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A Very Hot Summer [PILOT]

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It was the summer holiday for the students of Bungo Stray Dogs High School.

Groups of students from senior to junior classes, decided that they should hold an event together before the next semester starts.

The directors for the event gathered ideas from the others for the holiday and it ended with going to a private island, where there’s a perfectly sized beach, a hot spring building, hiking area, and many more.

The one who funded all of this? The rich, popular, bad boy; Dazai Osamu. 

Well, it’s more like he owned the small island. Spoiled as he is by his adoptive "father", Mori Ougai.

“You’ve reached a mature age, Dazai-kun! Go and enjoy yourself with your other classmates. Oh, and try to find a mate why don’t you? It’s sad looking at your woes about Oda-kun dating someone else.” Mori waved from his seat, reading the newspaper.

"I am not interested in Odasaku that way! I was just a kid back then!!" Dazai shouted with a blush when he was reminded of his childhood crush on his older best friend.

"Eh? Is that so? Well I suppose I can tell this story to your future spouse—"

"Not on my watch!!" The younger man interrupted and left the room with a huff. He'd rather start packing things instead of dealing with a stupid perverted old man.

On the decently sized plane, the students settled onto their seats with their closest friends or maybe even partners. The whole ride was filled with chatter from talkative groups and snores of sleepy-headed introverts.

Atsushi sat with his friend Akutagawa. Well… it's more like they are the only male Omegas in the school, so it's more of a kinship than a friend.

Male Omegas are extremely rare. They usually hide their identities by pretending to be Beta males, because if the knowledge of their Omega status was to be found out without a mate , it could prove disastrous. News of them being taken advantage off or maybe even kidnapped, popped here and there once in a while.

There was a movement created years ago to create a new law where they protect male Omegas. It helped somewhat, but it would be very difficult to help when a male Omega was in heat.

Rumor has it that their heat is extremely intense, that both the Omega and whoever was near them, couldn't even realize they were mating.

So, it was only obvious that Atsushi stayed with Akutagawa and they helped each other by keeping an eye out for anything that might prey on them.

Since the population of Betas is larger than the Alphas, it was easier to hide.

"Ryuu, are you sure going on this trip was a good idea?" Atsushi asked nervously.

Akutagawa didn't look up from the book he was reading and replied back, "If you didn't plan to join, then why are you here?"

"I'm worried for you!" !” Atsushi exclaimed. “You know why .”

“I don’t need you to watch me 24/7. I can handle myself. You however…” Akutagawa coughed, finally looking up to Atsushi with a judging look.

Atsushi pouted.

Meanwhile, a few seats away from the two Omegas, Dazai could be seen popping his head out to stare at them.

“Will you please stop that?” Chuuya chided from the seat next to the other male.

“Shh, Chuuya. I’m busy.” Dazai snapped without looking away.

“Seriously? You’re embarrassing. Sit your fucking ass down right now or I will tell that tiger you’re a creepy perverted stalker,” The redhead threatened. “He will turn his head to our way if you can’t stop that shit!”

Dazai pouted and crossed his arm as he sat back down. “You’re not fun.”

“And you won’t stop being a casanova.”

“Ugh… I told you, I quit that months ago!” Dazai shrugged.

“Remind me again why are you so attracted to that Beta so much?” Chuuya asked as he stared at his nails.

Dazai’s eyes glazed as if his mind was dragged down to a memory lane, and then he spoke.


Few Months Ago…

“Have you heard of the new kid?” Someone whispered.

“Yeah, yeah. He looked pretty decent to be honest.” Another answered.

Dazai overheard the conversations and turned to his friend-enemy Chuuya, who was another Alpha that almost matched his level of popularity and looks. He whispered a question, “What are those two talking about?”

“Hm? Oh, just a new student in the younger year. A guy. Looks pretty decent I suppose. Bad haircut though…” Chuuya answered when he looked up from his phone.

“Interesting… I think I want to catch a new one myself.” Dazai muttered as he licked his lips.

“Hey now, I don’t recommend that shit with the new kid. He looks fragile.” Chuuya warned.

“Oh shut up, slug. If I feel like I want to fuck around, I will do it. Plus, getting a brand new fuck toy who barely knew me, sounds interesting. Like, could you just imagine the amazement I’ll get after fucking the new kid? It will be history that I’m the smoothest guy around!” Dazai grinned with grandiose. “Now drop the infos.”

“I warned you, you fucking idiot,” Chuuya growled as he tapped around his phone and showed a picture of the new student. “There. If you fail, don’t come near me. I don’t want to get infected by your failure.”

Dazai just smirked as he turned to go to his next class. His thoughts filled with the plan on how to seduce the new student.

