he was trying his best, for you.

Your knees felt wobbly at the thought and your entire face felt like it was on fire- but you were quickly interrupted by Tamaki’s soft voice.

“We should get moving now. Come on, what you need to do is slightly bend your knees, don’t crouch, but bend them.”

Slowly, you did as you were told and when you felt yourself regain balance, you grinned.

“G-good, that’s good,” Tamaki nodded in approval. “Do you, um, do you still want to hold my hand?” His face was far redder once he was done talking.

You nodded vigorously- maybe a little bit too excited, you thought with a wince- but agreed nevertheless.

“If you don’t mind, I do.”

Tamaki was about to reply, when Mirio’s loud and cheerful voice interrupted your moment and reminded you that you weren’t alone with him.

“Tamaki! Y/N! What’s taking the two of you so long? Come on, it’s much nicer on this side!”

Mirio waved frantically from the other side of the ice ring and you couldn’t help but laugh in amusement.

Squeezing Tamaki’s hand for support, you pressed your hand on your cheek and shouted.

“We’ll be right there!” your voice was far more ragged and throaty than you’d like. “Just give us a second!”

You heard Nejire giggle faintly. She was watching the two of you in amusement and shot you a knowing look, which you replied with a playful glare.

“Are you ready?” Tamaki asked. You swallowed nervously and nodded.

“Let’s get this over with.’‘

Slowly, the two of you began to skate towards your friends- Tamaki instructing you or advising you how to move every now and then.

’'God, this ground is so slippery…” you mumbled, shaking your head in disapproval. “I fell like in any moment I’m going to fall on my ass.”

Tamaki laughed softly. You smiled when you heard his laugh and squeezed his hand.

“This is ice, Y/N,” his smile was the brightest so far. “It’s bound to be slippery.”

You grumbled in disapproval and rambled about the 'damn ice’ and 'stupid skate shoes’. Tamaki chuckled. On an occasion or two, you nearly fell and he had to grip you by your elbows for support. The chattering of other children and parents echoed in the room.

Once you arrived at the other side of the ice ring- Nejire and Mirio skated towards you and grinned.

“Finally!” Mirio grinned. “I thought we would have to wait another hour for your arrival.”

You rolled your eyes but smiled. “Well, we’re here now, aren’t we? Nearly died a couple of times, but we’re here.”

Nejire snorted. You felt Tamaki’s cold hand wrapped around yours and how the girl’s gaze drifted towards it before quickly looking up.

“I did see you slip, but there’s nothing to worry about! After all, you have your hero Tamaki to protect you. Right, Tama?” she cooed with a mischievous glint in her wide eyes.

Tamaki stammered next to you and you forced down a gasp.

“Ne-Nejire!” you scolded her, though you could feel your voice quiver with embarrassment.

Mirio raised an eyebrow at this but said nothing. Instead, he skated away and grinned. “Come on guys! Are we going to stand all day in this cold ring or actually have some fun?”

You groaned dramatically. “Miriooo! I just got here and escaped death a few times and you want me to do…” you waved your hands in circles. “That?”

Mirio laughed. He spun in a circle and grinned smugly. “Yes, Y/N.”

You sniffled. Nejire giggled and skated past the two of you and you noticed how Tamaki had gone silent. When you turned around to face him, he was already looking at you. His eyes slightly widened but Tamaki remained silent.

“Do you think you can help me?” you lowered your gaze to the ice, brushing your thumb across his knuckles.

“Of co-course. C'mon, follow my lead,” his voice sounded squeakier but you decided not to question him.


Though it took you some time to get the hang of it- you were eventually skating along with your friends, racing in silly games with Nejire. Tamaki had drifted towards Mirio and you saw that they would briefly talk about something and whenever you would look towards your crush he would smile shyly. You’d return his smile.

“The two of you seemed real close today, Y/N,” Nejire stood next to you, grinning like a madman.

Flustered, you averted your gaze and bit the inside of your cheek.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Nejire giggled. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. In fact, I think I should go ahead and tell Tamaki since it seems that neither of you will ever confess.” And with that, Nejire sped off.

“W-wait!” you skated after Nejire, but your skating skills were far more amateur.

You felt your heart crawl up your throat as you raced towards Nejire, who was quickly approaching the boys.

“Nejire!” you nearly growled. “Don’t you dare!”

She giggled and winked at you in response.

You were out of breath and your legs felt like jello when you finally reached your friends. Nejire was already talking to Tamaki, who was staring at her with furrowed eyebrows. “No!” you exclaimed. Tamaki’s gaze snapped towards you and before you could react, Nejire had giggled and moved out of the way.

You were unbalanced and out of control- Tamaki didn’t have time to react and before you could blink, you toppled on Tamaki.


His hands lingered on your waist, your legs between his. The two of you were breathing heavily and you could faintly smell takoyaki. Tamaki’s eyes were blown open, jaw slack. He was frozen on the ground. Your hands were pressed on the cold ground, feeling your heart race; ready to leap out of your ribcage.

Swallowing nervously, you smiled at Tamaki. His hands tightened around your waist.

“H-hi,” you said nervously.

Nejire and Mirio laughed behind you and murmured. But you paid them no mind- being so close to your crush felt as if you were alone with Tamaki- just you and him.

You could sense everything; his cold hands weighing down on your waist, his long legs spread apart and his warm breath fanning your face. After awkwardly staring into Tamaki’s deep blue eyes, you were ready to get up and pretend that this never happened, but his grip tightened on your waist.

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. Gently, you pressed a hand on his shoulder.

“Tama, we have to-,” you were sharply interrupted by him.

“I like you!” he blurted out.

You would’ve staggered backward from the shock if his hands weren’t holding you down. Jaw slack, you watched as your best friend’s face bloomed red and you felt your own face heat up with warmth.

Tamaki licked his lips and squeezed your waist gently.

“I li-like you, Y/N, and I have for a long time. You’re my best friend, the most beautiful person I’ve ever met and I love you,” his mouth clamped shut at the last words as if they had escaped without his permission. His eyes widened and they watched you expectantly.

With a relieved laugh, you smiled. One of Tamaki’s hands slackened and you slipped your hand inside his.

“I like you too, Tamaki.”

You lowered your head, leaning your forehead against his.

“Oh,” he murmured, his eyes trailing over your face. “That’s go-good.”

You smiled. His eyes lowered to your lips and he licked his own.

“Ca-can I kiss you?”

Instead of replying, you cupped his head and leaned towards him.

His lips were chapped and cold against your own, but kissing your best friend was bliss; the moment your lips touched, warmth traveled down your threat and bloomed in your heart. You were quickly out of breath, and so was Tamaki. The two of you pulled away and breathed heavily, staring at each other in silence

“Woo!”’ you heard Mirio shout behind you. “Finally, I’ve been waiting centuries for this!’'

Nejire let out a shriek of happiness. You laughed softly and Tamaki joined you.

’'Come on, we should get up.” Tamaki nodded in response. You slowly rose and once you balanced yourself, helped Tamaki hoist himself up.

The two of you approached Mirio and Nejire, who engulfed the two of you in a bear hug. You laughed against Mirio’s chest and glanced at Tamaki. He smiled back.

Moments like these, hugging your friends and kissing your best friend on the same day, were moments that you would never forget. They would spread warmth in your heart for as long as you lived.

Chapter Text

The loud blaring of sirens and shouts snap you awake. One moment, you were snuggling your pillow, silently asleep and the next you’re scrambling to find your slippers, slapping your glasses on, and racing outside of your U.A Alliance dorm.

You meet the eyes of your best friend Tokoyami, and rush to his side, eyes darting to observe your surroundings. The rest of class 1A is in the same hallway as you, kids murmuring nervously. Everyone has messy bed hair and ratty sleep clothing.

The sirens that shook you awake went silent and within a few seconds, tore into the silence with another screech. Everyone yelps and you flinch.

“What is it?!” Everyone begins to murmur and you find yourself clinging to Tokoyami’s arm, nervous and half-asleep.

He’s been your closest friend since you arrived at U.A. and the two of you share a mutual bond of trust. With just sharing a glance, the two of you know you have to stick together.

“This is not a drill!” Aizawa’s voice booms- you’re not sure from where it’s coming from, “Class 1A, head to the exit!’‘

Even though your class consists of heroes in training, emphasis on the in-training part, you’re still human and react with fear.

Sleep-deprived and overly hyper teens race past you, and while you cling to Tokoyami’s side as the two of you rush forward, someone slaps your glasses off your face. It slightly stings.

You don’t even register it, adrenaline is pumping through your veins and all you can focus on is reaching the exit of the dorms. The sirens are so loud your ears are straining at the sound.

Eventually, everyone calms down and Iida, as the good class president he is, turns the chaotic mess of your class into organized students standing in rows.

Your class is standing in the green areas of the campus, the sirens had gone silent a while ago and everyone is fidgety and nervous. What had just happened?

’'Alright, class 1A!” he adjusts his glasses and acting on instinct, you raise your hand to touch yours, only to notice they’re gone. Iida continues talking but you block him out; focusing solely on finding your glasses.

“No, no…” you murmur, and Tokoyami notices when your hand releases his arm. He frowns and watches as you murmur to yourself and pat down your shirt and shorts.

“Aizawa-sensei will be here shortly,” you manage to catch a few of Iida’s words. “It seems that a…” he falters. “Present Mic is ill and is suffering a few symptoms. He’s been affected by an unknown quirk, which causes him to release his sonic scream at any time.’'

Everyone begins to murmur bewilderedly at this, sharing glances and looks.

’'That’s right,” Aizawa stepped out of the dorms and stood next to Iida. The night was dark and you could barely make out Aizawa’s figure.

“And Present Mic…” he winced. “Tends to sleepwalk. That’s why you heard the sonic screams in your dorms. They’re highly dangerous, which is why I ordered you all to leave the dorms and stay away from his range.

’'Now,” your sensei sighs and you realize how his posture was slumped. He was exhausted. “You can all return to bed. Present Mic has been awoken and returned to the U.A. facilities.” A classmate or two snickered at this.

“Alright, you heard sensei!” Despite the time, Iida was rigid and instructive as ever. “Off to bed! Class 1A, please form a line! Sero, please wrap up Mineta, we don’t want any issues this early.” Sero cheers in agreement and you smile as you hear Mineta shriek.

One you were in a line, in front of Tokoyami, you groan and lean back into him. There seemed to be some commotion upfront and the dorms were still closed.

“Tokoyami…” you murmured nervously. He frowned in concern at your tone and leaned closer.

“What’s wrong, L/N?’'

’'I lost my glasses,” you grimace. “I was about to tell you earlier but I wanted to listen to Aizawa-sensei. Do you think you can help me find them once we step into the dorms?’'

Tokoyami’s body is screaming for sleep, but he knows he’ll do anything for you. So he quickly nods.

’'Of course,” he spares a glance at the quickly advancing line. “It seems that the dorms have been opened. We should head inside and find your glasses.’'

’'Yeah,” you smile softly- the smile that always makes Tokoyami’s heart skip a beat and walk at his side. “Thanks, Toko. I really appreciate it.’'

He hums in response, feeling his throat clench as his heart performs an acrobatic show in his ribcage. Tokoyami wonders if you notice how his heart goes euphoric every time you smile at him.

Once the two of you are inside the dorms, Tokoyami summons Dark Shadow; he was a bit fearful at the start, but the lighting of the dorms is far enough to keep Dark Shadow on reins.

After minutes of searching and several grumbles of annoyance, the two of you find nothing. Well, the search was mainly of Tokoyami and Dark Shadow, since you weren’t able to see much without your glasses.

’'Oh man…” you sigh and slump your shoulders. “I’m going to have to buy new glasses.’'

Tokoyami frowns at your disappointment and his eyes catch a gleam of silver on the ground. ’'Wait,” he steps away and grabs the glasses off the floor. He grimaces as he presents them to you. They’re cracked, twisted, and definitely not wearable anymore.

“Oh no…” you frown as you hold them in your hands.

Your sadness unsettles him; and before Tokoyami can even close his beak, a string of words escape them.

“I’ll help you.”

Slightly frightened, you flinch before looking at him. “How? You don’t have to pay for them Toko, they’re my responsibility. I appreciate the thought, you’re very sweet.’'

He feels his feathers ruffle at your compliment and he’s thankful you aren’t wearing your glasses otherwise you’d see his flustered face.

’'I-I,” the boy clears his throat. “Ahem. I can help you take your notes and so on until you receive a new pair of glasses.’'

You gasp and grin gleefully. Your body is racing towards him before you can even blink and you wrap your arms around his back, squeezing him as you bury your cheek into his chest.

Tokoyami falters in surprise and nearly squawks- thankfully, he’s able to shove it down his throat before he hesitantly returns your hug.

’'Of course, Y/N. You are very dearest to me and I would do anything for you.” God damn it! It seems that he can’t control his body tonight! The romantic confession leaves his body and nearly takes his soul alongside.

His words make you freeze and he internally curses at himself, knowing he’s ruined your friendship.

“…Really?” your voice is barely higher than a whisper and Tokoyami finds himself slowly nodding.

“I like you too, Tokoyami,” there’s a soft smile playing on your lips that makes his knees weak.

“Well,” he diverts his gaze from your smiling face. Tokoyami knows that if he stares for too long, he’ll never be able to stop. “That’s-that’s wonderful.’'

You laugh quietly at his sudden bashfulness and tug his hand towards the dorm’s elevator.

’'C'mon, we should head to sleep.” Tokoyami feels impossibly happy as he walks with you, hand in hand, and shoulders brushing against each other. He doesn’t think he’s ever felt this happy before.

And after the two of you step into the elevator and the doors are about to close, you press a soft but brief cheek on his feathery cheeks before returning your gaze to the floor. The doors slam shut with a ding! and the two of you are blushing impossibly hard.

Needless to say, losing your glasses is the best thing that’s happened to both of you. Who knew that a pair of missing glasses would result in a romantic confession from your best friend?

Chapter Text

They’re monsters, Y/N. And everyone knows you can’t trust a monster, was the threatening remark your brother would tell you every time you mentioned the Todoroki’s. The subject was once a source of excitement for him; but as you entered your young adult years, it became taboo. And by the grim expression on his face, you assumed he spoke from experience.

As the naive young farm girl you were, you never realized how true his words were. You had been living on the outskirts of Japan under a poor household for your entire life and had never left or known beyond the grassy fields that surrounded your home. The most impressive thing you had seen was the Todoroki household, a mighty and tall Japanese castle.

Since you lived in a rural area, there weren’t many neighbors. Most of them were at least a hundred meters away from your humble abode.

Not the Todoroki family, though.

They lived in an eerie and grim castle which was surrounded by wooden gates; it was only a walk away from your house, around ten to twenty minutes. Whenever you passed by, the only thing you could glimpse at was the triangular roof that curved upwards and the second floor. You spotted movement twice, a shadow walking by the window, but didn’t see anything else.

The castle looked abandoned and lifeless. Something about it made you feel isolated, with small and thin needles piercing your back, especially after the Todoroki family abandoned the house. Dead and towering trees surrounding the castle and at night, and you would constantly hear gut-wrenching screams and sobs of despair. Your brother often dismissed you, saying the wind was playing tricks on your mind. But even as sheltered and oblivious you were, your gut told you that it wasn’t the wind.

Your 18th birthday was nearing and your parents had been planning to wed you off to a dashing male, though they refused to disclose his identity. This didn’t settle well with you. For the past years, you had lived an easy and carefree life with your older brother and parents, doing minimum tasks such as feeding the chicken and milking the cows. When you weren’t attending the farm, you liked to spend your time in the empty grass fields and lie among the flowers. Being a dutiful wife was the last thing on your mind.

When your brother Haruko and you were nothing more but pudgy face children, he would tell you tales about vampires. Your conversations were often loud and consisted of silly bickering.


“Y/N!” His high pitched voice made you turn around. You grinned and waddled towards your brother and the two of you sat on the doorstep of your home.

“I found something today!” He shoved his small and chubby hands in your face. There was a piece of tattered clothing, tainted with old blood. You wrinkled your nose.

“What is that?!” He beamed.

“It’s a secret…” Haruko beckoned you to lean closer and he began to whisper into your ear. “I found it outside of the Todoroki house, and I think they’re vampires!”

You snorted in disbelief and shook your head. “Vampires? We don’t have vampires in Japan, silly! Do you mean a Nure-onna?’‘

Your brother groaned in annoyance and shook his head. ’'No! I mean vampires! The western type!” His words only left you more confused.

“See,” he held out the cloth. “Vampires are bloodsucking monsters! They’re the living dead. They only come out at night, that’s why we never see the Todoroki’s…” he made sure to make his tone ominous and grinned when you shivered with fear.

“But that’s just a piece of cloth. Maybe that isn’t even blood,” you argued. Haruko clicked his tongue.

“No, I have more! The other day, I saw someone at the Todoroki castle…” his face hardened. “ I saw a young boy, with pale white skin!” He waved his hands around dramatically. “His hair was two colors, that isn’t normal! He stared at me for a few seconds… it was weird,” your brother shuddered. “And I heard a man shout for him, so the boy opened his mouth and shouted back. Then he left. And here’s the thing….” your shoulders tensed with anticipation.

“When he opened his mouth, I saw fangs! Sharp, shiny fangs!”

Your curiosity grew after that conversation. Determined to prove your brother wrong, you began to sneak around and observe the Todoroki household, desperate to spot at least one of the family members.

Perhaps, now that you look back at your situation, that was your first mistake; your first step into a deadly trap.


You were a tender and fragile nine-year-old when you first met the boy. With his short luscious red and white locks, the mere sight of him left you breathless. He was beautiful and ethereal, but the cold and lifeless look in his bi-colored eyes would leave you shivering. It was a stormy and troublesome day.

Twigs and branches snapped beneath your bare feet as you pushed through the sea of trees. Your wobbly knees were scraped and dirty, but your will and determination never wavered. Maybe it should’ve.

After fighting with your brother- now that you look back at it, it was a rather silly argument,- you fled your house and marched towards the Todoroki castle. Although they had wooden gates encircling their home, you managed to sneak to the back and found a pair of wooden planks that were wide enough for you to slip into.

But it was just your luck that it started raining, hard. And it didn’t help that you miscalculated the amount of wildlife the Todoroki castle had; you had to navigate through an entire forest before reaching their castle.

A bolt of lightning thundered in the sky, and you flinched. Your blood ran cold when you heard a branch snap.

“He-hello?” You nearly hiccuped. Snap. The footsteps grew closer. Snap.

Staggering backward, you swallowed nervously.

“Who’s the-there?!’' Snap. The crunching of branches only grew louder and as you tensed to run away, a figure emerged from behind a tree. It was the young boy Haruko had described; bi-colored hair and eyes, and with a presence that sent a gust of air your way, even though it wasn’t a windy day.

’'Wh-who are you?” You had fallen on the ground out of shock and stared at him as he stepped closer to you.

He didn’t reply. The boy cocked his head to his side, and there was a neutral expression on his face. Your body relaxed for a moment. He seemed more interested in observing you than sucking your blood.

“I think I should be asking you that,” his voice was unnaturally cold and formal for a child.

You whimpered. “Are you a-a vampire?”

He frowned. In a quick few steps, he was sitting in front of you, staring at your disheveled appearance.

“What gave it away?” And for the first time, he opened his mouth wide enough for you to peek at his fangs. Your eyes widened. Haruko’s fearful description could never match the panic that flooded your body.

They were as you expected- a set of sharp, white, and gleaming fangs. But when you were only a few heartbeats away from them, they were much more threatening. The mere sight of them made you freeze.

“A-Are you going to suck my blood? Please don’t hurt me!” You shut your eyes and didn’t notice the perverse and wicked smile that took over his lips and disappeared the next second.

“No, I don’t think I will.” He rose from the muddy ground and patted down his clothes. You examined his clothing. He was wearing a white collared shirt, a pair of black slacks, and a cloak to complete the mysterious look. It was your first time seeing such fancy and expensive clothing, as you were accustomed to your simple and worn out dresses and trousers.

He outstretched his hand. “Come with me,” you swore you saw a faint smile. “You’re filthy. I can help you get fresh clothing.”

You probably shouldn’t have trusted him. Rising on your trembling legs, you took his hand and nearly gasped. You were freezing from the rain; but otherwise, your skin was warm. But the boy’s skin was cold to the touch. Not the type that happens after being soaked in the rain; his skin felt…lifeless. Devoid of human life. You shivered.

That day you stepped into the Todoroki castle. You realized you didn’t even know his name, so as soon as you were wearing fresh clothing- he mentioned they were his elder sister’s clothing, Fuyumi,- you asked him.

“Todoroki,” you started. After knowing that neither of his parents was home, you felt much more welcomed and comfortable.

“What’s your first name?” The boy raised an eyebrow. He sat on the sofa opposite to you, with his legs crossed, hands on his lap, neutral but calculating gaze, and prideful posture. He resembled a portrait of a mighty king.

“Shouto. I am Shouto Todoroki. The youngest child of the royal family, Todoroki. And you are?” You rubbed your hands and blew hot breath on them.

“I’m Y/N Fujisaki,” you smiled sadly and averted your gaze. '’A simple farm girl, with no wealth or status to my name.“

He simply hummed in response and didn’t seem particularly bothered by it. The two of you sat in the lavish living room, with red drapes and carpets, hearing the flames in the fireplace crackle softly. Even though the walls were thick, you still heard the rain pattering on the roof, and more bolts of lightning struck the sky. You winced.

’'You are welcome to stay for the night,” Todoroki said. “It is far too cold and dangerous for you to venture out to your home.”

Your jaw nearly dropped to the floor. “Re-Really?” you whispered. The boy cleared his throat awkwardly before nodding.

You slept the night in Todoroki’s bedroom. Even though you refused several times, he insisted you took his bed, and he would rest on the sofa.

Your strange but exciting friendship took birth that night, and the two of you quickly grew close for many years to come. Between several nights of sneaking out at midnight, sharing hushed secrets and traumas, the vampire became a shoulder to cry on for you, and you were the same for him. Especially when the hunting began. It was no news to you that Todoroki and his family were pureblood vampires, but it had never bothered you. You rarely thought of it.

Society didn’t seem to agree with you. Before your own eyes, dozens of villagers would march around, searching for vampires to drive a stake through. You’d see banners and hear the shouts of the villagers. Monsters! Sinners! We don’t want any vampires in our town!

While the protests weren’t pleasant, you never realized the extent of them until the day you were to meet Shouto at the castle, and he wasn’t there.

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

None of the Todoroki’s were home. Since you were a well-known friend of Shouto, the Todoroki’s had granted you free passage to the castle, even when they weren’t home. Usually, Shouto would meet you near the fireplace at midnight. You sat on one of the plush cushions and swung your legs back and forward, the flickers of fire spreading warmth through your body.

The loud slam of the castle doors made you jump. You scurried to the entrance, where Touya and Natsuo dragged themselves in, grunting and wincing. It wasn’t until you saw the familiar mop of white and red hair that your heart skipped a beat as you raced forward.

‘’Shouto!’’ you squeaked. His head was hung downwards and his two older brothers were carrying him. You glanced at Natsuo and Touya. ‘’What happened?!’’ They weren’t in a better state. Both of them had mud, scratches, and dirt all over their faces. Their usual royal and elegant clothing was tattered and you spotted blood on Touya’s dressing shirt.

‘’Vampire hunters,’’ Natsuo spat. They carried Shouto to the sofa. You kneeled at his side and gasped at the sight beneath his mops of hair. A wide red, angry-looking and raw scar trailed on the left side of his face, starting from his hairline and ending on his cheek.

‘’Shouto,’’ you sobbed as your hands fisted his hair. Then, you swung around and met Touya’s and Natsuo’s pained gaze.

‘’Why isn’t it healing? Don’t vampires have fast and improved healing?!’’ Touya sighed. He looked just as confused and pained as you.

‘’This was different,’’ Natsuo said gently. ‘’I think, it was a-a,’’ he cleared his throat and rubbed his watering eyes. ‘’A witch burned him.’’

You swallowed thickly.

‘’Curse those witches,’’ Touya snarled. ‘’Their fire is lethal to a vampire.’’

You sniffed and wiped at your tears.

‘’But…he’ll make it, right?’’ You could see the uncertainty in the Todoroki’s sibling’s eyes.

You slept at Shouto’s side, holding his cold hand in yours. Your face buried in his torso, damp with your tears.

‘’/N….?’’ the voice was fuzzy and so, so far away. Sleep weighed you down and could only manage a sleepy mumble.

‘’Y/N,’’ the fuzzy voice was much louder this time. With a confused hum, you opened your eyes and winced as they adjusted to their surroundings.

‘’Mmmm…what is it?’’ Your eyes focused on Shouto and you immediately rose to your feet.

‘’Shouto!’’ You cried out and tackled him in a bear hug. ‘’I was so worried!” Tears quickly sprang in your eyes and you sobbed into his chest.

As you continued to mumble and sob incoherent words, Shouto mumbled sleepily and returned your hug with equal intensity.

‘’I’m okay, Y/N,’’ he murmured as his hands rubbed circles on your back. ‘’I promise.’’

Your sobs eventually quietened down and you sniffled away the last tears. You raised your head and met Todoroki’s tired gaze. Seeing the new scar was quite unsettling. Your hand reached out and gently brushed against his scar.

‘’Do you still want to be my friend?’’ he whispered. He frowned and his hand wrapped around yours, squeezing softly. You furrowed your brows.

‘’Why would I ever stop, Shouto?’’ He sighed.

‘’The scar. I’m aware it’s not a pleasant sight,’’ the insecurity and doubt in his voice made your heart squeeze.

With a sad smile, you stood on your toes and pressed a kiss on his scar. His hand slid to your waist as you did so.

‘’Don’t be silly. The scar is a part of you; just as beautiful as the others. It won’t stop me from being your friend.’’ You smiled when you saw his face slightly redden.

‘’Okay,’’ he said, barely above a whisper. ‘’Thank you.’’ His voice became wobbly. Your heart ached for him and instinctively, the two of you wrapped your arms around each other. He buried his face in your neck and you buried your face in his chest. The two of you stood in silence, attempting to heal each other’s pain through the comfort of physical contact.

The friendship quickly came to an end when you were around fourteen or fifteen years old. Over the years, the protests and vampire hunting increased to the point you weren’t able to see Shouto as often as you used to. The memory is fuzzy, but you can still remember the grim look on his face.

“Good evening, Shouto!” You said gleefully. He had requested for you to meet him on one of the green fields at midday; and while you thought his request was odd- you tended to meet at midnight, you didn’t think much of it.

“Greetings, Y/N,” with a small smile, he held your hand and pressed a soft kiss on your knuckles. Your face felt warm at the gesture.

“Is there a special occasion?” You said with a teasing smile. “Why have you called for me at evening,” you spared a glance at your surroundings. “When our meetings are usually at midnight?”

Shouto smiled faintly. There’s a bitter and melancholic look in his eyes that unsettles you. And when he doesn’t answer, your stomach tightens.

“Shouto? What’s the matter?”

He sighed before shaking his head. Todoroki’s hands clutched yours and if it wasn’t for the tense mood, you would’ve been flustered and flattered.

“I desperately wish I could change this,” he said. “My family… we’re relocating.”

Your heart dropped to your stomach. “What…?”

Shouto swallowed before squeezing your hands. “I know you have no qualms about my state of, well, being a vampire, but many others do.”

You frowned and tightened your grip. “What?! But you’re no harm, you’re the humblest and kindest person I’ve ever met! They can’t-,” he cut you off with a raise of his finger.

“I know you don’t, dear,” Shouto isn’t one for affection other than when he’s greeting you, so it surprised you when he leaned closer and caressed your cheek.

Your eyes widened but you decided to remain silent. He swallowed visibly as his eyes stared into yours.

“Many other villagers have found out what my family is. They’re going to persecute us, we can’t let that happen. If they get our hands on us, we’ll be slaughtered.”

His grim sentence made tears slowly form in your eyes and you sniffled.

“I don’t want you to go…” your voice trembled. You dropped his hands and fisted his shirt, he wrapped his arms around you and allowed you to cry into his chest.

After a few moments, he kissed your forehead. His silent goodbye, and left you alone in the wide field.

As tears flooded your face and sadness consumed your heart, you would remember those bittersweet moments as the day you lost your friend Shouto Todoroki, forever.

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

Shouto’s words became reality. Not long after, the Todoroki castle was overrun and ransacked by villagers and vampire hunters with forks and torches. But they were long gone. Since your family lived the closest to them, you were interrogated by the villagers but quickly released after they realized your family had no connections with the Todoroki. At least, that was you made them believe.

Ever since that day, a part of your heart had left with Shouto. In its place, was a feeling of nostalgia and bittersweetness. On the gloomy days, you would think of him. Of his rare but beautiful smile, his magnificent hair, and eyes, and the deep and intimate friendship you used to have. On the bad days, you would think of what could’ve been. Maybe if you had confessed the feelings you had for him, you wouldn’t be at your farm, dreading for the day you were to be married to a stranger. You would’ve been at his side, exploring the world as friends, and hopefully lovers.

The conflict between vampires and humans only increased after his departure. Vampires began to attack constantly, and many of your fellow villagers would be found dead, with bite marks on their necks and their blood drained. Your mind always went to Shouto, but you knew he wasn’t capable of murder. He never raised his hand in your presence- harmed you, and was never been fond of the idea of drinking blood. You were no longer allowed to walk alone at night unless you were accompanied by your brother Haroku. Many persecutions and hunting of vampires marched past your home.

But strangely, things had calmed down for the past month. You rarely heard of vampire attacks near your abode.

Your eighteenth birthday was only a week away, and your mother had been buzzing with excitement ever since. She had been preparing your dress for the wedding, and every time you had requested to know the identity of your husband, she would refuse.

“Mother,” you said exasperatedly as you trailed behind her. “Please indulge in my request, what’s the name of my…” your mouth tasted bitter. “Of my future husband?’'

She sighed as the two of you arrived at the kitchen, refusing to acknowledge you.

’'I have told you over and over, Y/N,” her voice sounded rather wobbly, than the usual stern tone you were accustomed to.

“Your groom…has asked to remain anonymous until the two of you are wed. But worry not!” she shot you a bright smile, but it looked forced. “He is a man of high status and great wealth and power. You will have a prosperous life with him.”

This was what bugged you the most. You were a common farm girl, living in the middle of nowhere. How had you managed to catch the attention of a prestigious man?

You sighed. “Okay….”

Your mother began to mutter to herself in a dejected, crazy manner. It made you stop in your tracks. “Yes, it must be this way….. he gave us no other choice. Once she has been wed, he… he will leave our family alone.’'

Questions swarmed your mind, but you didn’t dare look back and stick around to hear what she was talking about. Maybe, you thought. Maybe it’s better if I leave this alone.

The dreaded day came too soon. Before you knew it, you were being fitted into the elegant dress. It was overwhelming and you felt trapped in it. This was the day. From now on, your life would no longer be yours. It would belong to the man who asked for your hand in marriage.

You were seated on your bedroom floor as your mother fussed around you, helping you with your clothing. The wedding was to take place at night; which you raised an eyebrow at, but as always, your mother refused to disclose any information.

Your entire village was to attend, and the wedding would take place in the green fields. It was a simple event, but it held an immeasurable weight of stress over you. Knowing that it would unify the relationship in which you were no longer your own person.

’'Mother,” she hummed in response as she patted your hair. “Why won’t you tell me who’s my groom?”

Her hands froze. You weren’t sure if you wanted to raise your head and see her reaction.

“Mother?” Her hands unclenched and she sighed, but you noticed the quiver in her voice. It made your doubts and queasy feelings double.

“This is the way it must be,” was all she replied. It wasn’t much comfort to your anxious being.

When the sun lowered and the moon rose gracefully, it was time for the ceremony to begin. Moonlight shone on your skin as you walked to the aisle, with your father leading the way, your arm in his. He was deathly silent and you didn’t miss the way he was sweating bullets.

And to top it all off, your husband-to-be hadn’t shown up yet. The villagers that sat at your left and right were murmuring about your concerns. On the other hand, you weren’t sure whether to feel relieved or confused. Maybe he had decided to abandon the marriage?

Goosebumps rose on your skin the moment you reached the aisle. Something wasn’t right. The night was too quiet, the only noises surrounding you the soft breeze of air and the chirping of crickets.

And just like the calm before the storm, a blood piercing scream tore into the silent air. Your eyes widened as everything around you turned into a flurry of screaming and running bodies.

A vampire sunk his fangs into one of the guests, a young girl you had known. Blood splattered as dozens of other figures swooped into action. More screams filled the air as you staggered backward, feeling your heart drop from the gruesome scene.

Blood spilled everywhere, the once fresh and lively green grass was stained red. You spotted a torn human organ every now and there. Bile rose to your throat. The stench of death and blood mixed in the air.

“Wait!” From somewhere in the carnage, you heard your mother shriek.

“Mother!” You screamed and attempted to locate her.

The crowd of moving and struggled bodies opened and you watched as a cloaked figure held your mother by her neck, choking the life out of her. She struggled and kicked, clawing at the figure’s hand.

“You-you promised,” she choked out. “If we gave her to you, the village would be safe! She’s yours now, what-what else do you want from us?!” The figure chuckled loudly and you shivered. It was oddly familiar.

“Silly little humans,” they said in a mocking tone. Your blood ran cold when you heard them speak. It was… your long-lost best friend, Shouto Todoroki.

“Silence,” he snarled. ‘’Filthy humans like you don’t deserve any rewards.“ Just as your mother yelped and begged for mercy, Shouto slit her throat open. Blood spurted from her throat as he dropped her to the floor. Your mother gurgled and choked on her blood.

You couldn’t help the scream that tore from your throat as you fell to your knees. The scene was burned into your memory. As your screams caught everyone’s attention, Shouto’s cloak fell to the ground. The same bi-colored hair and eyes greeted you, and the mark you used to kiss to comfort him was still there. He approached you with a small grin. It was the same grin he would give you when you asked him a silly question.

’'Y/N,” he spoke your name as if it was sweet honey on his tongue, eyes gleaming with something very, very dark. “So we meet again.” Each step he took forward made your heart thunder with fear.

“Ge-get away from me!” You sobbed as you crawled away, desperate to be anywhere but near him.

“You wound me, Y/N!” He dramatically placed a hand over his heart. “Is that any way to treat your best friend?”

Your white dress was getting stained green and brown from the dirt and grass, but it was the last thing on your mind. All you could focus on was getting away from him. As he spoke, the screams of his victims echoed alongside.

“You’re not my friend!” you sneered. “I knew Shouto Todoroki! You’re not him- you’re a monster.” His face hardened.

“I’ve waited years to return,” he snarled. In one swift movement, his hands gripped your shoulders and his knee was placed on your chest, pinning you down. You sobbed as you struggled to escape from his grip.

“These nefarious humans have slowed my return with their silly vampire hunting,” he scoffed. “But you…” he hummed. You trembled as his lips hovered over your cheeks, reeking of the metallic scent of blood. The smell made you nauseous.

“I know you’re not like them, Y/N. You never treated me like them. And as your husband, it’s my pleasure to say that I,” his voice was oddly soothing as he brushed strands of hair away from your face. “I love you.”

Your eyes shot open and you nearly choked. “Don’t-don’t you dare say that.” You sneered with blazing eyes. “You don’t love me, Shouto would have never killed my family!” Your once aggressive tone changed to a cry of despair.

He shrugged and rose to his feet, dragging you along him. You struggled as he kept your arms behind your back and forced you to move forward.

“It had to be done, love,” Todoroki hummed. “They were in the way of us being together. I can’t leave any witnesses now, can I? I’ll have another hoard of vampire hunters on my arse.” He snorted.

Out of the corner of your eye, you spotted the dozens of vampire trail behind him. Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Touya were between them. Your eyes watered as you noticed their lips and chins stained with fresh blood. The Todoroki siblings you once considered your family. The thought made you sob louder.

“Stop it!” Your voice was shrill as tears blurred your vision. “Let me go! I just want to go home!’'

Shouto sighed and stopped in his tracks.

’'Y/N, we are going home. Home is with me. The two of us, together. That’s home,” he crooned. You felt a fit of rabid anger take over your mind and you grumbled in response.

“Go to hell!” You shrieked. In one swift movement, you bit down on his hand that rested on your shoulder and kicked him as hard as you could.

His grip released you momentarily as he cursed and you raced forward, feeling ten times more terrified by the fact that another dozen vampires were chasing after you. But you didn’t get far before Shouto tackled you to the ground. You cursed as your knees and hands scraped against the dirt, and his fingers dug into your skin.

“Y/N,” his voice was strained. “If you act up again, I won’t hesitate to bite you.” He snarled as his lips brushed against your neck, and your body went stiff.

“And I think you’re smart enough to know how that’ll end, aren’t you, love?”

You swallowed nervously and stared at the pebbles of dirt ahead of you. Then at the moon, that was cloaking you in the low light. You prayed in your head, to whatever deity, god there was out there, to save you from this monster.

Your prayer went unheard.

“Answer me!” He shouted, his fingers digging into your neck, with such a tight grip you nearly bled. You whimpered as you nodded shakily. That seemed to satisfy him as he sighed and regained his composure and rose, pulling you up along.

“Now come on, my love,” his voice returned to the soothing and loving tone you would dream about. “We have to go home.”

You don’t remember passing out, but the last thing you saw was your once-white bride dress, now stained with blood and dirt; tainted by Todoroki’s deeds.


When you regained consciousness, the wedding dress was gone. In its place, was a soft and creamy dress. You sat up on the bed and stared at your surroundings. It was a room you could only dream of; more extravagant than the ones in the previous Todoroki’s household. The mention of the family made your mouth dry, and you remembered why you were here.

The walls were made out of brick stones and the mattress you laid on was against one of the walls in the center, velvet silk blankets resting at your ankles. There were no windows, you thought with a frown. Other than the bed, there were only two wooden drawers, one at each side respectively. The metal door was in front of the bed. You heard footsteps approaching the room and sprang into action. But as soon as you attempted to leave, a heavyweight pulled you back. Chains swayed loudly as you sat back, staring in disbelief at the gleaming chains that were wrapped around your left ankle.

The door swung open. “Oh,” Shouto’s voice drifted inside. ‘’You’re awake.’’ He stepped inside, holding a tray of food. You whimpered as he stepped closer and reached the bed, taking a seat at the edge.

‘’How did you sleep?’’ He murmured with a smile.

‘’You-you,’’ you choked out, feeling the same panic and terror seize ahold of you. ‘’Shouto…’’ you whimpered. ‘’This isn’t you. You wouldn’t have killed a fly! What… what happened to you?’’

He chuckled. The vampire placed the tray of food on the wooden drawer, before leaning closer to you. You had no choice but to whimper with closed eyes as he touched your face.

‘’Do you recall the phrase? The one the vampire hunters would chant over and over again?’’ Nervously, you shook your head in denial.

Shouto clicked his tongue in disapproval. His thumb brushed your cheek. ‘’I don’t remember the exact phrase, but it was something along these lines; you can never trust a monster…’’ He chuckled.

‘’And that made me ponder about some realities and misconceptions… silly little humans have always feared us. Isn’t that right, Y/N?’’ There was a mockingly kind smile on his lips.

‘’Here’s the thing,’’ he leaned closer and whispered into your ear. You shivered. ‘’Human society has always seen us as the monsters, but they are far worse than us,’’ his hand gripped your arm tightly. ‘’Humanity has made me suffer for years, brandished my skin with scars that will never heal,’’ he growled. ‘’And yet, I was the beast in all of this. But thankfully, my father helped me realize that I am a Todoroki; I’m a vampire. I finally accepted myself for what I truly am….’’ His voice lowered and you gulped.

‘’Society’s monster.’’

He sighed in relief and leaned backward with a satisfied smile. ‘’It’s simple. Even though you humans are the most hypocritical species I’ve ever met, I decided to accept the label. I’ve killed humans, I drank blood, I slaughtered,’’ there was a bloodthirsty look in his eyes that sent a shiver down your spine. ‘’And no one holds me accountable for it. I’m a monster, what else could you expect?’’ his tone was sarcastic.

‘’Where…where does that leave me?’’ Your voice was awfully small. You couldn’t hold his gaze anymore and opted to stare at the blankets.

Shouto chuckled as if your question had already been answered. ‘’Humans may be filth,’’ he sneered. ‘’But you’re an exception. Do you remember that promise you made me when we were children? Once you turned eighteen, you would marry me and be my loving, dutiful wife.’’ blood drained from your face at his statement.

‘’No…’’ you murmured, wishing you could return and stop yourself from ever saying that sentence. Unknowingly, you had only fuelled his delusions.

‘’That’s right,’’ he agreed. ‘’What was that phrase you loved to tell me?’’ He smiled and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. ‘’Oh, that’s right! You promise we would be together, till death do us part. Isn’t that right, my love? ‘’

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

“Did you like the dress?’' Shouto said animatedly. The two of you sat at the large dining table, eating a dish you couldn’t bother looking at. He was eating, even though as a vampire, he didn’t need to.

You didn’t reply. A month or two had passed by since you had been captured by Todoroki and lived in his castle. It would’ve been a forbidden and delightful romance for your younger self; but to your current self, hell had been stolen from the underworld and brought to you.

In the first two or three weeks, you screamed and fought back. But after seeing how quickly he could end someone’s life with one bite or one slash, you decided to remain silent. But now that you were alone, without any commotion, last months’ events were on your mind. The screams of your mother, the gushing of her crimson red blood. The wedding dress she had poured so much effort into, only to end up in tatters and stained with blood.

Just like your life, you thought bitterly. Once a horizon of freedom and happiness, it had been stolen away from you. Ripped to shreds and tainted by traumatizing scenes you would never unsee.

And it was all because of one man. The man you used to love, was now your devil. With a name that used to leave you breathless, a star-striking appearance, and a golden smile.

Todoroki Shouto.

Now, his name would make you shiver violently and you’d faintly smell blood from the slaughter that happened at your so-called wedding. Seeing his smile reminded you of how devious and beautiful he could be. Pink lips would tenderly kiss down your neck; the same lips that stole the life of many. Yours, included. While he had kept your soul on the Earth, it was no longer yours to enjoy and possess.

He had you locked up. Sunlight hadn’t kissed your skin in weeks. You weren’t sure what day it was anymore. Shouto showered you in wealth and luxury, with more gold and jewels you had seen in an entire lifetime. But the hole he attempted to fill with material possessions was impossibly wide and gape.

It only reminded you further of how monstrous his actions were, and continue to be.

Sometimes, you’d wish you were stronger. Maybe if you had a stronger will, you wouldn’t let him run his hands all over your body. Maybe there’d still be a spark of life and vigor in your eyes every time you’d look into the mirror.

If you were stronger, you wouldn’t have let him drink from you. Your neck and collarbone wouldn’t bear a bite mark that would remain with you for the rest of your life.


’'You’re so beautiful,” his hushed voice made you shiver. His cold hand caressed your neck, while the other squeezed your shoulder as his body pressed against your body. He backed away momentarily and returned with an open wooden box; and his hands returned to your neck as they placed a cold necklace around it. It felt heavy and constricting. Shouto assured you it was made out of jewels, with tremendous hours of effort, and only made for the wealthiest. But the moment it touched your skin, it felt like a rusty metal collar, the type you’d use with a slave, enemy, or a wild animal- with chains worth a hundred pounds weighing you down.

“Do you like it?” his fingers rubbed your arms. You nodded mutely. Shouto pressed a kiss on your collarbone and you felt him smile against your skin.

“I knew you would.”

He sighed, before resting his chin on his shoulder and directing you to the mirror. You stare blankly at your reflection, your body fitted with a blood-red dress, you thought with a hard swallow. He was doing it on purpose, you thought.

Your suspicions were made true when you saw him smirk. Bastard…

“My love,” his fingers squeezed your neck and all your anger simmered down when you saw the dangerous glint shining in his eyes.

“I think it’s time I mark you.” His tone was gentle and reassuring, but the look in his eyes was anything but that.

“Mark you?” your hollow voice repeated his words. He chuckled and rubbed your shoulders, before swiftly turning you around.

“Yes, silly,” he leaned closer, lips brushing against yours. You stood and took it all. “Wouldn’t that be lovely?” You hummed in response.

Shouto’s lips pressed against yours and you followed his movements; growing slowly accustomed to his kissing patterns. His lips would worship yours, and the worship would turn heated, until he’s pushed you up against a wall, with your legs wrapped around his waist as you moaned lowly.

Today seemed to be an exception, you noticed.

He didn’t move. While he tilted downwards and his lips danced with yours, his hands snaked to your waist, pulling you closer.

He caught you off guard. You clumsily fell into his intoxicating trap and began to genuinely kiss back with the same fervor and passion. His hands squeezed your hips, and you barely noticed how his lips descended from your lips to your chin, to your neck, and finally, arrived at the junction between your neck and your collarbone. Soft bites and hickeys were left in his awakening, and your body felt an over sensory of pleasure, everywhere.

Just as you descended into the warm pool of lust and pleasure, his fangs pricked at your skin. Your eyes blew open as his fangs sank into your skin and he began to slowly drink your blood, all while brushing his fingers on your waist. The sudden pain mixed with the erotic pleasure, where it reached the point that you couldn’t distinguish either. They fought and struggled until merging into bliss and euphoria, leaving you breathless and with hooded eyelids, craving for more.

When you began to feel lightheaded, the vampire pulled away. He smirked as he heard your low and soft moans and lapped up at the last droplets of blood before pressing a soft kiss over the bite mark. Shouto forced you to look into the mirror and you complied, still in the haze of your ecstasy, and he pressed a soft kiss on your cheek. You barely noticed the slight tinge of blood he left behind.

“Now, what do we say?” He cooed and flashed his blood-stained fangs. You smiled shakily and leaned back into him with a sleepy smile.

“Thank you, Shouto.”

He chuckled darkly as he watched your hazy and incoherent form, growing more tired by the minute.

“Anything for you, my love…” he whispered. His eyes were glued to your fresh bite mark.

“Anything for you.”

Chapter Text

You met Dabi on a cold and lonely day.

For you, it was any other day- working at your small, dingy coffee shop. You had received plenty of customers today, and didn’t encounter any major assholes or have incidents to clean.

Humming under your breath, you began to clean the tables and lock everything up- it was time to head back home. Your other two co-workers, Daisuke and Nozomi had finished up their shift and quickly left.

A couple of years ago, you wouldn’t have imagined living in a small, lonely town in Japan with your mother Ainu, and yet, here you were.

Your life took a sudden twist when you were back in your home country, (C/N), living peacefully with your parents. It was bliss- it was the only life you had ever known. But that peaceful life you led for about seventeen years was quickly over- because as unfortunate as it sounded, your parents fell out of love- and they couldn’t stand each other anymore- the tension in the house would only become worst, day by day, listening to them scream, shout and sob. They never heard your sobbing.

They eventually got a divorce and from that moment, your life would never be the same.

It was decided that you were to live with your mother- which meant returning to Japan and starting a new life. There had been a lot of crying and refusal on your part, but it wasn’t your choice.

Your mother had taught you some Japanese as a child, so there weren’t any major struggles when finishing high school.

And now, a few years after, you had been studying in college, working a part job and opened a small coffee shop (those years were hell, you never had any free time)- but was quickly forced to drop out of college to tend to your now ill mother.

It wasn’t a very conventional life but you were grateful for what you had and found pleasure and solace in working at your small coffee shop. Though many things that you had cherished in your life were gone, you were grateful that your coffee shop had enough business and produced enough money that you could quit your other part-time job and completely focus on the cafe

The tinker of the doorbell made you raise your head and snap out of your thoughts. A tired sigh escaped you.

“We’re closed,” you tried your best to sound polite and kind, worn out from working all day. “Please come again tomorrow.”

All you received in response was a loud grunt. Your eyes raked over the mysterious figure and you felt your heart drop. A… robber? The tall figure wore a black hoodie, black jeans- everything was black, even his hairs and you caught a glimpse of icy blue eyes. His movements were slow and feverish.

So far, your store hadn’t been robbed or harmed and you really, really hoped today wouldn’t be the day that it changed.

“Um…” the figure stared intensely at you, making you swallow nervously. “Can I help you?”

The figure remained silent and you clenched your fists, sneaking a hand behind to grab your phone. If anything happened, you had to make sure you were ready to call the authorities.

Before you could question the stranger again, he swayed to the left and dropped on the floor. A gasp escaped your lips and you quickly rushed forward.

“Excuse me?” you quickly spoke, shaking their shoulders. The movement made their hoodie fall off and your eyes widened in shock.

The stranger- the man looked quite…strange.

He had black spiky hair, and parts of his skin had been burned and were held together with staples. You winced at the thought and tried to pull the strange man up, but he was quite heavy for you to manage.

Poor soul… was the first thing you thought when you saw his face. No one deserved this fate.

Despite your struggles and grunts of annoyance, you managed to lay him down on one of the wooden tables and began to examine his entire body. He was tall and lanky and burnt skin peeked under his sleeves, but something else quickly caught your attention.

There was blood oozing from his sides. He was bleeding. Goosebumps traveled on your skin at the sight.

“Oh god,” you nearly whimpered. With trembling hands, you reached out for your phone. He needed medical assistance.

But the moment you unlocked your phone, it was thrown to the side and your wrist was caught in a vice grip.

Gasping, you nearly stumbled backward. The stranger was barely conscious, but you could see the venomous look in his eyes. It sent a shiver down your spine.

“Don’t you dare call for help,” he growled. As soon as he was done speaking, his head lolled to the side. He passed out, again.

What to do… what to do? You felt helpless as you stared at the bleeding man. He didn’t want you to call for help and a feeling of dread squeezed your heart.

If he didn’t want help then at least you would…try to patch him up. Hopefully, he wouldn’t try to murder you afterward.

You quickly ran over to your counter and slipped into the staff room, searching for a health kit with desperation. Once you grasped it in your hands, you raced back to the stranger and got to work. You weren’t an expert by any means- a newbie at most,- but tending to your ill mother had helped you gain some experience.

Your hands flew over his wound, disinfecting, cleaning, and doing whatever was necessary to stop the bleeding. When you felt your hands and legs tremble, you decided it would be enough.

Staggering several times, you pulled him off the table and sat him at a corner booth- hidden from view and sighed.

What mess had you just gotten yourself into?


Your soft heart and morals trapped you into this situation- spending the night in the same booth- in front of the stranger. A few old blankets were tucked in the staff room and you had draped one over the stranger and another on yourself. Despite the need you had to help him out- you were still wary of him and slept with your phone clutched in your hands.

The loud ringing of your phone alarm woke you up. Slowly, you opened your eyes, and groggily sat up. When you finally focused your eyesight, the first thing you noticed was that the stranger was gone. His blanket was in his spot.

You quickly stood up, fearing the worst. He hadn’t killed you- but did he steal from your shop? As you raced to the counter, you cursed under your breath.

“How could you be so stupid?!” you muttered as you unlocked the box where you held the money. You braced yourself- body tensing as you opened it, expecting to see it empty.

However, much to your surprise, the fat rolls of money were still there, intact.

“Huh.” a small smile crawled on your lips. Quickly glancing around the entire shop, the smile grew wider when you saw that everything was intact.

The staff room window was slightly open- you assumed that the stranger from last night had slipped out through there.

Despite how bizarre last night had been, you focused on the positive and felt grateful that everything was in order- even if the man left without thanking you.

It was five in the morning and you began to open everything for service when you noticed the dry bloodstain on the table the man had laid on.

“Oh no,” you murmured. You quickly raced to the staff room and draped a cloth over the entire table, praying that no one would peek under the covers. Now that would be hard to explain.

Once you had organized everything for service, you unlocked the doors and in a few minutes, the doorbell tinkled. It was Daisuke and Nozomi, smiling politely. They murmured their greetings and the three of you began to work.

Even though your coffee shop was pretty small, it was very exhausting managing it, even with two helpers. A small part of you hoped to see the scarred man from last night and that he would thank you, but he never showed up. You decided to shrug it off and before you knew it, the day was over.

When you were cleaning up again, the bell tinkered. An annoyed sigh escaped you. Not again… You already stayed up last night and your eyes felt weary and ready to snap close at any time.

“We’re closed…” your voice faltered when you noticed the figure. It was the same man from last night.

“Are you an idiot?” he snapped. He didn’t look particularly mad, his icy blue eyes were calm and his posture was relaxed. But his words were blunt and rude.

“Excuse me?” you couldn’t help the anger that began to bubble in your stomach. You tended to the guy yesterday, didn’t even get thanked and now that he’s back, the first thing he does is insult you? Not on your watch.

“You heard me. A strange, dark, and tall figure marches into your store, bleeding out and the first thing you do is patch them up? If you do that with every stranger, you’re going to be killed, sweetheart.” there’s a playful look in his eyes, but his words are drawn out lazily and his lips are pulled in a firm line.

Scoffing, you lower your gaze and continue to scrub at the dirty tables. “I think you should be thanking me, not reprimanding me for helping you,” your lighthearted attitude is quickly gone and you scowl as you speak.

A grin tugs at his lips and you avert your eyes, feeling your face warm. You’ve never seen someone like him- appearance-wise- and for some reason, his looks make your heart race. You think he looks beautiful, exotic. Tempting.

“You’re a feisty one, ain’t ‘cha?” he strides over to you, hands in his pockets. You nervously step back and back into the counter. He’s much taller than you- looming over you with a small smirk.

“Thanks, honeybuns.” your cheeks burn at the nickname and you clench your fists at your sides.

You stare at his face- trying to decipher his expression- but it’s unsettling, his expression is too perfect- as if he had practiced it a million times. He looks passive but his words are playful and teasing.

He’s silent for a couple of moments, raking his eyes over your face but quickly steps back and begins to walk out of the cafe.

“See you later, sweetheart.” He waves at you without turning around and closes the door behind him.

Once he’s out of the shop, you feel your legs slightly trembling. Licking your lips, you clear your head and continue to close the shop as fast as possible.


The strange man is on your mind for days- how his blue eyes look like ice- dangerously cold and sharp. And even though staples and piercings are scattered on his face, they remind you of abstract sculpture- unusual but beautiful. The final touch that would change a good artwork into amazing artwork.

Being near him makes you reminisce of the past- of better times. He’s walking nostalgia.

Sometimes you would daydream and think about spreading paint across his staples, painting beautiful swirls of blue. However, these daydreams were usually cut short by a new client or one of your co-workers.

Today was Thursday, which meant that you had to visit your mother Ainu at the hospital.

You made sure to inform your co-workers that you would arrive late today and spent an hour or two with your mother. After the visit, you felt your shoulders lighter. Visiting your mother to make sure she was still breathing helped you calm down.

Once you arrived at the coffee shop, the next couple of hours were busy and flew by quickly- you didn’t even realize it was night time until Daisuke and Nozomi informed you that their shifts were over and left you alone in the cafe.

