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twin beds

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“Rosemary,” Laura said, “my arm’s asleep. And you’re snoring.”

Rosemary turned her face into Laura’s chest, with the little pout that always appealed to Laura despite her own better judgement. “But I’m comfortable.”

“Go be comfortable in your own bed,” Laura said, ruthlessly, and tried to extricate her arm. “This one isn’t big enough for both of us.”

“It was big enough for both of us a little while ago,” Rosemary said, sounding more awake now.

Laura tried to stay stern. “That’s beside the point. When you’re awake, you’re welcome to share. When you’re asleep, you snore and kick. I swear, I’ll end up pushing you out onto the floor one of these days.”

Rosemary raised her head. “Well, then,” she said, snuggling closer and leaning in, “sounds like I’ll have to stay awake.”

They had an early job the next morning – but oh well, what was one more hour? Laura succumbed to the temptation of sleepy kisses, and pulled the duvet up over them both.