When class finished, Dazai walked down to the area for the juniors with a skip on his steps. He quickly scanned each classroom before he spotted the white-haired boy.

Approaching the latter, he greeted him. “Hey there!”

The new student turned to Dazai with surprise, but then relaxed slightly. “H-hello…” he greeted back.

“What’s your name? I’m Dazai. Dazai Osamu.”

“I-I’m Nakajima Atsushi…” Atsushi smiled shyly.

“Wow, he looked so easy to just eat up…!” Dazai’s mind supplied. “Well, nice to meet you, Atsushi-kun~ Say… you looked like the type of guy that I’m interested in. What do you think? Hm?” He smirked as he gave off his natural flirty aura.

It doesn’t seem to work on Atsushi. Who just looked at him awkwardly. “Uh… Sorry, I’m not interested…?”

“Eh~! That’s so unusual! People usually fall for my looks!”

“Well, I’m interested in personality and somewhat permanent relationships. Not… this.” Atsushi explained with a clear of his throat, still feeling the awkwardness.

“Oh, c’mon now, don’t be like that! Let’s have some fun together! We can do it as long as you want~” Dazai purred. “Maybe… A date first?”


Dazai flirted with Atsushi for a few more days before finally Atsushi had had enough.

“Atsushi-kun~!” Dazai exclaimed as he wrapped his arms around Atsushi’s shoulder from behind in front of many students in the hallway.

“Dazai-senpai…” Atsushi muttered and in his annoyance, he grabbed at one of Dazai’s arms and threw him over his shoulder, slamming the latter down in front of him.

Other people gasped at the scene, and Atsushi took that chance to run away, not looking back.

The other student helped Dazai to sit up and asked if he was alright. But all Dazai did was stare at the disappearing figure of Atsushi and blushed. It’s been so long since he felt this way; heart thumping, butterflies in his stomach… but there’s also something else he couldn’t describe with words.


Dazai fell in love at that moment.



“So, you fell in love because he dropped you like a sack of rice?” Chuuya deadpanned and ate the chip that he started to snack on, in the middle of Dazai’s story.

Dazai ignored the question, even though it was somewhat half true. “And so, I devoted myself to stop being the casanova in this school. I will get Atsushi-kun to like me back!”

“You’re stupid.” Chuuya scoffed.

“I kinda agree with Chuuya this time around.” Ranpo said from behind the Alphas, peering over from the plane seat.

“R-ranpo-kun!” Poe nervously called out his boyfriend.

Ranpo continued, “You won’t get Atsushi-kun’s attention just by that, Dazai.”

“Ah? What do you know about getting the tiger’s attention?” Dazai crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. “It was your mate who had to get your attention.”

Poe sputtered and blushed.

“Eh~ Dazai is in love with the tiger?” Yosano popped her head from the front of the two Alphas.

What? Did I just hear the bandage wasting machine had a crush on someone?” Kunikida asked from a few seats away.

“Why is everyone eavesdropping on me?!” Dazai shouted with a blush. “Stop it!!”

“Because it’s interesting! I want to see how far this goes,” Yosano smirked.

“I bet the asshole is just going to dump the poor kid in the end,” Kunikida waved with a disappointed shake of his head. 

“No, I won’t! I swear! Ranpo-san, what do you suggest I should do then? Since you’re so wise,” Dazai narrowed his eyes at the smart student.

“Hm… why don’t you just wait and see? But make sure you always keep an eye on him.” Ranpo answered cryptically and sat back down.

“What?! You can’t just let him stalk—“ baffled Chuuya.

“Looking out for my Atsushi is what I do best! That’s easy then~” Dazai finalized and tried to look for the white haired male again.

“I felt like I’m being watched again…” Atsushi whispered nervously. “Maybe you’re right, I shouldn’t be here.”

“Too late now,” Akutagawa replied and tightened his seatbelts to prepare for landing.

Once the plane landed, everyone piled outside and grabbed their baggage. They looked around the beautiful island in awe, breathing in the fresh air. Some pointed at the setting sun by the clear ocean waters.

“Alright everyone! Welcome to our summer holiday!” Kunikida announced. “Since the sun is setting, we’ll drop our stuff to the building we’ll be staying in. There will be hotsprings, entertainment rooms and many more before exploring the beach and hiking tomorrow. More information will be—“

Atsushi tuned out the announcement and chatter of people to stare at the sunset. He never felt this free, away from his home and abusive father.

Dazai looked away from the girls surrounding him, trying to catch his attention, and his sight immediately locked onto Atsushi. The sunset was beautiful on the other male’s figure. It was as if he was ethereal.

The Alpha smiled at the figure and looked back to the girls, trying not to be rude. “Why don’t you lovely girls go back with the other group? I need to lead all of you to the building anyway.”