The moonlight seeped inside your small shop and there were still a few couple of customers in the shop. You tended to their needs and stood behind the counter. The soft ringing of the bell told you that a new customer had just entered- but you were too busy at the moment closing one of the display slides. You heard footsteps approaching and while you tidied up some dessert displays, you greeted the customer without looking up.

“Hi! Welcome to Raindrops Cafe. What can I get you?’'

A soft chuckle that sounded familiar made you freeze.

’'So polite. I’ll have a black coffee.” you could hear the smugness in the man’s voice.

You snapped your head towards him and fought down a smile. The same scarred man is standing in front of you, wearing a black hoodie over his head.

“We meet again,” you smile. “Okay, I’ll work on it. It’ll be 320 yen, sir. Do you want a mug or a cup to go?’'

’'A mug,” he responds and nods as he fumbles in his pockets until he pulls out the exact amount. You quickly reach out for it, trying to ignore how your fingers brushed against his.

Being so close to him feels pleasant- there’s a feeling of safety and comfort when he’s near- even though his appearance says otherwise. Still, you’re not the one to judge. He probably has enough with the stares of others.

“I passed by earlier,” he says. “But the other workers told me you weren’t here.”

You avert your gaze and nod, staring at the register.

“Yeah, I um…,” you pause. Are you about to tell him- a man that you’ve only seen twice- your life story? You hesitate. “I went to visit my mom today.” you make sure to sound distant so he doesn’t press more.

Talking about your mother was a sensitive topic. It reopened old wounds.

He nods silently. You swallow and turn around. Once you start the coffee machine, you walk over to the counter.

“It’ll be out in a bit,” you nod to the machine. “You can sit down while you wait. I’ll call you out when it’s ready. Your name is…?” you raise an eyebrow and wait for an answer.

He’s silent for a couple of moments as if he can’t recall his name.

“Dabi,” his voice is significantly lower. “My name is Dabi.”

He looks wary afterward and you simply nod, writing down the name on a sticker, placing it on a mug. Dabi stares at you, almost in caution- as if he’s waiting for something to happen.

“That name sounds familiar,” you hum and tap your fingers on the counter. You don’t notice how his body slightly tenses. “Are you a public figure, Mr. Dabi?” you ask with a teasing grin.

“I think I’ve heard it on the news, but I rarely watch it. Don’t get enough time.”

He’s silent for a couple of moments and you turn around just in time to check the coffee. When you return to the counter, Dabi’s gone. Your eyes dart around until you spot him in the same corner booth from a few days ago and when your eyes meet his, he shoots you a lazy smile.

His smiles make your stomach twist, not in a bad way, but in the way that makes you want more of him.

The coffee is ready to be served in a few minutes- and you wait patiently. Once it’s ready, you pour it into the mug and place it on a small plate.

You ring the bell on the counter and call out for him.

“An order for Dabi!” he quickly rises from his seat. You take a glance around the shop- all of your customers minus Dabi are gone. You hadn’t even noticed that they left.

Shooting a glance at the clock, you notice that it’s barely nine o'clock, and you still have half an hour to spare. You hand over the mug to Dabi who quietly thanks you.

After cleaning tables and closing everything up, you stand at the Dabi’s booth. His mug is empty but he’s still in the cafe, staring outside the window. He looks troubled- eyebrows furrowed together.

“Mind if I sit with you?” his head jerks up. Dabi nods and you smile, sliding into the seat in front of him.

“So,” you start. “What brings you to Raindrops again?”

Dabi smirks and his fingers toy with the mug.

“I wanted to see you again, sweet cheeks.’'

Your cheeks are burning, but you muster up enough confidence for a retort.

’'Sweetcheeks? That’s new. I think I’m more fond of honeybuns,” you wink playfully and he grins.

“Noted. I’ll make sure to use honeybuns more often.” a small giggle escapes you.

“The nicknames are nice and all, but what’s your name?” his gaze is intense. You smile as you respond.

“My name is Y/N.’'

Dabi hums. ’'Y/N. I like it.”

You spend a couple of minutes chatting- mainly he’s asking short questions and you’re answering, but you don’t mind- and when you glance at the clock you quickly rise from the booth.

“I have to close the shop now,” your voice is soft. “I enjoyed talking to you, Dabi.’'

He nods in understanding. The two of you walk outside and you lock everything as you leave.

’'Well, this it. I’ll see you another day…?” you hope that he’ll agree.

Dabi shrugs. He doesn’t seem very fond of commitments, you think.

“I’ll see when I swing by,” he pauses, and his gaze shifts to your surroundings. You live in a fairly safe neighborhood and the majority of the citizens here are seniors and elderly people, so there are rarely people out at night.

“Do you want me to walk you home?” his tone is cool and careless- but you can tell he’s concerned. It makes you smile softly.

“No, it’s okay. Thank you, though.” he nods.

“Well then, good night, Dabi,” you smile shyly and wave at him for one last time before walking home.

Once you’ve stripped down to nothing but a long t-shirt and underwear, snug under your blankets, you close your eyes. When you close them, he’s all you can see. His beautiful eyes, his teasing smirks, and how his voice is always so cool and relaxed.

You bury your face in a pillow and rub your thighs together.

Dabi is all you can think about.


Over the next few months, Dabi’s visits are more frequent- though you notice that he usually visits at night time or when you’re closing the shop. Some days he walks you home and you talk about anything- from your day or how the cafe is holding up- and he listens dutifully. Dabi is a good listener.

Every time you see him, you can feel you feel lighter- like if you’re no longer dragging your feet across the floor and instead you’re practically floating- being with Dabi makes you feel at peace.

From his constant visits, you’ve noticed that Dabi is very private with his personal life, but you don’t mind. Not everyone is as talkative and open as you.

He stiffens whenever you mention your father or ask about his own- so you avoid the subject.

Dabi makes you feel things- you like him- and you’re certain that he feels the same way. His lingering gazes on you, the way he smiles, and how his touches linger on your waist confirm your suspicions. So the next time he strolls into the cafe and orders his usual- this time for the go- you make sure to write down your number with a smile.

Today he seems to be in a rush- his eyes are darting everywhere and he’s more distant and usual, you barely make some talk with him before he’s out the door- and you wonder if it was a good idea to give him your number.

Your phone doesn’t ring until you’re crawling onto your bed and you quickly open the message.

Unknown: this you, sweetcheeks? I was wondering when you were going to give me your number

Biting your lip to suppress a giggle, you quickly respond.

Y/N: You haven’t made a move yet, so I decided I would

Dabi doesn’t reply for a while and your thoughts slowly turn negative and insecure. Was that too forward? Maybe you had been misreading his signs and he wasn’t interested in you?

He doesn’t reply for a while and you decide against staying up and wallowing in self-pity, so you place your phone aside and quickly fall asleep.

The next morning, you wake up from your phone vibrating like crazy. You have a phone call-its from Dabi.

“Hello?” you greet groggily, propping yourself up on your elbows.

“Morning, sweetheart,” hearing Dabi’s voice first thing in the morning makes you smile sleepily. “Did I wake you up?”

“No, no, it’s okay,” you murmur. There’s some commotion on the other side of the line- as if Dabi’s in a bar. You can hear the chattering and clinking of drinks.

“M’ sorry I took long to respond to your message,” you can hear footsteps- he’s walking away. “I was busy and I didn’t see your message until well, right now.”

You laugh throatily and twirl your hair around your finger. “It’s okay,” your insecurities begin to vanish. “So? What do you think?”

Dabi hums lowly and it makes you clench your thighs unconsciously.

“It’s a date. Meet me at the cafe at ten o'clock,” Dabi responds and you grin.

“What are we going to do?” you can’t help but feel giddy. You’ve done it- you’re going on a date with Dabi- the guy you’ve been pining after for months.

Dabi chuckles. “It’s a surprise. You’ll see. I-,” he’s interrupted by loud shouting in the background and you hear him sigh in annoyance.

“Look, I gotta go. Something came up,” you nod, still basking in the happiness from earlier. “Okay. See you tonight, honeybuns.”

You murmur a quiet 'bye’ and once he ends the call, you fall back onto your bed, a wide smile on your lips.


Once it’s ten o'clock, you find yourself waiting patiently in front of your closed cafe. Since it was a date- you decided to dress up a bit more.

A few minutes passed by and you spotted Dabi approaching you, wearing a black leather jacket, black ripped jeans, and black combat boots. He looks mouthwatering.

You smile when he waves at you. He reaches for your hand and your heart bursts- he’s initiating the physical contact. His fingers are long and slender.

“So,” you start. “Where are you taking me, Dabi?”

He grins in response and remains silent. Dabi leads you to a car that looks rather expensive- and you suppress the desire to ask where he got it from- he’s rather private and you don’t think he’ll appreciate your question.

“Get in, sweetheart,” he smirks before sliding into the driver seat and you quickly slip into the car. Once the two of you are seated, Dabi turns on the engine, and the car roars to life.

The first few minutes are quiet but comfortable and you don’t speak up until you notice that your surroundings are becoming more unfamiliar by the moment.

“Dabi,” you start slowly. “Where are we going?’'

Dabi glances at you and he smiles- it’s not a teasing or mischievous smile- a pure, refreshing smile and you feel yourself relax into your seat.

’'What did I say? It won’t be a surprise if I tell you,” you laugh briefly and shrug.

“Just wanna make sure you’re not leading me into a forest to kidnap me.”

Dabi chuckles and you feel less tense by the minute- you’ve known for him for weeks and he’s never displayed any intentions of harming you,- there’s nothing to worry about.

After a few more minutes, Dabi pulls up at the entrance of a forest- and your heart stops for a second.

Dabi notices how you tense and your expression briefly falters and slips his hand into yours.

“Don’t worry,” he smirks at your uneasiness. “There’s something here I wanted you to see.”

You nod and the two of you quickly slip out of the car and he leads you into the forest, trudging forward until you spotlight. A few lamps are surrounding a warm blanket- and there’s a box with two glasses next to it.

“Dabi…?” you drop your hand in shock and stare with wide eyes at the scene. It’s simple and small, but it makes your heart burst with joy.

“No one’s ever done something like this for me,” and before Dabi can react, you throw your arms around him. He quickly responds and wraps his arms around you as well.

“Thank you,” your words are muffled but Dabi nods in understanding. You quickly regain your composure and your date begins.

Dabi brought hamburgers and fries- you had briefly mentioned before that they were your favorite- and wine. The two of you chat about everything as you eat and once you both feel full, you lay down and stare at the sky, hands brushing against each other.

“Wow,” the sight leaves you breathless. You slip your hand into Dabi’s. “Seeing the sky without any traffic lights is so different. The stars are so beautiful,”

Dabi’s silent for a while and while you’re too busy gazing at the stars- he’s busy staring at your face, studying each of your features.

Your gaze never drifts away-until you feel a small droplet of water spill on your cheeks. Brushing it away without hesitation, you focus your gaze on Dabi and smile tenderly.

Drip. Another one falls on your back. Exasperated, you brush it off until you realize that it’s raining.

Drip. Drip. The raindrops are quickly falling and Dabi curses. He quickly pulls you forward and the two of you race to the car- you can worry about the blanket and lamps later- but you stop him halfway. He glances back at you and frowns. His spiky black hair is dripping wet and quickly lost its shape and you’re sure you don’t look any better.

“Don’t be so rash,” you smile and wrap your arms around your neck. “Don’t you want to appreciate the rain?”

Dabi chuckles and pulls you closer. “This feels like a fucking cheesy movie,” his words are blunt but there’s a smile on his face.

“Who says it isn’t?” with a smirk, Dabi pulls you forward and presses his lips against yours.

It’s a moment that is still lively and vivid in your memories- kissing Dabi under the rain.

The two of you had quickly rushed off to the car after the first and intense kiss, mainly because you were fearful of catching a cold.

After the date, you were in a good mood for days and kept texting with Dabi. The more you talked with him, the more you realized he was an interesting character.

You spent months in bliss- even your co-workers noticed the change in your demeanor and would occasionally send you a knowing smile or smirk.

Your dates with Dabi weren’t that frequent- not that you minded,- since his job forced him to be constantly busy. Instead, you kept in touch through texting and sometimes he would drop by your cafe and walk you home.

Sometimes your insecurities would get the worse of you- but Dabi was quick to flush them down. When your mother Ainu passed away in the hospital due to old age- you had broken down in tears and felt numb for several days. He couldn’t be with you the whole week, but he made sure to bring you food, help you clean up and feed you. Dabi was there for you. That week was very difficult for you and Dabi didn’t care. He rode it out with you.

When you went out on dates with Dabi, he was usually the one to propose them and would never tell you what he had planned- it was always a surprise.

On the fifth date, there was a silent agreement between the two of you- you’ve danced around each other for long enough and when Dabi walks you home, you tug him into your apartment- and he’s happy to comply with your wishes. Your lust and need are far too big to be left ignored.


Dabi’s arms are under his head and you can feel your inner thighs ache from your previous activities. You’re both cleaned up and returned to bed, basking in the afterglow of sex.

His body is warm to the touch and you snuggle into his chest. His arm wraps around your waist and pulls you closer.

“Can I ask you something?” his voice is casual but you perk up at his voice.

“Of course, you can,” you murmur and softly trace your fingers on his arms.

“Is there anything you want to do in your life? Like, a dream of a sort?” his question leaves you silent for a moment, thinking about an honest answer.

You nervously play with your fingers. You’ve been working on accomplish a certain dream, but was afraid of how he would react, so you never mentioned it.

“Well… there is this one thing I want to do,” you meet his gaze. “Promise you won’t laugh?’'

Dabi scoffs. His grip around you tightens. ’'Why would I make fun of you? What is it?”

“Um…well, I want to close the cafe and with the savings, I’m earning, open a cat cafe.”

You close your eyes, expecting him to burst out laughing. Out of all the ambitions you could have in life- yours was quite simple. Opening a cat cafe had always been your life dream. Cats were your favorite animal and you would’ve had one if your landlord had allowed it. He hated animals.

“I like that idea.” Dabi’s low voice makes you look up. He’s looking down at you, tangling his fingers in your hair.

“Really?” there’s a soft smile playing on your lips. Dabi could be blunt or rude and you weren’t going to lie- he had some rough edges around his personality, but he was one of the most thoughtful and kind guys you had ever met.

“Have you thought of a name for the cat cafe? Or are you keeping the name Raindrops?’'

You shake your head and click your tongue.

’'No, I don’t want the keep the name Raindrops. It’s going to be a new shop so it’s like a new start for me, ya know?’' A fresh start, Dabi thinks. A fresh start for you without him? His mouth feels bitter at the thought.

’'So I’ve been thinking of names, but I haven’t liked any.”

Dabi nods. An idea pops into his head and he blurts it out.

“You know, you could name it after your mom. Ainu has a nice ring to it,” he makes sure to lower his voice.

You stiffen. It’s been a few weeks since your mother passed away and mentioning her still makes you feel disorientated. But hearing Dabi’s suggestion makes your heart warm.

You slowly relax and tighten your arms around him.

“I love it.”


Your relationship with Dabi was strong and passionate- you understood each other. The two of you rarely argued- you always communicated. Needless to say, your relationship wasn’t perfect. There were some rocky situations and bad moments you two would encounter, but would always handle them together.

“Why are you with me?”

Dabi’s question makes you frown and sit up. You stroke his cheek but he flinches at your touch.

Your heart feels heavy.

“What on earth are you talking about, Dabi?” you murmur. He averts his gaze from you. “I’m with you because, I, I love you,”

Dabi’s eyes perk up at your words. It’s the first time you’ve told him that you love him and it took him by surprise.

Without another word, Dabi pulls you into his arms and you squeal in surprise. You don’t notice that he didn’t reply with his own 'I love you.’

You’re too busy in basking in the affection and touches of Dabi. There’s a bright smile on your face as the two of you exchange kisses- your life is perfect- you feel so happy it feels intoxicating, Dabi is the best boyfriend you could ask for, the cafe is running smoothly- better than you would expect- and soon enough, you would have enough to open the cat cafe.

It seems that everything fell apart after that night.


In the next few weeks, Dabi’s visits and messages are declining and you can’t help but feel distraught at the change.

Everything was okay. What happened?

The first time you noticed things were changing was when you invited him on a small walk to the cemetery and the library afterward. You wanted to visit your mother and leave her some flowers.

He had agreed to accompany you and you were to meet him at the local bus stop and you waited an hour there. Dabi never showed up.

He apologized the next time you met and you quickly forgave him, hoping it would be a one-time thing. Except it wasn’t. Dabi began to cancel on your meetings or straight out reject them. You would never forget the feeling of sitting in a coffee shop, hopeful that Dabi would show up- even if an hour had passed by-, receiving looks of pity from the workers.

You began to approach your limit one day at work. Your co-worker Daisuke, was watching the news intently on his phone. When he noticed you staring, he beckoned you to watch the news with him. It was live news, reporting a villain attack on an area that was at least an hour away from the cafe. Living on the outskirts of Japan included fewer villain attacks and you weren’t up to date with the news.

The news reporter stated that the villains were the League of Villains. You felt distraught and confused since you had never heard of them before. Managing a cafe was a busy life and ate up most of your time.

You stifled a gasp when you saw a wall of bright blue flames lick at a building. Their color was strangely familiar-icy blue, just like Dabi’s eyes.

The news reporter’s voice became louder and more anxious by the moment and your blood ran cold when you spotted an arm. A scarred arm. Parts of it were burnt and held together with staples.

Is that…Dabi?

The thought had been on your mind all day and it didn’t help that Dabi had ignored you for the entire week and you had gone to bed frustrated and worried. Where was he? Was he okay? Was Dabi injured, unable to contact you, or was he simply safe and decided he had enough of you? Both options made your heart ache painfully. Today had been a stressful day- you were at your limit.

You had been drifting in and out of sleep when you heard the apartment door swing open and loud footsteps enter the living room. As if you had been thrown into a cage of ice, your entire body froze and goosebumps rose on your arms.

Dabi? A thief? Or worst…a villain?

Slowly, you reached under your bed and blindly snatch your silver baseball bat- Dabi had given it to you with the words 'stay safe.’ You tiptoed out of your bedroom and froze at the tall and dark intimidating figure that was strangely familiar.

The figure switched on the lights and confirmed your suspicions.

There he was, looking like if he hadn’t slept for days, your boyfriend Dabi staggered onto the couch.

“Dabi!” you immediately cried out and rushed towards him. “Are you okay?!” your eyes raked over his body and relaxed when you didn’t see any visible injuries. Dabi grunted and you sat down next to him, unsure what to do with yourself.

“M’ just fine. Just need some sleep,” he didn’t spare you another glance before walking towards your bedroom.

“Dabi…?” you walked behind him. He didn’t reply and continued to trudge towards your bed.


He was sitting on your bed and scowled. “What?!"

You clenched your fists. He didn’t deserve the right to be mad- he had ignored you for a week without a word.

’'You don’t get to be mad,” you whispered with a tremble in your voice. “You’ve ignored me for a week and now you show up in the middle of the night like nothing?”

Dabi groaned and kicked off his boots. “Calm down, Y/N. I told you when we started dating that I won’t be here all the time.”

You sigh and pinch your nose. “That’s not the point. I don’t mind- it's your life, but it wouldn’t kill you to let me know. You’ve stood me up four times,” your voice quivers and regret washes over Dabi’s face.

“I’m sorry,” he mutters. “I had some business to do. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

His words make you scoff. Dabi had said the same thing the last three times.

“What’s going to be your next excuse, Dabi?” you sneer. “Busy with your job? A sick brother? If you don’t love me anymore, then don’t be a coward and tell me!” you cry out. “Stop lying to me and tell me the truth! I hate being left in the dark.’'

Dabi’s silent. You pinch your nose and climb into the other side of the bed- you’ll deal with him tomorrow- but Dabi grabs you and holds you tight as if he’s afraid you’ll vanish into thin air. His perfume and strong arms lull you to sleep. And the last thing you hear is his whispered apologies.


On days like these, you wonder where it all went wrong. Maybe it was when you laid in Dabi’s arms after two intense rounds of intercourse, thinking about how perfect your life was. You shouldn’t have said it- the universe must’ve heard you and saw how lucky you were- and decided no one could be that fortunate.

After yesterday’s argument, Dabi had left. He was gone when you woke up, but his warmth lingered in your bed. You curled up into a ball and cried for hours.

Sunday’s never sat well with you- they made your mouth dry. Something about them made you feel that everything was going to end quickly and that something new and dangerous would begin.

Today was your day off and you decided to keep your mind off Dabi. You visited the cemetery, ice cream parlor, and the library, but they all reminded him of you. The darkness and melancholy the cemetery held reminded you of Dabi when he felt unwell. The blueberry ice cream reminded you of the frosty blue shade of breathtaking eyes. And the peaceful silence of the library was similar to that time you stargazed with him.

You spent another two weeks without another word from him. Everything was going badly- for some mysterious reason, the sales of the cafe began to plummet and your dreams of opening a cat cafe were farther from your reach.

On a Wednesday, you received a text message from your boyfriend.

Dabi: Can we talk? I’m free at 8 PM.

Your melancholic mood slightly decreased. He was willing to communicate with you, that was a good sign, right? Maybe you could talk about your problems and everything would be fine, right?

Once you stepped into the apartment, you were the first one to speak. After being left in the dark for so long, it was your turn to talk.

’'You know, I realized something a few weeks ago,” you slip off your coat and feel Dabi’s eyes on your body.

“I barely know a thing about you,” you laugh dryly and lean on the wall.

“I’ve told you so much about me, Dabi. Why can’t you tell me about you?”

His silence aggravates you. Even you can feel it- your relationship is tearing apart at the edges.

“Dabi…” you sit down next to him and squeeze his shoulder comfortingly.

“I love you.” He doesn’t react at your words. Your throat feels dry and impossibly small.

“I’m a villain, Y/N.’'

He’s staring directly at you, emotionless but his fists are clenched on his knees. Dabi’s confession feels like a punch to your stomach. You’ve had your suspicions before but they weren’t enough to pique your interest. All the nights he had to leave, the days he wouldn’t even show up, all because he was…

A villain.

’'We’re over.”

You’re stunned. All the warmth in your body abandons you and you swear you can hear your heart cracking.

“What…?” tears began to gather in your eyes. He can’t be serious.

Dabi stood up but you’re quick to grab his hand.

“Dabi, wait!” he freezes at your words. “I don’t care, okay?!” you stand in front of him and clutch his scarred face in your hands.

“I don’t care, because I know you’re so much more than a villain. You're my Dabi, the only one who’s been here for me no matter what. I love you,” you whisper weakly.

Dabi averts his gaze to the ground. The fact that he won’t meet your gaze is making you feel anxious.

“I know you love me, Dabi,” you sound confident but you can feel your confidence crumble on the inside. “Don’t you love me? We can get through this, together.”

He’s silent and his silence feeds your insecurities. They’re crawling out of dark pits and seizing control over your thoughts. Dabi is still silent as he pulls away from your touch and begins to walk away.

“Dabi!” you yell, pain and agony blurring into your words. “Don’t be a coward and end things this way!”

He spurs around, ice blue eyes narrowed and his arms are trembling.

“It’s over,” he repeats. But you’re not letting him go easily.

“Don’t leave me!” you exclaim and clench your fists.

“I’m a villain, Y/N!” Dabi roars. “You can’t be with someone like me!”

“I don’t care!” you cry out with despair and clutch his wrist. “I don’t give a shit that you’re a villain, Dabi! I love you! You could have the most miserable life in the world or be the devil- I don’t care! I love you, Dabi, and I’ll always be at your side. I’ll follow you through heaven and hell.” your face is moist with tears and they’re blurring your eyesight.

“I love you, Dabi,” your fingers are trembling.

“I can’t stay with you. I’m sorry.” his words rip your heart in two. You’ve screamed and begged- it’s not enough. It never will be.

“Okay,” you whisper shakily. “Can you just do something for me? For old time’s sakes?’'

Dabi looks wary but nods. You swallow thickly and tug him closer for one last kiss, showing your pain and love for him through the tender touches.

Once you pull away, you’re breathless. Dabi’s eyes are locked onto yours. He gently pulls away. And you muster enough energy to repeat the last three words.

’'I love you.”

Dabi walks towards your door and closes the door behind him. You crumple to the floor with one thought in your mind.

He’s never said it back.


Dabi has never felt this bad. The pain that makes his heart throb is unbearable. He’s never felt this way- not even when his father would beat him to a pulp or burn him until he was on his knees, screaming until his throat felt raw.

He was being delusional- thinking he could scurry back to you whenever he wanted- but the reality was that he was a villain, and villains don’t have time for distractions.

The two of you simply don’t fit together, he thinks bitterly. He’s a wicked, fearless villain and you’re a cute civilian that runs a homey cafe. It would’ve never worked.

Dabi is a harsh and ruthless blizzard- the type that you encounter on a dreadful day and brings nothing but death and sickness. A blizzard that tears apart families, innocent lives, and destroys love in his cold and deadly grip. He ruins everything.

You’re the snow that falls in the beginnings of winter,- beautiful, fragile, and mesmerizing. You bring joy and happiness with so much grace that leaves him speechless. You’re too fragile for his destructive life.

The League of Villains is preparing for an attack- he had to end things before you were targeted.

It was never supposed to be this way, he was never supposed to visit you for the second time, or the third, or the fourth.

But he was drawn to you, like a moth drawn to a flame. Burning both of you in the process.

Dabi should’ve known- he’s always been wary of commitments. He knows what they imply. And yet, he blindly fell in love with you- despite knowing how it would it end. Your relationship would crash and burn. Sizzling with bitter heat, branding the two of you with new scars.


He feels bitterness coil around his heart as he stares into the window of the cat cafe. It’s been a bit over a year since he’s seen you. There’s a brunette speaking to you and you’re smiling brightly- like when you were in his arms- and he feels jealously boil in his veins. The brunette is dressed as a normal civilian- he’s perfect for you.

He’s quick to shake such negative thoughts and instead, appreciates the sight of you. You look healthy and well- there are no eye bags under your eyes, no tears running down your cheeks-, your soft hair is carefully brushed and well kept. You look as beautiful as the first time he met you- he can still feel the loud beating in his heart- he’s speechless.

Despite his jealousy, he feels happy for you. You’re running a successful and beautiful cat cafe- you have everything you want and he wishes nothing but the best for you.

Even if you aren’t in his arms, he thinks.

He focuses on the bold sign that hangs outside of the store: Ainu: Cat Cafe. His heart blooms with pleasure and precious memories flood his mind. When the two of you were lying in bed, hands intertwined.

Dabi still remembers when he suggested that you should name the cat cafe after your mother and how you looked at him so tenderly- as if he wasn’t a villain who had murdered millions and instead someone worthy of your love and attention- and kissed him like it was the last time.

You’ve made him soft- he’s a virile villain- and Dabi isn’t sure if he’ll ever get over you. Your time together has left a large and noticeable print over his heart.

You’re smiling brightly and that’s all Dabi needs to see. You’re happy and safe- even if the price was breaking his heart and your own in the process.

His gaze hardens as he diverts his attention from you- Dabi knows everything will go back to normal- without you. And for a second, a bitter smile graces his lips. You aren’t his anymore, your love story was nothing but tragedy and pain but your endless love and support will always burn bright inside his tainted soul.

Chapter Text

Spring is your favorite season.

For you, spring is a new start. The icy cold snow melts away, the howling wind that nips at your nose and lips eases into a calming breeze.

Plants that withered away in the past few seasons once again bloom to life, spreading their petals open to complete their natural beauty.

Spring is rebirth; the creation of a new life. With the opportunity to make new and better choices.

It’s also when you met Rei Todoroki.

Sunshine seeped inside the little shop, warming your bones. It seemed to put your customers in a good mood as well since the shop was mainly silent.

The day you met gazes, your heart began to beat wildly and you froze on the spot. It’d been love at first sight for you.

She had walked into the library cafe with a carefree expression. Her icy white hair made your mouth go dry and her sad grey eyes left you breathless.

You nearly dropped the coffee you were holding in your hand. Despite the fact that she approached you with a smile that made your face warm, there was a certain sadness in her eyes. You wondered what had she gone through that left such look in her beautiful eyes.

“Excuse me, miss?” she spoke in a soft tone, watching you with concern.

You choked down a splutter and smoothed down your apron before returning her smile.

“I’m sorry,” you said with a sheepish smile. “Welcome to the Library Cafe. What can I get you?”

She smiled with understanding and glanced briefly around the shop. With a nervous laugh, the woman shook her head. You guessed she was around her late thirties, but she held an air of peace and warmth that made your body relax.

“I’m not sure…” her tone was airy and relaxed. “I haven’t been here before. What would you recommend?”

Your eyes widened. Her laugh made your heartthrob with warmth. Yearning to hear it again.

“Me?” you squeaked. “Well, um, our black coffee with whipped cream is very popular, along with a slice of cheesecake…”

“I’ll have that,” she decided. “How much will it be?”

“Oh, it’ll be 620 yen, ma'am.” You said with a cheery smile, proud of yourself for not stuttering again.

With a pleasant hum, the white-haired woman passed you the exact amount. Her fingers were cold to the touch and sent shivers down your spine. They were the pleasant type.

She seemed to feel the same since she faltered and stared at you for a few moments. You licked your lips and quickly tore your gaze away, fiddling with the machine.

“I’ll have your order ready right away!” you forced a cheery tone. “If you want, you can wait near the books and I’ll call out for you. Your name is..?

’‘Rei Kanda,” she said. “My name is Rei Kanda.”

You smiled and nodded. “Very well. I’ll have your order ready in a moment, miss Kanda.” your face warmed when you tested her surname on your tongue.

Rei smiled warmly and nodded in response. Your eyes lingered on her for a couple of moments and watched as she walked towards the comfortable cushions, picked out a random book for a shelf next to the cushions, and sat down.

A spontaneous decision, you thought with a smile. She was wearing a pair of beige jeans that accentuated her long legs. Your face felt warm. Rei’s top was a baby blue blouse and she wore black high heeled boots. Stunning.

Shortly afterward, her order had been ready and you had given it to her. She stayed in the library for hours. You wanted to gather enough courage to talk to her- she was ethereal and your heart went into a frenzy around her, you needed to know more about her. But you didn’t.

Instead, you opted to stare at her from a distance, admiring her features.

Much to your delight, she returned to the shop. Her visits weren’t too frequent, only once or twice a week; but they were enough to put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

She would always order the same thing and pick up a new, different, random book from the shelves. And finish it in a couple of hours.

Even your co-workers noticed how nervous and distracted you’d be when Rei would visit the library and began to tease you about it.

They meant well, so their jokes merely made you smile. Since you spent so much of your time distracted by her beauty, you never noticed how she would glance at your face when you were busy, or how the slightest pink blush dusted over her cheeks.

One day, she came in with a teenager. Your heart dropped with one single thought- he looked like her son. The boy was one of the famous U.A Third-year students, Shouto Todoroki.

And with a frown, you realized that Rei Kanda had been Rei Todoroki, ex-wife of the Pro Hero Endeavor.

The bicolored eyes of the teenager studied you carefully when he approached the counter with his mother. His intense eyes made you swallow nervously.

That day was one of the worst in your life. All hopes and dreams you had of dating the quiet woman vanished. You swore off chasing after Rei, seeing that she already had children. She probably wasn’t looking for a relationship.

Your pessimistic thoughts made your throat dry, but they spoke nothing but the truth. Rei was simply a customer that was too gorgeous for her own good and so far away from your reach.

Instead of moping around for months, you kept your head down and continued studying diligently, keeping your distance from Rei when she came to the cafe. You were in your late twenties and currently studying in the last year of your career and didn’t need any more distractions.

That was the mantra you told yourself every day, but it didn’t help healing the cracks in your heart. Even after keeping your distance from Rei for months, you still yearned for her love.

Yearning for mornings where you’d wake up at her side, brushing your fingers through her icy white hair. Or nights where the two of you would make love for hours.

And you carried on with the painful but acceptable change for months. It wasn’t until you were working a night shift in the cafe on a cold, rainy day, that everything changed.

You were humming peacefully, cleaning the counter with a wet rag while bopping your hips to a song. The doors burst open loudly and the bell rang out softly. You sighed and wiped your forehead with the back of your hand.

“Sorry hon, we’re closed.” You said, too exhausted to raise your gaze.

“Y/N.” the familiar voice made you flinch. Slowly, you raised your head.

There she stood. Rei stood dripping wet from the tip of her head to her shoes, her white hair clinging onto her forehead. Every breath she took seemed to weigh her down.

“Ms. Kanda?” you said worriedly. All your discretion flew out the window as you stepped away from the counter and approached Rei, helping her walk to a chair. She didn’t seem bruised with any type of physical injuries, but she was clearly unwell.

“Is something wrong? Do you want me to call someone?” you sat down next to her, unsure what to do with your hands.

Rei let out a soft huff, shaking her head. She closed her eyes and leaned back into the sofa.

“Thank you,” she whispered. You swallowed nervously. With a sniffle, the woman leaned forward. Tears began to stream down her cheeks.

“Um,-” you stammered. “Oh shit, did I make you cry Ms. Kanda?! I’m sorry, do you-,”

Your mumbling was sharply interrupted by a strong tug. And before you could blink, Rei was holding you to her chest, sobs wracking her small frame. Your face warmed to the point it felt like it was burning. But she was clearly in pain and you decided to push away your feelings for the moment and console her.

Slowly, you raised your arms and wrapped them around her back, rubbing circles in her back as an attempt to soothe her pain. After what felt like hours, Rei’s painful sobs lowered to quiet sniffles.

“I’m sorry-,” she hiccups, shaking her head in disapproval. You want to intervene and tell her she has nothing to be sorry for, but you also want to hear what she has to say.

“It’s-it’s just that, today is the death anniversary of Touya,” another wail racks her chest and you vaguely remember the name Touya- the deceased child of the Todoroki family. “I always cry on this day. B-but, I was watching the television today and I saw Enji and- oh my god-,” she muffles her mouth with her hand as another sob racks her frame. You tighten your arms around her.

“For a moment,” her voice is barely louder than a whisper. “I saw Touya’s face in him.”

Your heart feels heavier by the minute. “I-I didn’t know who to go to, all my sons are busy today and all I could think about was you.” her last words are a small squeak, but they send your heart into a frenzy.

She continues crying and stuttering and you continue to murmur comforting words in her ears, rubbing her back but your mind is elsewhere. All you can think about is what she said; All I could think about was you.

Eventually, Rei calms down and her outburst ends shortly. The only remainder of her mental breakdown is her red-rimmed eyes and her smile, which is weaker and sadder than usual.

“Thank you,” she murmurs. You smile and shake your head.

“Not a problem,” you awkwardly scratch your head as you glance at the clock. “But um, I have to close soon, so do you want me to-,” once again, you’re interrupted by Rei.

This time, it was the most pleasant surprise. Her trembling fists latch onto the collar of your shirt and tug you closer. And before you can squeak out in surprise, her soft lips are pressed against yours.

Your mouth begins to tingle as your lips move with Rei’s. Her lips are surprisingly soft but slightly cold- they spread fresh air into your heart. They’re cold but her breath is warm and you feel your knees buckle and your eyes flutter with pleasure.

“Mmmmm….” is all you can say when the two of you pull away. Rei’s face is flushed and her breathing is heavy. You can feel your eyes heavy with pleasure and your lips can still feel the ghost touch of Rei’s lips.

“Wait,” you manage to say once you regain your composure. Rei giggles. “What just happened?”

Rei stays the night at your small and dingy apartment. You’ve taken the next step with your relationship with Rei- but it’s far too soon and she’s in a weak moment; so you steer your hands clear from her body. Even if you’ve dreamed about it for months.

✼ •• ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ •• ✼

Though the process is slow, the two of you eventually stop scurrying around each other’s feet and dive into a relationship.

It’s something you have little to no experience in; Rei’s commented that she’s had nothing but bad experiences. The prospect of being in a relationship is slightly terrifying for you, but then you remember Rei’s smile and her laugh and all your concerns wash away.

One thing you’ve realized about your girlfriend is the fact is that she’s very distant and closed off about her past. Despite the determination of the media to leech private information off public figures, there isn’t much known about the divorce of Endeavor and Rei Kanda.

They divorced a year or two ago, and that was it. You didn’t know about the history behind it. Their relationship had questionable events in the past, but everyone seemed better off when they separated. In particular their children.

Even though the Todoroki children are far from being yours, you always greet them with a smile and welcome them into your home when they visit you.

Shouto is the one you’re closest with, he’s usually quiet but you feel a strong connection with him. From the time you’ve bonded with him, you’ve learned that he loves soba. Fuyumi and Natsuo are also quite friendly with you but keep a respectful distance. Fuyumi is a very motherly and kind girl. Natsuo is generally awkward and quiet around you, but you know he means well.

You didn’t indulge in sex with Rei until a few months into your relationship. She wasn’t comfortable with it but refused to explain why. You made sure to comfort her and when the lucky day finally came along, you made sure to ask her if she really wanted it.

While you’re curious to learn more about Rei’s past with the Todoroki family; she clearly isn’t comfortable with it, so you make sure to be respectful and avoid the subject.

That is until Touya’s death day rolls around. You’ve been with Rei for nearly a year now and as the day approaches, your heart feels heavier. Rei seems to feel the same. Her eye bags are becoming more pronounced and you haven’t heard her usual lively laugh in weeks.

It’s eight in the morning when you wake up and it’s a quiet Saturday. Rei’s side of the bed is empty, she’s nowhere to be seen. With a frown, you walk out of the bedroom. At the dining table, Rei is talking quietly with a burly man. Endeavor.

You freeze on the spot. Rei hasn’t noticed you; she’s turned around and neither has Endeavor.

Quietly, you slip behind a wall and listen to their conversation.

“-know it’s terribly late for this,” Endeavor’s deep and hoarse voice is flooding your ears. “But I wanted to apologize. What I did to you all those years… it was inhuman. I’m not looking for your forgiveness nor am I expecting to be friends or lovers once again,” your fists tighten at your side. “But I wanted to give you my sincerest apologies.”

Rei is silent for a couple of minutes.

“You released me from the mental hospital,” her voice is soft. “And offered me free therapy. Ended our marriage. But you didn’t apologize until today. Why?”

You can feel your fists tremble with anger. Endeavor has done unspeakable things to Rei, your girlfriend, and you didn’t even know? Betrayal and hurt sting your heart.

“I didn’t know if I would be able to face you,” Endeavor sounds truthful. “I was afraid that I would freeze and make things worse. Make you feel worse. But I’m glad to see you’ve moved on. Who is she?”

Rei’s voice sounds lighter and cheerful. “My partner.”

Endeavor hums in response. They murmur goodbye and Endeavor leaves shortly after.

You feel confused, hurt, and sad- mostly at yourself and Endeavor. Rei sighs from the dining room. With a heavy heart, you step into the kitchen.

“…Baby?…” you can’t help it as the hurt seeps into your voice. Rei flinches and turns around. Her eyes widen.

“Hey, sweetie,” there’s a forced smile on her lips. “Why are you up so early?”

You frown. Why is she acting like nothing happened? Does she not…trust you? With a small sigh, you force a bright smile and shake your head.

“Just thought I’d start the day early today. How did you wake up?”

The rest of the day is painfully awkward. You decide to leave the subject at ease and ask her another time. If she hasn’t brought it up, it must be for some reason.

Day after day, you tell yourself you’ll ask her tomorrow. Those days turn into months. And eventually, you forget about the subject; it’s tucked away in the depths of your thoughts.

It doesn’t resurface until a quiet evening. You’re sitting on your couch with Rei, her legs draped over your lap. Flipping through channels until you catch a glimpse of red and stay on the channel.

It’s Endeavor, you think bitterly. And Shouto is next to him, helping him protect the civilians.

Rei doesn’t move or react but her eyes drift towards you. Your jaw clenches.

“Love?” her voice is soft and cautious. “Are you okay?

’'Why didn’t you tell me anything, Rei?” your eyes are glued to the TV as you speak.

Your girlfriend stiffens. You regret your decision already, but there’s no going back now.

“Tell you about what?” With a sigh, you meet her eyes. The gray that swirls in them leaves you breathless every single time.

“About Endeavor,” your voice is quiet. “I heard your conversation with him. When he came over on…Touya’s death day.”

Rei’s eyes widened from shock. She sits up and her legs fall to the ground. You can feel the tears form in your eyes.

“I just…” your voice cracks. “I feel like you haven’t been truthful to me lately, Rei. I barely know anything from your past. Baby, I trust you and I love you, so much,” you sniffle and grab her hands.

“I don’t need to know everything,” your voice is hoarse. “But I’d like to know what happened. Because… you’ve been keeping this from me since we’ve started da-dating,” the tears break loose and you can’t stop the quiver in your voice.

“Do you no-not trust me? I don’t understand why…” your voice dies down.

Rei is staring at you silently, eyes widened in shock. With a worried frown, she leans towards you and softly wipes away your tears.

“I’m sorry,” she lowers her head in shame. “I should’ve been truthful with you. My time with Endeavor…” her eyes get a distant look as if she’s not completely there; reliving the past. “Was dark. And horrible. I suffered years of abuse and violence. My children… were victims as well. And I wasn’t much of a help. What I did to Shouto…”

You freeze. It all makes sense now. How she wasn’t comfortable with sex at first, or how she’d flinch whenever someone raised their voice or a loud noise ripped through the air.

Anger courses through your veins. It roars in your ears.

“That bastard….” you muttered. “I’ll kill him!”

Rei smiles sadly. She presses a hand on your shoulder which quickly soothes you.

“Why?” there’s a deep frown on your face. “He’s an asshole, he shouldn’t have done that. Why, um… why didn’t I know before?”

Rei’s face slightly hardens. “We all decided to keep it under the wraps. For the sake of my children. The media and paparazzi would destroy our family nest if they knew…” she sighs and looks down at her hands.

“But… the Todoroki nest has already been broken.”

You frown and place your hand on her waist. She looks at you, guilt gleaming in her eyes.

“I understand if you don’t want to… be with me after knowing this.”

What?! is all you can think of. Without hesitation, you pull her into a hug and place her face on your chest.

“Hey, hey,” you say in a hushed voice. “It’s not your fault. And stop saying that bullshit. I fucking love you and this won’t stop me.”

Rei looks up, blinking away tears. There’s a hesitant smile on her face.


You scoff. Pulling your girlfriend into a deep kiss, you wrap your arms around her waist and tug her into your lap.

The kiss expresses all your feelings and emotions. Rei is quick to respond, cold lips pressing against yours. After you pull away, Rei laughs. She presses soft kisses on your neck.

‘’I love you, sunshine,’’ she murmurs. The nickname makes your face warm. ‘’I love you so much. Living with you is like my rebirth, my chance at a new and good life.’’

You smile down at her.

‘’You deserve all the good things in life, baby.’’

Both of you have hit a rough bump in your relationship, but it’s something the both of you will face together. No matter what.

Chapter Text

Spring is your favorite season.

For you, spring is a new start. The icy cold snow melts away, the howling wind that nips at your nose and lips eases into a calming breeze.

Plants that withered away in the past few seasons once again bloom to life, spreading their petals open to complete their natural beauty.

Spring is rebirth; the creation of a new life. With the opportunity to make new and better choices.

It’s also when you met Rei Todoroki.

Sunshine seeped inside the little shop, warming your bones. It seemed to put your customers in a good mood as well since the shop was mainly silent.

The day you met gazes, your heart began to beat wildly and you froze on the spot. It’d been love at first sight for you.

She had walked into the library cafe with a carefree expression. Her icy white hair made your mouth go dry and her sad grey eyes left you breathless.

You nearly dropped the coffee you were holding in your hand. Despite the fact that she approached you with a smile that made your face warm, there was a certain sadness in her eyes. You wondered what had she gone through that left such look in her beautiful eyes.

“Excuse me, miss?” she spoke in a soft tone, watching you with concern.

You choked down a splutter and smoothed down your skirt and apron before returning her smile.

“I’m sorry,” you said with a sheepish smile. “Welcome to the Library Cafe. What can I get you?”

She smiled with understanding and glanced briefly around the shop. With a nervous laugh, the woman shook her head. You guessed she was around her late thirties, but she held an air of peace and warmth that made your body relax.

“I’m not sure…” her tone was airy and relaxed. “I haven’t been here before. What would you recommend?”

Your eyes widened. Her laugh made your heartthrob with warmth. Yearning to hear it again.

“Me?” you squeaked. “Well, um, our black coffee with whipped cream is very popular, along with a size of cheesecake…”

“I’ll have that,” she decided. “How much will it be?”

“Oh, it’ll be 620 yen, ma'am.” You said with a cheery smile, proud of yourself for not stuttering again.

With a pleasant hum, the white-haired woman passed you the exact amount. Her fingers were cold to the touch and sent shivers down your spine. They were the pleasant type.

She seemed to feel the same since she faltered and stared at you for a few moments. You licked your lips and quickly tore your gaze away, fiddling with the machine.

“I’ll have your order ready right away!” you forced a cheery tone. “If you want, you can wait near the books and I’ll call out for you. Your name is..?

’‘Rei Kanda,” she said. “My name is Rei Kanda.”

You smiled and nodded. “Very well. I’ll have your order ready in a moment, miss Kanda.” your face warmed when you tested her surname on your tongue.

Rei smiled warmly and nodded in response. Your eyes lingered on her for a couple of moments and watched as she walked towards the comfortable cushions, picked out a random book for a shelf next to the cushions, and sat down.

A spontaneous decision, you thought with a smile. She was wearing a pair of beige jeans that accentuated her long legs. Your face felt warm. Rei’s top was a baby blue blouse and she wore black high heeled boots. Stunning.

Shortly afterward, her order had been ready and you had given it to her. She stayed in the library for hours. You wanted to gather enough courage to talk to her- she was ethereal and your heart went into a frenzy around her, you needed to know more about her. But you didn’t.

Instead, you opted to stare at her from a distance, admiring her features.

Much to your delight, she returned to the shop. Her visits weren’t too frequent, only once or twice a week; but they were enough to put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

She would always order the same thing and pick up a new, different, random book from the shelves. And finish it in a couple of hours.

Even your co-workers noticed how nervous and distracted you’d be when Rei would visit the library and began to tease you about it.

They meant well, so their jokes merely made you smile. Since you spent so much of your time distracted by her beauty, you never noticed how she would glance at your face when you were busy, or how the slightest pink blush dusted over her cheeks.

One day, she came in with a teenager. Your heart dropped with one single thought- he looked like her son. The boy was one of the famous U.A Third-year students- Shouto Todoroki.

And with a frown, you realized that Rei Kanda had been Rei Todoroki, ex-wife of the Pro Hero Endeavor.

The bicolored eyes of the teenager studied you carefully when he approached the counter with his mother. His intense eyes made you swallow nervously.

That day was one of the worst in your life. All hopes and dreams you had of dating the quiet woman vanished.

You swore off chasing after Rei, seeing that she already had children. She probably wasn’t looking for a relationship.

Your pessimistic thoughts made your throat dry, but they spoke nothing but the truth. Rei was simply a customer that was too gorgeous for her own good and so far away from your reach.

Instead of moping around for months, you kept your head down and continued studying diligently, keeping your distance from Rei when she came to the cafe. You were in your late twenties and currently studying in the last year of your career and didn’t need any more distractions.

That was the mantra you told yourself every day, but it didn’t help healing the cracks in your heart. Even after keeping your distance from Rei for months, you still yearned for her love.

Yearning for mornings where you’d wake up at her side, brushing your fingers through her icy white hair. Or nights where the two of you would make love for hours.

And you carried on with the painful but acceptable change for months. It wasn’t until you were working a night shift in the cafe on a cold, rainy day, that everything changed.

You were humming peacefully, cleaning the counter with a wet rag while bopping your hips to a song. The doors burst open loudly and the bell rang out softly. You sighed and wiped your forehead with the back of your hand.

“Sorry hon, we’re closed.” You said, too exhausted to raise your gaze.

“Y/N.” the familiar voice made you flinch. Slowly, you raised your head.

There she stood. Rei stood dripping wet from the tip of her head to her shoes, her white hair clinging onto her forehead. Every breath she took seemed to weigh her down.

“Ms. Kanda?” you said worriedly. All your discretion flew out the window as you stepped away from the counter and approached Rei, helping her walk to a chair. She didn’t seem bruised with any type of physical injuries, but she was clearly unwell.

“Is something wrong? Do you want me to call someone?” you sat down next to her, unsure what to do with your hands.

Rei let out a soft huff, shaking her head. She closed her eyes and leaned back into the sofa.

“Thank you,” she whispered. You swallowed nervously. With a sniffle, the woman leaned forward. Tears began to stream down her cheeks.

“Um,-” you stammered. “Oh shit, did I make you cry Ms. Kanda?! I’m sorry, do you-,”

Your mumbling was sharply interrupted by a strong tug. And before you could blink, Rei was holding you to her chest, sobs wracking her small frame. Your face warmed to the point it felt like it was burning. But she was clearly in pain and you decided to push away your feelings for the moment and console her.

Slowly, you raised your arms and wrapped them around her back, rubbing circles in her back as an attempt to soothe her pain. After what felt like hours, Rei’s painful sobs lower to quiet sniffles.

“I’m sorry-,” she hiccups, shaking her head in disapproval. You want to intervene and tell her she has nothing to be sorry for, but you also want to hear what she has to say.

“It’s-it’s just that, today is the death anniversary of Touya,” another wail racks her chest and you vaguely remember the name Touya- the deceased child of the Todoroki family. “I always cry on this day. B-but, I was watching the television today and I saw Enji and- oh my god-,” she muffles her mouth with her hand as another sob racks her frame. You tighten your arms around. “For a moment,” her voice is barely louder than a whisper. “I saw Touya’s face in him.”

Your heart feels heavier by the minute. “I-I didn’t know who to go to, all my sons are busy today and all I could think about was you.” her last words are a small squeak, but they send your heart into a frenzy.

She continues crying and stuttering and you continue to murmur comforting words in her ears, rubbing her back but your mind is elsewhere. All you can think about is what she said; All I could think about was you.

Eventually, Rei calms down and her outburst ends shortly. The only remainder of her mental breakdown is her red-rimmed eyes and her smile, which is weaker and sadder than usual.

“Thank you,” she murmurs. You smile and shake your head.

“Not a problem,” you awkwardly scratch your head as you glance at the clock. “But um, I have to close soon, so do you want me to-,” once again, you’re interrupted by Rei.

This time, it was the most pleasant surprise. Her trembling fists latch onto the collar of your shirt and tug you closer. And before you can squeak out in surprise, her soft lips are pressed against yours.

Your mouth begins to tingle as your lips move with Rei’s. Her lips are surprisingly soft but slightly cold- they spread fresh air into your heart. They’re cold but her breath is warm and you feel your knees buckle and your eyes flutter with pleasure.

’'Mmmmm….“ is all you can say when the two of you pull away. Rei’s face is flushed and her breathing is heavy. You can feel your eyes heavy with pleasure and your lips can still feel the ghost touch of Rei’s lips.

’'Wait,” you manage to say once you regain your composure. Rei giggles. “What just happened?”

Rei stays the night at your small and dingy apartment. You’ve taken the next step with your relationship with Rei- but it’s far too soon and she’s in a weak moment; so you steer your hands clear from her body. Even if you’ve dreamed about it for months.

✼ •• ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ •• ✼

Though the process is slow, the two of you stop scurrying around each other’s feet and dive into a relationship.

It’s something you have little to no experience in; Rei’s commented that she’s had nothing but bad experiences. The prospect of being in a relationship is slightly terrifying for you, but then you remember Rei’s smile and her laugh and all your concerns wash away.

One thing you’ve realized about your girlfriend is the fact is that she’s very distant and closed off about her past. Despite the determination of the media to leech private information off public figures, there isn’t much known about the divorce of Endeavor and Rei Kanda.

They divorced a year or two ago, and that was it. You didn’t know about the history behind it. Their relationship had questionable events in the past, but everyone seemed better off when they separated. In particular their children.

Even though the Todoroki children are far from being yours, you always greet them with a smile and welcome them into your home when they visit you.

Shouto is the one you’re closest with, he’s usually quiet but you feel a motherly connection with him. From the time you’ve bonded with him, you’ve learned that he loves soba. Fuyumi and Natsuo are also quite friendly with you but keep a respectful distance. Fuyumi is a very motherly and kind girl. Natsuo is generally awkward and quiet around you, but you know he means well.

You didn’t indulge in sex with Rei until a few months into your relationship. She wasn’t comfortable with it but refused to explain why. You made sure to comfort her and when the lucky day finally came along, you made sure to ask her if she really wanted it.

While you’re curious to learn more about Rei’s past with the Todoroki family but since she doesn’t budge, you make sure to be respectful and avoid the subject.

That is until Touya’s death day rolls around. You’ve been with Rei for nearly a year now and as the day approaches, your heart feels heavier. Rei seems to feel the same. Her eye bags are becoming more pronounced and you haven’t heard her usual lively laugh in weeks.

It’s eight in the morning when you wake up and it’s a quiet Saturday. Rei’s side of the bed is empty, she’s nowhere to be seen. With a frown, you walk out of the bedroom. At the dining table, Rei is talking quietly with a burly man. Endeavor.

You freeze on the spot. Rei hasn’t noticed you; she’s turned around and neither has Endeavor.

Quietly, you slip behind a wall and listen to their conversation.

“-know it’s terribly late for this,” Endeavor’s deep and hoarse voice is flooding your ears. “But I wanted to apologize. What I did to you all those years… it was inhuman. I’m not looking for your forgiveness nor am I expecting to be friends or lovers once again,” your fists tighten at your side. “But I wanted to give you my sincerest apologies.”

Rei is silent for a couple of minutes.

“You released me from the mental hospital,” her voice is soft. “And offered me free therapy. Ended our marriage. But you didn’t apologize until today. Why?”

You can feel your fists tremble with anger. Endeavor has done unspeakable things to Rei, your girlfriend, and you didn’t even know. Betrayal and hurt sting your heart.

“I didn’t know if I would be able to face you,” Endeavor sounds truthful. “I was afraid that I would freeze and make things worse. Make you feel worse. But I’m glad to see you’ve moved on. Who is she?”

Rei’s voice sounds lighter and cheerful. “My girlfriend.”

Endeavor hums in response. They murmur goodbye and Endeavor leaves shortly after.

You feel confused, hurt, and sad- mostly at yourself and Endeavor. Rei sighs from the dining room. With a heavy heart, you step into the kitchen.

“…Baby?…” you can’t help it as the hurt seeps into your voice. Rei flinches and turns around. Her eyes widen.

“Hey, sweetie,” there’s a forced smile on her lips. “Why are you up so early?”

You frown. Why is she acting like nothing happened? Does she not…trust you? With a small sigh, you force a bright smile and shake your head.

“Just thought I’d start the day early today. How did you wake up?”

