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A bond between a human and a devil.

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Hage Village

It was the morning in the Clover kingdom, everyone thought it would be a normal one but not today. Why ? In the little village of the Forsaken Realm which was near the borderline between the kingdom and the neutral territory, two baskets with two baby boys were in front of the church of the poor village.

The cries of those two boys woke up Father Orsi, the one in charge of the church and he brought them inside. Once there, he used his fire magic to light a fire to at least give some comfort to the babies and calm them down.

"Are they brothers ?" he asked himself "No, this one has black hair and is a calm one while the other is energetic and has silver ash hair. Let's see your names..."

The father started with the one who was asleep and saw his name by retiring a little the blanket "Yuno... And you little one, what is your name ?" he said with a smile, wanting to do the same thing with the other but the baby kicked him in the face and Orsi found himself on the ground. But another surprise awaited him.

"Damn, kiddo... Only a baby and already throwing kicks to everyone ? I wasn't sure but now I don't regret having chosen you ! You'll be a great warrior and even more with me by your side !"

The father stood up, not without grimacing and holding his jaw but he blinked twice to be sure it didn't dream. Next to the basket of the silver ash haired baby was a small flying figure: a violet aura was surrounding his black pitched body, He had a pair of black wings which looked like the wings of a bat and black and purple flames engulfed the lower part of his body, hiding his feets. His hair was disheveled, two horns could be seen on the sides of his forehead and his hands were actually claws. One of his fingers was caught in the hands of the baby who was happy to play with it if Orsi believed the happy screams of the baby.

"A spirit !? With a baby !?" yelled Orsi at the top of his lungs. Being chosen was something to be proud but also rare so a spirit choosing a baby and staying with said baby as it grows up ? That would be a first time.

"What is the problem of me being a spirit ? Would it change everything ? Absolutely not ! And no matter what people will say about me or this kiddo, I will stay at his side until his death."

"Do you know who his parents are ?"

"Are you dumb or being old is starting to reduce your brains !? Leaving their child is hard for all the parents and the kiddo's parents ? They had their own reasons to leave him and this is not your business. Kiddo's the only one to know everything when it will be the right moment." explained the spirit

"Can you, at least, tell me his name ?" asked gently Orsi

"Why the humans are always lazy as fuck ? With how he doesn't stop- Did you really bite my finger !?" he exclaimed as he looked at the baby "As I was saying, since he doesn't stop moving, you should be able to see his name..." he finished.

The father did what he was told and looked to the clothes on the baby. A smile appeared as he read the name chosen by the parents of this boy.

"Asta... Asta and Yuno... You are now brothers even if blood bond isn't between you. You are welcome in the family. For you as well.... I don't think I know your name...



First... Wow, I didn't expect humans to be that stupid but to the point they'll call a devil a spirit ? Now that's a new level ! But fuck it, I'll roll with it. Secondly... A name ? If I use my devil name, it could become dangerous for me and my host. Damn, woman, you could have pick up a name for me... thought the devil

If he was honest, he didn't expect a portal towards the human realm being open in the Underworld and near his position. The last one to have left the Underworld was Zagred but no one had news of him during 500 years which enraged the demon king. All the demons were waiting for one thing: To walk freely in the human realm and kill every humans who wouldn't be a host for a devil.

While he wanted to see the world of the humans like the others, he also had other reasons: in his world, everyone looked down on him because of his magic or more exactly of his anti magic which could kill demons and the fact he was one of the lowest devil in their ranking system didn't help... If only they let him fight to show his potential but no... So he swore to himself he will make them pay when he'll have the perfect host, someone being born with no mana at all which could be difficult to find but fate has always something on his sleeves.

However a devil can only enter the human realm for two reasons, three if he counted the legend of the Qliphoth tree. Reason number one is someone in possession of a four leaf grimoire falls in despair which turns the four leaf into a five leaf and the devil can take control of the body. Reason number two: someone decides to summon a devil by making some sort of sacrifice and seal the big deal. For him, it was the latter.

Actually he wasn't the one to be summoned but a high ranked one however being a low devil has his perks and one of them is having less presence or even no presence at all. With this advantage, he flew up towards the exit faster than his senpai since the other was ranting on how it is his chance to be in the favors of their king unlike Zagred. At least his superior had learned a lesson, less talking, more action and never do monologue in an important moment and also the superior demon might be angry against him. However he didn't think he would have ended with a small physical body and only a little part of his powers, the rest being in Asta but also to stay with the baby and his parents until...

What am I thinking !? I don't have time for this, I should elaborate a plan on how to show them my strength but I'm stuck with a baby ! He will grow up and I could take control of his body if I manage to stop him creating bonds with anyone but still.... A fucking baby !!! And why did she name him Asta if it was to link him to a... Devil....

He repeated the last line of his thought endlessly until he grinned, realizing he had a good idea on what should be his name in this world.

"Roth... My name is Roth." he answered to the father of the church.

"Welcome in the family, Roth." replied Orsi.

Asta the human and Roth the anti-magic devil... If he fuse their names it would form the name Astaroth, an ancient and powerful demon who existed a long time ago. When he will be in control he will use this name to not forget his host, the only one who could welcome his powers and enact his revenge on the demon world.

They won't know what hit them until it's too late.