“Eh~ Dazai-senpai has been so busy lately!” One of the girls whined.

“Oy, Dazai! Kunikida said everyone is ready to set off!” Chuuya called out and walked next to Dazai, distracting the girls who gushed at his looks.

“Thanks,” Dazai mouthed and walked to Kunikida. “Alright everyone! Let me show you the way!”

"Oy, Jinko. We need to go." Akutagawa said as he coughed and tugged on Atsushi's shirt.

"Right!" Atsushi snapped back to reality and followed Akutagawa.

Once everyone settled into their assigned rooms, Atsushi and Akutagawa stayed with two male in the same class, Tanizaki and Kenji.

"It's nice that we're together!" Tanizaki smiled.

"I wonder if the Alphas already finished their turn in the hot spring…" Kenji wondered.

Akutagawa just sat on the tatami mat, playing with his phone.

"Yeah, we're lucky to be roommate's with you guys." Atsushi nodded, "Ryuu, are not going out to maybe explore?"


"Well I guess I won't join the hot spring then. Sorry!" Atsushi faked a yawn. "I'm tired anyways."

Tanizaki shrugged, "Suit yourself then. Let's go, Kenji-kun."

And the other two left.

"That was a nice safe actually. I don't think I want to try getting into the hot spring with the Betas as well…" Atsushi sighed.

"It would be strange if you go out at the turn for the Omegas. Don't do anything stupid that expose yourself." Akutagawa ended with a cough.

"I know, I know!" Atsushi waved. "I'll just wait till everyone is asleep. Because I'm not going to skip a good soak for my body!" Stretching himself, Atsushi settled for a nap.

Atsushi slowly stirred awake to the sound of soft snores from the others. He slowly got up and grabbed the basket that held his toiletries. Tip-toeing out of the room, he let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding.

The Omega walked around, looking for the way to the hot spring.

" This place is huge… I hope I'm not lost… " Atsushi thought, and to his luck, he managed to find one. Not realizing or questioning why it was only one door-way instead of two for male and female.

Peeking through the curtains, Atsushi made sure that no one was around and finally stripped himself, setting down his toiletries near the showerhead.

Giddy, he quickly walked to the large pool of hot water and dipped himself.

Atsushi sighed at the feeling. He almost purred, but controlled himself and decided to just look out into the night sky.

But slowly he started to feel a bit too warm than usual, and thought nothing of it.

Meanwhile Dazai struggled to fall asleep in his lonely bedroom. He got his own room, which was big and nice, especially with the view out of the window. But he doesn't feel like sleeping, so he might as well relax in the hot spring again. Being with the other male Alphas was not that fun, since they're pretty loud —but the peeping game was kinda fun, since most of them got beat up by the female Alphas— and wild.

So, tonight he will use his personal hot spring.

Dazai got up and walked out, not even bothering to grab any toiletries, because he wouldn't be using any.

Atsushi really started to get uncomfortable and he panicked when he felt the sudden wave of lust. "Oh no… now?!" He got up and looked around his basket, pushing away shampoos and body wash, trying to find the patch for Omegas to control and cover their heat.

He couldn't find it, and he panicked even further, because he needed to sneak out and quickly wake Akutagawa. But then he froze when he heard a sharp intake of breath.

The Omega slowly turned to look at the doorway where Dazai Osamu stood, his face reddening and eyes widened with shock mixed with lust.

When Dazai neared his personal hot spring, he could smell something sweet coming from the room. And it's not just sweet, it was also making him feel hot and breathless.

He knew this feeling, since he tried with a few female Omegas. But back then, he could still control himself since he's pretty strong enough to control urges.

However, this time, something made him lose control and he quickly entered the hot spring.

To his surprise, he was looking at a very naked Atsushi.

Atsushi gulped as he shivered from the look Dazai was giving him. " Shit shit shit ," his mind screamed when he realised he needed to pass by an Alpha to exit the room.

"A…tsu...shi?" Dazai breathed out.

Another wave of lust washed over Atsushi. Terrified and feeling his cock throbbing, Atsushi backed away slowly.

But the movement triggered Dazai's predatory instinct to capture a running prey.

In a flash, Atsushi ran to the pool of water and was caught by Dazai from the back.

It happened so quickly that if someone were to blink, they wouldn't even notice the movement.

The Omega yelped, "L-let me go! Please!"

"Atsushi-kun… I…" Dazai grunted, trying to hold his remaining control, but it was proven futile when he started to hump the air. Occasionally his cock rubbed at Atsushi's testicles. "I can't!"

Atsushi wailed and once he felt the third wave of heat, he finally lost control. He purred and rubbed his body back towards Dazai, egging him on to continue.