The rest of the day is painfully awkward. You decide to leave the subject at ease and ask her another time. If she hasn’t brought it up, it must be for some reason.

Day after day, you tell yourself you’ll ask her tomorrow. Those days turn into months. And eventually, you forget about the subject; it’s tucked away in the depths of your thoughts.

It doesn’t resurface until a quiet evening. You’re sitting on your couch with Rei, her legs draped over your lap. Flipping through channels until you catch a glimpse of red and stay on the channel.

It’s Endeavor, you think bitterly. And Shouto is next to him, helping him protect the civilians.

Rei doesn’t move or react but her eyes drift towards you. Your jaw clenches.

“Love?” her voice is soft and cautious. “Are you okay?

’'Why didn’t you tell me anything, Rei?” your eyes are glued to the TV as you speak.

Your girlfriend stiffens. You regret your decision already, but there’s no going back now.

“Tell you about what?” With a sigh, you meet her eyes. The gray that swirls in them leaves you breathless every single time.

“About Endeavor,” your voice is quiet. “I heard your conversation with him. When he came over on…Touya’s death day.”

Rei’s eyes widened from shock. She sits up and her legs fall to the ground. You can feel the tears form in your eyes.

“I just…” your voice cracks. “I feel like you haven’t been truthful to me lately, Rei. I barely know anything from your past. Baby, I trust you and I love you, so much,” you sniffle and grab her hands.

“I don’t need to know everything,” your voice is hoarse. “But I’d like to know what happened. Because… you’ve been keeping this from me since we’ve started da-dating,” the tears break loose and you can’t stop the quiver in your voice.

“Do you no-not trust me? I don’t understand why…” your voice dies down.

Rei is staring at you silently, eyes widened in shock. With a worried frown, she leans towards you and softly wipes away your tears.

“I’m sorry,” she lowers her head in shame. “I should’ve been truthful with you. My time with Endeavor…” her eyes get a distant look as if she’s not completely there; reliving the past. “Was dark. And horrible. I suffered years of abuse and violence. My children… were victims as well. And I wasn’t much of a help. What I did to Shouto…”

You freeze. It all makes sense now. How she wasn’t comfortable with sex at first, or how she’d flinch whenever someone raised their voice or a loud noise ripped through the air.

Anger courses through your veins. It roars in your ears.

“That bastard….” you muttered. “I’ll kill him!”

Rei smiles sadly. She presses a hand on your shoulder which quickly soothes you.

“Why?” there’s a deep frown on your face. “He’s an asshole, he shouldn’t have done that. Why, um… why didn’t I know before?”

Rei’s face slightly hardens. “We all decided to keep it under the wraps. For the sake of my children. The media and paparazzi would destroy our family nest if they knew…” she sighs and looks down at her hands.

“But… the Todoroki nest has already been broken.”

You frown and place your hand on her waist. She looks at you, guilt gleaming in her eyes.

“I understand if you don’t want to… be with me after knowing this.”

What?! is all you can think of. Without hesitation, you pull her into a hug and place her face on your chest.

“Hey, hey,” you say in a hushed voice. “It’s not your fault. And stop saying that bullshit. I fucking love you and this won’t stop me.”

Rei looks up, blinking away tears. There’s a hesitant smile on her face.


You scoff. Pulling your girlfriend into a deep kiss, you wrap your arms around her waist and tug her into your lap.

The kiss expresses all your feelings and emotions. Rei is quick to respond, cold lips pressing against yours. After you pull away, Rei laughs. She presses soft kisses on your neck.

‘’I love you, sunshine,’’ she murmurs. The nickname makes your face warm. ‘’I love you so much. Living with you is like my rebirth, my chance at a new and good life.’’

You smile down at her.

‘’You deserve all the good things in life, baby.’’

Both of you have hit a rough bump in your relationship, but it’s something the both of you will face together. No matter what.

Chapter Text

I’ll be there by 10 PM. Love you.

You read the message over and over with furrowed eyebrows. He said 10 PM.

It was 1 AM, and your fiancee was nowhere to be seen. He hadn’t arrived home and you were worried sick.

“Oh Shouta…” you nearly whimpered. “Where are you?”

You jumped in your bed when you heard loud knocking on the front door. Quicky, you raced out of your bedroom, only to slow down. Your hand hovered above the doorknob.

It was 1 AM. Who would be here at this time? What if it wasn’t Shouta?

“Who is it?” you called out.

No response. Frowning, you opened your mouth to repeat the question, but everything went dark.

You heard the groaning of generators as the lights went out and you shrieked in fear. Your legs began to tremble with fear. Slowly, you began to walk backward and pressed your back against the hallway’s wall, when you heard brutal banging. But no one called out.

You slowly retreated to your bedroom, when a familiar click! reached your ears.

They had gone through the window. Fear took over your body as you froze on the spot, hearing several groans and footsteps in the living room. Your body was trembling as you walked out of the bedroom and you froze when you saw it. Was it Shouta?

“Sho?” you called out.

“Are you home?” Worry and concern were flooding your mind and blocked out everything else. There was a hunched dark figure in your living room, and you weren’t quite sure if that was your fiancee or a local demon.

The only response you received was a groan. You flinched but clamped your hand over your mouth before you could whimper in fear. Your eyes glanced at the baseball bat that you left next to the sofa, which was intended for emergencies.

This qualified as an emergency, right?

You slowly approached the figure, grabbing the baseball bat in your hands, and raised it. The familiar whirring of the generators roared in your ears, the lights flickered on, and you swung the bat.

“Wait!” Shouta’s weak and feeble voice called out, but you had already swung.

Thank god for Shouta’s fast reflexes, otherwise, you would’ve crushed the poor man. A strangled gasp escaped you as you dropped the bat and grabbed Shouta before he could collapse on the ground. He was bruised, battered and his face was smeared with blood.

“Baby,” you stammered as you helped him walk to the couch. “What happened?!”

He could only offer strangled groans and grumbles as a response. “Hero…work…” he groaned before his head lolled to the side.

“Oh god,” you whispered.

You quickly raced towards the restroom, flinging objects asides as you searched for the medical kit. Once you had it in your possession, you ran towards to couch and began to undress Shouta. You winced loudly when you saw his left thigh. There was a deep wound that was still gushing with blood. He had a bullet hole in his left shoulder. How was this man still alive?

Your hands began to fly over his body as you disinfected, extracted and patched him up. Your hands trembled with worry, but you forced yourself to stay calm and heal Shouta. This wasn’t the time to let your emotions get in the way.

Once you had done as much as possible, you broke into tears. Seeing your beloved fiancee- the love of your life-so weak and bruised brought tears to your eyes. You knew that being a Pro Hero wasn’t an easy job, but the risks and consequences it came with absolutely terrified.

Wiping away your tears, you rose and returned with a cup of water and a pill and nudged Shouta to drink. He was half asleep when he gulped down the water and medicine and groaned afterwards.

Once you were sure you were done, you sat down on the floor next to him and sniffled. You were a quirkless citizen and while you had done as much as you could- with your experiences from studying medicine for a few years- you still felt helpless. If you had a healing quirk then maybe he’d be better right now.

Your body felt exhausted from all the fear you had just experienced and the effort you put into patching Shouta up. With a sigh, you glanced at your fiancee one last time before falling asleep next to him.


When you opened your heavy eyelids, you aren’t on the uncomfortable floor anymore. You’re tucked in the comfortable mattress you share with Shouta, but you’re alone. You frown at his absence, but you calm down a tad bit when you touch his side of the bed- it’s still warm. He’s still home.

You yawn as you stretch your body for a couple of minutes and head outside. The first thing you notice is the loud sizzling from the kitchen. Shouta! you think with a smile, but then you remember that he was gravely injured yesterday. You race to the kitchen, just in time to help him limp to the sink.

“Morning, kitten.” his voice is raspy and dry and he smiles softly at you, like if he wasn’t gravely injured.

“Shouta!” you scold him. Once you have a firm grip on him, you steer him towards the bedroom. “What are you doing?! You’re gravely injured, you should be in bed!"

Your fiancee sighs as you drag him into the bedroom and force him to lay down.

’‘I just wanted to do something for you,” he murmurs. “Since you stayed up late and patched me up. You should’ve gone to sleep early.”

You sigh and press your hands on your hips. “You listen to me, Shouta Aizawa. You’re staying in this bed and I’m bringing breakfast to you, okay?” your voice is stern and commanding. “I don’t want to see you move a single inch out of this bed.’'

He opens his mouth to argue but you silence him with a quick kiss.

’'You need to take care of yourself, Sho.” you cradle his cheek with a frown. “I know you forget about yourself when you’re working, but please, please remember to take care of yourself,” you press another kiss on his lips. “Please take care of yourself for me.”

Shouta sighs in defeat as he nods. He pulls you in for a deeper kiss and you comply with a small giggle. After a while, you break apart and rise from the bed.

“Now, I’m going to finish breakfast, and I want you to stay in bed. Understood?” you’re glaring at your fiancee as an attempt of intimidation but he merely chuckles in response.

“Yes ma'am.”

You huff and walk out of the bedroom, a smile playing on your lips. You spend the rest of the morning cook breakfast and eating in bed with Shouta, sharing snuggles and stealing kisses from each other.

Chapter Text

“Morning!” you greeted Shinsou. He looked like he hadn’t slept all night- which was probably true- and murmured a greeting back.

Your second year at U.A was nearing its end- Shinsou had transferred to the hero course a bit over a year before- and you had quickly befriended him when he joined Class 1B. Your friendship had slowly blossomed into a romantic relationship and you were proud to say that Shinsou had been your boyfriend for a couple of months.

“G'morning,” he replied in a low but raspy voice. Smiling, you pressed a kiss on his cheek and he wrapped an arm around your waist. The two of you walked together to class. Conveniently, your seats were next to each other so you bonded during class.

It was summer and the strong heatwaves were seeping inside the classroom- you could feel sweat arise under your arms and on your forehead.

You quickly shook off your school blazer- diverting Shinsou’s and your attention from the lesson. With a content sigh, you leaned forward in your seat and returned your attention to the class. You didn’t notice how Shinsou’s eyes were pinned on your form, trailing over your scarred arms. His eyebrows furrowed. Both of your arms and hands were littered with small scars and scratches- some old and others were still raw and fresh.

Concern and confusion flooded his mind- were you being abused at home? Or worse, were the injuries on your arms caused by self-harm? His heart dropped to the floor. How could he have known you for nearly a year and hadn’t noticed you were suffering in silence? God, he felt like the worst boyfriend in the entire history of boyfriends.

The next classes flew by quickly- you had been so caught up with your studies that you didn’t notice the abrupt change of your boyfriend’s attitude until it was lunch.

As usual, you sat at one of the tables with Monoma, Shinsou, and a few others from Class 1B, chatting and munching on your food.

The purple-haired boy’s hand was in yours, clasped together on your lap. You unconsciously rubbed your fingers on his knuckles, chatting away with Kendo, oblivious to the dark and serious aura that surrounded Shinsou.

It wasn’t until you laughed and playfully swatted Tetsutestsu’s hand that your boyfriend snapped. The grip on your hand tightened painfully and you glanced at Shinsou. His jaw was clenched shut and his eyes were directly on you.

You swallowed nervously. Had you done something to anger him? The rest of your friends didn’t seem to notice and continued blabbering. Silently, you slid out of the seats, tugging Shinsou and muttering a small ‘excuse me’ to your distracted friends.

The two of you walked silently towards a silent hallway. You swiftly inspect your surroundings and once you don’t see anyone else, you let out a heavy sigh.
Shinsou is standing in front of you, motionless with a scowl on his face. His attitude his making your heart twist with worry.

You lean towards him, caressing his cheek with your hand.

“Is everything okay?”

He closed his eyes and leaned into your tough. His hand wraps around your wrist as Shinsou exhales loudly.

After a second or two, he opens his eyes and lowers your arm- but keeps his grip firm on it.
He gently turns it around and blatantly stares at the scars.

“Are you okay? Where-where did you get these scratches and scars from? Is everything okay at home?” his eyes are swarming with concern and you can’t help but giggle loudly. He stops his rambling and stares at you with slightly parted lips. Confusion takes over his features.

“No, I’m okay!” you grin brightly and press a soft kiss on his jaw.

“These scratches are from my baby kitten, Jojo. We adopted him a few weeks ago and he’s an absolute angel, although he’s very playful and I end up with a lot of kitten scratches.” There’s a toothy grin on your face and Shinsou can’t help but melt into your touch, sighing with relief.

“Good,” he presses his forehead against yours, eyes fluttering shut. “I’m sorry I overreacted. I was just worried.”

You smile and press a tender kiss on the tip of his nose. His eyes remain shut but a smile blossoms on his lips.

“Don’t be, 'Toshi,” you softly stroke his purple indigo hair. “Thank you for caring about me. Even though it wasn’t necessary, it means a lot to me that you reached out.”

The two of you stand together in the empty hallway for minutes and Shinsou is the first one to pull away. There’s a lazy smirk on his face- the lazy smirk that makes your heart race.

“You mentioned a kitten,” he started. “I think I’ll need to see the little gremlin, just to make sure.’'

You laugh softly and nod. Shinsou tugs you closer and pulls you into a delicate but invigorating kiss. He wraps his arms around your waist and he’s pinned you against a locker, and you smile between kisses, spreading your legs and wrapping them around his waist. His arms lower to your bottom to hold you up against the locker.

The kisses become sloppier and more intense by the minute and sent tingles towards your intimate parts.

”HEY! Lovebirds! Lunch is about to be over, get back here! 1B cannot arrive later than 1A!“ Monoma’s loud voice booms in the hallway and the two of you jump apart. You can feel your lips swollen- Shinsou’s are in the same state as yours.

’'Okay!” Shinsou shouts in reply. He pulls his arms away but clutches your hand, shooting you a brief smile.

“We’ll be there.’'

Monoma huffs, shaking his head in disapproval as he walks around the corner. You burst into giggles and Shinsou’s deep but warm laugh echoes with yours.
The two of you quickly rush down the hall, following the blonde.

’'You can come over after school to meet Jojo,” you smile. “That is if you’re free today.”

Shinsou’s hand squeezes yours. “I’d love to.” he smiles softly and there’s a glint of excitement and adoration in his purple eyes that makes you smile widely.


After greeting your parents, you quickly tug Shinsou towards your room- where Jojo awaits for your arrival. You swing the door open and smile widely.

“Hello baby!” you cooed, picking up the striped kitten in your arms. Jojo mews softly but his gaze quickly focuses on Shinsou, who’s standing behind you.

You giggle and pass Jojo to him and he quickly cradles him softly in his arms, smiling as the kitten meows again, his small paws reaching for Shinsou’s face. There’s a serene smile on his face- as if being with cats is being in his element- his comfort zone.

“You really like cats, don’t you?” Hitoshi shoots you a soft smile and nods, caressing Jojo’s soft and furry face between his fingers. The kitten lets out a soft chirp and closes its eyes.

“C'mon, we should get started,” you beckon him forward. The two of you walk towards your bed and pull out your school supplies- Shinsou doing so while a sleeping Jojo purrs in his lap.

“Hey 'Toshi, what did you get on question five?” you nibbled on the eraser of your pencil.

Shinsou raised his eyes. “Oh, you got this wrong,” he pointed towards your answer. “See, what you have to do is…”

He continued talking but all you could focus on was his bright purple eyes- beautiful and rare like a precious rock. You didn’t even notice he asked you a question until he placed a hand on your shoulder.

“Y/N?” he repeated. A soft smile played on his face. “Were you listening to me?”
With a sheepish smile, you shook your head. “Got distracted looking at your pretty face.”

Shinsou laughed throatily and dropped his notebook, leaning towards you and softly kissed your jaw. You giggled at the sensations.

“Is that so?” he murmured. “Well then, I guess that you won’t mind my pretty face kissing you.”

You laughed softly and buried your fingers in his wild hair. “Not at all, 'Toshi.”

Chapter Text

Bakugou hates Halloween.

It’s not the holiday he exactly hates, not at all. Although he won’t admit it, the laughter of children around the corner, the “spooky” decorations and the hint in the air of new fall spices humors him. It doesn't exactly bother him, so he thinks it’s alright.

What he hates, is how you’re so insistent on going trick-or-treating on Halloween. Every goddamn year, you’re trying to convince him with those sweet, pleading eyes of yours, your pouty lips, and sad little voice. And there’s been several times you almost win him over, but he has to put his foot down.

Halloween is the bane of his existence, the only day he loses control of his body. Bakugou spends it sitting in a cold, musty dungeon, held down by chains.

Sometimes, he’ll briefly remember you, and that you’re probably out in a cute, skimpy outfit, smiling and bouncing with other guys. It makes his blood boil.

But it’s the way it is, even if it leaves a bitter taste in his mouth. He would rather put your safety and keeping his secret over enjoying the holiday outdoors, with you.

And this year, just like the rest, was no different. Right after the school bell rang, and the students began to shuffle out of the U.A. academy, you walked up to him.

“Bakugou!” your quiet but determined tone reached his ears. On any other occasion, he would’ve basked in it. But it was October 31st, which meant that you came to attempt to convince him to spend Halloween with you.

“Yes, Y/N?” He grumbled. You smiled as the two of you walked out of the school hallways and onto the entrance.

“I was wondering…” you twiddled with your skirt. “Do you want to go trick or treating with me?” As soon as he opened his mouth to protest, you stopped in your tracks and pressed your hand on his chest.

“-And before you say no, hear me out! It’s a scary house, we can go at five pm, we’ll spend an hour or two there and then you’re back at your house, just in time for your bedtime! God knows you appreciate your sleep,” you snorted, shaking your head in amusement.

Bakugou groaned. He gently pushed off your hand, shaking his head and walking straight ahead. You whined in annoyance and trailed after him.

“C'mon, Baku!” you tugged at his shirt sleeve. “Please come with me. I’m… I’m having some problems with my friends, and…” he slowed down at the sudden bitter tone in your voice.

“They’re going to ditch me on Halloween, and now I don’t have anyone to hang out with. You know how things are with my family, and I’d…I’d really appreciate it if you could hang out with me, even if it’s for a while.”

The way you lower your head makes his heart ache with pain. Bakugou knows you don’t have an idea, but you’ve got his heart and soul around your finger, bound and desperate to make you happy.

He lets out a quiet sigh, before shoving his hands into his pockets. “Tch. Fine, I’ll go with you to this shitty house, or whatever.”

His heart leaped at the way your manner changed in a blink of an eye. The loneliness in your eyes was swept away and you smiled widely, leaping forward and wrapping him in a tight hug.

The blond barely had time to react, letting out a surprised oof! before being smothered by your hug.

“Thank you, thank you!” You nearly wagged your nonexistent tail in excitement. The way you beamed at him made his face warm, even though he knew the rest of his departing classmates were staring at him. Frankly, if this was what it took to make you smile, he’d do it all over again.

“Whatever…” he growled. Bakugou glanced at the sky. It was light blue, with little to no clouds. The moon was out of sight. For now, he thought bitterly.

“Just promise me something.” You raised your eyebrows expectantly.


“We have to return before eight o'clock, nine at most. You hear me?”

You shot him a toothy grin that made his heart stutter. “Sure thing!’

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

You’re not entirely sure how you managed to convince Bakugou- but you sure as hell won’t question it. If you do, you might risk him not going at all. And that would just be the cherry on top of your melancholic week, the trigger that would make you fall apart and burst into tears.

But for now, you tucked those feelings into a corner. The Halloween costume you were going to wear was a top priority. Shifting through your small closet, your eyes drifted back and forth. Money had been tight this year, and you weren’t sure what to wear as a decent Halloween costume. Buying a costume was out of the question.

When your eyes settled on a gothic dress, a grin spread on your face. It was a blood-red and black lace, with three-fourths sleeve and beautiful designs. It had a blood-red ribbon around the waist and reached around your mid-thigh.

’‘Perfect,” you whispered with a wide grin. In a matter of a few hours, you texted Bakugou the location of the spooky house, showered, dressed, slipped on a pair of black flats, and did your makeup. Since the dress was gothic looking, you decided to dress as a vampire.

All you had to do was do some simple makeup, apply some fake blood- which you learned to do last year, and buy a pair of fake fangs on your way to the scary house. And if you were lucky, buy a cheap but nice looking black cloak.

Even though you told yourself to not think about it, you couldn’t help but wonder what made Bakugou change his mind this year. Although the two of you had been friends since meeting during your first year at U.A. Academy, he had always opted out of Halloween.

The fleeting and conflicted thoughts swarmed your mind as you walked out of the local store, having bought the fake fangs and cloak. With them, your costume was complete.

Feeling happy and confident with yourself, you arrived at the spooky house in a matter of minutes. You noticed that your neighborhood was long behind you, and the house was in an abandoned area. It was the only house. Other than that, there was a road and on the other side, a huge, dark forest that made you shiver.

The spooky house was tall, with three floors, creaky and old wood, and a wide yard. Tall weeds and dead plants surrounded the house. The house was painted a dirty grey, with cobwebs in the corners and an empty swing creaking on the doorstep entrance. The house had gates surrounding it, easily double your height.

“Oi, fangs,” Bakugou’s gruff voice pulled you away from examining the house. You glanced at your left, and there he was, leaning on the house’s black gates.

The blonde stood a few feet away from you, wearing a simple black tee-shirt and jeans. And yet, he looked irresistibly good.

“He….” you swallowed nervously. You had to keep your feelings down. “Hey.’'

Bakugou nodded in acknowledgment, and the two of you lingered in front of the house. The gates’ paint was chipped, and the two gate doors were slightly open, but something held you back from entering. Why weren’t there any other people?

’'So… this the place or what? It looks too fucking shady for a spook house.” He snorted, and you couldn’t help but agree with his statement, even if you didn’t voice it out.

“Yeah…” seeing him in an informal outfit had left you breathless. “Yeah, this is the house. Let’s go in.” And without further ado, you pushed the gates open. They creaked loudly and you grimaced.

The two of you walked side to side in silence, shoulders slightly brushing against each other. When you reached the doorstep, you craned your neck and peeked on the window at the right. It was musty and covered in dust, but you caught a movement or two. You weren’t sure if it was comforting.

“Well…” you breathed shakily. “Here we go.’'

There was no one inside. The house was barren, with grey walls and a banner on one of them with the bold words; “WELCOME!’’

You didn’t see any actors or customers. It was unsettling. Slowly, the two of you stepped inside the house, tensing as the wooden floor creaked beneath your feet.

The house was too eery. Even though the website said that once you stepped inside, no one would be there, you couldn’t help but feel that neither of you was supposed to be there.

As soon as the two of you were completely inside the house, the front door slammed behind you. You jumped, and Bakugou flinched. The two of you glanced back at the door and then at each other.

‘’You better fucking hope this is the right house,’’ the blond grumbled. ‘’Or we’re in serious trouble.’’

You decided to remain silent. The two of you surveyed the room; all of the doors were closed and upon further inspection, locked. It was dimly lit with one small, flicker lightbulb.

’'Bakugou…” you whispered, clinging onto his arm. “Are you scared?”

He snorted. “Of course not. Knowing how these cheap-ass places work, they’re probably going to scare us from behind or something.’'

You heard a ball drop on the floor. It came from behind, rolled to your feet, and you flinched.

’'I don’t think we should-” you couldn’t even finish your sentence, as the floor beneath you two disappeared. A scream ripped from your lips as Bakugou and you fell into complete darkness.

“Fucking hell!” The blonde shouted. You gripped his hand and his free arm moved wildly, desperate to grab hold onto something.

“Hooly shiit!” You screamed. The wind howled briefly in your ears and a few seconds, you stopped falling. With a loud thump, the two of you fell on a soft surface. It was still dark, and you could barely see a thing. Then a few torches lighted up on the walls, and you strained your eyes to adjust to your surroundings.

“Jesus fucking christ…” Bakugou rose from the ground, and it seemed that the two of you had landed on a black, wide cushion. He patted down his clothes and scowled.

“Where the fuck did you find this house, Y/N?”

You smiled sheepishly and rose from the cushion. ‘’Google?’’

He sighed in disapproval. “Whatever. Hurry up, I don’t want us to take long.”

You nodded and followed him. It seemed that you had fallen to an underground passage of sorts. The walls were rocky and cold, a rocky wall behind you blocked passage south and there was an empty trail ahead of you. Torches were on the walls, but they weren’t enough to light the entire way. Farther than ten feet away, it was dark. You weren’t sure if the path continued or not.

“C'mon,” Bakugou began speed walking away and you had to jog to catch up with him.

‘’Hey!’’ You protested. ‘’Slow down!’’ With a grunt, he reluctantly slowed down. Just as Bakugou and you reached the end of the trail lighted by torches, he walked towards the wall and plucked one off the wall.

He gripped your hand and surged forward. You followed after, feeling your face erupt with warmth at his bold actions. On the other hand, he didn’t even flinch, and you wondered what the hell was he thinking.

It seemed that the trail continued forward. The torch lit the way, and it seemed that the path narrowed the farther you walked. There was an uncomfortable and questionable silence between the two of you, mainly because of your hand-holding. Katsuki was one of your closest friends, and although he had been your crush for months, there hadn’t been any noticeable changes or romantic insinuations.

After a while, he cleared his throat. ‘’It’s so… we don’t get lost. I don’t want to have to find your dumbass if you get lost.’’ He grumbled.

You smiled. ‘’Okay, Bakugou.’’

Every once in awhile, you’d hear a scream or a roar that did not sound human. You’d flinch and cling onto Bakugou, but nothing ever happened.

It felt like hours passed by until you reached the end of the path. Or at least, what seemed to be the exit. The trail had been narrowing until the two of you could barely fit, shoulders, and hips brushing against each other constantly. It was safe to say your face was hotter than a teapot.

‘’I don’t think we’ll need this anymore,’’ Katsuki released the torch and placed it on one of the wall’s torch handles.

There was a white, wooden door ahead.

‘’Do you think this is the exit?’’ You murmured. Bakugou shrugged. He pushed you behind him, and slowly opened the doorknob, kicking it open once it clicked.

‘’Who’s there?’’ He snapped and placed one foot inside, moving the torch and attempting to observe his surroundings. You trailed behind him, hand still in his.

After hearing and seeing nothing, the blonde grumbled. He pulled you forward and the two of you stepped into the room. This time, it looked similar to the design of the house’s first room.

There were two old and ripped couches, a TV that was turned on, emitting static and disturbing noises. The lightbulb flickered. At the farthest and opposite wall of the room, there was another door.

The two of you slowly stepped forward, glancing from side to side. As you passed by the first couch, something wrapped around your ankle and you screamed. Just as fast as it seized you, it slithered away. Bakugou whupped around, and the two of you raced towards the door. Just as your hand wrapped around the doorknob, you heard a gut-wrenching scream behind you.

‘’Shit!” Both of you shouted in surprise.

A low groan echoed in the room, and Bakugou gripped your arm and swung the door open. The banshee was gone, and the two of you raced inside. As soon as you were inside, you realized too late that it was a tight hallway. Quickly, the two of you raced forward, and you yelped when you felt hands, hundreds of them, grab desperately at your clothes. None of them pulled you back, but it was enough to make you scream in terror.

Bakugou tightened his grip on your hand and before you knew it, you saw light ahead of you. The two of you raced forward, only to freeze when you saw a body hanging from the ceiling. It resembled a young boy, with his eyes gouged out, his stomach ripped open. You hoped the guts that spilled from his body were fake. Dried blood stained the floor. With trembling legs, you followed Bakugou, who was leading the way, even though you noticed he was frightened as well.

Besides the dummy, there was nothing else in the room. Instead of a door, there was a wide hole, and you could see a rope from the other side. The exit.

‘’Is-is it fake?’’ You couldn’t help the tremble in your voice.

‘’Yeah, it is.’’ But even Bakugou sounded uncertain of himself.

Slowly, the two of you stepped forward, walking around the body. As you were halfway towards the exit, a roar echoed and the floor ripped open in the middle. A monster crawled out of the floor, and Bakugou and you raced towards the exit. He pushed you out first, and you wildly grabbed the rope, even as it scratched at your hands as you slid downwards.

Bakugou followed suit and the two of you landed on soft grass, panting heavily. You had escaped in time. It seemed that you had finally reached the exit of the spooky house. There was a tall, towering forest surrounding you. Trees swayed and crickets chirped. The sky was already dark, and you could see the moon slowly setting in the sky.

Slowly, the two of you rose from the grass.

‘’Oh god…’’ you mumbled. ‘’I’m never going to a scare house again.’’ As you regained your breath and muttered about how frightening it was, you noticed that Bakugou was eerily silent. His back was turned to you.

“Y/N…” Bakugou’s voice was oddly strained. You frowned and glanced at him. He slowly turned around. Veins were popping on his forehead, and he was digging his nails into his palm. Why was he acting so strange?

“What time is it?’'

With a frown, you fished out your phone from the cloak and turned it on. The screen read 10 PM.

’'Um…” you froze. Nine o'clock at most. You hear me? Bakugou’s previous words echoed in your head. Oh god, he was upset that it’d taken too long and would never hang out with you again-

“Y/N!” He barked. You staggered backward as Bakugou dropped on the floor, curling into a fetal position with a low groan. The more he groaned, the less he sounded like himself, and sounded more… inhumane. His pained groans shifted between growls and whines.

“Go away. Go home, Y/N. Get the fuck away from me.” The blonde managed to rise on his feet for a few seconds and spat out the words, before tumbling to the ground again.

“What?” Disobeying his wishes, you stepped closer to him. ‘’No. You’re clearly not feeling well. C'mon, grab onto my shoulder, and I’ll take you to the nearest hospital.“

’'NO!” He flinched when you grabbed him and stepped away.

You frowned, feeling your heart sting at his actions. “What is going on with you Bakugou? Stop being so prideful for a second, and let me help you!”

He opened his mouth to respond, and with a gasp, you noticed there was something wrong.

He had fangs.

Not the type that you were wearing, transparent and cheap-looking, fake fangs. No, the fangs that sprouted on both his canines were sharp, large, and gleamed dangerously. Your heart stopped for a second.

“Ba…ku….gou…” With wobbly knees, you took a step backward. His eyes gleamed with frustration and panic, and just as he reached out for you, a sharp howl pierced the wind.

Both of you glanced at the sky, and you felt your hands tremble as the full moon stared back at you.

‘’No.’’ Bakugou whispered. He stared at his hands in disbelief, before falling to his knees. He groaned loudly, gripping at his head.

‘’Are you feeling okay? Let me help you-,’’ He pushed your hand away and growled.

‘’Go home, Y/N! Get the fuck away from me. You’re in danger. GO!’’

You were startled to hear bones cracking and popping from Bakugou. What was going on? Was he hurt? Why did he want you to go?

‘’Wha-,’’ Before you could complete your sentence, you watched in horror as your friend rose and became a beast. His spine grew, his arms and legs were covered in fur as claws sprout from his nails. Bakugou’s jaw elongated, the fangs you had previously seen only grew longer and his eyes became a near pitch-black, void of any human soul.

You fell on the ground from the shock, feeling your heart stutter in fear and knees tremble.

“What- what are you?”

The beast you called your friend growled in response.

A werewolf. Your friend, Bakugou Katsuki, was a werewolf. And the fact couldn’t terrify you any more than it already did.

Chapter Text

“Ka-Katsuki,” your lip wobbled as you spoke. “Are you still in there?’‘

The werewolf bared its teeth, growling lowly. Your heart raced as you weighed your options.

I need to get away from him. But if I run, he’ll overpower me. Beads of sweat dripped down your forehead.

Wolves live in packs. They work with one another. Maybe, he’ll still recognize me…?

With a hard swallow, you rose from the ground. Bakugou growled and his body tensed but made no attempt to rip your body apart.

’'Hey,” you said softly, slowly reaching out a trembling hand. Bakugou growled loudly, saliva dripping from his fangs. You swallowed.

Wolves can smell fear.

Straightening your posture, you licked your lips as you forced yourself to stop trembling, and stared at Bakugou at his eyes. Time seemed to slow down as you did so. Your movements were impossibly slow, sluggish and at any moment, you could make a mistake.

“It’s Y/N. You remember me, big boy?” Slowly, you stepped closer, keeping your hand outstretched.

Surprisingly, the werewolf only grunted in response, watching your every move.

“I’m your friend. And you can be a gremlin sometimes, but you won’t hurt me, right?’'

You reached the beast. Your hand brushed against Bakugou’s head, softly petting the fur. His chest rumbled and slowly, his body relaxed.

But just as the storm had calmed down, it picked up at full speed. A few feet away, you heard a howl from the bushes, followed by loud growling and the rustling of branches.

Bakugou immediately tensed, pushing you a few feet away and snarling towards the source of the noise. His fur tips stood up, claws gleaming in the moonlight, his beastly eyes swarming with bloodlust.

You fell to the ground- again, and staggered backward, fearing what was to come. In a blink of an eye, a large, lean werewolf leaped out of the bushes and tackled Bakugou to the ground.

A flurry of snarls, growls, and yelps filled in the air and for a second, Bakugou’s eyes met yours. And they weren’t pitch black, but the shining red you loved. As he yelped, you swore you heard his voice intertwine with the whine, yelling at you to leave.

Nearly tripping on your own feet, you raced out of the forest, even as you heard Bakugou yelp. It made your heart squeeze from the worry, but all you could think about was escaping the forest.

Branches scraped your arms as you ran through the forest, and you nearly wept out of joy when you left the trees behind and stepped onto cracked concrete.

Your foot slapped against the road as you raced further away from the forest, following the road signs until you reached a familiar looking neighborhood. Home.

You don’t remember how you must’ve looked as you arrived home, with scratches and scars, twigs and branches in your hair, and a look of absolute fear on your face, but surprisingly, your parents weren’t home, so it was one less problem.

Since it was the weekend, you had been planning to sleep in all day and try to recover from whatever the hell happened yesterday. The images still flashed in your mind, all of them blending together- the scare house, Bakugou’s horrific transformation, the gruesome fight. Your stomach wouldn’t stop churning.

Around the afternoon, the doorbell rang. You heard your parents shout and fight earlier, but ultimately left around ten in the morning. Groaning, you buried your face deeper into the blankets, deciding to ignore whoever was at the door.

But then the doorbell rang again. And again, and again, until it kept ringing consecutively for minutes.

’'Go the fuck away!” You shouted from your bed, hoping it would reach the stranger’s ears.

Maybe it did, but they didn’t care. The doorbell continued ringing, and you buried your mouth in a pillow and screamed into it.

After a few minutes, you regained your composure and went towards the front door. Surprisingly, they were still there. You froze when you met familiar red eyes.

It was Bakugou. He was holding an orange plastic bag in one hand, his other scratching his neck nervously. When he saw the door swing open, his eyes widened for a second.

“Hey.” He said gruffly. Even as he retained his cool and careless composure, you could see the sweat trailing down his forehead, and his left shoe tapping the floor anxiously. There were some stitches and bandages on his face that weren’t there yesterday.

“What- what are you doing here?” You asked, wondering whether if this was the end of your friendship or not.

Bakugou swallowed. “We need to talk.”

You bit the inside of your cheek before reluctantly nodding.

“Okay. Come on in.”

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

“What do you remember?” Was the first thing he said as the two of you sat at the dining table.

You snorted, tapping your fingers on the table. “Bakugou, I was scared, but I didn’t go into a coma. I remember…everything.” You swallowed thickly. He remained silent. You pressed your lips in a thin line.

“What…why didn’t you tell me about it before?”

He scoffed dryly, raising an eyebrow in amusement. “Wouldja have believed me if I did?’'

You shrugged, before pondering it for a few moments. ’'Yeah, you’re right. That was a dumb question.’'

Katsuki chuckled, before shoving the mysterious object in front of you.

’'What is this?” You questioned as you examined the bag.

“It’s for you, obviously.” His snarky comment made you smile.

When you opened the bag, your smile grew wider. It was hundreds, if not thousands of candy, the type you’d get after trick or treating at dozens of houses.

“Look, I know… yesterday didn’t go as planned, a lot of weird shit happened, and I’m sorry.’'

You giggled. ’'You don’t say?” The blonde snorted and rolled his eyes.

When he moved, you noticed how he softly winced and clutched his ribs. Your eyes widened and you leaned over the table to examine his face and chest.

“Oh god. You’re hurt from yesterday, aren’t you?’'

Bakugou shrugged you off, avoiding your gaze. ’'It’s nothin’. Just got roughed up a bit.”

You frowned, rising from your seat and walked towards him, grabbing his face in your hands. You didn’t notice how his face went warm.

“This is my fault,” you murmured, brushing your thumb on his cheek.

“If I hadn’t suggested going to that stupid scare house, you would’ve been at home, you would’ve been safe-,” You stopped when Bakugou’s hands reached for yours and wrapped around yours.

“Shut up, dummy.” He furrowed his eyebrows. “It’s not your fault. If I hear you blame yourself one more time, I’m going to smack some sense into you. Got it?”

You laughed softly. Between soft laughter and comforting words, you hadn’t noticed how close you’d gotten to him, or how easily you’d slid onto his lap.

“Bakugou…it doesn’t matter. You’re hurt. Let me help you.”

“No.” His tone was firm and for some reason, angered you. “I’m fine. Just fucking drop it.”

“No, you drop the act,” you snapped back. “Can’t you just let me help you?”

The blonde’s face hardened. “I hid this from you for years, because it’s not fucking safe for you. This is my shitty problem, so stop nagging.’'

You slipped out of his lap, crossing your arms over your chest. ’'Bakugou, even if I wouldn’t have believed you, you could’ve told me. Look, I don’t know how this works, but I could’ve been there for you. I could’ve helped.’'

He growled and rose from the chair, meeting your determined gaze.

’'No, I don’t need your fucking help. I’m fine.’'

Maybe it was his constant refusal, or yesterday’s events, or the screaming match your parents had in the morning, but you lost it. You lost the reins to your control and exploded. Grinding your teeth together, you rose from his lap and stepped back.

’'You’re fine?!” You shouted, slamming a fist on the table. “Bakugou, you’re a werewolf for christ’s sake! And I didn’t even know until yesterday! You got hurt yesterday, you need help!” He scowled and opened his mouth to protest, but you raised a hand.

“No. You listen to me, Bakugou Katsuki. You kept this secret for me for years, and who knows, you might be hiding something else!” You cried out, rubbing your forehead.

“Don’t you trust me?! I’ve been in love with you for so long, and-,” A sudden warm and soft pair of lips pressing against yours froze your sentence midway.

Bakugou’s hands slid to your hips and you quickly melted into the kiss, looping your hands around his neck. He pressed you closer, lips dancing and communicating in a way neither of you could do verbally.

“I’m sorry,” he said breathlessly. “It’s so hard for me to say this but fuck- I’m sorry. I know that you’re going through a shitty time and this isn’t helping.”

Both of you pulled away, chests heaving and swollen lips.

“Shut up,” you murmured as your hands tangled themselves in his spiky blond hair. “Shut up and kiss me again.”

Bakugou was quick to comply with your wishes.

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

Who knew that an angry discussion would end out in a makeout session, followed by the official start of your romantic relationship with Bakugou Katsuki?

“Oi, Y/N,” Bakugou knocked on your open door as he stepped inside your bedroom. You beamed and greeted him with a kiss on his cheek, to which he replied the same. You grinned when you saw his face redden.

“Glad you could make it. I have your costume here!” You rushed to your closet, but Bakugou held you back and squeezed your arm. You raised an eyebrow.

“What is it, Katsuki?’'

He scratched the back of his neck, before revealing a neatly wrapped black square.

’'I…” He cleared his throat, averting his gaze. “I got you something.’'

Your heart softened. ’'Oh, you didn’t have to get me anything. What did you get me?”

The blonde placed the wrapped black box in your hands and shoved his hands in his pockets. He didn’t respond and instead walked over to your bed and sat on the edge.

“How the fuck am I supposed to know?” He snorted. “It’s yours, so fucking open it.”

His crude language made you snicker. You took a seat next to him and began to unwrap it. Your jaw slackened as you pulled out the brand new, expensive-looking dress and black, sleek, and shiny cloak.

“I saw that your costume…got turned to shit. So you can use that one, I tried to find the same dress.”

Shocked, you remained silent for several minutes. The dress looked far more expensive than your original one, with richer colors and fabric, as well as the cloak.

Bakugou shifted uncomfortably and you heard him scratch his neck. “Or not. Do whatever the fuck you want with it, I don’t give a-,” You didn’t give him the time to finish his sentence as you launched yourself on him, wrapping your arms around him in a tight hug.

“Thank you,” your voice was muffled by the blonde’s chest. His body stiffened by your embrace, but slowly, hesitantly returned your hug.

“Tch. It’s-it’s not a problem.” As you hugged him tightly, Bakugou was vaguely concerned whether you’d hear his racing heart, somersaulting, and fluttering at your proximity.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, the two of you pulled away. You quickly shooed Bakugou out of the room to dress and prepare your costume. Once you were done, you opened the door and allowed him inside once again.

“Alright, you ready to go?” He gave you a once over and his face slightly reddened. “You-you look good. Let’s go.” Katsuki grabbed your hand, but you stepped back.

“No!” You said with a mischievous grin. “You’re dressing up as well.’'

His eyes narrowed and he shook his head. ’'What? Of course not. I’m not taking part in this shitty holiday.’'

You gasped, grabbing ahold of him and pushing him down on your bed.

’'It’s not a shitty holiday. Now hush, while I find the perfect costume.”

The blonde grumbled and complained loudly, but made to attempt to leave.

“You have to do this,” you said as you fussed in your closet, digging and searching through years worth of clothing.

Bakugou scowled. “Tch. Out of all the things you want to do, trick or treating is the most important one?’'

You quickly turned around and beamed in agreement. ’'Yeah! Yesterday was weird, to say the least,” He snickered in response. “But today will be different. We’re going to go trick or treating, and you’re going to enjoy it.’'

The blonde huffed and smirked as he watched you move back and forth in your closet.

’'Aha!” You grinned as your hands wrapped around the year-old ears, collar, and tail, and pulled them out of the basket. Alongside, you picked up the other part of the costume, folded neatly into squares.

“Here’s your costume,” You shoved them in Bakugou’s outstretched hands.

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.”

You cackled at his stone face. “I’m not. Now hurry up, I want to see how you look in them.”

With a loud, animalistic growl, Bakugou marched out of your room and locked himself in the bathroom. You couldn’t stop giggling as you heard him curse and mutter while dressing.

Once the door swung open, you sat upright on your bed and waited with expectant eyes.

Bakugou marched into your room with a sneer. You nearly squealed in delight. He was wearing a pair of dark brown wolf ears, a red collar with some loose chains, a long olive green parka that was ripped at the edges, a plain white teeshirt, loose jeans, and a dark brown tail attached to his behind to top it off.

You clapped your hands slowly with an everlasting grin on your face.

“You look… divine!”

Bakugou sneered. “Out of all the humiliating costumes you could’ve picked, you decided to go with the most ironic one, didn’t you?” He huffed, before shaking his head and sliding his hand into yours. “Come on dumbass, let’s go trick or treating.’'

With an excited giggle, the two of you left the house and stepped outside. Houses were decorated with Halloween objects, orange, purple, and yellow fairy lights, hanging ghosts and skeletons, and the wealthier ones had impressive equipment such as a groaning zombie android.

Children of all ages shuffled past you, in a swarm of hundreds of colors and costumes, each of them running toward houses with an incomparable amount of passion and excitement. You heard squeals, giggles, laughter, and the often ’'Trick or treat!’'

’'C'mon, let’s go!” Tugging Bakugou forward and your orange pumpkin bag hanging on your other arm, the two of you raced forward.

Hours went by as you walked house from house, and your bag grew heavier with every house you visited. Bakugou would barely speak when approaching a house and resigned to keeping watch over you.

“Come on, Katsu, you have to enjoy the night!” You complained as the two of you strode to a small park, deciding to take a small break and sit on the swings.

“I am.” He replied dryly and you sighed, shaking your head.

“How much candy do you have?” He opened his bag of candy. It was only a fourth of what you had collected.

You clicked your tongue.

“We can’t take a break, you need more candy.” Bakugou shook his head.

“No, I need a break from hearing those screaming brats,” he grumbled, throwing his head back. You laughed softly.

The screams and squeals of children were distant, and the wind softly blew past you as nearby crickets chirped. Some people lingered by in the small park but weren’t too close.

“You’re such an old man,” you teased with a playful grin.

Bakugou growled. “Fuck no! I am not-what the hell?!” Shocked, the two of you glanced back, only to see a small pomeranian dog growling, teeth clamped around Bakugou’s green parka.

“You little shithead!” The blonde growled. He abruptly stood up and attempted to grab the parka, but the dog was persistent. It growled loudly, tail wagging as it tugged at the parka.

You sputtered out a loud laugh, eyes wide as you watched the bizarre interaction.

“Fuck off!” Despite Bakugou’s aggressiveness, you noticed how he made no attempts to harm the dog.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” A squeaky voice interrupted your observation and you watched a young girl dressed as a bee rush forward, quickly picking up the biting dog in her arms.

“Fucking control your dog!” Bakugou snapped as he brushed his parka. “I don’t want to see this shit again.’'

The girl swallowed before nodding and running off. You sighed, shaking your head in disapproval.

’'You could’ve been nicer to her, she’s just a kid.’'

The blonde grunted. He sat back down on the swing.

'Whatever. Next time.” You snorted.

“I understand why the dog went after you, though.” Swinging back and forth, you grinned at Katsuki. He raised an eyebrow, unamused.

“One dog recognizes another, don’t they?” His eyes widened and before he could get his hands on you, you giggled and raced off, leaving the park and Bakugou behind you.

“You little sh-HEY! Get back here, Y/N!” You laughed loudly as you raced past crowds of children and decorated houses. Just as you thought you had outrun him, a pair of strong and heavy arms wrapped around you and turned you around.

Smiling sheepishly, you looped your arms around Bakugou’s neck. His vermilion eyes were still blazing, but with a playful look.

“Getting cocky now, aren’t you?” He smirked, hands grabbing your hips. You tilted your head to the side with a small smile.


The blonde snorted. He leaned closer, his lips brushing against yours until they were completely pressed together, chasing after each other.

A loud ’'Eww!” broke you apart and you stifled a giggle as Bakugou glared down at the child who had interrupted your moment. The child quickly scrambled away.

You smiled, brushing your nose against Bakugou’s.

“Happy Halloween, Katsuki.’'

Chapter Text

Being a U.A. student was stressful; no matter what course you were in. There was something about having constant villain attacks and the school having a reputation throughout the entire country that made your hair stand up.

But today seemed to be working in your favor, you had submitted all your assignments on time and received good grades, spent a great amount of time with your friends and your school day had been great so far. You hadn’t talked much to your boyfriend Shinsou Hitoshi during the entire day, but it didn’t bother you. He had errands to attend and so did you.

Your light-hearted mood changed when you stepped into your classroom, chattering with your friends. But as your eyes drifted to your seat, you froze. One of the most popular girls in your course was sitting on your desk, observing her nails carelessly. Her legs swung back and forward and they reminded you of a clock; tick-tock, tick-tock. All your instincts told you to run and avoid her for weeks; the girl wasn’t known for being particularly nice with you.

You tended to avoid her since she always had plenty of… comments on your skin and nationality. But unfortunately, it was a matter of time before you had to confront her, you couldn’t avoid going to your desk for the rest of your life, even if you wanted to.

When you walked to your desk, she raised her head and smiled at you.

“Hey there, Y/N!” her eyes swept behind you as if waiting for someone else. “Have you seen Shinsou lately?’‘

Maldita perra, you gritted your teeth. You weren’t dumb; you noticed the lingering gazes she gave your boyfriend. And the way she would squeeze his arm whenever he was around. Her… affection wasn’t too often before, but when you started dating Hitoshi, they increased, much to your annoyance.

’'I haven’t seen him all day,” you kept your voice as composed and neutral as possible. She shrugged carelessly.

“Y'know, Shinsou may have a… creepy quirk,” the brunette eyed you with a devious grin.

You clenched your fists. Being Shinsou’s partner, you learned about his past; bullying due to his quirk had done a number on him, and you hated people who nitpicked at him for his quirk.

“But his appearance sure isn’t bad. Say, Y/N,” she leaned forward on your desk, a pretty smile on her pretty pink lips. Anger and envy bubbled in your stomach. Who did she think she was?

“Is he single?”

With a tired sigh, you leaned back in your chair, crossing your arms over your chest. The chattering of your classmates grew fainter and fainter and all you could focus on was the rude brunette. This conversation wasn’t going to end well, you could feel it.

“Why would I know?” You bit back, anger blazing in your eyes. “It’s not like I’m his girlfriend or anything.’'

Her eyes widened but she merely smirked.

’'Oops!” Her petite hand covered her lips deviously. “My bad, I forgot you were his girlfriend.” Her judgmental gaze raked over your skin. The barriers and shields of protection you surrounded yourself at a young age began to chip away, her devious words and smiles creating abysses and scars. Your facade faltered for a second.

You willed the raging anger within your chest to settle for a couple of seconds. Don’t fall into her traps, you thought. Don’t act like she expects you to be; aggressive and dangerous.

“You know what I mean, right?” The fake smile on her face was so sickly and poisonous you felt your stomach churn and twist. She breathed nothing but poison and hate. “I always forget you’re his girlfriend 'cause you know what they say about Hispanics, don’t you sweetie? Especially Mexicans like you.” Her pale white fingers trailed on your arm. They sent goosebumps down your spine.

“All they’re good for is for being our donkeys and cargo. Born stupid and sturdy to carry our weight.’'

The screeching of your chair made the entire class freeze. Your shoulders trembled and you swallowed the heavy lump in your throat. Calm down, you told yourself. This is what she wants. To provoke you. Don’t listen to her, you know better than to listen to what others say.

Your blood boiled as you glared at her smiling face, skin soft and white as snow. Yours was darker. The mere comparison made hundreds of insecure thoughts race in your mind. Why wasn’t your skin…lighter?

’'Are you okay, Y/N?” She asked.

The classroom murmured and you felt several pairs of eyes on you; judging you. One wrong move and they would be all over you.

“Just peachy,” you murmured. Brushing past her, you stormed out of the classroom. Thankfully, your teacher had been pulled away due to some school business and wasn’t in the classroom so you had no qualms about leaving.

You felt your chest ache and bile rose to your throat as you walked away from the classroom and closer to the restrooms. The restrooms were empty and you quickly locked yourself in one of the stalls, leaning on the door with closed eyes.

Her words were sharp little knives that drove straight into your heart; twisting and digging deeply. Your heart stuttered and spluttered blood; a painful ache spreading over your chest.

Tears formed in your eyes and you wiped them away with a sniffle.

“Es una pendeja,” you murmured as you stared at your palms. “No desperdicies tu tiempo en ella.” You wondered if you’d be more pretty if your skin was a lighter color. Or if your mother tongue had been English or Japanese instead of Spanish.

You tried to keep your voice firm and confident, but it sounded wobbly and weak in your ears. Beautiful, you’re beautiful, no importa tu color de piel. You tried to drill those words into your head but with each time you repeated them, it seemed that they began to lose their importance.

You wished Shinsou was here.


The soft breeze of air that swept past your face made you smile. Shinsou’s familiar scent wrapped around like a blanket as you stepped inside his dorm room and closed the door. The purple-haired boy was sitting at his desk, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. He raised his head and smiled when he spotted you.

“Hey,” you said softly and pecked Shinsou on the cheek. He smiled softly and wrapped his arms around your waist, nuzzling his nose against your cheek.

The early events of earlier lingered in your mind, but being with Shinsou swept them away like the dust that’s swept away by the harsh wind.

“Welcome back, cutie.” You snorted at his comment.

“Where have you been?” You murmured sleepily as you wrapped your arms around his back, inhaling his warm and familiar scent. It was a combination of peppermint and fresh leaves.

‘’I’ve been busy…’’ He sighed. ‘’There’s some assignments and errands I have to complete.’’ You sighed but nodded in understanding.

‘’I missed you today.’’ Shinsou frowned and pressed a kiss on the top of your head.

‘’I’m sorry, gorgeous. I’ll make it up to you today.’’ The endearment made you sigh. You frowned at looked down at your palms.


“Yes, kitten?’'

’'Do you think I’m….” you averted your eyes to your arms. “Ugly?”

Hitoshi straightened up at your words. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion and your heart dropped to your stomach, regretting your words.

“Of course not, sweetheart,” he pulled you into his lap and wrapped his arms around you. “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Why…who told you that?”

“No one,” you responded quickly- a little bit too fast and Shinsou noticed.

His eyes narrowed and his grip tightened. You closed your eyes and leaned into his touch, hoping it would distract him from the topic. It worked for you, being in his arms made you feel like Shinsou brought heaven down to Earth just for you. Bliss.

“Kitten,” he nudged your side and you mumbled in protest. “Can you tell me who told you that?”

“No one..” you groaned and buried your face in his chest.

“Babe,” his voice hardened and you swallowed nervously. “Look at me.’'

You pouted and instead, buried your nose in his shirt, inhaling his musky perfume. Your boyfriend sighed and his gangly fingers grabbed your chin and forced you to look at his deep purple eyes. You frowned.

’'Kitten,” you began to play with your fingers. “Who told you that?”

Sighing in defeat, you dropped your hands on your lap.

“The girl in our homeroom…the brunette who’s pretty and always flirts with you?”

Hitoshi furrowed his eyebrows. “Who?”

Your jaw slackened. Did your boyfriend, Hitoshi Shinsou, not know who one of the prettiest (and rudest) girls in your class was?

“Sweetheart, you know I’ve been busy lately with some business, I really don’t know who you’re talking about…” he sighed at the look you gave him. “No, I can’t tell you. M’ sorry, I promise I’ll tell you what it is, but I can’t right now.”

You huffed and crossed your arms, deciding to stare at his shirt than his face.

“Y/N?” he murmured, his long and warm hands rubbing your back. You sighed in relief and leaned into his chest but refused to acknowledge his words.

“Y/N…” he sighed and buried his face in the crook of your neck. His warm breath made you shiver.

“Please tell me what’s going on.”

Your lower lip wobbled. The tension and frustration that had been building up inside of you began to sway, ready to fall and flood your body in a matter of seconds.

“I just don’t understand,” you nearly cried out. Your trembling hands fisted his shirt.

“I’ve been as nice and competitive as possible, I’ve been doing my best to prove that I’m as good and valuable as anyone else here!” your heart stuttered with each word.

“But that’s not enough for them,” a sniffle escaped your leaking nose. “Because I’ll never be enough because I was just born unlucky, my skin is darker than hers and I’ll never be enough, not even for you-,” you hiccuped and clenched your fists.

Each word that left your lips was saturated with pain and frustration. Shoulders trembling furiously. You didn’t notice how the purple-haired boy’s jaw clenched and how anger and confusion took over his face, before quickly returning into an understanding and warm look. The face you needed at the time.

“Hey, hey,” Shinsou whispered in your ear and for a moment, you relaxed, his words honey to your ears. His arms tightened around you as he pulled you into a tight and fierce hug.

“Let it out, sweetheart,” he pressed a kiss on your cheek. “I’m here for you, I’m listening.’'

His words were fuel to your tears- not in the way that they made your heart ache- but his support and company left you breathless. You were sure that you had dampened Shinsou’s shirt with your tears, but he didn’t seem to mind. He was focused only on you.

’'That’s it,” he murmured, softly brushing away your tears with his thumbs. Your eyes and lips were swollen from crying, with tear-stained cheeks and red-rimmed eyes, but he still looked at you as if you were the most beautiful person he had ever seen. It made your heart flutter.

“I-I think I’m okay now,” you murmured, throat scratchy and raw. Your boyfriend nodded in approval and pressed a kiss on your forehead.

“Y/N L/N,” his voice shifted to a serious tone, catching you off guard. “I want you to listen to me very carefully, okay?” You nodded numbly in response.

Hitoshi’s heavy hands held your wrists in a gentle grip, brushing his thumb across your skin. It was a soothing gesture.

“I love you, Y/N. I love you regardless of where you’re from, what you’ve been through. I love you for you. With everything that comes with you; your culture, your language. You. I think you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen and..” his voice trailed off. The boy laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.

“The first time I saw you, I thought you were an angel.’'

Your face flooded with warmth and you squirmed in his lap. He let out a warm and lively laugh.

’'Don’t listen to what they say, okay?” his voice lowered to the soft and gentle tone you loved. “They’re jealous and don’t understand how beautiful you are, how important and valuable you are. Those idiots…” his grip tightened.

“They don’t understand what respect and tolerance are.”

You scoffed and wiped your nose with a tissue that your boyfriend handed to you.

“No shit,” you grumbled.

“Who was it?” Shinsou hummed. He kept his voice as passive and calm as possible, but even you noticed his restlessness.

“It’s not worth it, 'Toshi,” you sighed and pressed a hand on his chest. Confusion swept through you when you felt his chest and abdomen far more toned and muscled than before. But before you could raise a question about the topic, Shinsou quickly pressed a kiss on your lips, his hands rubbing at the back of your neck.

“It’s for you, Y/N,” he pressed your forehead against his. Staring into his purple-indigo eyes was always an intense experience. “Of course, it’s worth it. Besides, if no one speaks up about it, who knows who else will suffer from their harassment? We have to put a stop to it.’'

You giggled at the thought of your boyfriend beating up or shouting ruthlessly at the brunette, when you knew he was probably one of the least athletic or temperamental people ever.

Since both of you were General Studies students at U.A, physical condition and combat abilities weren’t your priority. And from your years of knowing Shinsou, harsh and intimidating weren’t the words you’d use to describe him.

’'Sure thing, 'Toshi,” he hummed in response. “I think I’ll speak to her tomorrow and report her to the teacher as well.’'

Your boyfriend grinned. ’'That’s a good idea. Now that it’s been solved,” you felt your face grow warm as his hand trailed to your thigh. “Why don’t I give you a demonstration of how beautiful you are?”

A smug smirk took over your lips. “Sure thing, love.” His grin grew wider and you squealed in surprise as he pushed you on the bed, his thighs pushing yours apart. His body loomed over yours and you bit your lip in excitement.

“I won’t stop until you understand,” he pressed a kiss on your forehead. “How beautiful,” and another one on your nose. “You are,” two kisses for each of your cheeks. “Y/N.” and one, long and heart-consuming kiss on your lips. You wrapped your legs around his waist, hands sliding to his wild purple hair. He hummed in content, hands wandering to your torso before settling on your neck.

“Toshi…” you said breathlessly as he began to lick and bite softly at your neck. You closed your eyes in delight, ignoring the fact that you’d probably show up with hickeys at school tomorrow; it was the least of your concerns.

“Do you want me to stop, kitten?” his lips left your neck. “I know we haven’t done anything more than kissing, so we can stop if you want.”

You swallowed and shook your head. “No…I um,” you averted your gaze. “I don’t think I want to, you-know-what yet,” he snickered. “But I think I’d like to go a little farther with you.’'

He smiled softly and it was until then that you noticed how quick he moved. His chin rested on your abdomen, hands squeezing your sides. ’'I’ll go as far as you let me.’'

And with that, Shinsou continued his trail of kisses on your body. He descended from your neck and took off your cardigan and froze for a moment, waiting for your confirmation, which you gave with a nod.

His hands traveled your body and before you knew it, you were shirtless, exposed to your boyfriend’s eyes. He breathed heavily.

’'God…” you felt your core burn with desire as his face lowered to lick and kiss at your lower abdomen, all while keeping eye contact with you. “You’re so beautiful.”

Minutes or hours could’ve passed by, but all you could focus on was Shinsou’s warm hands, the way he whispered sweet words to you, and the look of lust that clouded his eyes. And yet, he stayed true to his words and didn’t let his hands wander to places you weren’t ready to explore yet.

And before you knew it, you were staring down at Shinsou, who had his head between your legs. One of his hands squeezed your thigh while his mouth licked and bit at your other inner thigh. The sight made you swoon.

‘’Mmm, Toshi…’’


You ended the night in his arms, body littered with soft love marks and hickeys. They made you feel warm and content, marked, and wanted. Knowing that Shinsou wanted you this way filled you with pride.

His heavy arm was draped over your side as the two of you laid in his bed in silence. You hadn’t said a word in a while but kept thinking about several things, the gears moving in your head and it seemed that your boyfriend noticed.

“What are you thinking about, sweetheart?” he murmured. You smiled and pressed a kiss on his lips. Hitoshi smiled sleepily.

“Just thinking how lucky I am to have you,” you shifted closer to him. With the moonlight seeping into the dorm and your face only an inch or two away from his, you could see the entire galaxy swirl in his eyes. It was a beautiful and mesmerizing sight.

“Oh yeah?” he pinched your nose and you laughed. “I think I’m the lucky one here. Never thought that an angel like you would be mine.’'

’'I’m no angel, don’t be so dramatic,” you giggled. Shinsou grinned teasingly and kissed you.

“I’m not being dramatic, sweetheart, just honest.’'

You smiled fondly at him and he smiled back. His legs were tangled with yours as you stared into each other’s eyes.

’'Hm…'Toshi?” you propped your head on your hand to get a better look at him. The moonlight shone on his face, giving him an air of etherealness.

“Yes, kitten?” he grabbed your hand and slipped it into his. You squeezed his hand.

“I love you.”

“I love you more, Y/N.’'

Chapter Text

“Good morning, class 1A!’‘ Iida announced as all the class sat down. Some of them responded cheerily, while others grumbled; trying to rub the sleep out of their eyes.

”'Morning, love,“ your loving girlfriend said. You forced a smile on your lips as she pressed a tender kiss on your cheek and took a seat next to you.

’'Morning,” you replied softly. Momo smiled and stared at you, seemingly in the mood to chat but frankly, you weren’t. Today wasn’t your day so far; you had stayed up late studying for your upcoming tests, arrived late to your first class, and spilled coffee on your bed. But thankfully, it was Friday. You could make it to the weekend, just one more day and the tiring school week would be over. The words were repeated in your mind over and over, hoping to provide some relief. But the only thing they did was wear you down.

Momo frowned when she noticed your weary eyes and tense posture. She pressed a hand on your back and you flinched, eyes widening. While the two of you had been in a relationship for a couple of weeks, it was new and tender; the physical contact you shared with Momo was on rare occasions. The fact that she was initiating physical contact in public with you was… shocking.

“Mo-momo?!” You nearly shrieked but managed to keep your voice low, fearing to catch the attention of others. She frowned and began to rub her soft palm across your tense back in circles. You didn’t want to admit it, but you relaxed under her touch.

“You seem to be very distressed and tired, Y/N,” she explained, her eyes focused on your back. “I don’t know why, but I hope this gesture will help you relax.”

“Um…” You felt your face warm as a hearth but slowly nodded. “Tha-thank you, Momo…”

She met your eyes with a kind smile and nodded; her smile was so warm and beautiful you might’ve well combusted.

“Of course, Y/N. Anything for you.” Well, shit. There went your heart, which nearly burst with Momo’s attention.


Her touch soothed you enough to focus on the first class, but your exhaustion and lack of sleep began to catch up on you as the day stretched forward. Your movements were slow and sluggish and you’d find yourself forcing your eyes open several times.

Yaoyorozu noticed your exhaustion throughout the day. During lunch, as she sat with you, an idea began to brew in her head.

“Love?” She murmured. Your head was squished against the table and your lunch had been long forgotten. Momo softly tapped your shoulder and spoke again.

“Y/N…?” She whispered in a hushed voice. Jirou and Tooru watched the scene and giggled quietly.

When she heard soft snores vibrate throughout your body, a soft smile spread across her lips.

“Mmmm…” You groaned in your sleep. The three girls giggled quietly.

“She must be tired,” the invisible girl commented. Momo nodded in agreement.

“Indeed,” Momo murmured. “Y/N should rest, so don’t wake her up.”

“What about her lunch?” Jirou furrowed her eyebrows.

The ponytail girl sighed. She softly petted your back before noticing there were goosebumps on your skin and you were slightly shivering. You were cold. She quickly took off her blazer and draped it on your figure with a satisfied smile.

“…Yayorozu?” Said girl nearly jumped out of the seat. She quickly met Jirou’s gaze and smiled nervously.


The short-haired girl snickered. “You didn’t answer my question. What about L/N’s lunch?”

“Oh…” She frowned. “No worries, we don’t have any physical training after lunch today. I’ll give her some snacks and treat her to something after school since it’s partially my fault for not waking her up.”

Jirou and Tooru giggled and Momo’s face felt warm. “My my,” Jirou smirked. “You’re so considerate of L/N’s health, though it’s not surprising. After all, you are L/N’s girlfriend.”

“How romantic!” Tooru cooed.

Momo stammered for a couple of seconds before clearing her throat. “Please don’t make a fuss out of this, Jirou. Helping Y/N out isn’t a problem for me.’’

The two girls giggled and murmured, but all Momo could focus on was your sleeping face; even though you were unconscious, your eyebrows were scrunched together and she could see the exhaustion displayed in your face. Momo would make sure to help you relax after school.


After you had woken up, you opted to staying silent and nodding along with whatever Momo said. The half an hour that you slept had helped you greatly, but the sleepiness and weariness hadn’t left your body just yet.

’'Alright, class,” Aizawa began to slide into his sleeping bag. “You have this period to complete your mathematics homework-,” the class groaned. “-and no, I won’t hear it. Yes, it’s a difficult task, but you will only face harder in the future. The assignment is due next Monday, so get to work.”

Everyone murmured but eventually cooperated. Students pulled out notebooks, binders and seats screeched in the classroom as they shifted directions.

Your teacher groaned lowly and once he zipped himself up in the sleeping bag, fell to the ground. Your hooded eyes watched the movement in the class, too tired and weary to participate.

“-/N…? What do you think?” Momo looked at you and frowned. All you could think about was taking a nap, again.

“I’m sorry,” you murmured sleepily and rubbed your eyes. “What did you say?”

“I was wondering if it was fine if I took you…somewhere after school?”

You hummed and furrowed your eyebrows. “Will be there food?” Momo laughed and a smile crept on your lips. She was beautiful; from how her eyes would gently flutter and when her lips curled into a smile and moments like these made you realize how lucky you were to be Momo’s partner.

“Of course, Y/N.” You quietly cheered and leaned back into your seat.

“Then I’m all in.”

Momo smiled and your heart stuttered. “Very well, Y/N. I promise you’ll enjoy it.”


Once the school bell rung, the two of you raced out of the school and awaited for Momo’s driver, The moment you had slipped into the luxurious car with your girlfriend, you had fallen asleep. Momo didn’t mind, as the drive to the mall would take a while and she wanted you to rest as much as possible.

Your brief but pleasing slumber shortly came to an end when a soft voice lulled you awake and hands gently shook your shoulders.

“Y/N? Love? We’re here.”

“Hm?” You groaned and slowly sat up. “What’s happening?” Your eyes slowly blinked as they adjusted to their surroundings.

Momo laughed and clasped her hand around yours. “We arrived at the place I was telling you about. Come along, let’s not waste any precious time.”

You smiled and followed her out of the car and noticed you were in an underground parking lot. “Momo? Where are we?”

“Oh,” she blushed. “I wanted to bring you to my favorite mall so we could spend some time together and relax,” her eyes quickly darted towards yours. “If that’s okay with you?”

Her gestures made your heart warm. With a loving smile, you leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss on her lips, hands sliding to her neck. Even though there was one uncomfortable looking chauffeur- not that you noticed- she immediately responded, her lips meeting yours as her arms wrapped around your waist.

“I’d love to,” you stepped back and smoothed your uniform. “You’re so sweet, Momo. Thank you, I really appreciate it.”

She nearly squealed as her face grew warm. “It-it’s not a problem, Y/N! Anything for you,” her face grew even warmer and you noticed with a giggle. To avoid her embarrassment to grow any further, you grabbed her hand and tugged her away from the car.

“Well then, lead the way.”

Between nervous giggles and quick exchanges of kisses, you found yourself staring in awe at the building in front of you. Classy people walked briskly past you and the decoration of the mall was the most glamorous thing you’d ever seen.

“Momo, I….” You were breathless. You were aware that your girlfriend was well off but you didn’t know to what extent. On the other hand, you came from a humble home and rarely knew this type of luxuries.

“It’s beautiful here!” You exclaimed. Momo’s hand squeezed yours and she laughed nervously.

“Really? This is just the mall…” She looked rather sheepish as she scratched the back of her neck.

“I’ve never been to a mall like this one,” you admitted. Momo nodded in understanding before tugging you forward with a smile.

“Come along, there’s much you have to see.”

Hours flew by and you slipped into every store you spotted and usually came out with a bag or two. You noticed that Mom was being very generous, splurging her money on any clothing piece or supply of your favorite hobby that you would spot. The clothing stores were your favorite because the two of you would slip into the dressing rooms to try on clothes- but mostly kiss.

“What do you think?” You twirled and Momo giggled. She was sitting down a few feet away from you.

“You look absolutely lovely, Y/N.” Her compliment made you smile.

“Thank you, Momo,” your eyes drifted to the price tag that was attached to the clothing and your jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

“Twelve thousand yen?!” You shrieked. “Momo, I can’t get this, it’s too expensive and I don’t want you to-,” you were sharply interrupted by Momo’s soft lips caressing against yours. All current activities and worries you had flew out the window as Momo’s hands began to travel your back, the two of you moving backward until your back pressed against the wall.

When the two of you pulled away, the first thing you noticed was Momo’s swollen lips and flushed cheeks and you were sure you didn’t look any better.

“Y/N,” she started gently, her hands squeezing your hips. “Don’t worry about the price, my love. I’m doing this because I love you and I want you to choose to your heart’s content.”

“Momo…” You were breathless. “I appreciate the gesture, but I don’t want you to empty your wallet because of me,” your eyes averted to the floor.

Your girlfriend sighed and raised your chin with the tip of her finger, forcing you to meet her gaze. “Love, buying this for you isn’t a bother and besides,” her eyes drifted to your body before quickly returning to your face with a slight flush on her cheeks. “You look absolutely gorgeous in it, I…I would love if you wore it for me.”

It was your turn to feel flustered. You swallowed nervously as your face warmed up.

“O-Okay…if that’s the case, then I suppose I don’t mind.”

The two of you broke into quiet giggles, cutting through the peaceful silence that enveloped the dressing rooms.

‘’Shh!’’ Someone snapped from the next dressing room. Your eyes widened as you met Momo’s alarmed gaze, only to burst into laughter once again. It got to the point where you were nearly kicked out of the store, and Momo managed to buy the clothes you wanted before shooed out of the shop by the irritated-looking saleswoman.

“Thank you for doing this for me,” you squeezed Momo’s hand as the two of you walked forward, carrying dozens of bags. “I was feeling pretty drained and negative today, but with my nap and this…it’s perfect.”

Momo smiled. She pressed a chaste kiss on your lips. “You’re welcome, love. I did this because I noticed your behavior the moment you stepped into the classroom,” you giggled.

“Oh!” Momo’s eyes widened as she stared off into a direction. You frowned and looked in the same direction.

“What is it, Momo?”

“Look!” Her face brightened as she tugged you forward. “It’s a churro stand. I remember that you mentioned that they’re a dessert in your home country, right?”

The brightest smile formed on your lips. She remembered…

“Yeah, it is!” The two of you raced towards the churro stand. You nearly drooled at the sight; dozens of churros of different types and countries. Some were long and others were short, shaped into a circle or a straight line, and others shapes you couldn’t identify. The majority of them had been covered in sugar and some of them had fillings.

“Mmmm…” You both said subconsciously. When you spotted the churros of your country, you nearly squealed.

“Momo!” You pointed at the churros. “Those are just like the ones I used to have back home! Can I get them?!”

She smiled. “Of course.’'

After paying the seller and walking away with your respective churros, the two of you sat on a bench on the lowest floor of the mall, where there weren’t any exterior doors and the wind blew inside the building. You swung your legs on the metal bench as you munched on the delicious dessert.

’'These are very delicious, Y/N,” your girlfriend commented. “I’ve never eaten churros before.”

You shot Momo a smile. “Well, now you’ve been blessed with their flavor.” She giggled.

The two of you were huddled together, shoulders and warm bodies pressed against each other. An array of bags sat at your side and your feet. Most of the other civilians had left by now and you watched as some stores began to lock and close.

“Momo?” You glanced at her.

“Yes, love?”

“Thank you for making me the happiest person in the world.”

She gave you that charming smile of yours and tucked her hair behind her ear.

“I should be saying that Y/N,” Momo leaned forward, her lips brushing against yours. Your heart thumped and you smiled dopily. “You’ve made me the happiest girl in the world.”

Your lips collided in a frenzy of warmth. After resting and eating, your body felt brand new and you had no intention of pulling away from Momo’s sweet and addicting mouth. After all, the night was still young; and you were ready to enjoy the last hours of moonlight with your girlfriend.

Chapter Text

Tenya is a boy with good manners. He’s respectful towards anyone and isn’t particularly affectionate or indulges in physical contact in public.

That being said, Tenya would probably scold you the first times you’re affectionate with him. Whether you’re clinging onto his arm, hugging him as a greeting or sitting so close to him he can see your the flecks of color in your eyes, all of this is pretty new to him.

He grew up in a sophisticated and rich family, which meant that he was expected to have a good image and be mindful of his actions.

You’d probably have to explain why you’re constantly engaging in physical affection with him. He eventually understands, but that doesn’t stop him from feel flustered. It doesn’t help that he’s harbored romantic feelings for you for a long time, so being so close with his crush, makes him….feel things.


“Good morning, Iida-kun!” you skipped towards him and hugged him tightly.

Iida’s mouth closed and opened- and closed again. He was in the middle of reprimanding Mineta for disrespecting the girls when you came up and hugged him.

“Go-good morning, L/N!” he stammered, feeling his face warm.

He became painfully aware of Mineta’s gaze, even Todoroki and Ochaco were watching him and you! After a while, you pulled away with a smile and walked to your desk.

“Why don’t the girls let me hug them like that…?” Mineta whined next to him.

Next to them, Tsuyu replied.

“You don’t respect any of us, Mineta. Ribbit. If you wanted affection like Iida, you would ask for it, not touch us without our consent.”

Iida was still too flustered to agree with Tsuyu, his cheeks were warm and he could still feel your warm body pressed against his.

Maybe your constant affection wasn’t so bad after all…


In an attempt to thank you for being affectionate towards him, Iida would approach you one day and pat your hair. You’d freeze- Iida rarely touches others on places that aren’t shoulders. Even though it’s a small pat, it makes your face warm and your heart sings with joy.

“Iida..?” you’d shyly look up at him, confusion written on your face.

His face would grow warmer when he’d meet you gaze. Swallowing, Iida fixed his tie.

“I just wa-wanted to thank you, L/N! You’re always engaging in physical contact with me but I never initiate it!”’ he’d nearly yell.

After understanding his intentions, you’d laugh loudly. Iida ignored the stares of his other classmates and smiled when you thanked him quietly.



Bakugou is very explosive and aggressive towards-well, everyone. So you’d probably have to hide your affectionate attitude or pipe it down until you’re close friends with him.

Even then, while he won’t push you off, (you’re his crush, he’s not going to waste an opportunity of being so close to him,) Bakugou will probably whine and snap sarcastic remarks.

’‘Eh?!“ he’d look at you with shock. ’'What do you think you’re fucking doing?!” despite his crude words, his face would grow warm and his heart would race.

“Stop whining and let me hold youu…” you’d mumble into his chest. His face would grow incredibly hot and red at your comment, and you were too busy smothering your face in his chest to notice how his face was as red as his eyes and how his hands began to sweat furiously.

If you were to engage in physical contact with him in public, around Class 1A, he’d probably glare daggers at whoever stares at the two of you- or shout at them to mind their own business. Bakugou doesn’t want them to embarrass you and make you pull away.

You’re a very affectionate person and even though Bakugou never returns your affections, you don’t mind. He doesn’t blast you when you hug him and that’s enough for you.

Hugs and fist bumps aren’t a big deal to him; at most he’ll grunt and his face would redden slightly, not enough for anyone to notice.


However, one day you’re flustering him so much to the point that he’s plotting revenge. In the morning, you walked towards him and kissed him on the cheek, leaving him silent with burning red cheeks.

During lunch, you sat in his lap. Who was he to deny his crush’s wishes? The entire bakusquad stared at him during lunch, but he ignored and avoided their gazes. You ate your lunch with a joyful smile, chatting with the others, oblivious to the fact that you were making him a blushing mess.

The next day, Bakugou decides to give you a taste of your medicine. In the morning, he wraps his arm around your shoulder and walks with you everywhere. He doesn’t notice how you froze as your face heated up or how you’re strangely quiet. Instead, he focuses on glaring daggers at anyone whos stares at the two of you. Katsuki has to admit, being able to hold his crush this close without any hesitation felt great. Touching you soothed his body.

You confront him at lunch. Instead of walking towards the table where you sit with the others, you drag him into an empty hallway.“Bakugou…” you start off slowly, staring into his eyes.

Suddenly, he feels his heart drop to his stomach. Were you…bothered by him? Why was there such a serious expression on your face?

“Are you feeling okay?” you lean close and press a hand on his soft cheek.

The blonde grunts and averts his eyes from you. He hopes you won’t notice how his cheeks heated up when you touched him.

“Course I am. Why do you ask?”

Your face gets warm. “Well… you’ve been particularly…touchy today. Why?”

Katsuki’s eyes widened. He scowled. “What? You don’t like it?”

“Ah! N-no!” you notice how his eyes narrow. “Fuck! No! I mean y-yes, I like it, I’m just not used to i-it…’'

Bakugou snorted. His heart warmed at your silly stuttering. With a grin, he wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you closer.’

'Is that so?” he says in a haughty tone. “I think you should get used to it, Y/N.”

Your eyes widen and you begin to trip over your words again. Katsuki smiles at your nervousness and pushes your head on his chest, rendering you silent.

If you got this flustered by his physical affection, Bakugou was sure he would do it all the time.

Out of all of them, Midoriya is probably the one to get flustered the most.

Since he’s been quirkless most of his life, everyone has looked down on him. He’s never been in close contact with someone he likes romantically. Hell, he feels nervous whenever a girl talks to him.

So if you’re affectionate with him, he’ll probably pass out the few first times.

You can approach him during class and hold his hand or ruffle his green messy hair, and he’s bound to combust. His face will turn so red it defies Kirishima’s hair and he’ll probably faint on the spot.

But if you do it constantly, he’ll probably adjust, though it’ll take him plenty of time. And if you do it around a lot of people or teachers, he’ll probably blush like the first time you touched him.


On one lucky day, you approached Midoriya, who was talking to All Might. Your friend hadn’t noticed you approaching and when you laughed out his name and held onto his hand, he nearly squeaked and dropped on the floor.

All Might laughed loudly, his eyes twinkling in amusement as he watched his student get so flustered over you. You would smile sheepishly at All Might, who would send you a knowing look.

Midoriya would stammer and trip over his words for several minutes until he’d regain his composure.

Although you’re not aware, Midoriya gets so flustered because just like you, he has romantic feelings for you. And feeling your skin brush against his makes his face warm and his heart flips and somersaults in his ribcage.

His friends know about his crush on you and encourage him to confess. After taking Todoroki’s and Ochaco’s advice, he confesses to you after school.

When he’s done talking- which took easily half an hour- he’d stand painfully still, face burning as he waited for your answer.

“Oh..” you were shocked and couldn’t find your voice to say anymore. Since you were better expressing yourself through affection than words, you stepped forward.

Midoriya’s eyes widened as your fingers tangled in his hair and you pulled him closer into a kiss.

He’s bound to freeze for a couple of seconds- but he’s quick to react and although he’s inexperienced, he makes it up with his eagerness.

When the two of you pull away, your lips are swollen and your face is warm.

Midoriya feels like he’s on heaven; kissing you is an ethereal experience.


Afterward, the two of you became a couple and he became comfortable with you being affectionate. He loved being so close to you to the point that he began initiating physical contact with you. The first time he initiated it, your face nearly combusted and you stuttered for several minutes until Izuku managed to calm you down with one of his charming smiles.

After knowing that you aren’t used to receiving affection, Izuku makes sure to be more affectionate with you.

Kirishima thinks it’s great that you’re very affectionate. He’s very open to physical contact and doesn’t mind at all.

And the fact that you’re his crush? It makes the experience even better. Every day at U.A is better when you’re around him.

Admittedly, it does make him a bit flustered. But not too much. He’s happy to please you with a fist bump, a hug, or to let your soft hands run through his spiky hair. Kirishima’s eyes always close in bliss when you touch his hair.

Since you’re his crush, he’s very anxious to be just as affectionate as you are. But he doesn’t want to overstep your boundaries and keep his wishes to himself.

Until one lucky day, Kirishima arrives at the U.A classroom with heavy eyelids. He spent too much time working out yesterday that he barely got a wink of sleep.

As always, you approached him with that same cheery smile that makes his heart warm.

“Good morning, Kirishima,” you said. He hummed in response and closed his eyes. Your voice was music to his ears and he never wanted to stop hearing it.

“Kirishima?” you asked, concern fueling your voice. Kirishima mumbled and sleepily opened his eyes, reaching out for your hair.

“Pretty…” he mumbled. You froze, feeling your skin prickle. Almost everyone was watching you, even Bakugou. He was biting down a laugh.

“Um…” was all you could say.

With a tired sigh, Kirishima pulled you closer for a hug, burying your face in his chest. He murmured and placed his chin on the top of your soft hair.

“So soft and warm…” he said with a smile. You yelped in surprise, but your yelp was muffled by his chest.

“Class has started. I don’t want to see any more lovey-dovey nonsense during the rest of today. Break apart, you two.” Aizawa’s sharp voice snapped.

While you immediately flinched and stepped away, Kirishima groaned and slowly opened his eyes.

“What…?” he whined. But once he noticed he was not dreaming, his eyes widened. Everyone began to giggle and murmur as his face warmed up.

“Oh….” his eyes drift to you.


Chapter Text

When you enrolled in U.A High, you were extremely nervous. What if you weren’t fit to be a Pro Hero? At the entrance exam, there were so many other students, you felt queasy at the sight of so much potential.
You went through so many insecure thoughts and fleeting moments of panic before school started. What if they didn’t like you? How would you even make friends? Would they be easy going or cold and distant? When school finally started, you were in for a surprise.
As we all know, Katsuki was a prideful asshole at the beginning of the school year. He barely paid attention to anyone and you weren’t an exception- Kirishima and the Bakusquad were the only ones who’d managed to befriend him. And even then, they would always get on his nerves.

Don’t get me wrong, he knew you existed. But he didn’t really pay much attention to you until the mids of the first year. The first time he interacted with you was during a fighting assignment- the two of you had been paired together, you were to engage in combat and see how your quirks worked against each other and together.
Bakugou noticed that you had a strong quirk- you weren’t any extra. With your quirk Liquify, you actually managed to make him sweat and feel tired- you had a good grasp on your quirk. He didn’t mind working with you, he had noticed that you tended to be quiet and distant and barely talked to him if it wasn’t school-related- so he thought you were alright. Katsuki preferred a silent partner than a loud and noisy one like dunceface.

However, he was slightly thrown off guard when he spotted you with Todoroki, Tsuyu, and a few others of the class, laughing together and blabbering about nonsense. He had never seen you laugh or smile around him. Your face was shining with joy- he could see so many emotions in your expression- a startling contrast to your usual stoic or grimacing face.
Bakugou didn’t care, right? The two of you were just study partners, nothing more. He didn’t care about how you acted around him.

He couldn’t convince himself with his own words.

The more time the two of you worked together, the more you opened up. It was a pleasant change. Katsuki noticed how you would smile when you thought he wasn’t looking or that you’d occasionally chatter with him during the fighting and reply sarcastically to his remarks.
Seeing you smile and laugh around him felt nice- his heart always skipped a beat when your lips tugged upwards.
He told himself it was nothing. He didn’t like you or anything…he just liked seeing you smile. That’s what he kept telling himself day after day, refusing to acknowledge his feelings for you.

It wasn’t until Class 1A decided to have a sleepover with all the boys and girls (minus Mineta, they kicked him out of the building for the night) and played a popular game called Truth or Dare that he finally acknowledged his feelings for you.

It was Mina’s turn, and Katsuki didn’t like the evil glint in her eyes. He felt his heart crawl up to his throat when Mina smiled at him.

“Bakugou, do you choose truth or dare?”

He swallowed, clenching his fists at his side. Ever since he was paired with you, Katsuki had noticed how Mina’s gaze lingered on the two of you. What was she planning? Was Mina going to force him to do something- kiss you? He felt his ears burn at the thought. After an awkward moment of silence, Bakugou spoke up.

“Truth,” he said gruffly. Hopefully, she wouldn’t ask what he was thinking.

Mina squealed in delight. She clasped her hands together. “Bakugou,” she spoke slowly but firmly, her face contorting into a serious expression. “Do you like Y/N?”

“Hah?!” he immediately snapped. His ears and cheeks burned red and small sparks snapped from his palms. Bakugou could hear snickers and squeals from the rest of his classmates but refused to look at them.

“What kind of question is that?!”

Mina giggled, shooting you a knowing glance. Bakugou wanted to look at you- what were you thinking?- but his fear of rejection willed him to keep his burning gaze on Mina.

“You heard me,” the pink girl replied with a grin. “Is Y/N your crush? Don’t lie to me. You have to say the truth!”

After a few moments, Bakugou grumbled a ‘yes’, but no one heard him, so Mina taunted him into speaking louder.


Everyone was silent at his outburst. With a growl, he glanced at you. His face felt like it was on fire- and much to his surprise, you were as flustered as him- but you offered him a timid smile. He relaxed at your smile and felt his heart flutter. You liked him back.


As class president, Iida felt the responsibility of reaching out with all of his classmates. He wasn’t particularly close with everyone, but he made sure to be friendly and supportive.
You were a different case. Despite his attempts to converse with you, Iida had noticed that you were quite distant and cold. At first, he was startled but eventually brushed it off. Maybe it was just your behavior, similar to Todoroki’s. Even though you were quite closed off, Iida refused to surrender.
He had seen you briefly interact with other classmates such as Tokoyami and Ochaco, and you were far more comfortable with them, smiling and even laughing with them. This could’ve discouraged him but instead, it made him feel motivated to get you to be comfortable with him.
After Iida had a sparring match with Todoroki, you approached him.

‘‘Not bad,’‘ you said. Your face was stoic- but the fact that you were complimenting him made him smile. ‘‘Your sparring skills are improving.’‘

Iida bowed down so low he nearly touched the ground. ‘’Thank you, Y/N-chan!” he exclaimed.

Eventually, the two of you became comfortable friends, but Iida was still the goody two shoes he’s always been. Whenever you were acting improper or out of line, he was always there to keep you in check, scolding you with his loud and long speeches.
At first, his scoldings irked you but you eventually warmed up to them. One time, your uniform was too tight/short (it was the last pair you had clean!) and when you greeted Iida, his face reddened.

“Y/N-chan!” he exclaimed, waving his hands in the air. “Your uniform doesn’t abide by the school uniform’s guidelines! You are a very beautiful person but-,” his face turned even redder and he swallowed nervously. “Your presentation is improper!”

After his rant, he breathed heavily and was surprised when he heard you laughing softly. You rarely showed emotions around him- only a few small smiles and chuckles, but never a laugh.

“Oh, Iida-kun!” you said with a teasing grin. “It’s my only clean uniform pair!” you pouted and Iida swallowed nervously. “I’ll make sure to dress properly next time! Thanks for letting me know.” you pressed a chaste kiss on his cheek and walked away with a mischievous grin, leaving him a blushing mess.
Iida grew fond of your jokes- they were silly, but always made him smile. Around you, Iida grew at ease. He had acknowledged that he had romantic feelings for you, but wasn’t quite sure how to tell you. It wasn’t a concerning matter for him, he was sure that one day, he would be able to confess to you… it was merely a matter of time. Meanwhile, he would simply have to push his romantic feelings aside, until he was ready to confess.

Where do I begin?
Izuku is quite friendly and tries to befriend everyone- even if they’re challenging or distant. He’s proven to be successful- after all, he befriended the aloof Shoto Todoroki.
He began to interact with you through Todoroki- you had quickly befriended the bi-colored boy after joining U.A and when Izuku befriended Todoroki and began to sit together- you would tag along and sit with them.

When he met you, he was in awe for several reasons. One, you had perfect control over your quirk Liquify- which amazed him to no end- he would constantly ask you questions and mutter under his breath, writing down notes in his notebook.
Your cold behavior didn’t bother him- he believed that you simply weren’t comfortable with him yet, and he was okay with that fact. You could open up whenever you were ready.
His theory turned out to be correct- after months of socializing, you began to warm up with him- and he began to see a different side of you.
You would occasionally make sarcastic remarks that made him laugh loudly. Izuku didn’t miss how your eyes would slightly crinkle and how beautiful you look when you smiled- but remained silent and kept his comments to himself.

During the weekend, you had spent time with him and admitted that you felt anxious around him- he was Deku, a Pro Hero in training, he saved everyone and always smiled brightly. To a certain point, you felt intimidated by him.
After hearing your confession, Izuku assured you that you were great as well- he was a firm believer that your quirk and your traits were perfect to be a Pro Hero- there was no reason to feel intimidated. The two of you grew even closer after that day.

Sometimes, you would become cuddly or yearn for physical contact and you would grumble or ask Izuku if you could hug him or hold his arm. He would blush brightly and stammer for several minutes but eventually agree.
If being close to him made you happy, he was happy to oblige.

Chapter Text

Frankly, school can be quite boring. Even though you’re in the hero course and you learn extraordinary things, it doesn’t exclude regular civilian subjects such as history, math and so.
When you lose focus in class, you like to redirect your attention to doodling. It’s fun, relaxing and effortless- it’s also quite time-consuming and you’ve spaced out of class many times.
When you space out, you lose the function to pay attention to your reality- and ever since the first day you started doodling in class, you never noticed a pair of curious eyes watching you.

Iida Tenya is quite the gentleman. He’s also known for being strict and keeping the chaotic class 1A in order- (well, try and fail many times, but he does his best.) During classes with Aizawa, the majority of the classroom is quiet- but he always hears intense scribbling from your seat.
Usually, he does his best to ignore it and focuses on the class but you’re his crush- and the fact that he always hears intense scribbling every day is quite concerning. But one day, he can’t take it anymore.
It’s a hot and sweltering day, it doesn’t help that class 1A just finished hero training and even though everyone hit the showers afterward- the classroom is boiling.

Iida’s neck is drenched in sweat, Aizawa’s flat and tired voice drones on and he hears furious scribbling behind him- it’s all giving him a headache.

Slowly, he turns around and stares blankly at you. Your head is lowered, hand sketching in your notebook. Your movements are fluid and bold and your arm is propped lazily on the desk, leaning your head against it.

He feels his nerves calm at the sight. But then he remembers that he’s class president- you’re not paying attention in class and that is not okay. Iida opens his mouth and delivers a long speech. Tenya is strict- but he’s not stupid- he lowers his voice so he won’t embarrass you in front of the class.

After his long speech, he expects you to look sullen or simply understand where he’s coming from- but instead, you’re snickering with a smile.

“I’m sorry, Iida. I just space out of class all the time and I like to doodle,” there’s a playful pout on your lips, a pleading look gleaming in your eyes.

Oh god, how is he supposed to reprimand you when you look so cute and adorable?

His voice is stuck in his throat- there’s a flushed expression on his face and it only gets worse when Aizawa’s voice booms.

“Iida, if you’re done with your important chat with L/N, turn around and pay attention. You’re class president, I expect better from you.”

Iida nearly squeaks as he turns around and nods, apologizing several times. Aizawa simply sighs tiredly and resumes the lesson.

After that time, Iida spots you doodling all the time in class. It makes him concerned- do you even pay attention in class? Are your grades failing?
Eventually, he confronts you about and explains his concerns. His face is beet red when he’s done, but you simply brush him off with a smile.
Assuring him that your grades and knowledge are in perfect order, you simply doodle a lot in class. After that confrontation, Iida is much more relaxed about the situation, and every time he sees you doodle, there’s a soft smile on his lips.

Midoriya is a very observant person. He has dozens of notebooks dedicated to quirks, Pro Heroes, and so on and while he doesn’t write about his friends- he tends to notice several things.
For example, you. Since you began to attend U. A with Izuku, he’s noticed that you spend most of your time sketching, doodling god knows what. You’ve never shown him your artwork.
Another thing he’s realized is that when you start doodling- only Aizawa’s loud voice or the school bell will snap you out of it. Izuku’s tried everything- waving his hands in your face, throwing you paper balls- nothing. It’s like you’ve been sucked out of reality..
Your manners leave him interested, curious to know more. He’s sure you’re not slacking off in class- he’s been in several study sessions with Tsuyu, Iida, Ochaco, Todoroki, and you- you’re always on track and usually have a good grasp of the subject.
You rarely share your notes- only with Tsuyu and Iida and occasionally Todoroki.
Midoriya doesn’t mind, but it makes him burn with curiosity. So on the next studying session, he decides to come up with a plan.
“Y/N, what did you get on question 43?” Ochaco asked. She leaned towards said girl and giggled.

Izuku frowned. What was so funny? The brunette’s grin grew as she stared down at Y/N’s notes, who was stammering and trying to hide their notes from the public view.

When Ochaco and Y/N rose and said they needed to visit the restroom- Izuku struck. Tsuyu was chatting with Todoroki and Iida had his nose buried in his book- so they didn’t notice when he grabbed your notebook.

He flicked through pages, greedily drinking in the sight of your doodles. They were all varied- some flowers, vines, others were small and cute animals- and others were more complex but in the end, doodles. Midoriya froze when he flipped through a page and saw a… peculiar sight.

In the middle of the page, was a heart. You had doodled several headshots of Izuku, in which some of them he was saying corny or bad jokes, and in others, he was simply smiling. His cheeks burned when he saw the small hearts that you had doodled around him.

When he heard your voice and footsteps approaching the dorm- he quickly dropped your notebook in your spot and tried to act casual. Tsuyu raised an eyebrow at this, but said nothing, while Todoroki asked him why his face was burning.

He had refused to answer and remained somewhat silent during the rest of the session, his cheeks red. His heart was soaring with happiness- those doodles only meant one thing- you had feelings for him.

Once the studying session was over, Izuku would pull you aside and confess his feelings. His veins were pumping with confidence- you liked him back!

Ever since you befriended Katsuki, he’s noticed that you’re a very attentive friend.
That is when you’re not in class. You submerge yourself into your notebook with a pencil and nothing else- and pour all your attention into it.
Bakugou thinks it’s rather annoying, he’s tried to get your attention several times, only to fail miserably.
Today is no exception. Bakugou’s ready to pop- dunceface and shitty head have been bothering him all day, stupid Deku gave a speech that made him roll his eyes and he was tired and just wanted to go to bed.
Unfortunately, he found himself stuck in class, listening to Aizawa talk like a damn zombie- trying to grab your attention, but you were too immersed in your doodles.

Irritated, he pressed his sweat hand on your neck and ignited a small spark- not enough to hurt you, but enough to startle you.
The effect was immediate. You yelped and snapped your neck upwards, clutching the back of your neck. Everyone stared at you, bewildered. Katsuki grinned, satisfied that he finally got your attention but when you realized it was him- you narrowed your eyes and scowled.

“Bakugou? L/N? What’s going on?” Aizawa asked sharply.

Your scowl deepened. “Everything is okay, Aizawa-sensei. I apologize.” Your eyes stayed on Bakugou as you spoke.

Aizawa hummed in response and continued with the lesson. Bakugou bit down on his lip, swallowing a snicker.

After class, you smacked Bakugou on the head, to which he responded with a growl and the two of you engaged in a match of playful fighting, and between snickers and lunges your notebook fell out of your open backpack, loose sheets slipping out.

Immediately, you jumped back and began to gather them, but Bakugou kneeled down and helped you as well. He froze as he held a loose sheet- there were several sketches of him with different expressions- in some, he was smirking, frowning or screaming- but that wasn’t what made him freeze. It was the several little hearts that you had doodled around him.

You nearly shrieked when you saw which paper he was holding and snatched it out of his hands. In a blink of an eye, you had picked everything up and ran away.

Katsuki was puzzled. He stood there for a minute or two, gears shifting in his brain as he processed the situation.
Once it finally kicked in, he raced after you and found you sitting in a corner, head buried between your knees.

“Um,” he cleared his throat awkwardly. “Hey.” his voice was gruff and tense.

You groaned and shook your head. “Go away, Bakugou. I know you don’t like me, so just spare me from the harsh rejection.”

“What?” he furrowed his eyebrows and kneeled to your height. “What the fuck are you talking about? That’s not true.”

Slowly, you raised your head and peered at him, narrowing your eyes with suspicion. “It’s not?”

Bakugou scoffed. “Of course not. I like you too, dumbass,” he grumbled the last sentence, feeling his ears and cheeks warm up.

“Oh.” was all you said. The blonde snickered and pulled you upwards onto your feet.

“C'mon dumbass, I’ll walk you home. Gotta keep you safe.”

Shoto is clever and can improvise quickly- but he can be quite dense or oblivious at times. He probably wouldn’t notice your doodling habits and if he did, he would brush it off. You’re just doodling in class, nothing too fancy.

He doesn’t understand how far your doodling goes until he asks you to lend him your math notes after class, and you happily oblige.
Shoto spends the rest of the afternoon studying and writing down whatever he missed- all thanks to your notes that were thankfully complete.
Once he was sure he’d done enough studying, Todororki began to flip through your notes idly, appreciating your writing. The more he read, the more he realized that there were doodles…everywhere.

He thought it was quite impressive that you managed to doodle so much in class and your artistic skills were quite impressive. There was a variety of sketches- plants, animals, silly faces but the ones he saw the most, were the ones of him.
Shoto felt a strange flutter whenever he saw one of your doodles that were him. You captured him perfectly and he cracked a grin whenever he saw one in which he was saying a corny or silly joke. It was refreshing.

It made his heart warm, seeing that his crush seemed to be as fond of him as he was of them. I don’t think he’d truly understand why you would draw him several times and instead, would ask you for an explanation.
The next day, he made sure to thank you for lending him your notes- and for making such beautiful and impressive doodles.

Chapter Text

Wrinkles. You could spot several of them, engraved into your skin and no matter how much you tried to avoid them, they clung to your skin like powder onto a wet surface.

You sighed, tracing the marks with a finger, feeling your heart plummet with each stroke. God, you were getting old, weren’t you?

Sunlight streamed into the bedroom as you stared at yourself in the vanity mirror, hands pressed flat on the wooden drawer. Behind you, Eijirou moaned lowly, and you heard the kicking of some blankets before he resumed his loud snoring.

It made you smile softly before you mentally groaned. There they are again! You thought with indignation. The moment you smiled, the wrinkles on your face became even more prominent.

It’s been years since you married Kirishima, and it’s no hidden truth that both of you are aging; gaining new scars and experiences every day. Even then, you didn’t expect to look at yourself in the mirror one day, and suddenly realize that you looked….old. The type of elderly facial features you saw on your aging parents, on your middle-aged aunt, or your grandparents.

You frowned. You could still remember your high school days, and although you did not have porcelain skin; free of all blemishes- your skin was at least young and lively. Not anymore, you thought sadly. Gone were the days of your lively smile, childish expressions. Whenever you smiled, it was tainted by the wrinkles of time.

A solemn sigh left your lips as you lowered your gaze to the drawer’s surface, eyes trailing over the dentures and swirls of the texture of the wood. Caught up in your storm of insecurities of aging, you didn’t hear the floor creaked softly as Kirishima left the mattress, and approached you from behind. It was only until you heard his feet dragging on the floor, and his warm and heavy arms wrapping around your waist that you realized he had awoken.

“Morning,” you whispered softly. He mumbled, burying his face in the crook of your neck. You smiled and pressed a kiss on his messy red hair. His black roots were starting peaking out, but you merely smiled fondly. Kirishima had never lost his heartfelt and considerate attitude and his appearance had aged like wine; only growing better with years. You were as much in love with him as you were in your teenage years.

“What are you doing up?” He murmured into your neck. “It’s our day off.’‘

You smiled, before raising your gaze to the vanity mirror. Kirishima rose his gaze and meet yours in the mirror, his rubies for eyes making your smile widen.

’'I know, but I couldn’t sleep anymore,” you placed your hand on top of his, locked in front of your abdomen. He squeezed you lightly.

“Somethin’ on your mind?” You chuckled lightly. Somehow, Eijirou always knew whenever you were feeling insecure or melancholic.

’'Yeah…“ you sighed wistfully, before shaking your head in regret. ’'But it’s nothing.’' The redhead frowned.

’'If it’s on your mind, then it’s something,” he pressed a kiss on your cheek. “Talk to me, babe.” You swallowed a thick lump in your throat, before slightly craning your neck to meet his gaze.

“Do you…” you faltered for a few seconds. “Do you think I look too old?” Kirishima’s eyebrows furrowed with disapproval and his lips slightly parted open.

’'Of course not, Y/N- what are you talking about?“

You sighed. ’'My face is all wrinkly now, it’s so different and… I don’t like how it looks. I feel so…old. I know we’re bound to grow old, but for some reason, it’s still hard to stomach. The wrinkles look ugly.’'

He laughed in disbelief, before turning you around to face his gaze. He smiled fondly, hands cupping your cheeks. A few seconds in silence passed by before he spoke up.

’'Baby- they don’t make you look old, or ugly. I think they’re beautiful. Fascinating to look at. It shows that you have lived,” his eyes gleamed as he spoke earnestly. '’You’ve experienced many things, and lived to tell the tale. Life has blessed you with happiness, and it shows on your laugh lines.“ He paused and softly kissed both your cheeks before continuing.

’'But you have also endured pain,” he murmured. “I can see it in the wrinkles of your forehead, and the bags under your eyes, but that doesn’t stop me from making love to you, does it now?” He smiled mischievously and you felt your face grow warm.

“I love it. Because staring at your face is like admiring a beautiful artwork at a museum. Staring at the lines of your life, the good and the bad, and it makes me remember how much I fucking love you. Baby, you’ve been through hell and more- you’ve been thrown off your course so many times. And yet, you’ve kept moving forward, without a glance to the past. You rose when many others remained with the ashes.”

Tears welled up in your eyes as he continued speaking. The words flowing from his lips were a soothing balm to your aching wounds.

‘’I don’t care about your wrinkles because I’m not here just to admire your face, I’m here because I love you. I love you, even with all the hardships that we’ve faced, my love for you has gotten stronger. Every time I see you, your legs tangled with mine while we’re in bed, and you’re sleeping peacefully, I feel like we’re still in our U.A. years, and I’m still the young boy who’s heart would go into a frenzy whenever you even so looked at me.“ You laughed roughly, feeling your throat clog up from all the emotions. Kirishima simply chuckled, before enveloping your hands in his.

He pressed his forehead against yours, staring at your face with a serene smile. Then, he pressed a soft kiss on your forehead, and you nearly swore to God that his kiss felt like magic; dissipating years of wrinkles of worry and stress. You preened under his touch, eyes fluttering shut.

’'So no, I don’t think your wrinkles make you look old or ugly. You’re still as beautiful as ever, sweetheart.” You smiled silently, and Eijirou’s lips met yours. They danced slowly, pleasantly, and washed a sense of comfort and familiarity over your entire being. His lips were warm and soft, as were yours. The kiss slowly ended as you opened your eyes, smiling at your husband.

“I love you, Eijirou.” Your hands were pressed flat against his chest, and he grinned widely in response, sharp fangs on display. He suddenly grabbed you under your legs, hoisting you upwards and you yelped in surprise, legs tightening around his waist.

He stared at you with gleaming eyes, sporting the same crow feet your eyes bore. A single sentence left his lips before they met yours once again, chasing after each other in everlasting bliss.

’'I love you more, my love.“

Chapter Text

Out of all the things Denki Kaminari considered himself to be, brave wasn’t exactly one of them. Sure, he could muster up the courage to tease Bakugou about something silly, then run away in fear, or pull off some stupidly dangerous stunts, but when it came to you, it felt like all the adrenaline and courage in the world abandoned him.

Left him to fend for himself, stuttering like an idiot, or simply being way dumber than his usual self. He would race off with burning cheeks after making a mistake in front of you, attempting to forget the fool he made out of himself. And you never brought it up, which he was extremely grateful for. It was just another reason why he had the biggest, fattest crush on you. You never judged him for his chaotic antics, never insulted him, or felt ashamed of him.

Denki knew he was a big flirt, and even though he would occasionally try a cheesy pick-up line on you, it never worked. You would only laugh and pat his shoulder, telling him it was a good pick up line to use on someone. Why didn’t you see that the only person he wanted to conquer with his lines was you? That’s why he always told you them, always tried to be as romantic as one could, but you never picked up on it.

Every unintentional rejection of yours left him to mope alone and disappointed. He had tried everything- tried using all the pick-up lines he knew of, would try to invite you on a date, but you always waved him off, almost as if you didn’t even believe him.

As the months came by and quickly left, February was here in a blink of an eye. The cold weather continued, some days were chillier than others, and on some days, there would be the occasional sunny view. Not much warmth, but at least some sunlight.

The number fourteen on Denki’s calendar haunted him. Valentine’s Day was approaching quicker than he’d like, but he had decided that he would ask you out, for once and for all, on the upcoming day. The thing was, he still hadn’t completely made up his mind. Unsure of what to do for the special holiday, he decided to consult Kirishima, Sero, and Mina after class. When Denki brought up the topic of asking you out, Bakugou merely snorted and walked out of the classroom, not before muttering, ‘’Just ask her out dunce head, it’s not that hard.’’

His shoulders slumped with a dramatic sigh, and the remaining of his friends watched him with sympathetic gazes. They found themselves sitting in the 1A classroom, just after the final school bell of the day had rung. You had quickly left, walking away with Uraraka and Midoriya. Denki and his friends huddled in the center of the classroom, sitting on some desks that weren’t theirs- but since Aizawa-sensei had left early for the day, there was no one around to reprimand them.

‘’I don’t know what to do,’’ he groaned into his hands, ‘’I can’t screw this up- it has to be perfect. But…’’

‘’You don’t know what to do.’’ Sero completed the sentence for him, and Denki moaned in response.

‘’Well, I don’t think you have to do something extraordinary, bro,’’ Kirishima piped in. ‘’Y/N likes you for who you are, not for some facade of sorts. Just be you, and you’ll be fine.’’

Mina tapped her fingers on the table, remaining to stay silent for once. Sero hummed, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. ‘’You’re not wrong Kirishima, but knowing Denki, Y/N might kiss him and he’ll end up accidentally electrocuting her.’’

Kirishima laughed heartily at this, while Denki pouted. Mina gasped loudly, raising a finger in the air. She then grinned and clasped her hands together, rubbing them vigorously.

‘’I know what you should do, Denki! I’ve just thought of something,’’ she leaned towards the blonde, whispering into his ear. Kirishima and Sero watched the exchange, as Denki’s droopy eyes quickly widened.

‘’No!’’ He yelled out, and Mina cackled as his face went bright red. ‘’I’m not- I’m not doing that!’’

‘’What did Mina suggest?’’ Sero asked and Denki grumbled.

‘’She told me to-to put a trail of roses in Y/N’s room, and sit on her bed, a rose in my mouth and half-naked!’’ He cried out, and by how flustered he was, it wouldn’t be long until steam puffed out of his ears.

His friends laughed loudly, while he rubbed his ears, feeling the warm skin against his palm.

‘’I am not doing that,’’ he stated and Mina snickered.

‘’Okayy…’’ she sang-song, ‘’I was just trying to help you out!’’

Denki huffed, shaking his head. ‘’I may be a big flirt, but that’s… waaay out of my boundaries.’’

Sero chuckled. He then began to shoot small strips of tape out of his elbows, absentmindedly placing them on the desk. Kirishima hummed in his seat, his sharp teeth poking out.

‘’Well,’’ the red-hair started. ‘’Y/N’s quirk has to do with nature, right? Maybe you could take her to a camping site. Or a park, but I think maybe she’d like to spend a night outdoors.’’

‘’Kiri…’’ Denki trailed off. ‘’That’s the best idea I’ve ever heard!’’ He quickly scrambled out of his seat.

‘’Wait- where are you going?’’ Kirishima and Mina called after him, watching as their friend tripped over a seat before racing out of the classroom.

‘’I need to plan this date!’’ He shouted. ‘’If I want everything to go as planned, I need to start working now!’’

The remaining U.A. students chuckled at their friends’ antics, before returning to look at each other.

‘’Do you think the date will go alright?’’ Mina piped in.

Kirishima shrugged. ‘’I don’t know,’’ Sero responded. ‘’Knowing Denki, they might end up in trouble, or lost somewhere.’’

Kirishima laughed, slapping Sero on the back. ‘’Let’s have a little bit more faith in our human Pikachu, Sero. Who knows? They might end up dating after Valentine’s Day.’’


Today was the fated day. It was February 14th, and Denki didn’t think he could be any more nervous than he already was. With a rose in his hand and a box of chocolates in another, he slowly trudged into his first period, eyes immediately landing on your seated figure. You were smiling, laughing, and nodding along with whatever Mina was talking about. But when the pink girl spotted him, she grinned, before bidding goodbye to you.

Aizawa-sensei hadn’t arrived yet. The blonde took a deep breath, feeling his heart ready to explode. This was it. He was going to walk up to you, give you a charming smile, and ask you out without hesitation.

‘’Here goes nothing,’’ he told himself before approaching your desk. Your head was ducked, focused on a notebook you had just pulled out.