The Alpha growled, mouthing at the back of Atsushi's neck, occasionally with teeth and a lick of a tongue.

He dragged them both further into the pool of water —by his arms around the Omega's torso— reaching up to the waist.

Continuing to hump, Dazai finally managed to prod his cock to the Omega's entrance.

Drooling and panting, Atsushi aligned his naturally lubed entrance to push back at Dazai's cock. Allowing the tip of the dick to enter slowly and pulling out to enter again a bit deeper. This action repeated until the Alpha's cock bottomed out fully.

"Oh fuck! M-more! Fuck me hard and fast!" Atsushi moaned.

Dazai obliged, pulling out his cock and pushing back in while he made hickeys around Atsushi's back. Every movement caused him to let out a hot breath of air, where Atsushi could feel warming his neck.

Hands started to wander around Atsushi's chest, occasionally rubbing at his nipples before settling around his hips.

The water splashed around them, washing at Atsushi's weeping cock as it dripped an ooze of pre-cum. The sight made Atsushi even much lustier, clenching his inner walls involuntarily.

Dazai cursed at the tightness. He changed his angle, and that's when he hit Atsushi's prostate.

Atsushi's eyes widened before howling at the intense pleasure. "D-Dazai senpai!!"

"Atsushi-kun~ cum for me…! Fuck you're so tight!" Dazai exclaimed as his movement stuttered into a more wild nature.

The Omega let out a loud growl-like moan as he clenched Dazai's cock while letting out spurts of cum onto the hot water below.

Dazai chased his own orgasm when the inside of Atsushi was still tight, with one last deep push, he filled the virgin hole with his seed.

And breathed out, he let his knot grow, locking both of them together.

Coming down from the high, their hazy rut filled minds cleared and Dazai was still holding onto Atsushi.

The sound of dripping water and heavy breathing was the only thing that filled the mostly silent room.

Dazai was the first one to break the growing awkward silence, "You're… an Omega?"

"...Yes…" Atsushi answered hesitantly. "I'm so sor—"

"I'm sorry—" they both spoke at the same time.

Dazai cleared his throat, "Why are you sorry? I'm the one fucking you…"

"It's also my fault. I didn't bring the patch to curb my heat. And… also dirtying your hot spring…" Atsushi muttered the last part.

"Ignore the hot spring. I'll deal with it later. We need to move somewhere comfortable. Because as much as I like sex, I don't like standing around in a large pool of water while knotted." After Dazai explained, he proceeded to drag Atsushi along to walk out.

"W-wait a minute! Someone will see us!" Atsushi panicked.

"It's fine! My room is very near and most of the students here are probably dead drunk anyway. Now shush."

Atsushi kept quiet as Dazai grabbed some towels nearby and manhandled Atsushi to another room.

"You… had your own room?"

"Obviously." Dazai scoffed and dried them both before carefully settled down onto the futon.

It was quiet again, until Atsushi decided to point out their connection when he felt a large throb of cum filling him. "You're knotting me…"

"Yeah…" Dazai looked down with amazement. "It was supposed to be only with true mates, right?"

Atsushi blushed and nodded. "I think my heat will come back again. How will we…?"

"Shh… it's okay. We can discuss other things once we get out of this predicament."

"But I— ah …" Atsushi moaned as he suddenly felt the familiar wave of lust.

Dazai grinned. "Talk later, we need to start fucking or you will be one dissatisfied Omega."

"Oh fuck of— nghh! fuck me ."

"I'm on it, sweetheart." Dazai smiled and rubbed his knot around Atsushi's prostate, making the younger male let out a loud moan.

Their tirade continued till the sun rose high above the sky.

Atsushi's heat was starting to slow down and finally ended, Dazai's cock also not knotting him.

The Omega fell asleep peacefully and Dazai decided to text Chuuya to bring some food and water for the both of them.

Few minutes later, Chuuya slowly opened the door. "Is it over?" He whispered.

"Yeah." Dazai grinned from where he sat beside the sleeping figure. Blankets covering as much skin as possible.

"Disgusting. I can't believe I had to woke up to the sound of fucking in the middle of the night." Chuuya said with a lowered voice than usual and entered the room with a tray full of things.

Looking at the tray, Dazai was surprised. "Eh? You have a heat patch? How did you know—"

"Who do you think I've been fucking lately? Whatever. I'll tell you later." Chuuya brushed off.

Dazai tried to connect the dots and with an idea, his mind reached the conclusion. "Ah… I got it. Well, have fun then~"

"Pervert." Chuuya huffed and left.

Dazai hummed and turned to his mate.

He felt his inner animal side wagging an imaginary tail. Happy to have a permanent mate that destiny gave.