Denki cleared his throat and straightened his posture as you looked up at him with a welcoming smile.

‘’Hey, Denki, what’s up?’’ You saw the flower and chocolates in his hand but didn’t say anything.

‘’Um…’’ he felt just like when he’d overuse his quirk, dumb and unable to say anything. You were just so damn pretty, and he was speechless every time he met your gaze.

‘’Would-would you like to go out with me today?’’ His voice was much squeakier and nervous than he’d like, but Denki mentally clapped himself on the back for being able to do it.

Now, it was up to you. Your eyes widened in surprise, lips slightly parting open.

‘’Wait…that’s for me?’’ You pointed at the flower and chocolates. Denki suddenly became aware how most of his classmates had gone quiet, and were watching the two of you. Not trusting himself to speak, he nodded in response.

‘’Do you, um, wanna be my Valentine’s?’’ The blonde cursed as his voice escaped as a squeak yet again. But when you smiled widely, his worries were washed away in an instant.

‘’I would love to!’’ Some of his classmates began to cheer, while you stood up and wrapped your arms around him, pulling him into a tight hug. Your perfume suddenly invaded his senses, and his mind was foggy, unable to focus on anything but you.

Wait… you accepted-?! Denki couldn’t stop the dopey smile that spread across his lips as he returned your hug, basking in your lovely scent.

‘’Grea-great!’’ He stammered but felt his confidence return quickly. ‘’I’ll pick you up at your dorm at four o’clock, is that okay with you?’’

His heart stuttered at your bright smile. God, you were so cute.

‘’That works with me!’’

For the rest of the school day, Denki could not stop thinking about you. The rush of confidence and happiness he felt was still there, but so was something else. He felt his insecurities creep onto him.

What was he going to say during the date…? Should he dress in any particular way? Wait- he was the one who had decided on the location, so he should know. Should he bring you more flowers? Did you even like the flowers and chocolate he gave you? What if you’re allergic to flowers and he didn’t know-?! You had accepted the gifts and thanked him nonstop, but what if you were just pitying him…?

He was growing nervous and antsy. Unable to stop thinking about the future, he sat on the lunch bench next to Kirishima, tapping his leg up and down. Sero and Mina were talking, but Denki had his mind on other things.

He had decided to go with Kirishima’s idea, a date at a camping site, which was in a fairly popular park near U.A. Denki had checked the park’s website, reading over the type of events they had. He had also heard that there was a beautiful view at the park, but it was extremely dangerous so it was restricted. But Denki would find the way to show it to you, he was sure of it.

And before he knew it, the blonde found himself standing outside your dorm, extremely aware of Mina and Kirishima watching from the wall corner down the hall, murmuring excitedly. He swallowed nervously, feeling small beads of sweat form on his forehead. This is it, he thought as his fist fell upon the wooden door.

‘’Hey!’’ You greeted him cheerfully as the door swung open. Denki’s mouth opened, jaw slackening as he stared at you, eyes trailing over your outfit. You felt slightly scrutinized under his gaze but felt your cheeks warm up as well.

‘’Hey… you look really nice.’’ He murmured, nervously scratching the back of his head. You smiled, hands tightening around your backpack straps. Denki was staring at you in awe as if you were wearing the finest of silks and jewelry. But really, you were just wearing a comfortable grey tracksuit, paired with some black running shoes, a backpack with some essentials, and a sleeping bag hung around your shoulder, you were ready to go. He’d told you during English that you would go camping, so you decided to prepare for the trip.

‘’Thanks, you look good as well.’’ The blonde was sporting a black jacket and black sweatpants, with a yellow lightning bolt sewn onto the upper left shoulder, sporting a pair of black sneakers similar to yours. His hair was slightly ruffled and you resisted the urge to reach out and hold the golden locks between your fingers.

’It’s nothing,’’ he waved you off, but the soft blush that spread across his cheeks made you smile. ‘’Anyways, uhm, are you ready to go?’’

‘’Yeah!’’ You adjusted the bag around your shoulder, stepping out of your dorm, locking it behind you. ‘’Let’s do this.’’

Denki smiled brightly, and you felt your heart stutter. He outstretched his hand and with a shy smile, you took it.

The two of you quickly walked out of the dorm buildings, your friends cheering and whooping behind you, and you couldn’t help but laugh as your face grew warmer. Denki glanced at you, and the two of you shared a bright smile.

‘’So, where are we going? You told me to we’re going camping, but you didn’t say where…’’ You questioned, your hand that was intertwined with Denki gently swinging back and forth.

‘’Oh! Well, I was thinking about it for a long time,’’ he paused. ‘’Like a really, really long time,’’ you giggled. ‘’So uh, I thought we could spend the night at this national park! They have a camping area, a local store and so on. What do you think…?’’ He stopped for a second, staring at you as he awaited your reaction.

‘’Oh, cool!’’ The idea truly did excite you. ‘’Sounds great, I haven’t camped in so long.’’ The blonde smiled widely, and the two of you continued to walk away from the campus, and into the streets, where a car awaited.

‘’I order a taxi for us,’’ Denki explained. ‘’Let’s go!’’


‘’Wow, this place is beautiful…’’ was the first sentence that left your lips as the two of you stepped out of the taxi, which quickly drove away. The scenery ahead of you left you speechless. So much nature, trees, it was nearly impossible to describe it in mere words. A sea of tall and towering trees surrounded the park, with a cement trail a few ahead of you, some bushes and rocks littered between trees. From the corner of your eye, you saw a squirrel climb up a tree, and grinned, forcing down a squeal of excitement.

‘’I love it!’’ You turned to look at Denki, who was already looking at you. His head jolted back in embarrassment, cheeks blooming red.

‘’Yeah? I’m glad you think so. Come on, let’s go find our camping site. I made a reservation, so we should be fine.’’

‘’Oh my, okay then,’’ you walked beside him, your backpack gently bouncing on your back with every excited step you took. ‘’You planned all of this out, huh Denki? It’s amazing, I love it.’’ You stopped in your tracks, and the blonde did the same. He smiled nervously, shrugging his shoulders casually.

‘’It was nothing,’’ but you saw how he shied away from your gaze. ‘’But I’m glad you love it.’’ He gave you a warm smile, radiation so much genuine happiness and pleasure that you nearly melted into a puddle.

‘’Well then,’’ you cleared your throat, looking away with burning cheeks. ‘’We have to go find our site, right?’’

The blonde nodded silently, and the two of you continued to walk in the stone path. Eventually, the path led to a widespread area. There were two small wooden housings at your left- what you assumed were the local convenience stores, and in front of you, stood an array of camping tents, and three campfires.

It wasn’t particularly crowded, with only a few people in the area, chattering animatedly. No one paid mind to you both as you walked to the camping tent on the farthest left, which was also the closest to the trees. The tent was a bright yellow and shaped like a triangular pyramid, a column of sticks holding it up from the center on the inside. The color reminded you of the blonde on your left, and you smiled.

‘’So, the tents here are kinda small, sorry ‘bout that. But I did rent the biggest size they have, hopefully, it’ll be comfortable enough for the two of us.’’ Denki explained. The two of you dropped your bags on the ground, kicking off your shoes and opening the tent. It was rather cramped, but you didn’t mind.

‘’Sounds good to me!’’ You replied. Your eyes trailed over the inside of the tent. It was empty, and the two of you began to unpack, first unfurling your sleeping bags and laying them on the ground. It was a tight fit, and the implications of it made you swallow nervously. There was no space left between the two sleeping bags, which meant you’d have to sleep really, really close to Denki. The thought of it made your stomach twist and your heart stuttered.

Once the bags were spread and your backpack definitely felt lighter, the two of you set them on top of the sleeping bags and sat down.

‘’So,’’ you traced your fingers on the tent’s flooring, a thin grey carpet. ‘’What’s the agenda for today?’’

‘’Okay, so first we’re going to walk on a trail with a tourist guide, do whatever we want, maybe some birdwatching and eat dinner? And then once it’s night time, return and roast some marshmallows over the bonfire. How does that sound?’’

‘’Lovely,’’ you smiled and Denki nodded. ‘’Yeah, so…’’ he pulled out his phone and nodded to himself.

‘’The tour begins in twenty minutes, so we’re here just in time. In the meanwhile, want to go outside and get to know the park?’’

‘’Sure.’’ You said. Denki stepped out of the tent, and you followed, about to get up when he outstretched his hand towards you.

‘’Would you do me the honor, m’lady?’’ He then bowed dramatically, and you giggled as you took his hand, standing up on your feet.

‘’Alright then Romeo, let’s go exploring.’’


After hours of walking, one bird attack, and some roasted marshmallows later, you were curled up in your sleeping bag, the night calm and steady. Denki was right about the tent being tight, and honestly, you weren’t sure if you were thankful or just a nervous wreck.

He was so close to you. His warm breath was fanning your closed eyes, and you swallowed nervously. Somehow, you ended up sleeping on your side, facing him, and now your hands were brushing against his, knees bumping every now and then. Slowly, you opened one eye and peeked at him. He was sound asleep, snoring. You giggled. You followed after, gently closing your eyes and falling into a deep slumber. That is, until you heard Denki’s hushed voice, and your shoulders gently being shaken by him.

‘’Psst! Y/N, wake up,’’ he murmured, and you slowly opened your eyes, mumbling in confusion.

‘’Denki?’’ you murmured, sitting up and leaning your elbows. ‘’What’s going on?’’

‘’I have to show you something,’’ there was a gleeful smile on his lips. ‘’Can you get up? Let’s go, we have to sneak out.’’

‘’Mmm..’’ you groaned in protest, but eventually got up, dusted off your clothes, and trudged behind Denki, exiting the tent. You slipped on your running shoes, and he did the same.

Crickets were chirping, the wind was gentle tonight, and it was mostly ark tonight, other than the moon shining down. You looked up and smiled. Being away from the city and deep into nature, the stars in the sky were much visible. It was a beautiful sight.

‘’Wow, it’s beautiful out here.’’ You commented. ‘’Yeah,’’ Denki replied, but he wasn’t looking at the sky. His gaze was pinned directly on you, a soft smile on his lips. ‘’It is.’’

His unwavering gaze made your face feel hot. So with a slight tremor in your walk, you went up towards him, waiting for him to take the lead. You stood next to one of the campfires, which had already been put out earlier, and there was nothing but some wood and ashes.

‘’What did you want to show me?’’ You piped in, wringing your hands nervously, unsure how to feel with Denki’s sudden quietness and intense stare.

‘’Oh, it’s this way. C’mon.’’ Without any further warning, the blonde slipped his hand into yours, walking further away from the camping tents and into the sea of trees. Denki’s hand was really warm, and how he took your hand without hesitation made butterflies swarm in your stomach.

You didn’t know where you were going. Lost sense of direction, and only clung to your friend’s hand. He was holding a flashlight in his other hand, leading the way. You stepped over tree branches, dead leaves and heard small critters chirp around you.

A few more minutes went by until you heard a noise. It was faint, but only grew louder the more you walked straight ahead. The unmistakable noise of water. You perked up, the haze of sleepiness clouding you quickly diminishing, and focused on the noise. You felt it too, how the air became cooler, and the sound of falling water slowly surrounding you.

You saw a gleam of water in the distance but was met with a wired fence in front of you. Confused, you turned to Denki.

‘’Here, hold this,’’ he handed you the flashlight, before gripping the fence, slowly climbing upwards.

‘’Wait, Denki-!’’ You exclaimed when you realized what he was doing. Then your eyes swept to your sides, and your blood ran cold as you saw the big, bold and red warning sign that read; RESTRICTED AREA. ANY TRESPASSERS WILL BE ARRESTED AND FINED.

‘’Denki!” you hissed as he jumped over the wired fence, eyes darting around to make sure there wasn’t anyone else around. ‘’Are you sure this is legal?!’’

He nodded quickly,- a little too fast for your liking, which made your suspicions heighten. ‘’Of course, it is!’’ he responded eagerly, offering you his hand. ‘’Why wouldn’t it be?’’

You sighed. ‘’Because, it’s already dark, there’s no one here, and I’m pretty sure that sign to my left says that this area is off-limits.’’

‘’Pfft, that old thing?’’ The blonde shrugged and shook his head in denial. ‘’Doesn’t matter. We’ll be fine!’’ He waved you off.

‘’Anyway, can you throw over the flashlight? Then climb over here.’’ With a defeated groan, you threw the flashlight over the wired fence- which wasn’t too tall, around one and a half meters at most.

Denki caught it in his hands, and you began to climb. Days, months of training helped you move quickly without any major difficulties, and before you knew it, you were on the top, springing towards the floor. Except, you didn’t notice the top of the fence had particularly sharp wire ends, and pressed your hand against it, before jumping down to the ground.

‘’Fuck!’’ You hissed when pain sprang from your palm and watched as blood seeped out of it. ‘’Oh god.’’

‘’Are you okay? What happened-oh.’’ Denki’s mouth fell shut when he noticed your bleeding hand. Then his eyes widened and he sprang into action.

‘’Oh, shit! Does it hurt a lot? I’m so sorry,’’ he began to ramble, and looked around at his surroundings, anything to stop the bleeding. ‘’Fuck, shit,’’ the blonde took off his jacket and your eyes widened.

‘’Wait, no Denki-! That’s one of your new jackets, it’ll get stained with the blood!’’ But he didn’t listen to you and insisted, wrapped one of the sleeves around your palm and gently pressed down, the cloth soaking up the blood.

‘’It doesn’t matter,’’ he stated. ‘’You’re hurt, and it’s my fault. I can’t just stand here and do nothing about it,’’ the last part of his sentence came out as a whisper, but you still caught the words with a frown.

‘’Hey,’’ you gently reached out for his arm, squeezing it reassuringly. ‘’It’s not your fault, okay? Don’t worry about it. It’s just a minor cut, I’ll be fine.’’

‘’But it is my fault,’’ he looked at you pleadingly, almost desperately. Your chest ached.

‘’I’m so dumb, this is all my fault. If I hadn’t insisted on us trespassing, none of this would’ve happened. Fuck, I’m so sorry, I never meant for you to get hurt, I’m lucky enough as it is that you gave me a chance today -,’’ you stopped him with a finger against his lips, frowning at the sight of his watery eyes.

‘’Hey, hey, everything is okay,’’ you said gently, dropping your now wrapped left hand to the side, and held Denki’s chin with the other.

‘’Everything will be alright. You’re not dumb, okay? Don’t ever say that,’’ his lip wobbled. ‘’And what do you mean, you’re lucky enough I gave you a chance? I would’ve said yes anytime, Denki.

‘’Wait…really?’’ He looked genuinely shocked, and it made your heart ache.

‘’Yes, I’m serious Denki. I’ve liked you for so long, didn’t you know?’’

‘’Oh.’’ His sudden silence from the shock made you giggle. But then his eyes drifted to your wrapped hand, and he frowned.

‘’Hey, hey,’’ you murmured, bringing his attention from your hand to your face. ‘’My hand’s all wrapped up now, I’ll get it cleaned up on the way back, why don’t you show me wherever you wanted to go first?’’ Denki was quiet and didn’t remove his eyes from your face, and your heart stuttered when his gaze fell open your lips.

‘’Okay,’’ he said but made no moves to step away. The blonde and you suddenly became aware of how little distance there was between the two of you. You couldn’t stop thinking about how tempting Denki’s lips looked, and his thoughts weren’t too far from yours.

‘’Can I..can I kiss you?’’ The words left his mouth before he could even register them. You smiled, and instead of answering, you leaned forward.

A needy, almost desperate ghost of a groan left Denki’s throat when you met his lips, and you noticed how his eyes widened, but you merely smiled against his mouth. He wasn’t rough, but his movements were fast, desperate as if this would be the last time his lips met yours.

Your hands trailed to his hair, gently toying with the tips, and Denki melted even more into the kiss. It was enthralling, kissing your friend, but before you could get carried away, you pulled away, hands resting on the blonde’s chest. It was heaving up and down, and you smiled at the sight of Denki’s pink lips, now swollen and reddish.

‘’You know, when you asked me out earlier today, I didn’t expect things to end up like this,’’ you commented, and the boy chuckled.

‘’Yeah, me either.’’ He slowly took your hand in his once again, and the two of you began to walk forward. Your surroundings were pretty much the same as before, walking in a multitude of trees and nature, with no clear path ahead.

‘’I heard water,’’ you said. ‘’Earlier, when we arrived at the fence. Is there a lake or something here?’’

Denki gave you a sly smile. ‘’Maybe. You’ll have to wait and see for yourself, Y/N-chan.’’ You smiled at his response, and the two of you fell back into a comfortable silence, feet trudging along the grass and dirt.

‘’We’re almost there,’’ he said, and you could tell. There were fewer trees as if forming a path straight forward. Finally, you caught the sight of the water, and let out a breathless sigh. It was a beautiful sight. There was a waterfall across the forest, the water pouring down into a lake below, and with the moon shining on it, it left you mesmerized.

‘’Oh, be careful,’’ Denki held you back when you walked forward, eyes pinned on the waterfall. ‘’It’s a cliff here, so we don’t want to walk too far and fall, but we can sit on the edge if you want to.’’

‘’Yeah,’’ you agreed and smiled. The two of you walked forward, hands clasped together tightly. Soon enough, you reached the edge of the cliff and tentatively, peeked at the bottom. Your stomach lurched a bit, seeing the distance, but instead, you ripped your gaze away from it and sat down with Denki.

‘’I really enjoyed today,’’ you commented, swinging your legs back and forth. Denki looked at you, and his hand slowly crept to yours as he gave you a nervous smile.

‘’I’m glad,’’ he said. ‘’I wanted it to be special for you.’’

You exhaled with a small smile, before quickly leaning towards the blonde, landing a brief kiss on his mouth, and pulling away. Despite kissing earlier, his face still went red as a tomato.

‘’Oh-oh wow,’’ he looked dumbfounded before his face brightened. ‘’… does this mean I get horny rights-?’’

You sighed but cracked a smile. ‘’Say that again and I’m pushing you off this cliff, Denki.’’

‘’Okay, okay,’’ he raised his hands in surrender, and gave you a lopsided grin. ‘’It was worth a try.’’

Chapter Text

The day was February the 13th, and you found yourself running away from your classmates from 1B, sneaking away with Monoma Neito, one of your closest friends. Tomorrow would be Valentine’s Day, and you still had many things to buy. The mall was the perfect place for this.

‘’We gotta make this quick,’’ you grabbed the blonde’s hand and rushed into the clothing store, making sure you had lost the others.

‘’Woah, slow down,’’ Monoma said with a frown. ‘’Why did you want to separate from the rest of our classmates? I thought we all came here to shop for gifts, or whatever Kendo said earlier.’’

‘’Hm? Oh, yeah, but I’m buying some gifts for Tetsutetsu, Kendo, Ibara, and Shihai! And I want it to be special for them, so it’ll be a surprise.’’ At this, the blonde raised an eyebrow, looking mildly offended.

‘’And what about me?’’ He complained. ‘’Where’s my surprise gift?’’

You smiled. ‘’I already have it.’’

‘’Wait-really?!’’ You laughed at how quickly Monoma’s eyes lit up and snorted as he cleared his throat, regaining his composure. ‘’That’s good, I suppose.’’ He mumbled.

‘’Yeah, I had to buy it with anticipation,’’ the two of you strolled in the clothing store, artificial lights shining down, metal racks of clothing surrounding you. A modern tune echoed in the store’s speakers softly, and your shoes lightly tapped against the floor.


this is a mini-series which is currently paused, but the complete first part will uploaded as its own work on my ao3 :) make sure to check it out!!

Chapter Text

''What is on your mind, dear?'' You scoff. The air’s blowing against your hair, the sounds of the sea drowning everything else out. That is, until the captain of the ship spoke up.

''It's none of your business,'' you grumbled, arms resting on the ship's railing. The man laughed, shaking his head as he stood at your side.

''You sound rather irritated for a princess who's about to be married to a successful duke. Aren't you happy?'' He shot you a toothy grin, and you scowled, deciding to remain silent.

He continued to poke and persist, trying to get a reaction from you, but you kept your eyes on the sea, drowning out his words with the memories of earlier today.

Your mother and you were arguing; as always. As the queen of your kingdom, she never seemed to care about anything but the kingdom's reputation and wealth. And when it came to you, she was no different. At one point, you were sure she was incapable of loving her daughter. Given the abuse she'd put you through before, you wouldn't be surprised.

''I've had enough!'' She shrieked with such pain and agony you’d almost believe you were the bad guy here. It made you clench your fists. ''I've had enough of your attitude and your refusal of marriage proposals, you ungrateful child!''

''Mother,-'' you try to intervene, hands trembling as you attempt to explain yourselves. You had arrived home late and had scared the life out of your parents when you arrived at dawn, clothing messy and bleary eyes.

''No!'' She cut you off, shaking her head frantically. ''Your father and I- we've had enough. You're already twenty-five years old Y/N. You should be married- not here with us! And I won't tolerate your presence here any longer.'' Your mother took a seat on one of the living room's red cushions, a hand rubbing at her temple. ''As a matter of fact, I have a solution to this problem.'' The seriousness in her tone made your stomach flip, eyes widening.

''You-you do?''

''Of course,'' she rose from the cushion, head raised confidently. ''This morning, a servant brought me a letter from one of our neighboring kingdoms, the Toshinori Kingdom. Their duke's eldest son, Touya Todoroki, has asked for your hand in marriage.''

Touya Todoroki. You knew the duke's son, with his red hair and startling blue eyes, and a wicked grin on his lips. While you had encountered and talked to him a few times, you never felt a certain pull to him; quite the contrary- you dreaded him. There was always a gleam in his eyes that screamed trouble, sending shivers down your spine. And even if you did approve of him, no man could ever earn your heart or charm you into loving him. It was simply your reality, something that would never change. But the word marriage echoed in your head, eyes widening as your stomach began to twist with fear.

You couldn't live the rest of your life with a man you would never love- you refused to. But as your mother continued to blabber, your body stiffened as you caught onto her last sentence.

''And of course, I answered for you. You are to wed Touya Todoroki in two months. Pack your things, your ship to the Toshinori Kingdom will be at the dock at nightfall.''

''What...?'' You murmured, still shocked and in disbelief. ''Mother, you can't do this to me-!'' You felt your heart race, sweat starting to form on your forehead. No, no, no. No! Your mother couldn't do this- she can't! But the look on her face says otherwise, as she rolls her eyes and sighs.

''Silence, foolish girl. The decision has been made. Now, if you don't want to show up at their kingdom empty-handed, I would suggest you begin to pack your clothing and essentials.''

The loud blaring of the ship brought you back to present reality, a long and dramatic sigh leaving your lips. The ship's captain- whose name you couldn't bother remembering, had left your side, and it was just you and the sea again. You rested your head against the railing, eyes trailing over the ever-expanding ocean. It seemed endless. The sun was shining brightly, reflecting on the ocean's deep blue. A few rocks could be seen here and there but the sailing had been smooth so far. Seeing how the ships' crew had begun to settle for dinner, you decided to return to your cabin in the ship, and ponder your life.

The cabin was small and a bit tight, but you didn't mind. There was enough space for a bed, a window, and a drawer at the side of your bed. Your suitcases were all below the bed, and you laid down on your bed, body facing the window. The view of the sea was magnificent; there was no doubt about that, but with the sudden change of events in your life, all you could feel was grief and sorrow. With a simple letter, your mother had signed away your life to a man you didn't even know much about.

Touya was a mere acquaintance but now, he would be the man you would be spending the rest of your life with. The thought made you grimace as you squeezed the bed’s blankets. At least you were going to have a roof over your head, and plenty of wealth, you thought. Your mind went to last night's event, the reason why you didn't return to the castle until it was the early morning. You could still feel the faceless woman's lips hot against your neck, against your chest, and between your legs. At the sudden memory, your face heated up and you squeezed a pillow, trying to shake the memory out of your head.

With a sigh, you turned around and laid on your back, staring at the cabin's swaying roof. The ship continued to sail to the Toshinori Kingdom, and then you began to wonder. Was it as extravagant as yours? Were the people as cold and distant? You hoped not. You spent the next few hours deep in thought until your mind grew exhausted with today's emotional experiences, and with little to no resistance, fell asleep curled on the bed.

Between shouting, the loud blow of a horn, sea waves crashing against the ship, and the wooden floor tilting below your feet, you're quickly awake. Ignoring the fact that you're wearing nothing but your nightdress, you rush out of the cabin, wondering what the hell is going on.

The sky is dark, black ink spilled over the horizons, with only a few shining stars and gloomy clouds in sight. Crewmen are running around, throwing ropes over the ship, some even diving into the sea. Everyone's yelling and there's so much commotion you don't understand what's going. Before you can take a step forward, a powerful wave of water crashes over the ship, nearly knocking you down to your feet. You cling to the ship’s railing, soaked from the wave.

One crewmate rushes past you, and you grab his arm before he can leave your side.

''Hey!'' You shout over the roaring sea. ''What's happening!?''

The man's eyes widened, darting around like a scared animal. ''The ship's sinking. The sea is too strong, it's going to take down the ship. Save yourself!'' He shouts the last words before ripping his arm out of your grip, and diving into the sea.

You grimace, eyes scanning the ship for an option. You're in the middle of nowhere- if you dive into the sea with empty hands, you'll eventually get exhausted and won't be able to keep yourself swimming. An object glints ahead- a barrel. It's not the best choice, but you don't have time for anything else. Your mind's racing and you're pushing past crewmates, your heart in your throat as you watch another wave- definitely taller and stronger than the last one, approach the ship. With all your remaining energy, you jump and latch your arms around the barrel, just as water roars in your ears, and you're submerged underwater. The current's too strong, and you feel your lungs begin to burn, as the ship groans and tilts sideways. You manage to poke your head out of the water, gasping wildly.

Your arms are beginning to burn, but you continue to grip onto the barrel, refusing to let go. Eyes shut tightly, you refuse to see the ocean's wrath as wave after wave crashes upon you. You can't hear the shouting of the crewmen anymore- only the sea and its rage. You wonder if you had angered a deity to receive this treatment.

''Whoever's out there,'' you murmured, arms wrapped around the barrel. ''Please save me.''


You wake up to a burning throat and an overheating body. When you open your eyes, you're immediately regretting it. The world is spinning, the sun's too bright and intense for your eyes. You groan, draping one of your arms over your eyes.

You want to move- you need to move, but your body is so tired you can barely move an inch. Faintly, you can hear waves crashing against land, water soaking your feet. When you brush your hand against the surface you're lying on, you notice that the substance slips between your fingers. You're laying on sand. And if there's water touching your feet, then that must mean you've landed on an island.

But that's all you can muster to think about before an intense wave of heat and hunger washes over you, and a weak moan leaves your lips. Your muscles are screaming with exhaustion- but there's nothing you can do. Just as your eyes begin to feel heavy again, you spot a figure- a woman, hovering above your body.

''He-hello?'' You croaked, throat raw and rough.

''Shhh...'' you heard her whisper, as her arms pulled you into her lap.

''Rest, darling.'' She waved a hand over your forehead and a sudden wave of drowsiness washed over you, faster than you could fight against it. Within a few seconds, your eyes were fluttering close, body slipping into a deep sleep.


When sleep decides to leave you be, you wake up on a bed. It's soft and comfortable, with white sheets and plump pillows. When you stand up, you feel your legs tremble, so you decide to sit back down on the bed. You're in a small room that seems to be inside a burrow, but one made by man rather than an animal. Some glowing plants are hanging around the walls and some are in pots. A wooden dresser is at your side, with a cup full of water. You quickly grab it and greedily chug down the water, feeling your throat relax with relief. There's a crookedly formed window in front of you, and you catch some glimpses of Greek architecture.

As you breathe deeply and look around in the burrow, you catch on to the noise of trees swaying gently, seagulls crying in the sky, and the faint noise of the ocean waves crashing on land. When you look down at your body, you notice that you're wearing a simple white dress that reaches your bare feet. The thought of someone seeing your naked body while you were asleep makes your cheeks burn. With trembling knees, you manage to get up from the bed and walk towards the exit of the burrow.

You slightly squint your eyes as the sun invades your eyesight. There's a path of palm trees swaying above you and a sandy trail next to them. Your bare feet drag against the sand as you walk towards the Greek palace you'd spotted earlier, but the sudden movement ahead of you makes you falter. There's a white Greek arch ahead of you, and further into the hall, a throne. A woman with dark purple hair tied into a braid and a white dress similar to yours sits on the throne, with lion and wolves at her feet, purring and preening under her touch.

You're dragging your feet across the sand until you feel the cold marble stone under your feet. Now that you're at a closer distance, you can hear the woman's humming. It's soothing, nearly magical, lulling you to sleep. But you keep your eyes open until you're standing in front of her. She looks up with a kind smile, scratching a lion's chin.

''I see that you've woken up. How are you holding up?''

''Who...'' you clear your throat. It still feels tender and raw. ''Who are you?''

The dark-haired lady laughs, and the sound of her laughter makes your heart speed up, the smile on her lips alluring and tempting.

''Well, aren't you straight-forward? Now tell me, love,'' she purred, one hand reaching to caress your chin. You instinctively leaned forward, almost preening under her touch. ''Have you heard of Circe?''

You swiped your tongue over your dry lips. ''You''re Circe?'' You felt your jaw slacken, unsure whether to continue to lean into her touch or step back. Circe, the infamous Greek witch whose magic was so strong it was nearly impossible to resist her. She was an alluring and seductive woman,and men were her playthings. You'd heard several tales about men seeking her abode, only to be returned to their homelands as pigs, or never return from her island, most likely dead. The thought made you swallow thickly.

''Why yes, I am.'' She chuckled and rose from her throne.

''I am Circe, daughter of Helios and keeper of this island. But my friends call me Nemuri Kayama,'' she smiled, and you realized that she was taller than you, though not by much. But it was enough to make you feel intimidated- especially now that you knew her identity.

''Now, come with me.'' She walked past you, her hand brushing against your hip. It left your cheeks warm.

You followed suit, taking in the scenery of the island. It was a beautiful sight; soft, shining sand and the ocean waves gently washing ashore. Nemuri walked away from the shore and towards the burrow. The exhaustion that had washed over you returned once again, and you found your knees beginning to ache on the way to the den. Once you entered the small burrow, the sorceress told you to sit on the bed. She hummed as she stared and inspected you, hands trailing over your neck, your hips, and your face. By now, you’ve noticed she enjoys physical contact, and to be honest? You don’t mind. Her touch is soft and gentle, like holding a precious jewel that could be broken in a second. Warmth bloomed in your chest as you let out a sigh.

''Your body is still recovering from your days at sea. I think after a few more days bedridden, your body will be back to normal.'' Your eyes bulged. Days at sea!? How long had you been wandering? And better yet- how did she know you'd spent days at sea?

''How-how do you know I spent days at sea?'' The enchantress smiled, sitting down next to you.

''My dear mortal, I am a witch. I am not human- I see things beyond what my two frail eyes can observe. When you entered the boundaries of my island, I saw you floating, hanging on desperately to a barrel. Now tell me, how did you end up lost at sea?''

You sighed. ''I was sent to the Toshinori Kingdom,'' you admitted. The dark-haired woman nodded in understanding, and you laid down on the bed, resting your head on the pillow as you kept your gaze on Nemuri.

''My mother,'' you felt your mouth dry at the mention of her. ''Has forced me into a marriage with a man I barely know. And while my ship was traveling at sea, it got shipwrecked. I grabbed onto a barrel before the ship sunk, and that's the last thing I remember.''

The witch hummed, one of her hands reaching to brush away the stray strands of hair from your forehead. The act feels oddly intimate.

''Oh! I forgot to ask you something, how forgetful of me,'' she shakes her head, before returning your gaze with a crooked smile. ''What's your name?''

One of your hands grips the blankets as you answer. ''Y/N L/N.''

''Y/N L/N,'' Nemuri repeats your words, testing your name on her tongue. You like the way it sounds from her lips, sending a small shiver down your spine.

''Well Y/N, your recovery is my current priority. So rest my dear. Dream of the stars, and I'll be right here when you wake up.'' And just like the first time you met her, she waves a hand, and your eyelids are shutting close.


It's been a few weeks since you've recovered. Living with Nemuri is a bit...peculiar, to say the least. Not necessarily in a bad way, but you're not accustomed to this type of behavior.

She's always leaving lingering touches on your body that leave you clenching your thighs, a seductive look on her face that makes you want to kiss her until you're both out of breath, but you don't.

Your relationship with her feels uncertain. Why did she take you in, when you were nothing but a stranger to her? She could've easily dismissed you. But you suppose there's a reason for it, and you're grateful for it, whatever that reason may be.

Nemuri has taken good care of you, but how far will her care go? Does she expect you to leave soon? She's confusing you- without sending you any signals or signs that she wants you to leave, you're not sure where you stand.

And you're not sure what you want. Loving a woman is nothing new to you, but everything feels different with Nemuri, and you can't explain why. Maybe it's the fact that you're pining after a gorgeous witch who might not even see you as a lover, who might not spare you a glance if you express your feelings for her.

So instead, you spend the following days threading carefully around Nemuri, on alert in case she decides to kick you out, so you can leave before your heart grows fonder of her.

But after one troubled morning, things begin to change.

Nightmares are a common occurrence for you. But that doesn't make them any less terrifying. Tonight, your dreams transport you back to your castle, with your father and mother. You look down at your dress, you look at the decorations of the castle, and you know. It makes your body tremble, as your ears begin to ring. You know what day it is. One of the days you've tried your best to forget but it lingers in your mind, memories burned into your brain.

In a way, you can't control your body. It moves on its own- it's doing the same things you did that day. First, you're sitting at your vanity dresser while the maids tidy your appearance, makeup brushes flying all around you, then a dress is being shoved onto your body, a pair of expensive slippers wrapped around your feet. You feel like a doll, body controlled by strings, overseen by someone who laughs and giggles at your pain and distress.

Today's one of the biggest balls your kingdom has ever hosted and the day where you ruined it by rejecting King Keigo Takami's marriage proposal. It was during one of the dances, and everyone had even stopped dancing just so he could kneel in the center of the floor and propose.

''My dear lady Y/N L/N,'' he began, his eyes bright and a smile on his lips. Completely confident.

''I have been captured by your beauty and charisma since we were children, and I have loved you since. Would you grant me the honor of having your hand in marriage?''

You're frozen. You can't talk or blink and god why is everything so loud- you're barely breathing as it is.

Everyone's watching you. Hundreds of expectant gazes pinned on your body, waiting for you to say yes. And out of all the gazes, you feel the ones of your parents particularly heavy on your back. You know what they're expecting of you.

''I...I'm...'' and you pause for a few seconds, stomach twisting at the words you're about to say. ''I apologize, King Takami, I cannot accept your proposal.'' You bow, much to everyone's shock, an uproar of murmurs and whispers at your rejection and you quickly flee out of the castle. You're holding the ends of your dress as you race out of the ball, out of the castle, until you reach the forest that surrounds the castle.

You've known King Takami Keigo since infancy. You two weren't particularly close friends, but friends nonetheless. You'd never expected him to propose to you; much less at a ball. How were you even supposed to react? But you know your parents won't see the same situation.

They'll only see an ungrateful daughter, far too old to be single. A burden. And you feel your heart race at the treatment you'll receive when you return home. It's not your fault, you keep muttering to yourself. You didn't choose who you loved, or who your heart yearned for. But that didn't matter to your parents; all they wanted was more power. Goddesses were the only women who held power. A mortal woman? Expected to bow and obey a mortal man. So as a princess, you were expected to marry a powerful man,a prince, or a king. Anything that'd bring more wealth and status to your parents. Your stomach lurches forward as your hands tremble on your lap. Your eyes are stinging, threatening to spill tears, but you force them down. You know you'll be shedding tears eventually, once you go back to the castle.

The dream fast forwards to the punishment. You're on your knees, back exposed to your parents as they snarl and shout words that cut through your skin.

''Ungrateful child!'' Your father bellows as the whip strikes against your back. You bite down a sob, tears streaming down your face. There's blood that seeps down your back, and your body aches with the new scars. Strike after strike, your parents don't stop until your back is bleeding and aching, and you can't hold in your cries anymore.

''Next time you get a marriage proposal,'' and you hear your mother scoff behind you. ''If you get another marriage proposal, you'll accept it without hesitation. Do you understand me?'' And you're nodding in response, hiccups escaping your lips.

They seem to be satisfied with your answer as they both leave the dungeon and slam the door behind them, trapping you in complete darkness. With no food, only the smallest of cups of water, and nothing else. Alone.

You wake up in tears, chest heaving as you cry with agony, body trembling as you bury your face between your legs. You can still feel the ghost of the whip strike against your back, still feel the pain even though your scars have healed by now.

As you continue to tremble and your body wrecks with sobs, the last thing you expect is a pair of warm arms pulling you into an equally warm and soft chest, whispering comforting words into your ears.

''Hey, hey,'' Nemuri holds you tightly, one hand rubbing circles across your back as the other gently brushes away your tears. ''Shhh, it's alright. You're okay, alright? Take a deep breath, love,'' and you follow her instructions, inhaling and exhaling deeply. ''That's a good girl,'' she coos, and if it weren't for your emotions being thrown all over the place, you would've been combusting by now. ''You're safe, everything's okay. You're going to be okay.'' And her words are a soothing balm to the ache in your chest, breathing slowly steadying.

''Would you like to talk about it?'' She says once your tears have ceased, but you shake your head. Not now. Maybe you'll tell Nemuri one day, but for now, you just want to forget about it.

And as you watch her alluring lips move with each word, your heart blooming with warmth- feeling appreciated from her care,- the last chain holding you back snaps into two. Your restraint; your control, are completely gone. And there's nothing holding you back as you lean forward, pressing your lips against Nemuri's.

But then shame and guilt are washing over you as you pull away when she froze as your lips met hers.

''I'm sorry.'' You look down, tears threatening to spill again. ''I-I shouldn't have done that. I'm just-,'' and you're not able to finish your sentence as the witch tugs you forward by gripping your dress, and stares at you for a few seconds.

You swallow thickly as her eyes analyze you and you watch as they lower to your lips. And then Nemuri presses her lips against yours, and all your worries are washed away. You close your eyes, allowing yourself to dive deep and lose yourself in the beauty of Nemuri Kayama, the witch who's stolen your heart.


You wake up to a pair of warm arms wrapped around your body, legs locked with Nemuri's. The sight makes you smile.

''Good morning, dear,'' she murmurs from behind and you turn around, meeting her sleepy gaze with a smile.

''Hello,'' you say as you brush away some hair that falls over her eyes. ''I don't....'' And your face warms up at the question you're about to ask.

''Did we do...something last night?'' The dark-haired woman stares at you for a few moments, before laughing. The shake of her head makes you relieved. You wouldn't mind spending a night like that with Nemuri, but not immediately.

''Of course not,'' she reaches for your hand, pressing a kiss on it. ''We kissed, that much is true. But you quickly grew tired and I tucked you back into bed.'' And now your ears are burning with heat, feeling flustered.

''Oh...I'm sorry about that,'' and you're trying to look anywhere but Nemuri's bewitching face, but she laughs and makes you meet her gaze.

''There's no need to apologize, Y/N. I wouldn't have done anything you had not wished for.'' Her statement reassures you, and you smile.

''But onto other matters,'' she quickly spoke up, rising from the bed. ''Would you like to help me watch over the island's crops today?'' And she hasn't given you any cues about the change in your relationship, but the invitation is more than enough of a positive affirmation for you. With a smile, you nod and grab her outstretched hand.

''I'd love to.''


It’s been about a month since you’ve lived with Nemuri, and it’s been an enjoyable stay so far. You wish it could last forever.

''Can I ask you a question?'' Nemuri's legs are draped over yours as the two of you watch the sun set over the ocean.

You hesitate when answering. ''Of course,'' and you wonder what she'll ask.

''Why did your mother force you into marrying that man?'' You're both sitting at the stairs of her manor, attention diverting to baby turtles that are crawling towards the ocean, followed by their mother. The sight makes you smile, but you quickly look away.

''My mother isn't a kind woman,'' you said with a frown. ''She never loved me. Neither did my father if I'm being honest. They were the rulers of our kingdom, so all they cared about was wealth and power. Before Touya Todoroki, I received many marriage proposals from powerful men. But I rejected every one of them. I've never been interested in men.'' you rested your chin on your fist, eyes narrowing as the sun began to grow brighter.

''And one night... I sneaked out of the castle to meet a woman. I spent the night in her home, tangled between her sheets.'' The memory made your face feel somewhat heated, and you remembered how the woman's kisses felt warm and hot against your skin, and how her moans were music to your ears.

''We weren't lovers, per se, but we spent some enjoyable nights together. And I decided to stay the night at her abode,'' you laughed dryly, shaking your head. ''Mother didn't approve of that. She said she was tired of my attitude and decided to ship me away. Todoroki had just sent his proposal, so mother took advantage of that and agreed to the marriage without my knowledge.''

Nemuri was oddly quiet, her hands caressing and smoothing your hair as she listened to your story. When you quieted down, she pressed a kiss to your temple.

''I'm sorry to hear the treatment you received from your parents. But I am glad of one thing,'' she holds onto your face, squeezing your chin gently.

''If you had never gotten on that ship, then we wouldn't be here. And for that, I am eternally grateful,'' and she presses a kiss against your lips, eliciting a giggle from your lips. Her lips continue to dance with yours, and the kisses grow messier and louder and before you know it, you find yourself on her lap, her hands reaching lower and lower. ''Let me show you how grateful I am.''


''Can I tell you something?'' You're both still laying in bed with Nemuri and she speaks up, bare bodies hugging each other under the thin sheets.

''Of course,'' you reply groggily, rubbing your eyes as you try to rub the sleep out of them.

''What's on your mind, my love?''

The woman laughs gently, one hand reaching your neck, gently stroking it. ''Sometimes I wonder who's the real witch here.'' You furrow your eyebrows in confusion, a hand clasping around Nemuri's.

''What do you mean?'' She smiles, and the way she's looking at you makes you feel like you've just built entire worlds for her. And to be fair, you would do it for her in a heartbeat if you could.

''The way I feel with you...'' and she chuckles briefly, before scooting closer to you, one leg draped over yours. ''You make me wonder if you've cast a spell on my heart, mind, and soul. You've captured every single part of me. Throughout the centuries of my existence, none has made my heart beat like you.''

Her words go straight to your heart, making it squeeze with adoration. And you smile, reaching a hand to tuck her hair behind her ear.

''Well aren't you romantic?'' You say teasingly, and she laughs, before driving her lips against yours. Everything falls into a serene silence, and nothing is heard but your tender kisses and words of devotion. Your bodies grow impossibly close together, souls desperately reaching for each other. And in those moments, you swear your soul is intertwined with hers.


Today's one of the days where your mind wanders away from Nemuri, from her island. It wanders off to the life you had before arriving here. And you weren't complaining; quite the opposite, but there were still moments where you thought about the past. Wondered if your mother was worried or had declared you dead but to be fair, she probably didn't care. She was probably relieved she had gotten you out of her hair.

The thought makes you sigh solemnly as you sit on the island's shore with crossed legs, tracing shapes on the sand with the tip of your fingers. Your chin is resting against your palm, and you feel slightly conflicted. The life that awaits you at the Toshinori Kingdom, or at your kingdom, is not pleasant. But what about your parents? Your handmaidens, your friends? You wondered if they were still looking for you. It wasn't a good life, but it was the only one you knew. And now that you have a different type of lifestyle, you're not sure how to feel.

It's splendid, that's for sure. Spending your days with Nemuri feels like heaven brought down to Earth just for you, and you can't get enough of it. But a small part of you fears that one day, your mother will come for you. Or even worse, Touya Todoroki will.

Distraught with your thoughts, you don't even notice that Nemuri sat down next to you until she's pressing a kiss against your cheek, reaching to hold your hand.

''Is there something wrong?'' Her tone is peaceful and there are no hints of seduction or teasing in it, which makes you think she's serious.

''No...'' You raise your head and your eyes glaze over the ocean, watching the water crash against the sand. ''I've simply been pondering some things.'' And her hand squeezes yours as if an affirmation.

''What things?''

''My life before you,'' and you smile at her, squeezing her hand back. ''It was a living hell. I always wondered if I had angered a god to receive such treatment from my parents,'' and you laugh dryly, shaking your head as you stare at your bare feet.

''And...'' you pause, licking your lips. Should you really tell Nemuri what you've been fearing? Is it worth it? The dark-haired woman nudges your shoulder gently, pressing an open-mouthed kiss over your exposed skin.

''I have this fear that's been lingering in my head the past few days. What if, what if someone comes to take me away? To return me to my kingdom?''

Nemuri hums and you suppose she's deep in thought. ''Come, sit on my lap.'' And you're quick to comply, straddling her lap. She chuckles, squeezing your hips.

''I love seeing you this way,'' she murmurs, and your face warms at her suggestive comment.

''Is that so?'' And you lean closer into her touch, smiling at her amused expression. ''What a dirty mind you must have, my love.''

Nemuri merely smiles in response, one of her hands reaching the back of your neck, gently pushing you towards her face. And then you're so close to her lips that you can feel her hot and warm breath fan over yours. You catch a whiff of lavender and mint, her usual scent. It’s intoxicating.

There's no hesitation as you lean into her lips, mouths moving with each other in almost harmony. But the kisses are soon to grow messier, more intense, and you feel your stomach begin to tighten.

''Stay with me. I'll ward off every single ship that dares to take you away,'' she says between kisses, her hands exploring your body with eagerness and curiosity. ''You'll have the finest of silks and jewels. I can make you immortal and we'll be together, forever.''

You're gasping and panting for breath as her lips continue to press against yours, feeling like nectar of the gods being poured down your throat. It's addicting, it's blowing your mind and you can't get enough. But her words are making you hesitate.

''What about the duke's son? I don't think they've realized yet, because I'm not supposed to be at the Toshinori kingdom yet, but in a month, I have to-ah,'' You whimpered as Nemuri latched her lips onto a small part of your neck that was particularly sensitive, moaning as she licked it reassuringly.

''Do you forget who I am, Y/N? I can cloak and hide my island from outsiders, so no one can find us. You can live with me at peace, for as long as you desire.'' And you're whining as she continues to kiss your breath away, hands darting to her dark hair, gently tugging and pulling at it.

Nemuri then pulls away, her forehead resting against yours, and you catch your breath, panting heavily as you take greedy breaths of air.

''Just say the word,'' and she closes her eyes, one of her hands going to the small of your back, pressing your body flush against hers. ''And I'll do it.''


It's a quiet and calm afternoon as you pick up the island's crops, a wolf walking at your side. You smile, petting the wolf's head before resuming your task. But the strange and loud blaring of a horn nearby makes you jump. Looking up, your eyes widen in horror as you watch a battleship approach the island. The crest of the ship makes you tremble- a fist. It’s a ship from the Toshinori Kingdom.

You nearly trip over your feet as you get up and race towards the burrow, where Nemuri was still sleeping on the bed.

''Nemuri! Nemuri!'' You shook her shoulders violently, desperate for her to wake up.

''What?'' Her voice is whiny as she slowly rises from her slumber, one of her straps slipping from her shoulders. And though the sight would've been delectable in any other scenario, all you can think about is the approaching ship.

''Someone's here. A ship from the Toshinori Kingdom,'' you barely manage to not stutter, breathing heavily. ''And it's full to the brim with armed knights.''

''What?'' Nemuri's genuinely shocked as she quickly rises from her bed, draping a dark cloak over her shoulders. ''That's impossible. I've made sure to cloak my island to anyone I don't want in here. How did they find us?''

The new information given to you only increases your fear. If they managed to get past Nemuri's spells and power, who knows what else they'll be capable of?

''I’ll go see,'' she walks out of the burrow briskly, grabbing a staff you hadn't seen before along the way. You study the staff; made out of oak wood and with a lion's roaring face carved at the top of the staff.

It seems to glow in the sunlight, and you have to blink one or two times to make sure you're not hallucinating. But then you remember that Nemuri is no simple woman- she's not mortal like you. And the thought comforts you a bit as the two of you approach the quickly advancing ship. From the edge of the ship, you spot a familiar tuft of red hair that makes your heart skip a beat. Touya? What the hell was he doing here? And even though you already knew the answer to your question, you desperately hoped you were wrong. You never imagined he would be capable of going to such extents just to have you in his hands.

''Stay back love,'' The dark-haired woman gently pushes you behind as you reach the island's shore, and the ship comes to a stop. Raising her head confidently and holding the gaze of hundreds of men, Nemuri begins to speak.

''You dare wander on protected lands, mortals. Leave or face my wrath.'' And then she's slamming her staff onto the sound, a loud vibration echoing through the island, sending a gust of air that nearly topples you over. It makes the trees sway, leaves dancing with the air.

For a moment, nothing happens. And then you watch as the ship groans and begins to topple to the side, you hear the shouting of hundreds, and your shoulders sag as tranquility seeps into your bones. But your senses are sent into a frenzy as you watch hundreds of men throw ropes over the ship, and flee to smaller boats as the ship groans and sinks to the bottom of the ocean. You feel even more nervous as they begin to row towards your island, undeterred by Nemuri's power. Your eyebrows furrow as you tug on the woman's cloak, worried.

''What....why aren't they leaving? Wasn't that enough intimidation for them?'' And Nemuri's staring at the approaching knights with parted lips, looking surprised herself as well.

''I'm not sure,'' she twirls the staff between her fingers, and your jaw slackens as a long, dangerous-looking sword stands in its place. ''But it seems that they're looking for a fight.''

And you watch as a white horn appears on her hands- how the hell does she do all these things!?- her once thin cloak shimmers under the sunlight and transforms into golden battle armor that leaves your jaw dropped on the ground. She blows into the horn, eyes shut tightly. And before your own eyes, you watch as lions, wolves, and leopards step out from shrouds of darkness, and a few skeletons wearing battle armor similar to Nemuri's. You wonder if they were mortal knights before they died.

''The island is under attack,'' Nemuri turns around and shouts to her approaching troops. ''Protect it at all costs.''

She then turns to you, hands gripping your shoulders. Her expression quickly morphs to one of concern and a tinge of fear. ''Y/N, it's not safe for you to be here anymore.''

''What?'' You stare at her in disbelief. ''I can't-I can't leave you, Nemuri. I refuse to,'' and your words are lowered to a whisper, fueled with fear and uncertainty. You don't want to lose her.

She sighs, shaking her head. ''This isn't a good idea, Y/N. But if you insist, then please let me do this,'' and Nemuri waves a hand, your delicate clothing replaced by armor suited to your body.

''Dear lord...'' you stare down at the mesmerizing golden plates that cover your body. ''Your powers are amazing.'' And she's smiling at your statement, cheeks flushing pink.

''Take this,'' she says, and you feel something weighing down on your dominant hand. It's a small blade, tip sharp and deadly. ''I hope you won't have to use it. But in case we get separated, I want you to use it. Do you understand?'' Her tone is serious and leaves no room for arguments.

Licking your chapped lips, you nod in response. You stand at Nemuri's side, blade held tightly. Your heart races as the boats arrive at the shore, and hundreds of knights step out. But much to your surprise, they aren't attacking. Not yet, at least. Instead, they all stand at the shore, parting to the side as the last man you want to see surges between the crowds.

''Well, well,'' Touya's voice is daunting and sends a shiver down your spine as he approaches you with a wicked grin on his face. ''If it isn't my long-lost fiancee, Y/N L/N. Pleasure seeing you here, all...'' And he spares Nemuri a glance, seemingly in disgust as he curls his lip upwards. ''Cuddled up with this woman.''

''Y/N? Is this...'' Nemuri grips one of your arms, pulling you to her side. You exhale shakily, feeling a bit more relieved at her side.

''It's him.'' You confirmed her suspicions. ''The man my mother wed me off to.''

Touya chuckles, twirling a sharp and gleaming blade in his hands. You swallow thickly when you notice how he maneuvers it with ease, and it makes you wonder if he's used it to kill a person before.

''That's right. I'm your husband to be, Y/N,'' and his voice is practically a snarl now, making you flinch. ''Now, if you don't want the lady to get injured, come with me.''

''What?'' Your stomach is boiling with turmoil and you're not liking the direction you're fearing this situation is heading into. But before you can say anything else, Nemuri's loud laughter cuts through the thick tension.

''Hurt me? Oh, that's adorable, mortal. What makes you think a man like you could hurt someone like me?'' And then she scoffs, looking at her hand with disinterest. ''I'd be more concerned about your well-being if I were in your shoes. But seeing you dared invade my island, I'll assume you're either a fool or have a death wish.'' And her eyes are narrowed, face contorted into an expression that you've never seen before. Nemuri's face is cold stone, and the look in her eyes is almost enough to scare you.

Touya scoffs, rolling his eyes. ''You talk too much for a woman. Hand over Y/N, and I will leave your island peacefully.'' And he even raises his hands in surrender, trying to make himself look harmless.

Nemuri scoffed harshly, shaking her head. ''I'd rather die than hand her over to a virile man like you.'' The man sighed in faux disappointment, but the look that flashes across his face makes your heart race in alarm.

''I didn't want to resort to violence, but you leave me no choice. Gentlemen, you are free to attack.'' And with one inviting hand, hundreds of knights surge forward. The sound of clashing swords echoes throughout the island, mixed with the brutal shouting of hundreds of men.

''Stand back, with my wolves. They'll keep you safe.'' And you nod, quickly rushing towards the animals who welcome you as they rub their heads against your legs. You watch with a dry throat as Nemuri closes her eyes, muttering some words under her breath. And when she opens them, her arms spread wide open, hands tilted upwards. A gasp leaves your lips as you watch at least a dozen men suddenly disappear, leaving behind armor on the sand. But when you continue to look at the scene, you realize that the men didn't disappear. Instead, you find yourself looking at a dozen pigs, who are squealing and crying under all the chainmail and silver armor.

Nemuri laughs at the sight, a grin tugging on her lips. ''I love having men crying at my feet. All of you males are so pathetic, it's amusing how quickly you'll become cowards.'' And the remaining knights hesitate, staring at their transformed comrades.

''What are you fools doing?'' Touya hisses, as he kicks down a knight who had begun to retreat. ''Attack the witch!'' And the remaining knights surge forward, shouting out battle cries. You wonder if it's their way of hiding their unpreventable fear.

You're speechless as you watch the battle unfold. Nemuri's taking down dozen of men with such ease and elegance it leaves you frozen in awe. You watch as more and more knights are replaced with squealing pigs until you spot around only ten remaining knights. Your heart gets caught in your throat as you watch one knight press his blade against Nemuri's throat. When did that happen? And you're getting up, ready to jump in, but one of the wolves growls, forcing you to stay back.

A fearful gasp falls from your lips as the sword begins to draw blood from Nemuri's throat, but she remains unmovable in her spot, meeting the knight's gaze with a crooked smile.

''Not bad, for a male mortal,'' she says, almost condescendingly. ''But you are far too weak for a witch like me.'' And before the knight can even react, she's knocked the blade out of his hand, dove under his feet, and slammed him onto the ground, holding her sword to his throat.

''May Hades receive you in the pits of Tartarus,'' she says, before sliding the sword across his throat. You watch as the man tries to kick her off, his legs struggling below her weight, but once the blade slashes across his throat, you hear the gurgling as he chokes on his own blood, and his legs cease their fight. With a sigh, Nemuri rises and smiles at Touya and the remaining knights.

''I'm starting to feel amused. Go ahead, mortals. Continue to amuse me.''

Touya growled, and you watched his hand tighten around the sword. ''Attack her. I have something else to capture.'' And your eyes widen as Touya begins to stalk towards you, eyes blazing with anger. You stumble backward as the wolves bark and attack him, but your heart is frozen in fear by the way he easily dismisses the wolves, killing them one by one. And that fear only increases when he pulls out a strange-looking bottle, filled with a golden liquid and pours it down his throat. You watch as he chokes up, dropping the bottle before he continues to surge towards you.

''Isn't that-,'' you say as you walk backward, hand reaching for your blade.

''Ambrosia?'' His words are slurred, chest heaving as he panted heavily. ''Of course, it is. Deadly enough to kill a mortal the instant it touches his lips, but the Todorokis are descended from Apollo. It won't be enough to kill me.'' But yet you see his quivering body and decide to make a run for it. Nemuri's occupied and overwhelmed by ten knights attacking her all at once, her shouts and the clashing of swords ringing in your ears.

You run through the island, dagger held tightly in your hand as your bare feet slap against the sand, until you reach the deep woods of the island, a place you didn't wander into often. But it isn't long until you feel a heavy weight on you that forces you to come crashing down, your face smudged against soil and grass.

''I've got you,'' his breathing is loud against your ear. ''Finally.''

And he's got you pinned to the ground. You're kicking and struggling, the blade knocked out of your hands when Touya slammed you against the ground.

''Release me!'' And you're gritting your teeth as he chuckles, shaking his head.

As his lips open to give you another cocky speech you assume, an ear-shattering scream echoes in the forest, as a wave of pure power and rage knocks Touya to the ground. You're being pulled to your feet by Nemuri. She's covered in scratches and blood, blood that you hope isn't hers.

''GO!'' The power in her voice makes your knees tremble, as you stumble backward. ''Save yourself!''

''I won't leave you behind!'' You sob, grabbing onto her sleeve. ''Nemuri, please,'' you whisper, choking up with sobs. ''I love you.''

Her eyes widen, lips trembling, before she pulls you into a deep kiss, lips warm against yours.

''I'll be safe. But you need to leave,'' she gave you a trembling smile.

''I'll be back,'' you whisper as you pull your hand away from hers. ''Will you wait for me?''

She smiles and nods earnestly, tears pooling in her eyes. ''I'll wait a century if it means being with you.''

And there's no more time for discussion as she pushes you forward, and you break into a run. You're running past trees and trees, branches scraping your arms, but you can't find it yourself to care. Adrenaline is pumping in your veins, Touya's roars and shouts that echo behind you are fuel to your aching body.

Once you've reached the edge of the forest, you begin to feel safe. The tension in your body begins to dissipate, as you look around for an exit from the island. You need to leave, to make Touya realize you're gone so he'll chase after you and leave Nemuri alone.

But your eyes are widening with fear as two- no, three- staggering knights rush towards you, eyes glinting with malice. You break into a run, kicking up sand in your wake, panting heavily as you pray that you'll be fast enough to outrun the knights. But the gods seem to dismiss your prayers as you're thrown on the ground, coughing up sand.

''Please-!'' You can barely speak loud enough to be heard. ''Let me go. I'll go with you, willingly.'' But you hear one of them click their tongues.

''I'm afraid I can't do that, princess. Duke Touya Todoroki gave us clear instructions; to capture you and keep you in captivity until he arrives.''

You shiver as your eyes dart around, trying to find any viable escape. A shred of glass shines in the corner of your eyes, but just as you reach to grab it, Touya's loud laugh has you recoiling back.

''Oh, Y/N,'' he's tutting in disappointment, shaking his head. ''Do you know how much it took me to get here? This stupid witch has magic that isn't broken easily. I had to pray to Ares to give me the strength to kill a witch as well,'' he chuckled, and your eyes widened as your blood ran cold. Kill a witch? Did that mean....? You shook your head, refusing to accept reality. No. It couldn't be.

''Alright, thank you for your service, gentlemen. You can let go of Y/N now.'' And they all step off your body, and you can breathe a little bit more now. Just as you begin to rise from the ground, the sudden noise of grunting and gurgling makes you freeze. Slowly turning around, you watch as Touya murders two of the three knights. The last one is cowering, eyes wide with fear.

The duke sighed, examining his stained blade. ''I'll only need one knight to accompany me back to the kingdom, after all.''

''How...How are you the duke now? What happened to your father?'' And your voice is trembling, but you're genuinely confused. Last time you checked, Touya's father was a duke of the Toshinori Kingdom- not his eldest son. Touya shoots you a wicked grin, and you grimace as you watch him lick the blood off his blade.

''I murdered him, of course. God knows that old bastard deserved it.''

And you're swallowing thickly, still down on the ground as you begin to crawl away from him. But he sighs, and you yelp as he pulls on your hair harshly, pressed against his back. You whimper as his blade meets your throat. It's cold and sharp. And you wonder if this is the way you'll die; your lover murdered in cold blood, and your murder not long after. It's romantic in a sort of perverse way, knowing your souls will reunite after death.

''And after landing on this island, I think I've come to a conclusion,'' he whispers in your ear, tilting the blade. You wince, trying to back out of his grip, but it's useless. He's got you completely trapped out with no way out.

''I wasted wealth, sweat, and blood on you, just to find you cuddled up with this woman.'' And he's letting out a breathy laugh as you close your eyes and swallow. ''If I wanted a whore for a wife, I could've just gone out on the streets of Toshinori.

''No!'' The familiar voice cracks but the word is shouted loud and clear, giving you a sliver of hope. Stepping out of the forest, Nemuri limps towards you, injured and covered in blood. The state of her body makes you want to bawl your eyes out.

''Nemuri-!'' You choke out her name, barely able to keep yourself from sobbing. ''Nemuri, don't. I'm not worth it, please, just save yourself!'' And you find your heart cracking a bit at your last words- the ones she told you minutes ago.

And Touya's laughing into your ears, and you squeeze your eyes shut, hoping that'll make the evil in his laugh go away. But it doesn't. His laugh is strange and malicious- the type of noise that leaves you shivering, heart pounding as your senses are overloading. It's too much, it's too loud and most of all, it's dangerous. Almost like a warning.

''At least Y/N knows her worth,'' and he hums, dragging the blade across your body. Not pressing down hard enough for it to hurt, but the threat is still there.

''I'm surprised,'' he says as he entertains himself with the blade. ''I truly thought I had murdered an immortal witch.'' But then he laughs, shaking his head. ''I suppose that was foolish on my part. But no matter, I have no interest in you anymore, Nemuri.'' And he says her name almost mockingly. The dark-haired woman scowls, fists clenched at her side. You can spot her staff in her hands, but your heart drops when you realize it's been split into two halves. Probably from Touya's rage and violent behavior.

''I'm only here to satisfy my needs,'' and he takes a deep breath, before he stares straight into Nemuri's eyes, a smirk curling his lips.

''I don't need a wife anymore. At least, definitely not Y/N. A whore like her no longer has a place in my life anymore.'' And everything happens too fast. Nemuri, who's badly injured, isn't fast enough to interfere when Touya moves. You feel your breath escape your lungs as the blade slices through your throat. Touya releases you, and you drop onto your knees, gasping as you clutch your bleeding throat. It hurts. It hurts so much. What's happening? Why is your vision going blurry? And you hear Nemuri's shouts, you hear her panicked breaths, you feel her strong arms as they pull you into her lap, rocking you gently.

''Hey, hey,'' she shushes you gently, pressing a torn cloth onto your throat. ''It's gonna be fine, my love. Just breathe, take a deep breath.'' Your vision grows blurry as your ears ring, but you still hear Touya's chuckle.

''I'm afraid that isn't the case, Circe. Do you know why it took you so long to recover from my cuts? My blade's poisoned. Poison that's enough to slow down a deity, more than enough to kill a mere mortal. I wouldn't,-'' and before he can finish his sentence, Circe points her staff at him, eyes blazing with fury.

'’I banish you to Hades’ court. Begone.'' And with a tight clench from her fist, Touya disappeared into the thin air. She'll deal with him later, she thinks. Right now, she needs to focus on you.

''Ne...Nemuri...'' You're choking on your breath, and you feel your body grow weaker by the minute.

''Shhh my darling, shh. Everything will be alright, understood? Just stay with me, please,'' and she's lying to the both of you as tears begin to flow down her cheeks, one of her hands gripping yours tightly.

''Please do not leave me behind...'' Nemuri's pleas turn into sobs and hiccups. ''Forgive me, forgive me, I-I was not strong enough to protect you...'' And she's resting her head on your chest, sobbing loudly. With the last amount of energy you have, you raise your hand and gently caress her hair with a smile.

''I do not blame you, my love. None of us were expecting this,'' and you laugh, though it makes your chest hurt. ''I love you.'' And your eyes are earnest and honest while hers are pouring tears. She shakes her head, her grip on your hand growing tighter.

''I love you too,'' after hearing the words, you feel ready to embrace death. You smile, and Nemuri sobs, as she watches the life leave from your body. Your hand goes limp in hers, no longer holding tightly onto her like it was the end of the world. And now she finds it humorous, snorts mixing with her sobs as she stares at your lifeless body. Even in death, Nemuri has never seen someone as beautiful as you. Blessed with a certain type of beauty that left her; an immortal witch, breathless and weak at the feet of a mortal.

''Lord Hades,'' she croaks, face flushed with tears. ''Please bring her back. I-I can't, I need her...'' And her soft pleads turn into desperate, frantic shouts. She's shouting and sobbing, hands slamming into the sand. And Nemuri raises her gaze when she sees a dark cloak brushing against the shore, getting slightly damp with the water.

''You know I can't do that, Circe.'' And his voice is soft-spoken, almost gentle. As if sympathizing, or pitying for her loss. She doesn't dare meet the gaze of Aizawa. Nemuri's shown enough weakness as it is, and she can't show him her tear-stricken face.

''I cannot break my law. The natural balance cannot be disrupted. This is...the way things must be.'' And he's kneeling at her side, pressing a soft kiss onto the crown of her head. ''I'm sorry.'' And Nemuri stares down at the ground. She stares at the serene smile on your lips, at how your eyes are still open. With a slow nod towards Aizawa, she reaches and closes your eyes.

''I understand,'' she croaks, brushing away her tears. ''Things cannot be changed.''

''But...there is something that can be done,'' and his words make Nemuri snap her head towards him, not caring about her appearance any longer.

''What? What is it?'' And her tone is urgent, impatient. She needs to know what can be done. She'll do anything, go through anything, it doesn't matter. As long as it brings you back, Nemuri will sacrifice her immortality if that's what it takes.

''I cannot bring her back to life. She's now in my domain, and I'll make sure she'll get good treatment. But I can do something...'' and his eyes drift towards Nemuri as if assessing her reaction. ''Even after death and rebirth, mortal souls remain. They're sent into the living world in different bodies, in different lives, but they're the same soul nonetheless. I can...mark her soul. So you'll be able to find her after rebirth. You will sense her soul when it's near. I'll also move some things around so she'll wash ashore on your island in her next life. But marking her soul is a tricky process, and I can't exactly predict when she'll be reborn. It might take months, years, decades, or even centuries, depending on the soul.''

''I'm fine with that,'' Nemuri's tears have been cleared as she nods at Aizawa, confident in his proposal. ''I'll wait as long as it takes.''

And the god stares at her for a few moments, eyebrows raised. His gaze is calculating, but nothing that's new to Nemuri. After a few seconds, he smiles- a small, barely visible one but a smile nonetheless and shakes his head.

''You've fallen deeply in love, Circe. I wish the best for you.'' And with a wave of his hand, his body dissipates into a gust of black smoke that quickly evaporates in the air.


You're not sure what's going on. One moment you're on a cargo ship, along with the other workers, making your usual round of examining each floor. Every once in a while, you're thankful for modern inventions as you type information into your tablet. You wonder how life would've been if you'd been alive during the Medieval Age, during the time of the Greeks or the Roman Empire, or another ancient period. It's a small daydream that you occasionally indulge in.

But the cargo ship is nowhere near sight. The ship is nowhere near sight; you’re not on the ship anymore and instead the sun is glaring down at you as if you're the bane of its existence. Your head is throbbing, the pain making you groan. Your throat feels parched and with trembling arms, you hoist yourself up from whatever you're lying on and look around your surroundings. You're on an island. And it's beautiful. There's clear water soaking your footwear, but you don't mind. What is concerning you, however, is the woman that's walking towards you. She looks like a Greek goddess. With long, black billowing hair, a white dress, like the ones on the statues from Ancient Greece, wrapped around her curved body, you find yourself breathless as she kneels in front of you and moves before you can even react.

''Finally,'' she sounds out of breath as she pulls you into her arms, ignoring the fact that you're drenched in water, or the sand that sticks to your clothing. ''You've returned.''

Chapter Text

Scrunching up your eyebrows , you stare through the carriage's window, watching the scenery of dead trees and decaying grass. The pavement is bumpy and unstable. You sigh, staring down at your royal dress. A deep blue dress with golden lace, covering your body from your collarbones to your feet. The blue pendant your father gave you before your departure feels particularly heavy against your neck, like a set of chains grounding you down to the Earth. A life such as yours is a commoner's dream. But for you? Right now, you would give anything to have a different life. Being royalty is an exquisite experience, but you can't say you feel the same way after the sudden change of events in your kingdom.

Yagi Toshinori, your father and ruler of the Yueei Kingdom, had officially announced that the land was in crisis. Economically, agricultural-wise, socially, and financially. And your father wasn't doing anything better. Bedridden, the man barely had enough energy for basic functions. His weak state made your heart ache, until you decided you had enough. Something had to be done. Your people were dying, and the heart of the kingdom was slowly falling apart. But your father told you there was only one way to save the kingdom: an alliance with the Kingdom of Midas. 

You’ve only heard rumors and whispers of their rulers. About how their former king had stepped down and handed over his power to his only son, King Midas. A man whose name is only whispered with fear, one that sends shivers down your spine. A man who knows no compassion. Conquests, blood, gold, and wealth, and the death of hundreds are the only things he’s said to enjoy. 

''How long until we arrive, Hana?'' you ask your lady in waiting, who sits in front of you as the carriage lurches forward.

''Hm? Oh!'' She looks up from the blanket she was knitting, her silky brown hair draped over her shoulders as a warm smile lifts her lips. ''We are almost there, my lady. Do not fret, we will arrive soon.'' 

You exhale, nodding in response, and continue to stare through the window. The once dead and wilting environment slowly begins to change into lively and bright fields of grass, tall and ancient-looking trees, and you spot some cattle in the distance. The difference between your kingdom and Shigaraki's makes your stomach twist. How much wealth must this kingdom possess? Even as a royal, you feel quite intimidated. Your finest silks and jewels couldn’t compare to the sight ahead of you. Peeking your head out of the window, your jaw drops. The castle is a sullen grey, but the mere size of it makes your heart plummet to the bottom of your stomach. It’s tall and huge, towering over everything in its surroundings. 

The gates ahead begin to open, golden railings groaning under the carriage's weight. They shine and glint under the sunlight. A pair of knights are stationed at the entrance of the gates, men in metal suits with gleaming swords. The kingdom's crest can be seen on their chest plate: two crossed golden swords. One of them glints gold, and the other one is drenched in blood. Even as a mere depiction, it makes you swallow thickly. The message is clear- the Midas Kingdom is built on gold and blood. The image of blood splattered all over your father's body flashes in your mind, startling you, and you flinch in your seat. Clearing your threat, you regain your composure as you lay back in your seat, smoothing out your dress as you remember your purpose in this foreign kingdom. Become King Midas' wife, and keeping him happy enough so peace and status can be restored to your kingdom. But what happens next? You're not sure yet. 

The white stallions that pull your carriage neigh as they continue to gallop into the kingdom's castle. You look out the window, watching a lively town flash before your eyes. There are several food stalls, with a large crowd of citizens walking around, children squealing and giggling. You don't see any citizen sagging with the burden of poverty, and everyone seems to be moderately well-off. You wonder where they must obtain their wealth from, and your thoughts dart back to the many raids and conquests led by the Kingdom of Midas. They take and steal, with no hesitation. And though you’re glad to see the kingdom thriving, at what cost is it thriving at? You sigh, shaking your head in disapproval. 

''Is something on your mind, m'lady?'' Hana calls out, and you raise your head with a smile.

''Oh no, I'm perfectly fine.'' You let out a long and ragged breath, nodding with a forced smile. ''Just thinking about...some things.'' 

''Is that so?'' Hana's voice is eager and she drops her blanket at her side, meeting your gaze. 

''Have you thought about the wedding arrangements? The ceremony? Oh, it's going to be glorious my lady! I'm sure you'll love it.'' She's smiling brightly, while your chest tightens. The marriage, the ceremony. For a moment, you had allowed your mind to leave the ground and wander in the sky, but you’re quickly being forced back to face reality.

''Of course,'' you smile, hands clasped together in your lap. It takes a lot of effort on your part to not twiddle your thumbs together anxiously. ''I'm sure it'll be luxurious.'' 

Hana nods in agreement before returning to her blanket, humming as she continues to knit. You look out the window again, seeing that the small village you had traveled through is long gone. Instead, your door is being pulled open by a servant, and a fresh gust of air blows inside the carriage. You inhale it quickly, almost desperately, and take the servant's hand as he helps you step out of the carriage. 

''Welcome m'lady-'' He bows before you. ''-to the palace of the Kingdom of Midas.'' 

''Thank you,'' you murmur to the man, bunching up the edges of your dress, you pull them upwards as you step out of the carriage, careful to not trip or rip them. Hana exits the carriage after you, her blanket in one hand as she breathes in deeply. In the meanwhile, you assess your surroundings, swallowing the urge to gasp in awe- the exterior of the kingdom’s castle is nothing compared to the palace. Two cobblestone paths stretch ahead of you, with a small strip of grass and beautifully grown trees separating them. Large spaces of well-kept grass surround them at their sides, with the palace at the end of the paths. 

In all its glory, the palace has three- no, four- floors, with four towers at each corner of the structure, reaching an unthinkable height. The palace is dipped in a creamy white shade, giving it an almost homely aura. You notice a tower in the center of the palace's roof, the highest tower. You lick your lips as your eyes follow the tower's height until you see the tip of it. It was golden, sharp, and gleaming dangerously. 

''Dear lord....'' You can hear the shock in Hana's voice, and know that she is as shocked as you are; if not more. Before you can blink, another servant approaches you, a young lady with a soft smile. 

''Welcome, my lady,'' she says, bowing respectfully. ''Allow me to lead you into the palace. Your suitcases will be taken care of by other servants.'' You nod, hands clasping together at your lower stomach, keeping your head high and proud, just as you have been taught throughout the years.

Hana and you walk across the cobblestone path until you reach the glass doors of the palace. The servant walks ahead and opens them for the both of you, and you quickly step in. You clear your throat as you rein in your emotions, forcing yourself to shove down any shock or surprise you want to express. As a foreigner princess, you don’t doubt that some people are waiting for a mistake of yours to seize it as an opportunity to steal your throne. With great power and wealth, comes great responsibility. Your eyes quickly scan over the palace's decorations, heart slightly aching with nostalgia. It reminds you much of your palace at Yueei before poverty and war invaded like a deadly plague. Red carpets drape over the floor and some of the walls, torches lighting the room, a large golden chandelier hanging above you.

''Right this way.'' The servant beckons you forward to the two staircases, walking towards the one on the left. You follow suit, Hana walking at your side. When you glance at her, she smiles excitedly and you smile back. 

A soft harmony of music plays in the background, subtle but loud enough to be enjoyed mindlessly. You walk past servants rushing in the hallways, a few wooden doors, and glide your fingers against the golden railing of the second floor. The three of you continue to walk ahead until you reach the left corner at the back of the floor, where another staircase leads you to the third floor.

''Please follow me,'' the young lady instructs. You step onto the stairs, heels clicking against the marble floor. Hana follows, murmuring and gasping softly every now and then. Once you reach the top of the staircase, it leaves you breathless once again- how luxurious could this palace get? There’s a lounge room, with a fireplace crackling softly at the wall on your left, a large and divine velvet red sofa, hundreds of bookcases surrounding the walls of the room. At the center stands a statue. You move towards it, lips slightly parted as you stare at the tall figure.

“This is the mighty King Midas,” the servant informs you as she stands at your side. ''Your husband to be.'' 

You aren't sure how to feel. The man has shaggy, medium-length hair that falls to his shoulders, a wicked grin, and though you are staring at clay and stone, the look in his eyes still makes you shiver. The statue is extremely detailed, with strange scratches sculpted across King Midas' eyes, forehead, and lips. A scar crosses his lips vertically, while a knee-length tunic covers his body, a pair of heavy-looking boots encasing his feet, a fur cloak drapes around his shoulders, and a long sword rests in both hands, tip buried in the ground. The sight makes you swallow audibly. Is this the man you're bound to for life? His mere sculpted appearance sends shivers of fear down your spine. Though you only stare at a resemblance of his true form, you can still sense the power he possesses. 

''Come along, please, your temporary sleeping chambers are right this way,'' the servant urges you, and you quickly pull away from the statue, walking behind the young lady.

You weave through several more rooms, each more luxurious than the last until you reach a pair of tall white doors with several crests and designs that you can't quite understand. The servant pulls them open, and you falter in your tracks. 

Sunlight pours into the bedroom from a large rectangular window on your right. There’s a large bed in front of you, cloaked by silks and drapes that gleam under the light. Two wooden dressers are placed on each side of the bed, and a bookcase stands in the left corner of the room. Everything shines and you wonder how much wealth has been poured into the making of the room.

''These are your sleeping chambers- for now,'' the attendant announces. ''Lady in waiting Hana Yoshida, please come with me. I will show you to your chambers. In the meanwhile, please make yourself at home, Lady Yagi.'' 

''Thank you,'' you murmur before stepping into the chambers, chest tight and jaw slack with awe. The servant closes the doors as she leaves, and you allow your shoulders to sag, laughing loudly.

If this is to be your chamber for the rest of your stay here, then maybe it won't be as unpleasant as you thought. And with that, your heart feels a bit lighter, and a weight is swept off your shoulders. 

· ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

For the next two days, things at the Kingdom of Midas...are not what you expected. First off, you haven't even met your husband-to-be. The marriage ceremony is only hours away, and you haven't seen his face other than in a statue. Your stomach is boiling with anxiety as you find yourself sitting while the maids tidy up your hair, slip you into your dress for the wedding, and tighten your corset. Whenever you ask about King Midas, everyone tells you that you will see him at the ceremony. But that unnerves you. If you are going to be with the man your entire life, you might as well get to know him, right? And yet, your fiance doesn't seem to agree. 

''Oh, you look absolutely gorgeous, my lady!'' one of the maids blabber as you rise from the cushioned seat and inspect your dress. You smile in response, opting to remain quiet. The dress is pearly white, with a round neck and long bell sleeves with lace embroidered at the ends. It’s long and the ends drape over the floor, so two maids walk behind you, holding the edges. A white veil partially covers your face, and you feel grateful for it- you weren't sure if you would be able to hide the expression of agitation on your face. The loud chime of a bell can be heard outside, and you assume it’s from the church. All the maids rise, gasping and fussing over you.

''Come now, my lady, it is time!'' You allow her to drag you away from the chambers you'd grown to enjoy, almost smiling at the girl's energetic personality. If you recall correctly, her name is Toga Himiko.

Two other maids walk behind you, holding the ends of your dress. Although you haven't explored much, what you have learned is that the Kingdom of Midas is huge and spacious, and you probably would've gotten lost in it if you were to wander off on your own.

''Are we late?'' you ask Toga worriedly as the three maids and you step into the carriage. You had wanted Hana to prepare you for the wedding, but she has other duties to attend to and promised you'll see her at the ceremony. Your stomach twists with nerves, heart fluttering wildly like a butterfly looking to escape confinement. 

''Oh no, don't you worry!'' the girl responds eagerly. She reaches forward and wraps her bare hands around your gloved ones, and squeezes. It comforts you to a certain point, and you let out a breath of relief.

''That was only the first bell, which means that the church is barely opening. We're on time.'' And she smiles. It takes a lot of effort on your part to smile back. 

The trip to the church is shorter than you expected and soon enough, you walk into the open doors of the church, two maids holding the dress behind you. Toga quickly leaves your side, and a strange-looking man with a luxurious cloak draped over his shoulders, white hair, and red eyes waits for you at the entrance. 

When you see the silver crown- a sign of an important, retired ruler- on his head, your eyes widen. This must be the previous king of the Kingdom of Midas, the father of King Midas.

''Hello there,'' the man's voice drawls out with a teasing hint to it. ''I am the former king, father of King Midas. It's a pleasure to meet my daughter-in-law. Shall we?'' And he stretches his arm towards you. 

You barely muster a smile in response, before looping your arm in his, and you begin to walk down the aisle. There’s hundreds of people sitting in the church that you don't recognize, a red carpet below your feet, and a white, Greek arch at the end of the aisle. You can see the priest and your...husband-to-be at the podium.

He's not looking your way, and you can only observe his side profile. King Midas has long, sky blue hair that brushes against his shoulders, a black king's cloak draped around his shoulders, and a shining golden crown set upon his head. You swallow nervously once the retired king and you have reached the end of the aisle, and King Midas looks your way. You’re glad for the veil as you feel his intense stare almost burn holes through your face, but you keep your head and posture high and confident as you walk and take your place in front of him, hands clasped at your abdomen. Through the thin cloth of the veil, you notice that King Midas has gleaming red eyes, similar to his father. He says no words, no greeting, and only stares at you. The priest at the center of the podium clears his throat and begins to recite his lines.

‘’We are gathered today to commemorate the marriage of King Midas to Princess Y/N Yagi, of the Yueei Kingdom.’’ His gaze focuses on your husband. ‘’King Midas, do you hereby take Princess Y/N Yagi as your wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until parted by death?’’

‘’I do.’’ It’s the first time you’re hearing his voice, and your eyes widen in shock. The priest then shifts his attention towards you, and your stomach churns. 

‘’Princess Y/N Yagi of the Yueei Kingdom, do you take King Midas as your husband, do you promise to be true to him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health? Do you promise to love and honor him until death do your part?’’ 

Ignoring the heavy feeling in your chest and the turmoil of your stomach, you nod and agree.

‘’I do.’’ 



The ride back to the palace is quiet and uncomfortable. King Midas is seated in front of you in the carriage, looking extremely bored. He doesn't even spare you a glance nor has he spoken a single word to you after the ceremony, and you start to wonder whether you had made the right choice by leaving your kingdom behind. You wonder what your friends are doing back in the Yueei Kingdom, if they are enjoying their lives. 

You stare out the window, watching as the townsfolk of the kingdom are quickly left behind as the landscape changes, until you arrive at the palace. The marriage ceremony has been a rather long one, and by the time you step out of the carriage, night has fallen upon you. The moon shines brightly in the sky, and you swallow audibly. Nighttime means one thing- it's time for you to spend the night with your husband. 

He says nothing as the two of you step into the palace, and the maids quickly whisk you away into the bathing chambers, lathering your body with special oils and soap. You’re too distracted and lost in your thoughts to join in their chattering and silly gossip, thinking about the night that awaits you. Time flies by quickly and before you know it, the maids have washed your body, dried it off, and you’re being shoved in your nightgown. You bite the inside of your cheek as you look down at your clothing. It’s no surprise or secret that you will be expected to please your husband tonight, and the maids know as well. The gown is nearly translucent, and form-fitted, shaping and enhancing every curve of your body. You feel rather exposed and vulnerable, but once they drape a cloak over your body, you feel the tiniest bit better. 

Before you know it, Toga and a few other maids lead you to King Midas’ chamber, different from the ones you had been shown before. Your stomach twists at the thought of having to share your sleeping chambers for him, as you had hoped to have your own. 

‘’Good luck, my lady!’’ Toga giggles, before closing the door behind her. You swallow thickly as you take in the sight of your husband’s chambers. They’re painted with a sleek grey shade, a wide king bed at the center, with black drapes and blankets. The room looks minimalistic and there isn’t much to observe, and with a sigh of relief, you note that King Midas hasn’t arrived yet. 

With a deep breath, you walk over and sit on the edge of the bed, observing your surroundings. The sky has only gotten darker, and the stars have begun to shine. You wonder what time your husband will arrive, and a part of you hopes he won’t arrive at all. 

But that wishful thinking is quickly discarded as the chamber doors are slowly opened, groaning at the sudden shift. You sit still on the bed as King Midas steps in, and closes the doors behind him. A long sigh leaves his lips, and you don’t think he’s realized you’re here. But then he turns around and freezes. He narrows his eyes, raising a brow. And his lips part open, but then he shakes his head. 

''Husband?'' you call out meekly as you see him walk back to the door. Isn't he supposed to stay the night with you? That's what newlyweds do, right? An annoyed sigh leaves his lips. With narrowed eyes,  the king heads towards you.

''My name is Shigaraki Tomura. Do not refer to me as your husband . You need not keep this act up,'' he hisses. ''We both know what this marriage is; a loveless one. Our marriage is the political alliance of my kingdom with yours, and nothing else. I will never love you, and I do not expect you to love me.'' His words are dripping with poison, making you swallow thickly as your heart drops. 

''By tradition, we are expected to sleep together in the same room,'' he rolls his eyes as he returns to the door, hand wrapping around the doorknob. ''But I have no interest in sharing my nights with you. You can have the master bedroom, and I shall have another sleeping chamber prepared for me.'' And then Shigaraki slams the door behind him, leaving you speechless and frozen in your place. 

· ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

You see Shigaraki only a few times during most of your days, and that's fine by you. In the morning, the maidens wake you up for breakfast, and you dine in a hall with Shigaraki. He's always quiet during breakfast, and by now you've noticed he's rather fond of the silence- quickly becoming irritated when the silence is interrupted.

Then, you spend the rest of your day around the palace. Sometimes you go into the library and pick out a book to read. Other times you find yourself sitting at a desk in the library, writing a letter for your father, or your friends back in the Yueei Kingdom.

Your new life is strange, to say the least. As the Queen of the Kingdom of Midas, you expect to handle some political or local affairs at the side of your husband, but he does everything by himself, and you're not sure how to feel about that. Does he think you're so incapable you can't rule over a kingdom at his side? Or does he despise you so much he'd rather do everything on his own than be around you? You don't like either of the possibilities. 

And you're not sure if you should confront Shigaraki, lest you anger him. You don't know what the man is capable of doing when enraged, and you think you'd rather not know. Despite having the company of several maids and servants, your life at the palace feels lonesome. You feel loneliness creep on your shoulders as you stare out of your bedroom's windows, watching the birds chirp on the trees, squirrels scattering around. You don't leave the palace much, only for the occasional trip to a market with some of the maids and so on. King Midas barely spares you a glance, much less addresses a word your way, so it's not like he takes you on trips outside of the palace. 

And you wonder if this is how you'll spend the rest of your life, as the lonely wife of a king. The thought has your heart feeling heavy, uneasiness stirring in your stomach. But recently, you've tried to talk more with the staff of the palace, help the cooks with meals, even if they attempt to refuse your services, you insist. There must be something you can help with. 

''Good morning, my lady!'' One of the maids, Toga Himiko, greets you cheerfully. 

You smile, waving at her. ''Good morning, Toga.'' Your eyes drift to the basket in her hands, stuffed to the brim with clothing. ''Are you taking care of washing clothes?'' And you tilt your head to the side in curiosity.

''Oh, yes! It's my shift this week to take care of the palace's clothing.'' The two of you continue to chatter as you walk towards the main floor of the palace when the doors suddenly burst open, the sight in front of you stealing a gasp from your lips. 

''Someone, fetch the doctor!'' the unknown man shouts and Toga quickly drops the basket on the ground as she races for help. Your eyes are wide with fear as you stare at Shigaraki's bloodied and bruised body. A man with spiky black hair and hundreds of stitches across his body holds Shigaraki in his arms, panting heavily. 

''Dear God!'' You rush towards them, examining Shigaraki's bruised form. ''What happened!?''

''None of your concern,'' Shigaraki hisses out as one of his hands presses against a bleeding wound. ''Get me the doctor!'' 

Toga runs back down the staircase, rushing towards you all with a pained expression. ''Our doctor is away on a trip, he won't return until the next fortnight!'' 

And the stranger curses under his breath, while you scramble your head for ideas. ''I can help him,'' you blurt. ''I studied many years of medicine as the apprentice of Doctor Nighteye of the Yueei Kingdom.'' Shigaraki begins to protest, shaking his head, but you see the way he winces with pain with each movement. This is finally something you can truly help with, and you won't back down now. 

''Please,'' and your tone is pleading. ''Allow me to help you, Shigaraki.'' With a sigh, he resigns. 

''Get him to a stretcher, or a table, any flat surface to lie him on. I'm going to need a bucket of warm water, some towels, and alcohol, and any healing herbs you have, quickly!'' You're on autopilot now as your hands fly around, performing what you've done many times before. The dark-haired man nods before carrying Shigaraki towards the living room's wooden table, laying him on the flat surface, while Toga and some other maidens rush to get the supplies you asked for.  

Once Toga and the maids return with the supplies, you begin to act. Your hands are flying across the table, first examining the wounds. He has three opened wounds; one on his abdomen, the second one on his shoulder, and the third on his left thigh. The wounds are gaping holes with blood pouring out of them, and you wince. They look far worse than you expected.

''Toga, fetch me a needle and thread. We're going to need it.'' And then you turn to the man that brought Shigaraki into the castle, with a questioning glare. ''What happened? Where did he get these injuries from?'' 

The man sighed, furrowing his eyebrows. ''The Kingdom of Shie Hassaikai declared war on us,'' he says through gritted teeth. ''Those bloody bastards. We went to sign a peace treaty, but we were tricked. And then this happened...'' and his voice trails off, eyes scanning Shigaraki. 

You sigh with exasperation before continuing to work. Once you’ve disinfected his wounds, you reach for the thread and the needle and glance at Shigaraki’s grimacing face. ‘’This is going to hurt a bit,’’ you murmur and look towards the man who brought Shigaraki in. ‘’Can you hold him down?’’ He nods, and approaches the table, his hands reaching to pin the blue-haired man down.

You begin to maneuver the needle, trying your best to ignore Shigaraki’s groans and hisses of pain. Thankfully, the man seems to be rather strong to hold him down while you stitch the king up. 

‘’Commander Dabi! Commander Grand Cross Kurogiri is demanding your presence, immediately.’’ Toga appears at the entrance of the living room, breathing heavily. The dark-haired man nods, before quickly leaving the room without a word. 

‘’Do you need some help, madame?’’ The blonde girl approaches you with a concerned look on her face, but you force yourself to smile and shake your head in denial.

‘’Thank you Toga, but I’ll handle it from here. Please resume your duties.’’ With a moment of hesitance, the maid nods before quickly rushing out of the room. You sigh, looking down at Shigaraki. He’s still laying down on the table compliantly, much to your surprise, but the glare he sends your way is anything but friendly.

‘’You don’t need to pretend that you care about my well-being.’’ You scoff at his words and instead continue to stitch him up, glaring at him whenever he tries to get up. 

‘’Are you dismissing me because you know my words are true?’’ he snaps, and before you can stop him, Shigaraki sits up on the table, eyes narrowed towards you. ‘’You don’t need to do this. I don’t need your help.’’ He hisses out the last words, and you clench your fists.

You feel outraged. Here you are, helping him recover and heal, and he’s still acting like an entitled arse? No, you won’t tolerate it any longer. With all the strength you can muster, you push him back onto the flat surface with a scornful glare. 

‘’There is no need for your hurtful words. I do not intend to hurt you, Shigaraki.’’ You soften your voice, hand reaching out for his, squeezing it momentarily. You don’t know why he’s so averse to your help, to you , but you’re going to figure it out.

‘’I never said I was pretending.’’ And you tut in disapproval, shaking your head, before resuming your work. The king is quiet as you continue to stitch him up, and clean up the last bits of his wounds. Just as you finish, you’re about to dip your hands in the bucket of clean water, when Shigaraki’s hand wraps around your wrist. Surprised, you stare at him with wide eyes. His lips are parted open, swallowing visibly before speaking.

‘’Thank you.’’ His words are so soft-spoken that you strain your ears to hear them but nevertheless, they bring a smile to your lips.

Smiling, you adjust the final stitches on his chest as you murmur the words, ‘’You’re welcome.’’ 

· ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · 


Things at the palace begin to change, though whether it’s for better or for worse is still unknown to you. Throughout the months, you’ve become close friends with Toga, and you’ve learned the names of most of Shigaraki’s close staff. Kurogiri is the Commander Grand Cross, the leader who rules and leads all of Midas’ knights into battle. Dabi- the Grand Officer, is the second in command. There are a few more people you have grown acquainted with as well, such as Mr. Compress, who oversees the kingdom’s peace treaties and everything concerned with legislatures, and Twice, a strange but charming man who obtains intel for the kingdom. Slowly but surely, the kingdom begins to feel a little less cold and a bit more like home. Although your interactions with Shigaraki are still short and limited, it feels like a barrier has been broken between you two. Perhaps a small one, but to you, progress is progress. 

It’s through the brief but meaningful interactions that you learn what barrier you’ve broken down. On most of your days, you like to spend some time in the palace’s library, curled up in a chair with a book in your hand. The library is just as lavish as the rest of the palace, with a dozen library cases, full to the brim. The window frames are made out of gold, with brick walls and a fireplace surrounded by comfortable chairs and cushions. Every time, you like to visit and pick a new title. Most of the time you visit the library alone, but today seems to be different. 

‘’I didn’t expect to find you here,’’ Shigaraki’s voice floods your ears and with a gentle hum, you turn around in your cushion to meet his gaze.

‘’I could say the same to you, my king.’’ You watch as he walks over to a bookcase and leans against it, arms crossed over his chest. You wonder if he needs something. Shigaraki isn’t one to socialize and be friendly- god knows you’ve learned that by now. ‘’So tell me-’’ You gently close the book in your lap, looking at him curiously. ‘’-what brings you here? Do you need something?’’ The man doesn’t reply at first. Instead, you hold his gaze as he stares at your form silently, and after seconds of nothing happening, you swallow nervously and fidget in your seat for a few seconds, before smoothing down your skirt and raising an eyebrow at the king.

‘’Well?’’ Your question seems to shake him out of whatever trance he’s in, as Shigaraki clears his throat and pushes himself off the bookcase, taking a seat on the cushion in front of yours. His legs are parted wide open, hands clasped together with his elbows resting on both his legs.

‘’What, can a king not visit his library whenever he wishes to do so?’’ And he tilts his head to the side, almost in a teasing way.

Noticing the teasing manner of his words, you smile and cross your legs, slightly leaning forward with a smile. ‘’Of course, he can, Shigaraki. What surprises me is that a king like you, who spends most of his days in his office or on a battlefield, would indulge in visiting the library. Perhaps you are here to refresh and feed your knowledge?’’ 

At your words, Shigaraki scratches his neck, which makes you frown. You know the man has a skin condition, but you hadn’t seen him scratch his skin until now. 

‘’Hey, don’t do that.’’ You reach out and seize his hand and the blue-haired man meets your gaze with widened eyes, filled with surprise. ‘’You’ll only make it worse.’’ You frown, but the man sighs as he forcibly pulls his hand from yours, and your heart sinks. Too soon? Maybe he didn’t like having other people touch him. 

‘’Maybe…’’ his voice is low, eyes averted to his footwear. ‘’Maybe the king would like to taste change in his life.’’ His words leave you surprised, lips slightly parted open. He meets your gaze once again, with an almost hopeful look in his eyes, and you quickly recover, offering him a small smile. 

‘’It would be an honor, my king.’’ He clears his throat after hearing your words, and you furrow your eyebrows together in confusion. Had he not liked what you said?

‘’You don’t need to call me your king.’’ And then he’s tugging at the collar of his cape, swallowing visibly, and you watch as his Adam’s apple bobs up and down. ‘’You are my wife, not my inferior. Call me Shigaraki.’’ 

For a moment, you feel perplexed, surprised at his answer but then you’re beaming brightly at him as you nod. ‘’Of course.’’ 

‘’What are you reading?’’ he suddenly blurts, and you look down at your closed book. 

‘’Hm? Oh! I’m reading the writings of…’’ and you feel your mouth dry as a wave of nostalgia washes over you, and your heart aches. ‘’King Yagi Toshinori. My father.’’ 

A brief moment of silence drapes over the atmosphere, but Shigaraki quickly speaks up.

‘’I see,’’ he sits back in his seat, one hand on the armrest. ‘’I must imagine you miss your homeland.’’ 

With a brief sigh, you nod, lowering your gaze to the book. Your father’s name is written in a bold yellow color, and the mere memory of him makes you frown. ‘’I do.’’ You frown, mindlessly tracing your fingers over the book cover. You wonder what your father must be doing at this moment, and you hope that he finds himself well. 

‘’What do you miss about it?’’ Shigaraki’s question throws you off, and you’re surprised at his sudden interest, but you’re quick to comply.

‘’Well…’’ your gaze drifts off towards the window on your left, watching as sunlight filters in, and you watch the endless grass fields below you. ‘’I miss my father. I miss my friends, the kingdom, even if the kingdom is falling apart.’’ With a sigh, you look away and meet Shigaraki’s red eyes. Much to your surprise, he’s already looking at you. ‘’Before we went into crisis, the kingdom used to be so lively…’’ The longing in your words is crystal clear, and the memories of the past are flashing before your eyes. ‘’All the townsfolk were so joyful. The kingdom looked alive. My father was well. There were no dying farmlands, no poor and starved villagers. My father wasn’t confined to bed rest.’’ You feel unshed tears begin to sting at your eyes, and quickly wipe them away before Shigaraki can comment on them. 

‘’But the past is the past, and it’s useless to dwell on it.’’ You clear your throat, avoiding Shigaraki’s gaze for a few moments, hoping he won’t see your watery eyes. ‘’I must let go of the fragments I hold on to.’’ 

‘’There’s no need to get rid of them,’’ he replies. ‘’Just because it’s in the past doesn’t mean it’s not important. It’s a part of you, of your essence. Treasure it, and don’t  erase it from your life.’’ His words are strangely comforting, much different from the first interaction you had with him. ‘’Besides, with our marriage marking the alliance, the Yueei Kingdom will rise to glory again. I can promise you that.’’ 

You smile, feeling warmth bloom in your chest. ‘’Thank you, Shigaraki.’’ 

The man scoffs, shaking his head. ‘’No need to thank me, I’m only doing my duty.’’ A smile creeps onto your lips, and for a few moments, you think that everything will be alright. 


The days at the Kingdom of Midas roll into each other, passing by before you can blink. Your relationship with Shigaraki only grows stronger and intimate to a certain point, and you slowly find yourself accepting your reality, your fate with the man. It’s another day at the palace, and you’re gossiping with Toga and a few other maids while doing the laundry when you hear a familiar voice.

‘’Y/N!’’ Shigaraki’s voice catches your attention and you stop fretting over the laundry with the maids as you quickly walk towards the king, brows raised questioningly, but with a welcoming smile on your lips. 

‘’Hello, Shigaraki. Do you need something?’’ You carry the basket of clothes at your hip, leaning against the doorframe the man’s standing in front of. 

‘’Well,’’ he clears his throat, before meeting your gaze. ‘’I may have some exciting news.’’ 

Your eyes widen in surprise as you lean forward, eager to hear the news. ‘’What? What is it?’’ You’re holding onto the edges of your dress in anticipation, and Shigaraki lets out a low snort.

‘’I’ll be hosting a ball in the palace in commemoration of our alliance soon. So...if you desire–’’ He tugs at the collar of his top, looking away. ‘’–I can move around my schedule to have some time for us to dance, if you are interested in such activities…’’ 

Aw. Your heart blooms with warmth at his consideration, and you bite down a stupidly wide smile.

‘’Of course.’’ Your voice is gentle, barely able to hold in the excitement. ‘’I’d be glad to dance with you.’’

Chapter Text

“One dragon eye, two rat tails...” you murmur to yourself as you mix the ingredients in the cauldron, slightly wrinkling your nose at the steam that emits from it. Your mentor, warlock Tokoyami, tasked you with creating a special potion for one of his clients- a hate potion. After one sip, the person who drinks the potion will immediately hate the first person they see. You’ve learned to not question what his customers order, and instead, you focus on making the potion.

This hate potion is a tricky one, so you can’t let Tokoyami down. Not if you want him to take you seriously. Maybe, you could ask him how to make a love potion after this, and the thought makes your face warm. 

The once brown mixture begins to turn a silver-grey, and you look around in the small cabin for the last ingredient- two drops of unicorn tears. As you fumble on the shelves, you finally grab what you hope is the jar of a bottle of unicorn tears. It’s a small glass bottle, full of a silverish liquid. You’ve never seen unicorn tears before, but Tokoyami told you it’s the only silverish liquid in his cabin. You just hope he wasn’t mistaken. 

Though a bit nervous, you continue forward with the potion and you pour two drops of unicorn tears into the cauldron. The mixture hisses and boils, the silver-grey hue turning into a warm caramel brown. Strange. It looks far too enticing and homely for a hate potion. 

You don’t remember Tokoyami telling you how the final product was supposed to look like, so with a sigh, you step away and dust your hands off. You begin to pour some of the mixture into a glass flask, a yelp of pain leaving your lips when some of the boiling mixture splashes on your hand. Hissing, you slowly place the flask on the wooden counter, licking at the liquid that’s dribbling down your hand. Instantly, you freeze as you realize your mistake. Oh no…


When Tokoyami swings the door open, you stand next to the door, hoping things won’t go terribly wrong. As you prepare an apology, what leaves your lips instead has you freezing.

“Welcome back, Tokoyami! I messed up on the hate potion, and I’m terribly sorry- I’ve been trying to impress you for so long in hopes that I’ll have a chance courting you, I-” you clamp your mouth shut before you finish the sentence, cheeks burning with embarrassment as Tokoyami stares at you. Oh lord, you wish you could vanish into thin air.

“I...I did not mean to say that,” you inhale shakily as you step away from the door, rushing to the wooden counter as you stuff your fist in your mouth. “Though I had been wanting to confess for a long time- heaven’s sake! Why can’t I stop saying these things!?”

Trying to calm down your racing heart as you stare at the wooden counter, you hear Tokoyami approach you from behind. He’s quiet, which is unnerving you to no end.

“Y/N,” his voice is steady and calm as his hands rest on your shoulders. “It’s okay. Just tell me what happened while I was gone.”

Sighing shakily, you lower your head as you speak. “I was working on our customer’s order. Everything was fine until I put the unicorn tears in. Well, I think they were unicorn tears. I’m not sure.” 

“Show me the jar you poured.” You slowly turn around, still refusing to meet Tokoyami’s gaze as you walk over to the cauldron and grab the empty glass of jar on the counter next to it. 

“Here,” you try to not sound like you’re about to cry. “It’s this one.”

“Ah,” a noise of understanding immediately leaves Tokoyami’s throat as he stares at the empty jar. “These are not unicorn tears. I understand the confusion, as elf drool is very similar to unicorn tears.” Elf drool!? You almost choke on air. “Combined with the rest of the ingredients, you made a truth serum instead of a hate potion.” Though Tokoyami chuckles, you’re still too ashamed to look at him. 

“I see. This was a very stupid mistake- I understand if you strip me of my title as your apprentice,” You stammer as you walk away, reaching for your cloak by the door. “I deserve as much.”

“Hey.” Tokoyami’s voice is as firm and heavy as his hand as he squeezes one of your shoulders, and you feel his presence behind you. “Calm down, Y/N. You’re not going anywhere just yet. We need to talk.” Oh no. 

“Oh-!” You shake your head vigorously. “I don’t see why. I can just leave right now, there’s nothing for us to discuss-,” The warm hand that goes to your back and steers you to the other room in the cabin makes you pause, face warm as Tokoyami leads you into the lounge room and tells you to sit down.

“ long have you had feelings for me?” His voice sounds raspy and more nervous than before. Slowly, you look up. It’s hard to tell how he’s feeling because of his bird-like face, but the way he’s avoiding your gaze and is rapidly tapping his foot tells you he might be just as nervous as you.

“Before you took me as your apprentice,” you feel out of breath as you admit the truth. “I think I began to fall for you when you came over and made me soup so I could recover from that nasty cold.”

Silence. You swallow nervously, once again lowering your gaze. Does he not return your feelings? Is he disgusted, repulsed by them? Your chest aches.

“I...I understand if you do not reciprocate my feelings. I hope...we can preserve our friendship.” You brush your hand over unshed tears, trying to keep your composure. Slowly rising from the wooden chair, you prepare to leave when Tokoyami’s hand reaches for yours. 

“Please,” His voice is low as he holds onto your hand tightly. “Sit down, Y/N. You haven’t given me a chance to speak.”

You sit down. Tokoyami lets out a long sigh as he tugs at his cloak, looking anywhere but at your face.

“I...I don’t know how to talk about this,” his hands are fumbling with his cloak. You swallow, lowering your face as you prepare for rejection.

“I...wait- look at me,” you almost gasp as one of his hands gently grabs your chin and forces you to meet his gaze. “I...I have harbored feelings for you almost ever since we met,” he looks rather bashful as he speaks, feathers slightly ruffled. “I do feel the same way, Y/N.”

You let out a nervous laugh. “That’s shocking to hear.”

Tokoyami chuckles. The two of you fall into a rather uncomfortable silence, but he’s quick to tear it down with a clear of his throat.

“Now that our feelings have been made known…” you watch as he kneels in front of you and offers you a rose (when did he get that?), his eyes on yours.

“Y/N L/N, will you accept my courting gift?” Your heart is racing as you smile widely. Gently taking the rose from his hand, you slightly lean forward and press a gentle kiss on Tokoyami’s beak. 

“I would be honored.” You smile at Tokoyami’s reaction, his eyes widening as he opens and closes his beak several times. 

“That...that was very lovely.” He scrambles to his feet before taking a seat, scratching the back of his neck. And then he meets your gaze again, almost bashfully. “Could it again?” You gently place the rose on the wooden table before leaning forward, a smile playing at your lips. If this happens every time you make a truth serum, you wouldn’t mind licking some more of it. 

Chapter Text

It’s strange to think that you’re running in a forest, branches scraping your knees and leaves crunching under your feet after rejecting a marriage proposal from an old fart. Sir Kobayashi, a sweaty middle-aged man, had been bold enough to ask for your hand in marriage, only to get rejected. You had never entertained the idea of marrying him- not now or ever. But your parents were desperate to have you leave their home; at twenty-two years old, unmarried and fertile, you’re a burden to them. The stomping of the knight’s chasing after you has you returning to reality. Your body aches, but you don’t stop. You’re not safe, and you can’t stop until you reach somewhere you know Kobayashi won’t be able to reach you. 

But you’re only human, and you find yourself panting as you lean against a tree, trying to catch your breath. But the sound of heavy armor clinking and footsteps approaching have you tensing, ready to break into a run. You quickly turn around and begin sprinting, weaving through seas of trees and endless vegetation. Taking a turn to the left, you’re stumbling on your feet as you reach the edge of a cliff. Shit. Maybe slapping Sir Kobayashi across the face had been a reckless decision, but you don’t regret it. After all, he’s the one that called you a whore and a slut. If there’s anything you can’t tolerate, it’s the weak and fragile ego of men. 

“Cease your endless running and come with us, lady Y/N,” One of the knights says, the tip of his sword on your chest. Oh, God. “You must face trial for physically assaulting Lord Kobayashi.” 

“Pardon me?” You snarl, trying to take a step back, but now you’re barely treading on the edge, rocks falling into the open chasm below you. “I’ve done nothing wrong. Leave me at once!”

The dozen of knights keep getting closer, and you have nowhere to go. You briefly glance below you, and your stomach twists. You’ve never been scared of heights, but now that you’re one breath away from falling from a cliff, you’re terrified.

And then you sigh, shoulders slumping as you raise your hands. It’s death or surrender- and you don’t want to meet the Grim Reaper just yet.  But in the blink of an eye, you hear someone shout before a dozen figures swoop from the trees. One of them reaches towards you as his hands wrap around your waist, swinging you into the air. You quickly scramble to wrap your hands around the stranger’s neck, eyes closing shut as you hear a fight break out below you, swords clashing and muskets firing. What the hell!?

But then you feel the Earth beneath your feet, and all the knights have been knocked to the ground. You stare at the group of panting individuals, all dressed in musketeer uniforms. There’s a platinum blonde with a mean look on his face, a redhead who is smiling despite having just fought, a pink-haired girl who shoots you a grin, a guy with black hair who grins at the redhead, and of course, your savior- a blonde who smiles crookedly.

“You should be careful around these parts, my lady!” He says as he slowly steps back from you, dusting off his uniform. “There’s nothing but scoundrels in these woods.”

“I- you,” you stammer, eyes wide as you try to process the events that happened in a matter of a few seconds. “Who are you bunch?”

“We’re the Yueei Musketeers!” The girl says with a smile, adjusting the musket that hangs from her shoulders. “Pleasure to make your acquaintance.”


After calming down your nerves, and getting your small wounds and scars treated by the redhead, you sit on a log, shoulders brushing with the blonde. His name is Denki Kaminari, but he doesn’t mind any endearments, he says with a wink. You try to ignore the way your face burns at his teasing words.

“So, may I ask why you lot are traveling? I thought musketeers had a designated spot in the Yueei palace.”

The platinum blonde- Bakugou, you recall him grumbling his name, grunts, while Kirishima clears his throat and sets down his loaf of bread. “We were ordered to travel and make sure safety in the Yueei Kingdom is still stable. With our newfound alliance to the Kingdom of Midas, the king has the resources to improve and tighten security. We were testing out...swinging on trees, to kill some time, when we spotted you.”

You hum in understanding, focusing on your piece of loaf as Kirishima explains. They all seem around your age, just a bunch of young adults with a tinge of mischief in their eyes. And strangely enough, you smile as you watch the group laugh and bicker. Even though you’ve only known them for a few hours, it feels like you're eating dinner with life-long friends.


The group suggests you stay the night with them until you can find a safe village to settle in. Frankly, you don’t want to- won’t go back to your old life, and there’s nothing else waiting for you. So the idea of staying with the group doesn’t sound too bad.

“You know, I could see you in a musketeer’s uniform,” Denki murmurs as the two of you sit and stare at the stars, the campfire burning brightly a few feet away. You smile, arms wrapping around your chest. “What do you say?”

You hum. The idea sounds far-fetched, but it still has your heart racing with excitement. “I’m not opposed to the idea,” you murmur. Denki mumbles something beneath his breath, and then you watch in surprise as he takes off his coat and drapes it around your shoulders, adjusting it before patting your shoulders.

“You don’t have to,” you say with widened eyes, but the blonde shakes his head and smiles. “I see the goosebumps on your skin. Don’t fret, I’m not cold.” 

You chuckle, shaking your head as you smile wryly at him. “Well, aren’t you a gentleman?” Denki grins at your words, nodding. 

“Why thank you! I do try.” You laugh at his response, pulling his coat tighter around your body. The fire keeps you relatively warm, but with his soft and heavy coat, you feel cozier and far more comfortable. Sleep and weariness begin to seep into your bones, and you slowly lean against Denki’s shoulder.

“You have my thanks. When I was at the cliff… I was sure that would be my end.” The blonde grows quiet at your words, but then snorts and gently squeezes one of your arms. Both of you are being rather bold, but with drowsiness clouding your mind, you can’t find it in yourself to care.

“No need to thank me. I’m only doing my job.”

“Still,” you shake your head as you yawn, eyes slowly closing. “No one’s ever cared for me much. I’ve always been on my own.”

Denki hums, slowly resting his head against yours. “Get some rest, Y/N. Now that you’re with us, we’re never leaving you a second alone.”

You smile, his words reassuring as you succumb to sleep. And for once in your life, you feel at peace, surrounded by a group of people that make you feel more at home than your family ever did. You don’t know what tomorrow holds for you, or how your life will branch out now that you’re on the run, but you’re certain it’ll be one hell of an adventure.

Chapter Text

‘’You know I need you there,’’ Mina whines into the phone and you roll your eyes. ‘’Please, Y/N! The agency gave me and some others the day off and I need my emotional support friend to help me host this Christmas party…’’ You can hear the pout in her voice. 

You’re going to regret this later. ‘’Fine.’’ Mina cheers and you snort. ‘’But I have one rule.’’ 

‘’Which is…?’’ She’s trying to hold in her excitement and it makes you smile. But then you clear your throat and your smile gradually drops.

‘’Please don’t invite Shinsou.’’ Silence. You bite down a groan. She’s already invited him, hasn’t she? Mina probably wants you to make up with him, even though it’s been over a year since you two broke up. And a little bit more since you’ve last seen him. 

‘’About that…’’ she laughs nervously and you bite the inside of your cheek, dreading what her response will be. ‘’...I already invited him a few days ago.

Sigh. You groan with frustration, already imagining the headache you’ll have soon. Sure, you and Shinsou ended on okay terms, but you don’t know if you’re ready to face him. Or what you’ll do if you see him. 

‘’I can cancel on him if you want-,’’ she starts but you shake your head and cut her off. ‘’No, don’t. It’ll be rude. Just… let him come. I’ll try my best to avoid him.’’ 

Soon enough you end the phone call with Mina, stomach already twisting at what you’ll be facing in a few days. The party’s going to be on the twenty-fifth and it’s already the twenty-first of December. In four days you’ll be seeing your ex-boyfriend, Shinsou Hitoshi. 

‘’...Come back to bed.’’ Shinsou chuckles at your whines as he wraps the tie around his neck. ‘’I would, but I have to go to the agency. They want me to sign some papers. I’ll come home right after, I promise.’’ He kisses the top of your head before getting up. You frown, trying to ignore the aching in your chest as you sigh.

‘’Okay. Let’s get take-out today?’’ He smiles and nods. ‘’For sure.’’ Shinsou kisses you on the lips one last time. Once he leaves the bedroom, you wipe away the forming tears. You wonder if you’re more of a bother than a girlfriend to him. 


‘’What else do we need?’’ You’re running around with Mina, Uraraka, and Tsuyu, setting up the food and arrangements for the party. Kirishima, Izuku, and Denki are helping set up the decorations on the walls, laughing and talking. You’re anything but in the mood to laugh and talk right now- there’s still much to do before the party guests arrive. The food table isn’t completely set, the juice bowl has to be filled and god knows what else you have to do.

‘’Can you get a package of napkins? They’re on top of my fridge.’’ Mina says as she walks past you, carrying some boxes with desserts. You nod, darting to the kitchen. 

‘’Don’t forget the mistletoe! We’re gonna need loads of that!’’ Denki calls from the living room and you roll your eyes. Grabbing the package of napkins, you walk back to the living room when you notice that there are already guests rolling in. Iida, Bakugou, Jirou, and many of your former U.A. classmates are stepping into the house. Chatter and music quickly pour in and once you’re done preparing everything, you can finally breathe.

You pat down the red dress you’re wearing, hoping it didn’t stain from any of the drinks or desserts. Now, you have another problem- avoiding Shinsou Hitoshi until the party ends. Looking through the sea of heads, you’re praying that he didn’t show up. Maybe he got busy or went to someone else’s party. Maybe his agency pulled him in for a last-minute mission. Wouldn’t be the first time. Or maybe, he just didn’t want to show up. That’d be great for you! 

But then you spot a messy mane of purple hair and your heart skips a beat. You see him before he sees you. There are still eyebags prominent on his face- you always berated him for it when you were dating-, but his expression is light and he’s smiling. The edges of his eyes crinkle when he smiles, slightly heavy-lidded and you think he hasn’t changed at all. Maybe you’re the one that’s changed. He’s wearing a white turtleneck that clings to his skin, a black coat, a pair of black jeans, and black boots. You wonder if he left Tora in anyone’s care, or if he left the cat alone for the night. 

Then he meets your gaze, and you realize you’re staring. You quickly look away, moving through the crowds before he can catch up to you. For once, you’re thankful that Mina bought such an extravagant and big house- it’ll be hard for him to find you and vice versa.

Once you think you’ve lost him, you step into one of Mina’s guest rooms. Your chest is heaving and your heart’s racing. Leaning against the wall, you close your eyes. You can stay in here for a few minutes and then come out, just so Mina doesn’t start wondering where you’re at. And even though you try not to, your mind goes to Shinsou. To your break-up, to when you were together. 

It wasn’t like you wanted to break up. You loved him, more than you ever loved anyone else. You haven’t been in an actual relationship ever since you two broke up. Some flings and dates here and there but they all led to nothing. Just some brief smiles that quickly dissipate into a frown. Maybe you shouldn’t have worn your favorite ring today; Shinsou gave it to you. You wonder if he still remembers it.

‘’Y/N!’’ Kirishima’s boisterous voice has you jumping. ‘’What are you doing in this dark room? C’mon, the party’s getting good!’’ He doesn’t wait for a response, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and steering you towards the living room. You find yourself leaning towards the redhead, smiling. He’s always been so kind and friendly with you, it’s hard not to feel relaxed around him. 

‘’Sorry,’’ you rest your head on his shoulder. ‘’I just needed a moment to breathe.’’ Kirishima nods with understanding, patting you on the back. He takes you to where your girl friends are hanging with one last smile. 

‘’If you need to talk, I’m here. Have fun!’’ He’s off with a wide grin and you snort.

‘’What was that about?’’ Mina coos as she drags you to sit on the couch with her. For some reason, your cheeks burn and you avert your gaze from your best friend.

‘’What are you talking about? I was just talking to Kirishima.’’ Jirou snickers and you roll your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest.

‘’Mina’s onto something, Y/N,’’ Jirou slides in next to you. ‘’Kiri’s kinda cute, ya know? It wouldn’t hurt to try something with him. He’d treat you right,’’ you find yourself mindlessly nodding. Dating Kirishima? You don’t know how to feel about that. Sure, he’s cute, attractive and he’s the perfect gentleman, but it’s hard to focus on him when there’s a pair of purple eyes pinned on you. 

You freeze. Shinsou slowly blinks, offering you a small smile. He beckons you to come over, and you gulp. He wants to talk to you? Slowly, you walk towards him. You gently nudge and move through the crowd of people and you’re starting to feel light-headed. You haven’t talked to Shinsou in over a year. Is this really a good idea? You thought that cutting all ties with him would be the best to not destroy the memories you made with him. Didn’t want to stain them with something else. What if this makes it worse? It hurt so much to let him go. You don’t want to go through that pain again.

‘’Hey there,’’ you had forgotten how warm his voice makes you feel. ‘’You…you look good.’’ He scratches the back of his neck, a habit he does when he’s nervous. You smile.

‘’Thanks,’’ You nod. ‘’You look good too.’’ He’s leaning against the wall and you stand next to him, crossing your arms over your chest. ‘’How are you…?’’ 

Shinsou hums, slowly closing his eyes as he rests his head against the wall. He looks so good doing it and your heart skips a beat. Fuck…aren’t you supposed to be over him?

‘’I’m doing alright. The agency is keeping me busy as usual,’’ your chest slightly stings. Now you remember why you two broke up. ‘’Tora got a girlfriend.’’ Thank God for the change of subject. You smile, meeting his gaze.

‘’Really? That’s so cute, I’m glad to hear that. Who’s the lucky girl?’’ Shinsou chuckles and pulls out his phone from his pants pocket. 

‘’I’ll show you,’’ you instinctively scoot closer to him, head slightly lowering to look at his phone’s screen. It’s a black cat with gorgeous amber eyes and you’re cooing at the picture before you know it.

‘’Oh my god, she’s beautiful! Where did you find her?’’ You look up and Shinsou is smiling at you. 

‘’I got Mei from the shelter near my house. She’s an old kitty, a year or two older than Tora. The volunteers told me she’d been there for almost a year and no one had adopted her because of her age.’’

‘’Oh,’’ your heart sinks, chest aching for the cat. ‘’Poor girl. But I’m sure she’s found a loving home with you, right?’’ You smile at Shinsou but your smile falters when you realize how close you are to him. His mint breath is fanning the lower half of your face and your neck. His eyes are pinned on yours. You want- you should look away, but you can’t. A familiar sensation pools at the bottom of your stomach, though you can’t tell if it’s excitement or nervousness.

‘’She sure has,’’ he lowers his voice to a whisper and you swallow audibly. ‘’Mei is a real sweetheart…’’

‘’I’m…I’m glad to hear that,’’ your voice is getting more and more high-pitched by the second. ‘’How long have you had her?’’ Someone accidentally pushes past you, and you regain your senses. You step back from Shinsou and your head starts to clear. Damnit, what are you doing!? 

‘’A few months ago,’’ he says and you nod. ‘’But she’s made herself at home real quick.’’ 

You laugh, already imagining the black cat prancing around, acting like the owner of his home. ‘’That’s cute. I-,’’ you’re stopped by Hatsume’s loud voice.

‘’Y/N? Is that you-? Hey!’’ The pink-haired girl swoops in and waves at Shinsou before steering you away. ‘’I haven’t seen you in forever girl, how are you?’’ 

You laugh, both out of relief and genuine happiness in seeing her. ‘’I’m doing good, Mei. How are you? I heard that you’ve started to work on Bakugou’s new tech for his suit. How’s that going?’’

She sighs loudly and you snicker. ‘’Don’t even remind me. I’m still working on his prototype! Anyway…’’ she lowers her voice as the two of you step into another one of Mina’s lounge rooms. ‘’You were talking with Shinsou. What was that about?’’ 

You bite the inside of your cheek and look away. ‘’I don’t know. I was planning on avoiding him the entire night,’’ you smile to yourself, and Hatsume nods. ‘’But then he saw me, and we just started talking I guess. I think… I think we’re okay? I don’t know.’’ The pink-haired girl nods, before pulling you into a hug.

‘’I just don’t want to see you hurt again, Y/N. I know how much it hurt you when you two broke up. Be careful, okay? You deserve someone who gives you the world.’’ You deserve someone who doesn’t throw you to the side, you think she wants to say. But you’re glad she doesn’t say it. You nod, hugging her back tightly. It’s been a while since you’ve received a hug and you’re not complaining. 

‘’I will. Thank you, Mei.’’ She smiles. ‘’Okay, I’ve got to go now. Lots of people to catch up with! I’ll talk to you later.’’ 

You nod and exhale when she leaves the lounge room. There are only a few other people in the room with you, some friends of Mina you don’t know that well. You sit down on an empty couch, burying your head between your arms. You should’ve stayed home.

The dinner you made is neatly wrapped in the fridge, long gone cold from sitting on the dinner table unattended. You’ve formed a small pile of dirty and used napkins on the table that you wiped your tears with. Maybe things would be different if you were a pro-hero like Shinsou, instead of a common civilian. Maybe if you had made it into U.A’s hero course instead of the general studies, you wouldn’t be crying at midnight.

You’ve been at Shinsou’s side, even before he got into the hero department of U.A. You supported him through every challenge and struggle. But with every step he took forward, it was a step away from you. 

When he was recruited at a well-known agency, you were so proud. He kept getting recognition and rose through the hero ranks. But that meant more nights you spent alone and less time with him. Seeing him come home bruised and tired. Left stood up when you two made plans because a villain decided to blow up a building. 

The slam of the door returns you to reality. You meet Shinsou’s tired gaze as he limps into the kitchen, walking towards the fridge. He barely spares you a glance while speaking.

‘’Why are you up? It’s late.’’ 

You swallow thickly. ‘’I was waiting for you to come home.’’

‘’Oh.’’ Pause. ‘’You shouldn’t have.’’ 

‘’Why didn’t you answer any of my texts? Where were you?’’ You say the words before you can regret it. Shinsou sighs and you’re already regretting your decision. 

‘’I was at work- where else would I be? I’m really tired,’’ he runs a hand through his hair and closes the fridge. ‘’Let’s just go to bed.’’ 

You stand up abruptly, the chair’s legs scraping against the floor. ‘’No, not yet. You’re avoiding my questions. Were you…’’ your mouth goes dry. ‘’Were you with someone else?’’ 

Your boyfriend slams a cup on the counter. He turns around and meets your gaze and you clench your fists. ‘’Don’t you dare accuse me of that. I was working overtime, we were short on sidekicks today. I wasn’t cheating on you. Can you just stop bothering me? You’re acting like my mother at this point.’’

Ouch. ‘’I’m just worried…’’ you wrap your arms around him but he doesn’t budge. ‘’I was worried something had happened to you. You said you’d be home by eight.’’ 

 ‘’Yeah well, there was a change of plans and I’m sorry. But I’m tired and I don’t want to keep arguing. Can we just…can we just go to bed?’’ Shinsou sighs. Shit, now you feel guilty. You nod, and the two of you head to the bedroom. You crawl into bed, your back facing Shinsou’s. He doesn’t hug you or kiss you goodnight. When he starts to snore, tears silently trail down your cheeks. He didn’t even remember that the two of you had a stay-at-home date planned. 


‘’Y/N! We’re handing out the cupcakes Momo made,’’ Mina peeks her head into the lounge room. ‘’C’mon!’’ You smile and nod, walking out of the room at her side. It helps you clear your mind of the past. As Mina said, Momo’s walking around the main living room with four trays, handing out some exquisite-looking cupcakes and your mouth waters. You look around for a few seconds and when you don’t see any heads of purple hair, you walk towards Momo. 

‘’Hello, Y/N,’’ she greets you with a warm smile and you smile back. ‘’Would you like a cupcake? I made them just for the occasion.’’ 

‘’Of course!’’ You eagerly grab one. ‘’Thank you, Momo.’’ She nods. Mina’s arm goes around your shoulders and she starts bickering about some gossip that makes you snort. If you can continue to avoid Shinsou for the rest of the night, then you think you’ll be fine. Some small talk with him didn’t hurt, but you’re not sure if anything beyond that is good for either of you two. Not when you can’t stop thinking about your ex-relationship and how he still makes your heart race. Even when you’re the one that broke up with him. 


Patience and understanding were key to your relationship with Shinsou. You had to be understanding of how demanding his pro-hero work was, patient with all the times he stood you up. But it wasn’t enough. A part of you wondered if you weren’t enough. Not enough to keep up with Shinsou.

You broke up with him two weeks after the midnight incident. Even though you were the one to end it, you were crying more than him. Which only proved further your need to end it. You cut all ties with him, which was hard- considering that many of your friends were also his friends. When your friends heard the news, they were quick to rush to your side and help you recover from your heartbreak. You heard nothing for Shinsou and that helped, even when your heart longed for him. Now that you’re talking to him after a year of radio silence, your heart’s betraying you. Your stupid, foolish heart still skips a beat around him, still feels warm and ecstatic with his presence. Still yearns for him. Has it learned nothing from last year? From the deceptions and heartbreak you went through when you loved him? 

But you can’t stop yourself from smiling when you see him standing on Mina’s balcony all alone. Can’t stop yourself from walking towards him even when you told yourself to avoid him all night. You’re a huge hypocrite. 

‘’Hey,’’ he turns at the sound of your voice. ‘’How come you’re alone?’’ Shinsou smiles before turning back to look at the scenery. 

‘’Social gatherings aren’t my thing,’’ you nod and lean on the railing next to him. ‘’Yeah,’’ you mumble. ‘’I remember.’’ You can feel him looking at you but you refuse to meet his gaze. 

‘’What was that?’’ Oh shit. Your face burns as you shake your head. 

‘’Nothing! Just talking to myself.’’ Shinsou hums, nodding. You shiver, cursing yourself for forgetting your coat inside. But he notices and shrugs off his coat, draping it over his shoulders.

‘’Oh,’’ your heart skips a beat. ‘’Thank you…’’ Shinsou chuckles.

‘’You always forget to bring a coat outside. If you keep it up, you’ll be getting sick one of these days.’’ He says disapprovingly yet teasingly. You laugh. 

‘’No, I won’t. I’ve got your coat on me, don’t I?’’ You smile but it quickly dissipates. You won’t have his coat after tonight. Shinsou smiles too and his gaze lowers to your hand.

‘’Is that the ring I gave you?’’ He points it out and your stomach flips. You laugh nervously before nodding.

‘’This one? Yeah, it is.’’ He grabs your hand with the ring, slowly stroking it. His fingers trace the ring and you can hear your heart racing in your ears. 

‘’You kept it.’’ He sounds surprised. You frown, confused but you nod. ‘’Of course, I did. Why wouldn’t I?’’ He doesn’t respond. The two of you grow silent and you wonder if you should say something, but he beats you to it.

‘’Y/N…why did we break up?’’ Out of all the things you were expecting him to say, that was definitely not it. You slip your hand away from his and grab onto the cold railing, squeezing it. How the hell are you supposed to respond to that? 

‘’Because..’’ you twist the ring around your finger. ‘’Our lives just weren’t compatible.’’ Shinsou scoffs. 

‘’Weren’t compatible? We’ve known each other since we were fourteen.’’ Your stomach twists and you frown. 

‘’Yeah, we have. And you still managed to make me feel like a total stranger instead of your girlfriend.’’ A weight lifts off your shoulder. But you wonder how he’ll react.

Silence. Then he exhales. ‘’I… I didn’t know that. I’m sorry.’’ You smile and tap your fingers on the railing. 

‘’It’s okay.’’ 

 Shinsou sighs and you turn to look at him. He shakes his head. ‘’It’s not okay and I’m sorry I’ve been such a dick. All those times… I just didn’t want to be a burden to you. I know I’m a lot to deal with and I didn’t want to make it worse.’’ 

Despite the situation you’re stuck in, you laugh. ‘’Shinsou,’’ you turn to the side and reach for his face, cupping his cheek. ‘’The last thing you’d be to me is a burden. I promise.’’ His hand interlocks with yours, and your heart races. A breeze of wind howls in your ears and despite Shinsou’s warm coat on your shoulders, you still shiver. He snorts and slowly pulls you closer until your chest is pressed against his.

‘’I’ve been an idiot,’’ he squeezes your hand. You shake your head and squeeze his hand back. ‘’Don’t be so hard on yourself- I was no saint. I’m sorry…’’ you step away. ‘’You also deserved closure. I shouldn’t have run away after we broke up.’’ 

He nods and leans back against the railing. You tilt your head to the side, watching him. Wondering what’ll happen next. 

‘’It’s going to be a new year soon,’’ Shinsou says and you slowly nod. ‘’A new start. Would you like to start over again…?’’ Your heart flutters. Is this another one of your fantasies? A dream? But the warmth of Shinsou is enough to assure you that you’re not dreaming- this is real, it’s happening and it’s happening now.

A nod. Shinsou smiles and you smile back. ‘’Yeah. I’d really like that.’’

‘’Yeah? Well, we’d like it if you two could stop rambling and finally kiss!’’ Mina almost yells in your ear and you jump, eyes wide. A bunch of people from the party are crowded behind the doors of the balcony, watching you two with grinning faces. Then you feel something tickle your face, and you notice that Shoji’s holding a piece of mistletoe over Shinsou and you. He winks at you, and your face burns. 

‘’You know what that means,’’ Mina coos and steps back, pulling out her phone. ‘’Kiss!’’ 

Everyone cheers and you snort. You look at Shinsou and he smiles, shrugging. ‘’Gotta please the crowd, don’t we? I’m willing to make the sacrifice.’’ You scoff before pulling him into a kiss. 

‘’A real sacrifice, ain’t it?’’ You say between kisses. Shinsou’s hands go to your waist and squeeze it tightly.

‘’For sure,’’ he mumbles. ‘’I’m all for making sacrifices…’’ he slowly pulls away grinning. ‘’...if it means I get to kiss you.’’ 

Chapter Text

As the days pass by, you pick your fabrics and ribbons for the dress of the ball, and your maidens are eager to prepare you for the ball. You don’t feel trapped or suffocated as they gently slide the dress onto your body- not anymore. Instead, you admire the rich vermillion red dress, with lace sleeves of intricate rose designs. The top is form-fitted, with the lower half shaping your waist the way a corset would, but the bottom of the dress is wide and flows gracefully across the floor. Your hair has been carefully tied into a high bun, a few strands of hair framing your face. 

"It’s done! You look absolutely beautiful, my lady," Toga says as she pats and straightens out the skirt of your dress, and you smile.

"Thank you, Toga." 

A loud knock on the door frightens you, but you rise from your seat and open the door. Much to your surprise, it’s Shigaraki. You weren’t expecting to see him until the ball began, and there are still ten to twenty minutes to go.

"Shigaraki? To what do I owe the pleasure of your early arrival?" You smile teasingly and the blue-haired man cracks the smallest of smiles. 

This time, Shigaraki is wearing a form-fitted tailcoat, with a red blouse underneath. It’s much similar to that of your dress. He has black trousers and as always, the golden crown that lays atop his head shines brightly. 

He outstretches his hand towards you, bowing slightly with a smirk. "I’m here to take you to the ball, of course." At your right, you hear the maids gush and whisper among themselves, and you hold back the urge to snicker. You smile and curtsy, and reach for Shigaraki’s hand. The king leads you away from your sleeping chambers and walks you to the main entrance, where the reception is being held at. Dozens of royals and nobles are flooding the floor, loud chattering echoing throughout the room. Shigaraki’s hand is tight around yours and you don’t question it. The two of you weave through crowds until you step into the ballroom. Plenty of seats are placed at the edges of the room, and you watch in awe as dozens of people dance. Women giggle and children squeal, running out of the ballroom, and you hear the general chatter of people talking. The diamond chandelier that hangs from the ceiling hangs tall and proud and you quickly pick up your jaw from the floor before turning to meet Shigaraki’s gaze.

‘What do you think?" His voice is barely loud enough for you to hear, his hand still wrapped around yours.

"It’s beautiful." You’re speechless, feeling a tinge of nostalgia. Your kingdom used to look like this, too. You remember when you attended balls at the Yueei kingdom, giggling and sneaking through halls and rooms with your friends. And for a moment, your heart yearns for the past, but Shigaraki quickly pulls you back to reality with a squeeze on your hand. 

He lets go of your hand, before exaggeratedly bowing in front of you. You giggle, and he presents his hand to you.

"Would you do me the honor of dancing with me, lady Y/N?" 

A bright smile traces across your lips as you nod, before slipping your hand in his once again. 

"I’d be honored to." 

You don’t fail to notice how everyone’s attention shifts towards you two once you step on the dance floor, the whispers and the eyes on you. But as a princess, this is nothing to you. Yet, you’re exhaling shakily as you try to soothe your nerves and avoid making a fool out of yourself. The orchestra begins to play, and you dance. Your face is warm from being so close to Shigaraki, so close that you can hear his gentle breaths, feel the warmth of his body, and you can see all the color pigments in his eyes. His eyes never dare to stray from yours, and you’re not sure how long you’ll be able to go on without tripping over your feet. 

"Careful, my lady," he murmurs, as his hands lead you around the floor, before lowering one hand to the small part of your back. You inhale sharply, eyes focused on Shigaraki as the two of you dance. "Wouldn’t want you stepping on my shoes." You force down a giggle and instead, you smile and roll your eyes. 

"I would never," you murmur, meeting his gaze as he suddenly leans forward and holds you in a dip, your back arching as his hair brushes against your face. Shigaraki quickly pulls you forward, a smirk on his lips. "Glad to hear that." 

"Why are you being so bold in public?" You whisper to him in a hushed tone, eyes glancing around the ballroom. Almost everyone’s eyes are on the two of you, watching as King Midas dances with his bride; his queen. 

Shigaraki chuckles, loud enough for you to hear but low enough to be drowned out by the instrumental that plays in the ballroom. In one quick and sudden movement, his face is brushing against your neck, and both of his hands are at your hips, holding you in place. 

"I am your husband, and you are my wife, no?" He murmurs, before pulling away with a devious glint in his eyes. "Then, let us act as a true couple." 

The rest of the dance is just as intense and powerful, feeling your heart pound and your stomach tighten with Shigaraki’s proximity. He’s so close, your lips could touch with just one slight movement. 

After the instrumental dies down, the two of you step aside, breathing heavily. You smile as the crowd begins to applaud. The chattering quickly resumes, and Shigaraki leads you out of the room before anyone notices you’ve left. 

"That was delightful," you comment, and Shigaraki meets your gaze for a moment before turning away, nodding.

"Indeed. Where would you like to go now?" You feel your heart stutter and excitement surges through your body at the thought of spending the rest of the ball with Shigaraki. 

"I’m rather parched, so why don’t we go to the dining hall? I’m excited to see what the kitchen prepared for the occasion." The man hums in response, his hand slipping to your waist before leading you towards the dining hall. Your heart skips a beat at feeling his fingers brush against your hips, before settling on your waist. It’s a strange experience, growing nervous when Shigraki holds you, but you’re not complaining. 

The two of you quickly arrive at the main table, where dozens of bowls and cups are served, with all types of drinks. You’re about to comment on the variety when Shigaraki stops in his tracks- stopping you as well, and you notice the man in front of you. 

"King Midas." Shigaraki nods in acknowledgment. The stranger's gaze drifts over to you. It’s powerful and overwhelming, and you force a smile as he stares at you. He has a startling scar across his face and you avoid holding his gaze. "This is your wife, I presume?" 

Shigaraki nods, his hand around your waist tightening. "This is my wife, Y/N L/N." You curtsy and bow before the red-haired king, who grunts in response. 

"I have some business to talk with you, King Midas, regarding my kingdom." His eyes drift back to Shigaraki and back to you again. "Privately." 

You feel Shigaraki’s body tense, but he keeps his face blank as he nods, and gives you a knowing look as he drops his hand from your waist. "Of course. Right this way, King Todoroki." 

A sigh of wistfulness leaves your lips once both kings have left. You’re alone in the dining hall. With a frown, you quickly pour yourself a cup of the clear, silver liquid that swishes in a bowl, hoping it’ll soothe your nerves and distract you. 

· ─────── ·

Shigaraki’s body breathes with relief when King Todoroki finally leaves his side- God knows that man is insufferable. He quickly weaves through the crowds of people in the dining hall, looking for you. His stomach is twisting and he’s not sure why- but he doesn’t like being away from you, and he wants to return to you as soon as possible. Much to his surprise, he finds you sitting at the bench where he’d left you, but a sigh escapes his lips once he notices your state. You’re in the same place, but definitely not in the same state. Toga and Spinner are at your sides, faces slightly amused as you giggle and gently sway in your seat, nursing a cup that’s probably been refilled too many times. 

Once Shgaraki has reached you, he places a hand on your shoulder and you quickly turn around. When you notice his presence, you smile widely and Shigaraki swears you’ve shot an arrow through his heart with how breath-taking your smile is.

"Shigaraki!" He frowns at your slurred words and you reach your arms towards him, a dazed look on your face. "I missed you." Oh... His heart skips a beat but he quickly clears his throat and prays the blush on his face isn’t too noticeable, before turning his focus towards Toga and Spinner, keeping a hand on your shoulder.

"What happened to her while I was gone?" Raising a brow, he watches as the two laugh nervously. 

"I’m not quite sure," Toga says, before returning her gaze towards you. "I was attending to my duties, but I came upon Y/N. She was sitting at this bench, swinging her feet while drinking a cup of silverback vodka." Silverback vodka? He remembers retrieving barrels of the drink after a raid, and he had heard it was extremely heavy, combined with the tears of silverback dragons. 

"Then Toga asked me to stay with her, to watch over Y/N until you got back." Even for a lizard-like person, Spinner still managed to look rather concerned yet simultaneously amused at your behavior.

"Very well. I’ll take it from here." Shigaraki hoists you up from the bench, taking one of your hands. Toga and Spinner nod and wave goodbye as you two quickly exit the dining hall. But then he notices you’re too drunk to even stay on your feet. With a sigh, he drapes your arm over his shoulder, supporting your weight as the two of you walk through the halls. 

"Shigarakiii…" You drag out his name as you walk at his side, giggling and snickering. He sighs deeply as he continues walking you to his sleeping chambers.

"Quiet down, Y/N," he grumbles angrily, but he isn’t really angry. You giggle at his words and you start humming a song he doesn’t recognize. "We’re almost at my sleeping chambers, just a little bit more.” Once you’ve both arrived at his sleeping chambers, you’ve tumbled towards the floor, letting out a small groan.

"Hey, watch yourself!" He barks at you and you giggle in response, sitting on the floor as you trace shapes on the floor tiles. Shigaraki lets out a tired sigh, shaking his head in disapproval. How and when did you get drunk at the ball? You’d cause quite the commotion; not that he cared about it, that was the least of his concerns, but he was still confused. The drinks that he had approved to be catered were all non-alcoholic, for the sake of avoiding animosity and conflicts today. 

"Noo!" You let out a squeamish giggle as he slides his arms under your legs and hoists you upward, carrying you in his arms. "I’m ticklish!" He rolls his eyes at your antics and instead focuses on taking you to bed. Once the two of you have reached his sleeping chambers, you’ve quietened down a bit, your giggles gradually growing softer. With a grunt, Shigaraki places you on his bed, but you quickly moan in annoyance and slide to the floor. Great. You’re too drunk to even sit properly, Shigaraki mumbles with a groan. He needs to get you out of the dress- it can’t be comfortable being in such a tight-fitting dress for so long. With a loud grunt, he places you on the bed again, holding you still with one hand while the other one unzips your dress. His face is hot and warm but he’s quick to avert his eyes- he’s only getting you ready for bed. Nothing else, and nothing more. Besides, Shigaraki isn’t a weak man who can’t resist temptation and desire- he’s certain of it. With a deep breath, he watches as the dress slides to the floor, and you’re left in nothing but a thin chemise. Clearing his throat, he averts his gaze from your body as he takes off your heels and undoes your hair, before tucking you into the bed. Just as he prepares to leave, you let out a whimper and reach for his wrist, wrapping your hand around it. 

"Stay," you whisper. He’s certain that you’re absolutely drunk and knocked out of your mind, but with a resigned sigh, he slips off his cloak and sits on the edge of the bed.

 "What do you want?" His hands reach to pull the blanket up to your neck. You huff as your bleary eyes meet his. 

"Thank you." You murmur, hand still wrapped around his, slowly moving towards his gloved palm, and your fingers intertwine with his. He nods in response, swallowing thickly. Even with the glove, he can feel your warm hand

"Can I ask you a question?" You tilt your head to the side. Shigaraki scoffs, biting back a smile. You sure are nosey when you’re drunk.

"What is it?" 

"What happens if I take off your glove?" He freezes at your question. Unsure how to respond, Shigaraki slowly retracts his hand. 

"If you take off my glove without touching my hand, then nothing." He meets your gaze, swallowing thickly. "But if you touch my hand without my glove, then you’ll turn into gold." He expects you to flinch. Or scream. But instead, you only hum. 

"I see." The next moments are swallowed in silence, and he doesn’t know what to say. He watches as you hum peacefully, eyes trailing over his fingers. Moonlight shines through the windows and frames your face in gentle lighting. Shigaraki doesn’t think he’s ever seen someone look as beautiful as you do, under the moonlight. But before he can even process his thoughts, your voice cuts through.

"You know, I’m sure you have beautiful hands." He snorts at your unexpected comment, but you simply frown. 

"What? I’m not lying," you complain, not liking his response. "Can I...ask you another question?" Shigaraki hums as you observe his face, anticipating his reaction. 

"Perhaps," he says, eyes trailing over your face. "What is your question?" 

The blue-haired man watches as you avert your gaze from his face, drifting away. 

" did you get your golden touch?" 

Shigaraki feels his body stiffen, but he’s quickly attempting to calm his nerves. It was only a matter of time before you asked that question, and it’s not all that surprising. Though living in a world of witchcraft, magical creatures, gods, and goddesses, Shigaraki knows he isn’t a normal mortal. An average man wouldn’t have a golden touch, he wouldn’t turn people into gold. He wouldn’t have to wear gloves all the time, for the safety of himself and others. 

But your question pokes at some of the deepest corners of his soul, where demons and monsters lay in a deep slumber. And with a matter of a few words, they’re awoken, roaring ferociously. You shouldn’t have asked that. 

"I’m sorry-I apologize if it’s a sensitive matter," you quickly rush out, and your voice lulls Shigaraki out of his head. With a sigh, he shakes his head and swallows audibly.

"It’s fine." 

But he hears your unsatisfied sigh, feels his skin flush as you reach out for his closest hand, squeezing it tightly. And he’s glad that he has his gloves on. Shigaraki feels your gaze on his face, inspecting and observing every little thing, and it feels like his heart is stuck in his throat. Your silence is unnerving, and he doesn’t know what to do. His heart is racing, face warm. He’s never felt this way- no one’s ever made him feel this way. What are you doing to him? Why is his heart beating so fast it feels like it’s about to explode? Why does he feel a tightness, a funny sensation in his stomach? Why is his face so red and warm?

You’ve sent him into a spiral of unknown emotions with just your touch, with just your gaze. He must be sick, Shigaraki tells himself with a shake of his head. Perhaps his stomach didn’t agree with the steak that was served during the ball. Of course, that must be it! Distraught with his thoughts, Shigaraki rises from your bed, but he’s quickly held back as you reach out for his wrist. 

"Wait-!" Huh? "I’m- I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked something so personal." Oh. He remembers what you asked before he got lost in his thoughts, with his heart going into a frenzy. A feeling of loss and melancholy washes over him, and he quickly sobers up. 

You’re not wrong; it is personal. His memories are blurry and hazy, all of them overlapping together to the point that Shigaraki can’t distinguish or remember with certainty what happened. He doesn’t like to think about it. Every time he tries to recall his childhood, before the golden touch, his body trembles, and the urge to cry washes over him, overwhelming him to the point that he can barely breathe. 

Shigaraki clenches his jaw, looking down at your concerned expression and your intertwined hands. He can’t tell you- not everything, yet. The time will come but for now, he’s not ready. And neither are you. 

"It’s okay," he lets out a long and dragged out breath, shaking his head to mostly himself. He closes his eyes, pressing his lips together in a thin line. 

"But I can’t tell you everything right now." His words are clipped, and with a small grimace, he thinks, perhaps a bit too rude. He watches as your expression falls for a moment, before quickly swallowing visibly and nodding. 

"That’s okay." Your thumb brushes over his gloved hand, and it feels comforting. His shoulders droop, and Shigaraki allows his body to relax under your touch. But Shigaraki still feels a tension lingering in the air, unresolved. He wonders why you’re so keen on befriending him, why you insist. But he doesn’t like how your frowning face makes his heart tighten, how it makes him hurt. 

"I’ve known my sensei for my entire life," he looks down at your hand, how it fits perfectly with his. "I don’t exactly remember how I got the golden touch. He says I was blessed by the gods, by Dionysus himself," a sigh leaves his lips. "It was given to me at birth….but I don’t know why." He averts his eyes from your face, not bearing to look at the concerned expression on your face. Shigaraki feels his throat tighten up, his head aching. He’s not sure if he likes this feeling; this sudden ache he feels in his chest. And he lowers his head to your blankets, the silky material that spreads across the bed. 

"Hey," he feels your hushed voice as your hand reaches for his face, cupping one of his cheeks. His heart skips a beat as his face heats up, and he prays you won’t notice. But then he sees how your eyes begin to droop, your body slightly swaying- you’re falling asleep. "I don’t know what you’ve been told, or what you’ve been through," and you reach out for his hand again, squeezing it tightly. "But I want you to remember that I’m at your side now, whether you like it or not. You can talk to me." Your words are growing increasingly slurred and Shigaraki watches as your eyes begin to flutter. 

Your eyes shut close and a small laugh leaves his lips. As he watches your sleeping face, Shigaraki realizes that he doesn’t mind the way you make him feel. His thumb brushes over your hand, rubbing gently. It’s a new feeling, and it terrifies him but Shigaraki is anything but a coward. Hesitantly, he leans forward and presses a kiss on your forehead, quickly retracting with wide eyes and a red face. Breathing heavily, he watches your face for a few moments, and once he realizes you’re still asleep, he lets out a breath of relief. 

"Good night." The words are spoken softly as he closes the doors of the sleeping chambers. 

He presses his back against the closed door, chest still heaving as his heart races. 

You’re doing something to him, that’s for sure. Your mere smile and voice do wonders on him. And for a brief moment, he wonders if you’re a goddess in disguise, with how you manage to take over his mind, over his thoughts and emotions in a matter of seconds. But there’s no denying the smallest of smiles that surges on his face and with a sigh, Shigaraki thinks he can get used to this. 

· ─────── ·

Nowadays, Shigaraki feels less like a stranger to you, and more of a friend. Between lingering glances and touches that leave your face burning, you know Shigaraki is more than just a friend. But you fear he may not feel the same way, which leads to you hiding your feelings out of shame and caution. You still remember the scowl on his face when he told you that he’d never love you and that you’d never love him. You laugh bitterly as you pick at the flowers in the garden, shaking your head. He was wrong about you, that’s for sure. You’ve been spending more and more time with him recently, and he’s even allowed you to keep him company in his office while he works away at signing papers. Sometimes he falls asleep at his desk, and you cover him with a blanket and place a soft pillow under his head, smiling at how peaceful he looks asleep. You haven’t had a ball since the last time, and honestly, you don’t remember much of how it ended. Your memory is fuzzy and hazy, and when you try to ask Shigaraki about it, his face burns red and he quickly changes the subject. 

But recently, your heart has been feeling heavy, with everything that’s begun to change in your life. Your feelings for Shigaraki, the internal conflict within you, and most recently and importantly: the little you know about him.

You’ve been living in his castle for months, you’ve grown close and acquainted with his staff, made a few friends, and he’s surprisingly tolerant of you. But when you think about it, you know little to nothing about Shigaraki. You don’t trust the legends that surround him- he’s proved them wrong. He is not the cold and heartless murderer you’ve been told, nor is he the ruthless man that will murder thousands without hesitation. You’ve seen the way he treats his staff with care, the way you know he cares about his people.

"What’s the matter?" Speak of the devil, you think with a small smile. Glancing upwards, you notice Shigaraki standing at your side, watching you with raised eyebrows. You pat the slab of stone you’re sitting on, scooting further to the edge.

"Come, sit with me." He raises an eyebrow but sits down, arms stiff at his side. You snort. 

"You can relax, you know," you murmur, holding his gaze as he frowns but nods, relaxing his shoulders. 

"What are you doing?" Shigaraki says, watching as you lean forward and pluck a flower. You sigh, twirling the flower in your hands. 

"Reflecting. Pondering." You admit, keeping your gaze on the flower. It’s a beautiful rose that’s fully bloomed, the petals a dark red. There are a few thorns, but you carefully maneuver your fingers around to avoid being hurt. 

"And what might you be thinking about?" You can feel his eyes on you as you stare at the rose, and you smile. 

"Are you my friend, Shigaraki? Am I your friend?" You sigh helplessly, meeting his gaze. You hope you’re doing the right thing by telling him the truth. "I don’t know what’s happening. I don’t want it to end. But…" you bite on your lower lip, placing the rose between Shigaraki and you. "I want to know what we are." 

You watch as he hums thoughtfully, averting his gaze to the rose bushes, before meeting your gaze again. 

"Correct me if I’m wrong," he starts slowly. "But I thought you were my wife, and I was your husband?" You snort at his humorous response, rolling your eyes as he cracks a smile. 

"Don’t jest with me, Shigaraki," still you laugh, shaking your head in disapproval. "There is nothing faux or humorous about my question." 

He snickers, before shooting you a grin. Shigaraki doesn’t smile often, but when he does, it sends your heart into a frenzy. 

"It lifted your face though. You were looking like a grieving widow moments ago." You laugh at his sentence, before gently resting your head against his shoulder. You brace yourself for rejection, waiting for him to push you off, but he doesn’t. Instead, he clears his throat and slowly moves closer to you. A wide smile tugs at your lips, but you force yourself to keep your composure and not freak out. 

"I miss my homeland," you murmur, staring at the swaying flowers. "I think a lot about my father and my friends. My mother passed away when I was a young child, so I don’t have many memories of her, but I still remember her smile and her warm embrace." You notice that Shigaraki has grown quiet, so you hum and pluck a petal from the rose as you lick your lips.

"Do you have a mother?" You ask the question slowly, unsure of how Shigaraki will react. You don’t miss the way his body tenses, and your heart skips a beat. Have you struck a nerve? 


"Oh," your voice lowers to a whisper, trying to tread carefully around your words. "I’m sorry to hear that." 

"I’m not," his words are blunt, but there’s no bite or poison behind them. "I never met my mother, so I’ve never missed her." 

"I see," a frown takes over your face, and Shigaraki seems to notice as he sighs and gently moves your head off his shoulder. 

"Come with me." He rises from the bench, patting down his clothing. He outstretches a hand towards you, expression undecipherable. "I want to take you somewhere."

"Where are we going?" Shigaraki merely gives you a lopsided smile. 

"You’ll see." 

Hesitantly, you stare at his gloved hand for a few moments. Shigaraki seems to notice your hesitance and clears his throat before speaking. 

"I don’t like seeing you with a frown on your face. Come, fence with me. Let out all your frustrations and worries with a foil." 

"What?" Your eyes are wide as your brows furrow together. "Are you sure? I’ve never done fencing before…"

"Did I say this was a competition?" You shake your head. "Exactly. Do not fret," Shigaraki pauses for a moment, staring at you for a second. "I want you to relax." 

"Okay," you breathe heavily before taking his hand and rising from the bench. You try to ignore the fluttering of your heart, before smiling at him. "Thank you." 

"No need to thank me." He responds while the two of you walk out of the garden, and you scoff lightly. 

"No, I do need to." Your hand grips his forearm, and your eyes meet his, pleadingly. "You’ve done so much for me Shigaraki, things you didn’t have to do…" Your voice trails off, but before you can continue, the man speaks up. 

"Are you saying you don’t want my help? Would you rather I leave you alone?" He raises an eyebrow and you quickly shake your head, eyes wide. 

"No! Of course not, I just…" You stop for a moment, and you take in your surroundings. You’ve arrived at a wide, green field. At your left, a wooden table with several foil swords and armor lay across the wooden surface. "I’m curious, Shigaraki. I want to…" You lick your lips, eyes drifting towards the king. "I want to know more about you." Shigaraki stops in his tracks at your words, a few feet away from the table with several swords and foils. 

"Why?" He responds, back turned to you. He doesn’t turn around even after answering your question with another question, and you swallow nervously. 

"Because you know me, but I know very little about you." You walk towards him and he hands you one of the swords, but still refuses to meet your gaze. You feel your stomach twist, wondering if this was a bad decision. 

"I don’t mind that. Do you?" 

You sigh at his stubbornness, and he beckons you to follow him towards the open field, both of you carrying your foil sword. Neither of you had grabbed armor, but seeing that the tip of the swords was round and dull, you supposed it wasn’t necessary. 

"Keep your legs apart. If you’re holding the sword with your left hand, then your left knee goes forward, and vice versa with your right side. We’re going to take three steps, on our back, and then we shall begin." You nod silently, turning around and hearing Shigaraki count the numbers, but you’re quick to interrupt.

"What’s so wrong with opening up?"

Shigaraki pauses in his count, but you turn around, determined to face him. "Why would I open up?" You force down the urge to scoff and decide to retaliate with another question. 

"Why do you refuse to tell me more about yourself?" You're determined to get the truth out of him, no matter what it'll take. Given the fact that you've been in his company for a generous amount of time now and he hasn't turned you into gold, makes you think you're in a safe position to ask the question. 

"Three." He shouts, and you quickly meet his sword, his movements defensive and aggressive. He strikes at you harshly, and you're barely keeping up with his every strike and jab.  

"Why do you care?" He seethes, and you hold in the urge to sigh and roll your eyes. You can't tell if Shigaraki is extremely dense, or just plain stupid. You doubt it's the latter; no fool could reign over an entire kingdom. You're confused; your intentions have been clear the entire time- or at least, you hope so. How is he so oblivious? How is he oblivious to the feelings you have for him? Does he not have feelings for you? Did those nights you two spent together mean nothing to him; did he mean nothing behind the comforting words that he'd whisper in your ears when he held you tight in his arms? Your heart breaks at the thought, and the words leave your mouth before you can even react. 

"Because I'm in love with you for heaven's sake!" You knock his foil sword out of his hands. It drops on the ground with a loud clang, leaving both of you breathless and panting heavily. But you freeze. That wasn't supposed to happen- you weren't supposed to say that. Instinct took over control, and you were blurting out the words before you could even stop yourself. Swallowing audibly, you slowly raise your head and meet Shigaraki's gaze. His eyes are blown open, jaw slackened, as his chest heaves with each breath. He doesn't say anything, nor does he move a single finger. His lack of response unnerves you, and you're certain he's more than eager to turn you into gold by now. This was a mistake, you shouldn't have ever opened your mouth. And so, without a moment of hesitation, you drop the foil sword and race out of the fencing grounds, despite the ache that grows in your heart.

· ─────── ·

 The next days at the palace feel exceptionally long, and you wonder if it’s because of the lack of Shigaraki’s presence. You can still feel your mouth dry and your chest tight when you remember your last conversation with him, regret flooding through your veins. You wouldn’t be surprised if he never wanted to talk to you again, given the fact that he hasn't talked to you in days. Hell, you haven't even seen him- at all. Shigaraki seemed good at hiding his presence when he wants to. 

The maids in the palace seemed to notice the shift in your mood, frowning with concern when you walked with them one day and they noticed the weary expression on your face. But recently, there’s also been something else clouding your mind. For the past few days, you’ve been feeling rather ill, with aching bones and an overall feverish mood that’s taken over your body. You feel cold, even when you see the sweat trailing down your body, and you fear that you’ve come down with a cold. But since Shigaraki has been adamant about avoiding you, you decide that you won’t bother him and instead you’ll manage this fever on your own, with warm teas and herbs, even if they aren’t doing much. 

However, even the maids have noticed the weariness within you with each stride you take, how your eyes are growing hooded and weary. They’ve voiced their concerns but you’ve quickly brushed them away, trying to distract yourself by helping around the palace. You need a distraction- something to keep your mind off Shigaraki until you figure out what to do with yourself, and with him. 

Today you can’t seem to get your mind off Shigaraki- and to make it even worse, your fatigue is catching up with you. You can barely walk around the palace, the basket of laundry at your hip as you cling tightly to the railings, feeling your eyes half-hooded and ready to shut close. Your face feels like it’s burning with the bad type of heat, and you don’t think you can take another step. 

"My lady…?" Faintly, you can hear Toga climb up the stairs behind you, calling out for you. Swallowing thickly, you try to respond, but there’s no energy left in your body as your vision blurs and your knees buckle as your world goes black. 

· ─────── ·

Around you, a dozen voices are speaking all at once, worried and agitated. What happened? Slowly, you open your eyes to the sight of a few maids and Shigaraki hovering above you, but they haven’t noticed you’ve awoken.

"What happened?" Shigaraki barks at the maids, who are trembling in their spots.

"I’m not sure," Toga pushes between the small crowds of maids and meets Shigaraki’s gaze. "Lady Y/N offered to do the laundry, but she had forgotten a piece of clothing so I went after her. I found her on the stairs, and the next second she passed out on the floor. Then I called for the other maids and we brought her here. She has a fever. Her highness needs plenty of bed rest." 

"Very well. You’re all dismissed, I’ll take it from here."

"My king, are you sure-?" One of the other maids speaks up, voice fragile. "Lady Y/N is rather-," 

"I said I’ll take it from here, did I not?" Shigaraki’s voice is loud and booms in the room, and the maid flinches. "All of you are dismissed, please return to your duties." The maids quietly shuffle out of the room, and you don’t open your eyes again until the last of their voices drifts away. At your right, you hear Shigaraki sigh. You open your eyes and push yourself on your elbows, trying to sit on the bed, but Shigaraki quickly reacts and gently pushes you down, and you grumble.

"Greetings," you murmur, refusing to meet his gaze as you stare down at your lap.

"What were you thinking, walking around the palace when you know that you’re ill? You should be resting in your bed. Come, let’s go to your chambers." You bite the inside of your cheek at the harsh tone in Shigaraki’s words, but that doesn’t erase the resentment that’s been building up in your chest. 

Scoffing, you cross your arms over your chest. "Oh, so now you’re interested in my well-being. Apologies my king, but you gave me the impression that you wanted nothing to do with me anymore." You don’t hide the mocking tone nor the resentment in your words- you want Shigaraki to hear it. 

The blue-haired man sighs, before slipping one arm behind your knees and another one behind your back, lifting you from the bed faster than you can protest. "This is not the time to torment me with your pettiness, Y/N. You’re ill. Cooperate and I’ll take care of you." 

"What?" You try to slip out of his grip, but it’s strong and hard to break out of. "No, there’s no need for that! The maids can look after me just fine, so you can return to your royal duties with no problem." You shake your head, insisting for him to stop, but he continues to walk out of the infirmary and into the main floor of the palace, heading towards the staircase. 

"No. I want to take care of you." Even as your back faces him, you hear the honesty in his words, and you don’t like it. Why is he being a gentleman now? What about before? Biting down on your tongue, you frown until you reach your sleeping chambers and Shigaraki places you down on the bed.

"I don’t need you to take care of me. The maids can do that, you shouldn’t fuss over a small issue."

A sigh leaves Shigaraki’s lips as he walks away from the bed and returns with a chair and a damp towel. He kneels at your side, hands tight around the towel. "Please, let me tend to you. It’s my turn to take care of you."

The next few seconds pass by in silence as his words sink in, and you stop biting the inside of your cheek as you drop your hands in surrender.

"Okay," you mumble, still refusing to meet his gaze, even as he places the towel on your forehead. "I apologize." 

Shigaraki snorts as he pulls back and sits in his chair, resting his chin on his fist. "Why are you apologizing?" 

"For being difficult," you unconsciously pout, averting your gaze out of shame. "I know I’m not making this easy." 

The man hums, before reaching towards your dresser, holding onto a warm cup of tea- when did that get there? You watch him expectantly, waiting for him to respond, but Shigaraki is quiet as he brings the cup of tea to your lips, and you part them open. The tea is warm but trickles down your throat nicely, soothing it instantly. 

"There are more urgent matters I’d like to talk to you about," Shigaraki’s gaze flickers towards you, before returning to the cup of tea. Once you’ve drunk half the cup of tea, he returns the cup to your dresser and rises from his seat. You stiffen, watching as he reaches for your blanket and pulls it up to your collarbone. "About what you told me when we were fencing."

"’ Twas an accident, I didn’t mean to-," he stops you with a deadpan look and you swallow nervously. 

"I didn't mean to reject or mock your advances at any moment, my lady. Quite the opposite. But…." You watch as Shigaraki bites down on his lower lip, and with a frown, you quickly reach forward and gently place down his hand. He laughs lightly, before sitting back in his seat. You offer him a small smile, trying to calm your stuttering heart. 

 "I am an awkward man, a man who knows nothing about being loved or loving. I have never known such a life." You fall silent at his confession, waiting for him to continue. "And I want you to know...I am glad to hear you feel this way towards me. It makes me much more confident to say that I’m in love with you too." Your heart skips a beat and it’s taking all your willpower to not squeal and jump into his arms like a lovesick damsel, and instead, you dig your nails into your palm, offering him a strained smile. 

“Oh…” Your jaw slackens and you’re speechless, unsure how to respond. Should you-can you kiss him? What are you supposed to do now? While you had received a large number of proposals and suitors back in the Yueei Kingdom, you rejected them all, refusing to compromise with someone you did not love. You had no experience in love that was not platonic, never felt lips against yours, nor had you given your body to someone else. 

So to put it simply, you’re as inexperienced as one can be. For a moment, your mind drifts off and you wonder whether Shigaraki has experience or not, but the damp towel that’s pressed against your forehead quickly rips you out of your thoughts. 

“You’ll need to stay in bed for a few days,” the man says as he retracts the towel, submerging it in a bucket of water before wringing out the water. “Your fever is a bit high. If you keep pushing yourself, you’ll only end up in a worse condition. So please," one of his hands lays on your forearm, and you swallow nervously. "Stay in bed. The maids will take care of everything for you, just focus on recovering, alright?" 

Reluctantly you nod, letting out a small sigh. The sigh doesn’t seem to slip past Shigaraki as he raises an eyebrow, and pauses. He reaches for a glass flask, with an unknown substance that’s fluorescent green. 

"I know you don’t enjoy being bedridden, but it’s only temporary. And if it helps," he glances at you before returning his gaze to the glass flask, twisting the cork open. "I can tell you a tale while I apply this cream to your forehead." 

Silently, you nod, trying to focus on Shigaraki but it’s rather hard when your heart is pounding your ears. 

"Very well then." He plunges his fingers into the flask and pulls them out covered in the cream, placing the flask on your drawer before leaning forward. His hair tickles your chin as he leans forward, and the faint scent of mint sweeps over your senses. It must be from his bathing oils. It’s a pleasant smell, and you find yourself slightly craving for more. Before you can dwell more on it, Shigaraki’s voice floods your ears as his fingers rub the cream on your face.

“There was once a young boy named Tenko Shimura. He came from a family of peasants, of the poorest and most miserable kind. But he was happy because he had his family. And just like any other family, the Shimura family had problems. Tenko’s father despised him because he resembled his father’s mother, who had left him at a young age to join the knights of the kingdom. And when things got worse for his family, they began to pray to the gods. They prayed for a blessing, for anything to change their lives." Shigaraki paused for a moment, a shaky breath leaving his lips as his fingers applied the cream to your face. "And their prayers were heard. Dionysus, the god of wine and ecstasy, took pity on them. He granted Tenko a power that no man had ever possessed before- a golden touch." Your heart skips a beat at his words- a golden touch. There could be no one he could be talking about but himself. For a moment, you look up and meet his gaze- was this his way of narrating his past? Swallowing the lump that had formed in your throat, you nod to keep him talking. 

"But Dionysus was only toying with the Shimura family," a dry laugh leaves Shigaraki’s lips. "He never warned the family about the gift he had bestowed on Tenko. So one day, while Tenko was playing with his dog and his sister," you watch as Shigaraki’s face grows solemn, and you frown. "He touched them as he had always done before. But this time was different. He watched as his sister and his dog froze, his golden touch spreading across their body until all that was left were a pair of golden statues. He rushed into his home to tell his parents, confused and scared. And with a single tap of his hand, everyone he had loved turned to gold." Shigaraki’s voice grew low, and you strained your ears to listen carefully. Your heart grew heavy at his words, aching for him. 

"But then a strange man found him wandering the streets. He took him in, raised him, and gave him a purpose. That man is my father," the blue-haired man cleared his throat, glancing towards you. "Tenko grew up hating himself, hating what he had done. But Father gave him a new perspective; he could use his touch for other things. He transformed a monster into a king." Shigaraki sat back in his chair, placing the cream on the dresser. You felt your throat dry as you processed the information, a flurry of emotions swarming your mind and heart. 

After a few more seconds in silence, you lick your lips as you reach for Shigaraki’s hands, holding his gaze without hesitation.

“I can’t fathom the pain you must’ve felt, the pain that you carry within. But I can say one thing," hesitantly, you raise his hands to your mouth, pressing a soft kiss on them. “The man that stands before me is far away from being a monster. He is anything but a monster."

 Shigaraki chuckles, squeezing your hands. Even after kissing his hands, having him reciprocate your actions leaves your face warm and flustered. 

“You sure know how to make a man fall at your feet, don’t you?”

At his teasing tone, you smile mischievously as you drop his hands and lean back into the bed, attempting to look as smooth and suave as possible.

“Well, I’m glad to hear it’s working.” Your smile grows wider as Shigaraki smiles and laughs. You don’t think you’ve ever seen him like this- lips tugged upwards, eyebrows relaxed and the corner of his eyes crinkling. It’s a good look on him. 

“You have bewitched me, body and soul. And I wish to never be separated from you.” Your heart pounds in your chest, beating so loudly you can hear it echo in your ears. Butterflies swarm your stomach. And Shigaraki leans in, hand reaching for your left cheek, but just as his lips ghost over yours, a loud knock is heard at the door, and the two of you quickly break apart.

“I apologize for the intrusion,” one of the elderly maids says as she opens the door, carrying a tray of food. “But the maids of the palace have been very concerned for Lady Y/N, so we made some of the lady’s favorite meals and desserts.” Your face is practically on fire as she sets the tray of food on the dresser.

“Thank you very much, Chiyo.’’ You smile warmly at the elderly woman, who smiles back before leaving the room without another word. 

Once the door has been closed, your attention returns to Shigaraki, who’s already looking at you. Awkwardly, you clear your throat, and the lovesick feelings clear away for a moment, and a frown falls upon your face as you remember the events of the past days- or thereof, the lack of events. 

"If you love me, then why….why did you leave me alone for days? What was I supposed to think? If you return my feelings, then why avoid me?" You clench your fists as you try to not regret your words, hoping it won’t backfire. 

"I’m sorry. I know that was foolish of me- I know. But," he shakes his head, laughing dryly. "It took me a day or two to process your words. I never thought someone like you could be capable of loving someone like me." 

"What’s that supposed to mean?" You cross your arms over your chest almost defensively, and you’re not sure if you really want to know what he means. 

Hesitantly, Shigaraki reaches for your hand and you meet him halfway. He squeezes it tightly, and your cheeks go warm. He meets your gaze with an earnest look in his eyes and you might as well faint on the spot. 

"You deserve someone brought down from the heavens made just for you. I am nothing but a monster a step away from knocking on hell’s door." The self-deprecation that oozes from his words makes you scoff, shaking your head. Sitting upright on the bed, you cup the man’s face in your hands, observing him quietly. Your eyes rake over the strands of his light blue hair, the scars, and scratches on his face, his bright red eyes, and it steals your breath away. He lays still in your hands, but you can feel how his shoulders stiffen and you don’t like it. 

"Relax," you coo. Slowly, you reach a hand towards his hair and tuck it behind his ear, testing how far he’ll let you go. "Are you not comfortable around me?" 

"Why yes, I am comfortable with you." He clears his throat, and you smile at the tint of pink that litters his cheeks. 

"Then why must you stiffen? You can relax, I’m not here to interrogate you." You give him a lopsided smile, tilting your head to the side. Shigaraki swallows audibly, and your smile grows as he rolls his shoulders back and relaxes his posture. 

"I will try to relax... for you." Your heart warms at the last two words, a smile tugging your lips upward. How can one man steal your heart with such ease?

"I would kiss you right now, but as you can see, I’ve come down with a cold..." You sigh dramatically, releasing Shigaraki’s face as you lean back on the bed, but he scoffs, a coy smile taking over his lips before his hand reaches the back of your neck, tugging you forward.

"Like that’s going to stop me." He murmurs before his lips meet yours, crashing against each other and the two of you move in sync as if you’ve done this a hundred times before. You haven’t- but that doesn’t stop the wide smile that tugs at your lips, and the feeling of bliss that floods through your veins.

· ─────── ·

Shigaraki, despite his flaws and weaknesses, is an incredible ruler. You’ve never seen such a happy kingdom, a kingdom where practically all the citizens admire and appreciate their ruler. And it brings you joy, the way all the villagers are smiling, the way how every town of this kingdom seems alive. Though you’ve only stared and appreciated the towns through the palace’s windows, it seems that a particular someone has been noticing your escapades.

"Y/N," Shigaraki calls out and you turn around, back facing the window you had been gazing out of. You ignore how your heart skipped a beat for a second at the mere sight of him, and instead, you smile and lean against the wall.

“Hello, Shigaraki. What do I owe the honor of being blessed with your presence?” Dramatically, you bow before him, smile widening at the sound of Shigaraki chuckling.

“Come with me,” he outstretched his hand, holding a black cloak. “There’s something I want to show you.”

You raise a brow, glancing back at the window and returning your gaze to Shigaraki. “It’s nightfall,” you say slowly, hoping that’ll make the words register in his head. “And you want to leave, right now?”

The blue-haired man shrugs, a small smile tugging at his lips. “I don’t see why not. I am the king of this kingdom, no? I would like to believe I am free to do what I please and enjoy the presence of my queen.”

Huffing, you try to ignore the warmth of your cheeks as you grab the cloak and you quickly drape it over your head, similar to how Shigaraki is wearing it. 

“Take this too,” the man held out a white masquerade mask, outlined with a golden hue. “We don’t want to be recognized at this time.” You frown at his words. Where is he taking you that you must hide your identity?

“Shigaraki,” you speak up once you’ve put on the mask and you’ve taken his hand as he leads you out of the palace. “Where are we going?” The man only glances back at you, his red eyes gleaming as he smirks.

“Patience, Y/N. You’ll see soon enough. Oh, and,” he stops in his tracks and for a split moment, you see his face soften. “Call me Tomura.”

· ─────── ·

Racing past servants, the two of you quickly leave the palace and a sigh of relief escapes your lips once you’ve left the knights behind. Now that you’re out of the palace, you take a deep breath as you stare at your surroundings. You’re still in the open area of the palace, but you smile at the sensation of the fresh air billowing against you and you inhale the fresh air almost desperately. It’s been a while since you’ve been outdoors, away from all the pressures and rules within the palace. The sky is a dark blue and you spot hundreds of stars gleaming in the sky. 

“Are you done?” Shigaraki says at your side, sounding almost bored, and your face warms as you cough and lower your head. You forgot you weren’t alone.

“Of course,” you murmur, and the man chuckles before taking your hand, squeezing it gently. 

"Don’t say my last name or my title outside of the palace, alright?" He whispers, and you nod silently. The two of you walk in prolonged silence, but you don’t mind and you eventually reach the entrance of a town. Though the sun has fallen, the town is still lively as ever. Torches brighten the entrance, and you watch with parted lips as dozens of villagers bustle through, the chattering of townsfolk reaching your ears. But what really leaves you speechless is the sight within the town, a few more feet ahead. On a wooden stage, dozens of villagers cheer as two men perform on the stage, juggling sticks that had both ends on fire. Wow.

Shigaraki huffs in amusement at your reaction, before leading you towards the stage. You keep your gaze lowered, afraid that you’ll be recognized, but you two seem to blend in with the crowd of cloaked folks and cheering villagers. Relieved, your shoulders relax as you gaze up towards the stage, jaw slackened in shock.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” Shigaraki whispers in your ear, his warm breath, and plump lips brushing against the shell of your ear, and you shudder. You’re surprised how clear you’re able to hear him over the cheering crowd, but you nod in response, smiling. 

“Those two individuals were rescued on a mission that happened years ago. They were found on the kingdom’s borders, a pair of abandoned and helpless little boys. We took them in and gave them home in this town and they grew up to be excellent fire eaters.” Right before you can question the title, you gasp loudly as the two performers shove burning sticks into their mouths for a split second, blowing out roaring flames. The crowd cheers and you laugh and clap alongside everyone else. 

Soon enough the performance ends, and the crowd begins to disperse. Shigaraki takes your hand and leads you out of the crowd, and you feel your heart pounding loudly as ever, recovering from the commotion. 

“What do you think?” His arm goes to your waist, holding you flush against his body, but with all the moving crowds and strangers, you don’t mind.

“That was amazing,” you admit, one hand clinging to his cloak. “I had never seen fire eaters before.”

“Well, now you have,” you crack a smile at his words. “What do you want to do now? The town is having a festival, and the night is still young. There’s still plenty we can do.”

Shigaraki’s mere words shoot excitement into your veins, and you find yourself smiling as your stomach twists with excitement. 

“I’m not sure,” your eyes sweep over the area. There are so many booths, so many things to do that you can’t choose one. “Why don’t you surprise me?” You raise your gaze to meet Shigaraki’s, smiling as he raises a brow.

“Alright then.” A wry smile travels across his lips, and you wonder whether it was a good idea to hand over the reins to Shigaraki. “But first, I want you to taste the kingdom’s cuisine. Come, I know a pair of excellent food booths around here.” You smile as you take Shigaraki’s hand and he leads you through the crowds. Your body hums with energy and excitement. It’s been a while since you’ve had a night like this one; the fresh air howling in your ears, the night sky at your fingertips, and crowds of people keeping the night alive. 

Once you’ve pushed through the crowds, you feel your mouth water at the sight ahead of you. A handful of booths are set up and the loud noise of meat sizzling and vegetables being cooked reaches both your ears and nose. You take a long, greedy inhale, almost moaning at how delicious and enticing all the foods smelled. 

“I take it you’re interested in tasting some food?” Shigaraki’s teasing tone makes your face warm, and you quickly swallow before nodding, refusing to meet his gaze. 

“Yes, of course,” you quickly adjust your cloak as the two of you walk towards the brown booth ahead of you. “I must learn more about the kingdom, including its cuisine.” The king laughs at your justification, one arm going across your shoulders and you think you’re going to faint. He’s so warm, and so, so close to you. Your hands twitch, and you want to just reach over and kiss him, but it’s not a good idea in public. Instead, you lean into his side as the two of you reach the booth. A bald, middle-aged man and two younger men are fretting around, chopping up meat and vegetables, and you feel your mouth water at the sight of the shining, glistening meat and the perfectly roasted vegetables. 

“What would you like to order?” The blue-haired man whispers into your ear and you almost jump, distracted by the food. 

“Can you order for me?” You whisper in response, one hand gripping the sleeve of his cloak. “I am still unfamiliar with the cuisine of your kingdom.”

Nodding, Shigaraki leans over and speaks to the cooks, while your gaze drifts off to the scenery. Dozens of other booths surround you, and you smile at the sight of children squealing as they race past you. 

Once you receive your food, the two of you turn around and you stare down at the mysterious food you hold in your hands. It seems to be a piece of meat on a stick, cooked properly but soft enough to the point where the juices were still glistening and dripping from the stick. You quickly bite into it, the sensation and tastes making your knees weak

“Bless my soul! This tastes absolutely delicious,” you exclaim between bites and Shigaraki chuckles. Even as you continue to weave through the crowds of people, your teeth still latch onto the stick of meat, addicted to the taste.

“Say, what meat was I eating?” You mumble once you’ve finished the food and you hold Shigaraki’s hand as you arrive at another booth. 

“Enchanted deer meat,” he says nonchalantly as he pushes through the crowds of people until the two of you stand in front of the booth, and you nearly choke on air.

Enchanted deer meat?!” You squeak, feeling bile rise to your throat. “Aren’t the poor creatures endangered!?” 

The blue-haired man laughs loudly as you stare at him, baffled at how he can laugh at such solemn news. “Don’t fret. The Kingdom of Midas has since then begun to repopulate enchanted deer, and we have sanctuaries in the forest that are solely dedicated to their conservation, which have existed for dozens of years. Enchanted deer are anything but lacking here,” you hum, still unsure how to feel about eating enchanted deer.

“Well, if you say so.” You mumble before your attention quickly shifts to the cooks in the booth, watching as they use their knives at an impossibly fast speed, slicing up vegetables and fruits. 

You’re about to order another meal when you hear a shout and you’re quick to turn around, facing Shigaraki. 

“Oh, it’s the cavalry. Stay right here, I’ll be back.” The man squeezes your shoulders before slipping away, and you don’t like how your stomach begins to churn after he leaves- are you that dependent on him that you can’t stand being away from him? Good Lord, this isn’t good for you. But then you realize it may be reasonable, being stranded alone in a town you know nothing of, with a mask over your face that you shouldn’t take off. Swallowing nervously, you decide to wait for Shigaraki next to the booth, standing in the small crook that separates the booth from the other one. 

The sky grows darker, and you speculate that perhaps Apollo has spilled a bottle of black ink over the horizon. The thought makes you smile. You take in a deep breath when you hear a branch snap behind you. Freezing in your spot, you slowly begin to turn around but your eyes widen as a hand slaps against your mouth and you’re dragged backward, screams muffled by the stranger’s hand as you kick and struggle, desperate to break loose. A cloth is tied around your eyes and your heart races in your chest and fear pours into your veins.

The stranger continues to drag you away harshly, your shoes digging into the dirt before they finally release you, pushing you down onto your knees.

“You sure this is the one?” A rough, gruff voice speaks up, and your body trembles.

“Positive. She was with the king the entire time, it has to be her.” You still. Who were these people and how did they know your identity? 

“Very well then. Let’s begin.” The blindfold is ripped off your face, and you’re blinking at two men, both of them tall and menacing looking. You notice the swords that both of them carry, and you swallow nervously. The youngest one, a blonde with a plague mask, smiles before kneeling to your height. 

“Hey there, pretty lady,” the man coos, and you wrinkle your nose at the crazed look in his eyes. “It’s a shame we’ve been tasked to kill you, or else I would’ve kept you to myself.” Your heart skips a beat. Kill you? 

“Cut it with the sweet talk, Setsuno. Lord Overhaul told us to get this job over with as soon as possible.” The other man says, and you notice his strawberry blonde hair and the strange black plague mask that covers the entirety of his face. The blonde groans and your eyes drift between the two men as they unsheath their swords. 

“Whatever you say, Rappa. But no one said we couldn’t have a little bit of fun before we kill her,” he hums, and your heart races as your eyes widen with panic. “I love seeing the look of fear on a woman’s face right before I slit her throat!” A maniac laugh leaves Setsuno’s mouth, and you swallow nervously. He kneels to your height again, and you realize you need a plan. Quick, quick, do something-! You tug at the ropes around your wrists, pinning them behind your back as the blonde blabbers on but you can’t bother paying him attention. They didn’t tie your feet together, you note and an idea pops into your head. Trying to get the man’s attention even with a muffled mouth, the blonde seemed to notice you wanted to say something.

“Hmmm? My apologies, is there something you want to tell me?” His teasing tone has you gritting your teeth together, but you keep yourself together as you nod, beckoning him to get closer. Setsuno raises an eyebrow, before leaning forward, and you strike. Gritting your teeth as you brace yourself for the pain, you raise your head before slamming your forehead against the blonde’s, quickly scrambling on the ground before you get up on your feet, racing off. You grimace at the helplessness of your hands being tied, and your heart speeds up at the noise of footsteps closing upon you. Quickly scanning the area, you grow nervous as you don’t recognize your surroundings. God, where had they taken you? Breathing heavily, you continue to run until a heavy weight comes crashing down on you, and you groan as you feel the weight of a body pushing you down. 

“Not so fast now, lady.” Rappa, the one the blonde had talked to earlier, grumbles into your ear, and your stomach twists at the loud noise of a sword being drawn. Your heart stops at feeling the cold blade press against your throat. Oh no. 

The blade slides against your throat and blood begins to trickle out and you close your eyes as you brace for death to sweep you away but nothing happens. Instead, you hear a shout and feel a warm liquid pour onto your back. Rappa’s body grows still and is pushed to the side. 

Peeking one eye open, relief floods you at the sight of Shigaraki standing over you, breathing heavily as he holds a bloody dagger.

“Shigaraki!” You cry out as you stand up and Shigaraki quickly moves forward, eyes widening as he notices the large, bleeding gash across your neck. Your knees begin to feel weak and you sit down on the ground, feeling the dirt beneath you. 

“Heavens, this was stupid of me,” Shigaraki mumbles as he frets over the large gash on your neck and a small smile takes over your lips before you reach out and cup the man’s face in your hands.

“Hey, hey,” even with the pain that makes your neck burn, you muster a smile. Your vision is starting to get hazy, but you try to ignore it. “It’s okay. You didn't know this was going to happen- neither of us did. Let’s return to the castle, and call for the doctor. Please do not panic, love.”

“Alright, alright,” Shigaraki murmurs as he hooks an arm underneath your legs and another around your neck, hoisting you upwards in his arms. “Hang on tight, we’ll be there in no time.” You can only squeeze his arm as you try to blink away the black spots.

· ─────── ·

Slipping through consciousness and unconsciousness, you wake up to the sight of Shigaraki’s face hovering over you, eyebrows pinched and lips thinned.

“You shouldn’t do that so often, Shigaraki. Your face will be quite wrinkled as you age,” you murmur and he inhales sharply. You smile weakly despite the slight ache of your neck, and the king sighs. Then, he meets your gaze and manages a small smile. 

“You sure seem to enjoy worrying the hell out of me, Y/N.”

“Pardon?” You frown but feel your heart warm, glad that he’s well enough to jest. “It is not my intention, your majesty,” but you grin, lips curving upwards, and your smile grows when Shigaraki smiles back. 

“Mmm, are you sure about that?” He leans forward, lips ghosting over your ear and you hold in your breath. 

“Yes…” You barely manage to say, feeling your face grow warmer than the Toshinori Kingdom during the summer. Shigaraki inhales, and you feel as his warm breath leaves your face as he leans backward and hums.

“If you say so, then I will take your word for it.” There’s a lazy smile on his face that has you smiling as well. You try to sit up, but the sharp pain that shoots through your body has you grimacing. Shigaraki moves in a flash, gently pushing you back on the bed.

“You shouldn’t move. Those bastards sliced your throat, but they also left all kinds of bruises on your body,” and then the calm mood is quickly gone, and you swallow. “Tell me, what did they do to you?”

You sigh, one hand wrapping around Shigaraki’s forearm and giving it a gentle squeeze. “I’m fine, truly. I was waiting for you at the booth, but they appeared from the shadows and dragged me away. They tied me up and knocked me over quite a few times, but other than the gash on my throat, I’m fine.” You try to smile, but the events of that night are still flashing in your mind. What if Shigaraki hadn’t gone there in time? What if he had been just a second or two late, and instead of laying on an infirmary bed, you’d be on your deathbed? Your smile slightly falters and Shigaraki is quick to notice.

“I’m sorry,” he murmurs, eyes lowering. “This is my fault. If I hadn’t left your side, this wouldn’t have happened. It won’t happen again,” he meets your gaze again with an earnest look on his face and you smile. Your hand cups one side of his face. He leans into your touch, and your heart skips a beat. He’s so warm under your fingertips. 

“Do not blame yourself. You are a king, a powerful one at that. It would’ve been naive of us to think we would go unidentified.” Though your words weigh your heart down, you smile at him. Shigaraki seems to agree, as he frowns and nods.

“If I am a powerful king, then I should be able to protect you at all costs.” His eyes narrow, warmth slowly receding. Shigaraki rises from his chair, and you watch as the knights that were guarding the infirmary’s entrance quickly stand straight and salute their king. 

“Someone must’ve known we left the palace and decided to strike. But I was certain no one had spotted us,’’ Shigaraki growls, tugging at his hair. “Unless…” his eyes drift away, and you watch as his face hardens. “There’s a mole within the palace.”

“I need all the scouts, guards, and knights to be interrogated about their whereabouts last night, immediately!” The guards quickly nod, and you feel your stomach churn. “No one is leaving this palace until I have the mole’s head in my hand.” 

· ─────── ·

The next few days at the castle are strange, to say the least. Not that you particularly mind. With your injuries, Shigaraki has been paying special attention to you ( that’s saying a lot), and has barely left your side- only when he’s forced to. Soon enough your wound heals, and all that remains is a rather ugly-looking scar. You frown at the reflection of your scar in the mirror as the maids straighten out your dress, a few of them fiddling with the ribbon in your hair. Since you’re able to walk again and have no major inconveniences, Shigaraki has decided you two should have dinner. 

You feel a pair of rather cold hands gently place a piece of fabric around your neck, and your eyes widen as you meet Toga’s smiling gaze. Her movements are gentle and slow as she ties the necklace, and the action feels oddly intimate as if you two have been friends for as long as you can remember.

“I have a lot of scars, and I imagine that you mustn't like the sight of yours. You don’t have to hide it, but I would say it doesn’t hurt to have something pretty over it.” 

“Thank you,” you whisper as you stare at the necklace, a smile creeping onto your lips. And as Toga beams at your response, you can’t help but smile back.

· ─────── ·

Your heels clack against the marble staircase as you bunch up your dress in your hands, grumbling. Now that you’re actually walking in it, it’s quite impractical. 

But you suck it up and quickly reach the dining room. The table has already been set with a pearl white cloth draped over it and an assortment of mouthwatering meals on the table. And at the end of the table, Shigaraki sits with a scowl on his face. He seems to hear the click of your heels and meets your gaze and his face eases. He quickly rises from his seat and bows before you, and you giggle as you curtsy. You’re far past these formalities, but if he insists then you don’t mind following along.

“Good evening, my lord,” you smile and one of the servants draws the chair out for you, and after murmuring my thanks, you sit down. 

“That dress looks marvelous on you,” Shigaraki murmurs and sits after you’ve taken your seat. His compliment has your heart speeding up. You smile, fiddling with your gloved hands beneath the table.

“Thank you. Toga said you picked it out for me?” You raise an eyebrow, and Shigaraki’s eyes widen as his face reddens.

“That girl,” he growls and lowers his gaze. “I told her to keep the dress and the necklace a secret.”

You laugh at the newfound surprise, feeling far more delighted. “Oh? Is that so?” His eyes widen even more and it makes you laugh. “Why would you want to keep it a secret from me?”

He huffs, refusing to meet your gaze. “I am a king, I have no obligation to respond to such questions.” His childish response has you giggling, and eventually, you quiet down and he meets your gaze. Shigaraki’s face is still red, but the smile on his face has your face warming up as well.

· ─────── ·

The dinner goes smoothly and the meals served are absolutely delicious- you’ve had to close your jaw several times to avoid drooling over the tempting food. You taste as much as you can, ignoring Shigaraki’s amused gaze as he watches you eat. You still follow etiquette, of course, eating as elegantly as possible, but that won’t stop you from eating as much as you can.

You’re midway into a new meal when Kurogiri appears at the entrance of the dining hall. He bows before you two, and Shigaraki raises an eyebrow. 

“Pardon me for the interruption, my king and queen, but we have a visitor.”

Your husband furrows his eyebrows, setting down his cup on the table. “And is this visitor so important that our dinner had to be interrupted?”

You can’t tell the expression on Kurogiri’s misty face, but it looks like a grimace and he clears his throat. “My king, it’s your father.”

· ─────── ·

Wonderful. The one day Tomura plans a special dinner with you, his father decides to arrive unannounced. Rather abrupt and informal of him, but he tries not to think too much of it. The two of you walk towards the entrance of the palace, only for Shigaraki to spot his father walking up the same staircase you two had begun to descend from.

“Father!” His eyes widen at the sight of his father standing a few feet ahead of him. What is he doing here? His father had retired from the palace, so the mere presence of his father here means something’s wrong.

“Hello, my son.” His gaze drifts towards you, slightly bowing. “Lady Y/N.” 

“Greetings, my lord,” you murmur as you bow with a slight curtsy. Shigaraki tightens his arm around your waist, not liking the look in his father’s eyes. His father has never been the type to visit out of nostalgia or some sort of sentimental reason. 

“I apologize for my intrusion,” his father bows. “But news of Lady Y/N being attacked reached my ears, and I couldn’t stay a second longer without visiting you two. Are you faring well, my lady?” 

Shigaraki feels you hesitate, and he gently squeezes your side. “Yes,” you smile with that show-stopping smile that has Shigaraki’s knees wobbling, and he smiles too. “I am recovering quite well. I am touched by your concern, my lord. Thank you for visiting us.” You curtsy before Shigaraki’s father, and the older man hums in response. 

“I am glad to hear that. I wish you a speedy recovery, my lady. On another note,” Shigaraki doesn’t miss the way his father’s concerned gaze flickers towards him. “Could I have a word with you, son? In private.” 

Shigaraki swallows thickly, before nodding. He gives you one last smile before you curtsy and walk away, and his father begins to walk towards his former office- now Shigaraki’s.

Once the two of them have stepped into the office, his father closes the wooden door gently. Strangely, Shigaraki feels like he’s eight years old again, a weak and defenseless child.

“Word reached my ears that several of the palace’s artifacts have been stolen while Lady Y/N and you were absent from the palace. Care to explain?” Oh, for heaven’s sake. He’d forgotten about it, too caught up with watching you in the infirmary. After he brought you back to the palace, it was chaotic. Furniture was thrown everywhere, fearful maids hiding and some rooms completely ransacked. While he had taken you to the town, the palace had been robbed.

“I’m working on finding the culprits,” Shigaraki quickly responds, the words leaving his mouth with ease. “I’ve increased security around the palace’s perimeter, and the contractors are warier of who they allow into the palace.” His father sighs, and Shigaraki feels his chest tighten. 

“My son,” the older man murmurs as he walks towards the two seats in front of Shigaraki’s desk. Shigaraki follows suit and sits in his desk’s cushioned chair. “Have you considered the possibility that something else happened in the palace? Say, someone who’s been doing this right under your nose?”

“What are you suggesting, father?” Shigaraki chooses his words carefully, already disliking the direction his father is headed towards.

“Y/N. She’s the new variable in your life- an uncertain one at that. How have you come to trust her in such a short time? She's a liability, Tomura.”

“She's fine." Shigaraki hisses out the word, quickly on the defense, but then he falters and lowers his head. 

“I apologize, father. But I beg of you, Y/N is not an obstacle, nor a distraction. She...helps me," he admits, and his heart flutters. “I have never felt this way about a person before. I want to keep her at my side.”

His father sighs, and Tomura's heartbeat quickens. The sigh screams disappointment, and he wonders what he did or said wrong. Does he not approve of you? But his father arranged the marriage, so why is he opposed to the relationship now? 

“Do not let desire and love cloud your mind, son. Remember why Y/N is here. She is your wife, and the two of you are in an arranged marriage. Your marriage symbolizes the peace treaty between the Kingdom of Midas and the Yueei Kingdom. But remember, that's all she is. A peace treaty. You mustn't grow fond of her.” And the older man frowns, rubbing his chin. “I do not trust that woman. I fear that she is a scoundrel, a spy sent to learn the secrets and weaknesses of our kingdom. While the palace was attacked, you were away with her. For all we know, she wanted you to leave the palace so it would be left vulnerable and exposed.” And before Shigaraki can even protest against such an outrageous theory, his father places a heavy hand on his shoulder, smiling. But his smile is strained. 

“I only want what's best for you, my dear son. The fate of our kingdom lies in your hands. So please, reconsider my words. We shall resume our talk another time.” Shigaraki watches as his father leaves his office, and swallows. A bead of sweat travels down his forehead, and he sighs. 

· ─────── ·

When Shigaraki returns to you, he looks like he’s seen a ghost. His face is pale, a bead of sweat trickling down his forehead and when you reach to squeeze his arm, you notice how cold his arm is. He’s barely stepped through the doors of the library but you’re quickly rushing towards him, feeling your chest lighten at the sight of him. It tightens again at his appearance. 

“Shigaraki?” You murmur, looking at him with furrowed brows. “Are you alright? What happened?”

He murmurs something under his breath and he’s quickly swooping you into his arms as he takes a seat on one of the library’s cushions. You yelp with surprise, arms quickly looping around his neck as you hold on tightly. 

“I will tell you later,” he says, voice muffled as he buries his face into your neck. “Can I hold you for now, please?”

His act of intimacy has you slowly smiling and you press a kiss on the crown of his head as you nod. “Of… of course.” 

It’s still early in the day, and sunlight pours into the library as you gently brush your hands through Shigaraki’s baby blue hair, feeling at ease in his arms. You wish moments like these could last forever, but the ticking of the clock on the wall reminds you of otherwise. Instead, you smile and bask in the feeling of being in Shigaraki’s arms, of his warmth on yours and his body wrapped around yours. And you carve it into your memories, hoping to be able to preserve it forever. 

· ─────── ·

Today is the ball that celebrates the official crowning of Shigaraki. You wonder why there’s the need for so many balls, but as you choose pretty ribbons and soft cloths, you can’t find it in yourself to complain.

Tomura explains that the previous ball was a simple event to sign some treaties, but with this one, he’ll officially be recognized as the new king of the Midas Kingdom. He explains everything with a gleam in his eyes, and you listen with a smile on your lips.

You’ve fallen into a comfortable routine with the maids when it comes to balls- the maids bathe you in rich and luxurious oils and soaps and wash you off. Then they help you fit into your corset, followed by your dress for the day. Today, Toga whispers into your ear that your dress was hand-picked once again by Shigaraki, which has you smiling as your cheeks grow warm. But Toga’s whisper is not so subtle, as the maids surrounding you giggle as well, shooting you cheeky grins. 

But they don’t push the subject, which you appreciate. You focus on the light blue hue of the dress, the lace v-collar that’s slightly revealing, but it has you feeling confident in your skin. Once you’re ready to go, you give the maids a small spin with a grin, before opening the door as someone knocks. You meet your husband’s widened gaze, a small grin crawling your lips as you hear him breathe sharply and freeze.

But he’s quick to regain his composure and he slowly kneels, reaching for your hand as he places a small and soft kiss on it. You try to ignore how your heart speeds up as he rises to his full height and towers over you, one hand sneaking around your waist as he leans forward and whispers into your ear.

“You look absolutely enchanting, m’lady,” his warm breath fans your ears, and you hope he doesn’t feel the sudden warmth of your cheeks. 

“Thank you,” you murmur, slowly growing confident as he steps away with a light pink blush on his cheeks. One of the maids giggles behind you and then you remember the two of you aren’t alone. Clearing your throat, you step forward and loop your arm through Shigaraki’s, beaming up at him.

“Well then, we should leave soon. It would be untimely for the host of his ball to be late, would it not?”

· ─────── ·

You had never imagined yourself dancing on shiny floors far more expensive than the ones back in the Yueei Kingdom; to wear silks so rich and luxurious they should be preserved in a glass frame- not on your body, nor did you ever imagine dancing with Shigaraki Tomura, ruler of the Kingdom of Midas, but sometimes life takes unexpected twists. Pleasant twists, you think with a smile. 

One of Shigaraki’s hands is on your waist while the other holds your hand as he leads you across the ball’s dancefloor, the ghost of a smile on his lips. His warm body is pressed flush against yours, golden crown shining under the diamond chandelier. His grip is firm but comfortable and in a certain way, you feel safe. In his arms, in his embrace. 

It doesn’t help that he’s so captivating to look at. His red eyes gleam when he smiles, cerulean blue hair constantly stealing your attention. You don’t know if it’s normal to be so in love with one person. But you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Soon enough, the melodious song comes to a stop and the two of you walk away from the crowd of dancing people. You’re silently thankful, the aching of your feet slowly catching up with you. 

“A coin for your thoughts, m’lady?” His gloved hand intertwines with yours as you sit on the throne next to his. You smile at his words, turning to look at him.

“Can’t a lady just be happy because she’s spending time with her husband?” You almost purr the words, giggling at Shigaraki’s immediate reaction- his eyes widen as his face blooms with red, and you have to clasp your hand on your mouth to avoid laughing even more.

“Of-of course she can,” he stammers as he tugs at the collar of his dress shirt, trying to find something to occupy his hands with. You let out a small snicker and Shigaraki snorts, eventually joining you in laughter.

The ball seems to stretch on for hours, which you don’t mind too much. Eventually, you find yourself sitting at a horizontally long, rectangular table when Shigaraki rises from his seat, golden cup held in his hand.

“I want to give everyone a warm welcome and thanks for attending today’s ball. Today, we commemorate an important event in the history of the Kingdom of Midas. I, Shigaraki Tomura, am the kingdom’s new reigning king. I promise to uphold the kingdom’s glory. I swear to protect and provide for all my subjects but I ask for your loyalty and support. And I hope for this to be a period of glory and abundance for our kingdom. Let the feast begin!”

A roar of applause and cheers goes around in the dining hall, and you smile, ready to dig into your food before Shigaraki raises his hand and clears his throat.

“I have one last announcement to make. I’m sure many of you have already met her at our wedding, but I ask everyone to give your queen, Y/N L/N, a warm welcome to our kingdom.”

Your eyes widen, jaw slackening as Shigaraki shoots you a small smile before the entire crowd bursts once again into cheers, hundreds of claps echoing in the room/

You smile so wide you feel like your cheeks are about to fall off, but as you stare at the beaming faces of everyone in the room, you can’t stop smiling.

· ─────── ·

Shigaraki wonders whether he deserves a life like his. A life where he has gold at the tip of his fingers, a life where he has you.

He can’t stop staring at you from his throne, watching as you smile and socialize with some of the nobles and his subjects. You give everyone the same dazzling smile that almost has him on his knees, starstruck. He vaguely wonders if you have a warlock working for you, holding him in a love spell. Even if you did, he’d never want it to end. 

A few more hours pass by in a flash and the sky has darkened to an ivory black, stars littering the sky. You’re talking to some musketeers, a group of five that are particularly loud. But Shigaraki notices the exhaustion on your face that you desperately try to hide, and he decides to step in. Weaving through crowds who instantly break apart to make way for him, he quickly reaches you and wraps his hand around your wrist. 

“Pardon my interruption,” he nods in acknowledgment at the group, before returning his attention to you. “But I have to steal Lady Y/N for a second or two. Please excuse us.” Before you can even ask what he’s planning to do, Shigaraki whisks you away into one of the many balconies, gently closing the two glass doors behind you two.

“Tomura? Is something wrong?” You murmur, brows furrowed together. Shigaraki is quick to shake his head, reaching for one of your hands as he rests his arms on the balcony’s railing. 

“Not at all,” he mumbles, eyes fixated on the night sky. “I thought you looked exhausted and could use a break from all the noise and people.” 

“Oh,” you murmur as you step forward, and he feels the warmth of your body pressing against his. “That is very thoughtful of you. Thank you.” He hums in response, fingers tracing over your intertwined hands. 

“You look stunning tonight,” he says the words he’s been holding in the entire evening, feeling his heart race at the smile that grows on your lips. 

“You think so?” You step forward, hands reaching around his neck. “I’m glad to hear that.” He feels his face grow warm, head growing fuzzy at having you so close to him.

He clears his throat, hands gripping the railing. But before he could even respond, the glass doors swing open and the two of you quickly break apart and stare at Dabi.

“The kingdom is under attack,” Dabi’s hands are extinguishing icy blue fair, eyes narrowed. “We need you.”

What? Shigaraki’s mind is racing but he rushes forward, gloves quickly disposed of. He glances back at you and then at Dabi. “Take her to the safe house. Immediately.” He rushes off before you can stop him and though regret begins to bubble in his stomach, he ignores it as he runs past crowds of retreating and screaming people. When did this happen!?

Then he sees them. A mass crowd of masked and cloaked individuals, each of them bearing deadly-looking swords and daggers. There are already a dozen bloody bodies on the floor, and the sight makes his stomach twist. Those bodies are his people. 

He rushes forward; Twice, Spinner and Toga somehow finding their way to him. Twice’s daggers are already unsheathed, Spinner’s katana drawn out and Toga leaps and dodges past the attackers, her small knives already embedded on some of their falling bodies. 

“Find me their leader!” He shouts to Twice and Spinner who quickly nod. “They’re not leaving alive.”

· ─────── ·

Shigaraki’s body is aching and protesting as he storms forward, eyes narrowed on the kneeled individual. But he can’t stop now, no matter how much he wants to. He has to finish this off and return to you- he has to make sure you’re safe. His mind hasn’t been able to get off you, hoping and praying that Dabi is keeping you safe. He doesn't know what he’ll do if you aren’t.

Strangely enough, there’s no one else in the room. The individual, a middle-aged man with a balding head, stumbles backward, eyes widened.

“Look what we have here,” Shigaraki clicks his tongue, digging his nails into his palms. “A filthy traitor.”

“Shigaraki? It’s just me. What are you talking about?”

A sharp laugh escapes his lips, bitter and rough. He’s had enough of this. Shigaraki is tired of the worries that burden his shoulders, of the fear of losing you every day. He’s going to put an end to this. He’d rather kill himself before letting anyone harm a single hair on you.

“I’ve had enough of you and your games. You’ve been putting my kingdom at risk, my people. Do you know how many of my people you murdered today? Usually, I’d take my sweetest time on you, torturing you until you’re begging for death, but you’re not worth my time.” The man doesn’t even have time to sob before Shigaraki wraps one hand around his neck, and he stops breathing. 

Shigaraki watches as his golden touch spreads across the traitor's body and watches as his face is forever framed in an expression of terror and pain. It's an expression he's seen far too many times in his life. So why does his heart feel so heavy? 

His heart's racing a thousand miles per hour until it drops to the bottom of his stomach. His tunnel vision begins to clear, illusions and tricks quickly untangling. 

You. The statue of your body stands a few feet away from him, face frozen with fear, a tear trailing down your cheek. Your arms are outstretched, hands raised in surrender. What? 

No....he thinks. It can't be. No, no, this doesn't make sense- he touched the traitor, the bastard that dared attack his kingdom. Then why is he staring at the face that captured his heart? Where has gone the man that he turned to gold? 

“No, no,” he's scrambling around, gently and carefully holding your statue, hands trembling as he cups your golden cheeks in his hands. He needs to do something. This can't be happening, he would never do this to you- you can't leave him! No, no, he needs you. You can't do this to him, you can't leave...

But then he feels his father behind his shoulder, and the man sighs as he squeezes Shigaraki's shoulder. He’s too distraught to even think about when his father got here. 

“She was a distraction. Y/N was getting in your way of conquering the Yueei Kingdom.”

Shigaraki hears everything and nothing. His ears are ringing, hands trembling as he drops to his knees. He feels numb, yet feels the aching of his heart. He can't speak, can't utter a single word but feels the screams that are lodged in his throat.

“I asked a witch to place a glamour spell on her. I know you wouldn't have done it if you had known it was Y/N,” and the man rubs Shigaraki's shoulder, in a faux attempt of comfort. “My son, you have always been....compassionate. This is a weakness of yours. If you allow it to fester your soul, you will grow weaker. The Kingdom of Midas will be in ruins. You will be overthrown as the king. You don't want that now, do you?” Shigaraki has no strength to respond. He's staring down at the floor, at your dress and heels that have been turned into gold. Shigaraki can barely focus on his father’s words when blood roars in his ears and when his chest hurts so much he almost doubles over. 

“Do not worry, my son. I will have more women for you, women far more enticing than Y/N. And remember,” Shigaraki is returned to reality when he feels his father's arms around his trembling form, feeling as heavy and trapping like a pair of chains. Trapping him in a life without you. As tears fall across his cheeks and the last bits of Shigaraki's heart are shattered to pieces, his father's next words echo in his head. 

“In the end, you have no one but me.”

Shigaraki forces out a bitter laugh and it feels quite fitting for the occasion. His heart is aching so much he feels like he’s going to die while his father's words are burned into his memory, just like the sight of your fear-stricken face and your golden body glinting in the sunlight. 

Chapter Text

↪ Kirishima Eijirou 

  • As your boyfriend, Kirishima is 100% committed and devoted to you. He worships the ground you walk on (as he should!) You want some ice cream? You're getting some ice cream. You're sad? Not on his watch! He'll be quick to cuddle and do whatever to please you.
  • So your birthday is no exception from his devoted gestures. He'll prepare a surprise birthday party for you at the U.A. dorms. To amp the shock factor, he'll have everyone somewhat pretend they forgot your birthday (he'll be apologizing SO much for it afterward) and that everyone just agreed on going out, leaving you two alone in the dorms. 
  • He'll greet you with a good morning kiss, give you a bouquet of either snacks or flowers (I'd say go with the snack bouquet) and he'll tell you to dress 'cause he's taking you out. Where, you may ask? Guess you'll have to wait and see.
  • Once you're all dolled up, he'll take you to a nice and fancy restaurant and you can eat to your heart's content! Kirishima will notice if you're feeling down because your friends forgot it was your birthday (or so you think...) and will be quick to reassure you. (It helps that he knows everyone is back at the U.A. dorms, preparing the surprise party but you don't need to know that yet!) 
  • When the two of you are done eating, he'll take on you on a small walk before he orders another cab to take you two back but to your surprise, your sweet and loving boyfriend blindfolds you the moment you step into the car. Don't freak out yet- he's not kidnapping you, per se! Just trust him and everything will be just fine.


''Kirishima...'' you carefully choose your words, wondering what your boyfriend is plotting. ''Why am I blindfolded? What are you up to?''

You can hear the redhead nervously laugh as he guides you to wherever you two are, one hand settled on your hips while the other holds your hand.

''Don't worry! I just wanna give you one last gift. Watch where you step!'' You snort and hear him open a pair of doors before rushing you inside. ''Okay. On the count of three, I'm taking off your blindfold.'' You cross your arms, excited yet anxious about what you're soon to witness.

''One...'' the cloth begins to loosen around the back of your head. ''Two...'' Kirishima slowly lowers it. ''Three!'' The blindfold is ripped away and then you're blinking quickly as your classmates jump out of nowhere and scream with delight.

''SURPRISE! Happy birthday!''

It takes you a minute to process what's going on. You're in Class 1A's dorms and all your classmates are grinning with party hats on their heads. Mina and Uraraka are holding a huge cake, Denki and some other boys are hoisting a considerable amount of gifts and Tsuyu is crawling on the wall, where a huge poster reads "HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y/N!"

Kirishima's holding you tight from behind, his face buried in your neck. You're shell-shocked, to say the least.

''What's...all of this?'' You can't fight back smiling even if you try. ''You guys did this for me?''

''Of course, we did!'' Mina says eagerly and with Momo's help, the three girls place the cake on the diner table. ''Kirishima told us about his plan a month ago and we got to work, ordering birthday supplies and learning how to bake with Bakugou's help.'' Said blonde simply grunts before slinking into the kitchen, which makes you snort.

''Aw...'' you turn to look at Kirishima, who's smiling at you widely. But there's a hint of nervousness on his face. ''So, do you like it?"

You wrap him in a hug and he's frozen in shock for a second before hugging you back. ''I love it.'' When you press a kiss on his lips, you hear some cheers and wolf-whistles while Kirishima's face grows red. You snicker but he's quick to kiss you back before wrapping you in a tight hug that lifts you from your feet.

''Okay, okay! You can put me down now!'' You laugh and the redhead beams at you before reaching for your hand.

''I'm glad you like it! Couldn't give my girl anything but the best for her birthday.''

↪ Bakugou Katsuki 

  • Okay so I haven't written for Bakugou for a while but here we go. When dating Bakugou, it's probably a whole-ass process. The time he takes warming up to you, tolerating you (because let's be real, for a while he doesn't even know you exist), then stepping into the friendship zone, and from there it grows into much more.
  • Once you two are dating? Bakugou is much more open and relaxed with you, though he still has a reputation™ to keep up so don't expect him to be too affectionate in public. 
  • He will still show he cares for you in other ways, like making sure you've drunk enough water throughout the day, eating your meals, and making you're sure you're taking care of yourself. On some mornings, he'll wake up before anyone else in the U.A. dorms and make you some breakfast (he will deny this if you ever mention it to someone LMAO). 
  • So when it's your birthday, you feel like it'll be any other day. Sometimes Bakugou will do some heartfelt gestures but it's not daily so you're not sure what to expect on your birthday. But Bakugou is your boyfriend after all and he's determined to make sure he's the best boyfriend in all of Japan! 
  • He'll start with making a five-star, practically gourmet breakfast in bed and once you're done eating, he'll nag and rush you like your mom so you hurry up, shower, and get dressed because he's taking you out. And he's not taking no for an answer >:( (that's his happy face /j)
  • He thinks your birthday is a special event that should be celebrated between you two, plus he's low-key a hermit so he's not too keen on having a big party with your friends or anything. 
  • First, he'll take you out to your favorite food place, whether it's a fast-food restaurant or a classy and upper-class restaurant or whatsoever. Then he'll hand you over some gifts you have no idea where they came from and insists that you open them. (Surprise, he got you all the things he's seen you eyeing in stores but never actually bought) 
  • At this point, you're supposed to tell him how he's such an amazing boyfriend (believe it or not he needs reassurance too, though he won't admit it) and he's expecting some kisses too. Mans will be like 🤨 🧍♂️ waiting for his kiss HAHAHA
  • Once you're tired and you wanna go back to the dorms, he'll pass by a bakery and buy you a cake then the two of you will head back. 
  • Since it's your special day and all, Bakugou sucks it up if your friends want to spend time with you, throw you a party or something. It might not be his vibe but it's your day so he'll do everything in his power to spend it with you :,)

↪ Denki Kaminari 

  • Will be the definition of going over the top and mayhaps failing miserably. But it's the thought that counts...right? 
  • With one or two months beforehand, he'll get everyone together to help him organize the best birthday party in Japanese history! There'll be food, snacks, cake, some questionable water guns and so much stuff! But Denki isn't the best at organizing so unless someone like Iida, Midoriya or Momo help him organize, things might go sideways. 
  • Bakugou might even step in and say he's tired of seeing dunce face stress over it (but really it's because he won't admit he cares for you as a friend and is willing to help organize your birthday party) 
  • Denki will probably want to get a DJ too and then Bakugou will knock some sense into him (where the hell are we going to fit the equipment within the dorms!?) 
  • I think Denki likes gift-giving so before it's even close to your birthday, he'll be buying you small gifts that grow into a pile of gifts throughout time (that's if he's not broke though, sometimes he'll splurge his money a little too much and then his wallet's empty 😨) 
  • But regardless of money Denki will make sure you have a blast and that you'll have fun and enjoy your birthday :))
  • Once the day's over, he might even show up on your dorm bed, wearing his uniform but a rose between his lips but he looks so silly in the awkward position he's in that you end bursting into laughter, mildly offending him before you kiss him and his heart skips a beat. 
  • The day will end with the two of you snuggling in bed, watching any movie you pick while stuffing your faces full with chips and other unhealthy snacks that are way too good to resist >:)

Chapter Text

You've always had a way with words. They slip from your tongue as smooth as butter, and the effect they have on people is amazing. Just the sweet lull of your voice can have someone flustered and stumble over their words. Your best friend (and crush, but he doesn't need to know that), Denki Kaminari, is not exempt from being affected by your words. He's had the most uninhibited reactions to your words you've ever seen- you love seeing his face grow warm and red, watching him act shy and flustered. 

His reactions are so sweet and delightful that you can't get enough of them. It's become a dynamic and a daily routine in your friendship with him; you fluster him with your words and drink in his reactions with delight. You know Denki thinks you like to make him suffer, but you only do so because his reactions are the cutest thing you've ever witnessed. But you don't mind misleading him, as long as it'll keep your crush under the blankets.


''Yo, Denki. I have a question.'' The U.A. hallways have grown mostly empty, so you strike.

''Sure, what's up?'' You almost snicker at how casual and relaxed he sounds, unaware of what's about to hit him.

''You know, I think I've been hallucinating these days...or have you always been so gorgeous?''

He sputters, face blooming red and you resist the urge to kiss him. Instead, you beam and ignore how your heart races when he shoots you an embarrassed smile.  


''That's so cute!'' The blonde gushes over the Pikachu plushie on the window display while you watch him with amusement, hands in your jeans pocket as you lean forward and whisper in Denki's ear.  

''You're cute.'' 

He freezes for a long time, and his neglected ice cream melts and splatters on the ground. He's quick to notice, groaning. But you don't miss how his cheeks are a tinge of pink.

''Aw man, my ice cream!'' You bite down a laugh of both endearment and joy. Coming to the mall with Denki is always entertaining, one way or another. 

''Don't worry, I'll buy you a new one.'' You beckon him forward and the blonde cheers, unexpectedly rushing forward to grab your hand. The mention of ice cream seems to have helped him overcome his previous embarrassment, too excited at the prospect of free food. 

''Sweet, let's go!'' Denki drags you away, unaware of how warm your face has gotten. You're silently thankful that he never turns around to see your flustered face or that he can't hear your pounding heart. 


''Aw, they only have strawberry and blueberry. What should we get?''

''Why not both? Do you think if we make out long enough we'll make our tongues purple?" The words leave your lips without hesitation, but they're bolder than usual. Even your face grows warm while Denki's eyes widen. He clears his throat, choking out a nervous laugh before rubbing the back of his head but you notice how his face blooms red.

''C'mon Y/N! You- you can't just tell a guy that...'' His reaction pays off, and your embarrassment is quick to dissipate as you smile at the blonde's reaction.


''Bakugou, I've had just about enough!'' Denki whines as he flops on the blonde's bed, ignoring the disgruntled expression on his friend's face. 

''Enough of what?'' Kirishima pipes in, sitting next to Denki. Bakugou mutters something under his breath that sounds like- who gave you two dumbasses permission to lounge in my bedroom- but he crosses his arms and leans back in his desk chair, gesturing for Denki to continue. 

''Y/N's teasing. Don't get me wrong, I love talking to them... but all the teasing and flirting they do makes me only get my hopes up. I don't understand, do they like me or not?'' 

Bakugou snorts, rolling his eyes. ''Dunceface, I can't tell who's dumber, you or Y/N. You're both into each other, and it's so obvious that it's painful! Just ask them out and get it over with.'' 

Denki is quick to shake his head, frowning. He's got no solid proof that you return his feelings; your teasing could merely be jokingly. 

''There's no way. But anyway, that's not my point here. They makes me flustered so easily, and I can't do the same with them. Dirty jokes, silly gifts- nothing! I can't do anything to pull a reaction from Y/N...'' Kirishima hums thoughtfully, equally as stumped as Denki. But then Bakugou groans and rises from his seat, dusting off his sweatpants.

''Well, isn't it obvious? You still haven't tried one thing,'' he shoves his hands into his pockets and Denki raises an eyebrow.

''What thing?'' Now he's interested. Bakugou snorts, shaking his head. 

''Being physically affectionate, dumbass.''


''Good morning!'' Denki is particularly cheerful as he slides into his seat next to yours. You smile and say good morning back. As you dig into your backpack for your notebook and supplies, you stiffen at the sensation of something brushing against your back. What was that? Slowly, you raise your gaze. Denki smiles casually, acting as if his arm isn't resting on the back of your seat and his hand is on your shoulder. 

''What...are you doing?'' You speak slowly, body stiff and tense. Despite being best friends, you rarely touch Denki if it isn't necessary. His touch makes your heart race, goosebumps rising on your skin. You hope he won't notice. 

''What do you mean?'' He shoots you that heart stopping grin of his, playfully tilting his head to his side. He scoots closer to you, his chair screeching on the floor. You're glad that everyone else in your classroom is preoccupied with their conversations, or else you would be dying from embarrassment. 

''Whatever,'' you grumble and try to brush off your embarrassment, but your mouth feels dry. Your heart is racing in your ribcage. And for the rest of your first period, you can't focus on anything but Denki. 


''Hey! What are you eating?'' Denki slides into the seat next to yours, one of his hands intertwining with yours. The spoon with rice that was about to meet your lips clatters onto the table as you almost choke on air, face growing warm. 

''Are you okay? What's the problem?'' The blonde asks innocently, but you know he's aware of what he's doing. Giving him a stink eye, you grab a napkin and try to regain your composure, ignoring how warm and soft his hand feels.

''Nothing,'' your voice is slightly muffled by the napkin and you exhale, dropping it on the table. Denki's gaze is directly on your face and you don't know how you're supposed to handle it.

''Oh, you've got something on your face...'' his voice drifts off as his eyes lower to your lips, and you watch him swallow audibly. ''What is it?'' Your voice lowers so it only reaches Denki's ears, and he clears his throat before leaning forward.

''Let me get it for you.'' You nod, expecting to feel his thumb brush against your cheeks or something. What you don't expect, however, is feeling soft lips pressed against yours. 

Your eyes go wide and your body goes rigid. Denki quickly pulls away, his cheeks blooming red and he looks equally as dumbfounded as you.

''I'm so sorry!'' He sputters, waving his hands frantically. ''I wasn't thinking, I just leaned forward and-,'' you pull him by his collar before he can finish talking, determined to get your payback. You move your lips against his and he quickly melts into the kiss, his hands settling on your waist. When you pull away, he whines at the loss of contact and you giggle.

''This isn't fair, I was supposed to make you flustered! Not the other way around,'' he frowns, and you can't help but smile at how cute he looks. 

''I'm sorry,'' you grin before pulling him forward. ''Can I make it up to you?''  He's quick to nod, eyes wide and pleading. You laugh at his eagerness, lips quirked upward before you lean forward again, craving to feel his lips against yours.